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Four-way Bride
10-17-2012, 02:28 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Butter-colored curls formed a thick, shaggy triangle above her closed thighs. Her soft, rounded belly was thrillingly white, punctuated by the cute depression of her navel. Pete bent and kissed the pliant flesh just below her belly button.
Millie writhed against the grass, unconsciously shaking her tummy against Pete's face.
"Let's get your pants off," he growled as he raised his head.
He took hold of the dainty pink undergarment with both hands and hauled it up her legs as he lifted them in the air. He took the panties off Millie's feet, working the elastic over her shoes.
Pete knelt beside her and looked down, grinning tensely. His black hair fell across his forehead. "You want it now, don't you?" he said.

"No! Oh God, no! I don't!"
"Liar!" he charged as he clawed at the front of his pants, opening his fly.
Millie could have jumped up and run back to the house, she realized. Still she didn't move. She stared at her rangy brother-in-law through wide eyes.
He dug a hand into his open fly. His fist came out, clutching a prick that was thicker and longer than Danny's. Its bare rosy head was huge. The sight of it both thrilled and terrified his young sister-in-law as he started to scramble between Millie's legs, his erect cock swaying.
At that moment Millie's fear and indignation welled up, overcoming the erotic lethargy that had gripped her. She quickly pulled her legs back and rolled away from the crouching man.
"Hey, wait a minute!" Pete exclaimed. "Where are you going?"
Millie was on her feet and running toward the house, sobbing as her whole body throbbed. Her thighs slithered moistly together, unhampered by the presence of pants. Her buttocks felt shockingly loose against her swaying skirt.
Pete didn't run after her. He knew that would only cause a scene.
"Sonofabitch!" he snarled, slamming his balled fist against the ground.

His penis slumped.
Millie's panties, a soft puff of pink, caught his eye. He picked them off the lawn and held them up, using both hands to stretch the elastic and shake them into shape.
He pressed them to his face and inhaled their intimate scent, rubbing the sleek nylon against his nose and mouth. Then he jammed the panties into a pocket of his jeans, tucked his penis in, and closed his fly.

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10-17-2012, 02:28 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
She won't tell anybody what happened, he thought as he got up. She liked it, and in the back of her head she's hoping it will happen again. It will! And I'll get her next time!

The TV in the living room was on. Gus and Cal were laughing over a comedy show. They didn't glance at Millie as she hurried to the stairs.
She went directly to her room – the room she had shared with Danny last night but which she would occupy alone until he recovered. After closing the door carefully, the tense and quivering girl approached the dresser mirror.
Her blonde hair was in disarray and had bits of grass in it. Still trembling, she picked up a comb and began to run it through the long silken strands. She stopped and stared into her reflected eyes, trying to read what was in them, trying to understand why she had responded to Pete as she had.
What sort of person are you? she asked her image.

There was no answer.
After Millie had calmed herself and was sure that her appearance gave no hint of what had happened, she walked down the hall to Danny's room.
He smiled warmly at her as she entered. "Hi, baby. Come on over here."
Millie returned his smile. "Feeling all right?"
"As good as a guy can, I guess, when he's flat on his back with one leg in the air. Where you been?" He took her hand.
"Uh… outside. I went out to look at the stars."
"Hey, no fair! You ain't supposed to look at the stars unless I'm with you. That goes for the moon, too."
"Silly," she said, laughing softly. For some reason she didn't understand, her eyes misted over.
Danny moved his hand to her leg. Before Millie could stop him, he reached under the hem of her skirt and stroked up her silken thigh to her buttock.
His eyes widened. "Where's your pants?"
Millie turned red. "Oh, I… uh… took them off. It was so warm."
"Well listen, young lady," Danny said as he patted her rounded, quivery buttocks, "don't go running around here with no pants on, understand? I've got two horny brothers, and my old man ain't exactly senile yet."
"Danny! I'm surprised at you!" Millie shrugged away, pushing his arm down.

His eyes narrowed. "Feel me," he said softly.
"Feel my dick."

"Oh, for God's sake!" He grasped her hand and carried it to the crotch of his pajamas where a single sheet covered him.
Millie's eyes widened. "Danny! You… you're hard!"

