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Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
05-30-2012, 10:05 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
Scene 8
location : Room 107
Date : 6th Feb, 2010
We came back to our room and I headed straight for the bed . I was feeling too tired to even think about doing anything else .

I was just going to have a nap when Aishwarya said “Hey don’t go to sleep right now, let’s have some breakfast first .”

“ No I am no mood of eating at the moment“, I replied .

She smiled at me and said “ looks like someone is angry at me “ .

“Yes, I surely am “ .

“ Understand please, I can’t just go flinging around with you, I’m married “.

“But it’s not as if we havent done anything till now . I just want things to go with the flow till the end of the week ."

“Just don’t talk to me otherwhise “.

“Okie, I don’t give a damn now whatever you feel anymore . I tried to make you understand the easy way but I don’t care any more “, as there was a sudden mood swing with her .

I realised that I had gone too far with this and she or any other woman was bound to show such a reaction . I immediately apologised to her for my reaction “ Well I think I just got carried away by the events of last night .”

“I said some things which I must not had reciprocated to you “, I apologised ..

“So shall we have breakfast now, if its all over .”

“ Yes, of course .”

“We called the room service and asked him to bring us toasted sandwiches, pancakes, sphagetti and some hot coffee .

We were busy in our breakfast when Aishwarya started a conversation .
“ Hey, I will be going out in an hour for some work “ .

“ Where are you going ? “ .

“ For the opening of a local restaurant and then for a photoshoot .”

“ Shall I accompany you also ? “, I asked .

“ No, I guess you better stay here only “, Aishwarya replied .

“But why can’t I come with you dear ? “ .

“ Try to understand Aditya (me ) . I have some shoot day after tomorrow also and I promise that time I will take you with me “.

“Fine, I will find something do here then .”

I was just about to finish my breakfast when I reliased that at the Mumbai airport two days back I had asked the organiser of my trip with Aishwarya if she would be going out for some work any time of the week . I remembered him saying that Aish would be going out only once on the 5th day of the week for some shoot .

“So how did this program come up in her schedule so suddenly ?“, I thought in my mind .
I doubted that she was hiding something from me . Meanwhile Aishwarya started to dress up for going out for the day .

After the things that had happened between us in the last two days, Aishwarya had started to change her clothes in front of me without any hesitation .
Aishwarya took of her top and trousers in no time . She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath but just a panty . I was not even over with concentrating on her bare breasts when she spread her legs a little apart when she pulled down her panty and it fell down on the floor .

“ Can I ask you something Aishwarya “ .
“ Ya sure “ she replied while walking towards the almirah to decide which clothes to wear and simontaneously revealing her beautiful round volouptous ass to me .

“Can I feel those breasts of you for a minute before you cover them up “.

“Are you kidding me ? “.

“ Please . It’s just that you will be gone for the whole day, atleast do this so I can think of when you will be not around .”

“ But ….”

“You only said earlier at the gym that you will be willing to give me some sexual favours as the week passes by “ .

“She nodded to express her approval granting me permission to give her a nice quick boob job for some time “ .

For as long as i could remember, i had been attracted to women’s breasts SINCE quite a long time. They were an aphrodisiac to me. Just the sight of them was enough to make my mind spin. And hers were spectacular. I had thought so when i first met her, but by the time i saw them naked, in all their glory, i was enthralled. All i wanted to do was bury my face in them. Massage them. Knead them. Suckle at her large pink nipples. Worship them. THAT was the word. Worship them.

She let her incredible tits bounce free, I couldn't believe how firm they were!

“Can I just take my cock out of these jeans please “, I asked .
“No, keep the devil inside “, Aishwarya replied .

“Just let me stroke it while seeing your boobs . I will never ask you a favour again and I promise i won’t do anything else .”

“Ok …”, she nodded .

"I have a confession to make" I told Aishwarya.

"Go ahead, I'm listening" she answered.

"I have always wanted to fuck your tits so fucking bad" I whispered in her ear.

"Go for it" she replied .

And i did. My mouth immediately found a dark peak through the lace and my teeth firmed it up so i could pull it into my mouth. The feel of that warmth...that hard point of flesh that was still so pliable and soft. It was enough to pull my prick into complete hardness.
"OOOoooooohhhhh," she moaned softly. It had been a while since someone had paid attention to her nippleS, it felt wonderful. She looked down, and she could see that my eyes were closed. I was concentrating on the task at hand. Her eyes closed and her head fell back against her neck as she wallowed in the sensations. She pulled back and I looked up at her face with a disconsolate expression on my face. She smiled, and teased me.

"Oh baby, what is that look for? Are you upset that I took away your new toys? Did you like having my tits in your face? Do you want more? You want THESE?" she played with me, as she caressed herself before my eyes. She ran her hands all over her breasts.

I was amazed! They sagged a little bit, but they were great, i expected them to sag more. They looked firm, even without the support of the bra. And her nipples were even larger than i had thought of from the image in mind last time I saw her naked. My mouth watered, and her hands came up and pulled my chin up so i looked her in the face.

She was really impressed. She was wet now, and she realized that having her very own boob boy was a definite turn-on.

She smiled. She climbed onto the large bed and propped herself up against three of four pillows in a sitting position against the head board.

"Come here," she nodded and patted the area next to her body.

I JUMPED onto the bed and she frowned. "No. Take off your clothes first. I want you nude.."

I scrambled off the bed, eager to please her, and stripped. I wasn't ashamed of what I had to offer, and I posed for a moment so she could look at me. My hand automatically stroked my erect cock as if to soothe its rampant hardness.

She smiled again, and patted the bed. "Now. I want you here now. Lay your head on my tits."

I hurried to crawl across the bed and did as she asked. My head was pillowed on those magnificent breasts. I inhaled, smelling her. She smelled faintly of vanilla, and of her unique scent.

"Now, my sweet. Now....they are yours to do with as you like. Make me feel good. Lick them. Suck them. Milk them. I want you to worship them like a good boy. Can you do that?"

I didn’t knew what had happened to her . One moment she used to behave a like a soulful indian women and suddenly she had become one horny slut .

"Oh YES," i breathed, never taking my eyes off of the bounty before me. I was so turned on. I wanted to devour them, make her nipples as hard as she had ever felt them. I wanted to pull on them, and imagine that i could feel milk coming out of them. I wanted to stay here forever, the creaminess of her tits before me. I wanted to adore her as the goddess that she was. I wanted to be her breast boy for as long as she could stand it.

I took my hands and began to knead the one white globe closest to me. I was fascinated by the softness and yet the firmness beneath it. I kissed every inch of that breast. I licked up and down it. I took my tongue and encircled it from the farthest point, where it attached to her chest and slowly drew a spiral until my mouth was on the point. And that i took into my mouth and suckled at. Much like a baby, trying to draw nourishment from its mother's breast. I massaged that breast, pulling on it, while taking as much into my mouth as i could. I flicked it with my tongue, batting it back and forth while my teeth held it steady. My senses were completely fixated on the tit before Me. I moaned around it and realized that this is where I wanted to be forever. At her breast, burying myself in it.

As she pulled away from mE, I whimpered. She pushed my head towards her other breast. "You wouldn't want to neglect this one, would you?" she murmured.

I immediately began sucking at the already engorged nipple. Her hands ran through MY hair and pulled me even more firmly against her titflesh, pressing my nose deep into the softness. I could feel her breasts all over my face.... Against my cheeks, my chin, my eyes. Nothing existed for me but this.

She was beside herself with arousal. She couldn't believe this. I had spent at least ten minutes on one breast, until she couldn't take it anymore, and she switched me to the other. She wondered idly if that was what it was like when you were nursing a child. Then i pulled on her tit with my hand, and her mind snapped back to the here and now. It felt like i was milking her. Like i was really trying to pull the sweetness out of her tits. And she loved the sensation. She could feel the puddle of wetness beneath her and she knew she was going to cum without anyone even touching her pussy. I was going to do it. I was going to make her orgasm just from pulling on her breasts.

I heard her moaning, and it was music to my ears. She touched on my underlying fetish. I wanted to be a man who suckled and drank her milk. And i sucked and milked even more intensely. As her litany continued, my mind whirled and excitement increased and my body twitched.

She glanced down as she felt my body convulsively jerk and saw the spurts of semen jet out of my cock. That was all it took.

I let the first huge load of cum land right on her tits and neck, cum was being splattered all over her chest and Aishwarya was loving every second of if as she rubbed cum all over her boobs. "Wow" she said, that's alot of cum". It was even all over the bed .

She felt herself tumble over the edge finally and her whole body spasmed as she had an orgasm, convulsing over and over, her pussy tightening on itself.

She finally pulled me off of her, by my hair and looked down at her ravaged tits. They were red .
“That’s enough for the day “ Aishwarya replied as she walked into the bathroom to wash the cum of her face, neck and tits .

She came back after a few minutes of washing up . Her nipples were still hard, and i looked at them up close. I could see the bluish veins running under her milky skin to the tips, pumping the blood through, making them alive and warm and exciting.

"How do you like them?" she asked. "The most perfect breasts I have ever seen!" I responed eagerly.

She opened the almirah and took out a blue top and jeans with an attached belt . She hepled herself wearing her bra and panty and then finally her clothes . Aishwarya was looking completely ravishing in that outfit .

“ Ok I’m going to leave now “, Aishwarya murmoured .

“ So when will you be back “, I replied while putting my clothes back on .

“I guess by around 9 . I will have dinner with you only . Wait for me “.

She planted a kiss on my neck and went out of the door .

I didn’t feel like leaving her . So I quickly locked the room and decided to follow her wherever she was going .

She was standing just outside the hotel waiting for the taxi and I was just behind her trying to hide myself from her .

She was looking So beautiful in that attire of her’s that I just kept on gazing .

Finally a cab arrived and she got inside it . I also took a taxi and asked the driver to follow her cab .

After 15 minutes of drive her cab stopped at a restaurant . I thought that she was telling the truth that she had to go for the inaugration of a restaurant .

But I was left completely spellbound by what happened next . A guy came out of the restaurant and kissed Aishwarya on her cheeks .

That guy was Salmaan Khan.

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05-30-2012, 10:06 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
“ I don’t think we should talk like this in open “, Aishwarya told Salman .

“ Why what happened ? “, Salman replied .

“Its just that lot of people recognise us both and you don’t know how quick it gets out in the open “ .

