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Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
02-25-2013, 03:13 PM
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Wank Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
During my junior year at college, I'd transferred to a smaller State University. The one nice thing about living in a small town, attending a smaller school, it seems that everyone is far friendlier. The only problem I had was in locating a place to live for one, and for another, being able to afford it.

After spending several days hunting for a place, I finally found one. But again, the price was just a little beyond my means in being affordable. Solution: "Advertise for a roommate!"

I had enough to cover the first months rent by myself, so I moved in with the hopes that I'd be able to quickly locate a roommate to split expenses with. Placing an add in the local newspaper, I wasn't surprised when I got knock on my door the very next day. Not having a phone yet, I'd indicated that prospects would have to apply in person. I was surprised however when the very first person to knock on my door inquiring about the apartment was a rather attractive looking female. I hadn't indicated I was looking for a male roommate, truth was, I hadn't given it any thought. I'd simply assumed from anyone reading the add, they'd realize I was a 'guy', especially with a name like Darren Somers.

"Are you the one looking for a roommate?" she asked.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean she wasn't model material or anything like that, but she really was attractive. Her hair was reddish brown, long and fell perfectly over the slopes of two very prominently displayed breasts, both of which at the moment anyway, were accentuating two very erect nipples.

"Ah yeah, I am," I said stunned, still looking at her expecting to wake up from some wet dream I was seriously hoping I was really having. Her eyes were even more alluring, the most unusual color I had ever seen before. Almost violet in color it was hard not to drown in them as I stood there stupidly staring at her.

"You're surprised?"

"Ah, what? Excuse me?" I said, my thoughts finally gathering together. "Surprised?"

"Yes, that a woman would answer your add," she said smiling at me.

Oh, that smile, it was enough to make any man...or woman for that matter melt just standing there. It wasn't overly sexy, or even provocative. It was just pure unadulterated sensuality in its simplest form. "Yeah, guess I am a little," I responded, suddenly feeling a lot less sure of myself than I normally was. "I just didn't expect to see a woman actually answering the add. Truth is, I never even considered it as a possibility."

"So does that mean you aren't interested?"

Once again, I was hearing what I wanted to hear, and not what she was saying. " I interested!" I thought. But we were obviously discussing two different topics here. "Ah, sure. You want to come in and see the place before you decide?" I offered.

She laughed. "Before I decide?" she said giggling as she brushed past me into the room.

I was still stunned, not even bothering to step out of the way as she let herself in. I felt the briefest, slightest contact with her breasts as she did. Whether she had done that knowingly or not, it didn't matter. At the moment, I was praying I'd picked up my underwear and hadn't left my latest copy of Hustler lying on the bed in my room.

"This is nice," I heard her say from just off the living room. She had stepped out onto the balcony. I had the top floor of a six-floor apartment.

"This isn't even the best one," I said grinning. "You should see the one off my bedroom..."

Realizing what I'd just said, or perhaps intimated to her, I stopped mid-sentence. She was looking at me with that same hypnotic smile again.

"Oh? Which one is your room?" she asked.

"Ah, down the hall, past the bathroom. There's only one of those," I added lamely. "Your room is across the hall from mine."

"My room?" she said smiling again. "Does it have a balcony too?"

"Sorry, no. But I guess we could switch..."

She grinned, "No, I wouldn't expect or want you to do that. Besides, we'll be roomies," she added. "And as roomies, I imagine I could share your balcony with you couldn't I?"

And just like that...I had a roommate.

"Ah, by the way. What's your name anyway?" I finally asked.

"Tanya, Tanya Hide."

"Excuse me?" There I was again, hearing what I wanted to hear, and not what I was supposed to.

She was laughing again. "I get that a lot. My last name really is Hide. I think my father thought it was funny when he named me. He was a 'good old boy' for one thing, grew up on a ranch, one of the old 'cowboy' types. Though mom always said he was born in the wrong century. To see him, you'd expect to have him drawing a pair of six-guns and wearing a Sheriffs badge on his vest to go along with the real-live handle-bar mustache he wears."

I wasn't having, or expecting to wake up from a wet dream anymore, this was now turning into a nightmare. The image of her father suddenly showing up at my door, a pair of pearl handled colts in each hand pointed directly at my crotch had deflated the erection I'd been trying to hide.

Tanya recognized the expression on my face. "Don't worry, Daddy wouldn't dare say or do anything. He's been fucking so much strange pussy, that should he ever try to make life tough on me, he'd find he'd finally bitten off more than he can chew."

Hearing Tanya's obvious relaxed vocabulary was refreshing. Already she was acting like my best buddy. And once again, I was thinking she'd be just that. A buddy...not a 'fuck' buddy as the earlier wet dream I'd been having had suggested. Maybe it was no longer a nightmare I was having, but now it was one of those dreams you wake up in the middle of just when things start to get good.

"Ah, before you make your decision, there's a few things you should probably know about me," I told her. Hell, in my mind, I was taking a major risk here. I could be fucking up the best situation any guy could find himself in. But it was that, laying my cards out on the table, or shocking the shit out of her once she'd moved in, only to watch her packing up the next day, or worse...having to act like I was living at home again.

I took a deep breath screwing up my courage, when I spoke however, I sounded a bit like 'Donald Duck' just having inhaled half a balloon full of helium.

"I like to lay around the apartment nude!" I exclaimed in my best Donald Duck imitation, which frankly, I'd never managed to do before.

"Oh? Good! Me too!" was all she said, sounding a little like Daisy, to which I of course, briefly wondered if she was making fun of me. "So, I can have the room then?" she asked seriously, sounding like herself.

I coughed, cleared my throat to speak, and nodded my head instead. "Better to be safe than sorry," I thought, though I'd managed to think that speaking like a duck too.

But, just like that, I had a roommie AND a wet dream all rolled up into one.


As it was the weekend, Tanya began moving in the following morning. As she had a truck, it took very little time to move everything into the apartment. Having a service elevator certainly helped, but the fact that she had very little furniture made it even easier. Her bed consisted of a giant blow-up mattress, which she preferred sleeping on anyway, and one or two pieces of bedroom furniture, the largest of which was a dresser drawer. By noon, we'd moved everything she owned into the apartment.

"Well, that was certainly a lot easier than I'd anticipated," I told her.

"I've learned, especially as I've moved around a lot these past couple of years. It's a lot easier not to have a lot of furniture to have to worry about. Especially the bed," she giggled.

Her statement made me curious. "Why have you moved around so much?" I had to ask.

For the first time since we'd met, I actually saw her blush. "I like to party, but I tend to get a little crazy when I do," she confided. "A few people haven't appreciated that, I think, seeing a side of me they didn't know existed when I have let my hair down. Does that worry you?" she asked concernedly.

"Who? Me? Not hardly," I replied, suddenly worried. "What had I gotten myself into?" I wondered. She really was too good to be true. And maybe that was the problem. I'd learned a long time ago that if something seemed better than it should be, usually there was an underlying reason behind that. And I found myself thinking along those very lines as Tanya made herself to home inside our apartment.

I had very little in the refrigerator aside from a loaf of bread, baloney, and a carton of milk that I wasn't any too sure of. Having gone into my room to change out of my semi-sweaty clothes, I'd decided it might be a good idea to make a trip to the store for a few groceries. I'd changed into one of my favorite football jerseys, cut-off Levis and sandals. I was a little surprised to see her comfortably sitting in my favorite armchair, one leg thrown over one of the arms. Though she was wearing a pair of shorts, sitting there spread eagled as she was, as I stood in front of her momentarily, it was obvious that was all she was wearing. Only then did I glance away from her nearly exposed crotch to discover she was leafing through my Hustler magazine.

"Hope you don't mind," she began. "I love looking at these. It's kind of nice seeing real people posing in these for a change."

"Oh, not at all. Help yourself, anytime," I replied a bit embarrassed that she was actually looking at my magazine, though why I felt that way I had no idea, especially as it certainly didn't appear to bother her.

Glancing up finally, she nearly caught me as I continued staring at her crotch. I'd already caught a hint of what appeared to be long thing wisps of her pubic hair that appeared almost as though she'd combed it.

"Hey! I love football jerseys!" she said out of nowhere. "I used to have one, but my ex-boyfriend stole it from me."

"Well, anytime you want to wear it, just ask," I said feeling friendly, if not somewhat guilty at having stood there trying to sneak as much of a peek as it was possible for me to get away with.


"Yeah, really."

"Ok, I'm asking now then. Let me wear it?"

I really did need to schedule an appointment to have my ears checked. I could have sworn she was asking me to take it off so she could wear it now.

"Well?" Tanya suddenly reached down, pulling the tank top she'd been wearing up and over her head. Seconds later she was sitting there, her luscious breasts that I'd already secretly masturbated while fantasizing about, were sitting there staring at me. All she needed was an oversized pair of glasses with eyebrows and a funny looking nose to sit over the top of them to complete the picture I had suddenly formed inside my head as I gazed in a stupor at her exposed breasts.

"Well? You gonna let me or not?"

I wanted to. But now I had a new problem to deal with. My jersey was currently covering the erection I'd allowed myself to have while standing there staring at that soft patch of pussy hair I'd been admiring. And now, she'd gone and upped the 'ante' by exposing a pair that beat my "one of a kind", I thought abstractly.

"Ok, sure," I said, turning slightly as though struggling with the jersey in taking it off, slamming one hand down in front of my Levi's in a last-ditch effort to attempt to readjust myself so that the 'obvious', wouldn't be.

"Hey! You've got a woody!" she exclaimed happily. "I give that to you?" she asked.

"Fuck me!" I said silently. "Ah yeah, guess you did. You really do have nice tits," I said. "Shit!" I thought a millisecond later. "You could have said breasts, even boobs would have sounded better. But no had to say tits didn't you?" I asked myself.

Tanya laughed. "I like you. Not many guys I know call em 'tits' anymore, not to a woman's face anyway. Always behind our backs usually. And thank you. I'm rather proud of them myself."

"I can see that," I said silently, still carrying on a one-sided conversation with myself. "Well, they are...pretty." I finished.

Tanya frowned. "Don't go backwards on me Darren. Pretty tits don't fit together as well. Sexy tits, hot tits, even fucking nice tits are good. But if you insist on calling them pretty, then go back to calling them breasts, or boobs. But personally, I like the word tits, its cute. Just don't call them pretty at the same time."

I threw her my shirt.

"Ah, listen...I'm going to the store to pick up a few things. You need anything?" I asked.

"Matter of fact, I just started my 'monthlies' this morning. Would you mind picking me up some 'Tampax'?"

I heard her perfectly this time. I just didn't know what to say, or how to say it even if I did. I know my mouth was open, though nothing was coming out of it. Tanya burst out laughing.

"I'm just kidding silly. But the look on your face was priceless, not to mention the fact you no longer have a hard-on any more either," she added.

Only then did I realize, I didn't.

"You like Italian?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Ah yes, sure."

"Then pick us up some spaghetti, some sauce...." Tanya looked up towards me, "you want me to write this all down for you? I really do make a killer pasta."

"Maybe you'd better," I said sitting down, suddenly feeling rather exhausted. Tanya was certainly one thing, and that was totally unpredictable. Having her for a roommate was going to be an interesting experience.

"You know what I'd like to do later? After dinner?" she asked.

"No? What?" Images of being tied to a bed, handcuffed, blindfolded suddenly came to mind.

"Sit outside on your balcony," she emphasized saying, "after its dark, share some wine, and let the cool night air wash over our nude bodies," she added. "Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"How much wine?" I asked, "And what kind do you prefer?" I smiled asking. "And what about the handcuffs?" I silently asked myself while looking at her, looking at the larger than life '69' on the jersey she was wearing as her tits sat there pressing against it.


Dinner was even better than I had imagined. Tanya had insisted we dress formally for our first nights dinner together. She wore pearls. I wore a tie. That was all we wore however.

I'd splurged, purchasing a couple of bottles of a nice 'earthy' Merlot. We'd polished the first off during dinner, which we'd eaten by candlelight, the only source of lighting in the entire apartment. I stood uncorking the second bottle of wine when Tanya took our now empty glasses outside to the porch. Obviously, she hadn't been kidding about that either.

"You coming?" she inquired.

I had a come back for that, but I let it pass. "On my way," I said instead.

Tanya was sitting in the only lounge chair I had. Which was fine, except it placed my 'dangling' participle about eye level with her as she held up our two empty wine glasses for me to refill.

After pouring, I sat the bottle down on the little table next to the chair she was sitting in. With nowhere to go, I wandered over to the railing, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. Which was hard to do with her sitting there all sexy and naked.

"Nice fucking tits," I thought as I walked over to the rail looking down.

Below, the rather large sized open aired hot tub sat looking lonely. Visions of Tanya and I soaking, playing in it together immediately came to mind. The soft blue lighting of the water looked inviting enough, but the fact there was no one else around at the moment was an opportunity that would rarely, if ever come again. I had learned from 'Jeff' our landlord, who was also a senior attending the same college that most everyone else who lived in the apartments where, was away for holiday. With the next semester starting in just over a week, most would soon be returning.

"What are you thinking about?"

I sensed rather than saw as Tanya stood, moving over to stand next to me looking down at the romantically lit hot-tub.

"Just wondering when we'll meet the rest of the tenants," I said truthfully.

Each floor was its own apartment. So there were six units, though all except for Jeff and some guy he had called "The Geek", there were a total of ten people actually living here. In the second floor apartment lived two women, one of which Jeff had said was "pretty wild". I smiled inwardly upon hearing that, wondering if she'd be any match for Tanya. The 'Geek' lived on the floor above them, with another pair of guys sharing the forth floor. A married couple, attending college together lived on the floor just below us, also home for a visit according to Jeff. As for Jeff himself, he'd landed this cozy little job watching over the place for the actual owner, which was nice as we could 'party' without getting into a whole lot of trouble.

"Yeah, I was wondering about that too," she said leaning over the rail. I watched as her breasts pressed against the railing, wishing it was me she was leaning against like that.

"How far away do you think the tub is from here?" she asked.

"Why? You're not thinking about jumping into it from here are you?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course not! Don't be silly!" she responded. "I was just wondering about something is all!"


"You really want to know?"

I did, and I didn't. "Yes, I do."

"Be careful what you ask for," she said smiling in that way that could melt steel.

I was very aware of that fact, but I asked her again anyway. "Tell me, what is it you were thinking about?"

Tanya laughed, and I felt the hair on the back of my head stand on end as though I were about to be struck by lightening.

"You ever measure how far you shoot when you cum?"

The truth was, I had. But I wasn't about to tell her that! "No! Why would you even ask such a question anyway?"

"Just curious, I was wondering if you could reach the sidewalk at least," she said leaning over the railing again as though trying to imagine it.

Curious, I leaned over looking down, judging the distance in my mind. "I dunno, maybe," I said stupidly. "Why would you even wonder about something like that?" I asked.

She was grinning, wickedly.

"Ah oh, what are you up to Tanya?"

"Wanna play a game?"

"A game?"

"Yeah, it's called if you win, you can do anything you want to me. If I win, I get to do anything I want to you."

I didn't see a way to lose here actually. Which was what was wrong of course. "What kind of game are you thinking about?" I asked tentatively, already wishing I hadn't asked.

"A naughty game. You do like naughty don't you?"

