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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-12-2011, 02:28 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Though initially I was cursing Uday in my mind for sending me to Pande-ji and the way that scoundrel treated me, I later realized that there was nothing Uday could do, it was purely Guru-ji’s instruction that he obeyed. I also remembered what Guru-ji told me before the start of this two-day therapy that I have to only respond to actions on my body naturally and wipe out everything else from my mind. Hence when I rewinded the whole episode in the temple in my mind lying on my bed, I realized Pande-ji must have been momentarily carried away by my well formed assets and had done to jack off. Afterall he is a normal male!

In fact I started feeling proud about my figure at this nearing thirty age to have turned the heads males of different ages staring from Chotu to Pande-ji to even Master-ji! The only guilt I had was allowing the two males to molest me within the temple garva griha, which is considered a very sacred place and I prayed to god to forgive me for this wrong act. The scene that was making me turn red with shamefulness was the moments I was made to walk by Pande-ji in the line with my sari pulled up. This humiliation was so very disgraceful to digest for me.

I did not know when I fell asleep and woke up when Nirmal knocked at the door. He came with tea and snacks with his ever-amusing face. Nirmal served the tray and kept looking at my breasts. I was not wearing a bra as I was sleeping and they were hanging loose like a pair of mangoes. I was surprised to note that I was not feeling shy standing like that in front of a male! Still out of womanly shyness I looked down at my boobs and found that my nipples were clearly visible through the dress and soon realized that was the reason for Nirmal’s intense gaping. I quickly turned round and went for the toilet to put on my undergarment and Nirmal had to leave.

Nirmal: I will bring you a fresh pad before you go out to see ‘aarti’ in Mukteswari Temple.

Me: Okay. Please close the door as you leave.

Nirmal went way and I went to the toilet to get fresh and use the conveniences. I was ready in 10 minutes, put in the pad in my panty and had the medication and when I came out of my room, it was already getting dark. I slept for quite a while I thought. I was no doubt feeling very fresh and rejuvenated after the tight afternoon sleep. My eyes eagerly searched for Uday, but I could not find him. When I went out to the courtyard, I saw he was playing kho-kho with Sanjeev, Rajkamal, Meenakshi, and Uday, and there were also a few local boys and girls. Uday seeing me waved and indicated to wait. I was watching him only, as he was running and chasing, his muscular body was truly a site to watch. I was surely developing a crush for him now I clearly realized. I almost felt a racing beat in my heart like my early college days when I had the only affair of my life!

The game was soon over and Uday washed his hands and feet and then we went out. We waited outside the ashram for the bullock cart to arrive.

Uday: Madam, are you angry with me about any of morning incident?

Me: Yes, of course. How can you leave me in the hands of that scoundrel?

I pretended to look dejected with him and wanted that Uday would plead me.

Uday: Madam, believe me, I had nothing to do in it, as it was Guru-ji’s instruction.

Me: I don’t know. He misbehaved with me.

Uday: Madam, if he had done anything rude, it must be coincidental, he probably could not control himself in front of your beauty.

I remained silent and turning my face off Uday and wanted to see his reaction. He gently touched my elbow and tried to coax me.

Uday: Madam, please do not mind. Please.

I turned and smiled, which in a way indicated that I was okay regarding what Pande-ji did to me even after I had my discharge. Uday also smiled and gifted me with a very indecently poke into my bulging right boob with his thumb. I blushed and did not even mind such open obscene behavior from a male, whom I know only from yesterday. I myself was getting amazed to see I was reaching new heights of shamelessness every moment.

The cart appeared soon and Uday told that had to the Mukteswari Temple first otherwise it might be reported the cart driver in the ashram. I was not very happy though listening to this, but felt happier as Uday sat very close to me within the cart. Unlike my first boring cart ride yesterday to the fair, it was more adventurous one for sure. I was thrilled like a teenage girl as I noticed the cart driver was not facing us as he guided the bullocks. Uday and myself sat right behind him within the cart shade and since it was already evening, there was sufficient darkness also, though the road through which it proceeded was not desolate.

Uday: Madam, keep an eye on the road, people should not see us too close.

He whispered in my ear, his thick lips touching my ear and his hand encircled me with a light hug. I almost trembled to this romantic action and blushed vigorously. I was feeling like a teenage girl on her date! Uday was cautious enough to take off his hand without delay, as the shade under which we were sitting in the cart was open from behind and anyone behind could see us clearly. As we sat our legs were touching each other’s and while the cart moved and undulated on the bumpy road, I was actually trying to get more of his touches. My heart was beating faster and undoubtedly I was having a revisit of my emotions of my college day dating escapades.

I was holding his hand firmly and he was playing with my nimble fingers. His palm was warm and was giving me a very good turn on. Seeing a darker instance as we traveled slowly through the village road, he touched my breasts and playfully put his fingers below my pallu and gently squeezed my firm blouse-covered flesh. I smiled to myself getting such a loving clasp on my boob, as the encounters that I had here included only lusty grips on my milk tanks. With each undulation of the cart, Uday was rhythmically giving me a boob squeeze and I was feeling so good that I closed my eyes. I was feeling his fingers moving slowly on my succulent breasts and tracing my bra within trying to find the outlines of my nipples.

Uday: Where have you hidden your nipples Madam? I am not able to trace them.

I slapped his hand mockingly and blushed again. My ears were getting hot, but before Uday could do anything more, we reached the Mukteswari Temple. It was a much smaller temple unlike the ShivNarayan Temple I visited in the morning. Uday told the cart driver to be there again within two hours and we hurried inside the temple.

Uday: Madam, since we are in saffron dress, anybody would recognize that we are from ashram. So we need to change our dress first. I have brought some clothes for you and me in my bag. Lets go behind the temple first and change to it.

I nodded and followed him and we went to the backside of the temple, which was relatively quiet and completely vacant. Uday brought out a striped half-shirt and trouser for him and went behind a nearby tree to replace his ashram clothing. I stood there alone holding his bag. My heart was beating fast thinking if someone comes in between, but nothing happened and within a minute Uday was back.

Uday: Madam, you now quickly change your sari and blouse.

Saying that he pulled out a printed sari and a white blouse for me from his bag. I took that and went behind the same tree. I rapidly pulled off my sari from my body and looked around before opening my blouse. There was no one for sure and enough darkness and that gave me courage to unbutton my blouse and within seconds I was standing in my bra and petticoat only. I was patting myself in my mind for my recently developed boldness! The blouse was loose by all means, must be of some woman with an awesome size. I moved out from behind the tree and Uday quickly kept my saffron sari and blouse in his bag.

Me: Whose sari and blouse are these?

Uday: My girlfriend’s.

I looked at his eyes with mock anger, but he almost pulled my hand and we hurried away through the temple backdoor. Though there were village people on road, due to our normal clothing, we did not attract much public attention.

Uday: Madam, the riverside is the safest place. It’s hardly five minutes walking distance from here.

Me: Okay, you know this place better.

Uday: At this hour of the evening it should be absolutely desolate.

Soon we reached the riverside and it was truly a lovely place. A cool gentle breeze was blowing and with thick grassy riverbank, dimly lit moon, and no one there except us – indeed made out an incredibly romantic ambiance.

Uday: How do you feel Madam?

He was holding my hand and I instantaneously made him hug me. The male scent of his body, flat chest, and his muscular shoulders made me nearly mad and I also embraced him very tight. Uday feeling my juicy figure with his body and hands was pumping me for more and started hugging me very, very firmly and digging and rubbing his face more into my face. I was getting terribly excited and dying to taste his lips now - leaving behind all my shame - I made the first progress and boldly kissed his lips before he could do that. In no time, my lips were filled with his saliva and his thick lips were sucking mine. It seemed to me as if he would suck all juices off my lips at one go and when he parted my lips for a while I was panting like anything.

Me: Uday…

I was ecstatically moaning his name and was largely turned on sexually by Uday’s passionate hugs and kisses. I nearly fell to my feet due to his cuddling, but his strong arms kept me secure glued to his body. My pallu had almost fallen to my arms and since the blouse was too loose, I was giving a daring display of my hugely uncovered breast area above my bra to him. He took his face to my cleavage that remained exposed due to my ill-fitting blouse and rubbed his face there with lots of kissing and licking. Seeing the opportunity I took my right hand to his crotch and picked his khada lund over his trouser.

Me: Ooooooooooooooh!

I burst out a loud moan holing his thick took, as it felt so good to touch even over his trouser and brief. In no time, Uday helped me to unzip his trouser and I noticed his meat was looking like a pole struggling in his mini brief. As I was stroking his hard penis over the material of his brief, suddenly Uday pulled off. I was so taken aback by his movement that I could not react for a while and remained stranded with my pallu down, exposed cleavage, and in one hand I was holding Uday’s dick. Uday was looking at the river. I quickly gathered composure and noticed a boat coming towards us.

Uday: Madam, seems we are riding our luck, come with me.

I hurriedly followed him as he waved to the boat and ran towards the water. He had a talk with the boatman, who looked pretty young, and gave him a 20 rupee note and we both boarded the boat.

Uday: Madam, his name is Babulal. A very nice boy. He will give us a half an hour ride. I know him and so we are safe here.

Me: Uday, you are a genius.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, please get up quickly. We should not stand here like this.

My heart was almost skipping beats, as the setting was so romantic – dim moonlight, calm river, small boat, no one around and am with a lovable male. I was already wet down my panty and now simply wanted Uday on my flesh.

Me: Uday, please tell Babulal to turn to the other side. He can see us directly.

Uday: Madam, Babulal cannot guide the boat sitting like that. Lets us one thing – we turn our backs to him.

Me: But Uday he is so close… I will not be able to be free.

Uday: I will make you free Madam.

He whispered in my ears “off your clothes”.

I punched him jokingly and was so desperate for his intimate touches that I was shamelessly agreeing to do love making in front of the boatman, Babulal.

Uday: Madam, with such a beautiful setting here, just ignore him. He is just a small boy. It’s only you and me.