So Salman asked his driver to get the car ready . They both got in and headed somewhere . I again followed them in my cab.


Scene 9

location : Salman's Friends Villa

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


After some time their car stopped in the local drive way of a villa . It belonged to one of Salman’s friend .

“So, lets go inside and have same fun “, he whispered in Aishwarya’s ear .

“But, I am a little hungry, let’s have something to eat first “.

Salman asked his driver to fetch something for them from the nearby restaurant .

“ So Aishwarya, I guess we have 10-15 minutes before he comes back “ .

“ I think I will call my family then, I havent talked to them in last 3 days “, Aishwarya replied as they entered the villa .

“ That poor husband of yours doesn’t have the slighest of idea about what you are doing here with me “ .

Aishwarya wondered that even poor Salman didn’t have the slighest of idea about the things she had done in the last 3 days .

I also followed Them inside the house secretly .

Aishwarya called at her house and the conversation lasted for around five minutes .

“Aishwarya I brought a present for you “ .

“What is it, a bribe for a good day of sex “ .

“You see that room up there . It is filled with more than 50 dresses for you to choose from . I want you to go inside, pick one dress and come outside wearing it . “

“Are they slutty ? “, Aishwarya giggled .

“Yes indeed my love . Go change it before breakfast.”

Aishwarya went inside to change . After some wandering she finally chose a dress . Aishwarya was looking so beautiful in that attire . It couldn’t be called slutty exactly but it truly reflected her personality .

She made her way back after a few minutes and meanwhile the food had been served on the table .

I knew the room in which Aishwarya and salman were going to spend time together . I decided that I would make my way in there while the two love birds were having lunch and find some place to hide myself .

Soon after finishing their lunch they headed straight to the bedroom . I was already hiding there behind the cornor table . The dim lights in the room made sure that I was not visible to both of them . I opened my mobile camera to record anything they did in the next few hours .

He got Aishwarya up in her arms and threw her on the bed . It was a king sized bed and had various multiple bed sheets spread on it .

Salman’s next move came as a surprise to me . He started to rip and tear the dress Aishwarya’s dress apart

“Hey what are you doing ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“ There is no other better feeling for a guy to rip a women’s clothes apart ”, Salman answered .

He didn’t even leave her bra and panty and ripped them apart too and threw it on the floor among her other clothes .

In no time Aishwarya was completely naked and sitting on the bed . Salman now undressed himself and jumped upon her .

Aishwarya placed her soft hand on his cock and started touching it. Gently and slowly, she started stroking his erection while he was kissing her. Aishwarya seemed to be in such a heavenly trance, holding and stroking his erect cock. She slyly looked at his erect rod quite closely and said,” Abhishek is not even half the man you are” . I was now enjoying myself.

They were both naked and feeling the impulses of his hard cock in her hands. He turned her around to see her lovely ass. Aishwarya was giving him the “I want you now” look. Her eyes semi closed and her tongue was touching her upper lip. I tried to control my erect monster while watching the scene .This gave me a sense of satisfaction. I was enjoying watching a naked woman in bedroom with sexy legs in high heels.

He kissed Aishwarya’s mouth and lips. He laid her on the bed and started kissing again. She closed her eyes as his lips parted and engulfed her's and his hands rested on her hips. They were kissing all the way, playing tongue-of-war in their mouths. Aishwarya bent down and licked, kissed and sucked his erect cock feeling the sweetness of his precum. Her hands grabbed his ass from behind in tight embrace. Aishwarya lifted her head and looked at him with a smile and then back to his rod.

While she was sucking on his cock, he took her in a 69 position. He held her ass in one hand and tightened his grip on it squeezing it and feeling it erotic softness. With the other hand he was touching her beautiful firm breasts. She raised her head a little bit and I heard a soft sigh escaping from her mouth.

He then moved her away from his prick and again placed his lips on hers. They started another passionate kiss. I could feel their tongue go inside each others mouth like searching for something they had lost or missing. Their tongues started moving on each other like they were dancing on a bollywood song. His hands slowly were touching her back and his fingers were roaming through her long blonde hair.Now they started to plant kisses at each others neck .

Aishwarya submitted herself completely to his hard cock as she was holding it so firmly. I was looking in Aishwarya’s blue eyes and noticed she was gazing at him lustfully. After all this, my desire to fuck her again, may be even tonight was getting bigger. After a few seconds she had hold of the back of his head driving his mouth into her cunt and he licked and sucked her clit giving her wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. When he came up for air she looked directly at his cock, which by now had recovered and was standing proud and ready for action. She pulled him close and said “Now get that stiff cock of yours into my soaking wet cunt!”. He didn’t need a second invitation.

.A subtle groan came through within her as he pumped her pussy hard. He took out his cock and slowly began caressing the head with her excited clit. They fondled each other for quite sometime and then he asked her if she can suck his balls. He went on top of her and placed his balls on her wet waiting lips. She slowly opened her mouth and touched his soft ball with her tongue then grabbed it with her lips and started sucking on it with lust and pleasure. Gently he pushed himself down filling her mouth with his stiff prick.

He asked her to continue deep throat his cock and to gag herself and feel the sensation of gagging on a hard cock. In seconds he was in full stroke fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. As he thrust his entire dick down her throat, he touched her cunt and it was quivering with passion. He was moaning and humming. Even I could Look at her excitement, with her eyes closed she was enjoying every inch of it. Her lips and tongue slowly started kissing and licking the shaft up and down.

With such ecstasy and excitement he went down on her. his tongue dwelled inside her pussy tasting her juices. Up to her belly and navel then he went to her breasts.. She was near climax, but he did not let her.He wanted to enjoy her more and then give her later the big orgasms she longley waited for.

“I am in control of your pussy and I will fuck it mercilessly”, he said..

“OK Salman take control of my pussy and fuck it hard”. She said with excitement that was matching mine.

Each time he was hitting her cervix she was giving a loud moan that looked like it was coming out of her stomach. He pushed his fuck-stick so deep and stopped then started rubbing his balls on hers.

“Now all my cock is in your pussy baby” he said.

“I love it” she answered with a smile.

He started moving in circular motions hitting her sensual clitoris with his pubic area while his whole cock was buried deeply in her twat. Moments later he was pounding her wet sex hole real hard.

” I love the feeling of your balls hitting my ass”. Aishwarya whispered.

He interchangeably sucked and kissed her lips and her breasts. His hard cock was still invading her relaxed wet pussy. With such excitement, lying on top of her with her legs wide opened receiving a long waited guest in her pussy; He began to wiggle like a snake.

“Do you like it deep in her pussy, baby”? he asked her.

“It feels wonderful. I feel like leaving Abhishek for a life time of this experience ”. she said.

She then was moving her hips trying to cum again and again. Giving ( ) her some air to breathe, she was pleading to him to fuck her harder and faster. Her pleading made him hornier as he began to again thrust his cock deep into her. Aishwarya began to shout and moan from pleasure and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped her mouth.

He placed his hands on her breast and pressed on them gently while she was cumming. As she was cumming his mouth went over hers and suffocated her loud moans. All I was hearing was “aaaaagggh!" as his cock was fully inside her cunt. There was no one to hear her screams in the house other than me. I believed that her screams echoed through the house when his cock was hitting her G spot. He was squeezing her between his chest and the bed sheet .His face was all sweated in agony as his cock was deep touching her cervix. He began to thrust inside her steadily and vigorously. She began to move her hips along with him. It seemed like she was going to have another orgasm. He licked her face, ears, neck and nipples. Suddenly I felt a storm brewing inside her. I felt she had squirted again. His cock slid out from her cunt completely. It looked bigger now with a huge purple knob. His whole penis was shining with her juices.

Full with sweat from head to toe, he went down on her and explored every fold of her cunt. It looked like a red wet opened flower. He went closer and he surped it like a piece of ripe fruit. As he was groaning she held his head firmly between her legs. She started moving up and down while his head was still buried in her twat. Her pussy was getting hotter as more blood supply rushed to her pussy. Suddenly she squirmed out a big orgasm that made her body vibrate.

After they rested for couple of minutes, his cock was still hard. He turned her on her side, opened her thighs apart and then fully pushed his rod inside her until his balls touched her ass. It was such a sensational and sexy scene. I was recording all of this in my camera . He started pumping her, slowly at first and then furiously. While she was wiggling her ass on his balls, I was totally enjoying watching the scene with great pleasure. He was banging her with all the sinful pleasures of lust.. Their moans and uuuuhhhhhhhh were so loud that I was afraid I might go deaf. He was pounding her pussy and hitting her ass cheeks with his balls. Aishwarya let out a strong deep passionate moan of total fulfillment as she orgasmed. She was uttering a loud uninterrupted aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Her body went stiff under him for a while.

Looking at her, her eyes rolled back and she gave a deep, satisfied sigh. They both held each other tight. Aishwarya smiled in his face as he was making his final score. He positioned his swollen love machine head near her cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. Aishwarya was moaning again and I knew she had such a good feeling. As she could not hold any longer she yelled to him and said "oooohh Salman fuck me, fuck me." With a powerful lunge he thrusted his penis into her cunt. Aishwarya moaned out loudly with erotic pleasure.

He had complete control of her entire body now. He was fucking her like a non stop machine steadily and with a harmonious speed. One of his arms was now around her back and the other one was squeezing her nipple gently. She was letting out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. It seems that Aishwarya was the only one in the world and didn't care about anything but the monstrous penis she was being impaled by. Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust of his dick.

'Oh my God! It's so hard!! Fuck me, fuck me Salman. Aishwarya said ecstatically.

He flipped her over and ate her doggy style as his nose touched her asshole. Her ass and his face seemed welded together as he buried his tongue deep in her pussy. He pushed her on her belly and lifted her ass couple of inches above the sheets while her head and breasts were still on the bed. He placed himself on top her and then tried to probe his wet hard cock into her ass gently. She said not now, but the head of his cock was already entering her tight asshole.

He slowed down and told her to relax. He asked her to relax and let him know when she is ready so that he can push his cock deeper. It was a tight asshole. Maybe Because he didn’t want her to have a bad experience, he pulled his stiff dick out of her ass. Perhaps he felt she was not ready for this yet.

