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Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
04-13-2012, 01:44 PM
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Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
One day, All the top actors and Actresses been invited for the opening ceremony of new MNC movie makers, Huge movie International. None heard about that before. But its a first time they are hearing it. But the ceremony function conducted like never before that much rich function conducted on planet earth.

Huge Movie International's CEO - Sameer and Vice President - Anwar welcomed all the celebrities and they announced their plans of making movies with multi country stars.

Sameer: We are Huge Movies who are going to target global market of movies by having a stars from several country in our movies. We are going to hire Lead female actresses for our movies in India only.

Anwar: We done a research and analysis. Indian girls are so perfect and beautiful than any other country girls.

Trisha Krishnan and Anushka also on the function and dreaming for that opportunity. Trisha and Anushka decided to get that chance by any chance to become a part of global movie which will boost their markets to new heights.

After the introduction function done, after 3 days of continous news from the Huge Movies that they fixed the story line based on Pakistan and the movie is going to be lead female based story.

Anushka and Trisha were following the company's updates so closely and by individually.

They both got an invite for a discussion from Huge Movies. Simillar to them, Other actresses also invited for the discussion.

Anwar: Hello Angels, thanks for coming to the discussion. As we were announced earlier about the Global star movies. We decided to kick off a movie by next month. Its 300 crore project.

All the actresses is in the discussion opened their jaw wide open in the excitement of 300 crore budget.

Anwar Continues: The movie's story is all about an Indian lady army officer infiltrate to Pakistan and getting some action. This movie is going to be made like a Angelina Jolie's Action movie. So we want the same from you girls what Angelina will provide. Action + Glamour + sex scenes as it is going to be global movie.

Half of the actresses left the discussion as the movie is going to have an nude scene. Only Trisha, Anushka and Charmi left in the remaining actresses.

Sameer arrived to the discussion and he announced that, "The Female lead is going to 30 Crore as her pay for this movie".

Trisha and Anushka are in cloud nine. They are open to give a blowjob on the spot for this kind of huge opportunity.

Anwar: The entire movie is going to shooted at Karachi, Pakistan. We need your visa and passport with us till the duration of this shoot for the ambassador works at Pakistan.

Charmi realised there is something there in this project and so she left without saying her answer.

Anwar and Sameer looking at two remaining and only dolls existing in the floor, Trisha and Anushka.

Sameer: So, Girls.. It is upto you. We can negotiate your pay if you need.

Trisha and Anushka looking at each other.

Anwar: don't worry, This movie is having two female leads. We are looking for two actresses.

Trisha and Anushka said "Wow" and shared their happiness by hugging and pecking on cheeks of each other.

Sameer: So Anushka, Are you ok to be in this movie and staying at Karachi for 45 Days.

Anushka: Ya fine. But Can I get any of my family member or guardians with me?

Trisha: Yes. Anushka is right? I was thinking to ask the same to you.

Sameer: Nope. Not exactly. You are not allowed to bring anyone with You. We want the movie plot should be secret till the release date. So we don't allow it. Moreover, you can talk to them daily basis through webcam and mobile.

Anwar: Yes, It is hard to get Visa for many indians to Pakistan.

Trisha and Anushka thinking a bit and hesitates to accept it.

Sameer: We are planning to sign you two for 100 crores. I mean, 50 crore for each of you for next 50 days call sheet.

Anwar: Sameer??

Sameer: Ya, They deserve it.

Trisha and Anushka hypnotized by that 50 Crore money and immediatly they signed the bond and all documents. They also handed over the passports of theirself to Sameer.

After Trisha and Anushka left the room:

Anwar: Are you mad, Sameer? 50 Crores for this two bitches??

Sameer: Anwar?? We are going to do the business of 500 crores for this Porn movie which is going to be featured by two Indian Dream girls, Trisha and Anushka.

Anwar: even though??

Sameer: Also, our guys in the camp wants to taste their body for their selves. We are going to plan our next hit based on this profit only. We can earn much if we put these two bitches on the porn movie. Then we can invest that money on weapons to fight back.

Anwar: Anyhow, as you say. I accept. I will book the tickets and Visa for that two whores. When they are going to return?

Sameer: After 10 months probably. Our leader wants a kid from each of them.

Anwar: Yes, Our leader wants a kid from Indian blood line. Now its time it seems.

Sameer: Not only our leader, also our 40 brothers.