I could not ignore completely ‘small boy’ now, as I had experienced Chotu, seen him taking bath, saw his lund, and felt his touches on my body only in the morning in the ShivNarayan Temple. The boat was rather small and Babulal was sitting just 7-8 feet away and there was no shade in the middle where we can remain guarded. So the slightest movement I do or Uday does will be clearly seen by this third person. Doing love making in front of another male would be outrageously shameful for me I thought. But simultaneously, in all honesty I wanted to get exposed now in front of Uday. I was tired of getting squeezes on my bra-covered boobs for the last two days and fanatically wanted Uday’s fingers to open my blouse and bra now. But this boatman was spoiling my thoughts, as I was really in a dilemma to allow myself to be fondled again in front of a stranger. Uday whispered in my ears seeing my predicament.

Uday: Madam, why are you wasting time on this Babulal? He is a school going boy.

He might go to school, but that does not mean I should do ‘anything’ in front of him! He was only 7-8 feet away from us, hence obviously was very conscious, but before I could contradict Uday any more, he held me and turned me in my sitting position and forced me to show my back to the boatman.

Me: Ouch!

Uday did not let me utter any more word and hugged me very tightly in my sitting position and started kissing. For that moment I thought of objecting him, as he was openly embracing and kissing me in front of the boatman, but the cold breeze, sound of water splashing on the boat, and Uday’s romantic moves made me forget about everything and I also started responding to him.

Uday: Madam, you have not completed what you started.

Me: What?

Uday: You opened my zip only, who will pull down my brief?

Me: Why? Ask your girlfriend from whom you have brought this sari for me.

We both giggled and we were embracing each other very intimately. I kissed Uday in his lower lip and in return he gave me a long kiss sucking my thin lower lip. As he kissed Uday guided my hand towards his trouser zip and made me open it. Then Uday pulled off my pallu from my breasts and this time he was straightway opening my blouse buttons. His both hands opening my blouse hooks one by one while he made sure my lips are locked in his mouth. I tried to resist somewhat thinking of the boy sitting just behind me, but his kissing was making me so weak. I thought better to open his zip completely and was now fondling his erect and thick lund again.

Me: Oh! My god!

I said to myself. Uday’s lund was so good to hold. I had held my husband’s erect penis many times, but surely Uday’s tool felt to my fingers as more powerful and juicy. I simply loved it and honestly more than my hubby’s. I coaxed it and pulled it out from the side of his brief. The shaft was l-o-n-g and so upright. I was playing with the foreskin and was getting wetter by the minute within my panty.

As I was engrossed with Uday’s ‘garam lund’ and enjoying the kisses on my lips by him, I did not notice what Uday was up to and suddenly felt cool breeze on my boobs, and saw that Uday was extremely swift in opening all my blouse hooks at this point exposing my white bra to his view.

Me: Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm!

I tried to say “No”, “No”, “No”, but since I was lip-locked with him, I could sound that much only, as he was now trying to peel off my blouse off my body. My pallu was already flying in the light breeze behind my back and I could realize very well that my sari was getting loose off my waist. Uday somewhat forced me now to open my blouse completely and since it was very loosely fit he did not have much trouble getting it off my arms. Uday did not leave sucking my lips till he completely removed my blouse off my body and instantly I felt a shiver went down my spine.

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12-14-2011, 10:32 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I tried to grab the blouse, but Uday cleverly threw it towards my back and now was pulling my sari off my waist. He simply made me stand and started whiffing it off my waist. In any case my sari was not worn very securely, as I wore it standing in the open behind the tree in the temple in a hurry and thus before I could even take two complete breaths, I was standing in Uday’s arms in my scanty bra and petticoat only. I looked behind and nearly froze as I saw Babulal was picking up my sari and blouse from the boat floor and gaping at me lewdly. Out of natural shyness my arm went on to my revealing breasts only clad in a bra in trying to save decency.

Uday: Madam, don’t worry about your dress, Babulal will keep them securely.

I was feeling so ashamed looking at the old thug, Babulal, as he sat with a smiling face with my sari and blouse in his lap.

Uday: Madam, why are you feeling shy? He is just a kid.

Me: Have some sense Uday. I cannot just go on opening my clothes in front of him, just because he is a teenager.

Uday seemed not much interested to continue the talks on this topic and started hugging, squeezing, and kissing me again. Uday was openly touching all my private areas now. With one hand he was cupping my breasts and with the other hand he was massaging my bottoms and simultaneously he was sucking and biting my thin lips. I was wriggling in elation and sexual excitement to these male touches. I was grabbing him also and scratching his back and hips and it was such a nice feeling to hold his physique.

Uday: Madam, please leave me for a while.

Me: Why?

Not answering to my question, Uday started undressing. I smiled seeing his act and in no time he was almost naked. I already had opened his trouser zip while fondling his erect tool and now he pulled it off his legs and the shirt and his vest too. He was standing in his mini brief only and was looking very sexy, and more so due to the ambiance. The boat was now almost in the mid river and the waters beside us were glittering in the moonlight. I could not see the banks clearly due to the darkness. Uday took a couple of steps forward to hand his dress to Babulal because the strong breeze might fly the clothes to the water if not kept securely.

The scene was getting heated up and to tell the truth I also eagerly awaiting to be naked in Uday’s arms in this ultimate romantic setting, but the only concern for me was the presence of that Babulal. As I was expecting Uday hugged me tight and this time was trying to pull up my bra from my big firm boobs. I somehow resisted him from doing that, but the very next moment he was trying to unfasten my bra hook on my smooth back. I knew Babulal was getting a wonderful view of my uncovered whole back as the only cover there was my bra strap, which was hardly one inch broad.

Me: Uday pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Don’t do that.

I closed my eyes as I realized Uday’s fingers had unfasten by bra hook on my back and the straps sprung to both sides making my back completely bare and my tits as if bounced up freely off the bra shackles. I was almost trembling in excitement, as I was standing in the all side open boat and the cool breeze was adding more stimulation to my arousal. I kept my eyes shut as I could comprehend I was losing my last clothing from my upper portion of my body. Uday applied force to make open my arms and pulled out the bra and made me completely topless. I was standing topless in a boat in the mid river in the arms of a male, who is not my husband, and also being watched by the boatman!

Uday: Babulal come down once. Keep this also.

Babulal: Yes Uday bhaiya.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw Babulal coming up on the undulating boat to take my bra. I was feeling a bit ashamed, but also realized the strong wind would fly it surely to the waters if not kept properly. I kept my head on Uday’s chest hiding my naked boobs also there and waited till Babulal went back to his place.

Babulal: Madam’s bra is so wet with sweat Uday bhaiya. She can catch a cold wearing this.

Babulal was inspecting my bra now. The boy was looking at the insides of my bra cups. Uday was hugging me still and with one hand was constantly twisting my erect nipples as he was talking to Babulal.

Uday: Keeping it in the open will…

Babulal intercepted Uday.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, let me do one thing. I will tie it to a pole and Madam’s bra will dry up in moments in this strong breeze.

Me: What?

I could not stop reacting listening that this weird plan; Babulal is planning to tie my bra to a pole and wave it in air to get it dry! I could not move out much to talk to him directly, as there was not even a thread on my upper part of the body and hence remained in Uday’s physical guard.

Me: Uday, please stop this boy.

Uday: Come on Madam, who is going to see it here. Even if anyone sees it, will think it’s just a white cloth, no one can understand that it is actually your bra.

Saying this he started kissing me in front of Babulal. This action made my naked hanging boobs quite visible to the boy. He was wearing a half pant and the bulge within it clearly indicated that this live show was much to his liking. I was enjoying Uday’s kiss again, though feeling a tinge of shame in front of a third person for my topless condition. After a very long kiss he left my lips and by that time, Babulal had put my bra on a pole and as he erected it, my bra was flying in the strong breeze like a small flag.

Uday did not give me much chance to me react to this action of Babulal, as he turned his back to Babulal and also turned me to face away from him towards the shore. My round ass was now touching his lund, which was out of his tiny brief. Out of natural shyness my arms went to my fully naked breasts and I tried to cover at least my areolas and the taut nipples with my palms. Uday started squeezing and mauling my uncovered boobs with both hands from behind me. His hands almost acted as the only cover now on my twin peaks, which were jiggling and bouncing on my slightest movement.

I had never remained topless in my life in the open except with my husband on bed, however, I was feeling like am in heaven in the lap of waters around me ion this undulating small boat. I thoroughly enjoyed the squeezing and it seemed to me as if his fondling was going on, and on, and on. My erect boobs and nipples grew to their full size due to this hot action and simultaneously I was fully wet within my pussy. I was slowly pushing my soft round hips to his crotch and feeling his absolutely khada lund.

Uday now moved his right hand from my boobs and slowly took it down my upper naked body to my navel. He circled my navel and fingered it in rhythmic motion.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was discharging soft moans as I was wetting the pad in my panty with my fluids. Uday now gradually eyeing my honey pot and after caressing my naked waist region, he pushed his hand within my petticoat. I felt his fingers were touching my pubic bush and he was gently playing with the thin hairs there. Out of natural reflexes I closed my legs a bit, but Uday thumped my buttocks with his pelvis to indicate that he did not like my action. I parted my legs again in the standing posture and he swiftly pulled my petticoat string now and it came off almost instantly. Alarm bells rang in my head and I tried to grab my last decent clothing.

Me: Uday, please don’t take it off. I will become fully…

Uday: Madam I want to see you naked.

He whispered in my ears and tried to pull down my petticoat from my waist.

Me: Uday, please understand. There is another person watching us.

Uday: Person! Babulal is a person. Madam, you will make me laugh. Moreover, when I was kissing you he has already seen your breasts, right? If he sees your legs will that make much difference? Tell me.

Uday did not wait for my reply and almost forced my hands off my petticoat and pulled it down to my mid thighs and in one last swift action, my petticoat dropped to my ankles. I was standing stark naked now wearing only a tiny panty, which was so small that it was not even covering my ass cheeks properly. I felt like standing in my toilet, as never ever did I stand in the open like this.

Uday: Madam, you look so very beautiful without clothes. Your figure is so sexy even after marriage. Ummmm.

