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Bhabi Ke Saath Wo 74 Ghante – Part I
06-12-2011, 11:19 AM
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Bhabi Ke Saath Wo 74 Ghante – Part I
Hi Friends, Piyush here. Once again with a scintillating true life tale-expanded in four deeply engrossing parts. This is the tale of those fuck full 74 hours, which I and Bhabhi spent together-throughout naked. You have read so far the memoirs of my school days’ sex adventures, which commenced ten years ago. Here I am presenting before you the incident that took place just after passing out my Engineering, last year.

You know, my sex journey started at the age of 15, when I was in class IX. The next five years period – during which, I completed class X, then plus two and then a year of coaching for Engineering in Patna -had been, chudai wise, very eventful. I got the privilege of fucking some most gorgeous married –unmarried girls. I had been a bit lucky as far as getting the girls for chudai is concerned. Someone or other was always there to get my Lund drill her Boor.

Kahte hain na ‘agar bohni achhi hoti hai to karbar achha chalata hai’. Mere chudai ki bohni meri just married teen Bhabhi ne ki thi-jo mere liye bahut lucky sabit hui. Chudai ka silsila aisa chala ki ek ke bad ek ladkiyan milti gayi aur main chodta gaya. Apart from this, meri ever ready Bhabhi to hain hi. Mouka milte hi Boor pasar deti hain aur main dubki laga leta hoon. Mere Lund ko Bhabhi ka Boor aur Bhabhi ki Boor ko mera Lund bahut pasand hai. Dono ki tuning bilkul perfect hai.

But, the four years’ period in the Engineering College had been a bit dry. Largely, due to the pressure of study and more, because of the promise I had made to my dearest Bhabhi, while joining. She had taken vow from me that I would work hard to get my degree with flying colors. During semester breaks, whenever we met alone, we fucked passionately. Bhabhi ko chodkar main next semester ke liye fresh ho jata tha. I could not go home in the 7th semester break because of vocational training, Project work,

Campus selections and the finals.
I kept the promise made to Bhabhi. I got excellent credit points, followed by a good campus job My Company asked me to join the Kolkata Office within a week. I informed Papa and Mummy, who were on hill stations tour, on their mobile. They were too happy and blessed me a lot. Tears rolled out of my eyes.

Could not contact Bhaiya. He was in Bangalore attending a seminar. I phoned Bhabhi.
‘Bhabhi…Pranam….’Oh! Piyush…khush raho…Kya hua…Kab se tumhare phone ka intezar kar rahi hoon.’
‘Bhabhi 9. 62…’
‘Oh! Excellent…!’
‘Bhabhi… Job bhi mil gaya hai…Isi week end me join karana hai…’

‘Great …Kab aa rahe ho…’
‘Hi Bhabhi, main to khud bechain hoon aane ke liye…Aap kahan hain-Kankarbagh ya Pathar gali?’
‘Abhi main Pathargali me hoon…Bhaiya Bangalore gaye hain Tum aaoge to main Kankarbagh aa jawoongi…’

‘Main kal dopahar tak aa jawoonga…Reservation le liya hai.’
‘Thik hai…kal subah main Kankarbagh chali jawoongi… Paapaji-mummyji ko phone kiya?’
‘Haan Bhabhi…abhi wo Shimla me hain. Maine bata diya. Bahut khush huwe. ‘
‘Haan wo log to hill stations tour par hain… Kal main puri taiyari ke saath tumhara intejar karungi…’

‘Ok Bhabhi…Main bhi aane ke liye tadap raha hoon…Ek saal ho gaya…aap logo se mile…’
‘Sirf aane ke liye yaa kuchh aur ke liye…?’ Her tone was mischievous.
‘Bas samajh jayiye …I will be at your service Madam… Age aapki marji…’
Bhabhi laughed. I disconnected the phone and rushed towards the administrative building. Completed the formalities. Paid dues… Received NOCs from Library, Labs, workshops, hostel and all. Collected caution money. Collected my mark sheet and provisional certificates. Attended get together in the afternoon.

Met my favorite Professors. Said good bye to friends. Packed my belongings and set for the Railway Station. Next day, the train arrived at Patna Jn. At about 3 pm. It was too hot. I phoned Bhabhi about my arrival and rushed out. Took auto and within 15 minutes I was at Kankarbagh house. Bhabhi opened the door, as soon as I pressed the door bell. She must have been waiting for me and having watch on the road through the window to see my auto arrive. I stepped in. Door closed.

