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A Virgin's Train Journey
09-07-2012, 09:58 AM
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A Virgin's Train Journey
I was 20 years old and just out of college. It was the 2001. I was a virgin who had discovered the wonders of masturbation some weeks ago. I was very curious and my hormones were raging. If there was a sexual revolution on, it had completely bypassed me. A few old issues of Playboy and some bad Black and White pictures of people at sexual intercourse was the only sex education I had had.

I travel a lot for my work, being in Sales and Marketing.

In the past, many of these trips were undertaken at short notice and trains in India as a rule being overbooked, it was not always possible to get a reserved sleeper. I had just graduated and was out to close deals at any cost to do well on my first job. I used to reach the railway station early in tine for the train to come to the platform. I would then push my way into the unreserved compartment and grab some seats.

In this particular instance, I was 2 hours early. I was going from Mumbai to Baroda and had secured myself two seats on this night train, as was my habit. I would always save a seat beside mine, just in case a friend needed one. If no friend turned up, I would offer the seat to a thin passenger and save myself some discomfort.

It was an extremely cold winter night and the compartment was empty when I pushed in (sheer habit – people push each other even when there is plenty of space). I was sure it would get packed before departure, though.

I was soon joined by a family of four. They occupied the seats across from mine. The man was uncouth, rude and unhelpful and kept snapping at the woman for no reason at all. She did a wonderful job of managing her two young children and all the baggage and maintained a stoic silence all through the ill-treatment. She seemed like a good mother, not passing on any of this shit to her children. After putting away her baggage, she sat her older child down, giving it a cheap toy which easily distracted him. Her other child was an infant girl. She sat down cross-legged in the seat opposite mine and put her in her lap, rocking her occasionally.

She asked the man who seemed to be her husband to shut all the windows since it was so cold and the husband grumblingly obliged, pulling down shutters and windows, completely blocking the station from view. I did not raise an objection. It would soon be bitterly cold. Her husband ordered her to protect his seat and stomped off.

The woman's facial features were rough but she was by no means ugly. Her face had some tattoos and these and the design of her jewelry indicated her rural origin. She was tall and plump, but not fat. It was difficult to glean more about her body from her seated posture. She seemed relieved at the departure of her husband.

Having noticed that I had been observing her predicament sympathetically, she smiled wanly at me. I smiled back and told her that it was not easy to travel with children. She agreed and asked me how many children I had. I told her that I was not married. She seemed surprised and asked me my age. When I said that I was twenty, she said that some men in her village had three children by that age.

I asked her how old her husband was. She said that she did not know his age or her own, but he was much older than her. This was his second marriage and her parents had been forced to marry her off to him since they did not have the money for a dowry. He was a worker by day in a factory in Baroda and a watchman by night at the owner's home. She had come to Baroda five years ago after her marriage. Her language was of the soil and she was obviously uneducated. Upon asking, she told me that her name was Mangala but refused to name her husband (a normal practice amongst some Indian women).

'Don't you find it difficult to manage without a woman ?' she murmured. I said that I lived in a hostel and so food and other amenities were not a problem. 'You men have other needs too !' she hinted. I could not believe that a woman whom I had just met had made that bold comment and I looked at her in disbelief. I had grown up in a conservative family where sex was not even alluded to. I wanted to talk as much on this subject as I could. When she saw my incredulous look, she repeated what she had said.

To provoke her, I said that I did not know what she meant. That drew her out. 'Come on. You are 20 years old and seem to be able bodied! Don't you know what a man and a woman do together? Haven't you been with a woman? Don't get me in trouble by acting innocent and making me talk all these things. ' she whispered. I said that I had never been with a woman and pointed out that there was no one else in the compartment with us.

'What do you do when your thing stands up ?' she asked. I kept quiet. 'Probably your thing does not stand up or you would find a woman to put it into. Have you never seen a naked woman? You must have women in your neighborhood or amongst your relatives who can teach you these things. ' she asked. I confessed that I had not and did not. 'You city men go to schools and colleges but are actually completely ignorant and illiterate. You can read and write but can not fuck! ' she scolded. My head reeled at the use of this four-letter word. What a turn this conversation had suddenly taken! My penis started uncurling and raising its head. We were speaking in whispers, after all this was a railway compartment.

