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Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
11-03-2012, 03:16 AM
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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
Incest story ka baap..[a must read]

Mohanraj felt outraged spotting the police vehicle parked just outside his house and slammed his forehead in disgust. He almost jumped out of the car as it halted and ran into his house with absolute fury. His eyes turned red in anger seeing a couple of uniformed personnel inside the sitting room and sipping some coffee.

"Who called the police?" Mohanraj screamed his throat out.

Govind, his 20 year old son stood up from the sofa and replied with fear. "Dad, I called them."

"Have you gone crazy?" Mohanraj's anger found a new target in his ignorant son. "You want to see the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers? Do you want the whole city to know and laugh at the family?"

Govind decided not to speak any further once he knew that his Dad was in no mood to listen. One of the officers stood up, walked towards Mohanraj and began speaking in a low voice.

"Mr.Mohanraj, we are here to help you," The officer said with genuine compassion.

"Please leave us alone," Mohanraj almost pushed off the officer's hands which was about to reach to his shoulder. "I don't want to register any complaint with the police. This is purely our family problem and I don't want this to be publicized."

The officer smiled wryly and turned to Govind who stood motionless. "Mr.Govind, should I presume that you are withdrawing the complaint?"

Govind looked up and gauged his father's emotions. He knew that it would be a Herculean task to convince his Dad especially when he looked like blowing the world in absolute fury.

"Yes Officer," Govind replied apologetically. "I am withdrawing the complaint."

Mohanraj nodded his head in relief and sat down on the sofa in despair. The officers stood up, shook hands with Govind and began walking towards the door. Govind waited till he heard their jeep driving off the house and walked towards his father.

"What are we going to do now?" He queried with profound anxiety.

"Nothing," Mohanraj snarled at his son. "I will presume that your mother is dead from now on."

Govind struggled hard to conceal his growing anger seeing the unruly behavior of his father. He knew that it would be a futile exercise talking to Mohanraj and hence began dragging his feet towards his room. His hands reached to his pocket and pulled off the piece of paper which had stirred off the unprecedented storm in his family. He couldn't resist admiring the neat handwriting of Usha, his mother although the contents came as a bolt from the blue.

'I am leaving the house and will never return. Don't try to search me -- Usha'

Ever since he found the letter left behind by his mother, Govind had read it more than a dozen times. It was more of a shock as he read it for the first time which gradually transformed into extreme annoyance. He felt immensely angered by the absolute recklessness with which his parents went about making a huge fuss about whatever be their differences. Usha was almost 42 years and she hadn't helped the cause of reaching to some amicable agreement by vanishing from the house. It was unbelievable. A mother of two grown up children deserting the house for some silly reason disregarding the implications it would have on the reputation of the family.

The moment he reached his room, his cellular phone buzzed at once. He almost jumped in relief to find from the display that it was Uncle Sabari who was calling.

"Hello Uncle," He almost whispered containing his excitement. Obviously, he didn't want his father to hear the conversation.

"Hello Govind," Uncle Sabari's voice wasn't sounding as cheerful as it used to be. "Usha is here."

"Thank God," Govind closed his eyes in relief after hearing the news. He felt his heart getting lightened after more than twelve hours of anxious moments.

"You can't talk to her now," Sabari hushed on the phone. "She does not want her whereabouts to be revealed to anybody."

"She has gone crazy," Govind fumed.

"Don't get excited," Sabari softened his voice. "Try to reach here as soon as you can. She is planning to leave from here as well."

Govind shook his head in disbelief. He was confused about the whole thing.

"Uncle, please don't let her go," Govind pleaded. "I am rushing there at once."

Uncle Sabari had a few words of consolation to offer and realizing the anxiety of his nephew, he put an end to his conversation. Govind had quite a lot of things to ponder. He certainly did not want his father to know about the conversation with his uncle. He somehow wanted to bring back his mother so that not much damage is done to the family. He spoke to himself as he thought about various plans to bring the family crisis to an end. He was a very clear man as he braved into his father's room. As expected, Mohanraj was sipping a glass of whisky.

"Dad, I need to go out," Govind spoke in a firm voice. "I may not be returning before morning."

"What's the matter?" Mohanraj chuckled sarcastically. "Are you going to search that slut?"

"Please Dad," Govind's tone began to rise in anger. "She is my mother. Don't call her by such names. I need to relax after whatever is going on here at home. Please let me go."

"Go ahead and relax," Mohanraj smiled mockingly. "You don't seem to bother about your father and your sister. You just want to relax when the entire house is shattered. Go and relax."

Govind felt for the umpteenth time that his father was a tough nut to crack. He realized that he had better things to do than trying to reason with a man who spoke and behaved like a man on the verge of lunacy.

"Thanks Dad," Govind quipped and rushed back to his room. It took just a few minutes for him to pack a few things for his travel and helped himself with some money from the safe. Just as he was about to leave, he thought of talking to Punita, his sister. He hurried towards his room and felt rather relieved to see the young girl sleeping after she had cried out her heart since morning. He placed his right hand on her forehead, stroked her hair for a while before rushing down the stairs. Soon, his Suzuki zen streamed out of the gate indicating his desperation to get his mother back home.

Mohanraj watched his son's car ejecting on to the road, sipped the remaining whisky and walked towards Punita's room with a mischievous smile. He hadn't consumed alcohol during the day for quite some time and began feeling a slight discomfort as he walked. He wasn't really staggering although he knew that his walking was far from being normal.

Punita woke up from the deep sleep hearing the loud thud on the door. She sat up and her body experienced a mild shiver seeing Mohanraj standing against the door. A huge chill traveled all over her spine as she watched her father closing the door and moving from one window to another pulling down the blinds. Suddenly the room was filled with semi-darkess.

Her heart began racing and she hurriedly began pulling over the blanket to cover her legs.

"Don't be afraid," Mohanraj smiled as he approached the bed and quickly unbuttoned his full sleeve shirt.

"Dad, please don't," She murmured with fear gripping all over her mind.

Mohanraj went about pulling down his pant unmindful of his daughter's plea. Punita covered her face in absolute fear the moment she saw her father's stout body. She obviously couldn't watch her father pulling out a nice pack of condoms from his pant. She eventually opened her eyes feeling something brushing hard against her chin and once she did, she almost screamed to see her father's nine inches meat positioned against her mouth.

"No Dad, Not now," She whimpered and began dragging her body towards the other side of the bed. The next thing she felt was her father's strong muscular hands pushing her hands well above her head. His swollen stomach was pressing hard against her young flat belly while her nostrils smelt the odor of some rich whisky.

"Never say No to Daddy," Mohanraj laughed letting his right hand to slap her cheek mildly.

"Not anymore," Punita screamed again. "Not after we were caught by mom."

Mohanraj's hands roughly held her little breasts for a while before giving a rude pinch on her nipples. To her utter surprise, notwithstanding her protests her nipples were getting hard and erect at the touch of her father.

"I have always loved these little tits," Mohanraj said with a lusty grin and cupped her tiny breasts really hard. She looked too puny for a 19 year old girl. She was too fragile and weak to resist his big Dad who pulled off her T-shirt in a flash.

"Remember our first time in the bathroom?" Mohanraj whispered into her ears while his hands were desperately trying to unclasp her bra hooks. "I fucked you on the moist marble floor. You were slipping away from me every time my dick humped at you. But, I never let you go."

Punita squirmed feeling her father's huge hands clutching her naked breasts after getting rid of her bra. His palms felt extremely rough and as they touched her tender nipples she couldn't conceal the excitement. She struggled hard overcoming the temptations her father was managing to create in her by telling herself that it was her father's lust that had forced her mother from deserting the house.

She tried swaying her body not to allow her father's monster dick brush against her crotch. Her brief resistance came to an abrupt end feeling her father's hand dropping down her belly before it cupped and covered her crotch.

"You want Dad to eat your pussy?" Mohanraj hushed into her ears while his fingers dove inside her pussy lips through her cavity. "I know you love that. I know how much you enjoyed when I was eating your little cunt inside the garage once."

However, he wasn't eating her pussy as his attention switched towards her tiny tits. Punita heaved as her father began sucking her little breasts inside his mouth and she squealed as his long brushy tongue began lashing at her hardened nipples. She knew that her father was unstoppable on the bed and remembered the sheer ruthlessness with which he stole her virginity in the bathroom. She felt her breasts swelling inside her father's lusty mouth and her body tried to move up and down unable to cope up with the merciless way with which her father went about sucking her tender breasts.

"Dad, be gentle," She murmured although she knew that he was in no mood to heed to her appeal. His hands and mouth kept alternating on her breasts while his hard fingers kept pinching and tweaking her nipples making her moan aloud.

"Daddy!" Punita screamed as suddenly she felt his hard meat dive deep into her. His dick never looked like halting as it got deeper to hit well against her womb. It was inevitable for her as she knew that she was loosing. She decided to just lay back and enjoy the feel of her father's demon dick inside her young tight cunt.

"You are very tight," Mohanraj admired between gasps as he began humping. Punita felt her cunt getting wet every time her father nearly withdrew his gigantic dick only to let it ram back with more fury and force.

"Fuck me Dad," She yelled out. She was overdriven with pleasure and stopped suppressing her moans which began pouring out of her mouth wildly. She was completely under her father's control and her waist began grinding in a nice motion, enough to grip her father's dick inside her cunt. Punita couldn't believe the glowing lust in her father's eyes as she watched him pump his dick deeper while he was grinding his teeth like a lusty beast. Her young body was responding to her father's thunderous poundings as she tried to close her eyes to enjoy the moments of joy.

Mohanraj was beginning to grunt even while his dick felt like growing large inside her pussy. Punita knew that her father had put on a condom and felt rather relieved.

"Oh my little baby," Mohanraj groaned as he sensed an imminent explosion while his eyes looked like bulging out. Punita was speechless and almost breathless seeing her father accelerating his speed unbelievably. She squirmed once feeling the typical sensation prior to a great orgasm. She was aware that her father would have a final go at her young breasts before passing out and watched anxiously waiting for his big mouth to land on her chest. He finally did, jumping on her tits for one final time while his dick exploded filling the condom with huge loads of thick semen.

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11-03-2012, 03:16 AM
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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
Part 2
"Daddy, you fucked me again," she screamed as her hands held his hair.

Mohanraj got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom for getting rid of the condom filled with cum. Punita wasn't moving an inch after another horrifying round of sex with her father and a few drops of tears began rolling down her cheeks involuntarily. She heard Mohanraj using the flush and thereafter she could hear her father cleaning himself. She kept gazing as her unkind father emerged out of the bathroom naked to the hilt. She knew that he wouldn't be interested in talking to her anymore after fulfilling his desire for the umpteenth time. Her eyes turned red in hatred looking at her father who got into his clothes and walked out of the room without even bothering to have a look at his daughter.

"Oh Mom, I am sorry." Punita whimpered.

A few hundred miles away, Usha kept herself confined to the four walls of the room where her brother had led her immediately after her arrival. Her eyes had gone red after the long train journey during which she had wept profusely. She realized that her married life was in cross roads and shockingly it was her own daughter who had done all the damage. She knew that her daughter's life was in more jeopardy than hers and couldn't resist a sigh of depression. Punita has always remained the Barbie doll of the house until she was found naked on her father's bed. It wasn't easy to digest seeing a 19 year old girl transgressing the boundaries with her own father. Usha was dumbfounded and it took a while before her heart resumed beating.

Govind on the other hand, always remained a noble young man with no vices inherited from his lousy father. He always carried a matured head on his young shoulders and had solutions to every problem the family came across. However, Usha knew that it would be like expecting too much from her son to clean up the mess her husband and daughter had created. It is never easy to reveal the abnormal relationship of a father and daughter, more so, if the son was as gentle as Govind.

Usha gathered herself listening to the footsteps and tried to smile at Sabari, who entered with a concerned look.

"Can we talk?" Sabari sat right in front of his younger sister and asked softly.

"There is nothing to talk about," Usha retorted quickly. "If needed, I should talk to an advocate."

"Don't be silly," Sabari tried to reason with his sister. "You have grown up kids. You are old enough to be a grand mother now."

"Brother, will you do me a favor?" Usha was quick to cut him short. "Take me to some advocate."

