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Big Incest Family
06-21-2011, 11:25 PM
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Big Incest Family
Hi Friends, This is Bobby here again with a new episode. It was a last week event when due to my official work I had to go to Jaipur for 2 day trip. I planned to leave early in the morning around 6 so that I can be in Jaipur by 10 AM and can start my meetings.
As per schedule I started and as soon as I crossed manesar, I saw one lady waiving for the Lift. She was standing near the car which shows that there was some problem with car and some male was inspecting the same. I stopped the car near her and she came and requested me for a lift.
She said, “Sir, My car got broke and my husband is unable to solve the problem. It’s very urgent for me to reach Jaipur so if you are going towards that direction than can you give me a lift. I will be highly obliged.” She spoke everything in single sentence. Her husband also came and requested the same to me. She was a smart lady wearing Black jeans and black top. She was looking gorgeous. I said Ok and she sat with me on the front seat. She bid good bye to her husband and we move ahead with our journey. After crossing around 50 KMs she spoke, “Where are you going”
I replied,” I am going to Jaipur for my official work.” And I asked her, Where are you going?”
She replied, “ We stay in Jaipur and I had an important meeting to attend. My husband will come as soon as car problem get resolved.”
She started telling about her family, her job etc. Her name was Neha and she was born and bought up in Delhi but married in Jaipur. They are married for 8 years. We shared many things about relationships, extra-marital relationship, swapping and all those stuff during the journey and became friends. She was quote a open-minded female and bold too.
We also shared our experiences. She admitted that her husband is not active in bed and initially there were problems in their marriage but later the things got changed and they both enjoy life. She said,” After 2 years of marriage one day he came from office and said,” Neha I know you are not getting satisfied with me so if you don’t mind we can involve some one confidential person who can help you to come out of this stress”. I simply refused initially but later I gave a thought to it and he keep on perusing me to go ahead. After giving a thought for nearly 2 weeks I agreed and he was very happy on that. He arranged one meeting with one his friend at our place. I had never seen him in the past. My husband Vishal informed that he will be coming with his friend so I shall be ready. I was nervous but still I got ready by waxing my whole body and then bathing and wore a very sexy pink bra and matching panty. On that I wore a very sexy sleeveless blouse which my husband got stitched for me before marriage. I wore the same saree which I wore at the time of my marriage. I was looking good. Blouse was bit tight because my size have gone up remarkably. Small tight blouse was looking sexier on me. I also arranged for snacks and drinks so that everything shall be ready by the time they come.
Around 6 PM the bell rang and there was my husband and his friend. He introduces me to Vicky. He was a smart handsome guy, nice built. We shook hands and they sat on sofa. I got cold drink and snacks for them. While serving Vicky I noticed that his eyes were glued on my blouse which was showing ample cleavage to him. My husband was smiling on this and I blushed. Then my husband spoke to him and said me to sit with Vicky since vishal wants to get fresh. He went for a change and we started chatting.
Vicky said,” Neha, Vishal told me everything so no need to feel shy or nervous. Just relax and everything will be fine. This will be totally confidential. I am not going to do anything against your wish but only seek your support. Let’s just behave like good friends.” I was bit relaxed. He came and sat with on the same sofa with his right hand around my shoulders. His hand was rubbing my bare arms and I was getting ignited. But I want my husband to come because I want to do everything in front of him with his consent. I told Vicky to wait till vishal comes because his presence will help me to feel relax. He called vishal and I requested him to sit in the same room. Vishal sat and was watching us. Vicky hand again started on my arms and his left hand fingers were moving over my face. My eyes got closed and I could feel wetness in my pussy. Now our lips met for the first time and we started sucking each other tongue. We did this for quite some time. Simultaneously his hands started moving over my blouse. I was very hot by that time. I also removed his shirt and started sucking his hairy chest. He was kneading my big boobs and was enjoying like anything. Then he removed my saree and other clothes and I was left only in bra and panty. My husband was watching me with the thirsty eyes and was holding his dick in his hands. Than Vicky laid me down on back and started sucking my pussy. His tongue was doing wonders in my inner cavities. I had orgasms which he sucked I was moaning. I called vishal near me and took his dick and started sucking. He was very happy with my act. After some time vishal came in mouth. Than Vicky put his dick in my mouth and vishal moved to my arse hole. Vishal was sucking it madly. He knew that I love getting my arse hole sucked. I gave a nice suck to Vicky. After some time his dick was ready so entered his dick in my pussy and gave me a nice thrust which I also reciprocated. He gave nice hard pushes and we both were really enjoying it. When Vicky was penetrating my pussy, Vishal was working on my arse hole. I was getting double penetrated for the first time. After some time Vicky came in me and we were relaxed. We all hugged each other and rested for some time. There was smile on my face. On seeing a smile on my face my husband smooched me and I thanked him for everything he has done. After that I arranged for dinner and I was asked to be without clothes. I agreed to that. Vicky forced me to sit on his lap while having our dinner and I obliged. Later at night we again had a sex session and I don’t know when we slept.