Just the way she said the word made me feel that way. The fact I'd begun to get an erection standing there in front of her said that much. With no way to hide it, I let the 'naughty' feeling wash over me urging me on to accept whatever proposal she had in mind.

"Ok, why not?" I said giving in.

Tanya was beaming. Moving away from the railing to face me, her hand reached down clasping my rapidly hardening prick.

"How long do you think it will take you to jerk yourself off?" she asked.

"Not long," I said huskily.

Tanya winked. "Will this help things along?" Her hand on my cock, busily stroking it certainly was.

"Oh fuck yes!" I moaned. "What are you planning on doing anyway?" I asked through clenched teeth as her hand drew me towards greater pleasures than I'd known in quite a while.

Once again she smiled that devilish smile of hers. I wanted to smear my orgasm all over those sweet luscious looking lips, deciding as I considered the thought that if I won, that's exactly what I was going to do.

"Let me know when you're getting close," she warned me. "I want to have enough time to get downstairs."

"Down there?" I questioned incredulously. "You're gonna go down and stand on the sidewalk?"

"Yep! Then, when you're ready to will be your part of the game to see if you can hit me with your cum!"

"You're serious!"

"Very. Just don't take too long though, I'll be standing there in my birthday suit waiting for you."

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02-25-2013, 03:14 PM
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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
"How the hell am I supposed to know if I do manage to get any on you?" I asked simply. I was already wondering if I had time to locate the small squirt gun I used to keep on my key-chain. I could lay it off to one side of my prick, pretending to cum and hopefully manage to aim it just enough so that she'd feel something.

Tanya giggled. "Ever seen cum beneath a black-light? It's really pretty cool, shows up all over the place!"

So much for that idea.

"I have one in my room, you can check me out yourself if you don't believe me, afterwards..." she said grinning that grin again. "It really is pretty wild."

"No shit!" I stated, wondering if she'd let me see her face beneath a black light if I won this little contest. Whoever the 'wild' woman was that lived below Jeff didn't stand a chance compared to Tanya.

All this dirty talk we'd been sharing had me closer to 'the moment' than I'd realized. "If we're really going to do this, you'd best get that cute ass of yours moving!" I told her.

Quick as a flash, Tanya left the balcony heading out the door of our apartment and down six flights of stairs.

It was late. As I glanced around towards our neighbors, I was glad to see that most if not all of the lights were off. Many of the neighboring houses held college students just like us. And even if any were home, up...or happened to spot Tanya standing down on the sidewalk naked, it wouldn't be found as being unusual, especially with a hot tub sitting right behind her. What would be considered unusual would be if anyone spotted me standing out on our balcony, pulling my pud.

It took a few minutes for her to reach the bottom, but finally she appeared, still nude as she reached the sidewalk looking up towards me. "Anytime!" she yelled up at me.

I wanted to duck behind the railing. There she was, naked as the day she was born yelling at me about as loudly as she could. If anyone was up, they'd soon be looking out their windows wondering who was making all the noise. I know that I would have had it been me.

"Shhh," I said looking everywhere around me.

"What?" she yelled up towards me even louder.

"Fuck, never mind!" I called down, feeling my erection suddenly dwindling.

"Hurry up!" Tanya called out a minute or so later. "What's taking you so long anyway?"

"I don't know if I can do this!" I yelled down, wincing at every syllable of sound my mouth made.

"Need some help?"

For a moment, I thought she was seriously considering running all the way upstairs again just to take matters in her own hand. Which wasn't such a bad idea, as maybe I could keep her there instead of continuing on with this rather bizarre idea of hers.

I nodded my head, forgetting it was dark.


"Yes!" I called down in exasperation. My cock was now as flaccid as a garden hose on a hot summers day. There was no way I was going to be shooting anything on anyone in the shape I was currently in.

Looking towards her, I half expected to see her leave. Instead, she began playing with her breasts, lifting one of them up to her lips in order to begin sucking on her nipple. Her other hand was down between her legs, and though I couldn't see what she was doing as clearly as I could see what she was still doing to her breast, the thought alone was enough.

"That help?"

Surprisingly, it did. In seconds my prick was rock hard again, and that old 'tingly' feeling I'd just started to feel a short time ago was making it's way back.

"Yeah, keep doing that!"

She did. I felt the first signs of orgasm approach as my balls tightened wonderfully. Cupping them with my free hand, I massaged them knowing full well from previous experience that in doing so; I'd produce a much larger volume of cream for one thing. And for another, it seemingly helped it making it squirt that much harder and further whenever I did that.

I peered over the railing one last time, 'aiming' my prick in her general direction, wondering if I should 'thrust' my cock when I came as though it might actually help give my flying sperm some sort of a send off.

"Here it cums!" I called down literally.

Tanya cupped both breasts pressing them together as though I was really going to be that lucky, especially at this distance.

I felt the first ejaculate race up my shaft, held it as long as I physically could, letting the pressure escalate, then felt it explode from the tip of my cock in a mind-numbing sensation of pleasure. Seeing my spunk spurt from the tip of my prick, disappearing a moment later into the darkness was pretty interesting. Even the second, third, and forth hard-felt explosions seemed to string out in a fairly good-sized spread, one of which I was now seriously hoping would land on her. As the final traces of my spending oozed out the head of my dick to trickle between my fingers rather than joining the initial hard squirts into the great unknown, I again looked down below me. Surprised when I saw that Tanya was no longer standing there.

"Shit!" I worriedly thought. "Maybe someone finally did wonder what the hell was going on and scared Tanya off."

I waited anxiously looking towards the open door of our apartment when I heard her footsteps running up the stairs, taking two at a time by the sounds of it. Moments later she appeared, standing in the doorway.

"Well?" I asked.

She walked towards me, smiling like all get out. As she drew closer to me, I saw a trace of glistening moisture spread along one side of her face.

"Really?" I asked.

"I'm all yours!" she responded. "So, what do you want me to do?" she asked obviously excited, and very willing to go along with whatever it was I had in mind.

"Well, first. You're gonna need to give me a few," I said sheepishly. "But secondly, where is it you said you have that black light of yours?"

Tanya was laughing. "Now you're getting into the spirit of things!" she exclaimed. "Go pour us some more wine and meet me in my room."

I immediately turned to fetch our wine glasses as I heard her singing a familiar tune, though the words were obviously different.

"Cum drops keep falling on my head..."


She was right about the black light. Not only was that an interesting experience, but she also happened to have one of those glow in the dark vibrators. If you've never had the opportunity to watch someone use one of those in the near total dark, you really should!

In a way, it was sort of like watching a magician perform a slight of hand trick. Only in this case, it was a slight of in and out a pussy trick. Which was fascinating as hell to watch.

Tanya truly was the most uninhibited woman I had ever met. It seemed like there wasn't anything too wild, or too erotic that she wasn't willing to at least try doing once, which included applying edible, phosphorescent paint to one another.

Lying beneath the black light on her bed, we poured, squirted, and smeared various colors all over one another. Even I had to admit, it was one of the wildest experiences I'd ever had. Seeing her pussy glowing vividly in reds, blues, greens, yellows and purples as I 'artistically' masturbated her with a variety of stroking colors was sensational. And, watching her transform my erection into a series of multi striped colors before mushing them altogether in an abstract smear not only felt great, but also looked extremely strange merely adding to the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me.

"You should see your face!" she laughed openly a while later. I'd just finished giving her a multiple series of orgasms with my tongue when I sat up. Handing me a mirror so I could see myself, I joined her laughing hysterically at my miss-mashed appearance.

"You look like one of the characters in a 'Bat Man' movie or something," Tanya told me still giggling.

"Hmm, how about, 'The Stroker!'" I said masturbating my still multi-colored prick.

"Or how about, "The Diddler!", Tanya said cracking herself up, spreading her quim apart with her hands, placing the mirror I'd been holding so she could take a look at the wide variety of colors currently displayed on her pussy-palate.

For hours we played, getting sillier and sillier by the moment. When sunlight finally began to filter in through my bedroom window, we decided it was time to shower and get a few hours sleep. Little did I realize just how little sleep I was going to actually get over the course of the next several days.


I'd gone over to the Laundromat to wash what few clothes I actually owned. Tanya had already mentioned to me that she was planning on catching some 'rays', and had asked Jeff if he had any problem with her lying out nude on a blanket out by the tub. I'd wondered why, even asking her why she simply didn't lay out on the balcony where there would at least be some privacy. To which she responded that it was much hotter out there than it would be down on the grass.

"And besides, if Jeff doesn't have a problem with it, why should you?" she asked.

I needed to learn, Tanya was Tanya, and I had laundry to do.

By the time I got back, the "girls" had returned. Wandering out onto the balcony, curious to see what was happening, I wasn't disappointed, though somewhat surprised. Tanya was there, still nude. But so were Jeff, and the "girls" who I'd later be introduced to as Debra and Nichole. They were all sharing Tanya's blanket, with Jeff having made a large pitcher of margaritas they were sharing.

I swear Tanya had a sixth sense, looking up towards me, waving at me, and then waving me down to join them. Why I felt a little jealous I don't know. But I did. I soon reached them, being quickly introduced to Debra and Nichole, then handed a nice cold perfectly made glass of margarita to sit down and enjoy.

If I didn't know better, I'd have sworn by the way the girls were talking, getting along, that they had known one another for years.

"I was just telling Tanya that we should have a party!" Nichole stated. Obviously, she was the 'wild' one Jeff had mentioned to me. With Tanya sitting there so uninhibitedly, it was only a matter of time, not to be outdone I assumed, that she mentioned the heat, and quickly removed her tee shirt. Having done that, she proved what I'd already guessed upon my arrival, and that was, she wasn't wearing a bra either.

Debra soon joined the two of them, so that moments later the three women were complimenting one another on the shape and size of each other's breasts. And though I found this conversation 'titillating', to say the least, I felt somewhat out of place just sitting there. I'd quickly finished my drink, declining a second and stood.

"I'd better get upstairs and put my laundry away," I stated as though it was the most important thing in the world that I had to do.

"What about the party?" Nichole asked.

"Sounds good, whenever you want to," I said turning to leave.

"How about tonight then?" I heard Tanya ask.

I turned to cast my vote against doing that, but by the sudden eruption of excitement by everyone else, I'd have been outvoted four to one. And besides, everyone was looking at me. I'd have felt stupid with no real good reason for saying no. I turned once again with a brief smile, hearing as I did an all too familiar tune being sung by Tanya while everyone else either whistled or hummed along.

"Cum drops keep falling on my head... And, just like the guy who's cocks too big...for my mouth, Doesn't seem to fit, Those...cum drops are falling on my head, they keep falling..."

I was laughing so hard by the time I reached the door; I was more than ready to party.


By the time I'd gotten out of the shower, Jeff, Debra and Nichole had already arrived. Tanya came into my bedroom wearing only the '69' jersey she'd borrowed, but to be honest about it, she looked far better in it than I did, especially with so much tantalizing bits of flesh peaking out through all that mesh material of the jersey.

"Come on you!" Tanya urged, "Everyone's waiting!"

"Waiting for what?"

"For you! We came up with another idea for a game!" she said excitedly.

"We? Or you?" I asked sarcastically.

Tanya lifted up the jersey, flashing me her 'tits'. "Play nice, or you won't get to see them the rest of the evening," she threatened teasingly.

Somehow, I didn't think that was even remotely possible. Walking behind her, eyeing that cute gorgeous tight ass, I was already in a much better mood by the time I entered the front room. Which was made even more so when I saw that both Debra and Nichole were wearing nothing more than the briefest bikini's I'd ever seen worn by any woman.

After several very stiff drinks, which I needed to bolster my courage and lower my inhibitions somewhat, especially being in front of another guy who I hardly even knew, things started to pick up.

"So Darren, you ready to play another game?" Tanya questioned with a look that said I'd best fasten my seatbelt.

"Yeah, I guess...what do you have in mind anyway?"

"Well, actually it was Nichole's idea," she said looking at her. "After I told her what we did last night, she came up with something similar."

"And?" I said, feeling like I'd just found myself standing out in the middle of a field full of land mines.

"Ever play 'Pin the tail on the Donkey' when you were a kid?" Nichole asked.

She really did have enormous boobs; they were practically spilling out of the miniscule top she was wearing.

"Yeah," I replied, deciding that one worded answers where about as good as I was prepared to give for the time being.

"Well, it's sort of like that," Nichole began. "We blindfold you..."

Once again I was envisioning handcuffs, blindfolds, being tied to the bed.

"Spin you around a few times, then you walk forward...dick or boobs pointing out. Whoever it touches, is the person you'll be with for the next fifteen minutes, in front of everyone!" Nichole finished, having explained the rules.

"Sounds like fun doesn't it?" Tanya said already removing her jersey. I knew the thing about not seeing her tits wouldn't hold.

"Ok, so...who goes first?"

"I've already put each one of our names in a hat," Tanya said holding up one of my ball caps. "Go ahead Darren, pick one."

I reached in, drew out a folded slip of paper and read, "Nichole."

While Jeff helped to blindfold her, everyone else took a position standing equally apart from one another. When it dawned on me that it wasn't just going to be between Jeff and I, I suddenly got a lot more enthusiastic about playing this particular game.

"Ok Jeff, spin her around a few times, and then everyone trade places one more time before she moves so there's no cheating going on," Tanya instructed him.

Watching Nichole spin around was fascinating enough. But after we'd all trades places with one another, watching her as she stepped sideways, almost crashing into the lamp before reaching out her hand and hitting Tanya squarely in the boob, told me I was about to experience what every one termed as every man's fantasy.

"Looks like we have a winner!" Debra exclaimed enthusiastically.

What I didn't know then, but would learn later was that both Debra and Nichole were bi-sexual. Living together as they were, they had a nice pleasurable relationship with one another, occasionally sharing and admitting a man here or there into their bed with them, so long as they both approved, and so long as it was never a behind the back sort of thing going on with either of them.

Tanya led Nichole over to the couch, laying down on it, spreading her legs with out any hesitation whatsoever.

"Lick my pussy baby!" Tanya told her wickedly.

For the next fifteen minutes, I stood there, my erection growing harder with each slip of the tongue inside Tanya's wet, glistening pussy.

Drawing again, I was disappointed when it was Jeff's turn. As the girls began to blind fold him, as well as remove the shorts he'd been wearing, I headed towards the kitchen to make myself a fresh drink.

"Hey! Just where do you think you're going?" Tanya asked.

"Ah, to get a drink?" I replied not catching on.

"Well hurry back, we can't start until you're back in the circle!"

I nearly dropped the glass I was holding. "Excuse me?"

"Yeah, hurry up!"

"Listen Tanya, there's no way..."

If looks could kill.

"Darren? Don't be a spoilsport. Besides, there's only a one in four chance anyway."

"Yeah, but that's twenty five percent more than I think I'm ready to gamble on," I stated nervously.

I fixed myself a drink. A straight scotch, downing it. Minutes later I was dragged back into position while Tanya spun Jeff around and around several times. Quietly, she motioned for everyone to exchange places one more time. I stepped over one spot placing myself directly behind the direction Jeff was currently facing. Jeff turned, completely around! He took one step forward, lost his balance and careened off to his right, crashing into Debra.

"Whew," I breathed in relief. Nichole laughed.

"Wait until it's your turn!" she said giggling.

Once again we all watched as Debra led Jeff over to the couch. Rather than getting on it, or in it however, she indicated what she wanted him to do by wiggling her ass at him as she leaned over the end of the couch. Smiling, Jeff stroked his cock briefly ensuring he was 'up' to the task at hand, and then eased his rather proud looking member into Debra's pussy from behind.