Anwar: Happy times, waiting for us.

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04-13-2012, 01:44 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists

Trisha: Dad, it is amazing. I'm going to star in a global movie for the first time. Its huge.

Uma Krishanan: But, for that you have to travel to Pakistan. It's not sounding good, Trisha.

Trisha: Awww!! mom. Don't be a selfish, mom. It is my great chance to be a international Star.

Krishnan: But darling, how can we allow our daughter to stay on pakistan. Also for 50 days.

Trisha: Dad, Just 50 days. But look at the pay. 50 Crores, dad. I can earn that much by acting in 20 Indian movies or sleeping with 25 Industrialist.

Uma Krishan: Yes, Krishnan. Don't be a selfish Dick. It is really a big money and big time.

Trisha: Yes Dad. You can have me once I'm back from pakistan as you do usually.

Krishan: Ok Trisha. I never stand in your way of growth. But before you leave from India. I want to fuck you real hard which will keep your fragrance on me.

Uma: Good Dad - Daughter!!. Hahahaha

Trisha: aawww!! What a lovely Dad. I have.

Trisha comes to her dad and sits on his lap. Krishan's thighs feelling the butt of Trisha and He placed his right hand on the left boob of her naughty daughter, Trisha.

Krishnan is rubbing the thighs of trisha by raising her night gown and passing his hand through that gown. Krishnan is fingering the pussy mount of Trisha over her panty.

Trisha is bringing her lips closer to her, looking on eye to eye. Krishnan is bringing his lips forward and bonded it with Trisha's lips. Dad and Daughter exchanging the long kiss for about 15 minutes like a divine lovers.

Phone is ringing near the scene where the foreplay going wild. Uma stopped fingering herself by watching the foreplay sex between dad and daughter. Uma answered the call.

Uma: Hello!!

Anushka Shetty: Hello Aunty!!, Sweety Here!!

Uma: Sweety??

Anushka: Sorry aunty, its anushka here.

Uma Krishnan: Ya tell me, Anu. How are you?

Anushka: I'm doing great, Aunty. Thanks. Can I talk with Trisha??

Uma: Trisha is busy right now, dear. Anything important??

Anushka: Yes, Aunt. I have got a call from Huge movies. They invited me to attend the party with them tonight. Is trisha also coming there?

Uma: No idea about it yet. I will ask her to call once she is back.

Anushka: No problem, Aunty. Take care.

Uma put the receiver back where it belongs. Uma turned back just to witness trisha is standing only with her bra and her lovely husband banging her own daughter in a doggy pose on the couch.

Trisha: aaaaaaa!! hmmmmmmmm.... shssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!

Krishnan: Fuck!!! oh Yes!!!.. I am going to miss this...

Trisha: I'm always yourrrrrrr bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy.. Ya fuccccckkkkkkkkkkk meee........

Krishnan slides his hand through the armpit of trisha and his dick perfectly inserted to the cunt of Trisha. Krishnan is holding the boobs of trisha from behind and banging her hard from behind. Trisha is moaning and screaming like a crazy bitch.

Uma: "hmm Father and Daughter are in no mood to hear what I'm going to say. I think, Anushka will attend the party alone it seems". Giggles.
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04-13-2012, 01:44 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
In the Evening:

Sameer and Anwar are waiting in that 5 star hotel of the city’s party hall. They are expecting Anushka to arrive and start a party. Sameer is dressed up in a black suit and pant where Anwar dressed up in a blue jeans with white shirt as his attire.

Sameer: Anwar, In 2 days we are going to capture this two bitches. Why is this party now?

Anwar: Our clients want to see some samples of our porn stars. They demanded a sample of their body and structure before they deposit the initial advance.

Sameer: Oh.. So as we can’t ask them for naked photoshoot. You arranged this party.

Anwar: Exactly, This bitch wont show any resistance to sleep with us. I have already booked the suite room in this hotel and set the hidden cam too.

Sameer: don’t miss to mention, You connected it with our Client’s PC.

Anwar: Of course, I am just waiting for Anushka to arrive and starts the broadcast.

A luxuary Car of Anushka entered to the campus of that hotel and she gets down from car. She wore a black transparent saree with sleeveless black blouse with made sure of her navel with belly button exposing enough to make dick hard on. She is messaging to her home as she arrived and switched off the mobile to avoid further disturbance. She is making her way to the Party hall.
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04-13-2012, 01:45 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
Anushka entered to the restaurant where she found Sameer and Anwar. She waves at them and puzzled with not much people out there and recognized that what kind of meeting is going to be.

