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Anna, The Perfect Babysitter - Sara Jean Underwood Sex Story
09-21-2012, 10:44 AM
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Anna, The Perfect Babysitter - Sara Jean Underwood Sex Story

Miriam Belle





Large flakes of snow had been falling for hours before I woke up. I had fallen asleep in the recliner to the self-important antics of Jerry Springer, my mind either unwilling or unable to really care about women who had verbally abused their husbands and slept with their own mothers and now had to confront them on national television.

I was comfortably warm in my Michigan Wolverines sweater, jeans and socks, the remote loosely held in my hand as the Pepsi I had opened around lunchtime went flat on the end table beside me. My eyes slowly worked open, the essence of sleep heavy and reluctant on my lids. I glanced at the glowing LED display of the microwave in the kitchen and found it was going on five in the evening.

On the television set came a commercial featuring a very attractive woman riding a mechanical bull. The bar in which she rode was darkened save for strategic placement of spotlights that accented her voluptuous form. Tight fitting jeans and a white shirt hugging her considerable breasts were complimented by slick cowboy boots. She was smiling, her expression caught somewhere between good old-fashioned fun and the crest of an orgasmic experience. Her dark hair lashed and flipped behind her as the mechanical bull bucked her around.

I sat up as my interest peaked.

In one hand she held the horn of the mock saddle and in the other, she held a large, juicy hamburger. I watched with a sense of awe as Carl's Jr. equated their hamburgers with sexy women riding mechanical bulls and the promise of heightened sex appeal. She raised the burger to her moist, red lips and bit in, the sauce squeezing out the back of the bun and spattering to her strained t-shirt. Her relishing of the food only strengthened the blunt sexual message, the intended effect immediate as my cock began to swell in my jeans.

"Wow," I said aloud to the empty, dimly lit living room. When in doubt, use sex to sell your wares. Carl's Jr. had good burgers anyway, but I guess the possibility of women like this sharing a Carl's Jr. burger with you made it all the more appealing. It was a ridiculous notion, about as legitimate as how happily seized with dance fever people could get when they drink Dr. Pepper or bite into a Kit Kat. Still, watching that woman in the commercial not only made me horny, but hungry for a burger as well.

Legitimate or not, it had worked on me.

Once the commercial ended the five o'clock news came on, giving me the scoop on the snow outside. I went to the large bay window of my parent's house and watched the snow fall. It was getting deep out there now. Large burms of the white stuff and gravel had been shoved to the roadsides and looked like five-foot retaining walls. The driveway to the garage was still clear for the most part thanks to the salt my father had scattered before he and my step mom left that morning. I wondered if they would make it back from Portland tonight or if they would stay over?

I rubbed my eyes and ran a hand through my short dark blonde hair, leaning against the windowsill and yawning. This winter break had been one of the most boring experiences of my life. My first year of college had been exciting but I found myself homesick as the holidays approached. In fact, I was so homesick that I had passed up a ski trip to Ashland just to be at home with family. As much as I loved them all, the boredom had crept in insidiously and then dragged me down not more than two days after my arrival from Southern Oregon University.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered sleepily.

"Hey buddy," my father's voice said, "How's the weather down there?"

"It's looking like Hoth."

"That bad?"

"If it keeps going like this we'll see another foot before morning."

"Well shit," he sighed, "I think Nancy and I'll stay over in Portland for tonight and try to make it home tomorrow."

"Sounds good," I nodded, "Is Aunt Anna going to keep Sarah tonight?"

"Actually, Anna going to bring Sarah home. You know how your sister is."

My sister Sarah was five years old and extremely particular about sleeping in her own bed. It was almost on the edge of obsessive compulsion when you got right down to it. I said, "Can Anna even get here?"

"She has my truck and the plow is attached," Dad said, "She should be there shortly."

I shrugged, "Okay then."

"Be safe, alright? Keep the fire going."

"I will," I replied, "Night Dad."

"Night. We'll see you tomorrow."


It was seven o'clock when Aunt Anna pulled into the driveway. The last fleeting glow of the daylight was long gone, turning the world blue, black and gray. The powerful light over the garage door was cutting through the dark air and illuminating the snow that fell in its range. The battered yellow plow of my father's Ford 4X4 was spewing snow into the air as the storm continued on into the night. The headlights flashed in the window and nearly blinded me as I stood up and grabbed my boots.

Bitter cold nipped at me as I stepped outside without a jacket and walked to the end of the path from the driveway, only the large eave that covered the walk protecting me from the snow. Anna hopped out of the truck, bundled in a dark, hooded ski jacket. She reached back inside and grabbed her duffle bag. I waved to her and she tossed it to me. The driver's side door slammed shut and she worked her way around to the passenger side and unbuckled my sister.

