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Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
01-12-2011, 05:23 PM
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Bollywood Sex - Dream Sex With Big Boobs Girl Ayesh Takia

This story is about some wild sexual adventures with my dream fuck, Ayesha Takia.

My story starts as I approach my house and see a strange car sitting in it. As it is pouring down Mumbai rain I can't tell who's car it is. As I get closer I see a figure standing by the rear of the car looking down at what looks like flat tire. As I get closer I realize the figure is shapely female, with a flat tire on the rear. As I pull into the driveway I can't believe my eyes, can it be true that this female stuck in my driveway is none other than the big boobie girl Ayesha Takia. Yes it was, could this be my lucky fucking day?

After pulling into the garage and inviting her in from the rain, I found out that Ayesha took off for a drive too get away from Pune and ended up in Vashi. Having got lost and turned around she realized she had a flat tire, no phone and didn't know how to change the tire. Lucky me. Since my wife and kids were out of town for a few days I invited her in to dry off and to change clothes. As she went to dry off and change I went outside to change the flat tire. After getting the flat off I realized that the spare was also flat. As I went inside to tell Ayesha she had another problem, I noticed her standing in the bathroom still in her clothes dripping wet.

She looked so erotic just standing there in her wet clinging clothes. She hadn't noticed me standing their watching her, good thing 'cause I was getting a hard-on looking at her with her huge firm ripe breasts and nipples stretching the wet shirt along with the outline of firm ass and pussy lips. All of a sudden she looked up and caught me starring at her. Thought I was busted. She looked at me and said she couldn't find a towel. In the mean time my hard-on was getting bigger, watching this erotic scene in front of me. I hadn't even noticed that I too was standing dripping wet. We looked at each other and started laughing.

It was than that I caught her watching me watching her. The next that happened was a shocker!

Ayesha walked over to me and ran her hands up and down my wet body, when I started to speak she just put her hand over my mouth and told me just relax and enjoy. Leave it to me not to argue with a beautiful woman with her hands on my raging hard-on. We started kissing soft wet kisses at first, they quickly turned into wet sloppy tongue fucking kisses. She ripped my wet shirt with one quick jerk, and left a wet trail as she kissed her way down to my hard nipples. I reached out to feel her firm tits, and huge juicy boobs but she stop me and said "Don't touch 'till I'm done with you" I was about ready to explode right their, sensing this Ayesha slowed down so we could both enjoy the moment. The whole time my raging 10" dick was straining to get out of it's dungeon. As Ayesha continued to suck on my nipples her hands trying to free my hard-on.

She looks up at me with a little girl face and says "Can he come out and play with me". I think if your real nice to him he'll come out and play, if your really nice he might even have a surprise for you later. I like surprises. She slowly undoes my belt then the zipper and pulls down my wet jeans, leaving me with just my wet bikini briefs on. I love a man in wet, black underwear she says. But its so lumpy in their. I see something trying to get out the top. She slowly took off my under wear, kissing my dick all the way until they fall on the floor next to the rest of my clothes. It was then that I realized that I was the only one naked, she was still fully dressed.

As she looks up at me with lust hungry eyes and a smile on her face the says I'm going to suck you dry, she open her mouth wide and starts to put as much of my 10" in her as she can. My god she got half of it in one move. Ayesha slowly moved her head up and down on my dick, while stroking it with her nimble little hand. As I looked down at her I noticed her other hand was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I told her to take off her clothes, but she told me that would come after I cum. Ayesha continued to give one of the best blowjobs of my life, right in my own bathroom. My wife of 15 years is a great cocksucker, but sorry dear this is too much. Slowly she sucked and moved her head up and down my shaft, stopping at the tip to taste the pre-cum. I started thrusting my cock in her mouth, literally fucking her face. She reached up with her hand and started playing with my nipples, I almost came right there. Then to my suprise she started playing with my asshole, between her blowjob and playing with my ass I told her I wouldn't last much longer. She started sucking harder and faster, taking my whole dick in her throut. I started to moan and scream at her faster, harder I going to cum. Open wide so you can get the suprise I promised you. With that she gave one last little grin and swollowed my entire cock as I erupted into one of the biggest cums I've had in years. Ayesha swollowed every drop of cum she could, smiling with every gulp. As she continued to lick me clean all I could do was to smile and fall back on the bathroom sink, and think I had died and gone to heaven. Ayesha looked at me with a shit eating grin and licked her lips and said that was the best cum she has ever tasted. Could I have some more? Later if you show me how bad you want it.

Now it was my turn to please her. After regaining some strength I gave her a great big kiss and tasted some of my own cum on her lips. I started to squeeze her tits gently at first, her nipples were already as hard as my dick was. The more I rubbed the more Ayesha moaned in pleasure. I ripped her shirt off so I could touch her bare flesh, it felt so smooth. Then I bent down to take one of her nipples in my mouth and suck on it, that's all it took for her first orgasm. "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING" Ayesha screamed out, while shacking with ecstasy. I continued to play with her tits with one hand while I reached down to her pussy to play with it. Her jeans were soaked, not only from the rain but also soaked with pussy juice. As I undid her jeans and slid them down here legs I noticed she was not wearing any underwear. Her pussy was nicely shaven with only a small patch of hair above her cunt lips.

As I moved my hand closer I could feel the heat coming from her pussy, and the sweet aroma also, she was starting to squirm around. I stuck one finger in her and started to finger fuck this beauty on my bathroom countertop. After a few minutes of this I had three finger in her pussy while continuing to suck on her sweet tits. While continuing to rub her pussy she let out another scream "I AM CUMMING AGAIN". I took my mouth off her tits so I could taste her sweet juice. How sweet it was, I just kept lapping all I could get up with my tongue. I worked my tongue and fingers in her cunt through two more orgasms and drank every drop of her sweet juice. After Ayesha's last orgasm she collapsed on the counter top.

After regaining are strength and catching our breaths, we both noticed I was getting another hard on. Ayesha looked at me and started rubbing her pussy, that's all it took. I grabbed her and sat her down on the same countertop we had just made each other cum on just moments ago, spread her legs and lifted them over my head. As I started to guide my dick into her wet pussy I looked up at her and she had this little girl look on her face that just about made me cum right there. I slowly started to slide into her, without any warning Ayesha shoved herself forward ramming my dick into her with one swift stroke. We both let out a moan of sheer ecstasy. My god I couldn't believe how tight and wet she was, I slowly stared to move in and out of her real slow to make this feeling and dream come true last as long as I could. I'm thinking to myself "I can't believe I'm her in my bathroom fucking Ayesha Takia", thank god my dick believes it. I quickened the pace as I heard Ayesha moan "Please fuck me with that big cock of yours, make me cum. Who am I not too please a lady. I quickened the pace a little and started sucking on her nipples, that sent her over the top. She started screaming" MY GOD I'M CUMMING, GOD DON'T STOP, I'M STIL CUMMING" She started shacking and moving all over the place, I had a hard time staying inside her.

Her next words blew my mind. She looked at me with a big grin and ask if I would please fuck her in the ass with my cock. She got off the countertop and turned around then bent over so I had a great view of her ass. What an ass. I stuck two fingers in her pussy to get them wet and than I slowly worked them into her ass. I stroked my fingers into her ass she wiggled around on my fingers, she started to shake again as she started to scream "MY GOD SHOVE IY IN ME. So I replaced my fingers with my cock and she immediately began to cum. As I quickened the pace she stared to scream again "FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG COCK YOU STUD" So I started to fuck even faster, my ball slapping up against her pussy. As I was doing that she reached into a bag that she had brought in with her and got a 12" dildo out and started to ram into her pussy. The feeling of that dildo stared to send me over the top. I started ramming her ass like there was no tomorrow. The faster I fucked her ass, the faster she fucked her pussy with that dildo. I started to feel my balls ache for some relief, Ayesha IM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR ASS" I yelled. She told me to shoot my cum all the way up ass. With that said, I started to shoot the biggest load of cum that I've shoot in quite awhile. I kept pumping her ass till I was dry, and she kept squeezing my cock with her ass. I thought it could get any better, Than I looked over at Ayesha as she regained her strength, and she was strapping on the dildo. With a shit eating grin she started to stroke that cock of hers. She grabbed a tube out of her purse and rubbed all over the dildo, looked at me and said fair is fair, turn around so I can fuck your ass now. In shock and ecstasy I turned around and gave my virgin ass. I said "Be gentle, I've never been fucked before." She grinned even more with my comment. She lubbed up her fingers with more lube and started to stick them up my ass, one at first than two. Even though I'd cum not only 15 minutes ago, the thought of get fucked up the ass by Ayesha Takia was to much, I was getting another hardon. Than she stared to shove the dildo up my virgin ass, I tried to pull away but she grabbed my hips and pulled my back onto her dick. As she slowly pushed that dildo into ass the burning pain turned into lust. I looked back at her and told her to fuck my ass hard. Ayesha replied for me to just enjoy the ride. As she fucked my harder and faster, she reached down and began to jack me off to match the speed she was fucking me with. I could feel my balls swelling up with another load of cum. I told her that I wouldn't last much longer, so she slowed just a bit, to make this moment last. All of sudden she started fucking me faster telling to please cum with her. We both started yelling at each other "I'M CUMMING, PLEASE DON'T STOP" With that we both came and came.

After a few moments it hit me, I had just been given a blowjob, fuck and been fucked up the ass my dream fuck Ayesha Takia. I looked over at her just too make sure I wasn't dreaming. A she panted along side me, all she could do was smile. She asked me if we could go take a nap and rest for another round. So we both climbed into bed. The rest many fucks will follow.

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01-12-2011, 05:24 PM
Post: #22
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Aishwarya Rai-Big Bang - Group sex (Part-1)

Big Fucking Session With Aishwarya Rai - Part 1

Name: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Born: 1st November 1973

Place of Birth: Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Height 5:7

Measurement 34-25-36

Enthnicity: Asian

Nickname: Ash

Actress & Former Miss Wold

"Ash come on over baby I have a surprise planed for you tonight.'

"Oh Abhi 'what's my surprise?"

"You will see now get that big fat ass of yours over here Princess. I want you to wear the outfit I bought for you tonight."

Abhishek had recently purchased Aishwarya a special outfit a leather fetish costume to celebrate her birthday. The leather outfit was hot! It was a leather bustier that squeezed her yummy boobs together and the bottom part was just a little thong that covered her hot Ass.

Abhishek had planed all week his latest surprise for Princess Aishwarya. They had married for almost 1 year now! In addition, Aishwarya was willing to do anything that he wanted her to do for him. She liked to please her man and tonight he wanted to surprise her with a couple of his male friends. That he had invited over tonight to join them.

Aishwarya had just finished putting on her new outfit that Abhishek had bought her recently for her birthday. She was checking it out in the mirror. The outfit was so tight on her that it actually hurt trying to squeeze her big 34 breast in the tight leather bra ouch! It pinched her skin as she tried to stuff her over size breast in the much smaller cups of the outfit.

'It may be uncomfortable but at least it looks sexy on me.' She was thinking noticing how the tight out fit looked on her body. The top was low-cut so much in fact it barely covered her nipples and the tightness of the bodice was painful to wear because her tits were so mashed together in the outfit it hurt her boobs trying to squeeze them in the top.

Aishwarya turned around to check the back of the outfit in the mirror. It was no more than a leather thong that went inside her curvy butt cheeks leaving her ass exposed. Ash knew that Abhishek liked looking at her hot ass. 'I do have great ass,' she thought to herself admiring the shape of her own ass in the mirror.

Abhishek was getting anxious waiting for Aishwarya to show up at his place. He was confident that Aishwarya would agree with his ideal of being with him and his friends. Because he knew when Aishwarya was aroused, she behaved like a bitch in heat and was a total slut in bed, which made Abhishek one happy man. He was pleased he was marry such a slut for a partner. Abhishek knew Ash would be willing to do anything to please him. He is dreaming he will get some good roles in Hollywood by the help of Ash's sweet pussy

Aishwarya put on her coat to cover her slut! Outfit but she took one more look at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at herself almost as much as Abhishek did. 'Yes! I am a conceited little bitch.' she thought to herself 'But why not I'm beautiful. I have big tits and a great Ass.

Abhishek instructed his friends to wait outside the room. He wanted to make sure the princess was hot before the two friends came in. The two men were very thrilled about the chance they may have to fuck Aishwarya Rai However; they really did not want to stand around waiting for Abhishek to get his groove on with Ash while they stood around doing nothing.

"Hey, what are we supposed to be doing while you play with the Princess?"

"Relax you will be watching!"

"How can we watch Abhishek?"

"Follow me boys!" Abhishek led his two friends to a special room that he had built. The room had two-way mirrors built in and had a great view of the bedroom. The two men looked the room over.

"Hey this is cool! When did you add this room to your crib?"

"About two years ago." Abhishek replied.

"Hey, bro that is when you started to date Ash 2 years ago?" Sam asked.

"Yes, it was." Abhishek replied.

"Does she know about the room?"

"Of course, she knows about the secret room it was her idea to have it added to the house."

"Abhishek you are one lucky Motherfucker. You get to slam the spoiled little bitch whenever you want."

"I know! I am one lucky man but you do not know the half of it yet!"

"What do you mean Abhi? What is this shit?" Adi asked

"Oh I see you found our stash of private tapes."

"You mean you watch adult movies for a turn on when you have Aishwarya hot ass to fuck?

Abhishek replied to his other friend, "No Adi, we do not watch porno movies." Abhishek was smiling at his two friends, "We make them together."

"What do you mean? That you have made porno tapes of Aishwarya?"

"Yes, I have tapes of Aishwarya and then some."

"What kind of tapes Abhishek?" Adi was wondering.

"You name it we have done it on video."

"Does Aishwarya like girls too?"

"Aishwarya likes to do everything on tape. She loves them on camera." Abhishek replied, "And yes, Ash likes girls too."

Adi and Sam were very happy at the thought that the Princess Aishwarya had made porno tapes. In addition, both men were very excited at the prospect of seeing her x-rated talents on film. Abhishek could tell that his friends were excited by the thought of his hot wife's x-rated escapade that was caught on tape.

"What does she like to do the most in bed?" Sam asked. He was curious now wanting to find out what Aishwarya was like in bed.

"She does what ever I want her to do in bed." Abhishek replied to his friends. "Aishwarya is one kinky bitch! She likes me to fuck her ass. While I spank her big butt and she also loves anal sex. In addition, her favorite position is doggie style. Abhishek could tell that his friends' dirty minds were probably imagining all sorts of things right now, like what Aishwarya was doing on those tapes. Nevertheless, he knew that they would soon get to find out for them selves how hot his little princess got in bed. "Aishwarya is very submissive person. She likes to do everything, I tell her to do. Ash is the perfect sex partner. Because she is one hot, fuck and always ready to please me."

"Abhishek, you really think Aishwarya will not mind us being here tonight watching?"

"No! Just be patient you will not be watching for long I promise. To be honest with you both Aishwarya knows already."

"What do you mean Abhishek?" Adi asked.

"It was her ideal to have the room added. She likes to have sex in front of the camera it really turns her on. Aishwarya also likes knowing that she is being watched. When she is having sex, it really turns her on. Adi, I do not want to watch you two together fucking. I want to fuck her myself. Just be patient and the evening will be great for both of you. I promise you will not be sorry. Sam, you really think Ash will be cool taking on the three of us at once. I know you will not be sorry. Wait until you see the outfit she is going to be wearing tonight.

"What outfit she asked Abhishek?" Adi asked.

"Those I bought for her to wear. The bodice is low-cut. You can see almost all of Ash's breast and her nipples poking out over the top. It is so tight it really squeezes her boobs together.

"What else to it, then?"

"Well it's cinched so tight around the waist' pulling her waist in giving her wide hips a nice flair to them. Aishwarya's breasts are squeezed together so tight in the bodice they look like big balloons ready to burst. Oh yeah the best part of the outfit is the bottom half its no more then a thong covering her fat ass."

