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All in Family Incest Saga
09-20-2012, 06:16 PM
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All in Family Incest Saga
Malhotra's were a small middle class family of 5 living in a 3 bed room house in Mumbai. That house has been in there family for generations. Aakaash Malhotra was in his early 40's and was working as a cashier in a bank. He was medium build with a receding hairline and dreams of becoming the bank manager one day. Despite having a hot wife, he lost his interest in her few years ago. Maybe it has got something to do with his fetish for hot teenage girls. A friend of his introduced him to the world of online porn and ever since that day he spend most of his free time ogling and jerking over hot teen nymphos. Lately he couldn't help getting aroused the most by watching incest themed videos and reading such stories. Once or twice while watching such pictures or videos he imagined his own daughter but then was disgusted with himself for thinking like that. Still he couldn't help thinking what if? His wife Pooja was a school teacher in her late 30's and still had the lustful figure of 36-28-38 that was making her students life uncomfortable in the class and was the source of inspiration behind making them masturbate everyday. She was aware of it as well and got a big kick from seeing that she still got what it takes to arouse youngsters. She was mostly clad in low necked tight kameez revealing her melon shaped boobs and tight churidaar pajama that made her sexy ass even more prominent. Even most of the male teachers at the school got the hots for her and were flirting with her all the time. All of them wanted to tear her sexy ass and feast on her melons. The attention that she was getting from her students and colleagues was what was keeping her going. For some reason the sex life between Aakaash and Pooja came to a halt a few years ago. Many times the idea of having an extra martial affair crossed her mind as well but then she thought about her kids and rejected such thoughts. Still that didn't stopped her from thinking what if?

Aakaash father Ram Malhotra also lived with them. Now in his late 50's he still looked in good shape and young enough to be considered in his 40's by those who don't know him well. He was an ex army officer and even after retiring lived a disciplined life. He worked out regularly and maintained a good balanced diet. His wife died a year ago and ever since that day a new problem troubled him. He was still active sexually and not having a spouse was making life hard to live. To make matters worse he couldn't help noticing the low neck line of his daughter in law at home. The result was rock hard erection that he was having problem with trying to hide from her. Lately he started jerking off thinking about Pooja. He always felt bad afterwords but couldn't help himself from thinking what if?
Ram Malhotra occupied one bedroom and Aakaash and Pooja the other one. In the third room were their two kids. Rahul who just turned 18 and Sneha who was 19 years old.

Rahul was never a good student much to the disappointment of Mr and Mrs Aakaash. From an early age he started mixing in the wrong crowd. He even started smoking when he was just 14 but kept it as a secret from his parents. Alcohol and gambling followed soon and lately he even started stealing stuff to raise money for his addiction. A few weeks ago he started mixing in with a local gang of thugs lead by Billa Kasaayi. Billa gave him free cigarettes, alcohol and even money to gamble sometimes. In return he just used him twice for small time robberies. Yet Billa had other plans for him. He had his eyes on Rahul's sister Sneha and was looking for the right opportunity to strike gold. Rahul lusted after the prostitutes that Billa hired but for some reason Billa never let him have sex with them. One of these days though Rahul planned to make all his fantasies come true. He was just looking for the right opportunity.

Then there was Sneha. At age 19 she was a real head turner. It wasn't hard to see that she inherited the looks from her mom. She had the mouth watering figure of 34-23-36 already at such a young age and all the boys at the school were lusting after her. It wasn't as if she was shy but unfortunately for her her mother Pooja was the teacher at the same school and kept a close eye on her. All her friends had boyfriends and most of them lost their virginity long ago. When they use to tell Sneha of their sexual encounters her body became hot and desire overtook her mind. She started imagining herself with their boyfriends doing the nasty things that they told her. She was dying to experience the pleasures of sex herself but knew it was not possible with her mom hovering around. Still she couldn't help thinking, what if? Sometimes your deepest darkest fantasies do come true. Allow me to take you on this journey..........

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09-20-2012, 06:16 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Both Rahul and Sneha were busy with their exams when the tragic news of their uncle passing away came late one night. He was 2 years younger then Aakash and was in good health so the news came as a complete shock and saddened all of them. They had to leave as soon as possible so they can reach Delhi in time for the funeral but Rahul and Sneaha can't just leave in the middle of their exams. So Aakash and Pooja started discussing what to do about them?

