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Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
11-28-2012, 08:01 PM
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Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
Its the story of the times when Zarine Khan newly came to Mumbai. She was new to city and was not having enough to rent out alone. So she decided to share the

appartment with two other girls. Who like her were new and had dreams of striking it big in filmdom. They were Anushka Sharma and Nargis Fakhri. Anushka was the

chirpiest of all, while Nargis was quietest. Zarine being smart enough, understood how to get along with both of them. Soon they became best of freinds. They were

looking doing daily rounds of film people offices to get a decent slice. It was all going well when something strange started happening..

Zarine should have known better. He was trouble right from the start. He was possesive, and jealous but Zarine being just 21 and starting as a receptionist at a

local ad agency thought it was sort of flattering to have an older man so taken with her. So after 2 months when she became tired of his immaturity and decided

to break off their relationship she was not surprised when he reacted badley.Well coming back to other girls, Nargis was a few years older but Anushka was

the same age.So they all often would go out after work for drinks.Shortly after her breakup with David, Zarine and her two room mates were

returning from a night on the town. While exiting their car to begin the walk up to their house they saw a figure run across the front yard and disappear into the

woods behind the house. All three girls panicked. Nargis and Anushka ran to the house and Zarine jumped back into the car and locked the door. After turning on

the headlights and making sure he was gone Zarine joined the other girls at the house and went in.

Just as they entered the house the phone rang. Nargis screamed at the sound of the ring and then they all started to chuckle to think that the phone had scared

them. But when Zarine answered the phone and no one answered the mood again turned somber. "hello,hello who is it?" no response. Zarine hung up the phone and

just as they were getting about their business it rang again.
Nargis,always being the take charge type (Due to her age maybe), said let me answer it. And with that proceeds to tell the caller that they had better stop

harrasing them or a call to the police would follow."Do you hear me " Nargis shouted. "Tell Zarine I'm coming to get her" Nargiss face turned pale as she related the


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11-28-2012, 08:01 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
They reported the incident to the police the next morning but were told they could only call the phone company and lodge a complaint.

Weeks went by and no more calls or incidents occured so everyone was feeling more at ease. Then about three am one morning the calls started. Each time the

message was the same "Tell Zarine I'm coming to get her." The phone company told them the same thing each time they reported the calls. That the calls were

being made from a disposable cell phone and could not be traced.
Although Zarine suspected that David was responsible she had never informed her

room mates about him. Late one evening as Nargis was taking a walk before turning in, as she was accustomed to doing even though she had been warned it

was not the smartest thing for a beautiful young woman to do by herself late at night, She heard something behind her. As she turned around a gloved hand went

over her mouth and another around her waist. She was whisked off her feet and dragged into the nearby woods. Her attacker pushed her to the ground flat on

her back and straddled her on his knees.

"Dont make a sound or I"ll cut your throat understand?" Nargis Nodded her head to assure him she would not scream. He slid a knife under her shirt and cut it all

the way to her waist. He then opened her jeans zip and lowered it till her knees and started cutting off her panty with knife"Please don't" she whispered.Ignoring

her plea he then cut away her bra straps and the elastic between her breast. Nargis to began to cry as she knew what was coming and also knew she was

powerless to stop it.

With one hand over her mouth and the other between her thighs he leaned over her until his ski mask covered face was right next to her cheek and said" Tell

Zarine I'm coming to get her."

And with that he picked up her clothes and ran off to the woods.

Nargis was in shock first that this had happened at all and secondly that she had escaped with only being stripped and humiliated. She got up and ran all the way

back to their house where she told Anushka and Zarine exactly what had occured. They both wanted to call the police but Nargis would not let them. She

said she did not want to go through the questioning and humiliation that she knew would occur.

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11-28-2012, 08:01 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
They all agreed against Anushkas better judgement (My luv). Over the next few weeks the phone calls continued and it became apparent that Nargis was not

handeling the stress very well. Finally she announced she had found another place to stay and although she did not want to leave them she must to save her
own sanity.(After all Not so young tk it all)

Nargis moved out and weeks passed with no incidents.