"Wow Abhishek, I can't wait to see Aishwarya wearing that outfit it sounds hot!" Adi said, feeling anxious to see Aishwarya's hot outfit tonight but even more anxious to see her without her clothes. He just wanted her naked and willing.

"What the fuck are you too talking about? I want to fuck the slut! In addition, I do not give a shit about what your bitch is wearing tonight Abhishek. I am only interested in getting her naked and pounding the hot little bitch of yours tonight." Sam retorted.

"Just relax Sam. You are going to get that from Ash. Tonight I promise you that."

Aishwarya was getting very excited in the car as she drove to Abhishek's place. They planed another evening of hot sex. In truth, she could not wait to get naked and take off the damned outfit! It was too uncomfortable to wear. Her boobs were sore from being squeezed together by the tight bodice and the thong was rubbing her pussy as she drove it feeling uncomfortable to wear right now. The thong was ridding up her crotch as she drove. It was also rubbing across her clit. It was making Aishwarya Rai very horny as she drove her car to Abhishek's place. Aishwarya was getting hornier by the minute for the outfit was rubbing against her pussy. She was wondering what her lover had in store for her tonight. Aishwarya liked fucking Abhishek. He had a big dick that could fit her big ass perfectly and the sex they had was awesome. "I love my Abhi so much!' She thought. She could not wait to get to his place and find out what the evening had in store for her. Right now her pussy was getting hot just thinking about having sex. Aishwarya knew that Abhishek was going to have friends over to watch them as they fuck. However, Just the thought of someone watching them while they had sex was making Aishwarya more and more anxious to get to his place. 'I want to be fucked tonight so bad.' She was thinking, 'God I am so horny tonight. I cannot wait to get there.'

Aishwarya pulled in the driveway of her boyfriend's house around midnight. Getting out of the car, she decided to remove her coat knowing that no one would see her.

The house was secluded in the Khandala Hills and very private. So with out fear of being scene 'she left her coat in the car" And proceeded to the door. Aishwarya enjoyed the night air that was blowing on her exposed flesh. The low-cut bodice exposing most of her cleavage and her thong left her big ass jiggling as she walked. In truth, the outfit may look sluttish! However, she felt very sexy in the outfit.

Aishwarya opened the door and walked in. She knew her partner would be in the bedroom waiting for her to come up stairs. As she walked, her big boobs jiggled in the low-cut bodice rubbing her sensitive nipples against the leather outfit. Her thong kept ridding up her ass as she walked up the stairs. 'Damn! Just wearing this outfit was going to give me an orgasm.' She was thinking on reaching the bedroom. In addition, knowing some one else was going to be watching her in bed with Abhishek was also a very exciting. Not knowing who would be watching them a male friend or another woman. 'Who would Abhishek pick up to watch them tonight? Does he want me to be with someone else tonight besides him?'

Aishwarya not knowing what was going to happen to her tonight. Abhishek's knew Aishwarya would be getting turned on by all the scenarios that were playing out in her over-sexed little brain.

"Hi babe. Wow you look so hot tonight!" Abhishek declared as he leaned to give Ash a kiss. While he kissed her, he reached down with both hands to cup her exposed butt cheeks.

Aishwarya started to moan as Abhishek continued to palm her Hot ass in his hands. He knew that is hotter than hell. His wife loved having her ass played with. Abhishek also knew that both his friends in the other room were watching and they had a nice view of her big ass. Aishwarya forgot all the other things and so forgot to wonder who might be watching her. She just wanted to have sex! In addition, those hands rubbing her ass felt so good right now.

"Oh Abhishek, that feels so good. Baby I love your hands on my butt."

Abhishek's hands were rubbing all over his wife's ass pulling the strip of leather apart from her ass to give his friends a clear view of her exposed naked butt. He knew that the site of her big ass would drive them both crazy. Abhishek remembered their reaction when they saw Aishwarya in her bikini at the beach. They both made comments about Aishwarya's Hot ass. However, it was not even close to the perfection of seeing her naked ass in the flesh. Abhishek was right. Both Sam and Adi were getting hard just seeing the self proclaimed Princess' round naked ass. However, they were even more anxious to see Aishwarya get naked.

Aishwarya was letting out little moans as Abhishek touched her soft ass in his hands. He could already tell that his wife was going for anything tonight. He knew that once he got Aishwarya turned on. She would do anything he wanted her to do.

Abhishek started to undress his beautiful girl friend pulling the thong down over her massive ass. Giving Sam and Adi a great view of her bare ass. He then turned Ash around so she was facing the mirror. Letting his two friends get a good look at Ash's exposed bald pussy.

Ash felt a shiver going down her spine knowing that someone else was watching her getting naked. In addition to that, the idea of the strangers watching her naked was making her pussy wet. It was a big turn on for her.

'I cannot believe how turned on I am by the idea that someone is watching me naked. That some unknown person is watching me right now. I just hope it is not that big-tittied small girl Rani. He is always telling me about from the club. I will never eat that small bitch no matter how much she begs me to do it.' She thought.

Sam and Adi had a great view of the now naked to the waist Aishwarya standing in clear. The sight of Ash's bald pussy fascinated both men. They could tell that the little Princess Aishwarya was already excited. By Abhishek's touching her exposed body. Her eyes were closed and they could hear soft moans coming from her half parted lips.

Abhishek started to untie her bodice pulling it even tighter around her midriff. He started to untie the string that fastened the outfit together. Aishwarya tried to suck in her tummy and hold her breathe to help loosen the bodice's strings to try to make it easier for Abhishek who was having trouble untying the outfit. "Hurry up baby I cannot breathe in this damn thing." She told him.

He gradually loosened the ties that were binding the tight bodice in place. He heard a moan coming from Aishwarya's lips, probably from the fact that he had loosened the strings enough to allow her breathing better. Finally, he removed the outfit from her body.

Aishwarya was now standing completely naked in front of her boyfriend and the two men who were watching her getting undressed from the other room. The nude babe was damn hot! Her waist sinking into the tummy was flat, down to her bald pussy. Her hips were wider. 'The woman definitely has curves.' Sam thought!

Adi was also very pleased seeing the beautiful spoiled little Princess now standing before him in all her nude glory. He could not wait to fuck the hot beautiful bitch! Her breast size and their shape intrigued him much. He remembered Abhishek telling him, they were 35D but he mainly just wanted Abhishek to hurry and get her ready for them so they could all fuck the hot little bitch.

Abhishek was now removing his pants with his other hand while he continued to run his other hand over the front of Ash's body cupping her breast in his hands. Giving them a squeeze and running his fingers across her hardening nipples.

Her nipples were erect now. She was definitely getting hot! Abhishek was touching her very sensitive nipples bringing them to attention. He continued to manipulate her naked breasts in his hand. Abhishek continued pinching her nipples between his thumb and finger. Aishwarya let out a loud moan from the affect of having her nipples pinched. In addition, he started to twist her tiny nipples between his fingers. "Ouch! Baby that feels sooo good. Twist my nipples. Ooh yesss. That feels so good baby."

Aishwarya loved the attention her breast was receiving from Abhishek twisting and pinching her nipples. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and labored by the minute. She was making funny little sounds as he continued to fondle her naked breast. Abhishek knew his wife's body very well and so how to touch her for turned her on. How she liked to be touched. Abhishek knew her hot little body very well.

The next thing Aishwarya felt was her boyfriend's large dick rubbing against her bare bottom, just the touch of his large manhood pressing against her soft butt cheeks. It was making her body tingle from his manhood pressing against her curvy butt. Aishwarya started to rub her ass back against his hardening penis. Adi could not believe what he was watching now Aishwarya Rai, the former Miss World, looked like a bitch in heat. The way her ass was rubbing against Abhishek's big dick. It was moving in circular motions up and down massaging her his dick between her soft round butt .She looked like a stripper giving a lap dance to a customer at a sleazy strip club. Her ass was moving in circular motions rubbing up and down against the male cock that was rubbing against her nude ass.

Abhishek started to move his other hand down her smooth flat stomach, until he was rubbing Ash's bald pussy in his hands. Aishwarya felt his fingers running past her pussy until he was rubbing his fingers across her clit. Without hesitation, she spread her legs a little to give better access to her steaming wet pussy. Abhishek inserted his fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her already wet pussy. While his other hand was still playing with her breast, enjoying the pleasure of twisting on her little nipples, as he continued to finger her pussy. Abhishek knew that Ash liked a little pain mixed in with the pleasure of their fucking it made her hot! Aishwarya was really through into kinky sex. She liked to have her ass spanked. The Princess Aishwarya also liked being tied up during sex. It really turned Aishwarya on.

Adi and Sam could both hear the over sexed Princess moaning now! Her moans were getting loader by the minute. They knew Aishwarya was getting close to an orgasm. Aishwarya was about to cum from Abhishek's fingering of her pussy. Her whole body was ready to explode now!

"Ummm... Oh, baby that feels so good... yesss. I am so close baby. Aaaahhh... Ooohhh... I am Cumming!" She made out a squeal of delight as she came all over Abhishek's fingers.

"Wow! That felt so wonderful baby." Abhishek said.

"Thank you Abhishek, I really needed that."

"Let's say the night has just begun Ash." Abhishek said grinning at her.

Sam remembered what Abhishek had told him before. That Aishwarya was wild in bed. In addition, when she gets excited sexually the princess screams the hell out in the bed. Sam knew what Abhishek had meant when he discussed Aishwarya's bedroom antics with him before. He wondered if she makes that much noise from a tiny finger in her pussy. What sounds will she be making when he fucked her with his big prick? He could not wait to see how the Princess would react to a good hard pounding by him and the way she would be squealing. Surely, she was in for a big surprise tonight!

Ash was excited from the finger inside her pussy. In addition, the fact she had an orgasm from her husband fingering her pussy. However, all she really wanted to do was pleasure her lover so they could fuck. She turned around to face her boyfriend with a pleased expressing on her beautiful face. That was the result brought on by her recent orgasm. "It is your turn now baby!" She purred looking up at him with her beautiful eyes. Aishwarya pulled her boyfriends face down to give him a kiss. Abhishek kissed her back and then he scolded her for the mess that she made when Aishwarya came on his fingers.

"What mess are you talking about honey?" She asked.

"Look at this!" He showed her his wet fingers, which still had her pussy juice all over them. "Look, what you did to them baby?"

"I did not do that." Ash murmured. "It was you who did it Abhishek."

"Oh. Clean up the mess then bitch!" He told her. Without hesitation, she reached out, grabbed his fingers and brought them to her mouth. She began her act by giving each finger a soft kiss. Then the princess started to suck her own cum upon Abhishek's fingers, licking up and down each of them along, as she knew he liked her to do like sucking his dick. Aishwarya had opened her mouth and sucked on Abhishek's wet fingers until they were all cleaned up.
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01-12-2011, 05:41 PM
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Aishwarya Group Sex (part-2)
"There baby. Its better now, ain't it?" Aishwarya asked, smiling at Abhishek.

"Very nice. Now on to bigger things baby. You got to get busy."

"Yes, sir." She answered back knowing exactly what he meant her to do next.

Aishwarya bent forwards and started to kiss Abhishek's bare chest sticking her tongue out and running it over his nipples .She was planting wet kisses all over his chest working her way down his stomach. She lowered her body to her knees and then reached out to take his hard cock in her hands. Bending forward she kissed the tip of his cock.

Abhishek really could have by passed on the blowjob from his partner because his 10 inches plus was all ready standing at full mass from Aishwarya hot ass rubbing against him earlier. He was ready for the fucking instead of the blowjob. However, he thought his friends might like to get a preview of her blowjob skills, then he remembered they were facing the wrong direction all they could see from their viewpoint was her big 36 plus ass. Well they still had a great view to stay there.

The Princess lowered her pretty face down Abhishek's stomach towards his big dick. The two men were more than happy just watching her big round ass for now. They knew the hot bitch was nearer to be with them soon.

Aishwarya was now on her knees cupping his big dick in her hands massaging up and down the shaft with her small hands. She continued to massage his big dick in her hands. Stroking his shaft while moving her hand up and down its length. Abhishek liked getting blowjobs from his hotter than hell partner. In his mind, however he was thinking to himself. Aishwarya may not be the most talented cocksucker in the world because she could not be fitted to his big dick in her small mouth. Nevertheless, with her beautiful face, big tits and wonderfully looking hot ass, she was a bitch. Abhishek knew well of those assets his partner had compensate for her lack of talent as a blowjob Queen. He also knew that the small chic Rani Mukheji in the club kept him happy in the blowjob area anyway. In addition, shel at the club had lots of skill in that area to help make up for Aishwarya's lack of talent in that regard. Abhishek thought Ash was a real keeper though not too bright in the head but always willing to please him in and out of the bedroom. The girl may be spoiled having an over-inflated ego but for now, she was down on her knees lovingly worshiping his big dick. The princess looked so pretty on her knees moving her hands over his very stiff member. The thing he loved most when he got head from Ash was her big blue eyes looking up at him, while she played with his cock.

Abhishek was now thinking back to the first time that they had sex together. He had unzipped his pants to let Aishwarya see his cock, then the way she made an awed face and the expression on her pretty face seeing the size of his large 10-inch plus cock for the first Same. Her pretty mouth was wide open looking at him as if, mesmerized by the size of his cock. Abhishek was pleased to see her reaction to his big dick. He could tell from her facial expression. The Girl with the big blue eyes had never been with a cock that size before. It took him a while to break in the diminutive 5:7 beauty but now Aishwarya had turned into a real size queen. She now loved the size of his cock.

Aishwarya was now moving her hands up and down the shaft of his dick, opening her mouth she started to lick the tip of his cock, running her tongue up and down its underside, while she continued to jack him off into her hands. Her tongue continued to lick his black dick, making it wet in her saliva. Licking the entire underside of his shaft, her hands were pumping up and down his dick a little faster now. She continued to lick Abhishek's cock moving her tongue over his entire shaft, trying to make sure his cock was all wet, prior to give him a good blowjob. She wanted to make sure his big cock was all wet to help make it easier for her to fit its length in her small mouth. Abhishek too loved having his balls licked and sucked. In addition, she looked so sexy on her knees licking his big dick. Her tongue was licking up and down his shaft while watching his facial expressions. While she continued to lick his balls, she opened her mouth and tried to suck one off his balls in her mouth. "Ooohhh shit!" Abhishek called out.

Aishwarya now had one of his sacs in her mouth while her other hand was playfully fondling the other one. Then the Princess tried to fit both of his balls in her mouth but couldn't do so. So she resumed to suck one ball at a Same. Abhishek wanted to make the fellatio last longer but he was finding it hard to control himself when he looked at Aishwarya who was now still on her knees looking oh so pretty with one of his black balls stuffed in her mouth filling her cheeks.

Ash had changed her attack now licking the sensitive tip of Abhishek's cock before proceeding to lick his shaft again with her tongue moving up and down its base. Opening her mouth, she put the head of Abhishek's dick into it and started sucking on his dick. Moving her head up and down her husband's cock, she bobbed her head back and forth over its length. She reached up to wrap both her hands around the shaft. She started pumping her hands up and down his cock. She was now stroking the shaft with her hands while bobbing her head up and down on his cock. "Mmm... that's so nice baby! Yesss..." he mumbled as Aishwarya continued to suck on his dick. The head of that cock and a few more inches was the extent of length, which could fit in her mouth. However, she looked so pretty with her face filled by the black meat.

Abhishek enjoyed watching her head bobbing up and down his cock. He noticed that Aishwarya was now fingering her pussy as she sucked on his cock .He was very pleased to know that Aishwarya was still horny. She was going to need more action later and Abhishek knew that Aishwarya was going to get all the action she needed and then some.

Adi and Sam both enjoyed watching Aishwarya's hot juicy ass as she sucked on her husband's cock. However, they both wanted a piece of Aishwarya for themselves. Both men had hard dicks just thinking about getting a chance to fuck the hot Princess.

