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Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
08-17-2012, 01:41 PM
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Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
Let me call our heroine Pinky. Pinky lives in a big city in India which is of no consequence to us. Pinky, as you have guessed already is not her real name, but something she was called since childhood owing to her cuteness. She was a girl of some character or shall we say … arrogance. She wasn’t exactly the most liked person in school or college or even in her career as we shall soon find out, rather excitingly.
This isn’t to say she was a bad person or anything, she did not usually mean harm to anybody.

At this point in time, our girl pinky is just 18 and technically a virgin in a co ed college. She was quite a dancer by now and had even tried catwalk for a competition in her college just for the fun of it. She however preferred to keep her dressing modest, much to agony of guys lusting after her. She was sexy in a different kind of way. She was not heavy in the bust, but her body looked proportionate overall. Her arms were not pencil thin, nor were they fat. In her occasionally tight dress, you could make out a perfect hour glass figure. She was conscious of her small breasts and this was one of the reasons for her to avoid regular tight tops. And when she wore them she was not too comfortable in them. This was not helped by the fact that some guys would rather unkindly call her names such as carom board and such. Some girls would also take this point to poke insults at her. Sometimes they’d would deliberately speak loud near her so she could hear – “you think she is a 32B?…no way! She must be a 30 or 28 A minus…oh then she would not need a bra, a guy’s vest be enough..”
Other girls would console her and after a while these insults began to mean less and less to her.

There was a ramp show coming up in a neighbouring college to raise funds for charity. The tickets were high priced and was in fact worth it for the amount of skin one could see of young college girls there. It was planned to have two college teams, one from the host college and one from pinky’s. There would be a professional team to do some special rounds. The girls had short notice to prepare for the event as it was arranged in a hurry. Initially pinky had no interest to participate. And a ramp show after all required her to bare her body to some extent. After some persuasion from her friends she registered for the selection. After a hurried selection process, pinky was taken in as a reserve person. If someone accidentally dropped out she would replace them. She was not put in the main team because of her lack of experience and a body they though wont carry off tops. This was quite a disappointment for her but she managed to get along helping the team out with the rehersals. She did miscellaneous work like getting the cloth, taking it for stitching, helping the narrator etc. After 3 days, one of the girls did not turn up for practice due to her personal reason. Pinky ofcourse had to fill in for her. That day she happened to be wearing a white bra that gave a hint of her nipples and a pink panty that had become a little loose for her.

The girl who was missing had to do three rounds, one western, one Indian and one mix. In the first round, she had to wear an off shoulder that had small teasing holes and a flower pattern. The top ended just below her belly button and if she moved a bit the the top would ride up offering a neat view of her navel and the trail of hair that would run down to join her pubic hair. (Being just an extra she had not thought it was necessary to remove her body hair.) This was complemented by a tight that hugged the whole of her legs. But this also had an element of tease with the zipper flap not in position that showed the silver coloured zipper. Also, as if this was not tease enough, there was another opening on the right leg that ran from the knee to almost the top of the thighs. This was also secured by a zipper that could be closed or opened depending on the amount of thrill they wanted to induce in the audience. While she was changing from her loose fitting Salwar kameez to the costume, she noticed that the top did not stay securely on her. It threatened to fall off and let the world see her in nothing but a bra above the waist. She dismissed the thought thinking it was probably because she had not worn off shoulders much.

The audience for this rehearsal consisted of the team of course and some friends. There was also this young male lecturer who was a man who could be tempted.

