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A night out with Brother’s wife
01-31-2012, 01:47 PM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2012 08:46 AM by Ass Fucker.)
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A night out with Brother’s wife
It was thurday evening and banglore was moving forward like every day. I am heading towards the railway station from my office through the busy traffic. Since the time was around 4 PM and I can see lot of young people in the street moving around after their schools and colleges. I can see girls who sat behind their boyfriend’s bike and hugging them closely. Nowadays sights like these will make me little uncomfortable watching young couples together. For the last one year I was sharing my living space with my friend sneha. Moreover we can be called co habitat. We were into live-in relation ship. We were pretty close each other. Two months back she moved to UK to pursue her studies. So nowadays I am really missing…More over her physical presence. We were into no strings attached relationship and we both had sex with others partners even when we were together. We even discussed about it sometimes. But now only I felt how close I was with her once she is not with me now.

Let me tell me about myself. I am Nikhil. I work with a MNC and I belong to a well to do family from Kerala. My parents live in Kerala with my elder brother who is also working with a MNC in native itself. He got married last year and my sis-in-law neelima, who is a very beautiful and caring girl. She was born and bought up in pune, She is my father’s friends D/O who belongs to pune. My brother is just nearing his 30 and I think neelima is of my same age-26. We rarely got chance to meet and talk as during their marriage time I was working onsite in south Africa and came for the marriage on its eve and left the next day itself. Later when I visited my home my bro and sis-in-law was in pune. But I use to get the pictures of them regularly. After seeing their honeymoon pics which they took when they went to Thailand I came to know that neelima is girl with much modern outlook from her dressing and all. Pictures in which she wearing short skirts and revealing tops really make me look her in detail and sneha noticed it when I was showing her pics. She warned me not to ogle at my own sis-in-law. But I didn’t have any bad intentions in me.

I reached railway station and parked my car. I walk towards the entrance and came to know that the train which they coming already reached the platform and there is heavy rush in the main gate from the platform. I stood near a place which can be noticed very well and was looking at every peoples face coming out from the gate. Suddenly some one caught my hands from my side and turned towards that side and saw my sis-in-law standing there .I think this is the first time I am watching her much close. She has a glowing face with a great smile. She is wearing a blue churidar. I became really surprised after seeing her more like seeing some one whom we know really well after a long long time. Maybe that happened because many times we talked over phone. I enquired about my brother she told me he need to go with his boss who was also in the same train. So they get down at the cantonment station. They really tried to inform me about this change in plan .They tried me calling for the last one hour and my mobile was out of power. For last few weeks I was out of mind due to frustration of being alone. I helped her carrying her bags and it was pretty heavy. I joked that u both packed the whole house for 3 days stay with me. But later only I came to know that most of stuffs in the luggage are things which my parents send for me. They have a habit like this and I need to spend weeks to finish off these stuffs mainly eatables which I use to take it to office to finish it soon.

We both came near the parked car and I opened the trunk. While I was trying to put one of the bag inside the trunk it got unlocked and the whole stuff fell there itself. Neelima saw this and tried to hold some of the stuffs from falling down and I asked her put the rest in the trunk as the place is some what busy. She was collecting her belongings which fell down and when I tried to carry the other bag I noticed the taxi walla standing there is noticing what neelima is doing and when I checked I saw her low cut churidar is reveling lot of cleavage while she bend down to pick her stuffs. I also got stared at the scene coz it was something really horny. She has a good pair of boobs, fair and fleshy skin makes it more sexy. When she tried to say something she saw me staring at her position and I suddenly I looked the other side and put the other bag in truck. When she stood up I saw she adjusted her pallu little down from her neck. I felt little ashamed and tried to cover it up casually chatting with her. We headed towards my flat and from her talks I came to know that it was boring journey for her since My brother Vimal’s Boss was also in the same train and most of the time he was with him. She got company of some college students who is studying in banglore and it was some what a relief for her.

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01-31-2012, 01:47 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
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01-31-2012, 01:47 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
On way to my flat I was looking at neelima very closely while driving the car. Again I can see her cleavage and well shaped boobs which are stuffed inside the blue tight churidar. The churidar’s shoulder cut is so broad that I can even see the plastic bra strap sometimes. She is busy watching the changes happened in banlgore since she last visited few years before. So I got a good chance to eye her sexy body. She is wearing a churidar with Slit running up to her hips and the thighs can be seen through the semi transparent pyjama she is wearing. Her fair skin is glowing through the light blue material. My hands are moving really close to her thighs when I am changing gear.We reached our flat and I parked my car near to lift so we can unload the stuffs. I went to the provision store near our flat and took a plastic bag. The security guy came to help us and I asked him to take 2 bags and show neelima the flat and hand over the keys to him. Neelima went with the security guy towards the lift and look at her enjoying the shape of her body. She has an amazing structure. Perfect curves and right amount of flesh on right places. Then only I noticed back of churidar. That churidar is having a lining only on the front and the back of the churidar is open till the bra strap and the rest is almost transparent clearly showing what type of bra she is wearing. At that position I can see the label of bra which has been popped out from the strap running through her back. I became very horny watching that. I turned away before she enter that lift as I know she will turn back.

I was trying to put the stuff which are scrambled my truck when we put the things in a hurry. Mostly its néelima’s dress and some books and I thought the bag which got opened was hers only. Suddenly I noticed few inner wears of néelima’s which was kept folded inside some dress. I think that’s why she insisted to collect the stuffs from trunk. I became very horny seeing that and I was not in a position to have a closer look of those since my car is parked near the lift area and people are passing by. I took my ( ) car to my parking lot which is somewhat a deserted area of the basement and opened the trunk. I took a grey colored bra which is a lace type. From the feel of the cloth I assume it’s pretty costly. And the upper part of bra cup is made of transparent material and cloth below is some what solid to hold the fleshy and sexy boobs of beautiful women wearing those. I looked for the bra label to check out the size of those beautiful pair of globes. But I noticed that the label was removed from bra and I became upset. My Girl friend sneha also use to do the same as sometimes it can be seen when they wear some revealing dress.
I looked out for another bra and found a black bra which is very normal one with lace type cups. But this time I was lucky and came to know that she has 34c pair of boobs. It’s the same size of boobs my favorite page 3 model Keeley Hazell have. My mind tried to figured out the pictures and videos I have seen of keeley and I really got a hard on thinking about that holding my sis in laws bra. I heard some cars noise and I put all the stuffs in the bag and closed the trunk. When I reached my flat and looked for neelima. I saw the bags which are kept on the drawing room itself. Then I heard neelima talking over phone in the balcony. She called vimal and told that he will join with us for dinner. I became happy to know that I got some good time to spend with my beautiful and sexy sis-in-law.
