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Brother Sister Incest Saga
10-27-2012, 02:38 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
First time I touch my sister's breast so long. I liked that very much. I was so excited that my cock grew its maximum length. It was straining in my shorts and in underpants. I was getting deferent sensation in my cock, which I never felt before. And suddenly I felt like I am peeing. Something came out form my cock and it twitched in my pant. Within a minute I felt coolness and all sexual sensation had gone. I turned and lay flat on my back and after some time I went to toilet. When I saw my underpants I saw some white stuff there. I realised I had my first orgasm of my life. I clean my pant and went back to sleep.

After that I used to take care not to excite too much or get hard-on too much as after it was too messy in my underpants. I got bolder as I would slide Didi's skirt all the way up to her waist and touch her bare thighs or inner thighs. Sometime I touch her crotch above panties. More sensation I was getting when I touch her pussy from her panties. God! It was so hot. It spread heat like she was breathing from pussy.

I could clearly make out fold of her pussy through panties. Some time panties would stick in between her pussy lips. Like that I was feeling my sister's breast and pussy in her sleep in the night. She never knew what her kid brother was doing with her. I was enjoying this play with her around 4/5 month. I was taking every possible care not to know her or anybody. But it has to be end one day.


One night I was feeling Sangita's breast while pressing my cock against her thighs. Suddenly she woke up but didn't move a bit. It was dark in the room so I couldn't realise that. She felt that her kid brother's hand on her breast and his one leg between her legs trapping her thighs. She thought that in deep sleep he must have came on her. She just stayed like that as she was in deep mood of sleep so she didn't move him from her. His weight was on her so she was feeling little uncomfortable that cause her to stay wake up.

Suddenly she felt his fingers are moving on her breast. She wasn't sure but she felt like barely he is pressing them. Also she felt some thing is digging in her thighs from between his legs. Horror spread in Sangita's mind. My god! Is he feeling my breast? Is he erect pressing against me. She wasn't sure she just stayed like that, dumb found. After some time she felt that he move his legs from her and his hand from her breast. She felt that her skirt is moving up her waist. Suddenly she realised his fingers on her pussy.

Oh my god! Oh my god! He is touching me there. My kid brother is touching me there. He is touching his sister's pussy. She couldn't believe this. She didn't know what to do. She just stayed calm. After long time he turned and stayed on his back. He didn't move afterward. He must have slept. Sangita thought about that incident and doze of after some time.

Next day Sangita thought about last night incident. She wasn't sure what was happened. So next 2/3 days she kept quite and observed my night activities. Then she realised sure I was feeling her up. At first she thought to tell mother about it. But how could she tell mother that what her little brother was doing with her. And if she tells mother and mother would tell to father and after don't know what will happen? Father may hit him or worse to kick him out of house. Sure she didn't want to happen anything like that, as she loves me too many, Off course as a kid brother. She justified that in this age of puberty boy's get attract to female body even though she is his sister or mother. She read about that so many times in books. She thought she would confront me afterwards and kept quite.

Slowly Sangita realised my all activities like watching her getting dress in the morning or feeling her touch hugs around the house. Feeling her body while standing in the windows or sitting on bed. Secretly she found that exciting too. After all she was just 17, exploring herself. Although she was going in the collage and having so many male friends, It wasn't easy to relate with anybody sexually. So she thought about me, her kid brother as safe partner for her sexual exploration as nobody is going to know about that. (You might be thinking how I know what she was thinking about Me. simple! She told me later on when we intimated together that what she felt or thought when she realise about me etc.)

Slowly Sangita started to enjoy my exploration about her. She even started to give me full access to her body. Morning when she would change dress for collage she would take little more time to get dress giving me more chance to see her body. She would hug me or held me time to time even if there isn't any specific reason. Or while standing in the window she would pressed herself more on me giving me feel of her boobs or crotch. In the night also she started to co-operate with him by keeping silence or raising her skirt already up or anything.

She really enjoys now her kid brother's obsession. And she wanted him to proceed further now. After all this whole things happening between us as if nobody knows about it. I mean I was doing with her as if she doesn't know and she was giving me all opportunity as if I wasn't aware. Didi wanted to enjoy this game with her kid brother more freely. She knew I'd not go any further unless she encourages me so she decided to take next step.

One day we were standing in the window talking about school and collage. Mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. As usual Didi was pressing against me and I was feeling her crotch with my hand on windowsill. Sangita suddenly change the topic and asked me in low voice,

"Sonu, your eyes looks so sleepy all the time. It seemed that you're not sleeping well in the night" As I heard that I got confused and mumbled, "Unn.. What Didi?" "I think! You must not having enough sleep in the night, Sonu" "What do you mean, Didi?" "You know very well what I mean, Sonu!" she smiled mischievously. "What Didi?" I still acted like innocent. "Oh come on Sonu! Do you think your elder sister is stupid or what?" I realised that my secret is opened. Slowly I removed my hand from her crotch and looked her in the eyes. She said further, "I know what you were doing with me up to now and where you were touching me. I know what you think about me, your elder sister. It's disgusting you know my kid brother is doing this to me. Think what'll happen if I tell to mother and father."

Saying that she smiled devilishly and went in to kitchen. I tried to stop her but she didn't listen me.

I was dumfounded. Moreover scared now. What'll happen now? Would she tell mother and father? What they'll do? They'll kick me out from house or what. All the time I was scared and tensed. I tried to talk with Sangita couple of times but she ignored me. After when Father return I was more terrified. I tried to avoid everybody, as I knew that anytime they would confront me.

By the time we sat for dinner nothing happened. I was surprised when I found that every time my eyes met my sisters she would smile teasingly. What she's planning? Why she didn't tell to father? What is in her mind? I was so confused that I hardly eat anything.

Night after everything finished we slept as usual. As I hit the bed I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I knew that there is no way that I could do anything with my sister again. My enjoyment was all over now. Almost 6/7 month I was enjoying with didi's sleeping body. I tried to sleep but couldn't as I was missing my night game badly. I stared blankly in the darkness.

Suddenly I sensed some movement on my left side. I turned my head there. My eyes were adjusted in the darkness that I could see everything clearly. I realised that Sangita, who was sleeping around two feet away from me, now slide near to me. She was covering herself with chadder (sheet) from top to bottom. I felt cold touch of her hand on my hand and before I realised what is happening She pulled my hand under her chadder and put on her breast.

It was kick you know! My elder sister was putting my hand on her breast. I was afraid and started to sweat immediately. I was so dumfounded that I didn't move my hand a bit. Sangita must have sensed my shock as she put her hand on me and started to squeeze her breast with me.

So! That's that reason why she didn't tell to anybody. She likes what I was doing with her and she doesn't have any objection. In fact she want me to play with her, to explore her. When I realised that how can I stay behind then. I started to knead her breast vigorously. She removed her hand from me and let me fondle her more freely.

I was in heaven. Before I was feeling my sister boobs secretly, fearing she would wake up. But now I could feel her breast more freely with any fear in mind. I didn't remember what I had done with them exactly. I knead her breast, squeezed, pressed and etc. etc. all the time Sangita was calm and steady allowing me to play freely with her breast. I was hard like rock. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. After some time when Sangita had had enough with her breast she guided my hand to her crotch. She raised her skirt all the way up to her waist under the chadder and placed my hand on her pussy above her panties.

I started to play with her pussy, More freely. I was cupping her, pinching her moving my hand up and down her slit. Didi was hot down there. I realised that her panties started to get wet. That was surly new sensation for me. Before whenever I felt her pussy she wasn't getting wet as she was in deep sleep but now when I am feeling her defiantly she was aroused as she started to leak her juices. That was making me also wet as pre-cum started to ooze from my cock.

Suddenly Sangita placed her hand on my hard cock above my shorts. I was shocked as first time she touched my cock. She started to move her hand up and down on my cock, which was throbbing because of her gentle touches. That sensation was too much for me as I sensed that I would come any moment. Didi must have excited too also as I sensed her body was shaking lightly. She pressed her other hand on me, which was cupping her pussy and pressed forcedly inside. I felt wetness on her panties and she relaxed afterward. I realised she came in her panties. I was so hot realising her orgasm that I explode in my pant. Didi sensed my orgasm also. Every time my cock would twitch she would press it tightly.

We took our hands off our bodies and calm down gradually. After some time I went to toilet and cleaned my underpants. God! So much cum was there in my pants. When I returned and sleep back Sangita also went to toilet afterward. Defiantly for the cleaning etc. by the time she returned to bed I was doze off, as it was too much for me.


Next day in the house whenever I met Sangita's eyes she would give me mischievous smile and shyly I would lower my eyes. At one time when we got some privacy she said to me,

"So Sonu! How are you now?" "I'm OK Didi! I thought you were angry with me. Thanks for not to tell father and mother." "Did you enjoy last night?" she asked. "Yes Didi! I thought I would never ever get chance to feel them" I replied her shyly. It was big surprised when you himself took my hand and put your... I couldn't say anything further. "Put where Sonu?" she asked mischievously. "There! On your..." "Oh come on Sonu! Don't shy! Tell me where I put your hands?" "On your boobs..." I said smilingly. "On boobs only? Where else also?" "On your pus... pussy also" "There you're!" she smiled and said, "if you're touching my breast and pussy then don't shy to take name of those part. Ok?" I nodded shyly.

"To tell you truth, Sonu. I also enjoy everything. Only we have to take care that nobody should know about this. We can have more fun like that. Tonight more surprise will be there for you."

She said smilingly and went inside. Whole time I kept guessing what the surprise she might have

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10-27-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #12
RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
night everybody slept and in the midnight Sangita slide near me. Taking that as a signal I slipped my hand on her breast under the Chadder. She let me fondle her boobs for a while from her blouse. Then she took my hand and slides it under her blouse from bottom and placed on her bra-cupped breast. That was much better as one layer of cloth was reduced. I kept fondling her both breasts above her bra. Fabric of her bra was so thin that I could clearly touch her erect nipples. Some time I would pinch them with my fingers, which would cause her to twitch.

While I was fondling her Suddenly Sangita raised her back and brought her hands under her back. Then she unhooked her bra from back. As she unhooked I felt her bra loosen front of her breast. She then brought her hand front and put my hand on her bare breast pushing her bra up. Wow! That was amazing! Feeling Sangita's breast without any restriction or cloths. That was my fantasy. I kneaded them, squeezed them, and pressed them. I would play with her nipples with my fingers. I don't know how long I was playing with my sister's boobs. I was hard and so much excited.

After Sangita slide my hand down on her panty-covered pussy. I started to play with her pussy then. Again another surprise came. While I was feeling her pussy she hold my that hand then push her panties aside with other hand and place my hand directly on her pussy list. Man! That was kick! Feeling her bare pussy. I felt her public hair around her pussy. I didn't know what to do that I just kept moving my hand on her pussy lips. She was already wet so my fingers were slipping there.

To my surprised! Sangita holds my two fingers and slides them between her pussy lips until half of them went inside. She showed me how to finger her and when I took rhythm she removed her hand. I kept fingering her and she started to produce more juice there. Now she slides her hand on my hard cock. She kept fondling it for a while and...

One more surprised?? She slipped her hand inside my shorts and underpants and holds my cock. God! It felt sooo good when she holds my cock. It was heaven when she started to move her hand up and down on my cock. That was amazing! I was finger fucking my sister's pussy and she was jerking her brother's cock. Every time when my hand touch hard knob above her pussy lips she would twitch her body lightly.

I realised that must be very sensitive part of hers. I removed my fingers from her pussy and started to play with that knob above her pussy lips. That was too much for her. Her body tensed and she holds tightly my wrist. I kept playing with her and at last she came. Her orgasm was powerful that my fingers and hand was wet with her pussy juice.

When Sangita's orgasm subsided she started to jerk me faster and I couldn't hold anymore. I explode and came in my underpants and in her hand. When my hard cock stopped twitching and got soft she removed her hand. I wasn't sure but in the darkness I saw that she brought her hand to her mouth and leak my cum from there. Her head was covered with Chadder so I wasn't sure whether she really did that or not. As usual afterward we went to toilet to clean ourselves one after another. Around two-week Sangita and me kept going this night enjoyment.

Mean time whenever we had privacy we talked about our night game. She told me that it was awkward to undo her back hook bra every time. So she buy new front hook bra. Now it was easy to unhook bra and freed her breast. Also instead of pulling her panties one side and holding it there I started to slide my hand in her panties from top waistband. So I would able to play with her public hair also and when she orgasm most of her pussy juice would soak by her panties without wetting bed sheet. Now Didi also started to play with my cock more freely while sliding my shorts and underpants down. That was comfortable for me also to get more pleasure.

One day while we were alone Sangita asked me,

"So Sonu! Are enjoying our game at night?" "Yes Didi! Too much! Only problem is my Chadder getting wet all the time and you could see dry cum stain on it. It is hard to keep them wothout noticing, you know" "Yes! I realised that Sonu! My bed sheet also getting wet every time when I come. It's very difficult to keep this out from mother's eyes. We have to do something for that otherwise we would get caught," didi replied with worry.