Except for a few porn movies, I'd never watched another guy actually fucking someone in front of me before. Admittedly, I found myself becoming even more aroused than I had been, including that brief intermission when I'd found myself dealing with a bout of homophobia.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me. Fuck my pussy good baby!" Debra kept saying over and over. Though her breasts weren't quite as large as Nichole's were, they were nicely shaped. As she leaned over the edge of the couch, and as Jeff thrust himself in and out of her from behind, the sway of those magnificent breasts too and froe was having a rather distinct impact on my prick, as it seemed to throb in perfect harmony with their coupling.

"No cumming!" Tanya warned him. Apparently, there was another rule I wasn't aware of yet.

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"Cause later, we're going to have a black-light party in the bedroom!" Tanya responded.

Suddenly I had a whole new set of visions to think about, and as bizarre as it might seem, I actually was finding myself getting even more excited at the thought of that.

When it came my turn, I was more than a bit nervous. I'd purposely taken note of Jeff's beginning position, realizing seconds later that it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. After one of the girls had spun me around enough times to ensure I was completely dizzy, I placed one tentative foot out in front of me, then blindly stepped forward again losing my balance in the process. I felt a soft pair of hands catch me as I went down, hearing Nichole's voice as she caught me.

As it was her desire and pleasure, she indicated that she wanted me to go down on her. Something I truly enjoyed doing. Sitting on the couch, I knelt down on the floor in front of her and greedily began devouring her cunt. After our fifteen minutes were up, it took both Tanya and Debra to pry her hands off the back of my head.

"No! No! Please no! I was almost there!" she squealed in frustration.

We soon finished our game, with everyone taking a turn, and at Tanya's suggestion, headed into her room where we all somehow managed to place ourselves on her enormous air mattress beneath the black lights she'd replaced in the ceiling.

Next to the experience of coating one another in all those phosphorescent paints we'd played with, tumbling around in bed together, not sure who's body you were touching or playing with was one hell of an exciting situation to find myself in.

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
At one point I knew I was licking Nichole's pussy again, all the while caressing and fondling Tanya's perky soft breasts. Debra was expertly sucking my cock, driving me insane with that delicious tongue action, while someone else, and who I didn't know, fondled and caressed my balls.

I finally managed to give Nichole that orgasm I'd tried so quickly to give her earlier. She had eventually moved up and over, sitting down on my face. Drawing in that precious sweet clit of hers, I sucked and tickled it with my tongue for all I was worth. In the meantime, someone was sucking my cock. I had no idea who, and at the moment, couldn't have cared less. Whoever was sucking it, was doing a damn fine job as far as I was concerned. Anytime that I had trouble concentrating on eating pussy was saying something!

Hearing so many wet, juicy, slurpy sounds was having its affect on me. I was going to bust a nut if I wasn't allowed to cum soon, and I told Tanya that.

"Jeff, is your poor little cock all worked up as bad as Darren's is?" she asked.

"Oh fuck yes!" he replied. "I'm ready to shoot the biggest fucking load you've ever seen!" he warned proudly.

"Well then girls, I guess its time for us to play 'Cum Drops' don't you?"

Jeff and I both watched as the girls positioned themselves side-by-side, legs spread, overlapping one another as they lay there looking up at the two of us.

"Squirt that fuck-butter all over us!" Nichole squealed excitedly.

"Yeah, come on boys. Time to spank the monkey for us, time to pull the old pud and deliver the goods!" Tanya added.

Standing there jerking myself off while Jeff stood next to me doing the same was interesting to say the least. But having three delicious 'targets' to choose from soon had me reaching the point of no return. Jeff got there just before I did though, and as he groaned, sending a nice thick geyser of sperm shooting from the end of his cock, I watched, fascinated as he began spraying it, continuing to jerk off rope after rope of white-hot cum-cream all over the girls. Seeing his splashes beneath the black light as it began landing on the girls was incredibly erotic!

"Oh yeah baby...shoot it! Shoot it! Cover me in your hot sticky spunk!" Tanya was yelling at him.

He'd managed to cover a good portion of Debra's wide open split before redirecting the balance of it up and over Nichole's tits, and on to Tanya's where he'd seemingly finished milking the last of several fairly strong jettisons of his cream.

"You ready baby?" Tanya asked me. "Come on lover, shoot it for me, cover me in all that delicious warm goo!"

As the first of many, very powerful eruptions began, I watched as though it were in slow motion. The slippery, streaming arch of my semen as it exploded from the head of my prick, shot upwards. For the briefest of moments, I wondered if I could have actually made it all the way to the hot tub with that first one. Lowering my 'aim' as it were, I began to cover each and every one of the girls pussies with nice thick creamy jettisons of my cum cream, watching in fascination as the girls cunts began to glow under the light, reminding me a little of that paint that Tanya and I had experimented with the night before.

Feeling the last few ribbons of pleasure surge up my shaft, I aimed directly towards Tanya, seeing her smile, watching it as it shot up and began to make it's way down towards her.

As it did, she began singing...

"Cum drops keep landing on my head..."


One by one our neighbors began to arrive back to our cozy little apartment complex in anticipation of the next semester of school starting. That Monday Tanya and I met Stewart, though he told us he preferred going by "Stew", and his wife Suzanne, though she also preferred being called "Sue".

We'd just gotten back from grabbing a bite to eat when we met them outside the service elevator. They had a considerable amount of luggage with them that they were obviously having difficulty managing.

"Here, let us help you with all that," Tanya said as we came up from behind. Initially Sue threw us a guarded look until Tanya explained in that rapid-fire way she had of speaking who we were as well as half her life's story before we'd made it to the elevator. By the time we did, "Sue" as Tanya was now calling her, were acting like they'd known one another for years.

That was the thing about Tanya that everyone sooner or later came to understand. She had a 'gift' as I saw it, though I also tended to think of it as being an infection. Once she got under your skin, she was a part of you from that time forward. Tanya had one of those A+ personalities. You couldn't help but like her, even if when first meeting her, you were put off by her. Eventually, everyone came around. They always did.

By the time we'd both helped Stew and Sue with their luggage carrying it into their apartment, Tanya was already inviting them over for drinks later as a way to get better acquainted.

"Gee, I don't know Tanya," Stew said already trying to put her off. "We just got home and I'm not really sure that either one of us is in much of a mood to do that tonight. Perhaps another time maybe."

This was about to get interesting. If there was one thing I'd learned about Tanya, it was you never told her no, and you never gave her a challenge she wasn't willing to find a way around.

I immediately glanced towards Sue to see what the expression on her face looked like. Was she in support of her husband's decision? Or had Tanya 'infected' her enough that she'd already won her over to her side. Admittedly, I wasn't sure. Sue seemed willing at the moment to go along with whatever Stew wanted to do, so it was an either way sort of thing the way I saw it.

"That's too bad," Tanya pouted. "I give a killer massage. After a long trip, I know what its like to get home all tired and cranky. A nice soothing massage would be just the ticket for both of you, and maybe a glass of wine to really mellow you both out for a nice, restful nights sleep."

"God she was good," I thought saying nothing, but smiling at them both from ear to ear.

"You know honey," Sue pulled on his elbow, "I really would enjoy a nice massage. And a glass of wine does sound pretty good too!"

"Well, maybe."

"No maybe about it!" Tanya beamed. "You guys get unpacked and then come on upstairs. We'll have wine waiting for you, and I'll make sure that 'Tanya's Massage Parlor' is up and running."

I leaned over and whispered, "Is this the one with the black lights? Or the red ones?"

She pinched my ass royally all the while smiling at our neighbors as they assured her they'd be up as soon as they had unpacked and settled in.

"See you in about an hour then?" making them commit.

"Ah yeah, an hour sounds just about right," Stew smiled.

Tanya and I shortly headed upstairs where I was told to uncork the wine and let it breathe while she got her bedroom ready to do massages.

"And what was the pinch for anyway?"

"You know," she retorted dashing into her room, sticking her head back out a moment later to add to her comment. "And besides, you want to have a look at those tits just as bad as I do."

Which was true. Sue really did have nice boobs though a good push-up bra could do wonders for any woman.

"What makes you think either one of us is going to see them?" I asked curiously.

I heard Tanya as she answered me from the bedroom. "For one, she will be naked when I give her, her massage silly. So at the very least, I will. But I also think once she'd had a few drinks and sees me showing off my tits, that she'll relax enough to do the same."

"How are you going to manage that?"


"Show off your tits?"

I heard her laugh.

"Easy, I also give all my massages in the nude too. So once I've given her one, she'll know that when Stew comes in to get his, that he'll be seeing me naked too. Hell Darren, I doubt seriously if she even puts anything back on after I'm done, knowing that. She'll probably come out of the room naked, just to get in the first strike with you before Stew sees me."

"Damn she's good," I thought to myself again. "Guess we'll see," I responded, once again hearing her laugh.

Right on the dot an hour later they arrived. Tanya had lit numerous candles in her bedroom giving it a very relaxing atmosphere, perfect for what I called a "sensual" massage. All Tanya did was wink. She had also changed into a very comfortable, easy to remove tee shirt that she had once again cut off just above the curvature of her breasts. The slightest movement one way or the other had one or the other of them playing 'peak-a-boob' with you. A game I always enjoyed, but I wasn't sure that either Sue or Stew would appreciate playing it with her. And to top that off, she was also wearing a pair of tight fitting shorts that had a goodly portion of both scrumptious ass-cheeks winking at everyone too.

Unfortunately, Sue was dressed far more conservatively, once again giving no hint or clue as to what her breasts were really like. I was also nervous about how either of them would react to Tanya's obvious boldness. Taking in Stew's appreciative glance when he saw Tanya, I waited for the fireworks when Sue turned towards him.

"I wish Stew would let me wear sexy outfits like that," she pouted.

"Since when did I ever say you couldn't?"

I almost laughed. He genuinely looked shocked by Sues comment.

"Oh yeah right," she threw out looking towards him before turning towards Tanya. "I used to wear even more revealing outfits than that one," she teased. "Then, after we were married, old Stew here decided I needed to look and act like a married woman."


I couldn't help but laugh this time. "I don't blame you Stew, with a wife as pretty as yours is, I'd make her dress frumpy too!"

Ok, that wasn't exactly the best thing to have said. I really was trying to pay her a compliment, but she certainly didn't take it that way.

"Frumpy? You think I look frumpy?"

"Not at all Sue," Tanya handed her a glass of wine. "Here, why don't we all sit down and get comfortable before Sue and I head into the bedroom for her massage."

"Thank you," I silently mouthed at her feeling stupid. Tanya gave me a look that told me to keep my mouth shut and let her do all the talking. Which was just as well since I'd pretty nearly fucked the evening up.

Sue was still frowning even as she sipped her glass of wine.

"Careful honey, you know how you can get if you drink too much. And especially as you've had hardly anything to eat today."

I was going to comment, but I caught a look from Tanya and closed my mouth as she said what I was about to, though delivering it far better than I would have.

"Wine just makes me horny," she said simply. "Especially if I haven't eaten anything."

I could just see me having said that, like I wouldn't have gone over nearly as well.

Stew nervously laughed at Tanya's remark. But I saw Sue was smiling. Then she actually giggled.

"Yeah, me too."

Which in turn, made Stew smile and blush.

Tanya was already refilling Sue's glass as well as her own.

"Careful with that," Stew cautioned.

"Oh, don't be such a party-poop!" Sue stood, wobbling though only slightly.

"Like I said," Stew looked over towards me with a knowing grimace on his face.

"You guys have any scissors handy?"

"What for?" Stew asked.

"So I can cut off the bottom of this tee shirt," Sue replied un-tucking it from her pants.

"You can't be serious Suzanne! You just bought that tee shirt new while we were on vacation!"

"Yeah, and it wasn't the one I really wanted to buy either!" giving him a challenging stare. "The one I wanted to get, you said was too revealing!"

"Well, it was," Stew responded with far less conviction than he'd been showing earlier.

Once again, Tanya came to everyone's rescue. "Stew's right honey. You don't want to ruin your new tee shirt."

Watching Tanya work was really amazing.

"I have several like this one, you can wear one of those if you'd like. can even wear this one!"


"Sure honey."

Before anyone could respond, Tanya simply removed the one she was wearing handing it out to her. I thought for a moment that Stews eyes were going to pop out of his head.

"Wow! Your boobs are gorgeous!" Sue exclaimed, which in looking over towards Stew was the very thing he was standing there thinking.

I on the other hand wanted to say she had 'great fucking tits', but I didn't. I just smiled agreeably along with Stew.

Ever the nobleman, Stew immediately came to his wife's rescue, which I think after I'd thought about it a while, was exactly what Tanya was counting on.

"Yours are just as pretty," Stew drew himself up proudly looking even more like the Knight on a white charger coming to his wife's defense. Which she noticed too.

"You really think so? I don't, Tanya really does have pretty tits."

Tanya immediately glared at me. I remembered, thinking 'nice fucking tits'...not 'pretty tits'." But then again, maybe it was ok for girls to use the words pretty and tits all in the same sentence.

"I'm sure yours are just as nice looking, if not more so," Tanya said casting out the hook.

I watched as Tanya gave Stew an inquisitive look, challenging him. He took the bait.

"Go a head honey, show her."

I wondered for a moment if he was expecting Sue to actually get up and lead Tanya into the bedroom. After all, he had said 'her', not 'them'.

To my surprise, Sue gave her husband one last assuring look, receiving a 'go-ahead' smile from him as she did. In the next instant, she reached down pulling off her tee shirt. Her bra was anything but Fredrick's...built for support more than anything, there was very little that was sexy about it. And then, she reached around behind herself. A second after that, her bra came undone sliding down her arms as she lowered them.

I have to say, it was a real toss up as to whose 'tits' were prettier. Or rather, who between the two of them had the nicest fucking tits.

They were actually pretty similar in shape and size. So it really was a toss up as to individual preferences after that I'd have to say. Tanya's nipples were more of a rosy-pink color with dollar-sized areola's that complimented those hard stiff points perfectly.

Sue had much lighter areola's nearly the same color of her almost alabaster colored breasts. Obviously she didn't see a lot of sun. And because of it, she almost had no areola at all to speak of, but what she did have, that Tanya immediately commented on were very thick, very large nipples that stuck out well away from her breast.

"Oh Sue! They are beautiful!" Tanya replied, immediately coming over to her and cupping them in her hands. "And these God Sue, they're incredible!"

If I thought Stew looked surprised earlier, the expression on his face was nothing to the one he was wearing now. Seeing Tanya holding his wife's breasts in her hands was arousing, to both of us. Especially as Tanya didn't merely continue to stand there holding them either. Almost absentmindedly she began rolling those thick twin points around and around between her fingers.

"God Darren, have you ever seen nipples this large? This beautiful before in your entire life?"

I wanted to suck them. Really, really bad.

"Ah no. Can't say as I have," I said playing along perfectly. Whatever Tanya was up to, she was in the drivers seat. I was just along for the ride. But with Tanya, it was always a wild one, and this was proving out to be no exception.

"Look at mine!" she continued, letting go of just one of Sue's nipples. She toyed with it briefly. "Even as horny as I am, they don't stand up nearly as nicely as hers does!"

