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Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
01-12-2011, 05:09 PM
Post: #11
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Fucking Asin

It was one busy film shooting day in a remote village in Kerala. The hero of Asin's movie Mr. X and Asin struggled hard to get the song scene perfect. The close encounters during the filming process kindled an uncontrollable fire of lust deep inside X. The smiling face of Asin turned him on over and over again and his cock became hard as a rock inside his tight jeans. During the break he moved over to her and said,

“Asin, I am very horny for you and want to fuck you now”

“What?” Asin asked in surprise.

“Yes my dear, your smile turns me on, can you give me a quick suck at least with your hot mouth?” he asked.

With much persuasion Asin agreed and they both moved to a secluded cabin where they used to change their costumes. X leaned on the wall and pulled down his pants and released his cock from his underwear. His cock was very hard and throbbed and swayed like a snake. It was tanned dark brown and huge. The cock head was pink and was of the size of a small apple. His crotch was hairy and his tight balls were masked with them.

“Come on Asin…I can’t wait…come and suck my cock as you usually do” he gasped holding his throbbing cock in his hand.

Like every other Indian movie actresses Asin was a fan of big cocks too and she hungrily devoured X’s huge cock with her beautiful eyes. She was wearing a long sleeveless silk gown and her smooth arms and her shaved underarms turned X even more and wild. She moved close to him and knelt before his throbbing cock.

“Give me some good cock sucking, Asin, your lips are so fucking sexy…Suck my cock dry” X said looking at her sexy girl friend.

Asin smiled and held his cock hard with both her hands at its base. She kissed his cock head gently and rolled her tongue over the pink head and soon made it dripping wet with her saliva.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm… Feels so good my dear Asin…suck my cock… Asin… Asin…” X gasped.

Slowly she opened her sexy mouth and pushed his cock into it all the way down to her throat. She held the base of his cock and stuffed it completely inside her mouth. Her sexy cheeks bulged out obscenely and her face contoured as the mammoth cock filled her mouth. X had built up a huge load and his cock oozed its cream every now and then. Holding his cock tight Asin bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock. X floated in a pleasure carpet. He held Asin’s head and guided her on his stiff pole. Her thick lips were stretched around his cock forming a perfect circle. He massaged her cheeks, as the sexy actress was busy nursing her boy friend’s huge cock. She swirled her tongue over his cock head and sucked him faster.

“Asin… that’s lovely my baby you know how to suck a cock…” X complimented and gasped.

She slurped on his cock hungrily and shoved his cock all the way up to her throat. X’s cock became even stiffer inside her mouth and doubled their pleasure. Drools of saliva dripped out of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down very fast on his fat cock. Asin’s sexy mouth was stretched beyond limits and her cheeks bulged out as the cock moved in and out of her mouth. X held her head with both his hands and forced his cock all the way to her throat. He was building up a huge load.

“That’s it my Asin suck my cock harder and faster… Asin… Asin… Asin my sexy hot fuck.” X went on grunting her name.

Asin was an expert cocksucker and she was proving that to X. She puckered her cheeks to increase the friction between her lips and his stiff cock. The cock head rubbed over her palette and her gums and her teeth. X loved every move that Asin was making and he just held her head and enjoyed.

“Asin… Asin suck it hard Asin suck it faster Asin yes… aaaa” X panted.

Asin closed her eyes and sucked his cock madly, taking the whole stiff cock deep inside her mouth and pulling it out to its tip. Her tongue swirled over his cock head lapping up his oozing cream. X clutched Asin’s head very tight and whimpered as he felt the pressure build up in his stiff cock.

“Feels good Asin keep sucking it I want to erupt in your sexy mouth suck it harder my dear Asin…” X grunted and forced his cock deep inside her mouth.

Asin began to suck violently to milk his cock in her mouth. X pulled her face so close to his crotch that his cock went straight to her throat. His stiff cock pulsed and throbbed violently inside her mouth. Asin bobbed her head up and down very violently and X lunged his cock inside her mouth. Asin held the base of his cock and pressed it hard to release his pressure and soon X erupted like a fiery volcano deep inside her mouth. The first spurts of his cock juice went straight to her throat and she gulped it down. His cock spewed its juice in torrents and soon the sexy Asin’s mouth was filled with his cock cream.

“Asin aaasssssiiiiiiiinnnnnnn the vidiya munda” X gasped as he reached his climax and filled Asin’s mouth with his hot cock cream.

He held her head tight and moved his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was still stiff and Asin kept her lips very tight over the stiff rod. He kept fucking her mouth harder and harder and reached his climax again. Thick fresh cream sprayed out of his cock and he forced that over Asin’s white teeth.

“Asin my love show me your teeth and open your mouth…yes darling that’s it” he said and rubbed his cock all over her teeth.

Asin stretched her thick lips wide and showed his her fine row of teeth and she rubbed his cum all over it. Her teeth and her gums were covered with his thick cock cream and spilled out of her mouth and wetted her costume gown. He forced his cock again into her mouth and fucked it harder and deeper this time and Asin drank his cum till the last drop. Her sexy thick lips, her gums, her white teeth were all covered with X’s thick cock juice. It was a magnificent sight for him to see and enjoy. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her cheeks and around her lips. Asin still held the base of his cock and squeezed his balls as the cock moved all over her sexy face. Asin cleaned herself up and they both went to continue with their film shooting schedule. They had to work with other artists in the following scenes and one known personality among them was another actress Simran. She is a gorgeous babe with a hot body to trot. In the evening X and Asin both went out for shopping and dinner together and returned to their cottage at night. Asin decided to stay with X. X was just waiting for this night and he immediately hugged his girlfriend and kissed her sexy thick lips.

“You are too quick X” Asin responded.

“Asin thanks for that wonderful blow job today” he said and sucked her juicy lips.

Asin was hot with desire too and wanted X’s cock deep inside her horny cunt. She already knew how hard and huge his cock could go. Though they have not fucked many times she wanted it every second. X pulled the saree from Asin’s body and quickly removed her blouse and bra. Her luscious boobs sprang free and her nipples were hard as a stone. He pushed her on the bed and covered her swollen nipples with his hungry mouth. He sucked and nibbled them again and again.

“Unngggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Asin wailed in pleasure.

In great lust X pulled down her panties and cupped her cunt as he went on with sucking her juicy boobs. Asin had a shaved cunt. It was smooth with thick pouting lips. Without wasting much time X moved his hungry mouth over her smooth belly and reached her cunt. He spread her cunt with his fingers and clinched her clit between his lips. He was in a great hurry to suck and fuck his girlfriend Asin.

“Aaaaaaauunnggggggga ssshhssshaaaaaaaa” Asin grunted and gasped when his tongue circled over her erect clit.

X stabbed his tongue deep inside her cunt and swirled it in circles.

“Uunnggguungsshhaaaaa” Asin wailed and wailed in pleasure after pleasure.

X kept her cunt spread and tongue fucked her for a long time. The thought of X sucking her cunt was enough to send Asin to a wild orgasm. Her body jerked as she erupted to one of her wild orgasm.

“Want to suck my cock again Asin?” X asked.

Asin just smiled and said,

“Fuck me with that now X…just fuck me really hard and rough”.

Asin was very horny and wanted his cock badly. She raised her legs high above her shoulders and bends them down to her chest. This opened up her horny cunt and her juicy butt splayed open revealing her puckered black anus. Holding her hips X pushed his erect cock into her gooey cunt inch by inch. Her thick cunt walls spread wide to accommodate his huge cock.

“"Aaaaaaarrggggghhhhhh," Asin wailed loudly as the thick cock speared her juicy cunt.

Her thick cunt lips and her warm cunt walls closed around his cock and it inched slowly inside her cunt.

“That’s very big and it makes my cunt very tight” Asin gasped amidst her loud moans.

X supported his whole body on both his hands that he placed on either side of her. He arched his hips and forced his huge cock all the way inside Asin’s horny cunt. Soon he was fully inside and his hairy crotch rubbed over her smooth pubic mound. The feeling was tremendous and Asin held his hips and pulled him further close to her. He hugged her tight and kissed all over her sexy face and sucked her lips. He began to fuck his sexy Asin with long and deep strokes.