He turned her on her back and shoved the entire length of his cock into her pussy. He squeezed her nipples gently then sucked them with his wet lusty lips. He pulled up her arms behind her head and held them real tight that she was defenseless. He pumped and pumped as fast as he could In the meanwhile he was also kissing and licking her armpits driving her to the brim of cumming.' Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhh she moaned. She was on the verge of cuming and he started shouting and screaming. She got the hint that he was also about to cum and she took her hand away from him and slipped it down until she reached his balls. She squeezed them gently and softly. Her other hand covered his mouth because of his loud roaring scream. His screams of pleasures were vibrating the bedroom walls. Aishwarya was so skillful in pleasing her pussy pounding machine.

“Yaaa fuck me, fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. She said.

While I was hearing her sexy voice pleading for more fuck, I saw Salman’s cock spasming and throbbing in her pussy. Suddenly she exploded with a strong climax. She was roaring a long aaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh climaxing again and again like it was never ending. His warm cum filled her pussy. It was leaking down on the sheets of the bed. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot. Salman collapsed on her breasts with his penis still buried in her cunt. They were both exhausted from the intense work. They hugged tight and kissed deep and hard.

“Wow what a fuck I had”, she said.

Several minutes passed before either of them spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. Aishwarya admitted to Salman that Abhishek had not fucked her for a long time. She also admitted to him that he was the only man who was able to bring her orgasms to the maximum.

Salman had just collapsed on Aishwarya and they both laid there for a few minutes .

It looked as if both had fallen asleep so I decided to move back to the hotel . Now I had the full sexual encounter between Aishwarya and Salman on my mobile camera . I could use it to persuade Aishwarya to do anything for me no matter how dirty it was .
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05-30-2012, 10:07 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
I reached back to my hotel at around 6 in the evening . The image of Salman and Aishwarya doing it was just not getting out of my mind .

Soon I began to watch the video I had shot while waiting for Aishwarya’s call to meet me at the restaurant for dinner .

Finally she called at around 8 in the evening .

Aishwarya : Hello .

Me : Yes, Aishwarya .

Aishwarya : So how was your day ?

Me : Mine went fine … shot a movie ..ohh I mean to say rented a movie and watched it . How did your day go ?

Aishwarya : It was a little hectic but except that everything went fine .

Me : So are you free now ?

Aishwarya : Yes, just got off around half an hour back .

Me : So when should I meet you for dinner .

Aishwarya : For that you would have to tell me whether you want to have it at the hotel restaurant or you want to go somewhere out .

Me : I would prefer going out, if you are not that tired .

Aishwarya : Meet me at the Biella Caffe Restaurant in about 45 minutes . I will hang up now .

Me : Cya later

Aishwarya : Bye .

It took me around half an hour to get ready and after that I headed straight to the restaurant .


Scene 10

location : Biella Caffe Restaurant

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


I took a cab and finally I reached the restaurant after a 20 minute drive in the cab .

As I stepped inside the restaurant a guy dressed in white and black asked me “ May I know your name Sir “.

I replied “ Aditya Rastogi “, while adjusting my blazer .

“Sir there’s a table waiting for you . Just come with me .“

I followed the guy in the busy restaurant with the usual clientele of businessmen either with their yuppie housewives or sluts they picked up from somewhere, ordering their low-fat Caesar salads and cappuccinos or some roasted chicken.

He indicated me too my table where Aishwarya was already seated .

She was looking absolutely gorgeous and dazzling that I immediately got lost in my thoughts . It looked like a sort of black Victorian gown giving ample view of her cleavage .

I had gotten so much lost in my thoughts that I just stood there on which the guy prompted “ Sir please follow me “ .

She got up after seeing me as a greeting gesture .

“ Did you have any problem in finding this place “, Aishwarya replied while adjusting her dress before getting seated .

“ Not much of a problem . So what did you do all day “, I asked .

“ Well I first went to the inaugration of a restaurant . Had all the lunch and stuff there and then I went for a shoot “ .

“Hmmm … So you might be feeling quite tired now “, I asserted.

“ Yes, a little bit “ .

In my mind I thought that after the boob job I gave her in the morning and her post lunch fucking session with Salman would make any women tired . So it was actually not much fault from her side .

I was a little delighted, that we got seated in the back of the restaurant, away from a lot of the hustle and bustle that was be going on .

“If you don’t mind I have to go to the restroom for a minute “, Aishwarya asked .

“Sure, I will be waiting “ .

“So if our waiter comes, tell him I want just a vodka martini and then whatever you want, okay?"

I nodded. "But Don’t you want any appetizers, or anything to eat?" .

As she slid from the table she nodded her head back and forth. "Nope, I just want alcohol tonight. At least right now .

I again nodded and as Aishwarya walked towards the restrooms, i watched her fabulous ass move beneath the sexy, skimpy dress she wore.

As she had predicted, the waiter came for our order .

“So sir, what do you want ?”

“Well just bring in the best drinks you have around here “.

“And anything to eat Sir ? “, The waiter asked .

“Nothing just the alcohol “ .

“Sir may I say something you before leaving “ .

“Ya sure “ .

“Sir you are one lucky guy, having dinner with Aishwarya Rai .”

“ Well you don’t know about the extra services she provides to me .”

“What Sir ?, I didn’t get you .“

“It’s okay . Just leave it “ .

A couple minutes later, the drink orders arrived, as did Aishwarya .

As we started on our drinks I asked her “ So how long have you been out of contact with Salman Khan “ .

Aishwarya was startled after hearing my question .

“What !!!!! “, were the first words that came from Aishwarya after hearing it .

“I mean to say have you been in talking terms with him after your much publicised break-up “ .

“ No, No, No, No “, Aishwarya answered.

“I guess 4 times No has a more profound effect than a single no “ .

I could feel a little tension on Aishwarya’s forehead after listening to the conversation I had started as she slipped in the wine through her beautiful lips .

“ Why are you asking me about Salman ? “, Aishwarya asked after trying to gather strength to have conversation with me on this topic .

“Because I heard that Salman is also in Dubai right now “ .

“Maybe, I didn’t knew about it “, she replied .

“I even saw him today at a local restaurant with a lady before he went away in his car with her “ .

Aishwarya had quite well understood by now that I was talking about her Salman .

“ I think that you know about me and Salman “ .

“Yes indeed my dear “ .

“Okay to tell the truth I’m still in talking terms with him and I went with him to attend his cousin’s wedding “, Aishwarya replied trying to defend herself .

“Ohh … so is there a ritual to have sex with groom’s brother before the wedding “.

As soon as these words came up from my mouth, the glass in Aishwarya’s hand fell on the ground .

Hearing the glass break the waiter immediately hurried towards our table . He picked up the broken glass and asked Aishwarya before leaving that if she wanted anything to which she replied a stern No .

“ How did you come to know about all this “, Aishwarya asked in shame .

“Well I followed you into the villa and I was in the same room hiding when you two love birds were having fun “, I replied .

“So you now everything that happened out there “ .

“Yes indeed .”

“What do you want to keep your mouth shut i.e if nothing happened b/w me and Salman “ .

“Well if you want me to keep my mouth shut then you will have to do whatever I ask for the next 4 days .”

“You must be kidding me “, Aishwarya asserted .

“Nope “ .

“ Well I guess you don’t have any proof of today’s events, so I don’t give a damn about whatever you know “ .

“Okie . But when are you going to move in with Salman ? ” .

“ Who said I’m moving in with Salman “, Aishwarya replied .

“ But I guess that when I show Abhishek a video of you crying out loud that Fuck me, Fuck me Salman and saying that Abhishek is not even half the man you are, he wont be allowing you to stay in the Bachchan residence any more “.

Aishwarya nearly bit her tounge with her teeth on hearing these words .

“Please don’t let this affair of me get out in the open “ .

“ I won’t if you satisfy me “ .

“ Okay I promise that I will do anything you want from tomorrow .”

“ Not from tomorrow, it begins right now “.

“ Okay tell me, What do I have to do ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“ Take off your panty from underneath your dress and hand it over to me “, I replied .

“ Whhhhaaattt!!!!! “ .

“You heard me dear, take off your panty and hand it over to me . It’s just that Simple.”

Aishwarya had no other alternative to do other than whatever I said to save her marriage .

She looked sideways to see if any waiter or customer were watching them . Then she slid her hand into her dress from underneath and pulled her panty down as it fell on the floor .

She untangled it from the heel of her shoe and handed it over to me .

“ What are you going to do with this ? “, she asked .

“Take this pen . You are going to sign your panty with this pen and hand it over to the waiter as a tip when we head out of the restaurant “ .

It was going to be a long night of Public Humiliation if she wanted to save her marriage at any costs .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
She took the pen in her hand and signed her panty “ Aishwarya Rai, With Love “ .

If anyone cared to peer under the table, they'd be rewarded with an eyeful of Aishwarya's glistening pussy.

As I finished my drink I asked Aishwarya if she wanted to eat anything, but she answered no.

“ So I guess we should leave then . “

I asked the waiter to bring the bill at the table .

He arrived after five minutes with the bill and the Restaurant’s remark book .

I slid the money and Aishwarya’s panty into the remark book .

He took the book and was leaving when he saw the panty . He returned back to our table with a smile on his face .

“Thank you Mam “, he said while confronting Aishwarya .

“My pleasure “, Aishwarya replied .

“Dear why don’t you give him something for his lovely service “, I told Aishwarya .

Aishwarya was totally puzzled and didn’t have the slighest of idea on what to do .

When to my surprise she got up and grabbed the waiter’s ass from behind and pinched it .

“So did you like it ? “, I asked the waiter .

“Yes, Sir “, he replied .

“Actually I wanted to rent a car for the night . Can you arrange it for us ?“, I asked him while Aishwarya wondered what I was doing to with a car now .

“Sure Sir . Just go down the basement and there will be guy in white . Just tell him that I sent you and he will give you a car for the night “ .

We headed towards the elevator to head down to the basement .


Scene 11

location : Restaurant Elevator

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


We got inside the elevator and I punched in the button even though I didn't need to because I already pressed it when I first got on. We just stood there next to each other not saying a word. I noticed that she was breathing heavily, I didn't know why .

Halfway down to the ground floor something happened. The power in the building suddenly went out and the elevator stopped. The emergency lights came on almost immediately, and Aishwarya and I looked at each other with total shock.

"What happened?" She asked me.

"I think the power is out in the building," I replied.

"What?!!" She yelled. "Why? What happened? Why now?"

