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Fantasizing about Tamil Actress Simran Sex Story
02-26-2012, 10:58 AM
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Fantasizing about Tamil Actress Simran Sex Story
One fine day morning,simran was giving milk to her daughter.While giving milk she was thinking about previous night. The previous night after seeing a BF simran drove to peek mood. That simran started massaging her small petite boobs and milk started coming out from her boobs and her nity was getting wetThen simran went for bath and went to Deepak,her husband.He was in deep sleep.Simran came nude with water droplets all over her body and bend down towards the face of deepak,when some droplets of water from nipple fall on his face,deepak got disturbed from sleep.When he opened his mouth to shout,simran pressed her boob very hardly,such that milk flooded from her nipple towards deepak's mouth..It was falling all over his face. Now simran kept her boobs inside deepak's mouth and started pinching his nipple. Now deepak felt very angry because she always disturb him for sex during he holded her and throwed her on floor and woke up from bed.He shouted "ENDI THEVIDIYAAA.... ORU NAALAIKKU ETHNA THADAVA DI UNAKKU SEX VENUM". Then simran cried and slept. Now in morning deepak left to airport in flight for business work.

Now she kept her child in the bed and went near the window and looked at garden.She found the gardner,digging for rose.He was 17years old boy.He was black but well built boy.He had a gym body weighting around 75kg at this age. When simran saw him,he was wearing just a shorts,due to hotness his body was fully sweating.Simran was getting mood to see his sweating body. Suddenly he ran towards his room hearing a song. When simran paid attention to that song,it was her song in movie "VAALI",one of her item song. So simrran got eager whats his next action,so she went near his room and stood near window and looked inside.

Simran saw that gardner boy was moaning with sound "AYYOOOO....ENNAMMA IRUKKA.,... INTHA THEVIDIYA.... IVA MATTUM ENGA VEETULA IRUNTHA,,,,, NAAAN, EN APPA,,, EN THATHA ELLARUM OLUTHUEDUPOM.... HHAAAAAAAAAA ... AA...AAAAA" and he was masturbating very fastly. when simran saw his dick,she gasped,because it was 10 inch size. actually her husband deepak's size is just 5 inch.. Even she has fucked by many producers,directorand even sometimes by foreigner's... But the maximum size of dick she handled is 8-9 inch. But his dick is not only 10 inch,it was so shining,hard and had good breadth.. It looked better than her dildo.As he was moving his dick to and fro, pre-cum started oozing he went near to TV and rubbed his dick on simran's navel displayed on TV and told "UN THOPPUL OTTAYIL VITTU KUTHANUM DI...."
Now he did fastly and flodded with sperm. Simran was shocked,because,it was not normal,,,lots of sperm came.. It was like 300ml sperm..Simran was aroused to see that. Now she returned back to her room.

Now simran got very high mood thinking of his dick.Now simran went for bath,,whili bathing she inserted the 6inch pipe inside her pussy and flushed the water.,feeling the water as sperm,she climaxed with multiple orgasms.Now simran wore sleveless low neck black blouse with black saree.. Remember same dress in vaali movie.

Now simran came out of house and saw the gardner boy working in garden.She called him. He came. he saw his most favourite sex goddess in the world in sleveless black blouse with matching saree.Heis dick got risen inside his shorts.Simran looked at his prick part and understood his tension and smiled. While having chatting,she purposely held her hands up and shown her sweating hairless armpites to him. He was gazing at her armpits and talking to simran.Now simran went to garden and saw the pots,she bent down to take a pot,her side view was completely visible to that garden boy. He was teased by her much.. That sleevless blouse was transparent such that her fancy balck bra which she wored was visible to him. and her whitesh stomach was visible to him.Now she rose up and told "it's so heavy.i hope u can lift this".he obeyed his mastress order and lifted it up. simran saw his muscles and amazed and told "WOW ENNA UDAMBU DA... INTHA MAARI UDAMBU VACHIRUKKURA ALA THAAN ENTHA PONNUKKUM PIDIKKUM.."and after saying she licked around her lips.

Now simran told "ULLA ORU VELAI IRUKKU VARIYA".He told "Ethukku ulla madam".. She replied "Naughty.. VEETUKULLA... VADA"He went inside by following her. while following he saw her shaking ass. It was very sexy... You guys want to see how her ass looks.

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02-26-2012, 10:58 AM
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RE: Fantasizing about Tamil Actress Simran Sex Story
Then they both reached the store room.There no fan was there. siomran askede the servant to arrange those areas. he did everything. While working simran saw his body getting sweat,she could'nt control her mood.,simran became violent. She went near him and touched his body.,suddenly she heard a car sound and left the room and she went it was her husband,she was very upset that she could only seduce the servant but couldn't fuck. Then that day night as usual after a fuck,deepak slept. Simran woke up from bed and went to garden.She saw her servant.She asked "wat u r doing here?".He Immediately removed his lungi and showed his tempered cock. simran couldnt believe what's happening. he holded her and pushed her back towards mango tree and removed her sleeping dresss. Now simran is nude infront of him.

