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Fucking Virgin Girlfriend in the Ass
07-24-2012, 08:24 PM
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Fucking Virgin Girlfriend in the Ass
This happened during my graduation days. i.e. first half of the 3 years of my graduation. Ashi, one of the cutest girls I had in my life. The most interesting thing in this story is that Ashi was the best friend of my previous girlfriend Anshika.
The mere thought of having had both the friends for myself excites me even now as I write the story.
Ashi was a babe, same as Anshika. The saying “birds of a feather, flock together” holds true here. They had been friends since long and broke contact when they joined different colleges for graduation. Anshika joined a girls college while Ashi joined the college that I did.
She used to stay away from all boys at college and interacted with a close friend of mine as he happened to be a very good friend of hers too. She later got into a relation with him after I dumped her. Well that’s out of the scope of the story.
I liked her and fantasized about fucking her because of her extremely fair color and a little chubby body. She had long flowing hair, dark brown in color, soft and silky. Lips were generally the same color as her cheeks and turned red when I bit them when I finally got her.
I was evicted from the fresher’s competition as I had some issues with a senior girl. Ashi was the runner up as Ms. Fresher. I feel she actually deserved it, she wore a maroon sari that day and looked damn hot because the fabric was in contrast to her skin. She showed off her sexy navel and her fair skin could have had any man get an instant hard-on. I complimented her on her looks and just said “If only, I could….”. She asked “what??!!”, I dismissed the matter somehow and went away as I had to give a dance performance. Some months later we started getting bored with the useless classes and this boredom made us abscond. We used to chill out at a nearby café for hours chatting on random topics.
Then came the Independence Day when she brought her sweet n cute little sis with her to the college. That was the only day when brothers, sisters and friends of students were allowed in the college premises. I saw her sis and felt brotherly affection for her. Few days later I began teasing her, saying “Hey, your sis looks fabulous hmmm… gimme her no. I want to talk to her. Maybe we’ll be able to get along really well. If you know what I mean…..”

She never took this seriously and I later started pairing her sis with my younger bro Arjun. And jokingly asked her one day “Does your sis even deserve to be married to my bro??!!”
She said “Yes dude she does, and even her elder sis does..!!”
For a second I couldn’t believe my ears…Had I heard it right?? Did she just propose to me? Yes she did, but I purposely ignored it because I wanted her to say it openly.
She did confess later that she loved me very much after a little coaxing.
Now we started dating in full bloom and soon started smooching each other whenever and wherever we got a chance. When our relation was one month old I even started feeling her breasts and ass over the clothing. She objected in the beginning but later agreed and let me do it whenever I felt like it. I even used to feel her breasts in the classroom when we were sure that no one may be able to see us doing it.
I also made her touch my hard-on during the class. We did this for a long time before coming to the ultimate act. We had sex at a time when I had least expected. She used to come with 3-4 other girls for combined studies a month before exams(I had a secret affair with one of those accompanying girls, she knew about my relationship with Ashi. She never objected about it, all she wanted was sex and I used to give it to her.)

So 15 days passed by with these combined studies, when these other girls started to drop out one by one with some reason or the other but I never gave a shit… I was rather happy that I was now getting time with my darling….
We used to study in the drawing room itself, but now we moved to my room as I had a study setup there and we could do and actually did a lot more than we did in the drawing room, if you know what I mean.!
I forgot to tell you that my parents are govt. servants and so leave for office in the morning and are back only late in the evening. During the day my granny and my younger bro were with me at home. Those who have read my previous stories know that my bro Arjun and I are very close to each other and have nothing to hide from each other so he was not a problem but, my granny is very strict so I could not get to do a full-on action with Ashi with Granny being there.
But one lucky day Granny left for the 4 Dhaam pilgrimage and I was overjoyed by the mere thought of what was in store for the days to come. Ashi came the next day in a blood red salwar suit and she looked like a goddess. You can just imagine – A very fair girl, with well proportioned body, brown hair reaching her waist, having a little extra meat on her, dark mysterious eyes in a sleeveless red salwar suit that showed off a bit of her cleavage when she bent. She put on the perfume that had, by now become her signature for me. You would probably not believe me but I could really tell if she had passed by some place seconds ago. I went crazy whenever I got that particular fragrance. I can still feel the same fragrance as I write the story.

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07-24-2012, 08:27 PM
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RE: Fucking Virgin Girlfriend in the Ass
Coming back to the scene, I got excited as soon as I saw her in this avatar, wanted to start ravaging her then and there but controlled myself anyhow. I welcomed her inside and we went straight to my room where our maid served us some fruit juice as she was an archenemy of milk products. We sat there sipping from the same glass. Then I lay on her lap telling her to first take some juice in her mouth and then smooch me and pass the juice in my mouth in the process. She did it a couple of times before I could control no more and got up and started feeling her legs over the fabric of her salwar and reached up to her crotch, she freaked at this and said “Stop!!, you are going too far”. I said “No one’s is going to come”. I knew she wanted this too but was being uptight so that I may not think of her as a sex-hungry slut”. I must point out here that she was not much of an intellectual being. I always got into a relationship with intellectual girls because it’s really hard for me to bear stupidity and I really enjoyed Anshika’s company. I was with this stupid girl just because I wanted to enjoy her virgin cunt, and that was as far as my love for her went.
My hand finally landed at her pussy and I massaged her already wet slit over her salwar and panty. She was really wet and my hand got wet as soon as I touched her cunt (I never use the word “love hole” for the vagina of a girl whom I did not love, actually it doesn’t feel like a love hole if there is no love and I hope dudes reading this will definitely agree). I then made her sit on me facing away so that I could massage her breasts from behind and tickle her by sucking her earlobes, and biting her neck and shoulders.