One night after stopping off for drinks after work Zarine and Anushka returned home sometime after midnight. They were both feeling no pain and went straight

to bed. Zarine passed out quickly and after a few moments Anushka, who had been chirpping about the boy she had met at the club earlier also gave in to

sleep. (Anushka Zarine slept )

Anushka was woken up by a movement on her body. When she opened her eyes, she was horrified to feel a hand over her mouth and a man in a ski mask straddleing her as she lay in bed. She started to scream but he quickly

put a knife to her throat and said"If you let out so much as a peep I'll cut your pretty little throat" Anushka was terrified she lay there frozen as her attacker

methodiclly tied each wrist with soft cotton rope tying the other end to the headboard. He then tied each ankle to oppisite sides of the foot board. Anushka

knew what was coming but she too terrified to speak as she lie there spread eagle. Her attacker then slowly ripped her nightshirt down the middle to

completely expose her breast. He then cut through the sleeves and removed the rest of the shirt. With his free hand he reached down and with one quick

movement snatched her panties off.

Anushka was now sobbing knowing what was about to happen.

Her attacker opened his pants and pulled out the largest cock Anushka had ever seen. He slapped her stomach with it and then went near to her face and rubbed his cock on her cheeks and then leaned over whispering" Tell Zarine

I'm coming to get her" And with that he taped her mouth with duct tape and made his escape.

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11-28-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
When Zarine got up in the morning and the coffee was not made she thought it was odd but figured that Anushka was just a little hung over from the night before.

That was until she walked by Anushkas room and heard what she thought was a muffeled scream. She opened the door and screamed in horror at what she saw.

There was Anushka spread eagle tied to her bed and completely naked. She quickly untaped her mouth and untied her arms and legs.

Anushka was crying howling like a baby when she explained what had happened and that the intruder must have broken in while they were out and had waited for

them to come home and go to sleep before attacking her. They both decided enough was enough and called the police. The investigation was just as they had

expected harsh treatment by the police always wanting full details and doubting her story that she was not raped. The authoities did a thorough job bringing in

crime scene investigaters and going over everything with a fine tooth comb. But when all was said and done they found absolutly nothing. No hairs no fibers no

footprints and no DNA. The attacker had committed the perfect semi-crime.

The police promised to keep trying but it was too much for Anushka and sadly the next week she announced to Zarine that she to was moving out. Zarine had all

along suspected that the attacker was her ex boyfriend David and when Anushka told her about the size of the attackers cock her suspicions were confirmed. She

hated him now for driving off her friends and terrorizing them for such a long time and in such a hideous manner. She told herself that she must be very careful about

where she went and who was around at all times and she needed to get some new room mates as soon as possible.

Two weeks later the labor day weekend was begining and Zarine had a date on sunday and someone was coming monday to talk about sharing the house. She

hadn't had a phone call since Anushkas attack and was hopeful that something had caused the attacker to abandon his quest.

As usual at the ad agency all the salemen had taken off for the long weekend and Zarine and the accountant were left to close up for the weekend. He came into the

reception room and announced he was finished and could she lock up? She said of course she had done so many times before and wished him a pleasent weekend. He

told her if she did not have plans his family was having a picnic sunday and she was surely welcome to come. She thanked him but refused the invite and said she

was going for drinks tonight and had plans for sunday and monday.

As she was putting the days receipts in the safe the phone rang. She was tempted to let it ring, after all they were closed, but opted to answer. "Zarine?" the voice

asked "Yes" she replied. "I'm coming to get you." Zarine froze in terror. All the other times he had made his threats to Nargis or Anushka, this was the first time Zarine

had heard his voice and it horrorfied her. She dropped the phone, grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

