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Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
08-05-2012, 06:42 PM
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Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
So it was an bright summer afternoon & Deepika padukone was lying in home's sofa as she was taking an well needed after acting continuously for more than six months. As doing so her door bell rang, so she went to open the door. Actually it was an courier named in her name which was actually carried by an 18 year old boy. As she was staying in her home for convenience Deepika was wearing an loose short t-shirt and an low hip shorts which revealing many of her parts & the boy was enjoying it even deepika noted it but she didn't care a lot about as she was facing this habits of others for long so she just got the courier from his hand & closed the door behind him.

It was actually an letter posted to her from an Adults prone english Channel F2. Actually the letter stated tat, it was an Invitation for her to arrear to their tv station in order to give an interview to their channel. It was an interview oly the channel will interview oly celebrities.

In this interview, Deepika must talk about her sex life & must make an confession about an fucking session which is unknown to the world. Deepika was stunned on hearing & got angered as well but she continued to read the letter.

And the letter continued to say tat, the interview will be held in Dubai & it ill be viewed and telecast oly in midwest countries, European countries & Australia & it won't be viewed in america & india..

The letter also consisted about the salary details. It stated tat she would be paid wit 4 lacs American dollars and the letter consisted of an advance money of one lac dollars.

Once seeing these details Deepika was mesmerised & tat too the salary tat gonna be paid to her influenced her attention towards tat interview & more over tat interview won't be telecasted in india gave her more confidence.

Before the end of the letter, the channel told her tat if she accepts to attend their interview means they have to accept to rules and regulations of the company.
1. Tat the celebrity should were oly an Bikini to the interview.
2. And she must do wat ever the crowd asks except she could oppose to have sex if she doesn't wish.

But oly the amount of money to paid was oly in her mind & so this condition also had no probs to her.

So the channel also paid for her travel to Dubai because it knew tat this program will be an gr8 hit & so it didn't mind to pay an hell lot of money. Even deepika was ready to travel there.

Even Deepika was feeling something new within her heart as she was about to share some of deep secrets which she had kept within her & tat to her sexual secrets was causing her body to shake & even causing her pussy to flow. So Deepika now got ready to leave for Dubai.

So tomo we ill start to see her horny confession of sex.

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08-05-2012, 06:42 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
Another update:

so Deepika travelled all use way to Dubai. She was provided wit the best room available in tat city. The night began, so Deepika Padukone got herself ready for the interview by wearing an blue silk type two piece bikini which was revealing the whole of her boobs & the underwear was all transparent except giving some cover to her clean shaven pussy.

After getting ready, she just wore an over coat & travelled in the limo which was provided by the tv company for her travel. Even though Deepika wore an overcoat to cover her boasting breasts it was revealing to lot to the outside world & the driver was taking an full advantage of it by viewing her thru the driver's mirror and was biting his lips wit pure lust, Deepika noticed the activities of driver but didn't care about it bcoz after sometime even half of the world would be enjoying this view. So just kept quiet & reached the tv station.

She was given an arousing welcome in der & took her to their room. She enquired them about the Host of the show but official declined to reveal it & asked her find herself once the show gets started & even gave her the details of the show.

Soon her name was announced & she got ready to reveal herself. As soon as she entered the stage, the song Aaj ki Raat of the movie Don was played & Deepika came out swaying & dancing her ass perfectly for the song, within the verge of song getting over she removed her overcoat to reveal her public assets. Once she did it there were huge ovation in the crowd wit keeping their mouths open & several immediately started to jerk the penis in front of her making her feel embarised.

Now the music of the host played, Deepika was eager to see who her host really was & was once shocked after seeing. It was none other Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. Who came in an way he is known for, wearing coat and moving his movements. Once seeing Deepika he have him an sheepish smile on the view of breasts & those thighs. The man in her previous acted as her father now He was enjoying her..

