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Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
09-20-2012, 06:05 PM (This post was last modified: 09-20-2012 06:05 PM by Sex-Stories.)
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Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
I stood silently next to the limousine and waited
nervously for her to appear. She had just finished one
of her concerts and was getting changed in her dressing
room. My cock was already hardening thinking of her
tight little body, her firm breasts, her lovely face and
her luscious, red pouty lips. I have dreamed of her sexy
body ever since I saw her in her first movie ''Ab ke baras'', dancing
and showing off her 'ass'-et.

Ever since then, I knew I was destined to ram my thick
tool into her tight little cunt.

Suddenly, an uproar of fans screaming snapped me out of
my stupor as I saw amrita rao walking out the backstage
door. My cock got even thicker thinking of
those bouncing little girls, but that was to be saved
for another day. I saw her approach the limo door when
one of the few guy fans broke through the line. Before
he even got a glimpse of her perfect, hard body, I
grabbed him by his neck and threw him head first into
the side of the building.

They are going to be scraping his brains off the walls,
I smirked to myself. I held open the door for her and
she quickly waved at her fans, and entered the limo. The
bodyguards that the producer provided for the actress saw
us off safely. I smiled as I thought of what this night
held for me, and for the little bitch in the backseat. I
got onto the road and started back to the hotel that
they had provided for her.

"Have a goodnight tonight amrita ji?" I said trying to
make small talk.

"Wha...? What? Did you say something??" She said in a
snotty tone.

"Never mind amrita ji, I don't mean to bother y..."

"Well you DID! And if you MUST know, no, I didn't have a
goodnight! Some asshole threw his key at me! If I ever
find who it was, I will have him hurt very badly!"

"I am sorry to hear that amrita ji ."

"Fuck you! I just roll up the divider and don't talk to
me!! Where the hell's my water?!"

"I'm very sorry amrita ji... I don't mean to intrude...
your water is in the mini-fridge."

"They call this service?! When my manager hears about
this... Is this the ONLY water they had?? I can't drink
this SHIT!!"

"amrita ji, please calm down, that was the only water
that the stores had left, I will personally go tomorrow
and get what you requested. But I am sure that you will
enjoy that water for tonight..."

"I damn well better!!" Little did she know that it was
my own little mixture that I had put into the water
bottle. She huffed one more time, cracked the cap and
took a long pull on the bottle. That's right bitch...
drink all of the water. I looked in the rear-view and
saw her starting to get drowsy.

"Hey, you, you up there... what's your name?"

"My name amrita ji? It's sam."

"Well sam, I'm a little pooped, wake me up when we get
to the hotel."

"Sure thing you cute piece of ass."

"What?? Wha di yuuu ssaaaa..." With that she drifted off
as the drug ran its course through her.

I laughed excitedly as I pulled off the highway and onto
a dirt road. No one knew of this, and no one was around
for a good 50 miles. A perfect little getaway for my
little prize. I got out and hid the limo as well as I
could, not that anyone would be coming out around here,
it was my private property.

its 250 square miles land, and no
neighbors to bother me. I pulled the still unconscious
bitch out of the back and brought her into the house. I
locked the door, and turned on the in home security
unit. I specially designed it so that no one could get
in when it was on, but more importantly, no one could
get out without knowing the code. All the windows were
reinforced double pane bulletproof glass that was
unbreakable by normal means, the doors were a steel
titanium alloy that would take an anti-tank missile
before giving way.

Having a shit load of money and a whole lot of time was
a good thing. He slapped the little bitch to wake her
up. She groaned and just rolled on the floor. This time
he gave her a sharp kick in her stomach. She snapped up
quickly as she tried to intake a breath. The pain that
she felt was obvious on her face.

She quickly realized that she was not in her room.

"When they find out that I am not..." I quickly gave her
backhand across her face.

"You shut the fuck up you little bitch, you are mine
now. There is no escape, there is no help. You are 100
miles from the closest person, and NO ONE can hear you.
See those windows?"

I took out my Glock and shot three shots into the
window. She screamed loudly as the bullets impacted the
windows, barely leaving a mark. "And as you can see, the
windows are unbreakable. The doors are locked, and there
is NO other way out of here except through the front
door, and only I have the code." I put the gun down on
the counter and faced her. I could see in her face that
she was scared, and I could also see that she understood
her situation, it was hopeless for her.

"Do as I say you little cunt, and you may get out of
this alive. You determine how I treat you. Now, would
you like any aspirin for the pain?" I turned around to
head into the kitchen. I went to the cabinet where I
kept all the painkillers when I heard a gentle click. I
smiled to myself; I knew she would go for the gun. I
turned around slowly and came face to face with my own

"Now you listen to me ASSHOLE!" The gun was shaking and
I could tell that she had never held one in her life.
"If you don't get me out of here, I am going to blow
your head off!!"

"You would never get out of this house. All the phones
have a 10-digit access code; there is NO other way out
of here. So if you shoot me, you die in here, a slow
grueling death of starvation. Do you want that?"


"Then shoot me..." I grinned at her maliciously. She
pushed the gun against my head and pulled the trigger. I
felt the bullet enter through the bottom of my jaw and
exit the top of my head. The Glock pulled me off my feet
and threw me against the counter. I kept my head down to
give her a sense of false security. When I heard the gun
clack to the floor, I snapped my head up and glared at
her. She screamed in surprise and horror.

"That's going to cost you, you little slut!"

"But... but... but... I... I shot... I shot..."

"You shot me?" I healed up quickly as she looked at me.

"You did. HAHAHAHA! Poor little amrita rao doesn't know
what she has gotten herself into." I could tell that I
had broken her spirit. She sank to her knees and started
to cry, she had truly given up.

"Let me show you my little play room." I grabbed her
hair and dragged her out of the kitchen and into the
bedroom. I decided it was time to show her my true form.
The tiny form that I hid in opened up letting out my
body from the cramped confinement. I stretched out my
arms and legs, letting my muscles ripple out the their
proper shape, my cock grew to its proper length. I saw
her eyes grow as she looked at my enormous form. At 15
feet, my head nearly scraped the ceiling, at 20 inches
soft, my enormous dick hung to my knees.

"Time to pay your dues you little slut! That little
stunt you pulled in the kitchen is going to cost you
dearly!!" I grabbed amrita rao by her tiny throat as my tongue
snaked out. I brought her near me and ripped off her
clothing. She had on only a tank tee and a pair of
shorts. I discovered that she had decided not to wear a
bra that night. The nipples on her perky breasts
tightened as they were exposed to the cool air in the

I stared at amrita rao's naked body, drinking up the vision of
her loveliness. I extend my tongue and licked her
breasts, letting my tongue curl around her tits,
squeezing them and licking her nipples with the tip. She
groaned slowly against her will as her sex started to
tingle from my playful tongue. I could smell her pussy
starting to get wet, even though she was protesting
loudly for me to stop. I took my other hand and slowly
pulled of her G-string panties.

By this time my tongue had left slick saliva trails all
over her pert breasts. I unraveled my tongue from her
tits and traveled down to her sex.

"Please... Please don't... don't do this... I can... I
can pay you... I can pay you any amount of money you
want..." Tears were rolling down her cheeks as my tongue
made it's way to her pussy lips.

"You only have your pussy to offer me, money is no
interest to me, and I have more than you could ever
offer." I glanced down at amrita rao's struggling body and
noticed there was no hair on her tan little twat.

"Shave for me did you? HA HA HA!" My tongue circled
around her pussy lips, flicking against them, teasing
her. I roughly dragged it against her clit and made her
shiver unwillingly. I let my tongue enter her pussy
slowly, letting just the tip in, then more, and more and
more, as the thicker parts of my tongue entered her, she
started to scream even more little by little.

