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Aishwarya Rai having Sex
01-31-2013, 08:22 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
Aishwarya Rai got married in the year 2007 but they weren't able to give birth baby bcoz of Aishwarya's prior commitment to movies & also it seemed due to Abhishek's in capability to produce a child. But as the time went many started to talk about their baby issue & started talk about Abhishek's problem but even though was truth she didn't want to expose it to all. So she decided to become a slut again & started to sleep wit many of her & his friends like Hrithik,Aamir even Sonu sood in order to to get her egg fertilize to make her pregnant. Even Amitabh, her father in law gave his expertise to help her in gain a baby. Though it was her own father in law she didn't feel bad to sleep within her own family as at the age of 15 itself she had been fucked by her own father to take her virginity off to make her ready to who the Miss.india pageant. From tat time she had been fucked by many. And it seemed her slutty work paid of as soon Aishwarya got conceived thou she wasn't able to find out its father bcoz she had slept wit many to get it. But Abhishek was happy as he become a father even thou he was the real father as he was kept in dark about Aishwarya's slut works.

Soon they were blessed wit an beautiful girl baby. Who was so beautiful even at preliminary stage. So once she gave birth to baby Aishwarya decided to get back to the movie business & started to work hard to regain her sexy body & after lots of hardship Aishwarya was back to her best within 2 months. Aishwarya was even beautiful & sexy after her child's birth bcoz now she an even bigger boobs & more flesh at right required parts. So many producers & heroes started to approach her to act in their movie but she didn't seem to get moved by those scripts so she rejected them thou many of them were here friends. AISHWARYA wanted to give an massive hit movie after she was getting into an movie industry after an span of one year. So tat oly & more over after her marriage she was even ready to do more intimate scenes wit the actors as her beautiful body will be gone withing some more years so it was final she would do anything for the movies in these last couple of years.

So after a month's wait she had come to know about a script. After reading it, she was really happy bcoz the story was really good & more over the movie had Aamir as the hero, A.R RAHMAN for the music & more over it was gonna be produced by the Yash Raj banner. So Aishwarya understood tat movie is gonna be an gr8 hit as both the story & movie crew were bound to be the best.

So now went to consult wit her husband who readily accepted to it. Now she wit the help of her Father in law got herself the appointment directly wit the old man Yash Chopra. So to meet him she went to the yash raj studios. She was wearing black top which was tightly hugging her body & while her back was naked & a blue tight jeans. Once she entered the studio all the eyes were transfixed on her body. She waited for some time to meet yash chopra & after sometime she was asked to enter. Once she entered both hugged wit Aishwarya being crushed by old yet strong arms of chopra. As an compliment they even kissed but their an change bcoz Yash being an top producer all the heroines were required to kiss him directly on his lips if they wanted move up in the industry. So even Aishwarya wasn't different so she also gave him an slight kiss but b4 she could remove her lip the old man Yash chopra sucked her lips making it into an tight lip kiss to enjoy her juicy lips b4 leaving her.

Aishwarya wasn't able to do anything though she had done this many a times b4 it seemed quite different it seems after giving birth to an child were having some effects on her. Soon she forgot it & started to discuss about the movie but Yash's eyes were fully on Aishwarya's sexy body & due to her tight dress all her parts were on total view. AISHWARYA saw it but controlled her & finished talking. Yash now talked.
Yashji:hmmm. Ya im planning to put in an famous actress in this movie. The director had proposed me to put Priyanka Chopra for this movie & she has promised me tat she would come to meet me tomo. So if u want this movie & discuss wit the director wat can u do & give this old man to make me satisfy ur wish?
Aish:i can do anything to make tat possible sir?
Yashji: u see Aishwarya, Priyanka has promised me an hand job & full naked massage to my body to get this role. So wat can u do to make me forget her?
Aish: yashji our family is more close than to her bitch. So i must get the preference.
Yashji:cut the bull shit baby & say wat can u do.
Aishwarya gave an real hard thinking & decided tat even b4 her giving birth she made many things like tat & more over if she wants to sustain her place in industry she had to do something. So,
Aishwarya:ok yashji. Ill give u an blow job now & if i get this movie than u get my whole body for u for an whole day to do anything u wish.
Yashji:ok. den y wait. Come give me

