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Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
01-13-2011, 08:40 PM
Post: #51
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
"Keep your mind on the road, Henry, not on my tits. We
want to get here alive, don't we?"

I cursed to myself and despite everything, I found myself
wondering if she had even put her tits back into her tube
top. I unconsciously slowed down to about 50 miles an
hour and came out of my reverie when the car behind me
blew its horn.

Again the intercom buzzed and Asin fired off another
shot. "I think you ought to speed up, Henry. We do want
to get there today. Don't make me give you a spanking!"

I quickly brought the car back up to speed, and flipped
on the air conditioning to combat the sweat pouring down
my face. Damn, this assignment was turning into a
nightmare. All I wanted was to finish the job and find
the nearest bar.

Traffic was normal for a Saturday afternoon and we were
making fairly good time. My passenger was quiet for
fifteen minutes or so and I started to think she had
tired of toying with me. Not hardly!

The intercom crackled once more. I was beginning to hate
the damn thing and found myself gritting my teeth as I
waited for her to speak.

"So, Henry, what other services you provide besides

I didn't say anything, afraid that whatever I said would
simply provide more ammunition for her to continue
teasing me. However, she wasn't willing to let things

"Henry, are you mad at me? I'm just playing with you,
sweetheart. Tell me you're not angry."

"No, I'm not mad, Miss Asin."

"Ooh, 'Miss Asin'. I like the way you say that. I
like any man that knows the ladies are in charge. Long as
a man does what I tell him, I won't hurt him much."

My mind was spinning now. I couldn't figure out what she
was trying to do. Was she just trying to see how far she
could push things or was she leading up to a proposal?
Nothing in my past experience had prepared me for this
and I was bewildered as to what to do or say. I finally
decided that I should just be patient and remind myself
that it was just a job.

I continued to make good time, probably because I was
exceeding the speed limit in my desire to finish my
assignment. Traffic had thinned out and I was able to set
the cruise control and relax a little bit.

We were about five minutes from her hotel now and I began
to breathe a little easier. She hadn't spoken in almost
20 minutes when the freaking intercom buzzed again. Her
voice was pitched a little different now and she seemed
serious when she spoke.

"So how's the action in this town, Henry?"

I named a few of the clubs that where currently popular
among the jet set and gave a brief rundown of each one. I
also identified a few restaurants, unsure what her
intentions were.

She sighed and spoke in a voice of pity, "Poor Henry. He
doesn't understand the difference between action and
dinner. Honey, you ever hear of sex? You know, the
horizontal mambo, doin' the nasty, getting' it on? I
think Asin got to do right by you. You don't get out

I sighed to myself, partly in frustration but mostly in
relief that the assignment nearly complete. I was pulling
up in front of the hotel now and the longest ride of my
life was almost over. I pulled to the curb and noticed
the bellhop was busy unloading a car ahead of me. Not
wanting prolong things any longer than necessary, I
hopped out and practically ran around the car to open her

She was sitting in the middle of the wide rear seat, and
I was glad to see she had covered herself up again. She
grinned at me and winked as her hands slid under her
miniskirt. To my utter astonishment, she lifted her hips
off the seat and slid a pair of panties down her legs.
One foot came out of the panties and she extended the
other leg towards me, pressing the sole of her foot
against my crotch and letting the underwear dangle from
her toes.

"Here's your tip, Henry. Take them with my compliments."

My jaw was gaped open and I numbly reached forward and
took the silky fabric in my hand. I stood there,
dumbfounded, as she slid towards the door. She very
deliberately brushed her tits against me as she stood up
and I felt my dick swelling in my pants. She gave my cock
a quick squeeze and told me to come up to her room in
half an hour if I wanted a bigger reward.

She called to the bellhop to come get her bags and turned
back to me. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered
to me in a sexy voice.

"If you do come up, Henry, I'll show you what I mean by
action. Only two rules: you do whatever I tell you to and
you wear those panties when you knock on my door. Room
617, half an hour."

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01-13-2011, 08:40 PM
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Then she turned and walked away without a backward
glance. My eyes were glued to her long legs and swaying
ass, now covered only by her tight yellow mini skirt. I
stood there like an idiot until the bellhop broke the
trance, asking me to open the trunk. I realized I was
still holding her underwear in my hand and quickly shoved
them in my pocket before letting him in to get Miss
Asin's luggage.

I climbed back behind the wheel and sat there, stunned
beyond belief. Had she really just invited me up to her
room? Granted, I had seen my job bring some action my way
in the past, but not like this. I thought about pinching
myself to see if I was dreaming and only reminded myself
that she had given my ass a solid pinch within a minute
of meeting me. I reached into my pocket and sure enough,
a tiny pair of lace panties were now in my possession.

The bellboy had long since finished unloading the trunk
and must have been annoyed that I was blocking the
driveway. I jumped in surprise when he knocked on my
window and I hastily balled the panties up in my hand. I
started the car and pulled out of the hotel,
automatically heading towards the dispatch office.

Something made me pull over to the curb. The entire
sequence of events since my arrival in Ventura ran
through my head. I thought of how she had flashed her
tits, and her comment that if a man did what she wanted,
she wouldn't hurt him much. I began to get an erection
and then the memory of her peeling off her panties and
extending her leg came into my head. I could almost feel
her tits brushing against me and her hand squeezing my
cock. I realized that I was sweating again and that my
cock was fully erect.

I was still puzzled by the whole thing and scared to
return to her hotel. I was equally afraid of missing the
chance to see what would happen in her room. I had been
with my share of women before but I had never felt so
overwhelmed by any of them. The whole episode had been
kind of humiliating but her blatant sexuality had kept me
strangely excited. For several moments, fear wrestled
with arousal and curiosity, and in the end, arousal and
curiosity carried the day.

I headed back to the hotel, very aware that almost 20
minutes had passed since she had extended her offer, or
challenge or ultimatum, whatever the hell it was. I
parked in the garage under the hotel and, feeling like a
fool, removed my own boxer shorts and put on the
underwear Miss Asin had given me.

They were thong type panties, made from satin or silk or
something. I had no trouble drawing them up to my waist,
but the tiny triangle in front didn't have much room for
my hard-on. The head of my dick poked out of the side and
what the fabric concealed was tightly confined. The
elastic band running between my ass cheeks felt pretty
weird and I couldn't believe I was sitting in a hotel
parking garage putting on women's underwear.

I realized I had to get a move on and hurriedly pulled my
pants back up, then tied my shoes, which I had removed to
get the pants off. I was sweating again, and used my
handkerchief to wipe off my neck and face. Then I walked
quickly to the elevator.

As I waited for a car to arrive, I realized that my
crotch was bulging with my erection and the silky fabric
rubbing against the head was keeping me stimulated. I
tried to think about something other than sex, but of
course that was impossible. I was hoping no one would
board the elevator, as my arousal would be obvious.

Naturally, two attractive women in the late twenties
boarded at the lobby level. They exited at the third
floor and I heard them giggle at some comment one of them
made. Although I had no way of knowing if I was the
subject of their laughter, I was humiliated at the whole
thing and was grateful to reach the sixth floor.