Abhishek decided he had enough of the blowjob from Ash right now, so he wanted to fuck his partner. Reaching down and grabbing her face with his hands. He dislodged his stiff cock from Aishwarya's open mouth. Abhishek helped pulling her to her feet. Now standing up he reached both hands around her body to cup both of her ass cheeks in the palms of his hand giving each cheek a squeeze.

As Aishwarya started to walk in the direction of the bed, Abhishek gave her bare ass a hard whack. "Ouch! That hurts Abhishek." She called out. It may have smarted a bit, the swat to her ass. Nevertheless, it felt good to Aishwarya who was horny right now. She had been fingering her pussy as she was sucking on her husband's cock and therefore wanted his big dick in her wet pussy. She needed something bigger than her fingers in pussy to fulfill her own sexual needs like her husband's big cock.

The two men watched her jiggling bubble butt, as she walked to the bed with Abhishek.

Ash lay down on the bed on her stomach sticking up her 36-inch ass in the air. She was now laying face down on the bed pressing her breast down on the mattress and sticking her hot ass in the air. She was waiting anxiously for Abhishek to mount her ass. She loved her husband's big dick in her tiny little ass. Aishwarya's favorite sexual pleasure came from having her husband's dick in her tight ass. In addition, she loved him to pound her pussy and ass hard when he fucked her body. It felt incredible the way he pounded her pussy when they fucked. Ash also loved having her man spank her big ass when they fucked. That combination of antics made her feel like a bitch in heat and really got her pussy dripping.

Abhishek enjoyed watching Ash stick her ass up in the air, which was so inviting to fuck. He could not wait to mount the spoiled bitch that he took pride in knowing that at least in the bedroom. That Samely spoiled rich bitch had been house broken by him. Aishwarya was now very submissive to his needs in the bedroom. He looked down at his beautiful partner big ass wagging in the air. He knew she was ready to be fucked. The beautiful round ass of hers was sticking up waiting for him to mount on. Therefore, he got behind her and started rubbing the tip of his dick over her pussy. He found that her pussy was already wet. Aishwarya started moaning for Abhishek rubbing his cock over her bald pussy. "Oh baby do not tease my pussy... Ummm... fuck me!" She pleaded. "And where do you want it baby?" asked Abhishek, as he continued to rub the head of his cock up and down her pussy teasing her clitoris. He could tell by the way her ass was moving back trying to rub his cock that the bitch was already in heat. The way her body was moving and she was making strange sounds as his cock rubbed over her pussy slowly teasing Aishwarya's hungry cunt with his cock.

"Oh shit!" she cried out. "I do not care where you stick it Abhishek. Just fuck me now! I need it so bad." She moaned in a whimpering voice.

Abhishek loved hearing her begging him to fuck her. Without any pause, he rammed the full 10 inches length, all the way in her pussy. She started to scream out "Ooohhh shit... Aahhh... fuckkk... yessss..." reaching her release she called out, "I am Cumming... Aaahhh..."

Abhishek continued to pound his hard cock in her pussy. He was now pumping her pussy hard, pulling back, and shoving it all the way in to stuff her pussy up to the hilt. He reached down to grab both of her ass cheeks. He loved feeling her doughy butt cheeks in his hands while he pumped the princess with his big cock.

Aishwarya had already experienced more then one orgasms already tonight. She was just content to remain with her face in the mattress while he continued to fuck her. She knew it would not be long now her husband may be large but he had no staying power. As she thought every Same, he gave her an orgasm. He only managed to fuck her long enough to make her horny again before he finishes.

Abhishek lasted for a few minutes of pounding Ash's pussy before he pulled out and came all over her ass. That was his favorite part of her body for him to cum on her big ass he raised off her body.

Sam and Adi could make out all that Abhishek and Ash had done in bed together but neither was impressed with their friend's bedroom skills. That is all Sam was thinking as he watched Abhishek leave the room. Sam then noticed Aishwarya on the bed. She still had her face buried in the mattress and her ass was still sticking up. Sam could see her finger was now rubbing her bald pussy. Adi had also noticed Aishwarya now had her fingers buried in her pussy and was rapidly fingering it. "She's still hot, Sam. Let's help her." He said.

Adi started removing his clothes, not wanting to wait any longer to get a piece of the naked Aishwarya on the bed. He had a hard on all night just watching. Now, he wanted some of Ash's sizzling naked flesh for himself. Adi was not going to wait for Abhishek's command for them because he could tell Aishwarya was still hot and needed more action. He did not want to wait any longer.

Adi left the room after removing all his clothes. Now fully nude he walked over to the bed. He was looking at Aishwarya's face to see if she noticed him coming. Her eyes remained closed. Adi approached the bed and noticed her fingers were still fingering her pussy. He could hear the soft moaning sounds that were escaping her mouth. Obviously, she still was unaware of his presence by her bed.

Adi was stroking his cock in one hand while trying to fit a condom on his good size dick. His cock was a little smaller then Abhishek's but he doubted Aishwarya would notice the difference anyway. He reached out and touched Aishwarya's soft ass with one of his hands. A soft murmur came from the bitch's lips. Adi was enjoying the feel of the hot woman's beautiful soft ass. He started giving her round cheeks a massage. He heard the girl moan obviously, Aishwarya was enjoying having her ass rubbed. He also noticed that she had removed her fingers from her pussy.

Aishwarya was happy that her husband returned and was now going to please her body. She loved him and his big dick but he would just fuck her get off and go to sleep. He was a lazy son of a bitch.

Adi used his hands to spread Aishwarya's cheeks and inserted his dick in her pussy to start fucking it. Now he was fucking her, moving his dick back and forth in her pussy with a gentle rhythm and motion. He began to pick up his tempo as he fucked her pussy. The friction of his fucking was causing her nipples to rub over the sheets. Aishwarya was breathing hard as the man continued to fuck her hot pussy. She was now moving her big ass back to meet with the cock that was fucking her. Adi picked up his speed and begin to fuck her harder while her ass continued to slap hard against his balls as he fucked her pussy.

"Oh, baby that feels so good. Spank my ass Abhishek." She whined.

Adi did not need to be told twice he started slapping her big ass.

"Ouch!" She moaned but Aishwarya was totally having fun now. Her husband was now fucking her good this Same.

The man fucking her loved to spank her hot ass. "SLAP! SLAP!" he continued to spank her ass. Adi was now fucking the sexy bitch. God! He could tell by her moans of joy that the former miss world girl was having a wild fuck and was very pleased by the way, he was fucking her pussy. He continued fucking Aishwarya and started to probe into her big ass with his finger. Aishwarya felt the finger going in her ass and squealed in delight. Aishwarya liked anal sex and now a nice cock was fucking her pussy, along with a finger, which was doing her ass at the same Same.

Adi could not believe how lucky he got tonight with the hot bitch. Aishwarya kept bouncing her ass back in rhythm to his penetration and she was enjoying his finger in her ass in addition. Adi was sure she still thought it was Abhishek fucking her but he did not care much. All he knew was to fuck the best pussy in the world he ever had to fuck with. He put his cock at the entrance of her ass, he pushed his cock in her ass hole and with a lunge and thrust of his hips, and He buried his cock deep in her ass.

"Oh honey, fuck my ass. Ooohhh.... Aaahhh... fuck my ass baby."

'I may not be Abhishek,' Adi was thinking 'but I'll definitely fuck your ass Princess.' Her mind was not in the least bit concerned. That the person fucking her was a few inches smaller and when his dick entered her ass it penetrated her butt easier then it normally would. She was aware of that dick which now felt good pumping her ass hole. She felt satisfied now.

Adi was now fucking her big ass. "God! It feels so good." He heard her squeal "Oh baby! Ooohhh yes... Fuck my ass... Ooohhh..." Aishwarya called out.

Adi was about to screw her up. He continued to pump her ass. He also noticed that Aishwarya was grinding her upper body in to the mattress. The beautiful bitch was rubbing her own nipples against the bed obviously pleasuring her own boobs. He was right to observe that Aishwarya was now moving her ass in circular motions as his hard cock continued to screw her big ass. She was stimulating her own nipples by rubbing them against the sheets. He could not believe the way her body was moving. Her ass was gyrating on his cock squeezing its length like a vice grip. Her upper torso was moving into another direction as she continued to move her fat ass. "Ooooohhhhhhhhh... I am cuummmming.....Ooohhh yessss... Aaahhh... Fuckkk.... Aaahhh....." She screamed out.

Adi knew that he could not take it much longer as Aishwarya's big ass was gyrating on his dick in the painful way.


"Oh baby, not in my ass. Let me take you... Ahhh! I want to taste you... Aaahhh!"

Adi pulled his cock from her ass and quickly dispensed with the well-used rubber. Aishwarya rolled over and Adi pulled her face into his ready to explode cock. Her mouth opened and he shoved his dick in her mouth.

She wrapped her hands around the much thinner cock and started to pump the shaft with her hands. He started to fuck her mouth fitting most of his cock in her mouth. Aishwarya had no trouble fitting the dick in her mouth. She continued sucking most of the dick while Adi continued to fuck the princess' hot mouth. Her hand continued to pump up and down the shaft while most of his cock was down her throat.

"GOD, I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!" he shouted, Cumming in her mouth.

Aishwarya greedily swallowed all of his cum down her throat. "Oh that tastes good Abhishek! Your cum tastes really good." She moaned, continuing to milk Adi's cock in her small hands.

Then she opened her eyes. "What the fuck!" She shouted, "WHO ARE YOU?"

"My name is Adi and that was so good. You have a talent princess, for being a good fuck." he smiled back at her.

Aishwarya's blue eyes darted around the room looking for her husband. "Where is Abhishek?"

"Oh, I do not know. He's here somewhere."

Aishwarya noticed the other man in the room standing naked. Who was fondling the biggest dick that her blue eyes had ever seen in her life. She was in awe by the size of his manhood.

"Hi beautiful! My name is Sam and I am part of the surprise tonight, Abhishek had planned for you."

Aishwarya finally remembered that she was naked and tried to cover her body in a sheet wrapping it around her body.

"Come on baby. It is too late for being modest now."

Aishwarya knew he was right and removed her sheet, leaving her once again naked in front of these two men. It seemed to be no big deal now anyway. A stranger had already fucked her ass and came in her mouth. Aishwarya could still taste cum in her mouth and she had to admit it tasted better than her husband had. Sam just kept looking at Aishwarya's hot body eyeing at her big breasts, moving his roving eyes down her flat tummy. 'What a beauty!' he thought. He brought a shudder down Aishwarya's spine when she saw the hungry look in his eyes for her bald pussy. Although she was finding the size of his cock mesmerizing, Aishwarya was also staring back at Sam's naked body in awe. He was definitely enjoying the view of the naked girl in front of him. Nevertheless, Sam could tell that she also liked her view as well of his naked body.

Sam had been waiting hours or so to fulfill his wish to mount the conceited bitch. He now wanted to fuck her. In addition, to deflate her over-inflated ego. He approached the bed and pushed Aishwarya down on her back. Sam spread her legs apart and wasted no time in trying to stuff his 12 inches in her pussy. Her pussy may have been wet earlier but his dick was just too big. Aishwarya may be a 10-inch fan but Sam's fat 12 inches were not comfortable. He was trying to stuff that monster in her pussy.

"Ouch! No! That is just too big, ouch! That hurts." She whimpered. "Stop! Nooo!"

Sam was too horny. He pushed more of the fathead of his cock in her pussy. Aishwarya let out a scream. Adi decided to give a try and let her have something else to think about. He grabbed her head and tried to get her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth when Sam tried to stick more of his cock in her pussy.

Her mouth opened and Adi took advantage of the situation and stuffed his cock back in her mouth. Aishwarya started to suck on Adi's cock. His cock fitted right in her mouth. It was thinner and she started bobbing her head back and forth over its length. As Adi was fucking her mouth, his friend tried to fit more of his massive size cock in her pussy.

She now felt skewed at both ends. A huge cock trying to fit in her pussy and another in her eagerly sucking mouth. She felt so dirty.

Sam continued fucking as much of his fat cock in her pussy that he could fit. Adi held Aishwarya's face in his hands and continued to feed her his cock. Her pretty mouth bobbing up and down on his dick. She was so caught up in the blow job. She was no longer worried about the large penis that was invading her pussy. His huge cock started to feel much better inside her pussy.
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Aishwarya group sex (last part)
Sam pushed more of his dick in her pussy bringing a muffled moan from Aishwarya's lips. She was concentrating on giving head. She was trying to block out the man who was stretching her pussy like never before. He continued to saw his huge cock in and out of her pussy.

Her pussy was so stretched out by the huge cock fucking her. She was moaning as her body had actually started to respond to both the cocks at the same Same. She felt naughty but turned on by the image playing out in her brain. Having two cocks at once was making her feel hot.

Aishwarya continued to suck harder on Adi's prick and wanted to taste his cum again. Sam was only able to fit a small amount of his cock in her pussy. He wanted more but decided to pull out of her pussy.

Aishwarya was wondering what happened because her pussy now was empty and Adi pulled his dick out of her mouth.

"What is wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing." Sam pulled her off the bed pulling her down to the floor. He had her lay on her back on the rug she was not sure what he wanted from her but she did not argue the point with them.

Aishwarya lying on her back on the floor. Sam got on her stomach, grabbed both of her 34 breast, and started playing with her boobs squeezing the soft mounds in his hands. Adi crawled between her legs pulling her leg apart. When he had her legs spread wide he got down and started to lick her bald pussy. Sam continued to play with her big breast palming them in his hands running his fingers over her excited nipples. He thought the girl looked beautiful looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes. Her pretty mouth with her red lipstick smeared from having Adi's dick sucked. Her breast felt soft in his hands he continued to knead her big melons with his hands. Aishwarya had a dreamy look on her face it had been a long Same since her dumb ass husband took the Same to play with her big breast.

"Ooohhh... ummm...." She moaned for the tongue, which was now licking her pussy and continued to suck on the engorged clit.

Sam gave her breast a playful slap. He took both of her breast and held them together. Raising his stiff dick between her breasts, he started to fuck them.

The Princess Aishwarya had never been tittie-fucked in her life. This was a new experience for her to have a man fucking her breasts while his friend was eating her pussy.

Sam was now mashing her breast in his palms while he fucked between her breast bringing new pleasures to the young Aishwarya. He was now sitting on her soft breast with his huge cock in her face. She knew what he wanted her to do. She did not want to try to stuff the monster cock in her mouth. Her soft hands wrapped around his thick cock. She started stroking along its thick mass. She took the big mushroom head and started running her tongue over the sensitive tip of his cock. Adi's tongue felt so good licking her pussy. Her body was reacting to pussy eating and becoming hotter with each lingual stroke. Sam's big cock head was by her lips. Therefore, she decided to try for fitting it in her small mouth. Her mouth managed after several attempts to get the head in her mouth.

Sam's fat cock filled into her mouth. However, she took it as a challenge to get his fat dick in her mouth, which she finally managed to do. She was now licking his dick and sucking on the head of his cock. Adi finished licking her pussy so he put his cock into her pussy. He started to fuck the hot bitch for the second Same. Not caring what hole in her body he fucked, it was all good to him. He had already fucked her ass earlier and now it was her pussy. He also thought her blowjob skills were good. Once again mounting into Aishwarya's pussy, Adi gave her a hard pussy fuck.

Sam was so close to Cumming but he did not want to ejaculate in her pretty mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her face. "I am Cumming... AAAHHHH!" He cried. At that instant, he noticed what Adi had planned to do as he had pulled out of her pussy before Cumming. He quickly slid up to direct his cock at Aishwarya's face.

Both the men started to shoot their cum all over Aishwarya's face. They both were thrilled to see the self-proclaimed Princess' pretty face splattered in cum juice.