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01-31-2013, 08:22 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
So now Aishwarya bent down to give yash chopra one tat she is known to give best. An beautiful blow job. Once Aishwarya bent down the old cat yashji was quick enough to remove his pants & boxers to give an view of his dead cock to the world's beautiful lady. Aishwarya had given blow jobs & even shared sex wit both his sons but it was her 1st interaction wit their father. So she was relieved tat she had to give an mouth job to his dead cock to get an chance to meet the director. But anyway Aishwarya wanted to be perfect in her work so she firstly started to feel the balls of yashji. The old guy was done after feeling the touches of this beauty, but there was more to follow. As Aishwarya bent more to touch all his genital parts wit her sexy tongue. The old man couldn't tolerate these touches as he started to moan asking Aishwarya to give him more.

Now Aishwarya started to his take his whole cock including his balls at one stroke into her mouth & licked them like an one huge lolly pop. It seemed as though Aishwarya was really liking it but Yash Chopra couldn't tolerate anymore as though it seemed he was at his fullest level of satisfaction & more he may attain an heart attack. So he made Aishwarya to stop her work. Soon Aishwarya went into the rest room to clean her mouth & came back. As Yashji was ready enough to make an call to the director to set up an appointment wit Aishwarya along wit him in the evening at her lavish Home.

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01-31-2013, 08:23 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
So yash chopra made the call to new director & convinced him to meet Aishwarya rai in an restaurant tomo around 8pm. Once Aishwarya heard the news she was really & started to jump & down, even kissed him deep in his lips for doing her such an favour. Yashji even advised her to wear saree bcoz the guy who is gonna make the movie is fan of it & fantasies about those who wears saree. So after hearing details she returned back home.

After reaching home she directly went to her baby & started breast feeding her. Though she was feeding her baby all her thoughts were about meeting the director & how to convince him so tat she can get her role in tat mega movie. Even thru yash chopra & many other sources in the industry she had learnt tat Priyanka Chopra was even dying to get the role in the movie, is ready to do anything even giving blow job to the director to get herself the role. So Aishwarya knew tat works were cut out so thou Priyanka is her friend, business & friendship were two diff. Things so had to fight wit her to get the role in the movie. So she was even ready give the director an fuck experience if he lands her role.

So the next day arrived, Aishwarya was busy right from the morning to get herself ready for the meeting wit the director in night. She wanted to make herself look beautiful & at the same time really sexy in order to attract his imagination towards her to get her work done. So, after lots of thinking she decided to wear an white transparant nylon saree, with an matching bikini blouse which would suit beautifully to her colour & texture which could attract any man. More over she decided to wear her waist chain to show erotic side of beauty.

So after lots of work on make up, she got ready & made her way to restaurant. Thou, she had come there at the right time but she couldn't recognize the director so she looked here & der for him, but the director identified her so he came near her & shook his hands to introduce himself as Taylor.

Taylor couldn't believe his eyes, bcoz Aishwarya was looking really got even thou just now she had given birth an baby. He was so engrossed in her tat he didn't even take his hands off which he given to shake wit his eyes scanning all over her body. Aishwarya knew her idea was working but he wanted him wat he was doing, so she gave him an alerting sound making him realise his actions so tat he quickly removed his hands & invited her sit wit him.