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08-17-2012, 01:41 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
As she wore the off shoulder, she realised she would be in for quite some embarrassment. Her bra was a usual one and not the one without the shoulder straps. If she wore the bra, her white straps would show akwardly on her shoulders advertising the fact that she was wearing a white bra to who ever saw her. IF she choose not to wear the bra she would essentially be going out with nothing but the teasing top! No, this would never do. She decided to keep the bra on. Anyway lots of models did during dry runs. So what if the straps were visible? She had the security of the bra.
Now our Pinky changed into the costume and a little reluctantly walked into the practice arena. A couple of guys whistled, much to her irritation. She realised that the straps might have got their attention. Not caring too much, she did a walk just to get the feel of it. Knowing that her shoulders and the area of her chest above the breasts were all there for people to gaze, she got goose bumps all over her exposed skin. The top felt strange, covering her yet revealing her in a rather funny way. Now the models had all lined up and as the music began, so did the cat walk. Pinky's turn came and she tried her best to do the model walk - walking with her hips. She did not quite get it, but was pardonable as she had not done this too many times.
As she reached the end of the catwalk she realised that the strings in front of the dress holding it up was loosening a bit. Not wanting to ruin her first walk, she did not try and do anything abt it thinking it was nothing. But as she turned back, it happened. Her modesty just went off in the air. The string got undone and even before she knew it, her top was down hanging by the waist and the splendour of this cute girl left only with her white bra above the waist was displayed before all. The excitement of the walk had left her nipple erect and the thin bra cups did little to hide the impressive impressions that the nipples caused. Before she knew it, a P800 was out and clicking away to glory her ridiculous yet sexy state of unexpected undress!
The guys who were facing her, after the effect of the pleasent shock died down, realised this was a once in life time moment perhaps and tried to register into thier minds as much detailas about her as possible. The two bra cups covering the small breasts, her spotless skin above and below the bra, her two nipples jutting out and showing her sign of sexual tension - almost embarrassingly sexual. Their gaze fell to her beautifully sculpted navel, the thin trail of hair, and then suddenly the heavenly sight was washed away as she pulled the top over her chest and made a hurried run to the changing room. She realised what had just happened - she gave a display of herself in just a bra on the top! and who knows who had taken photographs!

Little did she know that this was nothing compared to what she would show of herself and being triked into showing later on...
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08-17-2012, 01:41 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
She was still dazed by what had happened when her friend Rosy (another pet name) joined her in the changing room. Rosy did not know what to say and thought she might compliment Pinky so she would not feel bad about that strip show that occured.
R: "wow! I never though you were so beautiful Pinky, you looked so stunning there, and you have guts I must say! You carried it off very well without getting paniced"
P: "I dont believe it, I dont believe it, I dont believe it! They all saw me in my bra! Those creeps may make fun of me"
R: "oh common now! dont act kiddish. You have nothing to be ashamed of and you must have seen the look on our lecturer's face! looks like you will get a 100!"
P: "oh stop it! I just hope not everyone gets to know of this"
(unfortunately for her the guy who took her pic on his cam cell, sent it immediately to his friend and he sent it to his friend and before long a LOT of guys knew how pinky would look with her bra, and nothing else on top.)

Rosy now took the top from pinky's hand offered her the salwar to wear till its time for the next round. As a policy the clothes had to be removed as soon as a round was over to prevent it from catching the sweat and odur of the wearer as other may have to wear the same clothes later on w/o time for washing.

R: "Pinky - you have to get out of that pant and we have to hang it up inside out now. please change back into your usual wear.

Pinky tried and tried but could not undo the button holding the She did not quite like the idea of someone else unbuttoning her pant, but it's be better than someone doing it in front of many others. Atleast now she was alone with rosy. So she asked rosy to help.
Rosy, having seen her in that spectacular moment where the top just vanished from her chest, now wanted to see if this girl was as beautiful as herself even below the waist. She more than gladly oblidged and tried her hand at the button. It did seem hard to take off and in her attempts she pressed hard into pinky's pelvic bone. Without even realising it she began to get wet.
Finally rosy, after much difficulty managed to get the button undone and tried pulling the pant down. It was a tight fit and did not seem to budge. With greater effort she yanked it down and then the inevitable happened. It seemed like a cruel act of fate that pinky was wearing a slightly loose panty which came down along with her pant. This was a second violation of her modesty in ten minutes! But atleast this time it was only with a girl and not in public. But what resulted was Pinky's pubic hair, all bared and concealing her lips, being right in front of Rosy's face!
Her pant and panty were at knee level and rosy staring right into her snatch. God! what HAD happened!!
She hurriedly pulled her panties up and rosy and pinky both blusing, managed to get the pant out and pinky put on her salwar bottom and top.
The problem was Rosy was a loose tongue. Before long all the girls and possibly the guys would know pinky had thick black public hair and she wore a pink panty that day. Every guy would now look at her and imagine how she would look in just her bra or how she would look with her never shaven or waxed pubic hair showing.