So now it was time for interview, so after giving introduction about herself and her beautiful body. He began questioning her.
AB : Wat exacting is the size of your breasts?
DP: my breasts size is 34c, y just say it ill show it to u all so tat u all beleive it.
Saying like tat she removed her top of quiet sometime & revealed her beautiful breasts and nipples to all. Her nipples were erect. All the crowds including Amitabh was amazed to see such an well waxed breasts & breathing heavily.

AB: wow! Wat an view. So now can u please share your pussy diameter & plz say whether you r a virgin & if not say first who was the first guy to break your seal.
DP: my pussy diameter is 5 cms & it can take in an cock of any size. More over im not an virgin. Wen i was 18, i was fucked my Dabboo Ratnani.THE famous photographer of bollywood. She was just crowned as miss Hyderabad & all friends had advised her to try her luck in modelling & bollywood. Due to the influence of her father, she got an chance to model for an king fisher calendar. It was taken by him. Once he saw he was mesmerized, so he proposed her tat if she accepts to let him fuck her then he would use his source to make her top bollywood heroine. Deepika thought for some time, then something wat her father said came to her mind, it was tat if something gr8 is gonna happen in your life means, do wat ever it may be even an sinful act to make urself happy. So she thought for it & accepted it. So it was the first time she had an sex.

On hearing it all the men started to moan & clapped hands along wit Amitabh who was just staring at Deepika's juicy lips.

AB: Hey! Deepika ur lips r so pink & juicy so im losing my concentration. So don mind can i give an kiss in der?
DP: AFTER giving an long thought to it, knew tat she would be asked do more sexy works & more over in their next movie there is an lip locking scene between her & Amitabh, the money she gonna receive from this show is really gonna be high. So wit any doubt she accepted it.

So Deepika Padukone came near him, Amitabh understood it. So both came together & their lips glued. His worn out lips didn't give any pleasure to her but Amitabh enjoyed it, bitted his lower lip hard which made her moan & open her mouth. Soon Amitabh realised his chances and turned it to an french kiss. Now Deepika really liked it because he wit his tongue played various ways & sucked her lips which was really something good for her. So he thought it was an good time for an break, so using his hand he signalled for break & continued his work.

Next update more. Hope u like it.
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08-05-2012, 06:43 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
After the break
Both Amitabh & deepika returned back after the very hot & steamy lip kiss. So the interview carried on.
AB: So tell us about your sex life wit your celebrity boyfriends.
DP: THANKS Amitabh for askin me this question. Firstly, my first celebrity sex was wit cricketer Yuvraj. It was during the india-australia one day match & i was invited by the sex pervert SRK FOR our movie promotion. Right from the time, i arrived Srk made me to sit beside him & kept on cupping my breast, though i didn't like but he being an bigger star had to accept it,
and suddenly, yuvraj got out, he looked pissed off so to cheer him up i called him. But tat dog as soon as he heard my voice started to beg for an quick fuck session & i too accepted it because of all the actions made by Srk on my breasts. So we met in an common room, yuvraj quickly removed my dress & his dress, took it cock out. It was mere 4 inches, though were together it was first time we gonna have sex. He quickly inserted his penis into mine & made its moments but i wasn't getting any pleasure out of it because of his small penis was not going any deep into my pussy. Suddenly to my surprise, Australian cricketer Brett lee came in & saw us doing it, so wit our invitation he itself made it into an threesome & he cummed in all my three holes and body, it was one of most pleasurable sex wit Brett lee made me beg for more.
AB: Is there any more.
DP: YA. My sex life wit my other two boyfriends had many thing in common. As our sex life were involved in both most expensive places & as well in most cheap places & we had sex in front of peoples in foreign countries which we didn't worry for as being celebrities & there is something more in common. As you all know it was first Vijay Mallya,
father of siddarth mallya who introduced me to the gala industry & till recently like an personal prostitute of his i travel wit him all over the world were ever he travelled & gave him sex pleasure till she got close wit siddarth. And as per Ranbir, his father Rishi kapoor had fucked her hard in the sets of Love Aaj Kal during the shooting in european countries, more over, the fathers of the celebrity boyfriends were more powerful & active in the bed than their sons. Proving tat old his gold.

