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Amisha Patel Sex Story
05-10-2012, 09:03 PM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2012 09:05 PM by Sex-Stories.)
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Amisha Patel Sex Story
Asha Patel was 40 years old. She belonged to a middle class family. Her huband amit was struggling engineer, he left them & went to abroad forever . She had an early marriage and had two children from her marriage, 25 year old daughter Ameesha and 22 year old son Ashmit. They lived in a small 1 br flat in Mumbai.

Asha was not very educated. She came from a very modest background. After her husbands left them, Asha did not find it difficult to get on with life as her husband had made the house in her named and had left some money in her name.

Her children were not smart either. Her daughter dropped out of school early and managed household chores. Asha and Ameesha, earned some extra money doing some tailoring work at home.

Though Asha was 40 and a mother of 2, she didnt look a day older than 35. She was fair and had good figure. Big 40c breasts, curvey waists with folds on her waist and big buttocks. She had big areolas and almost 1 inch long thick nipples. She was very clean and kept her armpit and cunt hairs shaved or trimmed. She used to wear saaris at home and was very casual at home, not wearing bra most of the time. She never wore colorful saaris after her husband seprated. Moslty she wore light yellow, blue saaris.

She was a very modest and orthodox woman. She didn't have very high urges for sex. Even when her husband was with her, she thought of sex as only to give birth to children. However, after her husbands left her, she was feeling lonely and at some times, she yearned for a
male body. She started playing with herself whenever her kids were not at home. She missed her husbands mouth chewing on her hard
long nipples.

Her daughter, though not smart, was sexy and extremely hot. She had a very good figure and her breasts were a good 34c size. They
were very firm and untouched by men. She was fair, and staying at home had put on some nice folds, though not as big as her mothers. She had ample lips and sexy buttocks. However, she was a novice in sex, like a teenager. But she did love to play with
herself, but feared to do something with men for fear of consequences. She used to enjoy looking at men peeing on the road sides.

Her brother, Ashmit had attained puberty a year back when he was 21 and was getting to know about life from his friends and others
around him. He feared his father very much but after his father's left them he became more carefree and stopped going to school and
used to ogle at women sitting at bus stops. His mother gave him some pocket money which he used for seeing blue films and buying
dirty hindi story books....

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05-10-2012, 09:04 PM
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RE: Ameesha Patel Sex Story
There were days when he used to masturbate 6 times a day and be still horny. His lust was always unfulfilled.
He was not happy with just the books and wanted something more.

He used to go to the terrace and peek at women changing dresses. He had seen a few women in the opposite building naked. He used to specially wake up at 4.30 in the morning when a woman opposite to his building, who had early shift used to change her dress after
bath. He used to take off all his clothes and walk around naked in the darkness. He likes the feel of cold air on his hard dick.

His cock had grown from a 3 inches 2 years back to almost 5 to 6 inches and had the thickness of a normal man's cock. He loved rubbing his cocks tip with his underwear’s elastic. After he finished his morning endeavors, he wore his clothes and came back home opening the door with the key. He told his mom and sis that he went for morning exercises. After he returned, he used to do his
morning chores and go out of the house to see more women.

One day, when he returned home after his morning adventures, he didnt cum as he usually does. He was still hard and was in the hall
with his hand inside his shorts. His mother and sister were sleeping in the other room, and he just glanced at the door to make sure they
were asleep. He found that the door was open and his mom who usually wakes up in the morning to prepare breakfast and tea, did not wake up that day. She had overslept.

He got up from his seat and decided to wake her up. He ( ) moved to the room and was shocked to see something. His mom was sleeping on the cott and his sister on the floor. They both had their knees raised up and their dress had fallen down to their knees. He was aroused and at the same time had a feeling of guilt. He left the room immediately and went to the hall. From there he shouted

"Maa, bhook lagi hai, chai dena"

His mother woke up. And made him tea and chappati. She asked him

"Itne jaldi uthkar kaha jaata hai rooz. Kaam dhaam to kuchh karta nahi bekar mai ghoomta rahata hai"

Ashmit was used to this. His mother used to scold him daily for dropping out of College and not doing any work at home. But today, his mind was not in its place. His mother was doing some work and talking to him without looking at him. He was just looking at her body
all over. His boyish body was unknown to such excitement ever. He tried to control his feelings and avoided his mom and went to the toilet and shagged off. He concentrated very hard not to think about his mom and sis while doing it. He succeeded, atleast for today.

After shagging, he had bath and left for his daily routine of idle wandering.

He went to the bus stop and looked at the women going to
work, all dressed up. Some wearing transparent blouse with contrast bras. He was getting hard again. He walked some distance
and found a small road side book shop. The hawker recognized him and said

"Kya beta, aa gaye subah subah hi? Aaj kya lega? Koyi nayi cheez du kya? Mere paas CDs bhi hai."