Sabari sighed in exasperation. He always knew that his sister had grown up as a very tough woman and it has always been impossible to thrust any opinion into her. He realized that the need of the hour was to buy some time before Govind arrives to take his mother back with him. He had some acquaintances in the court and he thought merely meeting an advocate wasn't going to complicate things any further.

"As you wish," Sabari stood up at once and said. "Get ready. Let's meet the advocate."

Usha was ready within a matter of minutes. Sabari called Dhanalakshmi, his wife and informed her about his proposed visit to an advocate. He immediately made out from her expression that his wife wasn't all that impressed with the idea although as always, she didn't want to disclose her unhappiness openly. As the car was about to leave, Sabari noticed a few shades of utter disdain in his wife's eyes.

Dhanalakshmi was just 3 years younger than Usha. She was always considered a sort of unassuming character in the family as she rarely spoke openly. Mithali, her 18 year old daughter looked like a replica of her mother and there were a few people who always mistook the mother and daughter as sisters. As always, Dhanalakshmi never revealed her excitement whenever someone complimented about her looks although she was indeed proud of her curvy body and well shaped bosoms. Unlike the women of the region, she had a wonderful glowing skin and her long hair was a subject of envy for even Mithali. She did have her own share of fantasies in life. However, being a very tight-lipped woman she was always shy of talking about sexuality with even women of her age. Mithali would be marrying Govind in a year's time and she knew that it would be foolish to go wild at her age. However, she wasn't aware of the excitement in store.

Dhanalakshmi was just about to get inside after seeing off Sabari and Usha. She stopped and turned back to see the cherry red car speeding in through the gate and immediately her eyes lit up with joy. She knew that it was Govind.

"Hello aunty," Govind waved his hands even before he got out of the car.

"Hello Govind," Dhanalakshmi smiled while her eyes gazed at her would-be son-in-law. He looked in a very good shape and his biceps looked very strong under his half-sleeves.

"You just missed by a whisker," Dhanalakshmi paused and watched anxiety building on her nephew's face. "Your mother left just a few seconds before."

"What do you mean?" Govind stood stunned. Dhanalakshmi burst into laughter.

"Don't worry," She began consoling her nephew. "She will be back in an hour or so. Your uncle has taken her to some advocate."

Govind felt extremely relieved realizing that a couple of anxious days might be getting over soon. He noticed the glow in Dhanalakshmi's eyes and took note of her funny side. He smiled knowing that it was just with him that she always tried to be funny.

"I thought you would ask about Mithali," Dhanalakshmi continued with her sudden outburst of mischief.

"I won't," Govind replied with a broad smile. "I know she might be attending college."

"Smart boy," Dhanalakshmi reciprocated his smile. "Let's get inside and talk."

Govind followed his aunt as she sprinted like a young girl towards the sitting room. His eyes began gulping her wonderful ass cheeks as they swayed while she walked quickly. She stood well below his shoulders although her body still looked in amazing shape. He remembered his childhood days when he used to pull her long hair every now and then.

"Do you need a shower?" Dhanalakshmi turned around all of a sudden without noticing that he was closely following her. Govind couldn't halt at once and ended up banging his chest against her wonderful breasts. Govind's body shook once feeling the softness of a woman's breasts touching his chest for the first time. Dhanalakshmi smiled rather awkwardly.

"Sorry, I never thought you were so close behind," She blushed profusely.

"I am sorry too," Govind said gently rubbing his chest. "What about the shower?"

"Oh Yes," Dhanalakshmi pointed towards the right side of the house. "Use your uncle's room. Let me prepare something really hot for you."

'You are the hottest thing around,' Govind told himself with a mischievous smile. He watched his aunt rushing towards the kitchen and sighed as his eyes gazed at her buttocks again. He had fantasized about Dhanalakshmi for quite some time now although he cleverly concealed his curiosity about her. He knew that he was held in a very high esteem by the family and hence there wasn't any way to let his emotions take over. He quietly moved into his uncle's room and closed the door without latching it. He badly needed a shower after a strenuous ride on a sunny day and quickly got ready for a bath with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

Dhanalakshmi barged into the room from nowhere holding a couple of shampoo sachets in her hand.

"I have some shampoo for you," Dhanalakshmi looked pretentious although her eyes were straying on his broad chest and strong shoulders.

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11-03-2012, 03:17 AM
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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
Part 3
"No Thanks," Govind replied with a smile knowing that his aunt's eyes were scanning his body.

"You have really grown up," Dhanalakshmi kept coming closer to him.

"That's the problem," Govind said with a tone of regret. "I hate being a grown up boy."

"Why?" Dhanalakshmi queried curiously.

"If I were a boy, you wouldn't be letting me to take the shower by myself," Govind winked at her.

"Let's stop teasing each other," Dhanalakshmi smiled meaningfully. "You want me to close the door now?"

Govind thought for a moment before saying, "Yes of course, if you don't mind."

Dhanalakshmi tossed the shampoo sachets behind her head, turned around and walked to the door to close it from inside. She stood leaning against the door for a while before walking up to Govind with the smile of a seductress.

"You want me to do everything?" She asked tilting her head. Govind nodded in agreement.

"Ok, I know you have been looking at my hips and buttocks since you came," Dhanalakshmi winked at her nephew. "I know you must be curious to have a look at my large breasts."

"Yes, you are right," Govind smiled with excitement. "I would love to have a look at them."

Dhanalakshmi didn't wait till he finished as she queried with another wink, "Nothing more?"

"Not at the moment," Govind replied although he knew that he was telling a lie.

"That's better," Dhanalakshmi giggled once before carefully unwrapping her pure cotton sari in slow motion. Govind's smile vanished gradually with his heart filling up with unprecedented thrill. His aunt went about pulling her sari without letting her body to pivot so that her young nephew could keep watching her body as she stripped. Her sari had fallen under her feet in a heap and she kicked the heap letting it fly at Govind's face. Her hands rested on her waists and she deliberately heaved hard to let her breasts bulge underneath her blouse.

"Your stomach used to be very flat," Govind murmured with a naughty smile.

"That was when you were in the school," Dhanalakshmi said laughingly. "You obviously don't know what twenty years of marriage could mean."

"As a matter of fact, I don't know," Govind said with a chuckle. "I am not married yet."

"Funny," Dhanalakshmi smiled again. "What is next in the menu?"

"Wait," Govind signaled to his aunt. "Let me try guessing your bra size."

"You don't need to," Dhanalakshmi began unhooking her blouse at once and pulled it off through her arms. She wore a lacey white bra which looked insufficient to contain her reasonably large melons. "It is 36 C."

"Wonderful," Govind said admiringly. "I can see those nipples are long as well."

"Not before," Dhanalakshmi blushed for the first time. "The moment your eyes fell on them, they have gone harder and longer."

"You obviously don't see what is happening to me," Govind said and looked down. Dhanalakshmi's eyes followed and rested on the huge bulge in the towel on his waist.

"I can see," Dhanalakshmi spoke without moving her eyes of his bulge. "The soldier is ready for the invasion."

Dhanalakshmi suddenly snapped off her bra hooks relieving her well shaped breasts from the captivity. Govind's throbbing dick grew strong enough to lift the towel a few inches in the air.

"I want to secure my daughter's married life," Dhanalakshmi spoke with her tongue in cheeks. "Let me see for myself how good you are in love making."

Her hands reached to his towel and pulled it off in a flash. She stared at his huge long meat which stood out in absolute erection.

"Do you know how to pull down the petticoat?" She queried flexing her body and letting her waist brush against him. "Try it."

Govind reached to the loose ends of the petticoat robe, held it for a moment before pulling them hard in opposite directions. Her petticoat smoothly slid through her silky thighs and shiny legs before finding the floor. Govind's eyes quickly landed on her dark panties. She took a step back and pushed her panties down exposing her pussy under a dense cover of her public hair.

"I have never been fucked in the toilet," Dhanalakshmi spoke bluntly. "Let's do it there."

Govind went around his aunt before halting right behind her. Dhanalakshmi rose an inch from the floor on her heels as the youngster hugged her from behind stroking her stomach and public hair gently. His hardened member was pressing against her firm round ass cheeks making her thrust her back against his thighs. His hands moved upwards to hold and squeeze her wonder globes with passion.

"Let's keep moving," Dhanalakshmi murmured. Govind began pushing her into walking towards the bathroom. The moment they got in, Dhanalakshmi turned around and took her young nephew in her tight hug. Govind for the first time in his life felt like flying amongst the clouds feeling her marvelous breasts mashing against his broad chest. His right leg went up and behind her body to pull her close towards his naked thighs. Dhanalakshmi jumped as his throbbing dick teased her thighs before making its way towards her bush.

"Kiss me," Dhanalakshmi ordered and rose to the level of his face. Govind readily obliged his aunt and planted his lips firmly against her mouth. They began brushing their lips gently before the experienced lady seized the initiative by pulling his lips inside her mouth. Govind closed his eyes as she was letting her tongue invade into his mouth to search all around. It was a terrific experience for Govind as he took the clue from his aunt and began chewing her lips gently. She moaned inside his mouth while her arms eagerly went through his armpits to grip the back of his head and pull it hard against her face. Govind wasn't willing to break the erotic kiss and once he did, his face slid down brushing her neck, bosoms, abdomen before settling on her public hair.

"You seem to know things," Dhanalakshmi muttered with an electrifying feeling. Govind wasn't sure if his aunt loved to have his face pressing against her womanhood as she meekly tried to push him off. His nostrils were filled with the aroma of her cunt sending wild sensations into his mind. It was her warmth and softness that caught Govind's imagination as his tongue couldn't stay any longer inside his mouth. His hands wrapped her legs firmly and he began licking her all over the public hair until he found her yielding lips.

"Govind, please," Dhanalakshmi kept pleading although Govind never knew what she meant. It was a bit thrilling to continue with her cunt while her hands repeatedly tried to push his head off her crotch. She was succumbing to his youthful exuberance unable to muster the strength to push him any further. Govind eventually gathered the courage and let his tongue slip through her pussy lips. Dhanalakshmi screamed feeling the tip of his tongue having a lash at her soft tissues and began arching her body. Govind never seemed like lifting his face and went on working his tongue at her clitoris.

"Govind...Govind," Dhanalakshmi kept panting his name in a weak voice while her nephew was deeply engrossed in eating her pussy. The erotic oral interlude didn't last very long as her love canal began flowing with her juices. Govind paused for a moment and quickly latched on to her lips to suck her oozing fluids. Dhanalakshmi sighed in excitement and kept chanting her nephew's name.

A sudden wave of excitement took over Govind and he turned her around to let her lean against the door. His right hand gripped both her hands with enormous strength and pushed them well above her head. His left hand grabbed his long shaft and he began thrusting his waist against her body. He began rubbing the tip of his dick against her public hair and soon he traced her pussy lips under the dense cover. His left hand worked quickly rubbing her pussy lips up and down in frenzy letting his aunt to jump in joy. His eyes watched her enormous breasts sway and swing as she jumped while his dick kept brushing against her cunt lips with amazing speed.

"You are driving me crazy," Dhanalakshmi screamed in pleasure and pulled him against her body to stop him from teasing her pussy any further. Govind's hands reached behind her and cupped her round ass cheeks. He buried his face in between her breasts and began squeezing her ass cheeks harder and harder. Dhanalakshmi found it extremely difficult to free herself from the lusty grip of her nephew.

"Sit on the closet," Dhanalakshmi hushed into his ears. Govind moved backwards without letting his aunt get off his hug. He slowly sat down on the closet and began spreading his legs wide enough to let his aunt sit on him. She carefully positioned herself to let her moist cunt brush against his erect manhood and took a deep breathe before placing her entire weight on it. Govind's hands gripped her ass cheeks very firmly and helped her to settle on his lap without much difficulty. Her legs were hanging out on his either side and with a gentle hump she was letting the tip of his dick to make its way inside her cunt. Govind felt the strange combination of the warmth and moist inside her pussy and as he began hoisting his dick deeper, she came down gripping his dick with her cunt lips. Her feet were touching the wet floor once his dick managed to get halfway inside her pussy.

"Of all the places, why should you choose the toilet?" Govind asked with a funny smile.

