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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-14-2011, 10:47 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Servant: But Madam let me tell you… Wait one second, let me come close to the door.

There was silence for a moment and then I heard his voice as if just beside my shoulder. I realized he was glued to the toilet door and was also talking in a low husky voice.

Servant: Madam, I am telling you a secret. If my Seth-ji had seen you as what I saw, he would not let you go easily. He does not have a good character. He might be disabled, but very cunning. Madam, please be careful.

He halted briefly.

Servant: Even Shilpa didi wears very little clothes in her room, but still not like you Madam. Aap to bilkul nangi nikli bathroom se!

I had no words to reply and stood at the other side of the door with my lips half open to say something, but I could not verbalize anything in shame.

Servant: Madam, you still tried to cover yourself seeing me, but Shilpa didi does not even care to cover her in front of me! The girl is spoilt already. What more I can say being the servant of the house.

I gathered some courage and feebly expressed a couple of words. But how long will I continue like this standing within the toilet I wondered.

Me: I see.

Servant: I am telling you Madam, but don’t tell anybody. Countless number of times I have seen Shilpa didi lying on bed not wearing a dress.

Me: What?

Servant: I mean she was not wearing a salwar or a nighty, but she wore only a brassiere and a skirt Madam. I wipe the floor and she remains on bed in that fashion. On same days, when I clean the toilet, she comes up to give me instructions. You know wearing what Madam?

He paused and probably meant I should ask him. I was getting some encouragement hearing Shilpa’s stories, which was surely only out of my womanly virtues, otherwise in this state it was rather impossible to concentrate on anything else, but to save my dignity.

Me: What?

Servant: Madam, didi had on her body a short top and just a chaddi like thing, what the girls in the city wear below their skirt. Time and again I forget the name. Madam you were also holding it in your hand. What is its name? I cannot remember it at all.

Me: I can understand. You don’t have to name it.

Servant: No, no Madam. Tell me once. I forget its name particularly. Actually one day my wife also told me that she wants to wear this below her ghagra, but I objected. These are all city styles. Madam? It starts with “P”, isn’t it? Pa… pa… ?

I had to tell him and stop this pa… pa… It was so annoyingly embarrassing.

Me: Panty.

Servant: Yes, yes Madam. Panty. I cannot remember its name I do not know why.

I was thinking that now I should ask him again to close the door so that I can get out of the toilet comfortably, but he was talking nonstop.

Servant: But Madam, it is such a small piece of dress that I wonder why you people at all wear it? You know Madam my Sethani-ji also wears it. When she gives it for a wash, I cannot stop laughing.

Me: Why?

I was slowly starting to take pleasures out of this narration and almost out of reflex action asked “why”, which the next moment I realized could have been avoided as the reply was very obvious.

Servant: You must have seen my Sethani-ji Madam. What a gaand she has! What would this little thing cover Madam? You tell me - na gaand, na choot!

I was shocked to hear such slang terms so directly and casually spoken to me and stood behind closed door speechless. I tried to console my mind by thinking he being a lower class man he must be used to talk such slang. I tried to ignore it, though honestly hearing those words from a male mouth made me feel tight and unknowingly my fingers reached skirt and rested over my ‘choot’!

But when I thought of the reality, I was feeling rather ashamed and irritated that I was tolerating such language from an unknown man, that too a low class person, the servant of the house. In our residence when I came after my marriage, there are fortunately no male servants, but before my marriage in my father’s house there was one, but never ever did I hear such direct things from him in colloquial chats. Though his language was okay, but his attitude was not. I distinctly remember he trying to grope my body when he used to bring me from my school in the hand-pulled rickshaw. I was not a small girl then, I was in Class IX or X, and could very well sense what he was up to, but could never gather the courage to protest as he was there in our house for a long time.

The servant class is like that only I thought and tried to ignore this man’s vulgar words, as I used to ignore my parental servant’s groping when I was a teenager. Now I had to come out, but as I looked down upon me I was looking disgracefully sexy in this combination of towel and skirt and if any member of the house sees me in this state would certainly think very wrongly against me. So I again decided to ask him to close the door.

Me: Have you closed the door?

Servant: No Madam. I will close it right now.

I heard the noise of the room door closing and felt somewhat relieved.

Servant: Madam I have closed the door, but how would you come out? All your clothes are on the bed!

Me: That’s none of your concern.

Servant: Madam, will you come out in the same manner as you came out earlier? I must thank God.

Me: What rubbish! What do you mean?

I lost my patience at this nonsense question and opened the latch of the toilet door and came out. I for the first time looked with proper concentration to this man. He was wearing a blue shirt and a white dhoti, dark complexioned but well built, ageing nearing 40. He had the same servant-cutting looks in his face. I noticed the man’s eyes as if lit up and he was not looking at my face but staring directly at my sexily clad matured figure. The look was so hungry and shameless that I had to lower my eyelids in uneasiness. The skirt was rather tight on my fleshy thighs and I could not walk properly, moreover I was holding with my left hand to the skirt at my waist, as the button could not be closed due to my wide waistline.

Servant: Ya Maila! Madam you are looking like Mamta Kulkarni.

I ignored his words and walked towards the bed where my sari was resting. I was aware that my back was fully naked and the loose bra strap was hanging there and so I tried to walk avoiding to display my back towards this man. But the whole scene changed for me into a hell within the blink of an eye.

Servant: Where are you going Rani?

The man jumped in front of me hindering my way towards the bed. I was so taken by surprise at his approach that my skirt almost slipped from my left hand and I lowered my eyes for a moment to gather it properly and the bastard took that advantage and simply snatched the towel off my breasts making my boobs exposed again, though this time being partly covered in Shilpa’s bra.

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12-14-2011, 10:47 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: What’s this nonsense? Give me the towel. I will shout.

Servant: You want to shout Rani? Okay. Okay.

As he spoke, in an unanticipated manner he gripped and twisted my left wrist in a one smooth action and my skirt slipped from my fingers and dropped down near my feet on the floor.

Servant: Now shout. I want to see how much you can shout my Rani. Shout.

I was simply thunderstruck at these couple of events, which happened in not more than 30 seconds and stood there speechless before this man. I was standing as if wearing a bikini, if I can term that because Shilpa’s bra was so small that it was exhibiting the shape and size of my two matured breasts fully except for covering my areolas and the nipples. I tried to cover my dignity with my arms.

Servant: What happened Madam? Shout. Let everybody come and see you and know what you have to offer.

I immediately felt a cold shiver running down my spine. I realized I was in a trap. I could not attract people here, as I am standing in a very compromising posture almost stripped to nakedness. I could think anymore and was totally blank and did not know what to do or how to come out of this situation. I stood there in front of this servant of Mr. Yadav’s house clad very sexily in an unfastened bra and a semi-wet panty with my arms diagonally kept to cover my bulging globes.

Servant: Shout? What happened? Saali randi.

I almost had tears in my eyes hearing this slang from the mouth of this servant and virtually died of dishonor. Never in my life did someone refer me by that term. I was feeling so helpless being humiliated like this in the hands of a low class man.

Servant: Do as I say. Otherwise I will shout and draw everyone out here. Do you understand?

His voice was very commanding and rough. I did not dare to speak and contradict him, but I thought of begging my dignity from him.

Me: Please leave me. Don’t treat me like this. I am also the wife of someone.

Servant: Then roam naked in front of your husband. Why here?

Me: Believe me, I did not know that you were here in the room.

Servant: Shut up! Guru-ji keeps this sort of high-class randi with him?

I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth hearing this. I could not take it anymore. Tears burst out of my eyes draining off my cheekbones. I was praying to God to save me now seeing no other way.

Servant: Don’t act and waste my time. Panty utar aur choot darshan kara sali.

Me: Please bhaiya. I am not that type woman. Please have mercy on me.

Servant: Address your husband by ‘bhaiya’. Open it.

Saying that he moved ahead one step and I was so frightened that I meekly surrendered to his command.