By the time I had most of my tongue into her tight
little twat, I had her held over my mouth, her legs
dangling to either side of my shoulders. The thickest
part of my tongue was at least 4 inches in diameter. I
couldn't talk, but I could project my thoughts into her
as I thrust my tongue in and out of her tight little

Your pussy muscles are a little loose my lovely amrita... have
you been fucking some of your loyal fans?? All she could
do was scream and groan in ecstasy and agony. I could
feel my tongue slid all the way into her pussy, and then
push past her cervix into her womb.


I felt amrita rao's pussy muscles contract furiously around my
tongue as she began to cum. Her pussy juices exploded
out around the tight seal that my tongue's thickness
made around her pussy. Her love juices traveled down my
tongue into my waiting mouth as I continued to slide my
tongue in and out of her tight little love hole.

amrita rao screamed in fear and pleasure as her body was racked
with another orgasm, and another jet of pussy cream
sprayed from her beautiful little twat. I slowly started
to pull my tongue out, making sure it scraped against
her clit, right as the tip of my tongue exited, I hit
her clit once more, making her pussy explode as she came

"You little whore!! You like being raped like this don't
you!! Tell me what you want you little slut!! Beg for

"Fuck me with your cock!"

"Louder you little cock sucker!! Louder so I can hear


"That's a good little cock sucker! I'm going to make you
feel like your having a baby backwards! But first...
suck my cock with your sweet little mouth!!"

I dropped amrita rao down to the ground and she quickly
scrambled up to her knees and cooed against my cock
head. She began by licking around the crown, flicking
her tongue against the sensitive spots. A truly
experienced cocksucker indeed! She slowly kissed and
licked my cock all the way to my balls, licking and
sucking on my sac. One of her fists clenched was smaller
than one of my balls, but she tried to take it into her
mouth anyways.

"Take my cock into your mouth my little cock sucking
amrita!" She made her way slowly down to the tip of my
dick and opened up her lovely mouth to take in my cock.
Like she did in short kut movie, she was able
to open her mouth enough to take in the tip of my cock,
which was extraordinary enough. I slowly let her get
used to my size, and then slowly I started to push my
dick deeper into her mouth. Her tiny tongue scraped
against the base of my cock as I pushed in deeper, past
her mouth, to her tonsils.

I paused for a second, and told her to take a deep
breath, and then I pushed in cock even further. I passed
her tonsils and started my trek down her tiny throat. I
could see her neck bulge as my cock began to head down
her throat, I was surprised that she didn't gag and
guessed this was not her first time taking a cock down
her throat. I wondered how many cocks she has sucked in
her life.

Without my saying so, amrita rao started to hum as my cock went
further down her throat. I could feel the vibrations
through the base of my cock, and I was ready to lose it
in her throat.

"That's it my little cock slut, give me a hummer of a
life time! Suck me off!! SUCK IT! YES MY LITTLE COCK
WHORE!! SUCK MY COCK!!" My cock had thickened to its
full 40 inches, and she was taking in a little more than
a foot of it. I picked her up gently and turned her
around so that her pussy was level with my chest. I
licked one of my fingers and started to push against her
even tighter little brown asshole, and she squealed as
she clenched it up.

"So!! There is still one place that you are a virgin!
Good my little cock slut!! I will break you in yet!!" I
decided to hold off from her asshole, for now.

"Suck my cock you little slut! Make me cum! MAKE ME
CUM!! NOW!!" amrita rao began suck more, as much as she could,
and hit one of her high notes. That was enough; I
released the load I had saved up in my balls. Her eyes
widened as I realized my load directly into her stomach,
I slowly pulled out my cock as I emptied my balls into
her throat and stomach. Each blast released a quart of
cum into her tight little body.

I pulled out as another load jetted out and blasted her
face and mouth. She squealed in delight as the cum ran
into her mouth and left a tangy taste on her tongue. The
next blast shot into her eyes and up her nose, which
made her flinch and snort at the same time. She ran her
hands up and down my cock as I continued to cum onto her
face and in her hair. By the 12th spurt, her entire head
looked like a cumsicle. She ran her hands through the
cum, scooping up as much cum as she could and sucked it
into her mouth.


Not needing any more motivation, I flipped amrita rao around
until she was facing me. I picked her up and slowly
started to place her cunt against my huge cock head. My
cum slick prick helped lubricate her entrance hole so
that it could fit into her comparatively tiny cunt. I
slowly pushed into her until the head popped in past her
outer lips.

The grimace on her face turned into a scream of pain as
her pussy was already stretched to the breaking point. I
looked at her and smiled, and with one thrust, I pulled
her down halfway onto my cock, and thrust up at the same
time. The shriek that expelled from her lungs filled my
ears with delight as my cock broke her pussy and cervix.

With no mercy, I began to thrust her up and down on my
cock, 20 inches of it pushing into her body. In between
thrusts, she gasped for air. I could feel my cock head
push up against the back of her womb, and bust through
to the bottom of her diaphragm. She was
hyperventilating, crying, and cumming all at the same
time. I could feel her cunt muscles flexing around my
15-inch diameter cock. I could also see my cock ruining
her tight little body, and her tight little stomach. I
took one of my hands and pushed against her stomach,
feeling my cock sliding in and out as she tried to

Even though amrita couldn't get any air, her body reacted
to the onslaught and came even harder, her pussy
tightening around my cock like a vice gripe. I slapped
her ass as hard as I could, still fucking into her now
ruined pussy.

She came even harder as I continued to hit her ass.

"Hit... Uugh... Me... agh... Babe... Eeeeeee... On
mo...... Ahhhh..... Re...... Aaarrg... TIME!" With that
she came the hardest she ever did in her entire life,
and I came with a howl. I started to empty my balls
again into her, this time, I began to fill her in her
stomach from the inside, pumping my spunk below her
diaphragm, filling her up, her womb, and then her pussy
until my cum mixed with her spunk squirted out between
the tight seal of her cunt and my cock.

With 10 spurts I emptied my balls into amrita rao's pussy, letting the
cum fill her up until her stomach bulged out like a
woman 9 months pregnant. I slowly pulled out, making her
cum one more time, and with a loud plop, my cock pulled
out of her, my cum leaking form her pussy like a
fountain. I let her drop to cum slick floor, letting her
trying to catch her breath.

I could see blood running out of her and decided I
couldn't have her dying on me yet, so with a little line
of energy, I healed her internal wounds. I took a few
seconds to let my balls fill with cum again, and picked
her up, this time facing away from me.

"Time to pay for shooting me my dear. There will be no
lube this time, and you will finally be a virgin no
more!!" She grimaced in horror as she realized what I
was planning on doing.

"Please... please... anything... anywhere but there!!"

"I told you... I told you, you would pay!" With that, I
dried off my cock, and grabbed her before she could
scramble away; I put my cock at the entrance to her tiny
little asshole and with one final plea from her, I
pushed my cock into her. The scream that she emitted
could have frozen blood. Her asshole unwillingly gave
way to the invading intruder, her sphincter ripping as
the cock pushed unlubricated into her ass.

AAARRGGGH!" I continued to pump my cock into her tight
little shit tube as hard as I could, and pushed the
entirety of my 40 inches into amrita rao's asshole. It broke
through her intestines and up through her back. Her neck
snapped straight as the cock pushed through her like a
steel rod. She screamed in pain once more and went limp
from the shock.