As soon as she finished many got climax and sprouted their cum around while Amitabh to prove his strength showed his cock to deepika who got shock to see. It was an 8 inch cock which more bigger than her boyfriends. So this time she got herself down automatically to give an blow job to Big B with out his insistence by taking his huge cock into her mouth & drinking his cum. Which automatically paid way for second ad for the program.

Tonight last session where even the members of crowd will get their chance & hands on deepika
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08-05-2012, 06:43 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
So now the music started to play again & Amitabh invited all the crowd & viewers for the last sequence of today show. Even Deepika Padukone got her ready wit all make up after giving Amitabh an blow job.

AB: NOW Deepika lets talk about the elicit relations u had wit your co- actors. If any, im sure many would have had, especially wit an girl wit such a body.
DP: HMMM. Good question & thanks. Ya i had many tat too starting wit the sex pervert Srk. Though in the movie Arjun Rampal was the villan but in the real he turned out to be, because he never missed a chance to fuck me or enjoy my body. Though in outside he acts to be sincere to is wife Gauri but in reality its not so as he continues to have sex wit various women.. Even once he used me to do an threesome wit an minister in govt & himself to get his work done.
AB: Is tat all?
DP: No. Even Saif Ali Khan had me for himself. But he is an opposited to Srk as he is complete lover & does fuck me in a way i like. Even during my recent film shooting wit me he took me to some exotic locations & hotels which i like first to satisfy me & den oly himself. He has recently even bought me an Haveli near pune worth crores.
While in case of Ranbir & Akshey they fuck u quickly by dropping all their loads into you wit out giving you any satisfaction.
But my favourite sex was wit John Abraham during our recent film shooting for Desi boyz. He fucked me expertly, giving me pleasure, he was the first guy to eat my pussy which i liked a lot & even rode my ass.
AB: WOW rounds really hot. So my last question before going to audience. Why did you break off wit Ranbir kapoor?
DP: Several reasons. Mainly he didn't allow me to enjoy my life the way life, tat is to sleep wit the person i like or even do hot scenes in movies, but he alone had his erotic relationship wit Katrina Kaif & more over Siddarth mallya was far more richer than ranbir & gave me my independence in life & so does he fucks many wen he likes giving me also chance to do wat ever i like, even letting me have sex wit his father i like. These were the reasons for our break up.
AB: Good answer. So tats an close of my questions. Now the people in will questions & u should do accordingly, so ask anything people.

1st person: mam, ur ass looks so beautiful, so can u please show us your ass cheeks & let me massage them, fuck it wit ur wish?
DP: ok. Have a view & fuck to ur hearts content. I feel really horny. Saying it she removes her lower lingerie of her bikini, showing her round ass to them.

Now the viewer jumps & comes near deepika to make her stand in doggy style &holds her waist for supports & rams her ass wit his 7 inches cock real hard, massaging her ass cheeks as well. Both these activities were giving her pleasure, making her moan. She was moaning loudly wit Ahhh; Awww; yamma etc. It was giving her much pain but she enjoyed it.
Now time for 2nd question: so mam i don't need more i just want to kiss u,cup ur breasts & bit them.

So now the second person comes running & quickly gives her kiss by slowly sucking her lips which was making her to come to an mood & slowly making her to open her mouth. Once it happened, he inserted his tongue to her mouth & struggled wit her tongue. To make her go more passionate. Wit that he cupped her breasts & rolling his index finger on her nipple. So within no time her nipples became rock hard. So after kissing her for ten mins he shifted her attention to her breasts, hid his face in her breasts, kissed them & sucked them for sometime before biting to give her some marks.