"Oh, they do too." Sue said reaching out to finger one of Tanya's. "Maybe they're not quite as big, but they're certainly just as hard!"

Stew was grinning like a kid. As was I.

Tanya finally released Sue's tits before things became too obvious. The flirtatious play was great, but even I knew it couldn't go on forever without turning into something else. And it was far too soon to even begin to hope anything like that was going to happen.

I was glad that Tanya made no effort to put her tee shirt back on, or head into the bedroom for another one.

"More wine?"

"Sure!" Sue raised her glass inviting Tanya to pour. Stew refrained from saying anything, which I took as a good sign. And another one, when Sue didn't make any effort to cover up her breasts after that either.

Tanya made her way over towards Stew filling his glass, ensuring as she did that he got ample opportunity to stare at her breasts. She then made her way over to me, refilling my glass too, though I received a wink along with the refill. That, and a quick tiny suck of my lower lip when she finished refilling it.

"Well, drink up everyone!" Tanya raised her glass in making a toast. "To new friends!" she proclaimed.

"To new friends!" we all agreed joining her, draining our glasses.

"Now then, how about that massage?"

"Where would you like me?" Sue asked.

"Ah oh..." I thought. Tanya was after all in one of her moods. Even I knew what was coming after she'd asked that.

"I'd like you, on my face!" she said coyly. "But...I'll settle for giving you a full body massage, either in the bedroom, or...out here," she said maintaining eye contact with her.

You seriously could have heard a pin-drop.

"Really?" Sue asked keeping her eyes glued on Tanya.


Hell, even I knew what they were really talking about. And I wondered if poor Stew had a clue.

Maybe he did, he chuckled nervously. "You know, I wouldn't mind seeing that myself."

Even Tanya glanced up his way when he said that.

"I think it would be sensual as hell to see you actually give Suzanne a massage."

"Darren? Go into the bedroom and bring out my massage oil would you please?"

With a great deal of difficulty, I made my way into the bedroom retrieving the oil. By the time I'd returned Tanya had removed all the cushions from off the couch, placing them on the floor.

"Thank you," she said as I handed her the bottle of oil. "Now, would you go and fetch us a clean sheet to use?"

Obediently I hobbled over to the linen closet, watching over my shoulder as I did, stunned when Tanya simply stripped down removing all of her clothing.

"I prefer giving massages in the nude too," she said by way of offering. "It's easier for me, less constrained. And I really do enjoy giving a good massage," she said with a suggestive smile.

Stew was busily nodding his head in agreement. At about this point, I figured Stew would do just about anything Tanya asked him to do. And I wasn't that far off the mark either.

"Why don't the two of you lay out the sheet over the cushions while I undress Sue here?"

Turning towards her, she quickly added. "Even that is a part of the massage. It's pamper time baby, from this point on, you're in my hands. And that includes undressing you."

I needed to remember that one. Though yet again, I hadn't been given a massage by her either.

As Stew and I spread the sheet out upon the cushions, I noticed he was struggling with the same problem I was. We were both stooped over looking like two old men who'd dropped their canes.

Stew had it easy. He merely stepped back flopping down into the only other chair we had. I could have taken the couch, but it no longer had seats. I sat down on the arm of the couch instead, which did little by way of hiding my erection. As Sue turned having just stepped out of her panties, which Tanya was so helpful in removing from around her ankles, she glanced over towards me. Or rather directly towards my crotch, spotting the obvious bulge that was sitting there. There wasn't any way to hide it, and I thought, "Hey, what the fuck?"

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
After staring at it for several long moments, she finally looked up towards my face and grinned.

"More wine?" pointing towards the coffee table where her empty glass sat. I looked towards Stew, but he again said nothing, his attention now totally focused on Tanya as she purposely made quite the production out of undressing his wife. Not to mention the fact that she was doing this entirely naked much to his obvious delight. And mine.

We both watched as Tanya straddled Suzanne's back. Something about that sent a major throbbing through my cock as I sat that imagining the feel of Tanya's soft wet pussy pressed against me. As she gently ran her hands up Sue's back kneading her flesh, I found myself mesmerized, as her lovely breasts dangled just above her. They would sometimes graze Sue's back as though caressing her in their own unique way. Stew was following along just as enthralled as I, becoming more and more fidgety in his chair the longer he sat there.

Tanya drew her hands in feathery strokes down along the side of Suzanne's semi-concealed breasts. I watched as Tanya lingered briefly, pressing the tips of her fingers gently into the fleshiness of each, eliciting a soft mewling sound from Suzanne as she did.

"Oh God, Tanya. That feels so good!"

"And it looks good too!" Stew said, surprising everyone as he spoke.

Tanya looked over to where he was sitting, taking notice of his obvious discomfort, and smiled.

"Roll over," Tanya instructed.

There was no doubt about it. Suzanne was a true blonde. The small patch of hair between her legs was even lighter in color than her shoulder-length hair was. Tanya positioned herself between Sue's legs effectively spreading them. She didn't react negatively however much to my relief as Tanya went back to massaging and caressing her, though I noticed she refrained from directly taking hold of either of Sue's exposed breasts. Had I have been in Tanya's place, I certainly would have. Which is probably why I wasn't.

As she stretched, leaning forward while working Sue's upper shoulders, I noticed a subtle contact of Tanya's mound against Sues. When she did that, she lingered, pressing herself and I swore I saw a circular gyration lasting one or two seconds before backing away as she drew her hands back down Sue's frame, once again the palms of each seemingly floating over the tips of Sue's erect nipples lightly brushing them.


Stew's unexpected comment drew my attention back to him, which had been difficult as I'd been so riveted in watching the sensual massage taking place in front of me.

"Go ahead Stew, you're amongst friends here you know. I'm fairly certain that Darren's been dying to stroke his cock too." Tanya said easily.

Though Tanya's bluntness was unexpected, she was certainly telling the truth. My cock was painfully entrapped begging for release. Hesitantly, Stew guiltily cast a glance in my direction. From the corner of my eye however, I caught Tanya mouthing the words, "do it" to me.

With a smile, I began unbuckling my belt, lowering my zipper. Though I didn't look, I could hear a similar activity taking place over where Stew was sitting. But when Tanya spoke, I had no choice but to look over towards him.

"Oh my God...Stew!" Tanya exclaimed totally out of character.

Even I was impressed. I'd never had any complaints from anyone about my prick, but the behemoth I was staring at now nearly deflated my own erection. Tanya looked down towards Sue with awe-filled wonder in her eyes. Sue was blushing, and grinning.

"He is rather big isn't he?" she giggled appreciatively.

"Big! He's fucking huge!" Tanya responded. "How the hell..."

I was wondering the same thing myself. Stew's cock rose from his lap like a cobra, I could almost envision a snake charmer sitting cross-legged in front of him playing a flute as Stew's cock rhythmically danced swaying back and forth. Not only was it thick as well as long, but the head of his penis reminded me of a mushroom. For a brief second, I tried to envision what that would be like if I had a pussy. Not only would it be incredibly difficult putting it in, but the helmet of his prick had wide flanges that on the outward thrust would very possibly grab at the walls of a woman's cunt as though trying to hang on rather than submitting to being pulled outwards.

Shaking that image away, I refocused on the two women laying before me, though neither at the moment was doing anything more than just staring at Stew's prick.

"How do you manage it?" Tanya asked, finally finishing her question. "I have to be honest with you Sue, I'd love seeing that!"

"If you were a guy, you'd have brass balls," I thought wondering if she really thought she'd get the two of them to actually fuck in front of us.

Sue turned crimson. "Really? You'd like to see the two of us..."

"Fuck. Yes, I would," Tanya only now actually taking hold of Sue's nipples, pinching them.

"I need to get really, really juicy first," Sue stated, surprising everyone with her candor, an obvious breathlessness being heard in her words.

"Sue?" Stew asked cautiously.

Before he could put any kind of damper on Sue's sudden inhibitions, Tanya dove into her pussy like an Olympian. Watching Tanya's tongue begin to work its magic on Suzanne's cunt had the desired affect. And once again I found myself carrying on a conversation with me.

"What is it about two women together that somehow supercedes everything else?" I wondered. "Fuck, if it could be bottled, it would be the most powerful elixir known to mankind. Or womankind," I amended.

Seeing Tanya licking his wife's pussy effectively put a rather large thick cork in his mouth. That, or he was as tongue-tied as I was. Still fingering Sue's tits, Tanya continued to pinch, roll, and extend those incredible nipples up and away from her breasts, giving both Stew and I an additional side-show to the THX sounds coming from Suzanne's mouth as she moaned and groaned in ecstasy that I began to worry would soon be heard by every neighbor in our apartment building.

"Oh my God, Tanya! You have no idea how fucking good this feels!"

"Oh, I think she does!" I said speaking for the first time in quite a while.

"I'm soaking wet!" Sue added, giggling happily.

"As am I, in two places!" Tanya rose showing everyone in doing so that her face was literally drenched with Suzanne's pussy juice. "Ok Stew, I think she's more than ready for you now," Tanya beckoned him.

Unsteadily, Stew actually stood up removing his pants and underwear, which made his massive prick seem even more surrealistic as he slowly made his way over towards his wife.

He was still fisting and stroking it as he walked, hand over hand, which reminded me of reeling in a coil of rope.

"I'm not quite hard enough yet," he said a bit sheepishly. "But it's getting there."

"Not hard enough yet?" I actually blurted. "Holy shit Stew, how fucking big do you get anyway?"

He actually was embarrassed. "A little more than this," he offered doing that hand over fist thing.

"A lot more," Sue grinned looking towards her husband as his dick cast a shadow over his wife's prone body.

"Hmm, would you like some help with that?" Tanya asked, turning to look at Sue. "May I?" she asked, seeking permission.

"Be my guest," Sue winked.

Not that Tanya had a big mouth, except for speaking once in a while, but as good as she was at sucking cock, the head of Stew's prick was too wide for even her mouth. About all she could do was gobble the head of his prick up in smaller portions, chewing and nipping at it while having placed both hands side-by-side on its length. I could have sworn while sitting there watching her that she could have easily done a few chin-ups on the fucking thing.

Amazingly, he actually did harden even more than he was already, growing thicker and longer in the process.

"Thank you Tanya, I think I'm ready now," he confirmed.

Almost reverently, Tanya kneeled along with Stew as he positioned himself between his wife's out stretched legs. Holding on to his one-eyed monster, Tanya guided the enormous bulb of his cock head pressing it against the opening of her pussy. I watched in total fascination as Tanya worked it, easing it as best she could until the tip at least was surrounded and covered in sweet slippery pussy flesh.

If I didn't know better, I'd have sworn I was watching a very X-rated remake of 'The Little Shop of Horrors', as Suzanne's pussy seemed to be devouring her husbands dick. Like a mouth opening and closing, she managed to contract her cunt-muscles to the point that it really did look a lot like a man-eating plant, or cock-eating flower in this instance as she eventually managed to actually suck in that mushroomed head.

"Isn't that fucking amazing?" Tanya asked as I felt her hand wrap itself around my much smaller, though equally stiff cock. She had walked over to stand beside me while we took in the show.

Words failed me however, and I found myself wondering when we'd get to the part where Sue's cunt would eventually swallow him whole until the lips of her pussy suddenly reappeared with her husbands face looking from the inside out at us.

Obviously they'd had plenty of time to practice doing this. And it must have taken them a lot of practice. Stew obviously couldn't fit more than half of that enormous cock inside her, holding onto the exposed portion with both hands, he more or less held it there, masturfuckbatinging his prick in and out of her cunt while she in turn milked it through a series of vaginal contractions that still reminded me of one of those pod-plants from the movie.

Tanya had had Sue hanging on the edge with her tongue, so I wasn't too surprised when a reasonably short time later it became obvious she was near the ledge of orgasm and about to jump off.

There was no real warning either. One moment her eyes were open though becoming lidded as though heavy weights were dragging them down. In the next instant her face grimaced in a pleasure-pained look, her mouth opening, forming a perfect circle though no sound came from it as she did. A second after that, her pussy clenched one last time, arching her back up and off the floor where it was met by this blood-curdling scream that filled the room.

"Fuck me!" I screamed in alarm, totally and completely taken by surprise by the unexpected sound of pure pleasure erupting from this woman's lungs.

"Cum on me! Cum on me! Cum on me!" Sue was screaming out over and over.

Withdrawing that fire-hose from his wife's pussy, I watched exactly the way I'd initially imagined it as the head of his prick seemed to linger at the opening of her cunt, the lips of which seemed to entangle themselves with the velvety flesh of that mushroomed head before finally giving way with a serious 'suck-plopping' sound as his prick came free.

Sue wasn't kidding either. I don't think ten guys standing together over her jerking off simultaneously could have produced the volume of cum Stew did. When he erupted, I'd more or less anticipated that with a monster prick like his, he would shoot a pretty large load, but this was a fucking shower! Stew was jack-hammering his prick in a way I never thought possible anyway, while a near constant stream of spunk flew from the tip of his cock filling the air in high-flying arches and streamers of cum that began to fall from the air hitting her like a sudden cloud burst had somehow found its way inside our apartment. It was seriously like she'd found herself caught outside in a thunderstorm, which is also when I heard a familiar tune suddenly being hummed beside me.

"Hey Tanya! That's my song!"


Stew had collapsed leaning against the side of the couch though still sitting on the floor. Suzanne was still lying on her back, unmoving. And if I didn't know better, I'd have thought she was dead. Covered in fuck-butter from head to toe, she lay unmoving from the powerful climax she'd just experienced. The only one moving was Tanya.

"Where the hell are you going?" I asked.

"To make a phone call."

"A phone call? Now?"

Tanya ignored me as she entered the bedroom, leaving me to stand there with a hard throbbing cock that wasn't getting any kind of satisfaction whatsoever. A few minutes later she remerged from the bedroom, but rather than stopping as I'd expected, she headed immediately for the door.

"What the hell?" I wondered.

Tanya had barely reached it when a knock came. When it did, Stew started to stand up with a panic stricken look on his face.

"Don't you dare move! Either of you!" Tanya warned as Sue actually began coming to her senses.

The tone of her voice was deadly serious, and I choked back a laugh as I watched Stew actually taking it that way. Opening the door, our more than friendly neighbors Debra and Nichole entered.

"What's all the excitement about?" Debra was the first to speak upon entering. Nichole however took one look at Stew leaning next to the couch and made a beeline for him.

"Good God've gotta come see this!" she exclaimed.

Poor Stew was about as confused as any man I've ever seen. He just sat there with a bewildered expression on his face.

"Ah Tanya?" he feebly asked.

"You guys already know Debra and Nichole don't you?" Tanya spun around looking towards Sue.

Sue was just as confused as Stew was by my way of thinking.

"Yes, we do," Nichole jumped in. "But not as well as you seem to!" she said with a giggle to her voice.

"Oh my!" Debra walked up joining her roommate glancing down towards Stew's still fairly large sized prick.

"You should see it when he's really hard!" Sue shocked everyone saying.

By now, Tanya had rejoined Suzanne on the floor. She immediately began massaging in the torrent of Stew's fuck-butter that was coating her body. "This is even better than massage oil!" Tanya exclaimed.

But I noticed that neither Debra nor Nichole was really listening. Nichole had already latched onto Stew's cock and was giving it one of the hottest caresses I'd ever witnessed. He'd looked over towards where Sue was still laying, but all she'd done was grin at him. Which I immediately assumed was a 'go for it' signal of one sort or another. So, he was.

