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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
Post: #71
RE: Four-way Bride
"I reckon the time has come when we're gonna have to sell out," Gus said disconsolately. "Do you boys agree?"
"It sure looks that way," Cal said, figuring Millie would go with him.
Pete nodded and looked at Millie. He believed she would choose to leave with him.
"Gus, have you talked with Danny about it?" the young woman asked.
"Not yet. I was fixin' to do that later."
"Let me talk with him," she said. "I know he's had his heart set on staying here."
Millie left the living room and went upstairs to see her bedridden husband. His eyes lit up when she entered the room.
She sat next to his bed and held his hand. As she told him about the notice from the water district and related the tentative decision reached by his father and brothers, Danny's expression clouded.
"God damn it, I don't want to sell out!" he exclaimed angrily. "We hadn't ought to let Reed do that to us."
"You're right," Millie agreed. "But the question is, how can we stop him?"

"There ought to be a way."
"Maybe there is," Millie said thoughtfully.
"I wish I knew how." Danny was looking off into space.

"Cal, drive me into town, will you?" Millie asked the next morning when she and Cal were alone.
"What do you want to go to town for?"
"I haven't seen my mother since I moved out here. Also, I'd like to do some shopping. Maybe you could drive me in, then pick me up later?" She rubbed ingratiatingly against the husky youth.
He grinned, slipping his arms around her. "Baby, when you do that, I'm damned if I can tell you no."
Cal tried to kiss her, but Millie twisted away. "I'll hurry up and get ready. Can we leave in about half an hour?"
"I guess," he replied, a little disappointed that she hadn't let him go farther. But he figured he would get to her before the day was out.
Cal got out the family's pickup truck. After bathing and prettying herself up, Millie joined him.
As they rattled along the narrow paved road that crossed the lonely prairie, Cal suggested that they pull off and park for a while.
"Later," Millie said. "Maybe on the way home. I don't want to get all mussed up now."
Cal didn't press his desire at the moment.

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10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Arriving in the small town of Kenyon, Millie asked Cal to drop her in front of Connelly's store, where she used to work. She said she wanted to see the people she knew, then would walk to her mother's house. Cal agreed to pick her up at the same spot at three o'clock.
Millie realized that what she had in mind was a long shot gamble. But she felt it was worth trying, for Danny's sake. Though Gus and his other sons were prepared to sell the ranch, Danny wanted to hold on – and what he wanted, she wanted also.
The Reed Land Company occupied the second floor of a store building on Main Street. As soon as Cal's pickup had turned the corner at the edge of town and was out of sight, Millie walked down the street and entered the doorway which opened on the flight of stairs that led to Reed's office.
At the top of the stairs there was a large room with filing cabinets, maps on the walls, and several people working at desks.
The middle-aged, female receptionist glanced up. Millie had seen her around town and had waited on her a few times at Connelly's, but they had never known each other by name.
"Hello, dear," the woman said. "What can I do for you?"

Millie tensed. "Is Mr. Reed in?"
"Well, he is, but… uh, did you have an appointment?"
"No. I believe he'll see me, though. Tell him it's Millie Hinshaw – Danny's wife."
"Oh. Sit down for a minute, will you, dear?"
Millie took a straight wooden chair opposite the woman's desk and waited, her heart thudding excitedly. Though she was no longer the naive, fearful girl she had been when she had married Danny three weeks ago, what she now had in mind was daring, even by the new liberal standards she had come to accept.
She had never met Trevor Reed, though she had seen him about town, driving his big, fancy car and coming out of the cattlemen's club. He was in his late thirties and quite handsome.
"You can go in, Mrs. Hinshaw," the receptionist said as she returned. She indicated the paneled door, marked Private, through which she had just exited. It stood ajar.
Millie got up, straightened her shoulders, and walked to Trevor Reed's private office. She pushed the door the rest of the way open, and hesitated.
Reed stood up behind his desk, and smiled. He was slender, dark-haired, and wore a small mustache. His Western-style jacket and shirt, with a string tie, had obviously come from an expensive style shop in Las Vegas or Reno.
"Come in, Mrs. Hinshaw," Reed said in a mellow voice that indicated refinement. "Close the door, if you will please. Sit down." Reed gestured toward a comfortable-looking leather chair beside his desk.
The nervous young woman felt his eyes taking inventory of her body as she walked to the chair and sat. Her moderately short skirt slid well above her knees, which were sheathed in sheer panty hose.
Reed leaned back in his chair, his brown eyes twinkling. "Now, to what do I owe this pleasure?"
Millie took a deep breath. She didn't smile. "I wanted to meet the man who's been giving my husband and his family so much trouble."
"Oh?" Reed chuckled a bit uneasily. "Well, I'm not an ogre. I bear no ill will toward your husband's family, I assure you. On the contrary, I've made them a very generous offer for their ranch."