Ram:"I don't understand why are you two making such a big fuss over nothing? Both of them are not kids anymore and can take care of each other. Besides it's only for 2 days so what's the big deal"?

Pooja:"Are you sure pita ji? We have never left them alone before". Ram even at this tragic time couldn't help noticing the sexy curves of his bahu.

Ram:"Ofcourse I'm sure. Stop treating them like babies. Remember that you even got married when you were younger then Sneha. So I'm sure she can look after herself and as for Rahul, if he can make the life of neighborhood a living hell then he sure can look after himself for a few days". Pooja got hurt by hearing him say that about her son. Sure he was a brat but most kids in his age are.

Aakash:"I agree with pita ji and we don't have any other option at this time anyway. We must leave as soon as possible so that we can get their on time. So lets just pack some stuff and leave at once". After hearing that Pooja started packing a suitcase with their and pita ji's clothes and other important stuff while Aakash went in his kids room to inform them of the tragedy. After waking them up he told them about their uncle's death. Both of them were saddened by the news. When Aakaash told them that they will be alone for 2 days Sneha become a little worried and Rahul was so happy that he even forgot about the passing away of his uncle. His mind started thinking about how to take full advantage of his 2 days of freedom? In about half an hour Aakash, Pooja and Ram left for Delhi in Aakash's car. It was almost 1:00am yet both Sneha and Rahul were awake on their bunker bed. It's then an idea came in Rahul mind.

Rahul:"Sneha are you sleeping?"

Sneha:"Hmm....what is it"?

Rahul:"I can't sleep now. Do you mind if I can watch a movie"? She rolled her eyes upon hearing that. Their uncle just dies and this moron was interested in watching a movie at this late in the night. Still she knew it was fruitless to talk some sense into him.

Sneha:"Go ahead but keep the volume down. I'm trying to sleep".

Rahul:"Don't worry". He said happily and went off the bed to find a DVD. After playing a movie he sat on the floor in front of the TV with his back towards their bed. Sneha was lying on the top of their bunker bed. She was disappointed to see that he was watching a mindless action movie but atleast he was keeping the volume so low that she could hardly hear anything. She tried her best to sleep but her mind was towards his late uncle and his family and she was also thinking about being alone for 2 days with his brother who acted like an 8 year old. From half closed eyes she couldn't stop noticing Rahul watching towards her bed from time to time. She found it a little strange. In a few minutes she was half asleep when his eye opened due to the sound of Rahul opening DVD player. She pretended to be asleep but was curious to see what Rahul was up to? Who was sitting once again with his back towards her.

As soon as the images came on TV she was shocked to see them. He was playing a porno without any voice. She was first shocked but soon mesmerized by what was going on in that blue film. She never saw a porno before and even when she saw kissing scenes in Bollywood movies her heart started beating faster then bullet train. A nude blond girl with incredible body was busy sucking the size 10 cock of a black man. She never saw a dick before and her eyes locked at the monstrosity that was on screen. First she was looking at it afraid but soon her body started getting hot and without even knowing it she was slowly squeezing her boob with one hand while the other one went inside her pajama. Soon the black giant on screen laid the blond girl on the bed and after opening her legs wide apart she started licking and sucking her pussy. Sneha eyes were glued on the screen now and she started rubbing her pussy faster. In a few minutes the blond girl was in doggy position as the giant cock started going in and out of her wet pussy. That was too much for Sneha and she slipped a finger inside her virgin pussy and slowly started finger fucking herself like she saw the blond pornstar doing at the start of the video. The black stud was holding the blond girl from the wait as he brutally started penetrating her pussy. Sneha was reaching her first orgasm of life as well and as soon as she reached her climax, her hips moved and a low moan "AHHHH" came out of her mouth. She realized her mistake and closed her eyes tightly and kept them close for what she thought was eternity. After a few minutes when she did opened them she saw Rahul was sitting on the floor with his face towards her. Their eyes locked and a mischievous smile spread on his face..........
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09-20-2012, 06:16 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
She realized her mistake and closed her eyes tightly and kept them close for what she thought was eternity. After a few minutes when she did opened them she saw Rahul was sitting on the floor with his face towards her. Their eyes locked and a mischievous smile spread on his face. She closed her eyes tightly again with fear and kept them close this time until she heard some strange voices of moaning. When she opened her eyes she saw that the voice was coming from the porno that was on TV. Her jaw opened when she saw that the giant cock was now tearing the asshole of that blond and to her surprise the blond was screaming and moaning loudly with pleasure. How can such a huge thing can go in a small hole she was thinking to her self when she saw Rahul again. He was lying naked on the floor now and was busy jerking off his cock slowly. It was no where near as big or thick as the one the pornstar had but at the same time she wasn't as frightened as she was watching the big black cock on screen. If anything she couldn't take her eyes off it.