R: "pinky i dont believe you keep so much hair there! why dont you wax? a pretty girl like you with so much hair? no, do something about it. and by the way, you deserve sexier panties, i can help you buy one if you want"
That last part seemed more like and insult than anything else...this did not seem like a day for a goody goody girl like pinky...
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08-17-2012, 01:42 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
The rest of the day passed without incident..well pinky had had enough incidents of her modesty being outraged in a day. Being of strong will she somehow managed to put it behind her and completed the remaining rounds for the rehearsal. The next day in class she noticed guys giving her longer than usual stares especially at her breasts. She had choosen to wear a loose fitting high neck top and a cotton pant. Even some girls were giving her looks…or was it just her mind thinking so. But then people could be forgiven for staring at her…its not everyday that a girl is reduced to a just a bra during rehearsal and that too a pretty girl!
That day during practice she had to run some chores for the team getting the costume ready. She had to collect the dresses from the designer and noticed one dress that was well to say the least daring! She was surprised how someone could wear that in college on stage. It was a traditional blouse with typical rajasthani designs and colours, and a skirt again seemingly traditional. But on closer look it was an eye popper of a dress.

The blouse was extremely low cut and the cut was wide in the front. Ironically the back was fully covered, but who would want to see the back when the breasts would be boldly on display! The blouse also had a lining underneath making the obvious suggestion that it was for support and to be worn without a bra. Showing cleavage was more or less unofficially accepted during fashion shows but a lot of people would still grumble on it. Now this showed not just the cleavage but a fair amount of the wearer’s breasts! And that too not in a suggestive or discrete manner but boldly! One could see that the blouse was designed to show and show well! Hmm that would be something on stage!
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08-17-2012, 01:42 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
After checking out the blouse, a little surprised she decided to see her friend who was waiting near the college entrance. As she was walking towards the gate some guy whome she had never known walked up to her and said "hey nice bra, when will your breasts grow" . She realised that her pic taken during the unintended bra show during practice was circulated all around and her intimate body detail was being discussed and observed by more or less everybody. damn!
Looking at the ground, feeling slightly conscious of her self she continued to walk. Then another guy came to her and said - hey wont you feel famous if your picture was put on the internet? think of all the thousands of males who would derive satisfaction seeing your lovely body. Wont that be fun?
but then u know the trade off can be your marriage. sad isn't it?
pinky : "am not interested in speaking about it"
the guy : "well I think you will be because we can work something out that benificial to both of us"
pinky: "so whats your point? cant you tell me what you are trying to say directly"
-"ah I like your boldness. good. see we have a rather err.. titilating picture of yours and will take us less than a minute to put it on many sites. but we know thats not a nice thing to do. so we guys wont do it. But isn't it only fair that we are compensated for our descent behaviour? so, all you need to do is do a special dance for us during the 21st birthday of my hostel friend. It will be a you know..a guys party and we can sure use some fun! your bra pic is quite something. how about a dance with some costume like that on?
pinky : "you must be out of your mind mister. How dare you! you think I will fall for that? how do i know you will not put those photos on the net even after I meet your demands? or that you wont take more photos when if dance for you? u think am that dumb? If you have a sense of decency, you wont do such stuff like putting photos on net. if you are hell bent on being dirty, then what can i do? but dont try to blackmail me"

with that she left. The guy though "wow this girl has guts... this is a hard one to crack, but I will"

when pinky got back to the rehersal room she remember she had seen only the blouse but not checked the skirt so she decided to take a look. She did have this blackmail at the back of her mind, but tried to concentrate on the job at hand.
When she picked up the skirt - she almost forgot about every thing else..
The skirt was almost traditional but where it got bold was that fact surprise! It had a slit just below the hips, starting at the upper thighs and running all way to the ankles! When walking the frills would at random make the slit visible and give a small peek of the entire length of the legs!
AND…this never seemed to end! The skirt was a low waist too in the front! She was wondering why the low waist did not continue in the back also and then reaslied that if it did it would show the crack of the hips! Now that would be totally unacceptable so it was kept very modest at the back and the front stooped low and well quite low! Just what on earth was this costume? How could they get away with this? Most of the models were just 18 and in college! If she wore it her rich mass of pubic hair poking out of the panty would show. No this was way too much. There must have been a mistake. This costume must not have been for them but landed here by mistake.
But then she thought it’s the wearer’s worry and not hers! She just went about doing her job and arranging stuff.

