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Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
11-30-2011, 08:23 AM
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Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
Hi i am manjula aged 24 yrs.i am a married lady and my hubby rajan is working for a famous company as a sales representative.besides him i have a lovely mother-in law and my one yr old baba.i was married to rajan around three yrs back.since my husband is working as a sales-rep for a medical company. He is generally away on the tours.i also have a sister-in-law,but she is married and staying with her husband and kids .my sis-in-law is staying in some other city,so she comes to meet us on very few occassions.and my father-in-law had expired around 10 yrs generally we are alone at home,my hubby,my baba,and my mom-in-law.and in these also since my hubby is generally away on tours so mostly two of us were left alone in the house.{i am not counting my baba as the full fledged member of the house}.back at parents place i had only my mom and dad,since i was the only child of my parents.Now something about ourselves.i am physically a very good looking{so people say}sexy mamme are 35 and waist is 29{due to the child-birh}and ass is around 38.i have a very fair complexion and and i like to wear sarees{generally very dark colours} with very short sleeve height is 5-4″.though i am not much of an exhibitionist but sometimes i do wear sarees below navel is very deep and round,like a one rupee presents a very erotic view when i wearsarees below about my sasuji.she is a very lovely female,unlike typical filmi sasu{shashikala/lalita pawar}she takes real good care of mine and my baby.she never let me feel that i am at my in-laws place.whatever i would want she will always bring it for me.although my sasuji is around 45 yrs old but she looks very young than her fact sometimes people will think that she is my elder sister,whenever we go together.she is socaring about me that whenever i had to go out,with friends she would volunteer to take care of my baba.infact in every week she would ask me to go out with my friends so that i get out of the loneliness which i would feel due to absence of my she was a caring sasu.

Now my mother is also the same age but has lost interest in most of the good things of life and is generally very careless about herself.she would not take good care of her and would be generally busy with kitchen works or pooja-path{worshipping the god}so she looked much older than her actual age.and on the contrary my father was very health and look conscious person.he would do his regular excerise at home and at 54 he could be passed of easily as a 45-48 yr old person.he would take great pains to maintain his father was a good friend of my late father-in-law and after his death he had taken good care of my his family.although not financially because my late f-i-l had left quite a lot behind him.and to fulfill his promise made to his friend my dad,married me off tohis friend’s son.although initially i wasa bit reluctant to marry a medical-rep,as they are generally away on tours,but i had to give in to dad’s pressure and prevailing conditions {i will tell you about the conditions later}.so I got married to rajan and came to his home.this was 3 yrs day i had gone to watch a movie with my friends {local/neighborhood ladies}.but in the interval i started having severe headache, so i excused myself from them and returned to my home.since i had the key of the main-door,i just opened the door without ringing and on entering the home i saw that there was nobody in the hall and that my daddy’s cigarrette lighter was lying upon the centre table.i got very happy seeing that my daddy had come to meet me so i ran towards my room,but i found that my dad was not in my room, so i checked the toilets and bathroom also.but i could find him nowhere.the last place remaining was my mother-in-laws room.i thought that they must be discussing something so i went towards her room.but i saw that the door of

Her room was locked from inside and i could hear they were talking in very low whispers. {in fact moaning}i just stood there thinking what they must be doing, suddenly i heard my dear mom-in-law yelling a bit loudly *oh please a bit slowly you are so rough ahhhh you are hurting me….pls slow down a little your cock is so big its hurting my pussy*and all my doubts was now certain that they were fucking in the room.i was shocked to learn that my father was fucking my mother-in-law.ohhhhhhhh my,i thought to myself,how is it possible that so much loving father is screwing his daughters mom-in-law.and in the bargain cheating with his own very faithful and loyal wife.i started thinking very quickly as to what to do.i thought may be the person who is fucking my mom-in-law is not my dad, maybe it is someone else,maybe just that my dad had come to meet me and on not finding me he must have had gone back and someone else is screwing my mother-in i thought that i must confirm my self before taking any other action.the only way to confirm myself was to see them by my own eyes so i brought one stool and placed it near the door and stood on it.since we have ventilation windows over every door and that window is generally opened, so a person could easily see through it {of what is happening in the room}The moment i peeped in,i was in for the shock of my life.the worst fears of mine had come true.because they were no doubt busy screwing and the person who was fucking my mom-in-law was none else but my dad.although i was a bit prepared for it{on finding dads lighter in the hall}but still i could not stomach it.but the truth was there for everyone to see,and there was no way i could deny it.there in the room my dad was screwing my mom in law with his long and fat cock.but wait a minute,ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a cock it was,holy jesus,it was so big and so tight.i just could not remove my eyes from thet lovely cock.