I half ran to the door of room 617 and took a few deep
breaths, trying to settle myself down. I thought briefly
of running back to the elevator and getting the hell out.
Was I nuts? Granted, Miss Asin was absolutely
beautiful but did I really want to subject myself to her
whims? My mind was still filled with doubt and my mind
seemed separated from my body as I watched my hand reach
out and knock on her door, timidly at first then with a
solid thump.

Nothing happened for a full minute and I was almost
happy, thinking she had changed her mind. Then the
feeling of my cock wedged into the tight panties I was
wearing reminded me that I was sexually primed and I
reconsidered. I reached out to knock again but before my
hand connected, the door swung open.

I inhaled sharply at the vision before me. She had
obviously showered during the previous half hour, as her
hair was still damp. She was wearing a sheer white robe
that barely reached past her crotch. She had white mules
on her feet, with a three-inch heel and little puffs of
white on the single straps that ran across her feet. The
added height of the slippers made her about an inch
taller than myself and she seemed to tower above me as
she stepped up close to me.

She ran her hand down my cheek and smiled as she spoke,
"Well, well, little Henry is braver than I thought. Are
you wearing my panties, honey?"

I nodded my head twice, entranced by the sight of her.
The double thickness of the robe where it was folded
across her front didn't conceal much, it was obvious she
was nude beneath the thin fabric and I could see the
shadow of her nipples. She crossed her arms across her
chest and I heard in her voice the same mocking tone she
had used earlier.
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01-13-2011, 08:41 PM
Post: #53
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
"Cat got your tongue, Henry? A gentleman doesn't nod his
head, he answers politely and respectfully. I ask you
again, are you wearing my panties?"

"Yes, Miss Asin. I did as you asked."

"I didn't ask, Henry. I told you. Just as I will tell you
what to do the entire time you are in my room. Are you
going to be a good little toy? Believe me, I'd enjoy
giving that tight little ass of yours a good spanking.

To be honest, her words scared me. I had never had any
S/M experiences but I knew that to plenty of people, it
was a big part of their sex lives. I also knew she meant
what she said. She was calling the shots and if I entered
that room, it would be under her terms. My throat went
dry at the thought but I was too far lost in her sexual
web. I licked my lips nervously and told her I was ready
to what she told me.

"Yes, Miss Asin. I'll be a good little toy. You're
the boss here."

"Let's see how well you can listen. Kneel on all fours."

Because of her position in the doorway, I was entirely in
the hallway as I did as she ordered. I was embarrassed to
be kneeling outside her room like a dog begging to be let
in, but I was committed now to seeing where this would
take me.

Her feet were directly under my nose and I heard her tell
me to kiss her toes. I obediently dropped my head and
pressed my lips against the toes of each foot. Apparently
I had passed first test, for she stood to the side and
told me to crawl into the middle of the room and stay on
all fours.

I did as she said, my face burning with shame and my cock
pulsing with delight. I heard her footsteps and her feet
and lower legs passed through my field of vision as she
settled onto a sofa in front of me. I couldn't resist the
urge to look towards her pussy but she wasn't going to
allow me any cheap thrills.

"Eyes on the ground, Henry. You look at me when I tell
you to, not before. Understand?"

"Yes, Miss Asin. I'm sorry, ma'am."

"Good. Now then, lets get a look at you in those panties.
Stay on the floor as you undress."

It was difficult to remove my uniform in such a manner
but in a few minutes, I was kneeling on all fours once
again, this time wearing only a tiny pair of ladies
underwear. I could feel my cock poking from the side of
the front panel as I waited for her next command.

Two full minutes passed before she spoke again. She told
me to crawl forward and sit back so that my ass was
resting on my lower legs. I did as she told me, and then
spread my legs apart when she ordered. She noticed my
dick wasn't fully covered by the panties and ordered me
to stand up. When I did so, she adjusted them so my cock
head was trapped in the front of the underwear. This left
a gap at the top where my cock bent within the
confinement and she seems pleased with the obscene
picture this created.

She motioned for me to return to the floor and I sat back
on my legs with my knees apart. She murmured an approval
of my obedience, the slipped one foot from its slipper
and extended it to my lips. I needed no orders to realize
what she wanted and I took it gently in my hands. I
planted soft kisses along the tip of each toe, then ran
my tongue up the top of her foot to her ankles. I licked
the top of her foot until my tongue had explored every
inch, then began licking the bottom of her foot as well.

I had never done more than kiss a few toes in the past,
but a pretty foot on a shapely leg had always presented a
sexy sight to me. Now, under the orders of a woman I had
first met just hours before, I found that I was eager to
explore this particular fetish. I ran my tongue along the
sole of her foot for a few minutes, then moved my lips
back to her toes. I started with the big toe and sucked
each one into my mouth in turn, letting my tongue run
over them as I did so. When I finished with the little
toe, I worked my way back to her big toe and kissed the
top of her foot again.

If she was pleased with my efforts, she gave no sign
whatsoever. She simply lowered that foot to my crotch and
moved the second foot to my lips. As I repeated the
treatment on her second foot, the first one idly rubbed
my cock and balls. Occasionally her long toes would
squeeze me through the fabric. While at other times she
simply rubbed it back and forth across my swollen
erection. When I finished with her second foot, she let
it drop to join the other in my lap and she spoke for the
first time in almost fifteen minutes.

"Don't I get a thank you for allowing you that pleasure?"
she asked imperiously.

I was profuse in my thanks, aware of how I must look and
sound, kneeling at a woman's feet, clad only in a pair of
her panties, telling her how glad I was that she had
allowed me to suck her toes. I found the picture
humiliating but truth to tell, the whole thing had gotten
me even more excited.
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01-13-2011, 08:42 PM
Post: #54
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
I wondered to myself just what was happening to me.
Within a few hours this woman had turned me into her foot
licking love slave and I was glad to be there. I was
confused at my response to her manner and at the same
time, eager to obey her next command. She didn't make me
wait long.

"Bring me your necktie, Henry," she demanded quietly.

Without even thinking about it, I stood and carried it
over to her, wondering what she had in mind. When I stood
in front of her, I knew instantly that she was

"Henry, did I tell you it was okay to stand up?" she
snapped at me.

Humbly, I replied that she hadn't, that I had acted
without thinking at that I was sorry. I dropped back down
to the sitting position I had been in earlier and
apologized for standing. She knelt down behind me and
told me to cross my wrists behind my back. I did so and
she began to tie my wrists together, using the necktie I
had just handed her. I panicked at the thought of being
restrained but kept my worries to myself. I had just
upset her and I was afraid another error on my part would
end the entire affair.

Once she had my hands tied securely, she sat back down in
the middle of the sofa. I kept my eyes down but I could
feel her gaze burning into me. When she spoke, her voice
carried an icy tone and I shivered involuntarily.

"You have displeased me, Henry. If you want to stay here
in my room, you'll need to be punished. Come lay down
across my lap."