She later went to the canteen to get something to eat and as usual it was crowded. With all that confusion someone, she did not even know if it was a guy or a girl, someone just pressed her hips from behind. Gosh! That was bad. Was it the effect of her bra show the previous day? Whatever it was it was bad. Pinky did not know where it would end. Sheesh!
After grabbing something to eat she came back to the rehearsal room to help out.
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08-17-2012, 01:42 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
he tension was thick in the air. The show was a mere 5 days away and the synchronisation was not yet perfect. There was quite a lot of work to do. Also adding to the excitement and tension was the fact that the girls all knew they would wear one or the other dress that would show some skin and show in good taste. They’d expose a lot of their young bodies and that too on stage! They in a way felt sexy and the admiring glances the audience were giving them during practice only helped matters!
They Indian dress that pinky had seen earlier was decided to be kept but the skirt would be tied a little higher so that the low cut waist at the front would not look too vulgar. Their consultant decided that they effect would be better if two or even three girls would wear the same dress but of slightly different colour and did the catwalk together and posed in the front for a minute while the guys performed some acrobatics in the background. So pinky placed an order for two more of that daring dress. The tailor asked pinky to get the measurements of the models who would wear them. She said the measurements have to be perfect for this particular dress. A wrongly tailored dress can be disastrous on stage besides being plain uncomfortable for the wearer. She told pinky it would be better if the bust measurement was taken without a bra or preferably on the bare breast. The thickness and amount of padding on each bra could be different and it would be difficult to make a perfect design with incorrect measurements. Also the waist and hip measurement will have to be accurate to design the skirt. Another measurement she wanted was from the upper thigh to the ankle. But upper thigh is so vague, from which part of the thigh to the ankle? She simply said from where ever you want the slit to start. With that pinky was almost speechless. All this was new to her. Thankgod she needn’t wear that dress. How could she let someone take her breast measurement in two three places? So embarrassing…

When she told the requirements of the tailor the team went into a subdued giggle and the two probable girls to model that dress were blushing and a little nervous. There was a discussion on who should be choose to wear that dress. The consultant whom they had hired suggested that the dress would look best on girls who have a fuller bust and are tall. There were three girls who fit the requirements but two of them simply did not agree to wear such a revealing dress. They said they would not mind an open back but having their breasts shown almost till the nipple was simply out. The other girl said ok though her apprehension was apparent. Well she was a hostelite and did not have parents or relatives around who would object. They were far away, atleast a 1000 kms! Good for her. So this girl, Asha, (name changed) was choosen. Now they needed another girl. After looking at the team rosy was choosen. She began to object but the troupe leader told her that she anyway had only a small part to play while the other girls would be doing four or five rounds. Since she was the one left with just one round, it would only be fair that she must model for that dress. Also since she had decent figure and a fair skin it’d be in the interest of the team for her to model the dress. She was persuaded and gave it. Also the troupe leader Seema wanted to get back at rosy for some old grudge and wanted to push rosy into something she did not want to do. Now it was decided that along with the first model – Keerti, Rosy and Asha would be the bold ones wearing that Indian dress. Since they were short of time, it was decided that the measurements of Rosy and Asha will have to be taken immediately and sent to the tailor. Being the helping hand around pinky was called to her dressing room where rosy and asha had to be measured.