"I don't know, just stay calm."


Just then a phone started to ring and startled Aishwarya. It was the emergency elevator phone behind a panel by the elevators' door. It must not have been connected to the building's electricity. I opened the panel and answered the phone; it was one of the security guards checking to see if there was anybody in the elevators, standard procedure I guess. He explained to me the situation and I hung up.

"Well, what did he say?" Aishwarya asked.

"He said it's only temporary and not to worry because they are working on it."

"But did he say how long it will take?" she asked. She had her arms folded and appeared very jittery.


"What do you mean 'no'? What the hell were the two of you talking about?"

"He was just telling me they were working on the problem, there's no need to worry."

"THERE'S A LOT TO WORRY!!!" she yelled. "I'm claustrophobic!"

That sure would explain the attitude and nervousness that I was seeing from her. I tried to calm her down as best I could by engaging her in conversation .

We talked for nearly half an hour, at first she seemed to calm down but as time flew by she became more nervous about the situation we were in. And to top it off it was getting very hot in the elevator. I took off my blazer, took off my shoes, and unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt.

“Why don’t you take off this gown of yours ?“ .

“ No way, I’m taking it off even if I die of this heat .”

“As you wish, I was just giving you some advice Aishwarya“ .

“Thanks, but I don’t need it .”

I had completely forgotten about my conversation with Aishwarya that happened around half an hour back .

“ I ‘m feeling sick around here “ .

“That’s why I told you to take off your dress and loosen up a little “ .

Finally Aishwarya pulled her gown off revealing her bra and bare pussy .

She was exposing some major cleavage. I tried not to look, but I couldn't resist. Seeing those luscious tits of hers being held up by that sexy black bra was making me horny as hell. But she was too busy trying to control her claustrophobia to notice me staring.

"How much longer do we have to be here?" she asked for the hundredth time.

"I don't know," I said. I tried calling the security guard again but no one was answering. I wish I could make her relax but I didn't know how.

"I really can't stay here much longer, I feel like I'm losing air."

"Relax," I said. "Is there something I can do to help?"

"No, not really," she said.

"Come on. There's got to be something I can do. What did you do the last time you had to deal with your claustrophobia?"

"I had sex," she said without hesitation.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes! It really distracted me, and made me relax afterwards.”

“So whom did you have it inside the elevator .”

“ Vivek “, she answered .

“Vivek Oberoi ?? “, I asked .

“Yes, inside his building elevator . “

“I thought that you were very close before you broke up and were not into each other sexually “ .

“ Okie leave it, right now I’ve many other things to care about “ .

“Okie let’s you and me have some fun in the elevator “ .

“ No, no I am not going through with all this . “

“I think you forgot the clause we reached an hour back . “

“What clause ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“That if you wanted to save your marriage you would have to do everything I ask till the end of the week “

Aishwarya now realised what she had gotten into .

“Ok, then do whatever you want with me “, Aishwarya replied .

“No, no we are going to do something different this time to add up some spice “ .

“ Like what “, she asked .

“Well I want you to dominate during this “, I replied .

She was left totally stunned hearing what I had just said . It took her more than a minute to come up with any words .

“You must be joking right “ .

“ No I’m not Aishwarya“ .

At that point she looked at me with a lustful stare. Before I knew it she jumped right on top of me and started kissing me. I was a little shocked at first some fun in the elevator was amazing;

Our lips were in total synch with each other. I never had a girl doing the things with her tongue that Aishwarya was doing. She started unbuttoning my shirt .

Even during the kissing my whole focus was on her massive tits in that black bra. She then got down on her knees and started taking off my pants and boxers. My dick shot up right into her face and hit her nose. My erection was huge, more so than it usually was during my previous times with her .

She grabbed that monster cock with one hand and began stroking it and at the same time she was sucking my balls. Aishwarya was really good at it too; it was like her entire mouth was giving my balls a massage. When she was done she moved up to the shaft and started sucking me off. She must've sucked a lot of cock in her life, because she knew exactly increase the sensation on my cock with every thrust into her mouth which was perfectly suctioned around the shaft.

After a few minutes she pulled my dick out of her mouth and layed down on floor as pulled me down with her. I started kissing her again then slowly started to move down her neck and then her chest. I both pulled down the bra cups and started playing with her tits. I squeezed one with one hand and sucked the nipple on the other. Her nipples big and hard and as I sucked on them Aishwarya moaned. I kept switching tits to suck on before I just stuck my face between them and smashed them around my face. You would think I never played with tits before with the way I was playing with them.

“ These have already been fondled by You and Salman during the course of the day . Come down a little “, Aishwarya asked .

I finished playing with her tits because I was also really anxious to fuck her pussy. I spread her legs apart as I positioned myself right on top of her. Without hesitation I thrusted myself into her. The first few seconds were great. I kept shoving myself in her with hard rapid thrusts, she moaned heavily as she scratched my back. My one hand was squeezing her left tit while the other was grabbing her thigh.

"Faster you prick!!!" She yelled. "Dogs fuck better than you."

I Had never thought that after my order Aishwarya would get so aggressive and start to talk dirty .

"You would probably know!" I yelled back.

I took her challenge and used every ounce of strength I had to fuck her faster and harder. I can tell it was working from the way she was screaming into my ear and pulling the hair from the back of my head. I was pushing my cock to its limit and it never felt so good, this was exactly what I needed to relieve my stress. She forced me to turn over on my back so she could be on top. She began grinding herself on my cock.

Her hands were on my chest grabbing my chest hair and pulling them as she was fucking me. She had this wild look on her face with a little drool coming out of the side of her mouth. I enjoyed watching her big titties bouncing around like water balloons; I reached up and grabbed them both. I started squeezing them at first then I started twisting her nipples, she really seemed to like that.

All of a sudden she stopped and got off of me. She stood up and faced the side of the elevator; she bent down a little from the waist and put her hands on the wall. I got on my knees and got behind her. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her butt cheeks and I was face to face with her warm pussy. Without hesitation I started to tongue fuck her as I rubbed her clit. Her pussy was now dripping more of her juices which were dripping down my face to my chest.

She reached back with one hand to grab my hair and pull my face closer to her pussy. That's when I knew she liked to be the one in control in sex. I pushed her hand away from my hair and stood up. She was about to stand back up but I forced her to stay in that position. I forced my cock back into her and started pounding her pussy with every ounce of strength I had.

I was grabbing her one butt cheek with one hand and with the other I reached up and grabbed some of her hair and started pulling at it as I was fucking her. She seemed to like being hurt from the way she was screaming so I started smacking her ass as hard as I can until her right butt cheek was dark red.

I knew I was about to cum really soon so I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass really hard. I held on for a few more minutes and tried to hold on a little more, but I couldn't and with one last thrust I just blew all of my cum straight into her pussy.

My dick lost its erection and I pulled right out of her. We both sat down on the floor next to each other to catch our breathes.

Suddenly the elevators emergency lights went off and the normal lights came back on as the elevator started to move downwards. We got off each other and rushed to put our clothes back on.

We helped each other straighten out our clothes before we reached the basement . When the elevator doors opened the security guard was there apologizing for the long delay, we told him it was no big deal and walked past him.

The night wasn’t over yet …………………
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 12

location : Parking Lot + Road Trip

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


“ See what you did to my dress ? “, Aishwarya asked as I looked for the guy the waiter had asked us to find .

“ What happened dear “, I replied .

“ Can’t you see these small spills of your cum all over my dress, I tried to sweep them off with my hands and they left their colour “ .

“ Frankly I don’t think anyone would notice them “ .

“These white marks are quite noticable on my black gown . Head to the hotel, I am not going out anywhere in this condition “ .

“Ok calm down . First thing after we leave from here is that we will go to some shop where you can buy some dress and change into it.”

“ By the way, where are we going ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“Why do you women always ask so many questions ? “

“ Well you better answer me Aditya . I know that you know some secrets of mine but it doesn’t mean that I am a puppet and you are my master .”

“ Hmmmm …. That’s strange as I really thought I was your master now “ .

“ Now you are just pissing me off “, she replied in anger .

“ Actually I was thinking of taking you some place more romantic “

“Well I didn’t understand one thing “ .

“What ? “, I questioned .

“First you humiliate me and treat me as your slave in the restaurant, fuck me in the elevator and now you want me to take some place more romantic “ .

“ Well that’s life dear “ .

“Are you some sought of a wierdo ? “

“Well people might say I ‘m weird, lunatic or a sort of psycho . But deep inside I feel as if I have some feelings for you “ .

“ I disagree . I think that you are just a normal guy who is only hungry for sex and has utter disregard for women’s respect and dignity .”

“ Why do you think so dear ? “, I asked .

“ I ‘ve known you for quite some time and you might say that I ve known you quite well in these last 3 days . If you would had even a single bit of respect for a women’s repect or feeling then why did you do all that stuff in the restaurant ? “ .

“ I don’t want to answer to this question of yours as it might hurt your feelings “, I responded .

“ C’mon answer me . What happened, fallen short of words now ? “ .

“ Okie . Firstly a woman who sleeps with her ex-lover after marriage with her husband having no idea about it has no right to speak about women’s dignity and respect.”

“ And secondly ...”, I stopped as I finally saw the guy I had been looking for.

“Sir are you looking for a car for the night “, he asked .

“Yes, I am .”

“Which car do you want Sir ? “

“Anything that is classic enough to match my partner here “, I replied .

Hearing it, he looked at Aishwarya more carefully and realised who she was ..

“ Ohh Mam, you are the famous actress Aishwarya Rai from India “ .

“ Yes “, she murmoured .

“ It’s so nice to see you . I think I have the perfect car for you two “ .

He took us to the place where all the available cars were stationed .

“ Sir what do you have to say about this Audi ? “ .

“Its fine indeed . How much will this car cost for the night ? “

“ Sir, 7200 Dirham “

“ Ok, hand over the keys ” .

“ Sir just sign these papers first “ .

We did all the paperwork and me and Aishwarya got inside the car and made our way out of the building .

While driving, I recalled my conversation with Aishwarya before being interrupted by the car rental guy and reliased that we didn’t end it with a very happy note . And that’s why she was probabely so quiet inside .

“ So Aishwarya, I think we both should start from the beginning “ .

“ What!!! “ she asked .

“ I mean to say that we should forget all this that has happened till now and try to be friends .”