I knew that i should not be doing this but i just could not get down from the stool.i was mesmirized by the sight of that huge was not less than 9″ and must be as thick as my wrist.and my dad was shoving his cock in and out of my mom-in-laws pussy at a great speed. I saw that my mother-in-law was lying on the edge of the cot with a pillow beneath her ass and both her legs on my dads shoulder and dad was standing and had pushed his cock inside my mils pussy.he was fucking her like a blue-film hero fucks the heroine of the film.anybody who would look at him will not believe that this man is over 50 yrs of age.he was fucking my mil with the Josh of a young MIL was moaning loudly now she was so loud that i could clearly hear what she was saying.she was saying* oh plz do it slowly aaaahha aaaa oh since how long you are screwing my pussy ohhhhh my god plz do it fast now and make me cum ahaaa oh god this is the third time i am cum and you havent discharged even once, aahhhhhhhh you are continously fucking me from the past 35 minutes pls discharge soon you strong cock my pussy is aching now aaaaaaa my dad said”oh plz wait another few miutes i am cumming, ooooohh your pussy is so good, so tight,feel like keep you fucking like this only for ever aaaah my queen,you are so good…I saw that both of them were sweating so profusely,that even the bedsheet was also partly soaked with their sasuji was looking great in that ppose.since her body was fully wet due to the sweating,it was shining in the mercury light.i saw that despite being above 40 her body was still very firm and her boobs were not sagging as much as they myself but still i could not stop myself from admiring her sex appeal.ever part of her body was still intact,mean no sagging and no drooping and ofcourse no-no extra
Fat on any part of her body.almost same thing applied my dad as i have already told you that my dad should have been.she had big-big boobs.although i a awoamn was very health conscious and had maintained himself very i saw why he was taking so much care of his body.he was still young at heart {and active at physical level} my dad was fucking my MIL at furious pace.they were nearing their climax.both were moaning one hand automatically went to my own pussy and i just pushed my one finger in my pussy over my saree.i could help to imagine of how would it feel, if my hubby had a cock as big as my dad’s{actually he had a very small cock in comparison to my dads,his cock was hardly5-6″ and not more than 2″thick},or still better if dad could shove his hard cock in my pussy.i found myself frigging myself on the stool only.i must have been doing this for few moments then i suddenly i had a guilt feeling, what i was thinking,this is unthinkable,how could i think about my dad in a sexual way.oh god pls forgive me for my sins,i thought to myself and got down from the stool.i returned to my room thinking what should be the action for me to be taken.some how i decided not to reveal the fact on my dad and my Mil that i have come tro know of their i decided to leave home.when i was going out i saw my dad’s cigarette lighter on the centre-table.I instinctively picked it up and left the home as quitely as i had entered.after that i went to a restaurant and started thinking of what to do.the best thing my brain suggested that i should inform my poor mother of her husbands infidelty.i decided to tell her the next day.i passed some time in the hotel and when it struck 9 in the wall-clock i left the hotel and reached my house,just like i am coming straight from the movie.
My mil welcomed me and as expected my dad had by then left the home.I also did not ask or tell her anything.we just behaved normally for that day. Next day in the afternoon i took the permission from my mil to go to meet my mom and son, as usual was with his dadi.i reached my parents mom welcomed me with a surprise{since she was not expecting me}.for the first time in my life i looked at my mother in a new light.the glow on her face and the happiness in her behavior made me feel happy and jealous at the same time.happy because she was my mother and jealous because all her life she was enjoying my dad’s fat cock.she definitely had all the reasons to be happy in the life.again my thoughts drifted towards my dad’s cock.i could not take it off my mind.seeing me lost in my thoughts my mom asked me the reason for my unexpected arrival.although i had gone there specifically to tell her about dad’s misdoing but i could not muster up enough courage to tell her that her loving husband was cheating on her and that too with my own mili knew the moment i will tell her about the incident her happy life will be i decided against it, because i loved my mom so much that i could not afford to destroy her life.i decided within my mind to discuss this thing with my dad and tell him to sever all his relation with my mil. I thought that is the best solution and our family life will be saved. So after spending half an hour with my mother i went to my dad’s dad was also equally surprised seeing me in the office.after formal preliminaries and showing concern for my well-being he asked me the reason for my visit.i again found myself at loss of word to tell him the true reason of my visit.seeing me silent he started talking of his own.he said “neelam you are avery lucky girl to have such a nice mil she takes so good care of you and treat you just like her daughter and loves you so much”at this juncture i got the way to say what i wanted to tell him and i said” yes daddy you are very right she really

Loves me very much like a daughter and why not,i am almost her daughter,especially since she behaves just like your wife when you two are in that respect she has become just like my mother.there were genuine expression of shock and disbelief on my dad’s face.he got {apparently} very angry and said”how dare you put blame on me,we dont have any such relationship and you have no right to accuse me of such charges.i must tell you that whoever had told you so had tried to mislead you and spoil our relation.your mil is such a nice could you even think of her in so derogatory should feel ashamed of yourself and…seeing that my dad is going on shouting at me without listening me, i took that cigereete lighter from my purse and kept it in front of my daddy and told him the entire incident.but i did not tell him that i had seen them fucking {my dad and mil}.i just told him that i had come mid way from the movie and saw his lighter and then felt his presence in mil’s room and heard some noises and that confirmed his presence in my mils room.The moment i finished saying, i saw that my dad became very nervous.he did not say anything and kept on looking at me very silently.. Finally the silence was broken by him asking me”so waht do you intend to do now?” i told him that i will tell my husband and mother about his infidelty.listening this he almost jumped from his chair and pleaded with me to cancel my plan.he tried to dissuade me by telling the consequences of my such move.he said that his family life will be ruined and along with this even my life will also be ruined and that my husband will start to hate his mother as well and many such things.although i knew that whatever he was saying was true,so i had already decided not to tell anyone about it.but it was just that i wanted to scare him,so that he should refrain from coming to my mil..After half an hour’s persuance, my dad finally made me agree to him.
Then he made me promise him that i wont tell his affair with my mil to anybody.when i showed the reluctance in promising him he said” promise me dear manju beti that you will never tell about the incident to anyone and i have a surprise for you.” now it was my turn to reap some i asked him what surprise gift. My dad said” do you remember our old driver ratan,i know that you used to like him a lot that time.and now that although you are married,your husband stays away from the home most of the you must be missing your husband.if you will be good to me and keep the secret between us i will allow you to go on a short trip with fact you can go out with him right now.and i will give you the keys of our can stay there for a couple of hours.something about ratan.he was my dad’s car driver.but he was employed by the company for which daddy was my college days i had developed a liking for him{maybe out of sexual frustration only}.and he had successfully seduced me into allowing him to caressing and petting my breasts and ass.we would generally go to some lonely place after my college was over and then in the car only he would press my mamme and ass and sometimes he would take his lund out of his pant and would make me masturbate him.he wanted to fuck me, but since we were not getting the right place to do so, and i did not want to do in the car so he could not fuck me .the most i could do was sucking his cock on a couple of occassions.but before we could do real fucking we were spotted by my dad’s friend and he told my dad everything and the result was that i had to leave my college and dad got me married to the son his old friend. Now it was evident that my dad was offering me a price for my silence.i also readily agreed to it.the thought of ratans lund