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10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
Post: #73
RE: Four-way Bride
"But they don't want to sell."
"Did they appoint you as their agent to come and tell me that?" Reed's eyes continued to twinkle.
"No," Millie said. "This was my own idea."
The slender man leaned forward. "Your husband doesn't know about it?"
Millie shook her head.
Reed's gaze slid down to her breasts, caressed them through her close-fitting blouse, then dropped to the warm roundness of her hips and tapering thighs. Millie tingled under his frank examination.
"You're a very lovely young woman," Reed said. "How old are you, if I may ask?"

"You haven't been married to Dan Hinshaw long, have you?"
"A few weeks."
"And you came here without his knowledge?"

Reed looked at her closely. "Just exactly what did you have in mind?"
Millie's nervousness increased. Reed wasn't making things easy for her, but she could tell that he was interested.
She looked him right in the eyes. "I was hoping I could, uh, persuade you to quit trying to push us off Stallion Ranch."
The twinkle returned to Reed's eyes. His lips quivered. "And how do you propose to accomplish that?"
He's having fun with me! Millie thought. She quickly rose, her cheeks turning pink.
"Wait!" Reed said, gesturing impatiently. "Sit down."
Millie sat but glared at him.
"I'm sorry. It's just that… well, I could hardly believe you were saying what you seemed to be saying. You're very young and…"

"Too young for you, Mr. Reed?"
His tone lowered slightly as he said with feeling, "No. Not at all." He hesitated. "But are you sure your husband isn't outside waiting for the right moment to…"
"Danny's lying at home with a broken hip. His brothers and father are working on the ranch. They don't know I'm here."
Reed's expression became very serious and he straightened in his chair. "All right, let's be frank. Are you offering to go to bed with me?"
Millie blushed, but kept looking directly at him. "If that will do any good."

Reed laughed.

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10-17-2012, 02:38 AM
Post: #74
RE: Four-way Bride
The young woman felt so humiliated that she wanted to slap his face.
"Forgive me," he said, his laughter subsiding, "but that was a pretty juvenile idea, as befits your age. I have women friends, Mrs. Hinshaw. Uh… Millie, is it?"
She hated him, but decided to persist. The way he was looking at her didn't agree with what he had said. Although he had laughed at her, she still believed he was interested.
"I want you to give up your idea to cut off the creek on our ranch," Millie said, struggling to keep her voice firm. "And I want you to get our taxes cut down, the way they were."
"And in return for all that?" Reed idly fondled a bone-handled letter opener.

"You know."
"I want you to say it."
Millie hesitated, the tension building. Finally she blurted, "I'll let you fuck me."
The statement, though uttered softly, crackled in the charged air.
Reed's eyes widened a bit, then he smiled and the twinkle returned. "Not interested."
"Why, you…" Millie was so furious, she didn't know what to say.
"I'm not interested," Reed calmly continued, "because nobody lets me do anything. I do what I want to do. And if I want to go to bed with a woman, she responds because she wants to – or else I leave her alone. Do you understand?"
Millie didn't speak. But she remained seated, looking directly at him.
His eyes slid over her once more. "You're very attractive. And yes, I would like to… fuck you, as you uninhibitedly put it. I admire your frankness, too. The only thing is, I don't make deals when it comes to sex."
"Do you expect me to go to bed with you," Millie flared, "when you're trying to take my husband's ranch away?"
"Mmmm. I can see how that might make it difficult for you to respond."
Millie warmed to her purpose. "I'd like to be able to respond to you," she said, half-meaning it because he was a handsome and attractive man.

"Would you really?"
"Yes." Millie felt a gentle glow in her cheeks. Her nerves were very alive.
"Show me," Reed said.
She quivered. The critical moment had arrived, and Millie still wasn't sure where she stood with the man. He might only be mocking her. On the other hand, she might be able to persuade him, provided she worked very hard at it.