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01-31-2012, 01:47 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
I became very restless after having néelima in my flat. Something like taking my girl friend to my place for the first time. I noticed that my flat is very untidy and unorganized since I am the only person to who lives here. I noticed she is also looking at the pathetic condition of flat. All the beer cans and bottles which I have finished during the last week were kept there itself. One maid use to come once in a week to clean and this week she didn’t came. I showed her one of the bedroom which is somewhat neat since not being used. I also helped her to keep some of the bags there. She asked me about the bag which I carried and I took it from the drawing room and handed over to her. I asked her if she need some thing to eat I will get it from the shop. She came out from the room and she already removed her pallu and she went to the kitchen and checked out the fridge. I noticed the bouncing boobs inside the dress and when I followed her I saw that her bra hooks are unhooked from back and its clearly visible. I think I called her up at a bad time. Either she was preparing to bathe or she gave some relief to the boobs which are getting suffocated inside the tight bra. She gave me a list of thing to buy and asked me to take her for shopping to purchase things for next 3 days. I said we can go for takeaways and she said she don’t like outside food and promised me that she will cook some good stuffs as I must be fed up with hotel foods. She went inside the room and locked the room. I took my mobile and went to the balcony of my room and ordered for some milk and soft drinks.

I switched on the TV and tried to watch some stuffs. But I kept on changing channels and looking at her room to see her coming out. I heard the sound of door getting opened and I saw her coming out wearing a white United colors of Benetton t-shirt and Pyjama. The t-shirt is too short to cover her belly and pyjama also revealing her perfect shapes of her ass and thighs. She is not wearing any foot wears is assume her height around 5”4. She looks really fresh after the bathe. Especially the fragrance of women which I am not experiencing for last few months. She sat on the adjacent sofa next to me I noticed her short sleeve t-shirt and I can see clean shaved armpit. Its almost wet after the bathe and boobs looks very tight in this dress. I can see the design of the lace material of the bra cup through the t-shirt. So just assume how tight it the dress is. She took the remote from me and tried to change the channel and since I use a airtel digital TV the remote was somewhat confusing. She came near me and sat on the Sofa’s arm and her thighs are almost touching my shoulder. I am trying to teach her how to change channels and basic stuffs. I noticed her t shirt went up little from her back revealing her belly and I can see her blue panty waist line popping out thru the pyjama. She stood in front of me and I got a clear view of perfect shaped ass which is throbbing inside the pyjama. Even the Panty lines which are visible through dress makes me more horny. Its horny to watch a girls inner stuffs trough her dress before we got a chance to fuck or even before seeing her naked. Now I am going thru such an experience. I cant say I am hard but some horny feeling is running thru my mind.
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01-31-2012, 01:48 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
I was busy exploring neelima's body with my eyes.She is standing very close to me and i felt like hugging her from back putting my hands across her sexy belly. She turned towards me and asked whether i am ready to go for shopping. I nodded yes and she said she need to change her dress. I said thats not necessary and said that you are looking much more beautiful in this dress than in churidar. I saw a small smile in her face and she went to her room and came out very quickly wearing a scarf around her neck. Again its just for namesake as it neither covered her throabing boobs, but now her outfit became prefect. Her smooth and fair belly is visible between her tshirt and belly even when she walks. We reached the ground floor and headed towards my car. She asked in a husky voise whether i have any problem in enjoying a evening walk. She enquired about the shop and since its only 2 km she opted for a walk. I said yes and we moved togther through the lonely foot path. The climate is little cold and its was a awesome evening.
She is asking about the area where i am staying and she found many ladies PG near to my flat. She laughed and said now she got y i am staying in this area. To my surprise she asked me about sneha. She asked whether i met sneha for the first time in any of these places.I really wondered how come she knew about sneha. Vimal knew about almost everything in my life and he will be the one who told neelima about her. I said we were just casual friends and now she is living abraod. She told me Vimal has told everything about sneha and me, but she never saw any of her pics even in her marriage album. Vimal met sneha for the first time when she came for his marriage and to be frank we both spent that marriage eve in the honeymoon cottage booked for Vimal and neelima for the next day.And Vimal only dropped both of us from our home. So i thought there is no point in avoiding any of neelima's question. Vimal should have said everything he knows about us. I tried to intervene and stop the topic by saying that its all over and we were never attached to any emotions. Just friends who shared a living space. But neelima asked me to show her pic if i have. She just need to c her as vimal has priased a lot about sneha for her beauty and dressing. I really thought how unromantic my brother is? Praising another girl in front of his wife..and that too recently married.
We reached the mall and neelima was busy getting groceries and vegetables. I was busy picking up some best whiskey in the shelf for my brother. Neelima came near and asked me to take few bottles of beer for her also. I was really surprised about her frankness. I picked a pack of 6 beer as usual. While we were going back we became little tired after carrying the stuffs which was little heavy. Neelima was sweating slightly and now the white tshirt shows her body well. The tshirt absorbed most of her sweat from her body and now the it became more transparent. The whole tshirt became slightly wet except the portion covered by bra. She also understood about the her position and ignored my looks. We reached my flat and i asked the security guy to take the bags from her. He was enjoying neelima's body while trying to take her bags. In lift i really enjoyed the smell of her sweat. I have some kind of fetish towards girls who gets sweat in the course of action. Sneha was like that. These all things made me more attracted towards neelima keeping in my mind that she is my sis in law.
We reached our flat and sat on the sofa after becoming so tired. I went to my room and took my laptop and asked her to come and c sneha. I said dont ask me more questions and whereabouts of girls whom she is going to watch in my album. I opened one of my folders and i was little confused which pics i should show. I decided to show her some of our intimate pics as i need to know how she reacts. I showed her some of the pics we took when we went for an outing in a famous resort and spa owned by one of the bollywood superstars in-laws. Sneha was wearing a black Jazzercise top and shorts which really shows much of her skin. Her awesome clevage was almost shown in every pics. Some of our friends where also with us. So one who see the pictures can really figure out what kind of relation we shared. there were some smooching pics in pool and some more. I noticed neelima going through every pic in detail.She said she really liked the place when she saw one pic in which sneha was getting a massage inside one spa. Especially the tub filled with flowers for the bathe after massage.