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09-07-2012, 09:58 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
At this interesting juncture, her husband walked in. She lapsed into silence and I cursed him under my breath. He asked me where I was going, what I did and where I lived and I filled him in on all these details. Such curiosity would be considered ill-mannered in the West. To not respond to such queries or not show a reciprocal interest in one's co-passengers would be considered uncivil in India. I found out his name (A quick smile crossed her face) and where he worked and lived and he readily shared that information with me in minute detail. They lived quite near my hostel.

Suddenly, the infant in Mangala's lap started crying loudly. She coolly pushed aside the sari, uncovering her blouse. The blouse was almost unbuttoned and I could see the sides of two enormous breasts at the parting of her garment. She wore no bra. She raised one side of the blouse baring a dark nipple and raised her infant's mouth to it. The child stopped crying and latched on to the nipple, sucking away. She turned her body modestly towards her husband, lowering her sari, hiding this scene from my eyes. The whole process took only a few seconds and although I saw a lot, I could not register much. Feeding babies in public is common in most parts of India.

Mangala asked her husband if he had enough 'bidis' (Indian cigarettes) for the trip. He cursed her for reminding him so late, since his brand was not available on the station. He asked me the time. I told him that there was more than an hour and a half left for the train's departure. He asked her to protect his seat and was about to go off to get his 'bidis'. The other child asked to go with the father and he reluctantly agreed to take him along. 'I know that you will ask me for candy', he said. 'They will be able to come back in time. The shops are not far away', I told Mangala after they departed.

Mangala looked at me and our eyes met. She moved her body on her seat in my direction and raising her sari, looked down at her suckling infant, patting it on the head. The infant let go of the nipple and looked at its mother. I could see the nipple clearly now. It was black, elongated and thick like a berry. Drops of pearly white milk were clinging to its surface. The aureole was two inches in diameter and had goose bumps all over it. The nipple must have been three quarters of an inch long. The infant reclaimed the teat and continued sucking noisily.

Next, she raised the other flap of her blouse and the other boob sprang to freedom. The nipple was not as large, probably because it had not been sucked on yet. Our eyes met again and she started patting, palming and pressing her own boob. It was enormous! Putting her palm under it, she raised it and let it settle down a couple of times, as if she was weighing it. She announced proudly to me, 'Full of milk. I can feed a whole school full of children!' Then, pinching the area behind the nipple between the fingers of her hand, she tugged it a few times. Her milk jetted from it, spraying over her clothes and the floor.

She did not cover her boobs this time and I unashamedly drank in this show, my penis painfully erect. She shifted her infant to this nipple and sat up erect, raising one of her knees vertically. Her short, loose and voluminous sari and skirt rose above her knee and her hairy, unshaved leg came into view, pressing her breast to one side. I soon understood what she had done. Anyone passing by in the compartment would be unable to see anything. The windows were shut on all sides and no one would be able to look in. Her sari and leg covered what she was showing me.

Her baby was suckling at one boob. The teat that it had vacated was leaking milk very slowly. She made no effort to cover all this up, although she could clearly see that my jaw had fallen to my lap and I was staring at her boobs. I could see amusement in her eyes. This woman was putting on a show for me! 'How do you find it?' she asked me. 'Beautiful ., I said.
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09-07-2012, 09:58 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
'At least now, you have seen a naked woman', she said. I replied that she was only partly naked. 'Should I strip in this railway compartment for you to learn what a naked woman looks like ?' she asked sarcastically. I lapsed into silence, content to watch what she was showing me.

'Is your cock standing or not ?', she asked me. In an act of boldness for someone new to the ways of sex, I put my palm on my erect cock and outlined it for her, openly rubbing it over my trousers. 'It seems like a large one, ' she said and did something that still boggles my mind. Taking her large, heavy, milk-laden boob in her hand, she raised it and lowering her head, she opened her mouth and licked her own nipple. Then, taking the long milky nipple into her mouth, she gave it a lingering suck. Raising her head, she whispered that her milk was quite sweet. All this is an open railway compartment with the risk of passengers passing by and an infant suckling at her other teat!

I furiously rubbed my penis and squeezed it, throwing caution to the winds. 'Don't press it too much, or you will come.', she smiled, looking at what I was doing with interest. 'Does your cock have a big head? That would feel very good coming in and going out of the cunt.', she said. Her use of four-letter words was very exciting. I had never heard a woman use such language. I had never heard anyone use such language. I continued my feverish rubbing.