Rahul:"Will you keep on staring or do you want to touch it"? On hearing that she saw the face of her brother. The same smile that was frightened her was again on his face. Their eyes locked once again but this time she kept looking in them. Her mind was telling her get control of herself and what was going on was not right. On the other hand she was really turned on by the porno and years of her sexual frustration was now at boiling point. She wanted to tell him that it was not right yet end up saying.....

Sneha:"What if someone will know about this"? Even he wasn't expecting her conservative sister to reply like that and got bolder upon hearing that. He got up from the floor and started going towards Sneha.

Rahul:"You know didi you can always trust me" He was standing now right in front of her. She got down from the bed and now was standing just inches away from him. Her eyes were looking down at the fully erect rod of her brother. She didn't even know herself when she got down on her knees and with trembling hand touched Rahul's cock. It felt hot and hard. She slowly hold it in her hand and liked the feeling of holding the big hard piece of meat in her hand. "Ahh" Rahul moaned with pleasure and she enjoyed hearing it. She smiled while looking at her brother face and started stroking his dick like she saw in the porno. "AHHHHHHHH OHHH YESSS" he was really enjoying it.

Sneha:"How does it feel"? She asked him seductively. Instead of answering her he held her head from both hands and bring her head close to his cock. She understood what he wanted but hesitated for a moment but then her curiosity got the better of her as she took the cock slowly in her mouth. As soon as she took the cock inside her mouth she wanted to throw up. It wasn't as she expected it to be when she saw the blond pornstar sucking it like a lollipop on screen. It tasted foul and smelled awful. She tried to get it out of her mouth but Rahul's grip got stronger on her head. He started fucking her daughters beautiful mouth rapidly. His cock was hitting her at the back of her throat and she was choking yet instead of taking it out he increased his speed. "Ummm mummm" that's all Sneha managed to say as her mouth was completely filled with her brother's cock and tears were coming out of her eyes. His cock was going faster and faster in and out of her mouth and his balls were slapping her chin harder and harder as he finally shoot his cum deep inside her sisters throat. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he shouted loudly as he reached his orgasm. His cock finally got soft and he took it out of her mouth. Both of them were lying on the floor now. He was smiling and she was sobbing. All of a sudden she stopped crying as she felt her pajamas were getting pulled down.

Sneha:"Wha...What are you doing now"? She asked with fear in her eyes.

Rahul:"Don't worry I'll return the favor you gave me and trust me you'll never forget this night for the rest of your life". He replied as he took her pajamas off and his eyes lit up with lust upon seeing her already wet panties. This is going to be a unforgettable night he thought.......
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09-20-2012, 06:16 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Sneha:"Wha...What are you doing now"? She asked with fear in her eyes.

Rahul:"Don't worry I'll return the favor you gave me and trust me you'll never forget this night for the rest of your life". He replied as he took her pajamas off and his eyes lit up with lust upon seeing her already wet panties. This is going to be a unforgettable night he thought.

Slowly he spread her legs wide apart and kissed on her wet panties. "Ummm OHH Yessss" she moaned and forgot for a moment that her throat was still sour from the bashing it took just minutes ago. He loved hearing her moan and by holding her panties from both sides started removing them. Her shaved pussy was totally naked in front of him now and he started licking his lips on seeing that. He spread her legs wide apart by holding them from her thighs as both her legs went up in the air and gave her cunt a hard lick. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS OHHH YESSSSSS UMMMMMM" she started moaning loudly like a bitch on heat as he started licking and kissing her wet cunt. She was running her fingers in his hair and kept his head tightly against her cunt. By now his dick was erected even harder then before thanks to her moans of ecstasy which were driving him crazy. "OHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE UMMMMM OHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS" her hips started shaking as she reached her orgasm. It feels so good she thought but still there was this itching in her cunt that she didn't understand. Her pussy was wet like a river with her love juices by now.

Rahul held both her ankles and put her feet on his shoulders and placed his cock on her love hole. Her heart was beating like crazy now as their eyes locked once again.

Rahul:"This will hurt alot since it's your first time. I can stop if you don't want me to...". While taking heavy breaths Sneha manged to reply.....