Me: Okay, okay. I am…

I hesitatingly removed my folded hands off my almost naked mammaries and I could very well realize that he wanted to see me nude again, which he saw me when I came out of the toilet and realizing that it was a hopeless situation for me I had to gratify him. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I took my both hands to the waistband of my panty and started dragging it down. I was looking at the floor in shame and that bastard was standing with his hand on his lund within his dhoti. I wondered in my mind that in the last 3-4 days, rather till such time I had come to the ashram, the innumerable times I had to pull down my panty for different reasons! At the same time, I was trying to speculate the inevitable. Because surely next thing this man would force me to go to bed and would surely try to fuck me. What should I do? Shall I shout? But when Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and even Guru-ji would see me naked with this servant, what impression they would have of me?

Servant: What a choot Rani!

I was going through this dilemma and was unable to decide what to do to come out of this predicament when a sudden jolt and thrust followed by a tight hug almost flew me onto the bed. Before I could comprehend fully, I felt the body weight of this man on my body and my body was sandwiched between him and the cozy mattress of the bed.

Me: You bastard! Leave me right...

I could not utter any more words as he had put a dirty handkerchief in my mouth between my open lips. The pungent odor of his body was making me feel nauseous and the handkerchief almost choked me. My eyes were wide open and my body struggling under his very strong body. With his right hand he inserted the handkerchief so much deep in my mouth that I could hardly generate any sound from my vocal cord. Now he took off his right hand off my mouth and with both hands controlled my fighting arms and lifted his body and sat right on my naked belly area and had total control on me. I was throwing my naked legs in the air in vain and realized that was of no use. I was also moving my head furiously and trying to stick my tongue out to get the hanky out of my mouth, but the bastard had placed it so deep and securely that soon I realized I was struggling for no good reason.

Servant: Now Rani, what will you do?

I just avoided eye contact to this bastard from my lying position and he was simply on top of me and there was not a thread on my body as he had thrown off my brassiere too to the corner of the room. I could not still believe that I was molested to the ultimate by this servant class person. He now started feeling and touching my private parts taking hold of my both struggling arms in one hand and it at once gave me memories of the days when I was groped by this sort of a low class person in my teenage days. The feeling was almost the same in my mind and it was the sense of abhorrence and revulsion. Previously also, and today even, this servant class people took advantage of my sheer helpless condition.

The man became very excited touching my ample naked flesh unhindered, but since his one hand was blocked controlling my hands, he could not exactly pivot himself to fondle and fuck me. I was also trying to kick his back with my heavy thighs. Most of his time was wasted in controlling and holding my struggling hands and at last placed himself comfortably to squeeze my ripe mangoes one at a time and twisted my taut nipples very hard. Then he suddenly bent on my chest and started sucking and biting my nipples.

Me: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

I could not utter any more sound as my mouth was blocked by his hanky, but the feeling was obviously very (s)exciting like any woman would feel when a male (known or unknown) sucks her nipples. My legs automatically got parted and I was wriggling shamelessly on bed under his body. His full body weight was on my body and his erect lund was now piercing his dhoti and knocking hard on my open choot. His foul body odour was suffocating me and as I realized that he was almost of the verge of raping me now, I was intensely praying to God with tears rolling down my cheeks to send a releaser.

Knock! Knock!

As if God heard my call. I was so happy! Immediately the man was very alert and almost got down from my curvy figure and looked with a pale face at the door.

Knock! Knock!

Shilpa: Aunty. Aunty.

Servant: Madam, if you tell anything against me I will expose you in front of everyone. Mind you.

I indicated him through my eyes to take the handkerchief out of my mouth. He immediately released the hanky and it seemed to me that I breathed normally after an age as if.

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12-14-2011, 10:48 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
That was the first thing I did. It was the culmination of my anger and the feeling of abhorrence to this dirty low class man. He simply digested my slap on his cheek and clenched his teeth. I ignored that and quickly draped my sari that was on the bed on my naked body. It seemed as if I was being naked for ages and felt so soothing in the cover of the sari!

Servant: Madam, you go to the toilet and I will say that you have gone to latrine and will pretend to clean the room.

Me: Say whatever you like. Now just turn back you rascal.

The man was looking so frustrated that he could not screw me and his jaws were hanging down. I wasted not a second and again put on my panty and wore my bra.

Knock! Knock!

I pushed the man towards the door for a reply and quickly took my sari, blouse and petticoat and ran into the toilet.

Servant: Shilpa didi, one second, let me open the door.

The man opened the door and Shilpa did not inquire much, especially why the door was locked, and after some moments I also came out of the bathroom and found that Shilpa was alone in the room and there was no trace of that filthy person.

Shilpa: Aunty, how long will mom take to finish?

Me: I am not sure. Must be in the last stages. Soon you will be called.

She had brought some magazines, which she handed over to me and she switched on the TV and started watching a film channel where movie songs were being played. I simply was unable to concentrate on the magazines and time and again my experience with their servant was coming to my mind. I never thought that coming with Guru-ji to help him out in Mr. Yadav’s house would turn out to be such a horrifying and dishonoring experience for me. It was the same disgracing experience that I used to have when I returned from school in rickshaw with our servant. Those days also when I was abundantly groped I had to keep dumb, and today also when I was almost raped I have to keep dumb – such is the situation!

As Shilpa watched television and I turned the pages of the magazine with a blank look on my face after what I had, I vividly remember those days when I returned from school in hand pulled rickshaws. Our servant who was middle aged used to come to take me from school. Previously we used to walk the length from school to my house, but when I was in Class IX or X, my mom arranged a rickshaw to take me and our servant would guard me. My mom’s logic was I was grown up then and the locality was also not good as boys used to throw comments to passing girls and so it was safer for me to ride the rickshaw. But little did she knew that the road romeos would only tease with comments, but the arrangement she made would craft me more ‘grown up’!

Initially it all started okay, but as days went by and monsoon season came, things turned out of very uncomfortable for me. As it rained during that part of the year, all the rickshaws in our locality used a polythene cover from the hood on the passenger’s head till the footboard of the rickshaw so that when the passengers take the seat they are fully covered at the front from rain though the sides remained open. No exception was there in the rickshaw, which I took from school to my house and when the first day I sat in the rickshaw with rain falling I realized the intimacy one might have under the covers. Our servant’s name was Natwar and on the first couple of days he was sitting on the rickshaw seat almost glued to my body as raindrops were coming from the sides. I did not mind, as that was quite natural I thought.

Usually I held my bag on my lap while I sat on the rickshaw, but soon I noticed Natwar was almost compelling me to give the bag to him on the rickshaw giving various reasons, such as the heaviness of the bag, my relaxation, etc. I did not agree to him not due to anything else, but for a pure womanly reason. It is our natural tendency that if we are wearing anything which is not covering our legs fully, like a skirt or a mini ghagra, we tend to keep our bag on our lap just as a safety feeling also ensuring a double cover at our most delicate region, otherwise we would have to keep our hands on our thighs which would actually look somewhat indecent. But I found Natwar’s pleading was getting more intense by the day and especially on Fridays!

Truthfully at that age it was not possible for me to guess his dirty intentions. Actually on Fridays we had PT classes in school and I used to wear my PT dress, which was the same skirt and top, but the skirt length was very short and almost half my regular day school skirt. Since ours was a girls’ school we did not have any problems in school regarding upskirt and all, but still we had to be careful on road as the PT skirt material was very light and if there was a strong wind many a times it raised and exposed our panties if we were unmindful. My mom always alerted me on this on Fridays. I had friends in co-ed schools where they had the same short PT skirts, but with have a split like a bermuda, but since ours was not a co-ed school, the authority probably did not pay much attention to this aspect.

I was thus quite reluctant to hand over Natwar my schoolbag, as when I sat the skirt raised so much that it exposed till the midway of my smooth hairless thighs. But my resistance had to fail one day in the monsoon season. Till such time it was only sitting close, or very close, side-by-side in the rickshaw due to the rain, but that day he first pawed me.

That Friday when I was getting out of the school it was already raining heavily. I was under the umbrella and as I climbed the rickshaw, I had to hand over my bag to Natwar who was already sitting on the rickshaw seat. He took my bag and gave his hand and lifted me up. The rickshaw puller immediately covered the front of us very securely with the polythene cloth and today as the rain was very heavy Natwar told him to cover the sides also. Within moments I was sitting with our male servant as if in a closed room as we were guarded by the polythene from the front as well as from the sides. The incessant chattering sound of the rain falling on the cover could be heard.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, you don’t take the trouble, I can carry my bag.