I scooted forward in my seat and bending forward, I gave her boob a squeeze. She closed her hand over mine, pressing it and causing a pulling motion on the nipple. Milk jetted into my palm, wetting it. Then, she put her hand on my rampant erection and feeling its outline, she squeezed it hard. Without a word, I sat back. I wanted to do more but it was just too risky. Her husband could return any time. Some passengers could pass by or come and sit beside us and the consequences would be disastrous. What we had done and were doing was hazardous enough. She gave me a grateful smile which I returned.

I licked droplets of her milk off my fingers. It was indeed sweet and I told her so. She smiled proudly. 'Some other time, you can suck my milk to your heart's content. I make a lot of milk ', she said.

All this had happened in a few minutes and I felt as if I was in a dream.
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09-07-2012, 09:58 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
She picked up her child and laid it on the seat beside her. It had fallen asleep. Now both her milky boobs were visible. For a virgin's eyes, they were a treasure of sights. Large rounded boobs shaking heavily, thick black nipples slowly leaking milk. My eyes could not leave the sight. I was still rubbing my penis and was close to cumming.

Her eyes were on my penis and she had been looking at it just as intently. One leg was vertical, with her foot on the seat. It was naked all the way up to the knee. The hair on it had probably never been removed but the sight did not put me off. The hair was not excessively dark or thick. Just as interesting contrast to her skin which was spotless but pale in comparison. The other leg was horizontal on the seat.

She pulled her voluminous sari and skirt up slightly and the other leg, which was folded and on the seat, gradually came into view. Her foot, leg and rounded thigh were slowly being revealed. She caressed her upper leg and then her palm moved to her inner thigh. Her mons was still not in view. It was covered by her clothes and her palm. 'Want to look at my cunt?, she asked coquettishly.

I was speechless. I just nodded my head. She lifted and pulled aside her clothes slightly. She wore no underwear. Her vagina was now revealed. It was dark, plump and covered with hair. She used her fingers to part the hair and also the dark, thick, fleshy, outer lips. The inner labia were reddish and very moist. Delving lower, she pushed a finger into her cunt and said, 'Take a look. This is my hole. This is where you must put your cock into a woman. All this sucking at my nipples and looking at your cock has made it very wet and juicy. I have shown you your first pussy. Don't you dare forget me! Rub your cock slowly. Let us do this together. I had been furiously rubbing my cock and would have come momentarily. I slowed down.

People had been coming into the compartment but so far our part of the bogey was still empty. The sound level had been going up. We did not have much time. I could see that she was very very alert. At the slightest sound, she could have lowered both ends of her sari and she would be fully covered. All these events had happened in a very short time and it still seemed like a dream.

I could not resist the temptation any longer. Bending forward, I reached out and touched her cunt. Parting her thick bush of cunt hair, I rubbed my finger from the upper portion of the flanges of her twat all the way down to her cunt hole. She was soaked with juices and my finger was soon coated with her nectar. Her inner vagina was thick, wet and silky. I pushed my finger into her hole and it slid in slowly all the way to the hilt. Her cunt was hot. She groaned and equally quickly took my cock into her hand, pressing it repeatedly. She held my hand which was playing with her cunt, pulling out and pushing in my finger forcefully. I savored the warmth, softness and moisture.
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
We were interrupted by a loud conversation as two porters passed by. Instantly, we were back in our seats and she covered her exposed parts.

I had now touched my first cunt! I told her that I found it very soft and silky. She smiled at the compliment and told me that it would feel even better on my cock than on my finger. 'We better hurry up and finish before everyone comes', she said. I did not understand fully what she meant but looked at her expectantly. 'You press yourself and I will rub myself. I want to fuck you but there is no way', she advised in a whisper. A virgin man and a willing woman but no opportunity. What a shame!

With two deft movements of her hands, she once again uncovered her twin globes and her bushy cunt. She looked intently at my cock and ran an exploratory finger up and down her gash a few times. She pinched her inner labia between her fingers a few times, tugging them outwards. Then, she settled the finger on her clit and frigged herself furiously, controlling her groans with difficulty. With her other hand, she pressed her boob and small jets of milk sprayed from her nipple. Occasionally, she would roughly push the finger into her hole and it would emerge with a plop. I could hear squelchy sounds as she leaked even more fluids. More than once, she raised her ass off the seat to meet the thrusts of her marauding finger.