After thinking for a while her face lit up and she said,

"Don't worry Sonu! I have solution for that also. Do one thing only. Tonight while sleeping just announce that you are getting cold by fan air and sleep other way with your legs on my head side and your head on my legs side, ok?"

I nodded yes but couldn't understand what she had in her mind.

In the Night as per our planning I announced and slept other way. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to feel Sangita's boob in this position. As per our previous play I was ready sliding my shorts and underpants down and holding my freed cock. I saw in the darkness that Didi slide near to me much closer and down. She pulled me closer on my side. I guess she was also lying on her side facing me.

I felt that my Chadder was raise slightly and felt she hold my cock with her hand. She started to slide it up and down on my cock jerking motion. I was hard and excited. She holds my cock at the base for a while and I felt something soft and wet things engulf my cock. Also I felt warm breath air blowing on my balls. Oh my god! Oh my god! She was sucking, My sister was sucking my cock with her mouth. That thought and sensation force my cock to grow immediately.

My cock was throbbing in her mouth. She suck head of my cock like lollipop then move her mouth up and down taking whole length in her mouth. Feeling of her luscious lips and mouth was too much for me. After around five minutes I couldn't hold anymore and ejaculate in her mouth forcedly. Jet after jet I shoot in her mouth and surprisingly she gulp it down. Not a single drop she missed and drank my whole semen. My orgasm was so powerful that I exhaust and fell on my back.

After around ten minutes I came in sense. Sangita really shocked me taking me in her mouth. That was most intense sexual pleasure I ever got in my life at that time. I realised I have to return favour. I have to please my Didi in a same manner. I turned and slide my head under her chadder. She was ready as if she knew what I would do or what I have to do. She already pulled her skirt up and slides her panties down to her knees. When I put my head in there she turned on her side facing me and brought her crotch in my head level. I went ahead and place my mouth on her pussy.

Sangita was already wet and I sensed faint aroma of women's sex. First I lapped her pussy lips like a dog then suck them hard. She pressed my head further locking between her thighs. I kissed, lapped and suck her pussy hard. I even tried to insert my tongue between her pussy lips but it was difficult to insert much in as she was pressing her thighs tightly. It wasn't long that I realised she's cumming. And when she came she drenched my mouth with her juice. Taste of her juice was something deferent, which can be explaining, neither bitter nor sweet. I lapped and make her pussy dry with my tongue then slide out from her chadder. That night we both sleep peacefully that we were both contented.


Next day Sangita asked me,

"How was that surprise Sonu?" "Great Didi! That was my fantasy." "Which one Sonu?" she asked me teasingly, "the one I suck your cock or other you suck my pussy, tell me." "Both didi!" I replied proudly. "Oh that means you were fantasising about your sister ha?" "Yes Didi!" I replied shyly, "ever since we started doing with each other I dream about that. Can I ask you something, Didi?" "Yes! Go ahead!" "How did you know about those things..., Didi. I mean... sucking coc... and all these thing"

"You are just 14, Sonu! Tell me then how did you know about these?" "Me... In school we all boys' talks about girls and everybody tells something deferent and new. Also...," I said further shyly, "also some boys has got some magazines... about sex... showing all kind of sex... you know" "Oh! So you're doing all this things in the school! Talking about sex and looking dirty magazines, haa??" "No.. No Didi," I said hurriedly, "not all the time...." She laughed and said, "don't be afraid Sonu! I won't tell anybody. In fact we girls also do the same in the collage." "You mean..! You also saw those magazines?" I asked surprisingly "Off course I did! I mean not so much but one or two. So many girls having sexual relations with boys."

"Like us Didi? i mean... brother and sister?" "No.. Not like us. At least nobody told like that but with some boys in the collage." "Didi! You are so beautiful and attractive. So many guys must be behind you. Have you ever had any relations... with anybody... I mean not sexually but like love or something..." "No! No way Sonu! Our parents would kill me if I make any relations with anybody. Also its very danger with collage guys. I mean they are not very serious about relationship. They just wanted to enjoy and after they go to other girls. Also if girl make relations with anyone he share her with his friends"

"What! They share the girl??" I asked in horror. "Yes they are! Once girl submitted to the boy or makes sexual relations that he would take advantage and some time blackmail her and compel her to have sex with his friends. "That is horrible didi!" I said, "please didi! Don't make any relations with any boys in the collage. I cannot bare that guys sharing my sister." "Don't worry Sonu! I won't do that. Perhaps I don't need to make any relations out side when my kid brother is there to satisfy me," Sangita replied playfully patting my face. "Thanks Didi!" I said happily.

After that Sangita and me kept our night sex activities like that for month or two. My father mother never suspected anything, as we were normal brother-sister front of them. Never ever in their wildest dream they would think that their 14-year-old son is having sexual relations with their 18-year-old daughter. We were taking all possible care not to know anyone. In the night while we are intimating by chance if mother or father anybody wake up to go to toilet we would just cover us with our chadder. There is no way they could suspect that their kids are half-naked under sheet.

Only problem was all this game was going on in the night with darkness. Although I have seen Sangita so many time half-naked I was dying to see her full naked or to feel her in the bright light. We were not getting complete privacy that all the time father, mother or either of them used to be there in the house. I was waiting for opportunity to be alone with didi in the house.

One Saturday afternoon I got back from school. I saw that mother and sister were on the mezzanine floor cleaning old stuff. As I told before one wooden loft floor was there in our living room. Normally we use those as a storeroom or to keep things, which we don't use, daily basis. Access of that loft floor was one wooden ladder, which we keeps out side in the passage if we don't use. When I saw that I went up by ladder to help them. When we done with major things mother told us to continue and went down to do other jobs. After some time mother shouted from down that she is going out to purchase something and would be back in hour. She instructed to keep eye downstairs if somebody comes and she left.

Now I was alone with Sangita in the house on mezzanine floor. I thought that as a great opportunity. I saw she was sorting some magazines on the table. I went behind her and put my hands on her hips. She kept doing her things ignoring me. I started to move my hands up and down from her hips to her armpits. Seeing no resistance from her I slide my hand front on her belly. Then slowly I raised my hand under her breast. And finally I cupped her breast with my both hands from behind. didi stopped what she was doing. I kept my hand on her boobs for a while then started to squeeze them gently.

Sangita turned to face me. We our eyes met we smiled to each other. She asked me,

"What are you doing, Sonu?" "Nothing!" I replied sheepishly, "just feeling your boo... boobs" "What you're not getting enough in the night?" she asked teasingly. "yah! But couldn't hold back when I see them now" "Do you want we get caught?" "How can we get caught? We are alone here. Mother is not down stair." "What if somebody comes from outside?" she still teased me. "If anybody came downstairs we'll know. And if anybody wanted to come upstairs they have to position this properly," saying that I straiten up ladder at loft entrance and looked at her smilingly. "Very smart boy Haa!" she smiled back to me. "So am I! After all I am your brother. Smart sister's smart brother" And we both laughed loudly. "Ok now! Don't talk too much and come here, Kido" I went closer to her. "What you want to do Kido?" Sangita asked me. I kept staring at her breast, which was stood proudly front of my eyes. "Are you going to star those only or want to do anything?" she said mischievously.

I placed my both hands boldly on Sangita's breasts Looking directly in her eyes and squeezed them hardly. She sighed and closed her eyes in anticipation. I kept fondling her breast for a while.

"didi! Can I ask you something?" She opens her eyes and looked at me, "What's that Sonu?" "Can you show me your.... This," I squeezed her breast hard to indicate. "What you want to see?" she still asked me "Your boobs Didi!" I answered. "Why? Aren't you see them before?" she teased me. "Yes I have seen them before, But with bra only. I mean.. I want to see them naked." I said shyly. "So! You want to see your didi's breast naked, haa?" "Yes!" I replied sheepishly. "Ok! Go ahead and see them." Sangita's said daringly. "muhhh... Meee... no! You show me" I asked her. "No! I won't. If you want to see then you have to see yourself." She said with grinning. "How can I... I mean how can I take your cloths off, Didi?" "Why? What's difficult in that? Come on Sonu! You don't have much time if you really wanted to see those. Come on!" she encouraged me.

I got nervous but I realised I have to if I want. I raised my hand bit then afraid brought them down. Sangita smiled and said, "Go ahead Sonu! Don't shy."

Finally I raised my hand and placed it on top of her blouse. Its ladies blouse kind of like shirt with front side hooks.


I was trembling and my hands were shaking. Sangita stood there casually enjoying every moment of my situation. Some how I managed to undo first hook of her blouse, After that second and then third. Back of my hands was touching her boobs when I come between them. At last I undo all hook of her blouse. I paused for moment and looked in her eyes. She nodded for further approval. Slowly I moved both sides of her blouse wide apart revealing those magnificent breasts of hers. She slides her blouse bit down her shoulder to give me more view.

Sangita was wearing black coloured bra underneath. First time I saw her from so close. Black colour of her bra was emphasising on her fare skin. She must have excited about whole thing as I could clearly see her erect nipple through thin fabric. Either her bra was small or her breast was big as they were bulging out from all sides. I looked in her eyes. She nodded and said,

"Come on! Hurry! Next!" I placed my hand on Sangita's bra hook between her cleavage. I tried to undo hook of her bra but couldn't. I tried more but wasn't succeeding. Hopelessly I saw in her eyes. She laughed and told me, "Come on Sonu! Try again." "I can't Didi! Its too tight." "Come on! You can. I'll guide you ok? Now put your fingers behind the hook.... Ok like that!... now pull them both sides while pressing in the middle... 'Click'... that's it... you here the sound? That mean lock is open.. Now... just slide both side up and down... there you're..."

As I slide it up and down hook opened and both sides of her bra cup sprung out as bra was tight on her breast and I wasn't holding them properly. After that I move her bra cup and greed her breasts.

Man! Those were magnificent! For me those were best boobs on the earth. Big, firm and so live. With slight move of her body they would jerk. Like you must have seen milk in the plastic bags? Have you seen how those milk bags twitch?? It was just like that. Dark brown aureoles around one inch diameter and in the centre that pink coloured erect nipple, like grape. God! That was wow some for 14-year-old boy. I don't know how long I was just staring my sister's naked breasts. I came in reality when I heard her voice.

"Sonu... Sonu...? Wake up Kido! Where are you?" "uhhhh... what didi...??" "I can see from your face that you like them very much." "Yes didi! Those are beautiful. More than what I dreamed." "Again dream? How many dreams you have Sonu?" "So many didi! So many!" I answered in daze. "Then come to reality and do something with them" she said smilingly.

I placed my both hands on Sangita's both breasts. I started to fondle them. I was so fascinated that I was staring her breast without blinking my eyes and kneading them hardly. She would sigh when I pinch her nipple with fingers. I was hard and my body was shaking. My lips and mouth was dry due to excitement that I was moving my tongue on my lips to make them wet.

Taking that as other sign Sangita placed her hand back of my head and guided my lips to her nipple. As my lips met her nipple she shivered and presses my mouth hard to her breast allowing me to take them full of mouth. I started to suck her breast. I would suck them, bite them and kissed them. With my right hand I hold bottom of her left breast and lift them bit up to suck them more. Involuntarily my left hand guided to her right breast and squeezed them. I don't know how long I was playing with her breasts. May be ten minutes or fifteen. Due to my sucking her both breasts became red and were wet with my salvia.

Finally Sangita pulled me away from her breast and said,

"Enough Sonu! Enough. I know, You won't get satisfy even if you suck them whole day and night." I smiled sheepishly. I looked directly in her eyes and asked boldly, "Didi! Can you show me you... down there?" "I know..! I know that!," she said laughingly, "you'll not satisfy only with top. I was wondering that how come you haven't ask me yet?" "Ok! Go ahead! Same condition! You have to see yourself." "This time with pleasure, didi!" saying that I placed my both hands on Sangita's waist. "Sit here Sonu! You'll get better view,"

Saying that Sangita guided me to small stool, which was one foot high. When I sit on that stool, my head was perfectly parallel to her crotch area. She came closer to me, around one foot and stood there placing her hands one my shoulder. I place my hands on her waist again looking up at her.

Then hooking my finger in the elastic of her skirts I started to pull them down. Passing though her waist then her hips then her thighs and skirt fell in her feet. She stepped out from them. While sliding her skirt down my eyes were fixed on her crotch area. Her skirt slides down revealing step by step her blue colour panties. Her panties were tight at her crotch that I could clearly see bulge of her pussy lips through them. Some public hairs were peeking out from side leg bands. She was defiantly aroused, as her panties were wet at the front. Again I insert my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slide them down. In one sweep motion I pulled her panties all the way down to her ankle.

Now Sangita was stark naked front of me except her blouse and bra hanging on her shoulder. First time I was seeing my sister in bright light fully naked. My eyes were fixed on her pussy. Dark black public hair was on the top and few around her pussy, Pink fold of her pussy lips, Deep slit with little knob protruding out at the top. What a sight!