Natwar: No, no Baby. Today let me carry it. It has added weight as its wet.

He used to call me ‘Baby’ and I thought he was telling the truth, as my bag was already pretty wet.

Me: Okay Natwar Bhaiya, today you carry it.

I smiled and I noticed he had held the bag on his lap in a peculiar fashion and looked very much like Swami Vivekanand with folded arms on his chest and my schoolbag within that. I laughed in my mind seeing his gesture. Very soon the polythene at the two sides of the rickshaw gave way and raindrops were drenching both of us. I had to shift to our servant’s side a bit more and he did the same too and as a result the tip of his folded arm was now directly touching my small but erect boobs. Those days I had started wearing brassieres and my boobs were growing into a nice round shape and with each jerk of the hand pulled rickshaw, I felt Natwar’s fingers were brushing my left boob as he was sitting to my left. I honestly did not mind this act and thought it was a situational incident.

As the rickshaw left the main road and took the alley, its speed dropped as the lane was not an asphalt road and the jerking was more severe, more so as the lane was already water logged. I was holing the hood sticks of the rickshaw with my right hand and kept my left hand as a cover to my exposed thigh and now due to the continuous wobbling effect of the rickshaw I could feel Natwar’s folded hand constantly touching and brushing my left boob over my top and bra. This went on for the whole journey and when I reached home, I realized that I was not feeling ‘normal’. Though my mom was more concerned about how much I was wet, but I felt my nipples standing very upright within my bra.

This was the beginning and on other rainy days this was the routine more or less, but Natwar behaved so normally on sunny days, I dared to think anything negative about him. On another rainy day, he allowed me to carry my bag, obviously that wasn’t a Friday, and as the rickshaw proceeded off my school rains started coming from the sides and my top and skirt were getting wet. I had to shift closer to him and he today in turn kept his right hand at my back on top of the rickshaw seat. It was such a normal thing that I did not even notice it, till on a sudden jerk I leant on him and he almost embraced me with his right hand. I tried to readjust, but in vain.

As the rains were coming continuously from the sides, I had to get very close to Natwar’s body and in the course I felt our servant’s hand first on my shoulder, then as the rickshaw jerked, it slipped to my arm, and then with another sway it was near my waist and that day when I was getting down of the rickshaw, he actually pawed my ass cheeks as if to help me get down. Till such time it was within my tolerance level and ignored most of it and did not mind at all except for one or two deliberate touches. But as days proceeded I realized this low class uneducated man was taking advantage of my helpless situation on the rickshaw. The last two days made me so disturbed and disgraced that I had to quit the rickshaw drives back from school.

I distinctly remember it was a Thursday-Friday combination and it was raining quite heavily out of monsoon. On Thursday we walked down to the rickshaw under umbrellas and our rickshaw puller had already applied the polythene sheet and as usual he climbed the rickshaw first and then asked for my bag. I handed him over the bag.
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12-14-2011, 10:48 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Natwar: Eh! The seat is so wet.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, take this hanky and wipe it.

Due to the rain, the seat was wet and Natwar took the hanky and dried the seat. I climbed up and was about to take my seat beside him, when he commented something very odd.

Natwar: Baby, the seat is still wet. Do not sit on your skirt directly.

I looked at him questionably, as I did not get what he meant.

Natwar: You sit as you sit on the floor. That would save your skirt Baby.

Actually that was the usual practice we girls do when we sit on the floor or grass in the open, so that our legs are mostly covered nicely. But doing that on the rickshaw would definitely be a bold thing, especially in front of a sitting male. But due to the situational request, I could not find a proper reply to avoid that and had to reluctantly commit myself to do that. I was standing on the rickshaw floor half bent and Natwar was sitting on the rickshaw seat. I took both my hands to my skirt and raised the hem trying to keep decency level and sat on the seat. I could not even comprehend how much exciting the scene would have been for a male to watch this from a sitting posture while I did that from a standing position!

I stretched my skirt in the form of a circle almost and sat down on the rickshaw seat. I immediately felt wetness in my inner thighs, as the seat was still wet and in no time felt that my panty was also getting wet from the water on the seat. But I could not verbalize that to my servant out of shame and remained quiet. But Natwar had other plans.

Natwar: Eh! The seat is still wet. My pant is getting wet.

Me: Yes, it’s slightly wet. It’s okay.

I tried to act normally and avoided to get involved into this conversation, but he dragged me into it.

Natwar: Baby, what are you saying? My undies are getting wet below my pant and you are saying it’s slightly wet.

The rickshaw had started moving and I was a bit puzzled how to react to this.

Natwar: Give your hanky. Let me wipe it again.

Me: But how can you do that when we both are sitting?

It came out spontaneously from my mouth and this low class man was exactly waiting for that to be asked.

Natwar: I will just lift my bottom a bit and you wipe it and likewise I will do that side.

Saying that in fact he slightly raised his bottom with my heavy schoolbag clung to his chest within his folded arms and I had to turn sideways and insert my hand under his bottom and wipe the rickshaw seat. Time and again his round bottom was touching my hand as the rickshaw was jerking and swaying and simultaneously as I had turned towards him the fingers of his folded hand was touching my face. I did not mind as my servant’s fingers were touching my cheek and ear, but when it started brushing my lips almost I was feeling rather uncomfortable and quickly completed my wiping. My face turned immediately red as a male finger grazed an area so sensitive in my body as my lips.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, it’s done. You can sit.

He sat down and I handed over the hanky to him and now I had to lift my bottoms. I lifted my bottoms a bit from the rickshaw seat and held the side framework for support. Natwar handed me over my bag and I noted that my skirt was still covering the seat that my servant was about to wipe. Without even asking me for permission, he simply raised my skirt to see the rickshaw seat and to wipe it. I almost froze in shame as my servant raised my skirt much, much higher up than actually needed and exposed me almost till my bottoms. I was so helpless as my hands were engaged carrying my own schoolbag. The rickshaw moved on and since there was the polythene cover in our front and sides, no one on the road could see that a girl of 16 was half-standing on the rickshaw with her skirt hiked up till her round bottoms.

My servant was wiping the seat so slowly that I had to intervene.

Me: Is it done?

Natwar was raising my skirt with one hand to see and wiping the seat dry with the other.

Natwar: No baby. It’s still wet. Actually the hanky is wet itself.

Me: Doesn’t matter. Let me sit.

And I lowered my bottoms a bit only to feel this dirty man’s hand on my panty covered buns.

Natwar: Eh! Baby, your pant is so wet. You do one thing. You sit on my lap and keep the bag on the side. Look the rain is coming down heavier now. You will get wet from the sides also.

I was perplexed at this comment and blushed severely not knowing what to reply. Though I did not find the rain to be heavier, but water was dripping from the sides of the polythene on the rickshaw was true. I tried to reject his proposal, but his reasons were stronger and he being much older than me in age and no one was able to see me, I agreed to sit on his lap till the rest of my rickshaw journey. I did not know how much enjoyment that dirty mind got from me sitting on his legs, but I had a hard time controlling his hands. I kept reluctantly my schoolbag to our side and stretched my skirt fully on my buttocks with my hands and sat on his thighs. I tried to exert minimum weight on his legs, but since the hand pulled rickshaw was jerking so much, I slowly kept the full weight of my buttocks on his thighs.

My young body was almost shivering sitting on the thighs of a grown up man and my heart likewise racing very fast. In no time I felt his right hand on my right thigh area over my skirt and his left hand alarmingly embraced me round my waist to keep support. I was holding the rickshaw framework above my head with my right hand and hence I was rather unprotected and vulnerable on the right side from my perky breast down to my waist area. I understood by then that it was a blunder for me to have agreed to Natwar’s suggestion and I could merely retract now. I was so helpless and defenseless in the hands of this dirty-minded person. Of course, his hands were not static and as the rickshaw was moving along, his hands were feeling my thigh, waist, and abdomen areas over my school dress. On at least one occasion I had to virtually stop him by holding his hands from directly groping my private parts.