Sneha:"Go ahead. I want to feel you inside me". That's all he wanted to hear and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her vagina. By now it was so slippery that the tip of his cock started going inside her. Yet despite her pussy being so wet he felt some resistance. With a powerful jerk of his hips he pushed half of his 6 inch dick inside her in just one stroke. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she cried loudly as tears of pain started rolling her cheeks and little blood came out of her vagina as her hymen was broken forever and she was no longer a virgin. He kept his dick there without moving and started french kissing her to stop her screams. After a few minutes she stopped crying and started responding to his passionate kissing. Both their tongues were now enjoying the delights of exploring each others mouth. Slowly he started moving his dick inside her pussy. It felt so warm and tight as his dick was inside her. Within minutes he started penetrating her pussy a little faster as his cock was fully inside her. She wrapped both her legs around him. It was still paining her but the pain was slowly being overtaken by the joy of his hard cock penetrating inside her. "YESSS YESSSSSSS YESSSSS I'M CUMMING AGAIN OHHHHH YESSSSS" she started moaning wildly as she was about to reach her third orgasm of the night. "Wait I'm about to cum as well" he said and while grunting heavily he started sending load after load of his semen deep inside her pussy. She reached her orgasm at the same time as him and was enjoying it along with the feel of his hot semen going inside her. His dick went a little limp but he still didn't took it outside and started watching the beautiful face of her sister.

Sneha:"I love you Rahul ohh I love you". She said as this time her lips reached for his and their lips locked once again. None of them realized at that time what they have just done and how taboo it was considered in our society. They were just too happy holding each other in their arms and kept on kissing each other and after a while fell asleep in one another arms. They were brother and sister for many years but after the events of a wild unforgettable night of sex were lovers now........
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09-20-2012, 06:17 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
They slept for no more then 3 hours when the clock alarm started ringing and with heavy eyes they got up from the floor where both of them fell asleep earlier. Rahul went in the bath to take a shower and get dressed for the college and Sneha went to prepare breakfast for her and Rahul. Her face was glowing like when someone is in love or right after having great sex. In her case maybe both things were true. She started thinking to herself, am I in love with my stupid brother? A shy smile came on her face and she was finding it hard to concentrate on preparing the breakfast. It was still hurting her a little down there but she was just way too happy to pay any attention to that. As Rahul was taking long and they were getting a little late, she ate her breakfast and went in their bed room again. Rahul was still not out of the bath. She had to take a shower as well and the idea of using the one in her parents room didn't came in her mind. So she started shouting at him from outside the bath.

Sneha:"Rahul we are getting late. Come out now as I must freshen up before we go". When he didn't replied she tried opening the door and since it was not locked she went inside. Rahul under the shower without even closing the shower door and an early morning erection was out in it's full glory. Her face blushed upon seeing it but once again she couldn't took her eyes away from it. He started coming towards her and kissed her on her full lips while starting to undress her. She manged to break out from his kiss and started protesting.

Sneha:"Are you nuts? We are getting late for exams. Go and eat your breakfast and let me get ready as well". Without paying any attention to her protests he in no time removed her clothes.

Rahul:"Sneha don't worry you wont miss your exam I promise you that but lets not miss this opportunity we have now". He said that seductively and took her inside the shower. She felt week in her knees and was unable to protest anymore.

Sneha:"You promise I will not be late"? She asked in a weak voice as both of them were under the warm shower. She was looking damn sexy with her hot and wet tight body.

Rahul:"I do". He replied as he started sucking on her boobs and licking her perky tits which got fully erect as soon as his tongue touched them. Oh it feels so good Sneha thought as Rahul started sucking her big boobs and finger fucking her wet cunt. She was moaning slowly and started jerking him off. He tried to get her on her knees but she refused.