“ Really “ .

“Yes, my dear “, I responded while focusing on the road ahead .

“ That’s so nice of you . I’ll never forget this in my life “ .

I stopped the car in front of a local cloth shop .

“Here we are … you may go inside and buy whatever stuff you want “ .

“Are you mad …? ”, Aishwarya questioned .

“Why what happened now ? “ .

“What made you think I am going to my dress from here ? “ .

“What’s wrong about this place ? “

“ I buy only designer clothes . Atleast take me to a expensive boutique or a proper mall “ .

I took some directions from the locals at that place and took her to an expensive boutique .

It was quite a large shop with lots of fancy lightings generally found in some tattoo place or a bar or a pub .

We both made our way in .

The place was full of women’s attire ranging from skirts to tops, shirts to jeans, indian sarees to suits, bridal wear to gowns, bra’s and panties .

“ So which of these are you buying “

“It depends till what time we will be out tonight “ .

“ Well, I guess 3-4 hours more “, I replied .

“Hmm . Maybe then I will pick up something that is comfortable “ .

“ Can I ask you a favour Aishwarya “ .

“Ya sure, go ahead .”

“ Why don’t you try on something that is traditional indian, perhaps a saree . “

“ A saree !! ..”

“ Yes, I havent seen you in a saree since 3 days . Moreover from what I have seen on t.v and magazines you look completely dazzling in them “ .

“ Ok then do one thing, I will look out for a saree and meanwhile you choose a bra and a panty for me . “

“Are they also designer ones “, I joked .

“Yes they are, now go on and let me find a saree I like “ .

I went on too the women’s inner wear section . It had everything a man could dream of his wife or girlfriend to see up in . Lingeries, night gowns, bra’s, panties, robes, anything you name and it was present there .

I looked out for the stuff while trying to fantasize Aishwarya in them . I finally chose a sexy glittering demi cup bra with blue straps and a panty for her .

I gave them to her and meanwhile Aishwarya had finally chosen to saree she wanted to buy and wear tonight .

She looked at what I had brought her and said “ Nice choice “ .

“Thanks . You get dressed up and meanwhile I will make the payments and wait for you outside in the car. “

So we parted our ways and after making the payments for the dress and I waited for her inside the car .

After 10-15 minutes I saw her coming out of the shop .

There she was standing in a white semi transparent glittering saree . The smile on her face and her wet red lips added to her beauty . The fancy neon lights of the shop in the background made her look more ravishing .

I have to say that I had never seen anything that even close to as beautiful an image that was in front of me right now . It gave to me an instant hard on

“So how am I looking ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“Actually, I am short of words at the moment “ .

She opened the door of the car and got seated while I started to driver her to the secret romantic destination I had promised her .

“Aishwarya, you know that I was thinking something “ .

“ Yes, tell me what are you thinking “ .

“ Well I thought that since we are ten minutes drive away from the destination then why don’t you give me a quick blowjob while I drive “ .

“ Whatttt!!!!???? “, Aishwarya answered in total shock .

“ I said a blow job, why are you acting so surprised ? “, I asked her .

“ What do you mean to say ? “

“ You don’t know what a blowjob is, just put my cock in your mouth and give it some nice time “ .

“ I know what a blowjob is ”, she replied .

“ Then ….. “, I responded .

“ I thought that you had forgotten everything that happened between me and Salman and wont ask for sexual favours by blackmailing me “

“ What made you think that .”

“Then what was all that "starting from a beginning, lets forget everything and let us be friends " you said earlier .“

“ I Meant that we can be two close friends who have sex together . I’m not an idiot who will give up the most wonderful next 4 days of my life for all this .”

“So !!! “

“Yes indeed . you will still have to do whatever I say for the rest of the week “ .

“ Aditya you are one damn son of a bitch .”
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
“ Didn’t you get what I just said “

“ What ? “

“ I told you to give me a blowjob, we are just about to reach our destination “ .

She had no choice but to ultimately surrender to my whims and fancies .

Aishwarya leaned over and placed her hand on my trousers and gently rubbed my cock. I could feel it swelling even more as she teased it. And when she looked up at me, i gave her that smile that let her know it was good. I was also trying to focus on the road .

Aishwarya unzipped my trousers with her teeth and slid my cock out. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and gently stroked it up and down. It only made me want her more. She let her hand slide down and grip my sack in her hands and she began to roll my balls in her palm.

Then Aishwarya let her head fall in my lap as her little mouth managed to wrap around me. I took a sharp breath, as she began to work her tongue around my cock. Up and down her head went, rolling her tongue around and gently licking the tip.

I was so fucking turned on, and then I saw her. I pulled her hair away so that they interrupted in between and i wondered just how

badly i wanted her. It was getting hard to keep my mind on driving.

The blowjob she was giving me became more intense as she closed her mouth to almost scrape her lips across my dick .

Soon we arrived at our destination and meanwhile Aishwarya had given me a blow job that I wont ever forget in my life .

I pulled the door and asked Aishwarya to step out . I Had stopped the car near the dock of the sea ahead .


Scene 13

location : Sea Shore

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


“ Well this place indeed looks quite romantic “, Aishwarya replied seeing the calm water of the sea ahead .

The glow of the moonlight as it reflected on the surface was a great sight .

“ You see the motor-boats there “, I asked .

“Yes, they look more like some ferry boat .”

“ I’m going to take you in it some distance away from the coast and spend a romantic night in the middle of the sea “ .

So I hired a ferry boat and after we had come some distance far across the coast I stopped it in the middle of the sea .

“ So you now must be wondering about having sex with me on this ferry boat in the middle of the sea “ .

“ Honestly speaking, I wasn’t thinking about that .”, I replied .

“ Then what !! ..”

“ Well you must be tired now so I thought that we could spend some time together to ourselves “ .

So we both sat there on the ferry talking about our past experiences and relationships in our life .

“ So do you live with your parents or all alone “, Aishwarya asked .

“ Well all alone . I havent seen my parents since 4 years .

“ Why, what happened ? “

“ Well my father married a british woman after my mother died .”

“ Then ..!! “, she urged me to talk forward .

“ She used to pose naked for me “ .

“ Really!! “

“ Yup . I always thought that my father knew about it .“

“ Carry on” .

“ One day he came in and saw us . He started hitting her for posing naked in front of me “ .

“ Did you do something “, Aishwarya responded .

“ I tried defending her by trying to make peace in the lamest way. I said, ''She's not naked. It's art.''

A small smile came up on her face as she urged me to complete the story .

“ Well then he started hitting me and I fell unconscious “.

“ So was that the last time you saw them ? “, Aishwarya questioned .

“The morning I left for my boarding school he walked into my room.He held out his hand. And it was filled with money. And he said, ''I don't want you

to ever come back. And he turned and walked out. “

“ So you must had some rough next few years without parent support “ .

“ Yes but whenever I thought of the beating he gave me that, it didn’t make me feel their void .”

“ Ohh .. “ .

“ Aishwarya can I ask you one thing if you don’t mind “ .

“ Go ahead . “

“ Have you been ever physically assaulted in your life “, I asked .

“ Being a female I was never subjected to any violence as such . Except one time “ .

“ What happened ? “ .

“ Well actually its quite an embarrassing story “ .

“ You can share it with me “, I responded .

“ It was the time when I was dating Salman Khan and once when I was in bed with him I cried my old college boyfriend‘s name during sex “

“ So did Salman hit you “ .

“ Actually it can be considered as spanking a wild rough sex “, Aishwarya replied .

“ You mean bondage ? “, I asked .

“ Yes, sort of “ .

“ Hmmm …. So how many relationships have you been till now “ .

“ Abhishek is the 4 th guy “ .

“ And I am the 5th . “

“ Yes sure “, Aishwarya replied with a smile .

“ You won the Miss World Competition in 1994 right ? “

“ Yes, I did “ .

“ What did you think about your chances during the course of the event “.

“ Well after finishing the bikini round and reaching the last 16, I was confident of my chances . Only Ms.Venenzuela posed some threat to me “ .

“ Hmmmm ….” ..

“ I have always enjoyed a good sea view, but seeing one from somewhere in the middle of it is even better ”, Aishwarya replied .

“ You know since childhood I always visited the coastal areas in the country during summer “ .

“ So how was the experience “ .

“ Well, to have the perfect experience you must leave yourself in the hands of the sea “ .

“ I didn’t understood “ .

“ Jump into the water and relax your body “ .

“ Okie “ .

“ Would you like to try it now ? “

“ Right now ? “ .

“Yes indeed “, I replied .

“ It’s not safe right now “ .

“ Why ? “

“ We are quit away from the coast and I cant see any lifeboats if anything happens “ .

“ Don’t worry dear, we both know swimming then what’s the problem “ .

“ Moreover I m wearing a saree, I don’t think I would be comfortable in it “ .

“ Then take it off, whats the problem “ .

“ The water would be quite cold, I can’t jump in it like that “ .

“ Ok, do one thing . just take of your pallu, and keep the rest of the saree on and jump in with me “ .

Aishwarya was so excited to be inside that without any hesitation she took the pallu off and hung it on the railing of the boat and we both jumped out into the sea water .

The water was so cold that she immediately leaned her body against mine .

“ Try to take your mind off it, then only you would be really able to enjoy this view“ .

“ Can I ask you something “, she remarked while she brought her body even more closer to mine .

“ Ya sure . “

“ You won the competition for being my biggest fan in the country, Right ?“

“ Yes indeed .”

“ I saw the tapes that you had sent in the competetion entry, about how fanatic you were about me “

“ Well I always knew that you were not in my reach, but I still loved you .”

“ What made you so crazy about me ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“ Well seeing you made me want to be a better man “, I replied .

“ Well that’s maybe the best compliment I have heard in years ”, Aishwarya replied as she hugged me .

I don’t know whether it was the chilly night, the martini at the restaurant or any of her sudden emerging feeling towards me that led to Aishwarya ‘s next reaction .

She took both of her hands and brought me even more closer to her and planted a long passionate kiss on my lips .

Our tongues were touching each other as if they were in love as the cold breeze caressed our bodies .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped

Scene 14

location : Ferryboat

Date : 6th Feb, 2010


I don’t know whether it was the chilly night, the martini at the restaurant or any of her sudden emerging feeling towards me that led to Aishwarya ‘s next reaction .