She stood.
Reed tensed visibly. His voice was slightly husky as he said, "Come closer."
Millie moved up beside his chair. He swiveled to face her. Electric impulses raced along her taut nerves.
Looking her in the eyes, Reed curled his hands around the backs of her knees and began slowly gliding them up her sleekly stockinged thighs. Millie's inner trembling increased. She turned slightly weak.

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #75
RE: Four-way Bride
Reed could tell by the way her eyes were changing that he was getting to her. She wasn't the cynical chippy she had seemed a few moments ago.
His hands reached the tops of her full, firm thighs. Her skirt was bunched on his arms, exposing most of her lovely legs to his avid inspection.
Reed's penis stirred in his pants.
As he raised his hands a little farther underneath Millie's skirt and wrapped them around the firmly bulging cheeks of her bottom, his cock stiffened out. He squeezed and rolled her plump buttocks, which were sheathed in pantyhose over light briefs.
Millie was becoming as aroused as he was. But she didn't lose sight of the fact that her purpose was to persuade him. Everything had to be for his pleasure – whatever he wanted.
As Reed fondled her pliant ass, the young bride unfastened her blouse and took it off. Reed's eyes were on her tits, which overfilled her snug bra, the creamy flesh bulging above the rims of the cups. Millie reached behind her and unhooked her bra clasp. The cups surged forward. She took the limp harness away, letting her titties stand firm and full, their stiff pink nipples canted upward.
"My God!" Reed exclaimed. He pulled her against him, his fingertips pressing her nylon briefs into the crack of her ass as his warm palms compressed the resilient mounds.
Millie bent slightly, shoving a titty against Reed's mouth.
He sucked at her luscious nipple, his tongue stroking the firm rubbery projection as his lips skidded moistly against the rim of her aureole. Millie's pussy began to dribble. Her head grew light.
Reed switched to her other titty, letting the sucked one bob quiveringly away. Millie shoved her dry nipple between his lips, and he quickly moistened it, making it tingle in rigid arousal. Reed's mustache tickled her breast as he sucked her nipple deep. The hot bud throbbed against his lapping tongue.
Giving a twist, Millie jerked her tit from his mouth. She dropped to her knees on the carpeted floor. Thrilled, Reed swung his thighs wide apart so that the uninhibited girl could move closer.

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #76
RE: Four-way Bride
Millie did so, her brain turning giddy with excitement. It wasn't only sex that was stimulating her; she felt also that she was accomplishing her purpose. Reed was obviously eager for her to continue.
Her hands lit in his lap, feeling the hardness of his sex through his clothes. She quickly unzipped his fly. Reed breathed hard as he watched her delicate, girlish hand glide through the fly of his trousers to enter his shorts to grasp the bent shaft pressing against the knit fabric.
Millie grasped his cock and swung the horny thing into view. Reed had a foreskin which covered the head of his dong, except for the moist pink crest which peeped out through the hood's ruffled lip.
Millie had never seen a prick that looked just like that. As she hesitated, Reed clutched the upthrust shaft and retracted its velvety cover. The pale-pink head of his penis bulged in manly splendor. Its heated scent rose to Millie's nostrils.

Reed waited.
The girl gazed at his prick, which now looked like the others she had known, except that its pink skin appeared more tender. She bowed, parting her moist lips, and captured the meaty glans in her mouth.
"Ah!" Reed exclaimed, tousling her yellow hair.
His hands massaged Millie's scalp as she began to suck his cock, her head rhythmically plunging and rising as the encircling band of her lips skidded up and down across the firm, sensitive ridge of his corona. She drew in his male flavor and breathed his aroused scent. Her pussy salivated more, wetting the crotch of her briefs and plastering the delicate nylon against her humid cuntlips.
Millie writhed, her mouth screwing fervently up and down his shaft as she warmed to her work. Panting with excitement, Reed tousled her lovely hair.
Finally Millie held just his glans within her mouth. She bathed the bulging knob in her slippery saliva as her lips rhythmically contracted behind its rim. He felt the firm edges of her teeth. Her abrasive tongue swabbed the super-sensitive tip of his peter.
She lifted her head. She was breathing as hard as he, and her eyes wore a passionate glaze.
"Did I show you?" she asked, her voice tense and husky.

"Do you want me to go on?"
"Oh, God! PLEASE!"