Simran looked down at the boy devouring her and felt shots of electricity race to her cunt from her nipples. simran reached up for the lower branches of the mango tree and pulled herself up. The servant felt his large powerful hands lose control of her as her weight rose off him. simran hovered over his cock now, completely in charge of her own body, ready to resolve sex hunger by conquering him.

The new raised position of her body allowed him to suck in ( ) more of her breasts and simran was wet now with his saliva. His fingers, free from holding up her weight, pulled at her cuntlips from either direction. The moment simran felt the cockhead at her gateway, simran let her body down and impaled the waiting monstrosity that his cock was.

It was a brave thing to do, for her cunt to slam down on such a weapon of a cock. But ignorance is bliss and the deed was done. The pain was unbearable as her cunt seared open to the hot cock plunging up.And simran let out a cry "AAAAAAAAAA.....RGH...RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.GGGGHHH... .AAMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Her weight carried her on and simran could not stop herself. The cunt sank fully and he was up in her womb, twitching and pulsating before simran could even register the fuck.

The servant howled with pleasure as he felt the velvet sleeve of actress simran cunt grip his cock. Now more of her weight transferred to his hands and he held her as simran quivered and shuddered on her crucifix. The insides of her thighs tensed to an unbearable point of pain in reflex. simran let her body settle and relax, shivering and shuddering and moaned "SSSSSSSS ...SSHHHH,,,,,,,AAAAA ...AAAAAA, ....AAAAAA AAAHUHUHUH...........AAAAAA"
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02-26-2012, 10:59 AM
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RE: Fantasizing about Tamil Actress Simran Sex Story
As simran whimpered "HUH...HUH..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" he held her steady, knowing simran must be in pain. Tears welled up in her eyes and as the sensations gave way to pleasure, simran actually wanted to feel all of that again. It seemed impossible, why would anyone want to feel that brutal pain and stretching again? But nature took over and her instincts made her want more. Once again, her weight transferred to her hands and his hands were freer now to manipulate her body again. As simran lifted herself up, her body stretched out magnificently. He saw the ripple of well toned arms as her hands stretched upward. The arms led to the round of her shoulders. Her muscles were taut with the stress of lifting up her body and flowed into her breasts which were stretched and pouting upward as her body was one long stretch of flesh from torso to fingertips.Light played games on the curves, the hills and valleys of her breasts, shoulder, stomach and thighs. Her body glistened due to heavy sweats and servant marveled at the well known actress taut and flexible body.

simran sank down on his cock for the second time, this time with more assurance and simran felt a surge of fluid flow out of her. The servant felt his own pubic hair soak and the fluid race down his balls and thighs. It could have been blood or it could have been her juices. He did not have any way of knowing and he did not care.

His hands cupped her ass and gratefully accepted her weight, while her flesh opened out fully once again and settled down around his aching cock.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........aaaaaaaa....aaaaaaaah !" simran hissed as her cunt distended and filled up to the neck of her womb. simran laughed and threw her head back, her eyes closed, savoring the massaging of flesh on flesh.

Now simran lifted and dropped herself again. And again, and again. "AAH KUTHUDA DEI KUTHU...NAAN THAANDA UN THEVIDIYA...EVLO MUDIYOMO AVLO KUTHU...AAAAAAAAAH!" simran repeated over and over again with every thrust and parry of her body down on his waiting cock.As simran lifted and dropped herself, the branches of the mango tree sagged and bowed. Her thrusts were met by the rustle of leaves as simran humped him. His cock was broad and head round and was well gripped by most of the pussies he had encountered. But this was a near-first and the tightness was maddening.

He gripped her asscheeks and decided that he must drive the pleasure process for a few thrusts. He lifted her up, higher, aided by her own efforts, and when simran least expected it, let her down with no support on her way down. The thrusting of the cock into her cunt was more powerful than ever and simran started to sob in pleasure AND GRUNTES "AAAAAAHHH INTHA MAARI SUGAM EVANUM KUDUTHA THILLAI.......... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

Her back was raw from the abrasions from the tree trunk. Her thighs aching from the impossibly wide stretch. Her muscles were sore from the sudden and brutal exercise. But her cunt wanted more. And more simran took. And gave. The fucking became more and more violent as each tried to undo the other. Soon the grunts and cries, and the rustling of leaves was joined by the thumping sound of mangoes hitting the ground. Young mangoes were being dislodged by the vigorous shaking of branches and the fruit were landing on the bed of leaves below with thumps.The wild couple tried to slow down their tempo and bring some rhythm to try save the mangoes, and more importantly, to avoid attracting attention. But the sexual chemistry was too violent to tame.And soon they had attention.