With my hands tied together behind my back, it was
difficult to get myself moving. I lurched to my knees,
stumbling against her legs in the process. She pushed me
away and I fell over on my back. She tapped her foot
impatiently while I rolled over on my belly and struggled
back to my knees. After a few minutes, I managed to get
myself in position across her knees, my body stretched
lengthwise along the sofa.

My cock was bent painfully against her leg and I wiggled
to try and find some relief. She raised her hand and
brought it sharply down on my ass. I cried out, more in
surprise than pain, and she hit me again, harder this
time. This blow did hurt and I felt a glow begin to
spread across my ass.

"Stay still and this will be over quickly. Fight me and
I'll spank you until you cry," she said through clenched

I stopped moving and prayed for control. She continued
spanking my ass, moving her hand around to reach every
square inch. Some blows were almost gentle taps, while
others were hard enough that I was barely able to stay
still. After about fifteens slaps to each cheek, she
stopped hitting me and began to rub the burning cheeks of
my ass. I hadn't been punished like this in over 15 years
and the combination of my stinging ass and the
humiliation of it all very nearly did bring me to tears.

As she rubbed my flesh in a tender fashion, she asked me
if I had learned my lesson. I assured her that in the
future, I would stay on the floor unless she told me to
do otherwise. She suggested I thank her for the
discipline and I did so, not really meaning it but afraid
she would start again if I didn't. Satisfied with my
apparent regret, she removed me from her lap by simply
pushing me onto the floor. I hadn't been expecting this
and I fell heavily downward. I spun slightly as I landed,
which brought my ass underneath. My already sore butt
slammed into the floor forcefully and I grunted in pain.

She told me to get back in the sitting position and I
struggled to do so. I managed to position myself as she
ordered and she stood on front of me, only inches away.
She undid the belt holding her robe closed and let the
garment slip from her shoulders. Her ebony skin gleamed
before my eyes and my cock, which had lost some of its
enthusiasm during my spanking, was instantly erect again.

My head was directly opposite her pussy and I could see
that she kept her cunt lips free of pubic hair. In fact,
the only hair visible was a small tuft just above her
clit. I could smell her arousal and her labia glistened
with moisture. She told me to kiss her pussy and I
awkwardly twisted my head to plant a kiss on her outer

She sat down with her ass on the edge of the sofa and
leaned back, spreading her legs as she did so. As she
moved her legs apart, her cunt opened before me like a
flower and the pink interior was exposed. She told me to
eat her and I moved forward until my mouth was at her

Leaning in close, I pressed my lips against her pussy and
let them slide along the slippery wetness until I reached
her clit. My tongue poked from between my lips and
circled her clit, eliciting a groan from Miss Asin.
Encouraged, I sucked the hard nub into my mouth and held
it there, sucking lightly as my tongue flicked back and
forth. I felt her hands grip the back of my head and she
pulled my face directly into her crotch.

"Lick that wet cunt, Henry! Be my good little cunt
lapper. Make Asin happy!" she ordered me.

Obligingly I continued to suck on her clit. My shoulders
ached from the strain of my bound arms but I kept my
attention focused on licking and sucking her pussy. Her
hips began to buck towards my mouth and let my tongue
wander from her clit down to her sloppy wet hole. I
probed as deeply as I could and sucked her juices into my
mouth. She moaned again and I felt her legs cross behind
my head, forcing my face even deeper into her crotch.

After ten or so minutes of exploring her cunt with my
tongue, I felt her hands in my hair as she used her grip
to maneuver my mouth back to the top of her pussy. Having
no doubt about what she wanted, I again sucked the
engorged flesh into my mouth and ran my tongue back and
forth as fast as I could, maintaining constant contact
with her clit.
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01-13-2011, 08:43 PM
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
She began to moan with pleasure and give me vocal
encouragement as her orgasm approached.

"Yeah, baby, oh yeah. Right there, baby. Suck it, baby.
Suck it! Eat that pussy, Henry. Be my good little cunt
lapper. Make Asin happy. Do it, do it. Make Asin come!"

I had been trapped between her legs for about twenty
minutes by this time and my jaw began to ache. I wanted
to stop for a second but fear of her reaction brought a
second wind to my efforts and I attacked her cunt with
renewed enthusiasm.

Her pussy continued to flow with an unbelievable amount
of moisture. My face and cheeks were covered with her
juice and I even felt some running down my neck. Her hips
were completely off the cushions of the sofa now, her
legs crossed behind my head and her shoulders against the
back of the couch the only points at which she was
supported. This forced my face deeper into her crotch and
meant that my shoulders were supporting the majority of
her weight.

In the back of my mind, I was worried about her legs
snapping my neck as they squeezed my head between them.
Her rising excitement was controlling her actions now and
she was screaming at me to make her come. I frantically
licked and sucked on her clit and suddenly her hips
relaxed, dropping her ass back to the sofa. Naturally my
head, being trapped tightly between her thighs, was
pulled down along with her.

Her moans increased and she began to shake and wiggle as
she came. Her cunt was now like a faucet of sticky juice
and her hands gripped my hair as her hips thrust up in
the air. She shook with orgasm for several minutes before
her thighs relaxed and I could pull my head free to gasp
air into my starving lungs.

We were both panting heavily, her in passion and me in
exertion. We stayed as we were for a few minutes, her
sitting back on the sofa with her legs spread, me between
those legs with pussy juice smeared all around my cheeks.
My breath returned fairly quickly and I was trying to
regain enough balance to sit back on my legs when she
smiled down at me.

"Don't be thinking about leaving, honey! Asin wants
another one!"

Without any ceremony or thought for me, she yanked my
head forward until my face was once again mashed into her
cunt. My aching jaws parted automatically and I began to
lick up and down her slimy slit, teasing the fleshly lips
of her cunt as I sucked up the dew glistening on them.
Her hands held my head firmly in place and she began to
direct my actions using a combination of words and hair
pulling to make her wishes known.

"Come on, cunt lapper. Lick that pussy clean. Right
there, baby, right there. Lick me right there! Suck those
pussy lips, baby, suck all of me! Do Asin good, baby! Do
me right, do me good and do me now!"

My neck was beginning to feel the strain of being forced
into her crotch and my knees were aching from kneeling on
the floor the last half hour. These feelings were
nothing, however, compared to the ache in my cock and
balls. Confined as they were by the skimpy material of
Miss Asin's panties, and extremely aroused by the
events of the day, a steady straining for freedom was
rapidly becoming painful. I badly needed to relieve the
pressure in some way. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't
move far enough forward to rub my crotch against the
front of the sofa. I resigned myself to suffer blue balls
until my own relief was granted.

Her directions were now focused on keeping her clit
stimulated and I forced myself to double my efforts.
Luckily for me, she was as horny as I was and her orgasm
required less work than previously. She began to thrash
back and forth on the cushions, careful to keep me
centered on her clit. I licked and sucked as though my
life depended on it and soon enough she began to twitch
and the flow of juice from her cunt began once more.