Or the girls were anyway.

I watched as Debra stripped off the tight little pair of shorts she was wearing along with the bikini top. In seconds, she was as naked as everyone else, except for Nichole and myself. Joining her friend, Debra began chomping on Stew's prick like it was a corn on the cob, which Nichole was already doing on her side of Stew's cock.

As for myself, I couldn't even imagine having a 'side' the way I was looking at it.

Nichole quickly removed her clothing too, leaving me as the odd man out under the circumstances.

"God Stew...will you titty fuck me?" she asked wantonly.

Now I really was feeling left out. Tanya was cleaning off Sue's breasts with her tongue, while Stew straddled Nichole's chest, resting his prick between those alabaster peaks of tit-flesh. I wasn't surprised to watch her also nipping and sucking that mushroom head while he slid the rest of himself back and forth between those near perfect mounds. Not to be left out, Debra joined the two of them by leaning over so she could both play with Nichole's nipples as well as tonguing Stew's prick as he grew harder and longer much to their delight.

As erotic as watching all this was, I really was feeling a bit put out, which is when I glanced up and noticed Tanya and Sue walking towards me.

"Grab one of those cushions and throw it back on the couch," she instructed Sue.

As she reached me, she unbuttoned my shirt removing it, and began working on my pants.

"You didn't think we'd actually leave you out now did you?" Tanya spoke in that naughty little girl voice I loved so much.

"Well no...yes," I admitted pouting.

Tanya laughed. "I'd never do that," she said winking at me, then pushed me back on to the couch where I landed unceremoniously.

I could almost hear the "beep-beep-beep" as she backed up positioning herself over my cock which was only then beginning to stand stiff and proud once again. I felt her liquid pussy capture my prick, sliding down my much shorter length, but I felt each and every inch when she did.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed happily.

I was wondering what had happened to Sue. Then I felt her tongue as it tickled my balls.

"Lick my pussy a little too!" Tanya moaned.

Reaching around, I fondled those perfect breasts of Tanya's. Feeling them fill my hands, hard nipples pressed deeply into my palms while that liquid cooze of hers suck-fucked my prick was amazing. Then you add to that having your balls licked, and occasionally your prick too whenever she had the opportunity, I was in heaven!

"Oh yes Sue, yes! God that feels good!" Tanya moaned thrusting herself even harder upon me. "Lit my clit baby, lick it!"

I could still see Stew as he continued to thrust his massive erection between Nichole's equally massive globes. Debra was now standing, having moved over to stand in front of him, straddling herself over Nichole. Stew was treating her to a pussy licking himself while she stood before him, holding her cunt open with her fingers so he could more easily tickle her with his tongue.

"Finger-fuck yourself so I can watch you," Tanya told Sue. And though I couldn't see it, it was enough to imagine her doing so as the sounds of her deliciously wet pussy began reaching my ears as she did.

The 'slap-slap-slap' of frenzied fucking soon drowned all that out however as Tanya began to go wild, virtually impaling herself with each and every thrust of that tight wet cunt on my cock. I swore as she did, that I'd felt the tip of my prick knocking at the entrance to her womb. Only seconds away from filling her pussy with my fuck-butter, I was glad when Tanya cried out alerting Sue and I both that she was almost there.

"Suck my clit...hard! I'm gonna cum!" she exclaimed.

I'm sure Sue was doing exactly that as I no longer felt that incredible tongue licking me. But her hands were however, kneading my balls with just the right amount of force to make it pleasurable rather than painful. It also triggered the cum-monkeys to work harder in churning up what was about to be a very powerful jettison of my spunk.

"Oh too!" I managed to say as I felt the first delicious explosion rip through my soul.

"Suck his cum! Suck his cum!" Tanya redirected Sue. I felt her hand literally yank my prick from Tanya's cunt just as the head of my prick unleashed that churning butter the monkeys had made for me. I felt Sue's lips surrounding my shaft, her hands stroking me up and down milking jettison after hard-felt jettison of my cum juice. Tanya was joyfully coming too, frigging her clit with her fingers, drawing in breath repeatedly that I never heard her expel until the very end. Then she just seemed to melt in one gigantic explosion of ecstasy that caused a torrent of her own female squirtings to expel themselves from her pussy along with the scream she'd been holding her breath for.

With a mouth still fairly well full of my cream, Sue allowed it to flow from the sides of her lips while she dove back into Tanya's pussy, adding her liquid version of orgasm to mine, which she sucked down greedily.

With one eye, I managed to look over towards the other three, all of whom were in turn watching us. For a second, I thought they might actually start clapping.

"That was fucking great!" Stew actually responded enthusiastically.

Tanya reached down between her legs gathering a great deal of her moisture within her hands as she did. Walking over towards Stew, she placed her hand against his lips, wiping it, then likewise offered a finger or two to Debra who immediately sucked it deeply into her mouth cleaning it off.

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
"Sweet!" Debra moaned enthusiastically.

It was about all I saw however, as Sue climbed up into my lap facing me, slipping her equally wet pussy down over my still hard, but very sensitive prick.

"Don't fuck me," she whispered into my ear. "Just let me feel you for a moment. Let me feel you with my pussy."

I'd forgotten all about the movie, but was immediately reminded of it as her cunt began chewing my prick. Though it had begun to soften slightly, within moments, she'd somehow slipped that cunt-ring she'd perfected around the base of my shaft resurrecting my erection much to both of our delights.

Turning to our side to watch, Sue giggled happily, warning Nichole as she saw the look of pleasure begin to spread across her husband's face.

"He doesn't cum quite as much the second, or third time as he does the first. But even so Nichole, forewarned..."

She never finished.

Stew's cock just simply 'splurged'. There's no other term to even describe it. Holding her tits around his shaft as he'd continued fucking them, she was totally unprepared for the massive load of jisim that suddenly flew from the head of his prick, catching her squarely in the face. One moment she was grinning wickedly having no idea what was to cum, and the next, Stew was drenching her in repeated torrents of sperm that simply obliterated her face entirely from view.

"Holy shit!" Debra exclaimed. "Nichole? You in there?"

Nichole was laughing however, which made me sigh with relief. Extricating herself from beneath Stew's prick, clearing her eyes so she could see again. She was a mess. A nice sticky, juicy mess.

"I tried..." Suzanne began.

"That's ok, you and Tanya can come over and help clean it off," she instructed. Almost dutifully, both women did, once again leaving my cock alone, which had just begun to enjoy itself.

"This seat taken?" Debra asked placing herself in my lap.

Debra was happy. I was happy. And so was my dick.

"By the way, anyone know when Larry and Dave are scheduled to return? I'd really like to meet them!" Tanya said licking another line of cum off Nichole's face.

"I think Jeff mentioned something about expecting them in tomorrow, or by Wednesday at the latest. Why...what have you got in mind anyway?" Debra questioned while slowly fucking me.

"Stands to reason that we really should get together for a really wild party!"

"And this wasn't?" I actually found myself asking.

To which everyone laughed.

"What are they like anyway?" Tanya kissed Nichole, sharing Stew's cum.

"Dave and Larry?" Debra grinned increasing her pussy stroking.

"Lets just say they love to party, and especially if we play games, naughty games," she added.

"Sue? Stew? You guys comfortable enough to continue more of this with us?" Tanya asked testing the waters with them.

Stew glanced towards his wife, receiving a subtle nod of her head in return.

"Sure, why the fuck not?" he said beaming.

"And don't forget Jeff!" Nichole reminded everyone. "He is after all our land lord. If we don't invite him, there is no party!"

"Well, it sounds like a plan then!" Tanya said grinning. "But until we get together and plan it, there's still a lot more that I want to do here. Like actually feeling what it's like to fuck this monster here." Tanya said holding up Stew's rapidly deflating weapon.

"Though I guess...we might have to try a bit later," she added dejectedly.

"Maybe if the four of you gather in a circle and lick one another's cunts..." Stew suggested.

Tanya burst out laughing. "You know? I'm really starting to like the way you think Stew! I think we can manage that for you. Girls?"

I felt Debra's pussy depart my prick, once again leaving it feeling neglected. On the other hand, seeing the girls form a circle on the floor before me put things in perspective.

"You know Tanya, I think we're really going to enjoy living here," I told her.

She smiled, winked. "Baby, you aint seen nothing yet!"

Then I watched as she buried her face in Nichole's pussy.


after Tanya had moved in with me, we'd had a fairly lengthy discussion regarding not only our sexual relationship, but those that each of us might have with other people. Not that I was expecting to meet anyone necessarily, but it was obvious that Tanya wanted to ensure I understood our being 'room-mates' by her definition.

After our wild little impromptu get-together, I had quickly learned to expect anything and everything. Or so I thought.

I had learned that indeed Dave and Larry had arrived back at their apartment late Tuesday night though I had as yet to actually meet them. Not too surprisingly, it was Tanya who'd informed me that she had indeed met them, mentioning something about everyone getting together for a party over the weekend prior to the semester starting.

With all the activity that had been taking place lately, I found myself exhausted, taking advantage of sleeping in while having the opportunity. When I awoke late that morning, it was to some interesting sounds coming from the living room.

"That's it Larry, fuck that sweet ass!"

I didn't recognize the male voice I'd heard. But with the mention of Larry's name, I could only assume that had been Dave's voice that had spoken. Obviously, Tanya was 'entertaining' our neighbors, though in hindsight, she was the one being entertained.

Still groggy, I stumbled out into the living room, the smell of fresh coffee assaulting my senses, though those weren't the only one's assaulted when I emerged from the bedroom.

Tanya spotted me almost immediately as I stood there staring at them. I'd been prepared to see what I was actually seeing. But only half as it turned out.

"Morning sleepyhead!" Tanya said looking up towards me. "I hope we didn't wake you."

I could only smile sheepishly shaking my head no.

"This is Dave...and Larry," Tanya said with a sudden breathlessness. I noticed that they'd increased the tempo of their coupling while I stood there watching them, causing Tanya's response to become clipped as one of them continued fucking her pussy, and the other obviously her ass.

"Hi...I'm Larry," one of them finally said.

Larry as it turned out, was the guy who was semi-squatting over Tanya, the one with his cock obviously buried deep inside her ass. Dave, the guy Tanya was sitting on raised his chin up, tilting his head back to look at me upside down. The dark sheen of sweat on his body told me they'd been going at this for quite a while already. Dave was obviously tall and athletically well built. I learned sometime later that he was a member of the basketball team, which by his height and build didn't really surprise me.

"Waz up?" Dave said looking at me grinning.

"" I asked looking at Tanya.

She giggled, "Yeah...I...made...some," she said through clenched teeth while two pricks continued to pound inside her simultaneously.

I made my way into the small kitchen retrieving a clean cup from the cupboard, pouring myself a cup, sipping it. As I did, I could hear the sounds of their fucking getting louder and louder as I stood there trying to shake off the cobwebs of my nights sleep. All the while trying to come to grips with the early morning vision of seeing my roommate getting fucked by two men, one white and one black.

I carried my coffee back into the living room and sat down in the single arm-chair we owned as they continued on in front of me. In a way, it was like watching the TV, or rather watching a very explicit X-rated video. Only this one of course was live.

"Want to join us?" Tanya asked almost casually.

"Maybe later, I'm still not awake yet," I said trying to keep the petty jealousy out of the sound of my voice.

Like I said, though we'd already discussed it so that there wouldn't be any misgivings, it was still difficult for me to accept waking up to Tanya's fucking two guys in our living room, neither of which I knew much of anything about yet.

At the angle I was sitting, it wasn't hard to see glimpses of Dave's enormous black cock sliding in and out of Tanya's clenching pussy lips. Though not nearly as large as Stewart was, it was evident he was considerably bigger than I, fully stuffing Tanya's sweet cunt with every inward thrust. Larry to my relief, appeared to be actually somewhat smaller than I was in shape and size, which explained why she'd obviously consented to his ravishment of her anal passage as opposed to Dave's doing so.

"Oh come on Darren. Quit being a spoilsport! I was hoping to suck you off while being fucked like this," she said honestly. "It's been one of my biggest fantasies!" she admitted catching her breath once again as Dave power-thrust that massive prick of his deep inside her cunt.

Admittedly, sitting there watching the three of them was arousing. I'd already felt my cock stiffening while watching all this, mixed feelings and all.

"Hurry baby!" she coaxed affectionately. "I want all three of you to cum on me as close together as possible. So you've obviously got some catching up to do," she told me. "Bring that beautiful cock of yours over here so I can suck it!"

With a request like that, what's a guy to do anyway?

I sat my unfinished cup down on the coffee table. As I was only wearing a pair of boxers and a tee shirt, getting naked took only a moment longer than that before I'd walked over to join them, feeling Tanya's soft hand surrounding the shaft of my prick just before her warm velvety mouth encompassed the hot-throbbing head of my dick.

I forgot all about Dave and Larry. Well, for the most part anyway. Some people might find calling a woman a "cock-sucker" as being vulgar. Calling Tanya that was like giving her an honorific behind her name. She was that fucking good!

Obviously Tanya was all fired up. With a cock in her pussy, and one in her ass, it wasn't too surprising either. Hungrily, Tanya went about sucking my prick like it was a tootsie pop and she was striving to reach the center in record-breaking time. With that kind of effort, I just gave myself over to the sensation, feeling my knees buckle while a thousand tiny Goosebumps ran up and down my entire body.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Larry moaned.

Quick as a bunny, Tanya somehow extricated herself from both Dave and Larry just in time for him to begin jacking his spunk all over Tanya's waiting breasts. He was still spurting his cream all over her when Dave joined him in the cum-bath she was receiving, all the while continuing to stroke my cock with her hands, urging me to do the same.

"Do it Darren! Do it! Cum all over me baby. Squirt that fuck-juice all over me!" she pleaded.

I soon began adding the third cum-shower of the morning for Tanya as she happily moaned, frigging her clit wildly with her fingers as my jisim fell, pooling with the streamers and ribbons of spunk that was already criss-crossing her breasts, neck and face where Dave and Larry had only moments ago finished placing theirs. Reaching a very intense orgasm just as the last vestige of my cream dripped out of the tip of my cock, landing near perfectly atop one of her very erect nipples, Tanya thrashed wildly for a few seconds, letting her fingers finish the pleasure of that clit-nub she'd been stimulating.

Larry and Dave had already stumbled over to the couch sitting down side by side. Moving back towards the table, picking up my unfinished cup of coffee, I drank from it surprised to find it was still nearly as hot as it had been when I'd first sat it down. Though admittedly, I had managed to climax in near record-breaking time. Almost dutifully, Tanya knelt first in front of Dave cleaning his cock and balls with her tongue before moving over towards Larry, doing the same. Though they'd just barely finished cumming all over her, I noticed almost immediately that both were once again sporting erections.

"Sorry guys, but Debra and Nichole will be here before too long. We're getting together to make plans for the party we're having this weekend."

"We could have a little party of our own when they do," Dave suggested lustily.

"It's tempting," Tanya stroked his cock as though considering. "But I really do want to plan something wild and worthwhile before school starts," she said releasing his prick. "So be good boys, and go home now."

Reluctantly they did, though not before stating how nice it had been to meet me, and that they were both eagerly looking forward to the party. After they had both left, Tanya dragged me into the bathroom with her, though it didn't take a lot of coaxing for me to soon join her inside the shower. I loved showering with her anyway.

