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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-14-2011, 10:36 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I had to say, but I was very sure that he purposefully squeezed my buttocks. Now he gave me the desired push and I was up on the table. I felt Guru-ji did not remove his hands off my flaring hips till I was fully up on the table and he was feeling my sari-covered flesh. Uday had already made me very horny, which I somehow calmed down through the bath, but again a male touch on my buttocks made my pussy wet once more. I realized my vaginal fluids were soaking my panty slowly. Altogether I felt so very awkward to climb like this with my huge gaand before a man’s face, more so as he was also pushing my ass cheeks to help me climb! My ears were red already and my breathing heavier. I was somewhat alarmed by such a behavior from a person like Guru-ji, but at the same time was not fully convinced that he did that on purpose. I was wondering did he actually slip? Did he cupped my ass deliberately? Could he not help me by holding the back of my thighs as he initially did? I was confused.

I now sat on the examination table and Guru-ji went back to the other table. I pulled off my pallu off my waist and adjusted my sari properly and lay down on the table. As I lied down, my pallu got stretched on my firm boobs and I noticed my mangoes were looking like two conical hills moving up and down below my sari and blouse. I tried to adjust the pallu to look decent. Guru-ji was back to the exam table now. He had brought a blood pressure reading equipment along with a stethoscope and an unknown device, which looked like a meter with a wire connected to a small monitor.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita. Are you ready?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: First let me check your BP. Do you know your range?

Me: No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Okay, I will check and let you know. Raise your left arm a little.

I raised my left arm from the lying down position and Guru-ji started wrapping the black cloth there and after finishing started pumping the bulb for the mercury to rise up in the equipment. I was feeling the pressure in my hand and my BP came to be 130/80, which Guru-ji told was almost normal though on the higher side. He unwrapped the black cloth off my arm and while doing that I noticed time and again he was watching my heaving boobs.

Guru-ji: Now let me see your pulse.

Saying that he held my left wrist. His warm fingers pressed on my tender wrist and I did not know why I was feeling so uncomfortable and having a racing heartbeat. May be only some minutes ago I had a hot session with Uday.

Guru-ji: Strange!

Me: What Guru-ji?

I could not guess why he said strange.

Guru-ji: Anita, I see your pulse rate is very rapid, as if you are very excited. But you just attended the puja and then we come here! It should not be… Let me check again.

Guru-ji again pressed my wrist with two fingers, but I knew very well why he was getting an increased pulse and waited anxiously with a worrisome face if he probes into it further.

Guru-ji: What is the matter Anita? Apparently you look calm, but your pulse is racing.

Me: I do not know Guru-ji.

I tried to tell a lie, but Guru-ji looked directly at my eyes and as if was searching for an answer.

Guru-ji: Let me confirm it with your heartbeats.

Saying that he left my wrist and took the stethoscope and put that in his both ears and holding the knob at the end of the tube, he proceeded towards my breasts. I was feeling a bit uneasy as he placed the knob on my upper chest over my sari. I could still feel the cold knob touching my skin over the thin sari material. In the process I felt Guru-ji’s hand gently brushing my conical peaks. He was almost bending over my breast though was looking intently at my eyes. I was feeling thirsty and my heart was beating even faster now as Guru-ji was checking it. Guru-ji now shifted horizontally the stethoscope knob over my actual breast area and immediately there was a slight shiver in my body out of womanly shyness. He was pressing gently on my pallu and blouse covered left boob and I realized the stetho-knob was inches away from my nipple. I was breathing heavily naturally.

Guru-ji: Anita, your heart is also beating faster than normal. There has to be something.

I tried to look as innocent as possible while replying.

Me: Guru-ji, I do not know why this has happened.

Guru-ji was still holding the stethoscope on my left breast and probably feeling the spongy action of my bra-covered boob. I was feeling extreme tightness within my blouse now with this constant press resulting in heavy breathing. He at last removed the stetho-knob over my breast and was staring openly at my undulating blouse-covered peaks. I adjusted the pallu out of regular reflex though there was nothing to adjust, as Guru-ji did not remove my pallu off my chest area while checking my heart rate.

Guru-ji: Anita, you are not a little girl that you won’t know why your pulse and heart rates are high. You are a matured lady and you must not conceal anything from me.

I was in a dilemma regarding what to say and how to put it. I could not escape Guru-ji’s checkup and had to surrender.

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12-14-2011, 10:36 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Me: I mean Guru-ji I had a err… a wild dream, probably that effect…

Guru-ji: But you woke up at least an hour ago, but how can the effect be so pronounced now?

I was not able to answer properly. All along I was lying on the table and Guru-ji standing by my side, just beside my breast area.

Guru-ji: Anita, the way your breasts are moving up and down still now, I think it has to be something else.

I blushed to such a direct comment about my intimate body part and I desperately tried to divert him.

Me: No, no Guru-ji, that’s because of your...

I deliberately did not complete the sentence and showed him in sign language with my right hand the way he was pressing the stethoscope on my breast. Guru-ji seemed amused with my sign language. He laughed loudly at my gestures.

Guru-ji: If the touch of an inanimate stetho can race your heartbeat that much, you surely would collapse if you get a male touch?

He continued laughing and I also smiled in return.

Guru-ji: Okay I take your word Anita that you had a hot dream and now me checking you made you feel horny.

I was so relieved hearing this.

Guru-ji: But let me tell you this is not a good sign. The pulse and the heart rate are alarmingly high even if I consider what it should be when you are having sex.

I looked blank at Guru-ji not knowing what was the implication of this.

Guru-ji: Let me just take your body temperature also and complete the vital signs. Put it in your left armpit.

Now this was a tricky situation for me. Usually at home during taking temperatures I used to put the thermometer in my mouth, but here Guru-ji told me to put in my armpit, but I am wearing a sari-blouse now and I have to open at least half blouse hooks to put it properly in my armpit.

Me: Can I put it in my mouth Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: No, no Anita. The thermometer is not clean and neither do I have dettol here. There is a chance of inviting infection.

I realized I had no other option but to put the thermometer in my armpit.

Guru-ji: You just open a couple of buttons of your blouse and…

There was no need to complete his sentence, he also knew that and I readily sat up and taking the veil of my sari pallu, I took my hands over my blouse and started to unhook. Guru-ji was standing beside the exam table only a foot away and he could clearly see all my hand action below my pallu. I opened the top two hooks and took the thermometer from Guru-ji to put it in my armpit.

Guru-ji: Open one more hook Anita, otherwise you cannot slide the thermometer inside properly and if it is not placed properly I will not get the proper reading.