I had no idea that women did this. And the sight of a fully grown woman pleasuring herself four feet away from me, excited me beyond any previously known limits. I had been at the boiling point for the last several minutes and the dam was ready to burst. I tugged and rubbed my rampant cock as best I could over my trousers. I soon came in my underpants. For a few seconds, I lost my vision, so violent was my orgasm. I was completely lost in my first sexual experience. I thought I would never stop spurting. Mangala's eyes opened wide and she stopped frigging herself, suppressing her cries of pleasure with difficulty. She said in a hoarse whisper, 'I am done. She saw the growing wet spot on my trousers and smiled and licked her lips suggestively, 'We will fuck properly some other time'.

We covered ourselves and for all outward appearances became two bored strangers waiting for the train to depart.

The rest of her family returned. Her husband reeked of cheap tobacco and the other child soon went to sleep. He asked me if I could help his wife find some part-time work doing domestic chores in my hostel! I acted nonchalant but was pleased as punch. A smile crossed Mangala's face.
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
The train would leave in another 30 minutes. The compartment started filling up. I was still holding on to the second seat that I was occupying.

'Is someone going to sit there?', a sweet sounding voice asked. I looked up to see a not unpleasant face looking at me with a pleading smile. She wore a colorful silk sari. The tightly wound sari covered a chunky, well-built, rounded body. My answer would determine whether she sat down for the journey or remained standing for 7 hours.

'You can have it now but if my friend comes, you will have to vacate it', I said. This ensured that others whom I had refused already would not take umbrage. The smile I gave her signaled that no friend would come to claim the seat. I moved away from the window seat, giving it to her. She thanked me profusely and I made the usual polite noises.

She tucked away her two small bags. In doing so she had to move about quite a bit and bend at odd angles as she moved other people's baggage. Her sari moved away uncovering a portion of her sleeve-less blouse. It seemed to be filled to the point of bursting with her breasts. She was wearing a light-colored blouse and a diaphanous black bra. The light skin of her boob was visible under two layers of clothing.

As she moved her arms about to arrange her bags, her armpit came into view. She had probably never shaved her armpits. A luxuriant tuft of hair was visible, appearing and reappearing tantalizingly as she moved her arms here and there. I had this mental vision of her armpit as a cunt and my penis going in and out of it! My cock, which had just had a major discharge, lurched to attention.

Below, her belly was on view. Her sari was tied considerably lower than her navel. Her belly was soft, the skin wheatish in color, the navel was a pleasing slit. As she bent to the other side, her bottom came into view. Large, rounded and well-padded, each cheek made distinct by her clinging clothes, the line of her panties clearly visible as her sari tightened over her voluminous buttocks.

Her bags stashed away, she gratefully sank into the seat beside mine. Since there were already three other people on that bunk, not counting me, she almost sat on my right leg before squeezing herself into her small seating space. Her ass was soft and firm and I enjoyed the touch before she settled herself into the seat. Even thereafter, her silk-clad thigh made and retained constant contact and I relished the soft, smooth sensation. She did not, indeed could not, move away.

From the seat opposite, Mangala gave me a knowing smile and a wink when no one was looking.

We introduced ourselves. Her name was Nirmala. She was a Sindhi woman living in Mumbai. She was married and had no children. Her husband sold ready-made garments in a shop. She had grown up in Baroda and was on her way back to meet her parents. When she found out that I was an unmarried salesman, she winked and whispered, 'You must be enjoying life! How many girl-friends do you have?
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
I maintained an enigmatic silence but the reality was that I had never had a girl-friend. I was technically a virgin and had not had any real sexual experience except for the episode with Managala earlier in the evening. Lately, I had been overtaken by excessive hormones and I was interested in anything that was even remotely female, no matter of what age or description. I was eager and curious.

Soon, the train jolted into life and we were on our way. Its movement was not smooth. As the compartment moved jerkily from side to side, parts of our upper bodies also started coming into thrilling contact. After a few polite attempts to disengage herself, she stopped trying to move away. I could feel the smooth skin of her arm on my own. I got the feeling that she was enjoying these unintentional caresses as much as I was.

