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Brother Sister Incest Saga
10-27-2012, 02:30 AM
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Brother Sister Incest Saga

As my parents' only son, with 2 younger sisters, I had to take over the father role after our dad left. It was not an easy task trying to discipline two young ladies. They were very willful and clever at manipulating me into giving them what they wanted. I could handle them at first but the older we got the more it seemed they were disciplining me.

We were raised Catholic and my sisters attended an all-girls college. Of course, like me, my sisters were over-sexed so it was a constant problem trying to get the girls to keep their skirts from riding too high. Every morning they'd start out below the knee and by afternoon they'd have them hiked way up, and the panties would invariably get pulled up in the cracks of their asses.

How did I know this about my sisters? For some reason mom made it my responsibility to check up on them. Looking back it seems rather strange for a mom to tell her son to check his sisters' underwear to make sure their asses weren't showing. But she worked long hours to support us all and couldn't be there to keep an eye on them herself, so the responsibility fell on me. We used to joke around that I was the "panty guard."

It was okay at first, but as we got older, all of our libidos increased and it was harder and harder to keep the girls under control, especially when I could barely keep myself under control. My sisters knew I was having trouble, so they were ruthless and teased me mercilessly.

I'll never forget the time Allison left school without her panties or her bra and I had to deal with her. Allison was the older one and, of course, the more promiscuous, always setting a bad example for her sister. I would meet Allison and Stacey at 3 pm every day at the bus stop and escort them home to make sure they were safe and didn't get into any mischief. On this day when I arrived they were standing outside as usual talking to their friends. But I noticed Allison's clothes were not right, so I went right up to her and scolded her.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked firmly.

"What are you talking about, brother dearest?" she sassed back.

"Don't play dumb with me, Allison. Your skirt is way too high and what's going on with your shirt?" I said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ray Ray," she said reaching back to tighten her french braid, which made her shirt problem even more noticeable.

"Come with me," I said leading her over to the side of the building where we would be less conspicuous. "Allison, why are your nipples showing right through your shirt?"

"Where? I don't see any nipples, Ray-Ray,"

"C'mon Allison, anybody can see these," I said grabbing her nipples and holding them firmly. I'd never done anything like that before and I didn't intend it in a sexual way, but the minute I did, we both realized how erotic it was. Allison didn't move or bat my hands away, but just stood there looking a little stunned with her mouth open and her eyes on my fingers grasping her hardened nipples. I didn't let go, I just kept a firm grip on them as I reprimanded her for not having her bra on.

"Allison you should not have taken off your bra, it makes you look like a cheap slut and your breasts are too big to have them bouncing around in your shirt. Now where is it?" I asked still holding my sister by her nipples.

"I, I have it in my purse. Why are you squeezing my nipples brother dearest? Are you trying to feel me up?" she said with a coy smirk.

"Don't be disgusting!" I said and as I did I noticed I was getting an erection.

"Well you're squeezing my nipples really hard," she said starting to twist and pull away from me. For some reason I still didn't let go believing I was doing it as a disciplinary measure. But thinking back I realize I was enjoying holding my sister's nipples, and the more she tried to pull away, the more I enjoyed holding on to them.

She started bouncing up and down to loosen my grip and feeling her big breasts bouncing around against my hands was getting me very excited. Suddenly I released my grip on her nipples and without thinking I grabbed both her breasts in my hands.

"Stop bouncing them around like that, it's not good for them," I blurted out.

We both realized how silly it sounded, and how much we were both enjoying this whole scenario, and simultaneously cracked smiles at each other. it was a strange moment where we both admitted our sexuality to each other for the first time. Quickly, I tried to play it down and let go of my sister's tits.

"Put your bra back on," I said.

"What? Right here? I can't take my shirt off right here. What if someone comes over here and sees me?" she said opening her purse and taking her bra out.

"I'll stand guard and make sure no one sees you," I said looking over my shoulder.

Allison unbuttoned her shirt and stopped. I could see the center portion of her bare chest, the inside curve of her breasts and abdomen. She was breathing heavily; excited by the idea of taking her shirt off outside and right in front of me. We both stood there for a moment. Allison was blushing and I'm sure I was too. She looked around to make sure no one was watching us.

"I dare you to do that now, Ray-Ray," she said expanding her chest to make her breasts look even bigger.

"What, this?" I said grabbing them again and giving them a thorough groping while she stared at me with a wild look in her eyes. I stayed on the outside of her shirt but I let it open slightly more threatening to expose her. She let me grope her breasts for as long as I wanted to and I think I fondled them for a good thirty seconds before stopping and giving her a little antagonistic pat on the cheek.

"Turn around," she said.

I turned around most of the way but kept her in the corner of my eye as she quickly put her bra back on and re-buttoned her shirt.

"I saw you looking," said Allison, "All boys like my boobies, I've even seen some guys get an erection from staring at them."

"That's doesn't happen to me," I said trying not to let my cock pop up and make a tent in my pants. But secretly I wanted my sister to know that she had aroused me so I got the idea to dare her just as she did me.

"If you don't believe me check for yourself," I said.

"Oh yeah?" she said with a big surprised smile. Then she grabbed my crotch and immediately her jaw dropped, she gasped and let go.

"Ray-Ray!" She exclaimed, "You have a huge erection! Did you get that from looking at me?"

"No!" I said emphatically. Then I looked away and said "Yes. So what?"

My sister ran away laughing and I followed her trying to conceal my hard-on as best I could. We ran back over to the bus stop just as the bus was coming. Allison was still laughing and Stacey was wondering what was going on.

We got on the bus and kept looking at each other with knowing smiles and busting up. Stacey had her curiosity piqued and knew something funny was going on. But she got distracted after a few minutes.

Allison was sitting on the sideways seat in the back of the bus and I was sitting across the aisle facing her. Stacey was a few seats forward and by the end of the line, near our house, the bus had emptied out mostly. So as soon as we were alone, and no one else was looking, Allison did something that really shocked me. I'll never forget it and to this day I still jerk off thinking about it. She put one leg up on the seat giving me a clear view of her crotch, in broad daylight, and she apparently had left her panties in her purse too.

The sight of her fuzzy little sparsely-haired blond beaver and tight pink pussy lips between those creamy smooth thighs, combined with her wry little smile with one eyebrow raised—her confidence in how sexy she looked—left an indelible image burned into my mind forever. From then on I was sexually focussed on my sister and I could hardly think of anything else.

I wanted her so badly after that I couldn't stand it, and she knew it too. I tried to play it off but the power had clearly shifted. She would tease and tempt me mercilessly and I would do anything for a glimpse or a feel. She kept me right where she wanted me for several months giving me just enough to keep me hungry but never enough to satisfy my lust for her.

Until one day when circumstances happened to fall into place. Mom had gone out for the day and taken Stacey with her. It was early on a Saturday morning and I was lying in bed thinking about Allison. I heard the shower turn on down the hall and as I laid there I heard the bathroom door open with the shower still running. Then I heard footsteps walking down the hall.

I thought she might have gotten out of the shower to grab a towel from the linen closet and wondered if she might be undressed. I got out of bed and poked my head out of my bedroom door just in time to see her turn the corner into the walk in closet. She was bare-assed naked and I caught a momentary glimpse of her jiggly pale buns glistening with soapy water.

I was so excited I stared down the hall waiting for her to walk back, but when I saw her turn the corner with a towel wrapped around her, I quickly ducked back in hoping she hadn't caught me spying on her. I got back in bed and got under the covers with my cock rock hard and started stroking myself thinking about what I'd just seen. I was getting close to cumming when I heard my sister scream! I stopped mid stroke and listened.

"Ray! Ray!" Allison called out to me, her voice sounding more scared than in pain.

I got out of bed and slipped on a pair of boxer shorts but my erection was making a serious tent in front.

"What's the matter Allison?" I called back from down the hall.

"Com'ere Ray! Quick!" she shouted. The bathroom door was slightly open and I slowly entered. My sister was standing against the wall naked, barely covering herself with her hands. I was mesmerized and stared at her as she stared at the shower stall with a look of terror.

"Wh-wh-what's wrong, A-Allison?" I stammered barely able to speak much less think.

"Sp-i-i-id-e-e-er!" she whimpered.

I looked in the shower stall and saw a medium sized daddy-long-legs on the wall. I turned the shower nozzle on him and washed him down the drain.

"All gone," I said, and as I turned around, I saw my sister standing fully naked, arms at her sides, right in front of me. She made no attempt to cover anything; it was all there: her big D-cup tits with perfect nipples pointing straight forward fully erect atop scrunched up areolas; her smooth flat belly tapering down to her neatly trimmed blond pussy with little lips peeking out from the slit; her muscular thighs slightly apart, as if she was ready to bolt, but she didn't move.

My eyes devoured this glorious sight and slowly moved up to her face which was still reflecting fear, but as she realized the spider was gone, and saw me staring at her so amorously, her face softened first to a grateful smile and then to a sexy seductive look that made my heart pound.

We stood there for what seemed like a long time and then she reached her arms out to me, walked forward, and pressed her bare tits against my abdomen, then she wrapped her arms around me tightly. As she laid her head against my chest her hips moved forward and my erection pressed against her belly and I could feel the head of my cock slide down to meet the warmth of her pussy.

"Thank you Ray, I think I owe you one," she said softly in a sexier voice than I'd ever heard from her before.

"Owe me one what?" I asked not really aware of what I was saying.

"Hee hee! What would you like?" she giggled as her hands slipped down the back of my shorts and grabbed me firmly by the butt cheeks.

"I can't imagine anything better than this," I said choking slightly on the words.

"I have an idea," she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the hallway toward her bedroom.

"I think I should let you have my body to make love to in any way you want, for as long as you want. How does that sound brother dearest?" she said as we entered her bedroom.

"That sounds like a dream come true," I said, "but you're more than just a beautiful body to me. You're my sister. I want to make love to my sister, not just her body."

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you said that," she said with a strange look on her face.

"No, no I didn't mean that as a bad thing I, I'm sorry," I tried to explain.

"It's okay brother dearest, that was a beautiful thing to say, I don't know why I was surprised. You said exactly the right thing," she reassured looking deep into my eyes.

Well you said exactly the right thing too, in fact I've had fantasies about you saying that to me. The problem is, now that you've said it, I don't know what to do. I've never made love to anyone before," I confided.

"Ha ha! It won't be a problem, Ray. I promise you it won't be a problem at all," she said as she guided me to the foot of her bed and pushed me onto it. "You like my boobies don't you?"

"Like a squirrel likes his nuts," I said.

"Well I need them to be played with and I need my nipples pulled, and twisted, and sucked even. Would you mind doing that to my nipples brother dearest?"

"Okay," I said as I began fondling my sister's amazing tits.

She climbed up on the bed and straddled me sitting right on top of my cock which was aching to get out of my boxers. The feeling of her warm buns on my lap was ecstasy and I instinctively started pumping my hips.

My hands were all over my sister's body and she felt so good to me I never wanted to stop touching her. The look on her face throughout all of this was unreal. I'd never seen her look so beautiful. There had always been a little tension between us, call it sibling rivalry, but there was none of that now and I felt nothing but love and warmth from my sister. We shared something in common that went beyond mere carnal urges. We knew each other so well, it was like we had the same desires and together we were completely fulfilled.

All I knew was I felt closer to my sister than I'd ever felt to her, or to anyone. I pulled her toward me to give her a hug, to thank her for letting me have her in this way. I moved my head aside but she followed my face with hers and our mouths touched.

I was confused for a moment. Was my sister intending to kiss me? I didn't move and just felt her lips press against mine. We stayed that way for a while and I could feel her breathing become heavy and hot. Her tongue licked my lips and she pressed her face into mine hungrily, sucking my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth and even biting my lips gently.

She was moving so fast I just let her lead and followed along. It was so erotic I thought I was going to explode. I pulled away momentarily and my face showed her the intensity of my desire.

"I know what you need brother dearest," she said as she climbed down off of me and lowered her head between my legs. In one motion she pulled my shorts off and tossed them onto the floor.

"Oooh! The lord was good to you!" she said excitedly and grabbed my throbbing cock in her hands. My sister's hands on my cock felt so good I closed my eyes half-wondering if this was all a dream.