In the morning when I got up I was feeling very fresh and happy. Both of them were sleeping. I went to bathroom for morning chorus and took bath. I wore a nighty and started working in the kitchen for breakfast. I was remembering the last evening event and smiling by my own when suddenly someone hugged me from back and started kneading my breast over my nighty. It was Vicky. We kissed each other. In the mean while vishal also came in and we hugged each other. He also pressed my butts. I again thanked him for what all he had done. After breakfast Vicky left and I and vishal slept together for some more time. Later we had many such occasions where I got a chance to try another man with my husband support.”
I said,” Neha you are really a lucky lady where your husband is so co-operative because the females I know are always doing either without their husband knowledge or there is barter between them. But yours is a different case.”
When we were approaching Jaipur she requested me to stay at their home in Jaipur. I was bit hesitant but she forced me that she and her husband will like it and they will not let me get bored. I agreed to her proposal. We reached Jaipur at 9:30. I dropped her at her place where she requested me to come and have coffee as she was aware that we were before schedule. I agreed because I also had extra 1 hour for the meeting. She took me in to her house. It was a nice house. She showed me her house. I was noticing that her actions are changing and she wants something extra as her voice became seductive.
We sat in the lobby and she got 2 coffee mugs for both us. While sipping coffee she said,” I hope you are not getting bored. Actually we are open minded couple who want to enjoy our life at the fullest.
Then she told me to get fresh. I took out my clothes and went for a bath. I saw that she entered her bedroom and took off her top and bra and was fondling with her breast and after some time she wore some T-shirt and came out. He boobs were quite big. Her nipples were erect and clearly visible in that bra less condition which was feast for me. I was enjoying the same and her seductive smile was saying lot of things. She bought a towel for me and I hold her hand and kissed her and pressed her boobs. She said me naughty and ran away.
I took bath and got ready for my meeting. I said her good bye and confirmed her to meet at 4 PM at her place. She smiled back.
I finished my work and reached her home at around 4. Vishal and Neha were pleased to welcome me. I asked about her meeting so she replied, “Actually there was no meeting as such. It was our plan to get you here.” We all started laughing. Vishal said, “I reached here by 2 only since there was no mechanic but thanks that you were there otherwise it will be a problem for neha.”
I said, “Never mind. Even I am enjoying your company and it was great journey with neha. We discussed many things but I salute you vishal that you love her so much. It’s really great.”
Vishal said,” Anything for her.” He hugged neha and both kissed each other. Vishal offered beer to all of us while I was sitting on sofa and vishal was sitting across the table and neha was standing. Then vishal winked neha and she sat with me. Our thighs were touching each other. I was very happy to have neha beside me and was praising my luck. We were having 3rd round of beer when neha said, ”Bobby, Last week there was a party at our house where our friends were invited in the evening. In our parties SEX and LIQUOR is must. Everyone is free to choose his or her partner. So there were six couples in total and we all were enjoying drinking and dancing. Suddenly one couple Mrs and Mr Jain came up with an idea that lets have a nude dance where all the couples have to come one by one in the centre of the hall and have to take off each other clothes and then later on when everyone get naked than we are free to pick our partners and everyone agreed to that.