I continued to pump into her and with one more howl; I
pumped my demon seed into her nice tight ass. I filled
her up with my spunk, and with one more spurt, I let her
drop. The little bitch had passed out from the pain, so
I decided to let her lie there and regain some energy. I
healed her quickly and left to go out and get something
to eat after all that fucking. She is going to be fun, I
thought. That is until I tire of her and kill her.

But I have so much more planned for this little bitch.
Maybe I will let her live a little while longer. I
grinned to myself. This was going to be a good year.


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09-20-2012, 06:06 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
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09-20-2012, 06:06 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
Day 1

“Hello ladies,” I annonced after the four female participants arrived. “Welcome to a very special All-Slut Fear Factor! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get started here. However, first we need you to tell us who you are and why you’re here, so, celina jaitley start us off would you?” celina jaitley was bollywood slut and have horny look.

“Hey sam, I’m celina jaitley . I’m here because my fan think I’m too tame to be a real slut, and I want to try and prove them wrong!” The next girl in line was a hot genelia with a sweet overall figure.

“I’m genelia . I’m here because I love the show and because this episode sounds extremely wild! I’m ready to do anything, anything at all.” All i could do was grin: It was a good time to be the host of “Fear Factor.” The third girl was a smaller innocent look, but very pretty.

“Hey guys, I’m Amrita rao. I’m here to see if I can overcome some of my fears and be able to really let go for once. And even if I lose, I think it’s a great experience that every girl should go through once.” Finally, the last girl was a fiery redhead.

“I’m asin. I’m a fierce competitor and you girls are all going down!” i nodded my head knowingly – there was one like this in every group.

“Alright, well the four of you have been brought here to stare your sexual fears in the eye as you compete for 50000000 rs. The three stunts this week will not only test you physically, but mentally as well. If you’re too afraid to attempt one of these sexual acts, you’ll be eliminated. If you fail to complete any of them well enough, you’re gone. Only one of you can be “Fear Factor” Champion. Now, ready to hear about your first stunt?” The girls all nodded. “Alright,” Im continued, “this is your first stunt. As you recall, we asked each of you to drink a two-liter bottle of water a few hours ago. So, as you might have guessed, you’re each going to do some peeing for us today. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You’ll each need to remove all your clothes, then squat down and urinate into this large funnel right here. Below the funnel we have a jar for each of you with a line that represents the amount of urine you’ll need to produce for us. Whichever three of you reach that line first will advance to tomorrow’s stunt. But there’s still one more factor.” Right then, the walls in front of the funnel parted, revealing a large group of people.

“Oh my God,” said celina jaitley. im cheerfully continued explaining.

“This here will be your audience, 25 men and 25 women. They have been asked to watch closely as each you each take turns relieving yourselves. Now we’ve randomly selected who will go first and genelia, you’re lucky number one.” genelia smiled as she followed me to the funnel. amrita rao looked horrified as she scanned the audience. At the funnel, i had a few more words with genelia.

“So, genelia, are you ready to do this? Have you done anything like this before?”

“Actually,” she answered, “to prepare for this show I had my sister and best friend watch me get naked and then pee while on the toilet, but, obviously this will be a little different!”

“You’re pretty confident about this stunt though, right?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.”

“Alright, your time will start as soon as all your clothes are off,” i explained. “Good luck.” im went back and stood by the other three while genelia disrobed. “What do you ladies think? You think genelia can do this?”

“I think she’ll do well,” celina jaitley answered. “She sounds like she isn’t going to let anything stop her.”

“Whatever,” said asin, “I’ll beat her time.” amrita rao was speechless. Once genelia was nude, everyone naturally stared at her. She had a nice body – symmetric and well proportioned. She caused quite a few cheers to sound from the audience, as she stood by the funnel, ready for my signal.

“Alright genelia, are you ready?”

“Ready, sam!”

“In 3, 2, 1, go!” genelia squatted down by the huge funnel as the time started. She spread her pussy-lips and began pissing right away. A clear, smooth stream issued forth from her, right into the center of the funnel. The crowd of spectators didn’t seem to bother her. She even seemed a bit turned on by it all. She moved her hips slightly and shut her eyes, giving herself to the moment. “Wow,” i said.

“Jeez, she’s good,” said amrita rao worriedly. Even asin was silent. When genelia had peed the required amount, i had stopped the clock.

“Time! 18 seconds! Very nice job, genelia!” amrita rao groaned while the crowd applauded. After putting on a robe, genelia rejoined the group.

“What a rush!” she said, “God, I’m so horny now!”

“Well believe me, you’re not the only one,” im replied with a laugh. “You set the bar extremely high. Now we’ll see what celina jaitley can do. Let’s go.” celina jaitley followed me to where genelia was standing a moment ago. “It’s a tough act to follow, but are you ready?”

“I’ll do my best,” said celina jaitley. While the crowd looked on, celina jaitley took off all her clothes. Her breasts were medium sized, but have prominent erect nipple. There were quite a few approving whistles for her. i had started her off and she squatted down, opening her cunt. Quite a few seconds passed before she managed to start peeing. She splashed a bit, then settled down, but she clearly wasn’t going to do as well as genelia had done. When the jar was properly full, i had called out her time.

“27 seconds!” amrita rao was getting more and more nervous. If asin was worried, you sure couldn’t tell. “You did it, nice going,” i said, shaking her hand. “I had a little stage fright at the start there,” she described, “but it felt great when I finally started spraying.”

“Well, genelia automatically moves on to the next round and we’ll have to see if celina jaitley’s time holds up. amrita, you’re number three,” i said. amrita rao stepped forward, her heart beating like crazy. She forced her fingers to undo her blouse, trying to ignore the audience. She wasn’t ready to take the walk of shame just yet. There was no way she would be backing down. She pulled her panties off and stood naked, focusing on the funnel. Since her body wasn’t quite as good as genelia and celina jaitley, there weren’t as many sounds from the crowd. She listened for my voice. When she heard it, she hunched down and readied herself, showing the audience her pink. She closed her eyes. Seconds passed. She still wasn’t going. A few whispers went through the audience. One man yelled out to her.

“Come on Honey, don’t be shy!” A few people laughed. i realized that he was needed.

“Come on, amrita, you can do this! Just relax!”

“amrita, look at all these people!” asin called out, trying to psyche amrita rao out.

“Relax, amrita,” im continued. “Just let it go!” She took a deep breath and finally started to pee. It was exhilarating. amrita rao never felt so alive. She was spreading her pussy and urinating for the whole world to see! She wanted to win this competition at all costs. Finally she heard my voice again.

“Time! 55 seconds!” She put on a robe and joined the others. “amrita, what happened there?”

“I don’t know. I just froze up a little I guess, but it was still very exciting!”

“Well you’ll have to hope that your time holds up. We have one more to go. Ready asin?”

“I was born ready, sam!” was her reply. asin started ripping her clothes off. amrita rao was making ready to leave. She assumed that she had no chance. i started asin off. She began squirting right away. She was so intense that she shot a big blast of urine past the funnel. amrita rao was kicking herself for hesitating earlier. She figured she wouldn’t ever be a proper slut. asin stopped peeing… but she hadn’t reached the line on the jar.

“asin, you don’t have enough in the jar! You have to keep going!” i called to her. amrita rao felt a spark of hope. asin went back down, trying desperately to squeeze out any more, but it wasn’t happening. asin was forced to give up and take the walk of shame. She didn’t even wait for a robe; she just walked away wearing nothing. “asin couldn’t get enough into the jar,” I explained, “so congratulations, ladies, you three advance to the next round. Let’s go see what’s in store for you.”