"Who is that stealing our mangoes?" called out Simran's husband. He was searching for simran and came out..

Both of them froze. simran let go of the branches and put her arms around servant's shoulders and hoisted herself on, but in the process simran was almost entirely off his cock. Her legs were no longer spread out as simran had managed before. Therefore simran clung on to his shoulder and tried to avoid slipping down on his cock. simran was sure she would be torn apart if simran did not spread herself out and she didn’t want to risk that.He gripped her thighs hard and kept her around his hips. There was a struggle of him wanting to plunge back into her hut throbbing pussy and simran wanting to avoid getting plundered open.
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02-26-2012, 10:59 AM
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RE: Fantasizing about Tamil Actress Simran Sex Story
As simran tried to keep off and he tried to thrust up into her, he looked towards the house only to see his master (deepak) peering towards the mango tree. He walked with simran wrapped around him away from the house, beyond the mango tree, towards the cowshed at the back. With each step was a shuffle of feet and leaves gave away his movements. With each step was the bouncing of her body and the cunt nosed, rode, or sank, to varying extents at varying times on his bobbing cock.

The deepak walked towards the mango trees, "Who is there?"

"HAAAAA.....AAA.....AAAAH.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM....!" came a low scream from simran as in one his steps servant speared her fully. He felt good when he sank in fully, for he could hardly bear the waiting. For the next few steps he was nestled in her and the progress to the simrand was slower. But it was more pleasurable as they jiggled and fucked with every move. simran’s eyes were on the moving form of her husband and simran quickly whispered to her servant, "DAI EN PURUSHAN VANTHUTTAN,,,APPURAMA KUTHUDA... IPPA VERA ENGAYAVATHU PODA...!"

The urgency in her voice was not lost on servant, he lifted her off his cock and staggered towards the cowshed. As soon as they were in, he rested his aching arms by letting her lean on a buffalo. simran let her arms rest and spread herself back on the buffalo, her ass still in servants hands. Immediately, the servant fucked her hard and fast giving himself relief from the build up caused by the interruption at the mango grove.

The squelching sounds and the whimpering from the fucking filled the shed and the buffalo shuffled its feet under the powerful thrusts from servant. simran grabbed servant's shoulders as she lost balance. Once again simran was wrapped around his hips fucking him hard.Nothing, it seemed nothing, could hold them back from fucking. They just had to try to tame one another and intense lust had gripped them.

Now they heard footsteps outside the cowshed. There was only one way for simran to prevent her husband from entering the shed. She asked him to carry herself to the door of the shed so that she leaned on the door, making it difficult, if not impossible for anyone to push it in and enter.It also allowed him to continue to fucking her, for he felt he would go mad if the thrusting were to stop. He just had to have that hot, wet, bubbling cunt ride him. Now, as he thrust, the thump of her body against the metal door became the drumbeat of their lust. Their fucking tapped its rhythm on the metal. simran’s fingers were over the top of the door as simran reached up and behind to steady herself.


"ENDI THEVIDIYA,,,UNNAN NINAICHU EVLO KAYADICHIRUPAEN,,INNAIKKU NEE SETHA DI..!" he snarled at her, fucking her up twice harder for good measure.

"Who is that?" came up a voice from real close.

"It’s me! Go away from here!" replied the Simran gruffly.

Deepak recognized the voice of the his wife simran who no one dared defy and stopped short. Those fingers which deepak spotted on the side of the door were not a woman’s. The feet which deepak could see at the foot of the door were pointing towards the door and were male leg.

The door itself was bending as if pressure were being applied on it and with each bend, came a thump. The thumps came in a rhythm deepak had once been accustomed to, though not lately, leaving him in no doubt as to what was going on. What deepak did not, and could not know, was who.But that was not such a big matter for deepak knew her wife simran fucked at will. Discreet, and resigned over the years to the ways of his feudal lordship deepak moved off, and maintained a watch from afar.