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10-27-2012, 02:43 AM
Post: #13
RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
I raised my hand and touched her public hair with my fingers. As I touched her Sangita sigh and hold my shoulder firmly. She was getting hot. I slide my fingers down and toughed her pussy lightly. As my finger made contact with that knob her body jerk involuntarily. I parted her pussy lips with both hands to see that knob more and touched it more. She closes her eyes and started to moan now. I saw her closed eyes and leaned forward to her pussy around inch or two. She must have sensed my breath over there. She opened her eyes and looked down. When she saw my face inch away from her pussy she couldn't hold it any more. She pressed my face on her crotch while trusting her pussy in my mouth.

I started to eat Sangita's pussy now. I suck her pussy, lapped her there. I suck hard at that knob, which was most sensitive part of hers I guess. While sucking her pussy I brought my hand back on her buttock and knead them also, It was so soft you know! Kneading, squeezing her ass chicks. She started to hump against my mouth. I insert my tongue in her pussy and dig her there. She couldn't hold and more. Within a minutes she came on my mouth, Wetting whole area. When her orgasm subsided. She pulled away from me.

"How was that, Didi?" I asked her proudly "Mind blowing Sonu! You're getting improved day by day." "Thanks Didi! You're so beautiful. I never imagine you look so sexy without cloths."

Sangita just smiled on my compliments and started to get dress. I was volunteered to dress her up. I hold her panties open to put her legs. When I slide it up covering her pussy. I purposely pulled them above her waist bulging out her pussy lips. Then I pulled up her skirt and before passing up her panties I kissed her pussy from above her panties. Then I stood up and hooked her bra (I kissed them also before that). And at last hooked her blouse as it was before. When I stood up smiling at her she hugged me and said,

"Oh Sonu! You're so sweet! I have to do favour for you." Saying that she started kissing me.

First time we were kissing like that, not like brother-sister but as a lover. She motioned me to open my mouth and insert her tongue in my mouth. Wow! She really know how to French kiss! Long time we were sucking each other's tongue. Occasionally I was sucking her upper lip while same time she was sucking my lower lip. I really like that. Sucking my sister's luscious lips! As we were kissing we heard door opened at down stair. Mother came in and called our names and I immediately parted from Sangita. But she pulled me again and kept kissing my lips.

"Maa is there, Didi! She may come up." "Don't worry, Sonu. She won't." And she continues kissing me. Mother shouted from down stair, "did you finish everything up there or not?" "We are almost finish, Maa!"

Sangita answered and knelt front of me. She pulled down my shorts in sweep motion and grabbed my cock in her hands. She looked at me with seductive eyes and put my cock in her mouth.


Wow! What a feeling. This was exciting watching my sister take her brothers cock inside her mouth. She began bobbing up and down in a gentle motion. The only thing that went to my head at that moment was what mother was thinking down stair that what we are doing up. Didi licked my shaft up and down touching my balls with her tongue. She was driving me crazy. She then began rubbing my cock as though she was jerking me off. Sangita was blowing me since long time and I learned during that period how to prolong my orgasm. This really didn't do much for me and I think she sensed it.

Sangita then began licking my balls biting and pulling on the hair. She told me to place my ball inside her mouth as she opened wide. I'm surprised. She opened her mouth wide and I lifted up my cock guiding my balls into her mouth. As I was doing that she was flickering it with her tongue. As they were in, she began sucking and pulling and rolling her tongue around it. It felt great except for that she sucked too hard and made the pleasurable experience a bit painful.

"Auhhhh!" I shouted in pain. "What happened, Sonu? Are you all right?" mother asked from down stair. "Uh..? Nothing... Maa! Didi pulled so hard....!" I answered looking at Sangita's smiling mischievously. "Be gentle with your brother, Sangita. Don't hurt him." Mother instructed to didi.

We both laughed huskily about mother's comments. She must have thought Sangita was pulling hard furniture or some thing, If she ever known what actually she was pulling. That's kick you know! Sangita got off my balls and began licking my shaft again. I felt kind of bad also that moment because I was supposed to be working with her and what we were doing? Mother is down and just above her head her daughter was sucking her son's cock and she never knew that.

Sangita began sucking on my cock again and my bad feeling vanished immediately. I felt like I was in heaven. I grabbed the back of her head and gently and slowly went with her bobbing. I loved it! It was my own sister. she began sucking harder and faster. I had no choice but to cum. I signalled her, sort of, that I was cumming. She murmured "Uhn hum," and continued sucking.

I dropped the load in Sangita's mouth. She immediately got up and kissed me on the lips placing her tongue in my mouth. She also placed my cum in my mouth, which I had squirted in her mouth previously. I must admit I swallowed. It wasn't much, and I could barely tell. She swallowed More than me I'm sure.

Mother must have heard our sighs and grunting as she placed the ladder in inclined position and started climbing up muttering some words about us. I tugged my shorts up while didi started to work on some items besides us. As mother raised her head up above loft she saw we both were busy doing something. Mother came up and helped us to finish our job, complaining about our laziness and slowness.

That was only time when we were careless and about to be caught. But afterwards we never risk our game. After that we were enjoying whenever we get chance. This kept going on for 2/3 months. Whenever we were alone we discussed our sexual relationship with each other. We both admitted that we derived endless joy from our relationship. We had great fun, especially in the night. Once or twice we touched on the subject of taking it further, but nothing materialised. Every time I would ask Sangita to go further she would refuse me. According to her it was fun to be intimated with her brother in oral sex. But she wasn't agreeing for actual intercourse.


"Didi! There is only one thing left for us to yet experience," I carefully broached the subject one evening. "What is that?," she asked. "You know what it is," I said. "Well! We'll cross that line when the time is right" she said, adding "till then. We have to be satisfy with our present situation."

I did not push the subject any further, but her reply was certainly slightly more positive than she had ever been in the past, opening the possibility ever so slightly, whereas previously she always stated firmly that intercourse would never be a possibility.

We never had chanced to be alone in the house for long period as our mother/father never go for holiday or anything. Even though if they go always either of them was present in the house. If mother goes to visit our grand parents at village father would be there and if father goes somewhere out station mother would be there always. I was eagerly waiting for right time and that time came in the next month. My mother's close relative died in the village and mother has to go there immediately. First time mother/father was going together leaving Sangita and me alone in the house for 2/3 days.

That was chance I was waiting for. Sangita and me keeps glancing each other while helping them for their baggage and promising with our eyes about further enjoyment. Mother was giving instruction to her about daily housework and other things, Also me about staying with Sangita and not to go out some where. I assured her that I'd take care about everything along with Sangita (winking at didi). Father/mother left in the afternoon. I went with them up to bus stand and sent then safely. When I returned back, I saw Sangita was preparing lunch. I didn't disturb her and stayed in living room, watching TV. We had lunch together talking about other things. After lunch She finished washing dishes and everything and came in the hall. She went to the dressing mirror and started smoothing her hair. Seeing her in relaxed mood I went behind her and embraced her. I started kissing her neck and earlobe. She closed her eyes moving her fingers in my hair. I move my hand from her belly to her breast and squeezed them for a while.

Then I turned her and open her dress tops and bra. As usual I started playing with her breasts. After a while I went down sliding her skirt and panties down and eat her pussy out. She came after some times. Then she knelt and slides down my shorts and gave me one wonderful blow job. When I came in her mouth she licked me clean and stood up. She embraced and kissed me, as she did a number of times before, with our tongues exploring each other's mouth. Only this time we were embraced in naked condition.

I suddenly became aware that due to Sangita's hugging and kissing my cock started to erect and was pressing right against the entrance to her pussy. I realised that if I pushed forward, I would enter her, which was on the verge of happening. For a moment it flashed through my mind to do so and get it over and done, since it was within my control to enter her. We stood quite still for a few seconds, although it felt like eternity, both fully realising the situation.

Both of us kept up the pressure, with my cock continuing to push hard against her pussy, opening up the lips slightly. I could feel flesh upon flesh. Neither of us said anything; I could feel myself breathing heavily in sheer expectation. Both of us stood dead still. The only other thing I was aware of at that moment was the heat of our bodies, and my breathing.

I looked up, staring into Sangita's eyes, my rock hard cock remaining where it was, right at the entrance to her canal. This was the nearest we have ever come to. Didi also realised the tension of this moment, not saying anything, not making any move, just holding me.

Suddenly doorbell rang. Sangita moved her body back quickly, removing the head of my cock from her pussy. She gathered her cloths and told me to get dress and answer the door while she run in the kitchen to get dress. I tugged my shorts up and went to open the door. When I saw from peephole I found one of our neighbour standing outside. I opened the door and greeted him. He enquired about my father/mother and I told him about sudden family demise. We talked for a while and after he left and I closed the door.

I sat on the bed and Sangita came and sat near me. She heard everything from inside so she didn't asked me who was there. We were sitting silently there for a while then I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer. "You know Didi, when your were pushing against me, I really thought I was going to enter you," I said. "Did you really wanted to do so?" Sangita asked. "There is nothing I want more than to feel me inside of you, Didi," I replied. "We have experienced just about everything apart from having intercourse." "Don't call it intercourse, Sonu. Let's call it making love," she said, "I love you, Didi and you are the first girl I really wanted to make love to. In plain words: I desire you; I have desired to make love to you, and specifically you, for a long time. Let's do so, please...Didi"

Sangita then admitted that our earlier experience when I stood with my cock at her pussy made her realise how much she also wanted to be getting me inside. Although I did not intentionally position my erect cock against her pussy; it just happened that way.

""Okay, Sonu! We are torturing ourselves, not admitting to the inevitable. We'll make love, since we both wish it...." she said.

This was the moment I have been waiting for quite a long time: her agreeing to us "doing the act," crossing that forbidden line.

"To tell you truth, Sonu," Sangita said, "I had been thinking to do that for a long time. I mean we had so many opportunities in the past when we could have done that quickly. But I wanted our first time to be memorial. Not in hurry and fear in mind that somebody would come or we would get caught. Like the moment before when that neighbour disturbed us." "We have 2/3 days ourselves all alone, Didi. We have to make worth this time. I can't wait any more." I said her in desperate voice. "I know Sonu.. I know," she slapped me playfully, "I'm also dying to do that, But not now. Late night will be right time as nobody will disturb us at that time." "Then we'll celebrate rest of the day having fun, Didi. What about going out for movie and dinner." I happily suggested her. "Sounds good to me, Sonu. We'll go out in the evening. I'll make some shopping also." Sangita replied. "What shopping, Didi?" "Something special for you, Kido!" holding my chicks she stated, "pleasant surprise!" "Wow! I am dying to see that 'surprise', Didi." "Wait until tonight, Sonu. Now lets have some afternoon nap. If you really want to enjoy whole night." saying that she lay on the bed.

I also lay near Sangita. I wasn't sure whether I could sleep thinking about night events. But eventually we doze off peacefully. We wake at 5:00 PM and got ready to go out. Sangita didi wore tight short midi with tight T-shirt above. She normally never wears this type of outfit when parents are around. I could keep my eyes off from her tight ass and big breast stretching those T-shirt.


We went to the market area. While nearing one shop Sangita asked me to go and get ticket of one English movie, which was featuring near cinema Theatre. I glanced inside the shop and found that was one of ladies lingerie shop. I smiled looking her and told her I'll wait for her in the theatre and headed forward. Sure I saw Sangita's face was bright red with embarrassment when I smiled at her. I went to the Theatre and buy two tickets asking specially corner sits. After some time Sangita came there carrying two bags in the hand. I asked mischievously what she buys. But she told me shyly wait and see in the night.

We went to the theatre and watched that English movie, which has got some hot scenes also. I was aroused watching those scenes and all the time I was moving my hand on didi's bare thighs. I would move my hand up inside her midi also some times. But she dug me in the ribs with her elbow indicating not to be nasty in the public place. After movie we went to one of the fine restaurant for dinner. And after we wonder around sea face for some time. I was insisting Sangita to get back home but she purposely delayed, saying that better to get back home when all neighbours are sleep. Finally we got back at home around 11:00 PM.

Sangita asked me to get fresh so after she would also get ready for our final events. I went bathroom and had a nice quick bath. When I returned Sangita went to kitchen carrying those bags and closed the door to get ready. I put only my shorts without underpants. I sat on sofa watching TV and waited for her to appear. When she was ready she called my name from kitchen then open the door and walked in the living room. She was covering herself with thin sheet from top to bottom. She smiled seductively at me. Then said in low voice,

"Are you ready, Sonu?" "Yes Didi! Eagerly!" "Then here it is, which I buy today for you, to my lovely brother." saying that she open the sheet and dropped on the floor presenting herself. I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw her. Sangita had on a very short black gown that exposed her thighs all the way up to bottom of her panties. Material of her gown was so transparent that I could see her lacy black bra and panties clearly. She had a pair of black sandal with a heel that had to be 3 inches high. Her makeup was applied heavier than ever before. Words cannot explain how beautiful Sangita looked.