She was standing behind the door. Smiling. We were meeting after one year. She was looking stunning. I could not shift my eyes from her. Evergreen beauty, with grace, and hypnotic smile. Figure so perfect and proportionate. Crystal clear beautiful black eyes-lined with fine eye liner. Fair, silky smooth glowing skin and that patent red bindi in between the shapely eye brows. She was so close to me-in a low neck pink color sexy maxi- exposing her cleavage to the maximum.

Her firm chuchis protruding straight towards me. Erect nipples clearly visible. Blood from all over of my body rushed to my Lund. The mystique scent emanating from her body made me crazy. I lost words. My baggage dropped on the floor and my hands automatically spread apart. She strolled in my arms.

We embraced closely. Her chuchis pressed against my chest. I felt she was not wearing anything beneath her maxi. This drove me out. My Lund stood up instantly, and started struggling for coming out of my pant. Our lips met. She shivered. It was a long kiss. I was moving my hands over her fabulous chutads, occasionally inserting the fingers in between the crack and squeezing. She inserted her hand in between our pelvic region. I made some room. She grabbed my Lund over my pant and squeezed.
I moaned- ‘Ah! Bhabhi….’

‘Piyush …me…ra… rraajjjjaaa…kab se rah dekh rahi hoon…uuummm..!’ We kissed again.
‘Bhabhi…aap… bahuuuut sundar lag rahi ho….’
‘Tum achhe ho….isiliye… main ….tumhe… achhi lag rahi hoon….’
I grabbed her chuchis in my palms, squeezed tenderly and asked-‘Bhabhi…kapade khol doon….?’
‘Patience…chalo pahale naha lo…Pura pasine se bhige hue ho… gandh aa raha hai ’Saying this

Bhabhi pushed me towards the bath room.
‘Bhabhi…khade Lund par dhokha…’
She started laughing-‘You naughty…!’
I took out my essentials from the sky bag and went in the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and shaved. Took a good bath. Sprayed Axe all over my body. Combed hairs. Wrapped a towel and came out.

Bhabhi was sitting leisurely on the sofa, cold drink in hand, waiting for me to come out.
‘Bhabhi…’Ek glass pani to dijiye…’
‘Thaharo lati hoon. Tum to gamak rahe ho!’ Bhabhi winked her eye smilingly and went towards the kitchen.
I went after her. She was opening the fridge. I came behind her. Grabbed her chuchis from behind and put my lips on her neck.
‘Ah …Piyush…chhodo…’

‘Lo- Pani Piyo.’
She turned towards me…handed over glass of water. I drank.
‘Kuchh khaya ki nahi. Khana taiyar hai. . Main table par lagati hoon.’
‘Bhabhi main train me kha chukka hoon. Abi bhookh nahi hai…Abhi to bas pyas hai…’
‘Aur pani piyoge…’
‘Kya Bhabhi, Itni door se Engineer banake aa raha hoon…Aap sirf Pani Pila rahe ho…’

‘Kya piyoge?’
‘Aapka Somras…Aapke lal –lal rasile hothon ka ras…aapki nipples ka amrit….’
‘Maine mana kiya?’ We embraced each other. Our lips met. The kiss was long and passionate. I was feeling her chuchis on my chest. It turned me on. My Lund became hard and erect. I pressed my Lund against her body. Then I put my face on her chuchis and rubbed. I felt her breathing becoming heavier.

She tried to push me back but without any force. I knew she was sexually charged but pretending. She wanted to have some more ‘sexual efforts’ from my side. I took one of her nipple, covered under her maxi in my lips, and pressed. She held my head with both hands and pressed my face in between her chuchis. I grabbed her chutads and squeezed. Then held her waist with my hands and gave some pushes with my Lund over her Boor. She moaned. ‘Aaahhh…..Piyush..!’

I pulled off the string of her maxi. It opened from front and dangled on her shoulders. Her front became exposed. She herself threw it out . Now my Bhabhi with her mind blowing fabulous assets was standing stark naked in front of my eyes. Friends! I Froze! I forgot to blink my eyes! I just stared with eyes wide open in awe! My god! What a body! Well shaped and proportionate -see from any side-front, back, sides equally beautiful and seductive. I had been fucking Bhabhi since I was 15. She was 19 then.