She found her voice again and began to coo happily to
herself as her orgasm approached.

"Oh, yeah, that's good. That's real good. Asin loves a
good cunt licking. Make Asin happy, baby! Eat that
pussy! Eat it good. Yeah, that's right, that's it! I'm
gonna cum now, baby! I'm gonna cum all over your face.
Fuck me with that tongue, baby! Fuck me with that tongue,
you cunt lapper! Oh yeah, that's it, baby! I'm cumming
now, baby, right now! Don't stop baby, keep me cumming,
keep me cumming!"

She was gasping and moaning once again as she reached her
peak and kept up my clit licking until she pushed me away
from her crotch. With aching neck and jaws, I settled
back as best I could, desperately hoping for some relief
of my own. I had forgotten, however, that I was at the
mercy of a woman far more concerned with her own pleasure
than mine.
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01-13-2011, 08:44 PM
Post: #56
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
She pushed me roughly backwards until I fell onto my
back, my bound hands trapped underneath me. She yanked
the front of the panties down past my balls and my
pulsing cock sprung free, slapping back against my belly
and leaving a smear of my pre-cum on my lower abdomen.
She climbed right on top of me and impaled herself fully
on my dick. The entire length slid smoothly inside her
and for a brief second, I thought I was going to cum
right then and there.

Her pussy was hot and tight and wetter than I could
believe. The velvet softness that gripped my hard-on
quickly distracted me from the pain caused by my trapped
arms and I began to buck upwards against her crotch.

My attempts to control the activity, however, were not in
line with Miss Cam-bell's own plans. She pinched my right
nipple firmly between her fingers and twisted viciously.
I involuntarily yelped in pain and tried to throw her off
me. In my position, I had no leverage, however, and so I
settled back down. She released the nipple and leaned
down to suck it into her mouth. The tender treatment did
relieve some of the pain but I was still upset and
confused at her actions.

Before I could question her about it, she answered my
question all on her own. "I told you in my room you do
what I say. Lay still and let me get my fucking!"

With that she resumed her slow movements up and down my
shaft, rising up until my cock almost slipped free before
plunging back down to drive my cock into her. I resigned
myself to letting her set the pace and relaxed as best I
could under the circumstances.

She continued to hump my dick for about ten minutes,
never moving fast enough to allow me to reach my own
orgasm. Occasionally she would lean over and order me to
suck her tits and nipples, then letting them brush across
my face before resuming her slow grind atop my cock.

The anticipation was killing me and moaned a few times in
frustration. The only response from my rider was a grin
and a set of tits in the face.

"What's the matter, baby! Ain't Asin showing you a good
time? I'm damn sure enjoying myself!"

She happily resumed her ride after these words and it was
fully another five minutes before I noticed she had
broken out in a light sheen of sweat. Her eyes were
closed and she was muttering to herself as she blew her
breath out in short pants. I couldn't make any words out
but it was obvious she getting very close to cumming

She began to move much more quickly, bouncing vigorously
up and down. Her hand founds its way between her legs and
she began to manipulate her clit in rhythm with her
bouncing. The speed of her motions increased my own
stimulation and I felt my balls tighten as I got closer
to cumming.

Suddenly it was upon me. I gave a loud cry and, despite
my earlier warning, bucked up against Miss Asin. My
cock throbbed as my cum began to spurt from me and fill
her cunt. She made no attempt to stop me or admonish me
and I was glad that she wasn't going to wig out over the

In fact, she wasn't paying too much attention to me at
all. She was focused on the fingers that flew across her
clit. It was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen.
One of the worlds top supermodels, riding up and down on
my squirting cock as she masturbated without any sense of
shame. She shuddered a few times while I was watching,
then suddenly she stopped her movements and moaned

I could only assume she had cum again, as she paid me no
attention at all. She kept her eyes closed and let her
hands wander all over herself, caressing and rubbing her
chest and shoulders. Abruptly her eyes flew open and she
fixed me with a wicked grin. She lifted herself from my
slackening erection and in one swift motion planted her
knees on either side of my head, placing her cunt in
perfect position for some more oral attention. I was in
no position to argue, and in spite of the gross-out
factor created by a cunt full of cum suddenly plopping
itself down on my face, I began to eat her pussy once
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01-13-2011, 08:44 PM
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
I had to swallow as I licked, thereby averting the danger
of drowning in a pool of our combined juices. I had
tasted my cum before, but never had a been literally
forced to swallow it. I was too tired and sore to argue,
and in any case I didn't think my objections would count
for very much. All things considered, it seemed to me I
was best off licking her pussy clean.

With my mental reservations set aside, I went after her
like a man possessed. I forced my tongue into every
crevice and corner or her twat, sucking down whatever
moisture I encountered. Her cunt lips, her clit and her
pussy hole itself all felt the presence of my probing

Miss Asin squealed happily at my devoted
explorations. She ground her crotch down against my face,
stimulating her clit and squeezing more moisture from her
insides. Once more she began to moan and suddenly she
shouted at me to "..suck her fucking clit and don't

As ordered, I took her clit in my mouth and went to work.
I let my teeth capture the swelled bud and nipped gently
before sucking it into my mouth, where I could manipulate
it with my tongue. Her pussy was a steady flow of her
juice now and I was amazed at the quantity. It coated my
face, cheeks and neck and still poured forth from her.
Finally she gave a half scream and began moving herself
around on my face, grinding away as she came. Within a
few minutes, it was over and she slumped down onto the
floor beside.

As I waited for her to recover, I became aware of how
much my arms hurt from being tied behind my back. I began
to wriggle around, hoping to get onto my stomach or at
least my side. Just as I was about to give up, Miss
Asin sat up and helped me to a sitting position. She
quickly untied my wrists and rubbed my aching limbs as
the blood began to flow back into them.

At the same time, I began to take stock of myself. I
ached in a hundred different places and I was almost
entirely covered from crotch to forehead by pussy juice
diluted with male cum. I had a tiny pair of women's
panties around my upper thighs and severe cottonmouth. A
top super model had seduced me into being her love slave
and I had loved it. Yes, I reflected, this is definitely
one to write down "for the record".

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Fucking Actress Tamanna
Hi everybody This is Jonty This is a fantasy story. I am a big fan of actress Tamanna and I love her sexy structure very much. Tamanna is my dream girl with whom I want to have sex with. Every time I see her on TV I would get a hard on and I will jack off immediately. It was a summer day and our family was getting ready for a family tour to Goa.. Our family had 4 members, me my dad, my mom and my elder sister.

We started from home (Chennai) in the morning at around 12.00pm.We got the train at 1.30pm. The train will reach Goa the next morning by 11am. We got our seats in the train and the train started at 2.00pm. After night fall I got into the upper berth to sleep. There I saw a magazine which had sexy and glamorous pictures of actress Tamanna. I am a very big fan of Tamanna Bhatia. I always fantasized of having sex with actress Tamanna.