"So what are your plans anyway?"

Her hand was softly soaping and stroking my cock while she answered.

"You know what Bernie does to put himself through school?" Tanya asked me offhandedly.

"Bernie? Who's Bernie?" I asked.

"Oh...he's the one everyone calls 'The Geek'," she told me.

"Oh. I didn't know," her hand still stroking my cock causing me to nearly forget his name anyway.

"He owns and runs a dance studio if you can imagine."

"A dance studio?" I hadn't met 'The Geek', or 'Bernie' yet, but from the way Jeff had described him, I couldn't imagine a guy who wore coke-bottles for glasses as being coordinated enough to be giving dancing lessons.

"Yeah, Debra's actually taken lessons from him too. Said he's one hell of an instructor!"

The feel of Tanya's hand as she almost too lazily fondled my prick made me think of Tanya being a rather proficient instructor herself. Already my knees were weakening along with my balls drawing tight within their comfy held sack as it rested in the palm of her other hand.

"Yeah, Nichole actually approached Bernie last night about helping us, maybe using his studio as the place to hold the party."

"Good luck," I answered through clenched teeth, the approach of orgasm making it more and more difficult for me to carry on an intelligent conversation. Truth was, I couldn't see 'The Geek' as being someone who'd be interested in helping the rest of us throw a wild party, especially at the place where he normally worked to earn a living, putting himself through school.

"I'm not worried," Tanya licked my cock like an ice-cream cone. "Nichole happens to know that Bernie's still a virgin if you can believe that. And she said that she'd go so far as to give him a blow-job if that's what it took to convince him."

"It would sure as hell convince me," I thought as Tanya took a second to caress my balls before all but swallowing my prick whole.

"Anyway, we should know pretty soon how things went, Nichole and Debra should be here anytime now. Which reminds me, you about ready yet?"

I answered her by way of drenching her face unexpectedly with a nice surge of pleasured cream as my prick exploded within her hand.

"God Darren, I love making you cum!" she said excitedly.

Words failed me at the moment however in any attempt to respond to that. All I could do was stand there smiling, trying to support myself by hanging on to the shower rod as my prick continued to spasm wonderfully, emptying itself into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Seconds later, the sound of the doorbell alerted us both that Debra and Nichole had arrived.

"You owe me one," Tanya stepped out of the shower grabbing a towel to wrap around herself. She stuck a finger inside her mouth licking off the residue of my spendings that she had missed. "Make that two," she said suggestively, and then disappeared through the bathroom door.

I allowed the afterglow of the caressing shower spray to slowly bring me down before stepping out of the shower to towel off. Wearing only my towel, I made my way down the hallway towards my room, pausing briefly to glimpse into the front room. Nichole spotted me almost immediately.

"We're all set!" she said enthusiastically. "Come here Darren, you've gotta hear what we have planned. And even more amazing, Bernie's going to help us with most of it!"

Tanya hadn't bothered to get dressed either, though she had wrapped the bath towel around herself, she'd left her breasts exposed. One of which Debra was calmly fingering, tweaking her exposed nipple as all three of them sat pouring over what looked to be like some sort of diagram.

"What's this?" I asked moving up to sidle between Nichole and Debra.

"Sort of a floor plan. Though more specifically, an idea Bernie had to turn the party into a gigantic game board, where everyone is actually the playing pieces," Nichole explained.

"You lost me."

"This is great!" Tanya interjected ignoring me completely. "And you said he already has access to most of what we'll need?"

"Yep. All except for the few extras, like a bar tender, but I already know someone who'd be willing to do that for us anyway. He's married, but a true voyeur, he wouldn't even think about joining in the game, but he'll be thrilled just to be able to stand there and watch everyone else. And with something to do while he does, he won't feel out of place while doing it either."

"A bar tender?" I asked Nichole.

She nodded her head. "Yeah, Bernie came up with the concept of the game itself, complete with a corner square called 'The Bar'. Anyone passing through it still has to stop and take a shot on their way by. But anyone actually landing on that particular square has to actually order a drink. They can't roll again until they finish it. But even better, anyone else landing on the same square while someone else is in there has to buy everyone else a drink too. Anyway, that's just one of the squares that Bernie came up with. He had all sorts of great ideas!" Nichole conceded.

"And you actually convinced Bernie to go along with this?"

Nichole laughed. "Yeah, and I didn't even have to go so far as to give him a blow-job either, one look at my tits, and Bernie was beside himself with ideas. But to be honest, I think this is something he's been thinking about for a long time now. He had too much detail, and too many ideas and suggestions for it to be a spur of the moment thing."

Tanya jumped in. "I'm not too surprised. He probably hasn't had much of a sex-life, so I'm sure he's conjured up all sorts of masturbatory fantasies. And I'm willing to bet, this is just one of them. The truth is, we're about to turn one of them into reality for him. So he's probably more excited about doing this than anything he's ever experienced before."

"Tell me more," I asked curiously.

"Nope! Sorry Darren. We're going to keep the 'game' both a mystery and a surprise for everyone. It will be a lot more exciting that way. So you along with everyone else are just going to have to wait until Saturday evening to find out what's in store," Debra stated with some finality.

"Is everyone going to be there?" I did ask.

"As far as I know, yes. Plus, Jeff's bringing his girlfriend. I think he said her name was Pam. So that will make five women, and five men. Just perfect for the number of players who'll be participating."

I had to admit. It sounded interesting. The dance hall Bernie had offered up, as the place for us to party at was certainly big enough. And with the enthusiasm the girls were already showing towards getting things all set up and arranged before Saturday made me believe that it was going to be one hell of a party.

"This is so exciting! I can hardly wait for Saturday!" Debra exclaimed.

"I can see that," indicating the pressure she was applying to Tanya's poor nipple. "You pull any harder, your apt to twist it off her breast." I admonished her.

Tanya however seemed to be enjoying it, sticking her tongue out at me. "Listen, we've got a couple of hours to kill before Bernie told us to meet him. Since Debra's got me all worked up, what say we go into the bedroom and have some fun before then?"

Though I had just finished cumming, I felt the towel I was wearing begin to tent up in front of me. I smiled as the thought of spending the afternoon with three delicious horny women aroused me even further. Tanya glanced down at the obvious bulge I was suddenly sporting.

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
"Sorry Darren. Girls only," she stated seriously. "You'll just have to wait until the party."

"The game!" Nichole corrected.

"The game," Tanya agreed. "Come on girls, let's go get one another off. We're going to have a busy enough afternoon as it is anyway."

Stunned, I watched the three of them disappear into the bedroom closing the door behind them. I thought briefly of following them in anyway until I heard the faint 'click' of the door being locked behind them a second later.

"Fuck! She really was serious!" I said dejectedly to myself, feeling my erection suddenly pouting as I stood there a short distance from the closed and locked door. Once again I heard the 'click', and the door opened. All three women stood there naked, peering out at me.

"Just kidding Darren," Tanya said grinning. "Now get in here. Like I owe me!"


I followed the instructions given me as I'm sure had been given to everyone. Pulling around back behind the dance studio, I entered through the back entrance, which was closer to the locker rooms according to Tanya where we were to go before doing or seeing anything else.

Debra, Nichole and Tanya had come over much earlier of course to put the finishing touches on things. Besides 'The Geek' and the girls, it appeared I was the first one amongst everyone else to have arrived. Entering through the back way, I saw we'd all been assigned a locker as they had our names temporarily taped to them along with an envelope with a basic set of instructions. I quickly tore into the envelope and read:

"You are instructed to remove all your clothing. Inside the locker you will find a pair of specially designed briefs you're expected to wear for the game. You will also find a pair of fuzzy dice that will be used throughout the game, place those around your neck and proceed down the hallway to the small private dance room and wait there."

Opening the locker, I quickly located the bright red satin briefs that I'd been told in the note would be waiting for me. Along with those, I also found a pair of matching fuzzy red dice much like those you'd see hanging from someone's rearview mirror. Removing my clothing, I began to slip into the briefs when I noticed that a small opening appeared in front, obviously my cock was intended to poke through it. Although there wasn't a lot at the moment to make that comfortably possible, I was surprised that the mere thought of what everyone would look like, and the excitement that would follow from it, soon had me sporting an erection. Taking my dice, I walked down the hallway to the room they had indicated and found a carefully prepared set of 'game' instructions waiting for me upon my arrival. In addition, a pitcher of margaritas sat on a nearby table as a mood setting refreshment for everyone.

"Cool!" I thought pouring myself a drink to sip on while reading the "rules of the game" as I noticed the handout to be labeled. Moments later, Dave and Larry arrived, followed shortly by everyone else. The guys all wore similar briefs of varying colors, all of which had been purposely designed for our cocks to poke through. And like everyone, we all had erections in anticipation of the festivities ahead. Stew was having a much more difficult time with the way his cock poked through his shorts, which even Dave sat marveling at, but it was the briefest of thong bikini's, all of which had nipple cut-outs that I found erotically entertaining.

"Some outfit isn't it?" Sue said as she came over to sit down next to me. The baby-blue thong was so skimpy that it barely even covered her in the first place. Her long erect nipples poking through the cutouts of the bra invitingly.

"Damn Sue, you can say that again!" I said eyeing her just as Jeff and Pam walked into the room.

Jeff was wearing an emerald green tight fitting brief, already aroused, his erection was poking through the opening stiff and proud. He smiled impishly, well aware that everyone who'd already arrived was staring at the obvious. But it wasn't just his stiff member that had drawn everyone's attention towards them when they entered, but the attractive looking blonde wearing a deep black thong bikini. He quickly introduced everyone to Pam. I smiled inwardly as I gently shook her hand in greeting. As I did, her magnificent breasts jiggled slightly, far larger than any of the other girls, her boobs threatened to spill out of the barely concealing cups at any moment. Her nipples pressed tightly against the small cutout openings of the thin bra that bordered on failure to keep her breasts confined, each nipple just as firm and erect as Jeff's prick was.

"Hi everyone!"

Tanya had opened the door peeking in. "Everyone ready to play 'The Game'?"

She was wearing a bright white, almost satin finish looking thong bikini. As was everyone's, her nipples poked through the openings of her bikini top, standing out in stark contrast to the top as dark as her nipples were.

Almost as one, we all nodded heads or vocalized our willingness to get things started.

"Follow me then!" Tanya turned, heading down the hallway.

Tanya waited briefly until we had all gathered near her before opening the doublewide doors into the dance studio. The moment she did, I understood why it was called "Pyramid Dancing" as Bernie's studio was called. Though you couldn't tell from the outside, the moment you entered, you realized the main dance studio was shaped into the form of a pyramid, using enormous floor to ceiling mirrors that encompassed the entire room. It was at that point that I also understood the particular attire we were all wearing, as the entire chamber was black-lighted, our garments immediately glowing brilliantly beneath the subdued lighting.

"You and your black lights," I said turning towards Tanya. "I should have known," I said teasingly.

Even Pam's black bikini was glowing beneath the lights from a myriad of "sparklies", as Tanya called them as we entered.

"Wow, this is way fucking cool!" Dave commented.

Bernie and the girls had obviously been busy. Using water based florescent paints, they had created an enormous game board on the floor of the studio, that when looking in the pyramid of mirrors gave it a three dimensional look that had to be seen to be believed. Much like a Monopoly board, only giant sized, it covered nearly the entire floor area of the room. In one of the corners stood a miniature bar, complete with bar tender dressed in white shirt and glowing purple tie. A well stocked bar behind him contained a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. A few of the enormous squares contained pieces of furniture, here and there a chair, a small couch or what appeared to be a massage table. In the very middle of the game board was a circular area that had enormous bright green letters glowing beneath the black lights that read: "Orgy Room". It was filled with a wide variety of comfortable looking pillows, all of which again glowed brilliantly beneath the lights up above.

"This is unfucking believable!" Larry commented taking the words right out of my mouth.

We all wandered about briefly taking in the spectacular scene before us. Oversized cards were neatly stacked in tall piles kitty-corner to one another, just like the cards in a Monopoly Game, though these were labeled simply "His" and "Hers".

In addition to the bartender that Bernie introduced us to as Jason, there was also another guy dressed in what appeared to be a referee's uniform, complete with a whistle and black and white striped shirt, which like everyone else, glowed eerily beneath the lighting. It was at this point we all noticed a rather comfortable looking pair of chairs sitting just off one side of the gigantic game board.

"Who's that for?" I asked no one in particular, though it was Bernie who actually answered.

"Before we begin, I wanted to tell everyone that I came up with an additional incentive in playing the game, but I also wanted to first get everyone's approval for it first," he began.

By the looks on the girl's faces, even they were obviously unaware of this unexpected addition to the rules of the game we'd all been given a copy to read.

"Since I started this business, I've had a silent partner who has backed me from the beginning. He and his wife are fairly wealthy, and they have offered as an additional surprise while we play, permitted to watch and participate to a limited degree, that every time anyone passes 'start', they will be given fifty dollars. Provided of course that everyone is comfortable with them being here, watching as the rest of us play the game. They will be wearing masks so as to conceal their true identities, and as such will remain seated within the chairs at all times."

Bernie then pointed out four black silhouettes two male, two female, one on each side of the game board, positioned where normally the railroads would have been on a Monopoly board.

"When anyone lands on one of these, if you're male, then you are to go over to Mrs. X as we'll call her and perform whatever act she wishes you to perform or do for her for a time period of five minutes. Hence the referee with the stopwatch and whistle which he'll be using throughout the game for other time monitored activities. And obviously visa versa for the women. If you land on one of these squares, you will then go over to Mr. X and perform for him whatever is requested. In both instances, whenever you do, you will be awarded an additional fifty dollars for the five minutes spent. Does anyone have a problem with this additional aspect to the game?" Bernie asked.

No one did. Making it even more exciting as having strangers actually watching and possibly involved from time to time an additional erotic aspect to be enjoyed while everyone else played and watched one another. With all of us having agreed, Bernie quickly brought out Mr. And Mrs. 'X', quickly introducing them to us before showing them to their seats.

We quickly covered the rules to ensure everyone understood them, after which, Tanya told us all to roll our fuzzy dice we were all wearing, to see who went first.

"Ok Larry, looks like you're up!" Tanya announced.

Larry rolled his dice, walking six spaces on the game board reaching a square called "His".

The referee had him draw one of the cards from off of the pile.

"You are instructed to lie down on your back and remain in this position until it is your turn to move once again," the referee instructed.

Doing so, Larry lay down as Debra rolled her dice, rolling a seven. As she prepared to walk by where Larry was laying, the referee then informed her that she was to mount Larry's cock as she passed, giving him "one" fuck-thrust as she did, as that was the number she'd rolled going past him. Everyone giggled as Debra squatted over him briefly, allowing one brief insertion of his penis inside her pussy before moving on to stand in the square next to him. Her square read "remove clothes".

"Well, that was quick!" Debra announced taking off her very brief bikini.

Dave rolled next joining Debra. As he passed by Larry who was still lying on the floor, the referee informed him of one of the rules we were all aware of.

"Even you have to give Larry's cock one quick hand-jack," he told him. "It's in the rules!" he added.

Dave quickly did so, reaching down to give his roommates prick a quick hand-jack before joining Debra where he too was required to remove his colored briefs.