"My oh my, what a sight, Didi! Please tell me I'm not in a dream right now!" "You don't have to dream because I am reality here. This is the first time I've ever dressed this way, so I hope you like it." Sangita said. "I never thought I'd able to see any girl in such a outfit, especially that girl's would be my sister. It must be costly. Where did you get those money?" "I had my savings in the bank and I wanted to buy and wear this type of things since long time, especially since we started our relations. I know you would like to see me in these cloths. But because of mother I couldn't buy it before. Since this is our special night and we are alone I thought I'll surprise you with this gift" Sangita explained to me. "What if mother find this? What you'll tell her?" "She won't! I'll keep these hides from her. And even though she found I'll tell her these are not mine that it's one of my friends who forgot here." "Oh Didi! You look so sexy in this outfit. I wish I could see you like that forever." "No! No, Sonu! You know that isn't possible. This is just for tonight or probably for next 2 days. Once mother/father will be back I cannot wear this things." "Yes! I know that Didi! But you can wear that for me whenever they're not here?" "May be...!" she said teasingly. "Yes you do! I know for me you'll do that." "Yes Sonu!" She laughed and added, "I can do anything for my brother. Anything! I'm yours for whatever you want!" "I just want to look right now. Just stand still in front of me and let me see you, Didi"

Sangita took my hand and led me over to the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed facing her. I could feel my whole body shaking from the excitement. I couldn't help but stare. My eyes were affixed to Sangita's body, especially her breasts. She stepped back and placed her fingers on her gown. She took her time, rolling the ribbon that tied the gown together around her fingers. She was playing with me and it was working. My cock was as hard as a rock.

Slowly, Sangita undid each of the ties all the way down the front. When she bent down to loosen the last tie her gown opened in the front. Her nipples were barely concealed by her black lacy bra. She stood up and turned around to face the other way. She pulled the gown off her shoulders and let it drop at my feet. The view from the back was unreal. She had the prettiest ass and the shapeliest back I had ever seen.

Sangita slowly turned back to me and asked, "What do you think so far, Sonu?" "You are my dream-come-true, Didi!"

She leaned forward and placed her hands on the side of my face, then she gave me a long, soft kiss. She then stood up front of me and slowly began tracing her fingers along the edges of her bra. That black bra was so lacy that hardly hiding her breast. Then she turned around slowly, sort of standing on one leg with the other one slightly out to the side and said,

"Please unhook my bra, Sonu!"

I did as Sangita asked but when I let go of the straps it did not fall. She turned around and I saw why. She was holding it in her hands against her breasts. She slowly, almost teasingly, began to move the material from her breasts. Slowly she was exposing her breasts before my hungry eyes. Sangita's nipples mesmerized me. She must have taken two minutes to get the bra off her breasts. But it was worth the wait. There in front of me was my sister with the nicest breasts. She leaned her head back and reached for the back of my head. She took me with her hands and guided my mouth to her breast.

"Sonu, please take your time and enjoy them slowly."

I started kissing them as you would kiss a lip. I moved my mouth all around the tops and sides of her breasts, kissing the flesh. She helped me by guiding her breasts in a way that allowed me to kiss her where she wanted me. I was in heaven, so much so that I guess I had almost forgot about my cock.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
I heard Sangita moan "Whoa! Ohhhh my...", and I looked to see what she was doing. She was looking down at my cock, which was now sticking out the top of my shorts about 1 inches. Slightly embarrassed I moved back from her to try and stuff my meat back in my shorts, but she stopped my hand before I got there.

"Let it be out, Sonu!"

Feeling the need to pay back Sangita for exposing her breasts so openly I sat back, giving her full access to see my cock. Looking down I noticed cum dripping out of the end. She reached down and scooped the cum with her index finger. Lifting it slowly to her mouth Finally her finger made it to her lips, and she rolled her eyes slightly as my cum touched her tongue. She raised her other hand to her left breast and pinched and squeezed the nipple in a way that I would have thought painful.


Sangita looked back down at me and slowly bent down and kissed the top of my forehead, then continued, kissing my eyes, my face and finally stopped at my lips. Her eyes opened and closed, making her look like she was drifting in and out of consciousness. She lingered at my lips and finally placed her wet lips against mine. She kept going, and before long she was wildly licking at the inside of my mouth.

She pulled back and continued, slowly, patiently working her way across my neck, my shoulders and my chest. She got on her knee and pushed me back so I was now lying on the bed. She continued across my stomach and stopped at the tip of my cock. My cock was dripping so much it had pooled on my stomach. Sangita stopped, and looking up at me, began sticking her tongue out, licking at my pre-cum.

I reached and pulled my shorts down to my balls, leaving my cock standing high in the air. Sangita slowly lowered her mouth over my cock. She put her hands around the base of my cock and started pumping at it. I quickly grabbed her hands and forced her to stop.

"No Didi, you're making me cum too soon. I want to feel your mouth for some times before I cum!"

Sangita held my cock, breathing hard through her nose as she resisted taking it out. She was making a sucking motion with her mouth that no matter how much I tried not to but I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

"Ooh Didi! I can't hold it any longer!"

I could now feel the pressure of Sangita's mouth increasing. My balls felt like they were exploding and I felt my cock extend even further. I moved to let her know it was time. She pressed down even harder. In an instant I exploded. The first shot was so intense that she must have felt it go straight down her throat. Each subsequent shot was as strong as the first and it felt like my cock was pumping like a fire hose. Incredibly Sangita took it all down her throat. She was rolling her tongue around her mouth and still swallowing what I had provided her.

"Mmmm, oohh Sonu, that was the best ever!" "Oh Didi!" was all I could say. I felt so drained I didn't think I could move. Sangita hugged me tightly.

After regaining my breath I stood up and laid her on the bed. As I laid Sangita across the bed she took my face in her hands and I could feel her directing me down below her breasts. I allowed her to guide me and there was no mistaking where she wanted me to stop. I moved below the curves of her breasts and was already beginning to sense the smell of sex from my sister's panties. She continued to guide me exactly where she wanted me. When my lips were at the edge of her panties she let go of me and hooked the waist of her panties with her fingers. Lifting her panties from her skin increased the sweet aroma that was filling my senses. I was hungrier than ever for what awaited me. Knowing how my words affected her earlier I began talking to her.

"Does my Didi need her pussy kissed?" Ooohh, please Sonu. Kiss me. I'll do anything if you'll put your mouth on me!" Her panties were soaked. I kissed and savoured her sweetness on my lips. I looked up at her and rolled my tongue around my lips. "Sonu, stop teasing me. I need you Sonu, I need you more than ever!"

I moved away from Sangita slightly and she pushed her panties down to her thighs in a flash. I lifted myself off her legs and pulled her panties all the way off, What a sight. I started kissing from the top of her thighs. she was pulling at her breasts with both hands. She was looking over the top of her breasts and measuring my every move.

"Yes Sonu, that's it, kiss me, kiss me."

I continued up Sangita's thighs until I got to her blonde mound of hair. Her pussy hair was light around and I could easily make out her steamy lips. I looked at her and she looked at me as I melted down and placed my mouth on her hot pussy lips. Sangita was already grinding her hips to a slow rhythm that was undoubtedly leading her to an intense orgasm. She released her breasts and pulled me against her pussy. As she bucked up and down she started to cum, and her juices flooded my mouth.

I was amazed at how much cum she gave me. I opened my mouth widely and swallowed her mound. She was moaning very quietly. She placed her hands on my face and started pushing me around in a circular motion. As I did it was spreading her lips open and coating my lips with sweet honey. It wasn't long before she was nearing her second orgasm under my mouth. Her legs started to separate and soon she was spread open, like an eagle.

I now had a clear view of Sangita's pussy and it had my cock as hard as a rock. I stared in amazement at my close up look at my sister's pussy. Her flesh looked so beautiful I wanted to kiss and suck it all night. I continued foreplay for another half an hour before we carried it further. Despite the fact that we were both ready for intercourse. We cuddled and kissed until we, without saying so, both realised that the time had finally arrived.

Sangita was lying on her back, and opened her legs. Without saying anything further, I positioned myself on my knees in between her legs. I bent forward, moving my foreskin back fully to expose the head of my cock completely; it glistened with the wetness of my pre-cum. I gently placed the head of my cock between the lips of her well-lubricated pussy at its entrance. She helped me to position it at the right spot exactly where it was earlier this afternoon. Slowly I rubbed the head of my cock on her clitoris to spread the pre-cum around. The contact was intense and forced me to pull away.

"It's so intense, Didi. I am afraid that I may ejaculate spontaneously" I said. After a short period of recovery, which lasted only a few seconds, I returned my cock to its mission of penetration. I leaned forwards and put my exposed head into her labia. I felt my self slowly sliding in until just the head was inside of her, the lips of her pussy enveloping my cock, when I stopped. I looked up at her.

"Shall we really do it?" I asked, as that was the moment of truth, our very last chance not to commit incest; if I proceeded, we would have gone beyond the point of no return. "Yes, yes," Sangita said, "slide inside me, Sonu," she took hold of my body with both her hands, bringing me forward towards her ever so slowly.

I inched my way in slowly by pushing forward, then pulling back ever so slightly. I continued doing so repeatedly, lovingly. I could feel myself entering her ever so slowly, a little deeper on every stroke, until my whole cock was inside of her well lubricated pussy, completely filling it. I could feel my pubic hair brushing against hers, my balls lying on her ass just below her pussy.

We brother-sister lay still for quite a long time, firmly locked, I wished it could last forever. We had finally done it: we were united as one. It was good. We kissed. I was fully inside of my sister.

"You are in all the way, Sonu," Sangita said and I smiled. "It's lovely to be inside of you fully, Didi" I admitted. "You are warm and soft and your pussy fully envelops my cock. It feels as though your pussy is holding it tight. I have waited for this moment for a long time."

We kept motionless, with I staying inside of Sangita, fully inserted, locked in fraternal love; we stayed like that for what seemed like a very long time, but must have been only several minutes. I could feel my hardness all the way down her pussy.


Eventually I started making slow, deep strokes, supporting myself on my arms so as to lift my weight off her body. I pushed upwards, allowing the stem of my cock to stroke her clitoris on both the upward and downward movements. Whenever I approached orgasm, I would stop moving and lay still for a little while before resuming, afraid that I may come all to a climax too quickly; we wanted our experience to last forever.

Once I lifted my entire body by pressing on my arms, so that the only bodily contact between the two of us was my cock inside of her pussy, continuing my stroking. Then I would lie down on her, kissing her, circling the tip of her breasts with my tongue, continuing the action, stopping, restarting, our bodies pressing hard against each other. We both wanted to prolong what was happening between us.

Finally I could feel my orgasm approaching, and I held her tight, realising that I am about to pass the point of no return.

"I'm coming, Didi. Let's have a climax together."

I increased my movements to bring us both to a climax at the same time.

We reached our orgasms simultaneously with both pumping fervently; I could feel jet of my warm semen squirting against the walls of her pussy until it filled her to overflow, while we pressed our bodies hard against each other. It gave me a deep satisfaction that my sister was lying naked in bed with me and my naked cock deeply and fully imbedded inside of her pussy, squirting my precious semen in a warm jet deep inside of her womb. At the peak of her orgasm it felt as though I would faint, so intense was it, both physically and psychologically.

For Sangita It was at that instant moment that she felt a total expression of our brotherly-sisterly love for each other when I transferred my "love juices" to her body. The wet pool of my semen inside of her uterus gave her a sense of passion and joy she had never experienced before. It was then, and only then, that she felt that we have finally crossed the barrier we both delayed for so long in doing and She was relieved and glad that we finally did so.

I slowly reduced the rate and intensity of my thrusting until I came to a stop eventually, continuing to eject small squirts until I completely filled her pussy with my seed. I could feel the head of my cock pumping and throbbing at each stroke of my pulse. I felt a feeling of contentment and exhilaration to know that She was allowing her own brother to make love to her.

Afterwards we remained coupled for a long time, with my cock inside of her until it gradually went limp; we rolled over on our sides, still coupled as one; after a while my limp cock slid out. Neither said anything. We were both utterly exhausted. I could feel my semen seeping from her pussy. It was the most satisfying experience of my life.

We must have taken more than an hour making love to each other for the first time. We again realised how much we loved each other - not the love of a man for a woman in the usual sense, but a truly fraternal love that for the fist time also found expression in the physical sense by us becoming united as one. For the first time I saw her not only as my sister, but also my lover. Perhaps the very fact meant that our lovemaking was much, much more than anything I had experienced before.

"So we've really done it," Sangita finally said, with some relief, looking at me. "yes Didi! and i am very happy. Thank! you gave me most memorable experience of my life. Thanks!"

We caressed each other, and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning we woke up when the sun was already up high. I looked at Sangita, and gave her a kiss, thanking her for the great satisfaction she gave me the previous night, then got up to get dressed.