“Aaaaaaaaaaauungggggggggg” Asin grunted loudly in ecstasy and moved her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

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01-12-2011, 05:10 PM
Post: #12
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Urmila Gangbanged

Hello to all readers. My name is Salim.This a fiction in which my 4 friends Aziz, Riyaz, Shaukat, Rizwan and me fucked the bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood Urmila Matondkar. I live in Delhi. One day my friends and me went to Jaipur to attend a party. It got late there. When we were on the way to our home to Delhi we saw a car parked on the side of the road. It was about 2:30 in the night. A lady was waving her hands for help. At that time no other vehicle could be seen far far to sight. The area where car was parked was also a jungle area.
We went near the car to know what’s the matter. When we went near we could not believe what we saw.
The lady who was looking for help was Urmila Matondkar. We all got surprised. But she also knew that we were surprised to see her. We asked her what is the matter. She told us that she was returning from a shooting from Jaipur. Her driver was ill, so she decided to drive herself, but her car broke down there. We ask her if we can help her. She told her if we could drop her to Taj hotel Delhi. We told her that we are also going to Delhi. So it will be no problem for us. So she came in to our car with us. Delhi was still about 450 km away. After a journey of half an hour, she asked us if we could stop the car. We asked her what’s the matter. She told us that she wanted to pee. We got excited when we heard this from her. We stopped the car and she went in the trees to pee. We all also followed her from behind to see how see pees. We thought that she didn’t notice us coming behind her but we were wrong.
She was wearing a beautiful yellow saree. After reaching far in jungle she lifted her saree and pulled her beautiful white panty down. This was the first time when we saw her milky white thighs and round buttocks in reality. We were enjoying the sight of golden yellow stream coming from the clit of Urmila. That sight aroused our dicks. Suddenly what Urmila asked us surprised us. We thought that she didn’t know that we were watching her. Now I’ll narrate story in Hindi.
Urmila: kya dekh rahe ho, kya pahle kabhi kisi ladki ko peshab karte nahin dekha? Salim: kya tumhe pata tha ki hum thumhe chuup kar dekh rahe hain? Urmila: aur kya, bhala kabhi aisa ho sakta hai ki koi actress ghane jungle mein akele peshab karne jaye aur koi dekhe naa. Salim: to kya irada hai? Urmila: khade khade mujhe peshab karte huye kya dekh rahe ho, mujhe chodoge nahi kya? Listening to that we all 5 friends went near her. Salim: saali, le ab tere kareeb aa gaye khud hi nikal hamare lund hamari pant se. She didn’t waited for a second listening to this and opened our pant zip & took out our dickes from our pants. We were all aroused at that time. Urmila: wow, kya land hain thumhare. Salim: saali, kuch bol mat aur inhe chus.
She started sucking our dickes curiously without saying any word. She was sucking like a porn star. She was spiting on our dickes and taking our dicks down in her throat. When she was sucking our dicks, I pulled down her saree. She was wearing a dark yellow petticoat under the saree. I untied the petticoat too. Riyaz unhooked her bra. Now she was in front of her only in her beautiful white bra & panty. She was really looking gorgeous in that. Urmila: meri bra aur panty bhi utar do naa, ab to mera badan thumhara hi hai. I made her totally naked by removing her bra & panty. Her nipples were dark brown like chocolate. She was having a little bit of public hair near her pussy.
Urmila: yeh thik baat nahi hai, mein tum sabke lund chuse rahi hoon, tum bhi meri choot chuso naa. Hearing that Aziz started sucking her pussy. Rizwan was sucking her boobs. She was sucking Riyaz, Shaukat and my dick. Thodi der baad Riyaz Urmila ke picche gaya aur use ghodi bana kar uski choot mein apna lund ghusa diya. Uska lund 7” hai. Urmila ke muh se aah nikal padi. Urmila: hai, kitna bada lund hai tera, ghode ka hai kya? Riyaz: ghode ka hai tabhi to thujhe ghodi bana kar chod raha hoon. Riyaz 15 minute tak usko aise hi chodte raha. Urmila is bich ek bar khallas ho chuki thi. 15 minute tak uski chudai karne ke baad Riyaz bhi uski choot mein jhad gaya. Urmila Riyaz ki chudai se thak gayi thi. Riyaz ke jhadne ke baad Aziz ne Urmila ko peeth ke bal litaya aur uski choot mein apna 6” lamba lund ghusa diya. Urmila: hai, tum sab mullon ke pass ghode jaisa lund hota hai kya. Aziz: lagta hai tu aaj tak kisi mulle se chudi nahi. Urmila: haan, lekin jara aaram se chodo naa. Riyaz to pahle hi meri choot ki maa bahen ek kar chukka hai. Aziz use aise hi 20 minute tak chodta raha aur phir khallas ho gaya. Aziz ke jhadne ke baad Rizwan peeth ke bal let gaya aur Urmila ko apne lund par bhaitne ko kaha. Urmila:bhait rahi hoon naa, 2 minute saans bhi nahi lene dega kya bahanchod. Rizwan: saali gali deti hai, randion ki tarah to mumbai mein roz directors se chudti hogi filmen sign karne ke liye aur hamse chudte samay teri choot mein dard ho raha hai. Urmila 10 minute tak Rizwan ke lund par bhait kar uppar niche hoti rahi. Tabhi Shaukat Urmila ke picche gaya aur Urmila ki gaand mein ungli daal kar andar bahar karne laga. Urmila:kya kar rahe ho, meri gaand marne ka irada hai kya? Shaukat: haan. Urmila: to jab thumhari baari aayge to maar lena na. Rizwan:nahi shaukat ghusa de saali ki gaand mein lund, jaab do do lund ek saath choot aur gaand mein jayenge to saari acting bhool jayegi bahankilodi. Rizwan ne Urmila ko apne upar lita liya Shaukat picche se Urmila ko chodne ke liye badha. Shaukat ne lund Urmila ki gaand mein ghusane ki bajaye uski choot mein ghusa diya. Urmila ki choot mein ab Rizwan ka 7” ka aur Shaukat ka 8” ka lund tha. Urmila:uiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaa mar gayi, saale nikal de lund meri choot se aaj tak mein do lund choot mein ek saath nahi liye. Shaukat:mein aisa ek blue film mein dekha tha.mein to bahut dino se aisa karna chahta tha lekin koi dhung ki ladki naahi milti thi. Thujse accha koun milega. Rizwan aur Shaukat ek saath apna lund Urmila ki choot mein andar bahar karne lage.
30 minute tak Urmila ko aise hi chodne ke baad dono uski choot mein jhad gaye. Urmila ki choot se unka rus aise tapak raha tha jaise kisi ne mombati pighla kar uski choot mein daal di ho.un 4 ke baad ab meri baari thi. Mera lund un sabse bada aur mota hai. Mera lund 10” lamba aur 1.5” mota hai. Urmila: abhi tum bhi baaki ho, mein to mar jauongi. Salim: saali bakwaas band kar aur pet ke bal let ja. Mene Urmila ko pet ke bal lita diya aur apna lund uski choot mein ghusa diya. 15 minute tak mein use aise hi chodta raha. Tabhi Riyaz ne mujhse kaha Salim bhai mera lund dobara isko chodna chahta hai. Mein use kaha koi baat nahi. Mein peeth ke bal let gaya aur urmila ki gaand mein apna lund gusa diya aur Riyaz ne uski choot mein. Urmila:aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mein to gayi kaam se. Riyaz aur mein use aise chodte rahe aur 25 minute baad hum done uski gaand aur choot mein jhad gaye. Tab Urmila ne kaha ki ab hume Delhi chalna chahiye.lekin humne uski baat nahi maani aur use blowjob dene ke liye kaha.
Urmila iske liye tayar ho gayi aur usne baari baari hum sabka rus apne muh mein liya. Urmila: mujhe pyaas lag rahi hai, kya thumhare pass paani hai. Shaukat: Urmila rani paani to hai lekin thoda garam hai, chalega? Urmila samajh gayi ki Shaukat use peshab pine ko kah raha hai. Urmila: chalega lekin mujhe bahut pyaas lagi hai, mein tum sab ka paani pina chahti hoon. Urmila ne baari baari hum sabka peshab piya.hum ye dekh kar hairan the ki urmila jesi actress itni gaandi bhi ho sakti hai.jungle ke andar Urmila ki chudai karne ke baad hum use apni car mein lekar Delhi ke liye chal diye. Raaste mein humne use car mein bhi choda. Bus uski saree uthao aur ghusao.
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01-12-2011, 05:12 PM
Post: #13
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Preity zinta drunk and fucked

The story is about preity zinta... According to me she is the hottest actress around... Remember her scenes from kya kehna where she is made nude and fucked by saif ali khan... Or salaam namastey... Where saif again enjoys her... Let me tell you on of the incidents that happened on the sets of one of her movies.

Preity loves to drink and work, as she feels it gives her a kick. That day she had a love scene to shoot ( with saif ) for salaam namaste. She was her usual looking hot, when she came to the set.. She was wearing a very short top and a denim shorts... All the members of the film unit were looking at her hingrily... Wanting to eat her up... All of them knew that she had a hott scene... She came out ready wearing a see through top... Showing the pointing of her nipples... They were already errect... With the white top she was wearing her pick skirt. She was already down two pegs of drink... But this much she could handle.

The shot began... Saif had to move forward and kiss her and then make out love to her... The director wa not happy... The shot was done over n over again... He went upto said n said " preity kuch involve nahi lag rahi hai... Ussey sexxxy lagna chahiyeh" preity was sitting n talking over the phone... Saif quckly made a drink for her... This time, he made it slightly stronger... Something which should give her a high. Preity thanked saif and gulped it in a single sip... She for a second fell on saif.. Pressing her boobs against saif's hand. Now saif knew... Everything would go fine.

Saif went upto the director and said, don't say ' cut'...let it go on... And he can edit later whatever he doesn't want.