Aishwarya was flirting wit him freely, laughing along wit touching his hands & even some time showing him glimpses of her heavy milk tankers on the pretext of sharing foods. After lots of talking, Taylor started to narrate her little story & asked her,
Taylor: ocean i think ur beauty would very apt for this movie but the oly prob is in my story the hero & heroine have an strong physical relationship, so tat would lots of smooching, several intimate bed scenes & even im planning to an topless scene. But im not sure whether u would be ready to it. Oly after the acceptance i can narrate u the story.
Aish: Tat is not gonna be a prob, bcoz im ready to do wild kissing & naked scenes. More over the shoot is gonna begin by two months within tat time i can bring my body into beautiful shape.
Saying tat she took sauce in her hands & wantedly dropped some over her saree as thou doing unknowingly. Taylor understood tat she did tat purposefully but wasn't sure about it. But to his pleasent suprise she asked him to take the tissue & wipe the sauce wit his own hands being her hand was dirty. Taylor couldn't believe his luck & even thought tat Aishwarya was simply say it but after repeated insistence saying tat her dress will get spoiled. He took the tissue & started to wipe the sauce. Being the saree flimsy he was able to feel her naked flesh. So using his chance she slowly wiped her sauce so tat he could get more time to feel her breasts for some time. Aishwarya understood his intention & even tried to help him by pumping out more breast out of her naked blouse & purposefully have an moaning sound to show him tat she was enjoying his touch. But Taylor got scared so quickly removed his hands to Aishwarya's dissatisfaction. But she gave an warm smile showing tat she enjoying it. So they continued their dinner & b4 leaving, Aishwarya asked him
Aish: hope so u enjoyed the night wit me & im sure we can meet tomo evening in home alone to discuss about the story. So is it ok wit u.
Taylor couldn't react anything but to accept his proposal. But Aishwarya didn't stop there but gave him an soft kiss in cheeks b4 leaving alone der wit lots of thoughts running in his mind & happy how is was gonna get more time to spend time alone wit tat beauty

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01-31-2013, 08:23 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
So now Aishwarya reached back to her home thinking of the events tat happened in the restaurant. She was feeling relieved tat approximately tat had role cemented in the movie but at the same she was feeling guilt of cheating her husband ask she may have to sleep tat new guy in order to get the role. But soon she got her composed thinking tat in this industry if she had to stay longer means she had to do these kind of things & she also thought tat even her husband would have done these type of compromises to come to this position were he was.

Aishwarya was immersed in those thoughts wit closed eyes, when suddenly a pair of hands came near her & hugged tightly while massaging one of her boobs. Aishwarya thinking tat it was her husband she hugged him closer & gave him an tight kiss in his lips but after the kiss only she realised tat it wasn't her husband whom she was kissing but it was some old man. So she quickly opened her eyes to know it was none other than it was her father in law Amitabh Bachchan. On seeing him, she came back to her mood & have an warm smile. Aishwarya loved her father in law very much bcoz she was still in an dilemma who the father of the child really was. So she decided to give equal love to both the men in house more over Amitabh was still sexually stronger even in this age. Now both kissed & cuddled each other to make out in the couch in the night.

In the next day, all the members had gone out of town to do the own set of works. While Aishwarya asked all the servants to take one day off & spend their time wit their own family. As they all went out Aishwarya got herself ready to welcome Taylor, the new director to come to her home.

She too wore one of most sexiest dress of her recent times. It was her golden transparant saree which she worn in her recent movie Robot. With this she got her ready to welcome her director.

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01-31-2013, 08:23 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
Aish was eagerly waiting for the director to arrive at her home & at last after a long wait he arrived. He entered the home in his bike. He was looking really cute, healthy. So as soon as Aishwarya saw him she wanted to play wit him. So she first took the room control remote in her hands, went directly to welcome Taylor. While Taylor was really obliged wit the lovely behaviour of Aishwarya & at tat time Aishwarya played a trick. So, as soon as he tried to enter the house thru the steps, Aishwarya used her remote to switch off the power of the room. After doing so, she acted as though she was scared so tat she took the hands of Taylor & while doing so she tripped over the floor, took Taylor wit her. So tat both of them rolled over the floor, while Taylor tried not to get touched by Aishwarya's body he wasn't successful doing so, as even though Aishwarya had worn an saree, blouse the material she had worn was really flimsy so tat he was able to feel the soft skin of Aishwarya's breasts dashing wit his manly chest. All these contacts were giving some new & horny feelings in the minds of Taylor, but him being an gentleman he tried to avoid all those feelings. But our beauty Aishwarya was no were to be stopped bcoz wen they reached the floor, Aishwarya tried to get up on floor but lost her balance & again fell over the manly chests of Taylor, at tat time their lips met turning into an lip kiss.