After seeing a picture where we both sip a drink from one glass she asked whether i am missing sneha. I said yes. But i cant say its because of love. I said i have been in relation ship with few girls and i never tried to be honest with any of them and never been serious. So that missing feeling cant be considered as love or affection.Just lonliness. She laughed at once like hearing some joke. Once she finished going thru all the pics in folder she said sneha is really beutiful and me and sneha looked gr8 in all pictures.Without askng me she opened another folder and i really got shocked. It contained some pictures we took when we were together in bed. Its not nude. but very intimate pics of us in bed under blankets after making love and some candid pics i took of sneha's when she use to change dress and all. She neither asked my permission to go thru it nor i stopped her.Its seems like she is enjoying those pics. She looked at my face and asked me whether she is intruding into my private folders and i said its okey as its you. She opened another folder and the girl in that picture was familiar to her. She was one of our cousin megha and she knew her as neelima met her few times after marriage.She really got surprised and looked at me after watching the pics we both hugging eachother. There was one pic which was taken by megha itself sitting on my lap and i biting her ears. Neelima turned towards me and opened her mouth to ask something and but i intervened by saying that no questions. I told u before inviting you to c the pictures. She laughed and looked at me in a strange way.She asked whether vimal knew about this and when this happened? I said about megha vimal is not aware and megha was here for 3 months during here job training. She looked at me and said that now she is afraid to open another folder and laughed. I said now its hard to find a face familiar to you. She asked me y i am still keeping all these pics and i said i have a strange habit of keeping picture of girls whom i am much close even for one day.She checked out other folders quickly and sometimes asked about the girls. Like how i met her and their age like that. and how close we both were. Basically she need to know the girls with which i had sex.And i clearly told what she wanted to know And kept on answering her.Be both became very comfortable talking about girls and sex . By this time she was sitting on the floor with laptop on her lap and me sitting on the sofa where she is leaning to. I can c her heavy breating and her boobs are moving up and down which i am closly looking.Our conversation stopped when vimal called me up asking me to pick him from city and neelima said she prefer to stay back as she needs to cook something and get freshen up when we are back. To my surprise when i said bye she hugged me and kissed on my cheek. Her Boobs brushed my chest when she leaned to kiss my cheeks. It was really unexpected and i forget to kiss her back and hug her before she left to the kitchen. Its now clear that we became more close from the time we met at the railway station.
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01-31-2012, 01:48 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
While i was driving one of my hand was caressing my left cheek where neelima kissed. I dont know with what emotion she kissed me,but that kiss took me to
another level. I just checked myself how hard i am by just feeling my hardon through my jeans. I think a presence of sexy lady after few months put me in
such a situation.I reached the hotel where vimal is waiting and try to keep my thoughts away. Vimal was waiting there for me and on the way back he was
talking to me about my job and other things. But i was giving him only vague replies like yes or no or just a node. My whole mind was behind neelima.Somehow
i reached our flat. Neelima opened the door and i saw she again chaged her dress. Now she is wearing a skirt and a sleeveless top. But this dress is not much
tight and revealing like before.A normal dress. I really felt some chnage in neelima in presence of vimal. Vimal excused me and went the bedroom and neelima
also followed him and she closed the door looking straight into my eyes. I felt some kind of desire in her eyes. I went to my room and lighted one cigartte
and changed my dress for a refreshing bathe. I felt my hard cock when i removed my boxer shorts. I really felt like releaving myself but i like to keep the
horny feeling and hard on to go little more watching neelima.while bathing i jerked my hard cock but i was carefull not to cum coz i need the horny feeling
to stay with me.i spent quite good time playing with my dick and lubricating it with the precum. I had a refreshing bathe in hot water and get dressed in a
shorts and tshirt. When i came out of room neelima was lying vimal's lap and talking. Vimal was busy watching some news channel. I took the bottle which i
bought and took 2 glasses and kept it on the dining table.I asked Vimal to give me a company and vimal also came towards the dining table. Neelima came
towards us and said we both dont have any manners for ignoring her when we sat with our pegs. I went and came back with beer. She also sat next to vimal and
we talked about different topics about our parents and even about my marriage. That time she really sounded like my sis in law who kept reminding about my
resposibilites and outlook towards my life. In between she bought some snacks and me and vimal enjoyed our drinks. Booze was making me high and tried my
level best too avoid looking at neelima. I dont want vimal to get any clues about my thoughts going through my mind. We had our food which was so tasty.
After our food neelima was busy cleaning the table and i also helped her clearing the plates and glass. In kitchen i moved close to her and felt like hugging
her which i missed some hours before. But i controlled myself and i cleared from the kitchen and lighted one cigartee and enjoyed the city skycrape from my
balcony. I felt like some standing behind me and saw neelima also enjoying the sight from balcony. She stand on my side with her back leaning towards the
railings of the balcony and enjoyed the cool breeze. I noticed her hair flying in the wind and she trying to tie it up. With out giving any time she took my
cigartee from my lips and throw it away and in a harsh voice asked me to go and sleep. From her action i knew that she hates smoking. She said good bye and
went inside the room again looking at my eyes.This time the look was so intense that i felt like she is calling me inside.Maybe because of the booze. I also retired
to my room and slipped into the night within no time.
Next day i woke up when my phone ranged. It was vimal and he asked me to get ready as i need to drop him. I checked the time and it was already 8. I came out and saw vimal dressed up in a black suite. But my eyes were searching for nima and when i heard noise in the kitchen i realised that she is busy in kitchen.I noticed one bag kept along with vimals laptop.Actually vimal and his boss is flying to delhi today and will be back only by tommorow. I need to drop vimal at his boss's hotel.Neelima came towards us and was seemed like not in a good mood.From her face i came to know that she is not going with vimal.She might be cursing herself for such a trip to banglore. Vimal said bye to neelima and asked me to drop her at her friends place as she planned some outing with her friends here. I took around one hour to get back to my place after dropping vimal at the hotel.When i came back neelima opened the door and asked me when i am leaving to office. I said mostly after one hour.she bought a coffee from kitchen and one for her also. I asked about her plan for today.Ahd she said its just a outing with her friend here. When i asked about her friend she laughed in a naughty way and said she is not gng to tell anything especially to me.I too laughed and said anyway i can see her when i drop neelima at her place.She said its not gng to happen and said she will be ready within half hour so she can come with me. I dressed up for the office and came out. I saw neelima wearing a blue tight jeans and cream short top which is really tight. The top's slit opens just above her belly and her jeans waist clinging to her waist makes the dress more sexy.I drove towards the city and neelima has applied some really good perfume. With the A/c swithced on the smell became more intense. I asked about it and said its Hugo boss.her favorite perfume. She took a shade from her bag and after wearing it she became more sexy. Her fair face with dark glass and glowing red lipstick. I really admired her beauty. i said i really feel lazy to go to office and said iam felling little dizzy after the drinks. I asked where i need to drop her and she said me to drop her in any good mall. I asked about her friend. She said if u wanna know one thing i will tell u a truth. I dont have any friend here. Vimal will ask me to go to my cousins place i said i am sitting alone at home. TO avoid it i lied to him. I am just going to spent this day roaming here and doing some window shopping. I realy felt sad for her.She asked me to pick her up after my office. I stopped the car on the side of the road and called up my boss. I asked for one day off and said iam feeling sick after yday's hangover. She really become surprised and tried to intervene. I said i am not doing this for u and said i am too bored to go to office. I saw she staring at me and i cant c her eyes thru the sunglass.we drove to a nearby mall as it has some of the best boutiques in city. we eneterd the mall and its almost deserted as its morning time. Neelima is walking really close to me. I felt like she is my girl.