All this stimulation was causing vast amounts of blood to flow to my groin and my virgin cock was once again rising to proportions that would make it noticeable to anyone who looked in my lap. This was turning out to be an interesting journey!

Passengers, whether men or women, would freely stretch their legs and finding whatever space they could, rest their feet on the opposite bunk for some time. Mangala, who was sitting across from Nirmala and me had stretched her leg and rested her foot beside my leg. And when she thought that no one was looking, she would poke me with her toes. I was also doing the same to her.

Within 45 minutes, all of us were nodding off to sleep and periodically a head from the left or right would hit each passenger as the sleep caused loss of control over the body. Mangala's husband was snoring loudly. Nirmala started dozing off. The movements of the train made her head come repeatedly to rest on my chest or right shoulder. Once or twice, she realized this and apologize. And then, she would put a hand on my thigh and straighten herself, rubbing her thigh sensuously on mine, as she did so. Her hand would be mere inches from my still erect cock, when she did this.

The cold winter air blew through spaces in the closed windows and window frames and it was soon freezing cold. I was soon shivering. Nirmala noticed this, pulled a thick shawl out of one of her bags, and offered it to me. 'Won't you need it?' I asked her. She said that we could both get under it. Before I could answer, she covered us both with it. Our bodies were hidden from anyone looking at us. But then, everyone was really asleep anyway. I could see that Mangala was watching us while pretending to be asleep.

Nirmala's hand was on my thigh again and she straightened herself. Her thigh rubbed against mine and this time she let her hand stay on my thigh. Bringing her mouth close to my ear, she whispered, 'It is so cold. Let us warm each other up. Make yourself comfortable. Move towards me. No need to be shy. No one can see anything now . And she brushed my ear with her mouth! We were already leaning on each other. I leaned on her some more!

She was sitting to my right. I moved my left hand and covered her hand on my thigh; She promptly reversed her palm and held my hand. I turned my head to my right and looked at her. She looked deep into my eyes, and I recognized an emotion that we label as 'lust'. I could no believe that I was causing this and that too to two different women. She gave my hand a meaningful squeeze. I looked around and saw a smile flitting across Mangala's face but she maintained silence and the semblance of being asleep.

I did not know what to do next and my subsequent moves were made on auto-pilot.
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
Under the cover of the shawl, I moved my right hand to her thigh and started moving it around on its soft contours. I released my left hand from her grip and moved it to the inside of her arm, caressing it. I encountered soft skin and started caressing it. My palm stole upwards and was soon in her armpit. She opened it slightly to make space for it to enter. I encountered the hair in her arm-pit and continued my stroking. I stroked the skin and the hair and then the skin. I gently stroked the hair, ran it through my fingers and then tugged it slightly, but not enough to hurt her. She sighed softly and closing her armpit, she held my palm captive, crooning her pleasure very very softly. 'No one has ever done this to me before today. You are a playboy, she whispered.

I extricated my palm gently and it was soon traveling over her left boob, which was too large to fit into my palm. I patted her boob, trying to find the nipple. 'Harder'. I squeezed her boob hard, trying to feel her nipple through her blouse and bra. Nirmala suppressed a groan of pleasure.

Mangala was watching my hand move under the shawl and could guess that something was afoot. Perhaps she could even figure out exactly what was going on.

Nirmala's hand moved upwards on my thigh until it reached my cock, which had been erect continuously almost since she sat down beside me, She traced its outline, clutched it and began pushing it down. She was playing a game with it. She would release it for a moment and as it rose, she would bear down on it, gripping it tight and pressing it down into my thigh. 'You have a big cock', she hissed into my ear.

Mangala's foot had burrowed under the shawl and was pressed into my left leg. She was raking her toe-nails over my clothed thigh. Her foot was inches away from Nirmala's hand as she played with my cock.

The time that followed was probably the most frustrating I have ever spent in my life. I had a perpetual erection. I knew that these women were mine to have, but there was no way to have either one of them there and then. I was like a kid in a candy shop with the mouth taped. How do you do anything sexy with 14 people within a distance of 6 feet from you? A mere shawl was the sole curtain below which we were carrying out our activities. There was no way for us to move away anywhere without raising suspicion. The passages of the railway compartment were full of people. We would have lost our seating space on return. Nrmala must have been in as bad a state as I.