He turned and kissed me on my lips feeling every part of my naked body. Strangely I was still not feeling the urge to be fucked even after Uday had made me nude except for my panty. Guru-ji’s drug had its effect surely. I realized Uday probably knew that and now he slowly made me lie on the deck of the boat and by doing this he made me totally vulnerable to Babulal’s wide gaping eyes. I almost froze in shame when I saw Babulal coming up to us again.

Me: Uday…

I simply closed my eyes momentarily pulling Uday towards me. But Uday forced out of my arms and picked up my petticoat and handed over to Babulal making me shamefully exposed. Me, a 28-year-old housewife lying on a boat amidst a river in front of the boatman with completely uncovered body. My heavy breathing was making my exposed round boobs look very attractive and my reddish upturned nipples were crowning the scene. Babulal must have been seeing the scene of his life while he took the petticoat from Uday. I was cumming again, not even touched by Uday right now, but the very thought of this teenager seeing me in this stripped condition.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, its difficult to come time and again as you can see the breeze is building up. If Madam opens her panty, I can take it together.

I was dumbstruck and probably this was left for me to hear. I did not know what to do or how to react to this and remained motionless.

Uday: Babulal, stay within yourself. I will tell you if I need your help.

I felt much happier as Uday scolded the boy, but my joy seemed short-lived.

Uday: What do you think? Madam is she so shameless that she will become fully nude in front of you?

Babulal: Sorry Uday bhaiya.

Uday: Don’t you know a panty holds all the respect of a woman even if she opens everything? If that thing is protected, a woman is secured. Isn’t it Madam?

He pointed his finger to my panty-covered pussy and asked me the question. I could not make out what to do and nodded like a fool lying there in front of two males in a ‘bare all’ state. I do not know what Babulal understood, as he went back to his seat at the corner of the boat. Uday did not waste any more time and entered the ultimate of our lovemaking. All the conversations between him and me were like whispers with ample fondling, squeezing, rubbing and kissing.

Uday: Madam you have such a beautiful body, how did your husband allow you to stay away?

He embraced me and kept his body weight on my body. I looked at him and whispered a reply with satisfaction in my eyes with every touch of his.

Me: If he did not allow me, how could I get you?

Uday reached and caressed my face and my hair and took his lips again near my lips and I parted my lips to accommodate his. His hands were caressing my whole body though mostly on my juicy and erect boobs. The very next moment Uday was running his tongue through my neck and ears and I closed my eyes and was moaning softly. Then for the first time he started sucking my nipples, one at a time and simultaneously twisting the other free nipple. This gave me a huge, huge turn on.


I was almost yelling in excitement. The next moment Uday was licking my entire left breast while he fondled the right. I was reaching down to feel his hardness. As I did that Uday started to suck on my right nipple with full force as if trying to draw milk from it. He was now kneading my left breast very intimately and giving me immense pleasure. When he finished with my breasts, I looked at them and dropped my eyelids in shame as they were almost shining with Uday’s saliva in the moonlit night. My nipples were fully swollen by his oral attack.

Uday was on top of me now completely and licked my face and neck. This is the first time any person apart from my husband was on top of my body. I was definitely getting more pleasures than what my hubby had given me so far. As Uday caressed my breasts sensuously, our lips met again now in the most sensuous way. We were chewing each other’s lips and sharing our saliva. Uday then got up and started concentrating down my body.
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12-14-2011, 10:32 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Uday: Madam, can you please turn over once.

I was lying on the floor of the boat and now turned over and was in a prone condition with my face on the floor. He instantly pushed down my white panty a bit, which was only covering my ass crack. My huge gaand remained fully exposed to his eyes. I lifted my gaand shamelessly to help him pull down my panty more. Uday was careful so that my pad was not dislodged off my pussy. Uday basically pulled out the panty cloth of my ass crack and pushed it aside on my booming ass cheek. Uday now spread my thighs and settled his face on ass crack and started licking me there.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

I was trembling in excitement. Uday was also getting very excited as my full ass was in front of his face. He initially tenderly stroked each globe of her big gaand and then moved his fingers toward the crack between my ass cheeks and parted them wide to look at my fart hole. Uday then started licking and biting the firm flesh of my naked gaand. He then started fingering my asshole very tenderly.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! .

I was gasping with each stroking of his finger. He fingered my asshole and licked it so much that I was feeling my asshole was getting slightly parted and must be looking bigger now. I also spread my ass further so that I could allow the ultimate.

Uday: Babulal, is there any oil in the boat?

I was quite shaken up by this sudden question of Uday. I almost forgot there was a boy watching me do lovemaking.

Babulal: Yes Uday bhaiya. Shall I give it to you?

Uday nodded and he readily came up with a small bottler of oil. As I was lying on floor, I could see Babulal’s feet, he was standing within one foot of my naked body. Uday put the oil on his lund and made it greasy. Babulal I saw went back to his position.

Uday: Madam,. now you will get more pleasure and less pain.

He now brought his huge oil-soaked lund near my ass and positioned it to get inside me.

Me: Uday, please do it gently.

I was almost appealing to him. Uday positioned himself and pushed his dick very slowly inside my anus. I was now loudly moaning. The oil really was lubricating his lund very well in my moist anus. I felt his penis tip progress inside my hole gently. I grasped the boat floor as he was gyrating his hard dick a bit faster into my crack. Uday’s hands were not wasting the time and he cupped my full breasts, which were pressed under my body on the boat floor, and started giving me very tight squeezes.

Me: Oh! My god! What pleasure I am getting!

I made some subtle adjustment in my body to give Uday more pleasure. I pushed my bottoms a bit upwards and lifted my body a little balancing on my elbows. This made both my boobs hanging freely in air and Uday very easily gripped them like two mangoes in two hands. Honestly it was slightly painful, but I was thankful to Uday for the lubrication he made with the oil. Moreover, he was not fucking my ass recklessly and he was very caring. We were doing it slow and steadily. He pushed his lund more and I was also pushing my gaand back till his lund was well within me. Uday increased the rhythm of the strokes and I was in the seventh heaven greeting every push with wild orgasms. After some minutes we both discharged adequately being completely satisfied.

We stayed in that position for some more moments enjoying the lovely night on the boat with the wind and the sounds of water. Then Uday pushed up first and wiped his semen of my gaand with his brief, which was lying at his side. I never noticed when he took his brief off and was completely naked. After he cleaned me up, he pushed and pulled the cloth of my panty to its proper position over my buttocks covering my ass crack and part of both of my ass cheeks. I was not feeling any shame now, though very little was left in me I thought. Now I got up and was absolutely facing Babulal. He was gaping at my hanging fully-grown breasts, but I did not try to hide them, but instead turned my back to him. I looked at Uday’s lund, which was hanging like a banana now after discharging its juices.

Me: Uday, please get my dress. I cannot be like this anymore.

Uday: Babulal, bring Madam’s dress. Madam, do you want to get to shore or want to sail across some more distance?

Me: Lets spend some more time here.

Uday: Okay Madam, we have still some more time left before the cart comes to the temple.

I quickly dressed up as Babulal handed Uday my clothes. I put on my bra and Uday now helped me to clip it. I was feeling so weak that I accepted his “husband-like” behavior. As he put on the hook, he again started massaged my erect boobs, now clasped in the bra.

Me: Uday, now stop. They are paining.

Uday: But they seem to be ready again Madam.

He commented this feeling my hard nipples, twitching each of them over my bra with his thumb and middle finger. I also responded adequately by holding his limp penis.

Me: But he will take time to get ready dear.

We both laughed and hugged each other. I wore the blouse and pulled in my petticoat and Uday now forced me to be in that state for some more time not allowing me to wear the sari.

Uday: Madam, you look damn sexy in this way.

Simultaneously Babulal also got ample views of my half clad body and must have enjoyed every bit of this boat ride. Minutes passed very quietly as the boat sailed through the river with the pleasant breeze blowing and the moon shinning the waters. I was sitting almost in Uday’s lap, we were so close together, and felt almost sleepy in this exotic ambiance. The quiet journey continued and I was feeling if it would have been never ending!

Silence was broken by Uday’s words.

Uday: Madam, I am feeling guilty you know.

Me: Why do you say so?

Uday: Madam, this is the first time I violated Guru-ji’s instructions. I did not take you to the temple and we came here and enjoyed.

The mood was such one tends to get philosophic I thought.

Me: But Uday, the goal was to get me… You know.

Uday: No, no Madam, I deviated from my conduct. I feel so guilty now.

Me: These things do happen in life once or twice. Uday, look at me. I am a married woman and I was also carried away by your presence.

Uday: Madam, you are not at fault. You have come here for a treatment and you are in the process of getting it. I am feeling like a culprit. I can never tell this to Guru-ji and have to suppress the fact.

Uday paused and then continued. He sounded so philanthropic!

Uday: Madam, have you ever felt guilty in the true sense in life after undergoing through any event? Where you did something out of compulsion or innocence. If not, you will not feel this.

I thought for a while. I thought deeper.

Me: Yes Uday, you are probably right.

Uday: Do you remember the state of mind you had that day? Then you can realize my mind.

Me: Hmm… Uday I also had such an occurrence in my life, but that time I was too young.

Uday: Age is not the binding factor here Madam, the feeling is. Let me hear what happened to you?

I took a deep breath as Uday had dug up an incident from my teenage days when I was in school.

Me: But Uday, it’s not a matter to be shared proudly. It’s a tale of humiliation if I recap it today. But at that age I hardly understood that.

Uday: See Madam, the realization comes only after something happens. The case is the same for you in your school days and for me today. That day you might not have dictated things, but even today if you had not persuaded me, I probably would not have the courage to defy Guru-ji’s instructions.

Me: Hmm… Okay if you insist, this was what happened. I will try to tell you everything…

I was in class X then and I still remember that day quite vividly. It was a Saturday. It was an unusual Saturday. I will tell why I am saying that. We were a joint family; my father and his brother lived together. My grandmother was also alive. Thus at any point of time someone or the other was always available in the house. But that day the situation was very unusual as a close relative from my mother’s side died and my parents went there along with my aunt and elder sister. Even my grandmother went with them as she was close to her. I was alone in the house and since my uncle had night duty, all were away by the time he came back. Hence I was in the house with my uncle only.