AB: Now its an end for spectators questions. Now its my time. So Deepika can u let me to eat your pussy.
DP: I KNEW tat u would ask it. Ok u old sucker come on take it.
So Now Amitabh came near her & made her to lie down on the floor to expand her thighs to show her shaven pussy. Then went near her pussy walls to kiss them making Deepika to shiver. Then he took two fingers & opened her pussy walls to insert them inside her. Because of the previous actions, her pussy was greasy allowing free moments of his fingers. So quickly he finger fucked her & his fingers were filled wit her love juices which he licked wit his tongue.

Now he took his tongue to pussy & roamed deep into her pussy making her go mad. Soon her love juices started to flow & bursted all over his face. Which he even licked wit out keeping any remaining, then he put her latest item song from the movie Dum Marro Dum and asked her to dance naked. Deepika too wit out any shame dance for tat song provoking all the cock to grow to their full extent. So before leaving all the men dropped all the load of cum over her body. Deepika was embarised but the thought of the money she was gonna earn from the show made her to stop thinking about it & she was ready to do it again, for tat huge some of money. She said before leaving.

So its Amitabh leaving u wit promise of another confession by an celebrity tomo:-)
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08-05-2012, 06:43 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
Kareena is top actress of bollywood who had reached to peak after her recent releases of Ra-one & bodyguard. After it she decided to have an well needed rest.

So it was bright sunny afternoon wit Kareena spending her time wit Saif in his bedroom playing their favourite game. The game was nothing else, but having sex wit each other fucking their brains out. Kareena was sitting on top of Saif riding his cock in full speed exposing her naked back

soon both reaching climax at the same time wit Saif ejaculating hard in her pussy.

Now Kareena bent down to take Saif cum filled penis into his mouth to clean it but b4 doing so. The intercom ranged informing her tat she had received an invitation in courier & it seemed really important for her to come get it. Kareena was angry & totally heart broken hearing it bcoz she wanted to badly suck his cock but at same time she needed to get the invitation. So searched for the room for an dress to wear for getting the letter but she was able to getting any dress except an blue short skirt which was transparent exposing whole of her boobs including her nipples while her whole thighs were on visible.

More over in Saif's home all people had went out except an old maid so she wasn't shy. So now she climbed down to get the letter but der was no one. So Kareena shouted out for lady but to her suprise & shock it was the gardener who came in wit the letter in hand.

The gardener was was athletic & a fit body all due to this works. Gardener was mesmerised by her beauty & almost had his jaw drop. Kareena noticed how he was enjoying to see her exposed beauty but she too didn't care about it bcoz she was very horny but soon her eyes got attention of something as his penis was growing at rapid pace as it was building an bigger tent over his lungi. Kareena noticed it & became very shy so she quickly grabbed the letter from him b4 running into room smiling.

Kareena couldn't believe the way she reacted after seeing her servant looking at her lusty way but she didn't do anything but she soon remembered tat she had to finish her unfinish business. So she hurried back to the room but she found him fast asleep wit making much movement. Due to his growing age he wasn't able to perform his sexual duties but Kareena being in perfect age wanted to enjoy sex but she tried kissing him, sucking him but it had no use. So she sat there disappointed so she closed her eyes but as soon as she the oly thing came into her mind was the growth of his penis. So she decided wat cost may be needed she wanted to satisfy her burning lust so she decided to fuck her servant.

Now she went down & peeked into the servant quarters were she found the gardener doing hand job on his own. Seeing his 14 inches penis she was dead so decided to enjoy his penis for sure. So she hurriedly entered into tat room & gave an stern look to him. Seeing her there the gardener was shocked didn't know wat do. But soon she changed her stern look into smiles seeing tat Gardener was so much happy. Kareena came close to her & placed an slight kiss on his lips but as soon as she planted the kiss the gardener got the signal quickly grabbed her lips giving hard kiss to lips & sucking them real hard.