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01-31-2012, 01:48 PM
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
It was somewhat boring to roam in mall which is so deserted. Even the shops are almost deserted. Some of the shops are just opening.It was around 11 am and i saw neelima checking out some of the dress displayed in front of a boutique. She went inside and i too followed. One lady was there and she became happy to get a customer. Neelima was checing out some party dress. Very short very revealing ones. I asked where u gonna wear all these. she looked at me and blinked her eyes. seems like she started window shopping.I really felt sad for the lady who is showing neelima some of the outfit kept on the racks with high enthusiasm. I saw she checking out a black dress and asked her about it. She said its too beutiful. I asked her to try it and she ignored. The lady also asked to try it. I heard neelima telling to lady that she is wearing normal bra and it will be awfull to wear this dress now. The lady its okey and took her to the trial room with the dress. Neelima gave me her bag and i really became horny to see neelima in that dress.i was checking some of the secy dress ther and imagining how neelima will look in those dress. I heard neelima calling me and she didnt came out of the trial room. I saw she checking her new outfit in the mirror and i can her back. Its a backless black dress.The bra which she is wearing can be seen and the bra starps running through the fair fleshy was damn sexy. The lady also came to check out the fitting. She went in and tried to remove all the curls. She unhooked her bra hooks from back and kept the bra straps folded inside so its not visible. She asked to tell how it looks now.She thought we r couples.Neelima was looking me through the mirror and she saw me staring at her back. I nooded with my eyes thats its too good. She smiled at me. The dress reached upto her knees and from the middle of her thighs its made of see through black material. It was really sexy. I was really exporing her body. Her arms,sholder,thighs and belly. The dress is some what see through at the navel area also. She came out from the trial room and looked for any other people in the shop. She said its too revealing.I said u r too good in this dress.The lady asked for the occassion and she looked at me. I said its just a gift for her. The lady was looking at both of us. She said she will alter the dress to correct fitting with one hour if wanted. I said yes and neelima got really surprised. She came near me and asked whether i am mad. She said she cant wear this dress anywhere and its too expensive. I said its okey and asked the lady put the bill. She came towards nima and took her to the trial room.She called me inside and asked me to help as her assiatant is not reached yet. She folded the side of the outfit under her hips so that she can get the right measurement for her thighs and to make the outfit more fit on her body. She asked me to pull down the bottom of the outfit slightly to unfold the curls so she can take the measurement.I sat on my knees and did as she said. My finger tips touched her skin above her knees. It was so soft and i saw she looking me though the mirror.Now i can c her thighs closely thru the see thru material. I saw her thighs brushing eachother when she moves.and the inner thighs hiding the feminity of every women. I really became horny and my face became red as the blood flow thru my body increased.There is not even a single hair on her legs and i noticed the well polished nails.The lady asked me to took a chair and put inside the trial room. She asked neelima to sat on the chair. She was little hesitated to do that as she knows the dress will go up when she sat on that chair. The lady sasked her sat and neelima sat on the chair looking at me. She was holding the outfit not to curl up more. But again it went up showing the well shaped ass and thighs. The lady said its okey and asked neelimas opinion. She looked at me and i said its okey. But it was much revealing. Her whole thighs can be seen if she cross the legs.Then only i noticed the
upper part of the dress which is very revealing. I can c her breasts which is now left free from bra. Her awesome cleavage was well visible. The lady asked her to stand up. She adjusted the front of her dress to cover her boobs but exposing much of her clevage. She took a stapler and made the dress fitting more tight to her body. she was perfect in that dress.That lady asked her to change the dress and told that she can give the dress by 12:30. Nima came out wearing her dress and looked at me. She didnt talked to me and went to the cofee shop next to the shop. she ordered two coffe and sat on a corner table. She stared at me in such a way that she was not happy with me. I sadi what now. She said there was no need for that dress now. Moreover she said its waste as vimal never allows her to wore any such outfits. i said its okey and asked her to sip the coffee.
While sipping coffe i saw she looking at me. She asked whether i use to buy such dress to all girls i met. I laughed and said i never planned to buy u anything. It just happened. U went inside that shop, took one dress and its not at all planned. But i think such things are more precious than we expect. She asked me about the plan for the rest of that day and said no more shopping. Guys like me are not good for window shoping. I said the whole day is yours and said i am at her orders. She enquired about the resort which she saw in the pics which i showed her of sneha. I said its around one hour drive from here and if she likes we can have lunch from there. She also said it will be nice than roaming thru the city. We spend some more time in the cafe and took the dress from the shop. I said if u wanna enjoy the pool there u need to get some swinwear she they wont allow to get into the pool with normal dress. She enquired about any shops in the resort and said will buy from there if needed.We get into the car and i asked her permission for a quick smoke. She smiled at me and said just one for the whole day. I lighted one cigartte and had a long puff. I got from her face that she dont like the smell. I nodded whether i needed to through it away. She said its okey and tutned on the radio.I drove through the traffic and came out the city and headed towards the resort. She was really enjoying the ride. I was busy looking at the road and enjoying the sexy sis in law who is sitting next to me. Few time my fingers brushed her thighs while changing gear. But she never tried to move her legs. We reached somewhat near to the resort and when she saw a hoarding of the resort she took a brush from her bag and brushed the hair. She applied little more lipstick and checked out her face in the vanity mirror. I said its perfect and no need of a mirror. she smiled at me. We entered the resort gate and the car moved through the beutiful roads. the resort is pretty big that we need to travel around 10 mins from the main gate and the entire property is private. We reached the lobby and gave the cars key for valet parking. One lady dressed in white top and printed wrap around welcomed us. She took us to the customer lounge and asked us to wait. before leaving she took a card and asked me to fill it up. I looked at neelima and gave the card to her. I saw she filling it up and gave the card back to me. I saw she written it as Mrs and Mr vimal with her pune address. i gave the card back to her and looked at neelima. She was somewhat uncomfortable and she took one brochure from the desk and checked it out.
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
We both were little nervous waiting in the lounge.Even though the resort is not crowded it was something uncomfortable. A guy dressed in a suit came towards us.He introduced himself as the manager and enquired about our visit. I said we just need to spend this evening here and moreover my lady is intrested in spa over here. He detailed about various treatment they offered here.Neelima suggested a full body ayurvedica massage and a pedicure and manicure for both of us. He said they can provide the massage in the common spa or we can take a cottage and all the treatments will be done there itself and even a private pool is inside the cottage. He offered somebest packages as its off peak season and said therz a live band and discotheque in the evening as its a friday which is exclusively for couples. But he said there is some dress code which we need to be maintained.I felt the offer a very good one and asked for neelima opinion. She said its ur wish looking into my eyes. That guy asked us to wait for somemore time as he need to check for the availabilty of massuers and cottage. He called one of the stewards and asked him to take us to the restaurant in the pool area. As we walked towards the pool neelima said we two are the only odd people here in such a romantic place.As we saw the other guests in the pool area we became aware that we are not dressed for the such a place. Neelima ask the steward for any shop in the resort where we can buy some clothes. He said there is a shop in the resort itself and took us to another side of the resort. Its somewhat big that we expected. Neelima asked them to show some of the swim wears they have. All of them was bikini types which are mostly used by western people. Neelima asked for some shorts instead of bikini and they showed some of the pieces that had. She took a short one which look like the boxer shorts but very skiny and tight fitted one. She took a halter bikini top which is somewhat modest in the whole collection. I asked whether she need to try and she looked at me in a naughty way and asked whether i use to try out any of my innerwears before i buy them. I really felt about the foolishness in my question and even the girl who showed us the stuffs laughed.She also checked out one sandal for the evening dress. To my surprice she asked for my shirt size and started looking for a pair for the evening. She selected a white linen short shirt and a ncie pants which suits for the occasion. When i took my purse she asked me to keep it and gave money from her wallet.We moved towards the pool area and sat on one of the beach bed which are placed near to the pool. I enjoyed looking at some of the chicks playing in pool. Some hot girls in swimwear is almost drawing everyone attention. They move is such a manner that they are inviting everyones eyes to ther body. Neelima came close to me asked me what i am looking. i laughed at her question and said just enjoying some beutiful scenes.To my surprise she closed my eyes with her hands and said 'dont look anymore' in a teasing way.