She took both of her hands and brought me even more closer to her and planted a long passionate kiss on my lips .

Our tongues were touching each other as if they were in love as the cold breeze caressed our bodies .

Before she could pull away i pulled her back and kissed her on the lips again . I lightly then drew my head back and saw that her eyes were close and mouth slightly open perhaps wanting more.

So I again pressed my lips against her’s, gently nibbling and then sucking then later biting as we were floating on the water .My tongue carefully circled her lower lips .

Then without warning i went for her mouth, into it. Her tongue drifted in and out. And it tasted of vanilla .

If someone had told me that there was a heaven on earth, than for me it was surely her mouth . By now, I had started to kiss her with her more passion and lust .

I slid my hands into the sea water and searched for her ass . After finding them i grabbed them, pulling her closer as i began rubbing them. The sensation was no doubt exquisite as she settled her body into mine and I kissed her with all the passion I could administer.

She then slid her body a little away from mine perhaps after realising that she was not doing the right thing .Seeing it i caught her hand and pulled it to my lips and kissed it. Then I put it behind her back and leaned into her.

Then i started kissing her beginning with cheek then to her forehead, then i kissed her eyes and then came to her lips, when she moaned loudly as soon as my lips settled on her. It was pure heaven and I didn't want to stop .

Our breathing was becoming heavy and the air was becoming too hot. She closed her mouth on my ear and sucked on it.

She soon regained her consciousness and pulled her head away from me and said “ The water is too chilly, let’s step back into the ferry “

I didn’t object as I would be able to make my next move in the boat only .

So we both stepped back onto the boat one by one . She was completely drenched and her skin showed through her wet saree. The best sight was her cleavage showing sexily from her short blouse and her saree sticking to her navel.

“ I ‘m feeling too cold in this “, Aishwarya said while trembling .

“ Do one thing . Take your saree off and you can wear my blazer above it “

“ But . You are also equally drenched with water as I am “, she replied.

“ Don’t worry about me . I ‘m used to all this .”

Aishwarya’s hands were trembling with the cold so I offered to take her wet saree off her body . I went behind her aend started to undress her .

Her blouse was glittering with silver and gold pieces embedded in it . It was so beautiful that it would make any woman envy her . I then unhooked her blouse from behind while kissing her on her neck . She didn’t object .

I then got down to my knees as I pulled her petticoat down . There she was standing in front of me in a glittering blue bra and a panty which I had personally hand picked at the boutique a few hours back .

She then took the blazer from my hand and covered herself with it .

Seeing her still trembling with cold I began to look for something warm to drink or to wear inside the boat .

I finally found an olded rusted box kept inside . But it was locked . So I used a showel that was kept nearby to crack it open .

There inside was a bottle of scotch, a pack of strawberries, few american dollars and some account papers .

I kept the money and papers in my trousers and went outside to share scotch with Aishwarya so that she might feel a little better after drinking it .

As I came outside, I saw her trying to dial someone on her mobile .

“ Whom are you trying to call Aishwarya ? “, I asked .

“ The hotel, but there is no network “, she replied .

“ In the middle of the sea I also do not expect any mobile network to catch “ .

“Yes, you are right “, Aishwarya responded as she kept her mobile amongst other clothes .

“ By the way, why were you trying to call the hotel reception .”

“ Just to ask when the spa will be opening this morning .”

“ Why feeling tired dear ? “

“ Yes, what more can you expect after all that has happened today “ .

“ Okie . Can you look at your mobile and let me know what the time is ? “, I replied .

“ Its just about to turn 12 “, she responded .

“ So in few minutes my 3rd day of the week with you will be over “ .

“ Well I guess, Yes “

“ But the night isn’t over, right ? “, I asked Aishwarya .

“ What do you mean to say ? “ .

“ I mean to say that I hope you are not enough tired to have a go with me once before the night is over “ .

“ You mean sex “ .

“ I’m dying of this cold right now . Will think about it after some time “

“ But I guess, once you are naked and in my arms then you wont feel the chilly coldness of the night any more “ .

“ Okie, let me have this scotch first .”

“ As you say dear “ .

“ By the way what is that packet in your hands “ .

“ It’s a packet of strawberries “, I replied .

“ I ‘ ve never been fond of strawberries . In my opinion they are highly overrated “ .

“ Do you know that these increase your sex drive “

“ Really !! “ .

“ Yes, it increases the zinc level in our body “

“ But what do zinc level has to do anything with sex ?”, Aishwarya asked .

“ Higher zinc level promote sperm production in men and apparently women are able to prepare themselves for sex more quickly “ .

“ That’s interesting “ .

We kept on talking for sometime so that Aishwarya could feel better and I could make my next move .

We were in the midst of our conversation, when something hit me on my back .

I think it was a tranquilizer dart . I feel on the floor while trying to regain consciousness ..

In the last few seconds of my consciousness I saw a motorboat coming and stopping adjacent to our ferryboat .

I regained my consciousness perhaps after few hours in a hotel room . Aishwarya was sitting on the couch in front of me .

As I was about to ask Aishwarya about our whereabouts Salman Khan came upto to me and hit me with a baseball bat .

“ How dare you blackmail my love “, were the last few words I remember before getting knocked down again and falling on the floor .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
I was having a hard time remembering for how much time I had been in this situation . I tried to recall my senses as I made an effort to stand up on my feet .

Soon I realised that both my hands and legs were tied to a pole a series of around seven feet tall poles .

I didn’t even have the slightest of idea what this place was . It took a few minutes for the smokescreen in front of me to unhurl itself as if I had been drugged .

It was quite dark in there but I could notice two black guys talking amongst each other .

After sometime when the two niggers noticed that I was awake from my state of delirium they came towards me .

“ Let me go “, I pleaded .

“Yes, you will in some time and boss had asked us to escort you personally to your destination “ .

“But …., where is Aishwarya “, I asked .

“Well you don’t have to care about her anymore “ .

“ Did she leave for our hotel ? “, I asked again .

“ If you ask one more question, then we two will rip your tongue off .

Then I realised that it would better for me to stay silent and let everything go with the flow .

“ She did leave a message and a letter for you before leaving “ .

“ Give the letter and the message to me then “

I was not even finished with the sentence when the other nigger slapped me on the face .

“ Well this was her message for you and here’s the letter “ .

I started to read the letter .

Dear Aditya,

I guess that by now you would have had a quite good idea of where you stand in front of me . What just happened to you is just a small protocol of the

consequences that you will be facing if you ever again try to get in touch with me . It would be better for you to leave back to India . Ohh I forgot, but

how would you ? . You are no longer in possession of any money or your passport . So I guess you would have to make it up for yourself somehow . And

if you survive and ever think about telling anything about Me and Salman to Abhishek than that would be the last day of your life ..

Your Love,

Aishwarya .

The niggers knocked me off again with a blow on my head .

The next time I woke up I found myself lying almost dead on the sidewalk of a road with the morning sun just about to rise. There wasn’t any sign of life for miles .

I started walking but to my frustration the road wasn’t leading me anywhere .

I reached for the pocket of my blazer to keep my hands warm from the chilly morning of hen I felt that my hand brushed against some papers .

When I took the papers out, I noticed that they were the same papers I had found in the ferry with all the money, scotch and that strawberry pack .

I thought that when the two niggers took all the money from me, then why did they leave those papers on the road .

I then stopped strolling and started to study the papers . From what all I could extract from the papers was that it belonged to some Dubai Sheikh .

They were related to some accounts and looked quite important, so I wondered what they were doing on A ferry boat .

When the figure 1, 000, 000 $ on it caught the attention of my eyes I was left spellbound .

At that moment, I thought that maybe I could make myself a fortune by exchanging the papers with the owner of those documents in place for some money .

So I decided to make my way to the Blue Virgin Bar as it was the only location mentioned in the papers .

After an hour of struggling to stay on my feet I finally found a lift in car whose driver promised me to drop me near the Blue Virgin Bar .

Scene 15

location : Blue Virgin Bar

Date : 7th Feb, 2010


I hid the papers inside the control circuit of a traffic light before making my way into the bar to make some room for compromise if things didn’t go well .

But before I could make my way inside, I was stopped at the entrance by a guard .

“Hey, where are you going ? “

“ Inside “

“ But you are not allowed inside smart guy “ .

“ Why ?, isnt this a bar “ .

“ No one can go inside without special invitation “ .

“ Well if I don’t go inside, your boss will regret it for rest of his life .”

“ Are you leaving or shall I do kick you out of here .”

I was about to leave when someone called me from behind .

“ You were saying that you have something important “ .

“ Yes . ”

“ Ok, follow me “, he responded as he led me inside the bar .

He opened the door of the bar as my eyes adjusted to the darkness inside . We made ourselves through the various tables .

The place was looking more like a strip club as I saw guys dressed in expensive clothing being given a lap dance by women looking like strippers .

I wondered from what i could make out was that it would had been around 5 in the morning, then why the scene inside looked as if it was midnight .

Finally I came across a british guy whom he introduced as his boss .

“ So, do you have something for me “ .

“ Actually, I was thinking of you as some Sheikh .”

“ Yes, a lot of guys mistake me for them after reading my name “ .

“ Okie “

“ Can we come to the point, I’m little busy right now . “ .

“ Ya sure . Did you happen to lose something of great value in recent times . “

“ Come inside “, he replied as he led me into a room .

“ So I guess I’m of quite importance to you now “ .

“ Some papers in my name got stolen recently from my residence “ .

“ What if, I say that that I can hand them over to you in no time “ .

“ Well, I would never forget your favour “ .

“ But once I a great man told me that if you having something that others don’t, than don’t show it for free “ .

“ What do you mean to say ? “

“ Well I guess that I came around a figure 1, 000, 000 $ in those papers . I want 25 % of the share from it “ .

“ And what if I put this fun on your forehead and pull the trigger “ .

“Well I guess, than you will never get the money as the papers are not with me right now .”

“ But how can I trust you ? “

“ Well you have to .”

“ Ok, agreed . The money will be ready in 15 minutes .

“ Hmmm “

“ Show me the papers “

“ That’s not all . I want something more “ .

“What do you want now ? “

“ I lost something very valuable to me recently . I want it back “ .

“ I’m giving you your 25 % share . You can buy anything you want from it “ .

“ Actually it’s something which cant be bought “ .