Seema, Pinky, rosy and asha got into the changing room. Rosy and Asha’s breathing got heavier. They had to probably take strip off almost full and have their college mates measure them up!
Seema began “ok girls lets do this. We need to get your exact measurements so the dress will fit perfectly. Lets do a professional show and show them we are nothing less than anybody. Don’t think too much abt this, just feel good about what we will do on stage, now pinky will take your measurements and I will make a note of it and make sure she aligns the tape properly. We don’t want to get wrong measurements right?”
Asha “– oh yes ofcourse not. But make sure you don’t let anyone else know our eh… know the stats”
Rosy: “yes please keep it private, this is difficult enough for us as it is”
Seema “ok you two, stop worrying and just lets get this done. Now Rosy will you please? We need an exact measurement, so…”
Rosy began sweating. She had not expected it would be so tough. “you mean u cant take my measurement as it is… I mean like this itself”
Seema a little angry: “what do you think? Did u not hear what the tailor and designer said? And listen we are all getting paid for this by the sponsorer. Besides we guys and get noticed and then who knows? We might even land some professional stop being a kid and take that top off so we can do this fast”
Rosy thought if she took her top off it would be enough and wanting to finish it off fast she began lifting her top from the waist. As she reached her chest she stopped. She gave one look at the three girls who was intently watching her and then her gaze shifted to the floor. Seema went on “aree we are all girls here, whats with you now? Nothing to be ashamed off come on now rosy, don’t chicken now”
Rosy suddenly pulled her top back into position and said hurriedly “cant I take my measurements and home and give it to you”
Seema now impatient : “whats wrong with you? This is a simple 2 minute work and what are u fussing over? First, we need the measurements in a hurry, second we need to make sure its taken correctly. Now just take that top off, we are girls here anyway”

(Well they did not seem to realise that a girl would rather show herself to a guy she knows than to another girl. Men are just grateful for what they see and women will be judgemental.)

While this was happening, the guy who tried blackmailing pinky - Rahul was trying to think of some way to exploit pinky. He knew she was in the ramp show team and would certainly be vulnerable. So he decided to catch her in a more compromising position and then blackmail her with some other pics. But what other pics? he was wondering.
just then his friend dev came and they started thinking about getting some nice shots of the girls. They felt it would be best if they could install a camera in the changing room. But that would be riskey business and difficult too. They had to think of a way of getting the pics of these girls. Dev was to play a small role in the fashion show walking with a female model with his hands around her waist. If there came a chance he could easily arrange for a dress mishap and rahul could record the whole scence. Or if possible, rahul could arrange to put a camera near the mirror so that when changing the girls could be caught unawaress shwoing all their the plan began...meanwhile the measurements in the changing room were continuing...
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08-17-2012, 01:42 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
With that rosy again began taking the top off, this time she went a little further and took it up further. Her black bra was in view. She paused again. Seeing that rosy needed persuasion, seema approached her and began to lift the top off. With some resistance the top finally came off and rosy was standing before them with her black bra. She shivered. She brought her hands to her chest to cover herself up but knew than very soon pinky would be putting the tape around her and she had to comply.
Seema was sort of happy to have put rosy in this situation because the latter had insulated her long time back. Seema took a long look at rosy’s bust and said the bra cups look a little thicker than normal, I think we may have a problem with this.
It took a moment for rosy to register this sentence. She realised that the designer and tailor had asked for measurements to be taken without the bra if possible. Oh god what had she walked into?
Seema : “hey we cant do this like this. We need to take measurements on the bare breast What are you waiting for now”
Rosy: cant remove the bra and put the top back on if the bra is the problem here?
Seeing that rosy was reluctant to stand bare breasted before then, asha offered “hey if you feel more comfortable then I can have my measurements taken first, you may feel better if someone else starts first, trust me you are simply making it a big deal”