We spent next two days making love most of the time. Hardly going out for some necessary things. We have tried different positions; Sangita likes being on top of me in the missionary position. After a session of being intimate we talks about it for a long time, finding out what pleases the other. We like to surprise each other with little variations in our lovemaking. Because I like it, Sangita shaved her pussy hairs, using my razor and shaving cream.

When I first saw it, I was ecstatic: I really adore her shaven pussy, and comments on how beautiful I find her pussy whenever I suck her. The first time it was a pleasant surprise for me and I insisted on sucking her pussy until she climaxed; she returned the favour by bringing me to a climax with sucking my cock. Since then, she allowed me to shave her pussy, simply because I loves doing it. Every now and then I would get into bed naked, surprising her and we would experience an extensive sexual repertoire, including performing a 69 every so often. Neither of us is interested in anal sex.

That was 10 years before. I am 29 now and my sister is 33. Sangita got married at the age of 26 and went to her husband's house. She left her outfits of very first night of ours with me, for her reminder to me. Whenever I am alone in the house I would take them out. I would smell crotch of her black lacy panties and cup of her bra. Still I would smell her sex aroma on it. Whenever she comes back home we would find time to have quick love making session with her wearing that outfits for me. Although we are hardly getting chance to be alone like old days.


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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
mom," Vani stormed into the kitchen as always and hugged her mother innocently.

"Hi Vani," Mala replied with a stale expression on her face. She wasn't her usual self to enjoy the childish hug of her daughter today because of the unbelievable incident that took place so early in the morning.

Vani's eyebrows shrunk at once realizing that her mother wasn't looking all that cheerful on a wonderful Sunday morning. She knew that her mother did go into a shell more often than not after her father's death and hence presumed that it was just another occasion.

"Oh mom," Vani kissed her mother on her cheeks and said with compassion. "Still thinking about Dad?"

Mala stood silent for a while letting the drops from her eyes roll down her cheeks. She badly needed a shoulder to lean to and cry out. But, she knew that her daughter could be the wrong choice.

"Something is bothering you," Vani said while she kept her mother in the gentle hug. "Why don't you share your worries with us?"

"Forget it," Mala spoke letting a sense of despondency taking over. "Let me go ahead and prepare the breakfast."

Vani was sensible to gauge her mother's mood and decided not to press any further. She left the kitchen with confusion written all over her face.

At 29 years, Vani was already overdue for marriage. The showcase in the sitting room stood a testimony to her glorious recent past with those wonderful cups and medallions shining through the glass. She was a natural athlete as her father found out when she was still at school. While Sanju, her brother evinced some interest in playing cricket, he wasn't really serious about making a career out of it. He didn't have the conviction to compete and emerge as a successful sportsman and hence opted for a nice white collar job after finishing college.

Vani had won her first gold medal representing her school when she was hardly 14 years and never looked back since then. The school management was shrewd enough to make good use of her prowess as they encouraged her to go from strength to strength, winning some medal or the other. Her parents were delighted to see their daughter in the limelight and more so because of the numerous scholarships which came flowing from everywhere. Winning a bronze medal at the Commonwealth games provided the highpoint to her career and she didn't regret being a virgin at 25 years. She became the Regional Manager of an insurance company of very high repute and surely she never missed anything in life other than a man and sex. By the time she realized that her body wasn't fit enough to compete in any more events, she was 29 years old, looking stale and rigid for a virgin.

Sanju was 34 years and remained unmarried for the sake of his sister. As per conventions, he had to wait till his only sister got married, something which never happened. He couldn't stay away from the family after his father died and was content to be with his mother and single sister. He was in a thankless situation where he couldn't gather the courage to look for sex outside although his eagerness about sex had grown in leaps and bounds for quite sometime. Finally, his desperation forced him to look out for sex within the four walls of his own house.

Mala never had any clue about her son's growing curiosity about sex till her day began with the worst shock of her life. She began rewinding whatever transpired early in the morning. "Here you are," Mala, his mother entered his room with a steaming cup of coffee. Sanju hurriedly smashed the burning cigarette into the ashtray and puffed off the smoke.

"Oh no," Mala said with an overtone of disgust in her voice. "You are smoking a bit too much nowadays."

"Sorry Mom," Sanju apologetically said. "Don't go away; I need to talk to you."

Mala kept the coffee cup on the tray and walked towards him. "Tell me."

Sanju briskly walked towards the sink and began washing his mouth in a hurry. He pulled the towel which hung right above the sink and wiped his moist face softly before walking towards his mother.

"Is there anything serious you would like to talk about?" Mala queried with surprise.

"I guess it is," Sanju replied with a funny smile before grabbing Mala by her waist and pulling her close to his body. It took a few seconds for Mala to comprehend what is going on and by the time she realized his intentions, his lips were firmly planted on her mouth. She moaned into him while her hands tried to push against his broad chest. She froze like an icepack as she felt his son's big bulge was searching for her crotch. She helplessly closed her eyes as he began drawing her lips inside his mouth and began chewing them gently. Her weakening hands stopped pushing against him and instead inched up to clutch his shoulders. Her eyelids tightened as Sanju held her firmly with one hand while his other hand moved up to cup her left breast beneath her sari. He wasn't trying to squeeze but was just letting his fingers to hold the sagging flesh gently while his thumb began searching for her nipple.

"No," She suddenly freed herself from her son's lusty grip and screamed. "I can't let you do this."

"Please mom."

Mala realized that her mind had begun wavering after the brief erotic touch of her son. She knew that staying any longer in the room could very well encourage her son to go ahead and complete the seduction without much resistance from her. She feared that the family fabric stood exposed to the risk of breaking off if and ever she yielded to her son. She decided to move out of the room at once.

"Please stop mom, I want you to stay."

Sanju took a couple of leaps ahead of his frightened mother and closed the door. Mala's heart was thudding heavily as she feared that the improbable could happen now.

"Sanju, Please," Mala pleaded. "I am your mother, 55 years now. Please don't make me commit this sin."

"I don't have a choice," Sanju tried to reason with his mother while his eyes hungrily gazed at her body. "I badly want to know about a woman's body and I can't think of anyone else."

Mala wasn't allowed to reply as she found herself pushed on to the bed before she could bat her eyelids. Her reflexes weren't sharp enough to rise quickly and it was a bit too late once Sanju came down heavily on her. His searched for her breasts again and unlike the previous touch, he was holding both her breasts harder and she could feel her flesh being squeezed more fiercely.

"This is very wrong," Mala whimpered. "Your Dad will never forgive us."

"He is dead," Sanju fumed. "I am alive and so you are."

Mala watched her son pulling off her sari with trembling hands. She wasn't yielding yet and kept holding the loose end of the sari with all the strength she could muster. Sanju made a few futile attempts before realizing that she wouldn't let her sari go off and desperately jumped on her to grab her breasts yet again. After squeezing them really hard for a while, his hands entered her blouse and began searching underneath her bra. Mala squirmed feeling his warm palms brushing her nipples and her saggy breasts began swelling in excitement.

"I beg you...please leave me alone," Mala fumbled for words while Sanju started sucking her blouse. She hissed every time his growing bulge brushed against her abdomen and soon understood that his son was showing his inexperience in sex. She decided to let him pass out once and let her right hand reach towards his crotch and tweaked his bulge gently.

"Sanju, wait for a second," She spoke in a tone to convince her son that she was willing to cooperate with him. While Sanju stopped momentarily, she sat up and unbuttoned her blouse much to the delight of her son. His eyes grew like a balloon watching her take off the bra and his face leaned towards her naked breasts once they came out hanging in the air.

"Take it one by one," Mala trailed her fingers all over her loose breasts before letting her right hand to hold the right breast pointing towards her son's mouth. "Suck it now!"

Sanju wasn't waiting as he launched into her right breast and devoured it inside his mouth. Mala couldn't resist a gentle moan escape her lips as his tongue brushed her hardening nipple. She had to conceal her excitement as her left hand reached towards his zipper and began dragging it down. She pulled out his member from the brief in a flash and gripped it hard wrapping it around with her fingers. Sanju kept sucking her right breast while he held on to her left breast and began squeezing it with absolute relish. Mala was biting her lips telling herself that she shouldn't be giving way for any further excitement. Her left hand briskly stroked his dick and kept increasing the speed while her horny son concentrated on her breasts. She smiled to herself feeling his dick growing harder and longer as she stroked. She tried hard to control her emotions as her son was getting softer and softer on her breasts.

"Now, take the other one," Mala said as she stopped her son and let him take her left breast inside his mouth. "Suck it as much as you wish."

Sanju began having a go at her left breast while his dick shook in excitement as Mala stroked it deliriously. It was mixed feelings for the mother as she felt amused seeing her son's dick was about to explode while she was just about beginning to enjoy her breasts being sucked so hard by him.

"Yes..yes..keep sucking," She accelerated her son who obliged by sucking harder and moaning against her breasts. The experienced woman was building up her son's excitement with her fake moans while her left hand worked in lightning speed to let his dick reach its climax as soon as possible. Her eyes were glued to his hard meat as she struggled to ignore the sensational feeling on her nipples.

"Oh my son...are you satisfied? Suck it dear...suck it as much as you want...suck your mother's tits." She kept muttering with amusement as her son was having a go at her breast like mad.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Sanju screamed letting her breast slip off his mouth. Mala grinned as she watched his dick exploding like a fountain sending thick white semen into the air. Her eyes swelled in amazement seeing consecutive loads of cum flowing out of the hard dick before it began shrinking like magic.

"You passed out," Mala kissed Sanju on his forehead and said. "You need to wait for a while before going at me again."

Sanju gasped for breath and rested on his elbows with exhaustion. His face was written with disappointment and he wasn't noticing the mischievous smile on his mother's face.

"I need to go down," Mala easily sat up and got down from the cot. "I don't want Vani to get suspicious."

Sanju was taking long breathes as he watched his mother setting her sari right with a flashy smile. He knew that it wasn't the complete sex he had wished although it was more than the excitement he had wished. He kept glaring at his mother who opened the door and walked down the stairs.

Mala was sprinting like a girl as she entered the kitchen apparently relieved by the fact that she didn't let her son get into her. She shook once remembering the size of her son's dick and sighed in relief that it could never make its way inside her cunt. However, she did realize that Sanju had induced her sexual instincts after her husband's death with his frantic sucking. She felt her nipples were still hard after the treatment her son gave her and wondered when and how they would eventually recede to their original size. As she approached the platform, she quickly lit up the stove and decided that the best way to forget the whole thing was to concentrate on the cooking. Once she completed keeping the pressure cookers on the stoves, her hands reached out to her crotch and to her utter shock discovered the damp patch on her sari.

'I have been aroused by my son.' She told herself with absolute disbelief. She felt helpless as her hands went down and began pulling up her sari and petticoat together. She smiled as her fingers traced the moist spots on her panties and as if she was driven by some devilish force, her fingers began stroking her panties. Her eyes closed at once as she imagined a huge dick brushing against her lacey fabric as her fingers kept caressing her crotch. It was a wonderful feeling to let the finger nails trail around the moist pussy lips through the thin fabric of her panties and she imagined whose dick she would choose to fantasize. She trembled as she rewound the scenes upstairs and tried hard to shrug off her son's huge dick coming into her mind.

'Why did I let this happen?' she wondered. She was convinced that life would never be the same again between her and son after whatever they did. The very fact that she became so vulnerable to her horny son kept pricking her conscience. At the same time, she felt somewhat relieved about the fact that Sanju had preferred to take on his mother who was passing through the post menopause stage. Thank God! He didn't try things with Vani, who is still a virgin.


"What's wrong with mom?" Vani asked Sanju even as she was just about entering his room.

Sanju was a bit startled by the way his sister barging into his room without even giving a knock on the door. He was holding and staring at his dick which had depleted even before he thought of having a go at his mother's pussy. He sat almost in the same position on the bed even after a good thirty minutes had passed since Mala left. He hurriedly pulled up his zipper and turned around to see his sister who settled down on the wooden chair.

"Vani, you should have knocked the door before getting in," Sanju sounded firm.

"Oops! I am sorry," Vani quipped at once. "I was a bit upset after seeing mom. It never struck to me that I should take your permission before getting inside."

"It's ok," Sanju stood up. "Sorry, I got a bit annoyed."

Vani stood confused unable to comprehend what was going on. She had never seen her brother in such a pensive mood. She guessed her mother and brother might have had some feud early in the morning.

"What's wrong with mom?" Vani persisted with her question. Sanju really didn't know what to answer. There was no way he could have disclosed his recently found passion for sex and he obviously wouldn't reveal his brief sexual escapade with his own mother. The annoying silence finally broke when Mala entered the room again.

"What is going on?" She asked casually. "Aren't you coming for breakfast?"

Both Sanju and Vani weren't replying. The uneasiness was building up quite rapidly.

"I have something to say," Mala walked further and settled on the armchair. "We need to talk about our future."

'Our future?' The siblings couldn't help wondering.

"I am not getting any younger," Mala began speaking. "I know both of you aren't getting settled in life. I can see that your frustrations are beginning to tell. I don't want your depressions to take you close to any suicidal tendencies."