It felt like she was tickling me lightly all over my balls and cock. I looked down to see her beautiful face but I could only see her eyes. She was kissing my balls and underneath my balls and all around them, nuzzling her face into my crotch and making this cooing sound that was so sexy. I wanted to grab my cock and start whacking but I didn't want her to stop. I don't know what I did to indicate to her how I felt but somehow she seemed to already know and she reassured me.

"Patience Ray-Ray, I know exactly what you want," she said as she stared straight into my eyes and started licking my balls with a wide flat tongue. I watched in amazement as her tongue found the shaft of my cock and she licked it up and down sucking on the side of my shaft almost to the top but taking her time. I thought to myself, "if she touches the head of my cock I'm going to explode and start squirting cum everywhere!" I was afraid if I did that she'd be grossed out. So I tried to fight off the feeling but it was impossible. What she was doing was driving me crazy and I knew I was going to get my cum all over her any minute.

"Allison you've got to stop or I'm...I'm gonnah-ah..." I could feel it coming up the shaft and at the exact moment I was about to release I felt something incredible. I looked down and saw my sister had taken the entire head of my cock into her mouth and was gently sucking it!

The sight of it, and the feeling, and the look on her face was all too much! I started ejaculated right into my sister's mouth and she didn't even move! She just kept sucking and I could see her mouth fill up with my cum after each squirt and she just swallowed it down! Each time she took more of my penis into her mouth, and after about six big blasts, she had three quarters of my cock down her throat and she looked like she was having an orgasm herself.

I almost passed out. I was in a half dream state for several minutes and when I came back to earth my sister was still sucking me. I was only half hard but she didn't seem to care about that, she was doing something with her hands out of my view. I realized she was masturbating.

"I want to do something for you now," I said.

Allison looked a little embarrassed and said, "Ah tho'nt thow ith oo than, thwotheh theawetht."

"What?" I said, "Come up on the bed."

She looked a little frustrated, like she didn't want to let my cock out of her mouth but finally she did and climbed up on the bed with me. Her body was hot and her skin was so soft as she climbed up practically on top of me. Her big round tits were bouncing everywhere and her nipples were pink and rock hard as she pummeled my face with them. She seemed agitated as she held onto my head trying to position herself but I didn't know exactly how. my arm was between her legs and I felt her pussy touch my arm. It was sopping wet and I knew immediately I had to have my face between her legs. I wanted all that wetness all over me, I wanted to feel it, taste it.

I grabbed her by the buns and lifted her up over me. She seemed to know what I was trying to do and responded by quickly putting her leg over my head and dropping her pussy and ass directly on top of my face, right where I wanted it. It was ecstasy. She started humping my face rhythmically and her wet vagina lips engulfing my face was almost more pleasurable than ejaculating all my cum right into her mouth like I had a few minutes ago.

She was sliding back and forth across my face and my nose was spreading her lips apart wider each time. My sister was holding onto my hair, pulling on it harder and harder. But every few seconds she would stop and whisper, "sorry!" then straighten my hair out for a second, and go right back to pulling it again while grinding her wet crotch into my face. she was trembling all over and getting really worked up, I was a little confused as to what to do, I knew she needed to come. The only thing I could think of doing was to stick out my tongue and suck as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could. When I stuck my tongue out it slid right up into her pussy hole and she screamed out loud.

"Yes! YES! Oh my God, YES, Bro-ther-r-r De-e-a-re-e-e-st!"

I did the same thing a few more times and now my sister's entire body was vibrating and something was making her jump every few seconds. I realized every time I pulled my tongue out of her hole, I slid it all the way up and felt a little bump at the top of her slit. When my tongue touched the bump my sister would jump. For some reason I got the idea to lick the bump really hard. but every time I did she pulled it away and I couldn't reach it. She was freaking out and getting so wet her juice was flowing down my cheeks and neck.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
to do something or it seemed like she was going to explode! I grabbed her firmly around the hips and held her tight so she couldn't move. She gasped and held her breath. This time I wrapped my lips around the area of the bump and sucked hard with my tongue poised. But instead of thrusting my tongue into it, I very slowly and very gently slid my tongue up and barely touched the bump with the tip of my tongue. The second I did that, my sister, who was clutching her breasts, screamed so loud I thought I'd killed her. Her entire body heaved violently over and over again while I held onto her for dear life.

I kept my tongue on the bump as best I could trying to follow her movements, which were more like convulsions. But the best I could do was to tap it with the tip of my tongue every time her hips forced it into my mouth. The sounds she was making were like nothing I'd ever heard from my sister before or anyone for that matter. She sounded like a wild jungle beast woman.

Slowly, after about twelve hard convulsions she relaxed her entire body and slid down so she was sitting on my chest. she collapsed on top of me with her tits hanging over the top of my head. She was breathing hard and still shaking, sobbing a little and giggling every once in a while. She didn't seem to know where she was or what anything was, or anything. Her dead weight on top of me felt so good I almost cried.

She remained there for a long time and I didn't try to move her. I could have stayed right there with her, holding her tight, forever. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep but with my sister's naked body pressed against me I was too excited to. My hands slid down to her buns and I started kneading them. Soon my fingertips found there way into the crack of her ass.

I felt her tight asshole and poked at it, touching all around it with my fingertip. Every time I pushed at it she clenched tight and it was turning me on to no end. My sister started wiggling and giggling as I pulled her butt cheeks apart and teased her asshole. She began rubbing her wet pussy against my abdomen and I knew we were far from done with this sexual interlude.

She slid down on me and I felt something wet on the tip of my cock. I instinctively thrust my hips and my sister gasped.

"Whoa! E-easy there Ray-Ray that's a really big cock you've got there. I-I don't know if I'm ready for it...Oh God, I'm ready!"

And with that she pushed herself down onto my cock at the same moment that I shoved it up into her. I felt myself hit a wall and it wouldn't go any further. My sister yelped. I thought I'd hurt her so I tried to pull it out but she followed keeping her vagina filled with the entire length of my cock. Then she started bouncing up and down on it and it suddenly dawned on me that I was fucking my sister.

It felt so good and it was such a turn on that I almost forgot all about the fact that I was not supposed to cum inside her. Apparently so did she because she was just riding me like a bronco, bouncing up and down and back and forth having the time of her life it seemed. But I cared so much about my sister that even in the throes of passion my protective instincts kicked in.

"He-he-hey All-llis-son I-I-I'm go-go-gon-na-a cu-um-m" I said.

"Go-go-ah-he-head I'm not ov-ov-u-u-la-a-ating," she said.

"Oh-oh-oh goo-oo-ood," I said, having not a clue what she was talking about but she seemed to think it was okay for me to cum inside her.

But that moment of fear somehow stopped me from cumming, and then wondering what avocadoing meant distracted me even more. Then I noticed how thinking about those things had stopped me from cumming and thinking about thinking had gotten my mind completely off what I was doing. I was no longer in any danger of cumming and I was just fucking away. It felt great and I was turned on as hell watching my sister enjoying herself on my cock. We were going at it hard for about ten minutes and still I showed no signs of cumming at all. My sister was even breaking a little sweat. Suddenly she stopped and gave me a wild-eyed smile. Then she flopped down on top of me and held my head in her hands

"Wow, Ray Ray! (pant) You're doing really (huff) well for your first time (puff). Most guys would have (pant) been done a long time ago (huff puff) What a stud you are!" said Allison as she mussed my hair affectionately. Then she gave me a big kiss on the lips.

"Did you wanna stop?" I asked.

"Tee hee No!" she said, "Do you?"

"Nope. Never!" I said.

"Well then let's go! Hee hee!" Allison giggled with delight. Then she sat up on me and commenced bouncing up and down like there was no tomorrow.

She looked so cute with her big open-mouth smile and wild eyes wide with excitement.

"Wheeeeeeeee!" She shouted and we both started laughing out loud.

"Better than Disneyland eh?" I said.

"Way better!" she exclaimed.

I felt like I could keep fucking all day and my sister showed no signs of stopping either. Her big tits were bouncing up and down so hard they were practically hitting her in the face. I remembered the silly thing I said that time when I scolded her for not wearing her bra.

"Stop bouncing them around like that, it's not good for them," I blurted out.

Allison shot me a look and at that moment we both remembered the encounter that started all this and how turned on we both were. Thinking about the thrill of that moment and realizing she was as excited by it as I was. I remembered her giving me the green light to enjoy her as a sexual plaything. And realizing that she, and probably most women, actually love being sexual playthings. That was the moment we first realized our attraction to each other. That meant there was a whole new world to explore in each other. And suddenly the roles we had played all our lives; dominant, disciplinarian big brother, and sassy but submissive little sister, could now be explored in sexual play.

It meant that we could use each others bodies and minds to experiment and learn about our sexuality. The joy of being horny and having the luxury of going into my sister's room and saying, "Hey sis, would you mind sitting on my face while I jerk off?" or "I'm telling mom you broke that lamp...but if you suck me off I won't say a word." We were turning all those years of sibling rivalry into sexual revelry. That realization seemed to elevate our excitement in a chain reaction and now we were about to experience our first mutual orgasm.

I felt her pussy clamp down on me and literally milk the cum right out of my balls. Even in the throes of an earth-shattering orgasm we never broke eye contact and watched each other in our most vulnerable and our most joyous state.

Allison's cute little eyebrows were all scrunched up in exquisite agony and she was biting her lip. Suddenly her whole face relaxed and her big beautiful eyes went half mast, then slightly crossed. She had no control of her body at all and looked like a rag doll. I too was helplessly ejaculating what felt like gobs of cum right up into my sister's tight pussy hole.

We were so in tune that we both had the idea at the same moment to kiss. My sister practically lunged for me and I rose up to meet her half way. Our lips locked and our tongues were exploring each others mouths frantically. Our orgasms slowly subsided but our kissing only increased in intensity because that was how we showed each other our love, not just our lust. The instinctive impulse to join our bodies had been satisfied but we were now connecting on a mental level, an emotional level, and a spiritual level as well.

We didn't stop kissing for at least ten minutes, and when we did we both did at exactly the same instant. Allison laid down next to me and cuddled up with her head on my chest. She kept whispering, "Beautiful...You're so beautiful...So beautiful." And I kept kissing her on top of her head and repeating, "I love you...I love you." We both fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up about two hours later and got up to use the bathroom. When I returned to Allison's bedroom she was lying there with her butt facing me and I could see her little asshole peeking out from between her cheeks. I laid down with my face just inches away from it, placed my hands on both buns, and spread her cheeks apart to get a closer look. I didn't know why but I had this obsession to bury my face in it and I went for it. I'd never enjoyed anything more than my lips kissing my sister's asshole, but It wasn't enough. I had to stick my tongue into her asshole and lick it thoroughly.

There I was tongue bathing my little sister's heiny like a madman when I felt her stir. First thing she did was push her ass into my face and start moaning. After a while I was pushing my tongue all the way up into my sister's ass and although I felt like I was being really weird, having never heard of people doing that, I didn't care because I didn't want to stop.

"Ray-Ray you are a true wild man, you know that? Hee-hee," giggled Allison in a sexy voice that sounded really mature and womanly.

"I'm sorry Allison, I don't know why I'm doing this to you. I just want you to know that I love you so much and you're mind and body are so pure and beautiful to me that I could even lick your very asshole. There isn't anything about you that could ever be dirty to me. I'd even let you pee right into my mouth if you were too tired to go to the bathroom right now."

There was a moment of complete silence while we both visualized that scenario and suddenly we burst out laughing.

"Am I the weirdest big brother in the whole world or what?" I said.

"Not at all, Ray-Ray," said Allison, "The things you're doing are all common sex acts that people do everyday."

"Really?" I exclaimed, "No wonder i wanted to do it so bad. But, Allison, where did you learn about all this stuff."

"I was wondering when you were gonna ask me that, brother dearest. I have a confession to make Ray-Ray. I have sinned."

"Really? Cool! What did you do? You've gotta tell me all the details," I insisted getting really excited by the idea of my sister being a little slut.

"Oh boy. Okay here goes. But Ray-Ray you have to swear you will never breathe a word of this to anyone! Do you swear?"

"Allison You're secret will remain with me to my death. I swear to you...Now tell me what you did, c'mon! Cm'on!