"Hey Sean!" she called out, the passenger door slamming shut behind her as she carried Sarah up to the gate.

"Anna," I smiled and opened the gate wide, allowing her room to pass, "Come on in."

"Thanks," she smiled back at me. She stomped her boots off on the concrete walkway and sat Sarah down. My sister ignored me completely and ran for the open front door, her red snow suit and jacket reminding of the suit Ralphie's little brother wore in "A Christmas Story." Anna asked, "You got a fire going?"

"Yes I do," I carried her duffle bag and we went inside.

The front closed and I locked it tight. Anna unzipped her ski jacket and pulled back the hood, revealing her mane of red hair and beautiful face. When my dad had married Nancy, I had been forced to deal with the fact that my stepmother was hot. Nancy was beautiful in every way, blessed with a body to kill for. I had just gone into high school when they made their vows, and my sister Sarah followed shortly thereafter. But as hot as my step mom was, her sister Anna was even more attractive.

Anna had piercing green eyes and classic Irish features, most notably her wild red hair. When I had first met her she had it curled, but now her long fiery strands were feathered and layered. She was only 38 but looked like she might be 30 even. As her jacket came off I tried to subtly eye her full curves under the khaki pants and red flannel she wore. She unlaced and took off her boots as I took her duffel bag down the hall to my parent's bedroom.

When I returned she was warming herself by the fireplace and Sarah was already in her pajamas, ready for bed. I sat down on the couch and removed my own thick black boots. I looked to Anna and asked, "Did Nancy or Dad call you?"

"I talked with Nancy this morning briefly when she dropped Sarah off," Anna said, her voice slightly biased with the subtle beginnings of smokers grind, "She mentioned the storm was supposed to get bad, but I didn't think this bad."

"Me neither," I said, "Keeps going this way and we'll be stuck."

Anna finished by the fire and then grabbed Sarah up in her arms, carrying her down the hall to her bedroom. I could hear her Anna telling Sarah it was time to go to bed and Sarah arguing with her about it. I sat there and thought about Anna more than I probably should have. She was my aunt, for crying out loud. Well, technically my step-aunt but still she was family. To be having thoughts about someone in your family was taboo and so wrong.

Still, I couldn't help it.

As I wondered about what she my taste like, both her lips and labia, there was a swelling in my jeans. I felt so horny thinking about her, and the fact that she was related, even through marriage, made it all the more exciting for me. I leaned back on the couch and entertained steamy thoughts of her kissing me and touching me, her slender fingers exploring my naked torso and then finally wrapping around my seven inch cock, pulling me towards her.

Aunt Anna was a wild child and we all knew it. Her misadventures were legendary in the family now, and I wondered if her wild carefree attitude could ever include the seduction of her nephew? She had always been friendly with me, always patting my back and touching my arm whenever the situation would allow. Part of me desperately wanted to believe that she was attracted to me and that she thought about me as a lover. It was a long shot, about as long as a sexy supermodel riding a mechanical bull whilst eating a juicy hamburger in a darkened bar.

Anna came back down the hall a few minutes later, her hair bouncing along behind her. She looked over at me and winked as I tried to subtly pull one of the couch pillows over my hardening bulge. I wondered if she had seen my arousal or not? She went into the kitchen and I heard the refrigerator door open for a moment and then shut. She came back in with two Budweiser longnecks. She handed one to me and sat down in the recliner.

"Cheers," she smiled and opened hers, taking a long full chug.

I opened my bottle and raised it up, "Cheers."

There was a long silence between us before she asked, "So how's college treating you?"

"Fine," I said, "The math is hard, but then I was never any good at math so what can I say?"

Anna nodded, "Neither was I. Don't feel bad, though. To this day I've never had to figure out when trains leaving from stations A and B will meet up."

I smiled, "I'm actually in calculus."

Anna cocked one of her full, naturally auburn eyebrows, "Calculus? Wow Sean. That's way out of my league."

"Believe me," I said, "It's out of my league too."

The lights flickered suddenly and dimmed. We looked around doubtfully as the power surged and then died. In the darkness that followed, I sat perfectly still and waited for Anna to say something. I heard her take another drink of her beer and then there was the crinkling of cellophane, followed by the strike of a lighter flint. A small beacon of flame ignited in the dark as Anna lit her cigarette. In that small pool of orange light she winked at me again.

"I won't tell Nancy if you won't," she said and the lighter snuffed out. In the sea of shadow I watched the end of her cigarette burn brightly as she inhaled and then return to a dim smoldering.