Though Kareena didn't like his kisses his main idea was enjoy his massive cock so she quickly removed his lungi to expose his naked huge manhood. She took his manhood into her hand & planted a kiss to his penis tip. Soon she took his penis to her mouth to give an splendid blow job which was her speciality. Now she lay naked in bed askin him to insert his penis into pussy making him fuck her hard to go to ecstasy but quickly after finishing the required job she asked the gardner to leave at once. Now she remembered about the letter & read it, it was invitation of an show she had heard from her friend Deepika padukone, named EK SEXY SHAAM SITREOAN KE SATH. She it she got excited & shocked but seeing the pay check attached to it she quickly decided to go der.

Now she decided to turn, but saw there Ibrahim, standing der understanding tat he had seen all the actions so she decided to go for damage control so she called him closer & gave him an kiss in lips & hugged his face tightly within her breasts to make his promise tat he won't say this to his dad but she couldn't believe me so she decided to take him to Dubai to the show.

Now kareena stayed there with oly a white blanket covering her body & after she been enjoyed by three men in one night
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08-05-2012, 06:44 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
Now it was time so kareena & ibrahim left together for Dubai. Even in the plane Ibrahim continued his activities on Kareena's body by kissing & pinching all over her body.. But kareena controlled herself bcoz how much ever she told Ibrahim was no were to listen & more over Ibrahim looked exactly like the younger version of her boy friend Saif.... So she enjoyed the movements made by her soon to become step son on her body.....

They were dropped to their as soon as they reached... It was time to attend the interview so K kareena planned to change to attend the interview but she was quickly followed by Ibrahim. Kareena tried to stop him but he would't listen & even started to weep. So kareena had no other way but to let him in to make him stop weeping & more over she had promised Saif tat she would keep his son alwayz happy.. so though she was feeling humiliated she changed into the red dress which she had worn in her latest movie Ra-One for the chammak challo song as the organizers to wear her most sexiest dress & Ibrahim seeing her changing into such dress was in no mood to relent & tried to make his movements but didn't want to spoil her make up & so she scolded him, warned him tat she would tell his father. So Ibrahim went out heart broken & they left for interview in her red hot siren saree

Now kareena came to set & waiting foe her to be called. Then she noticed the sad face of Ibrahim but she knew she couldn't do anythng but planned to give him an small treat once they reach hotel.. soon she could hear the warm welcome to the host who is still an mystery for Kareena as she didnt know who he was. now it was time for her introduction wit an dance & during the dance oly she knew who the host really was, it was none other than the old SEXY cat Amitabh Bachchan making her stop abruptly.


So,kareena made her way to stage & Amitabh caught hold for & started to french kiss her whch kareena tolerated as she knew these all would happen as she signed agreement before coming to this interview.
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08-05-2012, 06:44 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
So, Kareena was baffled by acts of Amitabh by kissing her directly on her lips. But due to the contracts tat she had signed wit the tv company she didn't do anything. But the old man Amitabh didn't stop himself but continued to kiss her ten mins b4 breaking it.