Something had to give. Finally, we threw caution to the winds.
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
Nirmala simply opened a few catches, raised her blouse and bra (a difficult process, since it was tight and filled to bursting) and released her huge melons. I was in heaven. Boob touches! I touched, caressed, squeezed, shaped and pinched! Her boobs were long, elongated and mango-shaped with nipples to match. The nipples seemed to be half an inch long and were hard, pointy, erect and large. 'Pinch them', she hissed into my ear and I was glad to oblige. Twenty years had created a big appetite and now that I had real breasts to play wth, I was going to make the most of my opportunity. I played with her boobs for a long, long time. I could see that Mangala had her hand in her lap and was making some interesting movements with it. She seemed to be playing with herself.

All this playing with her breasts seemed to be getting to Nirmala because she was really squeezing my penis very very hard. Her hand went to my zipper and she lowered it but could not immediately get at my penis which was imprisoned in my briefs. But nothing could stop her. She managed somehow to open a button at the waist, push one side of the briefs aside and extricate my cock. She Took possession of it and started frigging it.

Her palm came in contact with Mangala's toe which was touching my thigh and her head jerked up before Mangala could close her eyes and get back to her act of sleeping innocently. She noticed that Mangala had been watching what was going on. She withdrew her hand hurriedly and was about to push my hands away but Mangala smiled conspiratorially. Nirmala got a relieved look on her face and smiled back.

The game was on again and her hand was back! But we looked around carefully to make sure that no one else had woken up. It did not seem so. Nirmala squeezed Mangala's toe and pulled it to my penis and she started poking my penis with her toe. I now had a hand and a toe on my fortunate penis. It was a situation that I could not even have dreamt of 3 hours ago.

I moved my foot to a spot between Mangala's legs and she promptly brought them to a cross-legged posture, pulling up and lowering her sari and under-skirt. I started moving my foot carefully up her leg.

'This is really bad. You start my motor and now you are playing with her.', murmured an agitated Nirmala. She took my hand and placed it on her sari near her cunt. I shaped and pressed it. She covered the hand on her boob and started pressing my hand, in turn pressing her own boob. She wanted me to continue what I had started.
Mangala had covered my foot with her skirt and sari but any passenger waking up and bothering to take a look would see that my foot was up her clothes. We were playing a very dangerous game.
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09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: A Virgin's Train Journey
I felt the calf and as she raised her thighs slightly in complete cooperation, I could feel her soft, meaty thigh. A few more inches and my toe was entangled in the luxuriant bush covering her mons veneris. Some neat movements of her thighs and her bottom and some further progress of my foot and I could feel my toe in an extremely wet and hairy place. Next, she started rubbing herself on my big toe! Was this woman wet and stimulated! My toes were immediately coated with juices. She held my foot in her hand, keeping it firmly in place, not allowing the jerky movement of the train to dislodge it from her pussy. Then, with brief movements of her pelvis, she started fucking my big toe. My toe was soon coated with her liberally flowing wet and warm juices and it was comfortably sawing back and forth between her thick and swollen cunt lips, pressing her protruding clit and dipping into her hole as and when she wanted. The hair on her mons tickled my skin. I tried to help but only managed to dislodge my toe and she looked at me pleadingly. I played no further role in her efforts and was happy to lend her my toe and feel her soft, wet cunt on it.

On my part, I continued my manipulations of Nirmala's big boob and nipple and pressed her cunt as best I could from over her clothes. She continued frigging my cock but she was distracted by Mangala's bold movements and had probably resigned herself to waiting for her trun to come.

Mangala carried on these movements for quite a few minutes. She must have been at a very high pitch of excitement because she descended on my toe, impaling herself on it as best she could and stopped thrusting. She brought her palm to her mouth and bit into it to stop herself from crying out her pleasure.

The forbidden activities that we were carrying out in the presence of so many people added to the excitement. Fortunately, instead of an adult passenger, she had a sleeping child on each of her sides or she would have been immediately discovered.

She finished just in time. Another train traveling in the reverse direction screeched noisily past on the track beside ours and I had to pull my foot away for fear of being discovered. My toes were coated with her juices and a musky smell wafted into the air.

Three hours ago, I had not known anything about a woman. Now, I had had my big toe in a cunt, a big boob in my hand and another cunt in the other hand! After never having had any sexual experience, this sexual encounter with two women was electrifying.
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