"Let me a bum a smoke and I won't," I said as slyly as I knew how.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could make out the vague shape of Anna slowly walking over to me. Her lighter flicked on again and we could see for a moment. I took one of the smokes and the lighter from her. I had given up smoking a while back, but every now and then I needed a good fix. Between lusting after my aunt and the power going out I figured it was justified.

We carefully walked to the sliding glass door that opened into my parent's backyard and looked outside. The low-lying clouds were thick and colored a slight orange tint from the city beyond. It appeared that only the south end of town had been knocked out. I could see better now in the dim, cursory light from the town. Snow was still falling relentlessly, piling high and creating a rolling landscape of nondescript bumps, valleys and hills.

"Have you been working out?" she asked after a while.

I looked at her, surprised by the question. I said, "Well, yeah actually."

"It shows," she kept her eyes out on the muffled world beyond.

'It does?' I thought to myself. I weighed 235 lbs and had a fairly stocky, muscular build. I wasn't fat by any means, but I did carry a little weight around my midsection that, despite my best efforts I could not get rid of. My mind raced and presented me with a number of possibilities as the words "It shows" played over and over in my mind.

"Thank you," I said. I looked at her again and decided to go out on a limb, "You look really good too."

She laughed, "Thanks."

"Seriously," I insisted.

"Humoring an old woman?"

"You're not old," I shook my head and took another drag on my smoke.

"Is that a fact?"

"Take it from a young guy at the tender age of 20," I smiled, "You look good."

Anna sighed, "I'm 38 years old on a Friday night with no date and I'm babysitting my sister's step children. I think if I looked good I'd be somewhere else tonight."

"Well, to be honest," I said, "There is a snow storm out there right now."

"Yeah? So?"

"That might affect anyone's social life."

Anna's emerald eyes met mine. "You're right."

"Doesn't happen often," I replied and then said, "And who says you have to baby-sit me? I'm an adult."

"Just because you lost your virginity and can smoke doesn't mean you're grown up," she said and grinned a little.

"Just because you can give beer to a minor doesn't make you mature," I countered playfully.

"Touché," she rolled her eyes, "Listen, I need a shower. Are there any candles around here?"


I went into the kitchen and opened the bottom drawer of the counter by the sink. It was loaded with all color and sizes of candles. I grabbed one of the big ones and lit it, handing it to Anna. She smiled and squeezed my arm, "Thanks."

"I put you bag in their room," I motioned down the hall as I stoked the fire.

"All righty."

I stood by the fireplace for a moment, stoking the coals before closing the iron cast door and brushing my hands off. I finished my cigarette and then pitched the butt outside into the snow. My body was tingling and I tried to distract myself from thinking about Anna in the shower. My mind was rolling images of her naked figure under all that cascading water across my eyes like a steamy porn flick. My cock was now begging to be given attention as I walked down the hall with my own candle.

As I passed the bathroom I heard the water turn on and then a moment later, the shower engage. I shook my head and cracked the door to Sarah's room open. She was lying sprawled out in her Care Bears t-shirt and blue sweats, a plush toy of Scooby Doo tucked under one arm and her Polly doll in the other. She was slightly snoring as her mouth hung slackly open, a thin line of drool seeping out. I smiled to myself and closed the door again.

I looked into my parent's room and saw her duffle bag on the bed, open wide. I was seized by the sudden impulse to go look through her stuff. The candle burned warmly in my hand as I stood in the doorway contemplating this very serious invasion of privacy. It was wrong and I knew it. Even as I slowly approached the bed and put my hand on the vinyl bag I knew I was crossing a line. I reached inside the bag and felt around.

I pulled out a pair of her panties, black and lacy. My heart began pounding as I felt the fabric in my hands, rubbing it back and forth. Without even thinking, I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. They were scented with some kind of lavender fabric softener. I pressed the thin material of the crotch to my lips and allowed myself to imagine her sex there. I was breathing hard, so turned on that I couldn't really control myself.

After a few minutes, I put the panties back in the bag and walked down the hall to the living room again. As I passed the bathroom I noticed a sliver of wavering light cast across the floor. The door was open, allowing candlelight to escape into the hall. I paused and felt that urge again, the need to see and look at what I was forbidden to know. I licked my lips and opened the door a little, my body resting against the doorjamb.

The curtain of the shower was plastic and semi-transparent. I could make out the blurry image of her naked body behind it, the candle making bright shiny spots on the surface of the curtain that obscured her to some degree. She was washing her hair, arms bent above her and back arched. The shape of her large breasts was prominent through the translucent material, a maddening tease of her nudity. Her ass was round and her legs poised as she washed herself. I noticed I was beginning to sweat a little as I watched this distorted image of my naked aunt.