It was started by Mrs and Mr Jain. Both husband and wife came in the centre and started removing each other clothes and when it was done he cupped her wife breast from behind which were 38 in size and took in front of every male so that they lick the nipples. Everybody started getting horny. Mrs Jain was very nice co-operating wife. Next was a turn of Mrs and Mr Kukreja, a typical Punjabi couple. Mrs Kukreja was having biggest boobs and butts among all the ladies. He took off all her clothes and sucked her pussy and then Mrs Kukreja also removed his clothes and gave him a blow job. Than Mr Kukreja took Mrs Kukreja in front of every male and female to finger her arse hole which Mrs Kukreja was enjoying. Every one fingered her hole. All were shouting and praising them. This way all the couples did something nasty and finally 6 males and 6 females were sitting in the hall without any clothes and were laughing, chatting and drinking. There only Mrs. Suri (the most horny couple of that group) came to me and said, ”Neha, you are looking very horny today Mr. Suri wants you today. Pls see into it.” I replied, “Mr Suri wants all the females you know that” and everybody started laughing. I looked at Mr Suri and he winked me. I got up and started moving to my bed room and Mr Suri followed me. As we entered the room Mr Suri put me in doggie position and started fucking me. He fucked me very vigorously for 10 min. and we both came together. We stayed there some more time and then came out. Outside we saw that Mrs jain, Mrs Suri and Mrs Kukreja are left chatting and other 2 females are also missing. Vishal called Mrs Kukreja and took her to my bedroom. Mr Suri again went with Mrs Jain. Now myself and Mrs. Suri were left in the hall. Mrs. Suri started rubbing my breast and said, “They are really nice in shape. Take care of them. Look at mine. My husband treats them so badly. Whenever he gets a chance he squeezes them or pinches them.” I also rubbed her nipples with my fingers. She kissed my nipples and they got erect. I was hot again. She started rubbing my pussy and I was enjoying it. We both get into 69 position and tongue fuck each other. We were so busy with each other that we did not notice when Mr. Jain and Mr. Kukreja came and started fucking us. They fucked us for some time. It was totally a group sex. This way we keep on having these sort of sex parties with innovative ideas.”
Vishal said, “You know that Neha and myself had a love marriage. Before marriage there was no problem with me. We both were hyper active as far as sex was concerned. We used to have sex on daily basis but I don’t know from last few years there is some problem but I still try that Neha should not suffer for that. So I keep on arranging something or the other so that she should be sexually satisfied. Now today I request you to treat Neha as your wife and satisfy her. I will tell you what she likes most is sucking her boobs, pussy and arse hole. She loves to have cock in all the holes. I will be there but Bobby pls take care of her.
I replied, “Don’t worry Vishal, I will take care of her but you also be a part so that she can enjoy fully. You do one thing you start the process and once you are done than I will take further. Is it fine Neha?”
Neha said, “Yeah That will be great.”
So Vishal started with Neha by kissing. His hands were moving over her breasts. Slowly he started removing her clothes and when she was totally naked he bent down and started sucking her arse hole. She started moaning. I also removed my clothes and joined them. I was sucking her nipples. We started kissing each other. After some time Vishal came in Neha’s pussy and now it was my turn. I first tried her arse hole and gave a nice thrust with my dick. She was hot by now and she was thrusting back her hips to have maximum dick in her arse hole. Vishal put his dick in her mouth and she was sucking it madly. After that I gave her a nice tit fuck where in Vishal was holding her boobs when I was fucking her tits. We did it for sometime. After that I moved to her armpits and fucked her there also while my fingers were working on her pussy and finally I came to her wet pussy. I fucked her nearly 20 minutes and came in her. She was fully satisfied. We all were tired and rested for some time. She was very happy and even Vishal was happy. We had our dinner and again had one more round of sex. It was around 8 PM when she got a call and after speaking on phone she said, “Vishal, It was a call from Mrs. Suri, Actually Mr. Suri is going on an urgent tour to US today and she wants us to come at her place. So, what to do.” Vishal looked at me said, “ Tell her that we have guest at our place so she can come here for tonight. “
Neha called up Mrs. Suri and she agreed. We all changed to our dresses and waited for her. Neha briefed about Mr. and Mrs. Suri that they have joint family with 2 brothers of Mr. Suri, there wife’s, 2 widow sisters, father and mother. Sex is free at their place. It’s a totally incest family. Anybody can have sex with anyone. Vishal and Neha were invited on the demand of other family members as they are regular sex partners in their family sex. Mrs. Suri gets fucked with Mr. Suri’s brothers and father and same is being done by other ladies of the family.
She came after 30 min. She was a beautiful female. They introduced her. She was in mid 30’s a sexy lady with seductive smile. She also joined us in bedroom.
Mrs. Suri said, ”Neha, I am lucky that I called you up and could meet him.” Everybody smiled. Neha took off Mrs. Suri dress and she was naked. Mrs. Suri also removed Neha’s nighty and she also became naked. Now Mrs. Suri moved towards me and removed my clothes and bent down to give a blowjob. She did for some time and finally I was again in form. I laid her down and started sucking her pussy. In the mean time Vvishal and Neha also started. Than after one round we all moved to bedroom for the night.
Mrs. Suri said, “Bob, my family members would love to see you. We have a very sexy family. We get involved in sex with each other.”