"Just for a change," Dhanalakshmi gave a gentle slap on his cheeks before she began moving up and down on his dick until the entire length of his shaft made its way inside her. Her breasts brushed against his face as she began riding his dick and Govind couldn't resist the temptation to go for them yet again. While he held his aunt in a tight leash by holding her waist, his mouth jumped from one breast to another suckling the nipples with relish. Dhanalakshmi began feeling the discomfort and she soon let her hands press against the wall behind Govind. She smiled rather immediately as though she had managed to find the right position to ride on her nephew's young dick. Govind watched his aunt jumping on his dick like mad and whatever little agony he had as she began soon vanished like magic. He felt his dick being gripped very tight inside her soggy pussy while the experienced lady went about humping on him meticulously. The nephew couldn't wait long as he started thrusting his waist against his jumping aunt. The noise of their thighs slapping against each other began echoing inside the bathroom.

Amazingly, Govind's dick looked like growing for ever as he kept thrusting his waist. Being a woman of some experience, Dhanalakshmi easily coped up with her nephew by parting her legs as wide as she could. After a few minutes of frantic fucking, Govind started feeling a gentle shiver gripping his dick while it went about rigging his aunt's pussy in frenzy. Dhanalakshmi was overwhelmed with the feel of his huge dick expediting inside her moist cunt and jumped on his young laps with pleasure waves hitting her all over. Govind soon found out that his aunt's juice was flowing again and he felt as though his dick was having a shower inside her cunt. Within seconds, Dhanalakshmi almost stopped jumping as she hugged him and merely motioned her waist up and down quick enough. Govind realized that he was about to explode. Dhanalakshmi screamed again in a very high pitch as her pussy clenched hard.

"Kill me you bastard," Dhanalakshmi yelled out. Govind wasn't feeling the bodyweight of his aunt anymore as they soon fell into a nice rhythm. His excitement forced him to go harder and he was thrusting against her with more intensity. He closed his eyes feeling how nicely her pussy was clenching his dick. He went about accelerating his thrusts further and quickened his rhythm. He felt the beginning of his explosion being ignited at the bottom of his shaft which swiftly transmitted through the stem of his hard dick. For a moment, he felt like the tip of his dick ballooning in her tight pussy before a lightning struck all over his body.

The ultimate moment arrived soon with Govind shooting loads of warm cum into his aunt's pussy. Dhanalakshmi quivered feeling the young dick exploding inside her moist cunt and splashing the thick fluids. She squirmed receiving successive loads inside her and groaned in absolute pleasure. They remained in a loose hug after their climax mourning in joy and fulfillment. Govind could feel her cunt was clenching his dick till it milked the final load of his young semen. He wasn't letting her to get off her laps as they hugged with closed eyes like wonderful lovers.

The bathroom looked like a paradise for Govind even after his aunt eventually left. He caressed his lucky dick which finally managed to intrude a pussy for the first time in his life. He smiled to realize that his long wait for his sexy aunt was over for all good. Perhaps, it was the best shower he ever had in his life.

Govind dressed up and arrived at the dining table where his aunt was waiting for him. Dhanalakshmi blushed like a new bride when their eyes met for the first time after their erotic adventure in the toilet. They smiled at each other with overwhelming mischief in their eyes.

"I love you," Govind whispered into her ears. She kissed him gently on his cheeks.

Govind had for all practical reasons, forgotten the purpose of his visit to his uncle's place. Dhanalakshmi wasn't interested to talk about his mother as she feared it would diminish the young man's new found excitement.

While the aunt and nephew were exchanging romantic glances, Usha was still waiting with her brother at the advocate's office without any idea about the future shocks

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11-03-2012, 03:17 AM
Post: #54
RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
part 4
Dhanalakshmi and Govind were exchanging romantic glances, after what has been a wonderful day for them. They were hardly thinking about Usha, Govind's mother who was still waiting with Sabari, her brother at the advocate's office.

"We still have some time left," Sabari began talking to Usha with a tempting prelude. "I don't mind apologizing to the advocate if you don't want to meet him."

"It isn't necessary," Usha retorted instantly. "I am serious about it. I need divorce."

Sabari sighed out of desperation and decided to let his sister have her way. He was more anxious to know about her reasons for seeking divorce after almost two decades of married life. He always knew that Mohanraj was an unkind husband and hence he couldn't see anything beyond. However, it never sounded like a wise decision as his sister had two grown up children at home. Honestly, Sabari was more curious about the sudden rift in his sister's family life as he was led inside the advocate's room, after a good hour or so.

Ravi, the advocate looked surprisingly young for all the goodwill he had earned in the family courts. The young professional immediately grasped the surprise glowing in Usha's eyes as she sat on the chair with a strange look. Both Sabari and Usha were in for a shock as the charming advocate shot his first question.

"How are you Mrs.Mohanraj?"

Sabari and Usha glanced at each other unable to believe what they had just heard.

"Do you know me?" Usha sounded extremely surprised.

"Of course I do," Ravi quipped with a flashy smile. "I am afraid you haven't recognized me yet."

"I am sorry," Usha stammered with embarrassment. "You look rather familiar to me although."

"I am sure you know my Dad," Ravi said with a gentle chuckle. "Dhanpal."

"Oh Yes!" Usha exclaimed. "Is it you? Ravi!"

"Thank God," Ravi smiled at once. "I thought you forgot your erstwhile neighbor."

Sabari looked at his sister who was smiling broad for the first time ever since she landed up at his place. He soon became a mute spectator as both Usha and Ravi began exchanging some of their past memories and querying about their family members. It took a while and a couple of teas before Ravi eventually started asking about the purpose of their visit.

"I know that people don't come to my office in a happy frame of mind," Ravi said and paused for a while before continuing. "What made you look out for an advocate like me?"

Usha glanced at Sabari who looked very keen and anxious to hear his sister's problems. It was another moment of thorough embarrassment for Usha. She wasn't yet willing to discuss the matter in the presence of her brother. Sabari had been showing keen interest in getting Mithali, his daughter to Govind, her son. She feared that her brother would surely have second thoughts about the proposal once he knows the clandestine relationship between her husband and daughter.

"Do you want me to stay outside?" Sabari suggested although he was actually keen to be around with his sister during the discussion. He wished his sister would reply in the negative so that he could stay and hear her exact problem.

"Yes, if you don't mind," Usha replied pleadingly. Sabari smiled in an attempt to confide his disappointment and nodded his head in agreement. As he walked out of the chambers, he feared that his sister might be having some extraordinary reasons for seeking divorce. He decided to move around the busy shopping area for an hour or so before returning to the advocate's office, thereby giving his sister ample time to discuss her problems. His favorite coffee shop was just at the end of the road and he couldn't resist the temptation as his feet began moving involuntarily. He was lucky to find his most preferred table vacant at the extreme end of the restaurant and swiftly settled down to order some south Indian coffee.

As he began sipping the coffee, he thought of Usha and wondered what would be she doing in the advocate's office. He was convinced that she was damn serious about the divorce although she never seemed to have the courage to disclose the reasons. Divorces have not been heard in their family although he knew that all was not well with some of his close relatives. He wished his sister was willing for some compromise rather than breaking with her husband at such a crucial phase of her children's lives.

"Good Morning Sabari."

Sabari looked up hearing a voice which sounded very familiar. His face stiffened seeing Girija, his sister-in-law.

"Hello Girija," Sabari greeted her with no real enthusiasm. Her face shrunk at once seeing the unfriendly expression on his face. She braved to force a smile on her face.

"Can I sit?" Girija queried pleadingly.

"Yes, of course," Sabari quipped. "I don't own the shop."

Girija sat right opposite to Sabari and began glaring at him who pretended as though he was more interested in his coffee.

"I know you don't like to talk to me," Girija murmured. "But, I don't deserve to be treated so rudely."

"I am not your sister to treat you gently," Sabari retorted with fire in his voice.

Girija's head bowed in humiliation realizing what Sabari actually meant. She was married at the age of 19 and her married life didn't last long enough. Her husband was convicted in a murder case soon after her marriage and his life imprisonment brought her life into shambles. Although, she could find a decent job to lead a dignified life, she really had nothing worthwhile in her life. She wasn't the sort of an adventurous woman who would look out for sex from strangers. Strangely, her frequent visits to Dhanalakshmi began igniting her passion for sex, more so after watching her younger sister's fulfilled life. Finally, when her emotions cut loose, Sabari became the sufferer.

"Even after so many years, I can't forget what you did," Sabari fumed. "It is disgusting even now! I can't believe that a woman could become so desperate to entice her own sister into lesbian sex."

"Please," Girija mumbled. "Let's stop talking about the past."

"It isn't easy to forget," Sabari was quick to dismiss her suggestion. "It is never easy for me."

"Why? If I can forget a few things of the past you can do as well," Girija said with a wry smile.

"Now, what does that mean?" Sabari sounded nervous as he spoke.

"I still remember what you did to me," Girija spoke with increasing courage in her voice. "I was lucky and somehow I survived your sexual assault."

"But, I never forced you. Did I?" Sabari refuted with mounting tension.

"You didn't," Girija smiled again. "You thought that I wouldn't protest. I was weak and depressed. You tried to make use of my situation."

"Girija, should I order something for you?" Sabari interrupted. It wasn't comfortable listening to an incident which he thought was worth forgetting.

"You can't face realities," Girija smiled wryly. "The reality is that you still have something going through your mind."

"You are right," Sabari admitted. "But, I know it is wrong and that is why I am trying to stop me from doing."

"You need not," Girija winked at him. "I wasn't protesting. You were frightened and fled the room. I would have loved letting you take me."

"I can't believe this," Sabari hushed and looked stunned.

"I hope you know this restaurant has a few rooms upstairs," Girija winked again. "Let us move and finish what we started years ago."

Sabari was naturally excited. It was a perfect way to relax on a day that had begun with extreme anxiety because of Usha's problems. He couldn't believe that Girija was such an 'easy woman' and cursed himself for having tried to force her once. Suddenly he lost his interest in his coffee and began thinking about moving into some room upstairs.

"What are you thinking about?" Girija asked with a funny smile.

"Errr..nothing," Sabari mumbled. "I have left Usha at the advocate's office. I know it would take at least an hour for her to be through."

"We don't exactly need an hour," Girija smiled naughtily. "Call her and tell her to wait just in case we get delayed."

"Yes, I will better do that," Sabari said and pulled out his handset. He dialed Usha's number and began waiting for her to pick up. Soon, his face began showing signs of restlessness as he realized that his sister wasn't picking up the phone at the other end. For a moment, he thought that she might be in a really serious discussion with the advocate. He tried a few times in vain before nervously pushing the phone inside his pocket.

"What happened?" Girijia queried anxiously. "Is she not picking up the phone?" "Yes," Sabari replied with a hint of frustration. "I don't know why she isn't picking up?"

Sabari obviously couldn't know that Usha was not discussing anything with the young advocate. A few hundred meters away from the restaurant, Usha was still gazing at the youthful advocate whom she had seen as a little naughty boy several years ago. She was watching and wondering how the boy had grown into such a handsome and strong young man, apart from being such a successful professional. Inside the comforts of the posh office, she was sitting after placing her phone on silent mode. She realized that Ravi closely resembled a movie star with his blue eyes, curly hair and a neatly done thin moustache.

"Mrs.Mohanraj," Ravi, the enterprising advocate began talking after a few minutes had gone past in an uneasy silence.

"Don't call me Mrs.Mohanraj," Usha said quickly. "You can call me Usha, if you don't mind."

"I can't call you by your name," Ravi said laughingly. "I am as young as your son."

"You are," Usha replied at once. "You are still the kid I used to know years before."

"You are right," Ravi said and laughed again.

"Do you remember?" Usha asked with her tongue in cheeks. "I have bathed you a few times when your mother was ill."

"Is it?" Ravi stopped laughing and asked with genuine surprise in his voice.

"Yes Ravi," Usha said in a hushing voice. "I have seen you naked several times."

Ravi couldn't stop blushing like a girl. Usha's eyes were quick to catch his youthful nervousness after hearing her mentioning about his nudity.

"Well, I was a kid," Ravi said with a strange smile.

"You are still a kid," Usha said and laughed. "I won't mind seeing you naked even now."

"What?" Ravi looked stunned. He obviously couldn't believe his ears.

Usha wasn't replying. Her hands gently reached towards Ravi's zipper.

"Let me see your tool." Usha said in a husky voice while she close her fist on his crotch.