My uncle used to come back from his night duty at around 08:00 am and taking breakfast he used to go to sleep till noon. The only servant we had in the house was a maidservant who came regularly at 06:30 in the morning and prepared food, washed clothes and went away by noon. Since I did not have school on weekends and my uncle sleeping I was wondering what to do. Then I thought of opening my elder sister Sunita’s bookshelf and scan through the story books which in general she keeps away from me. My elder sister never allowed me to read those quoting that they are “adult magazines” and naturally I had more inclination towards them. Today I got the chance. Though I was around sixteen years then, since I was brought up in a very conservative environment and studied in a girl’s school, I was still pretty much “innocent.”

I just peeped in my uncle’s room to see whether he was asleep or not. I saw he was sleeping tight in a supine position, but his lungi was up almost to his waist exposing his hairy legs before my eyes and even I could peep into his blue shorts. I also noticed a bulge in my uncle’s shorts and quickly went off from that place not understanding what it was. I closed the door and opened didi’s bookshelf with the keys and took out those books. Sunita didi is in college now studying post graduation. I saw they were Hindi magazines, but not film magazines. There were lots of stories, which had pretty strange names. I scanned through some of them, viz. “Naukrani Bani Biwi”, “Rukmini Pahuchee Meena Bazaar”, “Doctor Ya Shaitan”, “Bhabie Meri Jaan” etc. etc.

There were also pictures accompanying each story and most of them depicted a male and a female and some had only females in scanty dresses. My ears were getting hot seeing those pics and something was happening in me I could realize. In one story, there was a set of pictures, very bright and clear, where a man was kissing the girl on her lips in the first photo, next he was holding her breasts with both hands, the girl was only wearing a brassiere, her legs could not be seen. Next the man was kneeling before her and embracing her naked legs and here I realized the girl was wearing a panty only. In the last one, the man was sucking her nipples and she was not even wearing the brassiere in this pic. I quickly closed the book and was breathing heavily.

“Nita, Nita!”

I heard my uncle calling me. Though my name is Anita, he calls me lovingly “Nita”.

Me: Chachu, aa rahi hoon. One minute.

I quickly put the books in the shelf, locked it and went out to see what uncle wanted. When I went into uncle’s room, I was still breathing heavily and was not out of the effect of those “adult magazines”. I tried to remain normal, but uncle somehow caught me.

Uncle: Nita, do kadam aane me tu haaf rahi hai? Kya baat hai?

Me: Nothing chachu. Aise hi.

Uncle was looking at my breasts, which were rhythmically moving up and down within my top and bra. I tried to divert the topic.

Me: Chachu aap mujhe bula rahe the? Koi kaam hai kya?

Fortunately my uncle did not drag that inquiry, but still looking at my twin peaks intently, he asked me to bring the knife from my mother’s room, as he wanted to cut some fruits. I readily went for that and the first thing I did coming to mummy’s room was to check myself in the mirror. I was panting a bit no doubt, which was actually making my top stretch a bit on my tits, but otherwise looked okay. I was 16 then and had normal sized boobs, very erect and tight, along with a thin figure and somewhat fleshy hips for a girl of class X. I used to wear tops and skirts at home and that day also was no different.

As I was growing fast at that age and most of my skirts were getting shorter for my height, my mom used to select skirts for me to wear at home, and I invariably found that she chose the shorter ones for home and the longer ones for outside. She hardly discarded any skirt and today also I was wearing one of them from my mom’s collection. I noticed my mom did not mind much if I wore short skirts at home, but while I went outside she was very particular about my skirt covering below my knees. Even she kept aside one skirt for my sleeping purpose, that too when I slept with my didi, which was horribly short now, as probably that was brought when I was in class VI.

For the last one year, I always wear a brassiere at home, as my mom insisted that, saying
“teri doodh ab bari ho gayi hai Anita. Hamesha bra pehna kar.”
Today also was no different. I took the knife now for uncle and went back to his room. As I entered I saw uncle was changing his dress. On other days, if my aunt was present, uncle would certainly use a towel or turn back to the wall, but today to my utter disbelief, he was changing it openly. It seemed to me as if he was waiting for me and as soon as I entered his room, he started to pull down his lungi. His vest was already off and now he was standing naked except for his shorts. I dropped my eyes from directly looking at him and placed the knife on the table and was about to leave the room.

Uncle: Nita, almirah se mera ek lungi dena.

Me: Ji chachu.

I opened the shelf and picked up a lungi for him and when I turned I saw uncle had come forward and was standing within a couple of feet from me. He was looking so odd standing only in his blue shorts and the bulge was so very distinct within his shorts. I was feeling very uncomfortable and my eyes were inadvertently going time and again to his shorts. I quickly left the room handing him the lungi. I went back to my room and was wondering why my uncle behaved that way!

I put on the headphone and listened to some music to clear out the uncomfortableness that I was having due to reading those magazines and seeing uncle’s bulge in his shorts. Then after around half an hour I went for my bath. Since our house was an old fashioned one, we did not have attached baths, but used a common bathroom. I took my spare clothes, a fresh set of undergarments and the towel and went inside the toilet for taking a shower. I was almost done with my shower when I heard uncle shouting to open the toilet door!

Uncle: Nita, Nita, ek bar darwaza khol jaldi, I have cut my finger.

Thump! Thump! Uncle was hitting the door and I was a bit puzzled. Though I had completed my shower, I was completely nude then and water was all over my body.

Me: Chachu mai to naha rahi hoon.

Uncle: Nita its bleeding heavily, jaldi darwaza khol.

Since my uncle was insisting me to open the bathroom door, I quickly started rubbing my wet body with the towel and at the same time requested uncle to wait for a while.

Me: Chachu ek minute please. Kapde to pehen-ne do.

Uncle almost ordered me now in a very stern voice.

Uncle: Itna khoon beh raha hai idhar, us-e kapde ki padi hai. Tu nangi hi nikal aa.

I was shocked listening to him, but thought probably it was bleeding very profusely such that he wanted me to get out of the bathroom urgently. I tried to rub my naked body dry very quickly, but uncle was getting very impatient.

Uncle: Nita, kya hua? Nangi ane me sharm aati hai to towel lappet le, lekin bhagwan ke liye jaldi nikal.

Me: Ji chachu.

I quickly wrapped the towel around my body, but at the same time felt it was very inadequate and was exposing a lot of my young tender body. There was no more time to think about my physical show off, as my uncle was striking the door again and I had to open it. Uncle almost rushed inside the toilet and held his bleeding finger under the running tap. I was really surprised to see that the cut was not that severe, at least the way he behaved and made me get out of the toilet forcefully.

Uncle: Kitna bleeding ho raha hai dekh Nita.

Me: Yes chachu.

I was more concerned about my compromised condition in terms of clothing than his bleeding. The towel was good enough to cover my both jiggling boobs, but all of my fair legs and thighs were totally exposed. I felt like wearing that short skirt, which my mom had kept for sleeping, which only covers my round bottom area. Though I had tied a knot with the towel around my body, I was not at all comfortable as my movements might just open it and the towel might slid off my naked body. As uncle was washing his finger, he was watching me also time and again.

Uncle: Tu to ab sachmuch badi ho gayi hai Nita.

I giggled a little at his comment and replied innocently to him.

Me: Aj malum pada aapko?

Uncle: Nehi Nita wo baat nahi hai. Actually towel mei to tujhe aj pehli baar dekh raha hoon na, is liye.

I giggled and blushed and did not even know what to reply.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Uncle: Aj tak towel mei to mai sirf teri chachi ko hi dekha hoon.

We both laughed at this. Then what happened in the next one minute was the weirdest thing and I least expected that.

Uncle: Good, ab bleeding lagbhag stop ho gaya hai. Let me wrap it with something.

Saying that he looked around. My dress I was wearing before my bath, I kept that set in a bucket for washing and my fresh set was hung on the door hook. A blue skirt and a white top was hanging there and I had kept my bra and panty on top of the tap, as I would wear that first thing after my bath. I almost got a kick in the teeth when I saw my uncle chose my panty, which was kept over the tap, to wrap his finger!

Uncle: Filhal isi se kaam chala leta hoon. Baad mei bandage kar lunga.

Me: Chachu par wo to meri…

I had to make an objection, as uncle was about to pick up my pink colored panty.

Uncle: ‘wo to meri’ – kya? Tu bhi naa. Ja, room me ja aur dusri panty pehen le.

Saying that he picked up my panty and stretched it to see its dimensions. My ears turned red now, as he was seeing my panty intently close to his face. I decided not to stop there and went ahead for my room.

Me: Chachu mai room mei jake kapde pehen leti hoon. Fir ake apka bandage karti hoon.

Uncle: Okay ja, jaldi ana.

I was so relieved to be in my room and quickly closed the door behind me. I was breathing heavily now standing so long clad in a towel only. I opened the cupboard and took a fresh set of white undergarments and wore it. I picked up a blue top and a matching light blue skirt. But as I saw in the mirror to wear a matching skirt, I was exposing my legs beyond the limits of modesty, as this skirt was again quite old and was literally short. It must have somehow evaded my mom’s eyes I thought. I hesitated for a second to wear it, but finally decided for it as there was no one in the house except uncle. My light blue skirt just looked like a bigger miniskirt, as it was exposing half of my fair thighs. I went back to uncle’s room to get him the bandage.

Uncle was sitting on bed in his room and as soon as I entered inside the room he asked me a very strange question.

Uncle: Nita, tu mujhse jhoot kiyu boli?

I walked to the side of the bed where he was sitting. I noticed he had wrapped his finger with my pink panty. I was feeling so ashamed seeing my panty wrapped on my uncle’s finger.

Me: Jhoot? Kaun sa jhoot chachu?

Uncle: Tu boli ke ye teri panty hai.

Me: Ya chachu, ye to meri hai.

Uncle: Ek baat bata Nita. Tu teri chachi se choti hai ya badi?

I was not getting at all what uncle was trying to mean and so innocently continued the conversation.

Me: Choti hoon. Chachu, ye koi poochne wali baat hai?

Uncle: Wohi to. Ab bol ke ye kaise ho sakta hai ke teri chachi tujhse choti panty pehenti hai?