“ My dear friend, there is nothing in this world that can’t be procured with money “ .

“ Well there is one thing “

“ Tell me, what is this thing which you cant buy from your 25% share “.

“ Aishwarya Rai .“

“ That Indian Actress “ .

“ Yes, I want her back at any cost . “
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
“ How do you know her . Actually wrong question, the correct one should be are you fucking crazy ? “ .

“So I guess you are not interested in getting your papers back “, i replied .

“She doesn’t even know a guy like you but still you expect me to get her back for you…”

“Who said that she doesn’t know me” .

“Really, how ? “

“Well I guess that’s none of your business, Just let me know that can you help me out or not .”

“But what made you think that a guy like me could help you in getting Aishwarya Rai” .

“I know how to draw her towards me . I just need some protection .”

“Protection, from whom ? “

“ Ok now, tell me exactly what you want me to do “ .

“ Do you know Salman Khan ? “ .

“ No, but I think I ve heard of him sometime before “ .

“ Well he’s a famous indian actor and Aishwarya was seeing her a few years back, but then they had a sort of brutal and much publicised breakup .”

“Carry on.”

“They said a lot of nasty things about each other in front of media “, i responded .

“ Okie “

“They were not on talking terms since then, atleast what we all thought .”

“ So you mean behind everyone’s back “ .

“Yes, Yesterday I caught her with Salman in a compromising situation . I tried to blackmail her that she must do exactly what I say or I will tell her husband about all this . “

“ Are you in possession of any proof of the incident .”

“ Yes, but it’s gone now “

“ Why, what happened ? “

“ Well I had made 2 copies of it …. One was in my phone and other in my laptop, but both of them are in their possession now “ .

“ Do you have any idea where we could find your laptop or cell“ .

“ I have no idea about my cell, but my laptop might be inside the hotel room . She might had even checked out of the hotel by now and taken it away with her .“

“ I don’t think that she would leave back for the country immediately, she must find something to do with you first . “

“ I didn’t understood “ .

“ She just cant go back to India and say that she has no idea about your whereabouts “ .

“ So what must we do now ? “ .

“ Well we must first find her and then seclude her from that Salman guy . After that we will take care of him and you may do whatever you want with her “ .

“ Ok, lets do it then .”

“ The papers … “

“ Don’t worry, you will get the papers as soon as I get my girl “ .

We waited for the morning to grow old a little . Meanwhile the boss had sent two of his guys to inquire about Aishwarya’s whereabouts .

One of them called at around 9 and told us that Aishwarya was present at a local event hosted by an Indian family in the city .

I borrowed a bag from the bar and put some stuff in it which i thought might be required during my meeting with Aishwarya .

So we also made our way to the event .

Scene 16

location : Local Family Event

Date : 7th Feb, 2010


After seeing her with the smile on her face filled my heart with rage towards her .

Any other given day I would had been completely flattened by aesthetic beauty she was showcasing at the moment whom I wanted to humiliate for what she did to me .

The rose in her hand was totally complementing her but I could only see the thorns in it which were continously pricking down my throat .

As the event got over, Aishwarya began to prepare herself to leave .

A guy who looked perhaps the organiser came upto Aishwarya and asked “ Mam, are you leaving ? “

“ Yes Anil, actually I’ve someone waiting for me “ .

“ Well its not might say in the matter, but I would appreciate if you could stay a little longer “ .

“ Why ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“ My children will be dropping by in around 2-3 hours from now . I would acknowledge if you could somehow stay a little longer and meet them “, Anil replied.

“ Okie Anil “ .

“ I will make the guest house empty and you can relax there for sometime .”

Aishwarya took her purse and walked inside the guest house and locked the door from inside . That’s when we decided it was time for us to move in .

So we decided that first I would walk past in through the front door and then open the back door from inside for the others to avoid creating any suspicion .

So rest of them made their way to the rear while I gently knocked on the front door .

A voice answered from inside “ Who is it ? “

“ I am a relative of Anil, wanted to meet you for a minute .”

“ Can’t we do this after some time, I was thinking of going off to sleep for sometime “ .

“ Mam I ve my daughter with me, she’s very looking forward to seeing you . It will take just a minute “ .

“ Okie “, Aishwarya responded from inside as I could hear her footsteps heading towards the door .

As Aishwarya unbolted the door and cracked it open, she was left bewildered at my sight .

She immediately tried to lock the door back, but I elbowed my way in as she fell on the floor . After making my way in, I locked the door .

I took out the rope from my bag i had brought from the bar among some other things . I then tied her hands to the table to prevent any major revolt from her side .

I then headed towards the rear of the house to let the boss and his 2 guys in .

“ Hmm … you look even more beautiful in real life than on the television or big screen .”

“ Who are you guys ? “, Aishwarya asked while trying to free her tied hands .

“ Let’s say that we are Aditya’s friends “ .

“ I guess you don’t realise who I am, even a single word from my mouth can spur whole of India against you . You wont be able to escape then “ .

“ Yes dear, we know about your celebrity status . You would only be able to speak anything against us or Aditya only if we leave you in a condition to speak “, boss replied .

Realising that she wasn’t in situation to escape all this by showing her star status, so she asked “ What do you guys want ? “ .

I interrupted in b/w and asked “ Where is Salman ? “ .

“ What made you think that I would let you idiots know about his location “ .
“ Idiots, wrong choice of word dear !! “, boss replied .

He inched closer towards Aishwarya and while grabbing her hair with force he asked “ Once again, where is Salman ? “

“ No, I wont tell you that at any costs “ .

The boss now stretched her hair harder and slapped her on the face .

I could see tears rolling down her eyes and asked the boss to relax down a little .

“ Aishwarya, it would be better for you to tell us about his whereabouts “, I replied .

Recognizing that she had no other choice Aishwarya replied “ He is in Room 203 of Rock Heaven International Hotel “ .

“ That’s better dear “, boss replied .

“ Leave me know please “, Aishwarya begged .

“ One thing more that I wanted to ask you is that “ What do you See in Salman, that he made you a slut ”, I asked .

“ I’m not a slut !! “, she responded .

“ Then why do you still sleep with him after your marriage “, boss interrupted .

“ Because he knew some secrets of mine “ ..

“ Secrets !!!! “, I replied .

“ Yes some secrets I couldn’t afford to roll out open in the public “ .

“ So you mean to say that he was forcing you to have sex with her in exchange of keeping his mouth shut “ .

“ He promised me that he wont reveal them but I cannot trust him . So I was making sure myself by providing him occasional sexual favours and spending some time with him .”,

“ So in a way you were using Salman “, boss laughed as Aishwarya remained silent .

“ If it had been my choice, I wouldn’t had ever seen the face of that bastard Salman “, Aishwarya replied .

“ Ok I will be taking care of Salman and bring him here to apologize to Aditya in an hour or so, mean while you love birds enjoy your lone time together .

The boss headed out of the house secretly while I locked the door .

“ Please, I beg you that leave me now “ .

“ I ' ve some other plans “

“ What plans !! ? “, Aishwarya asked .

“ For the next one hour I’m your master and you are my slave “ . . . . .
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RE: Aishwarya Rai Sex Story - Blackmailed, Fucked and Raped
I reached closer to Aishwarya and untied her rope .

I lunged at her, trying to grab her, but she dodged me and headed for the door. I spun round and grabbed her round the waist, tackling her to the ground.

She was petrified! The state of her relative condition filtered back into her mind and she began to panic.

" P.p.please, please leave me alone. Just leave me alone" she begged.

" Oh I will take just what i want, but that, I'm afraid, does not involve leaving you alone, ha, ha ha !" Aishwarya groaned in despair.

Aishwarya started to scream louder and louder and sensing that it could get me in trouble I got my revolver out of the bag which boss had given me if the need arised .
One hand thrust over her mouth, the gun in the other hand shoved deeply into her side. “You make a noise cunt and I will blow a new asshole in your side. Put your hands down at your side and don’t move.”

I felt her body surrender, her arms hanging limply at her sides. “That’s a good cunt, you keep that up and you might just live.” I pulled my hands off of her mouth and before she could react, the gun was thrust into her open lips, smashing against her teeth as it entered her oral cavity. “You want a new throat, bitch.”

I watched as she shook her head, tears beginning to run out of her eyes. Her lips were spread wide over the black barrel of the gun as i forced it further into her mouth making her choke as it pushed to the back of her mouth.

“You remember what you did to me at the ferry . She shook her head yes, the gun moving up and down in her mouth. “You’ve got to pay for that, bitch. So for next hour I am going to make you pay.”

Aishwarya cringed as she felt my other hand run over her body, moving up from her waist to her breasts, grabbing them tightly. She could feel my cock pushed against her ass. She knew that she was going to be raped.

It’s just you and me bitch, payback time. Do you know what I am going to do to you? Can you imagine what I will do?”

She felt my hand became more urgent, running down the flat of her stomach, grabbing at her pussy, forcing her ass onto my hard cock. She shook her head no, mumbling through the gun in her mouth. She started to struggle, hoping to get away from me.

“Stay still, cunt or I’m going to shoot you now and get it over with. I can still fuck you, even if you are dead. It just wouldn’t be as much fun for you,” I laughed. “I said, stay still,” my finger pushing down on the trigger, the noise of the firing pin pulling backwards breaking the silence in the room, as i felt her struggle again, trying to get loose.

Aishwarya heard the noise of the gun and all of a sudden she felt the gun jerk, my finger pulling back on the trigger. She froze, her piss running down her leg, waiting for the inevitable explosion in her mouth. She heard a loud metal bang as the firing pin hit the chamber. She shrieked into the gun but no explosion occurred. Her piss continued to run down her leg, soaking her panties.

“Must’ve there been no bullet in that chamber, want to try for another one.” My fingers searched out her pussy, feeling her skirt begin to soak through. “Did the bitch piss her pants? Your odds go down to 1 in five next time. You want to fuck with me again and see if you luck holds out?”

Aishwarya slumped in her captor’s grasp, surrendering to me. She shook her head no, mumbling incoherently, anything to stop me.

“That’s the way to behave, keep that up and you might live. We are going to play for the next some time. I going to beat and torture you, then I’m going to fuck you. If I get bored with you, you’re dead, so you better make it good.”