Sneha:"No Rahul not now. My throat is still hurting from last night". He got a little angry on hearing her refusal and turned her around and pushed her down. She and went down on her all fours and was in the perfect doggy position. She was a little confused by that but even before she could think what he was up to? His big cock started going inside her tight pussy. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed with pain. Now she realized that she was still sore in her pussy and didn't recovered fully from last night's fucking. "Please slow down it hur..AHHHHHHHH". Her screams got louder as he started fucking her cunt roughly and all 6 inches were now planted firmly deep inside her love hole. It didn't took long for her screams to turn into moans of passion though. "OHHHH YESSSSS COME ON YESSSSSS FUCK ME FUCK ME" he was getting even more excited by hearing the bitch enjoying getting her cunt torn by his rod. With in few minutes she reached her orgasm twice and he was just about to cum as well. He didn't want to repeat the mistake of last night and took out his dick just as he was about to cum inside her and instead went in front of her face and shooted jets and jets of his thick semen all over her face just like he saw many times in porno movies. His cum hit her mostly on her forehead but a few drops even went inside her mouth. Once again she surprised both of them by starting to clean his dick by sucking it off until it went limp inside her mouth. The taste of his salty cum no longer felt as bad as last night.

They washed each others body as quickly as they could and after getting dressed started running towards the buss stop. Despite their best efforts they reached the examination hall 5 minutes late but instead of getting angry on Rahul she was thinking to her self "When will we get back to home"?........
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09-20-2012, 06:17 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Rahul always had concentration problems during exams and to make matters worse he wasn't very prepared for the exams anyway. While he was having the same concentration problem today the reason was totally different. Sneha was all over her mind today. He never think of her that way before but now that he was, he had to admit that she was far and away the prettiest girl he knew. Her gigantic but soft boobs and long, slender legs swept up into an equally sleek little ass. The cute ponytail she used to wear sometimes and the way her eyes sparkled when she laugh. He was beginning to wonder now, was he falling in love with her? Even he was not stupid enough to know that what they were doing was wrong but still he couldn't help it. It might have been a spur of the moment thing the way it started but now when he didn't wanted it to end even after knowing how taboo it was. What will happen tomorrow though when their parents will return?

After finishing their exams they took the bus back home. Both of them were trying their best to not give any wrong signals that will make the people around them suspect them. Still their hands keep touching each other from time to time. As soon as they reached home and closed the door, both of them dropped their bags to the floor and started kissing one another. Long passionate kisses were exchanged while striping one another hastily. He pushed her gently on the stairs and spread her long legs. The valley of pleasure was in front of his eyes now and he started eating her out. She tasted so good and the aroma of her pussy juices was driving him insane with lust."Fuck me now AHHHH I couldn't take it anymore" Sneha said and it didn't took long for him to oblige her wish. Her spread her legs as far apart as possible and pushed his thick shaft deep inside her right their on the stairs. "AHHHHHHHH YESSS OHHHHHH FUCK" Sneha was biting her lips and moaning hysterically. He was grunting heavily and kept on fucking her tight pussy. This time though it took just minutes for him to cum inside her and he was unable to even took out his dick. As soon as his cock become limp he took it out and rolled over to one side on the stairs. She got up and went inside their room. After a few minutes he went up as well and went inside their room. She was coming out of the bath and was still naked. Their was no shame on her face and no attempt to cover her sexy body either. He watched as Sneha rolled back onto her stomach. Rahul eyes were looking at every inch of her perfect back. His eyes naturally slid downwards to her butt for another look.

Sneha:"Oil my back a little, Rahul? I'm feeling a little dry back there". She said in a seductive voice.It was an invitation he couldn't turn down. The skin of her back was soft and smooth. He started applying the oil for a few minutes until Sneha looked up at him with her seductive eyes. She turned back her head and nibbled her lip thoughtfully.

I need to ask you for something."

Rahul:"Go ahead. Anything for you". He replied and meant that as well.

Sneha:"Oil my ass as well. I want to try it in my other hole as well". His jaw dropped upon hearing that.

Rahul:"Are you out of your mind? Do you have any idea how much it will hurt"?

Sneha:"I hurt alot last night as well but today I enjoyed it more then anything else in the world. We will not have opportunities like tonight everyday. So lets go for it".
Her total trust was like a drug. It mixed with the the intoxicating smoothness of her perfect miniature rump. The combination was powerful. Even more powerful? The adorable little sigh his sister let out when he started stroking back and forth across her ass with his oiled fingers.

Rahul:"Okay Sneha lets try it". he said as he started rubbing her tight little asshole gently........
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09-20-2012, 06:17 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
He couldn't believe his luck. It was one of his biggest fantasies to have anal sex one day. Now he was about to fulfill his fantasy and that too with her sister! The object of his fantasies for years two tiny firm hills that pressed together into a tight cleavage, utterly and completely perfect. He stared at her ass hypnotized while messaging it. He teased and toyed at her round little hole and tapped at its center gently. By now her tiny virgin asshole was wet and almost ready to feel new sensation. He pressed his oiled finger to her wet ring and felt it begin to give way. He watched as her lips puckered and she exhaled while his finger slowly slid into her ass to the first knuckle. She hunched up so eagerly that he corkscrewed it gently to his second knuckle.