This did make sense but seema still had that grudge against rosy and wanted to stamp her authority on rosy. “no, we have started with rosy and lets finish her work first, besides I know you wont fuss and hence wont be a problem”
She again went near rosy and in a comforting way put her hand around her shoulder. She patted her twice and said “hey come on now, am sure once we start it wont feel anything” poor rosy did not suspect what was coming…seema keeping one hand on one shoulder, quickly put the other hand on the other and in a swift moment, took the straps in her fingers and slid the straps off rosy’s shoulder and without giving rosy a chance to recover held the bra inbetween the cups and pulled it down. Her breasts came into view. Her brownish pink nipples were not yet erect but their size complimented the breasts. Now free, the breasts showed a little sag and rosy simply stood still knowing if she acted to cover herself up it would only look silly.
She had dreaded this moment from the time she reluctantly said yes to model this outfit. Now that she stood with her bra down to her stomach and her breasts bare before her own college mates it suddenly did not feel like much at all. The three girls’ eyes were riveted on her two breasts. She almost unconsciously made her posture more upright and thrust her chest forward.
Pinky had never seen another girl in this state of undress since her 9th standard. At that time she had seen two of her classmates nude in some ‘silly’ game that they had played. She herself had taken her skirt off much to the pleasure of the adolescent boys during that trip but had not shown anything else. Pinky now compared in her mind rosy’s breasts to her own. Rosy was definitely bigger but she thought her own firmness looked better than rosy’s slight sag. She thought her nipples were the same size as rosy’s inspite of her smaller breasts. She decided apart from the size her own breasts look much better. And it was just yesterday that rosy had accidentally pulled her pant down and commented on her hair. Now she was standing before her with her breasts exposed! Tables turned?
Rosy now took the bra off her stomach and laid it on the table. Taking the cue, Pinky took the tape and began the measurement.
First number – around the breasts right above the nipple. The tape felt cold against rosy’s skin but she resisted the shiver. Pinky read out the number and then shifted just below the nipple. In doing so her hand brushed against the nipple and she felt the texture of the not yet hard nipple. She wanted to feel it more and so deliberately made the tape fall and in trying to put it around again, she touched the left nipple deliberately this time and pressed it slightly. She was teasing rosy and rosy suddenly felt her nipples getting harder…right in front of them she was showing her sexual arousal. The tape also caused some tickling feeling.
The next measurement was just above the nipple but this time with the hands held up. This position gave an unobstructed view of her breasts from all angles. From the side where asha was standing the right breast with its small sag and the now erect nipple looked very good. She thought wow though she is a lil smaller than I am she too has nice ones..hmm.. Seema too thought hmm not bad not bad at all... she is quite a sexy thing… lets see what else she has…
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08-17-2012, 01:43 PM
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
Pinky read out the number and again deliberately touched the nipples. She was teasing her. Also Sheer curiosity to know how another girl’s breast would feel.
Now Seema touched rosy’s and said “rosy, same problem, the pant is too think and besides its too high on the waist. We have no time so just take it off so we can take the measurements.”
Rosy was topless and the girls were satisfying their curiosity checking out her breasts and now she had to almost strip naked! Well she was past her inhibition and wanted to act bold. Without much thought she unbuttoned her pant, pulled the zipper down and eased the pant down to her knees. Seema asked her to step out of it Rosy promptly did.
Now standing with nothing but her cream colour panty she stood before them, a little confused with the suddenness of showing herself to her 3 friends. She also felt bold abt being able to take the pant off easily
Pinky was shocked with what she was seeing. She could have never stood before 3 other girls like this. Just HOW could rosy do this? Standing in just her panties like this? Her breasts were one thing but she took off her pant with ease!
Her breasts, her well erect nipples – her intimate parts all out on display to the 3 pairs of curious eyes! And pinky’s slightly jealous eyes. Pinky would not even discuss about her body with her friends and this girl was standing right before her shamelessly having her breasts measured! Added to that from passive to hard, the transition of her nipple happened while she was exposed!
She wondered how she herself would have taken it had she been in her place. She also now felt a little guilty for deliberately touching rosy’s nipples and teasing her.
While pinky’s head was going through this, rosy had gotten over her initial shock and in a funny way liked the attention she was getting and also the admiring look from pinky. Rosy had put her hands on her hips giving a complete view of her twin wonders tipped with even greater wonders. Her breasts swayed slightly with her movement and seema observed that rosy’s right breast was a little, just a little bigger than the left. She registered that detail in her mind to perhaps take it out on her some other time.
Seema asked pinky to get the measurement of rosy’s hips. Then pinky did not know what came over her, but she remembered the accidental show of her own pubic area to rosy the previous day and the way rosy had remarked about her panties. Pinky usually would not mean to insult anyone or take revenge, she simply was not that type. But now she had this urge to put rosy in the same state she was in – actually worse because rosy was already topless with her breasts being measured (what could be more embarrassing – all your life you are told not to have then touched or shown and suddenly for some dress design in front of three girls she was forced out of her bra and then with different positions and places her breast was measured!!)