Ravi, the handsome advocate felt his nerves heating up with just the one spark of Usha's sensuous touch. He stood unable to believe the prospect of receiving a wonderful 'fee' even before he had begun his legal services. He wasn't naïve to refuse a woman who seemed more than willing to seduce him. However, as a professional, he couldn't resist thinking about the dignity of the profession he belonged to and about Sabari, the gentleman who had brought such a voluptuous client to his office. He had always remembered Usha as a pleasant woman who had the looks to slay any man but he had never thought that his childhood fantasies would come true after many years.

"U..S...H...A..!" He whispered.

"Hmm! I like that," Usha admired and pulled his waist towards her. Her face soon got buried on his waist with her arms going around resting on his strong ass cheeks.

"Uncle Sabari might be arriving anytime," Ravi whispered again.

"Let him wait outside if he comes," Usha murmured letting her breath fall on his stomach. "Get the room secured at once."

The gentle cool air blowing inside the room was about to be set on some fire. Usha's hands were gripping the young man's waist harder as moments ticked. She had for all practical reasons forgotten the purpose of her visit. She had forgotten her concerned brother who had brought her to secure her future. 'Sabari, I am sorry,' she told herself.

She hardly had any clue about what her brother was doing a few hundred meters away. Sabari and Girija had occupied a secluded room on the first floor of the hotel. Sabari almost pushed the helper out of the room as he wasn't willing to wait anymore. He was to accomplish his long cherished desire; have sex with his wife's sexy sister.

"You have less than one hour," Girija cautioned to him as she crawled onto the bed with a vivacious smile.

Sabari hurriedly removed his shirt, undid his pants and leaped onto the bed like a panther. His hands were trembling in excitement as he tentatively hugged Girija. His hands began rubbing her back for a while before he leaned forward to kiss her. Girija willingly let her tongue inside his mouth and they began kissing passionately. Girija's hands ran up and down the back of Sabari's head while his hands began kneading her ass cheeks. Girija was moaning on his mouth, and ground herself against his crotch. Sabari's hands inched up to her chest and fondled her breast against her blouse and soon tightened his grip as he could feel her nipples harden against his fingers. Girija was moaning aloud letting one of her hands slid towards his crotch and gave his growing bulge a gentle tweak.

Sabari ran out of patience in seconds as he pulled off her sari drapes from her tight petticoat. Girija kept flexing her body to let Sabari draw the whole length of her sari without any fuss. She was pushed against the pillow as Sabari's hands began lifting her petticoat hem well above her waist. She heaved as his fingers began brushing her pussy through her lacey panties. She felt his warm lips kissing her panties once before she could feel his mouth crawling up through her stomach before they rested in between her breasts. Girija's arms gripped his shoulders and pushed him harder against her body.

Sabari's hands searched for her blouse and got rid off the hooks within seconds. Girija was breathing hard letting her breasts swell in and out uncontrollably underneath her tight bra. He quickly unclasped her bra hooks and let her marvelous melons free from the captivity. Sabari's eyes grew in size as he gazed at her perky nipples and dark brown areola. He leaned forward and suckled her nipples making them even harder. Girija was moaning in high pitch while she pulled Sabari's head harder against her breasts. She shook in excitement as he held each one of her nipples between his teeth and let his tongue tease the top of them. She quivered feeling his fingers intruding inside her panties and moaned heavily as he began rubbing her slit slowly. His fingers soon got quicker and suddenly he let two fingers sliding into her wet pussy. She let out a groan as Sabari's finger kept probing her pussy in an amazing speed. Sabari turned Girija around making her bent over the bed. She realized that he was desperately trying to pull down her panties through her legs and moved just enough to let him draw the lacey panties through her legs. Sabari quickly pulled down his own brief and stood right behind her positioning his dick against her moist pussy. He paused momentarily before lunging forward and letting his gigantic dick invade inside Girija's pussy. The impact of his huge dick penetrating inside her made Girija scream in joy as well as a gentle pain. Sabari's hands were holding her waist with animated strength as his dick went about plunging into her cunt with thunderous thrusts. Girija was rocking back and forth with the momentum of his pounding and screaming in absolute delight.

"Ohhh, it is huge," Girija screamed. "I want to suck it."

Sabari stopped at once like magic. He easily withdrew his meat from her soggy pussy, turned her around again and let her on her knees. Girija leaned forward before pushing her long hair on either side behind her shoulders and reached towards his upright dick. Soon, she began taking his dick into her mouth by devouring the huge head inside. Her head began moving back and forth as her mouth slid up and down his wonderful dick. She was accelerating her speed sucking the huge meat with absolute relish. Girija's quickening pace was sending Sabari to the tip of excitement as he realized the imminent explosion. Within seconds, thick loads of semen exploded inside Girija's mouth quick and fierce enough to fill her throat. Girija kept stroking his dick till she knew that she had swallowed the very last drop of his warm cum.

Sabari's body froze after rather an extravagant explosion into Girija's mouth. His eyes involuntarily gazed at the wall clock and sighed in relief knowing that he still had some time to go before leaving the room. He hoped that his sister might be crying in full throat about her problems with her husband at the advocate's office.

But, it was a totally different scenario in the advocate's office.

Usha wasn't doing anything close to what her brother hoped. She had managed to induce Ravi's youthful fascination for an erotic encounter in his office, of all the places.

"When you were a naughty little boy, you once said you wanted to marry me," Usha said with a laugh. "I remember we were all laughing for days together about that innocent statement."

"I don't remember," Ravi said as he couldn't honestly anything.

"You were a very little boy," Usha said with a hint of impatience creeping in her voice. "I was actually looking forward to your growing up as a man. What if we can't get married? You can always be my man in some other sense."

Usha dropped to her knees. Ravi's eyes looked down to have a look at her cleavage, well exposed after her sari had gone ajar. He kept looking at her while she pulled down his zipper and began rolling down his pants through his strong legs. She looked up and flashed a naughty smile before quickly bringing down his brief letting his dick bounce into her view.

"I think you are not used to this," Usha said with a chuckle. Her head soon tilted and took his dick inside her mouth. Ravi's eyes closed unable to cope up with the sudden excitement as he held her head with both his hands. Usha wasn't lagging behind in excitement and her deep breathes were getting harder and harder. Her hand wrapped his dick and started stroking it. Ravi sailed through the clouds feeling the warm of her mouth on his young meat while he felt like standing on his heels as her tongue stroked all around his shaft until his hot semen blasted down her throat.

"I thought you might have taken off your clothes," Usha said smilingly, after brushing her lips with her tongue and cleaning the odd drops of cum. Ravi sheepishly got rid of his shirt and stood completely naked.

"Now, it is my turn," Usha stood up and began unveiling her body by stripping her sari, followed it by taking off her blouse, removing her bra and pushing her panties through her marvelous legs.

She moved close to him and let their lips meet. A few seconds later, he began thrusting his tongue into her in thorough enjoyment. Usha presumed that Ravi might be inexperienced and decided to get on with him proactively.

"Usha," he murmured feeling her intensity. His hands quickly reached either side of her waist. They hugged and went down onto the cushy carpet on the floor.

"It is my turn to reciprocate," he said looking at her public hair so close. He leaned towards her to get a feel of her moist pussy. Usha wasn't expecting him to get there so soon and she readily pulled him towards her cunt. Her legs went apart giving enough space to let him move inside. She jumped feeling his tongue brush her pussy lips for the first time. He was soon going quick and hard with his mouth dancing on her pussy. Usha's excitement was building up all the time as her hands began fondling her perky nipples. He went about sucking and licking her with great passion letting his rough tongue slurp her sexy juices. Usha was moaning in joy and pushing him further against her pussy. Her eyes closed soon as waves of pleasures began overriding her body bringing her to a quick but huge orgasm. She convulsed and gushed her juices on his face while the eager youngster kept licking her all the way.

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
part 5
They lay still for a while in silence with the only exception of the gentle sound of the clock ticking. Usha knew that Ravi needed more of her now than before. She wished Sabari doesn't rush back to disrupt what was turning out to be a very eventful erotic adventures.

Indeed, Sabari wasn't in any position to rush anywhere. He was laying straight on the bed while Girija had mounted on him with her legs spread. Sabari's enlarged dick made its entry rather tightly through her hole with her bodyweight gently descending on him. The desperate woman groaned in thrill feeling his huge head hitting her cervix. She leaned forward and almost collapsed on his chest, letting her naked breasts tickle his skin. Sabari's hands gladly held her wonder globes and began caressing them all over. His thumbs searched around her throbbing nipples while he began thrusting his waist against her body. Girija's body jerked back to give him an opportunity to lift his head to suck her nipples. One of his hands slowly slipped towards her waist and went behind to clutch her bare ass cheek. Sabari paid attention to her and Girija felt his hand running up and down the top of her thighs, from her stocking tops to the crotch of her panties. As he was kissing and stroking her, they both slipped back into a position where they were lying on the couch with him on top, but only at one side, leaving him free to stroke between her legs.

Girija felt him get bolder, as he started to run the tips of his fingers up and down the crotch of her panties. Sabari felt for the first time, that warm moist feeling that you often get when stroking a horny willing panty clad pussy. Girija opened her thighs a little, to let him get his fingers under the crotch. Instinct told Sabari that she was opening up to him, and he slipped his fingers under the lacy material.

He ran a finger up and down her moist slit and he could feel warmth, some hair and a lot of soft wetness as the lips of her pussy yielded to his eager caressing fingers. He put a finger in and started to move it around slowly. Girija was sighing with pleasure as his uneducated fingers seemed to hit the right spot. She closed her thighs trapping his hand in between them. This made him more eager to please and he wiggled his finger furiously inside her. Girija let out a deep moan and relaxed the pressure of her thighs. Sabari had nearly slid off the couch and had one knee on the living room carpet with the other on the couch.

Girija ordered him to kneel on the floor. When he was kneeling, Girija swung one of her legs over his head, to leave him kneeling between her legs. Her skirt was now up around her waist and Sabari was staring at her panty covered crotch with garter belt and stockings. One of her pussy lips was lying to the side of the crotch.

"Pull the panties off" Girija said to him huskily. Sabari put his fingers under the waistband and stated to pull them down. As he peeled the panties off, he saw pubic hair and then he saw her pussy emerge. This was the first adult pussy he had seen, other than in a magazine.

Finally he pulled the panties over her feet, and threw them to the side. Girija watched Sabari looking at her pussy. She said "you can kiss me there if you want."

Sabari looked at her and then bent forward and kissed her on the pussy lips. Again instinct took over and his tongue at first started to lick at her crack, but soon Girija felt it start to probe between her lips. As his tongue sank deeper into her, he put his hands on her hips and pulled her crotch forcefully against his hungry lapping tongue.

Girija moaned as his eager tongue probed her inner pussy and she started running her hands through his hair. As she got more excited she was grabbing his hair and thrashing her pubis against his face. She had a massive cum and let out a loud sigh, before releasing Sabari from her clutching hands.

Sabari pulled away and looked up at her with a grin on his soaking face.

"I loved that and I love the taste of you" he said.

He sat back on the couch beside Girija and she could see his hard-on pressing through his trousers. She undid his zip and pulled him out. She gave him a little suck and then knelt on the couch with her back to him.

Sabari again sat silent as he watched Girija pull her skirt over her ass. "Do you like this view" she asked. Sabari nodded. "Put that big cock in me now and fuck me" Girija said.

Sabari stood behind her and Girija took hold of the thick throbbing cock and inserted it in the lips of her cunt. Sabari started to move easily in and out of her. Again he grabbed her hips and as Girija bucked back against him, he thrusted forward with force.

As Girija was being royally fucked she thought about Sabari's cock. It was at least 2 inches longer than her husbands and a lot thicker. She felt as if she could feel every vein and ridge on it as it pumped in and out of her tightening pussy. Sabari moved his hands up the front of her underneath her top and pushed her bra up over her tits, before taking them in his hands and gently squeezing.

Girija felt his cock pulsate in her cunt as he rode her hard. She was writhing back against him and he was practically lying on top of her instead of kneeling or standing.

They were both getting up to a frenzy and Girija felt Sabari shoot a load of white hot cum deep into her pussy. She quickly gasped "keep going" and he obliged. She started to feel herself cumming as every bit of her tingled and throbbed and the sensation seemed to include a feeling of being impaled by a hard thick rod of iron.