Me: Kya?

I was surprised and somewhat irritated at such a lewd comment. Uncle went on explaining.

Uncle: Tu jab chali gayi to mai dekha ke ye panty to teri chachi jo pehenti hai us-se badi hai. Ye kaise ho sakta hai?

I argued innocently and was dragging in more humiliating situations for me.

Me: Chachu, ap ko kaise pata hoga chachi ki undergarments ke bareme? Ap to kharidte nehi ho unke liye.

Uncle: Sirf kharidne se hi pata chalta hai? Nita, tu bhi na.

Me: Chachu, ap hawa me baat karoge to mai maan loongi kya?

Uncle: Nita, mai teri chachi ko roz dekhta hoon early morning nahake toilet se nikal kar mere samne panty pehenti hai. Aur tu bol rahi hai mai hawa me baat fek raha hoon?

For the moment I was taken aback listening to such a comment about my own aunt. My aunt had a heavy figure at least compared to my mom. She had big boobs and big hips. I tried to imagine the scene as uncle told that she is coming out of the toilet after the bath and wearing her panty in front of uncle.

Me: Chachi kya nangi bahar aati hai toilet se? Ya fir aj jaise mai nikli uncle ke samne waise?
I murmured within myself. I was feeling a thirst continuing such conversation with my own uncle.

Uncle: Okay, tu yakin nehi kar rahi hai na. Mere saath aa idhar.

Uncle stood up and went up to their almirah. I followed him. He opened the almirah and after some scrambling and jumbling of their clothes, he took out a couple of panties of my aunt. I was feeling a hot wave was passing through my body as my uncle brought my aunt’s panty in front of me. It was such a tiny one that I myself looked down in shame.

Uncle: Ab bol Nita, kya mai galat bol raha tha?

Now uncle readily opened my tied panty in his finger and was trying to show me how big my panty was compared to my aunt’s.

Uncle: Tu 16 saal ki hai aur teri chachi 35 saal ki hai. Dono ki panty dekhke mujhe to ulta lag raha hai.

He burst out in laughter to his own words. I had to say something, but what I said put me in a messier situation.

Me: Ji chachu, mujhe to iski size dekhkei sharam aa rahi hai.

Uncle: Tu sharam ki baat kar rahi hai, lekin teri chachi to bolti hai ajkal ye sab fashion hai. Ye dekh. Ye sab magazines dekhke to wo ye sab kharid ti hai.

Uncle threw a couple of English colorful magazines before me. I saw the name of the mag is “Cosmopolitan” and when I turned the pages there were only pictures of tons of girls wearing only bra and panty. My head was like spinning seeing so many of them, among which some were also topless. I was really amazed to know that my aunt goes through this mag, where my mom does not even allow filmi magazines in our house for revealing pictures.

I was really feeling very ashamed now looking at those very revealing pics of girls before my uncle, but could not directly come out of the situation also. I was really wondering what to do, but my uncle dragged me into more humiliating situations and talks.

Uncle: To Nita mai to sabit kar diya ke ye panty to teri nehi ho sakti. Mujhe lagta hai ye zaroor teri mummy ki hogi.

While saying he pointed towards his wounded finger where my panty was wrapped around like a bandage. I was still fighting innocently trying to prove my point.

Me: Nehi, nehi ye mummy ke nehi hai. Mummy to…

I stopped myself, as I almost told my mom’s secret to my uncle. My mom does not wear a panty generally except during her periods, but how can I tell that to uncle? I quickly tried to cover that up.

Me: Chachu ek kam karte hai, chaliye mai apko apne almirah dikhati hoon, usme isi size ka aur bhi panty agar mil jaye aapko yakin ho jayega?

Uncle: Ye thik rahega. Chal.

I thanked god in my mind that I did not reveal my mom’s secret, but little did I know that I would have to reveal much more in the next few minutes. We walked to our room, I mean my parents room because though Sunita didi and I slept and studied in a separate room, we had one common almirah. Chachu very rarely comes to this bedroom as most of the time while chatting we are in the dining hall. I went up to the almirah and opened it in front of him. It was full of female clothes only, my mom’s, my elder sister’s and mine of course. My mom had made each shelf in the almirah for one person - like the top one for her, the middle one for me and the lower one for Sunita didi. I quickly scrambled my shelf and got hold of two of my bra and panty and showed it to uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, same size hai ki nahi?

My uncle took this new panty again in his hand and stretched it as if to see how much it will cover my buttocks. I was feeling so ashamed as he was doing this very openly. Then quickly he noticed a panty, which was poking his head from the lower shelf.

Uncle: Ye kiski hai? Bhabie ki?

Me: No chachu, ye to Sunita didi ki hai.

I replied innocently. Uncle picked that panty also from below and started comparing the two. Sunita didi’ s panty was also slightly short than mine. The prime reason being my mom did not want me to wear skimpy panties and hence usually brought those with a bigger base so that almost the whole of my bottoms are covered properly. But I have seen many a times Sunita didi wearing a panty, which exposed more of her round ass cheeks than covering. When I asked, “Didi is panty to teri aadhi gaand bhi nehi dhak rahi hai”, she replied “Tu jab badi hogi tab samjhegi aisi panty pehenne ki maza.”

Uncle: Nita, ye dekh. Ye panty bhi teri wali se choti hai.

Me: Chachu mai kya kar sakti hu agar mummy mere liye aise hi types kharid ti hai to.

Uncle: Arre to aise bol na. Isi liye mujhe samajh me nehi aa raha tha.

Thank god! He understood. Uncle was still inspecting intently Sunita didi’s panty.

Uncle: Nita ek baat bata, tu boli ke bhabie tere liye kharid ti hai, to Sunita ke liye bhi kharid ti hai kya?

Me: Nehi chachu, didi apni inner khud kharid ti hai. Ek din to mummy aur didi mei is mudde pe ladai bhi hui. Mummy ko to is type ki undergarments bilkul na pasand hai.

Uncle: Dekh Nita, mai to bhabie ko itne saal dekh raha hoon. Wo badi conservative kism ki lady hai.

Now I could not resist myself from innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets. I was such a fool at that age and my uncle was gulping the ‘rasila’ info from me.

Me: Chachu ap nehi jante, wo sirf meri aur did ke bare mei conservative hai.

Uncle: Nehi nehi, ye mai nehi maan sakta. Bhabie jis style se sari pehenke bahar jati hai, ghar mei jis kism ke nighty pehenti hai…

I interrupted uncle and was now innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets, but I never realized that my uncle was only poking me to know more. I stood up on my toes and from the backside of the top shelf of the almirah brought out a nighty to show uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, ye kya conservative hai?

It was a pink colored looked normal looking decent nighty, but the was appallingly short for any average height woman.

Uncle: Wow!

Me: Mummy ye kabhi kabar sone ke waqt pehenti hai.

Uncle: Ye to koi filmi dress se kam nehi!

Me: Haan chachu.

Uncle was now inspecting my mom’s nighty very closely especially from the waist part downwards and stretching to see how much was its width.

Uncle: Iski jo length hai aur bhabie ki jo height hai, ye pehenne ke baad bhabie to adhi nangi rehegi. Tu to dekhi hai teri mummy ko ye pehene hua, mai kya galat bol raha hoon Nita?

I myself blushed listening to uncle’s words and could only nod. I had seen mummy in that dress not for lot many days, but certainly on some Saturdays.

Me: Ji chachu.

Uncle: Lekin is dress ke sath to bhabie ki conservative panty nehi jamegi. Iske sath to teri chachi jaisi pehenti hai, wo wali panty chayihe.

He paused just for a moment and asked me a bumper question with a smiling face. .

Uncle: Kya re Nita, bhabie is dress ke niche panty pehenti hai ke nehi?

Me: Ap bade besharam ho. Kya sab puch rahe ho chachu.

But within my mind I distinctly remembered that mummy was not wearing anything below the dress on at least one occasion as when I saw her in that attire, she was lying on bed already and my dad was taking a bath and I could clearly see her pussy though she quickly covered herself with a blanket.

Uncle was looking very intently now as if visualizing my mother in that dress and I could now distinctly see a bulge in his lungi. It was looking like a small pole being erect out of the lungi. And as soon as I noticed that I started feeling uncomfortable, but soon had a height of uncomfortableness by my uncle’s request.

Uncle: Nita tu thodi help karegi? Mai ek cheez dekhna chata hoon.

Me: Kya cheez?

I asked innocently. Uncle was looking at my eyes directly and in a very unusual manner. He was holding my mom’s sexy dress in his hand.

Uncle: Nita mai teri chachi ke liye ek aisa nightdress kharidna chahta hoon.

Me: To kharidiye na kaun roka hai? Lekin ap kya cheez dekhne ki baat kar rahe ho?

Uncle: Dekh Nita, bhabie ko to mai dekh nehi sakta is dress mei. Lekin at least kisiko to dekh loo before I buy. Tu kiyu na ekbar pehen isko? At least mujhe idea ho jayega.

Me: Kya?

Uncle: Nita. Is me sochne wali to koi baat hai-I nahi. Teri mummy jab pehen sakti hai, to tu kiyu nahi? Aur aj to ghar mei koi hai nahi.

I would not say that I never felt wearing that dress, but did not get the opportunity to wear it, which was also true, but never ever did I thought to wear it in front of someone, especially a male, but now I could not refuse my uncle straight away also.

Me: Par chachu…

Uncle’s tone was changing from request to command.

Uncle: Nita abhi to tu mere samne sirf towel mei khadi thi, to ise pehen ne mei sharm kaisi?

Me: lekin chachu …

Uncle: Bakwas bandh. Ye skirt aur top utar aur ye pehen le.

I had nothing to do but to obey my uncle’s order. I took the dress from uncle’s hand and went to the attached bathroom in my mom’s room and closed the door. I was growing fast and was almost my mother’s height by then, may be a couple of inches shorter. Yes, proportion wise I was not as plump as my mom, which is quite natural also at my age of only 16. Though I was wearing a shorter skirt today than what I wear normally, mom’s dress would still be simply half the length of that. The heaviness that my mom has in her boobs and hips due to her age and marriage were missing in me of course, but still when I looked into this dress I felt that it would keep me highly exposed.