Director said action... ' On the bed preity is lieing down... And saif comes from top and kisses her... And kisses her again.... And now started smooching her... Preity who is slighly high on drinks, starts feeling wetttt... Saif slowly unties her hair... He is kissing her al over the face.... He removes his shirt and also unbottons preity's top... Now she is only in the bra... Saif, starts pressing her boobs... Hard... Very hard... Pinching her boobs from the top... Preity is enjoying is so much, she forgets the complete unit is looking at them... And that this is not the part of the film... Saif... Opens up her bra in a second, and now her milky white, 36 size breasts are all over his face... Saif cannot enjoy more than this... And so can all the team member. Saif is squeeing the boobs, licking it, kissing it... And enjoying it. Preity is also enjoying it double. He slides his hand inside her skirt, preity is not wearing her panties. Saif tells her ...' preity...u r a bitch... A complete whore... Look u r nude in fron of the complete unit members...

Suddenly she realises... Tile them saif pulls down her skirt... Making her completely nude in front of all. Woww... All r stunned to see this.. Preity tries to resist... But she is too drunk to make much effect... Saif till them pulls down his shirts... And there stands his 7 inches long dick, ready to enter the zinta's cunt... Before even she realises... He rams his dick inside preity... Making heer scream loudly...

She wants him to stop... But just not in her senses... Saif is going fast in-out, in-out... Kissing her... The unit members cannot believe their luck, some of them r recording it on their mobile... The director sits their unbelievably...

Preity zinta getting fucked in front of all... In a few minutes,while saif is ramming his dick inside her... Saif calls his fellow actor arshad warsi to join him. Arshad comes in removes his pants and puts his dick in preity zinta's mouth... Now she is getting fucked in her chooth as well as in her mouth... Saif summs in her cunt... N preity screams... Arshad now gets up... Its his turn... He gets and puts his dick inside her ass.... Preity screams... She is enjoying this by now... But just feels too humiliated... Arshad is screaming... "saali nangi... Zyada attitude dikhati hai rand... Bahar dekh... She looks out and is chocket to see a long que of men... About 10 of them, half naked... She cannot believe it.... And then one by one... All of them enjoy the nangi prety zinta...
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01-12-2011, 05:13 PM
Post: #14
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Fancy dress fuck

hi friends .
this is nikunj again with a brand new and unique story of my own imagination. this story is writen just for fun. i know my fans had to wait for my new story since august but what to do. i was busy. ok now with the story..
ye uss din ki batt hai jis din rajul aur uske pati parag ko ek party mai bulaya tha. ye couple fancy dress party thi. asi party kafi kam aur exicting hoti hai aisa rajul ne suna tha, par kabhi bhi wo aisi party mai nahi gayi thi. rajul ne uss party mei jane ke liye kafi dinnose tayari bhi ki thi. par sunday ko evening mei jab party mei jane ka waqt aya to rajul ki tabat achanak karab ho gayi.. use headeche ho gaya tha. usne apne pati ko akele hi party mai jane ko kaha.
uske pati ko pata tha ki rajul kafi exicted thi party mai jane ke liye par uski health jayda hi karab hogi esliye wo nahi aarahi thi. par rajul ke bagar wo use fancy dress party mai jana hi nahi chahata tha.par rajul ke jayda insist karne par wo party mei akele hi jane ko razi ho gaya. usne apna costume ustaya aur party mei chale gaye. rajul bhi ek aspirin liya aur kuch der tak sogayi. usse nind nahi aarahi thi. uska man party ki masti ko dekhna chahata tha. uske man mei kayal aaya ki kuy na apne pati ko party mai jakar accha surprise di jaye.
wo turant uthi apna naya custume pehna . uska costume ek short skirt aur simple shirt skirt mei uski black panty kafi saff dikayee de rahi thi. aur uske shirt mei black bra hi thi.ek school girl hi lag rahithi wo usme.usne apne cheare par priti zinta kar mask phena . aur wo chal padi apni party mei.
party mei jakar usne apne pati ko dondne ki koshis ki. kafi dondne ke bad use apne pati ko dekha. uske pati ne akshay kumar ka mask pehna tha. rajul ko pata tha ki wo akshay kumar ka mask pehne wala hai. par parag (rajul husband) ko pata nahi tha ki wo priti zinta ka mask phenegi.
rajul ne dekha ki uska pati dance floor par kafi enjoy kar raha tha. woo dance floor par do ladki ke sath chipk chipakar dance kar rahe the. ek ladki ki gand par hath bhi gooma rahe the aur wo ladki bhi enjoy kar rahi thi. rajul ko viswas nahi ho raha tha ki parag kabhi cheat bhi karega. rajul guseme do vodka ke glass hi pi gayi. abb rajul ne socha ki kuyna apne pati ko apna jalwa dikha diya jaye. wo bar chair se uuthi aur dance floor par dance karne lagi. rajul abb janbujkar parag ke baju mei dance karti aur apni body se parag ko touch karti. parag jo abhi akshay kumar ke mask me tha priti zinta ke touch se exicted hone laga. wo bhi bina soche aur bina samje priti zinta ke kabi boobs to kabi gand par hath gumata. abb pati hath gumaye to kya harj hai aisa soch kar priti zinta kuch nahi bol rahi thi. akshay kumar to abhi kafi exicted ho gaya tha. usne priti ke kan mei bahar ke garden mei ane ko kaha. priti zinta ne to pehle na kaha. to akshay kumar ne priti zinta ko apne bahomei bar liya aur phichese gand ko dabane laga. priti zinta ne pani aakhe band kardi. ab akshay kumar ne priti zinta ki skirt ke andar hath dalkar panty ke upar se uski chut done laga. priti zinta ne kaha sabke samne nahi . to akshay ne kaha to pls chalo garden mei.. control nahi ho raha hai.
priti zinta ne kaha chalo.. pehle akshay kumar chala gaya. jate jate usne ek beer ka cane liya. priti zinta ne phir uske phiche garden mei phochi. dono garden ke ek kone ke pass jakar naram naram ghass par kade the.
abb aksay kumar priti zinta piche gaye.. uske skirt ke andar hath dala aur uski panty ko ghutno tak ek hi zatke mei nikal diya. priti zinta ko pata nahi chal raha tha ki kya ho raha hai. aksay ne uska mota lund bahar nikala aur priti ki chut mei dalane laga. rajul ko pata nahi tha ki parag itna horny bhi ho sakta hai. phir aur mask askay kumar ne ek hi jatke mei apna pura lund dala. priti zinta ki chut intni gili nahi thi ki itna mota lund andar ek hi zatke mai jayee isliye use chute ke lips par jalan mehsus hone lagi. woo chilane lagi. par uski screem ahee bhan kar nikal rahi thi. askay abb jor jor she dhake mar raha tha. aur yeha par priti zinta ko kafi jalan ho rahi thi.. uski chut ke lips jese fat rahe the.. wo askay kumar ko rukne ke liye khena chahti thi par uske muh se kuch nahi nikal raha tha..
das minit mei askay kumar ka vira nikal gaya. wo kafi josh mei tha. priti zinta bhi thak si gayi thi. wo abb kadi nahi reh pa rahi thi .. wo garden ke grass par leti huvi thi.
tabhi unko kisi ki ane ki ahat sunayi di. askay ne jat se apna lund pant ke andar dala aur priti zinta ko uski gand par hath gumate huve jaldi kapde pehene ko bola aur waha se chala gaya.
rajul ne socha ki uske pati ko kya hogaya . use ashi halat me chodkar kyu chala gaya. usne bhi jaldi se kapde pehne aur. party mei phirse apne pati ko dondne lagi. par use koi nahi dikha. abb rajul bhi dakh gayi thi.
islye wo ghar par akeli hi aagayee. abb tak parag ghar par nahi ayya tha. rajul ne apne kapde change kar ke sirf ek nighty pehne li. uski chut abhi tak sugji huvi thi. wo just leti hi thi ki uske pati ne apni chavi se ghar ka darvaja kola. rajul ne usse simle karke use pane pass bulaya . jase hi parag paas ayya rajul ne usse ek achhi aur 1 min lambi kiss ki.kiss ke bad parag ne use kaha ke usne rajul ko party ke liyee miss kiya. rajul boli achha to tumne party mei koi masti nahi ki.
iss par parag bola nahi wo party par gaya hi nahi tha . wo apne boss ke sath uske dost ke ghar par patte khel raha tha. taab rajul confuss ho gayi. usne jaatt se phucha to tumhara custume kisne pehna. parag ne kaha usne uska costume apne boss ko diya tha party mei jane ke liye.
party ke baad uske boss ne wo costume wappas kar diya aur boss bata rahe the ki ye party uske life ki best party meise ek thi. wo iss party ko kabi nahi bhool payega.tabhi rahul ne bhi haste uve kaha mei bhi.(rajul ko roona bhi aaraha tha).ye sunkar parag confuss hogaya. wo bathroom me jakar fresh hokar rajul ko ek lambhi kiss karke sogaya. par rajul ko niind nahi aarahi thi. wo puri rath uske boss aur uss chudayee ke bareme sochti rahi.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Kareena Kapoor having sex

I'm a guy from India. This trust me is a true story. No not a stories it is an incidence which truly happened. So I’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes. I'm a guy working in a hotel at a hill station in Maharashtra.(I can’t tell my post or name of hotel or name of hill station as I can lose my job. Actually I'm taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this I’ll be dismissed immediately but anyways!). It’s a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middle class people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy. I like almost all actresses. But there is one actress who is a sensation & is a person 'cause of whom I’m writing this. It’s Kareena Kapoor!! This happened in Sept 2001. I was told that Kareena Kapoor is going to visit our hotel. I was happy as always to know that an actress is coming. In that September our hotel was not crowded as it was a rainy season & not many times can people go out of hotel as it rains cats & dogs here.