"Mom, whom are you talking about?" Vani made an interruption unable to contain her anxiety.

"Well, I am talking in general," Mala replied with a smile.

"No. Mom is referring to me," It was Sanju's turn to interrupt. "I did something wrong today."

"What is that?" Vani questioned with her eyes alternating between her mother and brother.

"Oh Nothing," Mala quipped. "He wanted to have sex with me."

"What? He wanted to.......?," Vani stammered. "That is disgusting."

"Not at all," Mala was quick to intervene. "I don't find anything odd about it anymore."

Sanju looked up at his mother with profound surprise. The smile on her face suggested that she actually meant what she had just said. "What the hell is going on here? I can't hold any more. I am going downstairs," Vani said furiously and began walking towards the door.

"Stop for a moment!" Mala said in a firm voice. "I haven't finished yet."

Vani stopped. Her eyes were simply spitting hatred.

"Let me make it very clear that we need to live on our own for the rest of our life," Mala continued looking straight into her daughter's eyes. "We have been left to the mercy of God by all our relatives and friends. We haven't seen a single soul who could bail us out from our miseries. I am convinced that we have no other go than to help each other."

"Help each other? What sort of help?" Vani's voice amplified.

"Sanju, come here," Mala called her son. Vani looked at her mother who whispered into Sanju's ears. Sanju kept nodding his head for a while before he looked up at Vani and flashed a strange smile at her. He came up to her and unexpectedly, planted a gentle kiss on his sister's lips. Vani took a few steps back in utter shock. He kept smiling and walked out of the room briskly.

"He kissed me," Vani murmured in disbelief.

"Yes, he did," Mala said. "I told him to do that."

"Oh Mom, I don't believe this."

"You have to," Mala stood up and came closer to her daughter. "I have sent him to fetch some nice condoms. Once he returns, we are going to have more fun."

"Oh God!" Vani screamed. "What do you think you are talking about?"

"Vani!" Mala was raising her tone. "We have had enough. I know that you are as desperate for sex as Sanju is. I know why you spend so much of time while bathing. I don't want either of you getting into trouble outside. Whatever bet it, let's have it right here. Right between us."

"But it is wrong," Vani tried to reason.

"Let it be," Mala said at once. "I wouldn't force you anyway. You can go if you wish."

Surprisingly, Vani didn't budge an inch. She knew that her mother was quite right. Her life was heading towards some unknown mess with no companion. Her body had gone so stiff that she found it difficult to identify herself as a woman. There weren't any guys who even bothered to glance at her. She was becoming an obsolete commodity with no outlet to her emotions. Perhaps, the only way to find some solace in her fading life was to try the untried. The forbidden fruit might well be her life's much needed recipe.

"I will wait," She said with her voice sounding determined.

"You better do," Mala said with a cheer. "I bet you won't regret once he returns."

"Will it hurt?" Vani questioned innocently.

"I reckon it won't," Mala replied with a wink. "You need to get involved if it shouldn't."

A few minutes passed off in silence. The mother and daughter smiled at each other as they heard Sanju closing the main door and rushing upstairs. He was gasping for breathe. Vani's heart began thudding heavily as she watched her brother closing the door in a hurry and walking towards her mother. He kept the pack of condoms on the table and shamelessly went to his mother and hugged her hungrily. Vani suddenly felt a prick as she watched Sanju holding her mother's breasts and squeezing them with lust.

"Hmmmmm, I thought you would take care of Vani," Mala murmured to her son.

"I would love to," Sanju turned around and gazed at Vani with fire in his eyes.

"Vani, I guess you want me to move out?" Mala asked mockingly.

"Don't go anywhere," Sanju almost shouted and walked towards his sister.

"A kiss is a nice way to begin the proceedings," Mala suggested.

Sanju came so close to Vani that she could feel his hot breathe on her face. She looked into his eyes which were glowing like torches. She felt a tingling sensation underneath her bra and realized at once that her nipples have hardened like hell. Her eyes gazed at her brother's lips which gently fluttered with excitement. Before she could think any further, Sanju reached out to hug her and within a split second, his hard lips were brushing her sweet lips. Vani shuddered feeling the body of a man against her breasts for the very first time. Her brother felt strong and warm as his hands went about hugging her while his palm were rubbing the back of her skin. Vani could feel the itch underneath her panties growing and she jerked to pull her waist backwards unable to cope up with the feel of her brother's crotch.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
simply can't believe this," Vani murmured. Much more was in store for her as she watched her mother getting close to the hugging siblings.

Everything looked like an improbable dream. Vani's body was feeling the radiation generated by her brother's lusty touch and her arms were tempted to hold his shoulders in reciprocation. Mala slipped her hands over her daughter's loose nightie and began caressing the tiny breasts.

"Oh mom, what are you doing?" Vani whimpered as her perky nipples hardened instantly. Sanju broke the kiss and his were soon filled with surprise seeing his mother assisting him to seduce his sister. He thankfully smiled at her and pulled his mother inside the hug. His right hand was holding his mother's left breast while the left was holding his sister's. Mala kissed her daughter on her lips and after a brief hesitation; Vani let her mother draw her lips inside her mouth. Sanju was excited seeing her mother and sister indulging in an erotic kiss. He went right behind his sister, sent his arms through her armpits and began kneading her breasts again.

"It is very uncomfortable," Mala said. "Let's go to the bed."

Vani was getting involved in that action as she pulled off her. Sanju hurried towards his mother and began pulling her sari. Vani unbuttoned her mother's blouse while Mala let her petticoat slip off her legs. Sanju went ahead and unclasped his mother's bra. The eager siblings stared at the naked body of their mother while the mature woman smiled seductively. She pulled down her panties and stepped back before laying across the bed. Sanju gently pushed his naked sister on the bed. He soon joined the party by getting naked letting his young dick free. Mala and Vani smiled at each other watching Sanju holding his dick and stroking it gently.

Mala kissed Vani softly on her lips before cupping her breast to suck. Vani squirmed feeling the wonderful stimulation. Sanju sat down and slid his hand on her clit making her jump as he began rubbing it slowly. Mala's hands reached to her son's dick and gripped it. Sanju planted another kiss on his sister's lips and within seconds the young girl went back to let her head rest on the pillow.

"Want to feel your virgin sister?" Mala asked with a wink. Her fingers pointed at her son's lips suggesting the point she was making. Sanju lowered his head and started licking his way down Vani's body before settling on her tender public hair. Mala crawled up, rested her lips on her daughter's navel and drew a few circles with the tip of her tongue. Vani heaved and her body arched as she simultaneously felt the tongues of her brother and mother. Her eyes were gazing at her nipples which seemed to be hardening all the time. Her lips went dry in excitement while she could feel a stream of tingling sensations running all through her nerves. She watched her brother's head almost buried between her thighs while his right hand was eagerly caressing her mother's sagging breasts. Sanju's tongue tip brushed against her moist cunt lips like a sharp razor sending waves of thrill inside her cavity. After a while, Sanju stopped and crossed over to the other side of the bed, right behind his mother. He hugged Mala from behind letting his waist press hard against her rather flat butts. His long shaft was attempting to intrude through his mother's thighs while his insatiable hands came around to clutch the loose breasts with passion.

"You left your sister abruptly," Mala murmured while she herself was feeling the extraordinary arousal. Sanju wasn't replying and instead hardened his grip on the ageing breasts of his mother. His thumbs traced her big areola and rubbed the top of her nipples. Mala's left hand was pulling her son's face against her shoulder. Vani watched her mother's animated erotic expressions as Sanju's hand eventually descended from his mother's breast to slide towards her womanhood. Mala slipped a few inches down her daughter's abdomen to let her mouth land on her young cunt lips. Soon, she gently stroked her tongue against her daughter's wet hole. Vani squirmed while her mother went about awakening her pussy with some wonderful tongue flicks. Vani squealed and grabbed her mother's hair.

Sanju's hand was working quicker on his mother's pussy, rubbing it up and over. His throbbing dick badly wanted to probe inside his mother's pussy. He sprang like a panther towards the table and picked up the pack of condoms. It took just a couple of seconds for him to return to the bed with the condom neatly gripping his long dick. He paused for a moment and looked at his young virgin sister squirming in pleasure. It didn't take much longer for him to make up his mind to go about and fuck his sister. He forcibly pushed his mother off his sister's pussy and moved close to his sister's naked body.

Mala seemed unperturbed seeing the sudden rage in her son. She knew that he was eager to have a go at his virgin sister and quietly began spreading her daughter's legs. Sanju jumped in between Vani's legs and let his hands rest on the bed, just close to her waist. Vani began gasping in expectation and a gentle fear gripped her seeing the gigantic dick of her brother.

"Start gently," Mala spoke softly and grabbed her son's dick with her left hand. "Begin things with a kiss."

Sanju's face went down towards Vani and his lips pressed hers. Mala began rubbing her son's dick against her daughter's young pussy.

"You will feel better," Mala cajoled her daughter after the siblings broke the brief kiss. Sanju's dick was brushing against her sister's cunt involuntarily while Mala kept stroking the tip against the pussy lips. Soon, Sanju found his tip making its way inside his sister's tight pussy although it was moist to the hilt. He stayed still for a while enjoying the warmth of his sister's entrance and feeling the friction of his dick head pressing against her entrance. Mala got up on her knees and whispered something into her son's ears. Sanju smiled at once and turned at his sister to wink with a mischievous look. Then, he slowly began thrusting his waist against his sister and took his time for every thrust till he knew that his dick was partly inside her. Vani's head swung either side feeling his hard rod invading her cavity. She squirmed biting her lips feeling the terrific sensation of her brother's meat moving in and out of her moist cunt. Sanju gained confidence soon and went about pushing in and pulling out his dick in a steady speed.

"Try to do quicker and harder," Mala commented. Sanju obliged at once and started rigging his sister's pussy with faster thrusts. Within a few minutes, he felt almost the whole of his dick getting deep inside his sister's young cunt and groaned in excitement. Vani screamed feeling the teasing feeling his dick was causing against her soft muscles around the pussy walls. Soon, Sanju started pounding her pussy letting her scream intermittently. His excitement grew feeling his dick being clenched tightly by his sister's vaginal flesh. Mala was completely turned on after watching her daughter's pussy getting ploughed by her son's young dick. He went about fucking his sister with tremendous speed and lust while Vani was virtually yelling out in sheer pleasure. Her brother's dick was plunging in and out of her pussy with an amazing speed and strength. She was letting out loud screams while her waist kept thrusting against her brother. Sanju felt a gentle warmth building up at the bottom of his shaft which slowly grew warmer until he felt a burning sensation right on the tip of his dick. It was like a wild stream of melt iron rushing through the stem of his dick which eventually exploded filling up the condom with plenty of his youthful semen.

Mala watched her son's body collapsing on her daughter. They kept gasping for breath. She felt glad and relieved seeing signs of joy in the eyes of her grown children who were hugging like passionate lovers. Finally, she had managed to show some light at the end of the tunnel. She knew that their lives have taken the turn for the better things.

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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga

sister’s name is Neha, 25 years old, 5’2” height, having soft and firm boobs (36 size). She lived with her husband in a town; 25 kms away from our house. I do not have bed intentions towards didi because I gave her respect in every aspect and she also guided me as my parents about good or bad. After six months of marriage, she came to our house to meet all of us (Mom, Dad and Me).

She talked with mom and me for whole day on various topics. At 10:00 pm, all of us finished dinner and moved towards our rooms; mom and dad on their room and didi and me on my room. After few minutes, didi slept that I could hear her snoring. Suddenly, my eyes went towards her body; she was wearing a blue color salwar-suit in which she is looking very cute.

Slowly, my eyes were held on her perfect boobs, which were moving up and down, by her breathing. At this time I got sexually attracted with my sister, even she is 7 years older than me, I think to feel her body in any case. After few minutes, I slowly put my right hand on her back which was facing me; I move my hand here and there on her back to feel her skin then I move my hand towards her hips and put my hand on right hip; I massaged her both hips one by one from above her salwar, they were soft and big that will be a nice enjoyment for me. I was very much afraid to do all this to my sister but I was also enjoying all this very much. After massaging her hips I slowly put my hand on her waist from her backside; her waist is slim and soft, after few minutes I move my hand in upper direction to touch her soft boobs, my hand reached in lower portion of boobs, there I find her bra’s bottom strap from above the suit which held her nice paired boobs in good shape and position. Then, I move my hand in upper direction; I was shivering with pleasure at this time, I slowly put my two fingers on her left boob from her backside, her boob was too soft and firm that I think if her boob was so soft from above the suit then what about the naked boobs; I was pretty much excited at this time.