I felt her body shuddering against me, my cock getting harder. I was going to love beating and torturing her. I was going to love using her body for My own pleasure, making her submit to me, her pain making my cock hard. My hands continued to run over her body, her breasts, moving back over her ass. “You have a body made for fucking, what do you think God put you on this earth for. You are nothing but a big cunt, only good for a cock to fuck.”

I pulled the gun from her mouth, first running it over her lips. “Soon, that is going to be my cock on your lips. You’re going to learn how to suck cock real good, that’s if you already don’t know how. You are a cocksucker.” i pulled the gun from her mouth. “Not a peep out of you or I’m going to put a bullet in your kneecap. It wouldn’t kill you, but it will sure hurt like hell,” laughing as i watched her. “And I will still fuck you.”

She looked around the room, looking for an escape route.

“Don’t even think about it cunt. You’ll never even make the door before I blow a whole in you. Now, I want you to slowly strip off those clothes for me. Make it slow and sexy.” I pointed the gun up at her, waving it indicating that she should begin. “Last chance,” pulling back the hammer of the gun.

Aishwarya saw MY finger tightening on the trigger. Her fingers moved quickly to her dress, unbuttoning it slowly until it reached her skirt. She pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Bra next, bitch, I want to see them tits.” I stroked my cock through my pants. I thought of MY cock, nestled between those twin peaks, my hands pushing them tightly together so that i could cum on her face.

Aishwarya reached back behind her back, forcing her breasts out. She quickly unsnapped the bra, wanting to get this degradation over with quickly. She let the bra fall to the floor, her hands covering her breasts. She looked at me.

“I can’t see them tits with your hands all over them. Put your hands down to your sides, bitch.”

Her arms went down, her breasts now naked before me. The cool air rushed over them, her nipples beginning to harden. Her breasts stood out, pointing toward me. Her areolas were a dark brown, silhouetting her white skin, the pink nipples nestled in their center.

“I hope they can take a lot. I have a nice cane in my bag that I’m going to use on that tender body.” I rubbed my cock again. She quickly learned how to obey. I had almost cum in my pants. She screamed so loud. “Now lose the skirt, let’s see them legs.”

Aishwarya stood there, humiliated, half-naked, as she pulled her skirt down, unbuttoned the button and let it slip to the floor. She blushed as she realized how wet her panties were. She put her hands in the waistband, pulling them down her legs until they formed a puddle on the floor. She stepped out of them. She looked at me, my eyes on her, my hand grabbing my cock through my pants.

I took a towel and soaked away her piss on her legs .

I looked at her, naked, standing before me, ready to be used by me. I stood up, moving towards her. I picked up the bag i had brought and put it down next to her. “Look at all these nice little toys I have for you.” I opened the bag, watching the startled look on her face when she saw his tools of torture and pain. “Yes, they are going to really hurt. But that is what you are for, to make my cock hard, to be used as a receptacle for my cum.”

i pulled the cane out of the bag. It was made of wood, about four feet long, about ¾ inch in diameter. It was very flexible. That was what made it so painful. I slapped it hard against the palm of my hand. I watched Aishwarya jump at the noise. “Have you ever been caned, cunt? I bet you never were ever even spanked by Abhishek. Turn around, let me see that ass, now, turn around now!”

She turned around, her back to me. She cringed when she felt the cane rubbing against her naked ass cheeks. She tightened her buttocks.

“Spread your legs open,” the cane tapping lightly on her ass. “More cunt, I want to see that pussy from behind.” The cane beat harder onto her ass.

Aishwarya moved her legs, her pussy opening to my gaze. She jumped as the cane hit her ass harder. She spread her legs more, the cane moving between her thighs, rubbing up and down.

“Nice pussy,” the cane moving up her thighs until it brushed against her pussy. I pushed the cane between her legs, letting her feel the rough surface of the cane on her tender pussy. “Now, cunt, I’m going to cane you. It’s going to hurt like hell. But that is what you are good for. To be beaten and fucked. If you do as I say and let me cane you, I wouldn’t cane your cunt. If I have to force you to hold still, I’m going to lash your pussy with the cane thirty times. That’s going to really tear up that nice pink cunt. So what’s it going to be?”

Tears ran down Aishwarya’s face. She could see the evil in my face. It was going to hurt her bad and she was going to have to submit to it. She had to, she knew that her pussy could not stand getting hit thirty times with the cane. “Yes.”

“Yes, you want me to beat your cunt?”

“No, I will hold still while you beat me,” she blurted out.

I rubbed MY cock. This is going to be fun. The cunt is going to spread herself out for me to keep from me beating her pussy. Wait until she finds out I lied. By then, it will be too late. “I want to start with those tits. They will look really nice with red stripes all over them. Turn around, lace your hands behind your neck and stick them tits out for me.” i tapped the cane against her ass. “Now!” i hit her harder, watching as she jumped as the cane hit painfully against her asscheeks.

“Owww,” she cried, turning quickly and getting into position. She pushed her breasts out, her back arched, her nipples hard in fear, pointed and waiting for the cane. She saw the cane move toward her breasts, moving slowly, rubbing against her tender flesh. It moved over her nipples, the small knobs on the cane bumping hard on her nipples, making them harder.

“What a slut you are, your nipples are getting harder and I’m getting ready to beat them with a cane. You like this cunt?”

Please don’t beat me, I’m sorry what I did.. I don’t think I can stand it if you beat me,” she begged me.

“You’re just a worthless cunt. You might think you are sorry, but you will be. I am going to beat you then I going to fuck you. Then were going to start all over again. Now get ready.” I tapped the cane lightly on her breasts, hitting them underneath, making them bounce on her chest. “Look at those tits bounce.” i continued to make first her right, then her left tit bounce up and down, dancing on her chest. I rubbed the end of the cane on her nipple, watching as she cringed when it rubbed harshly over her delicate nipple. I pulled My arm back and struck her right breast with the side of the cane.

“AAAAGGGHHH,” Aishwarya screamed, the pain in her breast reaching deep inside her body. She backed away, trying to escape the excruciating pain.

I stepped forward, swinging the cane again, this time it hitting her other breast. “I told you to stand still, bitch.” I tapped the cane against her pussy. “You want to feel it here,” pushing it between her pussy lips, sawing the rough cane up and down her slit.

Aishwarya’s legs slapped shut, trapping the cane between her pussy lips. She didn’t even see it coming, the fist hitting her in her stomach. She doubled over in pain, gasping for air. She felt a hand grab her by her hair, yanking her upright. She coughed and sputtered, trying to get air back into her lungs.

“Now, cunt, are you going to obey, or are we going to do this the hard way?”

“CCOOOUUGGHH, GAASSPP.” Aishwarya continued to try to regain the air in her lungs. She tried to straighten up, putting her hands behind her neck again, her breasts again thrust out, red marks on both breasts already forming.

“Yes, that’s a good slut, push those tits out. Further, yes, that’s good. You ready for so more. Your making my cock so hard, Aishwarya. You like making my cock hard,” the cane swinging again, crushing against her right breast again. I watched as her breast absorbed the blow, it digging deeply into her tender flesh.

Her body was in such pain, the cane continuing to beat her breasts. I hit the bottom and the sides, saving her nipples for last. She was constantly screaming, her body rigid, her breasts still pushed out, her body shuddering.

“Yes, my cock is so hard for you. But you still have a lot more beating to get before I fuck you. Now stick them tits out real far. It’s time to work on the big nipples. If you thought it hurt before, this one will really drive you up the wall,” my voice laughing.

Aishwarya closed her eyes, pushed her breasts out and braced for the pain.

“Open your eyes, cunt, I want you to see everything.” I waited until she opened her eyes, the cane swinging widely, hitting both of her nipples at the same time.

It was like slow motion for Aishwarya. She saw the cane hit her nipples, flattening them out on her chest. It felt like a long time and then all of a sudden the pain registered. The scream was ripped from her mouth, it shattering the air. She could see me stroking my cock harder as she screamed. She saw the cane swing again. She sucked in as much air as she could before it ripped another scream from her. It felt like her nipples were being crushed. She saw my cock growing bigger, the head swollen as my hand raced up and down it.

“Feels good doesn’t it, Aishwarya, here it comes again. Ready for another scream, bitch.” I swung the cane, lashing her unprotected nipples, small trickles of blood appearing on them. I listened to her screams as her body shuddered under my abuse. “Two more, then were going to work on that nice round ass of yours. Now push out your tits,” I ordered her.

“Hurry, get it over with, I can’t stand it anymore,” she screamed, but pushed her breasts out further, waiting for the pain to begin again. She did not have to wait long. She saw the cane swing again, felt it smash into her nipples and another scream was wrenched from her throat. She heard me say one more really hard, bracing for the pain, her back arched, her nipples torn and bleeding. I did not let her down, the last lash of the cane was harder, using all of my strength to hit her flesh, watching her brace for the cane. She screamed a gut wrenching scream and fell to the floor, clutching her torn breasts, sobbing helplessly.

I pulled her by the hair, pulling her head up to my cock, rubbing it over her lips and face, precum spreading over her face. I looked down at her tear stained face, MY cock hard. “That was good, Aishwarya, you did real well. Look at how hard my cock is,” pushing my cock around her lips.

“Now it’s time to work on that nice ass of yours. You have such a spankable ass, it will be even better with a cane.

Aishwarya was pulled upright until she was facing me. She felt me grab her hand and pull it down until it gripped my cock. I wanted her to jerk my cock.

“Stroke it up and down real nice or I’m going to hurt you bad,” my hands reaching up to her bruised and battered breasts. I felt her body jerk and grab my cock tighter as i gripped the bruised flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips. “I said, real nice!”

“But that hurts so bad, please don’t touch them,” she cried.

“You just stroke my cock nice and slow, don‘t worry about what I am doing to your tits. You’re born for pain, a real fuck toy. I’m going to do anything I want to you and that includes hurting you. That’s what makes my cock so hard, so you go and stroke it real nice, make me feel good while I play with these battered tits,” My hands reaching out again to elicit new groans of pain from Aiswharya as i pinched and pulled her bloodied nipples. I felt her hand gently stroking my cock, making it so nice and hard. I pinched her nipples harder, feeling her body shudder in pain. “That’s what I like, a bitch that can take the pain.” There’s so much more pain for this cunt, i thought.

“ Please for the love of god, it hurts too much . Don’t do this to me “, Aishwarya begged .

Finally I decided not to torture her more like this and threw away the cane .
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