Day 2

Amrita rao walked with the other two contestants towards the next stunt. She couldn’t believe her luck in the last round. She knew she couldn’t afford any more slipups if she wanted to be a true slut and “Fear Factor” Champion. It was the second day so she assumed that they would each have to eat or drink something nasty. It wasn’t too hard to guess what it would be for this particular episode.

“Welcome, ladies, to Day 2,” I said. “You each managed to get past our little peeing stunt, thereby advancing to today. Are you ready for your next stunt?”

“Bring it on,” said genelia.

“Alright,” im continued, “open the doors, please.” A huge set of doors opened revealing a very unusual sight. There was a long row of cardboard about six or seven feet high with several holes in it. Filling each hole was an erect penis! About 20 men were standing behind the board with their penises poking through the holes.

“Nice,” said genelia, approvingly.

“Very,” celina jaitley agreed.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” I explained. “You’ll each pick a number out of this hat. The number on the slip of paper will represent the number of men you’ll have to choose from this group of guys. Once you’ve chosen from them, they’ll come out from behind the board. Now on each of their chests, there’s another number that represents the number of days since their last ejaculation. The higher the number is, the more semen is expected to be inside them. You’re going to have to hope for a low number because you’re going to be drinking some cum today!”

“I knew it,” celina jaitley said, not surprised. I went on.

“Now each of the men you end up choosing will masturbate while you stand naked in front of them in order to arouse them. When they’re ready, they’ll give a signal telling you to kneel down so you can take it in your mouths. You must swallow all the cum from all the men chosen for you or you will not advance to the final round. Now once again, we’ve randomly selected who will begin, and celina, it’s you this time.”

I held out the hat and celina jaitley picked a slip of paper. The paper had a 6 on it.

“Oh my God, are you kidding?” celina jaitley asked. I just shrugged innocently making genelia laugh. “Oh sure, laugh now. You’re next you know,” celina jaitley reminded her.

“I know,” genelia replied. “I’m not worried.” Amrita rao thought she sounded sincere too. celina jaitley went over to the line and chose the six penises that she’d be drinking the cum from. She gave each one a nice tug, causing a few reactions to issue from behind the board. The six chosen guys came out from behind the wall. They were naked except for masks that they each wore covering their faces. The numbers on their chests were 5, 1, 3, 8, 4, and 2.

“Oh my,” said genelia. “That 8 should make things interesting.” The men gathered around celina jaitley, eagerly ready to start stroking. Clearly celina jaitley was already turning them on with her large chest.

“Alright, celina,” I said. “You know what to do.” celina jaitley took a deep breath and, just like the day before, started taking off her clothes. The men started stroking as her skirt fell to the floor. They quickened their pace further when her huge breasts came into view. When she was completely nude once again, she put her hands behind her back and waited, giving them a full view of her body. After a short while, #3 stepped forward, indicating that he was ready to climax. celina jaitley fell to her knees before him and opened her mouth wide in front of his cock. He moaned and sent four or five cumshots onto celina jaitley’s tongue. She shook her head slightly and managed to swallow it down.

“Wow. I think she’s done this before,” I said to genelia.

“Well she has a long way to go,” genelia said. “I’m not so sure she’ll make it.” The next man came up, the one with the 8 on his chest. #8 started filling celina jaitley’s mouth with his cum. He just kept coming and coming. Amrita rao lost count how many times he shot off onto celina jaitley's tongue. When he finally stopped, celina jaitley tried to swallow his juice. Her mouth was nearly overflowing. After a few seconds she spit it out onto the floor. amrita rao’s heart sank. Clearly she was going to need a miracle to beat genelia.

“Oh no,” I sighed. “celina’s done for.” celina jaitley motioned for the other four men to finish on her face. “Gee, that’s nice of her. What a good loser.” The remaining four came on her face. celina jaitley put on her robe and came back to where I was standing, with the cum still on her face. “Well don’t you look pretty,” I told her.

“Thanks,” celina said. “Ugh, that second guy just had too much. But I had a great time, sam. I have no regrets.”

“Alright, well, we have to say goodbye to you for now. Thanks for being on the show.” I and celina jaitley shook hands and she walked off. “Okay, at this point celina’s eliminated unless one of you is unable to complete this stunt. amrita, you’re up next. You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Amrita rao replied. Seeing celina jaitley fail to complete the stunt worried her a little, but after managing to get through the first day, she wasn’t going to quit now. I held out the hat to her and she picked out a number.

“Oh thank God,” she said, relieved. The slip of paper showed a 3.

“Lucky again,” genelia said.Amrita rao quickly chose three men, touching a finger to each of their shafts. When they came around, she saw that their chests read 7, 1, and 2. Denise stared at the one with the 7 and bit her lip. He wasn’t going to be easy.

“Okay, amrita. You can do this. Go ahead,” I reassured her. She needed all the help she could get. She quickly took off her clothes. It was much easier this time. The three men stroked their cocks as they admired her nude form. Having the men masturbate to her this way excited her. She couldn’t help enjoying being the subject of their lust. #2 stepped forward, causing Amrita rao to snap out of her trance. As celina jaitley had done, she got down on her knees in front of him. He placed one hand on her head while jacking off into her mouth with the other. A hot, sticky jet of semen struck Amrita rao’s tongue, causing her to jerk her head back slightly, but she stayed focused and swallowed his cum. She heard my voice from far away.

“Nice job, amrita! Only two more!” Right after I spoke, #1 stepped forward. Amrita rao opened her mouth wide for him and easily swallowed his clear, mostly flavorless cum. She was in the zone. Nothing could stop her now. She finally started to feel like a true slut. She looked up and saw #7 slowly stroking his cock, looking directly into her eyes.

“Seven days, amrita,” genelia called out. “You’ll never swallow all he has stored up!”

“Come on, Amrita,” I countered. “Don’t be afraid of him! Come on, do what celina couldn’t!”

Finally #7 stepped forward, ready to feed amrita rao with his sperm. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes as he moaned loudly. Amrita rao felt the semen land thickly on her tongue one, two, three, four, five, six times! She quickly shut her mouth and instinctively held up her hands just in case. She swallowed some of it. It was gooey going down her throat but not too bad. She shook her head and swallowed the rest, raising her hands in triumph.

“Show me your tongue, amrita!” I called out. She showed me; it was clean. “Nice job! You move into the finals!” couldn’t believe her ears. Aside from some slight queasiness, she never felt so good. “Alright, Genelia, are you ready to do this thing?”

“I can’t wait,” she said simply. amrita rao was so happy that she had briefly forgotten about genelia. This competition was far from over as long as genelia was still around. The number genelia pulled out of the hat read 4. Then to my surprise, genelia began talking off her clothes right there, deciding not to wait. She walked her perfect nude form over to the wall, bent down, and took one of the cockheads right into her mouth, sucked it briefly, then let it drop again. It was hard to tell who was more surprised, amrita or me. All amrita rao could do was stare in awe. The men had the numbers 3, 3, 2, and 4 on their chests. As the men gathered around her, genelia knelt down and started masturbating openly.

“Unbelievable,” I said and rearranged my pants slightly. The men quickly stepped forward in turn, clearly aroused by genelia. With each one she licked the head of his cock as he came into her mouth. She swallowed directly without hesitation, as if it were yogurt.

“Whoa,” amrita rao heard herself say. She was way out of her league. amrita rao could plainly see that this girl was a pro. When genelia was done she came back over to me and amrita rao with the robe draped over her arm. Even I was speechless for a second.

“Now genelia, are you sure you haven’t done this sort of thing before?” I finally asked.

“I’m not telling,” she said smiling.

“Well you both did very well. We won’t be seeing celina anymore because you, amrita and genelia, will be our two finalists this week. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for you.”