I was a bit shaken to hear such direct comments about opening my blouse hooks from another male apart from my husband. My husband has an obsession of opening my blouse I noticed many times, but I wondered often how could a container attract him more than the content. I could not refuse Guru-ji and placing the thermometer on the table again took my hands below my pallu and as I looked down at my blouse I could clearly see my fair bulging cleavage above my brassiere and the open blouse hooks through my pallu. I looked from the corner of my eye and noticed Guru-ji also gulping my advertisement. I realized if I open the third hook I would surely let my bra visible through my half open blouse, but I had no other option and had to open it.

Guru-ji: That’s better. Now insert the thermometer.

I raised my left arm slightly and slid the thermometer by the side of my half open blouse into my armpit. I tried to adjust the pallu so that I expose my breasts to the minimum to the now glittering eyes of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Wait for two minutes. I will keep an eye on the watch.

It was so very awkward for me to sit like that in my half-open blouse before a male. Specifically for these sorts of reasons, I always avoided going to a male doctor for a checkup or for OB/GYN purposes. I was not feeling that much of shame in front of Guru-ji though; more so due to the ‘experiences’ in the last 48 hours.

Guru-ji: Time is up. Okay bring it out Anita.

I took out the thermometer and handed it to him and started buttoning my blouse promptly knowing little that I would have to soon open it again!

Guru-ji: The temperature is normal, but in this early morning you have sweated a lot.
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12-14-2011, 10:36 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Saying that he touched the bulb of the thermometer with his fingers and felt the sweat there. I blushed, but had little to say. To my utter shock I saw Guru-ji took the thermometer tip to his nose and took the smell of my armpit sweat. I had my eyebrows raised at this action fo Guru-ji, but he seemed to have an answer to everything.

Guru-ji: You must be surprised why I am taking the odour, but you know, a foul odour is an indication of improper metabolism. And for successful copulation I need to check that too in a person.

I felt much relieved hearing this. Guru-ji kept aside the BP meter, thermometer etc. and started examining me by the organs now. I was sitting on the exam table as he started further checkup. He first checked my eyes, ears and throat. His warm fingers were giving me a very uncomfortable feel. More so, it was reminding me of Uday’s touches just a few minutes ago on my intimate body parts. Guru-ji’s face was close to my face and at times I could feel his breathing over my face, which was making me almost shiver. He then examined my neck and shoulders removing partially my sari from those areas. It seemed to me that the incomplete job by Uday was as if triggered by Guru-ji. I tried to remain as normal as possible though my heart was already drumming faster.

Guru-ji: Anita, you now lie down. Let me check the abdomen.

I again lied down on the examining table and this time Guru-ji without asking me removed the sari off my stomach area. Out of natural resistance I took my hands to my sari and tried to keep it in place, but Guru-ji’s hands were forceful enough and he simply uncovered my stomach and simultaneously the base of my boobs also got exposed due to this action. The pallu remained aside and I was trying to see what he was about to do between my two blouse-covered peaks. Guru-ji started feeling my abdomen firmly with his fingers and giving pressure with his palm also. My tender skin was felt adequately by his warm hands and I was almost trembling at his touches. Guru-ji palpated my liver, spleen and other internal organs thoroughly. Now suddenly he started fingering my navel, which gave me a very ticklish sensation and I almost giggled and my legs crossed in my lying position.

Guru-ji: Don’t laugh Anita, I am examining and uncross your legs.

Me: I am very sensitive there Guru-ji.

I uncrossed my legs below my sari, but giggled again and constantly shifted my ass while lying, as he continued to finger my navel.

Guru-ji: Okay, okay, done.

I was much relieved, but I already felt my vaginal fluids moistening my panty due to Guru-ji’s examination.

Guru-ji: Anita, now turn over and face the table.

It was so very awkward to turn upside down before a man - this only a woman knows. I turned over to lie on my stomach. Now my sari-covered round fleshy pumpkin ass was in full display before Guru-ji and he could also see my boobs from the sides sandwiched under my body weight. I looked at Guru-ji as he took the stethoscope again and checked the sounds of my back over my blouse cover. He was holding the knob of the stetho in one hand while the other free hand was casually resting on my posterior over my blouse. To tell the truth, I could feel unmistakably that he was actually tracing my brassiere over the top of my blouse. It was so subtle, yet so obvious.

Guru-ji: Anita, take a deep long breath.

I followed his command and took a long breath, but immediately felt his fingers exactly on my bra hook and I could not hold the breadth and I gasped.

Guru-ji: What happened?

Me: Err… nothing Guru-ji. I am trying again.

My heart was beating so hard that he was probably also able to hear it. I tried to recover myself and he also had shifted his fingers from my bra and I took a long breath again.

After the completion of checkup with the stetho, I felt Guru-ji’s hands on my bare back on the area between my blouse and my waist. I did not know what he was checking, but it seemed like as if he was massaging me there. I almost was shaken up when I felt Guru-ji stretched his fingers on my back and even inserted part of his fingers inside my blouse! His touches on my bare skin on my back and inside my blouse were enough to ignite me.

I was now anticipating the same action downwards also and I should feel Guru-ji’s fingers move inside my waistband and how correct I was! Guru-ji rubbed and stretched his hands down my blouse along my midriff to my waist. And not stopping at my sari cover on my waist, Guru-ji inserted his fingers through my sari and petticoat and reached till my panty over my roundish buttocks.

Me: Aeeeiiiiiii….

I uttered a weird sound, which meant nothing but my vulnerable state in the hands of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sorry Anita. I should have asked you to open the sari first to do further checking.

He took off his hand off my back and told me to do one of the most bizarre things of my life.

Guru-ji: Anita, take off the sari. Let me get the lubricant, torch, and the spatula for your pelvic exam.
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12-14-2011, 10:37 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji went off to the corner of the room leaving me to open my sari. I was in a dilemma about what to do – the table was too high for me to get down and get out of my sari and of course I did not want further cupping on my ass by Guru-ji as I would definitely need help to get up again. The other option was to remove my sari standing on this table. I had to choose the latter.

Guru-ji: Anita, please do it quickly. After your checkup I have to arrange for a ‘jagya’ for a local family.

I stood up on the table. It was so odd standing way up from the floor. I started to pull off the sari from my body and noticed Guru-ji was looking up to see the scene, which made me feel so ashamed. I had never done this in my life and I feel hardly any woman had to undergo this– taking off her dress standing on a table! I could realize very well that I was looking awfully vulgar as I now stood in my blouse and petticoat on the table.

Guru-ji: Fine Anita, but if you are wearing a panty, also take that off, as I need to check your vagina.

The word ‘vagina’ was so clearly pronounced by Guru-ji that I almost closed my eyes in shame. He also mentioned that I could keep my petticoat on if I wished and just remove my panty from below it. My ears grew red as I started lifting my petticoat standing on the table. I drew my hands below it and wriggled and struggled to get out of my tight little panty. I could realize I must be looking like a ‘randi’ removing my panty with the petticoat on and that too standing on a table. By that time Guru-ji was also back near my table with his exam apparatuses and he got an awesome upskirt view of my panty removal. But I was helpless and had to do this standing on the table as per the situation.