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11-28-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
The sound of her high heels clicking on the tile floor down the long hallway to the office door was the only sound she could hear. Her heart was beating very fast as

she turned the corner that lead to the front door. She was within ten feet of the door when suddenly her mobile phone rang. She picked it up and the voice of mock

laugh. She disconnected and came out of office hurriedly and called the taxi. On reaching home, she closed the doors and windows and sat in a corner of the room

shivering. Again her mobile rang. The number was coming as "Private". It kept on ringing when it suddenly stopped. It again started ringing. Seeing which she started

crying. When it rang third time she picked up and shouted "what do you want U bastard?" On which the voice said "You Your odour, Your warmth, Your body, Your

p***" And then voice broke into mock sarcastic laughter. He continued "Now that you what I want, be prepared for giving it cos I can see you sitting shivering in the

corner near the fridge"..Hearing this Zarine began crying even more as she realized
he was near..and she could do nothing now..

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11-28-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
Suddenly closet door swung open blocking her path to the door. Her question was answered quickly as a figure dressed in black stepped out from behind the closet

door. He had a full black leather face mask and black leather gloves. "David is that you?" no reply "who are you, what do you want?" she asked sobbingly. He

began to walk towards her slowly and her legs would not move, she told herself she had to run but her legs would not move. As he got within arms length of her

she finally was able to push away and get up and run down the hall. His pace did not change. It was the slow,steady pace of a very confident man who knew

exactly what he was doing. As Zarine reached her dinning area she picked up the phone and dialed 100. When she put the phone to her ear there was no dial tone

and no ringing. The phone was dead. Just as she pulled her cell phone out of her purse he reached out and grabbed her by her long black hair and jerked her over

the table onto the ground in front of him. He grabbed the cell phone and dropped it to the floor.He stomped on it and crushed it. Zarine crawled away from him and

got up to run but had no where to go. "Please stop what do you want?" no reply he just kept coming at her. He reached out and took her by the blouse. Holding

her at arms length he slapped her across the face. "Oh Oh no stop" again this time with the back of his hand. Zarine cried out again "Why are you doing this to

me? Kya chahte ho tum" no reply. After two more identical slaps Zarine pulled as hard as she could to escape his grasp but all she accomplished was to tear the

front of her blouse open. He took two steps and caught her and with one hand on eigther side of her blouse ripped it the rest of the way off. As he ripped Zarine fell

back and landed on the floor. What a sight she was, laying on the floor in that mini-skirt and spike heels with no blouse. She had a gorgeous set of legs, long

and well shaped her waist was tiny and her tits look to be perfect. He was really going to enjoy this. He reached down and slid his hand inside her waistband she

tried to push him away but he just pulled her up from the floor. He reached behind his back and came out with a knife and quicker than Zarine could react he

pushed her against the wall and put the cold blade against her naked breast.

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11-28-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
He held her at arms length admiring what he had done, at least thats the way Zarine saw it and it made her furious. She swung at him with all her might hitting

him on the side of the face. Then with her other hand she swung connecting with the other side of his face. She kept on swinging and connecting but to no avail.

He did not even try to avoid her blows It was just as if he knew she could not hurt him. When Zarine had tired of swinging he simply slid his blade under her

waistband and cut off her mini-skirt. Now there she was, nothing but nylons, garter belt, panties and heels. She stood up once again and started to back up

there was no where for her to go except through him and he had proved that was not going to happen.

He kicked off his shoes as Zarine stood like a cornered animal shaking with fear. He took a few steps towards her and took off his shirt. His chest was massive all

muscled up and covered with thick black hair. Two more steps towards her and he unbuckeled his trousers and let them drop to the floor.Her suspicions were

right his cock was just like Anushka decribed it long and wide and capable of doing a lot of damage.

Zarine was crying uncontrollably and begging him to stop."Please you don't have to do this, you can stop and let me be please I'm begging please stop" no reply.

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her table. With one movement he cleared the table and flipped her onto the desk. With Zarine screaming and

begging he reached down and grabbed her panties and ripped them off. Holding her legs up he pushed his nine inch cock against her pussy. He pushed the head

in slowly while Zarine screamed. When the head was all the way in he slammed his giant prick in her as far as it would go. Zarine screamed "Oh no stop please

stop" He continued to shove his dick into her pussy until his balls were banging against her. He slowly withdrew and slammed it in again. Again Zarine yelled as

his giant cock felt like it would go all the way up. He began to slide in and out as her juices began to lubricate his dick. He could see by the look on her face that

she was both aroused and embarassed. Knowing that a man taking her against her will could cause her arousal was infuriating.