I said, “ But how come it all started. It is not that common in India. There are very few incest relationship here.”
She replied,” I know but in our family my husband and his two brothers got married on same day and my bhabhi’s and my husband’s sisters became very good friends. We share everything with each other. We all are of same age. One day my bhabhi (Sunita) came to me when I was changing my clothes. I was in bra and panty. She came in and sat and said, “Sweety, you have nice figure, my husband always praises you. He always says that you have best breasts in our family and he is keen to suck them.”I said,” Even Ramesh (Mr. Suri) also praises you and always takes your name while having anal sex with me. He says that you have the best butt and he wants to have them. He also says that Vinita bhabhi’s boobs are the best. Whenever he kneads my boobs he always speaks about Vinita.” We both started laughing when Vinita also joined. We told her everything and she also said the same about her husband that he likes us. Vinita said, “Do you want to see something horny?”
We said, “Yes”
She took us to my SIL’s room where we were shocked to see the scene in the room. Vinita’s husband and his father were fucking my SIL in their bedroom and my MIL was watching the same sitting in the room. Both my SIL’s, my FIL and BIL were naked and aggressively fucking. My MIL was sitting fingering her pussy. After some time Sunita’s husband also joins them and my MIL gave him a blow job. It was really shocking for us.
Regarding the SIL, they are Rani and Roopa. Both are widow and staying with us. Both are beautiful girls of 23 years, nice figure and very soft spoken. They have very nice figure of 36, 28, 34. After this incident we came to know that this is very common thing in our family.
We all three i.e. Me, Sunita and Vinita sat and were discussing, about what we saw. Suddenly Rani came in and said, “What happened, anything important?”.
I said, “Yes Rani, we saw something happening in your room.” She smiled and said, “Bhabhi this is very common here. Pls enjoy the life. You will also get bored with one man in your life so enjoy what you get. It will increase love and affection within all family members.” After sometime, Roopa also joined us with Ramesh. Than Ramesh told us very clearly about what all is there in the family. We were feeling bit shy but I was slightly excited to think that we can have four different dicks at any given point of time and that too in open in our home. After that all couples went to their rooms. Ramesh discussed with me to understand whether I am comfortable with this or not. I said to him that if you want that I don’t have any issue about it. After that we were called for a joint meeting of all the family members in the hall. My Both BIL’s with Sunita and Vinita, myself and Ramesh, Roopa and Rani and my FIL and MIL. All were seated.
Than Ramesh being the eldest son of the family told in front of everyone about the relationship within the family members and he said just to make everyone comfortable lets all get naked so that no one can feel shy about anybody in future too. It was started by FIL and MIL. They both removed their clothes and my MIL took my FIL dick and gave him a jerk. Next Roopa and Rani came forward and removed their clothes. Both the beauties were stark naked in front of everybody. After that it was mine and Ramesh’s turn. Ramesh removed his clothes and I removed my saree. Than Ramesh helped me in removing my blouse, petticoat, bra and panty. I was feeling shy when Roopa and Rani came forward and gave me kiss on my each nipple and put their hands over my pubic area. Then they took me to my FIL where they got my hand touched his dick and my MIL pressed my breasts and kissed them. I was then asked to stand with my husband holding his dick. Than Vinita came with her husband. She was hyper than me. She removed her clothes and helped her husband to remove the same. Then same thing was repeated with her but this time after my MIL she was brought near to Ramesh where he fingered her pussy and I kissed her breasts. She was then asked to stand with her husband holding his dick with one hand and Ramesh’s dick with other hand. Her husband also came near me and sucked my nipples. Whole room was getting erotic. Then came the turn of Sunita. She repeated the same thing but when she came near Ramesh and Vinita’s husband, Ramesh pressed her butt and Rajesh’s (Vinita husband) pressed her pussy and inserted finger in it. Sunita moaned. Sunita’s husband (Rupesh) came near me and kissed my pussy and pressed Vinita’s boobs. Now we all were naked in the room.
Than my FIL said, “Children now you all free to have sex with anybody in this house. Don’t think about relationships. Forget everything. Just feel yourself as the wife or husband of your partner at the moment of having sex. I would also request you to be naked when all the members of family are at home or with minimum clothes so that everyone shall enjoy. If you have any issues you can come and talk to me without shyness. Now you all can enjoy.”