"Oka-a-y, you asked for it," said Allison shaking her head in embarrassment, "Do you remember when I was seeing that guy Brandon for a while? Well I kind of had sex with him."

"Oh well I kind of figured, that's not so bad..."

"And four of his friends," said Allison covering her face with her hands.

"Well I knew you'd had other boyfriends, that's not so..."

"At the same time," She interrupted.

"Whoa!" I said suddenly getting kind of turned on visualizing my sister with five guys. "What was that like?"

"It was the most fun I've had in my life until today," she said.

"Cool!" I exclaimed, now getting seriously turned on. "Tell me about it...Please?"

"Okay Ray-Ray," she said casually sitting back with her legs open giving me a full view of her pussy as she began describing what happened.

"Well, Brandon and I had been talking about it as a joke at first but the more i thought about it the more interesting it sounded. So I told Brandon I wanted to do it and he set it up with his friends. Anyway, we did it at Kevin McConlan's house and we showed up with me in my uniform, except I had a black lace bra, and fishnet stockings with garters and pumps. Ray-Ray you should have seen me! I looked so hot!"

At this point I was hard as a rock and getting so excited I couldn't control myself. I started masturbating right there in front of my sister as she conveyed the story

"Hee-hee, I see you like it already. Anyway I walked in and the guys were all watching the game. But the minute they saw me, the TV was off and they all stared at me in shock. I just came right out and said 'you guys ready for some fun?' Their jaws dropped and they started high fiving each other. So Kevin put some sexy music on the stereo and I started dancing really sexy in front of all these guys."

"My jaw was on the floor too and I was jerking off uncontrollably.

"You won't believe what I did next, brother dearest. I started stripping, hee hee! First I took off my shirt so I just had my bra on. The guys had been trying to act cool but when I did that they were hypnotized and stared at me with no expression at all. I reached back to unhook my bra and they were like little boys on christmas, it was really cute, and when my tit's popped out they went nuts. I'd never realized that I had this kind of effect on boys before. It gave me enough confidence to continue and take off my skirt and panties. I got down to my stockings and high heels and I was shaking my boobies and showing my ass and everything. The guys were very respectful and didn't try to grab me too much. It made me feel really comfortable, and even more horny! So you won't believe what I did. Oh my gosh, this is so bad. I stood there in front of them and I said, 'Okay who wants to have their dick sucked first?' "

"Are you serious?" I said whacking away furiously.

"Yes. So they all got their dicks out," said Allison turning red in the face and looking down, I don't think she even realized the whole time she was telling me this she was tugging on her nipples really hard and she started rubbing her pussy too.

"I got down on all fours and went around to each one and sucked them all off. I even let them cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all," she said with a defiant smile but still red in the face as she continued rubbing her pussy in little circles at the top.

I stood up at that moment, walked over to Allison and said "Would you please (huff) open your mouth (puff)?"

My sister looked at me and opened her mouth. I shoved my cock in and said, "sorry," then I ejaculated all over my sister's tongue. I'm pretty sure she had an orgasm too a second later 'cause she just clung to my leg with one arm, pushed her face in my crotch and whimpered while her other hand was squeezing her crotch.

"Then what happened," I asked catching my breath.

"Then we played Scrabble," said Allison.

"Aw that's all?"

"Yeah it was 'Scrabble-my-ass', the winner had to get fucked in the ass by the losers."

"But you're undefeated at Scrabble," I said.

"Exa-a-actly," said Allison.

"Wait a minute, you let them all fuck you in the ass? Doesn't that hurt?" I asked.

"Not if you know what your doing, which I do," she said proudly.

"Really?" I said, thinking to myself that it would be pretty cool to fuck my sister in the ass. But I wasn't sure if I should ask. suddenly it dawned on me that I wasn't really doing this right. I was the man here. I should be calling the shots with my little sister. I'm the big brother!

Just thinking about that made me get a chubby. Picturing her tight little asshole and me forcing my cock all the way into it, and sliding it in and out until I squirt cum into her...I was rock hard again and Allison was sitting across from me staring at me with a tousled and helpless look on her face, masturbating frantically.

"Hey Allison," I said with an authoritative tone.

"Yes, brother dearest?" she said stopping what she was doing.

"I wanna fuck you in the ass now," I commanded.

"But I..." she started.

"Now!" I said interrupting her.

"Yes sir!" said Allison, with a big smile. Realizing what was going on.

"And I think I wanna do it downstairs on the couch." I said.

"Yeah? I mean, yessir!" said Allison.

We were having so much fun we didn't realize how late it was and I was too excited about what we were doing to think or care about anything else. Allison and I scampered down to the living room. Allison scampered back up to her bedroom. A moment later she came waltzing down the stairs, stopped and displayed a tube of KY jelly Vanna White style. She proceeded to squirt a dollop on her hand, and in a dramatic gesture, turned around, bent over and slathered it into her butt crack. Then she waltzed the rest of the way down the stairs into the living room.

"How would you like me sir," she asked.

I pointed to the couch and she obediently knelt on the cushions and assumed a doggie style position resting her shoulders over the back, then she reached back and spread her cheeks exposing her greased up asshole to me.

"I'm ready for my ass fuck, Mr. DeMille," she said, but breaking character, added: "But be gentle at first Ray-Ray, heh heh."

"But of course," I said giving my erection a couple of swift strokes.

I got behind my sister and gently placed the tip of my cock at the point of entry and pushed slowly. My sister exhaled and relaxed. I was surprised to see my cock easily begin to penetrate her sphincter. As soon as the head was inside I felt it pop as it passed the inner lip of her asshole. My sister exhaled again and I slowly began sliding the rest of my cock into her warm anal fucking hole until it was three quarters of the way inside her.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yup!" she said cheerfully.

I grabbed my sister's plump cheeks firmly, spread them open with my thumbs just touching the pink wrinkles which were almost all stretched smooth at this point, and began reaming her in a steady rhythm. It was unbearably hot watching my meat slide in and out of my sister's wet anus, glistening with lube. Every time I pulled back I stopped at the inner lip so as to not pull all the way out but I liked the excitement of the initial penetration so much I had to try pulling it all the way out and then popping it back in. My sister didn't seem to mind so I did it a few more times. That started feeling really good to me because the entry was the tightest part.

Then just to tease her I pulled it out all the way, waited a few seconds and when Allison least expected it I shoved it all the way in real fast and left it there. Then I pulled it all the way out real slow so she could feel every inch of me. She moaned. After a while she was so relaxed her ass would stay open after I pulled out. I noticed after I was out for a few seconds she'd start to close up.

I did this a few times and while she was wide open I got the idea to I stuck my finger in and twirl it around the rim. But the next time I did that I accidentally touched her clit and her asshole snapped shut quick! I went to stick my cock back in there and it was tighter than ever. So I started fingering her clit while I fucked her in the ass. Her buns looked so plump and pink I really wanted to spank them. So with no warning I smacked my sister's ass really hard! It made a nice sound so I did it again, harder, harder I was totally having a field day trying out all the different things I could think of doing with my sister's ass.

Suddenly I remembered Allison was feeling all this crazy stuff I was doing! I started to imagine what it would feel like if someone did that to me and I felt really bad for her! I looked up at her and her face was the picture of submission. She was slack-jawed with her eyes closed and her cute little face all squished against the couch.

"Gosh Allison, I'm so sorry! Are you ok—"

"Don't stop!" she begged.

I guess she was okay. So I gave her three more hard smacks on the tush and shoved my cock up her ass without a care in the world. Then the front door opened!

Allison and I were like deer in the headlights. What were we thinking doing this right in the living room just a few feet from the front door which wasn't even locked? A few excuses ran through my mind but what could I say? I was standing there butt naked in the living room fucking my sister in the ass. Fortunately it was only Stacey.

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10-27-2012, 02:32 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
My name is seema and i m from indore.  ki regular redar ban gayi hoo. Aur apne relatives se sex karne ki inspiration bhi lagbhag mujhe iss ke through hi. Mili hain. Wese to hamara parmanante ghar indore se 75 km door hain lekin main aur mere dono bhai indore me ek kamre ka room rent par lekar rehte hain. I m 25 year old ham 2 bhai aur 1 sister haien mera 1 bhai mujh se 2 saal bada hai and 1 bhai mujh se chota hai 2 years.yeh baat jo mein app ko batlane ja rahiey hoon yeh aaj se 5 sall pele ki hai. Os waqat mery age 20 saal thi mera rang gora hain aur smart hoon. Meri boobs ka size us waqt b 30 tha jo ab 34 hai and my bade bhai ki age 22 thi.mein bcom 1st year mien thi. Aur bahi ne pmt ke paper deiy hove thiey. Woh dekhney mein boot bara lagta tha. Kuch aur bataney se pehley mien yeh bata doon k its true story hain. Mery bahi ka name rahul hai hamarey ghar mien total five person rehtey haien merey dad aik mnc mien haien aur mery mammy aik company main job karti hain. 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Maine kaha haan bhaiya apne dosto ko bulao main sab se chudwaungi. Aur jab ghar pe koi nahi hoga main apke liye nangi hi rahungi so aap mujhe jab chahe chod sakte hai. Bhai ne fir uss raat mujhe 2-4 baar choda..aur mujhe apni randi banaya. Baad me kuch din ke baad mere bade bhai ne mere chote bhai ke sath milkar kis tarha se mujhe choda uski kahani main tab sunaungi jab aap mujhe apne gande gandi comments email karenge. Gandi baate karo mujhse email me. Mujhe soch ke muuth bhi maro fir bataungi tab tak ke liye bye bye.

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10-27-2012, 02:34 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
Mere ghar me hum char log hain main meri behen Ria aur maa aur papa. Ria mujhse 1 saal badi hai. Hamara family bahut free and frank hai. Saturday night almost har week party hoti hai jaha drinks wagera sab hota hai. Ria call centre me kaam karti hai ye baat july ki hai papa office ke kaam se tour gaye the aur us saturday sirf main Ria aur mom the ghar me.

As usual hum sham ko office se aane se pehle drinks aur snacks leke ghar pahuche main jaldi se ghar pahucha aur mujhe bahut zor ki toilet aayi thi to maine sidha bathroom gaya aur gate bhi khula chod diya main jaise hi apna land nikal k muthne laga itne me Ria achanak ghus gayi use malum nahi tha main bathroom me hun 2-3 sec k liye to woh mere land se nikalte hue mut ko dekhi fir has k bahar aa gaye mujhe

Bahut gussa aya main bahar nikal k usko bola dekh k aana chahiye tha woh boli mujhe lock karna chahiye tha uske chehre me ek ajjeb se muskan thi. Raat ko 9 baje hum teeno drawing room me tv dekhte dekhte drink le rahe the. Ria normal ek red colour ka nighty peheni thi jo kafi short tha. Maine kareeb 2 peg k baad notice kiya ria mere taraf dekh rahi thi aur kabhi mere pant k taraf actual main hum dono bahut free

Hai and ek dusre se almost sab batein share karte hai us raat Usko aankhon me kuch alag sa nasha tha maine apna drink khatam kiya aur chat pe gaya waha maine ek cigerate pine k liye jalaya achanak Ria aa gayi. Woh janti thi main smoke karta hun to mujhe koi problem nahi hue achanak usne mere haat se cigerate liya aur pine lagi maine kuch nahi bola lekin itna samajh me aaya ki woh 1st time nahi pi rahi hai call

Centre me ye sab hota hi hai hum cigerate pine k baad niche aaye mom khana garam kar rahi thi achanak Ria ne bola chal aaj thoda jyada pite hai next day sunday tha to maine thik hai bola usne 2 takila glass layi aur boli aaj takila ho jaye main vodka leke aaya tha. Humne ussi se takila shot banaya aur ek ek karke pite gaye. Hum dono ko bada maza aa raha tha. Ria ki aankh lal ho gayi usne jyada pi li thi.