I got very horny seeing her sexy pics on that magazine and I started thinking of fucking Tamanna's pussy. I immediately got a hard on and I went to the bathroom and masturbated thinking of my dream girl Tamanna. The next morning we reached Goa by 11.30pm.We immediately got a taxi to a posh 5star hotel. We booked a double bed room and then we relaxed there for some time.. In the evening we went to the beach and we had some fun there. As it was the first day we were too tired because of the long traveling and we got back to the hotel at around 7.00pm.

When we reached to the hotel I was surprised to see actress Tamanna standing in front of the reception booking a room. She was looking so sexy that I couldn't take my eyes of her.. She was wearing a tight pink color t shirt and a blue jean. Me and my sister went close to her and we introduced ourself to her. She came there with her friend. Her friend was also a beautiful girl but not as good as Tamanna. We told Tamanna that we r big fans oh her. She thanked us and then she walked along with us to her room.

Tamanna and her friend got the room next to us and I was very happy. At around 10pm, everyone went to sleep but I couldn't. I again started thinking about my hot beauty Tamanna. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to meet her. I then went out of my room and went to the portico outside. There I saw Tamanna standing alone looking at the moon. I went close to her and said “Hi” and asked her what r u doing here alone. She said that she wasn't feeling sleepy,

I then asked her why she came to Goa for which she said, she has come to Goa for a film shooting. I then asked her whether she likes looking at the moon? She said yes I love to see the moon always, especially in its full phase. I said her that even I like the same. We continued talking about a lot of things and we both came to know that we both had a lot of things in common. We both were interested in lot of things in common she started liking me very much.

She told me that she likes me very much.. She also told me that I was very much similar to her character wise. I told her that even I feel the same. Then we both went to our respective rooms. The next morning I woke up at around 6.30 am and brushed my face and had a fresh bath. Then I came out to see if Tamanna was awake. I was waiting for her to come out. Then she came out at 8am. She wished me good morning and I wished her the same.. I asked her what's her plan today?

She told me that she is going to stay in the room as her friend left her in the early moaning as she had to meet her parents in Bangalore urgently. She also told me that there is no shooting today, so she preferred to stay in the room. I said ok take care and went to my room to have breakfast. After breakfast my dad told me that we have to go to some tourist spot today..

Everyone agreed but I didn't, as I wanted to spend time with Tamanna as she will be alone in her room. I told my parents that I was not feeling well and I convinced them to leave without me.. After a long discussion they left me alone in the room and went to some tourists spots.

At around 11am I knocked the door of Tamanna's room. She opened the door and welcomed me in. She then served me some cool drinks. She told me that it was very boring being alone and thanked me for giving company. She then took me to her bed room and we both saw a English movie in her laptop. As we were seeing the movie we were talking about each others childhood days, college life etc.. She asked me if I ever fell in love with someone. I said no and asked her the same.

She also told me that she had never fallen in love. As we were watching the movie there was a hot scene in the movie. The couple in the movie were smooching each other and were taking their clothes of them. I was getting hornier seeing this and I got a hard on. I tried hard to hide it but I guess she should have seen it.. After some time Tamanna asked me if I was interested in sex and if I have had sex with anyone.. I was surprised to hear that from her. I said yes I am interested but I never had sex with anyone. She told me that even she was interested in sex.

She also told me that she was a virgin too. She told me she was always very interested in sex but she never found the right person to have sex with. Say in this she hugged me tight and kissed my lips.. I immediately responded to her kiss and we both started tasting each other’s saliva. Her lips were so soft, smooth and juicy. We continued our kiss for another 15 mins. She told me that she has never experienced anything like this before and she said she wanted to experience much more.

We again started kissing and this time I sucked her juicy tongue and she sucked mine too. While kissing she took off my t shirt and asked me to take her clothes off her body and enjoy her. I obeyed her words and removed her t shirt and her bra. She was now topless in front of me. Her boobs were so soft,firm and smooth. I then started pressing her soft boobs. I was so much excited and couldn't believe myself that I was enjoying my dream girl Tamanna's boobs.

She then asked me to kiss her boobs.. I then kissed her boobs passionately and then starten sucking her boobs hard. She started moaning saying hmm....ahhhhh..uh . I kept sucking her super soft, juicy boobs for another 30 mins.. Then I started kissing and licking Tamanna's cute belly button.. Again we started kissing each other’s lips.. Then she asked me to fuck her. I said I am very afraid as this is my first time. I also questioned her what if she gets pregnant.. She convinced me saying that she would take pills to prevent pregnancy..

She said that she control anymore and she wants to have sex now.. I then got some courage and removed her jeans and her panty.. Her pussy was so beautiful.. It was cleanly shaved and looked look like a beautiful flower.. She was already wet and the smell of her pussy made me much hornier. Her pussy was pinkish in color and her pussy lips were like rose petals.. I started kissing and licking her soft and smooth thighs. I then reached her pussy, I put my finger on her pussy and started rubbing it. Tamanna started moaning in a very sexy voice..

She started moaning loudly “aaahhhhhhhhh! I then started licking her pussy I put finger inside her pussy to have a look inside her pussy.. It was a beautiful sight inside her pussy.. Her inner part or her pussy was much softer and it felt like a slippery velvet. I then put my started sucking her pussy hard and was licking all the love juices that were oozing out of her pussy.. Her pussy juices taste so wonderful... I never tasted anything like Tamanna's pussy juice in my life..

I then pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy and tongue fucked. I continued tongue fucking her for nearly an hour or so during which she cummed inside my mouth a couple of times. Her come tasted so good that I drank the whole thing. I then removed my jeans and my underwear and took my fully erect cock in my hand. She then took my cock in her hands and kissed it gently. She then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. After sucking my cock for 10mins I told her that I am about to cum, but she insisted in taking my cum inside her mouth.

She drank all my cum and she told me that it tasted awesome.. Then again we started kissing each other and sucking each other’s tongues. After 15 mins of kissing I got my cock hard again.. Now i placed Tamanna's legs wide apart and had a look of her super sexy pussy. I then started licking her pussy again.. This time i fucked her pussy with my tongue much harder than before.

Tamanna was really getting too hot and she started moaning and shouting saying“fuck me now put your cock inside my pussy please fuck me now..” I then took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her virgin pussy.. It slowly slided my cock inside her pussy.. Her pussy was really very tight and it felt like my hard cock was being tightly wrapped with something so soft and silky.. Her pussy walls were so hot, soft, silky.. I pushed my cock inside her pussy with a great thrust and I broke her hymen. She shouted aloud as I broke her hymen.

She started crying in pain and her pussy started bleeding. I felt so sorry seeing her tears and I took my cock out of her pussy and I apologize to her for hurting her. I told her sorry. She told me it’s ok and that's how it happens the first time. I then kissed her lips passionately and massaged her velvet pussy.. I cleaned her pussy and wiped out the blood. I then kissed her pussy so passionately that made her horny again.. She then asked to fuck her again. I then put my cock in her pussy and slide it inside..