Aishwarya plan was successfull as she had succeeded in her plan by acting as though all happened unknowingly but in the case of Taylor he was looking a little scared bcoz he had just met into an lip to lip kiss wit one of beautiful lady in the world, a gr8 actress of bollywood & the Bahu of one of the powerful family. So he was now scared bcoz he was worried thinking tat his bollywood dream would come to an abnormal end. Aishwarya saw him & sensed his inconvenience. So she was happy tat she was successful & thought to talk wit him.
Aish: hey Taylor wat happened? I sense there is something wrong wit u. Can u tell me wat?
Taylor:madam. Plz forgive me i didn't mean to kiss u. It all happened in a force.
Aish:is tat ur prob my dear. I know tat u didn't mean to kiss me. But don tell me tat u didn't like wat u got from me. And more over i know tat u will make me to do it often in ur movie. So y act like this.
Taylor: its nothing like tat mam. I respect u so there no meaning in me liking ur kiss.
Aish:darling don act to me. I can sense ur eagerness from ur eyes. Ok anyway leave it. Now take this torch & go out to porch to switch on the generator. There r no one in house & i feel scared to go in the dark. So do this lovely lady an help, by switching on the generator.

After hearing this, Taylor got really shy & embrassed, so he went out to the porch to switch it on. Wen he entered back, Aishwarya had already rearranged her dress & was sitting in couch were she had made out wit Her father in law Amitabh the previous night waiting for Taylor to arrive. So, once he made his way in, Aishwarya asked him to join her in the couch & tell about the story of his new movie.

So taylor started to narrate her the story, while doing so his eyes got to see some stains in the couch. On giving a closer look, he was identify the stains to be the caused by human cum. Taylor knew tat Abhishek was out of the country for a movie shot, so he was able to understand tat Aishwarya had made out wit some other person in the previous night. Thinking tat Taylor was getting really aroused while Aishwarya understood his feelings. As they continued to talk, suddenly Aishwarya's baby girl started to cry. So, Aishwarya remembered tat it was the time to feed her baby to satisfy her hunger. While thinking about it, again the evil sexy brain of Aishwarya made an cunning plan. So she picked her baby & came to couch, without any double thoughts she lowered pallu & lossened her blouse to bring out his big milk tankers in view of Taylor. Taylor was amazed to see the naked big breasts of Aishwarya for real as he could not believe his eyes tat it was happening, so his eyes went big. Aishwarya was clearly able to make out tat the change in acts of Taylor, so she continued her actions. So tat she took the mouth of her child near her breasts & made her baby to suck them to drink the milk. Taylor was astonished to see this behaviour of Aishwarya as he was not able to say whether she was doing all these wantedly or just coincidence. But on seeing the baby sucking the nipples of this beautiful lady, the evil part of Taylor started to creep & he some how wanted touch those globes, drink milk out of it.

Aishwarya sensed the right timing & talked,

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01-31-2013, 08:23 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
As soon taylor heard these words from the mouth of Aishwarya he instantly got an hard on, more over he wanted to taste those beautiful boobs of this beauty, more to his advantage who was giving him the chance to fulfill his hunger by drinking her milk. So there was no stopping of Taylor. He quickly laid on the other thigh of Aishwarya Rai & took the free breast of her into his mouth. Taylor was in a hurry & at the same time very eager. So he sucked her breast were hard & even bitted it. Aishwarya was in a real pain but she was liking the pain but she didn't want this love action of her to be known to her husband or anybody in the family. So she rubbed her hands over the hairs of Taylor, signalling him to slow down. Taylor understood it moreover even him wanted to enjoy her beauty not destroy it. So he gradually slowed & started to suck her boobs like an small baby. Soon, drops of milk started to flow, following which their was rapid flow of milk into his mouth. Taylor liked it but he wanted to enjoy the whole beauty of Aishwarya Rai. So he slowly kept his hands over her waist & started to remove her saree knot. Which helped him remove her whole saree. After remove the saree oly he came to knew tat Aishwarya hadn't worn any petticoat. So he continued to suck her boobs till both he & the baby drained all her milk from her boobs.