Fir khana khane k baad main apne room me chala gaya aur Ria aur mom dusre room me main apna laptop khol k ISS ke stories padh raha tha achanak raat ko 12 baje kisi ne mera room knock kiya mujhe laga mom hogi pani dene aayi hogi maine minimise page minimise kiya aur gate khola dekha to Ria khadi thi woh ek dum se ander aa gaye usne bola mom so gayi usse neend nahi aa rahi hai bore ho rahi thi mere room ka

Light jal raha tha to woh aa gayi baat karte karte usmne bed se laptop ko apne taraf khicha aur page khol diya main thoda darr gaya maine jhat se laptop le liya aur page close kar diya usne pucha kya padh rahe the? Maine bola kuch nahi fir aise hi baat karte karte woh bed me hi so gayi main bhi uske pass so gaya kareeb adhe ghante baad achanak mera haat uske kamar me chala gaya but

Ria ka reaction dekh kar main shock ho gaya usne mera haat khich k apne chuchiyon me rakh diya uska aankh band tha par saanse bahut teez chal rahi thi uspe sharab ka nasha kuch jyada hi chad gaya tha us din main khush ho gaya main zor zor se uska boobs dabane laga aur uski saans aur tez hone lagi main dhire se uspe pass gaya aur usko neck me aur kaan me kiss karne laga woh pagalo ki tarah machal rahi thi fir

Mujhe zor se kiss klarne lagi aur tounge k sath khelne lagi uska saliva bahut tasty tha.. main dhire dhire uske kamar k pass jaake nighty uper kiya usne black colour ka panty pehna tha main uske panty sunghne laga kya smell tha yaaron mine naighty aur uper karke use utar diya ab woh mere samne leti thi black bra and panty me maine bra khola to uska boobs uchal k bahar aa gaya main pagolo ki tarah use kaatne aur chusne

Laga uske muh se bas ahhhh isssss ahhhhh my god suck it ki awwaze aa rahi thi phir maine uske panty utari to dekh k hairan ho gaya black panty k ander white colour ho gaya tha kya smell tha maine apna tounge uske chut me rakha jo pura shave tha woh uchal gayi aur mera sir pakad k dabane lagi achanak uske muh se shabd bahar aaye jo un k main khush ho gaya ria kehne lagi behenchod tu kitna khush naseeb hai jo

Behen ka chut chatne ko mil raha hai khale mere chut ko aaj jee bhar k main ye sunke apne daant se chut ko kaatne laga aur chusne laga kaareb 10 min chusne k baad usne mera baal pakad k apne uper khicha aur kiss karne lagi usse bhi chut ka smell mehsus karna tha fir usne mera t shirt aur half pant khol diya maine jhat se apna underwera khol k khada ho gaya woh bed se uth k niche beith gayi aur land ko haat me leke

Dabane lagi fir maine lund uski muh k daala aur woh aise chus rahi thi jaise kulfi kha rahi hai karreb 5 min tak chusne k baad maine use uthaya aur bed me leta diya aur ek takiya uski gand k niche rakh diya ab uska chut bilkul mere land k pass tha main usse aur tarpane k liye land uske chut me ragad raha tha woh kehne lagi behenchod phad na mere chut ko dikha apni mardangi maine jhat se uske chut pe lund pel diya woh

Cheek padi aur boli bahar nikal saale phat gayi meri maine uske uper let gaya aur usse kiss karne laga aur dhire dhire lund aage piche karne laga kuch der baad chut bahut slippery ho gaya usse maza aane laga wohbole ja rahi thi kaha tha itne din saale itna pyara lund kyu chupa k rakha tha chod mujhe zor se bana le apni randi maine apna speed badhaya achanak mehsus hua woh jhad gayi main nahi ruka aur zor zor se chodne laga woh mujhe kass k pakad rakhi thi

Achanak mujhe laga main jhadne wala hun maine usko bola ander daal do kya? Usne bola nahi muh me daal maine lund ko bahar nikala aur uske muh k pass le gaya aur zor zor se hilane laga achanak pura paani suke muh me naak me aankh me pure chehre main fail gaya. Hum dono thak k let gaye fir woh adhe ghante baad uth k mujhe kiss kiya thank you bola aur chali gayi mom k pass. Ab jab bhi hume mauka milta hai hum sex me koi kami nahi chodte. Hope mera real story aap logo ko pasand aaya hoga waiting for your reply send me.

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10-27-2012, 02:34 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
Hi readers this Raj, and the story which I am going to tell is in fact a real story which happened with me which pulled me into incest. It is this experience which made me write many stories here. It was with me and my cute little sister Pinky and our sexual relationship.

Pinky was in her 10th standard and I was in doing my intermediate. We were residents of busy streets of Pune. To begin with I didn’t have any sexual experience and I was very much obsessed with sex and female sexual organs and everything. It was because of my traditional family I guess. Our family to traditional and was always careful in controlling me and my emotions towards anyting related to sex or nudity.

My mom and sister Pinky used to close doors of the room when they are taking bath in the bathroom and didn't open until they got dressed. This was the situation at my home. Though I was obsessed with sex I used to watch for cleavages in around the city like any average guy. I used cut pictures of exposing actresses from magazines and keep them in my wallet.

This was for masturbation tonight or in the shower. We were a middle class family I didn't get enough money to spend in watching blue films not I had a computer at my home since this happened long back. Even in these circumstances I never thought I would think about sister as a sex object. But it happened as a miracle since even my little sister Pinky didn't resist to do adventures with me.

One day, my sister along with her friends was practicing a dance rehearsal at our home which they were performing at their school. Since our house had only three rooms our hall was the largest so they were dancing in the hall. And i was watching TV by lying on the floor at a corner. My dad was not at home and my mom in kitchen.

These girls were wearing short skirts and tight t-shirts which was their costume for the dance too. Actually I have never seen my sister in Skirts except in school uniform or in chudidhars. So I did give her a look but didn't concentrate much. As they be dancing and I was lying on the floor it happened that hey need to do a dance step which included of spinning their bodies in 360 degrees.So this made their short skirts float and revealed their thighs. I was awestruck with this view. It was so amazing to see the beautiful clean shapely thighs and tight revealing asses out of their panties of these young girls. Now I started watching them all in a sexual angle but what was more astonishing was that out of all the girls my sister Pinky had the best thighs.

And this made it impossible to take my looks off her. Pinky had a good figure of height at time around 5'4. Her thighs were in very good shape with smooth calves and fair thick thighs especially round ass covered by a thin panty. I started imagining touching them and licking them and also smelling them. As these feelings made it worse and from that moment my view and perspective changed altogether.

Now I started looking at her swinging youthful breasts held by the tight t-shirt. After watching her for some while new thoughts kept on running in my mind. I wanted to smell her inner parts which are a common feeling of that age. So quickly went into the bathroom and picked up her worn underwear and started smelling them. It was like heaven for me.

I started collecting her bra, panties and petticoat to smell it while sleeping and masturbating. Of course I never picked them when she had periods (lol) the smell of her vaginal fluids mixed with her sweat was unforgettable for me. The best thing was we never used perfumes at that age which made the smell much more relevant.

So I was not satified with just smelling I wanted to do much more, but I kept on thinking and thinking in my mind for like a month after the main incident and one fine auspicious festival day I got chance like I said we were from a middleclass family so we bought a new camera which my dad bought me as a present and only I was authorized to use it since it was (considered) expensive.

My dad always told me to take a hold on number of pictures because in those days like in early 2000's we have to develop the photos in the studio which cost extra money. And my sister used to always request me to take a snap of her. I initially used to refuse but since my perspective changed towards her i started taking snaps her more often. So on this festival day my sister was wearing new Gagra so she asked me to take many snaps of her.

Now I wanted to use this as a bait to do somehting more. My dad and mom went out to relatives to meet and wish them on the festival day so we were alone. So I asked Pinky to come inside my parent’s room since it was litte clean and pictures would look good. She accepted. Then I shot two pics of her and told her that it was over. Saying that I went on my parent’s bed and sat over there

Now Pinky came to me and started forcing me to take more pictures. She went like Bhaiyya kay hua, lets take another few snaps please, I need to show them to my friends" etc. I asked to sit beside me, so she did but she actually went on lying on the bed. So I said I will teach her how to operate the camera so that she can take her own pictures. She said ok and was excited and then I gave the camera into her hands

And she was observing all the options and I with almost bursting heart slowly kept my hands on her feet. She didn’t react and then I was pretending as if I am explaing some shit to her and kept on moving my hand up towards her thighs inside her gagra. She was busy looking inot the camera and taken away by my words. Also she was little innocent and immature to notice such kind of behaviour.

But I was now almost rubbing my hands on her thighs and my shivering fingers suddenly touched her pussy. She shook in a jerk. And said Bhaiyya what are you doing. Why are you trying to touch me over there. Then I said if you want to knw camera and take more pics of yourself just be quiet. She first said this and that and finally she said ok. It was her pure ignorance and she didn’t know what mistakes and pleasures that single yes meant.

Now she was holding the camera and I started feeling her thighs openly by lifting her gagra above her waist. She was feeling shy and smiling. Then I pulled her panty down and felt her cute pick pussy lips which were covered by mild hair. It was like silk and all of the sudden we lost power at our home. Since it was around 8 o clock in the night, our room went dark and beast inside me pushed my head into Pinky's crotch.

I kept my tongue on her pussy lips and licked them good. It was clean and soft. I went deep and deep. She now kept the camera aside and started enjoying the moment. I don’t know how it happens but Sex is a natural process and it needs no training. She was holding my head and pulling my hair as i licked her pussy. Then i pulled her down by holding her legs and started kissing her on her lips.

She was more than happy to do beacuse its all pure sexual instincts acting over there. She didn't have any experince neither do I. But we were like a hot young couple on the bed. I kissed her for sometime and simultaneously put my fingers deep into her vagina. Then suddenly our phone rang. We both were jolted. She moved away from me.

Which was a natural reaction and then I picked the phone to hear that my dad saying that, my mom n him will be late and they will reach home by something around midnight which left me a window of 4 hours. I went back to the dark room and my sister Pinky was on the bed all wrapped in the blanket and on the corner of the bed.

Then I thoguht I should first make things clear because I knew I was about to do something big in next few hours. So I went close to her and asked her. Pinky, did you like what we just did"? She said smilingly yes in a cute romantic voice. I again asked will be comfortable if we do it again and again daily"? She said yes and then I asked her.

She really like it then asked her to remove all her clothes. Meantime I went and closed our main doors. As I walked in our power at home came back and lit the room in bright light exposing Pinky in all nudity. She was standing in front of the bed naked and her gagra panty and bra were at her foot, which I realised that she just dropped. Her boobs were sprouting out with long nipples in dark pink color.

She had little hair on her pussy so it was clearly visible I stripped off my clothes and slowly grabbed her ass and lifted her and made her lie on the bed and started exploring her whole body. She was murmuring and moaning throughout the process. I kissed her for long time like a lover and we played with our tongues by biting them and stuff.

Then i kissed her neck and took her nipples into my mouth sucked them good and hard. I played my tongue over her both nipples rapidly. Then kissed her navel and licked her pussy again whihc was drenched with her orgasm. She was having her first orgasms of her life I suppose and also she had multiple of them. Then my dick was hard enough now. I made her feel my huge hard penis.

It was first time for both of us so it was all pure sexual feelings. She held it hard and felt happy, surprised and excited. I asked her to suck it, she said yuck, but then I forced and convinced her saying that how I sucked her pussy and stuff. Then she accepted and sucked it nicely throughout. She didn’t do it properly but picked up very fast in doing it right.

I was enjoying while she did it. Then I inserted my fingers into her vagina and played with it for a while so as to make it enough wide and used to large sized objects. Then asked her to bear any pain caused and not to shout in any circumstances and then I pulled her legs wide and arranged her position into the missionary position and then slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy lips. She said it was not paining but it was tickling and smiled about it.

Then I started pushing my thing inside and she was ok untill half of my rod was inside her but she felt the pain when I inserted my whole penis into her vagina. She was about to shout but I closed her mouth tightly. She was becoming restless as I increased my thrusts. She was sweating and she was like in another world while the fucking progressed.

She was holding me tight all the time and I was enjoying the fun in exploring her tight virgin pusssy. It was tight in the beginning but later it was all smooth for me. While I was about to cum I asked her to point her mouth and splashed the loads of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it and said it was nice. Then to my surprise she asked me to do it again. Then we did it for 3-4 times that day before my parents came. She was tired that day and also affected by fever.