One steward came towards us and said that the cottage is ready and took us. The cottage is somewhat far from the main building and whole place is well landscaped. It was a beutiful cottage with a small veranda. We entered the cottage and really got excited with the ambience of the room. some scented candles are already lighted and the room is dim lighted to make it more romantic. One lady and a guy came and introduced as the massuers. The lady is from thailand and she is proffesional massuer and guy is also young.They took us to the bedroom where two massage tables and some stuffs are already placed.The guy asked me about what type of massage i would like to have and i opted for hot oil massage. I heard neelima also asking for the same. In between we are looking at each other. Because we only know who we are and how we are realted. FOr all other we are just couples to who came to enjoy a evening.The lady handed over a bath robe from the cupboard and asked nima to change.That guy asked me to wear some shorts and they both excused us and left the room and closed the door. We were literarly standing still looking each other. We never expected such a situation. We both were in a sitation like we dont know whom to act first. Neelima asked me wheteher i need to use the toilet and i said please go head. She entered the bathroom and to her surprise there is no door for the bathroom and then only we realised that the cottage has a open bathroom with one side closed with drapes and glass partition instead of the wall. Neelima also noticed this and got surprised. SHe looked at me and went inside. I tried to be a gentle man and lighted my second cigartee for the day and checked out the beutiful landscape from the window. I heard neelima calling me and i walked towards the bathroom. I can see the shadow of her through the drapes as she switched on the lights inside. I saw she dressed up in the bathrob and asked me to help her to unhook the gold chain she is wearing. I tried my level best to open the hooks with my fingers and it was soo close that it not parting away. i said i need to use my teeth for opening it and she asked me to go head. When i tried to bite the hooks my lips touuched her back of her neck. I noticed a sudden shiver in her body and i saw she looking me through the mirror. I again touched her neck with my lips and i saw she closing her eyes in excitment. Now our body is almost touching and my crotch is almost touching her butt in a split of a second and we both are trying to avoid it.The robe is just covering half of her thighs and the her fair inner thighs pop out through the slit of the robe. We both are looking eachother through the mirror and at last i opened the hook and chain feel from her neck to the floor. We both were standing in the same postion now almost crushing our body and i put my hands around her belly and she leaned her head towards my shoulder. She almost leaned towards me and her butt is now pressing my hardon and am sure that she felt it as she closed her eyes. I tightened my hug and kissed on her neck moving my lips from her ears towards her shoulder. She kept one of her hands on my back of my head and brushed her fingers through my hair. Now we both knew what we want and understood that its uncontrollable. I heard someone knocking on the door and that bring us back to our sense and neelima moved away from me and took the gold chain from floor and went out. Then only i realised that its her mangalsutra.She opened the door and the thai girl came inside with some bottles of oil and some stuffs. I changed myself to my boxer shorts and wrapped a towel. When i took my clothes to put it on the bathroom hanger i saw neelima's dress. I looked out to c what neelima is doing and i checked out her dress hanging ther. I saw her top and jeans and when i took her jeans from hanger her bra fell down from it. i took the bra which was very sexy. I smelled it and enjoyed the smell of neelima. I ran my lips through innerside of bra cup and imagined about the moment i am getting the real thing.
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
Then only i realised that neelima is only wearing her panty inside her robe and the whole thing
made me rock hard.I has ashamed to go out as the guy will notice this when i remove my towel.i
tried to calm myself to get rid of the hardon but i felt like getting more hard as the time moves
on.I moved the drapes and looked for what neelima is doing and she is closing the curtains of the
window and the lady and guy is busy getting ready for the massage. I went out and walked towards
neelima. She asked her whether she is nervous and she looked into my eyes.That was her reply. I
felt like hugging her and i hold her hands and slowly caressed her fingers. She also opened her
fingers and our hands held togther for some time. i asked her whether she has any prob for getting
a massage in front of me and a stranger. She said its okey and asked me what i feel. i said i love
to c it and she smiled at me. I said let the guy also get a bonus for her profession to c such a
beauty. she smiled at me and kissed on my cheeks. The lady called neelima and she went towards her.
She took one towel and asked neelima to remove the robe covering her back with the towel to get
some privacy. I saw the robe slipping from her body as she untied it and it fell on her feet. The
lady wraped the towel under her arm and its just long enough to cover upto her ass. The lady helped
her to get laid on the massage table.She was lying on her front with boths hands around the
pillow.The lady removed the towel and folded it and put it on her ass. I saw her lying on the table
with just wearing black panty for few seconds when the lady was arranging the towel. She turnd her
head towards me. The massage table is put in L posistion as i can c neelima enjoying the
massage.Not only me also the guy who is taking care of me. I removed my towel and lay on the same
position. Now i can c her side of boob which is crushed on the massage table clothe. We both are
looking at each other.Now i am watching neelima's semi naked body. Only her hips part is covered.
She has a good figure.I can c her ass crack opening and running inside to her panty. There is black
mole on her left side of her belly which makes her more sexy.She is looking at me and enjoying my
stare on her sexy curves.I felt hot oiling pouring on my back. The guy started massaging my back
and he enquired whether the oil hot is enough. i nodded yes and the lady is now tieing neelima's
hair and clipped it .Now her bare back is visible to both of us. I saw the guy looking at neelima
sometimes. I avoided it as i enjoyed guys looking at my girls. I dont know whether neelima can be
called my girl but now i felt so.My cellphone ringed and the guy took my phone and gave it to. I
cancelled the call as its some unknown number and kept my phone aside. Now neelima is lying there
with her eyes closed as the lady started running her hands through her back.The oil made her skin
more glowing and i saw oil driping down towards her boobs and armpits and my hardon is becoming
uncontrollable. I closed my eyes to make the situation normal i turned my head to the other side.