Guru-ji: Anita give me the sari and your panty. I will keep them there.

Saying that he gave me no chance to virtually say anything and took the sari, which was kept in a heap at the table corner and snatched the panty lying below my feet. In a moment he was back and I now lied down on the table again. Guru-ji this time was very forceful and confident in his behavior. He simply raised my petticoat to my waist and gently spread my knees apart. He now lifted each of my well-formed feet onto the supports on the examination table. Guru-ji then switched on the torch, which he had picked up from the other table and focussed between my legs. I clinched my teeth in the lying position as I could realize that my inner thighs and the whole of the pubic area were completely exposed to his eyes.

I was watching Guru-ji all along from my lying status helplessly. My teeth still clenched in shame and nervousness. Guru-ji now spread my pussy lips gently apart with his fingers. I felt he was running his finger along the outer labia and spread them open a little. Guru-ji then spread a drop of lubricant on his fingers and inserted his index finger into my pussy gently. My pussy was already very wet with fluids, first due to Uday’s fondling and caressing and now due to Guru-ji’s warm touches in the name of checkup. My pussy lips were moist and Guru-ji’s finger went very easily deep inside my vagina.

Me: OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I gasped as he went inside and withdrew the finger.

Guru-ji: Anita, relax, this is just a checkup. Let me see the cervix.

I saw Guru-ji’s finger was completely moist with my vaginal discharge as he withdrew his finger out of my pussy. He rolled one finger around my cervix and pressed it lightly against it. I almost squirmed and wriggle on the table in excitement. Guru-ji continued his probe. I realized now he had inserted two fingers in my pussy.

Guru-ji: I need to check your uterus and ovaries also for any abnormalities.

Guru-ji had big hands and his fingers were fairly long and strong. It felt like a thick penis inside my pussy as he was rhythmically moving the fingers. I clearly understood he was giving me the intercourse rhythm as if he is fucking me with his fingers. I continued to wriggle in ecstasy and lying there on the table with my lower body completely nude with my petticoat above my waist and displaying my honey pot to this aged Godman.

Me: Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Guru-ji!

I was feeling his fingers inside my pussy as he twisted and curved his fingers inside. With his fingers inside my pussy, Guru-ji now with his free hand palpated down firmly my hairy pubic area and then got the spatula and gradually inserted it in my vagina while holding my pussy lips apart with the other hand.

Me: Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Guru-ji please stop. I can’t take it.

I was shouting shamelessly. My nipples were rock hard and I was feeling the tightness within my bra. I winced heavily when I felt the cold external material entering my honey pot. I spread my legs more and more apart on my own in excitement and my pussy was now on full display held open by the spatula, so that Guru-ji could see deep inside my hole. Guru-ji checked my cervix closely for a few minutes and then took a sample.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, I am done, you can close your legs.

I was simply not in a position to do that. I remained in that position with my legs, thighs and pussy entirely bare in front of this male. I oriented myself in some moments and covered my pussy first with my petticoat and tried to look decent, but guru-ji did not allow that.
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12-14-2011, 10:37 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: Anita, don’t pull down the petticoat. I will have to next check your rectum.

I was simply not expecting this, but there was no chance for me to ask questions.

Guru-ji: Lie on your stomach. Please be quick.

Guru-ji’s eyes almost sparkled as he watched me turn over in a very seductive way on the table and readily raised my petticoat to expose my big bottoms totally. It must be a stunning sight for Guru-ji to watch me like this, as I knew my ass was ‘attractive’. Guru-ji now separated my legs a bit till my anal area and my pussy also must have been clearly exposed. Guru-ji now went to the other table again leaving me in this embarrassing position. I noted he came back with a pair of latex gloves on. He then squeezed out some lubricant and smeared some on his gloved index finger. Guru-ji spread my butt cheeks apart with his left hand and inserted his index finger gently into my ass.
Me: Oooooooooooooooohhhhhh!

I was gasping and grabbed the edge of the table tightly.

Guru-ji: Just relax Anita, it will not hurt you.

He told me to relax though my thoughts had already taken me to the ass fuck I had yesterday in the hands of Uday. I was cumming heavily now and more so as I was charged up due to Uday’s cuddling and now Guru-ji touching me everywhere. I was enjoying now, but unfortunately this checkup was a very short one and Guru-ji probed his finger only about a minute in my ass hole. He did not miss to squeeze my naked fleshy butts with his free hand as he was probing. He wrapped up the rest of the exam in another few minutes. After he was done, he helped me to get down from the table. I was feeling so excited I almost hugged Guru-ji while I descended from the table and deliberately pressed my very erect boobs to his hands and chest. Unlike any other man, I was surprised to note that he did not take the opportunity to hug me or squeeze my breasts, but simply glided me down. I realized he was in a hurry, but his face advertised he was satisfied seeing my private parts.

Guru-ji: Anita, you dress up and go to your room. I will let you know the results of my checkup in the evening.

I nodded and he went away. I was standing half done. I was feeling so frustrated as both Uday and now Guru-ji took me to my sexual peak and left me without fucking. Honestly I was dying to get fucked now. I was cursing Uday why he came early in the morning and had that incomplete love session!
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12-14-2011, 10:38 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I went back to my room from the examination room and closing the door simply jumped on to the bed. My heart was still beating fast and due to the incomplete orgasm I was feeling very restless. I hugged the pillow tight to my breasts and pressed it thinking I was hugging Uday. Since it was not a long side-pillow, I was not getting proper fulfillment of my desire and could not wrap my legs on to the pillow and I was getting more and more frustrated. I was getting a terrible itching within my pussy as normally girls get for the desire to get fucked and quickly undid my sari from my body. My nipples were tight today from the early morning and honestly they were paining now. I also opened my blouse and unclasped my bra to relieve the pain. I was lying on the bed now in a topless condition vigorously self massaging my full-grown boobs with one hand and scratching my pussy with the other over my petticoat. I was feeling so horny!

I was restless and feeling so impatient that I decided now to be completely naked to douse my inner fire. I quickly came out of my remaining clothes and dropped my wet panty to the floor and stood stark naked. I went to the toilet in that condition and looked at myself in the life size bathroom mirror. I started playing to myself what Uday did to me in the early morning, but I was amazed to note that a simultaneously thinking was coming to my mind about how Guru-ji probed my vagina just a few minutes ago and I began to cum increasingly. I examined my erect tits and grabbed my boobs with both my hands and started massaging them vigorously. It just was not enough I realized.