Day 3

Genelia and Amrita rao were walking toward me on the roof of a building. Amrita rao knew that “Fear Factor” often involved heights, but she couldn’t figure out how that would play a role in this Slut episode.

“Hey you two,” I greeted them. “Congratulations for making it this far. You have just one more stunt to complete before one of you will be crowned All-Slut “Fear Factor” Champion. Here’s your final stunt.” I pulled aside a curtain, bringing another group of naked men into view.

“This looks familiar,” Genelia said.

“Your final stunt is actually quite simple,” I told them. “As you can see there’s a small space of a few feet between this building and the next one over. Now six of these guys will stand on the edge of this building while six stand on the opposite edge. Each of you will be lifted into the air and placed so that only their erect penises will be holding you up.”

“What?” Genelia said, in disbelief. I kept going.

“There will be three men on each side supporting your legs, two on each side supporting your arms, and one on each side to support your necks. Your task will be to keep them aroused so they remain stiff. When they lose their stiffness, you’ll fall to the net waiting below. Whoever stays suspended over the net the longest will be the winner. We’ve randomly selected which of you will start and Genelia, it’s going to be you again.

“Alright,” she said. She didn’t sound as confident this time. Amrita rao was glad she was going second. It would give her some time to think. Genelia started disrobing like she did in the other two rounds, but I stopped her.

“Wait, Genelia. The clothes actually stay on for this one. That way you’ll be more protected when you fall.” Genelia pulled her shirt back on, clearly disappointed. Amrita rao realized that this would give her an advantage. Genelia has a killer body, but if it’s covered with clothes it won’t help her any. The men won’t be as aroused by a clothed woman. And actually, if they find her prettier than Genelia, whom they very well could, that would be yet another advantage! All she had to do was think of the right thing to say to keep them stimulated. Genelia was almost ready to go. She was being lowered onto their waiting cocks.

“Okay, Genelia,” I said, “the time starts when the pulleys release you. Here we go.” The pulleys were lifted away and the only things holding Genelia up were the penises. Genelia began talking to the men in a slow, sexy voice.

“Ooh, I love all of your great, big cocks holding me up. I’d love to put each of them in my mouth and suck them hard. Then you could come into my mouth so I could swallow all your tasty cum. I want to lick your balls. I want to just play with your cocks all day and all n-.” Genelia fell at this point. She landed in the net below. I called her.

“24 seconds, Genelia!” Amrita rao wasn’t sure if that was a good time or not. But either way, she had a good idea of what she would say when her turn started. Genelia said some good things, but Amrita had something much better in mind. Her heart raced as she waited. The men were watching pornography to be ready for her turn.

“Okay, Amrita,” I said, “did you learn anything from watching Genelia?”

“Yeah, I’m going to need to talk faster, or it could be over before I even start!” I nodded. Amrita rao couldn’t believe the words that (she hoped) would soon come out of her mouth. She was getting horny just thinking about them. But she had to stay focused to win. The men returned with strong boners once again and Amrita rao was lowered onto them. As soon as the time started, Amrita rao let loose.

“After the show, I’ll let you boys do whatever you want to me. You can fuck my throat. You can fuck me in the ass. You can fuck me and fuck me until I scream in pain; then you can fuck me some more. I want to be your dirty little slut. You can choke me, impale me, and come all over my face. I love that! Do whatever you want to me, no matter how much I cry. I want your cocks in all my holes at once! Come deep inside me! Drown me with your cum! That’s what a dirty little slut like me is for!” Amrita rao stopped here. She was almost sure that she had beaten Genelia’s time. Even after she stopped talking, she still remained up in the air for a while. Finally the cocks couldn’t hold her any longer and she fell, the air rushing past her. She landed squarely in the net, waiting for confirmation that she was the winner. my voice traveled down to her.

“37 seconds! You did it, Amrita!” Amrita rao couldn’t believe it. She had just earned 50000000rs and it had felt great being so slutty for the past few days. She lay suspended in the net for a few more seconds, savoring the moment. When she met up with me again, he made it official.

“Well, Amrita, you peed into the funnel in front of the crowd, you were able swallow all that cum, and you stayed suspended by those penises the longest. You are the “Fear Factor” Champion, and evidently fear is not a factor for you!” Amrita rao hugged me.

“Thank you!” was all she could say. After she was given her winner’s check she left the building and headed down the street, still swimming in pride. She stopped abruptly at the corner. Standing there were twelve men that looked strangely familiar, smiling at her.

“Hi, boys,” she said, grinning. “Let’s find a room, shall we?” And off she went, a true slut at last.
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
Vikas saigal finally made up his mind to go through with it. For years, he had fantasized and was curious what it would actually be like. he had these curiosities since childhood and they eventually developed into fetishes. However, sometimes he would step away from himself and wonder “Why on earth do he so desperately want to be Tickle Tortured?”.

By surfing the Internet, he learned of the BDSM scene from the privacy of his own den. Eventually, he got the nerve to contact a Dominatrix club which help to rich high class women n celebraties for fullfilling their fetish lust n also operated within reasonable driving distance from him. he exchanged information with them and followed instructions to make an appointment only when he was comfortably ready to do so. The day came and he made arrangements to visit club.. they provide an secret address, and vikas leave...

Arriving at the designated place, he walked up the steps to the front door n surprizingly see that his secret crush Amrita Rao opened the door carefully as she kept most of herself out of view to the outside. he was greeted with warm smile and a compliment on his punctuality and was granted permission to enter.

Amrita rao led him to a sitting room where he was free to relax and discuss his interests and the session in more detail with her. She was wearing white top and black skirt. She sat directly across from him with her legs crossed. Her skirt had a long slit that assisted in showing off her legs. She was reviewing the questionnaire that vikas previously filled out online. his butterflies were still there, however just seeing her sitting in that attire was quite erotic and tickled the fancy of his other fetishes.

“So tell me briefly about your interest in being tickled?” was her most pointed question. Since she could tell he was nervous and realized this was his first time to ever be subjected to it. Amrita Rao made it a point to re-assure him that she is very experienced and will not to go beyond his limits, although she may push those limits to the extreme. Although she is innocent actress in Bollywood but in that game She was very professional and demonstrated a sincere pleasantness and eventually his nerves settled down. She continued to inquire about his fantasies and fetishes in some detail.

She smiled coyly when vikas told her how beautiful her long red hair was.

It was soon time for part 1 of the session. he was led to a well-lit room that had several long candles burning for extra ambiance and fragrance. A large bed sat in the center of the room. There were large mirrors hanging on all four walls. vikas was instructed to strip and lie on his back on the bed. Amrita Rao left the room to change, and she said that as soon as she got back his session would begin!

After a few minutes, he heard the clicking of her heels approaching. Amrita Rao must have switched on a stereo in the dungeon. he didn’t recognize the music. To put it simply, it sounded kind of creepy. As she opened the door, Amrita Rao said, “Let’s kill these lights!” She flipped a switch and the room went dark. Only the candlelight remained casting a dim glow throughout the room. As his eyes were adjusting to the change he did notice the tone of Amrita rao’s voice sounded less compassionate and was rather stern.

His head was facing away from the doorway, so he couldn’t see much except for her faint reflection in one of the mirrors. As her heels clicked closer she approached him from the side. She came within view finally and his stomach sank into a state of panic. Amrita Rao’s appearance had completely changed. She was wearing all black lace, a half bra, negligee, garter and even a thin black mask. Most disappointedly, she had also pinned her gorgeous black hair up and even covered it with a black scarf so it was totally hidden from his view. As he focused on her hands, he noticed her blood red fingernails and lipstick. They provided a stark contrasted to her sexy black outfit and smooth white skin. At this point, she began!