I layed there for sometime and i heard my mobile beeped with the message alert tone. I opened the
message and its from neelima's no. "what happened".That was the text. I looked at her and now she
is looking towards me enjoying the massage. I replied that "its uncontrollable to c her like this"
and pressed the send button. Neelima got the message and i saw her typing on her mobile. I was
waiting for the reply. she replied "same here". It was too horny and i admired her frankness.I
replied that "ur semi covered boobs is making me crazy and feel like getting a glimpse now".
Neelima:"Do you wanna c it now,right here".
me:"yes.i love to.but what about the masseurs"
neelima:"Dont look anywhere for sometime"
I saw she looking at the guy as she was noticing what he is doing.As the guy turned towards the
other end she raised her upper part of her body and asked the lady to get some magazine.I got a
glimpse of her left boobs as she turned towards the lady and i nodded with my eyes its not enough
She asked the guy to call up the housekeeping and get some magazines. The guy went out to make the
call. She slowly turned her body towrads the left and took a tissue paper to wipe the oil going
down. She wiped the oil running towards the left boob and raised a little to reveal her left boob
fully. Now i can c her erected nipple and the light brown aerola. Still the boob is well shaped in such
a hanging postion.As the guy came inside she lay back to her position and guy kept few magazine on
her table. She took one and turned the pages slowly.
I send a sms.
Me."Thanks.But Not enough"
Neelima:"Sorry my baby.its more than enough"
ME:"Please.for some more time"
Neelima:"What about the guy"
She smiled at me and looked at the guy. She saw he is busy massaging my back.
She raised her body and kept her hands just under her boobs. Now she is lying on her belly with
both her boobs fully exposing.i Can c her well shaped boobs so as the guy. But she is busy reading
the magazine with her boobs fully showing to me and the stranger. I saw the guy having glimpse of
her boobs.i saw she typing a sms.
me:"No.i might tear the massage table with my hardon"
Neelima:"Hmm.That guy is also looking at my body"
me:"DO u have any prob"
Neelima:"If ur happy its okey"
Me:"Ask the lady to massage on front"
I saw she saying "What" after reading my last massage.
Neelima:"Are you sure"
I saw she turning towards the lady and asking something. She now started massgaing her thighs and
legs. She lifted the towel from her butt and pushed the panty slight inside into her ass crack. Her
hands are now moving from her ass cheeks till her knee. I am enjoying the whole sight. She is also
looking at me in between.The guy said he finished massaging my back and asked me to lay on my back. I said
to continue for some more time on my back as its so relaxing. I dont wanna loose the horny sight am
enjoying and moreover if i turned the guy can c my hardon.I saw she laughing at my reply and she
got what's the reason for such a answer.I saw the lady asking her to lay on her back and she took
the towel to cover her and neelima said its okey. She turned and lay on the table with her face
facing the cieling and now she is lying just wearing her panty. Nothing else. The lady started
massaging her belly and i am looking at her well shaped boobs poiting up. Her nipples is fully
erect and its just few steps away from my hands.SHe closed her eyes maybe because of exposin her
body in front of 2 guys. They guy is continuing his massage as if he is blind and he is not cing
anything. The lady now poured some oil on her boobs and i heard a slight sigh sound escaped from
neelima's mouth. She started cuping her boobs in such a way that she is slightly pulling her
nipples after every round. And neelima is slightly moaning. The lady told me that she has very
sensitive skin and its shows the health of her nerves and skin.The lady now started cupping her
boobs and telling me about the advantages. Neelima is lying ther with her eyes closed and
moaning.She said regular massage of breasts will increase the blood flow through the nerves and
decrease the chances for breast cancer.She showed me how to massage the breasts doing the same
action in a slow manner. And said not many couples coming here are broad minded like us.Neelima is
moaning slightly while the lady caress her boobs. She slightly opened her thighs maybe becuase of
the pleasure she is getting from massage. Now the guy is also looking at neelima's expression and
neelima is least bothered about it.The lady asked the guy to take the steamer and he went out.The
lady came towards me and asked me to lay on my back. This time i became more tensed as she may
notice my buldge. She whisphered in my ears that its okey and we knew how guy reacts to such
scenes. She put her arms on my sholder and asked me to turn. I lay in my back and i looked at my
boxer shorts and found a tent in front of my shorts. She put one towel over it and asked me to
Now she is putting some facial cream on nima's face. I saw she taking a ice and rubbing her face
with the ice. I felt the chillness of the ice after cing it through the dressing mirror on my side.
I can only c neelima;s face through the mirror. She is still lying just wearing her black panty.The
guy came with the steamer and kept it aside to neelima's table. I think neelima is slowly slipping
into a nap with the pleasure she is getting from the massage.The lady is applying several layers of
cream on neelima's face and neck.The guy started massgaing my chest moving his hands through my
hairy chest. The massage is so relaxing that i can feel the blood flow increasing through the
portion his hands are running.The lady came near to me and asked the guy to do the manicure and
pedicure on neelima. I saw neelima is lying there almost naked with two cucumber slices placed on
her eyes and with the face pack. I cant c what that guy is doing and thought he is cleaing and
shaping neelimas nails on legs. I imagined his position watching a sexy girl like neelima lying in
front of her just wearing a panty. I envied about his profession.Now the lady took some oil in her
hands and poured on my belly and started massaging, She is applying more force on my belly. She
asked me about my food and drinking habits and told that a good massage can reduce the belly size.