So finally the day came when Kareena moved in. When I first saw her I was stunned!! Man she was hot!! She wore a pink sleeveless Punjabi. I didn't notice at that time that a guy from Jamaica-West Indies also moved in the same day but it was important you will com to know later the importance of him. So back to our story. A day after Kareena moved in, I saw her talking with that black guy from Jamaica. Kareena was wearing a black skirt & looking hot as always. The black color looked so sexy on her white body. I thought some weird things about them but I did not know that things will really go this far. The two of them seemed too had became good friends they left the hotel fore site seeing as there was not much rain that day. Kareena came back first in the evening. In the night the guy(his name was Ricky) came back. Their rooms were adjoining each other. So the time was passing as usual. In the night at about 11:30, I was passing by Karenna’s room & I knocked the door to her if she wants any desert or something as dinner was taken late. There was knowing response. I knew she doesn't sleep this early as she goes for night walk for an hour after a late dinner. I thought that she had gone out may be for a night walk. My mind was full of ugly thoughts I quickly rushed into the room & started finding something like her bra or preferably panties so that I can masturbate. I was searching for it suddenly I was amazed to see that the door joining this & the black guy room was open. Generally they are kept close. I just started to hear something. The two of them I think were having a desert in his room. After they were done Kareena thanked him for inviting her she said that it was good that he didn't know that she was a famous actress so that they have become friendly. She thanked him again & started to come to her room. I was planning to escape from there immediately. Now the most interesting part begins folks.

Suddenly I heard some noise as if someone rushed to somewhere & heard the voice, "What r u doing? Leave my hand!" Yes folks! It was Kareena who was angry. Ricky said, “I want u dear!! I want to have sex with u. I was waiting for Kareena to call security but to my surprise Kareena said, "Oh Ricky!! You have no idea how much I was waiting for u to say this I have never had a black man!!" My god!! It was hot!! I couldn't help myself & knowing that I may get fired if I get caught I still peeped very carefully in the Ricky’s room. It was dark in the room where I was & those two were completely under control of lust so they didn't notice me. Ricky was holding Kareena. His arms were on her waist. Kareena was wearing a black nightie & a black night gown above it. She had put her arms locked around his naked & they were kissing each other. Ricky untied the nightgown of Kareena & removed it. She was only in her nightie known & was looking like a doll in front of 6 feet tall Ricky. He was wearing only shorts. Now they were kissing really hard. He put his hands on her ass & started caressing it. She broke the kiss & looked at him. He kissed her all over her face & started moving down on her neck. He lifted her nightie up & removed it. Now she was in only black colored bra & panties. Her white body was looking so hot against his black body!! Now he licked her below her neck & moved to her stomach. He licked her belly button & at that time I heard first of Kareena Kapoor's many moans. "Ooh Ricky.. Ooohh!" He kept licking her bellybutton & caressing her ass. She kept moaning. Then he lifted he & took her to bed he made her seat there. He moved to her backside. He kissed & licked her back opened hook of her bra & pulled it of with his mouth. My god!! I was seeing Karenna’s breasts. They were not big & heavy. Infact they were tiny. But absolutely hot & sexy. He started caressing her breasts on by one. She moaned "Oooh!! Ooohh goodd!! Aahh!!"

I was able to see their each & every action. He flicked her nipples pinched them. "Aaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooooohhhhh....!" was the reply. He pushed the nipple in. Caressed hr breast again. Meanwhile his hand slipped down to her panty covered pussy. He was in total control till then. Suddenly when he moved to her pussy Kareena got fired up she let the moan out "hmmmmmmmmmm....!" & hugged him tight pushing his face in her breasts. He made Kareena lay down & started licking & kissing her breasts. Without touching her nipples he moved down to her bellybutton. He made her lift her hands above her head & licked her armpits she almost screamed, "Ooooohh aaaaahhhhhh...!" You should have looked at her expressions. They were of joy, satisfaction & disappointment. His hand slipped through her panties & pulled them to her thighs. Her pubic hair were not shaved but neatly teamed. He pulled her panties out & started licking her feet, creamy fleshy thighs & especially her ass. She has got a beautiful ass I'm sure we’ve seen it on television also. Big round ass. Then he went up kissed her hard & started pulling her pubic hair just a little not to hurt her. At the same time he likes & bitted her nipples. Kareena moaned loudly, "Ooohhhh aaaaaahhh aaaaam…" He kept licking her breasts for some time & then moved to her cunt he started fingered fucking her with his fat middle fingered. She started moving her hips in his fingure's motion. She was moaning louder, "Oooooh yes baby!! Ooooooh Rick oooooouaaahhhh.." then he put his tongue on her pussy his mouth covered all her pussy & his tongue must have got in & found her clit 'cause look on Kareena's face was of sexual ecstasy. She was moaning, "Aaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm!" After some time he got up & started removing his shorts & then underwear. I looked keenly 'cause I’ve heard a lot about black men & my god!! Was it true!! The size of Ricks cock was amazing. I have got a big complex since then. Trust me it was about 12 inches rock hard. She got up & said, “Will I have to suck you?" He said don’t blow me just make it weight. She started sucking & licking him. What a sight it was!! Lips of Kareena Kapoor fully stretched due to that fat long black cock.

Then he told her to stop, pushed her back parted her legs & started to rub head of his cock on her slit. She moaned, "Aaaah please put it in I cant bear it anymore!!" He like an expert slowly pushed head of his cock inside. Stopped for sometime gave a few small thrusts. Kareena moaned, "Oh Rick! I want u inside of me!! Ooooh common!!" He slide his cock in & again the look on Kareena’s face after being felled with 12 inches was a must see! He slowly started moving with slow thrusts. Small thrusts at first & then sloe complete long thrusts he was removing his cock completely outside her cunt after each thrust & my god!! He went on & on with his rhythmic long thrusts. After some time Kareena’s feet crossed each other behind Rick’s back her body started bucking & shivering & she moaned for quite a some time, "Aaaaaaaaahhhh aaamm” He went on & on trust me he went on for 20 straight mins. Before he increased his speed violently & shot his load in her cunt. Some of it flowed outside. In know time he was hard again. They fucked in various positions for 3 hours. He had 4 orgasms each one taking more time then previous one. Kareena had at least 14 mind blowing big orgasms which I could make out & god knows how many smaller ones! Finally Kareena was lying on the bed on her back sweating like hell & fully exhausted. What a site it was! But Rick was still not done. He parted her legs again & started pumping really fast.

She didn't even have power to hug him. She just kept moaning. He was having time of his life he went on for the longest time of all. She was moaning loudly. It seemed to be too much for her but still she seemed to like it. Her moans now changed into screams, "Aaaahhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaahhh oohhh ooooohhhh oaooooohhhh sssssss.. Aaaaahhh!!" Her body was glowing as she was sweating like hell. Finally she shouted," Oooh Riiiick please stop I’ll die.. I'm gonna die hmmmmmmmm.." & almost lost her consciousness. That’s when Rick shot his load & collapsed on top of her & that is when I rushed out as it was 3:45 in the morning & I had to get ready for my job. Rick as scheduled moved the very next day. He went to Kareena’s room only to say bye & left immediately. Kareena didn't get out of room that day saying that she was not filling well. Only I knew what the truth was. The day after Kareena also move out & that was the end of a great chapter of my life. Guys & girls, I'm taking a great risk by telling u this but I'm feeling well as I was itching to tell this to somebody. If my name gat exposed I will loose my job. So this is the best way to do it. Remember all this is a true story.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Shilpa Shetty Gets Taught A Fucking Lesson - Shilpa Shetty Raped

Shilpa Shetty was now a big kick ass movie star in Bollywood and London after winning Big Brother. At the tender age of 18 she was fast emerging as a new hot talent, one everybody wanted to be in their movies. Because of her newfound fame, she was being really picky about her roles. She turned down one role because the director wanted her to cavort around in a bikini. God she thought to herself, I’m only 18 and already the sharks want me to strip. She knew she was attractive and was a magnet for desperate men and boys, and she loved and demanded attention everywhere she went. She dreamed of the time she walked into school once dressed in a Sexy schoolgirl outfit. The males had stood there, jaws dropping so far flies could have flown in there and they wouldn’t have noticed.

She loved teasing the boys, but she was determined to be a virgin til the day she got married. She had masturbated sure, every little girl did. But her hymen was still intact. She hadn’t had anything penetrate her little barely teenage cunt yet. She was saving that for when she met someone really nice and she was married to him. She was determined to just enjoy being in a position to tease the boys. She was back at home, relaxing before jetting off to film her next movie. She was looking forward to it; she was going to play a bitchy girl in it. Little did the director know, but she didn’t have to act bitchy. She already was a bitch.