Well not only was rosy topless in the changing room but it was in front of seema and herself. Now how about teaching rosy a lesson for her comments on the panties and the hair? She decided she would tell seema that rosy’s panty was obstructing the measurement and there might be errors. Making rosy naked would be a way to making her feel how she felt when her top fell of the previous day and when rosy pulled her pant and panties down. The logic of others being in the same bad spot as you are making you relatively not that bad seemed to have hit pinky. After all why should she be the only one?
She told seema that rosy’s panties might give wrong measurements and seema ordered that the panties be pulled down for good measurement. This rosy found unacceptable! The panties was first of all thin enough and secondly obviously on stage the dress would be worn with the panty, so the measurement had to be taken with the panty…she realised that pinky had said it on purpose and decided that she would get back at pinky and outrage her modesty.
Seema “rosy lets not delay this, we still have to measure asha and then go to the tailor”
Rosy started to protest and seema went near her and tried to put her hand to the waist band but rosy was only half willing.
Seema “do u know u are acting like a kid? We only need to make a good show and this is necessary whats with you? We are after all girls here
Asha then came to rosy “aree whats wrong with you…” and quickly joined seema in pulling her panty down, with 4 hands into the waist band it slid off till her knees.
What the three girls saw was a marvellous sight. The most intimate and pleasurable part of a girl so neatly formed…she was clean shaved (or waxed they though seeing the through work) and the outer lips of her vagina were perfectly symmetrical. The colour was slightly off skin colour but not dark. Some guy would have to be really lucky to get her. Not wanting to show her admiration seema quickly asked pinky to take the measurement around the lower waist and the hips. Pinky, wanting to put rosy on display asked her to turn around so she can align the tape. And boy! (err…girl) what hips she
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
Pinky again pressed the hips a lil more than necessary. When she turned back again pinky got a closeup of the vagina and after next reading rosy hurriedly pulled up her panties and grabbed her bra. She hurried back into the pant and top and with a shocked, embarrassed face she darted out… the friends who saw her coming out of the changing room were wondered what had happened…the fashion team members knew the girls inside were getting measured around the breatst without their bra and possible completely topless
Seema then turned to asha to complete the work. Asha offered not much problem (and hence not much excitement?). When seema looked at her she realised that time was running and quickly took her salwar kameez off and stood with her slip, bra and panty. She hesitated for just a moment and when pinky took the tape she with only a smaller nervous shiver took the slip off and unhooked her bra. With those generous breasts she was only proud to show them off. Her nipples were darker than rosy’s and only slightly bigger. But the breasts were definitely rounder and looked full. She was indeed blessed. Seema though asha would look super sexy with that low cut choli. She simply had a lot of flesh to show. Pinky made the same measurements and this time was more jealous of the size. Her two breasts seemed smaller than asha’s one breast. And she noted for their size the sag was hardly anything! While she was measuring she noted that from the side view the breasts looked really big! Man! She could carry the outfit off with a bust like that.

Asha herself pulled the panties down to her knees and after the waist and hip measurement pulled it back up. Her hair seemed trimmed but not shaved and hid the vagina well. She quickly put on the salwar bottom but took her time with the bra and the top obviously showing off her assest. With almost no blush she left the room.
After tabulating the measurements pinky went to the tailor and gave it to her. On the way back she bumped into one of her old friends who was studying in the college hosting the event. They generally got talking and she told pinky about the “hot round” outfits that her college was planning. As her friend began the descriptions pinky was getting more and more shocked…they were after all college students and how could they act like “sluts” ?
After coming home she immediately called up seema and told her what she had learnt. The other college planned on having one model wear a knee length skirt with a thong inside. The skirt material was kept thin and a fan was arranged at the end of the ramp to blow air upwards. When the model walked to the end of the ramp she would get near the fan the air would lift the skirt up and as the she turned her thong would come into view along with a portion of her ass. If the college authorities questioned her abt it later she would only say she was not at all aware of the fan there and it was an accident, the person who had arranged the fan must be caught!. Moreover she was a final year student with some influence in college and so could get away with it. Another model would wear a backless spaghetti and no bra that would spoil the look of the well formed shapely bare back.
At this rate the “hot round” would be lost by seema and team if they did not come up with something hotter. But this WAS the limit!! They cant go naked now!