Once as the rickshaw took a turn while moving, I almost slipped from his thighs probably due to the smoothness of my skirt-covered round rear portion and to keep me in position on his lap, he pulled me by my waist more towards his body. Then as if to keep the grip more secure on me, Natwar raised my skirt up halfway till my mid thighs and firmly held my naked skin with both hands. I could not react as it was done in such a casual way that it really appeared that he wanted to stop my further slipping.

Natwar: Baby, this way you won’t slip anymore.

To crown it, he verbalized what he did and I remained quiet, but was feeling so exposed and uncomfortable that I had to stretch my skirt over his hands covering my thighs to save some dignity. But that action actually triggered things for him! In some moments I felt his fingers were climbing up my smooth naked thighs below my skirt and it was such an uncomfortable feel for me that I cannot describe. When his fingers were almost touching my panty line, I thought that I must react. I simply caught his moving hand and he immediately stopped the nonsense.

That day was over as we soon reached home, but Natwar gathered all the courage from today’s incident. I was feeling severely detested towards this maid servant that I did not even wanted to talk to him. Next day was a Friday and unfortunately in the afternoon, it was again raining quite heavily. As it was a Friday I was wearing my PT skirt and my mom, as she does on every Friday, gave her usual warning to me of not to loiter on road in this dress. Since ours was a girls school it did not look odd in school, but for a girl of 16 and with a developing body like mine, I definitely looked sexy in that small skirt.

Today unlike other days Natwar did not climb up the rickshaw first and instead I took my seat. It was raining, so our umbrellas were open. I then noticed Natwar had a bag in his hand, which he was about to keep on the rickshaw floor. The rickshaw puller was already on his seat and urging us to get up quickly as it was raining, but Natwar was taking too much time to keep the bag at my feet and at the same time he was holding his umbrella on his head. Initially I was not conscious, but suddenly I felt he was trying to peep inside my skirt, as he was standing on the ground and I was sitting up on the rickshaw seat; furthermore he was keeping his bag right between my legs.
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12-14-2011, 10:48 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I tried to glance down, but the umbrella on his head hindered my view, but for a second got a peek and I almost froze as I saw he was gaping openly inside my skirt. I quickly tried to close my legs, but as the bag was already there could not do it fully. I was very sure that he must be having a very clear view of my red panty and my ears were getting hotter. Even in school if I drop my pencil to the floor and I stoop down to gather it from under the desk, I could very clearly see the panties of everyone sitting in the back benches, especially on Fridays due to our PT skirts. Of course, not to speak of the scene in the PT class doing calisthenics where it was a compulsive show to expose panties for all girls. But since only girls are present, no one really bothers about this, but here the case is certainly different.

My face turned red and throat thirsty, as I tried to lower my schoolbag to hide my dignity, but Natwar was done by that time, as he closed his umbrella and quickly climbed up the rickshaw. We were sitting side by side as usual and getting closer due to the rain droplets racing in from the sides. I realized the force of the rain was increasing and the surrounding was getting darker, which actually supplemented my servant’s further dirty actions.

Natwar: Let me hold the umbrella half open to your side. Baby, then you will not get wet.

I honestly liked the idea, as my right side was already pretty wet including my shirtsleeve due to the improper covering of the hand pulled rickshaw at the sides. Natwar half opened his umbrella and took his right hand from behind me and held the butt of the umbrella and he asked me to hold the spread umbrella end so that the whole of my right side is covered.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, you then hold my bag.

I simply had no other option, but to offer my bag to him to properly protect myself from getting wet, but in the process giving him a grand view of my naked thighs in my PT skirt that I was wearing that day. As I was in a sitting posture and my legs were somewhat spread due to Natwar’s bag being kept between my legs, my skirt had all the more reasons to get higher up on my thighs making me look awfully sexy. I looked from the corner of my eyes down towards my legs and was shocked to find that the exposure I was giving had surely crossed the decency level. Actually since my schoolbag was on my lap, I was not that concerned about how much my skirt had hiked up in my sitting position on the rickshaw seat, as the bag was comfortably covering my well formed thighs.

But now my position was definitely compromising. I did not react as I had no intention to make my servant aware that I was uncomfortable regarding my skirt, but within my mind I was very conscious that one unmindful movement could actually expose my panty. My mom would surely have a heart attack seeing me sitting like this in front of a male. I noticed Natwar’s eyes were also hungrily lapping the beauty of my exposed legs. My breathing was heavy, but I felt relieved to see Natwar behaving absolutely normally and was more concerned that the umbrella was in the right place at my side so that I do not get drenched. Little was my relief period and before long the man started his smutty moves.

Natwar: Oh! I am getting wet from this side completely.

Me: Why don’t they put proper cover during monsoon?

Natwar: Baby, you know these rickshaw pullers… Let me get out a polythene packet.

I was doubting if he would again ask me to sit on his lap so that we are both somewhat saved from the rain coming from the sides of this hand pulled rickshaw. But, thankfully he didn’t quote that, but in any case I was determined that I would not sit on his lap today. In the meantime, I saw Natwar took out a pouch from his trouser pocket and at the time he was opening it, the rickshaw bumped on a pothole on the watery road. Due to that impact the packet almost slipped from his hand and in order to gather it properly, the coins that were inside the pouch spilled all over. Natwar did try to control things, but there were quite a few, which dropped out of his pouch. Though a bit odd, but probably due to the jerk, the coins that spilled out of the pouch were all showered on my body!

Natwar: O! My God!

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, don’t panic, none has fall out of the rickshaw.

Natwar: Yes, that’s the only relief. Baby you then hold the pouch securely and let me gather the coins.

Now my both hands were engaged – with my right hand I was already holding the stretched umbrella cloth and now my left hand got engaged in holding my servant’s pouch. At that very moment alarm bells rang in my mind - since I was engaged in holding the umbrella and his pouch, he obviously would pick up the coins, but from where? Obviously from all over my body and as I glanced down to note where the coins were, I saw them scattered all over on top of my skirt including my exposed thighs, on the folds of my shirt on my frontal body area, and down my legs on the footboard.

Natwar: Baby, you don’t move and I will pick up the chillar.

‘Chillar’ is the term we use for coins. My thoughts were not even complete that Natwar started his lewd act. He started obviously with the easier located coins on my skirt top. As he touched my thighs over my skirt for picking up the coins, I almost quivered and tried to not to look at his act. I looked to my side where the umbrella was and felt his hand on my abdomen over my shirt picking up a coin. I could even feel Natwar’s fingers brush my erect left breast. Then he bent down and started picking the coins that were on the footboard. I tried to close my legs but couldn’t due to the bag between my legs and I could convincingly understood that my servant was getting an eyeful inside my short school skirt.

Natwar: Baby, please lift your legs a bit. I cannot see the full footboard.

I looked round to him weakly, but could not avoid the situation. I knew that was outrageously vulgar to raise my legs wearing this sort of a tiny skirt before his eyes, but could not find a way out. I raised my legs slightly and was of course expecting a request from Natwar.

Natwar: Baby, a little more up please. I need to look to your right side also.

I knew I had to lift my legs more and now as I did it I was feeling so cheated by this low class man taking advantage fully of my position. As a result my PT skirt slid another couple of inches up above my thighs and the insides of my smooth fair-colored thighs were advertised to the eyes of Natwar. My condition was simply indescribable and dreadfully indecent. I was sitting in a moving rickshaw wearing a short skirt with my legs raised and a man was bending down almost between my legs.

Natwar: Okay Baby, seems I have gathered all from down there.

He was counting the coins and I was so very relieved, but no sooner another dirty proposal came up!

Natwar: Seems some are still missing, which must be on the seat.

He looked directly to my crotch area and to my back.

Me: Is it? But seemed all spilled in the front.

Natwar: No Baby. Just see, here was one.

Saying that he took a coin out of his dhoti almost from the region of his manhood. He was pulling his dhoti up to see if any coin was still left in it and I could see his very hairy dark legs. And believe me, I saw his blue-colored brief for sometime as was still searching for the dropped coins in his dhoti. I shifted my gaze from his pelvic area and tried to remain normal.

Natwar: Baby, can you just stand a little so that I can check the seat?

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, the rickshaw is moving and I am holding to the umbrella. How can I stand?