I was 24 now, and she 28. Ek sal pahale main Bhabhi ko chod kar gaya tha. I do not know what the magic in her was! Whenever she undressed and became naked- I felt as if I am seeing her first time. Aaj bhi jab main Bhabhi ko chodta hoon, lagata hai ek brand new girl ko chod raha hoon! Bhabhi put her hand on my Lund over the Towel. Bhabhi ka hath lagate hi Lund aape ke bahar ho gaya. Towel ke niche teji se phan phanane laga… Bhabhi pulled away the towel and dropped it on the floor.

She looked at the naked Lund curiously and smiled. My Lund was staring straight towards her beautiful Boor and jumping as if impatient to get inside her as quick as it could.
Bhabhi was smiling. She understood I could hardly wait. So she sat on the kitchen slab, resting her hands backwards, raised her legs up, folded her knees and spread apart. AAAHHH, her naked, clean, swollen, rosy Boor was right in front of my eyes. My Lund gave a big jerk! I went forward and centered the supari over the Love hole.

Bhabhi asked- ‘Aise hi peloge kya…thoda cream to laga do….’
I looked around. Could not find anything like oil or cream except cooking oil. I looked towards Bhabhi questioningly.
She said-‘Fridge me butter hoga. Usiko nikalo’
I took out the butter. It was cold and hard. I said-‘Bhabhi ye to jam gaya hai….’

‘Thoda tukda karke meri Boor me ghusado. Meri Boor bahut garam hai. Pighal jayega.’
‘Wah bhabhi! What a novel idea!’
I took knife and cut some pieces from the Butter cube. Took a piece and inserted it carefully inside her Boor and slid it deeper by my finger.
‘UUUEEEE….’ Bhabhi screamed-‘Ye to bahut thanda hai…..Boor thandi ho gayee.’
‘Fikar not Bhabhi-Mera Lund aapki Boor ko do minute me garam kar dega…’

Soon the butter melt inside the Boor by the heat of Lust. I inserted my finger. It was well lubricated. I put the finger in my mouth. OOOHHH what a taste! An idea flashed. I put my mouth on the Boor and started licking it with my tongue. Bhabhi shivered.
‘Piyush kya kar rahe ho…’‘Bhabhi malai chat raha hoon. Aisi tasteful malai kahan milegi…’
Bhabhi is gifted with the most beautiful Boor I have ever seen. It is natural rosy, swollen, and silky smooth.

Love hole is deep, round and smooth. Slit between the Boor lips tempts to insert nose inside. Its smell makes the Lund wild. It is made for licking and fucking for hours. And today, smeared with butter, it tasted heavenly. I went on licking and sucking the Boor. Licked the clitoris. It turned hard. She started moaning. Took the Boor in mouth and sucked. Took Boor lips between teeth and gently pressed. Put my tongue inside her boor hole and tongue fucked. Bhabhi was moaning and gasping for breath.

She spread her legs and put them over my back. Soon the Boor became wet. She grabbed my head and pressed it against her Boor, locking her legs on my back. I rubbed the clitoris with my nose. She screamed and sort of jumped. Then she pushed me back and stood on the floor. She was trembling and breathing heavily.

She took some butter pieces in her hand, smashed and applied the butter generously on my Lund. Now she sat on her knees and put my Lund in her mouth.
She looked at me, smiled and said-‘Dekho…ab main malai chat rahi hoon…kaisa laga…?’
I grabbed her head and started oral fucking. After a few strokes, she asked me to stop and sit on kitchen slab.

My Lund was standing up and jumping. It had become rock hard. I was badly willing to thrust it deep inside her Boor and fuck her pretty hard. She stood on the floor between my legs, came closure, held her chuchis by her hands, erect rosy brown nipples pointing right towards me, and took my Lund in between her chuchis. I felt her firm meaty chuchis all over and all around my Lund. UUUGGGHHHH…it was a heavenly feeling.

She started moving herself up and down, stroking my Lund with her chuchis. My God! My God! It was heaven! It also made me pre cum. My eyelids became heavier with heavenly feeling.
I could not stop myself any more. I took Bhabhi in my arms. Embraced her closely and kissed her lips. Both of us had got fully aroused and loosing control. We now wanted to have the real action. We changed position. She sat on the kitchen slab, raised legs, folded knees and spread apart. Brought her hips a little forward. Boor came right in front-inviting. I came in between her legs..