Sameer and Anwar waved at her back to welcome her and gives a cruel smile to each other as they got the bitch to fuck for the night.

Anushka comes near the table and sitting on the chair infront to both Sameer and Anwar. She is intentionally bending much forward to show her cleavage to the gentlemen disguised Terrorists. Sameer and Anwar looking at what she is showing and planning for what are the ways to enjoy this bitch.

Anushka: Hello Sir, How are you!!?

Sameer: I’m good, Anushka mam. What about you?

Anwar: I’m Good, Thanks.

Anushka: Oh come on!!, No mam and all. You can call me with my name.

Sameer and Anwar: You too, Anushka.

Sameer: Thanks for coming to attend the party!!

Anushka: Its my pleasure, Sameer.

Anwar: Nope, it is going to be our pleasure. (smiles intentionally)

Anushka looking at around as crowd getting less for every minute and tone of voices of this guys are telling her what they are expecting as she is not a stranger to that tone or this type of parties.

Sameer: What you’d like to have?

Anwar: Hot or cold?

Anushka: Vodka!! Or what is your favorite?

Sameer: Well, We like all and especially a drink from girl’s saliva. (winks at her with a lusty smile).

Anushka: Oh naughty!!, So this is it. We are here for Business.

Anwar: Yes, You are expert in that business. Aren’t you?

Anushka: Find it by yourself, Anwar. Where is Trisha?

Anwar: Nope, We didn’t invite her as we heard she is having some schedule to complete for her next Indian movie.

Anushka: Oh is it? I also have to do the schedules with next Nagarjuna movie. He wont sleep without banging me in the shooting times. Hahaahahah. (smiling with a whore tone).

Sameer: Then, we like to join Nagarjuna’s club.

All 3 busted into the laughter. They had their drinks and dinner. Time is around 11.30 PM now. Restaurant is about to be closed. So the manager asking them to leave to their Suite room.

Anushka: Oh you guys invited me with all the preparations. How Sweet!!!

Sameer: Your real name is sweety right? We just now checked your wiki.

Anushka: Yes it is!!

Anwar: We just want to taste how sweet you are?!!

Anushka: I’m on. Lets do this..

Anushka, Anwar and Sameer gets themselves to the lift and lift door is closed. Anwar and Sameer are giving a smile which is lusty on the bitch who standing infront of them in a closed lift.

Sameer is having no respect or fear on Anushka. Sameer raised his palms together and cups the boobs of Anushka each and pressing it gently.

Anushka: Wow…Please !! in the room. Not here!!

Anwar slides his arm around the waist of Anushka from behind and kissing on the neck of her in their bra blouse. Sameer started to squeeze her boobs hard now with his both hands, Sameer is bringing his lips nearer to Anushka. Anwar hugs her with himself from behind with his dick pulge over his jean pressing the Ass of Anushka.

Anushka is moaning and screaming fakely to tempt the guys with her in the lift. Anushka is ready to do that for her chances in their upcoming movies and 50 crores salary going to be paid for this without knowing their real face.

Sameer took her pallu off from her chest, Sameer kissing on the lips of Anushka while his hands cupping the boobies of anushka while kissing her lips.

Anushka: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!, Please don’t crush the merchandisssssseeee… aaahhhhh sheeeeeesssssssshhhhh..

Anwar is hitting her butt with the pulge and feeling her soft round big ass inside the lift. Now Anwar turns the face of Anushka to let her look over her shoulder and kissing her on her lips wildly.

As Anwar turned the face of Anushka, Sameer pulls the blouse cup out and starts sucking her nipples within no time.

Anushka jumped on the floor literally with sudden and hard use by two hunks. Anushka feeling the ripped body which they got through terrorist training and slowing she is becoming an addict to it.

Anushka: hmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaah… Suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.. don’t make any aaaaaaaaaaaa marksssssss… Pleaaaassseeeeee saammmmmmeeeeeeerrrrr!!

Now the lift reached its destination and door opened. As its 11.45 PM, none are in the floor. Without stopping their play, the 3 entering to the room of them which numbered as 69. Anushka is also entering to the room without know what is waiting for her inside the room.
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04-13-2012, 01:45 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
Anushka, Anwar and sameer entered to the room. Anushka is looking around the suite room and nothing excited to her as she has been already fucked by many big shots in luxurious places.