But later we continued the sexual relationship for many years. We explored many fantasies as we grew older. I also convinced her to do anal and much other stuff. Since we started our sexual relationship at very early stage we are now experimenting our relationship in threesomes and sister swapping kind of fantasies so that we are always excited and not bored of each other. She is now married and even iam married now but we still do maintain a very good healthy Sexual relationship.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
My name is Sravan (I have to unfortunately change my name and others names for our privacy and security) and I am from Hsyd. I am now over 35 years old, but what happened about 12 something years ago is still so clear in my mind that as if it was yesterday.We were two brothers and two sisters. I was the elder and after me was shilpa (I have to change her name too because she is married now) she was just one year younger to me.

I don't want to write about my other sister and brother because it really does not relate to them but they will remain silent in the story.We lived a normal family life and things went smoothly as it has to. We had three bedrooms. One room was dedicated for my uncle one for parents and we all of us lived in one big room which we also used for family room.I used to sleep beside my younger brother (6 years younger to me)

And beside him was my younger sister 3 years younger to me and on the other side was my sister shilpa who as I already indicated was just one year younger to me.But during the winters we used to have what we called blanket. It was a square table on which we put a huge Iranian mad blanket and under the table was a dim bulb that gave very calm heat and around the blanket we used to sleep stretching our feet towards the table and our heads towards the walls.

This used to be a lot of fun when I used to be very young but now it was just a comfortable and warm place to have a good night sleep. Once the lights were off, we all went to bed and woke up the next morning.In the nights sometimes our feet touched since all feet where almost under this small table. We used to have fund feet fighting and laughed but it was very normal. One winter just as normal as it could be,

We all were under the blanket and every one went to sleep. In the middle of night I woke up to drink some water and when I returned since the room was very dark. I found my place and creeped in. As I lifted up my side of the blanket, I saw the bulb under the table so bright. Normally it was not that bright because when we went to bed the main bulb l in the room was so bright that this tiny bulb was like a dead one.

But now in the middle of the night and sleepy eyes just came back from drinking water shone so bright that I could see all four people's feet clearly. I almost put my head on the pillow when something came to my mind. I lifted up slowly the blanked towards the table while my whole body was under it and saw shilpa's feet crossing the half of the table. She used to sleep next to me under the blanket but since she was on the next part of the squared table, she was far from me.

Just imagine how far we were if four people sleep while only their feet meet. But what I saw was her salwar pulled up beyond her knees and this got me into some heart beats. I have seen them all like that before we used to go to picnics; we all used to pull our salwars to enjoy the flow of snow melt cold and drinkable water in the river. But tonight was different. I don't know why and I don't know why and why I wanted to see her legs more.

I was shaking and my mouth was dried for some odd reasons. I pulled my head back from beneath the table and reached my pillow and tried very hard to sleep. Did I do something wrong?

I went to school earlier that day and I was filling guilty thinking about what happened to me last night. I honestly could not focus much on anything in the class. I came home later. I was a bit silent on things at Mom asked me if I was ok.

Just a little tired mom. In the evening we ate food and I just could not stop myself from the corner of eyes looking at shilpa as if it was the first time seeing her in my life. I had a heart beat and all kind of things were roaming my head. It was another night. Dad was as usual listening to BBC on TV and I tried listen on my walkman some music. So the hour came when everyone goes to bed again. Blanket was made ready already by mom.

Mom and Dad went to their room and we all kids rounded around usual blanket. Just those kiddy plays and talks around and finally the lights were off and we all went to bed.All this time I was just thinking about only one thing. What about tonight? Why am I so curious? No, I am not going to be silly again. It is wrong to see my sister's legs. She is my sister for God's sake. But no, the more I thought of not bothering myself with what happened last night, the more I was curious.

Should I or should I not? I could not sleep while others were sharp sleep.It could have been around mid-night or so when I finally gave up and wanted to see again by crawling deeper. I slowly but carefully tried to seep the other way round. My feet were on pillow and my head was buried under the blanket. I could see shilpa's feet it was almost like yesterday. I looked around and others were likewise. It was normal because they pushed their feet under and the result, salwar bottoms would go up a bit.

I came back to as I would normally sleep. But I tried to sleep a bit closer on the right side where shilpa's head was distanced about 2 meters or so. Pretending to be asleep, I rolled myself towards shilpa even when I really did not want this. I don't know why all of this was happening. I slowly moved my feet and put my right foot above shilpa's legs. I was shaking and it was for the first time that I realized my penis is getting hard.

I did not move myself and put my legs just like that for another half hour or so. I was tense, I was scared, I was questioning myself at times; "Or you stupid? She is my sister?" but again something else was getting better of me. It was my youthfulness. It was wrong, it was taboo, it was against my religion but besides these, it was against my controls and that was grabbing my whole.

Seeing her and others fully sleep, I move a bit more towards shilpa very carefully moving my leg away and now sleeping on my face by moving deeper under the blanket but on the correct position as if rolled away while sleeping by pretending every move I had. Slowly but carefully I move my hand on her tummy. I kept my hand there without any other moves for few minutes. Now slowly again I moved upwards and my hand was now just above shilpa's breasts.

Probably for the first time I realized that I have crossed the lines now beyond what a brother's relationship is. I realized that I have stepped into another world. A world in which there is pleasures beyond thinking but a world very dangerous at the same time. What if my sister wakes up? What she will do? What if she tells to Mom and Dad? All these things were coming to my mind and a fear of all fears went through my body and I was sweating.

Probably I had the worst heart beats ever in my life. I started consoling myself and came to my senses that my hand is still on my sister's right breast. Her breast was going up and down with every breath as she was in the dreamland unaware of all the things cocked without her knowledge. Probably few hours passed when she moved. I got so scared but I gathered all my courage to pretend as if

I was just in deep sleep and it was just an accidental move of my hand on her. I was as if snoring. Yes, she woke up. She realized a hand on her. She very slowly took my hand as I play dead. She moves my hand down on the mattress. I don't know what else happened but I was so scared that I did not move anything more. The next thing, I was hearing mom calling us to wake up. As I woke up

I saw that shilpa was already gone out of the room and was with Mom. A sudden fear again started a heart beat in me and I started thinking is she going to tell mom or she will believe my not so innocence act as innocence? When I went out of the room I washed my face. Mom said, "You did not get up early son?" Mom, sorry I was so badly sleepy. I saw from the corner of my eyes and oh no, shilpa was looking too.

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10-27-2012, 02:35 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
She quickly looked towards Mom. Does she know that I purposely put my hand on her breast? What is she thinking? I pretended as if nothing is wrong but things were surely wrong. I was not looking to my sister as my sister only but as my sister whom I have touched differently. Yes differently. I spoke to her as usual as if I knew nothing. At the breakfast I told Mom that I will be gone for the day with friends and will come late home.

Be careful son don't come too late." Right Mom and I left when I returned home that night it was already late. I ate food outside. When I came others were already planning to sleep. Mom said; "you came late son." Sorry Mom, I was with friends. She called for shilpa to bring food but I told her that I have eaten food.

Went to the room Dad was already in his room and mom headed that way too. I went to our room where the two youngest were already fast asleep since they have to go to school. Shilpa was awake. I went slipped myself under the blanket. Our feet met accidentally and we both looked at each other. "Your feet are so cold" said shilpa. Yes it is cold out there. She wanted to move her feet when I said "please don't move it is so warm.

She just like a good sister obeyed and put her feet again on my feet. Well, I got to sleep it is late and we have to be at school in the morning, Good night.I know I said good night but I was in no mood to sleep. She switched the lights off and stretched again her feet and I just kept my feet quickly towards her side. She wanted to move away and I objected no please it is cold, let it be there for some more time. She said ok, ok.

I moved my feet away and told her, ok let you be comfortable silly. We laughed. A lot of things were going on in my mind and I was getting again heart beats. I was thinking of how I should plan things that should not ruin things but make progress to lead her slowly to do the same thing. But again, she is a girl from a traditional family and that too a very staunch. She used to perform prayers and keep other things religious.

But something got me somehow out of the way a bit by now and I was thinking of many things including what if being caught and what if she will start hating me and what if this and what if that. While thinking all of this probably an hour or so passed and I heard her mild sleeping breathe and she was indeed sound a sleep.

Ok, I said to myself, should I do or not? After many minutes of thinking about last night I got some courage and rolled myself towards her as if it is sleeping turn and I put one of my legs between her legs in such a way that it fall above her knees and closer to somewhere the whole last day I planned to do this night. And at the same time I put my hand on her chest too. I parlayed dead and yes she did wake up because she tried to move.

I pretended deep sleep. She moved slowly my hand away from her but she was not able to move my leg away from between her legs. A huge heart bean fallen on me and I was scared but played dead asleep. I wanted her to understand that it was an accident and I was unaware of this. Probably she believed me after few minutes of moving her head here and there. She still could not move my leg away. I started snoring louder so that she is fully believes me that I was a sleep.

She lay quiet but I did not know if she was a sleep not or not. Suddenly something came to my mind and it was a tricky one. I pretended to be sleep talking very mildly so that only she can hear. I move my hand back to her chest while mumbling something un-understandable as if someone speaks in sleep. I heard there are people who talk while they sleep and tried to play it now. Here I am waiting to see what she does now?

She responded by trying to move my hands again when she heard me saying; "neelu, neelu, neelu…" neelima was the neighbor’s daughter and I actually never had any crash on her. She was not someone that ever I thought about. She was not pretty and she was just very homely girl. At this point shilpa stopped moving my hand and with a lot of scare and fear I got the courage to move into the next step.

I slowing started rubbing shilpa's right boob while repeating neelu, neelu… slowly but in a way that as if I am dreaming about neelima and that I am actually deep asleep. Shilpa was for sure not sleep since I could feel her very heavy heart-beat and breath. I realized that she knew that I was dreaming about other girl and that because I was a sleep I did not intentionally put my hand on her and rubbing her breast but that it was purely accidental and un-conscious of the real world.

I again stopped rubbing and stopped mumbling anything to see what my sister does. She was still awake but was not moving at all. My hands lay on her boob and I just heard the rhythm of her heart-beat and up and downs of her breast. After few minutes, I thought of going into the next level. I started very calmly but firmly speaking to neelima as if I am dreaming but

I started saying neelu you so hot, neelu can I touch your boobs and while saying these words I moved my self towards shilpa's side. I was tense and I was scared but at the same time my penis was so hard and it was touching shilpa's leg on the side. Shilpa did not move as I put my left hand under her sleeping Kamiz. I slowly and pretending to be fully asleep and dreaming reached her real left boob this time.

I touched her nipple very gently. She did not do a thing but was breathing very heavy. I put my hand on her boob and just left it there for a long pause and I did not say anything waiting to see what she does. Now I started mumbling again as if I am sleeping talking to neelima. This time I move my hand on her salwar and put it there to see what she does. I started moving my body closer to her and rubbed her thigh with my poked penis and moved slowly from the top of her

Salwar my finger by touching her most private part. Yes it was her vagina top. She suddenly got up and I was so horrified and moved myself a bit away still pretending to be deep a sleep. She went out and I looked around and was cursing myself and was afraid that things now might really get bad. I don't know how long it took her to come back and by now I was away to my own spot. She went under the blanket and the next thing I remember is

I don't know how it got morning and how I actually went to sleep but it was early morning and remembering my mother asking me to wakeup. I woke up and found out that shilpa is already out I saw shilpa was performing prayer with mom. I surely did ask god to forgive me and was praying that shilpa will not tell anything to mom about what happened.That day in the school I was very confused and did not take much interest in the studies

And master ji asked me if something was wrong, I said I have headache. I came home in the afternoon and shilpa was back from her school and I met her as she opened the door. I kept myself very normal and trying to read everything at home if she said anything to Mom or if she or Mom's behavior was different. I looked at her and just like old time and usual joked with her as a brother;

You did not wash your face today?" she made her usual face to me by shouting as usual to Mom; "Mom, brother is annoying me!" I found out that Mother was behaving normal but I saw that shilpa was a bit shying away but not too much home for the day. The rest of that day I was trying hard to know if shilpa reacts or does something. I was now noticing her body for the first time in day light and as she looked at me I looked the other way.