I now went very close to the mirror and raised my hands and held the mirror and started to rub my naked breasts against the mirror. I was gently rubbing my face and cheeks too on the flat surface of the mirror. I was simply out of control. I was shamelessly gyrating my large bottoms also like a dancing vamp. I was soon completely wet. I now grabbed the head of the tap and started rubbing my pussy against its nozzle from where water comes out. I was so desperate that I tried to derive pleasure out of it. I was simply drooling by now. I massaged my inner thighs and squeezed them hard and getting sufficiently heated again, I inserted my index finger into my wet pussy and fingered it vigorously to get a full discharge and pinched my clit really hard to get to the peak and self-exhaustion.

I dragged myself out of the toilet, still not a thread on my body and fell on the bed. I fell asleep
after a while and went into a deep slumber, more so probably due to my early waking up today for Uday’s love making session. I got up after I don’t know after how much time and felt really ashamed to be on the bed in the nude status. I jumped out of bed and went to the toilet and washed myself thoroughly and got dressed. I was thinking how very bold and shameless I have become in just 2-3 days. I was comfortably walking naked in my room with my boobs jiggling openly and my butts advertising nudity! I could not think of this even a few days ago and would always wrap my upper treasures or wear a panty at least even when only with my husband in my bedroom if I alighted from bed for any purpose. What a change, I was bowled over by myself!

It was around 11:30 am then and I was just planning to take the bath, when there was a soft knock at the door.

Me: Who is it?

I went up to the door to open it and it was not the common voice replying. I was wondering whose voice it was though I must have heard that. I opened the door and it was Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Madam, I have come to guide you on the massage. Guru-ji must have briefed you.

I was puzzled for a split second, but remembered Guru-ji’s words.

Me: Oh! Yes, yes. Please come in.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

Rajkamal was the youngest of the lot amongst the disciples. He seemed younger than me too, hardly 21-22 years. His stature was thin and he looked pretty pale. Due to this fragile structure, he looked younger probably. He was wearing the usual saffron ashram dress. I noticed that he was carrying a bag from which a mattress was poking its head.

Rajkamal: Are you willing to do the massage now?

I was a bit anxious. Does he mean he will do my massage? I was of the impression from Guru-ji’s words that he would guide me and I would follow that.

Me: Will you not tell me how to do it?

Rajkamal: Madam, this is a full body massage with medicated oils. You cannot do it yourself unless I show you the technique. Though in any case you have to take help.

I was still not getting convinced to get a massage from this young lad.

Me: By the way, how old are you and how long are you here in the ashram?

Rajkamal: Am 21 years Madam. Guru-ji picked me up and kept with him from my childhood.

My god! What I was thinking was correct. He is just 21 years and myself a 28-year-old married woman. He was just about the age of my ‘devar’ (=brother-in-law)! How can I take a massage from him I wondered?

Rajkamal: Madam, I am trained by Guru-ji and you don’t worry, you will get full satisfaction through my massage.

I lowered my eyelids out of womanly virtue hearing him saying he would be massaging my matured body. I tried an alternative avenue.

Me: Don’t you think I can get the massage from Meenakshi if you guide her?

Rajkamal: Madam, surely Meenakshi didi can do it or you can try it yourself, but Madam, the goal of the massage will not be fulfilled. You will never get the desired stimulation if the massage is done by Meenakshi didi or you do a self-massage.

Me: Yes that I agree.

Rajkamal: The medicated oils have their role to play and my expert hands have their role in the massage.

Me: Hmm. I understand.

I was rather convinced by Rajkamal’s explanation.

Me: How long will the whole thing take?

Rajkamal: Madam, generally half an hour if you cooperate.

My eyebrows rose instantly.

Me: ‘Cooperate’? What do you mean?

Rajkamal understanding my natural query explained at once.

Rajkamal: Madam, you know I have been doing this massage for the past one year. I have massaged several women here in this ashram, but there were many who objected to the method and delayed it unnecessarily.

Me: I did not get you.

Rajkamal: Madam, you will probably laugh listening to these cases. There was a lady who asked me to massage her back over her blouse. Just imagine.

He paused a little and was judging my reaction.

Rajkamal: For example only last month one madam told me to do massage at her back with the blouse on. How can that be possible? Then there was another lady who refused to allow me to touch her feet for the massage. Again there was another who would not apply the medicated oil to her hairs. Madam, convincing and explaining these women took a lot of time. That’s why I said ‘to cooperate.’

I laughed a little, as if to prove that I was not like those ‘women’. Rajkamal looked at me and returned a smile as if to say he knew that I would not pose such objection and unfolded the mattress on the floor before me. He now turned back and closed the door and bolted it. I was a bit nervous now seeing the locked door and asked the most foolish question.

Me: Why did you lock the door?

Rajkamal probably was even more surprised by my question and did not know for a moment what to answer back.

Rajkamal: Err… I mean for you Madam. You need to take off your dress, I mean…

I restored myself immediately.

Me: Okay, okay. I got it. Actually I have never taken a massage like this.

Rajkamal: Most women who come here say that Madam, but after the massage they say we never got such satisfaction.

He smiled meaningfully.

Me: Hmm.

I thought in my mind that this massage might give me some relaxation and mental calmness from my sexual urge triggered by Uday and Guru-ji though the sleep had subsided much of its intensity.

Rajkamal: Guru-ji’s medical oils do wonders I tell you Madam.

I nodded and honestly hoped so.

Rajkamal: You come and sit on the mattress and I will get the oils ready.

One good thing was Rajkamal was not looking greedily at my figure at least and that made me quite comfortable, but the very thought of this young lad would massage my body was making my nipples inside my bra taut again. Rajkamal was not in a mood to waste further time and opened a bottle of scented oil and poured some onto his right palm.

Rajkamal: Madam, I will start with your hair. Please open the knot and flow the hair over your back.

I was wearing the saffron cotton sari and blouse. Rajkamal sat just behind me and first loosened my long hair and let it fall in a cascade. He started applying the hair oil onto my hair and definitely the scent was mesmerizing. I took a couple of deep breaths and felt really good.

Rajkamal: The texture of your hair is quite good Madam.

I did not feel like replying to his praise. The whole room got filled up with the sweet fragrance of the hair oil. He carefully applied the oil to my scalp and then put his fingers through the strands of my hair.

I was a bit nervous still, as I was somehow not getting entirely comfortable to this body massage by a male and that too by someone younger than me, he looked just like the next-door lad! As he was massaging my scalp, I was trying to imagine how would he massage my back? I have to open my blouse and I looked round that I have in fact nothing to cover also. Even the towel was in the toilet. I should have been more careful. I almost shuddered as Rajkamal’s knee touched the roundness of my hips while he was applying oil to my hair.

Even after having such extravagant sexual escapades recently, I had a strange mixture of nervousness, shyness, and uneasiness to this massage process. My heart began to throb, as he was about to complete the massage with hair oil.

Rajkamal: Madam, you must have noticed the way I was stretching your hair and massaging the scalp. Please follow that when you do it yourself or get it done by someone else.