Made my mouth{both upper and nether} water .i thought of availing this opportunity.i looked at him lovingly and said “o.k. Dad if you so wish,this is a good gift for your daughter and i will be thankful to you for are helping me in fulfilling my long cherished desire.just give me five minutes to ready myself.saying so i went to the attached bath and re-did my make-up.since i wanted to seduce the ratan,so i tied my saree well below the navel and opened my blouse and removed the bra and worn the blouse my nipples could be clearly seen through the blouse.and my saree was clinging to my ass.when i came out,i saw that my dad looked at me with lot of appreciation in his eyes.I called up my MIL and told her that i will be a bit late to MIL asked me to come back by 9-00p.m. As she had to go to bhajan_party .{this was called ratri-jagarn and the bhajans would continue till morning}.i noticed that when i was talking my mil my dad was looking at me from sideways and his looks mainly were focussed on my breasts.maybe he was looking at my prominent nipples.finally i put the receiver and asked my dad’s permission to leave {to be fucked by his employee}.my dad hugged me very passionately,and i felt that his one hand had very casually travelled upto my ass and lingered there for some time more than necessary.then he kissed me on forehead and took out the keys of his farm-house from his pocket and gave it to me.when i i extended my hand to take the keys my palloo dropped from my shoulder and as a result both my heaving breasts became visible to my i was trying to correct my pallooo, my dad took the saree from me and kept it on my shoulder and while retrieving his hand from my shoulder he slid it downwards across the shoulders and his fingers touched my breasts for a second.i felt that that the touch was not accidental but intentional,and this thought made shiver alot.the feel of dad’s fingers on my breasts was great.somehow i controlled myself and taking keys and finally thanking my dad i started going.when i was coming out my dad told me “manju beti, i know you will come back by 9 p.m.,but dont come before that i might go to meet your sasu,i hope you willl understand”.and he gave me a very naughty wink.i also could not supress the smile and thought to myself *horny and went down.When i reached down ratan was already waiting for me.ihe opened the back door of the car for me and i sat and told him to take the car to the farm-house.i saw that the moment i said farm-house there was a hint of happiness in his was first time since my marriage that i was going alone with him otherwise everytime i would go out in the car somebody would be accompanying us.he started driving the car.after a few minutes, i saw that he was adjusting rear-view mirror,maybe to get view of breasts.with the driver rattan i saw that ratan was adjusting the rear view mirror and now it was positioned such that now he could have clear view of my wide cleavage and both the boobs. After adjusting the mirror he asked me “do you wanna meet someone in the farm house?’
I said “no”

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11-30-2011, 08:24 AM
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RE: Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
He :”then it means that we will be alone ther?”

I :”yeah”

Ratan :o h that will be great. Do you remember those good ol days?

I: yeah i remember those days very well and in fact it is for that reason that i we are going to the farm house.

Ratan :to complete the task that we could not complete that time? {referring to our unsuccessful fucking attempts}

I: yes to complete that thing and do much more.

Ratan : but how your dad allowed you to come with me to the farm house?

I : no i just told him that i am going for some shopping in his car and he doesnt know that we are actually going to farm house. {i lied remembering that my dad had requested me to not to let ratan know that i was going with him in my dad’s knowledge,, after all he was my dads employee} now ratan looked a bit more relaxed by knowing that my dad didnt know about our outing and i was still game for his fucking .

Ratan :you have grown more beautiful than before your marriage.become more sexy.

I :thank you.but how can you say so,.wasnt i beautiful before my marriage.

Ratan : no no i dont mean to say that you were less beautiful, but what i meant to say is that you have grown up more sexy than look at your mammae.they have just become enomorous.your ass has swelled so much.and although you have become a bit more fat, but that only adds up to your sexiness.

I : ohh really is that so .thanks again dear ratan.

Ratan:just remembering those days is giving me a hard-on. The things that we used to do in the car.alas we could not find proper place and you were not ready to go to any hotel otherwise we could have had so much more fun then.

I: yes i also miss those days very much.

Ratan: ahaa tumare ball really bahut mote-mote ho gaye hain,inhe daba ker maza aa jayega.
I remember ratan used to like using foul language {gaalis in simple language} very much and always wanted me to use bad words during our love{or rather petting} sessions and that gave him tremendous i decided to use this occassion fully and use all the bad words that i knew, as it is i could not use bad words with my hubby.