They paused for a few moments. The only sounds in the room were that of their breathing. While he was doing that with her ass, she was masturbating at her other hole at the same time to get herself in the mood. "More" she said quietly. He sank his finger deeper into his sister's tiny rectum struggling against its absurd tightness.
Her mouth fell open and she panted a few soft "Huh Huh Huh's" as her brother worked all the way into her velvety tight hole. Her hand was flying back and forth across her clit. When he drew his finger halfway out and sank it back in, Sneha gasped and shook. "Again" she pleaded softly. He did. "Again" she repeated her plea. He was giddy as he began to gently fingerfuck his sister's miniature hole. After just a couple of minutes she stopped him by reaching down to catch his wrist. He assumed she'd had enough play at her inexperienced virgin entrance. He was wrong. Incredibly she circled his second finger and pressed it to her tiny backdoor too. Her tongue flicked out to lick her upper lip as they started to ease into her together.

Sneha:"So good Rahul. So fucking wrong, nasty and good. I can see why people get into this". she moaned.

Sneha:"Talk... talk dirty to me". she asked quietly between gasping and twitching.

Rahul:"You mean how my fingers your own brother's fingers are sliding in and out of your ass? You're very small back here sister. Very small. I know nobody has had you this way. It's a good thing you're excited. I can feel you dripping down onto my fingers and it's helping a lot." He was stretching her tender back hole with both fingers. He could feel her reluctant opening relaxing little by little.

Sneha:"Fuck Rahul I'm on fire right now. Keep talking".

Rahul:"I could tell you what it's going to be like when you let me fuck you back there. I think you're going to like it sister. Maybe not the first time. It's going to be a struggle and a stretch. Like the first time we had sex last night. Remember?"

Sneha:"Yeah that did kinda hurt". she nodded.

Rahul:"You'll need to be patient Sneha. It's going to feel like hell at first. For you anyway". She bit her lower lip as he gently sank his two fingers deep into her tiny hole and began to gently saw them in and out of her ass.

Sneha:"Fuck, this feels good". He smiled and continued working his fingers in and out of the strangling heat of her ass.

Rahul:"Are you sure you want to go ahead with this Sneha? We can even stop now you know"?

Sneha:""What? Don't you want me Rahul? You honestly don't want to sink yourself in my last little virgin hole"? She looked back at him over her shoulder slyly.......
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09-20-2012, 06:17 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Without saying anything his face went down on her ass. She shivered as his tongue traced circles up and down and across her upturned cheeks. She moaned when he nuzzled into her crease and began to lap at her virgin rose.

Sneha:"Ooooh that's nice. Keep doing that bro".

He rimmed her for several minutes until she was gasping and he couldn't wait any longer. He pressed himself against her humping his shaft up and down between her ass cheeks drooling precum into her crevice. He centered himself on her tiny hole and pressed himself inwards as slowly as he could but she still struggled.

Sneha:"Ugh easy Rahul. I'm new at this remember"? She groaned.

Rahul:"Sorry my fault". He winced.

Sneha:"Wait, first...". She reached back and her small hand wrapped around his cock for the first time. He nearly came right then. It got worse when she angled him down slightly and rubbed him against her smoothly shaven pussy. She pressed him inwards more and more firmly until his tip spread her smooth little lips and he felt the entrance of her vagina suction onto him hungrily.

Rahul:"Sis"? He said with confusion and he felt himself sinking slowly into her pussy. This was not what they'd talked about.

Sneha:"Shhh... I just want you nice and slippery. I'm soaking wet. Handy huh"?

She humped back against him, forcing his cock slowly into the wet clutching heat of her teenage sex. It made his knees buckle. His cock was in his sister, inside her. She kept pushing back against him and his shaft slowly sank deeper. They both groaned as her slender body opened up around him until his hips met her ass. She was tight incredibly tight. They humped together several times. He nearly forgot about everything else as he gripped her narrow hips and drilled himself in and out of her little body. Her insides sucked at him and she seductively rotated her tiny ass in his crotch, swirling him deep inside her and cooing appreciatively with each of her brother's thrusts. Somehow though Sneha didn't forget their plan. She slowly pulled herself forward far enough that he popped free of her clutching tight pussy.