The next day in college they got a letter from the organisers that due to some pressures they had to remove the hot round and would have a special hot round contest with 2 other colleges in a private party they’d organise two days after the main charity event. It would be a closed party and some top officials and guests of the sponsorer would be present. No media persons or lecturers or others. It’d be exclusive and hence a no holds barred Hottest model and hottest team contest would be arranged. With the already participating 2 teams and the 2 new teams there would be a total of 4 teams. Each team could send 8 models, 6 female and 2 male for the contest. The prize money was not yet decided but a minimum of Rs.10,000 would be offered as consolation prize! The first prize was expected to be in the order of 25-50,000 rupees with a lot of goodies. It would be a no holds barred contest in which to look hot and sexy they could choose any kind of dress. There would be different rounds which were yet to be finalised and to heat up the event the colleges would be told abt the special rounds only 24hrs before the event. The letter emphasised that as the invitations are very restricted and a ‘the guy next door’ will not be present, the models need not feel self conscious or fear action by their institutions and use their talents and creativity and the desire to entertain to the maximum. It’d be a private party.
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RE: Bade Shehar ki Ladki Pinky
Seema called for a meeting to discuss this. There were rumours that prize money of upto 1.5lacs could be given for a daring enough model and that the company wanted to entertain some of their important guests. The idea of so much money seemed to tempt the team. And if they were lucky they might even hit it big! Who knows who there would have what contacts..
They decided that they would take part in the special hot contest and since it was a closed gathering they could feel free to try out some really hot stuff. They did have more than 6 willing girls but how far would they go? Would they chicken out on stage?
Seema had to find out and asked them to come to asha’s room after college in the evening for a selection.
The selection was set for the evening but until then the practice for the main show had to go on. The dresses were almost finalised and the models had started to get their act together. Cordination was improved and the model walk – walking with the hips was being practised. So far so good. The Indian round dresses had arrived and had to be tried on. Asha had to go with seema to finalise the other designs and decided to do the Indian round first. Rosy, Keerthi and herself went to the changing room to try the dresses on. As they pulled the choli out of the cover they realised it was quite a tiny piece of cloth in the front. They thought that they’d have to wear it in front of a crowd and catwalk scared them, even the bold asha but also it was kind of exciting for them. They’d heard about the thrills of exhibitionism but they were now about to experience the same. In a couple of minutes they would need to walk in front of their college friends showing half of their flesh – their most visible sign of womanhood. Rosy shivered a bit but caught hold of herself.
Asha was the first to speak “ hey this seems a little…u know…well I just hope we don’t get into trouble for this”
Keerthi : “lets wear this and see how it actually looks…” and saying this she took off her shirt and seeing asha follow suit she turned back and unhooked her bra. Keerti was also generously endowed in the chest. But the twin wonders were not visible as she had turned her back to them. Asha, too turned the other side and took the slip off. Keerthi had put on the choli and was adjusting it when she turned back. Rosy was yet to even undresss. Keerthi wondered if this girl would muster enough guts to carry this off. – “hey do u want seema coming in and shouting at us ? you are taking too much time..if you don’t want to do this just say so maybe we will think of something else”
Rosy suddenly said “hey no no I’ll ofcourse do it!” she quickly went to the table and facing asha who had already seen her stark naked and being measured, quickly stripped down to her panties. She put on the choli first and was shocked to see the amount of flesh it showed. She would actually be walking with THAT on? She lifted the dress as high as it would go to cover as much as possible. Asha was already fully dressed and keerthi was too. Fully in this case meant not fully clothed but just the dress was fastened. Seeing them and not wanting to be left behind rosy too got ready and saw the naughty slit showing her thighs when she walked. They walked out and there was sudden silence. The guys as well as girls were dumb struck. Here were 3 college girls showing half of their breasts. The guys thought this was the closest they’d come to heaven. Seema wanted to start right away and as the narrator began, the three girls did their cat walk. Braless and half breast pushed up by the choli the breasts bounced a little especially Keerthi’s who was not too firm. The breasts followed each step she took and complimented the walk with their own unplanned dance. As she walked towards the guys she suddenly felt shaky and goose pimples developed on her breasts. The made it worse for her! The slit did a peep act showing and then covering with each step. That was a tease! But the breasts were simply on bold show. Out there for the world to see and lust after them.
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