Her eyes were piercing through the mask and her blood red lipstick accented a sadistic smirk.

“You are going to quickly realize how much of a mistake you made by letting me tickle torture you like this!” She first rested her hand on his leg just above the knee, lightly squeezed (exposing the first of his numerous ticklish spots to her) a few times and then slowly began dragging her fingernails over his flesh. “…Because, I am going to tickle the living shit out of you! And remember this” as she leaned in close to his face “I’m not going to show you any mercy!”

She next disclosed the specifics of the safe word that didn’t give him any comfort. Amrita Rao was going to tickle vikas for one solid hour. he could use the safe word one time and one time only and she would stop tickling him for one minute. After that, she would resume her tickling and only stop if she felt he was going to come too soon!

She began at his feet! She knew from the interview that he didn’t think his feet were very ticklish. She stared right into his eyes as she propped one hand on the table and lightly stroked the bottom of one foot. The first stoke caused him to twitch but the sensations would not cause him to break into laughter. vikas closed his eyes and focused on fighting. Every now and then he would open his eyes and see Amrita Rao staring at him. Her sadistic eyes still piercing into his mind. “Perhaps the top of your feet will be more sensitive” as she took her other hand and lightly scratched the top of the same foot.

This produced more intense sensations causing him to flex and move his foot in an effort to avoid her nails. “Ahhh, there’s a tickle spot!” she cooed. he wasn’t laughing as of yet, however he began verbally grunting in frustration at his failure to avoid the tickling. She began more of a verbal torment now. She was calling him her tickle slave.

After getting mixed success from his feet she took both hands and slowly tickled her way up his legs. She worked her way upward slowly, adding to the suspense.
Amrita Rao was smiling in glee as the effects of her tickling continued. “My Tickle Slave awakens!” She cooed. The slow dragging of her nails continued up his legs. Each inch of skin seemed more sensitive to her touch than the last. he was soon begging her to stop. he was getting what he asked for and this so called innocent actress was paying no mind to his pleas. he would catch glimpses of himself thrashing about in the surrounding mirrors as well as his evil torturer who obviously was enjoying this! he did not yet utter his safe word, however he kept debating on doing it. Soon he learned that the inside of his thighs were very ticklish. Amrita Rao noticed too, and she lingered there for a very long time. This assault was brutal and he knew he couldn’t take too much more of it. Amrita Rao was diabolical now, remembering each spot that worked the best and continued stroking relentlessly. ”Tickle, tickle. he was having so much fun he may never stop” were her only words. She said them in a slow, sensual tone. his body convulsed and jerked from her tickling. Finally he could take no more! And with that, he screamed his SAFEWORD. True to her word, she stopped! As he slowly calmed down, Amrita Rao continued her humiliation of him…”You barely lasted ten minutes. How on earth are you going to survive a full hour of this? Besides, I’m enjoying this too much, I may grant you a free extension of time. Perhaps two or three hours!” he knew he couldn’t survive being tickled for that long.

He was finding out that he just too ticklish for this and perhaps he made a big mistake. He was also informed how much his penis is enjoying it as well. It was completely erect through this and was even twitching as he was regaining his composure. “Enjoy what’s left of your minute of rest my poor little tickle slave. It’s about half way over now”. She stepped away from him for a few seconds and removed the scarf and clip to let her long red hair tumble free. “I think I will give you a taste of how excruciating it can be for you to be tickle tortured with my soft hair for awhile!” Walking up closer to him, her sadistic smile reappeared as she said, “Your one minute rest is over!” With that, she began to lightly tickle his face with the ends of her hair. he soon learned how frustrating it was. Amrita Rao licked her lips as she smiled and enjoyed his frustrations. However, she grew annoyed with his head twisting about and eventually repositioned herself above the head of the bed and held his head still with her left arm. This torture coupled with the aroma of her scented hair added a special intoxication to this part of the session. Eventually, she concluded that his breathing was coming much too easily. She had a remedy for this as well. “You don’t seem to be in too much distress. Would you like your Amrita to smother you with her hair now?” He was begging for some relief from her tickling hair, however, he soon learned that this was just another method for her to add to his torment. She covered his face fully with her hair now and used her right hand to press it firmly over his mouth and nose. It was now becoming very hard for him to get enough oxygen, and she decided to increase his agony by lightly tickling his nipples with the fingers of her other hand. She was able to reach his throbbing penis as well and she stroked him lightly there once every minute or so. She eventually stopped this phase of her torture and laughed at his predicament.

The horror intensified as she retrieved the scarf and tied it over his mouth as a gag. Vikas was told that since he had already used his safe word, his words would be of no importance anymore.

“Your armpits look so inviting. Shall I tickle them next? He was commanded to answer with “Yes Amrita, please tickle me there!” clearly (even through the gag) or she would add even more time to his torture session.

“Shall we try again? Shall I tickle your armpits next?” She commanded. He responded as best he could and with that, her fingernails started a vicious attack on his armpits. It was only a matter of seconds until he was thrashing again. She tickled up his arms and down his sides, sometimes with her fingers and sometimes with her hair for endless variations. Through this part of the session, she required more interactive communications from him while being tickled. He was to answer in a positive mode to questions and statements by her like “You just love it when your Amrita tickles you like this, don’t you?” Naturally, with the gag it was difficult to clearly say what was required. That was an added frustration Amrita rao capitalized on and used as a method of punishing him by threatening an even more extended duration of this tickle torture.

Her torture continued on and on. By now, she knew his most sensitive areas and she would be focusing on all of them again and again. She scooted up on the bed a bit so she could easily reach his nipples and his balls and penis whenever she felt like it. Sitting so relaxed, with her legs crossed as her hands played him like a piano, she demonstrated how frustrating it was for her to stop tickling him for a few seconds, only to resume zealously just as he was settling down. Her favorite was to stroke him as near to orgasm as she could by lightly tickling with her fingers, then stop and make him count to 10 before she resumed with the even softer touch of her hair drifting across his throbbing manhood. She did this at least ten times with subtle variations such as wrapping her hair gently around his cock or using her hair to whip him. She repeatedly reminded him that there would be absolutely NO mercy whatsoever. “Oh you poor baby, it doesn’t tickle does it? ” she purred. “You are in so much trouble. You remember how much mercy I have right?”
“Oh yeah, remember I have NONE, absolutely no mercy for you, no matter how much you beg and plead, no matter how bad the torture seems, I will always have more in store for you. You are my tickle slave and I my NEVER let you go. Or cum either for that matter.”

“Oh I’m evil aren’t I, well you just have no idea. We are just getting started.”

She was taking her time knowing that he was lying there thinking about the torture still to come. She would never tire of torturing each and every square inch of his body. The sadistic look on her face told him that she was not kidding.

Amrita Rao eyed his erection and noticed it couldn't be any harder. "Well, are you sure you’re not just a little excited? I'll bet you'd love to explode with pleasure right about now. Well, you’re not in charge of that, so I’ll decide when you’re ready and if I feel like granting you your wish myself."

She covered his cock with her hair and at the same time she used long fingernails to tickle his balls. "Tickle, tickle. Would you like to cum my sweet tickle slave? Well, I don’t think so. I’m not going to let you off so easily.”
Next she produced a huge, bushy feather. It was black just like her silky outfit. After she made sure he had had a good look at it, she said, in a very flirty and teasing voice:
"3, 2, 1, GO!" and the feather descended upon him. The sensation was immediate and devastating. One, which he couldn’t stand, but didn’t want to lose either. She had again begun to tickle his balls and shaft, but with the feather this time. At the same time, she had circled her fingers around his cock and was stroking it slowly and methodically. Within seconds, to his horror and surprise, He was fully erect again. Amrita Rao giggled and said, "wow, looks like you enjoy this a lot more than you let on!" he was mortified, as all of his urges were now replaced with a single desire to climax. She began stroking a little harder and a little faster now. Almost there, almost there, and finally - nothing. Amrita Rao stopped stroking, smirked and began to tickle his chest and nipples with her feather again.