As the footsteps receded, both servant and simran needed to rest their limbs and he allowed her to slide down, all along the metal door. Her descending body yanked his cock downwards till it eventually slid out, and sprang up when released, smearing itself on her belly. Then as simran slid further, it nestled against her breasts. servant held her by her armpits, luxuriating in the warmth of the valley of her breasts. And then her face was in his groin.

simran stared in fascination at the magnificent specimen of maleness. "NEE THAANDA EN PURUSHAN...ENNAMA KUTHURA... SUPERDA....," simran thought to herself. And simran did something simran had seen the porn movies that she had once brought. simran kissed the cock, tasting herself and him, but of course, not knowing which flavor was male and which female. simran opened her lips and allowed him to sink into the wet warm recess of her mouth. Thakur put his hand on her pretty head of beautiful hair and fucked her face. "KADAVULEY....AAAAHHH ENNAMA OOMBURA INTHA THEVIDIYA!" he thought to himself.

simran’s hand closed over the cylinder of flesh as simran pumped in and out of her mouth and then suddenly she let go. simran sank to the straw on the floor of the cowshed and now was kneeling to make a thick enough bed of hay for them to lie on and fuck. As simran knelt and went about this task, simran could see from the gap at the foot of the door her husband deepak standing at the rear veranda of the house looking towards the cowshed.

Servant was meanwhile transfixed by the sight of simran on all fours in front of him. Her hips were provocatively wiggling and her knees were sufficiently apart. He knelt behind her and raised her skirt, exposing her once again. A hand went under her and he held her soft stomach. With his other hand he guided his cock, slathering the valley between her legs. It touched her anus, her perineum and her coarse haired pussy. The slit was gaping open and wet and took but a moment to absorb his cock simran gasped as new spots in her pussy were now caressed by that knobby monster. simran braced herself on all fours allowing servant to ride her. Soon his hands came up to grip her breasts. He held her hard, pinching her nipples. Then he raised himself on one knee. From this position of strength, he fucked her hard.

With each thrust, simran sobbed out her pleasure. Her eyes were closed as simran concentrated on the hot pillar pounding her. Waves of orgasms poured out of her cunt. When her eyes were open they naturally wandered to the husband standing on the veranda. simran’s eyes opened with shock with servant changed the angle and the rearing cock head touched her g-spot. simran blabbered out loud and wildly, " OTHA GOMMALA. ..KUTHUDA. ...NEE KUTHURA KUTHULA, EN KOOTHI KILINJU,,NAAAAN SETHURANUM,,,,Yah, yah, yah!"

simran started to buck and thrash back at him. His cock twisted and turned and he felt her pussy walls contracting and ravaging his cock. The throes of her orgasm had her bucking like a cow mounted by a bull and he gripped her breasts hard to hang on to her. His fingers were surely making their mark on her tender skin but those breasts were so ripe, and so asking to be eaten!

simran noticed the servants shuddering and loss of control when she moved and twisted on that cock. Now was the time for her to drive her point. simran leaned forward and allowed his cock to slide almost entirely out.Servant wildly lunged forward to find the hot wet nesting place again. simran skillfully avoided him. As simran leaned further forward, the angle of cunt to cock changed and the servant risked losing her pussy completely. He stopped so that at least he wouldn’t lose the positioning.simran now gently rode back, the pussy only gliding over the exposed and raging head. Servant shuddered. He thrust his hips forward, allowing his cock to project outward, fully exposed, ready to take the gripping cunt’s caress on his cock. But it never came.

simran had turned her head and was looking back at him. Her lustrous black hair was undone and framed her face, her shoulders, and her breasts. simran smiled at him. He groaned and caressed her buttocks, kneading them and running his fingernails all the way up to her shoulders. simran shuddered and shivered from the touch.

But her hips stayed perfectly still. "ITHU," simran said with a quick backward jab of her pussy, "ITHU ITHUTHANEY UNAKKU VENUM?"

Thakur shuddered and his neck and head went into spasms. "Y…ye…… yessssssssss!" he hissed.

"Then," simran continued with a harder jab, "DAILY VENUMA" - and here simran fucked him really hard- "KANDIPPA"and in conclusion simran rotated her cunt pulling his cock in all directions." Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! DEVIDIYA MUNDA!" shouted servant as his nails dug into the fleshy ass.

Pushed on simran, holding her cunt away from him and leaning forward to the edge of a ‘slip-out’.his hands gripping her hips as simran lowered her head and presented her ass upward to him. simran was giving him control once again."AMAM DA UNAKKU NAAN ENNAIKKUM DEVIDIYA THAAAN ENNAI OTHU THAALLLUDA!" begged the woman who was at least 10 years elder than her servant.

Servant needed to spill his seed and cum and fill her now. He just had to. This simran's tight and gripping cunt, her gymnastics, her sauciness and the sheer illicitness of their mating was all too much for this poor boy.He moved into the mating rhythm and started to pound in and out mercilessly. simran was reduced to a whimpering and quivering mass of exploding flesh as orgasm after orgasm wrenched out of her poor, ravaged pussy.A 3 hour (or more?) long fuck in one night was a bit too much.
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