Natwar: Right, right. You cannot stand. You just shift a little bit forward and I will check the seat.

Me: Okay Bhaiya.

The next few moments I was severely groped by my servant and his dirty mind reflected on his act pretending to search for his chillar. As I shifted a little bit to the front on the rickshaw seat, he immediately put his right arm behind me, to be precise on the rickshaw seat and was searching for the coins. In the process, he touched and felt the roundness and smoothness of my skirt-covered buns and to my utter shock he did not stop there! He was inserting his fingers, as if he was looking for a spilled coin, under my ass. For a moment I clearly felt his finger into my ass crack over my PT skirt and my panty. I could not stop but to utter a spontaneous reaction off my mouth.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: Ouch!

Natwar: What happened Baby?

He was immediately cautious and had removed his finger.

Me: Nothing. Have you got all your coins?

Natwar: Baby, am not getting a couple of 5-rupee coins.

I immediately wanted to end this process.

Me: Okay, I am raising my body once and you check the full seat.

In my hurry to finish off this irritating episode I made a further mess. I was not holding onto any support as both my hands were engaged in holding the umbrella to cover me from the rains and my servant’s pouch, and as I raised my buttocks off the rickshaw seat, the rickshaw took a turn and I got completely disbalanced. Natwar’s hand was already by then on the seat under my bottoms and his other hand was supporting my schoolbag on his lap, but as I got disbalanced, first thing that happened was that I sat with my full body weight on his stretched hand on the seat. Next thing was due to the turning movement of the moving rickshaw, my left arm holding the pouch outspread in the air, as I fell and my servant in trying to support me held me by my left boob. The situation was precarious for any girl and by the time I could gather my composure I was thoroughly fondled by my servant.

That man got only a few seconds time and I was amazed that within that short span of time, his right hand cupped my ass over my skirt and panty, and simultaneously I felt a couple of very tight squeezes on my developing left breast over my school top and bra. I immediately tried to lift my body weight off his hand and raised my back again and Natwar this time crossed all limits.

Natwar: Baby, Baby, don’t do this, you will fall.

Saying that as if protecting me, he also lifted his hand off the rickshaw seat, and to my utter shock, I felt he had inserted his hand under my short skirt and was touching and pressing my panty-covered pussy with his fingers. Though it lasted for a couple of seconds only and he instantly helped me sit on the seat holding my ass cheek. My servant made sure that his right hand on my ass kept my tiny skirt uplifted and expose till my panty. I quickly sat on the seat, but all along his dirty intention was going on as he held me very directly by my right ass cheek over my panty as I sat.

His dirty plan was still ON for the upper part of my young developing figure. He initially grabbed me by my left boob as my arm was outstretched in an off balanced position. But as soon as I felt his hand grabbing my boob, I brought my arm down, but his foul play was helped by this act. Now his left hand on my breast was under my arm, rather sandwiched in my left armpit. I was having a very sexy feeling and did not know how to get his hand out. Getting the press of my underarm on his hand holding me, he seemed quite encouraged and before my eyes he started cuddling my firm breast with his palm.
I had to jerk his hand off and as I regained my position on the seat, I did that. My face and ears were pretty red in shame and due to the feeling of a male palm cupping my breast I was also feeling an unfamiliar sensation within my panty.

Natwar: Baby, I still did not get the two coins.

I was so much annoyed and irritated by this low class man’s dirty objectives that I did not feel talking to him. His touches were as if still lingering on my body. The way he touched my panty and clenched my ass cheek I was feeling like slapping him. How dare he touch me there I was thinking! Then I realized these people were like that only, they always look for opportunity and helpless conditions of girls and tries to take advantage of that. The servant class!

“Aunty! Aunty!”

I was as if called from my sleep. The magazine was still open on my lap, but my mind went back to my teenage days relating the embarrassing moments I had in the hands of our house servant, which was very similar to the one I had sometime back here in Mr. Yadav’s residence though today’s experience was awfully shameful myself being a married woman of almost 30.

Shilpa is calling me.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
My name is Teja people say I look a like the actress kavya madhavan and I am in quiet fair and slightly hairy on my hands and my stats are 34 30 36 ( during I was at my 20's). I am married with one kid and I was at my early 20s when this happen to me. Me and my hubby are happily married coupled after the first year of our marriage I gave birth to my son during that time we called up the local temple gurukal for our baby naming ceremony.

On that day I still remember it was around 11 am and the gurukal came to our house. He was a quiet an old man in his late 60's with mix of black / white moustache and beard and slightly bald headed. After he came I greeted him and invited him to the house.The Gurukal then requested the date of birth and time of birth for my son as well as mine and Sanjays( my hubby) .As requested I went and brought the BC for him and after checking the date and time with his own notes he sugeested the name Ajay then I saw worries in his face and I asked him what is wrong Swamiji ?

He said while nodding his head "I have to inform you about this according to your new born baby astrology the sign are not good I mean there is a dosha for the father and the son and it is going to affect their lives" I was shocked for a while and I asked him " Is there any remedy for this swamiji ?" and he said "Yes the remedy must be done by the you " and I asked "What is the remedy swamiji?" Well you have to stay in the ashram for 1 month and do prayers and meditation I can guide you on this.Then I said I will get back to him. That night I talk to Sanjay when he came back home and I told him the issue and Sanjay said that he wont be around for the next month since he has to leave to US for work I said I will call my mother to take care of the child for time being.The day after the ceremony I called the swamiji to home and told him that I am ready and he asked me to move next day and then he left giving me the address of the ashram and the next day I packed and went to the ashram outside Chennnai. There was young gurukal waiting for me and brought me into the ashram and showed me the place which I will be staying.

Then after a while the swamiji came to my cottage and ask me is everything is alright and I said fine and he said "You dont have to worry about anything you prayers will start tonite "Then that night around 10 oclock the swamiji came to my cottage and he gave me bag with some clothes and ask me to follow him and I followed him we walked from the ashram deeper into the woods about 45 min and then we came to another small cottage near the water falls inside the woods. The swamyji ask me to enter the cottage and he enters the cottage together and he asked me to changes the clothes to the one he gave me earlier and I changed up with the clothes which was a milky color saree but I didnt remove my blouse. After he looked at me and said " My child you are not allowed to wear anything else except the clothes that I gave you" Then I asked him " Swamy you mean I cant wear a blouse ?" Then he said " Not only blouse but everything else must be removed you should only wear the clothes which I gave you" I was a bit shocked and he said this is the way the prayers need to be done and I did what he said and I feel so exposed and when I went back and he said some mantra and ask me to follow and I did and after that he gave some water to drink and then he asked to take off the saree and put in on the floor and lie on top of it ! I was speechless and shocked and I said " Swamy you want me to change first or ….?" He said " No just take off your saree you have to be naked This is how you can cleanse your body from the dosha " I said " But Swamy I am a woman and ….." He said " Dont worry this is prayers"

Reluctantly I remove my saree and my tender body is now naked without a single thread to cover it from the eyes of swamyji to feast. I cover the floor with the saree and lie on top of it and then he got up and came sit beside me . My pinkish nipples become sensitive to the air since the whether was cold. After he thorougly enjoy my body I felt like I am being 'raped' by his eyes. He took something oil like in his palm and pour it into my navel valley ! I was shocked then he said " I am going to cover you from the dosha so that after remedy you would not be having any side effects of the dosha" and he started to use his thick and rough skin fingers to spread the oil like liquid to my belly. Then slowly his crawling fingers moves from my belly to my 'milk hills'! I can feel my tender breast is being crawlled by his fingers exploring every inch and by now my nipples already be hypersensitive my pinkish nipples has become redish and hardened to the maximum but he have not touch it yet. He keep arousing my cleavage and the bottom part of the ' juggs ' and then he moves his crawling to my armpits! I could not take it I said "