I backed away from the open sliver of space between the frame and door. I walked back to my old bedroom just beyond Sarah's and stepped inside. My sweater and shirt came off, as I knew I would be making a mess across my stomach and chest. I lay on the bed and unbuttoned my jeans, yanking them and my boxers down. My cock sprang forth and I grasped my shaft gently. As I began masturbating, my head leaned back and mouth open, I imagined myself in the shower with her, my hands roaming her voluptuous body and her mouth pressed to mine.

My length was stiffened to a painful throb as I worked myself over, the images and fantasies or our would-be sexual encounter pounding through my brain. It didn't take me very long to reach the point of climax. I could feel the orgasm building up inside me like an explosion, ready to be released. I worked faster, imaging what it would be like to slide my cock between those two beautiful tits. I savored the image of her hard nipples in my mind as my cock passed through her cleavage again and again, lubed up with my own pre-cum and the saliva from the blowjob she had given me moments earlier.

"Oh God, Anna," I moaned and stroked faster and harder.

My body froze and tensed as I gasped for air.

Cum exploded from my swollen head and spattered across my chest, making a mess a shiny wet display of my passion for Aunt Anna. Oh how I wished Anna would lick me clean. The jerking of my cock began to subside as I took deep breaths to gain my composure. I could already feel the semen beginning to drip and dribble along the contours of my body. I reached out to the nightstand, my legs hanging off of the bed and grabbed a handful of Kleenex from my nightstand.

To my shock and horror, in the doorway of my bedroom stood my Aunt Anna, her eyes wide and a small funny smile on her full lips. Her hair was wet and hanging to her shoulders, a long blue towel wrapped around her body. She looked at me and I looked at her. She glanced down at my thick cock, still hard in my hand and leaking the last of my load. I wanted to die right there as we paused in that awkward silence, her in the doorway and me on my bed.

"Hi," I said, my face blushing furiously in the candlelight.

Anna cleared her throat and looked away for a moment, "Hi, Sean. I catch you at a bad time?"

"Oh," I looked down at my cum soaked torso and began wiping the semen up into the tissue, "Yeah, sort of."

She nodded, suddenly shy of looking at me. I couldn't blame her as embarrassment soured my stomach and I felt a queasy regret. I always locked the door when I masturbated. Why the hell didn't I do it this time? I released my cock, the member unaware that it was time to deflate and retreat. It remained hard and unaffected by this sudden exposure to my aunt, as though it were even more turned on by the experience. To be honest, I could feel the arousal of her having watched me jack off.

"Did you see me," I closed my eyes, "You know?"


Oh God.

I hesitantly asked, "Did you hear anything?"

Aunt Anna was quiet for a moment. As I finished wiping the semen from my body she said, "Uh, yeah I did."

"I'm so sorry, Aunt Anna," I sat up, unable to look at her. I cursed my cock for still being rigid and I pulled my pillow from the head of the bed to cover it, "You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"No," she assured me, her voice tender and distracted, "No, of course not."

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09-21-2012, 10:45 AM
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RE: Anna, The Perfect Babysitter - Sara Jean Underwood Sex Story
"I am so fucking embarrassed," I confessed miserably.

"Don't be, Sean," she stepped into the room, "Everyone does it."

"Yeah?" I hung my head, "But thinking about their aunt?"

"Well, that I don't know," she offered and then sat down beside me on the bed. I looked and could see her cleavage behind the wrap of her towel. My cock jerked again, demanding sex. I sighed. She said, "But you know, we're not blood relatives so really it's okay, right?"

"I suppose," I nodded, but she was still my aunt.

"Look," she said, "I'm embarrassed too, Sean. I stood there and watched you do it. So we both have each other over a barrel, right?"

I nodded and smiled as much as I could. She had been watching me jerk off and I had been so involved in my fantasy I hadn't even noticed. She had probably been horrified and disgusted. But then, why watch unless she was enjoying it? Why stand there and be offended at the sight of self-gratification unless you were turned on by it? My heart skipped as I contemplated the idea of her wanting me as much as I wanted her. What if I had turned her on by jerking off?

"What were you thinking about?" she asked me quietly.

I hesitated, "I uh, well- you heard me, right?"

"Yes," she said and looked away, "But what about me?"

The surreal quality of the situation had me reeling as I considered telling her. If I did this, it would change everything forever. I took a deep breath and said, "I was thinking of your breasts."

She smiled, "You were?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Wow," she said, "I'm flattered."

I couldn't think of anything to say as my cock pulsed under the pillow.