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #77
RE: Four-way Bride
"Will you give the Hinshaws a break?" Millie asked, speaking rapidly, with obvious excitement. "I can't really feel anything for you if you won't."
Reed hated to bargain on this basis. But he hadn't been with anyone so hot in years. And Stallion Ranch was only a chunk of land, after all. He could prosper without it. His efforts to take it over were more of a game than a matter of necessity. It was in such ways that he kept himself amused.
But there was more amusement – more real pleasure – to be had right then in that room than in his game with the Hinshaws.
"Go on!" he rasped at Millie.
She hesitated. Reed hadn't committed himself, and she felt she should insist on a commitment. But his large cock, standing strong and straight, enticed her.
Millie bowed and waggled her pink little tongue back and forth across the head of Reed's prick.
"Good…" he said as a blissful tremor passed through him. His cock twitched.
Millie began kissing just the tip of it, encircling the moist crest with her soft, sucking lips. Her tongue beat a tattoo against the tip of his organ as she drew in his stimulating flavor.
She lunged, taking the entire glans and part of the shaft into her mouth. Her tongue stirred against the bone-hard, quivering column as she sucked. She suddenly let the pecker escape. The thing swayed and twitched in quivering stiffness.
"Oh shit!" exclaimed Reed. "You're driving me crazy!"
Millie knew this was the moment to renew her demand that Reed leave her family alone. But she was beyond the point of bargaining.
She feverishly licked up and down Reed's fat, rosy shaft, causing the upthrust column to rub back and forth across her nose and cheeks. When her mouth reached the very bottom of his shaft, Millie was frustrated by the presence of his clothes. She dug into Reed's pants and shorts, grasped his nuts, and wrenched them into the open.
The impassioned girl rolled the contracted, coarse-textured scrotum in her hand as she alternately sucked and licked Reed's glans. Finally she capped her mouth over the head of it once more and sucked wildly on the bulging meaty knob as her wet lips worked slurpingly behind the ridge of the glans.
Reed groaned, arching upward in his chair, and his cockhead skidded to the back of Millie's tongue. She felt a strong tremor shake him, and suddenly her mouth was filled with his spurting cream. The slimy fluid slid down her throat as she gulped, and some washed forward along her hotly lapping tongue to ooze out around her lips and dribble down her chin. With her head spinning madly, Millie continued to suck the ejaculating male until his balls were depleted and his dong began to wilt.
Millie let the organ flop away and wiped her chin with two fingers. She stuck the fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean.

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #78
RE: Four-way Bride
"My God!" Reed groaned, breathing deeply. "It's never been… so good!"
"Take your clothes off," Millie panted. "Lie down on the floor with me."
"I don't know… if I can go again."
"You can," Millie insisted, tugging at him.
Reed slid out of his chair and lay on the floor. Bending over him, titties shaking, Millie helped him off with his shoes, trousers and shorts, then his jacket, tie, and shirt. She left his socks on.
She quickly skinned out of her skirt, pantyhose, and briefs.
They rolled together on the carpet, Millie finally straddling him and feeding him her dangling tits. Reed sucked and licked at the elongated pink points of her bobbling boobs. She backed up and kissed her way from his neck to his nipples, then to his belly button, which she licked and sucked.
Millie rubbed her satiny, firm-soft breasts back and forth across his flopping penis. She caught his flaccid but sizable organ between the mounds and caressed it by rubbing her titties up and down along its sides.
Reed was breathing hard and turning his head to and fro.
Millie burned with the need to screw him. Not only was she unable to bargain, she had forgotten for the moment that there was a bargain to be made. Her only purpose was to get the man ready to fuck.
She backed farther and fervently licked his meaty cock. She held it up and attacked his scrotum, which was now velvety soft and elongated. She licked the hairy sac all over, then seized a bulging nut in her mouth and sucked it.
"Ah!" Reed exclaimed, bucking upward against her face.
Millie sucked his other ball, then nuzzled beneath them. She pushed his legs wide apart and licked deeper into his crotch. Her moist, passionate tongue swabbed the crinkled dimple of his anus, giving her a new burst of flavor. Millie pursed her soft lips around the man's asshole and sucked, battering at his rectal gate with her tongue-tip.
His cock strengthened, waving to and fro, half-hard. When Millie's wet tongue twisted through the ring of his anus and slithered up his ass, Reed's prick assumed bolt stiffness.