Anushka removed her saree within few seconds, looking at Sameer and anwar in a inviting manner. Anushka raised her hands up and stretching herself by holding her palms together. As she stretching and strokind, her flesh in her waist and boobs are jiggling. Sameer and Anwar are also preparing for the session by undressing themselves. Sameer and Anwar ended up in the Trunk shorts and staring at Anushka.

Anushka: So you two are ready to taste this Sweety. Haahaahha..

Sameer: We are bit rough. I hope you have no problem with that.

Anushka: I am 30+ yrs old and I handled many rough guys in sex. Winks at him.

Anwar: Well, You will know the exact meaning roughness tonight.

Sameer and Anwar are approaching her, Anushka is stepping forward and spread her arms wide with hugging both of them at a same time. Sameer started with a hard slap on the butt of anushka. Even it landed over her skirt and saree, Anushka felt the pain.

Anushka: AAAAAAAAAAawchhh… What are you doing?

Sameer: Teaching you to behave yourself!! Hahahahaha.

Anwar placed her palm in the waist of Anushka and closed her palm fingers with enough skin and flesh of her waist and pulling it like ripping it. Anushka is turning to Anwar and giving a hot look which is making Anwar to do more wild things.

Anwar hold the left strap of her bra blouse and Sameer holds the right strap of her bra blouse. They two are looked at each other and with a single pull. It teared into the pieces, Sameer’s nail made a mark on the shoulder of Anushka and bled out lightly.

Anushka is getting a sweat as she have never been with the guys like this. She couldn’t believe it as how could a business men behave like a professional rapists. She never shared a night with a guys like this before as she usually slept with industrialist or heroes who crossed their 40’s age. Most of her fucker people have some respect or courtesy for her but these two are perfect monsters.

Anushka: Hey!!!.. shhhhhhhhhh!! What have you done to me… its bleedingg!!

Sameer Slapped right to the cheek of Anushka. Anushka afraid with this sudden treatment. Anushka is looking at his with frightened eyes.

Anwar: Sameer!!

Sameer: Shut your mouth, Bitch!!. You are supposed to get all these and fulfill my fantasy.

Anushka: Anwar, what is he blaberring..? How dare he can slap me?

Anwar: Slap!!. Oh you don’t know meaning for many things. Here it is.!!

Anwar slapped her in the other cheek which is much effective than the slap of Sameer. Anushka is down on the floor with this one. Sameer and Anwar are smiling like demons. Anushka is looking at the door, but she got a memory of 50 Crores and International market. So she decided to undergo whatever happen.

Anushka: oh you two naughty guys, Don’t slap my face. Do whatever to my ass and cunt. You two invited me here to slap or have fun.

Sameer and Anwar are thinking that she is a bitch who is ready to do anything for Fame and money. Lets enjoy her to the core. Sameer and Anwar removed their shorts and get themselves naked.

Anushka screamed loud to see a real monster within the monsters. Anushka is shocked, surprised and excited to see the dicks of Sameer and Anwar. Sameer and Anwar are having a dicks respectively, 14 inches long and 12 inches long. Both are unshaved, brownish with pink dickhead and with good thickness. Anushka is almost about to cry to see it. She is afraid of how it is going to enter in and happy to have some real business for her pussy tonight.
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04-13-2012, 01:46 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
Anushka is still down with the shock and slap. Anwar and Sameer are coming towards her like a beasts for its prey. Anushka is trying to move up, Anwar holds her backhead along with her hair, Anushka spit out the scream.

Anwar: where are you going, you bitch!!?

Sameer: Stay there and hold the kings of you.

Anwar other hand is taking Anushka’s left hand palm and gift his dick on her softy hand to stroke it. Sameer do the same with Anushka’s right hand. Anwar is moving front and back as Anushka is holding his dick, He is getting a hand job from the high class Bitch. Sameer also do grabs the boob of Anushka and squeezing it, his other hand holding the palm of Anushka and
getting a handjob.

Anushka: Please be gentle!!, Its aaaa paining aaaaaaaa lot!! Guys.

Anushka is keep on let out the moaning from her mouth according to the rough use she is going through. Sameer is slapping the boob of Anushka, both right and left. After every slap Anushka gave the wild moan with her boob is jiggling.