She yelled "I'm CUMMMINNGGG" as she came like she hadn't come for quite some time.

They both collapsed, with Sabari lying on top of her back. He was showering her neck and face with little kisses and Girija was trying to kiss him too. She felt him get softer and as she was sopping his prick slipped out and she felt his wetness against her thigh.

They both sat back and started kissing. When they broke off, Sabari asked if he could come back another night.

Girija stood, she said "I'm going to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back we'll sit and wait to see if he comes in at 11.30. If he doesn't I'm taking you to bed for a while."

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
the flintstone's sex story
Fred came home after a long day at the quarry. He through open the door and yelled, "WILMA, I'm HOME." Fred braced himself for Dino's loving attack but nothing happened. No yelping dog, no running paws coming at him, nothing. Fred was confused, then he looked to his right and standing in the doorway to their bedroom was Wilma. Fred dropped his lunchbox and stared. Wilma was wearing that white skimpy outfit she had shone him from the Fredrick's of Hollyrocks catalog last month.

Fred's mouth dropped open and all he could do was stare at his beautiful wife. Her toenails were painted bright red, her long legs were white and smooth with a thin coat of oil glistening on them, her panties were made out of white fur, hugging her small hips and letting her tight little ass cheeks poke out. Fred immediately got hard as he continued to survey his wife's beauty. Her waist was thin and firm, her chest incased in the same white fur were round and firm. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail just like she wore it in high school.

In a soft sultry voice Wilma asked, "Do you like my new outfit Fred?" All Fred could do was nod his head with his mouth hanging open. Wilma smiled as she seductively moved toward Fred; taking his hand she led him into the bathroom. "I have a nice hot bath waiting for you Fred. We are going to get you nice and clean and then we are going to do all kind of fun things tonight."

Fred watched his wife undress him, still shocked by what he saw. Then he started to look around, "but Wilma..."

"Ssshhh, Fred, Pebbles and Dino are at the Rubbles, they will take them and Bam Bam to my mothers in the morning, and if you are very good to me tonight Fred, and I do mean very good, I might let you play with Betty tomorrow." Fred stared at his wife with his eyes wide. "Don't worry Fred, this will all sink in soon. Now get in the tub and relax while I get you your drink."

Fred eased into the hot scented water and began to relax immediately. Without Wilma standing in front of him he was able to think again. A new outfit made out of white fur, Fred loved the feel of fur against his skin.

He had always thought about fucking Betty, but she was Wilma's best friend and Barney's wife. Waite a minute, if I get to fuck Betty, does that mean Barney gets to fuck Wilma? At first Fred didn't like that idea. Then he pictured little Barney on his wife while Fred fucked Betty in the ass. He really liked that idea. Fred's cock was rock hard and he wanted Wilma now.

"Here's your drink Fred, Bronto Bourbon on the rocks."

Fred took a sip and coughed. "You got the good stuff didn't you?" Wilma just smiled and began to wash Fred's body. Fred tried to get out of the tub and Wilma stopped him, "come on honey I can't wait, I want you now." "The cleaner you are Fred the more we can do." Fred looked at his wife, not quite sure what she had in mind but he was sure that he was going to enjoy it. So he sat back in the tub and sipped his drink while his beautiful wife bathed him.

Fred was in heaven as his drink warmed his insides while Wilma washed his body. Fred felt Wilma's tiny hand wrap around his ten-inch tool and begin to stroke it gently. Fred began to moan as his wife's excellent touch brought him close to orgasmic bliss. "I'm going to cum soon if you don't stop honey."

"Quiet Fred, I have everything under control, just lie back and enjoy." Fred relaxed and exploded in Wilma's hand. "Very good Fred, Now that that is out of the way the fun can begin."

"Now it can begin, baby it's already started for me. But why get me off in the tub Wilma?" Fred said with a very confused look on his face.

As Wilma began to dry Fred off she told him, "I have learned that when we fool around in bed you get off very quickly and then fall asleep. But, when we are not in bed, like last months camping trip to Granetstone park with the Rubble's, you fucked me in the woods four times in one day and it lasted longer each time we did it. I have never had so many orgasms in my life. So now I want to see if you can do that again, but this time at home. So here is the deal Fred; if you can PLEASURE me ALL...NIGHT...LONG..., then I will let you fuck Betty in the ass as a reward while Barney is fucking me. The Rubble's will be here tomorrow at noon, and Freddy boy, there is one more little catch..." Wilma watched Fred to make sure she had his undivided attention. "If you can satisfy Betty, then this will become a regular event. What do you say Fred? Are you up for the challenge?"

Fred had a huge grin on his face. "YABA DABA DOOO, am I up for the challenge? Wilma, I have been up from the moment I saw you in that outfit, and I plan to stay up to pleasure you ALL...NIGHT...LONG... Now come here baby." Fred scooped up his wife and carried her into the living room.

"Oh Fred!" Wilma giggled. "But what are we doing in the living room?"

"Your right Wilma, if we get in bed and fuck it's lights out for old Freddy boy and I won't get to watch Barney fuck you."

"Not to mention you and Betty, huh Fred?" Wilma said with sly look.

"A yea, that to. Anyway, this will be our park and I figure that we can use the furniture like we used the ground and rocks in the park."

"Oh Fred, that sounds like fun."

Fred put Wilma down on the table and kissed her. Her lips parted immediately and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her right hand found his cock and moved it to the entrance of her cave. She used her fingers to part the slit in her fur panties. As soon as the head rubbed against her lips she slid forward on the table and impaled herself with it.

Fred had never seen his wife like this. Not even in high school was Wilma this hot. If she wanted to get fucked tonight then that was what she was going to get. Fred picked her ninety-pound frame off of the table and started slamming her hips against his, forcing his cock into her steaming cave, hard and fast. The fur from the slit rubbed against his cock shaft adding to the sensation.

Wilma broke the kiss panting. Her legs and arms were wrapped around Fred. She was trying to hang on but the only feeling she had in her body was Fred's pile driver slamming into her pussy. "OH Fred, That's it Fred. Fuck me Fred." Through gritted teeth and with her eyes squeezed shut she growled in his ear. "You better fuck me hard and fast Fred Flintstone. Then I want you to eat your come out of my pussy. You are going to fuck me in the ass and then we are going to get cleaned up and start all over again. Now fuck me Fred, like you never fucked me before."

Fred could not believe the words that were coming out of his wife's mouth. She had never talked like that before, but he was determined to satisfy her. He tightened the grip on her waist and slammed her pussy hard onto his cock.

Wilma began to scream, her ponytail was whipping around her head. Her juices were pouring out of her pussy and dripping off of Fred's balls. Her entire body was shaking as her first orgasm of the night exploded deep within her. Wilma was holding on for dear life but she had been quickly reduced to a rag doll. Fred felt her going limp and eased her onto the dinning room table and continued his assault on her pussy. Now that Wilma was lying down she could relax her body and truly enjoy what Fred was doing to her body. She began to pinch her nipples as Fred continued to slam his cock into her body. Her head rolled around as squeaks, moans, and other unintelligible noises escaped her mouth. Her orgasms had been building and she could tell that a big one was on the way, but only if Fred could keep up the pace.

"Fuck me Fred, fuck me hard Fred, make me come Fred!"

Fred felt his wife's pussy throb and quiver with each orgasm. He was determined to give her the fuck of her live. He pictured her with Barney's fat little six-inch cock in her and that gave him new energy. Fred pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in to her like a pile driver, as hard and as fast as he could. Wilma was now lying limp beneath him, her head rolling from side to side moaning.

The first shock wave of this new orgasm hit Wilma like a sledgehammer. Her eyes flew open in disbelief to see what was happening to her body. But it was just Fred's magnificent cock. Wilma's legs began to shake, her hands squeezed her tits, her head came forward and her mouth flew open. Lights exploded behind her eyelids as her entire body shook. Then it hit, Fred's cock got bigger and then exploded within her. That was all she needed to take her over the edge. Her entire body went limp and then began to twitch uncontrollably. She could feel Fred's enormous tool pumping hot cum into her ravished pussy. She had never felt so fulfilled in her life.

Fred felt Wilma's pussy tighten around his cock and that was more than he could take. His cock got larger and then exploded within her. He had his cock buried deep within her cave as load after load of his hot seed pumped into her. Fred began to loose his balance on very shaky legs. He fell into a chair, his still hard cock sliding out of Wilma's pussy with a plop. Their juices began to run out of Wilma's cave and onto the table. Watching this gave Fred new energy and reminded him that he hadn't eaten yet. Fred moved his chair up to the table and began to dig in.

Wilma was in a daze. Small orgasms were still rippling through her body when she felt a new sensation. It immediately increased the severity of her orgasms. It took her a few moments to get her brain to figure out what was happening to her. It was Fred; he had removed her panties and was eating her pussy. No, she thought, I need to rest. But it felt so good. She tried to rise up but at that moment Fred bit her clit and her little orgasms turned into one big one. She began to scream and moan as orgasm after orgasm ravished her body.

Fred was having a great time giving his wife so much pleasure. He licked her pussy from asshole to clit and back down again. From time to time he would bite her clit and that sent her crazy. He was having trouble keeping his mouth on her cunt she was bucking around so much. Then he heard her say something, very faint. "No more Fred, Please. I can't take any more." Then she kept repeating in a very soft voice. "No more, No more, no more..." OK Wilma, I'll stop eating your pussy.

Wilma smiled and just lay there as her orgasms continued to make her body twitch. She felt the table move beneath her but couldn't figure out why. Then she felt like she was rolling, but her brain was too fuzzy to make any sense out of anything. Then she felt something on her ass, then poking her ass. Then her brain kicked in. Fred was going to fuck her in the ass. She needed time to rest, he can't do this to her now. But she had no energy to stop him; all she could do was moan as the head of his cock slowly entered her ass hole.

Fred went slowly on the way in, but as soon as the head of his cock passed her outer ring he slid in easily. The moans coming from Wilma told him that she liked it. Fred quickly picked up the pace and began pounding her ass.

Wilma couldn't do anything but take Fred's onslaught. She tried to hold on to the edge of the table but her arms wouldn't work. Her orgasms just kept coming wave after wave. Then she felt Fred stiffen and come in her ass. Mercifully he didn't last long this time. Wilma's body just continued to shake as she became aware of being picked up. Snuggled up in Fred's arms she felt safe, content, and satisfied.

Fred figured that Wilma needed to rest after all of this. Hell, I need to rest Fred said to himself. On shaky legs Fred picked Wilma's trembling body and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her in bed and snuggled up next to her. She was asleep as soon as he laid her down. Fred held his wife and kissed her forehead softly. "I love you Wilma."

Wilma woke up around midnight, exhausted, drained, and very satisfied. She was curled up next to Fred who was softly snoring. Wilma snuggled up closer to Fred, she had never loved him more than she did at that moment. She had asked for the fuck of her life and he had given it to her. She laid her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat as she drifted back off to sleep.

The first rays of sunlight were peaking through the window as she began to stir. She looked at the clock and couldn't believe that she had slept so long, but she needed it. Wilma ran her hand over Fred's strong chest then down his stomach to his ever-ready cock. As she had expected it was hard and ready for action. Her pussy was still moist from the night before, but she could feel her juices starting to flow again.

Wilma sat up and squatted over Fred's waist. Using her hand to line up his cock with her dripping cave, she lowered herself onto his massive tool. As soon as Fred was inside of her her body began to quiver. Small orgasms began to ripple through her pussy; it was a continuation of last night.

Wilma began to rock back and forth on Fred's tool, rubbing her clit across his coarse pubic hair. She leaned forward with her hands on Fred's chest for balance.

Fred woke up from a wonderful dream, only to find out that he wasn't dreaming. His beautiful wife was sitting on his cock and riding it like a cowgirl. Fred grabbed her small waist and pulled her down harder onto his cock. He was so deep in her he could feel the entrance to her womb rubbing against the tip of his cock.

Wilma was moaning as her nails dug into Fred's chest. Her ponytail was whipping around her head. Wilma's eyes were closed tight and her body was trembling.

Fred knew that she was close and wanted to be sure that he would earn the right to fuck Betty. Fred moved his right hand in front of Wilma's pussy so that his thumb could rub against her clit.

Wilma let out a scream as soon as she felt him touch her clit.