She slighty pulled down my boxer shorts till my trimmed public hair was visible. And during the
massage her fingers brushed my public hair few times. I looked at the lady and sometimes she is also looking into my eyes. I figured the lady maybe aged between 30-35. I asked whether she is from thailad and she said yes. She is here for the last 6 months and she has having around 10 years experiance as massuer.She asked me whether i have beem to thailand any time and i said yes. So u had massage there. I said yes and said not this type. She smiled and said the other type rite. I nodded yes and asked whether anyone comes here for such things. She said mostly here guys get massage from guys itself and sometimes for broadminded couples like u we will be somewhat liberal.Only if they take cottage and they also provide training for couples if they want.And she whisphered that all depends upon the tips and smiled. In between i noticed her fingers move little bit inside my shorts and touched my hardon.Next time she looked into my eyes and moved her fingers little bit more touching my hardon and keeping her finger for few seconds. and smiled at her action. i looked at the mirror and neelima is still sleeping. She asked the guy to switch on the steamer and kept the blower near to neelima's face. She went near to neelima and adjusted the nozzle of the blower and asked the guy to make the tub inside the bathroom for the Rejuvenating Bath. He went out of the room and i saw the lady closing the door and turned the lock. She came near to me and continued the massage. this time she lowered my shorts little more down revealing my hardon and she put a towel above it. Now i got what she is upto and i looked at neelima.She came behind my head and startd massaging my chest leaning towards my body above my heads. Now her boobs is brushing my face.She is wearing a cream over coat and tshirt and wraparoung inside the coat. She opened the first few buttons of the coat and now i can c her boobs shape more clearly. The thai girls have a perfect body even though they are not much beutiful.She saw me looking at her bounding boobs as she massage my hairy chest. She came to my side and now she is staning close to my body. Her inviting boobs is making me crazy and my hands moved towards her boobs to grabit. She did said anything as i caressed it above her dress.She is wearing a padded bra so i am not getting the real sensation of caressing her boobs. When i tried to put my hands inside her tshirt through the bottom she hold my hands and kept it aside.She then moved towards neelima and saw her she asking someting and neelima is in sound sleep.she kept the steamer on neelimas left side as she cant look towards us as the steam is coming from the direction where we are standing. She came towards me and stood behind me as neelima can only c her back. She looked at me and i saw her hands going behind her tshirt and doing something. I got she is unhooking her bra and i thought she is really a bitch more than i expected. she came more close towards me and put hrs hands on my chest stading behind my head.Now her boobs are hanging down more as its free from bra. I saw it moving more vigourusly as she moved her hands thru my chest and sometimes pinching my nipples. I am becoming more horny and cant able to keep my hands without grabbing it. I hold her hands and nodded her to come to my left side. She came ther and started massaging my sholders with both her hands. Now she is really close to me and put my right hand on her belly. She didnt moved from that position and i slowly moved my hands toward her boobs. Now the bra is almost moved from her boobs and i grabbed her left boobs.Its big than i expected and little sagged.Not for her age.i caressed her boobs and pinched her nipples, I slowly lifted her tshirt to expose her boobs. She is nt reacting to my action and i lifted up revealing her boobs. She has small aerola when compared with neelima's and small nipples also. But its well shaped for her age.I played with her boobs for some time and she them took my hands away and moved towards my hips. Now she removed the towel and i saw my rock hard dick standing up.She grabbed it and moved its skin up and down. Its full of precum and she took the precum between her fingers and spread it all over my erected dick. Now she is giving me a good handjob. I looked at neelima and she is fast asleep. She moved towards my hips and started to bent towards my dick and hold her hands and asked not to do that. She was going to give a blowjob and i was little afraid of that as i am not wearing a condom.Also i am not in mood to cum because i need to enjoy neelima with the full hornyness.She lowered my massage table so she can sat on my table and massage me. I kept my hands on her thighs and serached for the slit of wrap around. I just felt like touching her thighs.she has a broader hips and thighs. but with good shape.she guided my hands towards the opening of her slit and tried to take my hands towards her panty. I again withdrawn my hands from ther. I thought she is forgetting that she is a bitch.I looked at neelima and then asked that lady to untie her wrap around. First she hesitated but she did it when i asked again. She is wearing a cream panty and her well shaped ass is soo sexy.She stood up to give me a better look and she slowly lifted her overcoat to show me her ass.i caressed her ass though her panty and slowly pulled down the panty to have alook at her ass crack. That was damns sexy to c a fleshy ass in such a good shape. she asked my permission to put her dress back in nooded yes. she tied back her wrap around and put her tshirt and bra to normal position. I ponited towards my wallet and asked her to take it. She handed it over to me and i gave a her a 1000 rs note for her valuable service. She put my shorts backs and pressed my hard dick again over my shorts. I think it was a gesture of thanks for the money i gave.She asked me whether i am ready for the facial i said its not needed. I headed towards the bathroom to have leak as i am keeping my hardon for such a long time.i looked at the time and its around 4 pm and i felt really hungry. I called up the restuarant and ordered for some juice and snacks. Now the lady is removing neelimas face pack. I saw neelima put a towel across her body. She might have come into sense after the sleep.I heard someone knocking the door and i thought it will be the food. But it was the guy who is carrying some liquid,milk and some flowers for the Rejuvenating Bath. He went inside the bathroom.I went and sat near neelima. She asked me about massage and i said it was soo soothing.She said it was one of my good massages i ever got and thanked the lady.She ran her fingers thru my hairy chest which is fully wet with oil. It seemed like she is getting into another mood.
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RE: A night out with Brother’s wife
I was totally in an excited mood after the good things happened with me today. I just stood and move away from neelima as the thai lady was still continuing with the manicure. Neelima was some what in a exhausted look as she enjoyed one of her best massages. I lighted one cigarette and enjoyed the smoke after a long time. I heard the guy telling the thai lady that the tub is ready and the water is warm for the bathe. Neelima looked at me. She is still covered her body with the towel and her towel just reaches upto to panty. Her legs are shinier with the oil and now she looks more pretty and sexy. She went inside the bathroom and I was busy finishing the lighted cigar. Thai lady came near me and asked whether she need to stay during the bathe or we needed some more privacy. I said u both can leave after sometime. I moved to the bathroom along with the thai lady and she asked me whether we are planning to stay here for the nite or just leaving. I said we have not decided yet. She handed over her mobile no written on a tissue paper and handed over to me. She said she will be getting a off every alternate weekend and If I like she has no problem in coming for private massage.

Now neelima is already in the tub filled with flowers and I can c scented candles placed around the pool. The guy is massaging Neelima’s shoulder and I saw her towel and panty lying on floor. I really got surprised to c neelima got undressed in front of that guy. Neelima looked at me as I entered the bathroom. I was in dilemma thinking about what to do. The lady asked me to lie in the pool and ask me to get undressed before that. I removed my shorts and entered the tup. I saw neelima looking at my naked body. Once in entered the pool my legs touched neelimas thighs as she is sitting in the pool keeping her legs straight. We adjusted ourselves like both neelima’s legs are between my legs. The Tub is long enough so that we two are comfortable sitting inside with warm water reaching upto our chest. I can c neelima’s cleavage and upper part of her boobs. Now neelima is within my reach and our legs already touching each other it really makes both of us nervous. The lady started massaging my shoulders and it was really soothing getting shoulder massaged by a lady while sitting inside the warm water. I noticed neelima moving her legs and the guy massaged her shoulder and his hands moved little down to her boobs. The guy took a break and poured some milk into the water and put his inside the tub and stirred slightly. I thought his hands would have brushed neelima’s thighs while doing so. The lady asked whether we need some wine or chocolate during the bathe and we agreed for a wine and some chocolates and dry fruits. The guy went outside. Now the lady moved towards neelima and saw applying some cream on her shoulders and chest. She opened the water exhaust and lowered the water level a little. I saw the water level going down and now neelimas boobs are getting visible. Now I can c her aerola slightly and it made me really hard. It was something like watching a semi porn movie with lot of teasing.