Ashmit had only 15 rs with him. Also he didnt have a CD player to play the movies on.
He could buy only one book with that money. He said

"Theek hai, yeh lo paise koyi nayi waali book do, jo padi nahi ho "

The hawker took the money and gave him a book in a black plastic cover. Ashmit went behind the stall and put it in his underwear
and just walked away.
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05-10-2012, 09:04 PM
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RE: Ameesha Patel Sex Story
Ashmit was eager to see what the story in the book would be. He had read many stories in the last year. All kinds of stories. But today he wanted something different. His mind was filled with images of his mom and sis in between and he used to concentrate to get rid of those images. His pace picked up and as he reached his building, he rushed to the terrace where there was a small corner which no one used to visit. He took out the book from his pants and tore off the black plastic cover. He was happy to see a horny woman on the cover with her fingers pinching her nipples. He was immediately hard and his underwear started getting wet with pre cum.

He turned the pages and went straight to the index page as he usually used to, to see the story headings. He was shell shocked to see
the story headings. There were few stories in the book with titles like these

"Maa ki chudayi bete se"
"Behan bhai ka sex khel"
"Behan ka bhai se balatkar"

He could not believe his eyes. Was it a coincidence that he got hold of this book right on the day when he saw his mom and sis in that position? His hands were trembling and he didn't know what to do. All this while he had only read stories of cheating housewife or college girls or office sex or sex with maid. He was confused if he should open the book or just throw it away. He knew that opening the book will change his life for ever. He thought to himself

"Dekhte hai, padne mai to koyi burayi nahi hai na, sirf padunga aur kuchh nahi"

He turned the pages and started reading the stories. As he flipped the pages with one hand, his other hand automatically went to his dick and he started playing with his cock. He read all the stories..of incestuous sex...between mom son ...bro sister and others. He could not hold it any longer and he came in his pants itself. His underwear and his tiny pubic hair were soaked in his loads of semen.

Just then, he heard a sound.

"Ashmit, kaha hai tu, jaldi aa ghar mai maa bula rahi hai"

It was his sister Ameesha. They never bothered to see what Ashmit was doing whole day but knew where he might be at what time. Ashmit hid the book somewhere in the corner and ran to Ameesha. He asked her

"Kya baat hai? Itni kya jaldi hai? Chilla kyun rahi hai ?"

She said
"Arre maa kuchh khaane laayi hai bazar se, tujhe diye bagair kabhi khaya hai hum logo ne?"

Ashmit was happy. But at the same time he was staring at his sister. She was looking very luscious. She was wearing a very thin yellow saari of low quality. She never wore good clothes at home. Infact, her blouse stiches had come off from the side. Her black bra was clearly visible. He stared at her and looked at her waist. She started going down the stairs. With every step she took down, her breasts
were bouncing like rubber balls. Ashmit's cock started to rise again in his messy underwear. His guilt feeling was giving way to a feeling
of lust. He wanted to see more.

After all he thought there is nothing wrong in just seeing.

Next morning, he woke up at 4.30 and instead of going to the terrace, he removed his underwear and wore only his shorts and tshirt and went to the hall. He put on the lights and waited for sometime. After that he moved to edge of the door of the bedroom. Halls light was creeping through to the bedroom also. Ameesha was wearing a nighty, a short one to her knees. Asha was wearing a light blue saari
and was not wearing any bra.

He waited for something to happen. He was looking from the edge lustily at his own mother and sister. Their fleshy juicy bodies was
getting him a tent in his shorts. His mother's pallu had fallen of and her breasts were falling sideways in her blouse. He knew that both
were heavy sleepers and wont get up till someone really shouts. He switched off the fan in the bedroom, thinking that this will make them move around.

His plan suceeded. His mom started tossing and turning and in that her saaari started moving up. His sister just raised her knees and
her short nighty fell to her waist. Ashmit had seen many nude photos in the books. But this was nothing like that. This was real. His sisters creamy white thighs and her pussy covered in a cheap panty, made him go wild. In that time, she spread her legs wider to get some air. That was the view of his life. He moved in slowly tip toeing and kneeled down and went close to her pussy. He wanted to touch her thighs but he didnt. He saw the shape of her fluffy pussy in her panty. Just then his mom moved and he ran out of the room scared.

In two minutes he went back and saw that his moms saari had fallen off completely till her waist. To his luck, and excitement, she had removed her panty which was lying down at the rooms corner. Though he had seen many cunts in photos, this was different. It was dark and hence not clear. He thought of an idea. He got a pencil torch and came back and went near her and pointed it to her cunt.
His cock started oooozing pre cumm looking at the site of his mother clean shaven cunt and her marble like hugh thighs. His hands almost jumped to the cunt before he came to senses and just pulled his shorts down and jacked off...In just two strokes, his semen jumped all over the flooor below the bed. Load after load of boyish cumm came out of his cock. His body was shaking wildly from head to toe. His thought of just seeing, had gone awfully wrong. And suddenly he realized what he had just done. He had shagged off looking at his own moms cunt and his sisters body.