I: haann aur doodh se bhare hue hain hai mere ball.
Tumko mere ball choosna bahut achha lagta hai na,aaj jee bhar ke mere ball choos lena aur mera doodh bhi pi lena.

Ratan: pls aage aaker baithogi tau raasta aaram se kat jjayega

I : nahi rehne do.abhi tau hum farm house pahunch hi jayenge, phir unneccessary risk kyon lena.

Ratan: tau phir plz apne blouse ke do teen hooks khol do na mein tumhare mammae dekhna chahta hoon i opened four hooks of my blouse, instead of 2-3 as requested by him,and now only two hooks were holding my blouse, as a result my entire boobs were now out of the blouse with the erect nipples.seeing my boobs ratan started caressing his lund and said”dekho kaise mera lawda kadak ho gaya hai tumhare mamme dekh ker,hai plz aage aa jao aur ise thoda sa sahla do na”

I :nahi abhi nahi,ek baar farm-house pahunch jaaye phir tumhari saari ichhhayen{wishes} poori kar doongi.tum bologe tau lund choosna,chatna, sahlana[caressing] sab kuchh karoongi per is gaadi mein nahi.yeh bahut risky hai.last time bhi hum log gadi mein hi pakde gaye the aur mein nahi chahti hoon ki pichhli baar ki tarah is baar bhi mein pyasi reh jaaun aur tumse chudwa nahi sakun.

Ratan:kya sachmuch tum itna jyada chahti ho mujhe?

I : hann tumhe bhi aur tumhare is pyare se lund ko bhi.teen saal se mein is lund se chudwane ke liye tadaf rahi hoon.isiliye aaj daddy ko chutiya bana ( ) ker tumhare se chudwane chal rahi hoon.. Soon we reached the farm-house.we enetred in the sole bed room,and ratan lifted me in his arms and threw me on the bed and pounced upon me like a hungry wolf.due to his throwing the two hooks that were holding my blouse gave away and now my boobs were swaying sideways.he immediately bent on me started licking and sucking them as a result his mouth was filled with milk and after drinking little milk he raised his head and said :aahhaaa kitna tasty doodh hai tumahara, man karta hai pita hi rahoon,haii kya ball hai tere.

I : sara doodh mat pee lena, kuchh mere bachhe ke liye bhi chhod dena nahi tau woh bechara bhookha reh jaayega aur tumhe bad-dua{curse} dega.

He :”then it means that we will be alone ther?”

I :”yeah”

Ratan :o h that will be great. Do you remember those good ol days?

I: yeah i remember those days very well and in fact it is for that reason that i we are going to the farm house.

Ratan:bachhe ki fikr chhodo aur is waqt meri socho. Teen saal se mein tumhari choot chodneke ke liye taras raha hoon aur aaj jaker mujhe mauka mila hai tau mujhe apne man ki kar lene do,haiiiii kya mote-mote ball hai tumhare, dil karta hai inhe choosta hi rahun.

I: mein kab tumhe mana ker rahi hoon, per meri bhi socho.tum tau mere blouse utarker ball se doodh choos rahe ho per mujhe abhi tak apna lund nahi pakdaya. Chalo jaldi se apna pant kholo aur apna lund dikhao, mujhe tumhare lund se khelna hai,use choosna hai aur sahlana hai.

Listening me,he immediately took-off not only pants but all the clothes and i alos got nude in the mean time and now we were in 69 position now. He was sucking my pussy and i was sucking his cock.i could feel his warm breaths on my cuntlips and that was really adding fuel to the already intense fire of my cunt.I loudly yelled at him”ab yu hi chooste hi rahoge ya phir meri choot ko chodna bhi hai,dekho kaise meri choot is aag mein jal rahi hai,plz jaldi karo ab raha nahi jata”. And ratan replied”meri raniisi mein tau maza aata hai, jab koi haseena aap se chilla-chilla ker kahe ki, meri choot chodo,meri choot chodo.abhi lo tumhari choot ki saari pyas ek bar mein nahi bujhayi tau mera naam bhi ratan nahi. Samajhi kya”

And now we changed our position and the driver rattan was on me trying to insert his cock in my throbbing pussy which was already wet and burning with anticipation of his hard cock. He was inserting his fully hard cock in my choot and I yelled “oh maaa bada maza aa raha hai jara ragad-ragad ke chodo, hai kitna mota hai tumahara lund aur jor se dhakka maro.,ummhh hannnn aise hi aur jor se”
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11-30-2011, 08:24 AM
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RE: Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
Rattan said “le aur jor se kha mere fatke rani,lagta hai tera pati tujhe bahut dheere dheere chodta hai tabhi tujhe mere fatko ki jaroorat hai hai kya kasi hui choot hai teri lagta hai kisi virgin ki choot chod raha hoon,believe nahi hota ki tu ek bachhe ki maa ban chooki hai, chodta hun tau aisa lagta hai jaise kisi kunwari ladki ko chod raha hoon”