Anwar is now turning the face of Anushka, Anushka’s face is so close with the dick of Anwar. Anwar is giving his dick to be smelled by Anushka. Anushka is smelling it and getting a urine and sweat odour. Anushka is nodding her head as No!!. Another slap sound filled the room and Anushka’s face cheek got the hand impression of Anwar.

Anushka eye’s letting out the tears from her eyes in pain. Anushka is not telling anything, she just closed her eyes and take his dick to her mouth and sucking it like a machine to avoid the another slap.

Sameer: Wow!! What a sight!!, This bitch is so cool when she is blowjobbing you with tears rolling out from her eyes.

Anwar: She is one hot bitch!!.

Anushka is looking at both of them with her eye balls rolling left to right as she can’t open the mouth. Anushka is feeling very bad to be treated like this, but the fame and money appreciated her to undergo this.

Sameer: its not fair dude.. Where is my hole??

Anwar: There is two in her lower body!!, Explore it and treasure it. Hahahahaah

Sameer is pushing the head of Anushka from behind to keep Anwar’s dick on the mouth of Anushka. Sameer took Anushka in a doggy and removing her skirt and panty. Sameer is looking at Anwar and laughing at her ass.

Anushka is feeling humiliated to expose herself like that. Sameer kiss her ass and bites the cheek of Anushka.

Anushka took the dick out from her mouth and screamed loud “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!”. Anwar punished her with a tight slap as she let his dick out from her mouth. Anushka given one more scream which is much louder than previous one. Anushka is immediately took the dick of Anwar and took it in her mouth like a trained bitch and begging to him with her eyes as “no more!!”.
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04-13-2012, 01:47 PM
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RE: Actress Trisha and Anushka Exploited and fucked hard by Pakistan Terrorists
Anushka is sucking his dick like a candy, Anushka is taking her tongue out and wiping it so clean. As she is getting lots of precum and her saliva, she used to open her mouth and her saliva flowing over her. She is getting sweaty even in the A/C room.

Sameer made his teeth mark on the ass of Anushka successfully. Sameer is playing with the ass cheeks of Anushka by keep on spanking it and try to spread the ass cheeks as much as he can. Anushka is undergoing unbearable pain. Anwar raised her head by holding the air and rubbing his balls on her face. Anushka is looking on the face of Anwar with closed lips. Anwar is still rubbing his balls on her face and try to stuff his balls on her mouth.

Sameer spits on his palm and applying on his dick to get some smoothness. Anushka’s pussy is already wet enough due to her mindset and Sameer inserted his dick with a single stroke where his 14 inch dick’s 10 inch length gone in. Anushka’s eye popped out almostly, She couldn’t scream even freely as her mouth stuffed with balls of Anwar, So her scream comes out as a humming. Anushka’s eyes letting out tears like a river.

Anushka is pushing both the monsters away and leaving them away.

Anushka(with cry tone): aAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Noaaaaa.!! No!!.. I can’t take it anymore.. Please let me go. Give me my dresses.. please…

Anwar: Hey Anushka, What happened to you?? We are having fun, right?

Sameer’s dick covered with blood, later its recognized that Sameer teared Anushka’s pussy to the new extent.

Anushka: Nope!!, aaaaaaaaaa!! It is very rough. I couldn’t take it anymore.. Please!!

Anwar: Hey Anu!! Come on yaar!!. You are well experienced in it.

Sameer: Hey Anushka!!, We called you in to get your advance this 10 Crores only. As we are giving you something, We thought of get something back. Why are you crying, Anushka?

Anushka is staring at the suitcase which Sameer is showing and thinking about the 10 crores for one night. Anushka is decided to stick on with the project as she crossed 50% and 50% more to get that money and huge chance.

Anushka brought a fake smile to her face and says, “Hahahaahahah!! Just kidding, darlings. Come on, lets have fun.”

Sameer gossiped on the ear of Anwar: Don’t do everything now, we are still in India, She may back off. Also we got enough footages for samples. Lets fuck her and let her go!!.

Anwar looks at Sameer and nodded his head in mutual agreement. Anwar is stepping closer to Anushka, Anushka is afraid with him with his slaps so stepping back.

Anwar caught her in a hug and kissing on her lips in a passionate way. Anushka is getting mesmerized with his deal. Anushka is responding him back with a passionate way. Sameer comes from behind and pouring the oil on her ass. Sameer is massaging her ass with some oil and pouring oil on her cunt and his dick to get a flexibility and smoothness.