"No. NO!" He yelled through the gag. “Please finish me now. I’m begging you. Please let me cum.” She giggled again heartlessly and continued to tickle him. Never before, had he been that close only to be brought crashing down. Amrita Rao kissed him gently on the forehead, and purred teasingly: "Oh, you didn't think I'd let you off that easily, did you mr. vikas?" with an evil smirk, she resumed tickling his underarms.

All thought of orgasm disappeared now, to his utter horror there was only the tickle torture that remained as a constant reminder of his mistake in allowing Amrita Rao to have her way with him. He was in tickle hell now, and there was no getting out. He felt the familiar sensations on his balls again, but this time the tickling did not stop. He was getting close, so close... He would surely manage it this time...

With a cackle, Amrita Rao squeezed his cock, and let go. He screamed in frustration. This was a whole new experience for him, and he didn’t know how long he could stand it before he went completely insane. Then the tickling stopped.

Amrita Rao had pulled over a chair, and was now towering above him. She sat with her long hair dangling directly above him.

"You know," she said, "I can give you release... If I want to." She giggled again. "You're completely at my mercy now. If you please me with your responses for the next few minutes, I MAY consider it. First, it’s time for me to remove that gag so that I can hear what you have to say."

"So," she purred, sliding a bare hand down the inner curve of his thigh.

"What... are you starting now?" he asked, and suddenly she slapped his face.

"Did I say you could talk yet?"

" Amrita..." he replied. She began to slowly drag her hair up and hair down his body. He fought to keep control... to not squirm or beg her... But she kept her long hair rubbing and drifting back and fourth over his sensitive skin, each time faster than the last, each time swirling her mane in a new, more ticklish location. She searched the all curves and crevices of his body, locating every delicious little wellspring of sensation as he wriggled and mewled under her ministrations.
"Having fun?" she cheered, grinning widely. But he knew better than to answer until given permission to speak.

"I know what you need," she said, and the tickling stopped. He caught his breath in a short moment of rest. “You may now begin to answer my questions. But I warn you to do so in a polite and respectful manner and to always tell me the truth.”

"So tell me," she sing-songed, a long pause, feeling like an eternity as he hung on her words. “You like my hair, don’t you?" The thought of it immediately sent shivers all throughout his body.

But Vikas paused before answering. “Huh? Oh, sorry” he laugh nervously. “No, no. I think it’s pretty and all, but I’m really not into that in a sexual way at all!” She is still dangling her hair over him and his eyes keep getting drawn toward those beautiful black tresses.

As she crosses her legs again, she asks, “So how long have you had this hair fetish?”

“I don’t, Amrita, you’re wrong. I really don’t have a hair fetish at all.” His voice trails off as she again begins moving downward, until the full body of her hair dangles just over the top of his again fully erect penis.

“Yes, I think you do,” she says quietly. “If you’ll admit it, I can make you feel really good.
He stare silently, then respond, “No, I think it’s OK but I’m not a hair guy. I’m just horny all the time – that’s why I’m hard. It’s not your hair, really!” Vikas still manage to speak lie...

She has begun swinging her hair around and around his erect penis, closing the circle tighter and tighter until it begins to rub around the base of it. His cock twitches at the contact and becomes more engorged. A slight moan escapes his lips. She smiles wickedly and starts swinging her hair back and forth, faster and faster, striking his cock with its full silkiness again and again. His cock twitches more with each successive strike and his head is spinning.

Amrita Rao stops again and runs the entire length of her hair from the base of his penis to the tip and then comes over the top of it. His penis is now covered with her hair and she squeezes him with her fingers. He begin to grind his hips upward as another wave of shivers washes over him. She looks down and smiles at his helplessness. She wiggles her hair back and forth, sweeping against the head of his penis as he start to moan more loudly now. She asks once more “Are you really sure you don’t have a hair fetish? I think you may be in denial.”

“I…oh-hh-h…no, I’m just…oh, man…” babbling as she continues to massage him with her hair. His moans become more insistent and she is enjoying her power over him. She positions her hair over his cock again and shakes her head back and fourth vigorously, making him even crazier with desire.

“You know what? I want to practice more of my hair job technique and, since you don’t realize yet that you have such a strong hair fetish, I figure it’ll be the best way to finish our session. I will make you cum with my hair like you have never cum before. What do you think? Oh, I forgot, it doesn’t really matter what you think. You are my slave and I will do whatever pleases me.” She stops moving her head.

He come to his senses somewhat and answer, " Yes Amrita I have such fantacy... ahhh plz plz do it for meeeeeeee"

“Great!” she says with a bright smile, “because I want to practice a big hair job finish that lasts for quite a while before I make you explode and I need to perfect this technique thoroughly.” She positions herself comfortably so she has full access to his penis, squeezing it gently between her fingers. She begins to stroke slowly and evenly up and down, and his eyes roll to the back of his head as her ministrations drive him to the edge.

“I’m glad you have that kind of self-control. I mean, if you do come too quickly, before I’ve practiced all my techniques, I’ll have to punish you,” she says.

Vikas can barely hear her and he simply reply, “Huhhhh?”

“If you come right away, I’ll have to punish you. Do you know what I’ll do?”

He just shake his head as he continue writhing in pleasure.

“I’ll keep you here until tomorrow and then I’ll simply begin again. But the next time, I’ll tickle you senseless for two hours instead of one,” she says, deliberately emphasizing each word as she increases the speed and pressure on his throbbing penis. “And then, you will be getting another hair job too.”

He was startled, but too far-gone now to protest. He look at her with pleading eyes, but he can’t so much as utter a single word in response. The sensations are overwhelming and he was already near the breaking point. Now, she stops stroking him and moves up so that her hair is again covering his face. She lowers her head and begins to slap his face with her long hair. Then she lowers her head further and drags the full length of her hair from side to side across his face. It has started tickling his face again, but after a few minutes she uses it to smother him again. At the same time, she says “You like the feel of my hair on your cock, don’t you? It will make you crazy and you won’t admit it’s what you like. You love the deep black color of my hair, don’t you? And what about its sweet scent? You can smell it now, can’t you? But think about what I’m going to do to you later. I’m going to use this sweet beautiful hair to manipulate your cock into a state of frenzy.

Hmmm? Now, remember when I do that not to cum right away or your pits, nipples and cock are going to have to be tickle-tortured for twice as long tomorrow! Don’t think about my hair when it’s all over your cock, stroking you closer and closer to that glorious release. It will feel so good, won’t it? But it’s not quite time for that yet. Let’s do something else first. Let’s see how much my hair can tickle all your other body parts. I’ll probably get pretty close to your sensitive hard on, but remember, you’re not going to cum until I say so. I’m going to start with you feet again, are you ready?”

So on it went for what seemed like an eternity. She visited each and every area of his body excluding for his groin, and she used her hair to tickle every square inch of skin thoroughly. She saved until last the sensitive areas she had discovered earlier and she spent extra time at each of them. She must have tickled his poor nipples for an extra 20 minutes. And she did so most deviously. She alternated slow soft tickling of them with fast hard whipping. Then she tried whipping with long pauses between the strokes and tickling with fast furious ones.