Now both Amitabh & kareena took their respective places in the couch & started their interview
Amitabh: b4 we go to ur personal questions. Just one questions, so Bitch did u like my kiss?
Kareena: actually i didn't like ur kiss but i must praise ur kissing abilities though u being old.
Amitabh: don worry bollywood slut ill make u enjoy it. As per my kissing abilities u must thank my Bahu Aishwarya. As she helps to me satisfy myself wen we both r alone wit out partners. She is so good in bed.
Kareena: i knew tat there is something running between u too right from the time u got her married wit ur son.
Amitabh: ya. How u do you think i resist such an beauty who stays wit u in ur home & u don screw her.
Kareena: so b4 start our interview my last question. So who is father for Aishwarya's daughter.
Amitabh: as per tat its an joint collaboration between me & my son to make her pregnant.
Kareena: so its correct. She is such an slut.
Amitabh: may be my Bahu may be an slut. But Kareena u r an bigger slut than she is lady. I know how many of fucked u. Can u plz name them.
Kareena. Tat is gonna be an big list. Ya i have fucked all the four khans, been fucked by the bloody fucker vijay mallya, and many more.
Amitabh. Tat sounds an lot of cock have entered your beautiful pussy. Can u show it to us.
Kareena:wait u old rascal. Ill show u all.
Amitabh: hmmm eagerly waiting for it. So Kareena can u plz say me ur boob size & plz say me ur recent celebrity fucker. should be Saif i hope.
Kareena: my boob is size is 34 man. And my recent fuck. Its not saif u were wrong. Its the other khan Imran khan, the cousin of Aamir khan. It was during the time of the promotion of our new movie in chennai. And i like always an revealing sandal short gown which was showing my long tanned legs & exposing my cleavage. The young rascal though got married was such an sex freak. So he started to beg me like an poor beggar. So i too satisfied his wishes to control his unnecessary hype & more over Saif wasn't satisfying me to my wish. So tried to make something different to enjoy an diff cock into my pussy & to say the truth i really enjoyed tat quiet stint wit him.
Amitabh:KYA BATH HAI! Hope i got an chance too. So tell wat happened between u and that singer Akon in those closed rooms of an hotel in London during ur Ra-one premiere?
Kareena: shit man how do u know about it. U remember me more of gr8 tym i had last year. It was just after my movie premiere. I was wearing an red long gown which was showing whole of my breasts even my nipples which was rock hard due to the cold outside making me look more sexy. Akon was looking me fully soon he became so horny so quickly she came back of me & told in my ears tat he feeling really horny & he would want to fuck me. I too accepted to it so soon we drove my room in his rolls royce were we had the best sex wit he fucking me in all diff positions wit his real big black cock wit his huge rough hands playing beautifully wit my body. He made me to get orgasms many time making lose count. Thus making it an night to remember. If i hadn't taken an contraceptive pill he may even made me me pregnant.
Amitabh:wow! Wat an lucky bastard he is. I can see many guys in here throbbing their cocks. But i too heard u recently went to an night club were u ended up kissing an complete stranger. Is it true?
Kareena: i know old man. I give many a guys hard on. Ya its true it was during my shooting for my movie Heroine & we needed to an shoot how an actress would go into an night club to flirt herself & lose herself to stranger. We wanted it completely natural. So i went to an famous club in hyderabad & selected the cute guy in there to flirt wit him to make him comfortable & wen it was time i kissed him hard on his lips. He was feeling really lucky while i lost in the moment bcoz tat guy was really a gud kisser & so i provided him an hand job.
Amitabh: sounds really sexy bitch. Plz no more i can control satisfy me.
Kareena knew tat she had to do it anyway. So she bent down quickly removing his pants of to give him an mind blowing blow job to his old penis. But though he was old it seemed he was active in sex & y not as he had the most beautiful women in his home named Aishwarya Rai. Amitabh had control over his urges but due to Kareena's expertise in blow job he was made to leak out his cum but didn't want to sallow his cum to spoil her make up. so she tried to move but it was not possible & all his cum flowed over her sexy chammak challo dress causing stains in it. So she removed it & also gave enjoy to public by doing an strip tease by removing her clothes thus giving an best joy to all. Wit that Amitabh signalled for break.
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08-05-2012, 06:44 PM
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RE: Deepika Padukone ki Chudai on Sofa