The water level went down little bit more and now I can see neelima’s upper part fully naked. The water reaches just little inches down to her boobs and her wet firm boobs are visible and I adored the perfect shapes of her boobs.I noticed with several other girls that the two boobs will not be exactly similar in size. But neelima’s boobs is very same is size and so firm that the nipples are pointing towards me .Its just inviting me to bite it with my lips. I felt like touching the nips with my tongue and tickle it. From yesterday itself I am looking at this pair of boobs hidden inside dress. I felt my hard cock under water and it was ready for action. Now the lady applied some cream on neelima’s boobs and started fondling it in a circular way. I was looking at the way neelima’s boobs are fondled. Cing my excitement in my eyes the thai lady asked me to move little closer as she can guide me how to massage boobs in a erotic way. I looked at neelima’s face and noticed the inviting looks in her eyes. I moved closer to neelima and sat just few inces away from her. The lady took my palm in hers and asked me to let my hands loose. She cupped neelima’s boobs with my palms . She slightly pressed neelima’s boobs and I saw neelima closing her eyes. Her nipples are erected well and I can feel it inside my palm. The she moved my hands in clockwise direction and applied little more cream. I am not able to believe what I am doing. I can feel more blood rushing into my hard cock which makes it more hard. I can hear neelima’s moaning as I caressed her boobs. Now the lady sat just back to neelima and kept neelima’s head on her shoulder. I continued caressing her boobs as if I will not get a second chance. I noticed neelima feet touching my legs and she is applying some force on my legs as if she cant hold on to the please I am getting. Neelima moved her feet little bit like she Is searching something under water and her feet just touched my hardon. A sudden shiver went through both of our body. As she feet touched my hardon I felt like grabbing her boobs with my full force but the lady is guiding me in a erotic way which is teasing néelima a lot.

Neelima kept her feet touching my hardon and my balls are also getting crushed. She is slightly caressing it with her feet under water in the same rhythm in which I am caressing her boobs. I knew that we both became really uncontrollable. Now lady took one of my fingers and started circling around néelima areola without touching her nips. She became hornier with this and she crushed my hardon with little more force. She opened het lips and pleaded me to stop and her voice broke in between. Now the lady also started running her fingers thru her neck which make her more wilder. Seeing neelima’s situation I pinched her nipples and pulled it forward a little. But the lady asked me to caress the boobs as the cream need to be applied with massaging for atleast 5 minutes. I was in a hurry to hug néelima. I just wanna crush her whole body. As I slow down the massage néelima looked into my eyes and smiled. I thought she also needed the same which I wanted from her. I asked lady how much time it will take to get the wine delivered. As if she understood what I meant she excused us and left the bathroom. While she reached the bathroom door she turned and asked us whether the room should be closed. Without getting a reply from us she put the auto lock from inside and closed the door. I looked at neelima’s face. She just leaned back. Her feet is still touching my hardon and as she leaned back she got some more space. Now she kept my hardon between both her feet and started to move jerk it slowly. She is not getting the grip as its wet and oily after the massage. I took néelima’s hands in mine and moved forward to plant a kiss on her hands. As I moved forward she also moved little bit forward and we both ended up in a hug.

I moved little more closely and she opened her legs a little and moved forward and sat on my lap. I pulled her little more closer and put my hands around her ass to get hold of her from slipping down. And our eyes met eachother and I saw she bringing her lips forward towards me and we shared our first kiss sitting inside the tub fully naked. We both were busy exploring each other’s lips and tongue I can feel her fingers scratching my back. We sat there lip locked for few minutes and we parted to get some air. We both were sweating well with the excitement and room temperature. My hardon is touching her crouch and it trying to find it path inside. I am trying to adjust her hips so that it find its way. I thought she is ignoring it and I bent down to kiss her nipps which is teasing me for some time. She raised her upper body so that I can reach it without much inconvenience. I raised her ass a little and I sucked her nips. To get a better grip she put her hands around my neck. I started playing with her tits one by one. She is moaning heavily and the lust which is driving us from the last day us more horny. I can hear néelima asking me to bite her nipples and slightly bited her nipps between my teeth. The slight pain made her more horny and her screams became more louder. I hands are loving on her ass cheeks and now her ass cheeks are slightly parted as I raised her up a little. One of my finger is very close to ( ) her ass hole and its just touching there sometimes due to the movements. When it touch her hole I felt a sudden shiver going through her body. So I kept on trying to touch there more and I slightly applied some force on tip of my finger to go inside. Since our whole body is wet and oily it made it more smooth and I felt my fingers tips slightly opening her asshole. I knew she is enjoying it from her reaction. Now néelima is in a position to insert my hardon into her pussy. I moved one my hands and hold my dick and searched for néelima;s opening. But to my surprise néelima came out from my hug and said not now. She said please Nikhil not now. It unsafe as its her fertile time after her periods. I said we can go for some tablets afterwards and she said she is having some side effects for such tablets and asked me to wait till evening so that we can buy some condoms. But I was not I a mood to listen her and tried to take her on my lap again and this time she moved away little seeing my reaction. I pleaded that I am carrying this hard on from the last day and said cant hold it anymore. She said she is also having the same feeling inside and said she don’t want to repent about this beautiful time in future for our carelessness. Saying this she took my hardon in her hands and started jerking to relive my tension. It made me more horny and I was in a situation like I am not able to open my mouth to just utter the word stop. I felt like my eyes getting closed due to the please I am getting, She came towards me and stared kissing me while shaking my hardon with her hands. I also hugged her and pulled her close to my and whispered in her ears that I don’t wanna my cum wasted in water which iam keeping from the last day for her in water. She kissed again on my lips and took my hands and kept it on her boobs. She asked me to tell her before I cum. She is moving my dick’s skin in such a manner that her fingers in touching the tip of my skin which makes me more wild. She said she wont waste even a drop of it. From my face she came to knew that I will cum at any moment. To my surprise she asked me to stand up and I just obeyed to her. She sat on her knees inside the tub and kissed on belly still holding my hardon and pumping it. She lips reached my public hair and she teased me for while by kissing around my dick and even kissing on my balls. She then looked into my eyes and pushed my foreskin fully back and reveled the tip of my dick and slowly licked her tongue on its tip. I was in heaven and enjoyed néelima exporing my dick with her lips. I saw she tasting my precum and she put my whole dick inside her mouth and moved her head back and forth. She was really good in what she is doing and she kept both her bands on my ass to pull me closer to her when she needs. I was in the verge to cum and I feel like it may happen anytime. I kept my hands behind néelima head so that I too can control her motion when I need more pleasure. I am almost nearing my climax and I am feeling difficulty to stand in the tub without falling down. I placed one of hand on the shower cabinet to get a grip and néelima increased her speed as she knows it’s the time. I knew that I may cum in a second and when I was going to open my mouth to say that my cum sprayed from my dick into neelimas mouth. She slowed down her motion to swallow the intial cum and slowly sucked my dick to get the rest of it. I can see my cum coming out from her mouth and she is busy sucking me to get till the last drop. She took my dick out from her mouth and moved my skin back and forth as it hardon is still ther and looked into my eyes. I pulled her up and tried to kiss her. But she moved away and said she need wash her mouth. But I said I need the kiss now and I saw her excited face hearing this. I kissed her deep with my tongue going inside her and tasted my cum inside her both. We stood there and hugged eachother and was wildly kissing each other.
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