He continued to pump his nine inch dick in and out of her pussy and after a quarter of an hour she was moaning with pleasure. She couldnt help herself her

body had overridden her mind and she felt her orgasim begin to move through her body She screamed "No no I can't I won't" But his hands picking her up by the

hips and slamming her pussy against his cock time after time won out over her insistence not to cum. And she did cum, very large and very long and very loud.

Shortly afterwards he also came with a jetstream of cum that filled her tight wet pussy. He kept pumping and cuming for what seemed to Zarine forever.

Zarine was battered and bruised and had hopes that this monster had what he came after and would now leave her. He looked at her a with a renewed energy

pulled her up to hi face and said "Zarine your night is just getting started"

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11-28-2012, 08:03 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
And with that he dragged her to the couch in the waiting room, sat down and positioned Zarine between his legs. He took her by the back of the head and

pulling her towards him, guided his cock against her soft quivering lips. She said "No please don't David don't make me do this I wont tell anyone what

you have done. You have gotten what you came for why can't you just let me be? "

"David? David?" "Who do you think I am David?" As

soon as Zarine heard his voice she knew she had been wrong all this time. Her attacker was not her ex boyfriend and she suddenly became much more fearful.

She had taken some solace in the thought that the man stalking and attacking her and her room mates was her ex boyfriend and in the end would do them no

great harm. Now everything had changed. He pumped his hugh cock into the back of Zarines throat, slowly at first and then picking up speed and intensity with

each thrust. "I'm not David bitch but I did share a cell with him and he told me about you and the terrible way that you treated him.And he

swore that when he got out of the slammer he was going to do exactly what I am doing for him. Now stop your whimpering and get ready to swallow my

load." He laughed as he stood up pulling Zarine up with him. As he stood there with Zarine on her knees making long hard thrust into her mouth, he sensed

that she again was becoming aroused. In jail David had told him that she had seemed to love sucking his dick even more than getting fucked and it might just

prove to be right. As he made deep thrust after deep thrust he was amazed at how well she was able to handle his cock. Each time he slammed his manhood

into to her warm wet mouth the intensity of her moans grew louder and louder. Suddenly he pulled his cock from her mouth, she looked up at him in complete

surprise until he picked her up by her hair and spun her around. "Oh god not this no, no, please not in my ass" He forced her down to her knees. Zarine

tried pulling away, she was not going to let this happen. She slipped out of his grasp and getting up started to run for the door. He caught her by the ankle and

jerked her back to the ground. He took a hold of her hair and lifting her half way to her feet he slapped her sharply across the face once, twice, three times.

Throwing her to the ground he said "you had better not move" Zarine saw she had pissed him off and was now more frightened than ever. He walked

over to his bag and reached inside pulling from it what appeared to be a seven or eight inch hunting knife. "What are you going to do with that " she

cried. "You make one more stupid move like the last one and you will find out " He put the tip of the blade under her chin and said "Now I want

you to kneel down with that pretty little ass up in the air and your tits on the carpet and your hands behind your back."Zarine started to speak and he

raised the blade harder against her chin and she froze. "Dont say a word just do what I said now or you'll find out the meaning of pain" Hearing a

more menaceing tone in his voice she knew that her life may be in danger if she did not comply, so from her kneeling position she bent over and lowered her chest

to the floor and put her hands behind her back. Her face was turned to the side so she was able to see him move again to his bag and remove a pair of

handcuffs. He walked over and grabbing her wrist put the cuffs on one and then the other wrist. Her fear again grew as he went back to his bag and pulled out

what appeared to be a black razor strap.