"Since you are sharing a square, you must spin the wheel!" Our referee informed everyone. To my surprise, a spotlight appeared as some sort of hanging slowly descended from seemingly out of no where. Depicted on it were more sexual positions than I'd ever seen before. Producing a small hand-held spinning wheel, Dave gave it a quick spin watching moments later as it landed on the number '28'. We all quickly glanced at the hanging mural for the corresponding number. The scene shown in silhouette was of a couple performing a '69' on one another.

"Nice!" Dave said placing himself down on the floor just as the depiction said he should.

Debra quickly positioned herself over Dave, drawing his purple-headed swollen prick firmly between her lips.

"You have five minutes," our referee spoke. "Who's next?" he then questioned.

It was my turn. Rolling my fuzzy dice I rolled a twelve, sending me all the way to the corner bar.

"Don't forget to give Larry's prick six quick strokes!" Tanya informed me.

Surprised at this additional rules requirement, I quickly did so passing by Larry, then Debra and Dave who were busily pleasuring one another orally. I saddled up to the bar, ordered a scotch and water from our bar tender, then turned to continue watching the spectacle taking place just a short distance away. We'd barely gotten started, and already there was so much sexual tension in the air you could cut it with a knife it was so thick. I watched Tanya's roll, saw her land on one of the 'guest-watchers' silhouettes and knew that she'd be the first to pay one of them a visit. Mr. 'X' was already taking his stiff prick out of his pants when Tanya approached, they spoke briefly though I couldn't hear what his request was, though moments later it became obvious as Tanya knelt down on the floor in front of him and began licking his stiff prick.

Sue rolled next, giving Larry's cock the appropriate strokes with her pussy as she passed by and the first one to be sent to the 'orgy' room to await the arrival of at least two more people before she could even roll again. Then it was Stew's turn stopping just short of where Larry was laying. He too had to draw a 'his' card.

"You are required to masturbate until it's your turn to roll again," the referee instructed him.

Seeing Stew begin to stroke that incredibly large prick of his to life was actually entertaining. Especially as I sat there watching everyone from my barstool. Tanya was still expertly sucking off Mr. 'X', Dave was licking Debra's pussy like there was no tomorrow, who in turn was knobbing his pretty good-sized prick with her mouth as furiously as he was licking her.

Pam rolled, fucking Larry briefly as she passed by him soon joining me at the bar. "I'll have a white wine please," she ordered with a broad smile on her face. "Is this fucking hot or what?" she asked me.

"Oh yeah, its hot," I told her smiling just as wickedly.

Although there was no requirement that we do anything while sitting at the bar together, there was no rules saying we couldn't do anything either. As Pam sipped her wine, I felt her hand reach over, gently squeezing my erection as she began softly playing with it.

"God I hope we go to the orgy room soon! I want to fuck your brains out!" she told me seriously. "After everything I've been hearing about all of you, I've been looking forward to getting together for this crazy party for what seems like for ever!"

Pam took another sip of wine, held it inside her mouth then leaned over and proceeded to bathe my prick in a nice stimulating wine tasting of sorts.

"Fuck that feels good!"

By this time of course, Nichole passed Larry giving his prick a few nice pussy fucks before being the second person to arrive in the 'orgy' room with Sue. Tanya returned to her square to wait her next turn, and the referee almost had to pour water over Debra and Dave to force them apart as their five minutes were now up.

Jeff rolled next giving Larry's cock a few quick strokes then joined Tanya, though he was sent off to pleasure Mrs. 'X' rather than doing anything with her even though they were sharing the same square. Baring her breasts, we watched as Jeff lovingly sucked on each one of her nipples while Bernie rolled walking to his square just behind where Stew was standing. His was another 'his or hers' square, so Bernie was required to draw a card.

"You may proceed to the square of your choice," the referee informed everyone.

Surprisingly, Bernie quickly joined Pam and I at the bar.

"I think he's still a little nervous," Pam informed me pointing discreetly at Bernie's still flaccid prick.

Bernie ordered a rum and coke, but rather than turning to watch everyone else, he actually faced the bartender while quickly drinking down his rum before ordering another. Once he had that one in hand, he turned to watch as Larry finally rolled his second turn, passing the three of us at the bar, ordering a shot of tequila as he passed by us on his way to a square that said he was to roll again. Doing so, Larry ended up in 'Jail'. An iron-barred cage actually sat in one corner of the game board. Larry was quickly ushered inside where he was immediately handcuffed with his arms now suspended from the top of the cage.

"You will remain here until you roll doubles," he was reminded.

Debra soon passed the three of us by, grabbing her tequila shot on her way past where she landed on a 'hers' Card Square.

"You are required to suck each prick that passes you by the equal number of minutes per movement they go by. You may also lick or finger each woman who does so in an equal manner," Debra was informed.

Not too surprisingly, she stood there grinning as Dave rolled moving two squares past her, though not before Debra had sucked his cock for two full minutes. When he finished his move, he found himself rolling again, passing Larry as he continued to stand handcuffed inside the jail.

"Roll again," Dave was instructed. He did so. He rolled a three.

"You may now choose a spanking device of your choice, you will spank Larry's ass three times with whatever implement you desire."

Larry moaned worriedly as Dave glanced over an array of wicked looking pleasure-pain options. Deciding on a ping-pong paddle, he walked over and gave Larry's ass three quick slaps with it before finishing his move where he found himself along with the rest of us on a square that said he may switch places with anyone.

"Hmm, I think I'll switch with Sue in the 'orgy' room!" Sue gave Dave a disappointed look, but traded places with him anyway.

It was now my turn to leave the corner bar. Reluctantly, Pam had to quit giving my prick the affectionate, and very exciting blowjob she'd been doing.

"See you soon!" she said with a mischievous wink. And much to my delight, I made up the third person to be sent to the 'orgy' room joining Nichole and now Dave who were anxiously waiting for someone else to arrive.

"You three have fifteen minutes to do whatever you like," we were informed.

I knew by the rules that if it came your turn, and if the fifteen minutes weren't up yet, you could either roll, or forfeit your turn. Joining Nichole and Dave, they'd already pretty much decided what they wanted to do as Dave moved in behind Nichole 'doggy-style'.

Laying down on one of the pillows in front of Nichole, I was soon treated to yet another blowjob while Dave began thrusting his prick in and out of that obviously wet pussy of hers. The sounds of all that cunt-juice were easily heard as he began pounding into her from behind with an intensity borne of immediate need. Nichole was every bit as aroused as he was however, which was evident by the way she went to town on my cock. I thought briefly she might actually bite the head of it off she was so fucking horny.

Tanya quickly found herself joining the three of us with barely a minute or so lost in doing so. She immediately squiggled in beneath Nichole, licking her pussy and occasionally Dave's prick as he continued fucking her cunt. Lying there, watching all this while having my own prick sucked was a fantasy come true for me.

Sue also drew a 'masturbate' yourself card on her next turn, doing so quite happily in fact as she along with everyone else, including Mr. And Mrs. 'X' watched the four of us enjoying ourselves in the middle of the game board.

Stew finally made it past the bar, grabbing himself a shot, his prick now wonderfully hard which was still fascinating as hell to see him literally having to pick it up with both hands in order to walk easily. He landed on the same square as his wife much to her delight, where upon once again the banner dropped from the ceiling with the multitude of sexual positions displayed. Spinning the wheel, even we who were having our own fun in the orgy room turned to look as the number he'd spun showed them in a position requiring the both of them to sit, with Sue fucking him in that fashion.

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
"This isn't going to be very fucking easy!" she commented playfully. But seconds later she'd managed to accommodate a lot more of his cock than anyone else would have been able to, and they were happily fucking one another watching us, as we watched them.

"About fucking time!" Pam commented, throwing her fuzzy dice.

Landing on a square that said 'exchange places', she immediately headed for the Orgy Room, giving Dave the bad news that she'd selected him to trade places with.

"I swear Darren, if you don't fuck my pussy soon, I'm going to explode!" she told me.

More than happy to accommodate her, Pam laid down on her back while I positioned myself on my side, sliding perfectly inside that more than sufficiently wet cunt. Much to our delight, Nichole moved over into a '69' position with Pam. Seconds Nichole was flicking Pam's clit with her tongue, occasionally licking my cock as I continued sliding in and out of that incredibly lubricated quim. By the sounds that Nichole was making, it was evident that Pam was doing a superb number on Nichole's pussy too.

"That's it! That's it! Oh yeah, right....fucking...there!" Nichole told her.

While the three of us continued to enjoy our mini-orgy, Nichole opted to remain with us thus forfeiting her turn to Jeff. Rolling his dice, Jeff moved ahead to a square labeled 'fuck em all!'. Pleased with his good fortune, Jeff was given a one minute time limit to make his way around the board where he could happily fuck every woman there in turn for one minute each as he went around. Grinning, Jeff headed immediately for Tanya who was the first woman in front of him.

Tanya laughed when she saw the wicked grin spreading across Jeff's face as he approached her.

"How and where do you want me baby?" she asked him.

"All fours baby, so I can watch those titty's sway back and forth while I fuck you," he said still grinning.

Seconds later Jeff was doing just that, which even I had to admit was stimulating to see as I continued pumping Pam's pussy with my cock, matching the erotic sway of Tanya's fabulous breasts as they hung suspended beneath her, Jeff almost greedily thrusting his prick deeply inside her at a frantic pace.

"Fuck'll never make it around the board if you try to keep up that pace!" I told him.

Pam laughed removing her mouth from Nichole's pussy momentarily, causing Nichole to moan in frustration as she was so near an obvious orgasm.

"You'd be surprised Darren, Jeff fucks like he talks...and the more excited he gets, the faster he talks, and the faster he fucks."

"Actually, I did notice that," I laughed along with her.

Now it was Bernie's turn. As he swiveled around on his barstool to roll his dice, I saw that he wasn't quite as flaccid as he'd been earlier. Bernie was finally starting to warm up to the game, getting past his nervousness and inhibitions. His move placed him sharing the same square with Tanya, Jeff having moved off to continue on with his 'round the board' fuck-fest. Above, the spotlight highlighted the banner as it again descended, the wheel spun, and the outcome showing a silhouette of a man-standing, woman kneeling.

"Looks like you get yourself a blowjob!" Tanya stated enthusiastically, already kneeling down in front of him.

"It, it will be my very first! Ever!" he stammered almost apologetically.

"Really? Well, in that case...I'll make sure it'll be one to remember!" slipping his cock inside her mouth.

Watching Bernie's knee's buckle as he hurriedly reached out to balance himself by placing both hands on Tanya's shoulders, I watched my sexy roommate engulf Bernie's poor prick entirely, seeing it disappear in it's entirety inside her velveteen lips. Not only that however, she surprised everyone, especially Bernie as she also managed to gobble up a portion of his balls simultaneously.

"Oh fuck!" Bernie screamed. "I'm gonna..."

"Cum?" Tanya mouthed around his prick as he exploded.

By this time the referee had handed Larry his dice. Handcuffed as he still was, all Larry could do was allow them to drop.

"Sorry, you remain here until someone else replaces you, or until you roll doubles," the referee informed him.

Larry didn't seem to mind however. Initially he'd appeared to be more than a little unsettled by his predicament, but he'd received a fair number of spankings in one form or another by everyone who'd passed him by, leaving his ass well-reddened, but even more interestingly, his prick about as hard and stiff as I'd ever seen it.

Debra rolled next, finding herself making a visit to see Mr. 'X', who promptly had her sit down upon his lap, though facing away from him towards the game board where he more than excitedly began fucking her, all the while massaging her breasts, squeezing and pulling on Debra's extended nipples. Jeff was just finishing up making his rounds, looking quite contended, though humping the air like a dog just shooed away from it's owner's leg.

"Group time is up!" our referee informed us, much to all of our noticeable reluctance to disengage from one another, especially Nichole who's pussy had been hovering on the edge of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like an eternity.

"Fuck!" was all she said as she sat up pulling away from Pam's face.

Even I was reluctant to withdraw my prick from Pam's pussy, giving it one last hard thrust inside her, smiling as I heard her groan in obvious joy at the sudden last minute, totally unexpected skewering of her slickened cunt.

Dave now rolled, the first to pass the 'start' square, earning some extra cash as he did. Required to draw a 'his' card, he was immediately sent to the corner bar.

"Water!" was all he asked for upon arriving. "I'm fucking thirsty!"

And then, it was my turn.

Much like Jeff had been told to do, my trip around the board would include a one minute 'tit-fuck' of every woman there. Looking ahead, I saw my first target as being Debra who was still busily humping herself up and down on Mr. X's prick.

"Come here baby! Fuck these tits! They're waiting for you!" she urged me smiling, holding them together for my prick to slip in between.

I made my way over to her, watching as she spit in the valley of tit-flesh she'd created, using her natural lubrication in order to make my prick all nice and comfy when I slid between her breasts. Which of course, it did.

"Ah yeah...fuck em baby, fuck em!" she cried out happily as Mr. X obviously increased the tempo of his own coupling with her.

Tanya had already rolled, leaving a very, very satisfied 'first blowjob ever' Bernie behind her as she moved forward on the game board, being the first new person to be sent to the Orgy room to await additional arrivals.

For two solid hours, we played the game. When the last of the cards had been turned, the referee blew his whistle, formally ending the game when he called out, "free for all!". Doing that, he'd basically turned our heated passions and desires loose. As one, everyone scrambled towards the center of the board, including by this time, Mr. And Mrs. X, along with Jason, the married bartender.

In seconds, I felt myself being pulled down amongst the oversized pillows in the middle of the floor. Looking up, I saw Tanya as she hovered over me, the lust in her eyes wilder than I'd ever seen before.

"Fuck me Darren! Fuck me!"

Tanya sat down on my prick. I felt it slide upwards into that silken pussy-passage nearly robbing me of my senses as it did. Vaguely aware of so much activity taking place all around me, I saw Stew as he carried his enormous erection over towards us.

"Bring that monster over here!" Tanya ordered him. "I want to lick that fucking thing!"

"Me too!" Pam said coming from out of nowhere.

Jeff had placed himself next to me though laying in the opposite direction. Straddling him, Pam and Tanya both began licking and caressing Stew's monster penis while Jeff and I slowly and easily slid in and out of the girls wonderful wet cunts. Off to one side, I was pleased to see 'The Geek' was getting his pleasures as he'd drawn himself up behind Mrs. X who had removed all of her clothing, save for the mask she still wore over her eyes. For an older gal, she was certainly in great shape too. Full breasted, watching those magnificent orbs gently swaying to and fro beneath her as Bernie pummeled her pussy from behind, I wasn't surprised when Dave slid himself beneath her, latching on to one of those beautiful tits. Sue was also kneeling, though she had latched onto Dave's prick sucking it wildly as Larry mounted her from behind. The moans and groans that were coming from everyone filled the air with a myriad of sounds that punctuated the intensity of what everyone was experiencing.

'Stripes' as everyone had begun calling our referee, had joined Nichole along with Mr. X. She was doing her level best at the moment to suck both men off simultaneously. Watching her as she attempted to insert both pricks inside her mouth was stimulating to watch, especially as moments later they began pumping her mouth full of their combined jisim that became far too much for her to handle. Nichole allowed the sticky sweet substance to roll from the corners of her mouth where it dropped in 'cum-drops' of frothy white liquid against her breasts.

Stew had been watching the same thing as I had been. Seeing Nichole taking all that fresh cum-cream triggered his orgasm.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!!"