When she got to his inner thighs, she again paid special attention and spent a long time there. In addition to varying the pace and the force she applied as before, she seemed to be trying to get as close as possible to his cock and balls without ever actually touching them.
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09-20-2012, 06:07 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
Now it was time for her finale. She used all her skill and every technique she could think of as she pounced upon his cock and completed her hair job on him. Toward the end, she gently wrapped her hair around his cock as she slowly jerked him off.

Vikas's head fell back in a squeal as she repeatedly tortured his penis. Good Heavens! I felt like I was going to die!

"Gonna come?" she asked. He managed to nod frantically, as her she wrapped him in her hair and she grew bolder with each stroke longer and firmer than the last threatening to finally push him over the edge. His body bowed up tight as he felt a surge of hot pressure begin to build. And then she released him and pulled her hair away. He could scarcely grasp it. So close!

"Wha?!" vikas cried.

"Oh no," she purred, tickling gently with her hair just touching the head of his penis, then his balls, then along the shaft and just beneath the crown, "you don't get to come till I **say** you get to come!"

And again there was the warm, smooth caress of her hair encircling his organ, always precisely with the right amount of stimulus and friction so soft and caressing with never quite enough fondling to bring him to bear but just enough to hold him on the edge forever. She played him like a finely tuned instrument.

At long last, Amrita Rao drew her little fingers down his inflamed penis. She ran her hair across its thick, blood-engorged knob. She giggled lightly, then wound her long hair around the shaft again. She began to work it up and down, rubbing his organ in the soft, undulating heart of her locks as once more the heat built up within him. A twinge of pain, like a single thorn, pricked at the base of his member as he grew closer and closer to orgasm. He began to repeat her name again and again, praising and loving and begging and thanking her as he felt his genitals pull up tight, and a surge of power rumbled from somewhere deep within his belly with fierce intensity. He ground his teeth... He held his breath... And this time she did not stop.

“Don’t think about my long hair wrapped around you now!” she teased, sensing that he was about to burst. “Don’t come. Whatever you do don’t come yet. Just ignore my soft hair constantly urging you toward that release. Don’t cum no matter what I do. Having my hair stroking your cock doesn’t even excite you that much, does it? You can feel its silky texture surrounding you and drawing your cum out from deep inside you. Even if I squeeze you a little tighter and stroke you a little faster, you’re not allowed to cum yet! Even if I use the ends of my hair to tickle your balls and then the tip of your penis like this, and I still keep pumping you over and over, you can hold back a little longer, can’t you?
I haven’t given you permission to cum, so WHATEVER YOU DO…DON’T COME ALL OVER MY MAGNIFICENT BLACK HAIR!”

But she knew he would come. And she knew that she would not give him her permission. But she continued onward relentlessly. Before he came, she built his orgasm up for another fifteen minutes, stroking over and over with just enough pressure to keep him on the verge, bringing him right up to the edge, but not quite beyond it.

Then, finally his body rocked with spasms as he exploded as never before, squirting gobs of semen in a powerful stream into Amrita Rao's hair. She continued stroking him, pulling every last drop from deep within his soul. She had transformed him into her total hair-slave. She smiled in satisfaction as he continued quivering and moaning under the blanket of her black hair.

As he lay in a sweating, shivering mass on the sheets, weary from this extreme tickle and hair torture and the unbearable delay before reaching orgasm. Amrita Rao smiled as she reminded him of what lay ahead tomorrow.

"So..." she purred, running her fingertips across her own hair as it lay upon his chest, "I guess you do have a hair fetish after all. Do you believe it now?" His only response was an incoherent nod. He could not speak; He could barely even move. "Good!" she chirped. "Then I’ll see you again tomorrow!"
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09-20-2012, 06:07 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
Being the hot blooded male, I just stripped off my uniform and the girls could see how excited I was getting. As the two sluts moved closer to each other, the bras went flying. Now there were two sets of perfectly rounded breasts to marvel at. "Stud," Sonal cooed, "You're about to enter Sex Heaven."

I stood watching in silence. The two sluts teased the other's nipples with pinches, licks and kisses. They placed hands on each other's ass cheeks, moulding the firm flesh. They pulled together and rubbed their tits together, squashing them and brushing them hard against each other. Amrita rao came towards me, dancing, with her back faced towards me. She took one of my hands and put it on her left ass cheek. I squeezed her left cheek and then her right cheek. She turned around and now I saw her beautiful breasts jiggling. She moved away back to Sonal.

"I think he's ready," Sonal said nodding toward me and noticing my erection and pre cum already leaking off the tip.

Amrita started to come towards me looking at my ten inch erection. "Oh my," She complimented and smiled at me, "That's going to split me in two."
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09-20-2012, 06:08 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers

Amrita's arms went around my neck and we locked into a French kiss. Amrita rao opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me!" Amrita cried.

She felt my large cock head pressing against her and she spread her legs as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn't wait for my cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. I picked up Amrita and sat her on the dining table. Smiling at me, she laid back on the table, resting on her elbows. Her black hair half across her face, tits heaving and legs apart, showing her crotch still covered by her thong, she was one hell of a sight.
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09-20-2012, 06:08 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
Amrita's nipples stood up hard and erect, and I licked the areola and ran my hands all over Amrita's body. I grabbed Amrita's breast and licked it all over and sucked on the nipple making it harder if possible. Then I bit it and twisted it with my tongue, again sucking hard on it. I grabbed Amrita's tight asst as I sucked on the nipple. I then reached up and kissed Amrita who kissed back hard and grabbed me around the back and hugged me tight.

I hooked my fingers in the straps on her hip and pulled her thong down revealing a sparely covered blonde haired pussy that was wet and shiny already. I could smell her lust and feel the heat. She was smiling and she spread her legs further, aware that Sonal and I were staring at her cunt. The two of us watched as she started spreading her cunt lips apart.

"Fucking A!" Sonal whispered in my ear as she came up behind me, "Is that a hot looking' cunt or what."

I had to have a taste of that pussy so lifted her firm shapely legs, placing them on my broad shoulders. I plunged my face into her wet cunt, sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and then licking the slit in broad strokes. She then moved her hands up to her tits and started to squeeze, and maul them, really turning me on.
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09-20-2012, 06:09 PM
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RE: Amrita Rao - The Queen of Wankers
"Oh yeah baby, eat my pussy. Make me cum baby. Fuck me good with your tongue," moaned Amrita as I ate her pussy. I reached my hands up and cupped the underside of her breasts. She felt firm in my hands pushed her chest out to me. I moved my fingers over her breasts, working from the underside of her tits and up around the sides to rub the top of her chest and hard nipples. I flicked my fingers over her nipples. I flicked her nipple again, over and over again. Taking her tits fully in my hands, I pushed them together and rubbed back and forth, squeezing and moulding.

"Hmmmm! Hmmmh! HMMMH! HMMMMHHHH!" Amrita squealed as my tongue flick and sucked her erect clit, her head falling back. "Ooooooooh, ooohh, wow!" she went again as I resumed my licking of her wet slit. The blonde diva massaged her tits, squeezing and moulding them and tweaking her nipples at the same time. Her hips started moving with the pace of my tongue.

I felt Sonal chouhan's tits press up against my back and pussy fur rub up against my ass. Sonal reached round, grabbing my hard as steel cock in her hand. "Fuck, I'm hot!" she hissed grabbing my balls as well. "It is such a turn on to see you eat that slut's cunt." She carried on lustfully while jacking my cock back and forth.

Amrita looked down between her legs watching me eat her through half closed eyes. "Grab his cock, whore," Amrita urged Sonal huskily, "Stroke it!"
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