All the males went for their drink session and we ladies after serving them snacks. After serving we came and sat near them in naked state. After 2-3 pegs my husband called Vinita and she was asked to sit on his lap and offered a drink. She took the sip from my husband’s glass. Ramesh took her hand and put it on his dick. Rupesh called Sunita and did the same. Rajesh called Rani and me on either side. He told Rani to give him a blow job and was pumping my boobs. I was totally wet in my pussy. My MIL Understood from my face and came near me and spread my legs and started sucking my clean shaven pussy. MY FIL called Roopa and she was stroking his dick.
After that my FIL called me and told me to give him a blow job. I was sucking is massive dick while his one hand was fingering my arse hole and other was kneading my boobs. Roopa came to her mother and both went in 69 position. After some time my FIL came in my mouth. I was surprised to see that at the age of 55 he still had this much stamina of fucking young girl like me. I had orgasms twice during this time. Than Rupesh came and fucked my pussy. He also came in me. Then next was Rajesh, he fucked my arse. He slapped my arse while fucking and I was really enjoying. After that we all were tired and went to sleep.
Next morning I was awakned by Ramesh. He was horny as usual. While kneading my nipples he said, “ I hope you enjoyed yesterday evening.” I replied, “ I love the way you want me to live. I always want to see you happy. I will never care what comes my way.” He kissed me and we had massive sex. We got up for a bath. After bathing, We wore clothes and went out where rest of the family was also seated on the dining table for breakfast. After breakfast all the males went for their work and we 6 ladies were left alone at home.
My MIL called all of us in her bedroom and said, “ I hope you all are comfortable or anyone of you have any questions to ask or clarify.”
I replied, “Mummy, I am curious to know how it all started here as it is very uncommon in our culture.”
She replied, “Sweety, It all started long time when Roopa and Rani started going to the college. There they had boyfriends and were involved in sexual activities. I and your FIL caught them number of times in this mischievous acts. Then we planned to get their marriage done so that they can get satisfied. But due to their fate once they all were going to some marriage where they met with an accident and both their husband’s died on the spot. It was a big tragedy for the entire family. After that they came back home. Once I heard the voice form their room and could see that both sisters were involved in sex. After some time when I peeped in, I was shocked to see that Rupesh was also with them. Since he was the youngest among all so both Roopa and Rani convinced him to satisfy their sexual desire. From that time myself and your FIL decides about this. We made our home a sex free home where in we can have sex with anybody. There is no boundary of any relation.”
We all agreed to what she said and started discussing about it. My MIL left for daily meditation and then Rani said, “Bhabhi, all my brothers are sexually active. You all will enjoy your life to the fullest. Even we are also enjoying with you all.” I kissed her lips and her hands started moving over my butts. She was kneading them with both her hands. Roopa also joined Sunita and Vinita. We did this for nearly one hour. After which my MIL came in and said, “I want one more thing from you girls. I want you all to be in either no clothes or in minimum clothes as soon as everyone comes in. I also want you all to kiss your FIL’s cock in the evening after his arrival from the factory. I am old now and he also wants change. He will like it. I hope you will not mind that.” We all agreed to what she said and echoed yes. She was very happy. After that we were busy in house hold work. After having lunch in the afternoon we went to sleep. Rani and MIL slept with me and Roopa slept with Vinita and Sunita. We had some naughty activities before sleeping.
In the evening all males came around 7 from their office. We all were waiting for them. Vinita, Roopa and Rani were totally naked where as Myself, MIL and Sunita were in our bra and panty. As soon as they got fresh and we assembled in the hall, I saw all the males were totally naked. I went ahead and kissed my FIL’s cock and he hugged. Then I further went to Ramesh, Rajesh and Rupesh and kissed their dick’s also. They liked it very much and kissed me in return. Same thing was repeated by Sunita, Vinita, Rani and Roopa. After than all brothers came to MIL and kissed her breast and pussy over the panty. There was a bright smile on every one’s face. Today my FIL took me to his bed room along with MIL and Ramesh took Vinita and Roopa, Rupesh took Rani and Rajesh took Sunita.
I had group sex with my FIL and MIL. We all enjoyed a lot. I was very much satisfied. This thing continued till now. We all have sex and enjoy. We too invite our confidential friends at our home for change.
We all were listening to her silently and when she finished we all were very horny. I immediately attacked her and we had terrific sex. It lasted for some time but somehow we both came together. She cleaned my dick with her tongue. Neha sucked her pussy lips to lick my cum. Vishal was busy sucking Neha’s arse. We all slept. Next day morning I again had a sex with Neha and got ready to leave. Sweety requested me a lot to come to her home. But since I had to go back to Delhi, so I promised her for the next time.

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