Sneha:"Okay now do the other thing. Hurry? Before I lose my nerve". She got on her all fours and curved her ass higher into the air swishing it back and forth. He pressed himself into her crack again. He felt her opening spread slowly as he drilled himself firmly against her little star. "Guuh," she whimpered as his cock began to win its struggle and his tip slowly sank into her. Her knees shook crazily with the force of his invasion. Still she bravely pressed herself back into him driving another inch of his shaft into her rectum until she couldn't bear any more.

Sneha:"Wait... need... don't move". She hissed and stopped for several seconds before nodding for him to continue. Rahul gaped down at the vision of half his cock wedged between his sister's ass cheeks.

Sneha:"Okay more". She finally whispered. Together with a few pauses for her to catch her breath they painstakingly worked his cock into her virgin asshole.

Rahul:"You okay Sneha"? he said when he was buried inside her.

Sneha:""Barely. I hope this gets better soon". she gritted out through clenched teeth "Move a little bit let's see". "Uuuugh" she grunted when he pulled out slightly and pressed back into her ass. He felt bad for causing her discomfort but not bad enough to keep from cumming early and hard. He couldn't help it. He'd gotten overexcited. But who could blame him? His own sister was in doggy position in front of him and he was balls deep in her gorgeous little nineteen year old butt.

Sneha:"Are you..."?! His sister's head whipped around just as he began spewing cum into her straining rear hole.

They had taken several minutes to so slowly and carefully wriggled his cock through her miniature sphincter only to have him cum almost instantly. She looked back at him in amazement as he continued cumming. He streamed more than a dozen giant spurts into her ass bathing her struggling insides. He bent over and rested his forehead against the soft skin between her shoulder blades to try and get a grip on himself.

Sneha:"Guess it feels pretty good in my ass huh"?

Rahul:"You have no idea. Just give me a second sister. If you want, we can keep going. There's no way in hell I'm going soft inside your perfect little butt". She swished her ass back and forth experimentally wincing slightly.

Sneha:"Ewww it's all warm and slippery inside me now. It's actually... actually kinda cool."

Rahul:"Well there's plenty more where that came from"....
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09-20-2012, 06:21 PM
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Sneha:"Good". Her bright eyes locked onto his with a serious determination that he'd never seen before. "'Because I want it all Rahul. Everything in you. You're going to do me again right now to run your nuts dry. Then we're going to go to sleep in my bed and when we wake up, I want more of this before either of us say 'good morning' Got it"? She twisted her neck and he craned forward to meet her. Her lips dissolved into his tongue teasing him skillfully.

Sneha:"That's it bro open me up. Open me up with that nice thick tool of yours".

Rahul:"Feeling better?"

Sneha:"At last it doesn't hurt anymore. It's a start anyway".

Rahul:"But not feeling good either"?

Sneha:"Still it's crazy hot knowing that it's my brother's dick that's buried in my butt". She looked back at him and smiled. "You going to come again stud?"

Rahul:"Oh yes."

Sneha:"Good. So far I like that part the most". She reached back between her legs and he felt her small hand gently fondle his swinging balls. As she caressed him he sawed in and out of her rectum watching his shaft disappear and reappear between his sister's little ass cheeks. He lasted all of another five minutes before he came again jetting another enormous load into her ass. This time he gently eased himself out of her and stepped away. His sister stood up carefully and stretched her back moving slowly and stiffly. She'd been bent over the entire time.

Sneha:"Whoa" her face screwed up cutely, "I can feel all of your stuff. Up inside me. It's kinda crazy. Kinda hot too."


Rahul:"Yeah I'm getting turned on a lot. Wow! I think I actually could make myself... I think I need to..." her hand slid down and he watched her cup and twirl at her mound eagerly.

Rahul:"Go ahead Sneha". he said softly.


Rahul:"Sure why not?"

Sneha:"Right in front of you"?

Rahul:"I don't think now is the time to get shy".

Sneha:"Good point, I mean, I guess after what we just did. Well when you put it that way...". she began to touch herself more urgently. Her lips curled up cutely, "Eeew it... your stuff... it wants to come out. I gotta go. I'll be right back".

Rahul:"Stay. I want to see". They both heard a drip of semen fall from ass with a small splat. Sneha groaned and slipped her hand down rubbing herself harder. "Ugh this is nasty Rahul".