While sleeping, she suddenly turn towards me that her boobs now came in front of me; at her move I suddenly take off my hand from her body and reacted as I was sleeping. After few minutes, when I confirmed that she is still sleeping; I again put my right hand on her boob (Now from front) and this time I put my both hands on her boobs, I slowly press them gently from above the suit; her boobs were so big that they can’t held completely in my hand; I squeeze and massage her both boobs for about an hour, it was a nice feeling that I never had in my life because it’s my first time with a woman. Next day; the whole day will end in same manner as yesterday, after dinner the time came for which I had been waiting for whole day; the sleeping time. This time, didi was wearing a yellow color saree in which her slim and milky white waist is easily visible. Didi said to me; brother, you have to sleep now; I close my eyes as it feels to didi that I was sleeping. After few minutes, I open my eyes and saw didi; didi was sleeping at this time. She was looking more beautiful this time then yesterday night; her boobs were facing ceiling of the room. Now I start my movement towards didi; I had been more confident then yesterday, slowly I put my hand on didi’s waist; I was afraid pretty much because this was her naked portion that she can feel my hand on her body early than clothes on.

Then, I move my hand in particular potion to feel her body’s shape and size, she had a nice shaped body. After few minutes I move my hand towards didi’s boobs, I stopped for a moment and saw didi’s cutie face; her lips were juicy that I can’t control myself and put my left hand’s finger on to her lips to feel the juice after that I slowly put my lips on to her juicy lips and gave her a long smooch; I suck her juicy lips very strongly, I can feel her breaths on my nose. After this, I again put my hand on her waist and move towards her boobs, I put my hand on her left boobs and slowly squeeze both boobs one by one from above the sari and blouse. After this, I slowly pull off sari’s corner from below her arm by which her blouse could be totally visible. I put my hand on her neck and slowly start to unhook her blouse, when I opened two hooks of blouse; her beautiful and deep cleavage had in front of me; I put my two fingers between her cleavage and starts feeling her beauty of huge and soft boobs, I was feeling a wonderful feeling in my mind. Next day; didi went back to her house; next 8 months I did not see her but only talked with her by telephone. After 14 months of marriage didi gave birth to a baby in a private hospital; I went there to see didi and her child, didi’s baby was very cute and beautiful that at the same time, I cannot take off my eyes from didi who is looking very attractive and bold but it was not the time to think so. I came back to home but I was only thinking about didi; her beauty, manner, smile, eyes, etc; I do not know what was going on with me but it was clear that I have to get didi in any condition.

Next 6 months; I do not meet didi, I was feeling very alone and only thinking about didi. On a nice day; didi’s phone came to home that she want to come here to meet all of us. Mom said to me to take didi from her house to home that I went to her house and take back didi and her 7 months baby with me; mom had very excited to see didi and specially the cute baby. The whole day had end in playing and talking with her baby and didi respectively. After dinner three of us (Didi, Ayush her baby and Me) went to my room to sleep. This time; I play with Ayush for some time and then said “Good Night” to didi. Didi slept after some time but I didn’t, how can I sleep and miss the chance for which I had been waiting for several months, I close my eyes for a moment to think; suddenly Ayush start crying and when I semi open my eyes to see; I saw that didi wake up and take baby in her arm, hurriedly she open bottom three hook of blouse and pull her white bra upside so that her right boob was free in air and then she put her boob’s nipple in baby’s mouth to suck; didi’s boob was soft and milky, by watching this scene I got very excited but I control myself and close my eyes as when didi saw me, she feel that I was sleeping; after some time when Ayush and didi slept again, I open my eyes; I saw that didi was sleeping still with her boob free in air, I went closer to her and directly put my hand on her naked boob; first time I touch didi’s boob, I gave her boob a gentle massage I held her boob in my hand and start squeezing from top to bottom. Then I put her boob’s nipple in mouth and start sucking milk, milk was flowing continuously in my mouth but suddenly; didi put her hand on my head as she was feeling that her baby was sucking her breast after which she realizes that I was not her baby but the boy who was feeding her boob was me; her own brother. By realizing this she got angry and said to me “what the hell was you doing with me”, I remains quite and doesn’t say anything to her; I was feeling ashamed to face her, After that didi sat up and wear her blouse and sari properly, after some time she ordered me to sleep and then she also slept.

Next day; when I wake up I was only thinking that what happens if she told everything to mom; I was very much afraid but when I reached to other room and saw mom in nice mood, I realize that didi had not told anything to mom; suddenly didi came to particular room and saw me; I can’t able to face her that’s why I leaves the room. After one or two hours didi leave the home; I realized that she leave the home so early because of my behavior last night, after 3 or 4 days I called her on telephone; she even talked with me but not as she do before of incident so I decided to went her house to talk with her more clearly. After 2 weeks; I went to her house and when I reached there, I know that her husband could not at home. I was sitting on sofa and didi was on a single bed, her baby was sleeping in other room. After that I asked didi about her husband then she told me that he had been going to office early in the morning and comes late in the night regularly after the birth of Ayush, he even not talk me in good mood; he remains busy in her office work every time. After some time of discussion the topic went towards the night incident ~

Me: Didi, are you still angry upon me ?

Didi: Yudi, do not talk about that idiot incident.

Me: But didi, I cannot forget that incident in my life.

Didi: You have to forget that incident because what you did with me is not possible in future.

Me : But Why ?

Didi : Because you are, my brother and a brother cannot do such activity with his sister.

Me : Why can’t ? A sexual activity should need a male and a female, its not matter that they are brother-sister or what. By saying this, I stand up and sit on didi’s left side on the bed.

Didi : Try to understand Yudi, o.k. If you say that then I realise it but you don’t know that you are just a child in front of me.

Me : I’ am, but you don’t know how much I like you !

Didi : I think that you got silly that’s why you are saying that you like a lady that is your elder sister and a married woman with a baby.

Me : Its can’t matter for me, tell me that you also don’t like me.

Didi : I’ am but its not mean that I like you in this type, its mean that you are my only brother and I should tell you about good or bed.

Me : O.k. Then why don’t you give me permission to do what I want from you ?

Didi : Because it’s wrong and our society can’t gave anybody this permission because it’s incest.

Me : I don’t care of anybody !

By saying this, I got courage and I put my right hand onto her right shoulder and also put my lips on her juicy lips and start sucking them gently at the same time. Didi pull me in other side and asked me in soft voice “Yudi, I can do what you want from me but promise me that you don’t tell anybody about this”, I can’t believe that didi was saying this to me. After saying this didi put her soft long hand onto my shoulder and start sucking my lips wildly; I was shivering with pleasure. After that didi stand up from bed and starts undressing her light green saree with a naughty smile on her face but I too stand up in hurry and stop her from doing so, I put again my lips on her and also put my right hand on her slim waist from above the saree and slowly move towards her huge soft boobs I put my hand on them and start pressing them wildly from above the saree and also kissing her at the same time, I first take her whole right boob in my hand and squeeze for almost 10 minutes; it was a feeling that I can’t tell, her boobs were so soft and firmly.

After this didi put his hand on my hand which is on her boob at that time and pull off my hand while saying “my little brother firstly unhook my blouse and then enjoy”, by hearing this I pull off her light green saree from her shoulder and in a meanwhile she was in her blouse and petticoat, her figure had totally visible to me, I think it was 36″ 27″ 34″, then I unhook her blouse hooks one by one, when I unhooked her blouse her pink bra was visibly then she undress her blouse from her arms, now she was in pink bra and light green petticoat, she was looking gorgeous like never before; suddenly her baby Ayush start crying, by hearing her baby’s cry didi said to me “Yudi take Ayush here from other room”, I move towards other room and take the baby in drawing room where didi was sitting on the bed, I give baby to didi’s arm and didi put him on her lap, firstly didi saw my face and then pop up her pink bra such that her right boob got naked; didi put boob’s nipple in Ayush mouth, Ayush started to feed them continuously; while Ayush sucking milk from didi’s nipple, I was only watching this and also her fully naked back except bra strap on it, her back is milky white with not a single pit; after few minutes the baby slept that didi put him on the bed. While didi was sitting on the sofa she said to me “now it’s your turn my little brother”, I move near to her that she put my head onto her lap and from one hand she put her nipple in my mouth, after that I suck her boob for 10 minutes and also sometime I squeeze her boob to make flow more milk from boob; then didi said to me “You sucked my boob in a manner that Ayush suck, after all you had liked my boobs as a child liked them”.

After that I asked didi to unhook her bra, she replied “firstly I would undress you and then you can unhook my bra”; we both stand up from the sofa and didi put her fingers on my neck to undress my shirt, she open one by one my shirt’s all buttons and after that she throws my shirt in a corner. After that she asked me to unhook her bra so that I went to her backside and put my hand on her shoulder from backside and kiss on her back after that I unhook her bra that her bra fell down; then I slowly take my both hands from below her armpits from backside and held her both boobs fully in my each hand and squeeze them for 5 minutes.

After this didi moves in my front and put her soft hand on my chest and said to me “you have a nice chest Yudi”, after saying this to me she wildly kiss me on lips and pull me on the sofa while saying “now I’m totally your”. I’ am laying down on sofa with jeans on my body and then didi sit on my thighs with petticoat on her body; we suck each other lips for some time and while sucking I put my hand on her waist to open the petticoat, I opened her petticoat now she also opened my jeans, we both stand up from the sofa and pull off her petticoat and my jeans from our body. After this we both again lay in that direction; she was on my top and I’m laying down, didi said to me “what’s for you’re waiting” and then she undo her panty and my underwear also; we were totally naked, she was looking just like a angel her pussy was pinkish and buttocks were huge. When she take my dick in her hand she replied “Yudi you have a bigger dick then your jiju”, I can’t wait anymore “please fuck me as deep as you can”. I was very much happy to hear this from didi’s mouth after that didi took my dick in her soft hand and put in front of her pussy and said to me “enter your monster in me”, I gave a strong stroke such that my dick insert into her pussy; I was like a heaven at this time because now I realise the feeling that people have while fucking. At the same time didi was screaming in pain and pleasure, after that didi said “you are doing good, give me some more nice strokes; I move my waist up and down to give her more and more pleasure; I don’t know from where I got energy that I was loading my didi on my thighs and also giving her wonderful strokes.

After 20 minutes; didi move from me and stand up on the floor, I too stand up and asked her “what happens didi” she replied “first of all don’t call me didi insist of didi you can take my name” and for your information “nothing happened to me but I move from you to make this fuck more different”, then she held me in her soft arms tightly such that her boobs have been pressing by my chest and while doing so she said “I feel very good your chest on my breast” and suck my lips again and again, at the same time I put my both hands on her firmly hips and press them wildly for 5 minutes. Then; didi asked me “can you take me on your arms”, I said to her that I can try, I put my both hands on her thighs and cross them across my legs and pull didi up towards my waist such that didi put her both hands on my shoulders to take support, now she was on my waist with her pussy near my dick and chest near breast, we suck each other lips for another 5 minutes and then I said to didi as she said “Neha move your hips up and down”, didi start moving her hips up and down with giving me a naughty smile. I put my dick while holding didi into her pussy and move didi’s hips up and down to give her strokes, didi was moaning in pleasure, at the same time I was sucking her boobs continuously, boobs were also moving up and down such that they were soft and firmly. After 10 minutes, I move didi from me and then said to him to stand on floor while putting her hands on wall of the room.

Didi did as I said; she put his long hand on wall and stand there that her ass is facing me and her boobs were towards the wall, I went there and put my hand on her shoulder and kiss on everywhere her back, after that I held her both boobs from below the armpits and at the same time I enters my dick into her ass, she started shouted with pleasure while saying ” fuck brother! Fuck your elder sister in every hole”, I got excited by hearing this that I increase my fucking speed and also squeeze her boobs more passionately; after 5 minutes of fast fucking I cummed inside her with a hard load. After that we both lay on the floor for about fifteen minutes, after that didi told me to leave because it’s getting late, after that we dress back our clothes and I leave didi’s house in a meanwhile with a passionate lips sucking scene; at the time of leaving didi said to me with a smile on her face “whenever you need me then don’t be shy and come here because I’m also love you too much but I afraid of our society but now I can’t that fucking your brother is a feeling that you can’t get from your husband.

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10-27-2012, 02:44 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga

Mera naam wasim hai.meri ek badi bahan hai jis ka nam shabana hai.shabana itni khoobsurat to nahi hai par woh bahut sexy hai.uske dhodh bahut bade hai aur piche us ke chootad bhi bahut bade hain.mujhe woh bahut sexy lagti hai.shalwar kameez main us ke dhodh aur chootad saf dikhte hain.dil chahta hai piche se achanak uske chootad itni zor se dabao ke woh tadap uthe. Meri bahan ko sex main zara bhi intrest nahi hai.lakin main uske sath sex karna chahta hoon.kiya karo kuch samajh main nahi a raha tha.