It was a very convenient position. Lund was parallel to the Boor-automatically centered. I put the supari on her Love hole and pushed slowly in. Another thrust-Lund half in. She pushed her hips forward-I pushed simultaneously and it was home. Lund disappeared inside the Boor. She was looking interestingly, how the Lund was entering in her Boor. After it went fully in, she looked at me and smiled, as if, in trump.

She put her hands behind my neck, raised her mouth up and put it on my mouth. I put my hands encircling her waist and drew her closer. She locked her legs around my waist. Lund was fully in. She started moving her hips back and forth, thus stroking the Lund with her Boor. It made me wild. I made some forceful thrusts-causing her to scream. It was hot here. Hamare pure sharir se pasina bahane laga. Lekin ham chudai me mast ho gaye.

The position in which we were fucking was very very convenient and comfortable. It was permitting taking out and driving in the whole Lund in the Boor in each stroke, and this was multiplying our pleasure of fucking. After 5-6 minutes of intensive full Lund chudai, Bhabhi came up and ejaculated. She grabbed me very tightly. I lifted her up and carried her with Lund in Boor, in to Bed room. It was cool and comfortable here.

AC was on. I put her on bed and came over her. After some kissing and sucking of her lips, nipples, chuchis, naval, inner thighs and pubic triangle, she became ready for another round. I was not anywhere near coming up yet. But wishing a hard fuck. She spread her legs. I centered the Lund on her Boor hole and gave a good thrust. Lund went half in the Boor. She sprang from beneath.

Took a little out and a hard push. Lund was fully inside the Boor. Bhabhi screamed. She jumped her chutads vigorously up as if to enable her Boor to gulp the Lund whole. She held me closely against her. I felt the pinch of her nails on my back. She locked her legs over my waist. Her chuchis pressed against my chest.My lips locked with hers. I tried to stroke.
She forbade. ‘Nahi…Lund ko jor se bhitar dabake rakho…’

I pressed hard. Real hard. She always liked this action. She had told me ‘whenever the supari of the Lund hits and presses against the ‘Pleasure Point’, deep inside her Boor, it gives her ‘High voltage current’ of pleasure–the ‘pleasure supreme’. She attains this pleasure thanks to my big Lund. This is why the girls prefer chudai with a big Lund. Her whole body trembled. She was puffing vigorously. Somehow she uttered-‘UUUHHH…Pijuce…Mera Raja… tumne… jannat …dikha diya….Aaaggghhh …Kya majaa…aaa…rahaaa…haiii…IIISSSHHH….Meri jaan tum pe kurban…Jeete raho aur Bhabhi ko chodte raho…’

I was boiling inside. Lava was at the point of eruption. My breathings had become heavier. Only thing I badly wanted was forceful chudai-such that Bhabhi would remember for months.
I said-‘Bhabhi mera hone wala hai…’ She gave green signal-‘Chodo…jor jor se Chodo…Boor ko dhun do… bhurta banado…ruko mat….lagao dhakka…AAAHHH MMMMAAA RRREEEE….’ This was enough! I started firing with all cylinders. Main Pure Lund se Bhabhi ki Boor pelane laga.

I was taking the whole Lund out in return stroke, and driving it fully upto the root in the forward sroke. She was assisting me in this action by jumping her chutads up and down with every stroke. My whole Lund coming out and going deep inside the Boor was giving both of us supreme pleasure. This was happening in a rhythm. Lustful and seductive sounds of chudai-fuch….fuch….fuch….fuch…puck…puck…puck…puck….was echoing in the room.

Bed was shaking with the strokes……In one word I can describe it – ‘classic chudai’.
Orgasm was coming nearer. Frequency of the strokes was increasing simultaneously… I was also feeling excessive contraction of her boor muscles on the entire length of my Lund. After 7-8 minutes of uninterrupted forceful rhythmic chudai, both of us came up together with big screams. I discharged the essence of my youth deep inside her Boor with great force.

She ejaculated her juices. I felt warmth of which on my Lund. We embraced each other very tightly. Her Boor walls kept on opening and closing over my Lund for some time and then it was all over…calm…and quite. Our bodies relaxed….Bhabhi spread her arms and legs and closed her eyes. Friends, I am ending this introductory episode of the marathon chudai which stretched for 74 hours on a trot. Girls and Bhabhis-Hold your breath! Put hands on your itching Boors! Be ready for the next episode. Part-2 is coming shortly.

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