Me: Okay.

Rajkamal next applied the massage oil on his both palms and applied them on my forehead.

Rajkamal: Madam, a good massage should always start from the top of the body and go down in steps. And there are separate oils for each region. This oil is for hairs and face.

I nodded and started enjoying the massage. Truly it was a nice feeling now. Rajkamal’s nimble fingers massaged my forehead and then my soft cheeks. I blushed heavily as he pressed my cheeks with his fingers like we do it a little chubby girl. I tried to relax and enjoy what he was doing. Rajkamal was rubbing my cheeks in a circular fashion for a long time so that my cheeks were rosy already - I do not know in what percentage due to my blushing or due to his rubbing!

Completing that part, his hands came close to my ears. He took out from his bag a small stick with a cotton ball at its head carefully cleaned the interior of my ear and applied oil in every part of my external ear.

Me: Aaaaaaah………

I exhaled a sigh of satisfaction. It was so relaxing, so enjoyable. I thanked Guru-ji in my mind already for awarding me this massage. I wanted him to continue with my face for some more time, but Rajkamal surely had more things to do. He now took out another oil bottle and poured out some on his palm. Rajkamal's fingers now approached my neck. He carefully massaged my throat and neck region making sure my blouse was not spoilt by oil.

Rajkamal: Madam, this oil is for neck and back. Its written on the bottle though.

Then he took my right palm in his hand and gently rubbed it with his palm. Getting a male touch on my palm, as if he was holding my hand, made me attentive again from relaxation state. Rajkamal individually massaged each of my tender fingers and repeated the same for my left palm. He was talking in between and which frankly made the atmosphere easy. I was having pink nail polish on my nails. With the oil on the nail polish, my nails were looking very impressive and almost gleaming.

The next item of massage I anticipated was surely my arms. And I was not wrong, Rajkamal started rubbing my fair hands with force and sometimes pressing and kneading. I could certainly sense that my blood flow was increasing and I was feeling somewhat hot even though the ceiling fan was revolving right above my head. The lad gathered greater and greater strength and continued to massage my hands till the elbows, my saffron blouse covering rest of my hands. When his fingers moved above my elbows, he softly whispered in my ears.

Rajkamal: Madam, your blouse…

I guessed because of his decency he did not complete the sentence, but I could clearly get the signal that I need to remove my blouse from my body. Although I was apprehensive of this at the start of the massage, when the moment came, I was so much engrossed in this lad’s massaging that I didn't hesitate much to remove it. I unbuttoned my blouse from the front and Rajkamal helped me to take it out off my hands. This was probably the first time I was allowing a 20-year-old boy to help me take off my blouse. I was breaking all my individual shamelessness records!

I was wearing a white bra inside and I promptly covered the exposed parts of my back with my sari pallu. Rajkamal’s fingers could now freely move above my elbows, right up to my shoulder joints and armpits.

Rajkamal: Madam, your skin is oily type, so I am applying less oil. You also remember that when you do a self-massage.

Saying that he started massaging my full-length arms with greater strength and energy. I was now having amplified blood circulation and wanted him to continue the massage in this manly way. Though Rajkamal looked fragile, he had good massage technique I must admit. He now shifted to my shoulders and uncovered my pallu to the extent that he could completely massage the upper area of my back.

Rajkamal: Madam, how do you feel? If it helping you to relax?

Me: Yes, it’s very comforting.

Rajkamal’s touches were simply magical and I really was revitalized now. I was so deeply engrossed that I didn't even bother to protest, as Rajkamal's trembling fingers unhooked my bra strap at the back. I woke up after actually it was unclasped.

O My god! I was never prepared for this. The youngster removed my bra in one swift action and frankly I was also not very unwilling to do that, as I simply loved his massage technique. Now I had no other option but to protect my big boobs with my sari. Rajkamal was sitting behind me and was able to freely massage all over my completely bare back. He started gently with my spinal cord and the regions around it. As his fingers moved up and down my smooth back at one stage I felt that his fingers were quite close to me freely hanging boobs. It was an extremely steamy sequence for any lad of 20-21 years. At the same time I was wondering what would happen if his fingers accidentally touch my ripe breasts. My ears were hot and my heart was beating faster on the thought.

Under no circumstance I would like to indulge in sexual activities with this boy at least, but I was unable to rule out the arousal part also due to Rajkamal’s constant touches on my body. I was torn between embarrassment and arousal. I could very well realize that from a state of relaxation I was going into a horny state. I couldn’t stop him either as I was really enjoying it. I was confused, what to do? The face of my devar was again coming in my mind, as if he was giving me a massage.

Oh No! I could never sit in such exposed condition before him! Am I forgetting all social norms? Am I still in my senses? My face was getting red, my eyes were burning, I was biting my lips… I began to feel the ‘sexy sensation’ between my legs. As expected I was again getting aroused and I tried to live for the moment. I wanted Rajkamal’s hard to squeeze my breasts. I was now desperately waiting for an accident to happen and wanted that by error his hands touch my naked breasts, which are just covered by my thin sari pallu. But no! Nothing of that sort happened. Rajkamal’s hands were still keeping a modest distance and doing my back massage.

After some moments, I was purely getting restless for his touch ‘there’. Seeing Rajkamal was still busy with my back, I pretended as if my pallu slipped accidentally off my breasts. The two ripe apples were fully open and I was rather reluctant to cover them quickly as I normal woman would do. I was sure Rajkamal was getting an eyeful of my uncovered tits – the two perky nipples, the pinkish areolas and the flesh – I kept exposed all of my upper treasures for at least 10 seconds. I could listen a gulping sound from Rajkamal and felt his hands on my back froze for some moments. I smiled in my mind and wrapped my boobs again with my pallu.

From the corner of my eye I tried to look at Rajkamal’s pajamas. His swollen cock made it a tent and I could make out that he was equally (s)excited. I was trying to visualize his young manhood inside his pajamas and felt that my pussy tingling strangely. As expected, my trick worked instantly.

Rajkamal: Madam, back massage is complete. Now if you allow will start the, I mean, err… breast massage.

He stammered a bit. Natural. Rajkamal could not wait any longer and I saw he oiled his palm again with different oil from another bottle.

Rajkamal: Madam, this is the breast massage oil.

Saying that he came in front of me. He squatted before me and waited for me to make open my breasts for him to massage. It was a rather precarious situation for me – a young male crouching in my front and I have to uncover my boobs for him to massage. I was feeling very uncomfortable and ashamed and had to suggest something slightly decent.

Me: Rajkamal, can you do this, I mean, from my back.

He looked a bit puzzled and dumb. I had to be more elaborate.

Me: I mean if you massage my bre… err… breasts from my back, I will be comfortable.

He understood. Thank God! I kept my pallu of the sari as a pseudo cover on my breasts just to look decent and not sit simply topless in front of Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Okay, okay Madam. I got your point. But don’t feel ashamed in front of me. This is my job.