Fred moved his left hand behind Wilma and probed for her ass hole.

Wilma felt like she was loosing her mind. First Fred began to rub her clit, and then she felt a finger rubbing her very sensitive ass hole. Wilma was coming in buckets at this point, lights were exploding behind her eyelids, and she had very little control of her body. Then she felt Fred shove a finger up her ass and she lost total control. She collapsed on top of Fred's chest twitching and moaning.

Fred could not believe Wilma; she wasn't this hot, this erotic, or this beautiful in high school. Fred slid out from under his trembling wife and moved to the end of the bed. Fred put a pillow under Wilma's waist and crawled up between her legs. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit and began to push the head into her pussy when he heard Wilma mutter, "No Fred, please don't fuck my pussy Fred, I can't take any more." "What ever you say Wilma, I will leave your pussy for Barney."

Wilma smiled and road the euphoric wave of ecstasy that came with her orgasms. Then her eyes shot open and her brain tried to process what Fred was doing. "Aaahhh, no Fred!"

But Fred was already in. When Wilma had asked him not to fuck her pussy he merely changed targets and headed for her ass, again. He had shoved his cock into her ass in one massive stroke before she new what was happening. Fred wasted no time in attacking her ass. Shoving his cock in fast and hard. Wilma didn't let Fred fuck her in the ass often, but he was tonight.

Wilma was beside herself, she had no energy left to protest with. Her orgasms were the only thing in control of her body at this point. She felt Fred get bigger and knew that he was moments away from coming in her ass and she was ready for him. When she felt Fred's hot come shoot into her ass she passed out.

As the clock began to strike twelve he heard a knock on the front door. My heart skipped a beat and my cock became full erect, again. Fred looked over at his sleeping wife and figured that since she was the one asleep instead of him that he had earned the right to fuck Betty. Fred opened the door standing slightly behind so that the world would not see him naked and Barney brushed by him looking for Wilma.

"I ya Freddy boy, where's Wilma?"

"In bed, sleeping, why don't you see if you can wake her?"

"It will be my pleasure Freddy boy." With a big smile on his face Barney headed off to the bedroom to find Wilma.

Fred turned back to the doorway and their stood Betty, a long brown fur coat wrapped around her body. "Hello Fred, aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Oh, sure Betty, please come in."

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
Betty walked past Fred with a big smile on her face saying, "I plan on doing a lot of coming today Fred." Betty walked to the middle of the room and waited for Fred to close the door. She looked over Fred's naked body and saw that Fred was hard and ready for action. She figured that Wilma had spent all night and probably most of the morning working on his tool, she just hoped that Wilma hadn't warn him out for her. Betty stuck a sensual pose with one leg slightly bent, then slowly opened her fur coat to show Fred her naked body.

Fred closed the door and turned to watch Betty walk to the middle of the room. He watched as she slowly turned and scanned his body, her gaze lingered on his rock hard tool. Then she slowly opened her coat and Fred almost fainted. Betty was naked under that coat. Almost as if he were in a trance he began to slowly move toward her. Taking in every inch of her body. Fred saw something between her legs that took him a few seconds to register. No Hair! Betty had shaved her pussy.

Betty was staring at Fred's huge cock. Wilma had told Betty about Fred's tool over the years, but now that it was in front of her she found herself being drawn to it. She dropped down to her knees and ran her hands all over Fred's enormous tool.

"I have dreamed about sucking your cock ever sense Wilma first told me how big it was after the first time that you fuck her under the bleachers after the home coming game. She told me all about how you stretched her pussy with it, how you pumped into her hot cunt for over an hour, and how you made her cum over and over again. Oh Fred, I want to suck your cock, I want you to fuck my pussy like you did Wilma's, but most of all Fred Flintstone, I... want... you... to... fuck... me... in... the... ass. I want to feel your hot sperm flooding my as. Will you do that for me Fred? Will you fuck my tight little ass with your big, hard, throbbing cock?"

Fred's eyes had rolled back into his head. He could not believe what he was hearing. Betty had been stroking and kissing his cock the whole time that she had been speaking. She looked at his cock as if she was in a daze. "We have all day Betty, I promise to fill you up with cock and cum."

Betty opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over Fred's cock. She flicked her tongue over the crown and felt Fred shudder. To her surprise Fred exploded in her mouth after only a few licks. She swallowed fast to drink his hot juice down her throat and then licked him clean. She looked up a Fred with disappointment in her eyes. "Wilma said that you lasted for hours."

Fred reached out for Betty's hands and helped her up. He softly kissed her lips and felt her melt into him. He could taste his cum in her mouth and that excited him. When they broke the kiss he tried to explain. "Betty, I have been thinking about you since Wilma told me about today. When you walked in and opened your coat I thought that I was going to explode right then and there. But I promise you this, the next time I will last much longer." Then Fred scooped Betty up in his arm and took her into the bedroom.

Barney walked into the bedroom and found Wilma on her back sound asleep. Since he knew that Fred and Betty had already started with the fun and games he figured that it would be alright for him to help himself to Wilma. Barney climbed on to the bed and gently moved her legs apart. Wilma had a neatly trimmed bush of red that matched her hair. Barney knelt between her legs and did what he did best, eat pussy

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
Wilma began to moan softly almost immediately. She thought how mean of Fred not to let her sleep. She felt his tongue swirl around her clit and she was awake, shaking and cumming for all she was worth. "Oh Fred, that feels so good. Oh Fred, this is the best ever."

Barney was happy to hear her words, but wasn't about to stop to let her know that it wasn't Fred. He slid a finger into her ass and began to suck on her clit. Wilma rose up and screamed, "FRED, FFFRRREEEDDD!"

Fred walked into the room carrying Betty. Fred had to smile, he could she that his old pall had had not lost his touch at being the best cunt kisser in Bedrock. Fred put Betty down on the other bed as they both sat and watched Barney drive Wilma over the top again and again. Betty sat next to Fred slowly stroking his cock.

Wilma was thrashing around on the bed making it difficult for Barney to keep his mouth on her pussy. Betty pussy was dripping and begging for some attention. She left Fred's cock and walked over to Wilma on the other bed. She climbed up next to her and swung her right leg over Wilma's chest. This helped to keep her body still for Barney but did little to relieve the itch in her cunt. She moved forward and lowered her cunt onto Wilma's mouth. Wilma wasted no time in devouring her cunt.

Wilma was going out if her mind. Fred was incredible and her body was out of control. Then she felt something on her chest that held her body still but her eyes would not focus to tell her what it was. Then she felt lips on her mouth and she kissed it greedily, but they were cunt lips. She couldn't figure out where they had come from or whose they were at that moment but she didn't care either. Wilma happily sucked in her juices and sent her tongue deep into the warm wet cavern to find more.

Fred could not believe what he was seeing. This was better than any porno movie that had ever seen or heard of. His best friend was eating his wife. His wife was eating her best friend. His best friends wife was being eaten by his wife and was about to get his stiff rod shoved up her ass.

Betty was leaning forward against the wall shaking from the violent orgasms being caused by Wilma. Wilma was screaming into Betty's pussy from the orgasms caused by Barney. Fred straddled Wilma's chest and lined his cock up with Betty's ass. As soon as the head touched her puckered rose bud her body froze. Fred put a little pressure on her opening and it slowly began to give him access.

Betty was going out of her mind. Wilma had never eaten her like this before and Fred was shoving that monster cock of his up her ass. Her entire body was a raw nerve and sweat dripped off her nipples and ran down her spine. She felt her ass open up to Fred and couldn't believe how great it felt. Barney was a great cunt lapper but his cock was nothing to right home about.

Barney's mouth was finally getting tired. After all, he had spent all morning eating Betty before they came over here. He backed away from Wilma's pussy and heard her moan. When he looked up he was surprised by what he saw. Betty sitting on Wilma's face and Fred with his cock up Betty's ass. When did all that happen he wondered? Barney shrugged to himself and raised Wilma's legs. He had always wanted to fuck her and now he was going to have the chance. He spread her legs and slid his seven inch cock easily into her gapping hole. Barney was hot and knew that he would not last long. He pumped into Wilma like a pile driver at the quarry.

Fred was finally in Betty's ass and gave her a moment to get use to him. Then he began to pump. She was hot and tight. Fred pumped her hard and fast as he grabbed her tits to give him something to hold onto.

Betty was going out of her mind. She could feel Fred deep inside of her ass and she loved it. Her orgasms were rolling one right after the other. Wilma was incredible today.

Wilma felt Fred stop eating her pussy and moaned. She didn't want him to stop, ever. He had never been this good before and she wanted it to last forever. The she felt him raise her legs and shove his cock into her pussy. But that wasn't Fred's cock. She knew Fred's cock and that wasn't it. But it was pounding her pussy and it felt great.

Barney was going out of his mind. He wasn't going to last long but it was going to be a long blast. He pumped hard and fast into Wilma's pussy and felt his cock grow as his balls began to tingle.

Fred was now pounding Betty's ass hard and fast and could feel his cock start to swell.

Betty was screaming now. Wilma was biting her clit and to her amazement she felt Fred get bigger. She thought the he was going to split her in two. She could not wait to feel his hot sperm exploding in her ass and she didn't have long to wait. After only a few more strokes Fred exploded within her. His sperm seared the inside of her bowels. Her entire body tensed up as the most massive orgasm of her life ripped through her body.

Wilma was in heaven, she didn't know whose cock was fucking her but it felt great. She felt it get bigger and knew that he was about to cum. She bit on the clit in her mouth and held on. When the cock in her pussy exploded her whole body began to thrash violently on the bed. Fred and Betty both lost there balance and rolled off onto the floor. Wilma was panting and making all kind of strange noises as wave after wave of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life ripped through her body.

Finally the room was quiet. Betty sat in the floor on Fred's lap with his cock still tucked away nicely in her ass unable to move. Fred just sat. his poor brain was trying to restart but it was a long slow process. With everyone else gone Barney collapsed on top of Wilma. His shrinking penis quickly slipping out on her pussy. Wilma just laid there content, stroking the head of the unknown man that had given her so much pleasure.

After about ten minutes Wilma's brain began to register the people around her. She smiled as she looked into the face of her best friend. "Hi Betty, I see you came." She said with a smile. She looked at Fred and then at the man laying on her chest. For the first time she realized that it was Barney. "Hi Barney, you were wonderful."

Barney got off of Wilma and kissed her softly on the lips. "Thanks Wilma, you were great too."

Fred and Betty got onto the other bed and curled up together. The four of them drifted off to sleep and to dream of what was yet to come.

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
What a memorable day at "SHANTINIKETAN"!

As Mihir strolled inside the room, Amba Virani, his grand mother was standing in front of the mirror revealing her back to him. 'She still looks hot at 62', Mihir told himself with a secret smile. She was apparently not looking perturbed by any means although she was putting on her blouse hooks. After all, he was her grandson and there was no reason she must react differently even though he had not bothered to knock the door as he came in.

"Many more happy returns of the day," Mihir said. He reached right behind Amba and hugged her from behind.

"Oh Mihir," Amba's eyes moistened at once. "I never imagined you would remember my birthday."

"You are a wonderful grandmother," Mihir said as he tightened his grip on her waist. He greedily pulled her body towards his crotch and gently kissed on the back of her neck.

"Hmm," Amba whimpered. "But that doesn't give you the liberty to tease your grandma like the way you are doing right now. Take off your hands before your grandpa comes around."

"Does he know that it is your birthday today?" Mihir asked after relieving his grandma from his grip.

"He always does," Amba turned around and replied with a smile. "He was the first person to wish me today. He woke me up and wished me with a warm kiss."

Amba blushed like a girl after narrating her early morning romantic piece with her husband. She always felt pride about her husband who still was agile and romantic when presented with an opportunity. Even though the old couples were on the wrong side of 60, they never seemed to be missing their intimate moments even after four decades of marriage.

"I think you are thinking about grandpa," Mihir spoke after he watched the glow in his grandma's eyes.

"Very much," Amba replied with another smile. "There is hardly anytime I don't think of him."

"But, he is deeply engrossed with the newspaper at the moment," Mihir said in a teasing tone. "If I were him, I would be flipping your clothes rather than the pages in the newspaper."

"That's because you are very much like him in many ways," Amba said as she began looking at her grandson from head to foot. "You don't know how much you resemble your grandfather."