Aishwarya's face was now a mess of cum, which was dripping all over her face. Cum had gotten in her hair, She was literally drenched in cum. The men were more than happy looking at what they did to her pretty face. Aishwarya on the other hand was pissed. She did not mind drinking cum from her man's cock. However, she hated getting sticky cum in her hair. Then she saw Abhishek smiling face looking at her.

The end of the evening did not amuse her. Keeping calm, she stood up looking at Abhishek. He tossed her a towel to let wipe the sticky stuff off her face.

Adi and Sam both really were pleased to see Aishwarya's cum splattered face. Both men once again took notice of her nude body. Her big breast, beautiful face, to her massive ass. Aishwarya had a good reason to be conceited. She was really a hot chick!

"Hey princess! Did you enjoy yourself?" asked Abhishek.

"Oh yeah, they were great." She said

"Did you learn anything from them sugar." Her husband was not happy with Aishwarya's comment.

Aishwarya knew that Abhishek was amused by her having sticky cum all over her face and in her hair. She was not going to give him any satisfaction. She grabbed the sheet from the bed and headed for the door.

"Ash! Where are you going?"

"Its bye now. TI have to reach for a shoot" She told him back.

As Aishwarya was about to leave, she paused at the door giving the men one last look at her naked ass. Minutes later sitting in the car with a sheet wrapped around her nude body. The light finaly clicked on in her, somewhat not to bright little brain. 'He is such an ass hole!' Ash thought to herself
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
A night with sexy Rani mukherjee

Hey am myself nicknamed rock kid from bangalore. I hav been reading iss from past 3 years and this first time am writing a story. This a fiction. Lemme tell u this story is based on my sweetheart, bollywod’s sexiest diva rani mukherjee. From my point, she is the sexiest woman i hav ever seen. If anybody doesn’t agree with me, a really don’t care.. She may be a bit short.. But god!! Hey guys have u closely observed her sexy face, her perfect milky smooth boobs, her so beautiful ass, and her silky thighs… and her voice…(imagine moaning from that sexy voice) she can drive any man nuts…

One more fact… u r gonna have a orgasm in a short while…. Here goes the story…

Once, it was late night and i was alone at home since my parents were out of town. Whole day i was bored at home and thot of going for a small walk in our area and went out. I was actually new to the area and was wandering through the small roads which were outlined by some of the big houses. It was already 11.15 i remember. The roads were almost empty. Then a car, a big sedan came and halted near the gate of a big house. It horned twice but watchman didn’t appear to open the gate. So when i was just watching out of my curiosity a young lady in a sexy saree got down and went near the gate, to open it herself… as she bent down and opened the gate lock and turned myside… my god her pallu from the saree fell down and there i was just looking at one of the most gorgeous boobs in a low cut blouse. I still had not seen her face since it was dark. And then as she stood up… i already got a hard-on in my pants and i almost froze.. It was just none other than rani mukherjee.. My god what a luck i had. She probably saw me looking at her and she instantly made her pallu proper. I was smiling at her involuntarily.

i don’t know what happened i just walked up to her and told ‘hi’.. I myself didn’t know where i got that courage from.

Me : hi, are u really rani mukherjee.

Rani : ya u r right (smiling and with her sexy voice)

Me : am really a great fan of urs and i really admire ur acting . U r best actress in the industry.
Rani: oh thank u, its really great to hear from fans like u.
Me:i live in the same area, and my house is very nearby.
Rani:oh that’s great, we can be friends then.

God was really happy with me bcoz it suddenly started raining. And i offered her to open the gate for her and opened the gate as she drove the car in her compound. Since it was raining i had to stand near her gate for shelter. She parked the car and looked at me almost standing in the rain and called me near the door. I went

Rani: hey come inside the house, its raining heavily.

Me: no its k i can go home. Its very near.

Rani: come yar i wil make some coffee for u.

And i accepted her invitation and went in. Obviously her home was really huge and luxurious.

Man i saw her in the lights and was almost gonna faint. She had this red transparent saree and a low cut blouse with almost no sleeves and she was all slightly wet due to the rain and drops of water covered her sexy body. She asked me to be seated on a posh sofa. I sat down.. I tell u,, she was looking really really sexy much more than she looks in dick was already struggling in my pants. I don’t know why the whole house was empty not even the watchman at gate.

She took a towel and started dryin her hairs. Oh god, she moved her hands upwards to her hairs and her armpits were visible and her boobs being under the pressure of that blouse were struggling to pop out.

Rani: hey wait i will bring some coffee for u (and went inside)

She was proceeding towards the kitchen and i was just staring at her sexy ass following her. That too wet in rian. Wow… what a sight it was.

Then she brought two cups of coffee and we sat to chat with each other. I asked her many questions and one of them was bit steamy. I asked her how it feels to act in some of the sexy roles kissing some actors and all that . She answered me politely with diplomatic answers and then she asked me which hot scene of hers did i like till now. So i said that the one in recent kabhi alvida na kehna was good and said that u also looked damn sexy in films like saathiya and bunty aur bubli. So she laughed at me being naughty and we kept talking for some more time and since it was still raining and i didn’t have the chance to go home. (who would want to go home wen u have a sex god infront of u?)

So then i asked her one delicate question. I asked her since she is not married yet, don’t u get tempted to have affairs with actors or someone. For this, she said just stop naughty boy and stood up. I asked what and she said she wants to change and get fresh. I said k and she went inside her bedroom.

Just after two min she came out with same red sexy saree she was wearing, i tell u any person who saw her in that state would have ripped off that saree and would have sucked her boobs like anything. But i somehow controlled my sexual feelings. I was staring at her. She asked me can u do a favour for which i asked what is it. She told that pin of her blouse in back has hot stuck and asked me to remove it for her. Man i was on cloud nine.

I said yes with a naughty smile and she smiled me back and came to me and turned away showing her back of blouse to me.

There i was standing so close to the hottest ass. Instead of removing the lock of her blouse, my hands softly touched waist and from behind i encircled her waist slowly and pushed my already semi-hard dick to her ass, while doing this i simultaneously kissed her neck. She was completely aroused and asked me what r u doing in semi loud voice.

I said u r so beautiful in her ears and started kissing her back of the neck, sliding her hairs to the side. My hands were on her sexy smooth waist from behind and were already inside her saree. I slid my hands slowly upwards just to touch the bottom of her boobs. And her pallu fell of and i just saw her awesome cleavage standing behind her.

Her breath had fastened. My dick was pressing her butt crack. Rani mukherjee moaned very slowly “ahhhh ……” . She said kiss me.. I immediately turned her towards me and kissed her lips. Our tongues met. It was a french kiss. She responded amazingly. I kissed her hard and my hands were already cupping her asses i pinched her ass and pressing it hard. Her hands went inside my t-shirt and were exploring my athletic body. We kissed hard for a moment and almost fell on sofa.

I dragged her on me still kissing her lips. Her pallu had already fallen long back. I said to her. “ please remove ur saree. Rani stepped back from the sofa. Removed her saree naughtily smiling at me. She was now just in her blouse and petticoat. She almost jumped over me and bit my lips. And now my hands went on to her boobs. I just squeezed those awesome boobs. She was moaning aloud now… “ahhh don’t leave my boobs.. Eat them…” i honestly obeyed and almost sucked rani’s boobs from top of her blouse. I kissed, chewed, sucked. She pulled her back and told “ tear my blouse and suck them u tiger” with command. I just ripped apart her red blouse. Her pink soft costly bra was visible and i tasted her bra with those big boobs inside. Meanwhile my hands had made their way through the petticoat and were already inside her soft panties to press her ass. My mouth were busy kissing her boobs. She was on top of me on sofa with her spread apart. She obviously felt my hard dick pressing her. Her head was upwards and she was moaning…”ahhh u r so good…” “ahhhhhhhh haven’t been fucked for many days…” “am getting wet down there…”’ her hands were playing with my hairs. She said… “ahhh please take me to bedroom and fuck me badly…””” “ahhh my pussy wants ur dick”
“ahhh please fuck me roughly”””…

I just lifted her in my arms and went towards the bedroom. She was in her petticoat and tore blouse with her bra completely visible. Carried her inside the bedroom. Her bedroom was huge and huge bed at centre and a transparent bathroom besides it.

I threw her on the bed like a slut she was to me. Her legs stretched apart as the petticoat’s flexiblity was challenged. I kept looking her lying her on bed like that. She raised her arms and called out to me. “ come tiger.. Fuck me… ahhh” “please don’t make my pussy wait.”” I slowly went on her and lying on top of her. I kissed her lips. Her breasts were pressing my chest. Her legs were wrapped around me. I kissed her lips like anything and slowly proceeded downwards and removed her blouse completely . She was in her bra . I kissed her boobs once and removed her bra. Oh my god, the breasts looked awesome. She said.. “ahhh bite them..”” I went on kissing, kneeding, suckin her boobs for some 5 min and rani kept moaning very loudly.. ”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Fuck me soon…”” then i started kissin her legs. Started from toes and went on till her thighs sliding the petticoat upwards. I removed the knot of her petticoat and removed my t-shirt, i pulled that petticoat out of her and rani’s hands went on to unbutton my jeans i removed my jeans and we both were only on our underwear. I told rani to lie down and started kissing her pussy over the panty. My hands were playing with the boobs. I slowly removed the panty and saw her pussy. It was so clean. Just small hairs she might have shaved it just two days before. She was screaming in pleasure.. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me””” she almost screamed.

I slowly started lickin her pussy like mad, my hands were offcourse pressing her boobs hard. I then started sucking them… just o make it fully prepared to get my dick in it.. Ummmmch,,, i made noises with her pussy and my mouth…. Off course she was talking all dirty . She began talking in hindi too… “” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please fuck me. Aur zor se chatooo mere choot koo…. Mere boobs ko chedoo… “’ her lips were open and she was enjoying every bit of this. I licked and tongue fucked her for some 5 min.

Then she sat up and pleaded for my dick… “ahhhh give me ur lauda,… i want it.. She made me lie and came on me.. She removed my underwear in in 2 seconds. My dick sprang out of its bondage, which was 8 inch big, and it was so clean. She shaked it with her hands for a some 10 seconds and started suckin it.. Wow…. Now it was my turn to moan… she was sucking it so well.. My god,, she was great at it. She sucked me for 5 min,

As she stopped, i grabbed her boobs with my hands and made her to lie down. Even she was waiting for this time. Rani stretched her legs wide apart and almost screamed.. “:ahhhhh come on,,,,,, fuck me…my tiger”””…. I slowly touched her vagina with my dick and she was shivering.. “:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….””” I slowly teased her with my dick.. And then slowly began to push my dick in her…. Sexy rani mukherjee was moaning naked “””…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”….. Then i started my strokes . Her ass was moving along with my rydhtms.. I started moving very fast and was kissing her simultaneously… ummmm….ch our mouths were wildly kissing..

My movements got very fast gradually and her choot was equally tight. My hands were pressing her boobs like anything… now i started me movements even faster and saw her face.. Her eyes were closed and lips open and she was having the time of her life..
I started rubbing her boobs and my dick was ramming her pussy in and out with great frequency and rani mukherjee was screaming like anything.”Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​h………””””” my dick was paining too… but i was fucking her hard,,, rubbing her boobs and her armpits… her boobs had become red .. Her face too and rani mukherjee was completely looking like slut naked and getting her pussy rammed by me.

I fucked for 20 min and we both climaxed together.. She was completely satisfied and i too gradually slowed down my movements.. She removed my cock from her pussy and let my sperm fall on her stomach and legs, she told me to position the dick near her mouth. I took my dick to her face and she was catching every drop of sperm falling from it.. Then she started kissing me softly all over my face and she asked me to let my dick inside her pussy. I inserted it again and we slept like that for some half an hour or so..

Later we went and had some food, we were naked all night…

She later told me that she likes to be fucked in doggy style. So we had a doggy style fucking in kitchen. I fucked her hard in doggy style and she bent down and took the support of kitchen table. The whole night we fucked some 5 to 6 times totally….. From then, whenever she was alone, she used to call me.. I made some reasons that am going for group study to my friends house and went to rani’s house…..

The whole night we used to fuck … in kitchen, in living room watching some blue films and in shower…, and in bath tub… almost everywhere…. But the first time was the best as i narrated the story.

So later rani even told me that she has been fucked by many actors like abhishek, salman, vivek oberoi, and told that i was way better than all those in bed and that’s why she preferred me as a sex partner…
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Dreams unlimited

Hi friends, i am karthik (24 m) from chennai, this is a first time i am writing my story, about bollywood actresses.

I am fond of actresses sexually from childhood and i always dream of getting blowjob and fucking various actresses and masturbate. I had imagined many actresses like fucking and getting blowjob and masturbated, but my favorite one is bhoomika. She had made me sleepless many nights and torched me. I would imagine her as my personal slave, my wife, my keep, my sexual goddess.etc and i get too hard whenever i see her in any magazine or any television channel, even when i hear her name i get too hard. I had shagged maximum number of time in my life only thinking of her. But i don’t get that hard or instant hard form any other actress.

Ok coming to the story. I have two best friends ashok and vikram from childhood. Vikram is now a big real estate businessman and ashok is a noted financier for many film producers, he has so much respect and domination in indian film industry, as his father is one of the big politicians in country. Me vikram and ashok all three have same taste and good rapport from childhood in everything including our sexual desire. Ashok usually through parties to many celebrities. I often ask him to take me to those parties. He promised me that he would take me in right time. Vikram and ashok know that i am too much fond of bhoomika, so they used to tease me comparing with her. On my birthday ashok called me his house. I was not much interested, he promised me that i would love it and he said he had made some special arrangement for my birthday. After his much compulsion we went to his house. After reaching ashok’s home i was shocked to see the dream girls of our country were there, i pinched myself as i felt it as a dream, i was stunned to see amisha patel, diya mirza, priyanka chopra, twinkle khanna and juhi chalwa. Ashok introduced me to them, every one shook hand with me wished me happy birthday (i was shocked as i am meeting them for the first time and they talked with me as i was close to them for years. They were very friendly).

Ashok and vikram called me to other room personaly and said that they are going to give me a special gift to me. They asked me to come upstairs and see my gift (as i was already surprised) i couldn’t guess what they were saying, so i went upstairs with them, there what i saw was moment of my life “bhoomika” (my dream girls who made me sleepless for many nights, was today in front of my eyes) i was speechless for few minutes, she smiled at us. Ashok introduced me to her as karthik and said i am her greatest devote. For which she smiled and shook hand with me, when i touched her hands it’s was too soft and i was flying like anything. She wished me a happy birthday, and i thanked her. I was still in a glossy stage stunned by her beauty (she was wearing a mini skirt and a matching tops) . Ashok commented that bhoomika doesn’t come for parties much; it was such a hard time to bring her to this party. He said he wanted bhoomika in this party mainly for me. For that she smiled. Ashok and vikram asked us to come and join the party, so we all went down, were we all formed a group and was chatting ( were the seating order was amisha, priyanka chopra, ashok, diya, vikram, juhi, twinkle, me and bhoomika, we were seated in a circular sofa and all were boozing. We chatted like many things and i understood by their talks, as these girls are too modern and don’t care to do anything. But bhoomika was reserved. She didn’t speak much.

Suddenly i noticed that there was a argument going on between vikram and juhi chawla, stating that weather men or women is equal. Every bodies attention diverted to them, diya mirza said that girls are equal to boys in all fields, she said weather its studies, business or sports girls are always equal to boys. Ashok said no definitely not, do u think girls are physically strong to boys in sports. Juhi, diya and twinkle said yes we are. Vikram said we can walk topless in streets but u cant, amisha naughtily said girls can walk in street topless, but that will cause many accidents in road, they don’t want that to happen, so they are not walking topless. Everybody laughed, but ashok and vikram are not convinced. Ashok said are u saying that u girls are physically and mentally strong equal to us. Every one said yes in chores. Ashok said you can say just in words not in real life. For that priyanka chopra and diya replied no, it is happening in real life that girls are physically and mentally strong as boys. Ashok was angry and said do girls here can prove it, they all said “yes”. Ok lest see it practically, let’s have a nude kabadi match and see who are physically and mentally strong. I was shocked to here it from ashoks mouth and i had a slight hard in my pant. But the actresses sitting with us were not at all shocked. They causally said they are not ready for a match without a winning prize. Ashok said that the best player in this match will get a new bmw car. Amisha, diya, juhi, twinkle, priyanka chopra and bhoomika raised their eye brows and said wow. They said that it is a bets prize for a match. It was a shock for me as there were no objections from any one of them.