This time my cock went inside her pussy completely without much difficulty.. It felt so good inside her velvet silky pussy. I wanted to have my cock inside her pussy forever... I then slowly started moving my cock in and out of Tamanna'a pusssy.. Tamanna closed her eyes tightly and started moaning loudly saying “aahhhhhh! Please cum inside me ooohhhh I want your cock to stay inside my cock forever. cum inside me.. please cum inside me.. oooohhh haaaaa haaaaa come on fuck me harder. hmm..yes yes .

Her sexy moaning made me more horny and I started banging her sexy cunt harder and harder.. Tamanna was now experiencing the ultimate pleasure of sex. She again started moaning too loudly saying “please don’t take your cock out of my pussy keep on fucking me. I want to die having sex with me. I love you I love you. I love you Jonty fuck me harder. After 30 mins of hard fucking we both climaxed together.I released a lot of cum deep inside her pussy. I kept my cock inside her pussy until it got limp and slipped out. We slept hugging each other nude for a couple of hours.

We then put our dresses on and we kissed again for 15mins or so I then left her and went to my room as it was time for my parents to return. We enjoyed the trip very much. Me and Tamanna had sex at nights when everyone where asleep. Our family stayed in Goa for a couple of weeks. We still have a secret relationship.. We still have sex often at her place in Chennai whenever she is free.
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This is the true story about my colleague named Diya. She is not too beautiful but average girl. Her height is 5’ 3’’ and fair in complexion. Aik din wo office aaee to boht well dressed thi main chonkay us ka colleague tha or kafi frank b tha is liyay usay kaha k aaj kya kisi k sath date pr jana ha k itni tayar ho kr aaee ho, us na kaha han jana ha tumaih kya. Main na kaha k ham mr gay hain jan phla haq to mair ha. Wo boli kya ool fool bkty ja rahay ho. Aaj mairi sahaili ki shadi ha us pr jaoon gi.

Main gaoon ka rahny walla hoon is liyay main nay yahan pr rahnay ky liyay aik ghar rent pr liya hooa hay. Mairy sath 3 or lrkay b rahty hain jo k college students hain or aksar weekends pr apny ghr chay jatay hain, us din b main akila tha or bitha 1 xxx movie daikh raha tha. K mairy cell pr Diya ki call aana shuro ho gaee main nay call sunni or itni raat ko phone krnay ki wjah poochi to us nay kaha k please mujhay aa kr mairi sahaili k ghar say pick kr lo. Un k relatives main koe mrg ho gaee ha or main is waqt akaili ghar nahin ja skti. Us waqt rat ky 11:30 ka waqt tha main na kah k main aa raha hoon. Hum aksar aik dosray k sath khana khany or ghoomay b chlay jaty thay mgr sham k baad kbi b aisa atafaq nahin hoa tha ya pahli dffa thi.

Main na Diya ko wahan sa pic kiya ta k usay us k ghar drop krdoon. Us din wo brri khobsurat lg rahi thi. Main nay mokay say faida uthanay ka soch. Ya khayal mairy zahan main phli bar aaya tha. Main nay apnay zahn main aik mansoba bna liya or gari ko apnay ghar ki side waly rastay pr mor diya. Jb gari ghar sa thora sa aagy nikal gaee to main nay gari main lga hoa choor switch dba diya jis say gari band ho gaee. Diya nay mairi trf daikha or kaha k isay kya hoa ha. Conkay sardi ka mosam tha or main nay gari ka heater lgaya hoa tha. Main nay kaha dikhta hoon k isay kya tkleef hoee ha main gari say bahir nikla or us ky bonat ko khol kr us pr jhuk gaya thori dair baad main na Diya ko kaha k ya to msla ho gaya ha heater ki wjaha say tarin short ho gaee hain, or is waqt raat k 12.oo bjay kon sa mechanic milay ga. Wo b boht praishan ho gaee. Main nay kaha agr mind na kro to thora sa peechay maira ghar ha, wahan jatay hain sardi b bohat ha. Diya majboor ho gaee thi is liyay or koee chara naheen tha.

Main usay lay kr ghar main dakhil hoa, gas heater main chalta chorr gaya tha is waja sa jb hum kmray main dakhil hoay to kmra theek thak gram tha. Diya nay kaha k mza aa gaya bahir to bohot thund thi. Main nay usay kaha k coffee piyo gi main bray mzay ki kafi bnata hoon. Mairy zahan main ya khayal paida ho gaya tha k main usay coffee mian neend ki goli doon ga. Or us say mairay mansoby main aasani pida ho gi kyoon k main poori raat Diya ko bhrpoor andaz main codna chahata tha. Khair us ny kaha k han srdi main coffee achi lgti ha bana lo. Main kitchen main chla gaya or apnay mansoobay ky mabiq main nay Diya ky cup main neend ki do goliyan mila dian. Or coffee la kr kmray main aa gaya. Us waqt raat ky 12.30 bj rahay thay. Coffee petay hoay hum idhar udhar ki batin b kr rahay thay k Diya na kaha adnan kya tum ghr main net use krtay ho. Main na kah k han us na kaha k tum so jao main net pr bithoon gi. Main nay kaha jaisay tumhari marzi. Main nay computer on kiya or usay net connect kr ky day diya. Main janta tha k thorri dair main usay neend a jay gi or main apnay mansoobay k mutabiq kam kroon ga. Lakin shayad mairi qismat achi thi k us nay net ki speed slow honay ki wjaha say us nay drives main jhankna shuru kr diya. Or jaisay hi us nay picture gallery ko kholla to wo sktay main aa gaee kyon k us main tqriban her qisam ki xxx pics pri hoee thin. Us nay jaldi say band krnay ki koshish ki magr usi doran najanay kaisy xxx movie play ho gaee jo main dikhtay daikhtay choor kr gaya tha. Diya ki samajh main kuch na aaya to us nay monitor ka button press kr diya jis say monitor ko band ho jana chahiyay tha lakin button khrab hony ki wjaha say us ka ya kam na ho ska. Main uth kr us ky peechay aa gaya to wo or b ghbra gaee. Main nay kaha k kyoon ghbra rahee ho ya to normal bat ha.