Pam wrestled Stew's prick away from Tanya momentarily, grappling with it like handling a python. Placing Stew's monster dick between those luscious breasts, he began to cover them in his essence as his prick spewed forth a torrent of fuck-butter, totally and completely enveloping Pam's breasts.

"Oh shit! I'm going to cum soon too. And it's going to be a hard one!" Tanya announced.

I knew what that meant. We were about to be treated to one of Tanya's famous 'geyser' squirts. Hearing that, Sue as well as Debra and Nichole moved over to watch the spectacle.

"What's up?" Pam asked releasing Stew's still spitting Python.

"You'll see soon enough," I said as I helped Tanya to lie down.

Sliding myself up between her legs, I began to devour that hard knot of feminine pleasure protruding from her succulent lips. Swollen, and glistening with her juices, I drew that sweet nubbin of flesh between my lips, sucking it. As I did, I heard the sudden intake of pleasured breath as Tanya allowed herself to begin the orgasmic tumble towards bliss as my tongue ravished her hot throbbing clit.

"Faster! Faster! Oh fuck yes Darren! Right there...right fucking there!"

I knew by Tanya's words as well as her body's response to my manipulation of her clit that she was already teetering on the edge of climax. Instinctively, I could tell not only by the abundance of moisture that had rapidly accumulated inside her pussy, but also in the way it had begun to quiver in expectation of release that she was almost there. As wet as she was, I coated my middle finger in her fluids, drawing it back out of her pussy and placed it gingerly against the opening of her ass. Feeling the tip slide just inside the outer opening, I pressed it firmly against her. Simultaneously, my index finger re-entered her pussy, her natural lubrications now guiding the way as both fingers slid easily and deeply inside of her.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" Tanya screamed. Reluctantly, I withdrew my lips from around her clit, though continuing to finger-fuck her ass and pussy. Pam had by now straddled my back and I could feel her soft wet lips pressing against my flesh sending a thousand goosebumps up and down my entire body as she slithered herself against me.

"Hang on! She's about to..."

"Squirt!" Tanya finished for me, allowing a deep slow rolling groan of pure-pleasured torture to escape from her lips as she cried out in ecstasy.

Her cunt simply exploded. There was simply no other way to describe it. The geyser of female cum cream that erupted from that magical place within her cunt shot out in a stream of pearly liquid, taking Pam completely by surprise as it actually shot past my face to bathe Pam with Tanya's hot sweet cunt-honey.

"Holy shit!" Pam cried out delightedly.

As my fingers continued to coax out torrent after torrent of her delicious squirting, I actually saw Pam as well as Debra and Nichole extending their hands outward to catch the splashing of her orgasm as it continued to spray the air and everyone around us.

"Fuck! Let me taste that!" Pam cried out, all but shoving me away from Tanya's pussy.

Diving between her legs, Pam managed to coax out yet another voluminous discharge, drinking greedily from Tanya's quim as though savoring the finest of wines.

"Quit being so fucking greedy Pam!" Nichole stated teasingly.

One by one, everyone there bent to sample the liquid libations that continued to pour from the seemingly endless fountain of Tanya's pussy. Pam had by now rolled onto her back lying beside her. I watched in fascination as Pam began slapping her pussy with the palm of her hand, masturbating furiously in this manner as she strove to bring herself to orgasm.

"Suck my fucking tits!" she ordered. "Somebody...please, suck my fucking tits!"

Needless to say, there were more than enough willing volunteers, though as I happened to be one who was closest, managed to roll over just in time to capture one of those hard fat nipples inside my mouth, drawing it firmly between my lips, extending the nipple as I chewed on it and cupped her magnificent breast within my hands. Good old Jason had somehow managed to lay claim to the other, sucking as greedily and as fiercely as I. Pam smothered her cunt with her hand in a hard series of hand-slap masturbations designed to trigger an intensely felt climax.

Looking up I saw Larry as he moved over to stand above Pam. By the look on his face as he stood above her furiously stroking his cock, it was evident he was on the verge of orgasm. Pam saw him of course, smiling as she also realized his intent.

"Oh yeah baby, pour that juice all over me! I want to feel it splashing against my skin!"

Just hearing her coax him to do that produced an immediate result. A split-second later Larry's prick erupted with several swift jettisons of cum-cream as he began spraying it up and down her entire body. Even before he had finished, Dave wandered over. His enormous prick, thick veined, angry looking especially as he pummeled it with his hand standing above and behind her head.

"Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah! Come all over me too!" Pam squealed delightedly. "Come on you fuckers, shoot your jisim all over my body! Squirt that fuck-juice on my tits, my pussy and my face!"

One by one nearly every guy there moved over to stand around and above Pam, all jerking their cocks pointing them at her as she happily and expectantly lay there in anticipation of the cum-bath that was immanent. Even the girls had gotten involved to one degree or another. Sue was already stroking Stew's prick back to its former glory urging him to add his essence to that which Dave was now pouring all over her in thick creamy sprays. Mr. X soon stepped up, Debra's hand beating his meat, taking delight in aiming it directly at Pam's wide spread pussy lips.

"Shoot it on her cunt! Shoot it all over that fucking pussy!" Debra demanded of him.

Mr. X did.

On my knees, I moved closer to Pam's head. She grinned with that wonderful wicked smile, engulfing my prick immediately. Crazed with lust, Pam devoured my cock, sucking it furiously. As she did, I felt Tanya straddle my back, her wet slippery pussy pressed against my neck as she methodically slid her quim up and down against me, humping herself all the while watching yet another torrent of fuck-butter explode from Jason's dick as he too now added his cum to the accumulations Pam's body had been collecting.

"Come here Bernie!" Tanya beckoned to him, "Let me stroke you," she said taking his hard prick in hand.

'Stripes' as we called our referee leaned over Pam's breasts, he began soaking them seconds later not to be left out of the fun as his prick disgorged thick copious amounts of sperm that literally made her nipples disappear beneath the blanket of white thick spunk that he poured all over each of her aroused tits.

I felt the cum boiling deep inside my balls as Pam's talented mouth slowly forced it up the root of my shaft. "I'm gonna squirt!" I warned her unnecessarily. If anything, she sucked harder ensuring that I would cum. I felt the first flight of sperm leave the tip of my cock, producing a galaxy of stars inside my head as I began filling her mouth with my pleasure. Tanya rocked herself harder against my shoulders, her wet cunt so slippery that I barely felt it now as it slid back and forth, up and down against me. Somehow she managed to continue jacking Bernie's prick while accomplishing this, talented little slut that she was.

Drained, I collapsed next to Pam as she sat up slightly. Cum poured from her mouth as she allowed it to drool down her chin falling on her breasts and stomach, adding to the ever growing layer of white sticky cream that coated most of her entire body.

But it was when Bernie unleashed his spunk into the fray that everyone was stunned and surprised that Bernie, 'The Geek' as we all affectionately called him, managed to out-do everyone there in the cum-spunk volume department.

As much cum as I'd seen Stew throw before, it was nothing in comparison to Bernie's. In a way, it was as though he'd been saving it up for his entire life, specifically just for this occasion. As Tanya continued jacking his prick, Bernie continued to pump streamer after streamer of fuck juice all over Pam's already glistening form.

"Holy fucking shit Bernie!" Stew complimented, watching Bernie's prick continue to shoot. "Man, and I thought I came a lot!" he added appreciatively.

Pam was actually holding out her hands catching whatever traces of his cream didn't land on her directly. She then massaged what she did catch onto her legs, stomach and breasts, though they already were coated with more cream than I'd ever seen in any movies or photos. Seeing this had somehow triggered another orgasm from Stew. And though not nearly as voluminous as Bernie's, the addition of his sperm seemed to be the final straw to the obscene display taking place before us all. Unable to control herself any longer, Nichole raced over placing her prone body over Pam's where she began sliding herself back and forth as well as side to side against Pam's body.

Frankly, I had never witnessed anything like this. Wiggling atop and against one another, they may as well have had oil poured all over them they were so slippery. There was so much cum-butter oozing between them as they thrashed against one another on the floor that it began making sucking sounds as they played and squished against one another crazily.

"Fuck me! Have you ever seen anything like that before?" Sue called out in disbelief. "I want to see what that feels like too!"

Sue didn't exactly push Nichole off Pam, but she made her move over. Capturing a thigh, Sue began humping herself against her, while Nichole began doing the same to her other leg. Tanya of course joined in, though her need was far more pressing. Squatting over Pam's face, she lowered herself much to Pam's delight. I watched as Pam immediately slipped her tongue lovingly between Tanya's lips while she in turn reached out caressing her goo-covered tits, playing in the copious puddles of spunk that had begun running in rivulets between both breasts and down towards her tummy.

Debra leaned over, sucking one of Pam's nipples, cleaning off the cum-puddles that had been deposited there. In doing that, she placed herself in an ideal position, to which Jeff once again aroused, decided to take advantage of. Moving up behind her, he easily slid his prick inside her pussy, causing her to moan out audibly. Mrs. X slid beneath Debra, capturing one of her dangling tits and began playing with it. Jason the bartender buried his face in her pussy and began giving her a worthwhile cunt-licking.

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RE: Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head
"Man, this is starting to get interesting!" Larry exclaimed having come back to life.

Even I was starting to feel horny again, though I had just barely finished blowing off a full load inside Pam's mouth. Mr. X strolled over towards Jason making me wonder what he was up to until I saw him reaching beneath Jason as he continued licking Mrs. X's pussy.

Lying on his back so he could play with Jason's prick and watch his wife's cunt being eaten, 'Stripes' came over with a questioning look on his face. Mr. X grinned, nodded his head as our referee pressed his reawakened prick at the entrance of Mr. X's ass.

"Oh yeah, fuck him!" Sue cried delightedly. "I've always wanted to see that!' she added enthusiastically.

As 'Stripes' eased his prick inside Mr. X's ass, he grasped his prick, beating him off simultaneously much to Sue's obvious delight.

"Oh please, someone...come fuck me in the ass!" she pleaded.

Jeff was more than up to the challenge. Lubricating his prick with liberal mounts of available 'KY', Sue knelt down comfortably amongst several pillows propping her ass invitingly in the air as Jeff inserted the tip of his straining cock inside the sweet puckered opening of her ass.

"God, I want to feel that too!" Pam exclaimed. "Come on Darren, you look like you're ready again!"

I was. Watching everything that was taking place around me had my senses reeling with unbridled lust. What had originally started out as an interesting game, albeit a rather naughty one had turned into the wildest decadent orgy imaginable. Inhibitions if any had existed, fell by the wayside.

"Let me suck your cunt while Darren fucks you," Tanya suggested.

I was certainly up for that, in more ways than one. Situating themselves in a cozy little '69', Pam lowered her pussy over my roomies face. But she didn't stop there. With Tanya's hard clit protruding up from those soft lips, Pam captured it with her mouth, strumming that nubbin with her tongue as I lathered up my prick with plenty of the available lubricant.

"Just fucking shove it in!" Pam declared.

I felt her tiny ass fight against the momentary intrusion before suddenly giving way. I felt my prick bury itself deep inside her bowls, Tanya's hand reaching up to cup my tight balls giving them a gentle squeeze as I began to slowly trust in and out of Pam's hot, tight ass as Tanya sucked in Pam's clit tonguing it for all she was worth.

Nichole had pushed Larry to the carpet of pillows next to us immediately impaling herself on his prick. "Come on Bernie...shove that cum-fucker inside my ass too!"

Pausing momentarily to allow Bernie to accomplish that, they were soon finding a workable rhythm that was driving Nichole insane with pleasure. I watched, as Larry would fuck in, with Bernie soon following, thrusting his prick inside Nichole's ass.

As my prick continued to stroke the depths of Pam's ass, Tanya was having a field-day below me, often reaching up to briefly toy with my shaft while chewing on those swollen pink pussy lips of Pam's quim.

Off to one side, Debra had made her way over towards the bar. I watched as she returned, the long end of a beer-bottle being gently inserted inside her pussy. Standing next to me masturbating herself with the bottle, I was delighted when Larry joined her reaching around to spread her cunt-lips apart with his fingers. Widespread, it was a novel treat to see the bottleneck slowly fucking in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Debra was beside herself with erotic lust. Most everyone was doing something they'd only previously fantasized about, let alone ever do. And fucking herself with the bottle while everyone else watched her was one of Debra's.

"Look at me! Look at me fuck my pussy with the beer bottle!" she declared drawing nearly everyone's attention to her. "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit...I'm going to make my self cum with it too!" she moaned, slamming it fully inside herself, convulsing wildly as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her.

The sound of Mrs. X moaning in what could only be the beginning moment of her climax drew my attention briefly away from that fucking beer-bottle. Jason was still busily licking her pussy, his fingers just as busy finger-fucking Mrs. X to orgasm. But what had occurred since my last look in their direction, was that now Mr. X was happily sucking off Jason's prick while having his ass fucked by 'Stripes' who just then managed to produce a welcomed explosion from Mr. X's prick as he'd continued jerking it while still fucking him.

"Faster! Faster! Faster!" Sue was yelling at the top of her lungs.

With her eyes glued to the spectacle of Mr. X's prick once again spewing cum-cream, she had reached her pleasure tumbling over the edge into ecstasy. Just as she did, her husband approached. I saw him hand-over-fist that monster cock of his one or two times, then he unleashed yet another orgasm against her face. Though the amount of cream he produced was not much more than a trickle of semen, it was evident by his deep-throated groan, that it was still equally pleasurable.

Like domino's stacked against one another, the sounds of one person's orgasm seemed to trigger yet another and another as one by one, the orgasmic tiles fell in a near constant rapidity.

I felt Pam's cunt suddenly clench tightly around my prick locking it in a vise-like grip that triggered my own orgasm. And though I doubted there was much left to bathe the inside of her ass with, I nevertheless felt a wonderfully tingly sensation as my cock exploded in orgasmic bliss. Tanya too moaned, grunted, and somehow erupted with one of her infamous 'pussy-squirts' that had Mrs. X scrambling on all fours over to watch and begin sharing with Pam as Tanya's pussy began drenching them both.

Too exhausted to remain as I was, I fell away from Pam's ass collapsing beside her on the floor. Gradually the entire room settled into a near silent sleep as everyone there collapsed just as I had done, exhausted, spent, and thoroughly satisfied.

It was several long minutes of nothing more than one or two still trying to catch their breath before anyone actually spoke. When someone finally did, I was surprised it was good old Bernie.

"Well Tanya, I have to say, you throw one helluva party!"

Tanya laughed. "It's not even over with yet...Bernie," she said suggestively. "Ever play a game called musical chairs when you were a kid?"

"Ah oh," someone else said once again causing Tanya to laugh, though this time mischievously so.

"So how do we play that?" I actually heard myself asking.

"Well, the women all lay in a circle like spokes on a wheel," she began. "When the music starts, the guys all start licking pussy. When it stops, everyone moves over one position until the music starts again. Basically, the last woman to climax officially becomes the Home Cumming Queen!"

We all laughed at that, and after a time when everyone had recuperated sufficiently, the girls actually formed their circle while the guys paired up with their beginning partners. Snuggling comfortably in Pam's pussy, I made ready to start treating her clit to a real workout. But when the music began, I found myself pausing a moment before actually beginning.

Not too surprisingly, the first song Tanya had chosen for this particular game had me as well as everyone else humming along.

"Cum drops keep falling on my head..."

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