"Do you think of me," she asked, "You know, a lot?"


There was a long pause.

"I had no idea," she said.

I was ready to pass out from the blood pumping through my body.

"Do you want to see them?" Anna asked.

"Excuse me?" my normally deep voice hit a cracked, soprano pitch.

Anna looked at me with a seriousness I had never seen before. Her eyes seemed to burn right through me as the intense eroticism of our being nearly naked together became blatantly apparent. She put her hand on my broad shoulder and asked, "Would you like to see my breasts?"

"Yes," I gaped.

She grabbed the edge of the towel and loosened the tie that rested between her cleavage. The world went oddly silent as I watched her pulled the towel away and slowly reveal her naked body to me. In the soft glow of candlelight her breasts hung down in a warm milky sway. Her nipples were puffy, the areolas a shade darker than her flesh. She was classically built, her stomach slightly pooched but sexy nonetheless. Her crotch was meticulously trimmed, the pubic hair fine and catching the light as she spread her legs a little.

I watched her full, pear shaped breasts jiggle as she tossed the towel aside. I said, "They're beautiful, Anna."

"Go ahead and touch them," she leaned to me.

I placed my hands on her fleshy breasts, the silky skin smooth and wonderful under my fingers. Her hard nipples pressed against my palms as I began kneading her tits, slowly working them back and forth and enjoying every moment of our somewhat incestuous exchange. The pillow fell from my lap and revealed my cock again, but now I didn't care. I could only focus on her tits and how good they felt, how heavy they were.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, resting them on my shoulders as she drew close to me. We stood up as though some unspoken command had been agreed upon between us. Her body was hot despite the cold outside and when she pressed up against my throbbing member I nearly lost it right there. Her lips were moist and full, slightly parted to reveal her white teeth. She looked at me expectantly with those emerald green eyes as the candles flickered.

"Is this weird for you?" she asked as her fingers traced circles around the back of my neck.

"No," I smiled, my hands still cupping her breasts and my thumbs playing with her thick nipples.

"You know," she said suddenly, "If we do this, no one can ever know."

"I know," I breathed and ran my hands down her sides to her hips.

Her lips drew closer to mine as she asked, "Do you have condoms?"

"Yes I do," I thought of the spit kit in my bag. I always kept six condoms in there, just to be safe. I was so glad I had thought to remember to do that before leaving my dorm room.

"You look so good," she eyed my body as she drew even closer, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted before..."

"Really?" I replied as I let my hands slide up her sides again and over her breasts, cupping them. My heart was pounding in my ears as I felt her silky skin. The generous swells of her breasts were beyond anything I had imagined in my dreams. They brought to mind images of soft pillows and silky clothes as I gently massaged them. Anna shivered a little and smiled.

"That feels really good, Sean," she said.

"For both of us," I said.

"I loved hearing you moan my name," she said secretively.

"Did you?"

"Yes," she breathed, "And I loved watching you cum."

I groaned, unable to speak as my cock rubbed against her.

"I want you, Sean," she said, her voice unsteady, "I don't think this is right, but I can't stop myself."

"What would Nancy think?" I asked as I began kissing her ear and neck, using the most passionate and gentle kisses I knew how to give.

"She would think I was crazy," Anna moaned and she tilted her head back, "But she's not the saint she appears to be..."


"No," she ran her fingernails over my back and shoulders, "We share a lot of things, if you get my drift, Sean."

I licked her neck, just below her ear, "Oh? Like what?"

"Your father," she whispered and trailed her nails down to my ass, "But you want to know a real secret?"


"She wouldn't mind sharing you," she said into my ear. My heart jumped at the idea of my aunt and stepmother wanting me. This was almost too much as she wiggled her hips against me and my cock brushed the fine hair of her pussy.

"No shit?" I managed.

"No shit," she smiled against me, "That make you feel weird?"

Strangely enough, it didn't. "No," I said, "Not at all."

"Would you like to fuck me, Sean?" her breasts were heavy and perfect against my chest.

"Yes," I breathed hotly against her skin and traced my tongue along the delicate design of her left ear, "Yes I would..."

"Then take me," she smiled. Her hands were slowly working their way down my backside. I felt her grasp my buttocks and squeeze as I kissed her neck and nuzzled her jaw line. I was drunk with lust as I felt her body and tasted her, my mind and morals shoved aside under the power of irresistible temptation.

She looked up at me slowly. She parted her lips and then with one hand pulled my face to hers. Our lips locked together and we kissed deeply. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth, and her taste was sweet and passionate. My hand slid down her stomach as our tongues intertwined, and I let my fingers escape to the flat expanse below her navel. She began leaning into me as we kissed, pushing me down to the floor.