Anyway, one Saturday morning, her mother called up to her and asked if she wanted to go out shopping. Shilpa agreed, and of they went in her mom’s 4x4. Whilst in the mall, Shilpa saw one of her oldest friends, Geetu. She had outgrown her though, so tried to shield herself from view. However, she hadn’t bargained on her mom calling out to Geetu and inviting her over to talk. Shilpa made it plain she thought she was better than Geetu, and acted like a total snob. Then much to her horror, Geetu invited her over to her house that night for a party, as Geetu was turning 19 on Monday so she was having the party that night. Shilpa was about to make up some excuse when her mother (God, how Shilpa cursed her under her breath) said Shilpa would come. Armed with the address and time, Shilpa was dragged off to find a dress for the party and a present for Geetu.

Shilpa made it quite clear to her mom that she didn’t want to go to the party, but her mom told her to stop being such a little spoilt princess. Shilpa resented this. Didn’t her mom know whom she was talking to? She was Shilpa Shetty, a famous movie star. She had her pick of roles, she could decide whether she went to some party or not. She sulked and sulked all day, but when she found that Geetu’s brother was going to be there she cheered up. She had always enjoyed teasing him before she had become famous. She had paraded around in a little dress when she was even younger and he had such a boner looking at her that he still masturbated over the mental image to this day.

Anyway her mom drove her to the party, and when she knocked on the door she adjusted her dress. She groaned when Geetu answered the door, because Geetu was wearing a really childish dress, and it just served to reinforce Shilpa’s belief that she was better than everyone else. She entered the lounge and was greeted by friends that she had long since grown out of and had not spoken to for years. She was really obnoxious and when she saw the buffet laid on for the part by Geetu’s parents, she started to regale the guests about the food the movie stars have at their parties. One particular comment was designed to hurt, and it did. ‘My God, who has jelly now? That’s for kids for God’s sake’.

When Shilpa left the party, the other guests breathed a huge sigh of relief. They had had enough of listening to Shilpa going on about her movie star friends. Shah Rukh this, Kajol that, etc. The atmosphere picked up tremendously after that, and the party became even more enjoyable. Anyway, a couple of days of days later she reShilpased she had left her purse at the party. She called Geetu and went over to the house to get the purse when Geetu said she had found the purse. Shilpa knocked on the door, and Geetu answered it and ushered her into the lounge.

‘You were really snobby and bitchy at my party; you ruined it for everyone. What happened to you Shilpa’? Geetu asked her friend. Shilpa just shrugged her shoulders and demanded that her purse be handed over. ‘I don’t have time for this crap, I have a meeting later with someone’. Geetu looked confused and was met with a sarcastic ‘,duh’! In reply.

She went to leave the house but was stopped by Geetu’s brother Karan who had been listening in the kitchen to Shilpa being mean and bitchy. He had a few friends over, all of which had fancied Shilpa for months. They all fanned around her, making her feel scared for her safety. Karan walked towards her and snarled at her ‘Horrible mean bitch. Maybe we should take you and make you feel a hard cock inside your cunt’.

Shilpa tried to leave the house but was grabbed by one of Karan’s friends, Alan. He turned her around and watched as she was marched upstairs into Karan’s room to be defiled. Shilpa was stripped naked, and when she cried out to Geetu to help her, she got a face full of saliva as Geetu told her she had asked for this. Shilpa’s jeans were ripped off her body, revealing a black thong. Karan grabbed hold of her little pussy through the fabric and felt no hair. He told his friends and they laughed. He then tore the thong off, and passed it round his friends who sniffed at the fabric. They whistled at the scent of a barely teenage cock-teasing slut who was about to be punished.

He ripped her T – shirt off and revealed that the little slut wasn’t wearing a bra. Her little 18-year-old tits were pointing straight up into the sky, with nipples that were soon erect from the treatment that Karan and his friends gave them. Karan positioned Shilpa on all fours on the bed and unzipped his jeans. His monster 10-inch cock sprang to attention, fully erect. Shilpa nearly fainted when she saw it. Karan got between her legs and pressed his cock against the barely teenage cunt in front of him. With one thrust he got 4 inches inside Shilpa.

Shilpa screamed with the pain of having her virgin twat stretched for the first time, especially as she was being raped. Karan gave a sick smile when he met her hymen. He pulled out, and then with a hard thrust burst her hymen. Shilpa let out a piercing scream, as her virginity was gone forever now. She started screaming at the top of her lungs as the crude fucking continued. Karan built up quite a head of steam and after just 5 minutes grunted as he filled her teenage cunt with hot spunk.

His friend Alan climbed on the bed next and penetrated her with an 8-inch cock. Shilpa by now was sobbing, as her virginity was not just being taken but destroyed. Her first time was meant to be with someone she cared for, loved and special. Not being raped by Geetu’s brother and his friends. Another friend, Jay moved in front of Shilpa. He let his big 9-inch cock fall out of his pants and pushed it between Shilpa’s lips. He started crudely fucking her face, making her struggle to breath as she continued to sob.

Alan was really giving her a seeing to, he lasted just a couple of minutes longer than Karan before he shot his spunk too. Jay pulled out of the mouth and went round the back and then he fucked her too. His cock went in and out of her, the spunk of Alan and Karan helping him to thrust deep into her teenage twat. He pulled her hair and started calling her all the names under the Sun. ‘Dirty little cunt. You made us fuck your sweet barely teenage cunt. You fucking little prick tease’.

He spunked and then got off the bed. The last friend, Nirav, climbed onto the bed behind her. He started spanking her arse, eliciting screams galore from her. He carried on spanking her then said to his friends: ‘maybe I should make her virgin arse bleed. What do you think guys? Hey, Geetu do you think I should take your little bitch friends virgin arse’? Geetu nodded her head in agreement and then walked to the bed and sat on Shilpa’s shoulders. She told Nirav to start giving the whore her first anal fuck. Karan by now was hard again. He looked at his sister, and was really turned on by her words.

He walked over to her and asked if he could fuck her. She said yes, and lay down on the bed next to Shilpa. Shilpa was forced to watch through a tear stained face as her one time friend had her first fuck of many. From her own brother of all people. She suddenly was aware of something being prodded against her arse. She turned and saw Nirav getting ready to dry fuck her virgin arse. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, waiting for the invasion of her tight arse. Nirav was egged on until he couldn’t wait any longer and plunged into Shilpa’s tight virgin arse.

Geetu was screaming in ecstasy as her own brother, her hair flailing, fucked her. She let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit her young 19-year-old body. Karan grunted as he came ever nearer to shooting spunk deep into his own sister’s teenage cunt. He pulled out of his sister, smiling at her. She smiled back at him, and then positioned herself so that Shilpa was faced with her little twat. Karan grabbed Shilpa’s hair and forced her to eat Geetu’s cunt out. Shilpa nearly puked when she saw the cum running from her one time friends little twat.

Karan held her firmly and told her if she didn’t clean Geetu’s pussy then the rape would carry on. Shilpa reShilpased this struggling was futile so started to lick her one time friend’s twat out. Her tongue snaked into the little twat, making Geetu gasp and shudder. On and on went the oral sex, and when Geetu finally gasped and screamed in orgasmic delight, Karan let Shilpa stop eating some cunt juices. When she asked them to stop cos she had done what had been asked of her, they just laughed and told her that she was their property now. They would let her go when they wanted. So the brutal crude rape continued.

Shilpa was screaming her lungs out meanwhile as Zach roughly took her anal cherry. Blood was starting to trickle from the virgin arse of Shilpa as the crude fucking continued. Zach grunted as he finally shot his load into the tight hole. Jay climbed onto the bed and pushed his own cock back into Shilpa’s tight arse. He groaned as he felt the anal muscles clamp around his cock tightly. He grunted as he felt his spunk rise from his balls. He stopped, giving Shilpa some respite from the crude anal fucking. Without warning, he suddenly thrust back into her arse again. This time, Shilpa let out the biggest bellow since the rape had started. Suddenly, Jay pulled out before he could come.

Police sirens filled the quiet street, and the patrol car stopped outside Geetu’s house. Two burly cops Shilpaghted from the vehicle. Shilpa saw this as her chance to escape from the brutal rape. No such luck for her! The 2 officers happened to be big black burly fuckers. Their cocks were both at least 12 inches. Shilpa didn’t know it, but she was about to be destroyed by two massive cocks.

They knocked on the door. Karan opened the door, whilst still dressing. The officers asked what was happening. Karan told the officers the whole story. The officers, instead of handcuffing Karan, they asked if she was still naked. Karan led them back upstairs to where Shilpa was still being held down to suck cocks so she couldn’t make any noise to alert the cops to her presence.

Jay leapt out of his skin when he saw the cops sanding there. Shilpa looked up, giving the cops a thankful stare. They merely grinned, and unzipped their pants. Shilpa let out a howl of frustration as she reShilpased that she was not going to be helped. The two cops got her positioned so that one could fuck her little cunt and the other could fuck her virgin arse. They pounded away at her holes, making her scream in agony as this little Bollywood bitch film star got the fucking of her life.

She was by now howling in agony, as her insides were being ripped apart by the 2 monster black cocks stretching her virgin holes beyond anything she could ever have imagined. One of the cops grunted as he added more spunk to her arse, and then asked the other cop to lift her off his cock so he could make a call. Shilpa was screaming as her anus was being torn to shreds by a big cock. Her attackers were verbally abusing her and she nearly fainted when she heard another 5 cop cars turn up.