Did she suspect me? I was curious on many things. Shilpa did not tell anything to Mom, I should have stopped there but I knew that she did not suspect me playing with her. She still thought that I was actually dreaming and in my dreams I was thinking of touching neelima (our neighbor's daughter). She spoke with me normally when I asked her questions as usual and she did not indicate in anyway but being a bit shy unusually.

Well, her brother touched her boobs and touched at least from behind her salwar her most private part before she decided for a No, last night. I was dying to know what she will do tonight. Well she changes her spot with my other sister who was way away on the other side or she will remain where she used to be. I had to catch-up with some homework from school and kept myself busy until dinner time.

On the dinner table shilpa as usual was sitting opposite me and that was giving me chances to look at her while others did not look at me. I noticed that she was also looking at times with me but as if shying. Finally bed time came and I was so badly now looking forward for the night. Everyone as usual gone to bed and shilpa did not change her spot which I thought she might. Normally I thought it should be that she will change her spot and she used to do in the past for no reason since she used to prepare blanket with helping

Mom but no she was sleeping on my right side under the blanket. I wanted to chat with her before we go to sleep. I asked her, how was your day, how was your school etc. She replied everything normal even though it was not normally I asked her. She was wearing a white hosiery long top and the normal salwar. I was curious if she has elastic or rubber-band on her salwar. I was thinking a lot of things. I was going crazy and I was where there probably was no return from what I was playing.

I was playing with fire and I was determined in what I was doing. I was scared but scare did not control me much. I was religious but religious bonds were weakening against my new desires. The lights were off and suddenly as I was deep in my thoughts, I heard a voice; "Aren't you sleeping?" I came to myself and it was shilpa asking me that question. Why did she ask me that question? She never before did.

Does she want me to explore her thinking of neelima again? Did she actually enjoy what I did last night? Or it was just a question? All of these and other questions as if cross my mind at once in just seconds. I mumbled, "Yes I am going to sleep?" I told her, and us both said good night. Our feet touched again like the other night but it was brief and just normal as it happens under every blanket and in every home.

But just the touch even if it was normal felt otherwise. For the first time, felt sexy and felt desirable and felt to touch again and against all odds I teasingly touched her feet with mine again and told her sorry. She laughed and said it is ok. She said; "Last night you had some nightmare and put your legs on my legs." "I did? I am sorry" I was bit shaky by now. "It is ok I think you were talking too" she said."I was? What I was talking? No, you are joking.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
I said."Shhhhhhh… talk softer you will wake up others." She whispered."You started it" I whispered to her back.I asked her what I was saying. She said "I don't know." "You don't know and you are saying that I was talking in the night while I was sleep?" I continued; "Are you saying that I am a sleep talker?" She again shushed me saying; "be quiet." And she continued; "You were talking and that's all I know, now please go to sleep and let me sleep too." "Ok, Ok I will good night."

Ok, I now know one thing, she was totally awake all the way last night but she still thinks that I was really dreaming about neelima and that it was an honest movement of me caused by my dream and sleep troubles. I was thankful that she did not tell all of this to Mom. I had to ask her one more thing. Yes I have to. Very quietly I whispered to her; "did you tell Mom that I was talking in my sleep?'

I also requested her to put her head under blanket and talk so that we don't disturb others. She did and now in the light of night bulb both of our heads met with about a feet away as we both kept the blanket up so that we can see and talk. She said: "No, why would I tell Mom?" Oh thanks!" I thanked her and requested her; "please don't tell anyone that I am a sleep talker""Ok, I will not. Now can we sleep?" she pleaded. Yes, yes we should.

But we both laughed and I was looking at her as she was quietly laughing. I could see her body under the table and her beautiful face was shining. Man she was beautiful, she was beautiful and yes she was. Why are you looking go to sleep she teased me again. I pulled myself back and my feet touched her feet again as I moved a bit but not all the way back. Shilu? I called her (we used to call her shilu at home) She said; "Uffff what now?"

"My feet are cold; can I put them under your feet again like the other night?"She said with frustrating act; "OK go on."All I wanted was to do this and that's it. I move closer to her and put my feet under her knees and I thought she might say something but she didn't. "Thanks shilu" I thanked her. "Welcome" she said and asked me to let her sleep now. Ok. Good night again and we laughed again.

We all used to feel each others feet under blanket, sometimes accidentally, sometimes just because one's feet were cold and we all four of us teasing and feet fighting and giggling just normal think in a family of four kids. But tonight I was putting my feet a bit more upper and it was under my sister's knees. She did not object and I was now fully erect and slowly I touched my penis and found out that some kind of liquid thing was coming.

I never before touched a girl that way and this was totally new to me for the past few nights and that too with no other but my own sister shilpa. I was quiet and in about 20 minutes or so I heard shilpa was snoring very calmly. My feet were still under her knees. I slowly moved them away from under her knees and pretending to be sleep I moved them away. She half moved facing away and was still asleep.

I did not do anything for another few minutes. She moved back to her first position now flat. I collected all of my courage and again pretended to sleep talk, mumbling. I moved closer to her and called her neelu, neelu, he did not respond at all. I moved my knee between her thighs and now my erect penis was touching her body on her side. I move my hand at the some time on her right chest and pretending a sweet dream of neelu

I started slowly and gently rubbing shilpa's boobs from behind her hosiery's top. Just like last night she was not wearing a bra and I think during night she never did and I think it was not usual. Shilpa's breathing got faster and I could feel her heart beat on the palm of my hand. I was calling neelu so to assure shilpa that I was dreaming and that these acts where absolutely innocent.

She lay there and never objected and from her heart beat and her hard breathing I knew that she is not a sleep at all. I got some more courage and this time I moved my hand under her hosiery and reached for her nipples while mumbling neelu' name and appreciating neelu' beauty as a pretend of sleep talk. Shilpa never moved and never objected to anything. I knew that she was in fact enjoying my touch.

Yes, I was sure that she was enjoying the touch of her own brother's hand on hear bare boobs. I move for the first time my right hand under above her hair and started massaging her boobs gently. To me also it was new and to her as well. I did not wanted her to be hurt. She was my lovely sister. My sister whom I loved and I grew up together with her and now I was so close to her, so close that imaginations could not measure it.

After few minutes I moved my hand slowly to her salwar just like last night. Last night after few gentle rubbing on her most private part, she got up and walked out of the room and I was careful to see what happens tonight. It went for 3 or four minutes and I could hear her fast breathing and now my face was touching her face and she was not moving herself away.

Got the courage now and pretending to be doing all of this in dream with the neighbor's daughter neelu, I wanted her to be sure that I was doing it in innocence. She believed me but at the same time she was enjoying my touch all over her. She was quiet. I said to myself, now be the time! Yes, do it! I moved my hand upward to move to see if she had elastic or threaded band. She had elastic. It was so easy now.

Will she object? I was a bit tense about it. Will she let me actually feel her vagina? From the top of salwar it was not much to feel but it was a lot anyway. But now I was trying to move somewhere beyond. Waited a bit, got the courage and she was breathing hard and I was breathing hard and I had a full speed heart beat. I mumbled, "Neelu, can I touch you? Can I please?"

And with that I moved my fingers inside her salwar for few moments I just put my fingers on the top of soft, very soft silk feeling hair. I was a bit surprised because I did not know that girls also have hair. She was just 18 and I was 20. I had myself few some hairs now. But I was so stupid that I never knew that girls too have hair there. I was sweating and I had almost fainted but collected my courage again and started exploring my sister shilu's vagina. I could feel that she was shivering.

She did not object at all. I knew now fully that she wants this and therefore, I started slowly but gently exploring her vagina. As I moved here and there, not knowing what to do? As I moved my fingers went downward, and my fingers felt some wetness. I knew that she must have had what I have on my penis. But it was making my fingers slippery and it felt so good as I moved up and down. I heard some kind of moan from her and knew that she was very much excited about it.

She was suddenly shaking as if she had some hard fever. And she was now moving herself and she was moaning but with a lot of care.What in the world am I doing? I am actually touching my sister's vagina and I was touching her vagina lips and I am feeling her vagina wetness and hair. As I was rubbing my penis on her side something very wrong and funny and scary and terrible happed.

My penis started jumping here and there without control and I was like peeing on myself. It felt so good that I never ever in my life had such an experience. My salwar was wet and I was sure that it even did her side a bit wet since it was so much. I could not control myself and pulled myself and quickly move from her away. I was scared but still I managed to pretend that I was a sleep and started snoring slowly as

I moved to my part of the blanket. No one did anything. She was not moving and I was not moving and I think she knew that I woke up from dreaming and I could hear that she was snoring. But I knew that she was now pretending to be a deep sleep. Now I know that it was my first ever orgasm and I know from her shaking and moans and movements that she also had her first orgasm, an orgasm awakened by her own brother.

I woke up when Mom called and I looked that shilpa was already gone out of the room but I was in no mood to wake up. I said; "Mom I have headache I can not wakeup, I slept for some more time and woke up and came out and my little brother and sisters were preparing for school. Shilpa was not getting ready as normal for school. I asked her: "shilu, you are not getting ready for school?"

She looked at me and put her eyes down with some little smile on her face and before she answers, Mom said; "today I am going to your uncles home and shilu has to be at home for a day so that she can prepare some food and do other chores." Hearing this, I decided this is it. I complained again to Mom about my headache; "I think I will sleep today because I have a bad headache." Hearing this shilpa looked at me a quick look and putting down hear head I notice her happiness.

Mom said; "or you sure you want to miss your school?" I responded; "Yes Mom, I can't do anything there." She told shilpa to give some headache pill from shelve to your brother. She said; "Ok Mom."I went back to my bed complaining about my head. Honestly, I had no headache at all. I just wanted to be alone to see what happens when I was alone for a day with shilpa. As I lay my head on the pillow, I started thinking and planning a lot of things.

What to do, how to communicate with shilpa how to face her in the first place alone after last night, does she suspect me that I knew that I was doing all of these things with her last night or she still thinks that I was unaware of it and that I was just dreaming. But I knew one thing for %100 sure that she enjoyed every bit of it as much as I did. I still remember her heart beats and her orgasm and her shaking like mad fever and her fully wet vagina

And her heaving breading. Yes she enjoyed her own brother's touch and she pretended as much as I did. But did she come to know that I came to know that I was doing with her while dreaming about neelu? Well, I was not dreaming about neelu but according to her I was… But was it now clear to her that I actually knew that I touched her and that I knew now? These and many other questions came to my mind. But I knew one more thing, as soon as I said that I have headache and that I was not going to school, she looked happy.

What will happen today? This was a one crore (10 millions) Rupees question. What ever happens, it is going to be big.Dad was already gone since he used to go to his job and other two kids gone to school now and Mom left us a little later and as I heard the shutting of the hour gate I knew that now we are alone. I was still lying when I heard noise in the kitchen. Ok, shilu is in the kitchen.

Should I go or should I wait? Finally I decided to call Mom for a cup of water and pill pretending that Mom was still home.Mom, can you please give me a pill with a glass of water?' shilpa came to the room and said; "Mom has gone and she said that you must first eat some food before taking pill" I looked at her and she behaved normal but happy. She teased me, "so you have headache huh, or just wanted to not to go school." She always teased me like that and it was very normal.

She continued; "get up my headache brother and eat some food and take your pill."Hearing this I got up to run after her as usually I did but this day my intentions were different. I came to the kitchen and slapped her behind her head (a very mild one as brothers and sisters do to tease).
So you think I am not honest and skipping the school huh." I scolded her lovingly.She replied; "No you do have headache because all nights you are talking to yourself thinking of neelu."

She rounded her eyes in tease. Come on you are lying." I said.No I am not lying you talk all the night and you say weird things." she said.What weird things?" I asked.I don't know." She replied with smile teasingly.Ok, Ok I believe you; I said to her and inquired if she told Mom that I am talking in the night. She said "no." "Oh thanks, please don't tell her I beg you." I pleaded and as if

I was really dreaming but I told her that I never thought about neelu I could I dream about her? She said; "I don't know but you are dreaming about her." She continued in teasing me; "should I tell neelu that my poor brother is in love with her?""No, please, shilu you silly, I don't think about her at all, I don't know why I was dreaming about her I even don't remember that I was dreaming about her.