Once tat happened, Taylor slowly asked Aishwarya to get up & show him the beauty of her wen she was in her bra & panties.

Even after her pregnancy Aishwarya hadn't lost her beautiful body & it was attracting Taylor like an Magnet. So, now Taylor knew tat he wanted to enjoy the whole body of Aishwarya. He even understood tat Aishwarya was doing all these things of an reason so he would surely get an chance to taste her sweet body.

So, quickly he talked about his idea to Aishwarya, while she too accepted it but Taylor wanted to add some kick to it. So he requested Aishwarya to wear the saree tat she had worn in her hot scene which she had acted in her movie Mistress of Spices. Aishwarya understood the naughtyness in his mind, she too liked it bcoz all these actions making her to feel more younger than b4. So she quickly went to her room.

So once Aishwarya went to her room, she started to think about her actions which made her to feel the guilt of cheating her husband but she quickly remembered tat how her husband Abhishek would enjoying his time by tasting the body of his co-actresses, Asin & Prachi. And more over she doing this to get back into bollywood which was even the wish of Abhishek. So all her guilt flew away & she went thru her wardrobe, picked tat saree to go out to meet Taylor who was eagerly waiting to see this divine beauty.

Soon Aishwarya came back to place were Taylor was waiting for her. Once Taylor saw Aishwarya he didn't know how to react bcoz in his whole life he hadn't such an beautiful woman like Aishwarya was today. While Aishwarya smiled at him back to give his consent to him.

Once it all happened there was no stopping back of Taylor, who directly pounced on her & took on juicy lips into his lips to give an tasty mouth kiss. All the above actions had made both Aishwarya & Taylor very passionate. So they enjoyed their time to core forgetting about everything.

They kissing of both went on such an flow as it seemed tat they zoom't break their kiss of the whole day. But both Aishwarya & Taylor lost their breath so tat they could control themselves, broke their kiss. But there was more to enjoy & Taylor thought how to enjoy Aishwarya if he stood in back of her. The feeling of it made him go crazy. So he quickly went to her & started to lick her face.

He continued to lick her face like an dog would do on it's owner face. But the pallu of her saree wasn't allow Taylor to do his work fully. So quickly removed her pallu while do her pallu flew high exposing her big & sexy waist

Even Taylor got the attention of her sexy looking waist & so he wanted to enjoy the complete view of waist. So he took pallu the in his hands & slowly started to remove it

He wanted to feel the erotic way of happiness so he slowly removed the pallu till he can see the whole of her waist. Once the pallu got removed, Aishwarya really looked like an sex queen as she even worn tat Platinum waist chain she had worne, on seeing it Taylor couldn't control himself, so have an hard pinch in her waist which made Aishwarya to moan,

He continued to massage her sexy waist to make Aishwarya feel the whole pleasure.

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01-31-2013, 08:23 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
Now Taylor was full on pleasure so he wanted to continue his work on full steam, so while kept both his hands on her waist to massage them, he continued to lick her face, chin & suck them erotically to drink the body juice of Aishwarya. As all these actions were making Aishwarya to go completely weak

Aishwarya now seemed to be in the total control of Taylor as she moaning more loudly than b4 as Taylor continued to suck her chin, cheeks & her lips. But now Taylor gradually proceeded down to her neck & nape. Slowly he kissed them, gradually increasing the force of his lips to suck & kiss them real hard

He seemed to enjoy the taste of Aishwarya's neck due to sweat which was flowing there as bcoz of it he lost more control so like an Camel he increased his speed to suck her neck down

Taylor was getting the fullest satisfaction of his life bcoz though he had fucked many girls on one had given this much pleasure as Aishwarya's body was giving. Though Taylor wanted to proceed down to taste & massage her sexy boobs again, it wasn't possible as the taste of her upper was tat much addictive making him to go back her face to kiss hard
. Then to went to her fore head to give an kiss there while rubbing her beautiful hair which was giving an beautiful aroma which was turning him norm crazy