I took off my top above my head first and then dropped my skirt to the floor. I kept both of them in a hanger in the toilet. I was standing in my bra and panty only. I appreciated my somewhat lean figure on which my tight boobs stood proud clasped in my white bra. My panty was adequately covering my firm ass cheeks and my pussy. As I held the dress in front of me I could realize it won’t cover anything more apart from my ass. I have never worn such a short dress till then. Even the skirt my mom had kept for sleeping went down at least to my mid thigh. Out of natural shyness probably my left hand went to my buttocks and with my fingers I tried to stretch the material of my panty over my ass cheeks so as to cover a bit more of my round fleshy buttocks, but it had already stretched to the fullest and did not extended a centimeter on my ass.

Uncle: Nita so gayi kya? Ek simple sa dress pehenne mei tu kitni time legi?

Me: Chachu zara sabar to kijiye.

I pulled in my mom’s dress now over my head and got it down through my shoulder over my twin peaks and belly. The dress was fortunately covering my breasts quite appropriately, but due to the cutting at the top and shoulder laces, my white bra strap remained exposed over both shoulders. It was looking very vulgar to me, but I could not find any way to wrap them. The length of the dress was as expected just enough to cover my round bottoms. Seeing my condition, I had no doubt that when my mom wore this dress surely the bottom part of her hips would remain constantly exposed.

Moreover, the mid portion of the dress was rather flimsy, which I did not notice initially, but now became aware of. And my navel and belly remained exposed through the very thin material of the dress. “How could mummy wear such a dress? How could she be so shameless at this age!” I thought to myself and seeing me in the mirror I flushed and my ears were instantly red. Should I go like this in front of uncle? I was in a dilemma.

Knock! Knock!

Uncle: Nita come on!

I had no other alternative but to open the door and come out in front of my uncle in that revealing dress. Though hesitant I opened the door and out of shame was unable to come out of the bathroom. Without wasting a second uncle came inside the bathroom and saw me standing with my face down and legs joined together. The whole of my fair legs and thighs were completely bare in front of his eyes.
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12-14-2011, 10:33 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Uncle: Wow! Nita tu to bari sexy lag rahi hai is dress mei. Kisi heroine se kam nahi!

I was a bit taken aback hearing the word ‘sexy’ from my uncle’s mouth. He was an elderly person and I never heard such comments from him, but frankly I liked his praises. He came near me and touched me on my tummy as if in appreciation. His eyes were roaming all over my body I noticed. He held my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom into the open. I was standing now in my mom’s bedroom literally half-clad in front of my uncle. I observed that now uncle was scratching his crotch area with his left hand, in fact stroking his genitalia under his lungi, which was making me very, very uncomfortable.

Uncle: Nita, ek kaam karte hai, mere room mei chalet hai.

Saying that he started walking out of the room and hence I also had little option, but to follow him. I was really getting very concerned if my panty was getting visible as I walked because the fluffy material of the dress went up each time with my steps on the floor. I could not check that myself and hence was all the more apprehensive and nervous. But soon I got to know the fact from my uncle itself.

As we entered the room, uncle switched on the lights in the room. I thought there was abundant light in the room itself, but did not know why he still switched on the tube light and a powerful bulb. I felt as if more exposed in the bright light of the room.

Me: Chachu, batti kiyu jalayi apne. Light to waise hi hai.

Uncle: Kiyu tujhe kya problem hai light se?

Me: Nehi chachu problem nehi hai, par ye dress itni choti hai ke…

Uncle: Tujhe sharam aa rahi hai. Right?

I nodded to uncle not knowing what he was up to.

Uncle: Chal tu adhi nangi hai, to mai bhi wohi ho jata hoon. Tab cheez barabar hoga aur tujhe sharam nehi aayegi.

Me: Nehi chachu mera wo matlab nehi…

I could not complete my words, but he simply dropped his lungi to the floor and stood in front of me in his shorts with the bulge now clearly evident to me. Giving me no chance to say anything or react, he opened his clothes from the upper part of his body and was fully naked, but for his chaddi. I could clearly see the position of his lund inside his brief, which was poking out vulgarly. I had never seen any male like this roaming in front of me till such time and could realize I was feeling a heat wave in my young body.

My uncle indicated me to stand below the glowing bulb. I could not argue and stepped forward, my eyes were still glued to his khada lund within his chaddi. My uncle was looking at my fair, well shaped uncovered legs and golden thighs, as I walked to the spot that he indicated. He came very close to me and looked at my whole body intently now.

Uncle: Nita, teri bra to dikh rahi hai!

Me: Ji chachu, shoulder pe koi cover nehi hai is liye straps dikh raha hai.

Uncle: Ye ek advantage hai teri chachi ko agar wo ye dress pehenti hai, kiyu ki uski baal lambe hai, to kandha usse dhak jayega.

Me: Ji chachu.

He came very close to me now and touched my bra strap on my shoulder. My shoulder was naked except for the laces of the dress and my bra straps. A shiver went down my body through my boobs as if into my pussy!

Uncle: Ye kya front open bra hai Nita?

He commented touching and feeling the material of my bra strap on my shoulder. Now as he was very close he could also see a hint of my cleavage also above my dress. I was feeling pretty much ashamed now answering to such question and simultaneously displaying my body to him like this, but my innocence was still speaking.

Me: Nehi chachu, ye back open hai. Front open itni risky hai, kiyu ki ek bar hook khul gaya to…

Uncle: Hmm… Lekin teri umar ki bahut sari ladki front open bra pehenti hai kiyu ki back open bra ki hook kholna aur lagana easy nehi hai.

Me: Ha, wo to hai, mai hi to kinti baar Sunita didi ko bolti hoon hook dal dene ke liye.

Uncle: Shukar kar aj kisiko bulana nahi pada, nehi to mujhe teri bra ka hook dalna padta.

I flushed and giggled at my uncle’s words. He was toying with my innocence practically, which I did not realize for a moment!

Uncle: Nita mai yaha kursi pe baithta hoon. Tu ekbar mere samne se darwaza tak ja aur wapas aa.

Me: Par kiyu chachu?

Uncle: Tu jab aa rahi thi yaha, mujhe laga ke dress ke niche se teri panty dikh rahi hai tu jab walk kar rahi hai. Aisa to hona nehi chahiye.

I was dumbstruck hearing this. My heart was pounding now and I could not look up even in utter shame. I did as my uncle ordered. Before walking though I stretched the dress down my waist, but unfortunately it was not coming down a centimeter.

Uncle: Nita teri panty to dikh rahi hai clearly dress ke niche se. Tu koi white color ki panty peheni hai na?

I was feeling so very humiliated and embarrassed by this remark. I did not know what to do, but to tolerate it. I gently nodded my head to affirm him “yes I am wearing a white panty now.”

Uncle: Okay, ek bar mere paas aa, mai zara dekhoo ise kuch kiya ja sakta hai ke nahi.

I had nothing to say again and could not object also to this apparent ‘noble’ suggestion. As I came forward towards the chair where he was sitting, he knelt down in front of me and his eye level was directly in line of my milky naked thighs. Now with both hands he held the hem of my dress and tried to pull it slightly downwards. It did not come down.

Uncle: Nita, ye dress to aur niche nehi aayegi. Lekin ek kaam ho sakta hai shayad.

I turned back and looked puzzled at my uncle. He stood up and what he did almost stopped my heartbeat.

Uncle: Ye jo lace tu kandhe pe bandhi hai na, usko thoda loose karna padega, tab ye dress thoda niche aayega.

Me: Par chachu, udhar loose karne se to neckline deep ho jayega.

Uncle: Dekh Nita, ye to teri mummy ki choice hai. Daat deni hogi bhabie ko. Ya to panty expose karo ya fir bra.

I was at sea now what to do and hopelessly left it to my uncle.

Me: Chachu mujhe kuch samajh mei nehi aa rahi hai mummy ye kaisi dress kharidi hai.

Uncle: Tu sirf khada reh chupchap, mai dekhta hoon.

My uncle now readily loosened the lace knots on my shoulder and lowered it. Before lowering the dress, he peeped into my bra-covered tight breasts, which were moving up and down as I breathed. He lowered my dress below all decency level and almost half of my bra was visible along with my open cleavage. He was about to tie the lace now when I objected meekly.

Me: Chachu, please aise nehi. Meri aadhi doodh dikh rahi hai.

Uncle: Kaha dikh rahi hai! Mai to sirf bra dekh paa raha hoon.

Me: Aap aj bade besharam ho gaye ho chachu.

My uncle had finished tying the lace of the dress on my shoulder and now the length of the dress not only covered my booty, but also went down a few centimeters.

Uncle: Ab jake teri panty safe huyi. Ekbar ghoom ja.

I turned my back to my uncle, rather my wide booty was splashing on his face as he was again kneeling down. I realized uncle simply lifted my dress to see my panty. I could not turn back in utter shame and shock as to what he was doing.

Me: Ouch! Chachu kya kar rahe ho?

I felt his fingers on my panty-covered ass now. He was giving me gentle squeezes there. He was also tracing my panty line with one hand and lifting the dress with the other. I was feeling very awkward at this groping and was flushed enormously and frankly was feeling a flow within my pussy also. Uncle now took his finger even to my pussy over my panty and rubbed me there. I just could not stand that anymore and out of shame jerked away from my uncle.

Uncle: Kya hua Nita?

I could not speak; I was standing half naked in front of my uncle, who was also only wearing a brief. My both boobs clasped in the bra were visible very distinctly. My uncle stood up and came near me.

Me: Chachu ye ap thik nahi kar rahe ho.

I brought in some courage to tell this to my uncle.

Uncle: Kya thik nehi kiya mai? What do you mean?

My uncle sounded very strong suddenly.

Uncle: Kya bolna chahti hai tu?

I was a bit scared at this abrupt change in him.

Me: Chachu meri wo matlab nehi thi.

Uncle turned me to face him and was almost demanding an answer. I could not say anything out of fear.

Uncle: Nita mujhe janna hai kya thik nehi kiya mai?