Swamyji…please dont it ticklish " He said " Dont worry I have to covered everypart of your body" by now I am already wet. Now his hands moving towards my erected nipples! I moan " Aarrgghhhh…swamijy" Without being distrated by my moaning he slowly rubbing my nipples with his fingers and 'torture' them by twisting and pinching them softly in between his fingers. His rough skin arouse the nipples more and more when he touches it ….. I moan …"Aarrgghhhhhmmmmmmmm swamy what r u doing to me mm please ………….finish the prayer as….faster ……arrghhghhhhmm ?" Now his fingers crawl downwards all the way to my toe and he started to pour the oil there and slowly he is reaching towards the 'valley' upwards. While only my hubby get to do all this and now another man is touching me sensually but I controlled my self by now he is already reaching to my pubic hair and pour the oil to the 'valley' I can feel the oil driped into my opening! He spread my both legs apart abit !and now he has got a clear view of my 'valley' which is only covered by soft pubic hair. Now I can feel the thick and rough skin fingers started to crawl all over my 'valley' " arrgghhhhh… hhmhmmmhmhmhnnnnnnnn gh..argh" I moan. I could not take it anymore I begin to enjoy it then he asked "What you want now Teja ?"I said …… swammyji….what r u …..asking?" he said "I want you do you want me Teja " and I said " I want you swamyji…..! Take me ……." And he slowly insert his thick fingers into me and I yelp" OUch ….arrghhhh…hhmhmmmmmm…….more …more ….I want more swamyji take me" I am already 'flooded' with 'honey' and he kept playing in the honey make them drip out of me ! I was flowing heavyly and I could not stop the sensual and he begin to move toward my upper body and started to kiss my 'milk juggs' softly with his thick and rough lips I was speechles then he asked me "Teja I want to drink you milk! i know you are keeping it for your baby but I want to taste it! Can I ?" and I just " Take it….take…me….take it all……." Then like a a hungry wolf he 'catch' my sensitive harden nipples with his hairy mouth and swirling the nipples with his thick tongue! I moan "

Ohhhhhhhhswamyji…oohhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeaarrgghhhhhhhcare… ……………….aarrgghhhhhhhh…
a.rarggghhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh agrgargh..argh." and my milk started to flow slowly and he drinks it like a hungry child. He fullfill his 'hunger' with my tender nipples which only be tasted by my hubby. While he is busy with my nipples I took off his dhoti and now he is totally naked infront of a women and I saw his thick long rod with all the veins are bulging and pumping blood to the 'head' making it fully erected and hard ready to 'enter'. Now he looked at me with lusty eyes though asking for signal from me to proceed further and I just speak in silence he position himself in between my fleshy thighs and started to rub his 'head' on top of my clit I begin to aroused and slowly moan and he started to thrust his 'thick head' into my 'door' slowly and it was a bit tight because I am in the process of 'resrtucturing after birth' and he said " You are like a virgin gal..Teja..tight" I said " Do you like it " he said " Yes ….very much do.. you like it ….." I said "Yes my swamy I like it very much please push it in I want you to tear me apart swamy " and he begin to insert the whole ROD in me its around 6 " long and 2 "girth. I moan in pain and pleasure "Aaarghhhhhswamy……myswamy………arrghghmh..hh mmhmh…swamy …harder….swa……harde tear me apart ….deeper..deeper..argh….argh….yes take me harder" He ripped me apart with his monster 'ROD' is was huge and long enough to explore to the deepest point into me. I was in ectasy and the swamyji stroking me harder and harder I was totally wet and I begin to cum more than 1 time and that make my 'valley' wetter. The more wetter is it the more excited swamyji is and suddenly he started to stroke me violently and he said " Arrgghhhh Teja I cumming " I moan in excitement "Cum in me swamy give me your 'vindu' …..give me …argh….hhmmmmharder..more harder swamy….push it deeper …..yes ….yes …..arhg ….I can feel it …….argh……it yes …yes…!!arhg..argh …swamyji!!!!!!!!!!!"

He moaned " Teja………you are so good…..and wet….argh…argh…"

I could felt suddenly there was a deep thrust deep inside me and a burst of warm and thick iquid deep filling my 'valley' and flowing out partially together with my 'honey'. The swamyji 'released' me from his grip and I took his ROD in my hand and started to 'clean ' the mixture of his vindhu and mine which covers it and still dripping cum. Swamyji jerk some more cum and I took the whole ROD into my mouth and did a thorough 'cleaning job'. After that session throughout the 1 month we had many session like that and we fullfilled many of our hidden desires.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Shilpa: Aunty! Aunty!

Me: Ya… err… Yes, what is it?

As if I woke up from a slumber and tried to look composed.

Shilpa: Guru-ji is calling us.

Me: Okay, okay. Lets go.

I kept the open magazine from my lap to the table and adjusted my sari and followed Shilpa. As she walked in front of me, I did note the alluring way she was swaying her kundi. I was as if envying Shilpa for her tight figure though I knew I should not, as she was at least 10-12 years younger than me. Her proportionate ass was dancing within her dress as she walked briskly. I hurried along to keep pace with her. As we entered the puja ghar, I found there everyone of the family - Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and their daughter who came along with me. Of course, Sanjeev and Guru-ji were also there.

Guru-ji: Now we have arrived at the pinnacle of this yagya and Shilpa Beti has to now carry forward its epitome further.

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, distribute the bhog to Nandini and Kumar. The regulation is that the parents must complete taking the bhog before their lass sits for her part in the yagya.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, your role in the yagya is also over. You can relax outside. Anita, you need to stay to help Shilpa attain the spiritual goal.

Mrs. Yadav offered pranam to Guru-ji and helped his husband also for pranam and then they left the place. Sanjeev also followed suit with a couple of bowls of bhog already cooked by him. Now we were only three in the puja ghar – me, Anita, and Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you make sure if Sanjeev has kept all the basic ingredients for the yagya? Check for bilva leaves, china-rose flowers, milk, ghee, rose water, honey, sandalwood paste, and turmeric.

I nodded and sat down to check that. As I sat down I realized that my panty cloth was getting inside my ass crack in the form of a rope slipping on my smooth skin. I could not stop or adjust in front of a male and allowed my panty to roll inside my deep ass crack making my ass globes virtually bare within my petticoat. I remember I was hasty while putting on my panty in front of that bastard house servant and hence this happened. Not focussing much on that simply because I could not adjust my dress in front of Guru-ji, I started checking for the items Guru-ji mentioned.

Guru-ji was expounding Shilpa on spiritual explanations of life, human goal, devotion, studies, etc. and Shilpa was obediently listening to Guru-ji. Only if did he know that this schoolgirl do watch soft porn and sometime back was expertly supporting me in an lesbian act even! I noted that Sanjeev had nicely sorted out everything on the floor for the yagya to proceed, but only thing that was missing was milk. I waited patiently till Guru-ji finished his speech.

Me: Guru-ji, all other things are there except the milk.

Guru-ji: Okay. Can you please get around a liter of milk from Nandini and get it boiled on the stove here? Also ask Nandini that I asked for a new white sari, I am not seeing it here.

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

I went out of the puja ghar and as I passed the door outside I heard Guru-ji again getting back to explain spiritual facts to Anita. The moment I went outside the vacant corridor towards the steps, I thought of adjusting my panty. It was giving me a torrid time now, because as I walked its giving me a frictional feeling on both my pussy and ass hole with its rolled edges. I have to get it straight, but this area was not at all safe, as I did not know if that rascal servant was around anywhere. So I did not take any chance going to this toilet, as the passage was completely empty.

I went down through the hallway towards the drawing room and could realize from a distance that someone was sitting there. I looked intently and could well realize it was Mr. Yadav. He was sitting there with…

Me: My goodness!

He is drinking alcohol and that very servant who molested me was sitting near his feet. My feet were as if cemented immediately and I knew if given a second chance they would surely strip me and tear off my choot with their rods. I briskly went to the other side in the direction where Shilpa’s room was. I thought this was a rather secure place away from everyone’s eyes and quickly started adjusting my panty. There was no other way but to pull up my sari to my waist and adjust it. I briskly pulled out the edges of my panty from my ass crack and stretched it over my ass flesh as far as possible and also fiddled the panty front over my hairy choot. There was no one, thankfully, and I was so much relieved after adjusting from this continuos ‘sexual’ tickling offered by my undergarment.