"I can't believe this is happening," Anna said as she straddled me, her thighs tight around my hips and her crotch against mine.

"Neither can I," I said, marveling at her gorgeous breasts as the snow fell outside my bedroom window, the flames on the candles wavering and flickering.

"When was the last time you had sex, Sean?" she asked as she ran her fingernails over my torso, "When was the last time you used the big, thick cock?"

"Last week," I said. Her dirty talk was making me even more aroused if that was possible.

Anna smiled as she grinded her moist, hot crotch against me. "Was it good, Sean? Did she make you feel really good?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"I'll bet I can make you feel even better..."

"Then show me," I said boldly.

"Okay," she smiled saucily as she sat back and began rubbing her clitoral hood. Her breasts hung down and swayed with each movement, casting twin shadows across the smooth terrain of her body and mesmerizing me. Her pussy was moist and inviting, and I stared with unabashed fascination and appreciation. She rubbed the mound of skin back and forth as she looked at me intently. I had always wondered about what color her hair was naturally, and based on the fine, red hairs that covered her cunt I could see she was a true redhead through and through.

"How long have you been thinking about me?" I asked.

"Well," she smiled as she began fingering her cunt, "Since I saw you at your father's wedding."

"No kidding?" I grinned, watching her fingers play with her sex.

"That surprises you?" she asked

"I just never would have guessed," I said.

"You'd be suprised," she replied, her green eyes never leaving mine as her wet fingers slipped down from her sopping cunt and began rubbing against my shaft, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," I said, placing my hands on her hips, "No, please no."

She smiled at me and then looked down. My cock was rigid and ready, sticking out proudly with a rapid pulse. She grabbed my shaft and began stroking me slowly, her fingers tender and appreciative. Her breathing was getting about as fast as mine as she jerked me off. I closed my eyes as she pumped my dick, her fingers occasionally tweaking my swollen purple head as she went. Her hand was gentle and yet rough as she worked her magic on me. Her tits bounced and swayed with the movements of her arms, her eye fixed on my face.

"How long have you been thinking of me, Sean?" She lay down beside me and started kissing me as she worked my cock. Our tongues danced together, lapping at one another frantically as she brought me closer and closer to my inevitable orgasm. I was moaning and groaning against her lips as the pressure began to build up in my balls and the base of my shaft. My aunt was experienced, I could say that much. Her maneuvers and motions were specific and precise as she stimulated my hard member.

"For a long time," I said.

"You think you could cum for me again?" she said between kisses.

"Yes... anything," I managed, my body pulled tight as I fought off the orgasm creeping through my body and threatening to let loose.

"Give it to me," she smiled devilishly as she slid down my body, her fingernails raking over my hard nipples. As Anna eyed me, she switched her hand for her lips. Suddenly my cock was sucked into her hot mouth, her tongue rolling over me as she bobbed up and down on my shaft, my bulbous head tingling and ringing like an alarm, warning me of the impending eruption. I could hear her wet, sloppy sucking of my cock as she moaned against my head. The vibrations rolled through me and shook the sensitive inner workings of my sex. Anna swirled her tongue around my head like a schoolgirl enjoying a lollipop.

"Oh shit," I whispered as she attacked my sack, licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth as she stroked my wet cock. Anna sucked my dick back into her mouth, her teeth scraping and causing a delightful pain that excited me even more.

"Mmmm," she groaned around my shaft, her voice vibrating through me. She began to rapidly bob her head up and down, sucking me off, and causing the pressure in my sack to intensify a hundred fold. Her eyes gazed up at me as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, the head pushing her cheeks out a little with every thrust of my hips.

"You're gonna make me cum," I gasped, my hands deep in her wet, red hair

She began massaging my balls as she sucked, ready to milk me for all I was worth.

"Oh God," I sat up.

I squirmed under her, bracing myself up as I scooted back to the bed. She released my cock from her mouth and told me to sit on the edge of the mattress. She positioned herself between my legs and resumed her work loving my cock. I leaned forward as she worked me over and reached down to her tits. I cupped her breasts in my hands and fondled them. They were so big and firm, hanging down heavily and swaying. Her motions were fluid and rhythmic as she passionately sucked me off.

I slid my fingers into her hair and grasped the back of her head, pushing my cock into her mouth with a greater urgency. I found myself losing my cool as I started fucking her face. Anna held still in my grip, my cock pumping to the back of her soft, slick throat, her boobs pressed against my thighs like two sumptuous fleshy pillows. I leaned by head back and growled against my teeth, my hips rocking back and forth under their primitive rhythm.