Soon, another 10 cops were in the room, among them a female cop. She looked really pretty, long blonde hair tied into a bun and a tight clingy uniform. She was a lesbian, and after her male colleagues had finished raping poor Shilpa, she pulled her pants down to reveal she was wearing a strap on cock. Shilpa by now was on the verge of passing out from her crude raping that day. It had been a few hours since she had arrived at Geetu’s house. The cop got between her legs and rammed the strap on deep into Shilpa’s cunt. She was fucked beyond mercy, until she passed out.

After Shilpa had been fucked into oblivion, the police decided to take her home but not telling her mom she had just been raped by some of the cops taking her home. They would tell her they found her by the side of the road, obviously been assaulted and sexually assaulted. In the car on the way to her house, the cops told Shilpa to never tell anyone who had raped her. She had top issue a description to fool everyone otherwise she would be found and raped again. This time they would take her to the state lock up for the inmates serving long sentences to have their way with a piece of barely teenage meat.

Shilpa complied with the instructions, but she stopped filming for sometime. She was a wreck by the rape. And she soon learnt that being a stuck up bitch wouldn’t get her very far in life if she didn’t have any friends. She tried to make amends with Geetu and was pleased when she was allowed to make things better. Karan very now and then would touch her tits or arse, making Shilpa freeze with fear and panic. She would be living like that for the rest of her life, at least until Karan or she died
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Soha Ali Khan Gang rape

This is a story about Soha Ali Khan. I hope you enjoy it. Comments,opinions, complaints and suggestions are always appreciated.

Soha awoke with a groan. Her head felt like it was ready to explode. She tried to remember what had happened to her, but couldn't. She remembered going to a party and meeting some really slimy guys who kept hitting on her. Finally she got tired of it and started to leave. She had walked out to her car when everything went black. She sat up and noticed she was laying on a cot in a ramshackle little hut. There was no light on but she could see light coming from the next room and heard voices. A man entered the room and said, "Bout time you woke up bitch! We been waiting to have some fun with you!". He told her that she had been knocked out and brought to a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. He walked over to her and told her that him and his friends would kill her if she didn't do everything they wanted. They would torture her first and take a long time for her to die. She could sense the danger in his voice and knew he was telling the truth. She said she would obey and he smiled.

"Okay then, get in the other room and strip for us!"

Soha staggered into the other room still a little dizzy. She gasped when she walked into the room. There was 12 guys there. Eight of them were black and they were all the meanest. largest looking guys she had ever seen! They started making comments about her and began calling her dirty names as she started stripping. When her small, perky tits were revealed, she could see that every guy there was getting a massive erection. When Soha's tiny, trimmed pussy was revealed she thought she was going to faint from fear looking at the lustfuil faces on the men. She was so afraid of what they could do to her. The first guy approached her. He was a large black man. He squeezed Soha's tits and told her to walk around and blow every guy there. Her face turned red as she approached the first guy. He shoved his huge black cock into her pouty lipped mouth and started fucking her face. She started to gag but he just shoved more of his ebony rod into her throat. He grunted and came! She felt her mouth fill with his hot cum and tried to swallow it all but felt some of it slide out her mouth and down her chin.

Everyone laughed at her as she crawled to the next guy. Everyone was so horny at the thought of getting a blowjob by Soha Ali Khan that no one guy lasted very long. One after another they each slapped their huge cocks on her face, nose and lips. They all forced Soha to suck them off. In about 40 minutes she had swallowed 12 loads of cum and she knew her face was covered with the sticky residue of what she hadn't been able to swallow. Then a guy walked over to her and told her to get on her hands and knees. She assumed they were going to fuck her but felt her heart stop beating when the guy said,"Who wants to be the first to fuck her ass?".

Before she knew what was happening, she felt a huge black cock against her tiny pink puckered asshole. He shoved it in hard and she screamed out in agony. The others merely laughed at her as they watched her tiny asshole open up for his huge cock. He fucked her furiously and came quickly in her ass, lubricating it for the next guy. As the next guy began to buttfuck her
another large black grabbed Soha's bare feet. He began to rub his huge black cock all over Soha's soft wrinkled soles. She had never felt so degraded in all her life. The large black continued to fuck her holes, arches and even her sexy red polished toes as Soha continued to get her ass fucked. The others stood around jerking their dicks in her face. As the first few guys began to cover her face with their cum again, the guy in her ass pulled out and just before he came, rammed his thick, huge cock up her little, sexy cunt. Shot after shot of sperm filled her pussy. Soha began to cry as the thought of having a black guys baby crossed her mind. The black at her feet began to rub his dick harder on her soft soles and toes. He shouted "I'm gonna cream this bithches sexy feet!" Stream after stream of the black's thick sperm blasted on Soha's wriknkled soles and even poured all over her red toenails. He smeared it in with his cockhead and made her wiggle her cum soaked toes. She was so humiliated.

Eventually. all 12 men fucked her ass, slapping and spanking her ass while they made fun of how much her asshole had spread open. They called her a sloppy anal slut. The last guy even shoved his whole fist inside her ass! She screamed and tears came to her eyes as she felt his hand inside her ass! He pulled it out and made her lick his hand clean. It tasted foul but she tried to do it quickly,hoping they would leave her alone now.

The next thing she knew she was being picked up and taken outside. for the first time she saw how far from civilization she really was. The guys forced her to enter an old barn. She fell to her knees exhausted. Her heart leaped into her throat when she heard a horse whinny in the background. THEY WOULDN'T EXPECT THAT! No way was she doing anything like that!! She started crying as she saw them leading the horse in front of her. One guy whispered to her,"You are going to taste some hot horse cum now,baby!!" She reached over to the horse and started stroking his cock, stunned by its size. It was twice as long as any man's cock she had ever seen and she couldn't get her hand all the way around its width! She hoped they would let her just jack it off, but they quickly told her they wanted to see her suck it off. She sighed and tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. She licked along the side of the cock, nearly gagging from the foul smell. She could only fit the head of the cock into her mouth and used her hands to stroke the rest. The first spurt of cum completely filled her mouth, causing her to pull back off his cock. The second spurt drenched her faceand tits. She swallowed and opened her mouth for more as the horse continued to shower her with his cum. Her face was completely covered and her hair was plastered to her head. Most of the cum had dripped off her face and down to her tits and stomach.

She collapsed to the floor thinking the worst HAD to be over. One of the large black men kneeled down beside her face and grinned when he told her that it was just beginning for her. He told her to wait until the rest of the guys got there!

Let me know what you think
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Celebrity Sex - Aishwarya Rai's Fucking Audition With The Hollywood Director

I rang the doorbell at Aishwarya Rai’s part time LA residence. As a Hollywood Director, I was used to being bombarded with phone calls from agents representing clients hungry for roles. But one client particularly roused my interest. Aishwarya Rai’s transition into Hollywood cinema had not started well, and she was desperate to get all the work she could. She insisted that I meet at her house for a personal audition, an offer I could not refuse to such a stunning woman, though I was cautious after hearing she had a reputation of being somewhat of a man eater.

After being shown inside by the servant I waited for Ash. She walked down the stairs wet, having just taken a shower and covered in nothing but a silky robe which clung to her delicate physique, outlining her curves. Seeing this I realized how stupid I had been to wear shorts, as I slowly went erect. She turned around and was startled to see me there, and one of her boobs briefly popped out of her robe. I stood there, embarrassed with my tool fully erect in front of the most beautiful woman in the world. Aishwarya looked at me in disbelief, her glance lingering on my member, and I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her face.

“I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” she said. “So you liked what you saw.” She cast a playful glance at my poking-out penis. “My turn to see now I think” she giggled.

I couldn’t believe it. Aishwarya Rai flirting with me, I tried to hide my embarrassment and covered myself with a cushion.

“Well I suppose you want to see me performing?” Ash teased. She carefully removed the pillow covering my penis, and stroked it through my shorts. She ran her hand up and down my shaft before removing my shorts and boxers completely. I was entranced by her beauty and felt like I could explode right there. Ash knelt down and cupped her lips around my bell. She then gradually took my entire member down her throat, and then came up and resumed stroking it. It took my entire self-restraint not to blow then and there as she once more took my shaft in her mouth. She then began slowly bobbing her head up and down, sliding her lips and tongue up and down my penis.

“Wow,” she gulped after raising her head. “That’s big, I can’t remember the last time I had such a well-endowed guest.”

“I can’t remember ever having such a generous host,” I replied. She went down once more and began stroking my phallus more vigorously, squeezing on the tip. She bit my bell end and then went back to sucking on it, first softly and then harder and faster until her head was bouncing up and down like a spring.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned

“No you’re not,” Ash replied, as she slowed down and looked me in the eye.

“It’s my turn first.” Aishwarya Rai then stood up and untied the cord of her robe and in one swift movement it slid off revealing her lush bare body. Her tits were perfectly round and still pert and her naval was firm and tight. She clearly looked after her body. I slid my hands up her silky thigh and grabbed her toned buttocks. She lay down on the sofa and spread her legs in the air.

“There’s room for two here,” Ash said with a sultry look on her face. I kissed her smooth legs and began to lick her crotch, gently pushing my finger in as well. She arched her back in pleasure and groaned loudly.