Suddenly I heard some light sound of bangles, as if a woman was moving her hands there. I stepped ahead, but could not find anyone. Here the passage turns to the left and ends in a balcony and yes, the sound is coming from the balcony, which could not be seen from here. I could have called Mrs. Yadav, but was curious to see who was there, as I did not see Sanjeev with Mr. Yadav in the drawing room. I tried not to make any noise and peeped into the balcony. The full moon was splashing on the balcony and I could see very, very clearly – Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev.

But, but… What are they doing? Uuuuuuuuuuuu……………

I exclaimed within myself. As I said Mrs. Yadav was plump and though middle-aged was fleshy at the right places and in the bright moonlight in the white sari draped tightly on her figure she was surely looking sexy. Sanjeev was holding her hands and whispering something. My timing was just about right as soon I realized that Sanjeev was trying to persuade Mrs. Yadav in lovemaking in that open balcony, but she was obviously hesitant as her husband, though disabled, was very much present in the house. I could jolly well see that Sanjeev’s pleading to lovemaking was getting more physical. His persuasion posture from holding Mrs. Yadav’s hands was now getting into a half hugging scene, and certainly her objections were also melting. After some moments of inappropriate hugging by Sanjeev, I heard an affirmation from Mrs. Yadav.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Baba. Do what you want.

Sanjeev was as if only waiting for that nod, since the way he embraced her was exceptional, and envious too for any woman! He now was feeling Mrs. Yadav’s back over her white blouse and extended his arms to touch the naked skin of her midriff. Mrs. Yadav almost jerked to his touch and as she was facing me, I saw she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I completely forgot that I came to Mrs. Yadav for milk and the white sari, but was completely absorbed in watching this horny activity. I saw Mrs. Yadav had closed her eyes and why not? Getting passionate hugs from this energetic male who had now started caressing her smooth and fair midriff with his palms and hugged her matured figure at his free will. In no time Sanjeev turned Mrs. Yadav within his arms to face her away from him so that he could massage her heavy jiggling tits abundantly.

I saw Sanjeev put his big-sized palms on Mrs. Yadav’s mammaries and cupped simultaneously both of her large, round, firm and full boobs. Mrs. Yadav naturally started wriggling in elation, as any female would do. I noticed her hands were scratching her own choot over her sari. Now suddenly Sanjeev stopped all motion and stood still, but kept his palms just holding her globes over her blouse, but not fondling them. Mrs. Yadav was a bit surprised as if someone had come, but I could well understood Sanjeev was relishing the feel of her very attractive sized boobs.

Mrs. Yadav: You naughty.

Saying that she turned again to face her, but Sanjeev was still cupping her blouse-covered breasts and it looked so indecent! Sanjeev’s hands were now under her pallu and I knew what they were doing under that cover. Sanjeev for the first time now placed his lips onto Mrs. Yadav’s lips and they were lip-locked for sometime. And like all men Sanjeev also craftily pulled down her pallu displaying her blouse-covered bobbling breasts and now to my sheer disbelief I saw he was whiffing off Mrs. Yadav’s sari from her waist also.

I was really shocked that Mrs. Yadav being a fully matured woman allowing such lewd acts by an outside male standing in the balcony of her house. Though the road cannot be seen from the balcony, but anyone approaching the house would surely notice her. Mrs. Yadav was clutching Sanjeev in such a way that it seemed to me as if she was a teenager experiencing her first date. Sanjeev was doing his job quite swiftly and in virtually no time he unhooked her white blouse and with both hands slid her white bra upwards to expose her rotund mammaries. Being the mother of a 18-year-old girl, Mrs. Yadav had enviously large and firm breasts, which jumped out of the tight bra. I saw the nipples were almost black in color and very erect for obvious reasons.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Sanjeev now encircled her waist with his arms and lifted up her chin towards him and propelled his tongue through her lips and into her mouth. Mrs. Yadav was hugging Sanjeev and scratching her fingers on his broad back. By this time, Mrs. Yadav’s sari was completely off her body and lying on floor. Her blouse was open and her bra uplifted and her petticoat was saving her dignity. I noticed Sanjeev started pushing his crotch into her pussy over her petticoat. The scene was extremely heating up and I stood there simply gulping every bit of this very hot lovemaking.

Sanjeev’s palms were now openly fondling Mrs. Yadav’s big boobs, while he had pulled her tongue into his mouth and was sucking it.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh………

It seemed I was more excited and thrilled seeing this scene. I remembered Uday’s kissing on the boat. I truly cherished it. I was repenting if Uday was here, we could have had another steamy love session. The very next moment I thought why did I not think of my husband? He also did kiss me like this at times though not on a regular scale, as he is not a big believer in kissing. He is more into the direct act. But Uday’s kissing was so spontaneous and he resembled very much like Sanjeev was kissing Mrs. Yadav. I saw Sanjeev’s arms now came down on the lady’s gaand and he started caressing and squeezing her big buns. My right hand was automatically scratching my pussy over my panty and my left hand self massaging my breasts and pinching my nipple over my blouse and bra.

Sanjeev then peeled off her blouse and bra completely from her body and threw on the balcony chair and Mrs. Yadav, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, was now standing wearing only a petticoat in a full topless condition. I was stunned to see the courage of this housewife - she was hugging a male in a topless condition in the balcony of the house knowing that her husband was very much present in the house! I could never ever do that in my house. Even when my husband was away at noontime and if even a salesman had come, I made sure that I do not attend him in a nightie or without wearing my bra because in most cases it was the nap time for me and during that period I was surely not properly draped. However, Mrs. Yadav here was crossing all limits!

Sanjeev made Mrs. Yadav raise her hands in air in order to lick her armpits and I noticed that she was having an absolutely clean armpit. Sanjeev gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to it. He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits, which though looked extremely vulgar and then started licking them vigorously and Mrs. Yadav was writhing in exhilaration. I was unable to take it anymore and was now wondering how to enter in this sweltering scene to tell Mrs. Yadav to provide me milk and a white sari, which Guru-ji had ordered. It was also getting late I realized and Guru-ji might just be angry. I apologized to Mrs. Yadav in my mind, as I had to now stop her blow hot love episode.

I went back at least a dozen steps. I still was midway in the passage towards the balcony. I was also at a safe distance from the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was having a drink and I started calling Mrs. Yadav.

Me: Mrs. Yadav. Mrs. Yadav.

I did not deliberately move a step ahead as I knew hearing my voice she would immediately try to wear her clothes back and I need to give her that time. After a moment or two, I called again and took only a couple of steps. After sometime, I heard a feeble reply.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, I am here.

I walked very slowly towards the balcony. As I stepped on the balcony, I saw Sanjeev was sitting on the chair as if enjoying the beauty of the moonlit night and Mrs. Yadav looked extremely sexy with the blouse on her body with all the hooks open and the sari draped in a very lewd fashion. I knew I should have given her more time to recompose.

Me: Guru-ji asked for a bowl of milk and a white sari that he had already told you of.

Mrs. Yadav: Oh! Yes, yes Anita. I forgot about the sari. Why don’t you sit here in the balcony? I will get you both in a minute.

I did not want to embarrass Mrs. Yadav. She was panting as she conversed and the sexual heat was showing on her face. I nodded and took a chair. Mrs. Yadav hurriedly left the place and from the tingling of her chudi I could make out she was probably dressing her standing in the passage. Sanjeev was absolutely normal and conversed with me and within another five to seven minutes Mrs. Yadav was back with a bowl of milk and the sari. I thanked her and left the place. As I walked down the passage towards the stairs I speculated whether Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav would again engage in passionate lovemaking in the open balcony or take me as an alert and go in some room to fulfill their desires. But I could well apprehend that if this is the nature of Mrs. Yadav, I could not blame her daughter much for watching porn CDs.

I knocked and entered the puja ghar. Guru-ji was still explaining something to her and she was listening intently with folded arms. Guru-ji looked up and noted that I had got the things he ordered for.

Guru-ji: Anita, lock the door and get the milk boiled in the stove.