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10-17-2012, 02:28 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Hell, yes! You see what one feel of your ass can do?"
"Shame on you for talking like that!" she said, jerking her hand away.
"Baby, when are you gonna get it through your sweet head that we're married? We can say anything to one another, and it ain't bad."
"Well, certain words are…" She looked down.
"Exciting! That's what they are. Come on, honey – take your clothes off."
Millie stared at her earnest young husband. "But we can't… do anything."
"We can't fuck, if that's what you mean," he said, his eyes twinkling. "But there's something else you can do – that is, if you love me enough."
"You know I love you," Millie murmured.
"Then take off your clothes." His voice had grown husky.
Millie had no idea what he had in mind, but she wanted to please him. It seemed particularly important after what had happened outside.
She stepped back and turned away from the bed. She reached behind her neck, lowered the zipper on her dress partway, then reached up from below and pulled it the rest of the way down. She shrugged the dress off her shoulders and let it drop.
She was naked, except for a bra. Danny gazed at her beautifully formed bottom, the cheeks silken and plumply rounded. His cock throbbed harder.
Millie tingled as she reached for the clasp of her bra and opened it. She still wasn't used to appearing before her husband in the nude, and she remained tense over what had happened on the lawn with Pete.
She turned to face Danny, resisting the urge to cover her triangular blonde tuft and the erect, elliptical mounds on her chest. Her pink nipples stood up, aimed at the junction of wall and ceiling.
"My God, you're beautiful!" Danny said, his tone reverent as well as passionate.
Millie smiled and approached the bed, her cheeks rosy. A barely perceptible quiver stirred her tits.
Danny twisted slightly and reached out with both arms. He slid one hand down her slender, graceful back while the other glided up a thigh. They met at her bottom, each cupping a rounded, rubbery mound. He wiggled Millie's ass as he pulled her closer to him.
Knowing what he wanted, she leaned forward. Her tits hung above his face like exotic fruit, ripe on the bough. Danny's mouth opened, and he let out a little groan as he caught a succulent nipple on his moist tongue and drew it into his mouth. Millie closed her eyes and wiggled her shoulders slightly as he sucked her tit, the full boob wobbling against his face.
With a soft little slurp, Danny let go of her wet, tingling nipple, and she shifted, sliding the other tit between his moist, loving lips. He sucked the nipple deep.
Danny's fingertips entered the cleft of her buttocks, one hand stroking downward until he was touching the hair-bordered, slippery folds of her vulva. The middle finger of his other hand tickled the hot, puckered dimple between her buttocks. Millie thrilled.
Danny let her well-kissed boobs bobble away. "Take hold of my cock," he growled softly.

Taut with excitement, Millie pushed the sheet away and snaked her hand through the fly of his pajamas. She grasped her husband's warm, upthrust column and brought it out.

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10-17-2012, 02:28 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
His prick was so stiff! And the head was rosy and plump. But Danny's organ wasn't as long as Pete's, Millie realized again. She shamed herself for making the comparison and let go of his cock.
"Don't drop it as if it was a hot poker," he said.

"It is hot."
"I know it. It's hot for you. Play with it, honey."
"H-how do you mean?"
"Don't you know how a guy likes to be played with?" Danny's eyes twinkled warmly as he looked up at her.
"You know I never saw another man this way," Millie said.
"Put your hand around it," Danny instructed huskily. "Pump it up and down."
Millie blinked at him. "What'll that do?"
"It'll make me come. That is, if you do it right."
"Do you… want to come? I mean, like this?"
"I'd rather come inside you, baby. You know that. But we can't fuck. This is the next best thing." He hesitated and looked at her searchingly. "Or almost."
God, if she would only suck me off! he thought. He'd had a girl do that for him once at the cat house in town. His brothers had taken him there when he was just sixteen. The girl he was with had seemed to get a kick out of the fact that he was a virgin. She had said, "I want to eat this sweet thing before you ever stick it in anyone else." And she had sucked it until he had come, spurting into her throat like Old Faithful. After that they had screwed. But the sucking had remained one of his fondest memories.
Danny assumed no decent girl would do such a thing, and he therefore hadn't asked any of the girls he had dated. He wouldn't think of asking Millie.
But God, if she only would! he thought. It would have thrilled him so much.