I : “ hai mai tau kunwari jaisi hi hoon mera pati mujhe mahine mein ek ya do baar hi chodta, baki waqt tau qoh apne tours mein hi busy rehta hai isliye mein tumhare lund se choodwane ko taiyyar hui thi jara aur kas ke ke pelo apna lund mere peluram” This way yelling and murmuring many things and calling each other by different names we kept on fucking and after 15 minutes both of us reached our orgasm almost simultaneously. After the fucking was over we both lay exhausted over each other for some time catching breath.then rattan said rani aaj meri itni purani tamannna poori hui hai tumhari choot lene ki .teen baras se mein sapno mein tumhari choot le raha tha aaj who sapna mera poora hua,

I : ab aur koi sapna baki reh gaya ho tau who bhi keh dalo, who bhi poora ker doongi,mere raza aaj tumne meri muddat ki pyas bujhayi hai.mera pati mujhe is tarike se kbhi nahi chodta hai.tumne aaj mujhe jo maza diya hai uske samne sab maze feeke pad gaye.mere pati ki teen saal ki chudai per tumne ek hi shot mein pani pher diya mein bahut khush ho aur kuchh tumhari tamanna baki haitau bol do who bhi poori kar doongi.

Rattan: bas ek bar apni is dehlati hui ggand mein mujhe apna lund pel lene do phir kuchh nahi mangooga,tumse meri rani

I :o h mere raja rattan yeh tumne kya maang liya .bas yehi ek cheez hai jo mein nahi de sakti.chaho tau mein tumahara lund choos ker uska paani pi lungi,chaho tau mein tumhe apne mammo ke beech mein lund ragadne doongi, ya phir tum meri gaand ko ungli se pel sakte ho per mein tumhara mustand lund nahi loongi apni gaand mein,ya phir aur jo kuchh bhi tum chahte ho who kar sakte ho per is ek cheeze ko chhod ker.plzzzzzz is ek baat ke liye mujhe maaf ker do.

Listening my pleas rattan said “ o.k. Rani tum nahi chahti ho tau mein force nahi karoonga aur lund ke badle tumhari is gaand ko apni ungli sehi pel karkam chalaunga,per kya next time mujhe apni gaand mein pelne dogi?

I said” next time ki baad mein dekhenge,abhi tum aur chahe jo karne ho kar lo,siwaye meri gaand marne ke.” and after that ratan again fucked me. But this time in doggie-style and all the while he was fingering my ass-hole.He kept on saying this time i am widening the hole so that next time, it will take my cock without much difficulty.and i was smiling to myself thinking this is called wishful thinking, because i had no intention to let him fuck my ass. Atleast not before my daddy had enjoyed it.I had

Reserved my ass-hole for my dad, if the things worked out as i had planned to,and if my dad really had hots for his not-so-little daughter,i.e.,me.I found his fingers to be quite thick and the way he was fingering my ass made me to think about the pleasure{or maybe pain} that i will have when having daddy’s cock in my ass.But nonetheless i enjoyed his fingering my ass and also he strong thurst that he was imparting on me during the fucking.this time he took more time to ejaculate and as soon as he shot his load on me he fell on me,exhausted completely.both of us for gasping for breaths.after some time i looked at the watch and saw that it was 9-15p.m.already.So mostly my mil would have left for her bhajan-sndhya,and my daddy would be waiting for me at my home.soon we wore our clothes and got into the car to return home. All the while,when rattan was driving the car,i was busy planning the best way to seduce my dad.It was not that, that i esentially needed to seduce my dad{i had my very stong doubts that dad had hots for me,as was obvious from his behavior in the office}but i wanted to make it more spicy and one of the most memorable moments of mine as well as my dad’s life. As we neared our house i opened three ooks of my blouse and covered it with pleats of saree from a distance it could not be fet that i have undone my blouse hooks,but as soon as the palloo would slip,even partially,one could have a very clear view of my wide cleavage.we reached home and i took the keys of the car from rattan saying that my daddy will me and collect his car from my house only that he was to report directly to dad’s office the next day{how could i tell him that my dad was waiting for me in my house and that too, mostly with an erect cock.while handing me the keys of the car rattan came very close to me and tried to grab my mamme,but, since i was anticipating such a move from him i moved away from him and scolded him very lightly”not here, rattan” he then asked me “when will we meet next?”i said “as soon as i get another chance and good night for now”…..I reached the door and pressed the call-bell.

Although i had the duplicate keys of the main-door,but i didnt want to take a chance thinking that maybe my mil had cancelled her program and instead of going to her bhajan-sandhya,may still be fucking with such a case i didnt want to embarass them.But nothing like that happened and my dad opened the door.I saw that dad was wearing a vest and my husbands pajamas.He had a peg of whisky in his one hand and one half-empty bottle was lying there on the center table.which meant that he was having his drinks and he must have had been quite high by then.

As i entered dad closed the door behind me and informed me that my MIL had gone to the bhajan-sandhya and that only two of us were in the home,since my baba was too young to be of any importance.And when dad was telling me so i could see a glint of happiness in his eyes,since the things were happening the way he wanted them to happen.I dropped my purse on the sofa and proceeded towards my room when my dad stop and asked me about my outing.i said it was came near me and holding both my shoulder asked me” did you enjoy your time with rattan?” i said “yes dad he is a nice man”.dad asked “did you like his c….errrr company?” {he was obviously referring to his cock, but corrected himself thinking it to be a bit more faster than usual}i said “yeah dad woh ek achha aadmi hai”dad asked”are you satisfied now?”now this was obviously meaning whether i am sexually satisfied or not,but i also continued the game answering in dad was moving his one hand on my shoulder and still holding the glass in the other