“Mmm, I want your cock inside me, I can’t wait any longer,” said Ash with a raw desire on her face. She ripped out a condom from a drawer near her and slid it onto my dick. I slowly directed my member between her spread-eagled legs and into her moist pussy. It was still tight as I pushed my penis in slowly. Ash moaned with pleasure and I began sliding my cock in and out slowly of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me as I began to pump harder and faster.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” Ash repeatedly screamed. I could feel myself nearing climax and so I switched positions to slow myself down. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

Aishwarya Rai was now on all fours on the shaggy rug and I knelt behind her and grabbed her voluptuous breasts while my tool found its way back to her pussy and I once again began to pump. I watched in awe as Ash rocked backwards and forwards and she turned around to face me with a look of animal passion in her eyes. She raised herself partially onto a table for support and then stood up with one leg while I held the other and continued to pound the gorgeous woman. Our bodies were intertwined and sweating from the intense heat.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to fucking cum!” She moaned more and more excitedly until her back arched and her body clenched as she went into orgasm.

By now I was almost nearing orgasm and I pulled out.

“I want you to cum all over me, cum on my face,” moaned Ash as she pulled off my condom and caressed my shaft. She sucked hard on my penis and then stroked it aiming for her mouth. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I climaxed as cum gushed out of my dick onto Aishwarya Rai’s lips. The cum dribbled onto her chin and she started to suck all the leftovers out. I was in ecstasy, and would do anything for her.

“So I get the part then?” She smiled. I couldn’t refuse. Aishwarya began to walk back upstairs to shower again after our steamy passion, but before doing so turned around and said “let yourself out through the back, my 2 o’clock will be here any minute
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Celebrity Sex - Beautiful Amisha Patel Gang Rape

Beautiful Amisha Patel was returning from a shooting. It was very late, about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. She was driving and was alone. Suddenly, she felt that the front tire of her car had a puncture. She, therefore, stopped the car and checked the tire. It had indeed gone flat. Amisha stood the watching the flat tire and scolding her luck. A famous celebrity like her definitely didn’t know how to change tire and she was helpless in totally lonely highway. The place was totally dark and the few street lights couldn’t give much light.

But there was bright moon light and the beautiful Amisha was looking even more beautiful in the moon light. She was wearing a sky blue chiffon sari and a matching sleeveless blouse with matching make-up. She had tied her sari below the navel exposing her a little plump belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal that made her big round butt look even bigger.

She was looking really quite sexy. Within couple of minutes, she felt a truck passing her in full speed. She raised her hand and the truck stopped with screeching sound of tires. The truck came back in reverse and stopped near her. One guy dressed in a dirty dhoti and kurta stepped out and was very excited to see Amisha, “Hello Ma’am! WOW! I never thought of meeting you in such a place. Has your car developed some problem?" "Yeah, I have a flat tire.", she said.

"Do you need our help?", the man asked. In the meantime, two more vicious looking guys stepped out of car. They were all ferocious and hungry looking. She said, "Please do, I am in so much trouble." One of the men replaced the tire. Meanwhile, his other friends were busy in making Amisha understand how happy they were to meet her and how big fans of hers were they. Amisha was hesitating, but as a duty towards her fans, she tried to make them happy by talking to them.

Once the job of replacing the tire was over, Amisha thanked them for their timely help and expressed her gratitude. They said, "We are more than happy to get the chance to help the actress of our dream" and there came a knife in a man’s hand, whose blade was shining in the moonlight. Amisha was terrified. "Madam, We won't harm you, if you follow our instructions", one said. Before she could say anything, one hand grabbed her from behind and shut her mouth. Two guys carried her to a nearby bush and made her sit on the ground. Amisha, terrified, asked one of the men standing nearby, "What do you want? Why you have brought me here? If you want ornaments or money, please take them and leave me." "Dear, don't worry. We don't want your ornaments or money. We want you. We masturbate seeing your photo and now that we have found you, we want to enjoy your sexy body. If you oblige us, we'll not harm you otherwise we don't mind killing you." "No… You can't do that.", Amisha said in a trembling voice.

One of them slapped her really hard. She was sitting there, not believing what he had done. There was a red hand print on the soft creamy white cheek which is made to be kissed passionately. Amisha kept silent. After couple of minutes one of the guys brought a bottle of Desi Sharab from the truck and they started drinking in turns. When they offered the bottle to Amisha, she refused. "Then, we will force you to have it.", said one of the guy in harsh voice and moved and sat next to her. He took the bottle and holding her with his left hand, tried forcing her to drink. Amisha initially resisted but seeing the situation started having the drink. The dirty smell and taste of the drink made her almost faint. "That's nice", said one guy and others laughed.

While all were having drinks, the guy sitting next to Amisha put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing her bare arms. Others were watching his acts. He then started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He also started kissing her cheeks and neck. Amisha though was showing some signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she started allowing the guy to fondle with her.

The guy suddenly held her sari and pulled it. The sari came out of the pin, fixed to Amisha's blouse. Amisha tried covering her chest with her hands. Looking at her big breast, one guy said, "Wow, she has lovely boobs man. They look bigger than they look in the movies. Remove her blouse also." The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it. The blouse got torn and her white colored bra was exposed. The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out Amisha's blouse. Amisha was sitting with her bra and sari on her lower portion of her body.

Amisha got up and wanted to move out of the hands of the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the sari. That made Amisha to lose her balance and fell to the ground. The guy pulled out her sari forcibly. Amisha was intoxicated by now and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was watching the action so far moved to Amisha and fell on her body and started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing her thighs. While doing so, Amisha's petticoat moved up, exposing her legs. The other man watching the scene said, "How creamy legs she has... Ask her to show her body to us." "Yeah, that's right.", said the guy lying on Amisha and got up and made Amisha to get up from the ground. Amisha was not able to stand properly.
Since, Amisha did not undress, one of the guys came and took out a knife and threatened, "Whether you will undress yourself or should I undress you?" "No, I won't put my clothes off.", Amisha said with resistance. The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of the knife below Amisha’s white bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. Amisha held both her voluptuous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys liked it and laughed. "Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !", said one of the guys. "Show me her pussy also !", said another guy. The guy holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it. Amisha's petticoat slid to the ground, exposing her lovely creamy thighs and legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside, she looked quite sexy in that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her shoulders.

Amisha still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands. One of the guys watching all this got up and grabbed Amisha from the back and
started kissing her neck and cheeks. Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which was clean without any hairs. It seemed that she had shaved her pubic the same day. The guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy.

Amisha removed one of her hands from the boobs and tried covering her pussy. That exposed her one of the tits. Amisha was looking quite sexy in that posture. Her exposed breast looked quite big and lovely shaped. The guy behind, grabbing Amisha, put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. Amisha screamed, “NO!” "Don't make sounds, otherwise we will have to close your mouth and still enjoy you", said the guy holding knife.

Amisha became quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now, both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her
put his hand on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so, he was kissing her neck and cheeks intermittently. "Now, come on, suck my cock.", said the guy holding knife and unwrapped her dhoti. "Come on Amisha !!!", he said in a harsh voice and stood infront of her. Amisha, with fear in her eyes, kneeled before him. The guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was 10 inch long and had become erect. It was black in color and looked very dirty. He held Amisha's hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock. A strong smell hit Amisha’s nose. But she had to take the guy’s cock inside her mouth. Then she started sucking the dirty smelly cock. Now, she liked the cock size. She sucked his cock forgetting her class and everybody around. All of them were watching her sucking scene with apt attention.

Amisha continued sucking his cock. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her suck. He kept moaning, "She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too good. I always knew she is a great whore. That’s why I masturbated with her face in my mind." While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their dresses and stood stark naked. All of them had strong bodies and had stout cocks. Amisha looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the guys standing next to her said, "What baby, do you like our dicks or not?" Amisha looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said, "Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company" "Is it?", said one who had shoved his cock inside Amisha's mouth. Amisha looked at him and smiled. "Then c'mon let's make her enjoy", said the guy and made Amisha to lie on the ground.

Once Amisha lay on the ground, he came in between her thighs and guided the 'head' of his long penis inside her pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy, he yelled, "Wow, she has really become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I am going to love fucking her." and continued shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the other guy got near her head and pushed his dirty black cock inside her mouth. Amisha took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a thick and stout but small cock. His cock hardly fit in her wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She moved her tongue on his balls and made him excited. The dirt and smell on the cock made her more excited. The guy loved her suck. "You are right friend, she is fantastic.", he smiled at his other friend. Within minutes the guy who was fucking Amisha, started giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thrust his dick inside, Amisha made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. Within a few minutes, the guys changed their position. The guy with thick and stout cock lay back on the ground and asked Amisha to come on him and take his shaft. Since, Amisha had become fully 'hot'. She was excited thinking of getting fucked in the bush by these low class people, what she didn’t even think.

Without showing any resistance, climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided inside her 'honey pot'. She had to press hard to take his cock inside her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression, all could make out that she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying his dick. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act.

The guys laughed. One guy gave his cock in her mouth. He shoved his cock, sitting at her head and started caressing her tits. Amisha took the cock and started sucking it with great pleasure. The three guys were changing one after the other and fucking Amisha with immense pleasure. The beautiful Amisha made all the guys very excited with her creamy soft body and by giving her best performance.