I continued; "Please don't tell her, do you think your brother should see a girl like her?""Ok, come and eat, your eggs are ready." She gave the plate to me in the kitchen.While eating breakfast I again started conversation with her by requesting to please keep your brothers dreams a secret. She said; "Ok I will not tell anyone about my brothers dreams and other things he does when he is a sleep." She said again rounding her eyes and teasing me.

"What other things?" I asked.She shied and went into the kitchen again. I followed her and asked her in a surprised face; "What you mean about other things, what other things?"She did not replay anything and I knew she and I both have touched the very thing for which I stayed back home. "Please tell me shilu what other things?" I pleaded.She calmly asked me, "promise you will not get angry if I tell you?

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
said; "I promise I will not get angry please tell me what other things I did?""Ok, i'll tell you," she said and continued; "You in your dreams while repeating neelu' name were touching me." "You are lying shilu," I acted angry but I wanted her to be comfortable, "I am sorry shilu, I did not know this please, please forgive me, I did not mean this. She smiled and said; "My poor brother dreaming about girls." She continued; "

I will not tell anyone about my naughty brother's things." Now that it reached that much, I asked her, "Why you did not wake me up?"She said; "I tried but your legs were heavy on me"What you mean my legs were heavy?" I asked her as if I did not know anything."You put your one leg on the top of me thinking I was neelu and, and she stopped."And, and what? I asked."Nothing," she giggled.

Again I asked her to forgive me that I did not know and please don't tell Mom or I will be killed." And she said; "Ok I promise I will not tell anyone, how many times I tell you that I will keep your naughty secrets as secret my poor brother." And she laughed and teased me with her eyes."shilu, can I asked you something?" I asked her in a pleading way."Yes ask me what is in your head." She replied by pressing on the word "yes" as if she is fed up but she was teasing me with her smiley face.

What other things I did?" I asked.The next few seconds we both were quiet and I waiting for some response and she broke the silence and said; "Your hands were on me too." She flushed. "And," she stopped again, "and? I questioned; "and what shilu?""No, will not tell you more." She was very shy and asked me to let her alone so that she can do kitchen work otherwise Mom will know that all we did was chit-chatting.

I asked her one more time to promise me to tell me what happened in the night and she said; "Ok, I will, I will, my poor brother fallen in love of neelu." She teased me again about neelima.I also requested her not let Mom know about our all of our talks or my dreams etc. And she agreed.I changed my cloth and went to Market for the day and returned just before the dinner time.

Mom did not return from our Aunts home and shilpa cooked the dinner. I asked if Mom returned, Dad said that she will return tomorrow later afternoon. I was thinking ok, that's another day of missing school for me. I looked to Shilpa, she was smiling in a very protective way. She had some clear happiness on her face and I already thought during the day what must I do tonight. But first let us see if she changes her spot.

When everyone went to bed as usual, shilpa still was in the kitchen. She came late and our eyes met. The light in the room was still on. I knew that she has not changed spot because others where have the other two sides and she been going to sleep exactly where she used to. I said shilu and she quickly shushed me to be quiet. She whispered and said; "speak quietly others may wake up. I nodded and whispered back to her:

Can I request you something shilu?" She said; "What?"I said, will you please wake me up tonight if my hand or leg was on you if I was sleep-talking?" She shyly but with teasing mood said; "No"Please, Please," I whispered louder. At this time she brought her hand on my mouth and whispered; "Ok, you are getting us in trouble with your dreams, ok I will wake you up, happy?" She smiled and I thanked her.

I knew that tonight things are going to start lot faster. I knew that she enjoyed exactly like I enjoyed. I was wondering if she even will sleep. Lights went off we said good nights and we went to bed.Tonight I noticed she very quickly started snoring. I knew that she was probably pretending and giving me indications to start my work.I wasted no time at all. I started whispering Neelu' name

And moved myself very close to shilpa and moved my left leg positioned between her thighs. I did not move my hand yet. I waited to see what she will react. I slowly realized that she was breathing hard. I don't know what she was thinking. I whispered one more time neelu' Name and moved my hand on her boobs and move my middle body so that my now erect penis was touching her hip on the right side.

As I move my hand on her cloth by rubbing gently on her boobs, she was breathing heavily. I was waiting if she was going to wake me up as she promised. I stopped doing anything just put my hand on her soft boobs and my knee was positioned between her legs very close to her upper thighs and close to her most holy parts. It was a taboo breaking night for me. I was determined to do things when she knows that I am doing only with her and that she responds to me when we both are fully awake and knowing each other and whispering words to each other.

I opened my eyes very dimly and the darkness was still in the room but from the little light of the street electric pole some visibility was there. Suddenly I felt shilpa's hands on my shoulder trying to wake me up. My hand was still on her boobs and my leg positioning my knee was still firmly between her upper thighs.I acted as if I am waking up asked her mumbling; "what?" She quickly put her hand on my mouth and whispered; "Quiet" and continued by whispering; "You told me to wake you up when you were sleep-talking; I fulfilled my promise, happy?"

Thanks, I told her and I did not move my hands from her neither move my leg. I asked her, "O my goodness, this is the way I was touching you? She whispered back; "yes, buddhu (silly)!" She announced. I move my hand and leg away from her and apologized to her. She said; "It is ok, you were asleep." I asked her what else I did because she told me that I did other things. She said; "I don't know." I asked her, how come you don't know when you said I did other things.

She did not say anything but when I whispered louder she, put her hand again on my mouth and said; "Ok I will let you know for God's sake can you please whisper quietly?" I said ok, please tell me.She stopped for moment and said with vibrating voice; "you," she stopped. I asked; "I what? She said; "I am ashamed to tell you." I think her modesty was coming on the way of her openness.I had to give her courage.

I asked her very quietly; "shilu, you promised me to tell me everything now please tell me, please." After few seconds of pause, she whispered and said; "You moved your hand under…" and she stopped again. Ok, she needs some help I thought. I whispered to her and asked her, I will move my hand on your boobs (I used for the first time the boobs, to her) and I will move here and there and you tell me by nodding is that ok?" She nodded to yes.

Now I moved my hand on her boobs by rubbing slowing and I said like this, she nodded yes. I moved now further down and asked her again and she nodded. I moved my hand now under her garment and reached her lovely nipples and I asked her like this, she nodded. By now room light was better and I could see her flushing face clearly.I massaged her nipples very gently and her breathing got heavier and she had a heavy heart beat too.

She was moaning very quietly very modestly. I asked her; "shilu, I am your brother, is it ok to do this?" She did not say anything. She did not even nod. She kept quiet. I don't know what she was thinking. So I asked her; "Please shilu nod at least or I will think that you do not want to tell me what things I did." I asked her again; "Please nod ok" and she nodded for nodding. Good, it was going well.

I asked her, "This is the only thing I did, rubbing your boobs and putting my leg between your thighs?" She this time whispered instead of nodding. She said; No, you did more things." "What more things? How will I know, I was a sleep and I don't know what I did. She did not answer. I asked her again; "Did I do more things with my hand and leg?" She whispered back this time and said; "With you hand."

Ok, I said and took her and gave my hand to her and said; "Since you are not telling me at least now take my hand and show me what where else I put my hand on your body is that Ok, she whispered and said "yes."And with that she guided my hand and put it right on her vagina mounds. "No, I did?" I asked her and she "nodded shyly.Did I rub your cunt (vagina)? Again I used the sexiest word for vagina. She whispered and shyly said yes.

I started rubbing her vagina and through her silky salwar it was slippery but very enjoyable because it was for the first time I was doing and let her know that I was doing her and not neelu. She was moving herself a bit and I asked her; "Do you like it?' She nodded shyly. I could not see since it was under the blanket (table and blanket) but the feeling of it was wow. I was shaking and she was shaking and we both had heavy breathing.

I asked her; "did I move my hand inside your salwar too?" she did not say anything. I asked her again to please tell me, she whispered yes. I moved my hand under her elastic and reached for her most holy place and started to finger her with more experience now since last night. My penis was in full pain now. I rubbed her and she was so wet that all my fingers were full of liquid. I asked her; "why did you pee?"

She whispered; "It is not pee buddhu (silly)." What it is I asked, she said; "I don't know.""Do you like it?" I asked and she whispered now and said yes. Her voice was so much vibrating and it was clearly that she was very hot now.I asked her, do you want to touch my penis I asked her. She did not say a word nor did she nod. I grabbed her hand and put it on my penis and asked her to please move up and down. She hesitated but when I pleaded, she started.

I had some pre-liquid already but not orgasm but we both now massaged each other. I moved my one finger and bit more in her vagina when she stopped me. I asked why? She whispered and said; "Mom told me that I must be very careful with that part until marriage. I accepted her words and just slowly rubbed her fully wet vagina when I sensed that she was moving herself move and something more hotter liquid started coming to my fingers.

She closed her eyes and was shaking badly and move her other hand on my hand and rubbed her wet and hot pussy the way she wanted and she was sweating by now. Seeing her actions and her hand rubbing my penis (in today's term my cock) I started the feeling of last night and I was moaning loud when she move her hand from my hand on her pussy to my mouth to shut me up because I think I didn't realize that I was moaning loud.

Her hand had her pussy juice and it was on my lips and I smelled something very different. Something funny, but it felt good. By now we both had reached end of our orgasm and were she whispered and told me; "you peed on my hands buddhu (silly)" We both laughed slowly and calmly. I could see her face so happy. I moved my mouth and kissed her lips for the first time and asked her;

Is this I did the other nights?" She whispered by moving out her tongue and teasing sister and said; "yes”I told her that I will never again think of neelima. I did not let her know that I planned all of this. I wanted this to remain a secret within my heart. She looked at me with satisfied eyes I moved again and Kissed her I told her; "I love you shilu." She responded; "I love you too brother." I told her to please not tell this to Mom.

I knew she will never do that but I just was letting her know that how stupid I was.She said; "I will never buddhu, she will kill us." We both laughed and said good nights after some more talks about tomorrow her being again at home etc.In the morning when I woke up, Dad was already gone to work the other two were still sleeping but shilpa was not in the room. I got up and found that shilpa was performing prayer I stood behind her and started doing prayer too.

As soon as she finished her prayer, she was still on the prayer rug I approached her and sat behind her and hugged her from behind. She tried to separate but I held her soft and beautiful breasts and gently started rubbing them. She told; "Please leave me it is not the time. I have to get food ready for you all because you have to go to school."

I said; "Shilu I am sick, I can not go to school." She looked at me while getting up and teased me saying; "you are sick or some other thing." And she ran to the kitchen by saying that.I also did not wanted to trouble shilpa since she was preparing food for the other two and Mom was still away to our uncle's home as Dad said last night that she will return later in the afternoon.

I helped her waking up the other two and asking them to get ready and other things, you know how kids that age are in the morning. After those two left for the school I was in my school cloths pretending in front of those two to be going to school too. As soon as they left, I rushed to the kitchen where shilpa was washing the dishes, I held her from behind and she tried pretending to be fighting me but she was just enjoying it.

I told her, come on shilu, you can do those things later. Come here, she was hesitantly but willingly came as I was holding her and she was in front of me as I took her inside the room. She said; "what are you doing, Mom will come." I told her; "do you remember, Mom is not going to be home until late afternoon."Saying this, I went to her and she took one of the pillows started hitting me with.

She was playing with me pretending to defend her. I took the other pillow and we started hitting each other with pillows and doing a lot of laughers. No one was home but us. I said; let us go to Dad and Mom's room. She was not willing and I took her by the hands and took her to our parent's room. We started wrestling and touching and she was pretending to not want these but she was laughing and she was so happy and I could not see her happier then this at any other time.

We both were breathless from struggles and pillow fights and bushings and lots of fun. We both lay there on the ground. As she lay there flat, I moved on the top of her, she again tried to rescue herself with trying to get me with her teeth but she did not hurt me. I loved this play. I was totally on her top and our chests were touching and our most private parts were on the perfect positions.

She kind of gave up and lay there and looking at me and teasing me said; "Go to neelima, I am your sister." I said; "I am a sister lover you don’t know?" She said that it was sin. I said, it is a sweet sin. I moved my hand down to her pussy mounds and started rubbing and she moaned and said; "So you are sick huh?" I said; "shilu… "She said; "What brother?" I said; "let us get naked." She said; No never. But

I pushed her salwar with my toe and since it is the power of toe, elastic held salwar was in no time fully down and she tried in vain to stop but it was too late. Now she was half naked but I still had not seen her holy place. I was looking her face and she slapped me in tease and I put my mouth on her mouth.