Rajkamal tried to look professional, but his lund under the pajamas was telling a different story.

A shiver went throughout my spine as he went to my back and cupped both my resting naked boobs with both palms.

Me: Oooooooooooooohhhhhh… Sssssssssssss……………

I writhed in excitement and squirmed.

"Squeeze it! Squeeze it more!" That's what I wanted to shout, but I had to apply brakes on my lips. Rajkamal was initially touching my round naked breasts gently and cupping each of them and glistening them with oil, but once it was done, I could very well realize it was the same squeezing that I had plenty from different males in the last couple of days. He was now clearly feeling my hard nipples, circling them, twitching them, pressing them at his free will and making me wild with excitement. He was massaging my breasts with both his palms, sometimes softly and sometimes tightly giving me a different sensation at every moment.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh! Sssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh………

Who taught this young lad to be a lover like this? Guru-ji?

While Rajkamal was kneading my breasts, his hands were working under the pallu of my sari and I was still a bit shy to expose my breasts fully in the open. Although my boobs were completely in his possession, I had a consolation factor in my mind that my globes were out of his direct view, as he was sitting behind me. Now suddenly what he did made me almost breathless. Rajkamal started bouncing my naked tits with his oily hands and pressing my taut nipples with two fingers at times.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Rajkamal: Madam, don’t interrupt. This is a massage technique.

I remained silent, but was feeling unusually uncomfortable at this act and getting wet by the moment in my panty. I could hear him breathe heavily near my ears at my back. I could understand he was also heavily excited getting the opportunity to do such lewd acts with a married woman. He was virtually playing with my boobs, bouncing them, holding and releasing them in rhythm making me excited and embarrassed simultaneously. Never ever in my life did anyone dare to do such bouncing with my breasts while close to me – neither my husband nor anyone in the recent escapades.

After some moments Rajkamal stopped and I was s-o relieved. I was almost profusely sweating by this erotic act. He was kind enough to give me a respite in between my boob massage and the next one now.

Rajkamal: Madam, now lie down on the mattress.

I was wearing the sari still at my waist and was holding the pallu before my boobs as a decency measure. I covered the upper part of the body with the sari and was in a supine position on the mattress. I could very well realize my erect nipples and glistening areolas of my taut tits were amply visible to Rajkamal through the semi transparent sari. Without wasting a minute, Rajkamal was faithfully on to the next part of the massage. I immediately got a tickling sensation when his index finger reached my navel. He took a different bottle and put some extra oil inside my deep navel to make it look like a pool and began tapping there.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
While he was attending my navel area, I was trying to imagine the next part of his massage. Where would it be? Must have to be down my waist and lower belly, I could not imagine more closed my eyes. Time and again my devar’s face was coming to my mind during this massage, I didn’t know why, probably due to his age similarity with Rajkamal. I tried to imagine I am taking a massage from my devar like this lying on my bed in my bedroom and he is almost sitting on my body and I am not wearing any bra or blouse... Oh No! Impossible, just next to impossible, but then I was doing exactly the same with Rajkamal!

God! I couldn't imagine anything more. My sex-starved pussy was creaming with a fresh supply of my juices. It was paining. I was unable to explain how a shy housewife like me, who was ever so faithful to husband, could become so ‘bold’ coming to Guru-ji’s ashram! Rajkamal’s words broke my thought level.

Rajkamal: Madam, now that your upper part is complete, I will do an outline massage from head to waist. So if you could …

I could not get him. I was lying down, do I need to sit again.

Me: If I can what? Shall I sit again?

Rajkamal: No, no Madam. You be in this position. I will now stretch my hands from your head to waist, so…

He again left his words incomplete, but this time the suggestion was very apparent to me that he wanted me to divulge my breasts completely off the sari cover. I had little to object to this, as he had already touched both my tits. I reluctantly slide off the sari off my breasts and lay in front of Rajkamal in a topless condition. His eyes almost bulge out of the sockets seeing the beauty of my naked ripe boobs, which were still warm and reddish with the increased blood flow resulting from his massage. Every inch of my naked breast area was moist and glistened with oil. Rajkamal hadn't missed a single spot and his fingers touched me everywhere. I couldn’t keep my eyes open in this compromising condition that too in front of this lad, and had to close my eyes.

When he did not touch me after a few moments, I had to open my eyes again. I saw he was still rubbing some new oil to his palms. From the corner of my eye, I noticed he was visibly a bit tensed seeing me in topless state and I was tempted to look at his pajama. I saw his cock had formed a tent there though I could also find spots of wetness in that region. Rajkamal’s precum. Frankly, I was losing control a little. My hands were now eager to touch the strong manhood of this young lad, but the subtle feeling of hesitation remained somewhere in my mind though I tried to get that off now, as my wet pussy was itching once more!

I wanted my lust to flourish under the disguise of massage. Now he stretched his hands from my head, pulling my hairs gently and then squeezing my both cheeks and finally down my neck to my undulating boobs. His hands rested on my eager breasts and he was very directly twisting and twirling my hard erect nipples, as my husband would do while intercourse. I moaned loudly, expressing my passion, as he built up his strengths more and more. Rajkamal started squeezing my breasts now, in the same manner as Mishra-ji and Pande-ji had already taken pleasures. I felt my whole body getting baked in the heat of passion of Rajkamal’s massage.
Me: Oooooooooh! Do it more…

Rajkamal seemed very excited hearing my last words and he was squeezing and pressing my oily boobs with more force and vigor and automatically my legs started to get parted within my sari and petticoat. He was till now sitting my by side, but now his movements were getting bolder and I noticed he put one of his knees on my thighs to have a better grip on my naked breasts. This continued for another few moments and probably he was unable to keep the excitement and hence stopped it. I saw he was panting and quite similar was my condition too. He now wiped off the oil off his palm using a clean cloth from his bag.

Rajkamal: Madam, now your lower half. Your sari Madam…

Me: Yes you please take that off. I cannot sit up now.

I really did not have the strength to get up now. My whole body was aching in sexual excitement and the young boy seemed more than happy getting such an invitation of opening the sari of a married woman from her waist.

Rajkamal: Okay, okay Madam. You just relax.

He looked at my waist where the sari was tied and pallu was flowing on the mattress.

Rajkamal: Madam, can you please lower your abdomen a bit so that I can pull off the sari?

I nodded and did that. He whiffed off the folds of my sari underneath my petticoat.

Rajkamal: Madam, now can you just lift your err… buttocks a little so that I can drag your sari from your bottom.

I had no other alternative but to do that as I myself decided to remain lying. The scene was really vulgar I realized -a housewife with a fleshy figure like me lifting her bottoms in a topless condition and a young boy taking off her sari. I wriggled my plump hips and Rajkamal was smart enough to get my sari out completely in a flash. I thought he must have done this before to other ladies also. Now my petticoat was the only garment that covered the lower part of my body.