Or ya kahtay hoay apna aik hath us ky kanday pr rkh diya. Maira hath rkhna tha k main nay mhsoos kiya k us ka poora jisam kanp gaya ha. Diya wahan say uthnay lgi to main nay kaha k kya hoa. Wo boli tum nay computer main kya gnd bhra hoa ha. Main bola Diya darling ya to normal bat ha. Kyoon praishan hoti ho. Or us ko wahan pr dobara bitha diya. Wo boli main nay ya nahieen dikhna. Main na kaha k kyoon is k daikhnay sy tumhain kya hota ha. Diya nay kah “Mujhay to kuch nahin hota” to main bola chlo utho hum TV pr kuch lgatay hain. Mairy pass kafi xxx ki dvds or cds mojood thin main nay aik bri zabrdst DVD uthaee jo k thoree story cal thi or jis main aik nojwan lrka apni girl friend ko bohat buri tarah chodta ha or us ky teeno surakhoon main apna lun baari baari dalta ha. Or lrki k mun say her jhtkay main cheenkhain nikalti hain. Shuroo main to Diya ko maloon he na hoa k ya b aik xxx movie ha kyon k phla xxx seen tqreeban 12 minutes k baad aana tha. Main na Diya ko kaha k tumhain bura to naheen lga computer pr xxx movie daikh kr. Us nay mujh sa nazrian chura kr kaha nahin. Main na kah aik bat sach sach btao k tum nay kabi b xxx movie naheen daikhi. Wo khamosh rahee or kuch na boli main uth kr us k pass chla gaya. Phlay to us nay mujhay daikha or phir thora sa simat kr baith gaee. Mujay wo boaht nerves lg rahee thi. Main bola kya hoa kyon itni praishan ho rahi ho. Us na kaha adnan ya sub theek naheen ha. Main nay kaha kyat eek nahin ha. Wo kuch na boli. Main nay us ka hath apnay hath main pakr liya. Wo bilkul thnda ho raha tha. Main nay usay tsalee de or kaha k ya to qudrat ka khail ha k jis say hr banda waqif ha or janta ha phir ghbrany ki kya bat ha. Ya sub tumharay sath to naheen ho raha k tum ghbra rahi ho. Life ko enjoy krna sikho. Us ka chahra surk ho raha tha. Us na kaha k mujhay shram aati ha. Us ki is bat pr main hans prra or wo b muskranay lgi. Itnay main movie pr romance seen shuroo ho gaya. Diya na kaha is main b. main na us ka hath dbaya or kaha daikho or enjoy kro. Wo khamosh ho gayee or movie dikhnay lgi.

Thori dair baad lrkay ka lun lrki apnay hath main lay kr sahlanay lgi or phir us nay usay suck krna shroo kr diya. Diya nay ya dikhtay hi kaha adnan isay band kr do maira dill ghbra raha ha lakin main nay movie band na ki or Diya ko kaha tum brri baiwaqoof ho tumhain kya ho raha ha. Jo kam wo lrki kr rahi ha aik din tumhain b krna pray ga agr naheen kro gi to ugla tumhain mar kr b ya krnay ko kahay ga, nadan na bno or daiko k kal tumhain b koee is trah choday ga or tum chdwao gi. Main na bray zor sy us ka hath dabaya to us k mun sa ah nikal gaee usi waqt lrki ki choot main lrkay nay apna lun dala tha or us k mun say be ah nikli thi. Main nay kaha kyoon gaya us main ha or awazain tum nikal rahi ho, wo boli bohat khrab ho tum adnan. Or phir us nay apna hath mairay hath say chrra liya or boli mujhay main tum say aik bat poochnay lgi hoon jwab agr theek do to. Main na kaha han poocho. Wo boli kyat tm mairay sath yahi kam krna chahatay ho? ………….. main us ki bat sun kr pahlay to hairan hoa phir thora sa us kay qreeb ho gaya us ka hath dobara pkra or usay aik jhtkay say apnay pass kr diya or bola …… kya khayal ha. Ho jaay moqa b ha or mahol b ha. Us ka chahra anar ki trah surkh ho raha tha. Wo boli adnan ya sub theek naheen. Main na aaj tk ksi lrkay sa aisi bat nahin ki. Mujhay bohat dr lg raha ha. Mujay bohat neend aa rahi ha magr main so b nahin sk rahi. Kl mujh sa shadi kon kray ga. Ksi ko pta chal gaya to main kahin ki b na rahoon gi. Please aisa kuch na krna mairy sath. Main na suna ha k phalli bar bohat drd hota ha or doosri bat ya ha k main pregnant ho jaon gi to ghar walon ko kya btaoon gi. Us ki aawaz kamp rahi thi.. Main na kaha Diya kasi bat krti ho. Main tumhain pregnant kroon ga kya? Or kisay pta chalay ga or kaisay? Koee b nahin janta k aaj raat tum mairay sath ho. Main pahlay sa shadi shuda hoon or sb janta hoon. Tum waisay he dr rahi ho. Main nay us ko kaha wo daikho lrki kis trah us lrkay ky sath chpki hoee hay or khud krwa rahi ha or mazay la rahi ha. Kya tumhara dill nahin krta k tumhain koee is trah pyar kray? …………. Wo boli sach kahoon dil to krta ha magr dr lgta ha…….. main na kaha ka agr main tumhain ya yaqeen dila doon k tum pregnant naheen ho gi or tumhain bohat maza aay ga to kya tum mairi rkhail banna psand kro gi? …………. Wo boli ya rkhail kya hota ha? ………main na usay apnay pass kiya or bola tum waqee main bohat shreef lrki ho. Phir main nay kaha shadi k bagair larki jb kisi larkay ky sath sex krwati ha to wo us lrakay ki rakhail khlati ha. Or jub koee larki bohat say bandoon k sath sex krti ha to usay raindi kaha jata ha………… wo mairi bat sun kr khamosh ho gaee or apanay donoo hathoon say apna mun chupa diya. Main nay moqa acha samjah kyon k wo faisla nahin kr pa rahi thi. Main khra ho gaya or usay b khra kr diya or usay apni bhon main lay liya. Us k poray jism main aik krnt sa dorta hoa mahsoos hoa. Phir main nay us ka mun apnay aik hath say pkrra or apnay hoont us k hontoon pr rkh kr kiss krnay lga. Pahlay to us nay apnay honton ko skhti k sath band krdiya magr kuch he samay baad un main sakhti khatan ho gaee main usk hoontoon ko choos raha tha or phir us ki zban ko be coosna shruoo kr diya mujay boohat maza aa raha tha. 15 minute tk main us k a sath kissing krta raha.

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01-14-2011, 01:14 AM
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The Fucking of BIPASHA BASU
It was a weekend, and I was lazing around. I was lying on the large
sofa and watching the TV and I heard footsteps coming from the
staircase that comes down into the living room from our bed rooms.
Bipasha was running down the stairs as she was shouting at me, I
have a shooting today, would you drive me there if you are free?

I turned to look at her. She was in a tight low waist jeans that
hugged her form and a white top that ended far above the waistline of
her pants. She was lithe and tall. Her five feet seven inches form
did not have an once of extra fat anywhere. She did yoga regularly
and aerobics to keep fit – which was a demand of her profession. Her
hair was straight and fell below her shoulder. She had large brown
eyes, high cheek bones and a rather broad mouth with full lips, which
made her unconventionally beautiful. Her skin was flawless and smooth.

I had never been to a shooting, and agreed to it immediately.

`At your service ma'm.' I replied and asked her when do you want to

Right now. And you better get ready and you have only two minutes to
do that.

I rushed to my room. I wore a cargo pant and an old navy T-shirt and
a nike sneaker. "Sis, I am ready… Come one" I shouted as I made my
way to the garage.

I reversed the car and by the time I brought it to the portico my
sister was already there standing with a small shoulder bag. "That's
got my make up kits and a spare pair of clothes" she said as she
jumped into her seat.