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10-17-2012, 02:29 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
The question had crossed his mind as to why a decent girl wouldn't do as much for love as a whore would do for money. Anyway, the whore hadn't done it just for money. She had done it because she wanted to. But he supposed that's what had made her a whore – wanting to do things like that.
Millie stared at her husband's upthrust cock. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to do what he had asked of her. It seemed nasty somehow. But the idea stimulated her curiosity. She wondered how Danny's penis would look when it spurted. And she wondered if she could really please him that way.
Finally she wrapped her hand around the shank of his organ.
"Hey, that feels great!" Danny said. "Your fingers are so soft and cool."
"Just… what do I do?" Millie asked.
"Stroke your hand up and down – slow, but steady."
"Like this?" Millie began stroking his cock.
"Yeah! That's good! Oh baby, that feels wild!"
Millie felt rather foolish, pumping Danny's stiff dick. But the fact that he was obviously enjoying it gave her pleasure.
"Harder now!" Danny groaned. "Faster!"
He grasped her swaying, quivering tits, clutching both of them and squeezing. After a little while, he glided one hand to her ass while he brushed the other back and forth across the hard, pink tips of her titties, shaking the luscious boobs. His middle finger wormed into Millie's hairy softness. The lips of her pussy were excitingly wet.
She felt vaguely humiliated, because it seemed that she was being used. But she was giving Danny pleasure, and the act was kind of exciting. Inwardly, however, her frustration was building up.
"Oh, God!" Danny cried. "JEE – zusss! Oh wow, that's good! Baby… angel… sweetheart!"
She pumped his stiff cock faster. Her hand flew up and down on the hard, throbbing column. Clear fluid had seeped out of the gaping little hole at the end of his prick and had washed over the bulging rosy head, making it gleam.

"Baby, I'm gonna – oh! Aaaaaagh!"
Danny's hips had lurched, and he felt blinding pain. The doctor had warned him against moving that way.
"Sto… stop," he said. He lay panting.
"What's the matter?" Millie asked, slackening her grip on his prick. She was afraid she had done something wrong.
"I moved and… hurt myself," he said, speaking with obvious difficulty.
"Oh, darling!" she exclaimed. She let go of his penis.
"It's all right now," he said. "I'll be careful not to move. You can start again."
"Are you sure it's okay?"
"Yeah… yeah. I've gotta get my rocks off!"
Suddenly the whole thing seemed crude and degrading to Millie. Her mind skipped back across her happy honeymoon to what her mother had said about all men being selfish, interested only in pleasing themselves.

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10-17-2012, 02:29 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
But she shouldn't blame Danny, Millie realized. He couldn't do anything for her as long as he was in the cast.
She resumed stroking his prick. Danny didn't say anything for awhile. He just stared at her and breathed heavily. Finally, though, he began to let out little cries. He grasped one of her breasts and squeezed it.
Millie's back was sore from bending forward for so long, and her arm ached from pumping. She hoped he would finish soon.
Suddenly Danny gasped, let out a strangling moan, and his cock erupted. A jet of thick, milky fluid spurted up, then another and another. Millie stopped stroking him as the fascinating drops landed on his pajamas and on her hand. They were warm, but they felt slimy.
"Oooooh…" Danny sighed. He seemed to relax, but his penis remained hard.
Millie gave it a couple of final strokes. A thick glob of semen oozed out the tip of the rod and washed down over the head.
"Is that… all?" Millie asked.
"Yes." Danny's hands had fallen away from her.
She let go of his cock and backed up. She felt rather foolish. Her body throbbed with sexual tension. She watched Danny's penis shrink as it turned soft.
"Thanks, baby," he said, warmly smiling up at her.
"That's… kind of messy, isn't it?" she said, looking at the semen which lay in a couple of small clots on his pajamas. It was soaking into the cloth.
"It's all right," he said. "You can get me some fresh pajamas tomorrow."
He was breathing heavily, as if he were about to fall asleep.
Millie looked at her hand which gleamed with his cum. The fishy smell of it offended, yet strangely stimulated her.
The evening had been very confusing and upsetting – all of it.

"Do you want me to go?" she asked Danny.
"Whatever you want." His eyes fell closed.
Millie drew the sheet over him and turned away. She glanced at him as she put on her bra. He wasn't watching her.
He's satisfied, she thought. I don't interest him any longer. But what about me?
Millie put on her dress. Danny still hadn't opened his eyes.
"Good night, darling," she said, trying to make her tone warm, though she didn't exactly feel warm toward him at the moment.

"'Night, baby," he said.
Millie turned out the light and left the room.

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10-17-2012, 02:29 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
When Millie arrived downstairs in the morning, Gus and his sons were already at breakfast. Rosa, their plump housekeeper, was serving. She gave Millie a cheerful smile.
Gus got to his feet. "Sorry to eat without you, Millie, but we figured maybe you'd feel like sleeping late. No use you getting up with the chickens just cause we have to."
"It's all right," Millie said, returning Gus' smile. She took her place at the table.
"Morning, Millie," Cal said from across the way.