It seemed as though he had no mood to go down deep into her body as he continued to kiss her hard on her face but while doing so he was able to feel tat her petticoat was getting wet. Which made Taylor to sense tat Aishwarya was dripping her love juices. All these were making Taylor go really mad for Aishwarya's sexy body. So roamed his hands even down to find her outline of pussy. Soon he found her panty line, her pussy lips. Once he did tat he was really happy, started to massage her pussy, clit wit his hands while his lips playing her sexy face

. The man seems to be having a gala time sucking her shoulders,


After nearly an hour, only now Taylor got satisfied wit the upper body of Aishwarya. So now he wanted to concentrate on the boobs. Which was covered by an designer bikini blouse. Which was really attracting point. Taylor slowly removed the knot from the back to expose her naked boobs again, but the reason he had already enjoyed her boobs wit his mouth. It was time for his hands to do their works. So he kept his two hands over her two boobs & slowly started to massage. All this were adding more to her pleasure, making her moan like an wolf. While massaging he took his index finger & placed them on her nipples, rotated them slowly over them. It seemed to working some magic bcoz within seconds the milk started to sprout out of it. He played wit her boobs, bounced them, pinched them to his heart content. Now, he wanted to directly pounce on her sexy waist which was inviting him for an really long time. So he place his hands on her waist which sent electric shocks all over body. He was able to notice her waist chain which made her to look more erotic. So, slowly Taylor tried to remove it,
. But it seemed Taylor was finding difficulty to remove that, so Aishwarya lent her help to remove the chain & expose her sexy navel to him.

He played wit her waist, licked them even poured some ice over them & rubbed it all over waist making Aishwarya Beg to satisfy her. But Taylor wasn't gonna miss to enjoy long white thighs b4 climaxing on her, so tat he kept his hands over her thighs, caressed it, took Ample amount of skin into his hands & felt them to his heart content. But now he could Aishwarya's pity condition. So left everything & came near her pussy, while seemed to dripping wildly. So in order to control it, he removed her panty to see her pussy which covered with little amounts of pussy hairs. Taylor always liked women who had pussy hairs. But he wanted to remove the pressure out of Aishwarya's body b4 fucking her. So decided to give an mouth job, he widened her legs, opened her pussy lips with hands, so as to gain entry to her vagina which red hot. Now he took the tongue to massage her clit.

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01-31-2013, 08:24 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
He used his tongue to go to all the depth were his tongue could go, massaged them so that within seconds her love juices flowed & filled his mouth.

So now Aishwarya was ready for her actions so while Taylor kept his burning red hot cock near her pussy he kissed Aishwarya in her eyes to console after she had seen his massive cock

After some wait, Aishwarya pussy was ready to take his cock more over Aishwarya had just now conceived a baby so there is no prob of her becoming pregnant again.

Taylor first slowly put his cock in her pussy but as time went he increased his speed & started to ram his cock in her pussy hard. Aishwarya who had just now giving birth,couldn't take the pounding, so start to scream. Taylor got scared so to avoid her scream he gave an kiss to her lips.
. As Taylor gave the kiss, Aishwarya tried to control herself soon even the pain tried into pleasure so Aishwarya moaned out her anguish of pleasure. His cock were reaching into greater which no one had ever reached in her sex life ever b4. But Taylor was real lover bcoz while he was enjoying fucking her, he have love to body by rubbing his face thru her neck & breasts.

soon both of their bodies contracted,so Taylor increased his speed while Aishwarya cuddled her thighs around Taylor's body to help him keep his pace. Within seconds Aishwarya reached her orgasm while Taylor reached his climax by dropping his huge load of cum into her pussy.

After tat hard session, both took rest for sometime,again continued for an another sound. Wit Taylor again loving her body,
. The both gave love to each other in such passion.
Aishwarya sensing the love given by him wanted to reciprocate him back by giving him a mouth job but fearing getting ill as she is having a baby to feed. She ignored so she just a kiss to him. While Taylor was really happy to have fucked an world beauty. So for all the pleasure she had given him, the oly reward tat he could give was the actress role in his movie. Which lead to another round of sex b4 both went to shower to cool down their tiring body b4 Taylor left wit an promise tat both he, the actor & the producer will get to taste more of her body once the shooting of movie starts.
The end

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01-31-2013, 08:24 AM
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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
It was just after the release of her Magnum opus Robot movie, both Aishwarya & Abhishek decided to go on vacation. It was decided by both him & her tat after the release of Robot, they would try conceive a baby to continue to legacy of family. So as decided they went to America on a one month vacation to go to all nice spots of America.