Hand,and literally rubbing my right a result of it, my pallo slid from my shoulder and my big boobs with the widest cleavage {remember three hooks of my blouse were undone} were on display for my dad’s benefit.he was looking hungrily at my tits and kept his peg of whisky on the table and now put both his hands on my waist and slid them on to my ass-cheeks and pulled me towards him with a suddden choot was almost stuck to my dad’s front and i was astonished to find that my dad wasnt wearing any underwear and his cock was touching my underbelly,just above my choot.he cock was fully erect and almost knocking at my underbelly as if asking for some immidiate dad lifted his one hand from my ass and kept it on breasts’s upper portion which was bare and started sliding it in my blouse.I cant tell you the sensation was so good,it felt like heaven.My dad,s strong palms almost fully covering my entire mamma and trying to squeeze it.But apparently i tried to protest and stop my dad from going further by holding his palm and was about to say some thing when both of us heard my baba crying from the bed room.As soon as my dad heard the voice of my baba he told me to wait in the room and went in to bring the baba,saying I will bring the baba you feed him here only.he came out with the baba and signaled me to sit on the couch placed opposite the sofa.when I tried to take the baba from him he told me to unbutton my blouse so that I can feed the baba properly. I opened one more hook of my blouse as a result now my left boob was out of the confines of the blouse and right boob was still partly covered with handed the baba to me, but while giving me the baba his right hand was below its head and left hand was on his chest. So with his left palm he caressed my naked boobs and nipples for the first time{and so I understood why he insisted on bringing the baba and then signaling me to bare my boobs }he said, apparently to my baba “le bachha ab apni maa ka doodh choos le uski chhati mein se”. And whilst saying this thing he had firmly held my boobs in his hand.

I was a bit taken aback by his boldness and use of not so decent language. When I cast my eyes downwards I saw that my dad was sporting a huge hard-on and his lund was, it seems ready to tear the pyjama. I was especially thrilled by his use of the word doodh choos and chhati, although he didn’t need to say that but I understood that he gets some special pleasure out of using a little vulgar words, and that is why he purposedly said “le bachha ab apni maa ka doodh choos le uski chhati mein se”.,just to signal me that he is in full mood of having sex with me.Anyways I started feeding milk to my baba.My dad was sitting in front of me and watching the baba {?} Sucking milk from my boobs, and also he had now resumed his half finished peg.,what a scene it was. The daughter is feeding her baba{baring her boobs more than necessary} and the father is sitting in front and drinking whisky, savouring the sight.{of her daughters boobs}After a couple of minutes one idea came to my mind and I moaned a little bit and chewed my lower lips very sexily looking at my dad and said “ ummhhaa arre beta itni jor se kyoon kaat liya apni mom ke mamme,naye teeths aaye hai tau saare apni mummy ke hi katega kya”. Showing as if my son had bit me very badly on my nipples. My dad immediately asked me “what happened beti?” Showing his concern. I said “ nothing dad,just that my son had just a couple of days back got some new teeths, so he bites my nipples very often and it causes a lot of pain.” And all the while I was moaning sexily and biting my lower lips and making faces as if it was really very painfull. Dad said’ oh that’s
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11-30-2011, 08:24 AM
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RE: Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
Nothing new .all the kids do that. But be careful and apply some ointment on it, lest it will get swollen. I saw that with all this display and talks my Dad’s cock was making a canopy in the loose pajama.Now I changed the breast and started feeding him from the right boob. But as I tried to cover the left boob with the saree pallo dad said “apni chhati ko isi tarah se khula rakho jis se ki unhe air mile aur dard bhi kam ho jaayega”,apparently referring to the biting I was supposed to have recieved from my baba. But I knew he actually desired to keep on watching my bare boobs and drink his whisky.just imagine the scene,the daughter is feeding her son and her father is watching his daughters naked mamme with erect nippple and having booze and sporting a raging hard-on. I bet you cant get to see such a scene even in a c-grade film.forget about the father-daughter scene even a scene between a prostitute and her customer would also have not been filmed yet,{in this fashion} except to some extent the scene in ram teri ganga maili where mandakini had bared her boobs for the audience and for her future FIL [in that movie] After some time the baba slept in my lap,after filling his stomach and I laid him on the diwan itself,and was about to hook my blouse when my dad finished his drink in one gulp and came almost rushing to me and sat next to me saying “ now that the baba has had his quota of your milk and slept peacefully, will you allow me to suck milk from your boobs as I see that there is lot of milk still spare in your boobs.Kya tum apne pyare papa ko apne bobbe ka dudh nahi pilaogi.” And he was literally pleading with me to have him some milk from my boobs,or rather sucking my boobs and nipples.Showing some reluctance I said “no papa, this is immoral,this is sin and I am your daughter and we must not do this.” But dad again pleaded saying “nahi manju beti plz only once let me drink the milk from your boobs,plz ek baar tau mujhe tumhare duddhoo choosne