Rajkamal: Madam, now lie on your stomach.

Me: Okay.

I obeyed again to him, and in fact felt better to have at least my jiggling bare boobs under the cover of my body. But Rajkamal obviously had other plans.

Rajkamal: Madam, I think its better I remove your petticoat also because it will get spoilt in oil.

My face was towards the mattress and my butts towards the ceiling. I felt comfortable to reply also in that position.

Me: I do not want to spoil my petticoat.

I kept my voice as calm as possible giving him the permission to open my petticoat in an indirect way.

Rajkamal: Right Madam. You just relax I will do the needful.

Saying that he took his hands below my body down my navel and obviously I had to accommodate his hands lifting my abdomen slightly. Rajkamal's fingers reached the knot of my petticoat string. I aided him to unfasten it and he did the rest. But I could never sense his plan that he would pull down both my panty and my petticoat simultaneously. And before I could fully realize that he was pulling down both from my waist.

Me: Hey, eiii….. What are you doing?

Rajkamal pretended like an innocent boy.

Rajkamal: Why Madam, what happened? Did I do anything wrong?

I was having this conversation now with half of my ass crack being exposed and I remained in that state with Rajkamal’s fingers still holding the elastic band of my panty.

Me: Why are you pulling my I mean…

I was losing out words in this awkward situation. Rajkamal was now truly acting the scoundrel.

Rajkamal: What Madam?

Me: My panty, you idiot.

I was a bit angry now.

Rajkamal: But Madam to get massage in your lower part, you have to be naked.

Me: Don’t you think you should have asked me?

Rajkamal: Sorry Madam, I thought…

He did not complete and this made me more irritated. But due to my compromised state, I could not just sit up on the mattress.

Me: What did you think?

Rajkamal: Madam, I have seen most women feel shy to remove their brassiere and panty, so I thought not to mention it separately. Sorry again Madam.

Me: Hmm.

I calmed a little by his apologetic tone.

Rajkamal: Madam, then what to do?

What a question I thought to be answered.

Me: Since you have dragged it halfway, do the rest.

I pretended to be strong in my voice. Rajkamal did not waste a second and started dragging my petticoat along with the panty down my round buttocks, then down my well-formed thighs, then down my legs and finally down my heels - and I was now completely naked lying before to be massaged before this 21-year-old boy.

Though I was conversing with this massage boy, my pussy was quivering for something more and I felt that all my juices would now burst out of it. My mind just drove me wildly into a new state, where I rather enjoyed and was excited by my own nudity in front of this young boy. It was the sense of my ever-growing excitement that took all my shame away. I closed my eyes and completely surrendered myself to this young masseur. I could feel Rajkamal’s hands reached my firm ass cheeks and as am I adequately fleshy down there, even a soft pressing of his fingers could penetrate deep into my flesh. Rajkamal was using his both hands to knead my buttocks in a rhythmic manner.

Me: Ahhhhhhh... Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

I was so very excited by Rajkamal’s oiling my bottoms that I was automatically making moans out of my mouth. He was making all sorts of hand movements on my open buttocks. He was stroking it, rubbing it, squeezing it and what not. Once he even started slapping my ass cheeks.

Me: Ouch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….

I was really enjoying this to the hilt. No male has ever dared to slap me there, but this young lad was doing it so effortlessly in the name of massage. Rajkamal was gripping very tightly my fleshy round ass in both hands and was squeezing in a way, which seemed to me as if was preparing the ‘maida’ for ‘kachauri’ as we see in a ‘halwai shop’.

Me: Do it nicely, everywhere.

I said that without clearly explaining the word "everywhere". As he pressed my buttocks more and more, I could feel higher pressure in my pussy, more juices coming out now. Subconsciously I took my hands to my crotch area and put my right middle finger inside my moist pussy hole. I didn't dare to look at Rajkamal's condition. I guessed in my mind his erection would now be at its peak and he must be close to reaching his orgasm. He might be desperately trying to close his floodgates and prevent any embarrassment in front of me. Rajkamal's oily palm slowly went up slope into the crest of my ass cheek and then traveled down the slope throughout my ass crack.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….

It was a wild feeling, so good. Half of his palm was securely buried inside my deep ass crack and I could understand he was trying to locate my ass hole. After finding it he carefully oiled me there too. There was so much of an illicit pleasure in it getting oiled in my ass hole from someone aged as my devar!

Slowly he proceeded with massaging the backside of my well-formed thighs. His fingers were working relentlessly on my flesh. He seemed not tired at all, rather continued to grow in strength I felt through his expert touches. He went further down onto my knees, my legs, my toes till my toenails. I just cannot describe how wonderfully he did everything. One who has not taken a full body massage would never know the thrill. My entire body was shivering in pleasure, something I had never experienced before. Direct lovemaking and Sexual arousal and this arousal through massage were different, I bet.

Now honestly I was desperately waiting for a rock hard cock to penetrate me with a force. I had this feeling in the early morning too when Uday did everything to me except fucking. I continued the similar feeling in Guru-ji’s hands when he examined me on the exam table. After finishing my toes and the nails, Rajkamal paused. There was not a single spot in my developed body left to be massaged!

Both of us were speechless.

There was an uneasy calmness and the only sound that could be heard was the moving ceiling fan. The only portion of my body left to be touched was my dark hairy triangle and I was in no way prepared to leave that out. Perhaps he too was eagerly waiting for a signal from me. Seeing no reaction from me, he started again rubbing his palm on my nude back and hips, this time moving up and sideways. He was crouching down now, which I could see from the corner of my eye from my lying position. A heard a whispering tone near my ears.

Rajkamal: Madam, the…

Rajkamal could not complete what he wanted to say, as there was a knock at the door. I was really stirred up by the thumps on the door. I remembered how Uday left me half-done in the morning, and did not wanted that to be repeated. I was feeling so relaxed that frankly I was not at all eager to rise from this state. But I had to do something, but Rajkamal did the first query.

Rajkamal: Who is it?

Nirmal: Rajkamal, there is a visitor for Madam.

A visitor for me here? In this ashram? I was certainly puzzled. Even after hearing that I was still so enthralled by Rajkamal’s massage, I could not react properly to Nirmal’s words from outside the door.

Nirmal: Is Madam’s massage over Rajkamal?

Rajkamal: Err… Yes.

Nirmal: Okay, send Madam, I have kept the visitor waiting.

Now I had to say something. I voiced in trembling tone.

Me: Who is it Nirmal? I mean a male or a female?

Nirmal: An aged male Madam. Come down, he is waiting. I am going.