So now back to the show after Kareena providing an mind blowing strip tease to strip her naked due to the actions of Amitabh by releasing cum on her dress. Due to her action many jerked their load seman on the boxers itself it was such an view. Now Kareena changed in her dress short skirt which she wore in the criminal song but oly tat the dress was this time not having any cloth back so showing her sexy naked back. MAKING Amitabh really happy guy.
Amitabh: seeing tat u have changed into another one of ur sexy dress of Ra-one. Can u plz say us is there any more things happened in there?
Kareena: hmmm. Nothing gr8 happened just tat Shahrukh would always enjoy my naked body & would kiss me & cup my breasts wen ever he got an chance. Ya i remember one incident as once we were all invited to Buckingham palace for dinner so we all went. I like always was wearing an yellow mini skirt which was totally exposing my breasts & whole of thighs to view of the royal family. I could see lust in the eyes of everyone there. But being royal family they didn't try to move forward but just kissing me. But i was really missing saif tat day & due to the cold climate, the actions of Shahrukh & the men of the royal family i was feeling really horny. So i was ready to sleep wit anyone & tat time i got hold of Prateek, the boy who played my son in the movie &man didn't he satisfy me. Being an virgin he was really gr8 in bed & so b4 the end of the shooting me & him fucked more than 5 times. Gr8 time.
Amitabh: Slut. Anyway so now u again talk about Saif. Can u plz tell me ur reason for ditching Shahid?
Kareena: its simple Amitabh. Shahid was really bad in bed & he couldn't really satisfy my sex hunger & he couldn't stay long in bed making him cum soon. Moreover he wasn't letting me leave my life on my own. So i found Saif during the movie Tashan who satisfied me in all positions. Letting me happy. So oly separated.
Amitabh: real shame. Just for sex u broke his heart. K leave tat. I heard tat For ur forthcoming movie titled Heroine u have denied to come nude & act intimate scenes. Is it true?
Kareena: just in order to avoid hype we told like tat. But in reality i have acted in many nude & bed scenes for this movie. I acted many topless scenes giving an hard on to many & i too acted an real hot sex scene wit my co-star Arjun Rampal as per the wish of director. While Arjun was such an dog wit hurting a lot my body but i couldn't stop him bcoz the lots of money i took. But people will sure just dose of sex they want which will make them forget the movie The Dirty Picture
Amitabh: So really i would like to watch movie in order to enjoy ur naked body more. So my last one. I have heard tat u have slept wit many people who r close wit ur boy friends giving them satisfaction. So have u made such an act recently & have u did it any compromising position?
Kareena: yup tats correct. I had slept wit many of Shahid's big buck friends & even i slept wit designer friend Manish malhotra & in case of Saif i had slept mainly wit his son who saw us having sex. So i had to really satisfy & even we both some intimate position in an aeroplane bathroom. He too like his father was gr8 wit an women's body.
Amitabh: So. Kareena tats an end of an cock blowing interview. Now its time for u select two people to have sex by blind folding u
Kareena:yummy!now the time i was waiting.Though i want 2 satisfy all of u guys. I can select & give pleasure oly to two. So guys all remove ur pants so i can select two wit fat penis to enter by vagina & ass.As i love fat penis.
Soon kareena was able to make her choice by feeling their hot penis in her hand which made all the guys go mad. The guys were sex maniacs so the guys removed their dress at once. Soon Kareena signalled them to take their position one in front & the other back. She was feeling so erotic tat she herself inserted condoms into their cock. Once they got they removed Kareena's short cloths immediately, wit kissing her in neck, shoulders. The guy in the front started to suck her boobs & while the guy in back massaged her lower boobs & played his way thru her navel. Now both got ready to fuck Kareena. So they quickly inserted their cock into their respective holes & started to fuck at a normal speed but quickly increased their speed making her body to shake wit pleasure to release her love juices.
So once this was over she opened her blind fold was shocked to see tat one of two person who fucked her was none other than Ibrahim.
Now Amitabh took the central stage, by kissing her hard in her boobs, licking them while he inserted his long cock to her pussy wit his hands feeling her lucious ass. Amitabh was an expert to flow out his cum even in such an age to fill Kareena's pussy. So Kareena enquired
kareena:how can u hold on ur hard on even in this old age.
Amitabh:sex is wat i think of daily. And more over i have the best slut in home named Aishwarya who satisfy me to make it reality.
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