Do na,mujhe tumhare mammon ka doodh choosna hai,kya meri yeh pyari si bitiya rani pane papa ko apne mammon se doodh nahi pilayegi.” I said “nahi papa yeh paap hoga.plz dont compel me to do this”.But dad kept on pleading with me to feed some milk {or actually giving him an opportunity to suck my boobs}.I showing great reluctance and also as if finally giving up said,o.k. Dad if that pleases you then only this one time and I hope you wont request me again to do so”.Dad was more than happy now and he lied in my lap just like my baba and took my left nipple in his mouth and started sucking my nipple, and drinking my milk,i.e. Her daughters milk.I was also getting awefully excited,despite the very satisfying fucking I had with rattan. My choot was getting more and more wet and I could not help from putting my one finger near my choot and massaging my clit over the saree. Seeing my condition, dad got encouraged a bit more and raising his head said”ahhaaaa tumahar doodh kitna meetha aur swadisht hai,tumhari ma ke doodh se bhi jyada” and again resumed sucking milk from my breasts,but now while sucking one boob he started playing with the other one.he was pinching my nipple making me moan. This we kept on doing this for some time and then to give my dad the ultimate signal,that I was ready to be fucked by him, I told him very surprisingly “ hi dad aapka tau khada ho gaya hai” my dad lifted his head from my boobs and asked {feigning ignorance} “kya khada ho gaya hai”. I signaled towards his cock and tried to indicate it to him. But he kept on being ignorant and again asked me “kya khada ho gaya, bolo na beti”. Now I understood that he again wanted me to use those terms so I said “ dad aapka bulla khada ho gaya hai”.dad raised his head from my breasts and looking straight into my eyes,”this means

That my dear daughter head her eyes on my lund,aur jab main tumhare mamme chus raha tha tau tum mere lund ko dekh rahi thi.”I said “no dady i wasnt watching it but it is so enormous in size in size and shape that it drew my attention towards itself as if saying,come on look at me, i am also loving dad got the signal tha he was waiting for and He pulled my saree from my body and thrown it on the floor. Then he started pulling my petticoat. He pressed my legs with his legs and could feel the heat from my cunt it was now stark naked as I had no panty underneath. Then He started to undo my blouse and got hold of my blouse. He tore my blouse and thrown it on the floor, now I was completely naked beneath him. I fumbled with his pyjamas letting them fall around his ankles. Freeing his cock. Taking his warm hard cock in my hand, I was amazed at its size. Now I took hold of his 9 inches cock in my hand and exclaimed, “Oh it’s a monster, too big “. Dad is a large man physically,but his rigid fully erect cock was too big. And grasping his prick in my hand, I kissed it, licking its large plump head gently and then slipped it between my lips deep into my mouth. I heard Dad moan and felt him grip my head as he began to slowly pump his prick into my mouth, fucking it gently like it was a pussy with a tongue in it caressing his large prick.He was being careful not push himself too deep into throat, but I wanted it even deeper. I pushed forward feeling the large head pressing against my throat…I paused, let my self relax, and felt the large head of his prick slip down into my throat., it was tight. Daddy moaned, “Oh dammit manju, if you keep on I’m going to cum.”I had to slip my mouth back off his prick…I couldn’t hold it in my throat very long. I looked up at him and told him, “dad plz mujhe apna paani do, mein aapka paani pina chahti hoon,mein aapka veerya taste karna chahti hoon,mere muhn ko chodo,jiase ki meri choot chod rahe hain{I want you to cum. I want to you to cum in my mouth. Fuck my mouth…fuck it like it’s a pussy}.”I looked at his prick and there was a large drop of pre-cum getting ready to drip from it…

I quickly caught it with my tongue. I was surprised at how sweet it tasted. I put my hands behind his thighs and pulled him to me taking his rigid prick deep into my mouth. Dad held my head between his hands and began to stroke his prick into my mouth. After a minute or so I felt his legs tremble. I sucked even harder, and moving one hand to his large sac, began to gently squeeze and massage his balls. With a loud groan he pushed his prick deep into my throat and literally erupted. I was startled by the force of the first shot of cum that hit the back of my throat…then he flooded my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I could feel his cum dripping from my chin and getting on my breasts as I swallowed trying to keep up with the torrent of cum I had released from him.After a minute or so, he gripped me under my arms and lifted me to my feet. He kissed me and then pushed me gently down on the sofa. Leaning over me he kissed me, tasting his own cum still on my lips and tongue. He whispered, “manju, that was wonderful… Really wonderful. Now I’m going to do it for you,ab choosne ki meri baari hai.” He pinched the nipple and I groaned and said, “Suck your daughter’s nipples, you dog, suck it.” Now he obeyed me and started sucking my nipples one by one till it became more than half inch. My nipples were standing erect with his suck. I was sitting on the sofa reclining backward, my ass on the front edge of the seat. Aftre sucking my nipples for some time Dad sat down on the floor between my legs. He placed a hand under each of my thighs and lifted them and spread them wide. He whispered to me, “apni tange aur phailao,{Hold your legs…spread them wide open for me}.” I wrapped my arms around my legs just