He was almost howling. I got very scared.

Uncle: Tu mere god mei khel kud ke badi huyi hai, tujhe himmat kaise hui ye bolne ki?

I was so very scared by this sudden change in him that I surrendered to him. I hugged him with tears in my eyes.

Me: Chachu mujhe maaf kar dijiye. I did not mean anything.

I did never realize that he would take such advantage of the situation.

Uncle: Kya maaf. Abhi tu boli hai ke mai ye thik nahi kar raha hoon. Tu bol mujhe kya galat kiya hai maine. Nehi to bhabie ko aane de, mai unse baat karta hoon.

He paused a little.

Uncle: Bhabie ko ekbar agar pata lage ke unki ye private dress mai dekh chukka hoon tere zariye, tu soch le kya halat hogi teri.

I was too much frightened listening to my mom’s name in this issue. My childish fear led me to the greatest humiliation of my life. He pulled me from his body and held my bare shoulders and looked very sternly into my eyes. My voice was already trembling hearing my mummy’s name and if he comes to know that I showed in this issue.

Me: Chachu please mummy ko mat boliye kuch.

Uncle: Kiyu? Mujhe to bolna hai bhabie ko ke unki choti ladki ab itni badi ho gayi hai ke apne chacha par ungli utha rahi hai.

Me: Chachu please. Mai bol to rahi hoon ap jo bologe wohi karunga mai. Sirf mummy ko mat boliyega.

Uncle: Dekh Nita, ek bar teri chachi bhi ek galat ilzaam laga rahi thi mere upar aur anth mei surrender ki yehi bolke ‘ap jo bologe wohi karungi’.

Uncle paused for a split second.

Uncle: Wo meri biwi hai zaroor, lekin mujh par galat ilzaam lagane ka sabak sikh gayi thi us din. Pooch kya karni padi tha teri chachi ko?

Me: Kya karni padi thi chachi ko?

Uncle: Bandh kamre mei kisi ek gaane ke dhoon par nachni padi thi us-e - nangi.

I exclaimed though was not at all necessary.

Me: N-a-a-n-g-i!

I tried to imagine my aunt dancing naked, she had such a plump figure, must be awful to watch. At the same time was scared what my uncle would ask me to do. I tried to plead him.

Me: Uncle mujhpe rehem karo please.

Uncle: Chal kiya.

I was as if not believing my ears. I looked in amazement to my uncle.

Me: Sach chachu?

Uncle: Ha sach. Tujhe mai nehi bolunga ke tu mere samne nangi hokar nach.

I was thunder struck. I kept quiet and waited for what he wanted.

Uncle: Tujhe kuch khas nehi karni Nita. Sirf mere samne ye dress utar de aur ab to lunch ka time ho gaya hai, mujhe khana paros de. Teri chutti.

The next few moments I was still not believing that my uncle was asking me to strip my dress in front of him. After I got back my composure, I pleaded uncle, but to zero effect. I was almost sobbing now thinking of my embarrassment. When I realized I could not convince him to change his mind, I went up to the center of the room and prepared myself mentally to strip.

I unfastened the lace knots on my shoulder and I had nothing more to do, the dress dropped to my legs and I was standing in my bra and panty only. The fair ups and downs of my young curves glowed in the illumination of the bulb in the room. My uncle was looking at me lewdly. I thought I should bury my face somewhere out of sheer shame.

Uncle: Chal ab khana paros de
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12-14-2011, 10:33 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: Chachu ap ek minute ruko, mai room se jaldi se ek nighty pehen leti hoon aur apka khana paros ti hoon.

Uncle: Uhu… Nita mai kya bola tha? Mai bola tha ‘mere samne ye dress utar de aur, mujhe khana paros de’ – matlab ye bra aur panty pehenke tu kitchen mei jayegi aur mere liye khana parosegi.

I was looking like a dumb fool at my uncle’s face.

Uncle: Nita, khali peeli time waste mat kar. Aaage aage chal, mujhe teri gaand sirf panty mei kaisi lagti hai dekhna hai.

I had no other option, but to follow his command. I walked in front of my uncle clad only in my bra and panty and he followed me. He was making lecherous comments and I was feeling so very embarrassed that I was sobbing. I went to the kitchen in that condition and arranged for food. I remained in that state while I worked in the kitchen and my uncle watched me from the kitchen door. Each time I was bending for any work in the kitchen, my both boobs were almost out of my bra cups and uncle was making very vulgar comments.

At the dining table also, as he ate his food, I stood there in that half naked state. Honestly I thought it was better to be completely naked, but to be in undergarments in front of a male. At last my humiliation stopped with my uncle finishing lunch.

Uncle: Ja Nita, ab room mei jake skirt-blouse pehen le. Dil khatta mat kar. Aur yaad rakh ek baat, aj jo bhi hua iski zikar agar tu kisise karti hai, to teri khair nehi.

I went to my room and closing the room broke out in tears. I felt okay after sometime and went up and wore a dress to cover myself up.

!!Flashback ends!!

Me: Uday, that’s the story. I felt so very embarrassed when I first realized what actually happened that day, I cried the whole day ‘feeling’ about my embarrassment.

Uday: True Madam. How our own relatives exploit us and we cannot do anything about it. My feeling coincides with yours.

We had some more talks on this topic and after sometime reached the bank and from there went back to the temple again. The cart was already there and with a half satisfied, regarding my ass fucking by Uday, and half depressed, regarding my teenage exploitation, I returned to the ashram.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
It was quite late. I went to the toilet straightway and had the bath, which I was having after each of my heavy orgasms, now for the fourth time. I was so joyful in my mind with the number of turn-ons I had in the last 48 hours. I was feeling so lively and my acts of shamelessness were not bothering me at all considering my vivacious feelings. I never reached so many peaks in my married life even. In my mind, I thanked Guru-ji and was really hopeful that this way I would achieve my goal of a fertile womb. As I bent down while bathing I was having a slight pain in my ass hole where Uday fucked me really hard, though he applied some oil, but though I did not feel that much pain then, I was having quite a bit of pain now in my ass hole along with the associated area. I thought a good tight sleep would soothe me and hence I quickly took my dinner and went to sleep. In the interim, Meenakshi came to pick my wet pad and reminded to attend Guru-ji at 06:30 am and she went off with a very meaningful smile at which I blushed, as if she could read everything in my eyes. I did not waste much time and changed to my nightdress and switched off the lights for sleep.

“Knock! Knock!” “Knock! Knock!”

I woke up by this irritating sound on my room door. Though I wanted to have some more sleep, I had to reply to the knock.

Me: Okay, okay, I am awake and will be there in front of Guru-ji in half an hour.

Generally they woke me up half an hour before Guru-ji’s appointment time so that I had enough time for using the conveniences and getting fresh before I made a move. I replied not even bothering to know who was knocking at my door.

“Knock! Knock!”

Me: I told you I am coming.

“Knock! Knock!”

Now I was a bit puzzled. Can’t he or she hear me what I am saying? I had no option but to get out of the bed and open the door. I was aware that I was not wearing any undergarments, but thought it has to be either Meenakshi or Nirmal who must be knocking, I did not bother to put anything below my nightdress, but straightened it over my body so that I looked reasonable.

Me: “Who is it?”

I murmured as I opened the door. Before I could realize anything I felt a hug and I was kissed on my tender lips. My sleeping spell immediately went off and I was fully conscious by hot male saliva on my tender lips. Since there was darkness still outside as it was very early morning, I could not make out who it was, but could well realize he was a strong man. As I had just awakened from deep sleep, I was physically also feeling weak and before I could gather any resistance, the man gripped my waist by his right hand and with his left hand he grabbed my right boob. It was freely jiggling below my nightdress, as I was not wearing a bra, and he immediately started squeezing it very tightly.

Me: Aah! Who are you? Stop this!

Uday: Madam it’s me. Uday. You could not recognize me?

I was shocked and excited at the same time. I never expected him to be here and the way he hugged and kissed me as soon as I opened the door, I hardly got any chance to guess who it was. I was so relieved.

Me: Its still very early morning. They come to wake me up at 6.

Uday: Yes Madam, its 5:00 am now. I was feeling restless, so I came to see you.

Me: So, this is the way you see a woman?

We were both standing and hugging each other in the middle of the room, the room light still switched off. Uday’s lips were very close to my face, his both hands encircling my waist and at times he was feeling the roundness of my ass over my nightdress.

Uday: No this is the way I see you. You are special.

Me: Hmm. You are special too my dear.

We kissed each other. It was a long kiss and our tongues explored each other’s. While we kissed I was hugging him tight, but I found escaping my hug, his hands were exploring my pumpkin ass and was squeezing my firm ass cheeks randomly.
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12-14-2011, 10:35 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Uday: Madam I missed one thing in the boat. I want to complete that.

Me: What?

I almost whispered in his ears though was a bit puzzled at his comment what he wanted.

Uday: Madam since Babulal was there on the boat, I could not see you naked.

I was already pretty aroused by his intimate touches and wanted to be explored more by Uday and honestly this request pleased me, but I did not express it to him.

Me: But Uday you have seen every part of my body on the boat.

Uday: No Madam, since Babulal was there I did not remove your panty. But now no one is watching us, I want to see you fully naked. Are you wearing a panty Madam?

He paused and did not waited for a reply from me and with both hands felt, rubbed, and kneaded my ass cheeks over my nightdress to check as if I was wearing a panty or not.

Uday: Madam, your ass feels so good without the panty.

He murmured in my ears. I closed my eyes and was elated by his act. As he was teasingly checking my ass for a panty, he pulled up my nightdress to an alarming height almost exposing my round ass globes. As it is the nighty was short and as he pulled it, I looked awfully naughty standing in that pose where my whole thighs and legs were exposed and my nighty bunched up near my ass.

Uday left me for a second and bent a little and then lifted me in his lap and swung me in the air as heroes do it in the films. I was enjoying that to the hilt. My husband had never done this to me while lovemaking, neither at home nor when we went for our honeymoon. Uday seemed so sure about what he was doing.

Me: Uday please get me down.

Uday: Get you down where Madam? On bed?