"Good morning."
She glanced shyly at Pete. His eyes were directed at his plate as he speared a forkful of steak and egg.
"So I'm going in to the county seat and have a talk with Charley Sturm," Gus said to his sons, obviously continuing a conversation which had been in progress. "Maybe there's something he can do."
"Not likely," Pete replied, chewing. "Charley just sends out the tax bills. He don't make appraisals. We should've yelled when our appraisal was set up last spring."
"I didn't check it, cause I didn't figure it would take a big jump," Gus said defensively.
"That happened cause Reed pulled some strings and got his appraisal cut. There's been talk of that in town. With him owning half the land in the county, everybody else just naturally has to pay more."
"It ain't right!" Cal said vehemently.
"Danged right it ain't," his father agreed. "I've known Charley a long time. Maybe I can get him to give us a break."
"Dad, you're grabbing at straws," Pete said. "We're just going to have to pay the increase somehow."
"With cattle prices the way they are, it'll bust us," Gus complained.
Rosa brought a large glass of orange juice for Millie, and she took a sip as she thought about what she had just heard.
Danny had told her of the trouble his family was having with the man named Reed. His holdings completely surrounded Stallion Ranch, and he was pressuring the Hinshaws to sell out. In recent weeks there had been a number of strange happenings on Stallion Ranch – stock had been rustled, fences broken, and the access road had been flooded by water spilling over from Reed's land. Apparently getting the Hinshaws' taxes increased while his own were lowered was the latest of Reed's tactics.
Gus finished his coffee and stood. "Excuse me, Millie, but I've got to be going. It's better than an hour's drive to the county seat, and I want to be there when Charley opens his office. How's Danny this morning? Did you look in on him?"

"Yes," Millie replied. "He's getting along all right."
She glanced guiltily at Pete and caught him watching her. He quickly averted his eyes and stood.

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10-17-2012, 02:29 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
"Come on, Cal," he said.
"Be with you in a minute," the younger man responded. He grinned across the table at Millie.
Her breakfast arrived. It consisted of a generous serving of steak and eggs, with a stack of hotcakes on the side. Millie had never eaten so much in the morning in her life.
Cal kept his blue eyes on her as he sipped coffee. "How about letting me show you around the ranch today?" he suggested. "Danny didn't get a chance to do that before he was hurt."
"Thank you, but I'll have to stay here at the house," the young woman replied. "Danny needs looking after."

"Rosa can tend to him."
"I'd rather look out for him myself."
"If I was the one that was hurt, would you be looking out for me?" Cal asked, his eyes twinkling.
"I'm married to Danny," Millie replied coolly.
"But now it's like being single again, ain't it?"
Millie colored and looked down.
"Well, let me know if you change your mind about riding across the ranch," Cal said as he got up. "There's some mighty pretty scenery around the back line."
"Thanks, Cal. I'll let you know."
Millie watched the husky young man leave the dining room. As she finished her breakfast, she was alone with her thoughts. They turned first to Danny, than to Pete.
I must have been out of my mind to let Pete go as far with me as he did, Millie thought. Before I was married, I would never have let any guy do that. Even Danny never got under my dress.
She wondered what had happened to her panties – whether Pete had kept them. What if he showed them to Cal or somebody else?
Even though she was alone, Millie blushed.
She visualized Pete's stiffly erect penis as she had seen it last night on the lawn.

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10-17-2012, 02:29 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
No! she told herself sternly. I can't think about that. Danny's my husband, and I love him. Anyway, I couldn't stand to have another man stick his thing into me! If one of Danny's brothers were to do it, it would be a double sin.
She hoped Pete wasn't saving her panties and that he wouldn't show them to anyone. Whoever saw them would think he had taken her. He might even say that he had.
Millie felt more and more uncomfortable. She couldn't finish her breakfast, though the food was very good.
She left the table and thought about returning upstairs to be with Danny. But she felt she couldn't face him right then. She decided to step outside and get some fresh air.
The day was already warm. A bright sun was blazing in a virtually cloudless sky. Millie stood in the shade of a large tree and breathed in the subtle, invigorating scent of the prairie.
"So you decided to come out after all," Cal said as he emerged from a little building next to the house.
"Just for a minute," Millie replied.
Cal grinned as he walked up to her, moving with a characteristic strut which Millie found objectionable. "I had to adjust the pump," he said. "Have you seen it?"