First, they reached to New york, california & los vegas to enjoy the technical brilliance of the country. Now Abhishek wanted to enjoy the country side of the country. So, they decided to go to Utah which consisted of many farms & other natural beauties.

Both Abhishek & Aishwarya had come to spend some personal time, so they decided not to bring their body guards. But they were joined by their personal friend, the bollywood bomb shell, Rani Mukherjee.

But as we all know, she is personal slut of both the Bachchans & which even Aishwarya knew due to tat reason both have become think friends.

After a whole day roaming & enjoying the scenic beauty of Utah, all the 3 went into an traveller restaurant to have their dinner wit Abhishek enjoying the beauty of both Rani & Aishwarya rai. While they were having their dinner a group of truck drivers were sitting near by & enjoying the beauty of both Aishwarya rai & Rani. While Aishwarya was wearing gown which was having cut near her left lower boobs exposing it

fully while Rani was wearing an black transparant saree which was exposing her huge cleavage & big waist.

Aishwarya noticed those looks but didn't care about it bcoz she had these kinds of looks in most part of her life but to say the truth all those looked really scary but Aishwarya didn't care about it bcoz she had a jolly time wit her husband.

After having the dinner & paid the bill they all got ready to leave but suddenly Abhishek felt to go to the restroom. So he asked the ladies to wait for him while he went by the back to get his job done.

So Aishwarya & Rani now sat back to wait for him. Both didn't move an inch bcoz atleast 6 pair of eyes were fixed on them. They continued to wait for him & soon to their relief the drivers who were wildly looking at them left from there. But still Rani & Aishwarya were waiting for Abhishek but still there was no sign of him.

Now there was no one in the restaurant except them, so now both of them decided to go out to get Abhishek but at tat suddenly their phone rang up, Aishwarya eagerly took the phone & saw tat it was Abhishek who was calling them, so eagerly she took the phone to talk,
Aish:hey sexy boy, where have u been. R u wasting ur cum on hand job while two hot ladies r waiting to get your cock into their body.
The man in phone: Hello! Sexual beauty u think im sexy thanks to hear this compliment from such an hot lady. Yup my Manhood is waiting to drool on over ur sexy body & give you the maximum pleasure.
Aish:is this Abhishek? Who else it is calling from his number?
The man: you know me darling beauty. We were spending our time closely for the part half an hour.
Aish being scared:hey u identify yourself. Wat happened to Abhishek. Tell me correctly.
The man: hey u forget about him. Im there for u my hot cock is completely ready to get u.
Aish about to cry:please!please! Tell me wat happened to him?
The man: oh! U talk about that wimp. Oh he is right behind me & if u want him to be back wit u both u ladies must do wat i say or else i don know wat ill do to the sugar pie.

Hearing this, Aishwarya became scared & so like a mad dog she ran out to check about Abhishek but he was no where to be found while Rani followed her wit out know wat had happened. Aishwarya got scared & got sure tat one of those truck driver must have oly taken Abhishek captive. Aishwarya now told Rani wat was happening, though Rani got scared she knew the reason y those guys had taken Abhishek wit them. So if those ladies give them wat thy want there is no prob for him.

Now they waited for the guy to call him again, soon the phone rang again, to Inform Aishwarya tat she must not use her phone to call anybody else, must not go to police to help them finding her husband & mainly from now till the time Abhishek is released both the ladies should behave like his slaves & do wat ever he asks them to do to protect Abhishek.