Juhi said she is not interested in playing, she said she would like to be the referee for this match and decide who the best player is. For that everybody nodded their head. Ashok said he has an indoor ground in his basement; it will be the best place for the match. Juhi announced ashok, vikram and karthik are in one team, amisha patel, diya mirza, priyanka chopra, twinkle khanna and bhoomika are in one team. And she said the rules are simple that the game is of nude match, the players can do anything to win as long as it doesn’t not hurt anyone really bad. Everybody agreed to that and started going to the basement and looked at the ground it was a well maintained clay court( every one surprised to see a small playing ground inside his house), ashok marked the kabadi court and drew the middle line. Juhi said let’s start the match. Immediately ashok, vikram and i striped completely and stood, everybody was seeing our bodies, their attention was mainly towards me as i had the longest and thickest cock. Now they started stripping themself, amisha had big boobs, good body her pussy was less hairs and her nipple was brown. Priyanka chopra had good boobs, so fair, well built body, pink nipples and trimmed pussy, twinkle khanna had hairs like a jungle in her pussy, boobs are big and her nipples were black, diya mirza was slim, medium boobs, pink nipples and trimmed pussy. And when bhoomika stripped my dick raised automatically that everybody noticed including bhoomika. She was like a angel, too beautiful, slim, above average boobs, nice navel, hip, brown nipples and little hairy pussy. And ashok said even if the referee was stripped it will be good, so juhi immediately striped, she had huge boobs, big ass, brown nipples and shaved pussy, she was looking like a perfect aunty.

Now everybody was completely nude and juhi blew the whistle and asked everybody to come inside the kabadi court, she asked both the team caption ashok and amisha to come aside and the toss the coin, ashok asked for tails and he won the toss. Those sides were the women’s discussing and here ashok said that this game is to win at any cost; he said to be bold and do whatever we need to win this match. Juhi asked our team to go ahead. I was flying high as the dream girls of millions of people are nude before me one after another and my dream girl bhoomika too. I was flying high.

As it was our turn ashok asked me to go ahead, so i went in to the women’s line saying kabadi…kabadi…, all the actress were closely and keenly watching my every step, amisha, priyanka, bhoomika, diya and twinkle joined their hands and was waiting to get me out (they were very interested and involved to the core (may be because of bmw car, it was the greatest sight for any person in the world to see all these actress nude). Twinkle was close to me, i thought of touching her and runing away, i tried to touch twinkle, when i threw my hand to twinkle’s shoulder she moved a bit and my hand touched her breast and before i could take my hand back, suddenly priyanka pulled my one leg and made me to fall on the ground . I fell on the ground lying on my back. All of a sudden diya mirza was holding my one hand, amisha holding my other hand, priyanka holding my one leg and twinkle holding my other leg, everybody was holding my hands and legs very tightly and stiffly, i was trapped, but i didn’t lose confidence and i kept on saying kabadi kabadi continuously, that time bhoomika did an unexpected thing she took my cock in her hand and opened her mouth and inserted my cock deep in her mouth till her throat and started to suck my cock, ( my whole body took a shiver from head to toe) i was in heaven( u can imagine my position as 4 actress are holding my hands and legs nude and the favourite one is sucking my cock ) . Every ones aim was to get me out, but i didn’t give it up, i continuously said kabadi..kabadi..., ( her lips touched my pubic hair, she swallowed by cock completly ) she was continuesly sucking my cock for 5mins, and she took her mouth out of my cock and saw me, i was murmuring kabadi..kabadi…she wanted me to get me out, she tried to do what every possible way to stop me telling kabadi. Suddenly she started sucking my balls taking one after the other balls in her mouth, she did it for few minutes and she started squeezing my balls with her hand, i was feeling the softness of her hand in my balls and then bhoomika started again to take my cock deep in her mouth, she was vigorously sucking, she was sucking my cock as if her only duty in her life was to suck my cock. That time priyanka who was holding one of my legs started sucking my balls. U can imagine how it was for me as bhoomika is sucking my cock and priyanka is sucking my ball, both at the same time. After some time priyanka started sucking my cock soo deep and she licked my shaft with her tongue and sucked my cock with much involvement and care. Bhoomika started sucking my balls, they both shared my cock and balls and exchanged each other for a period of 15 minutes, and then after some point of time, priyanka started massaging my balls with her hand roughly, and bhoomika giving me a hand job, both at a same time, they were shagging me and sucking me with regular interval of time. At that time bhoomika realized that i am going to cum and started sucking my cock very fast and vigorously and priyanka begin sucking my balls tightly. I reached my climax by letting all my sperms deep in bhoomika’s throat. My sperms hit directly in bhoomika’s throat, without taking her mouth from my cock, bhoomika swallowed each and every drop of my sperm completely.( i was in heaven as my dream girl bhoomika was swallowing my sperms completely and at the same time priyanka was sucking my balls) after bhoomika drank all my cum completely, still bhoomika was sucking my cock . Now bhoomika asked twinkle to take care of my cock and bhoomika will take care of my balls, so twinkle kept her mouth on my limp cock and started sucking my cock for several minutes. So now twinkle was sucking my cock and bhoomika was sucking one of my balls and then priyanka sucked my left ball.( so now twinkle sucking my cock, bhoomika sucking my right ball and priyanka sucking my left balls ) at that time i said ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and stopped saying kabadi, so juhi chawla blew her whistle and said that i am out., i could see the happiness in priyanka ’s, bhoomika’s and twinkle’s face as i stopped saying kabadi, but still they were sucking my cock and balls respectively. Then amisha, diya left my hands and legs free and smiled as they made me out, i bent down and saw twinkle, priyanka and bhoomika face, they took their mouth from my cock and balls at the same time, they very looking like as if they achieved something that no one in the world can acchive. I regained my strength and tried to get up, amisha, diya, twinkle, bhoomika and priyanka smiled at me and when i was about to leave the court, amisha patel hugged me and gave a tight smooch (every one’s target was bmw car, so each one was trying to be sluttier than other.)

I am now out of the court, if anyone in the women’s team is out, then i can enter the court, this is the rule of kabadi match, so i was eagerly awaiting for the next round. This round was their turn, so diya mirza entered to the line saying kabadi kabadi, her first idea was to touch someone and run away, she was too defendable and she didn’t take any risk she was near the border of the line, so it will be easy for her to get back. Ashok and vikram were at two ends, when diya finaly decided to go deep inside suddenly ashok caught her behind (his hands were on her breast) and vikram pulled her legs. So she was finaly pushed down, ashok was now holding diya’s hands and vikram all of a sudden inserted his tounge in diya’s pussy and he was licking her so fast, but diya was so confident and saying kabadi..kabadi… ashok holding diya’s hands said that licking doesn’t work much, so he asked vikram to fuck diya. All of a sudden vikram inserted his cock in diya’s pussy in a one hard push. Diya was saying kabadddddddddddddi..kabaddddddddddddddi. She was murmuring lightly as she was in pain and joy.vikram didn’t care for anything, he concentrated only on fucking diya, his main aim is to get her out. Still diya was saying kabadi, ashok got angry and inserted his cock in diya’s mouth deep in her throat, juhi was closely watching diya, weather she is saying kabadi or not. When ashok cock was in diya’s mouth, she was gagging and trying to say kabadi. Ashok caught her head and moved her head fast to stop her saying kabadi.from that line amisha, priyanka, bhoomika, twinkle were shouting “common diya common, push them and come here” they were watching vikram fucking her mercilessly and ashok face fucking diya.. At one point diya was not able to bear so she stoped trying to say kabadi, and accepted her defeat. Juhi blew her whistle and declared her out, ashok and vikram took back their cock from diya’s pussy and mouth respectively in joy as they made her out. Diya walked out of the court so sad as if her life was lost. I was in joy as i am back in to the game.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Deepika Padukone on the Casting Couch

Deepika Padukone nervously walked down a long
hallway, past numerous offices in the major Bollywood
studio. She came to the office she desired and walked
in, approaching the secretary, who immediately
recognized the beautiful actress.
"Hello, Miss Padukone. Mr.Mallya is expecting you,
just go right in," she said.
"Thank you," Deepika said with a smile.
Glancing at herself in a mirror next to the door one
last time, she checked her make-up and ran her hands
over the short black dress she was wearing. It was
very small black spaghetti-strap dress that ran
halfway up her thighs (she had chosen it to accentuate
her legs and tits). Black high heels completed the
ensemble. Smiling, she walked into the office.
"Miss Padukone, how great it is to finally meet you,"
said the executive, Vijay Mallya, rising from his desk.
"Same here," she said with a flirtatious smile. "And
please, call me Deepika."
"Alright Deepika, have a seat," he said.
Deepika had come to the office with the desire of
pitching a project to the high-ranking executive.
She'd done so in the past, but lately none of her
projects had been working out and she had been
struggling to find a source of lucrative income. She
thought the idea she had was strong, tough, and that
she'd be able to get a large check up front from Mr. Mallya.
Glancing into the corner, she couldn't help but notice
that Mr Mallya's personal bodyguard, a strong-looking black
man, had been eyeing her body intently.
It took her about half an hour to pitch the project,
and then she sat back in her chair, hopefully awaiting
Mr Mallya's response.
"Well, to tell you the truth, Deepika, I just don't see
this being a successful venture," he said, crossing
his hands in his lap. "It seems a bit underdeveloped,
and I don't think it would be long enough to build to
a successful climax," he added.
She couldn't help but notice the blatant sexual
references he was using, and it dawned on her that in
order to get the project, she was going to have to do
some extra work.
"Well, Mr. Mallya, I'm sure that it won't suck, I
think we just need to spread it out over a more
unifying theme until we can thrust a stronger idea
upon it," she said lasciviously. "Perhaps you'd like a
visual demonstration of what I have in mind," she
said, her voice dripping with her twenty-three-year-old
sexuality. She rose from her chair, and heard a voice
from behind her.
"Just a minute, Miss Padukone, let me help you with
that," said the black bodyguard, coming forward with a
noticeable bulge in his pants. He gripped her
shoulders and she turned and kissed him hard, sucking
his tongue deep into her mouth. Mr Mallya came forward and
the black bodyguard forced her into a squatting
position, her legs straddling Mallya's as he stood before
"I think you'll find this demonstration adequate,"
Deepika said, pulling down Mr Mallya's zipper as the bodyguard
sucked her neck behind her. "It'll show how much my
film won't suck," she said, and then promptly pulled
his eight-inch cock out of his pants. Running her
hands along the shaft, she jacked it for a few
seconds, eyeing the head. Without further ado, she
enveloped the head in her sexy mouth, her cheeks
stretching to accommodate Mallya's cock. She sucked
deeper now, pulling six inches into her mouth,
slurping it, and gripping his waist with her hands.
Behind her, the bodyguard bent down and pulled her
dress down over her shoulders, kissing her soft skin.
She moved to a kneeling position, allowing him to pull
the dress past her tits, which were enclosed in a
thin, lacy black bra, and ass, which was covered with
a similar pair of lacy black panties. He gripped her
hips and pulled her up for a moment, forcing Mallya's
cock further down her throat, and pulled the dress
away. Running a hand down the softest leg he had ever
felt, the bodyguard pulled off her right shoe, then
the left.
Clad only in her bra and panty now, Deepika began liberally
sucking Mallya's cock as the bodyguard fumbled with her
bra strap. Reaching behind herself with one hand, the
other stroking his shaft, she helped him unclasp it,
releasing her beautiful tits. Mallya's cock had swelled
to staggering proportions; squeezing his balls in her
hands, she knew that he wasn't going to last much
longer. She let most of his cock out of her mouth and
concentrated her energies on the head, licking and
sucking delicately. Behind her, the bodyguard gripped
her tits, pinching her rising nipples and lavishing
her sexy body. Moving downward, he yanked the young
sex kitten's underwear down her legs and pulled them
away. She was now naked, and in a position she had
been many times before. It was how she got famous in
the first place, after all.
Mallya cried out and she knew it was time; she jerked
his shaft with three more quick strokes and his load
erupted. She aimed it at her sexy tits, his copious
load covering most of her tits, as well as her neck
and face. She gasped as he aimed his cock upward and
spurted several ounces of cum down her throat. As Deepika
swallowed Mallya's cum, the bodyguard quickly saw it was
his turn and shoved a finger into her asshole. She
cried out, falling to her hands and knees, her hips
gyrating, cum dripping from her full breasts and onto
the carpet. Mallya turned around and lay down beneath
her, delving between her smooth thighs, his tongue
outlining the lips of her pussy. She kept it neatly
trimmed, never knowing when the opportunity for a good
fuck would arise.
The bodyguard stood up for a minute, reaching into a
drawer on Mallya's desk and pulling out a tube of
KY-jelly. Deepika, meanwhile, opened her legs wider and
bent over further, her tits hanging down as she
enjoyed Mallya's skillful mouth. He fucked her pussy
delicately with his tongue, and she idly slipped a
finger in to help, rubbing the nub of her distended
clit. As he ate out her wet snatch, she bent down
further to lick and suck the rest of the sperm from
Mallya's softening cock. The bodyguard bent behind her
again, covering his fingers in the jelly, and slowly
pushed them into her ass. He knew that she was
experienced at taking it up her ass because his
fingers slid in easily, sliding past her ass as
she moaned and pushed her hips back into him.
He quickly coated his dick in the jelly, then readied
himself. He set his cock at her asshole, then grabbed
her by the shoulders and slowly pulled her sweaty body
onto his rod ever so slowly. She cried out, arching
her back as Mallya parted her moist cunt and delved
deeper into her wet folds, then steadied herself and
let the pleasure wash over her sexy frame. As the
bodyguard pushed his cock into her firm ass inch by
inch, she felt Mallya sucked her clit between his lips
and she moaned with pleasure, cresting over the edge
of an orgasm. Turned on by her hot moans, the
bodyguard began reaming her ass violently. Deepika
clenched her teeth and jerked forward each time the
bodyguard thrust his solid member up her tight ass.
The assault her twin holes were receiving made her
moan in pleasure. The bodyguard thrust into her ass
unrelentingly, culling desperate screams from the back
of her throat, and her soft body sagged forward into
Mallya's hands as he spread her soft thighs wider and
licked methodically at her dripping snatch. His lips
closed around her clit again, sending jolts of sexy
electricity throughout her, her hips snapping and back
arching as a result.
Deepika's hot ass was simply too much for the strong
bodyguard; he thrust into her three more times and
then pulled her towards him, his cock erupting. He sprayed in her
ass with numerous lines of sticky cum, aiming his
cock down and coating her ass and legs with cream as
well. She moaned, then used her remaining strength to
sit up and pull Mallya out from under her.
"Fuck me now," she said with sharp lust,
looking straight into his eyes.
Mallya sat up and pulled her cum-covered frame from the
floor, wrapped his arms around the beautiful starlet
and kissing her fully. She moaned, pulling on his
hardening cock, then stared into his eyes again.
Unable to resist, he shoved her onto her back on his
fancy leather couch, the cum coating her back, ass,
and legs smearing onto it so that Deepika slid sexily
towards him. Tits bouncing, she leaned back and spread
her smooth legs wide open. He approached her and bent
down, gripping her soft legs and placing them on his
shoulders, then pushing them all the way back against
her tits as he set his now-hardening cock at her wide
open pussy.
"Fuck me fuck me fuck me," she moaned under her
breath, closing her eyes and spreading her thighs as
wide as she could. Mallya couldn't believe his luck. He
was going to give her the development deal anyway, and
had figured he'd try his luck in fucking her cunt for
the hell of it. He shoved his cock into her in one
thorough stroke, and she cried out, arching her back,
tits rolling on her chest as he smashed her legs
against them.
She pushed her ass up at him, wrapping her calves
around his neck as he fucked her violently, reaching
up to wipe the sweat from her brow. She moaned every
time he thrust into her, his solid cock plugging her
cunt rhythmically and causing her clit to spasm
uncontrollably. She came twice more as he fucked her
steadily for ten straight minutes, draining her of all
energy as he neared the end. By this point he had
turned her over on the couch and was fucking her doggy
style, holding her body up with his own hands as she
was too tired to do so herself. Eyes closed, tits
heaving, she pushed her ass back at him again and
again until he announced he was cumming.He turned her over once
more, receiving one last sexy look of lust from her
before he soaked her pussy in cum. He spurted a dozen
times into her famous pussy, leaving her to curl up on
the couch and fall asleep, covered in sweat, cum, and
one check for $100,000, which he slapped on her firm,
soft ass. It had no problem sticking there.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses

It was 10 PM and she was due any minute. She had called me in day to ask if I would see her, she was a successful model, well not a supermodel, just some magazine and TV ads, and now she wanted to get into the movies. What better way to make it into the movies than ask the extremely successful director who was known for giving newcomers a chance. I was not known for that alone...