I told her; "shilu, I have an idea!" She asked what naughty brother?"I said you can revenge what I did to you. She said how. I said, just pull down my salwar with your toe and we will get equal. She said no. I said that means you can not do. She said; I can. So do it if you can, I know you can not do that at all. I teased her over and over again and she pulled her one foot and put her toe on my slawar which

I already loosened without letting her know and she pushed and my slawar went down all the way and what remained I got rid of and now we both were naked down-half and my cock was on her pussy and it was hard. She said; "Be careful not to insert because Mom will kill us. Mom said that I have to be careful with there." I asked with where? And she said there. I asked where, does it have a name? She teasingly and very calmly said; cunt.

I said; Ok, I will not insert, don't worry. I got up and I was sitting her front part and as I sat on her I for the first time saw her mounds and she tried to hide her with her hands but I lifted her hands off. I started rubbing her pussy with my finger and she arched and moaned. I then took my shirt off and I was fully naked and helped her remove her shirt and she was now gloriously naked and she was beautiful.

The room was fully light and it was now daylight and bulbs light and she looked perfect like that. She moved her hands to cover her face and she was shy. I took her hands off of her face and looked at her and she looked like a fairy. I kissed her and she looked at me and I said, I love you, she responded whispering in shy "I love you too Brother."For few moment we looked at each other and I requested her; "shilu" She said;

What?"I said can I rub my cock there. She asked, where. I said cunt. She did not respond but closed her eyes. I asked her again pleading. She without opening her eyes, said; "Just don't insert it…" I said Ok. I requested her to part her legs. She did.For the first time I looked her holy place. It was so beautiful scene it was so sexy, it was so, so, I don't have words for it.I touched her with my fingers and she moaned and

I moved my cock's head and entered the most holy place of her for the first time and as I started rubbing there she moved her hand and took my cock into her hand and started rubbing it on in her pussy. Both of us were wet. My pre-cum and hers met and it was sensational and it was very hot. She moved every where with loud noises and I was also moaning very loud. She was moving the head of my cock inside but was very careful that her virginity remains intact.

She knew what she was doing and I was in the 7th paradise my sweet sister Shilu.She said, I am about to ejaculate. I was also there and we both almost at the same time came fully with loads. She quickly moved me with force to her naval and I exploded all on her tummy and she now pushed my hand on her pussy and started helping me rub her pussy with her hand and my finger. She cried out loud oooo aaaauuu ooo aaaa and lots of noises

And was as if squeezed and shaking very vibrant and she held me with her hands now almost hurting me as she buried her face on my chest. She was sweating. I had my own share of shakes and joy of ejaculating on her and as our tummies met it was fully wet with my semen and. There was a smell which smelled so sexy so funny so aromatic. We lay there for a moment and as we came to ourselves, we laughed and she said to clean her with her kamiz.

I did. I asked her, how long I can not insert into her, she said never because this will bring all pain and bad name to our family and our parents may even die. She paused and then she said; "but…" and she Stopped I asked her but what? She whispered and said; "but you can enter the other place." I asked her, which place she said; you have to find out that yourself… and she laughed and said; "what a buddhu brother I have.

And she continued to laugh teasing me…She then said; "It is my back (ass hole)." I said; really, she nodded… and shied away.After few a three or four minutes of pause my cock was again getting hard and I asked her if I can insert this time in her ass hole. She nodded shyly. I said how? She shyly slapped me again and said; "From my behind buddhu (silly)." I asked how, She said I will help my poor brother and she teased me.

She got up and kneeled and her hips were up and her ass hole and pussy were all so perfectly visible. She whispered; "do you know now what to do?" I said I think so. I put the head of my cock on her ass hole and started rubbing and I was somewhat already wet and with that my cock was slippery on her ass whole. I started inserting slowly. She was so tight there that it was going difficultly despite the slipperiness of our parts.

But it was going it. When it was a quarter in she was like aaaaaaooo stop, stop, stope, it is paining she said. I said Ok, I removed. She said; "you need to make it wet I think. I knew from the stories of boys that they do it with their mouth water. So I did, and it was now so slippery and I inserted again and this time it was going more smoothly inside her. She was crying with akhkk and ufff and aaas but she told me not to stop.

I slowly and gently went almost all of my 7 inches of cock inside her. Once inside fully she told me to let it be there for some time and I Obeyed. She lowered herself by now saying that it will not hurt that way. I obeyed her as she said and my own cock was also paining by now since it was the first time for me also inserting my cock anywhere. Before this I did not even jerked off. Now you can imagine what was going on.

We both were totally new to this new pleasure and this too was the sweetest and the most forbidden of all since this does not happen all over and if it does, people don't talk about it.But it was something worth dying for. Yes, it was. I slowly started moving as she requested me and she was also moving slowly up and down. It was becoming more slippery now and more enjoyable and we both were moaning loudly.

There was pain but there was joy and it felt soooooo gooood so good that it is absolutely not expressible. In few more strokes, I told her that I am exploding and she said don't take it out, do it inside and I obey and when this time I came, it was a very different experience altogether. I was crying out loud Auuuuu shiluuuuu aaaa ffff oaaaa and she was equally now moaning loud and she move my hand on her pussy lips started rubbing

And now she was exploding too because there was very hot liquid all over my fingers. I loaded all my water inside her body and inside any body it was the fist mega orgasm I had and this was inside no other girl but my own dear sister. I had tasted the most forbidden pleasure in the world and it was seventh heaven for me right on earth. As we calmed down we were sweating. I moved out my cock from her and we both hugged each other and we kissed each other.

She this time broke the silence; "My buddhu brother, I love you." I kissed her on her lips and said; "I love you to shilu my lovely sister, I love you more then my life." I continued; "thank u shilu thank you! We both squeezed each other tightly as if lovers have met after a loooooong gap. We lay there for an hour or so in faint, love, and aroma of our holy waters… Was it a dream? No it was not, it was real.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
This story is about my elder sister and me. Our family is my father, mother, and then Sister Sangita and I. we are typical middle class family living in this town. My father is worker in the factory and most of the time he is out of home working hard in order to meeting our economic needs. Mother is housewife staying at home all the time busy with her typical housework.

My sister is 4 year older than I am. We had normal brother-sister relations. Since I am younger in the family everybody loves me very much. Always treating me as a kid only. I was normal kid until I was 18, as you must have known kid at that age having so much interest in girl/ women and their hidden mysteries. I also started to take interest in girls. I would feel electric currant in my short when I see bare flesh of any girl or women through there cloths. At that time I hadn't known what is that exactly but I liked what I feel. Girls never attracted me at my age but the older girls and women who always arouse me.

We were living in this building with small flat of two rooms, Kitchen with bath/WC and hall cum dining cum bedroom. It was old type of building with big height room so there is mezzanine floor in our living room, which we are using as storeroom. When my father married to my mother they were sleeping in the big bed together. As after having 2 Children eventually they lost their interest in sex and whole family used to sleep in the hall. Father on big bed and mother, sister and me on floor respectively. My father works in the morning sift he used to wake early. My mother also wakes up early to prepared his lunch and other stuff.

That particular day I woke up suddenly early morning. I don't know what cause me to wake up so early but I couldn't sleep later on. I just stayed in the bed and was thinking something else. My mother was up and was doing her daily housework. Father was already left for his job. Sangita was getting ready for her collage. She just finished her school and started her collage. Since collage time was morning she used to wake up early. My school time was afternoon so I used to stay late in the bed.

When I woke up I saw Sangita came out from bathroom. She was wearing her normal house dress i.e. skirt and blouse. She started to prepare for her collage. Since I wasn't sleeping I started to observe her. Light was on so I was sleeping with my arm on my eyes and nobody knows I am awake. After finishing her light make-up and everything she just went to cupboard at corner of the room and opened it. She took out her Punjabi dress (salwaar- Kamiz). She simply started to put that dress. Normally if male people is in the room female used to change dress in the kitchen in my house. But since nobody is there except me (and I was also sleeping) for her its not unusual to change cloths there.

Although I was very much interested in the girls/sex I never feels like incest thing with my sister. I was watching her just casually from under my arm. Sangita unbutton and took off her blouse and then unhook her skirt, which fell on her feet. She stood there wearing only black colour bra and blue colour panties. Slowly she took her salwaar and put it on and then put on her kamiz from her head. Then after close the cupboard and went to do final touch-up for her make-up.

Before Many time I have seen Sangita various state of undressing. It was not like I never seen her in undergarments. But that particular time I was observing her thoroughly.

That scene was hardly one minute or two. But it's changed my life forever. First time I saw Sangita not as my elder sister but 22-year growing girl. She was tall 5 feet 7" or 8", fare skin (like my mother), long smooth legs, curved hips, flat stomach (big deep navel), and big size breast, which wasn't staying much in her bra. At that time I hadn't known whether she is 36-24-36 type or what but what I saw it was definitely exciting. My small cock was hard in my short pant as it never grown that much big before. Maybe it was because I saw something, which I should not see as a brother.

After that day it was my daily morning routine to watch Sangita getting dress for collage. Every time now I see her I realising more and more sexiness about her. I started to think about her every minutes and 24 hours. I was watching her every moment. Although Didi never suspects anything she had same relations with me like big sister. But now I was taking every opportunity to feel her body and curses. Being her little kid brother my sister used to hug me, curses me, wrestle with me etc. but now I was taking advantage of her affection and fondness. There were so many occasions when I can feel her body or touch her soft fleshes.

Now when Sangita hug me I would feel her soft breast and warm body touching me. Some times when I am watching TV lying on bed I would lay on side. And if Didi sits on bed watching TV or reading anything I would just press my crotch to her soft buttock from back. It's not necessary every time I would get hard-on touching her but just feel softness and warms of her body. There was small garden near our building and living room's window was facing there. I used to stand in the window keeping my hands on grill watching out side. Some time Didi would come and stand beside me. She just innocently presses herself on me. My hand would trap between grill and her breast. I never move my hand but just keep in it position. She would move her body talking with me giving me massage from her breast.

Some time I would keep my hand by side on windowsill and when Sangita would stand beside me my hand would press against her crotch. God! I could feel hotness of her pussy there. Some time I would keep my palm outside and feel her pussy with my fingers. It was all look innocents. My sister never ever suspect I am getting touches from her. She was always like my elder sister. Never ever she realised what her kid brother is doing with her.

As few months passed like this I was more obsessed with Sangita. Day night I was thinking about her. In the night she sleeps next to me. Mother then didi and then me (father used to sleep on bed). We never keep night lamp or any thing on in the night. Room used to be dark as only light coming from street light. You could see everything only after your eyes got adjusted in the darkness.

Now I was getting bolder steps. After everybody sleeps in sound I would slide myself near Sangita, we were on our back side by side barely touching. I would then tern on my side facing her, which would cause me to press against her body. I would stay steady not to cause her wake up. Then after some time I would put my leg on her taking her thighs between my legs. She sleeps very calm and cool hardly wrestle or muffle. Wow! What a sensation! I used to stay like that whole night. Initially it was just putting legs in between Sangita's legs and take heat from her thighs. After I grew bolder. I would slide her skirt little up above her knees or thighs and feel her bare thighs.

Some time I would put my hand in her waist and hug her lightly. She never suspects this also. In the fast sleep it wasn't unusual to put legs or hand on her or press against her. Before so many time I woke up morning with myself on top of her or my head resting on her breast or something. She would think her kid brother sleep just innocently. During middle of the night also if she wake up and found me on her. She would just sleep again in same position or if its not comfortable to her then just shift me on my back. But she never suspects anything.

During that period I had my first orgasm. One night I was pressing against Sangita's thighs. My cock was hard like rock. I was horny that time so I was feeling more sensation in my cock. My hand was around her waist. Slowly I lift my hand and place it above her left breast. Wow! It was so soft... yet firm. I didn't move a bit just keep my hand on her breast feeling her softness. Then slowly I squeezed my finger, not much hard, one or two mm just getting feeling of squeezing.

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