But he was not feeling guilty any more. He took a cloth and cleaned the floor and went to the terrace. When he came back, his mom and sis were doing the daily chores.
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05-10-2012, 09:07 PM
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RE: Amisha Patel Sex Story
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05-10-2012, 09:07 PM
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RE: Amisha Patel Sex Story
He behaved as though nothing had happened. He had made up his mind. Instead of wasting
so much money on books, he can have live view of two sexy women, right at home.
His life had changed completely in a matter of one day. His thoughts about his mother and sister had changed. Now, he stopped going out of the house. He spent most of the time at home, looking at his sex objects and steal a glance of their luscious bodies. He started
helping them out in house works. He started to feel and smell their bra and panty. His perverted mind was getting more perverted
every day. He even had the guts to stroke his cock over his shorts when his mom and sis were working in the hall, looking at them.
They used to sometimes change their outer clothes ...saaris or kameez in front of him...showing him their bra clad chests.....partially covered with their saari or some other clothe.

Just looking at them partially was not making him happy. He wanted to see them naked. Not even a shred of cloth on their body. One day, his mother had gone out to the market to buy threads and needles for their tailoring job. Ameesha was alone at home. She came to
the hall and said

"Ashmit, tu bahar mat jaana mai nahane jaa rahi hu, maa aayegi to darawaza khol dena"

Ashmit said

"Arre maa to dair se aayegi, tu jaldi se aa jaa mai nahi ruk saktaa"

"Nahi mujhe dair lagegi, aaj baal dhone hai shampoo se aur kapade bhi hai, bell bajegi to sunayi bhi nahi dega "

"Theek hai tu jaakar naha le mai ruk jaata hu"

Suddenly a wave of electric current rushed through Ashmit's body. He thought

"Aaaj to kaise bhi isko nangi dekhunga mai. maa bhi nahi hai ghar par "

As Ameesha was going to the bathroom, he shouted,

"Didi ruko, mujhe peshab karna hai, 2 minute mai aata hu "

Ameesha said
"Theek hai mai tab tak balcony se kapade nikal deti hu, kal se tange hue hai"

Ashmit rushed to the toilet, he took a screw driver and managed to get a one cm hole on the thin low quality door. He was praying
that his sister didn't notice it. He looked from outside if he can see all the corners. When satisfied he came out without looking
at his sister and started watching TV.

As soon as he heard the bathroom door being locked, he ran to the door and slowly bent down and started looking through the hole.
Ameesha was not too smart and didnt even notice that. She kept her towel on the bar and started sorting the clothes in the bucket. She put
some powder in the bucket and filled it with water and started mixing the clothes. She was wearing the yellow saari with the torn blouse.
Her black bra was visible from her blouse and her breast shape showed up clearly.

While she was moving her hands in the bucket, her breasts were jumping up and down. Ashmit's started stroking his cock in anticipation. He didn't want to miss even a second of this. But he ran to the main door and locked it from inside. And them came back.

After mixing the clothes, Ameesha stood up and pulled up her saari and peticoat and pulled down her panty and put that too in the bucket.
Ashmit was already going mad seeing her thighs for a split second.

She then took off her saari and soaked it in the bucket. Ashmit could cleary see from her side that she had removed her panty as the peticote knot was having a split. Her bear skin there made Ashmit crazy. He took off his shorts and underwear and stood there in his tshirt playing with his throbbing dick. Ameesha, took off her blouse and they she was just in her peticoat and bra. She soaked the blouse and removed her bra. Ashmit saw his sister's big juicy firm bra and her tight brownish nipples and his cock spurted out one load of pre cum. He grabbed the loweber part of his cock to stop himself from cumming. He wanted to enjoy this show till the end.

Finally, Ameesha untied her peticote and let it drop to the floor. There she was. His own sister, fully nude. Her juicy buttocks...her juicy cunt
tringle deep withing her thighs. He felt like kicking open the door and start playing with her.She sat down and started to take out one cloth out at a time and brush it and wash it, fully naked. Her fleshy butts and boobs were jiggling all over. Fortunately for him, she was facing the door and he could see her cunt split. Her cunt was covered with flesh as she was a virgin and not been explored. Her clits were not visible.

He was playing hard with his cock now. Suddenly she stopped washing the clothes. She moved the bucket and clothes aside. And what
he saw was amazing. He sister started peeing right there. She didn't even bother to go to the commod. Ameesha spread her legs a little and peed. He was mesmerized by the sight of water coming out of her tiny chuth.

She finished and then washed her pussy with a few mugs of water. She then poured two buckets of water to clean the floor. And then, she started washinhg the clothes again. After finishing her washing, she started to have her bath. She washed her hair with shampoo
and then washed all her parts with soap. Ashmit almost came when she applied soap to her pussy and between her ass.

After 10 minutes she finished her bath and took the towel to dry herself. She made sure to dry her cunt and ass cheeks. Ashmit was
enjoying every moment of this lust show. In all this madness, he forgot that though he had closed the main door, he forgot to close the small window from where anyone can see him directly. He wanted to cum before his sister wore her bra and panty.

At this point his mother, Asha walked into the corridor outside the house. She was about to press the bell when she was shocked to see her only son standing in front of the bathroom looking into a hole playing with his cock. She squinted her eyes to confirm what she saw.
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