Just then there was a knock on the door. I walked up to it and opened it wide to find her standing there. I had seen her photos of course, but she looked so lovely in person. She was wearing a small, black, strappy top with centimeter-thick black straps, deep plunging neckline leaving half of her full breasts visible to the naked eye, the top not reaching too much lower than her breasts leaving half of her flat belly bare. Then there was the skirt, a dark blue, shining material skirt, tight enough to conform to her gorgeous curves and thin enough to wrinkle with every little movement of her lithe body, reaching maybe 6 inches below her waist. Loose black hair, flowing softly in the night air, she lifted a hand to push the hair back from her face revealing nice smooth, shaved armpit and a soft silky bandanna on her left writst that was white and blue and pink in colors with red lines but was matching so beautifully with her outfit.

I was still admiring her semi-naked body in the skimpy, sexy outfit when she spoke,

"Good evening, sir. My name is Katrina Kaif..I ..I talked to you on the phone...?"

"Yes, yes, come on in Katrina.." as she walked in ahead of me, I saw that her tight skirt hugged and squeezed her ass cheeks together just like the top was doing to her tits. The top didn't make any real effort to cover up her back, leaving it bare almost completely. So, she had heard about my other reputation also...exploiting young wannabe-heroines...

"Take a seat" she walked over to a couch and sat down, crossing her long sexy and bare legs in a slow, deliberate motion. I licked my lips before asking,

"Would you like a drink, Katrina?"

"Er..thank you sir, scotch and soda will be nice. Thank you."

I made her drink and handed it to her, standing over her, looking down her small, revealing top. She did not make any haste taking the drink away from my hand, giving me all the time to look at her breasts as I wanted. This girl knew the score for sure...

I sat down on the glass topped coffee table in front of her, my silk nightgown making a swishing sound as I picked up a pen to twiddle while I talked to her.

"So, Katrina, do you have any experience in acting?"

"Only the modelling assignments sir, and what I did in school. But I am willing to learn. I will do anything to get a role in your movie." Well, that was the way to talk.

I put a hand on her soft bare leg and caressed softly as I explained to her, "Look Katrina, I like my heroines very sexy and very obedient. Now you look ok," I let my eyes move up and down on her body, "but can you be the director's girl?"

She met my eyes frankly, "Yes, sir, I can be very obedient. Just give me a chance."

The pen flew out of my hand and landed on the floor in front of the bar. "Get that for me, will ya?"

"Sure, sir!" She placed her glass on the table and walked over, her ass so tight and firm in that tight, skimpy skirt as she walked on 5" spike heels. She kept her legs open as she bent over to pick up the pen and I got a nice, clear view of her tight pussy with the pussy lips so soft and panties at all. Nice! As she walked back towards me, she smiled sweetly knowing well that I had enjoyed her little show. Standing before me she offered me the pen, "here it is, sir", instead of holding the pen I took hold of her hand and pulled towards me forcing her to bend over, her face just an inch from me, looking directly into her big, black eyes, I put my left hand on her ass and caressed the soft bare skin under the skirt, squeezing the round, firm ass cheek finding it tight and firm. "That's a nice ass baby, why don't you show it to me properly" I gestured towards the couch. She was willing enough, "Yes sir" She put her hands on the back of the couch and bent over spreading her legs shoulder width, her perfectly round ass almost all bare offered submissively to me to do anything I wanted. I slapped her ass lightly, "Spread 'em wider, girl"

"Yes, sir, sorry." She complied and I could see her pussy through her wide open legs, and there was already a film of juices on her tight pussy slit. I grabbed her soft round ass cheeks and squeezed them pulling them apart a little and she said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm". Moving my thumbs deeper in her tight ass crack I opened her ass wider, and man, it was such a perfect ass, "Oh God!" she said as she felt the pressure on her ass. Moving my hands higher on her ass I softly caressed her bare waist then her soft, warm back, her top doing nothing to hide her gorgeous body. My thumbs continued massaging her bare spine as I moved up higher and higher on her back. As she felt my thumbs massaging her spine at the back of her neck, she also felt my hard long rod press on her ass between her tight, firm ass cheeks, "aaaaah" she gasped.

I kept grinding the hard cock on her ass through the thin silk nightgown and reached under her to hold the full, soft perky tits of her in my hands. I started to knead and squeeze her soft tits, feeling them harden in my hands while I pinhched and rolled her hardening nipples in my thumbs and forefingers, all she could say was "mmmm, aaaaaah....oh god!" and then I started humping her, dry ****ing her firm tight ass with my hard rod through the thin nightgown. Her moans turned to grunts. My breath was hot on her neck as touched the tip of my tongue behind her ear, then pulling her earlobe with my lips, sucking it lightly. She groaned, "Oh God! I am sooooo wet, sir!"

"How wet, baby?" I asked with another thrust on her ass with my hard cock.

"Like, I want to feel your hot hard cock ramming my wet cunt right now! Please!"

"Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

"Get up and stand straight before me, legs should be wide open."

"Yes, sir!"

She stood before me, straight, long sexy legs wide open, face flushed with horniness. Her pussy juices flowing down her sexy, smooth thighs past the hem of her short micro skirt. Reaching between her legs I smoothly inserted my long middle finger up into her tight wet pussy hole, feeling her tight cunt clutch my hard thick finger. I hooked the long finger in her cunt and pulled her towards me. She grunted and came really closer with it.

"Being my heroine means being my slut, doll. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Please, sir, it would be an honour to be your slut. Please make me your slave and slut? Aaaaaah"

I pulled my finger out and rammed it really hard into her tight wet cunt which made her punctuate her sentence with a long lip-biting scream. My cock was so hard it was clearly visible as poking through the nightgown.

"Take your clothes off."

"Yes, sir" I watched with hungry eyes as she took the small strappy top off and her full, soft breasts came into view, hardened with desire, nipples erect. I hit one of her gorgeous perky nipple with my finger and she moaned with her hands on her skirt. She took the skirt off and stood with her legs wide open again after putting it on the coffee table on the top. Her pussy was comletely devoid of hair, her pussy lips puffy, making her cunt look really tight, and her whole pussy slit was slick with juices, which were now dripping on the floor.

I ordered her, "go to the bar and put your hands on the bar counter, bend over real nice, and keep those sexy long legs open wide."

She complied readily, and when I walked over to admire the view from behind her, I thought my cock would simple break off, it was that hard! She had a perfect ass, well-rounded, really firm and tight, small and so soft to the touch. I held her ass cheeks in my hands and kneaded them hard enough to make her groan loudly. Then I opened them with my thumbs almost touching her little tight asshole and rubbed her tight hole with one thumb. All she could say was,

"Oh god!" in a really tortured voice. At this moment every inch of her body was begging for release, she was feverish with heat of desire. I put my index finger's tip on her tight little hole and pushed it in, I had to push really hard to get my fingertip in.

"Ow, ow, please don't sir, it hurts!" I just pulled back a little and pushed harder, sinking two thick knuckles in her tight ass, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah", another pull-and-push stroke and my whole forefinger was buried in her ass to the accompaniment of another squeal, "Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd!!"

"Ever had your ass ****ed, Kat?"

"No, sir!"


"Ah, no sir! I am anal virgin!"

"Well, not for long." I murmured slowly.

"Oh, please sir, no, not in my ass. It'll hurt too much!"

I grabbed her soft, dark raven hair in my free left hand and whirled her around sharply so she was looking into my eyes with her head tilted up a little as my fingers gripped her silky hair tightly close to her head.

"Ouch! Ow, ow!"

"And do we care about that, girl?"

"No, sir!" A tear came to her eye as I kept her head in my tight grip.

"Here, you and I both care about only one thing - to make me happy and to keep me happy. Got it?"

She lowered her eyes,

"Yes, sir. I am sorry, sir!"

Another pull-out and push-in thrust into her ass and "Owwww!"

Then I started fingering her tight ass in and out with my finger, "how does that feel, slut Katrina?"

"Hurts sir, but feels strangely good too..." She said, her eyes meeting mine for a fraction of a second then lowered hers again.

"So where will you get ****ed?" I rubbed it in.

"Anywhere you like, sir!"

"And in you ass?" I was putting her in her place.

"You can **** my ass anytime you like sir, and anyway. I am your slut to be used as you please."

I took my finger out of her ass and pointed to the floor, "Look what you did to my floor."

There were drops of her pussy juices on the floor between the couch and the bar.

"I am sorry, sir." She lowered her head.

"Clean it up. Get down on your knees, and lick it clean."

"Lick Do I have to sir? I mean, I could use a cloth or even my dress.....please?"

"Quick before I get mad and you get a punishment."

"Yes, sir."

She got down on her knees and lowered her head, then lifted it again, looking at me pleadingly, "Please sir, don't make me do it. It feels so dirty!"

"That's good for you, because you are a dirty slut."

I put my right elbow on the bar, leaning back on it, and put my right foot on her mouth, my big toe on her soft luscious lips.

"Lick it"

She looked at me, eyes begging to let her be a human slut and not make her like a bitch, but I left her no choice, I nodded. She started licking my toe, slowly at first, then more thoroughly, taking the whole big toe in her mouth and sucking it good.

"Now, the floor." I ordered.

"Yes, master."

She gingerely lowered her head closer to the floor until she was almost level with it, then slowly pushed out her tongue and started licking the drops of her pussy juices from the floor. As she moved on from splash to splash her ass wsa raised in such a nice tempting way, her legs parted revealing her tight hot pink ass hole, making it hard for me to grab her right there and **** her ass but I had better control on myself than that. Training begins from day 1, is my rule.

By the time she'd cleaned the drops all the way to the couch, there were fresh splashes from her pussy on the floor. I pointed to those when she looked up at me expectantly, "Work your way back here." This time there was no argument or protest, she simply started licking like she was a cum-thirsty bitch and not a gorgeous model, a dark-haired goddesss, nightly fantasy of men everywhere. Her nice, round ass peeking so invitingly from under her short skirt, her pussy lips visible, slick and juicy, her juices dripping down her thighs. When she came closer, licking each and every drop of her pussy juices from the floor, I grabbed her soft hair and pulled her up, guiding her to the bent over position on the bar again. I ran my hands down her bare abck and her waist, touching and prodding her like I owned her, and I did, right from this moment I owned this sexy young slut who had a gorgoues body that would make any guy's mouth water, and she was all mine for the taking. I slapped her soft buttock and snapped a short order, "Get naked".

"Yes, master!"

Her dress was not hiding anything much anyway but when she took off the two short pieces of clothes, her totally naked body looked inviting and exciting, especially as I felt the power over her, she was my property, mine to use or abuse anyway I liked. Without waiting another second I had her bend over the bar, totally naked as I shed my own nightgown and taking out my huge, hard, erect cock I put it on her pussy slit and rubbed the pre-cum wet cockhead on her tight, dripping wet pussy slit. Just as I pressed the swollen hard, hot cockhead on her tight little cunt hole, her body twitched violently and her pussy erupted in a hot stream of cum while she scream, "I am cumming, oh damn, oh god, please **** me, sir! Please!!" My cockhead was already entering her wet, spurting cunt, I pressed hard and rammed the whole long thick rod deep into her tight, luxurious wet cunt. I pulled out half of it and then rammed it deeper and harder causing her to grunt like an animal, "unggh, ow, please, sir!" The harder I ****ed her the more she came. It seemed like she couldn't stop cumming. I kept slamming her tight hot cunt harder and harder, rocking her young, slim, well-endowed body with each forceful thrust. The throbbing in my rockhard cock was getting more intense as I grabbed her full tits and started kneading them hard, making her squirm and moan and scream. Her nipples were so hard now, like protruding steel points, until I took them in my thumbs and forefingers and crushed them flat, causing a sharp, long scream from her soft, moist lips, "Owwwwww god! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Just then I touched the tip of my tongue on her spine and licked up her bare spine. That just drove her crazy and her pussy erupted into fresh waves of cum making a big puddle on the floor. As I felt my own climax not too far, I started ramming her tight wet cunt harder, using powerful, deep-penetrating thrusts eliciting horny, animal-like grunts and screams from her, and then I exploded so hard in her pussy, filling her tight cunt with my hot wet cum. Another orgasm hit her body then as I kept ****ing her juicy wet cunt hard with every spurt of my sperm shooting into her pussy. With every stroke of my hard throbbing cock into her tight cunt I kept flooding her hot tight love-hole with my seed, our bodies shaking with uncontrollable passion, a wild electricity flowing through my hard rod and setting her lovely, soft body on fire. Presently the fires subsided and I pulled out my semi-hard cock from her pussy.

I ordered her to clean my cum-soaked cock and she obediently got down on her knees and started licking my wet member slowly, relishing the taste of our mixed cum. I felt so good, having this gorgeous model suck my cock, the lips that created erections when on TV, wrapped around my cum-dripping cock, sucking like she was just a little cock-sucking slut. She cleaned it completely and still kept sucking my monster cock which was again hard in her mouth. Her pace increased, she started sucking my hot cock furiously. But I had other ideas. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back, tilting her head up, her eyes looking directly into mine. "Now go and clean yourself, the bathroom is there. Then I want you to come to the bedroom, I want to **** your ass before I sleep tonight." She winced as I mentioned ****ing her tight virgin ass but said, "Yes, sir!"

"Then I may want to use you at night, when I wake up."

"Yes, master. Any time you want, I am yours to own and use anyway you like!"

And I did use her all night, ****ing her ass, which was so tight and exciting and also her tight little cunt, several times.I recognized Rati the moment she walked into my big, spacious drawing-room, she had been a pretty unforgettable sexy little thing in her time and she was still nothing to scoff at, as she walked with that sexy lilting gait that made her transparent, yellow saree swish between her legs so provocatively, making me wonder if she was wearing anything under that thin, blue-flower-printed saree. Her blouse was even sexier, just a small, thin bra-size blouse in golden, sparkling style, with thin invisible straps that left her perfectly round shoulders on display and the v-neck showed more cleavage than it hid. As she came effortlessly into my arms and I put my right hand on her back I realized the blouse was nothing but a thin strip at the bottom and same thin straps crossing each other, the fabric was so thin I could feel her nipples pressing on my chest. A bra was out of the question in that tiny blouse, I caressed her bare back and put my other hand on her bare waist, feeling her soft flesh with my warm hands as she moaned with pleasure hugging me back with the same intensity. Then her lips were on my and she was kissing me wantonly, to which I replied by pushing my tongue into her mouth and sucking her soft wet tongue hungrily. I deliberately kept my hand away from her well-rounded ass and concentrated on kissing her back with a fervour that would have her begging for mercy. She grabbed my butt with her hand and pushed her crotch into my cock and I got my question answered that she was not wearing anything at all under that saree as I felt her tight pussy slit rubbing on my rapidly hardening cock. That's what I wanted to know, she did want something from me.