Anna cupped her large breasts in her slender hands and squeezed them, her nipples caught between her fingers. Anna moaned around the girth of my cock in her mouth, sliding her hands all over her tits in a sensual rub. I could feel myself losing control, the orgasm rocketing up through my passage as I fucked her mouth. She grasped my hips and held on tight.

"Oh Anna... fuck..." I whispered desperately.

She sucked harder as my thrusts became violent, her whimpers accented by each forceful movement.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted as my cock spasmed and expanded suddenly. Hot cum ejaculated from my dick and into the cavity of her mouth. She violently grabbed my member with her right hand and pumped it hard, taking back her control over the situation. She sucked me hard, slurping the sticky cum like it was a delicacy. As I unloaded in her, some of the thick liquid seeped from the corner of her mouth and dribbled to her chin.

She lapped up the semen, her tongue leaving a wet trail behind as she cleaned me off. She began kissing up my body, licking and nibbling until she reached my neck and suckled there.

"Eat my cunt," she demanded.

Her pussy was hot against my throbbing member, and I was amazed to find that I was still hard. Anna finished marking me and then motioned for me to lay flat again on the floor. I did as she wanted and she straddled me, this time her pussy right in my face. I could smell her sweet nectar as I immediately set to work, forsaking her cunt and going right for her clit.

"Oh yes..." she moaned.

I swirled around it, flicking and suckling on it as I massaged her ass. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting her red hair fall loosely at her shoulders in wet tangles. My face was becoming slick with her juices as I lapped and suckled at her hard clit, letting my hands roam up her body and to her breasts. I cupped them and squeezed. Anna moaned and began tweaking her nipples.

I pinched and pulled at her nubs, Anna whimpering against the pleasure as I teased her. Her hips were swaying now, mimicking the motions of sex as I pushed her towards the orgasm. I was determined to stay down there for as long as it took to make her scream my name. She was now moaning loudly as I worked my tongue over her, and finally, she reached the breaking point.

She began to gyrate her hips sensually as she ran her hands through her hair, her mouth open wide and her eyes closed. I could feel her deliciously thick thighs trembling as she became more and more aroused. Small moans and stunted whimpers of pleasure rang out from her throat as she began mimicking the motions of sex.

"Ohhhhh God," she cried out, her legs shaking.

I worked faster and harder, machine-gunning her clit.


I grasped her ass and spread her cheek violently.

"Oh fuck!"

She screamed wildly.


Her hips whip lashed violently as she gasped, her hands in her hair and back arched as the orgasm tore through her being. A small amount of her cum splashed my face in a single musky squirt as she rode the lighting of her climax. Her thighs tightened around my face as she moaned and cooed her satisfaction. Her voice echoed through the house and I wondered if Sarah had heard any of this?

"Oh my God," she breathed and laid down beside me, "Oh my God, Sean."

"Condoms," I said and reached up to the bed. After fumbling with my spit kit, I found the rubbers and ripped open one of the packages. The red Trojan was wet and slippery as I rolled it onto my cock, already hard again.

"Fuck me," she commanded.

I rolled over and kissed her deeply, her cum still fresh on my tongue. She embraced me with a fevered passion as our legs tangled together. My cock was hard and ready to go again as she rolled to her side, her back facing me. She parted her legs and exposed her vagina to me. I scooted up behind her, propped myself up on my elbow as she lifted her leg and grabbed my cock. With a quick movement of her hand, I was inside her hot interior.

"Oh yes," she hissed lustily, "That feels so fucking good..."

"You're so tight," I moaned as my hips began to move back and forth on their own.

"Oh Sean," she whispered, half turned towards me and smiling, "You're stretching me out."

I kissed her shoulder and began humping her. It took us a few minutes to get our rhythm down right as we grinded, circled and got used to each other. She brought her hand to my ass and held me there as we began to pick up speed. My hand found her breast as it bounced and moved to our rhythm. I began pulling and tweaking at her nipple again as she took her other hand and started rubbing her clit.

Anna was moaning throaty expressions of her lust, her pussy dripping wet as we fucked. We were covered in a film of sweat as our pace quickened and we progressed towards another climax. I hoped we would reach it together as I started putting my all into the thrusts, ramming my cock hard and fast into her cunt. I could hear myself grunting with each movement, an almost primal angry sound to my ears. I was thankful I had orgasmed twice already. I wanted to enjoy every moment of her, every sensation of deep, hot sex clenching my cock.

"Oh fuck yes," she whined again in that high lust-filled pitch, "Yes..."