"God damn!" he cried. "Fuck me, you wild bitch! Fuck me!"
Millie leaped astride his loins, immediately sheathing his pecker in her hot, clasping quim. She bobbed up and down, titties flopping in luscious fullness as Reed's thick shaft stretched her silken, slippery channel with deeply penetrating strokes. She squirmed, grinding her hot cunt around his upthrust cock.
"I love – it!" she cried. "Screw me… screw me…"
Reed heaved and bucked, trying to drive his cock all the way up to her throat. Its tip managed to enter the tight little gate of her womb as Millie ground down hard, massaging his balls with the soft undersides of her buttocks.
He grasped her bobbing tits and squeezed hard.
"Oh, shit!" Millie exclaimed. "That's – I'm coming! I'm…"

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #79
RE: Four-way Bride
Reed knifed upward, throbbing in the middle of her belly. His semen splashed into her convulsing womb and streamed down his quivering shaft, mixed with her own hotly gushing product as her cunt muscles rippled, spasming to a rhythm of its own.
The man groaned blissfully, his churning balls spewing up their last drops of jism. When he went limp, Millie fell forward atop him. He grasped the rubbery pillows of her ass.
"Never… never was it… so good!" he rasped at her ear.
The copulation had been very satisfying for Millie, as well. But now that it was over, she feared she had blown her chance to bring Reed around. She had sucked him off and screwed him of her own accord, and she was in no position to demand anything in return.
Millie didn't realize, however, that Reed had made the bargain in his mind, and he wasn't a man to go back on a deal.
He rolled her off him and sat up.
"That was great, baby," he said with a satisfied smile. "Go home and tell your family that the heat's off. The water district will take another vote on that creek diversion, and I'll see what I can do about getting them some tax relief."
Millie blinked. "Do you mean it?"
"I don't say things I don't mean. There's one thing, though."

"What's that?"
"You didn't give me a chance to kiss your sweet twat. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to go down on a real blonde one."
Laughing happily, Millie fell onto her back and spread her thighs, drawing her knees up. Reed knelt and noisily attacked her moist and marvelously fragrant crotch.
His mustache tickled thrillingly as his tongue scoured up and down her velvety cuntlips, licking up every drop of girl juice and semen which had spilled from her still-throbbing vessel. Then he spread her outer labia wide apart, exposing their pink, smooth inner sides. He licked that slippery meat and proceeded to the wiggly folds of her vestibule, sucking up the thick juice that dribbled between them. Finally he lodged his tongue on Millie's palpitating clitoris, fluttering in and out until she had another come. She flopped wantonly about, her big tits lurching and quivering.
Reed moved forward atop her, his cock unbelievably stiff again. He sank his rod into her narrow, slick crevice and fucked her for fifteen minutes, non-stop, until they both exploded in a final gut-wrenching orgasm which left them exhausted.
Before leaving his office, Millie asked that he write her father-in-law and tell him about the creek and the taxes.
"If I were to tell him," she added, "he'd know I was here to see you."
Reed grinned wanly. "We couldn't have that, could we? Because then you wouldn't be able to come back and see me again."
He patted Millie's clothed buttocks and enjoyed their springy jiggle.

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10-17-2012, 02:39 AM
Post: #80
RE: Four-way Bride
"I'm not promising I'll come back," she told him.
"Okay," he said. "But think about it. I assure you that I'll be doing the same."
Millie left his office, proud of what she had accomplished on behalf of her husband and the rest of the family. This gave her a new sense of security and confidence.
It was time, she decided, to straighten out her relations with the various Hinshaws. Danny would be up and around in another week, and she couldn't go on screwing Cal, Pete and old Gus… if Danny objected.
But on the other hand, if her husband didn't mind…
The miracle which Millie had achieved with Trevor Reed gave her the courage to believe she might achieve something just as remarkable with Danny and the others. When a smart girl put her mind to something, and she had an eager body to back it up, there was no telling what she could accomplish.
As she rode home with Cal, he pleaded for permission to stop the pickup at a secluded spot and crawl into the back of the truck with her. Millie firmly refused.
"There'll be no fucking for a while," she said, "until Danny and I have a chance to talk."
"Talk!" Cal retorted. "You sure as hell ain't gonna ask him if you can screw me… are you?"
Millie didn't reply. But the wise little smile on her face told Cal that she had a scheme in mind. He would just have to wait until she had worked it out.

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