Finally, after sucking each other's mouth for more than 3 minutes we broke the kiss. "Hi, Rati" I said

"Hi, Sexy" She replied breathlessly.

I escorted her to the nearest couch with my hand on her bare waist and before she sat down I moved my hand to her round ass and found it nice and firm as I squeezed her soft ass cheek. She sat down very close to me, I could not only feel her soft body and its heat, but also her heady perfume was exciting me putting thoughts in mind of hot long ****ing sessions and hard earth-shaking orgasms. But first I wanted to know what was on her mind.

Her thigh was pressing against mine and my right hand was on her bare back, caressing, pressing gently. She leaned into me and licked my ear, softly pulling at my earlobe as she whispered, "I want to present something to you."

"Uh, huh, bring it on!" I said playing with her thin strap on her back.

"Come on in, baby" She called out.

I recognized her daughter also. Amisha had been a one-movie star very recently. After giving a one super-duper hit movie she had unfortunately not been able to repeat that in subsequent movies. A fact, that a hot-shot director like me could change. No girl that I had directed had ever failed to become the sensation of Bollywood. All this went through my mind in a flash as this lovely young dark-haired beauty entered with her long legs exposed in that light greenish dress, reaching about 3 inches below her pussy, thin invisible straps that met behind her neck were keeping the dress together, the plunging neckline giving a nice, deep insight into the valley between her perky tits, I could see her nipples poking through the dress which said several things, the dress was thin, it was very tight, she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard.

Moving gracefully with long, sexy and bare legs, she came to stand before me and said in a sugar-sweet voice, "Hello sir!"

My hand was still on Rati's bare back, now she leaned to me again so her soft breast was pressing on my side, put her hand on my thigh really close to my hard rod trapped in my pants, and whispered in my ear, "She's all yours, to do as you please!"

Ok, now things were more clear. I knew what they wanted, stardom for Amisha, and they knew what I'd take and they were ready to strike a bargain if I was willing. Sweet!

I stood up, eyes taking stock of this young, gorgeous girl, with black eyes and pouty lips, I put one hand on her shoulder near her neck, caressing her soft skin gently, and then trailed a finger slowly down her bare chest to rest it between her full breasts trapped in that tight dress. Her tits were pressed together so my finger was touching both her tits as it stayed wedged there, I pulled softly, making her lean towards me and leaned forward to slowly lick her soft full lips with my tongue entering her mouth for a quick lick. She was sooooo honey-sweet.

"Turn around"

"Yes, sir" She very obediently turned around and then put her hands on her knees at my next command. As I had thought, the dress left her whole back bare, right up to the ass, except for her silky soft, black hair hanging loose on her back. I lifted them in one hand and let them drop down in front over her left shoulder. Then I could freely caress her bare back, touch the soft skin with my rough demanding fingers, rubbing her spine with my thumbs, my fingers squeezing her soft flesh. My hands moved slowly down her body, on her bare waist, then her tight, firm ass, clad in that thin, soft, tight dress. The dress was so short I could feel the bottoms of her ass cheeks bare with my fingers as I squeezed her tight firm ass, pulling those perfect round buttocks apart a little. She moaned a little, and then a little more when she felt my thick long finger entering her soft, tight pussy hole. I looked at Rati, "She's wet!". "Well, she's a very excitable girl." She replied calmly.

"You have such a lovely, young, tight body honey. How much experience do you have in having it ****ed?"

"Not a lot sir, but some." She blushed in saying that. Oooh, she was still innocent and sweet, not yet a slut. Again a fact I could remedy without any trouble. "Let me see you **** my finger with that sweet tight pussy of yours, baby."

She obediently started moving back and forth on my finger, taking it deep into her slick tight cunt.

"Harder" Her pace increased, and so did the penetration of her cunt, her moans got longer as she ****ed her own cunt on my hard long finger.

"Stop", it took her some effort to stop at just that point but she did stop with a groan. I could train her. "Rati, come here" I ordered, "On your knees, here"

She went to her knees behind Amisha and I pulled out my soaked finger from Amisha's pussy and held my hand before Rati's mouth, "Clean them".

"Yes, master"

Rati started licking her daughter's cum from my fingers like a good little slut. I used my free left hand to circle Amisha's narrow waist and pulled her closer to me, my knee between her legs and her bare back pressed against my side. I dug my teeth into her soft neck, biting her soft flesh, sucking her on her soft neck and listening to her passionate moans even as her mother licked her pussy juices from my fingers. Abruptly I released her from my grip followed by a snappy order, "on that table, doll, hands on the top, ass pushed back, legs spread wide, now"

"yes, sir" She assumed the position very nicely, her wet pussy visible in that skimpy dress and with her legs spread wide I could see her pussy lips open a little.

I looked Rati at my feet, "Stand up" She did. "Take the same position, opposite her."
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
"Yes, master"

I walked over to stand behind Rati, as she bent over the same table opposite her daughter. As Amisha looked on, I slowly and deliberately dropped Rati's soft, transparent palloo down in on the table in front of her and started licking up her bare spine starting close to her ass and moving up slowly. The higher my hot tongue moved on her spine, the louder she moaned and squired uncontrollably. I grabbed her soft yet firm ass in both hands and kneaded her firm ass cheeks hard, causing her moans to become deeper. Then moving my hands to front I grabbed hard with one big hand between her legs, at the same time pressing my hard rod on her ass, my hard long cock pressing right between her ass cheeks on her tight ass crack forcing it open. "Oh Godddd!" She breathed loudly. I saw a shiver go through Amisha's body to see her mom react that way to my handling. Putting my lips near Rati's neck I started sucking and biting her soft flesh while I put my right hand on her pussy grabbing it through the thin saree and my left on her soft tits, ravaging the blouse as I kneaded her hardening tits and her erect nipples. Pressing my hard cock on her ass I started humping her, dry ****ing her ass making her go, "Oh God, I am so wet" and then "Please, my pussy is ruining my saree with the juices, **** me please." In reply I just licked her ear and gave her another thrust of my hard cock on her ass, "Aaaah, please master, please **** me now." She begged.

Moving with deliberate slowness, I proceeded to undo Rati's blouse straps and then dropped it on the table between the mother and daughter. Her palloo being down Rati's nice full breasts came into view, proud and erect with the nipples pointing forward. I grabbed them in my big, rough hands and gave them a rough kneading that made Rati moan and groan squirming her ass on my cock. Then I left her groaning and went to stand behind Amisha. Slowly I pushed my long middle finger up into her tight wet cunt, hearing her gasp as she felt the thick finger open her small cunt hole and penetrated deep inside. As I started pushing it in and out of her she started to move her ass back and forth, wanting to take the long finger deeper and deeper into her hungry cunt. The girl was in heat, needing release desperately, "Pleeeeeeeeze, please sir" . I pulled my finger out completely. She wasn't going to get it. Not yet.

"Get naked, both of you!"

Rati took off her saree and threw is aside, revealing her sexy long legs, her thighs wet with her dripping pussy. Amisha shed her skimpy revealing dress and her young tight pussy was dripping a lot too. In the meantime, I had gotten rid of my clothes and Rati licked her lips at the sight of my hard, long, erect cock and Amisha went down on her knees and tried to take the throbbing rod into her mouth but I grabbed her soft hair and jerked her head back making her head tilt up. "Be patient, slut."

"She does need training, sir" Rati said, excusing her daughter's behavior, "but who can be patient with that delicious cock in sight....mmm"

"But you both want to be ****ed, who do I **** first, hmmm let me think. Ok, whoever has the wetter pussy will get it first. Come, both of you stand here before me, with your legs spread wide."

They both stood there before me, long sexy legs spread wide, tight hot pussies wet and dripping." I pushed my left hand's middle finger up into Amisha's tight slick cunt, all the way deep, she moaned with her head tilted up and her soft, luscious lips wide open. The right hand's middle finger I slid up Rati's wet pussy, she bit her lip with lust in her eyes. I fingered both tight pussies with my fingers, realizing I was driving them insane with lust by the amount of water they were oozing, their moans and grunts filling the room.

"Oh, I can't judge which cunt is wetter. I don't' know who to **** first." I was playing with them and they both groaned in despair, "Please sir, please **** me." Both begged like hot sluts for my hard cock.

"Ok, ok, tell you what, whoever has the tighter ass".

"Ok sir"

"Turn around, both of you, hands on the table, legs open wide."

They quickly complied, eager for a ****. Oooh, those sexy tight asses presented to me so submissively, I placed my middle fingers on their ass holes this time and pushed in. As half of my thick long fingers, pushed into their asses, the mother and daughter grunted, "unghhhhh!" My cock got harder, throbbing so wildly. I pushed in again and my right middle fingers got buried to the hilt in Rati's tight ass but Amisha's young tight ass still too tight to go in so deep.

"Ok, Amisha wins, she does have the tightest ass."

"She has never had it ****ed sir, I have had a lot of ass ****ing from you when I was your slut in my time." Rati explained.

"Go opposite her and bend over, Rati".

She went over to the opposite side of the small, round table and watched as I placed my hard pre-cum wet cockhead on Amisha's tight ass and rubbed my cock juices on her small hole. Grabbing Amisha's soft, perfectly round shoulders, I pushed in and 2 inches of my hard thick cock entered her hot little ass, "Ungggghghhhh! Ahh, sir!" She moaned and grunted. I pulled out an inch and pushed harder, penetrating her tight ass deeper, Rati, getting all hot watching Amisha's cute face getting distorted as she got her ass ****ed for the first time. With each thrust I entered her Amisha a little deeper, her grunts and groans getting louder as my strokes got more forceful, reaching deeper into her small hot hole. Then with a really hard strokes I buried my throbbing hard cock all the way deep into her ass and she screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please sir! Have mercy on me!" In response, I pulled out half of my throbbing cock and pushed in harder, my wet cockhead reaching so deep into her tight ass. "Oh god, yes, yes, **** me, please!"

I continued ****ing her in a nice in and out rhythm, her young tight body so soft and perfumed under me as I rammed her ass with my thick hot cock. Each thrust eliciting more moans from her, and then her pussy burst into a hot flow of cum. "Aaaah, yes, I am cumming...aaaah." She spurted in wave after wave of hot cum flowing onto her legs and on the floor. But I was yet to cum and there was a slut needing a hard ****, so I moved in behind Rati and without any preamble just rammed my hard long cock deep into her wet, waiting cunt.

"Aaah, thank you sir, oh yess..**** me please". I started ****ing her wet cunt in such a hard deep strokes that with each stroke her body pushed forward on the table. She didn't even last as long as Amisha before she screamed, "Yes, yes, I want to cum, please **** me harder" and then her pussy exploded in hot waves of cum, and I kept pumping her tight juicy cunt with my hard cock until it exploded deep in her wet cunt and started filling her tight little cunt with my hot sperm. "Oh yes, cum in me, give it to me, yes, yes, aaah..." I kept ramming her cunt until my hot cock got a little softer, then I pulled it out and told them both to get on the floor and lick my cock clean. As both Amisha and Rati licked my semi-hard, cum-soaked cock from both sides, I caressed their head playing with their soft silky hair feeling good about having two sexy, slutty bitches to serve me. After they cleaned my cock, I made them clean each other's cum from the floor with their tongues and watched their sexy asses in the air as they licked the floor clean.

"Now go into the bathroom and clean yourselves. Come back soon, and no clothes."

"Yes, sir."

"Ok, sir"

When they came back, clean and dry, I made them kneel down before me with my right foot between Rati's legs and my left foot between young Amisha's legs. I put one hand on each of their soft cheeks and looked into Rati's eyes, my thumb playing with her soft cheek and her luscious lips as I said, "I want you to stay here with your daughter, Rati. You can help train your daughter as a good slut and re-live the days when you were my slut living in this house."

"Mmmmmmmmmm, thank you sir. It would be an honor and my pleasure. And thank you for this orgasm. I needed it so badly. My pussy had been tinkling ever since I made the plan to come here with Amisha." She blushed a little.

"You are welcome doll, and you'll get a lot more orgasms like this while you are here."
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses

This is the story of Arati, my favourite lover. She is 23, fair, with 36 B breasts and an ample ass. She has the biggest anus I have ever seen. It is purple, smooth, and very tight.

Arati lives in Kerala. She owns a house on one of the many beaches there, which she rents out to a select few. It is a cosy beach-house completely isolated from the eyes of the prying world. And its occupants over the years have been the who's who of India.

Like any hormonally active woman, Arati has had her share of men and women. In college, her roommate, Priya, was her devoted lover but she had flings with some other men and women too on the side. Her current lover is Ranjitha, her teacher. How cool is that? To have your teacher as your ****-mate!

Ever since they had done Jism, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu had fallen in love with Kerala. Arati's house was just the right thing for them, and they leased it exclusively for their use throughout the year. This turned out to be a favourable arrangement for Arati, not just because the money was good but also because she just loved John and Bips. They just had to be the hottest couple around. John with his Hispanic looks, shoulder length hair, chiselled chest and a nice 8 inch piece of meat between his legs, and Bips with that dusky skin, 36 D breasts, washboard abs, legs that seemed to run forever and an ass that craved attention seemed to have been made for each other.

John had just come out of the bath, and had a towel wrapped around his waist. His strong body was still dripping water. As he turned his back to the door to face the dresser, Arati entered the room with some food. She knew she should turn back and come at a later time but John's sheer masculinity stopped her. She put the tray on the stand, and watched.

She saw him go through his ritual - comb his hair, apply musk, the whole deal. Then he dropped his towel. Arati almost let out a moan. God, if his bare back was lethal, then his ass was fatally gorgeous. It was indeed a fine specimen - waxed and devoid of all hair, the curvature was just perfect. He suddenly turned around, and saw her looking at him.

"What the **** is this?" John demanded, without bothering to cover himself up.

Arati could not speak. She was still absorbing the magnificent sight in front of her. His torso was muscular, and his abdomen just perfect. She looked lower, and there it was. Shooting out from between his legs was the most beautiful male organ Arati had ever seen, and she has seen quite a few of those. It was big, should at least grow to 8 inches when fully engorged, completely shaven, and uncircumcised. She was not sure if her mind was playing tricks on her but she could swear she saw his cock rise a little.

John caught Arati by her hair, and pulled her face close to his. She could feel his hot breath on her face and his pecker between her legs as he spoke:

"What is all this? Are you not supposed to knock, you bitch?"

Arati finally found her voice, "I am sorry John. I should have but I just lost control of my senses and?"

"And you decided to feast" John cut her off "Let me see if you are only good at observing or there are some other tricks you can perform."

John made Arati kneel before him. Arati looked up, and the sight of his manhood greeted her. Automatically her mouth opened as she swallowed him and her hands went to work.

"Ahhh" John moaned "Damn, you are a cock-sucking slut! You love this, don't you bitch? Come on, give it to me. Give it all to me."

"Just what is it that my boyfriend is up to here?" Bipasha demanded.

She had come back from her walk on the beach, and was surprised at the scene that lay before her. Since the beach was virtually private, she had gone out only in her hat and sunglasses. Boy, this woman was hot! Her full-body tan had made her appear much more desirable than she already was. She stood there naked, her legs slightly parted, her breasts rising and falling with every breath.

Arati was startled. She pulled away but one look at Bipasha's body and she could not stop gawking again. Bipasha walked to John, and the two of them exchanged a passionate kiss. Arati was confused.

Bipasha continued, "So tell me, lover, what is she doing with your meat?"