Anwar lifts her into his shoulder, his dangerous body is showing his workouts clearly. Anwar is fixing his dick onto Anushka’s cunt with holding her like a baby sitting on the waist of their mom. Anwar’s dick is rubbing the cunt of Anushka, as with the Oil its easy to penetrate. Anwar dick gone in and he is pushing Anushka up and let her down. Anushka is not feeling that much pain due to help of Oil. Anushka is getting a lots of sweat and her sweat flows on the oil as tears.

Sameer is also joining with them by adding his dick on the same pussy of anushka along with Anwar. Anushka wraps the arms around the shoulders of Anwar and Sameer each and sits on the air. Sameer and Anwar are fucking her to the core. Anushka is moaning out loud as its her first 12 inches penetrating it. Due to the help of oil, she is not feeling that much friction. But still she is feeling filled now. Anwar is sucking the boobs of Anushka who is nearer to his face and Sameer is licking the spine of Anushka.

Anushka: Oh yeaahhhh!! Do it!!! Yesssssss… Oh god!!! That’s the way!!.. please bite my boob….. aawouchhhhhh..

Anwar put Anushka on the bed. Anwar and Sameer sandwiched Anushka on the bed as she is laying on middle of Sameer and Anwar. Sameer on the bed, Anushka lying over him with his dick on her cunt and Anwar falls on the bare back of Anushka by inserting his dick on her cunt. Anushka is again feeling the completeness on her cunt, Both the monsters are devastating her cunt with no mercy.

Anushka is crying out loud with a moaning.. “oh god!!!”, “fuck me……..” “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhhhhhh” “yesssssssssssss” “shhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhshsshhs” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

With a last moan, Anushka is cumming over Sameer.. Sameer and Anwar are put her on the bed and let her cum/ squirt her comfortably. Her body is jerking like a last stroke and releasing her cum continuously. Anwar and Sameer is jerking their dick on her face and released their cum over the face of Anushka. Anushka kept her lips closed to avoid the cum swallow. Her face completely covered with Cum. Anushka lied on the bed for 2 more hours and then slowly went to the bathroom in a half walk state.

Anwar and Sameer are checked the footage which is excellent with Anushka’s cumming video. Anwar sent that to their movie client and got the deposit through online. Anushka comes out and Sameer gaver her a tshirt and jean. She wears it and took the 10 crore cash filed suitcase without forgetting it. Anushka’s cunt teared up literally and her style of walk notifying it to us.

Next day morning,

Anushka is sleeping in her bed like she was getting banged by a gang. Anushka is sleeping on her bed and cancelled all her schedules as she is going to leave that day to Pakistan. Anushka’s mobile is ringing, Anushka is in half sleep and she is checking who is calling. It is Trisha. Anushka pickup the call.

Trisha: Hey Sweety!!, Whats up?? Sorry, I missed to attend the party last night. How was it?

Anushka is cursing her in her heart and brought the fake smile and answering her “aowww!!. You missed a great party!!. It’s great. How is your packing?”

Trisha: Yeah its fine. Have you got a call, Anu? Sameer called me in the morning and asked to wear some Indian dresses as there may be press meet on the airport.

Anushka: Wait let me check the call history!!.. Yes it is. Ok trisha, I will wear some traditional Indian dress. What the time for the flight?

Trisha: It’s evening 7.30 P.M. See you at Airport.

Trisha wears a ghagra choli type of dress and Anushka wears a Saree which is very normal as she don’t want to tempt Anwar and Sameer ever.

Evening 7.00 PM - INDIA

Sameer and Anwar is waiting for them on the Airport for boarding. Trisha and Anushka arrived together to the airport. Sameer and Anwar welcomes Anushka and Trisha respectively with a hug and shake hands. Anushka is still terrorized with them but still she is smiling at them. Trisha is very much glamourous with her dress as she is down blouse with a navel exposing Ghagra Choli. Sameer and Anwar couldn’t take their eyes off from her navel and her cleavage. Trisha is getting pride as she outsmarted Anushka with her body. Anushka looked at those 3 and smiled to herself for Trisha’s innocence and future.

All 4 get into the flight and its takes off. Anushka and Trisha are so happy to be international star and money without knowing the plan and destiny waiting for them in PAKISTAN.
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