I took off her kurti and massaged her breasts over her bra and she started breathing heavy and grabbed my head and pressed it more on herself. Her skin shone as if it was made of gold and I could smell the same fragrance which was waking-up the beast inside me. I removed her bra and made her sit facing me. She covered her boobs with her hands because she was getting topless in front of me for the first time. I hugged her so that she gets some comfort and then she let her hands slide off and get to my back after which she realized that I was wearing clothes and then forcefully removed my t-shirt and track-pants that I happened to be wearing at that time. My penis was already hard and she caught it and squeezed it really hard, “Aaaaaahhhh!!....” I moaned.
Then I got up and bolted the door in case my brother just happens to just walk in, I wanted to avoid an embarrassing situation in front of my bro and Ashi as we were both almost naked. She hugged my chest while she was sitting on the bed. She then tugged at my underpants intending to remove it. I stopped her and looked at her. When my eyes met hers I got hypnotized and let go her hands on my underpants and she slid them off in an instant. Looking at my dick she said “We are not a perfect couple” the words “What the FUCK!!” almost came out of my mouth, as I stood wondering what to say next. I said “Why do you say that??!!& rdquo; She replied “I don’t think your this thin! g will fit in me…” referring to my penis.

I said “Baby, you are still unaware of your capabilities. ”
She – “Do you want to say that I will be able to take this gigantic thing in my vagina?”
I – “Yes dear, you’ll be able to take it in completely, now will you please loosen your grip and stop pulling my foreskin back”. She did not understand what I said, being a newbie to all this, she was actually pulling my foreskin back and had a suffocating grip around my cock to which my cock was trying to release some tension on it by leaking gallons of precum which had by now started flowing on her hand and dripping on to the floor. She looked at it and said “Eeeeewwwww…, what’s this?”
I – “That is what you want to be thankful for, it is a lubricant that will help ease the pain during penetration..”
I then moved her hand up and down the length of my cock and she understood that this movement gives me pleasure and she started doing it on her own. After about 15 minutes of handjob I was about to come but I did not tell her and shot my first ‘consignment’ at her nose and cheeks. She got startled and let go of my dick. But I held it immediately and rubbed it a few more times to expel more of my cum and it landed on her tits. She sat with a weird look on her face, and asked can I go clean up?
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07-24-2012, 08:27 PM
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RE: Fucking Virgin Girlfriend in the Ass
I said “baby we’ll clean it up here” saying this I collected all the cum that had fallen on her tits and face and took it to her mouth, she moved away and said “What ??!!, you want me to drink it??” I said – “just taste it, if you don’t like it u can spit it out” she agreed reluctantly and took half of it in her mouth and spit it out immediately. I made her stand up in front of me and I sat on the edge of the bed and started to suck at her breasts really hard. She moaned “uuummmmmhhhhh…..” she closed her eyes and I inserted my fingers in her cunt and she couldn’t take it anymore, her mouth opened and this was my chance, I inserted my cum drenched finger in her mouth and kept it there so that she could not spit it. She readily suckled my finger and drank the thick cum. I inserted 2 then 3 fingers in her cunt and my fingers became all wet with her juices. I took out my fingers and tasted 2. It was delicious and I loved the aroma. I even made her suck her own juices off my fingers.
Now it was too much for the both of us. I made her sit on my lap while having my legs hanging down the edge of the bed. She got up, removed her salwar and panty completely. She then sat on me, grinding her pussy on the dick. I told her to get up and arranged my dick to finally enter her pussy, and then lowered her on me. She was shivering and jumped up because it hit her hymen and that hurt her. I thought to take her by force this time and put my hands over her shoulders and gave a hard pull and it happened!!!!

She gave out a loud cry…. I moved my pelvis a little before she got up. She held her hand over her pussy and cried with pain. I then arranged some newspapers over my bed and made her lie down on it. I mounted her and started fucking her. I placed my dick at the entrance of her cunt and now to my surprise she pulled me towards her and I thrust deep and again she cried “aaaaaaawwwwwwwww”. I lay there on her kissing and smooching her. I bit her nipples and massaged her tits with my hands. I bit her ferociously all over her ears, neck, breasts and the area around that. I was keen not to leave any love bites on the area that would be exposed while she wore her dress. But her breasts and her torso, the area around her pussy, her thighs were all red with my beastly biting and licking.
She moved a little indicating me to start the fuck once more. I moved and gave brutal thrusts till 25 minutes and she came, she wanted me to move away but how could I?
I continued for another 15 minutes before she came 2 times more and when I was about to cum I withdrew and tugged at my dick. It spurted out cum like never before and I sprayed it on her face, some of which got into her open mouth, rest on her boobs and stomach. I said “” I don’t wanna waste it, drink all of it…” I collected the cum which was on her boobs, stomach and face gave it in her mouth. She didn’t drink it yet. Her lips were smeared with cum and kink took over me. I kissed her first and my cum got smeared on my lips too then I smooched her and tasted my own cum for the first time. It tasted great in her warm mouth and at last I spit all what I had in mouth into hers, she drank all of it on my request.

After some days of regular fucking for about 2 months I even penetrated her ass with a condom as without a condom it would not have been possible. She was the one with whom I first had anal sex. This was due to the fact that her vagina became quite loose because of the regular fucking she got in her pussy for approximately 2 months.
She later got into a relationship with my friend whom I had told you about earlier in the story. But I took my revenge on him by telling him – “Bro, you might want to go for her ass only, her pussy is so loose and she is super tight at the rear. Well that’s not her mistake she got wild fucking for about 2 months exclusively in her cunt. Enjoy her dude, and yes please don’t forget to invite me when you 2 tie the nuptial knot”. His face became really photogenic after hearing all this.
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11-23-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: Fucking Virgin Girlfriend in the Ass
good :)

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