Ek dafa meri sare ghar wale gaon main chale gaye the ek hafte ke liye.shabana aur mere exam ki wajah se hamain ghar par hi rukna pada tha.main ne socha ek hafte tak shabana aur main akele ghar main maza a jaye din to aise hi guzar gaye.mujhe sex ki bahut bhook lag rahi thi. Main apni sagi bahan ke sath sex karna chahta tha.lakin shabana se bahut dar lagta tha.main ne dekha ke shabana ki shalwar tight bandhi hai aur.shalwar main halka halka nada nazar a raha hai.baki nad shalwar mahn andar gursa hua tha.mainne halke hath se shabana ki kameez piche se

Bhi sirka di.oh shabana ke chootad shalwar ke upar se bahut sexy lag rahe the.phir main ne apni ek ungli shalwar ke piche bich darar main lagai aur sehlane laga.main ne apna muh shalwar ke pas le gaya aur shalwar ko gaand ke pas sunghne laga.kiya khusboo a rahi thi sandas ki maza a gaya tha.mainne apni zuban se shalwar ke gand ke pas chata to achcha laga.achanak shabana seedhi hokar let ki kameez bhi upar uthi hui thi.waqai main uski nabhi shalwar ke upar bahut khubsurat lag rahi thi.shalwar ka nada bhi dikh raha tha.main ahista se shabana ki nabhi ki

Taraf muh le gaya aur shalwar ke upar se dono rano ke beech shalwar ke kapde ko chusne laga.chuste chuste mainne shalwar ka choot wala hisa pura geela kar diya the.phir mainne dheere dheere shabana ka nada shalwar main se bahar nikalne laga.thodi der aisa karte karte nada bahar a gaya.phir main ne nade ki ek dor pakdi aur ahista se khinchne laga.akhir nade ki ganth khul gai.aur shalwar dheeli ho gai.lakin achanak shabana ki aankh khul gai.woi yeh sab dekh kar gusse main a gai.usne dekha ke us ki shalwar choot wali jagah se geeli ho gai hai.usne mujhe ek

Zor ka thapad mara aur mujhe dhaka diya.main puri tarha ghabra gaya tha.woh uthi aur apni dheeli shalwar pakadte hue kichen main chali gai .wahan usne apni shalwar ka nada bandha.phi woh shaam tak kichen se bahar nahi aai.mujhe to bagut dar lagne laga tha.shayed woh bahut naraz thi aur gusse main bhi thi. Itna ganda kam jo maine kiya the.sham ke 5 baj gaye the.mainne socha ke is se pehle ghar wale a jaye shabana se mafi mang kar malsa pataya jae.nahi to woi sare ghar walo ko bata de gi.ek din shabana palang par so rahi thi.main palang ke niche padai kar raha

Tha.achanak meri nazar shabana par padi.woh meri or karwat kekar so rahi ki kameez shalwar se sarak kar niche sarak gai ki shalwar ka woh hisa jahan nabhi aur choot hoti hai dikhne laga.yeh seen dekh kar to mera lund ekdum khada ho gaya tha.mujhe sex chadne laga.main palang par gaya aur shabana ke baju main baith kar padai karna laga.woh so rahi thi isliye use zara bhi khayal nahi tha ke main kiya karne ja raha hon.Shabana mere pas aai aur mere samne aakar khadi ho gai.aur kehne lagi tum mujh se mafi mangna chahte ho.main bhi us ke samne ghutne ke bal baith gaya aur shabana ke pair pakad kar mafi mangne laga.achanak

Shabana ne apni kameez upar kari mujh se kaha lo mang lo mafi.mainne upar dekha to shabana ki kameez upar thi.aur us ki shalwar nazar a rahi thi.shalwar ka nada bhi dikhai de raha tha.shabana ne kaha chalo mango mafi.main tumhe maf kar dongi.main samajh gaya ke shabana bhi sex ki bhooki hai.mainne zara bhi dair nahi ki apne hath piche le jakar uske chootad kas kar pakde aur apna muhn shalwar ke upar se uski choot par le gaya.main uski shalwar ko nabhi ke pas chuste ja raha tha.chuste chuste shalwar nabhi aur choot ke jagah par geeli ho chuki thi.shabana uswaqt si a ah ah ah ah ah w nh oh oh ohh si wasim halke halke aisi awazain nikal

Rahi thi.main us ki shalwar chus raha tha.phir mainne us ki shalwar main se nada bahar kiya.aur nada chusne laga.waqai us ki shalwar chusne main bada maza a raha tha.manne shabana ko apni bahon main bhara aur uske gal aur honton par chumi karne laga aur kar te karte us palang tak le aaya.aur palang par lita diya.shabana palang par ekdum seedhi leti thi.mainne uski kameez upar kari.aur shalwar ko sehlane laga.phir kichten main jakar uska dupata le kar aaya aur dupate se us

Ke hath bandh diye.phir mainne apne kapde utare aur chaddi bhi.mera lund pura tana hua tha.aur main shabana ke thek samne kada tha aur us ki shalwar par nazar thi.shabana mera lund dekh kar dar gai thi.woh kehne lagi wasim bahut ho gaya mere sath zayada gandi harkat mat karna main tumhari sagi bahan hon.mujhe bahan ka nam sun kar kuch zayada hi sex chadne laga tha.maine shabana se kaha ke meri bahan wakai main tum bahut sexy hai aj tujhe ji bhar kar pyaar karo ga.

Tu ne aur bhabhi ne mujhe bada tadpaya hai.jab tum peshab karne bathroom main jati thi to tumhari peshab ki itni zor se awaz ati thi ke ji chahta tha sandaas main ghus kar tumhari choot main lund dal dun lakin mazbur tha ghar wale the.tum sara din ghar main shalwar pahan kar ghumti thi.tumhari chun wali shalwar dekh kar mujhe sex chad jata tha.mujhe tum se pyar hone laga.main tumhe chodna chahta tha.ji bhar kar pyaar karna chahta tha aaj woh din a gaya hai .aaj main tumhe ji bhar kar pyaar karun ga.Main kitchen main gaya wahan shabana.

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10-27-2012, 02:44 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
Phir mainne frige main se ek baraf ka tukda nikala aur palang par chad gaya shabana ke baju main jakar let gaya .uske hath bandhe hue the.main ne pehle uske pet par ek kis kiya phir bharaf ko pet par sehlane laga.a ah ah shabana siskari lene lagi.uske pet thanda ho gaya tha.kamar main gudgudi bhi ho rahi thi.main pet par sara pani chus raha tha.pani ka taste mast tha.main ne nade par baraf sahlane laga phir shalwar par baraf sehlane laga.shalwar geeli ho ne lagi.phir main ne shalwar ka nada khola aur shalwar ko thoda dhila kiya.phir kainchi se shalwar ke andar chaddi

Ko katne lage.mere dono hath shalwar ke andar the aur main kainchi se chaddi kat raha tha.maine puri chaddi kat kar nikal di lekin shabana ki choot nahi dekhi.shabana ki kali colour ki jali wali chaddi kati hui thi .maine shabana ki ankhon ke samne chaddi ko car se phad diya.shabana ro rahi.lakin use thoda thoda maza bhi a raha tha.phir maine us ki shalwar ko pehna kar shalwar ka nada wapis bandh diya.shabana kehne lagi wasim tum mere sath kiya karna chahte ho.maine kaha dekhti raho kiya hota hai.phir main apne hatho ko shabana ki choot ko

Shalwar ke upar se sehlane laga.shalwar ka kapda bahut barik aur patla tha.aisa lag raha tha ke main choot main hath dal kar masal raha hun.achanak shabana ne kaha ke wasim halke halke choot maslo mujhe kuch ho raha hai.lakin maine aur zor se choot ko sehlane aur maslne laga.apne hath se uski choot ko shalwar ke upar se khub zor se dabata.mujhe choot masalne main bahut maza a raha tha.achank shabana ki choot se mast pani nikalnd laga aur us jagah par shalwar puri geeli ho gai thi.shabana a ah ah ah ah kar rahi thi.mujhe hosh hi kahan tha puri tarha

Diwana ho gaya tha.main apne muh ko choot ke pas lekar gaya aur geeli shalwar par laga shabana ki choot kar ras chusne aur pine laga.oh kiya batao kitna mitha ras tha shabana ki choot ka.mere pure muh main us ki shalwar aur choot thi.aur mere dono hath shabana ki chootad par the aur unhe apne muh par daba raha tha.karte karte main ne us ka pura ras pi liya.bahut mitha ras tha.phir main ne nada kholkar uski shalwar ko utar diya.uski choot masalne se puri lal ho gai thi.maine sidhe apne muh ko choot ke pas le gaya aur uski choot ko khub chusa.bahut naram

Choot thi meri bahan ki.shabana phir ek bar chut gai aur uski choot se ras nikalne laga.maine pura ras pi liya.shabana ah ah karna lagi.phir maine shabana ki choot main apni ungli gusane laga uski choot bahut tight thi.lakin maine thoda zor lagaya aur ungli andar karne laga.meri puri ungli uski choot ke pani se tar ho gai thi.phir main apni ungli andar bahar karne laga.mera lund pura khada tha.mera 8inch ka lund dekh kar shabana puri ghabragai thi.main pura nanga tha shabana ko bhi pura nanga kardiya tha.phir main shabana ke upar chad gaya.mera lund uski

Choot se ragad raha tha.main uske labon ko chus raha tha.shabana nahi wasim aisa mat karo oh oh a ah ah kar rahi thi.phir maine uske chochi ko muhn main lekar chus raha tha.achanak mujhe ek tarkeeb sujhi.maine shabana ki dono chochi ko hath main pakada aur shabana se kaha ke bolo wasim apna lund meri choot main daldo.shabana yeh sun kar dar gai aur chup rahi.maine uski chochiyun ko pakad kar kas kar daba diya uski cheekh nikal gai.phir maine kaha ke bol do phir chod du ga.shabana phir chup bar maine chochiyun ko zyada kas kar dabaya ke chochi

Mainse dhoodh nikalne laga.shabana cheek cheek kar rone lagi.phir usne rote rote kaha ki wasim apna lund meri choot main dal do.uske baad maine uski chochi ko chod diya aur nikla hua dhood bhi pi liya aur kaha ke theek hai.main apni bahna ko pyar se chod deta hon.lakin main chodne se pehle tumhari unchodi bur ka peshab pina chahta hon.phir maine shabana ke hath khol diya aur use apni godi main utha kar sandas main le gaya.aur use kada kiya aur main niche baith gaya.aur shabana se kaha ke chalo jaldi se peshab karo main tumhari bur se peshab nikalte hue dekhna

Chahta hon.shabana mujhe guse se dekhne lagi aur kaha ke mujhe peshab nahi a raha hai.phir maine jabarjasti usko 1.5 litre thanda pani pila diya aur use god main bitha kar uski bur ko sehlane laga.kuch dair ke bad shabana ko peshab ai.main wapis usko god main uthakar sandas main le gaya aur uski bur ke samne apna muh kiya aur kaha ke chalo ab karo peshab.shabana ne mera chehra apna hathon se pakda aur apni bur par daba diya.uski choot mere muhn main thi.

Phir usne apni choot main se ek zor ki dhar nikali aur apni garam garam peshab mere muhn main nikalne lagi.main ne uska pura peshab pi liya.kuch peshab uski tangon par gira tha aur woh bhi pi liya.peshab karne ke bad shabana ne chain ki sans li .aur maine use god main utha kar palang par le gaya.aur palang par lita kar uske upar chad gaya.aur apna tana hua lund uski bur se ragadne laga.aur us se batain karne laga.maine usse kaha ki shabana tumhara peshab bahut mitha aur namkin tha.tumhe kabhi bhi peshab aye to apni shalwar khol kar mere muhn main peshab kar

Diya karo.shabana ne kaha ke wasim tum bahut gande ho tum ne mere sath kiya kar diya.mujhe to kehne main sharam ati hai.maine kaha ke shabana kiya karu tum itni sexy ho ke jab bhi tumhe dekhta hun ji karta hai ke tumhari shalwar phad kar choot chus lo.mujhe tumhari choot chusne main bada maza ata hai.pehle main tumhe ji bhar ka chod lo phir tumhari gand ka sandas bhi to nikalna hai.shabana ne kaha kiya tum meri gand main se mera sandas nikalo ge.agar ttm ne meri gand ko hath bhi lagaya to main tumhara lund katdungi.harami sale.Mujhe gusa a gaya tha maine apna lund shabana ki.

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10-27-2012, 02:45 AM
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RE: Brother Sister Incest Saga
me thokna shuru kiya pehle jhatke me hi. hymen tar far ho gya . wo cheelane lagi maine chila randi chila .uski chut se khun behne laga maine uski salwar se khun daf kiya aur us salwar ko chusne lga
mai jhor jhor se dhake marme lga shabana chilane lagi aaaaiiiii uuuuohhhj mar gai mader chaud ghore ke land . fir meri pichkari chut gayi aur shbana bhi farig ho gyi. haramjadi mera land todegi le ab teri chuut forrunga. maine ek pepsi ki khali botal utha kar uski chut me ghusani shuru ki. wo cheelane lagi bhai chor de maine use khich kar thapad mara .bottle andar ghus gai. fir kisi tarah usne bottle apni phudi se bahar nikali aur bhagne lagi. maine use pakda aur use bhga kar kothe par le gya .wahi par usko bech diya aur ghar se bhag gya . ooooouuuuhaaaaaa

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