Though it was supposed to be a rape, but still Amisha started enjoying it. All the guys fucked Amisha one after another. Amisha seemed having multiple orgasms which was quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the process of 'rape', all tried almost all the postures. Suddenly one guy made Amisha to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock, pushed it inside her ass. Amisha felt his push inside her butt, a little painful. But, soon she started enjoying it. The guy pushed his long cock inside and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard cock after retrieving outside,Amisha moaned with great pleasure and said, "fuck me hard. I love it...fuck me!" The sight of the guy fucking her ass was terribly exciting. Another guy made Amisha lay down slowly on her side, retaining the guy's cock inside her arse. He made Amisha to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy that exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive a cock.

He stimulated her pussy, particularly her clitoris with his fingers. Amisha enjoyed the stimulation. In a sexy voice, she said, "Put your dick inside my pussy. I am dying to have it in my hole." Lying next to Amisha, he put his erect cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The two guys alternatively shoved their dicks inside her both the holes. The alternative rhythm made Amisha mad with excitement. She started yelling, "fuck me hard bastards. Both of you.. fuck me hard..." The other guy couldn’t hold himself back. He put his dick inside Amisha’s mouth. The guys fucked her mouth, hot ass and cunt simultaneously for about five minutes.

Suddenly, one of the guys expressed that he was about to come out. Amisha also said, "Yeah, I am also about to come, all of you fuck me hard
and all of us will have simultaneous release..." All guys were now fucking her hard. Suddenly, Amisha screamed with pleasure "Yeah... Yeah...I'm cumming.. I'm cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder...", and soon all three released their cum simultaneously. Amisha screamed in sexy voice "Oh...God.. that was fantastic... I love it... that's too good.." Her pubis, butt and face were filled with sticky cum.

One guy said, "You are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam." "Oh thank you very much. But, you have torn my bra and blouse. What should I wear now?", Amisha asked. All the three guys kissed and thanked her for giving her beautiful body to them Amisha said that she enjoyed their fuck too.

Later, Amisha said good bye to them and left the place. Amisha did not forget to collect her torn clothes as 'souvenir' of her 'rape'.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Rani Mukherjee Fucked

My favorite heroine always has been ms rani mukherjee.i just love her smile, her lovely face, her full ass and her sexy big chuchis. I have beaten my lund several times in her name. Just imagine how u feel if she blows your cock. I am a photographer and she comes to my studios becoz she has to pose for some pics, the naughty ones fir a magazine.. She looks amazingly voluptuous in her tight jeans and straining red top in which her arrogant birds are straining to get out. I ask rani if she is comfortable showing some flesh nbecoz it is an adult mag.she says she doesnot not mind. I give her a small miniskirt and a top. Her cleavage looks so ripe that I feel like touching them.
I tell her to bend and when she bends I get an eye popping view of her bablesitake her boob shots in various angles, my cock begins to rise in my pants.iteel her to undress becoz I want to shoot her ass. She removes her skirt and I see her curvy big ass in her white panites.when she turns I see the cunt of my favorite heroine, rani mukherjee.i see her pussy is very hairy n her have lot of hair down there, say. She smiles and says” I am so busy that I hardly have time to even trim my hair ” She sees my erection, and smiles”myjungles has provoked a beast in you”. I love her dirty humor drop my camera and been to kiss her savagely I lick her face lustlyand I grope her ass like crazy.
She gets turned on and we smooch passionately. Feel her boobs now and I feel her big nipples gettignerect like two matar ke daney. Her husky voice has become very husky nowshereaches behing and removethe strap and her mischevious balls pop out with her brown nipples. Her boob s are fair soft full and luscious like mangoes. Her panites also comes out, she is totally drean has come true. This is 100 times better than shagging.i squeezing her balls, she moans passionatelyumnnnnghn ungggghh.i I feel rani’s chooth, it is moist. Feel like drinking her chooth ka pani.i nemd and take one of her balli inh my mouth and she says / chew my mangoyesssss.’ While I sucked one, cupped and squeezed the other in such a way that I think I changed the shape. (Just joking). Lets go to bed I said as I freed her she saw my Lund. She said “into moat Lund. Kay hate ho agape’ when she said the word Lund, m Lund began to jump hysterically. My Lund loves rain very much. Said, “ yen to asp key lye about rote hay”. I began to kiss her hairy contend I smelled it . it smelled little fishy but not offensive..bengali girls like to eat fish.i was sniffing her cunt. She felt shy. I put tow fingers in her cunt, it was not really tight. So rani had a fucked bhosda she had taken so many lunds inside her but she had never met my king sized one. As I fucked her cunt with my two fingers she moaned, uunnnnnggggg I sucked her nipples while my fingers probed her pussy. then I began to lick her bely button, it was so ssexy she squirmed as I teased her navel . then I went to kiss her cunt.
She spread her legsi licked her curly cunt hairsshe moaned again as I separated her pink folds of her labia. It was shining and pink and fleshy .iwas staring at rani’s most private thing HER CUNT. Her experienced chooth opened like a petal of a beautiful flower. Her little saheli, her clitoris rose up to greet meand I nibbled on it like arabbit. She shouted oyyyyyunnnnn. Ibegan to slid tow fingersi n and out.ooooh ashhhhokkunnnnnnngh. Islurped her cunt honeyand munched her chooth ka baji as if it was my favorite dish I knew she would sprinkle her sauce on myn face I kept on fucking her cunt with my fibngers as I ate her pussy.she lifted her assup and I pushed one ginger in her anus. She moaned and grunted like a bitchand orgasmed on my face. My face was washed with her chooth makkan. She reached for my cok and felt it . she lokked beautiful, awoman looks really beautiful after she cums.. she massaged my cock.tera tho bahut bada hai”she said. Iwant to fuck you isaidf. She guided my dickinside her. My cock went in with ease,she cried hoarsely as my lund wentin. It was warm and so fucking great I statrted slwly then built up speed,she caressed my back and head. She brought her soft big thighs and circled it on my back so that my lund toushes her deepes parts.
She moaned ooooooh asshhok ffffffukkk me yexsss unnnnnnnnnhgjh.icried “oh raniohhhhhraniii”aand began pumping thick and fazst stabbing in her her. She was also fucking me from down. Then my thrust shortnedned and I begant to shoot in her my semen going deep in her womb. The I collapsed on her boobs.”that was great. She said. You know how to satisfy a woman’ssecret desire”.she careed my chestand then felt mylund which had grown smaller.i caressed her lovely ass. I love you rani”isaid and as ifelt her posterior hillsmy lauda began to grow again. She lokked down and saw my cock growing with her touch. She reached and felt my balls”tera kela itna bada hai lki lagta hai jha jaoon”. Isaid . she said “ithink I should isuck agifted cock like this.”she went down andbegan to scuk my cock she plaued with my nuts.i moaned as she licked my pee tip and gave me a fist job and blow job alternatively . she looke beautigul with my banana in her mouth.” Stopit” she said what happened don’t u like it “isaid mujhe aap ki gand marna hai’. I asked kisni aap ki gan mari hai” haan”, she said two producers mr.. and mr..but keep it our secret”. yes isaid. I told her to get on knees . she held on to the bed railings for suppor. Rani’s gand was the most tempting part of her body . I separated her butt cheeks and looked at her delicious shit hole.i licked her lovely ass with passion as she moaned, lick my ass ub basytard ass kisser.’.then I squeezed her ass and nd inserted my tonghuein.s he moaned and as I forced her ass apart to lick, a slimy fresh fart escaped through her asshole with a whoosh sound.her fart went in my mouth and tongue.
She looked behind and said”iam sorry”.i priede myself on the fact that ismelled rani’s paadh.her fart was smelly, not so offensive in fact it was like an aphrodisiac. I told rani” I am a lover of beautiful women. I like to taste their milk,their cunt cream, their mc, their piss, anything from a beautiful girl,even her farts. Iwold not even mind your sandas,rani”. Seing such a lust, she ramartked “u are so kinky.but sorryiu cantgive u my shit I emptied my bowels in the morning . I then licked her anus again amnd then it began to grow wet and her spinchter musles realaxedand became big. I kiseed her neck and my cock was touching her anusand slwly but surelyu it went cock pushed between her asscheeks it looked like a buger between her buns. Isqueezed her balslls as I fucked and fucked and fucked her sexy fleshy ripe erotic delicious gand.we both cried and I stimoulated hetr clitoris. She came agan an di emptied my sperm in her ass.
I coolapsed ioon her. Even she was tired.with my lund la lotion in her ass..rani said,I iam really tired and I cant walk.naked she reached for aher mobile and called her producer and said that she is not wll and she nedd s restm, so cancel the shoot. We caressed each other s genitalsand itold her,”thanks gor everything”. She giggled and said”I never thought I coulod get fucked but you!”she rea hed down and talked to my lund”kyon laat saab so rahe homeri gand maar ke”as if to ansewer a tiny droplet of sperm came froem my dick, she liked it and said hmmmmm” She got up and said “ihave to go to the loo” for what? Iasked . to pee” she said I said aim coming.mujebhi moothna hai.sshe squatted and started to pee on the loo but igor between her thihg and dranks her steadynsalty stream.rani kas mooth peene mein bahut maaza aya. She saidyou love the taste”. Yes said. Then I peed on her face and her balls and she looke curoisly at my stream.
Then we took ashower and fucked again.
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