Above my knees and held them there, almost back to my breasts. I was totally exposed to him – I had never felt this exposed even in the stirrups at the doctor’s office – I almost climaxed when I felt his breath on the swollen lips of my pussy. When he sucked the folds of my pussy lips into his mouth and probed my pussy with his tongue, He sucked her furiously and tasting and teasing my clitoris. I was moaning,
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RE: Daughter-Dad-Driver and Kumar
“aaaaaaaaaah…aaauchh…uhhhhhh… Chooso dad aur chooso,meri gaand bhi chooso,apni pyari beti ki gaand bhi chooso,mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai,tum bade achhe gaandchatte ho{suck me dad suck my ass too, you ass sucker…} He started sucking my ass to even he placed one finger in my ass. I did climax, so suddenly I almost lost my grip on my legs as I felt the intense sensation in my body and in my cunt. He felt my body shudder with my orgasm and slowed down. He would just lick up through the swollen lips and lightly touch my clit with the tip of his tongue. He kept this up until I could no longer stand it and I finally moaned, “OH Daddy…Daddy, I want you. I want you now…I want to feel you in me.” My choot started twitching his mouth. I was too hot now pumping my hips vigorously. I was going to give him my cunt milk for the first time in my life and he wanted to swallow it fully. He sucked me hard. I groaned, “ahhaa daddy meri choot paani chhod rahi hai ahhhhhhaaa bada maza aa raha hai.{Aaaaaah soooon I am cummmming in your mouth, ahhha it feels soooooo goood..}.”. I arched my legs and started shooting my load of cum in his mouth he gulped it all and loved it in his mouth.just the way he had sucked my milk some time earlier. He became a dog and sucked every drop of it. I looked happy now. “I love you my darling dad ” I said to him while kissing him on his lips and sucking his mouth. I said,”dad ab finally aap meri choot ko chod ker mujhe trupt{satisfy} kar dijiye aur ek registered betichod ban said”ahhha kaash tumhare jaisi sexy aur chuddakkad beti jise bhi milegi woh tau willingly betichod ban hi jaayega.”We stretched out on the couch with him between my legs.

I reached down, took his hard prick, rubbed its head against my dripping pussy and placed its head between the lips of my wet pussy – I was so wet I was sure that I had to be getting my juices all over the sofa. I told him to put a pillow under my hips so that he can insert it properly in my cunt without hurting me. He obeyed me. He pulled a pillow and put it beneath my hips. Now he could see my cunt completely. He rubbed his cock to my pussy again and tried to insert it in my hole but its’ size was too big and my hole was too tight . I put my legs wide apart so that he can insert his cock in it but of no use. Then he stood up and got the oil bottle and rubbed it on his dick and some on my cunt entrance. Now he was able to insert some of his cock in my cunt hole and he started pushing it in slowly while I gasped and cried, “Oh no! It is too big and fat leave me, leave me…” But he also enjoyed this act too. Now he was furious as I started to resist him again. He thrust it with full power in my cunt and I cried, “ohhhh maa plz ruk jao {Uhhhh Ohhh mother! Stop this}.” But now he grabbed my shoulders with his hands and started to pump his cock in and out. He was pumping furiously and I was crying, “For god’s sake leave me out, go away.” He told me, “Wait manju you will enjoy it after a while.” He started pumping it in and out slowly and steadily now and I gasped and moaned mom…” I giggled and moaned heavily now. He was also moaning heavily. He said “le sali kutya,lund ki bhookhi,apne baap ka lund kha rahi hai,maza aa raha ki nahi? And He speeded up his thrusts and I also moved my hips up and down and said,”kyan karu mera baap hi mujh pe niyat kharab kare baitha sala kutta apni hi beti ki choot chod raha hai,sale bhadue

Ko sharam bhi nahi aati hai{ by now i understood that my dad also,like rattan,liked me using foul language and abusing,and that probably gave him more excitement}. Our bodies were burning like fire now. Both of us were creating a strange sound. Dad started to fuck me with long strokes, drawing his prick almost out of my pussy and then thrusting back down into me. Each time he bottomed out I could feel the head of his prick pushing into my cervix. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and gripped the cheeks of his butt in my hands and pulled him into me as I pushed my hips up to meet the downward thrusts of his hard prick. I had never felt anything so big or so deep in me. I could feel my pussy lips stretching as he pulled his prick back and my body aching, anticipating the feel of it plunging back into the depths of my throbbing pussy.I felt Dad change the angle of his thrusts slightly, causing the top of his prick to rub against my clitoris, trapping my clit between our pubic bones when he thrust deep into my pussy. As the head of his prick slipped into me, Dad buried it all way in my aching cunt – I felt the head of his prick pushing against my cervix, the neck of my uterus, and I climaxed again, even more intense than before. I moaned, Oh Daddy. I didn’t know… It’s never felt so good. Don’t stop. Fuck me… That’s it fuck me hard.” I could feel his thrusting speed up as the tension in my body kept building higher and higher, pushing me closer to the edge of a climax. He buried his prick even deeper into me, groaned and held it there. When I felt his prick throbbing, pouring his cum deep into me, I was pushed over that crest and I felt the spasms in my pussy around his throbbing prick as my climax swept over me. Dad slowly stroked his prick in and out my drenched pussy, milking the last bit of cum from his prick. I was soaked. I could feel his cum and my pussy juices running down the cheeks of my ass as he stroked his prick into me. “Oh Daddy,” I moaned softly, “I didn’t know it could be this good. I feel so good right now…so satisfied.” I kissed him gently and just held him in my arms atop me, his prick still buried deep in my pussy. I had never felt more sensual and, it may sound odd, more beautiful than I did at that moment. We lay there and talked for about 30 minutes and then made love again. We went to bed after that but not to sleep. We made love twice more that night. Dad said I was making him feel like a 20-year-old.Then dad confessed to me that he has some sexual fantasies,and whether I would like to be a part of enacting them.when I asked him what sort of fantasies. He told me they involved some role-playing and exibhitionism with strangers.I told my dad to wait for some time and let me think over it,as I was not mentally preparared for them.But deep within my heart I knew that i could not refuse my lovely dad for anything, and that the thoughts of me exposing in front of strangers was already exciting me tremendously.
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