Mihir was not keen to hold back any longer. He turned Amba around to face him and gently let her back lean against the wall. He did not want to hold her roughly although she was still under a tight leash even as he held her with moderate strength.

Amba's smiles began to fade as Mihir closed in letting the bulge in his pant prick on her waist. The noble grandma closed her eyes for a while and when she eventually reopened, she could not resist her temptation to look down. Her ageing body experienced a mild shiver as she could imagine how aroused Mihir was, if his huge bulge was any indication.

"Is this the way you make your grandma happy on her birthday?" she asked weakly.

Mihir stopped for a brief moment before he leaned towards her. Amba's eyes closed yet again, as his warm mouth planted a firm kiss on her wrinkled lips.

'Mihir, Amba murmured after his lips parted. "You are educated. Do I need to tell you that whatever you are trying to do is wrong? Think about our family traditions and cultures. Don't get carried away by your youthful emotions."

"I have been educated to take care of the family business," Mihir replied with a smirk. "I will do it once I get it. For now, I want to take you over."

Mihir's hands restlessly began straying on her chest, caressing her sagging breasts all the time. His fingers kept exploring her clothes in search of her nipples. Amba knew that he was growing enormously between her thighs and she needed to stop him before he goes out of bounds.

"For God's sake leave me," Amba gathered the strength to push off his hands from her breasts. "I want you to leave this room at once."

Mihir looked thoroughly disappointed at his grandma's defiance. He had presumed that it would be just another cake walk for him to seduce the old woman whom he thought might be starved of sex at the fag end of her life. However, it was not to be. He knew that although she looked tentative, there was some determination in her eyes that stopped him from making any further moves. Moreover, it was her birthday and he was not keen in forcing her any more.

"Ok," Mihir murmured and began walking away from her.

Amba kept looking at her handsome young grandson dragging his feet out of the room. She knew that she has disappointed him but there was not any way she could oblige. Being the first woman of the Virani family, she knew that she always had to tread quite carefully in whatever she did. She was not daring enough to break the conventions of the family that was a blend of mutual trust and sexual sanctity.

Mihir had almost regained his senses as he left Amba's room. He recollected his grandma's face turning red in anger before he eventually relieved her from his lusty grip. He suddenly began fearing that Amba might tell his parents about whatever had transpired in her room.

Mihir's father Mansukh Virani happened to be the eldest son in the Virani clan. Although he did his part in looking after the family business, he often found himself in tight situations mainly because of his unscrupulous investments in the share market. He clearly lacked common sense although he was 47. Savita, his mother was a more dynamic woman in comparison to his father. She left no stone unturned being the eldest daughter-in-law of the Virani family, more often than not for her selfish motives. She was beautiful and gentle which never gave any clue about how shrewd and selfish she was. Mihir had realized long back that his mother was perhaps the most cunning, manipulative and self-centered woman he had ever come across.

Mihir struggled hard to look normal to the best of his abilities because he knew that Savita was too clever to discover even the slightest change in anyone's behavior. Nevertheless, after a while, he had to realize that he had apparently overdone a bit.

"Son, you seem to be trying to hide something from me," Savita spoke as she came close to him with what he knew was a very wicked smile.

"What do you mean mom?" Mihir questioned without any conviction.

"See, you are not looking at me while speaking," Savita said as her fingers began stroking his hair gently. "I don't think you should ever hide things from your mother, more so if it is causing you any disturbance."

Savita was right. Mihir realized that he needed to confide his feelings to someone who would not disclose his delicate problems to anyone. Being a mother, Savita would not dare to speak out although he knew that he was about to give her a shock of her life.

"Still don't think like telling me?" Savita asked as she stopped stroking her fingers on his hair.

"Please sit down," Mihir murmured. Savita immediately sat next to him on the couch.

"I have something to confess," Mihir began and Savita's eyes widened as she listened to what she heard from him. Although enraged by her son's revelations but she could not help feeling somewhat funny about the whole thing. It was a bit hard for her to believe that a young man like Mihir would crave for a woman like Amba, who incidentally is his grandmother as well.

"What have you done my son?" Savita sounded quite firm. "You nearly brought absolute disgrace to the whole Virani family."

"Forgive me," Mihir whimpered. "I swear I will never try doing such things again."

"It is good that you repent," Savita gave a gentle pat on her son's shoulders. "But, you do deserve some punishment for whatever you did."

"Mom!" Mihir's voice was beginning to break.

"Remove your tie," Savita instructed coldly.

Mihir was obviously intrigues with her peculiar instruction. However, he knew that he had to obey his mother any way. He quietly loosened his tie and pulled it off.

"Stand up," Savita told him. "Stand up and turn around."

Mihir stood up and stood showing his back to his mother. Savita grabbed and pulled his hands behind him and began winding the tie around both his wrists. Mihir could not understand what his mother was about to do. He kept mum although Savita was using all her strength to tie his hands really tight and hard.

"Are you going to spank me mom?" Mihir turned around and asked once Savita was through.

"Not really," Savita said with a cheeky smile. "Something more severe than that."

"I am anxious mom," Mihir confessed. "Tell me what you are up to."

"You need not be," Savita replied. "I just want to ensure that you don't repeat such things in the future."

Mihir watched curiously, as Savita dropped to the floor on her knees. She looked up and flashed a smile at her son before her hands pulled down his zip within no time.


She was not answering him. As soon as she had rolled down his pants to his ankles, she hurriedly pulled down his brief as well. She gazed at his hard dick getting erect from his groin. Indeed, it was long and very thick. Her hands eagerly gripped the whole of his shaft and began massaging all around.

"I hope you do know what the punishment is all about," Savita smiled at her son.

Mihir was so amazed to see his mother holding his dick that he could not reply to her. Knowing his embarrassment, Savita took his dick to her mouth and swallowed it just in one gulp.

"Oh mom!"

Savita looked up and smiled to herself knowing that his moan was the right indication of his sudden excitement. She began using her lips and tongue all around his meat letting the warmth of her mouth settle on his sensitive thick sin on the dick. Mihir felt his balls swelling and his shaft getting tense as Savita went about sucking his dick like a true professional. He humped up and down on his heels as Salvia's tongue relentlessly lashed against the whole of his dick until he felt like closing to an explosion. Savita sucked her way back to the tip after a while and slowly let it slide from her mouth.

"This is far better than getting inside a very old woman," Savita said mockingly.

"I bet it is," Mihir admitted. He had been throwing back his head in the air. His arms were feeling strained behind.

"Should I continue?" Savita asked.

"Please," Mihir pleaded with her.

He watched Savita taking his dick inside her mouth all over again. She had realized that there was not any need for her to be gentle with his dick anymore as he was already enjoying the blowjob. She began showing her true prowess as she went about sucking his dick as if there would not be any tomorrow. Maher's moans became louder and louder as he watched his mother giving his dick, the much needed treatment. Savita realized that he was about to shoot off soon and kept sucking without loosing her momentum. After a while, she looked up and watched him settling down.

"I guess you feel more excited watching me working," Savita said with a smirk.

"Oh yes," Mihir screamed. "I never imagined that you must be so good."

Savita was apparently pleased with her son's compliments as she resumed on his dick and began working deliriously until he eventually closed towards his explosion.

"I am going to shoot," Mihir murmured. His body trembled in excitement.

Savita devoured his dick deep inside her throat. Mihir watched his mother swallow his semen as he exploded inside her mouth, load after load. Her hands were slowing down and so was her mouth. She did not spare even the last drop of his cum as she hungrily gulped everything she could.

"Thanks mom," Mihir said as he gasped for breath. "Set me free now at least."

Savita stood up and began wiping her mouth.

"Remember my son," she said in a very firm voice. "I have just relieved you from your tension. This is a little secret between both of us. I want you not to expect anything more from me. Is that clear?"

"I agree," Mihir had to agree. "Now let me go."

Savita quickly freed his arms. Mihir glanced at his wrists, which had a few impressions of the tight tie.

"Did I hurt you?" Savita sounded concerned.

"Of course not," Mihir replied smilingly. "That was a wonderful blowjob. But, I am not content anyway."

Mihir pounced on Savita pushing her onto the couch. His hands cupped her breasts and began kneading them.

"Stop this Mihir," Savita screamed. "We have an agreement. If you do anything silly, I will never relieve you again."

Mihir realized that she was serious. He slowly removed his hands off her breasts and got on his feet. Savita watched as he began pulling up his brief and pants without saying anything. She began setting her dress right and stood up from the couch.

"Try to understand," Savita placed her hands on his hair and said. "Only blowjob and nothing more."


Both Savita and Mihir looked tentative hearing to Govardhan Virani who was calling her.

"Your grandpa is calling," Savita said as she began to walk. "Don't forget. This is our little secret."

At 65 years, Govardhan Virani still remained the king of the Virani family. Blessed with wealth and virtues, he epitomizes the values of a generation that never jumps the lanes. He remained honest to the core irrespective of temptations from the earthly world.

Moments after Savita had left his room, Mihir was still sitting recollecting the little erotic encounters he had with his grandma and mother. He felt immensely relieved to hear roars of laughter coming from downstairs. He had feared that Amba might be making a complaint about his deeds to the rest of the family members. He heaved a sigh of relief as he knew that the laughter meant that everything is very much normal in the house. He took a few more minutes to relax himself before he eventually went downstairs. His eyes lowered as he saw Amba sitting next to his grandfather in the sitting room. Through the corner of his eyes, he observed that she was smiling as though nothing had happened on that day.

The sitting room looked like a crowded railway platform. Apart from Mihir's parents, he saw both his paternal uncles sitting with their wives. In addition, he also saw his only aunt Pragna joining the conversation.

"Come on Mihir," Grandpa Govardhan called him. "I hope you do know that today is your grandma's birthday?"

Mihir glanced at his grandmother who struggled hard concealing her smile.

"He was the third person to wish me today," Amba said. Mihir looked up and watched the plain expression on his grandma's face. He felt better as he knew that she had apparently ignored his sexual advances earlier in the day.

"I see," Govardhan sounded a bit surprised. "I was the first to wish you. Who was the second?"

"Tulsi," Amba quipped.

Tulsi, daughter of the family priest has always remained close to Amba.

Govardhan glanced at Mansukh, Himmat and Jamnadas, his three sons who looked thoroughly embarrassed. None of them ever knew that it was their mother's birthday. Aunt Pragna's face was not looking any brighter either. Surely, the atmosphere in the room was getting tense.

Savita, Daksha and Gayatri, the three daughter-in-laws of the Viranis simply looked pale. Eventually, it was Savita, the eldest of the three daughter-in-laws to try and bring some cheer in their conversation again.

"Let's all celebrate mom's birthday," She said. "Where's the party tonight?"

"No way!" Amba intervened. "You do know we hate going out partying. Our generation is not comfortable about all these things."

"Doesn't matter," Daksha, the second daughter-in-law yelled out. "Let's go to some movie."

Daksha had always remained a woman crazy about watching movies. Himmat, her husband knew that her suggestion was very much ill placed but could not do anything about it.

"What if we order some food from outside?" Gayatri, the third daughter-in-law made another horrible suggestion.

"My dear children," Govardhan addressed everybody in the room. "We don't have any objection if you want to have a bash today. However, we are old. We are comfortable being at home. You can go and enjoy the evening as you please."

Within minutes, the entire sitting room looked almost deserted as the sons and daughter-in-laws retreated to their respective rooms. Govardhan and Amba were the first to leave, prompting their sons to ponder about the evening celebrations. Mihir was about to leave as well but he felt a bit sad seeing Aunt Pragna sitting alone. He knew that she always had remained the odd person out in the family when it came to celebrations. Although, her three brothers were not averse to her company, they knew that she was not getting along with their wives.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir gently placed his hand on her shoulders. Pragna turned around and her eyes were glistened with tears.

"What happened?" Mihir asked.

"I know they are all going to enjoy," Pragna began to sob. "I will be left alone at home."

Mihir felt very sad for her. She was right. There is no way she can accompany anybody who ventured out from the house. Although she was mostly responsible for such a stressed relationship, he knew that it was not the appropriate time to make any mention about it.

"You are not going to be alone," Mihir said. "I am not going anywhere. Why don't you spend the evening with me?"

"Are you serious Mihir?" Aunt Pragna stood up in surprise.