I nodded and handed him the sari and went up to the stove to get the milk boiled. As I handed Guru-ji the sari I noted for the first time that it was a thin cotton sari, the type generally worn by widows. I could not understand why that was needed in this yagya. I was about to ask that, but Guru-ji by that time was directing Shilpa for the first worship.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do the first worship to Linga Maharaj. One needs a medium for this worship and as your parents used your Sanjeev uncle and Anita aunty as their mediums, you will use me as your medium. Okay?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Beti, the focus has to be worship and worship only. You must not deviate. If you deviate you will have to undergo the ‘dosha khandan’ (=eradicate the error) process. So only concentrate on your worship for studies. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Shilpa nodded and stood up. She did not know what to do and Guru-ji indicated through a gesture to me for the start. I took her to the area where I lied on the floor and I told her to be on the floor in a prone position, i.e. her bottoms facing the ceiling. Shilpa’s back was looking very attractive as she was lying on the floor wearing the tight salwar kamiz. While giving her the puja flowers, I noticed her face was red in natural shame, as then she got the hint that Guru-ji would get on top of her back. I handed her over the puja flowers and asked to stretch her hands in the worship form.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You can sit there and mind you no noise. Shilpa Beti, I will whisper in your ears the mantra five times and you will chant that loudly to Linga Maharaj. Then in turn you will whisper me what exactly is your wish and I will transfer that to Maharaj. Okay?

Shilpa: Okay Guru-ji.
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12-14-2011, 10:50 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I thought I should ask Guru-ji that previously the process was different because as the medium I was no floor and Mr. Yadav enjoyed me from top, but did not gather the courage to ask Guru-ji. He roared forward to Shilpa’s body chanting “Jai Linga Maharaj” time and again. Guru-ji’s gigantic figure was no match for this teenager and her body was fully covered by Guru-ji’s mammoth stature as he placed himself on her.

Guru-ji: Don’t mind Beti, as this is the norm of this yagya. I will not place my body weight on you. You just concentrate.

Guru-ji was now riding Shilpa’s body and I was watching from a distance of few feet. I noted that Guru-ji very cleverly adjusted his body length, pretending to straighten his saffron garment, to place his pelvic area exactly on Shilpa’s buttocks. He was not even finished whispering the first mantra in Shilpa’s ears that I saw the subtle movement of Guru-ji’s pelvis on her gaand. I was shocked to see Guru-ji also deviating by Shilpa’s young flesh. As the mantra chanting was getting to an end, I found Guru-ji’s pelvic movement was getting more obvious on Shilpa’s hips.

Now Shilpa had to whisper her wish to Guru-ji and he would transfer that to Linga Maharaj. I saw Guru-ji took his face very close to her face, his thick lips almost touching the girl’s cheeks. Guru-ji’s hands, which were till then on the floor on both sides of Shilpa, now moved. He kept his right hand on Shilpa’s shoulder very casually as he dropped his face near her lips. Soon that part was over too and Guru-ji alighted from her body. Believe me, I clearly saw Guru-ji’s erect tool protruding like a pole his saffron dhoti. He quickly adjusted that before Shilpa could raise her head from her lying position.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, did you concentrate fully during your worship?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

I noted that her voice was almost trembling, probably in excitement.

Guru-ji: Then why is your voice shaky? Why are you not confident?

She was breathing heavily like any woman if a man rides her back. But Guru-ji’s voice was stern and harsh.

Shilpa: Believe me Guru-ji, I was thinking only on my worship.

Guru-ji: Why are you telling a lie Beti?

There was pin drop silence in the room as the cozy atmosphere has changed. I was also a bit puzzled seeing the proceeding.

Guru-ji: This is the reason for your failure. Your mind is not steady, it’s curious about things other than studies. The same thing happened here, your mind was more inclined about my physical touch, and not on the worship.

Shilpa was still trying to save her face.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, I was praying only for passing the final exams.

Guru-ji: Beti, you are forcing me to prove my point and I will do that. Anita, just come here and check if her mind was diverted or not.

I was baffled. How do I check that? Shilpa stood with her face down and I was sure she was telling a lie. Her concentration definitely was focussed on the male touch.

Me: But Guru-ji, how? I mean err… how do I check?

Guru-ji: Its simple. You just check her nipples and you know that she was excited or not.

Myself and Shilpa both were rather appalled hearing that, especially from a male. But as I gathered back, I thought that Guru-ji had hit the bull’s eye, because to catch a woman if she is sexually excited or not, the appearance of her nipples is the best catch.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji…

Shilpa was red in shame and probably realized that she could not fool this Godman, as he was much more experienced and wise.

Shilpa: I am sorry Guru-ji. You were right.

Guru-ji: Hmm. So you see Beti, there is no point in misleading people. Always tell the truth. Okay?

Shilpa simply nodded and I could well understand her position in front of this gigantic male character. I noticed Guru-ji now took out a couple of replicas of Linga Maharaj from his bag. They looked exactly like the deity that was there for worship here.

Guru-ji: Anita, please hand me over the milk, bilva leaves, rose water, and honey. Also pour some ghee in the yagya fire.

I did as Guru-ji said and he started making a mixture out of them. He crushed the bilva leaves and mixed it with honey. Then with the other ingredients, a thick fluid was prepared. Then Guru-ji started pouring the mixture on one of the replica of Linga Maharaj. He massaged and stroked it slowly so that it was fully laminated with the fluid mixture. Then he took the other replica and made it shudh (=purify) in the fire and then cleaned with rose water. Lastly he performed some puja on both the models. Shilpa and myself were both watching him silently.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, come here and stand by the fire. Close your eyes and pray to Agnidev the mantras that I chant.

The yagya fire had already flared up as I had poured ghee in it and the heat, the smoke along with Guru-ji’s loud vocal narration of mantras made the atmosphere of the room very gripping. I saw Shilpa’s lips moving as she was repeating the mantras. This went on for another three to five minutes.

Guru-ji: Beti, now this is a very important part of the yagya. You must dedicate your mind fully on this. These models of our Linga Maharaj will now energize you. It is called the Jaagran Kriya (=wake up process). You will have to gulp down holy fluid on it and concurrently I will guide the other model through your body to invigorate you.

Shilpa nodded her head with a question mark on her face and I was damn sure that she could not fully interpret Guru-ji’s words, but she did not have the guts to ask him. I was also not fully sure what Guru-ji would do exactly. Shilpa had closed her eyes with her hands folded for worship standing in front of the yagya fire and the fire had supplemented a reddish tinge to her body hugging white salwar kamiz. Guru-ji was standing just beside her, very close. I was on the opposite of the fire.

Guru-ji now was shouting mantras and held the fluid laminated Linga replica to Shilpa’s mouth. She opened her lips initially just a little, but then realizing to accommodate the Linga diameter she had to open it wider, did that. Guru-ji inserted the Linga model in her mouth and she started sucking it. The fluid must have tasted good as Shilpa was licking it up fast. Guru-ji was slowly pushing it more and more into her mouth and now it looked so vulgar to me. It looked more like an oral sex scene where the female takes the erect male cock in her mouth sucking and licking it. Shilpa was exactly doing that.

Guru-ji: Hold the Linga with your hands and mind you throughout this ‘jaagran kriya’, you should have it in your mouth.

Shilpa followed the command. Her eyes were closed throughout as Guru-ji originally ordered. She held the Linga structure in both hands and was sucking it. She was gulping it further, but she looked so crude that I had to lower my eyes. Guru-ji was watching her closely and must have been enjoying the scene - a 16-year-old sexy teenage girl standing in front of him with a structure, which very much resembled an erect lund, in her mouth. As Shilpa was almost complete with sucking the tip part, she lifted her face and almost inverted the Linga over her mouth and more fluid trickled in her mouth. She continued to sop up the fluid and inadvertently was producing a very sexy sound, which reminded me of my married bedroom life.

I had done this oral thing for my husband only on one day and was not at all comfortable with it. The first day when my husband offered me to do this, I quivered in shame and promptly refused. He requested me the same thing on some other days too, but then not seeing my urge in this act did not poke me further. But one rainy evening, I was feeling very horny reading a novel and when my husband returned after work, I was quite eager to have sex. Apparently he was very tired and was not in the ‘mood’. That day deliberately I went for my bath late and made sure that when I got out of the bathroom my husband was on bed. I went to the dressing table and purposefully got out of my panty from under my nighty standing there, so that my hubby got a sexy view and myself also could watch his reaction on the mirror. It worked as when I came near him on bed, I noted his semi-erect tool under his pajama.
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