The man wanted their talks to be private so he asked both those ladies to take his car which he had parked in the restaurant & they must use the radio in that radio to contact him in that frequency till they reach the location were they are asked to come. So, tat after they arrive there they should info him & he will giv info

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RE: Aishwarya Rai having Sex
Both Aishwarya & Rani were scared after the heard of Abhishek's kidnap & the conditions put forward by the kidnapper in order to free him. Both of them were asked in the car which was parked by the kidnapper.

So now both the beautiful bitches got into the car & started to drive to place where the kidnapper, The Man had asked them come. Aishwarya drove the car is such a speed as she wanted to reach the place as soon as possible. Both Aishwarya & Rani were scared about the situation Abhishek was in at the movement. So, they decided to do anything wat the kidnapper asks them to do.

So in an half an hour time both of them reached to road were they asked to come, soon they took the turn in the road where the kidnapper had said an trailer would be waiting for them. Now, the car reached the exact position. So, now they took the radio & dialed the frequency of the driver, so after waiting for sometime they frequency clicked,
Aish:hello!is anybody there. If so listen to me carefully im at the place were i was asked to come. So now keep ur promise & leave my husband. Ill give u how much ever money to ask me to give.
There was death silence in line for some seconds & after that he started to answer,
The Man: glad tat u could join us under such short notice. We didn't kidnap ur husband for your money but we kidnapped for you. So don talk about the crap of money to me.
Aish:then wat else u want. Say to me correctly.
The Man:hmmm! Thats a good girl. I like those persons who come to the point directly. Now listen to me very carefully, now i want both of you ladies to get out of car & remove your clothes, so tat u can give us all a slow & erotic strip tease. Once tat is over, i want you Aishwarya let the driver of the trailer to fuck your ass by drolling his cock while i want the other sexy beauty to give an blow job to the cleaner. So if, you do these things correctly then u can get two steps closer to your husband mr else u will get the dead body of him.

Once Aishwarya heard this condition she became shocked &directly said no to him. On hearing this, the man got angry, so again the radio line went dead for sometime but suddenly they both were hear the screamings of some man. After seconds, both the ladies were able the identify the voice to be of Abhishek, once they heard they understood tat the Kidnapper was torturing him for their refusal. So quickly Rani took the Radio receiver & said him tat they were ready to do anything for the safety of Abhishek. Even she advised Aishwarya the situation they were in. So, at last Aishwarya understood the situation & got ready to do it.

So now both the ladies got out of the car, once they did it the Engine of the trailer started & flashed the front lights on them. Which signalled the ladies tat they should start their strip tease. Both Aishwarya & Rani had decided tat they would provide strip seperately to give maximum pleasure to the guys inside.

So 1st Rani got ready for act. She was wearing an black saree wit the lights directly on her she was looking more erotic beauty than b4. So now slowly she put her hand on the top to remove her pallu & slowly started to undo the knot as she wanted to expose her body inch by inch till her whole will come to expose. Once she removed her saree she was only in her blouse & black satin petticoat. While her whole waist & navel was on expose. Rani was able to see the tension in faces of person inside truck so she quickly started to undo her blouse, she slowly took time to remove all the pins so tat her bra be exposed, she even quickly removed her petticoat so tat she standing in oly in bra & panties in an lonely area wit two man enjoying her. Rani was feeling terribly shy wit the lights focused on her but she wanted to save Abhishek at any cost, so she went to next level. So, tat she kept both hands over her bra & started providing hand jobs to her boobs by massaging them wit that dancing seductively, while dancing she removed her bra in one flow, now she remained topless. Even Aishwarya was enjoying it, now she even took her panties out & showed her clit walls to all. They guys couldn't tolerate but waited for Aishwarya as well. Now Aishwarya realised it was her turn, she wearing a black gown, so quickly undid her gown to stand in her brasaire & panties.

Now she started to remove her inners but she didn't do slowly as Rani bcoz she knew tat even if she ordinarily remove her inners it ill have an effects on their cocks. Now both ladies were fully naked in front of two unknown persons in a lonely area.

So now the door of Trucks opened & two guys came out. On seeing them Aishwarya got shocked as she identified those people from the guys she saw in restaurant. Now both ladies were like two deers who r gonna be attacked by two ferocious tigers tat to big dick tigers.

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