We both giggled and he kept me in his lap for sometime feeling my intimate parts with his hand and face and then got me down. Uday again started kissing me very tightly on my lips and his free hands were slowly pulling up my nightdress first over my legs, then my well formed thighs, and now almost up my ass. I could realize my ass cheeks were out in the open and I could feel his direct touches on them. I removed my lips from his lips and tried to stop him.

Me: Uday please…

Uday: Yes Madam, I will please you.

He pulled up the nighty to my abdomen and bent down to look into my pussy. I was shivering in excitement though coiled back in shame as he brought his face very close to my naked pussy and started kissing me there. He was rubbing his nose on my pubic hairs and inhaling the pungent smell with deep breaths. His tongue was probing my pussy lips now and I was very wet down there. He was encircling me with both hands and cupping my firm naked ass cheeks. My husband had also kissed and rubbed me at my honey pot, but for all those instances we were in bed. Standing in the room panty-less with my nightdress pulled up to my waist and a male other than my hubby kissing my pussy was the first time in my life.

In no time I was cumming heavily and Uday’s face was wet with my discharge. After completing his licking my pussy, he stood up and put his right middle finger inside my pussy hole and fingered my pussy for at least two minutes. Getting the opportunity, I also caught hold of his thick hard penis within his dhoti and I was stroking and feeling its hardness with both hands. Uday was simply giving me heavenly pleasures and now I wanted to get fucked by him. Yesterday I was under a drug spell, but today morning I was the normal woman and wanted to get a hard fuck by my man, Uday. Though at the corner of my mind, my housewife identity was raising a meek obstacle. The pleasure and the situation was such, I dropped all my shame and pleaded him for a fuck like a slut.

Me: Uday, please do it now. I am dying to get you inside me.

By that time, Uday pulled up the nighty with one hand above my round boobs and now practically the nighty was bunched up to my shoulder and whole of my body was naked before Uday. My boobs looked like two searchlights jiggling freely with every movement of mine and naturally attracting all attention of Uday. My nipples were rock hard and they also had grown to the fullest and looked rosy pink and swollen. Uday’s lips kissed, licked and sucked them amply till they were glistening with his saliva. I was so heated now that I myself pulled up the nighty off my head and stood completely naked in front of him.

This was the first time ever I stood naked in front of any male other than my husband. I was not feeling any shame, rather was much urged for a fuck!

Uday: Madam, lets go to bed then…

He whispered in my ears and then only the whole dream as if broke!

“Knock! Knock!”

Uday was as if electrified the way he left me and stood up and kept his finger on his lips.

Uday: Madam, please reply but do not open the door. I will be in a big fix.

Me: Yes, who is it.
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12-14-2011, 10:35 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I pretended to my level best though my heart was beating fast. I replied in a sleepy tone as if I was fast asleep and woke up due to the knock. I was still standing naked and realizing that I briskly covered myself with the bedcover.

Nirmal: Madam, its me Nirmal. Its 6’o clock.

Me: Okay thanks for calling. I am getting up and will be there before Guru-ji by 6:30.

Nirmal: Okay Madam.

We heard Nirmal going away and we both were relieved.

Uday: Uff! What an escape. Madam, I must go now.

Me: But Uday, leaving me in this condition…

I was still highly aroused and my 28-year-old body fully heated up and was breathing heavily, standing naked with my pussy dripping and I was seeing that my man was about to leave. One could easily realize what my condition was.

Uday: Madam, please understand, I have to go now because if anyone catches me here I will be in a big soup, as I have violated the norms of the ashram.

Uday did not bother for a reply from me and opened the door slightly, looked around outside and went away closing the door very gently leaving me alone in that hugely aroused state. My condition was so susceptible that I was giving me a self-massage on my warm boobs and fingering my own pussy. I realized after sometime that I cannot sit like this and went to the toilet. I was still discharging and somehow managed to take a bath though much heat remained within my body I realized. I wore a fresh set of herbal washed sari, blouse, and petticoat, took my medication, and went to Guru-ji’s room.

Guru-ji: Come, come Anita, how o you feel after two days?

Me: Fine Guru-ji. I think your therapy is working on me. I feel more energetic physically and mentally.

Guru-ji: Good.

Me: Guru-ji, what was the finding of my, err. I mean the pads?

Guru-ji: Anita, the finding is not bleak, but not excellent also. The later two pads do tell that you are having better discharges, but its not adequate still.

I was a bit depressed listening to Guru-ji’s words, as I was quite hopeful that everything was quite okay considering the long discharges that I had in last two days. Guru-ji probably read my eyes.

Guru-ji: But Anita, I do not think you should worry on this. What I am there for? You just participate wholeheartedly in whatever you do as I instruct you. Bas!

I nodded my head though had a subtle concern that my discharge was not adequate. I was also wondering what treatment was waiting for me now. In no time, Guru-ji spelt out that.

Guru-ji: Now I will offer puja to Linga Maharaj. You also participate in that Anita and after that I will do a check up of yours, as I want to see why you are having a somewhat inadequate discharge even after full arousals?

Guru-ji paused a little and looked directly into my eyes. I was also looking at him.

Guru-ji: By the way, how were your last two temple orgasms?

I had to tell a lie regarding my second adventure with Uday.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, it was okay. Pande-ji was a bit harsh though.

Guru-ji: I can understand that. You cannot simply blame him, as you have such an attractive figure Anita for your age.

I was a bit taken aback by this sort of a statement from Guru-ji, though he quickly recovered.

Guru-ji: I mean these people like Pande-ji and all are part of your treatment process and if any one got carried away please don’t mind it and forgive them. You must keep your focus on your goal only to achieve pregnancy through my therapy. Right Anita?

Me: Yes Guru-ji, that’s why I did not react and controlled myself.

Guru-ji: Right, mind control.

I was still feeling concerned about low discharges on full arousals, though I thought I discharged more vaginally than when I do intercourse with my hubby.

Me: But honestly Guru-ji, I got full excitement…

Guru-ji interrupted me in the middle.

Guru-ji: Anita, it’s not the question of excitement only, as there are several other aspects that contribute to this. I need to know your vital signs like pressure, pulse, heart rate etc. and do a checkup like the doctor does. I am no different from a doctor, but my ways of treatment are different.

I was gulping what Guru-ji was saying eagerly.
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12-14-2011, 10:36 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: You know, sometimes it so happens that due to some other organ’s dysfunction, the vaginal discharge does not reach the desired amount. For example, may be there is a slight hindrance in the vaginal pathway or some other problem in any other part. So before I conclude anything and give you meds, I must be sure.

Me: That’s true.

Guru-ji: Have faith on Linga Maharaj. He will take you through. You do not worry at all Anita. Will start you on meds today and then tomorrow you will undergo the maha-yagya that will wash out all negative factors from your body to achieve pregnancy.

Guru-ji paused again. I was eager to know more.

Guru-ji: It’s a two day long yagya, very tedious and strenuous Anita, but the result is sweet as nectar. But you know yagya alone cannot do wonders, medications will have to take the support role. And if you can satisfy Linga Maharaj through maha-yagya, you will be gifted with the fruit you have been long longing for. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: I will do my best Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Now the puja and then will do your checkup.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I responded positively for the checkup not even knowing that in the coming half an hour Guru-ji would delve into my ‘jawani’ in the most subtle and clever manner in the name of checkup. Guru-ji closed his eyes and started to chant mantras. I also folded my hands and started worshipping to Linga Maharaj. The puja went on for 15 minutes and after that Guru-ji went to the toilet to wash his hands. Till such time he was sitting and as usual he was wearing his saffron dress. When he went to the toilet, the light was falling on his body from behind and I was shocked to notice that he was not wearing a chaddi inside his dhoti. When he turned sideways and was facing the light in an oblique way I could see his banana-like hanging lund! I quickly turned my eyes off him, but what I saw for a split second made my nipples erect instantly.

Guru-ji said to follow him and we went out of the room to another adjacent room, where I did not go before. I could not see any of his disciples in the ashram corridor, may be they are busy with other chores. My eyes were searching for Uday, but there was no trace of him. There was a rectangular table in this room, which was probably the examination table, and another table on which there were doctor’s apparatuses like thermometer, stethoscope, blood pressure reader, spatula, forceps, etc.

Guru-ji: Anita, lie down on the table. I will arrange for the apparatus and will start the checkup.

I went up to the table. It was quite high than a normal table, almost to my upper abdomen level, probably for convenience of the person who is doing the checkup. I realized it would be just the right height for Guru-ji who is fairly tall, but for myself I found it rather impossible to ride it, as there were no stairs. It was like climbing a wall and after a few tries I gave up. I tucked my pallu to my waist, held the table with both hands, and raised my right leg to climb the table, but noticed my sari was getting lifted to alarming heights exposing my fair legs; thus refrained from my efforts. I looked for a stool to climb, but there was none.

Me: Guru-ji, the height of this table is very awkward and here there is no stool also.

Guru-ji: Oho! You are unable to climb up. Actually since it’s an exam table, the height is a bit… Anita, just wait a minute.

I stood there like an obedient student and after some moments Guru-ji came forward.

Guru-ji: Anita you try to climb up, I will just give you a little push so that you are up on the table.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I held the surface of the table with both hands and raised my toes to maximum height and then gave pressure to climb up. I felt Guru-ji’s hands on the back of my thighs and he gripped me there and raised up. I was feeling very awkward in this position as my full round gaand was just before his face. So I quickly tried to get onto the table, but Guru-ji surprisingly removed his hands off my thighs halfway! I was practically hanging at that point of time, as there was nothing to give support for my legs and if I tried to extend and lift my leg for the tabletop, my sari would surely expose my lower portion. So I had to sought help.

Me: Guru-ji, please push me a little more. I cannot get up from this position.

Guru-ji: Oh! I thought you could manage.

My huge ass was just before his face and I felt Guru-ji cupped my ass cheeks with both hands to push me up the table. I was surprised at his act, he did not push me, instead gave a firm squeeze with both hands on my fleshy ass cheeks.

Me: Ouch!

Automatically came out of my mouth, as I was not expecting such a behavior from Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Oh! Sorry Anita. I almost slipped.

Me: Oh! Its okay Guru-ji.
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