"I'd better show you how to turn it on and off. We only run it a few minutes a day, to fill the water tank for the house. It's going now."
Millie followed the robust young man to the open door of the shack. He stepped aside and let her enter first. Inside an electric motor was whirring. A pipe extended from the motor down a dark shaft.
"That's our well," Cal said. "Take a look down there."
Leaning against the protective railing, Millie bent forward. Suddenly she felt a hand at the back of her thighs. She straightened quickly, but not before the hand had scooted all the way up under her skirt and was pressing her panty-clad bottom.
"Stop that!" she exclaimed indignantly, whirling to face Cal.
Keeping his hand where it was, he used his other arm to draw Millie into a snug embrace. Her breasts crushed against his chest. Almost before the startled girl knew what was happening, Cal was pressing his mouth to hers. His lips were thick and moist. He didn't try to use his tongue, but he kissed Millie with ardent force as his hand squeezed and wobbled the cheeks of her fanny.
Clenching her fists, she beat at Cal's strong, thick body. She tried to squirm away from him, but the effort proved futile. Her belly merely rubbed against his belt buckle.

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10-17-2012, 02:30 AM
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RE: Four-way Bride
Millie felt Cal's cock come alive against her. The organ turned hard and pushed upward.
Millie's outrage turned to fear. Twisting her mouth against Cal's, she bit his lip. He quickly backed up and let go of her.
"Why you danged little savage!" he said, touching his lip, then looking at his hand to see if Millie had drawn blood. She hadn't.
She was breathing hard and staring at him with shocked condemnation in her eyes. "You had no right to do that!" she exclaimed. "If Danny knew about it, he'd beat you up."
"What're you giving me?" Cal retorted scornfully. "He couldn't beat up nobody. Shit, he can't even get outa bed! Anyhow, you don't need to act so high and mighty. Pete showed me the pants he took off you last night."
Millie gasped. Her face turned red. She was about to turn and run from the pump house, but she decided she couldn't leave without correcting the wrong impression Cal had obviously gained.
"I didn't let Pete take my panties off," Millie said, blushing furiously. "He… he just grabbed them. I couldn't stop him."
"Oh, sure!" Cal laughed derisively. "Listen, no gal gets her pants pulled off unless she wants it to happen – or unless the guy's holding a knife or a gun on her. Pete didn't do that, I'll bet."
"No, but he took advantage of me!" Millie maintained, her cheeks continuing to glow and her eyes snapping angrily.

"He claims he screwed you. Is that right?"
"Certainly not!" Millie's cheeks were hotter than ever. "What dirty boys you are – you and your brother both! I hate you!"
Cal's answer was a laugh. "Well, if old Pete didn't fuck you, he came mighty close to it. How come you let him go that far and wouldn't let me?"
Millie backed up. Her eyes were wild with anger. "I'm going to tell your father on you!"
"Yeah? And have him tell Danny?" Cal moved close to her, crowding her against the wall. "If you was going to tell Pop anything, you'd have done it last night or sure as hell this morning. You don't want no fuss, baby. Now be nice, huh?"
Cal's ham-like hand covered Millie's left breast, and he rolled the resilient orb through her blouse and brassiere. She gasped and her brain turned giddy. She wanted to scream, but she was afraid of what would happen if anyone were to come and catch Cal and her together. Anyway, old Gus had left the ranch. Only Pete and Rosa were about.
"Please stop it!" Millie exclaimed, squirming against Cal and pushing at his arm.
He kissed her again, this time spreading her lips wide and jamming his thick tongue against hers. Her back was pressed to the wall. Cal's large belly was snugly against her, and his cock had hardened again.
The nipple of Millie's abused left breast had stiffened and was tingling against her bra cup. Moisture was breaking from the glands in her pussy.
She didn't believe Cal could actually screw her in the pump house, since the small enclosure was crowded with machinery and there was no place to lie down. Nevertheless she was afraid.
What bothered the distraught girl more than anything else was her response to Cal's coarse actions. It was as if she actually wanted him. But she knew that wasn't so. His kiss and touch offended her intensely.
Realizing as well as Millie that he could make no further progress with her in the cramped pump house, Cal finally released her and stepped back. Her gaze instinctively dropped to the front of his Levi's which were badly out of shape. Her cheeks glowed hotter.
Cal grinned as he studied her. "I'm gonna let you go this time," he said. "That'll give you a chance to think things over. We could have a lot of fun, if you'd just quit being so snooty. Hellfire, Danny wouldn't have to know… or Pete, either. I ain't the kind that brags."
Millie didn't believe that. He would brag as much as Pete, if not more. She had the feeling that there was some sort of wicked contest between the two brothers to see which one of them could break her down.

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