"Where to?" I asked.

"In a farmhouse, in the outskirts of the city "– she said and passed
on a slip of paper with the address of the location.

We kept chatting sweet nothings as we headed to her location.

"What is the shooting?" I asked.

"It is a music video. I m the lead."

"Do not tell me you sing as well." I said.

"No, I will be acting it out with someone doing a playback. Thank
God!! The listeners are spared!!" I joked and got a playful punch on
my shoulder!!

It took us about an hour to reach the location. The whole team was
ready. I was made to seat with other which included the director and
the crew. No one bothered to talk to me, and I too did not bother to
introduce myself. The director called Bipasha (Bipasha is the Indian
word for elder sisters) and was explaining her the song and
sequences. I was quizzically looking at the set up, the cameras and
the lights.

The set was quite well done. It had an artificial fountain, a man-
made rock and a man-made waterfall. There were trees and a sprawling
lawn. It was quite a beautiful set.

A while later, Bipasha came out of the green room, which was
somewhere in the farmhouse. She wore a white saree, wrapped very
tightly around her, well below her navel. It showed her wash-board
flat tummy. She had a backless choli (blouse) which was very low cut,
showing her cleavage through the thin material of her saree. She had
on lots of silver bangles and necklace. She was in a single word
looking gorgeous. I looked at her appreciating her beauty and she
smiled at me, and proceeded to the center where the lights were
focused. The cameraman was ready and so were the spot boys and other

The music started playing in the background and Bipasha started
dancing to the music. The choreographer was showing her the steps,
and telling her with gestures how to dance to that tune.

The shot is ready. The choreographer announced and the clapper boy
came and signaled the beginning of the shotting. The director shifted
himself near the cameraman. I saw some hose pipes and a water pump,
and guessed they will be making artificial rain possibly.

The music started and Bipasha did started swaying to the music, making
lip-movement as if she was singing. She was provocatively swinging
her hips and then halfway, as the song progressed, the shower on top
started off to create rain. It was quite a hot song, and Leens did's
movements were quite suggestive and erotic. As it started raining,
her saree was getting wet, and the think material was becoming
transparent. It almost became see-through. One camera was placed a
rail which was moving, another was on a crane, high up and one was
right in front. The three cameras were recording. Bipasha was
moving and swaying, and then with her back to the camera was swaying
her hips – sidewise and back and forth. I could see her white panties
under the now transparent saree. Her back was fully bare. A strong
only held her blouse together. Then she swirled around and faced the
camera. Her breasts were now in full view, under the transparent
saree clinging to it. The blouse was very very low cut and left most
of her breasts bare.

The director suddenly shouted "Cut" and said, "great shot Bipasha, now
get ready for the next one. This time the bar-girl costume".

"Thanks," my sister replied and went off to change. When she came
out, I was stunned. I refused to believe it was my own elder sister.
She had a very very small leather skirt which came just below her
hips. A top which is no bigger than a bra. All the jewelry was gone.
She had some fluorescent paints on her hair and arms. She had on a
high-heeled stiletto.

The choreographer came again and explained her the shot, herself
dancing as the music played. Bipasha practiced with her once and
then rehearsed the movements herself with the music. The director was
also explaining her something.

All were ready for the take 2.

The music started off, this time louder and it was really raunchy
with fast beats. Bipasha did started dancing to the music. Swinging
herself to music and tapping her feet, swirling around and throwing
her legs and moving her arms. Her gyrations were very provocative. In
one part while facing the camera she was moving her pelvis with her
eyes half-clsed, back and forth as if she was screwing someone. She
had her legs spread a bit and jiggled her tits and swung her hips.
She danced with the music till it lasted.

"Fantastic Bipasha. It is still better. You are wonderful."

Thanks, Bipasha did said and came to a chair in front of me and sat
down facing me.

"How did you like it?" She asked me.

"Fabulous" I replied and was trying keep my eyes off her. As she sat
on the chair – which was quite low, her skirt rode over her thighs.
Her legs were spread a bit and I could see her panties inside. It was
light pink.. "Any more shots left?" I asked.

"No, it is over for the day. Let me go and change, and then we shall
go back. " She came back after a few minutes, said bye to all the
people in the unit and walked upto the car and I started off.

The image of my elder sister was flashing in my mind continuously as
I was driving. Her titillating dance in the rain, her provocative
dance in miniskirts had me disturbed. Much against my wishes, my cock
was hard, and howsoever I tried to get myself distracted, I failed. I
was driving silently, when Bipasha did asked, What happened to you? Why
are you so dull?"

I gave a nervous smile as I said, "Nothing".

"To see me dance like that got on your nerves?" She asked.

"Not exactly, I have seen even more provocative dances, I have in
fact seen few nude shows, so that is nothing," I replied defensively.

"say that again – provocative – I mean you found my dance
provocative? " she interrupted me.

Yeah, sort of. I replied. "When you get soaked under rain and show
your body, or dance in a revealing costume leaving very little to
imagination – what do you call it?? "

Bipasha was silent. And then slowly whispered, "Did it turn you
on? I mean, did you find my dance sexy…."

"Any man would get excited when you see a pretty lady in such pose
and making such suggestive movements," I said in a matter-of-fact

"Tell me straight, did you get excited? I do not want a generic reply
from you like that>" Her voice was sort of firm.

"Well, kind of… I did get excited" I said in an apologetic tone.

"Even if it was your own elder sister, you still got excited?" She
asked again.

"So what if the person is one's own sister? Do not act so naïve Bipasha.
Any man will get excited when you see someone so sexy. I am no
exception." I retorted. "And do not tell me that you do not know
anything about birds and bees, at your age and being in this

She laughed. "Well, cool down. I am so much used to ramps and people
looking at me that I did not think it would upset you to see me like

"I am not upset, not at all. Rather I am proud of you. I am proud to
be your brother. It is fine with me what you do in your profession. I
would not mind telling people when they appreciate you in this video
that you are my sister." I reassured her.

"So sweet of you darling." She replied before becoming quiet for a

We reached home. Our parents had not returned. It was late afternoon
by then. I did not know what to do to fight the boredom. I was
thinking of going out and hanging with my friends, when Bipasha did
shouted from upstairs, "Hey, what about hitting a disco tonight".

"I do not mind, or rather that would be great." I replied.

"Yep. We shall go at about eight" She said as she came down and sat
by my side on the sofa.

"Dublin would be good," she suggested.

"Yeah, that is a cool place, I love it. I have been there few times."
I replied.

"I used to go there with my boy friend, before we broke up." She said.

"I did not know you broke up with your boyfriend." I said sincerely.

"yeah, about a couple of months back," she replied, " he was so so
possessive, it was very stifling to be with him. You know, in this
profession, at times, you got to be a bit liberated, you know what it
means, and he would not let me go out with any one. And to top it
all, when I told him that once a director wanted to sleep with me for
making me the lead lady, he called me names and left for good"

I was stunned to hear such things from my own elder sister. I asked
her, "You mean you have to sleep with the director for roles?"
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