The muscles in my buttocks and abdomen were screaming in pain as I hammered her, my teeth bared and sweat pouring off my brow. We lay there on the floor for God knows how long, our bodies locked together in a perfect cycle of sexual pleasure. I felt so fucking powerful, so complete as I worked my cock in and out of her. I could hear myself moaning her name again. My hand squeezed her tit hard as she cried out in a lusty laugh.

Finally, she came again, her hips bucking against me, her pussy spasming around my shaft as she let loose. I could feel her juices trickling over my balls as I felt my own climax approaching. Our legs were locked together as my thighs suddenly tightened and my eyes shut hard. I cried out, my semen exploding into the condom and filling the reservoir up. Stars swam in front of my eye. My face was feeling numb from the near hyperventilation of our sex. We lay there, huffing and puffing, moaning to each other and kissing as we recovered.

"Oh my God yes," Anna leaned into me, staring into my eyes hypnotically as her lips parted. Our mouths connected and we shared a kiss that was so slow and deep it made my cock jerk and begin to swell again. I couldn't believe it. We kissed like that for a while, my hand massaging her tit as she slid her fingers over my crotch and began rubbing back and forth. I could feel our body heat radiating in waves as we kissed.

"You tired?" she asked me.

"Not at all."

"Then fuck me again..."

I smiled as she handed me another condom.

I positioned myself behind her and brought my cock to bear, the head resting between her ass cheeks. Grasping her hips, I inched forward and slipped my head into her pussy with a sudden thrust that caught her off guard. Her head snapped back and she let out a lusty moan as my cock sank into her cunt. I began thrusting, back and forth, increasing my speed and power as I went. My balls slapped against her ass as I fucked her hard.

"Oh yes," she whimpered, her voice accented by each thrust of my hips, "Just like that... yes... fuck... yes..."

I pounded her until she was shouting, her voice becoming high pitched and broken as she tried to handle the sensations of her overpowered sex. I gave her one final thrust and then pulled out. My cock was slick with her nectar as I spread her ass cheeks. Anna looked back over her shoulder at me as I pushed my slick, latex sheathed cock over her ass, sliding the wet shaft across the tight little hole, leaving a sticky trail behind.
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09-21-2012, 10:45 AM
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RE: Anna, The Perfect Babysitter - Sara Jean Underwood Sex Story
"Get on your back," she said through a gasping breath. I flipped over on my back and she straddled me. Her backside was facing me as she settled in over my shaft, her ass poised. She grasped my cock and slid the head across her dripping cunt, lubing me up for entry. She then brought it to her ass and eased herself down on me. My cock squeezed past the tight, rubbery opening. She gasped and clenched her buttocks around my shaft, turning her head to the side and watching the penetration.

I could feel the spasmodic flexing of her buttocks, threatening to milk the cum out of me before I was ready. Anna arched her back and opened her mouth in a long drawn out gasp. Her whole body tensed and froze, her teeth bared in a growl of sexual fulfillment. She moaned, biting her lower lip as my dick filled up her ass and stretched her out. Finally, my cock was submerged in her body and she began to ride me, her pace already fast and frenzied.

"Oh yes... yes...yes...yes..." she whispered breathlessly, her big breasts bouncing wildly as she let loose, her nipples pointed and hard. Her fingers found her clit and began furiously rubbing it as she rode my cock.

I grunted as she hammered herself.

"Fuck my ass," she moaned dreamily.

I slapped her ass she rode me.

"Oh God yes," she moaned as she slammed her ass against my thrusts.

Anna cried out, ramming down hard on me as she fingered her clit. Her fingers worked her sensitive button over until she suddenly began snapping her hips back. Anna uttered a scream of overwhelming pleasure as her ass slammed down on my cock and she came hard. Her muscles rippled and clenched so tightly around my cock that my field of vision exploded with stars again and my cock ejaculated inside her ass.

I cried out as the semen exploded out of my head and filled up the condom. Anna was holding her breasts, her head thrown back and mouth wide open as I unloaded my semen, my cock jerking and pumping. Her hole was seized around my shaft as I cried out and grasped her hips, driving my rod deep inside her. My whole body was pulsing and racing as I slowly came down from the plateau of my climax. Everything felt numb, from my lips to my toes as I brought my breathing back under control.

"Oh fuck yes," she panted.

I couldn't breathe, let alone speak so I settled on a satisfied grunt of approval.

As she uncoupled and flopped down beside me my mind raced back to what she had said earlier about my stepmother:

'We share a lot of things, if you get my drift, Sean,' she had said

And then...

'But you want to know a real secret?'


'She wouldn't mind sharing you...'

I looked at Anna and smiled.

I found myself looking forward to Nancy coming home.
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