"Very much," Mihir said as he pulled out his hanky and began wiping off her tears.

"What are we going to do?" Aunt Pragna queried.

"Anything which interests you," Mihir replied and gave a gentle peg on his aunt's cheeks.

"I can't wait till the evening," Aunt Pragna said with a little smile surfacing on her face.

"I can't either," Mihir said before turning around and walking towards his room. He had a plan to execute. The day had started with a gentle boob pressing experience with his grand mother and the next thing to happen was the memorable blowjob from his mother. He wanted to end the day with a good note by slaying Aunt Pragna on the bed.

Aunt Pragna's life has been in trouble more so after Uncle Navin almost ran into bankruptcy. Her visits became more frequent as every time she expected her parents to come to her family's rescue from the mess created by her husband. She was indeed a compassionate and lovable woman and that was one reason why Mihir had eyed her for a sexual encounter sometime.

The entire house looked like haunted in the evening as the Virani sons and daughter-in-laws have moved out without disclosing where they were going to. It was Mihir and Aunt Pragna who gave company to Govardhan and Amba at the dining table during dinner. The old couples slowly moved into their room leaving their lonely daughter and horny grandson at each other's mercy.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir called her. "I hope you haven't forgotten what we discussed in the morning."

"Of course not," Pragna said with a smile. "But it is too late to do anything I presume."

'Right time to do what I want' Mihir thought and smiled.

"We aren't going anywhere," Mihir said. "I just want you to come to my room and have a nice time."

"I hope you aren't planning to show me any of those boring movie videos," Pragna said laughingly.

"Not really," Mihir said and held her hand before walking towards his room. Pragna somehow started realizing the difference in the way her nephew was behaving with her. However, she presumed the young man was just trying to give her some genuine support.

His smile didn't look as innocent as she had known. There was a twinkle in his eyes and his grip on her wrist was more than that of mere sympathy.

"You look so different today," Pragna said as they entered Mihir's luxurious room.

"Are you surprised?" Mihir asked as he quietly closed the door and latched it up.

"A little," Pragna admitted with a smile. She wanted to know why he had closed the door but didn't.

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RE: Bachpan mein Mummy ki Chudai ke Kisse
"You have more surprises in store," Mihir said and inched towards her.

His eyes began gazing her swelling breasts underneath her blouse. He was deliberately letting his eyes gulping them much longer just to ensure that Pragna is aware.

"Mihir," Pragna spoke in a very low voice. "You shouldn't be staring at my chest."

"Why, Aunt Pragna?" Mihir asked without lifting his eyes off her. "I am sure you must be attracting plenty of attention wherever you go. What is wrong if I watch you?"

"You are my nephew," Pragna reminded him. "I feel awkward watching you staring at my chest."

His eyes weren't relenting on her breasts. Pragna realized that his eyes were probing the thin fabric of her sari looking further into her cleavage.

"Please don't look any further," Pragna's hands crossed over her chest in a bid to block his view.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir commanded. "Strip yourself naked."


"Don't you follow me?"

"This is wrong," Pragna stammered. "They call this as incest. It is sin."

Mihir laughed.

"Aunt Pragna, you are so ignorant," Mihir said smilingly. "I was able to lay my hands on grandma in the morning."

"What?" Pragna was startled. "You mean my mother?"

"Of course," Mihir quipped. "Later in the day, my mom gave me a wonderful blowjob."

"I don't believe this," Pragna shook her head.

"I want to end the day on a happy note," Mihir inched closer to her. "I hope you won't let me use any force on you. That is the last thing I want to do."

Pragna stood silent for a few moments. She never had any doubts about Mihir's ruthless youthful strength. However, she did not want to become an easy prey to his lust. She realized that he could help her in settling some scores with her intimidating sister-in-laws, including Savita, Mihir's mother.

"Alright," Pragna finally spoke. "If that is your wish, I won't resist. But, you have to promise a few things to me."

"Don't worry Aunt Pragna," Mihir intervened hurriedly. "I will never disclose about this to anyone in the house."

Pragna said laughingly, "I am not unduly worried about that. Neither of us can reveal this to anyone in the family. That is not what I am expecting from you."

"What do you expect me to do?" Mihir asked impatiently.

"I want you to have sex with Daksha, Gayatri and even Savita," Pragna said in a firm voice. "I want you to help me in avenging them for whatever they have done to me."

"Impossible," Mihir almost screamed. "How do you expect me to seduce my aunts and my mother?"

"I bet you can," Aunt Pragna smirked. "If you can convince me, they are going to easy meat for you."

"But, you want me to take on my mother too?" Mihir asked.

"In fact, I want you to take her first," Aunt Pragna said laughingly. "Anyway, that won't be a problem for you. She had just given a nice blowjob today."

"What if I am unable to do this?" Mihir asked.

"In that case, today might be the first and last time you ever had sex with me," Aunt Pragna said resolutely.

"Aunt Pragna!"

"The ball is in your court," Pragna smiled and pushed off her sari from her shoulder. Mihir's eyes were pinned to her breasts, which were heaving beneath her blouse.

"You can do anything to me today," Pragna said as she held her breasts with both her hands. "I won't complain about anything you do. But, I want you to do what I have just said."

"Ok Aunt Pragna," Mihir said finally. "I promise you. I will fuck my mother and both my aunts. That is a deal."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Pragna asked with a wink.

Mihir watched as she stripped her saree, untied her petticoat and undid her blouse hooks.

"Gorgeous!" Mihir exclaimed. He was simply awed seeing Pragna stripping naked in front of him. Her naked jugs looked terrific; her areolas were cherry red; her nipples were thick and hard.

"Come and play," Pragna hissed.

Mihir placed his hands on her breasts and ran his thumbs inside her cleavage.

"Boy, you know something," Pragna gasped and looked down watching his fingers trailing her naked tits.

Mihir slowly leaned and began long licking her wonderful mounds with closed eyes. Pragna's body trembled feeling his warm lips brushing against her flesh. After gasping in excitement for a while, she quickly grasped Mihir by his head to pull them firmly against her body.

It took hardly a couple of moments for Mihir to quicken up his tongue on her wonderful melons and soon he felt like sucking them. He saw her breasts maddeningly pressing against each other as he laid his hands on them. He wasn't surprised to see that Aunt Pragna's magnificent breasts were actually bigger than what they seemed under her clothes. Her aureoles were amazingly large while her thick nipples looked crispy and erect.

"All boys like those," Pragna whispered. "You aren't any exception either."

"I can't help," Mihir replied. "Not really after seeing such a large pair of racks."

Pragna blushed seeing the intensity that was glowing in his eyes. She let out a gentle moan as he kept cupping his hands under her heavy breasts. She threw her head backwards as his mouth reached out and began working on her nipples, letting his tongue rolling around each aureole. The more he licked her nipples, the bigger they grew.

The experienced woman could easily measure his excitement feeling his huge bulge pressing against her waist. As his massive dick kept growing underneath his pants, Pragna suddenly went on her knees and began undoing his belt. She soon followed it up by pulling down the pants within no time at all.

"Aunt Prema," Mihir looked down and said. "I want you to play with me."

Pragna smiled as though she wasn't really requiring his instructions anyway. Mihir smiled as he watched the sudden awe in her eyes once she rolled down his brief and pulled out his massive dick. There was no way she might have known how big his dick was.

"Boy!" Pragna predictably exclaimed. Her eyes were pinned on his dick for quite a while as though she did not believe what she was seeing. It was pointing right at her face, and it was a foot long. That's right. Twelve inches, and very thick.

"I guessed that you might be big," Pragna said with her eyes widening. "But, this is huge."

"I am glad you are impressed," Mihir smirked. "Now, start stroking it."

Pragna gleefully reached up to grip his dick by wrapping it around with her right hand. She soon began sliding her fist up and down in short, fast strokes. Mihir couldn't resist a gentle moan emanating from his mouth.

Pragna was apparently enthused by his excitement as she gripped harder picking up her pace showing all her experience in the world.

"Suck it!"

Pragna seemed more than willing to obey as she quickly guided his dick towards her mouth. Mihir kept watching her as her lips went about sliding over his shaft until she managed to take the whole length of his dick inside her mouth. She kept motioning her lips all along his dick for a while sucking harder and harder.

"Aunt Pragna," Mihir exclaimed. "You suck like a professional."

Pragna never looked like replying to him as she kept herself thoroughly engaged in sucking and licking his magnificent tool. Mihir knew that the excitement was getting too much for him as she went about sucking him relentlessly.

He soon exploded into her waiting mouth, sending load after load of thick semen deep inside her throat. Pragna kept gulping his semen until she got the last drop.

"If you can get hard soon, we need to go to the bed," Pragna reminded him.

"With pleasure Aunt Pragna," Mihir quickly overcame his exasperation and his hands reached out to cup her breasts yet again. They kept looking deep into each other's eyes as they began walking towards the bed. Mihir made her sit on the bed and began getting rid of his clothes, much to the excitement of his Aunt.

She crawled onto the bed and got her legs spread very wide indeed. Mihir knelt in front of her and asked her, "Are you ready Aunt Pragna?"

"Tease me," Pragna began pleading. Mihir's eyes widened watching her fingers probe her pussy through her dense public hair. Pragna lay across the bed and Mihir got between them, letting his hardening dick hovering over her moist pussy. He held his dick with one hand and took it towards her love triangle.

"Now, have a go at me," Pragna instructed.

Without loosing even a second, Mihir pressed the tip of his dick against her clit. Pragna gasped and moaned at once. Mihir wasn't less excited as he started rubbing the tip of his dick up and down against her clit gently, at least, to begin with. As seconds ticked past, he was getting firmer and faster on her.

"Mihir," Pragna murmured in pleasure. "You do know how to please a woman."

Mihir thought for a moment about the very absurdity of whatever he and Aunt Pragna were doing at that time; committing incest and that too in the Virani clan. Surprisingly, Pragna wasn't showing any signs of resent whatsoever as she seemed like thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.

Mihir took a deep breath before guiding his huge head inside her. Pragna almost sat up.

"Oh Mihir," she moaned.

Mihir kept pushing the head through her stretching lips. A broad smile flashed all over his face as he managed to send the whole of his head inside her. Pragna's head swayed either way as she was biting her lip struggling to hold a whimper.

"Hey big boy," Pragna murmured with a brief lusty smile. She looked up to see how far Mihir had managed to get inside her.

Mihir began giving her a few slow thrusts letting his dick to feel her warmth inside her pussy. After letting his huge meat stay inside for a few seconds, he gently pulled out his dick completely out. As Pragna tried looking up to see what went wrong, he quickly drove it deep inside her pussy all over again. She squealed and her legs came around his waist to wrap him. After a few continuous strokes, Mihir stopped after hitting her bottom. They kept watching each other's eyes with a smile of pleasure.

Mihir kept repeating these gentle teases for a while before he began working faster and harder. Soon they were closing in towards just the momentum more than enough to give both the pleasure of a great fucking session. Mihir apparently knew the art of changing gears just in time as she went about pounding her mercilessly. His eyes sparkled in delight watching her breasts slamming against each other. Pragna's moans were getting louder and she kept biting her lips every now and then.

Pragna began pleading after a while, "Fuck me, Mihir. Don't stop for anything."

Mihir's hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began kneading them.

"Yes," Pragna whimpered. "Just like that."

The whole atmosphere went electric with their intermittent moans and squeals. Mihir's dick began swelling inside her pussy and her body wasn't anywhere behind to her climax.

"I am cumming," Pragna screamed.

"Aunt," Mihir groaned as well. He was delighted at the prospects of a simultaneous orgasm. It finally did happen. Mihir's dick was soon bathing in his Aunt's cum after which his dick twitched and exploded into her.

Their bodies stiffened at once. They gasped and breathed hard. Drops of Mihir's sweat fell on Pragna's breasts. They heaved and sighed in exasperation but with tremendous joy.

"You finally had your way," Pragna whispered. "Honestly, I enjoyed it too."

"I know you did," Mihir said as he gasped for breath.

"Now, you need to chalk out your plan to fulfill your promise," Pragna reminded him.

"I know," Mihir replied and fell over his aunt. They hugged and remained as they were for quite sometime.

"Let me go," Pragna said after sometime. "Your uncles might return anytime."

"Never," Mihir replied with a wry smile. "I know them. They might not have even started things as yet.

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