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11-28-2012, 08:03 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
He walked up to her approaching from her front and straddled her. Looking down on her perfectly rounded ass he said" You should never have tried to escape" And

with that brought the strap down on her ass with all his might. She screamed as loud as she could as he brought the strap down on her tender pink ass four more

times. Her sobbing was now uncontrollable as he dropped the strap and knealt down behind her. " No please no " she screamed as he slammed nine inchs of rock

hard dick into her pretty pink ass. He withdrew and slammed again and again. His cock felt like it would go all the way through her. She cried and yelled but to no

avail. He just kept fucking her. Each time he would almost completely pull out and the push back in with renewed force. Just as Zarine thought she was about to

split wide open he grabbed her arms and pulled her up so that she was kneeling in an upright position.

He filled both his hands with her tits and began to gently squeaze and press. Now he was slowly ass fucking her while he manipulated her breast. He rolled her

nipples between his fingers sometimes pinching and then pulling them with one hand while the other continued to press and release her other breast. She hated

herself for the feeling that was overtaking her but she was too weak and beaten to fight it. She rationalized that if she let her body take over that he would be

done with her sooner and leave. And so she gave in to the desires of her body. Her moaning was turning him on to a new level of animalism. He began thrusting

with renewed energy as he grabbed her hips and forced hid manhood as deep in her ass as was possible. She screamed and pushed back harder than even she

thought possible. The speed and intensity increased as both of them began their path to orgasmic ecstacy. She with loud screams of "Oh god oh yes please fuck

me oh fuck me" and him shooting his first wave of cum deep into her ass and continuing with wave after wave until he was completely spent.

Zarine lay on her side still cuffed and trying to catch her breath when they heard what sounded like people walking up the corridor. Quickly he went to his bag and

pulled out a pistol. he grabbed her by the hair and said "If you make a sound you'll be the first to go" As he approached the locked off, naked and still fully

erect they began to knock. He looked for but did not find a way to see who was on the other side of the door. Just then a voice rang out "Zarine its us Anushka

and Nargis are you in there? You were supposed to meet us four hours ago and we are worried"

Just as she finished her words he snatched open the door and pointing the pistol directly at Nargis said " Well come on in ladies, it seems the party is just beggining.

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11-28-2012, 08:03 PM
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RE: Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma
Nargis and Anushka were dragged inside on point blank range. Nargis was totally

dumbfounded seeing zarine lying naked in doggy position with hands tied on her

back with bruises all over. Seeing which Anushka gave a huge shout "o no".

Sensing urgency, David removed the revolver from Nargis head and put it inside

Anushka's big mouth whic got opened for the shout of "O No". "One more sound

like from your mouth, You will be shut down

for whole life bitch"

Saying this he pushed her on the chair, tied her hands behind to it. He also

gagged her mouth.

Then he looked at Nargis with a smile. He asked her to go to bedroom of zarine, in

meantime he will bring her their. Nargis went without saying a word as she was

totally taken by seeing Zarine's condition. He smiled on seeing her going and said

mockingly "Honey you dont need to wait any longer I be their with your best friend".

Hearing which Nargis bent her head in shame but still continued her walk towards bedroom.

He picked Zarine in arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the floor and tied her

hands to the bed post. Nargis who was still standing in the bedroom was pushed on the bed by

him. He kissed her lips. She tried to push him, but his firm grip was tight enough. Realizing the

oppsition from Nargis, David become more horny and he took her face in hands and started

smooching her pink lips. He then gave a push to her and jumped on her. Nargis tried to break

away, but David was too strong for her. He removed her jacket and tore away the white

T-shirt with bare hands exposing pinkish transclucent bra. He was about to lay his hands

on her bra when she raised her hands try to push his. He got hold of her hand with his left

one and gave slaps on her face. He slapped her 2-3 times, when Nargis started giving up

and started crying. "You bitch, you were behaving so well out in that room just a moment

back, now has become an unruly cat" "tujhe ab lagta hai sikhaana hi parega". Saying this

he threw her from bed.

He pulled her up from her hair and commanded her to strip. She was by now

crying uncontrollably.

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