Rahul:"Nastier coming out than going in"?

Sneha:"Uh huh" she whimpered. He watched a small stream of cum appear on the patio again, "Oh wow, wait, there's still more bro... So much cum". Another dollop followed.

Sneha:"Oh Rahul..." his sister mewled looking at him through slitted eyes.

What followed was the rawest, nakedest and most beautiful thing Rahul had ever seen. His sister herked and jerked and frigged herself in front of him as his cum leaked from her no longer virgin ass. Her legs quivered and her breasts shook beneath her little dress. "Guh huh huh huh," Sneha rolled and wretched as her orgasm approached. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..." she whimpered hunching into her own hand and shaking her head as her climax seized her slender body. "Aaaah aaaaah" she finally wailed as she peaked and one long last string of semen dripped out of her and down onto the floor. Her face scrunched up and her body curled in on itself and shook for several long glorious moments. When she finished her head hung loosely from her neck drained completely by the entire experience. He let her catch her breath, then took her hand.

Rahul:"Come on Sneha. Let's go get showered up again". She nodded weakly. Once they were in bath he rinsed her off in the shower and dried them both. They slipped exhausted into bed. Dinner was long forgotten........
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RE: All in Family Incest Saga
Sneha woke him up early next morning bt kissing her gently on his lips. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw the goddess that was his sister.

Rahul:"Good mor.." She silenced him by pressing a finger to his lips. She was completely naked and crouched next to him breasts dangling and swaying temptingly as she moved. He marveled at their roundness and the tightness of her little pink nipples as she silently peeled the sheet off his body.His morning erection came out in it's full glory. Without a word she straddled her lean body over him and backed her way down to center her ass on his hard shaft. She was still absurdly tight but she managed to work herself onto him more easily now. He realized she was already slippery with oil.

The thought of his sister waking up and sneaking off to quietly oil her own asshole first thing in the morning sent a deviant thrill up his spine that hardened his morning erection even more. He felt himself spreading the walls of her rectum. Sneha paused several times on the way down her brother's shaft to adjust. When her lap met his she grimaced and stopped. She looked... determined. Sure enough she began to ride up and down on him carefully wincing as she did it. Her round perky tits rocked up and down with her movements. His eyes slid downwards. When she saw him look at their intersection she smiled, spread her legs and cocked her hips forward so he could see better. He watched the tight lips of her bald pussy flex and pucker each time his cock slid in and out of the straining ring of her ass. She answered his question before he could ask it.

Sneha:""Yes it feels better than yesterday already Rahul. I think I like anal. Well with you I like everything". She whispered.

He felt his shaft lurch in response. She shifted her body to one side to free up an arm. She brought a hand down to play at her clit swirling it around the hardened bud in a way that made her pant. Unfortunately for Rahul, he was learning that there is simply no better way to wake up in the morning than having your beautiful sister fuck herself in the ass with your dick. Rahul went from asleep to ready to cum in less than two minutes. He managed to gasp his short warning "Sneha!" It was the best he could manage under the circumstances. He exploded as Sneha worked at herself furiously trying to catch up to her brother. She failed. His softening shaft slid from her ass before she could get herself off.

Sneha:"Wow! It really must feel good in my butt huh"? she smirked down at him.

Rahul:"Trust me you have no idea".

Sneha:"Rahul there is something I must confess now. I love you and not just because of the great sex we had".

Rahul:"I love you too Sneha and realized it yesterday when we were away for a few hours during exams". He said that and hugged her tightly. They remain embraced for a few minutes. Sneha was the first to break out.

Sneha:"Rahul we have to be extra careful from now on. If mom or dad or anyone else will know about our relationship then the consequences will be horrendous for both of us".

Rahul:"I know Sneha and don't worry. I'll try my best to make sure that I never do anything or give any signals that will make others suspect us".

Sneha:"We can make this work Rahul. We live in the same room and all of them sleep like dead in the middle of the night. Still we have to be careful. One wrong move and everything will end".

Rahul:"Don't worry Sneha everything will work out. I promise you that". He said that and they started kissing again but both of them knew that time was running out and their parents and grandfather can arrive anytime now. So this time Rahul went in their bath and Sneha in their parents bath to freshen up. Afterwords they tidied up the house a little and ate their breakfast. Sneha started making the lunch after that and even Rahul helped her out. An hour after they prepared the food, finally they arrived back but there was one surprise for them. When they opened the door only their father were standing there........
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