"Bips, darling, this woman here is a slut. She was watching me change, and did not even have the decency to run out when I had dropped all my clothes." John replied.

Bips smiled, "Aww John. Don't blame her. Remember what I went through on the sets of Jism when I felt your cock through your pants? You had to take me on the sets to keep me from going insane." She held his cock in her hands, gave him a deep kiss, and continued, "This is a lovely cock, my darling. And any woman has the right to lose her senses over it."

Arati was amazed at how open their relationship was. As she saw John and Bipasha kiss, with Bipasha holding his cock that was hard due to the efforts Arati had made a while ago, she felt her crotch begin to cream. Arati was not able to decide who the hotter of the couple was. But she knew that if given a choice she would pick Bips any day.

"Come here, woman!" Bips commanded. "Let me see what you got."

Now there are many things that I love about Arati. But what I love in her the most is her complete aversion to wearing underwear. She just does not believe in wearing them ever - even if she is wearing a loose tank top she lets her breasts about free. When Bipasha was done stripping my lover off her jeans, she could not stop looking at Arati's crotch.

Arati tells me that she had not shaved her cunt for about a week before the event. I don't know how many men or women are the hair kind but I love my women both ways. I love Arati especially more if she does not shave. She has a tremendous growth down there, and one week of uninterrupted progress means that her thatch would have hair almost three inches long. And it would be thick too.

Bipasha bit her lower lip, and ran her tongue over her lips. For a while both Bipasha and John absorbed the sight of Arati. Whatever doubts Arati had of John's peter getting hard were all dispelled when she saw it shoot straight up, saluting her. Yes, they had seen many women naked between them but Arati is quite something else. Arati has the body of Raveena with the face of Rekha and the sexual craving of Manisha. She is every person's fantasy woman.

Then the bell rang.

"Maderchod (mother****er)!" Bipasha swore. "Who the **** could that be?" She looked at John, "One of yours?"

John had already decided to answer the door. He walked to the door naked, and held it ajar. Arati thought she had died and gone to heaven for through the door entered Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Rampal.

Arjun was not wearing much. Just swimming trunks that were two sizes too small - they barely covered his jewels. Had it not been for Priyanka's hand, some of Arjun's cock and balls would have been exposed. Arati had always imagined Arjun to have a huge dick. She was not disappointed. He was at least half an inch bigger than John.

Not that Priyanka was wearing much more. She had tied a sash around her waist such that the knot was exactly over her pubes. Otherwise her legs were completely bare. There was nothing beneath what she wore. She did not see any need to cover her breasts because Arjun's hands were doing a pretty good job.

"Yeh lo Bipasha (here, take this Bipasha)" Priyanka said "Sambhalo apni amaanat. Badi mushkil se iske laude par haath rakh kar ise bacha ke tumhaare liye laayi hoon. Tumhe pata nahi hai meri choot kitni taras rahi thi is sundar lund se apni pyaas bujhaane ke liye. (Take him. With great difficulty have I brought him to you, covering his cock with my hands. You have no idea how much my cunt wanted to be satiated by his long prick.)"

But by this time John had already staked claim on Arjun. His mouth was all over Arjun's cock, as John's fingers probed Arjun's anus. Not to be outdone, Bipasha put her tongue in Arjun's mouth and ran her fingers over the man's chest. Arjun's trunks were off, and the three naked individuals were huddled together kissing each other's mouths, standing. Soon Bipasha was on all fours, with John taking her ass and Arjun doing her generous mouth.

Meanwhile Priyanka was keenly observing Arati. Here is a hot woman who is all by herself fingering herself to an orgasm as she sees three of the hottest people in India **** the shit out of each other. What a waste of a beautiful piece of ass, she thinks.

She went to Arati and grabbed her big breasts. Arati stopped fingering and looked at Priyanka's luscious lips. Arati's lips parted and Priyanka closed her open mouth with hers. Arati's hands moved over Priyanka's naked bottoms, and she undid the knot of Priyanka's sash.

Priyanka put Arati on the floor and spread her legs. Then she lay on the floor herself, opposite Arati. Then Priyanka did the sexiest thing two women can ever do - she rubbed her cunt against Arati's quim. A few rubs were all it took for Arati to start cumming. Arati is a multi-orgasmic woman, and she discharges a lot of juices. This time was no different as the Miss India from Bareilly ****ed her cunt well.

Arati could see that Priyanka's eyes were closed as she bit her upper lip when an orgasm seared through her body. Her milky white breasts now exposed seemed to have a rhythm of their own as they swayed from side to side, matching every rubbing motion her cunt made against my lover's twat.

A few feet away Bipasha had passed out due to the sheer intensity of her orgasm. She lay naked on the floor, curled up in the foetal position. Arjun had had John on his back on the huge bed and had spread his legs. Arjun's big cock was on a rampage - going in and out of John's tight anus. John's cock was rock hard, and he was masturbating while Arjun violated his arse hole.

I do not know whether it was this magnificent sight or Priyanka's cunt but Arati tells me that she counted ten orgasms in about ten minutes. Now if Arati could count ten that means she surely missed out the three or four others that she must surely have had. Priyanka is not multi-orgasmic, but Arati suddenly felt her cum very quickly after she came the first time, and this time was much stronger. One look at the door, and Arati knew why.

Manisha 'the slut' Koirala had just come in. John had not bothered to lock the door this time. Why bother to do that when you have thrown a **** party? Manisha is a full woman - with big boobs, ass and nice smelly underarms. Yes, her armpits smell but that smell works like an aphrodisiac. Also, Manisha farts. Farts a lot, almost at will. She knows that her farts turn people on. She had not bothered to come dressed.

As soon as Arjun and John saw Manisha's naked body they stopped ****ing and stood in front of her, their heads bowed in respect and each had one hand on her breast. Manisha shook both their dicks simultaneously. Manisha looked at the passed out Bips disapprovingly.

She said, "Yeh randi aise kyon so rahi hai is samay, behenchodon (why is this slut sleeping like this, you sister ****ers)?"

Then Manisha turns Bipasha on her back, and squats on her open mouth. Arati came at the sight of the fairer big-bottomed woman sitting on the face of the dusky open-legged one. She adjusted her anus to be right over Bips' open mouth and let a big fart rip. The room was filled with Manisha's pungent anal gases.

Bipasha nearly choked, and woke up with a start. She coughed and gagged a little. Manisha was in no mood to relent - she started to pee in Bipasha's mouth and made her drink all of her warm, yellow liquid.

With Bips fully awake Manisha spoke, "Now that I have your attention, what the hell do you think you were doing, you bitch? How dare you pass out in my presence like that?"

Manisha kicked Bipasha in her groin, and spat on her face. Bipasha squirmed in pain. Manya spread herself on the floor and Bipasha's mouth went to work on her cunt. Bipasha prefers cocks over cunts - one of the very few women in Bollywood who does that. Even so, she is a fantastic pussy eater. Just imagine how good she is at sucking cock then! Her tongue moved in and out of Manisha's vagina and her fingers rubbed her clitoris.

While Bipasha was eating her out, she had managed to get into the all-fours position - her ass was up in the air, and her legs were spread wide. Arati got a wonderful view of her legs and ass until suddenly a naked man's fine bottoms obscured her view. The bottoms belonged to Akshay Kumar, and he was gamming his boots into Bipasha.

Unobserved on his entry, he had managed to find just the perfect spot for himself. As Akshay made the best of the situation, his consort, Rekha was surveying the room. She was dressed just right for the occasion - a black strap-on ten inch dildo dangling between her legs.

Akshay is among the luckiest sons of bitches in the industry. It is hard to understand how he has the hottest of women wrapped around his dick. It is not big - just a regular six and a half incher. He cannot use it well - the longest he ever lasted was in a session with Konkana Sen Sharma, which does not say much anyway, and that was only for about four minutes. He is more into men than women - from the likes of Tushar Kapoor to Sonu Nigam. What is it that he has that no one has to offer?

Arati knew soon enough. Akshay has a killer of an ass - velvety smooth, waxed, rounded and inviting. When Rekha bent him over the body of Bipasha and rammed herself into his gaping ass hole, Arati's doubts were dispelled. Akshay was a born sub, just the kind of puppy any dominatrix would want for herself. Arati's cunt ached as she saw Rekha take the one man she had had many a wet dreams of.

Bipasha's mouth was open as screams of pain and pleasure got past her lips, her saliva dripping down to her ample breasts. In the far end of the room, Manisha was being serviced by John and Arjun - John taking her ass and Arjun doing her pussy good. Priyanka came over to Rekha and cupped the woman's white breasts. They felt harder than rocks, and Rekha closed her mouth on the younger of the pair.

All of this - Akshay's ramming into Bipasha, Rekha's doing him in the ass, and Arjun's and John's servicing Manisha - took not more than two and a half minutes. That was all the time that Akshay lasted. His now flaccid member left a trail of its hot liquid lava as it left the confines of Bipasha's anus. The cum flowed down the woman's legs, almost onto her knees. Now Arati knew two reasons why Akshay had his share of women. The man could cum like there was no tomorrow.

Rekha was still not through with Akshay and had now managed to bend him completely over with his heads between his legs. Arati had had it with watching, and made her way to the now gaping anus of Bipasha. She put her tongue in the wide open hole, and started rimming it. The taste of Akshay's cum mixed with Bips faeces was intoxicating. Without realising it herself, Arati had started eating Bipasha's shit, and she loved every bit of the semi-solid excreta.

Suddenly there was a chirpy laughter heard. Kareena Kapoor had just joined the party. But the slut had decided to come in fully dressed. Akshay was thrown off to the floor in a jiffy where he lay in the pool of his own shit that his split open ass hole could not contain. Manisha disengaged herself from the two men, and with Rekha she caught the offender by her hair.

Rekha was ballistic, "What kind of a bitch is she? Is this what she did when she joined her father in bed? Come in fully clothed? Or may be her mother kept her away from her father's pole and that is why she never learnt anything!"

Nothing more was said. Nothing more needed to be said. Rekha and Manisha were well known for punishing offenders of just this kind. Before Kareena could grasp the enormity of the situation, her clothes had been stripped off and the 24 year old slut of Bollywood stood there with her 36 C breasts, and 38 ass exposed. Besides Arati, she was the only person in the room with pubic hair.

Manisha grabbed Kareena by her pubic hair and brought her to the centre of the room.

Kareena yelped, "Aaaaargh! What the **** are you doing to me? You are going to brutalise my cunt, you whore!"

That was it. No one calls Manisha that, especially when John and Arjun, her Godsons, are around. Both the dicks stood up in instant attention and Kareena felt them both inside her anus at the same time. Her anus was ripped apart by two fat cocks, and her mouth was gagged by Rekha's dildo. She could not even let out a moan, leave alone a huge scream.

Kareena'a breasts were slapped around, her hair pulled, and her face doubled up as a spittoon for everyone present. The pain was incredible, but the effort to scream was too much for Kareena to make. She felt like crapping, but the two cocks plugged her hole. When she thought that she would pass out, the men, as if on cue, stopped. They were not going to afford her the luxury of unconsciousness.

Soon as the pulled out, the contents of her insides spilled out on to the floor. She lay there in a heap of her own poop, her face buried in a mass of parp. She felt something else move inside her. Then another moved. Her eyes bulged wide as she finally understood what was happening to her.

Rekha had put her hand all the way to her elbows into Kareena's open anus, and Manisha had done to same to her unopened vagina. It was stretched wide enough to let out a baby's head. A little wriggle later, the women drew their hands out and got them licked clean by Kareena.

Kareena had been completely violated now, and it would take her a few weeks to get back into a state where she could **** without giving the impression of a pencil going inside a train tunnel. Giving her strict instructions to clean the place up by the time they got back, the party moved to the beach - a bunch of buck-naked men and women in an orgy of extreme depravity.Not many know that Bollywood is home to some of the world's greatest hypocrites. Take for instance, Bhagyashree. She claims to be all Pativrata Naari and all, but the truth is that she is one of the most hedonistic women in the industry. She is not an isolated case. Most of our actresses are in the same league.

In fact, a lot of them are "available on the market", if you know what I mean. Simply put, if you have about Rs. 60 lakhs to spare you can bed Rani Mukherjee for the night. Others like Diya Mirza, Suman Ranganathan, Sameera Reddy, Shweta Menon, etc., come a lot cheaper. Anyway, that is a story I shall narrate some other day.

What I would like to narrate today is an account I heard from Sam. You know Sam. He is the luckiest man in the world - being the 'assistant' of Raveena Tandon his duties involve a lot of stuff that people would pay money for. But, I digress. He told me this incident between Bipasha and Preity that almost made me shoot my load in my pants.

Ebony and Ivory - no not the song but two women. Bipasha - tall, dark, and hot. She is neither plump nor thin - just perfect. She has beautiful brown breasts, long legs, a great mouth and, what I love most, an amazing ass. Oh, What I would do to run my hands over those wonderfully smooth ass cheeks! And Preity? Well, she is one of the very few actresses not available on the market, and that makes her much more desirable than those who are. Her breasts are milky white. Though smaller than Bipasha's, they are quite a handful. This is what I love about Indian breasts. They are naturally full and supple. Unlike Bipasha, her legs are a little stubby but then those inner thighs of hers are simply velvety in feel. Besides, just imagine how her dimple would look when she has a nice hard cock in her mouth! However, both women have one thing in common. They both have beautiful bottoms.

Here we have two women with contrasting attributes, their colours being the most prominent among them. Dark and fair. It is an unbeatable combination that two women desirous of coitus can have.

What brought these two nymphs together was a stage show in the US. So, how did Sam get to know of it? Because he was there. Stage show organisers know that to take top actresses means there is going to be trouble every once in a while. They all have bloated egos, and the only way they can be kept in check is by making sure they let all that steam out in mindblowing sex. So, it is normal for guys like Sam to accompany them on such tours.

This time it was particularly bad, and I must say if it had not been for Sam the stage show would have to be cancelled. Something like this happened. Preity was not happy with her costume because the one Bipasha wore showed a lot more breaasts and legs than hers. Not a major issue for a lot of costumes were available. But, Preity took the issue further and made bones about Bipasha being accorded preferential treatment. Then Bipasha threw a tantrum regarding Preity throwing her weight around, and everybody realised that the two women were in need of good old animal ****ing.

Sam brought the women together in his room and asked them both to wear their respective costumes. In spite of having seen a lot of dare-all bare-all acts, even Sam was amazed when the women appeared before him. They practically wore nothing. Bipasha was in a tight black leather mini skirt that was so short you could practically see her red thongs when she was standing. If she bent forward a little you could see where her legs joined her waist. All she had covering her breasts was a carelessly worn almost sheer black band of cloth. He could make out the impression of her black nipples and he figured that she was a little bit turned on by the whole deal.

If this was how Sam felt when he saw the glamorous Bipasha, he was completely overawed by Preity. This fair skinned beauty wore scarlet red leather shorts that were so tight Sam was certain she wore no panties for he could very clearly make out the lines of her pubes and the crack of her ass. They were so short, in fact, that they covered no more than what a pair of knickers would. Those white legs of hers seemed to invite anyone interested into those milky thighs of hers.

But, Sam could figure out why Preity was angry. Her top covered all her boobs, without showing even a hint of cleavage. His thoughts went back to the time when this had happened with Raveena, and she had had to share the stage with Aishwarya. What did Ravs do? Something only a woman of Ravs' confidence could. She went on stage, performed a few numbers and then simply, without any fuss, took her top off! The look on Ash's face had to be seen to be believed. She had the look of a woman who knows that the focus had suddenly shifted off her. Of course, Ash could never do what Ravs did. That kind of thing needs loads of attitude and very few women are blessed with that. And Sam knew that Preity could not "do a Raveena", as the move had come to be known as. Anyway...

Sam said, "OK Preity, you do have a problem. Why don't you do this? Get on stage with just a flimsy white bra on? That should have the audience enthralled."
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