Who could it be? I was thinking though not completely out of Rajkamal’s magical massage spell. I was still lying naked on the mattress and now I had to alight, I realized. Rajkamal was looking like a dumb fool, because I could see the eagerness in his eyes and his erect dick within his pajama was telling the story. I was confused what to do. As I got up from my lying position, I could see the mattress having wet spots because of my vaginal fluids. Rajkamal was looking at those spots also. I lowered my eyes in shame though was shamelessly sitting naked in front of him without trying to cover my ‘jawani’ at all.

My body was aching in sexual desire and Rajkamal could read that very well. But we both were trying to maintain some decency and not be crude. But I found that would not fulfill my want, and today from the morning this is the third time I am being sexually aroused heavily without being fucked. Last two days, I was on drugs, and could not actually felt my pussy longing for a lund. I tore apart all my shame, inhibition, and decency measures and shifted close to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Madam, someone is waiting for…

Me: Just shut up and complete my massage. You cannot leave me in this state.

I was trying to take control now over this young lad.

Rajkamal: Madam, but your massage is complete, so…

Me: I told you to keep your mouth shut or I will seal your lips.

I was getting bolder and I did not know where from I derived courage to take control on this boy and was creating new limits of shamelessness. I came very close to him in sitting position and hugged him sealing his lips with mine. I started sucking his lips, but instantly realized Rajkamal was struggling to get rid of me. I was so surprised!

Rajkamal: Madam, this is not right. I cannot deviate from Guru-ji’s instructions.

I was getting so angry at this boy’s attitude that was unable to control myself.

Me: What did your Guru-ji teach you? Make a woman naked, massage her body, and then leave her in that state?

Rajkamal: Madam, please be patient.

Me: Then why this has grown up?

I straightway caught him by his hard lund and dragged it and he almost cried out in pain. He then jerked me off and stood up. I was lying near his feet, still completely naked and my whole body was gleaming with the oily layer on my skin. I was now pleading from my state of anger out of desperation.

Me: Please. Do not leave me in this state. Please.

Rajkamal: Come to the toilet.

I stood up on the mattress. My pussy was very wet though now not dripping any more. My bushy triangle was clearly before his view. I walked in my nude state and as if was following him like a faithful dog.

Rajkamal: Madam, I can understand your need, but am helpless today. Moreover someone is waiting for you. I will quickly give you some relief.

He came close to me and hugged me for the first time. His slender body was not fulfilling my desire. My soft boobs pressed against his flat chest and in one swift action, he turned me and my ass was now pressing his crotch and I could clearly feel his lund poke my broad ass area. Now he bent a little and took his right middle finger to my honey pot and started fingering my wet pussy. Since I was a married woman my vaginal path was quite broad and Rajkamal’s fingers being slender, he was able to push a couple of his fingers in my hole.

Me: Uhhhhhhh…………. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………. More………… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

I was shamelessly moaning and shouting in ecstasy. Rajkamal’s other hand was gripping now my hanging boobs and twitching my nipples. I very quickly reached my peak this time, as I had a number of arousals from the morning and could not hold my ‘fluid’ any longer. Rajkamal’s fingers were all moistened with my juice and he was doing a ‘fucking action’ with his fingers what he would have done with his lund. I was trying to quench my long thirst with this finger fuck. My body jerked furiously within his arms as I discharged completely.

I was feeling so weak that I sat on the bathroom floor. My naked body looked marvelous, I myself appreciated, as it glistened with oil and sweat. Rajkamal was quickly applying cold water to my body to refresh me. In some moments I was also fully in my senses and realized my vulnerable state. I was the wife of someone, now sitting on the floor of this ashram bathroom after a finger fuck, no thread on my body, my matured boobs fully exposed, my hairy pussy, my big buttocks, my thunder thighs – all feasted by a young boy who is exactly the same age of my devar. Oh! God! Get back my senses.

I was off of the bathroom floor in a flash and quickly covered myself with a towel. I noticed Rajkamal smiled a bit seeing my action. He went out of the toilet and handed me my sari, petticoat, blouse, and bra and he himself closed the toilet door before my face making me more ashamed. I was quick enough to wipe off the extra oil off my body with the towel and get dressed rapidly. Now that my sexual thirst was somewhat met and I discharged fully, my concern was who could it be who had come to see me in this ashram?
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
With an enigmatic mind, I slowly approached the guest room of the ashram. Rajkamal went off from my room minutes ago arranging his oils, etc. in his bag. I was trying to speculate who could have come here to meet me, but tried in vain, as I could not figure out anyone living near this place. I entered the room and was very surprised to see ‘mama-ji’!

Me: Mama-ji! You! Here?

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani.

Mama-ji was my mother-in-law’s brother. He was 50+ in age and remained unmarried throughout his life. Though he came in our marriage and participated actively, I have not seen him in recent times coming to our place. How could he know that I am here!

Mama-ji: Actually this place is not far away from my residence. It’s an hour’s drive from there and when your mother-in-law called me up, I assured her that I would certainly pay a visit to you.

Now I understood the whole story. I went forward to him and bent forward to touch his feet as a gesture of ‘pranam’. He held me by my arms and put his hand on my head as a sign of ‘ashirwad.’

Mama-ji: So how are things here Bahurani?

Me: I have already taken diskha Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Wah! Good. I hope with Guru-ji’s blessings you get your much-awaited reward soon.

I could understand he was referring about my pregnancy. He smiled and as I looked at his face my heart started to beat faster. I was now wondering how much Mama-ji knew about this place. Does he know what goes on here or about the treatment processes? How did he know about Guru-ji? I smiled back and tried my best to look normal and hide my concerns, but was rather getting curious to know what Mama-ji knows about this ashram.

Me: Mama-ji, how did you locate the ashram? Do you know this place?

Mama-ji was still holding to my arm and I was standing pretty close to him and after listening to what Mama-ji replied I almost felt a tremor throughout my body.

Mama-ji: In fact I came here a couple of years ago. I have heard of Guru-ji long back, but never actually believed in these things. At that time my maid was having some problems and she told me to take her to this place. This is probably the third or fourth time I am coming here.

Me: O I see.

I tried to maintain my composure, but I could feel my hands and feet getting cold listening to Mama-ji. I tried to inquire more.

Me: What problem was your maid having?

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you know these lower class people, they have all the nasty problems. Actually my maid’s husband was having an affair with another girl to the extent of physical relation. My maid wanted him to get back on track.

Me: Was it solved?

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani, but that’s a long story.

At that moment, Nirmal entered the room with a glass of orange juice and sweets. We sat on the sofa now and Mama-ji had the juice and the sweets.

Mama-ji: By the way, your mother-in-law told me to ask if you need anything. I can bring that from the market.

Me: No, no Mama-ji. I have everything here.

We were sitting on the sofa and now that Nirmal was away with the plate and glass, we were alone again there in that room.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I last saw you when I visited your place for Pushpa’s marriage. Right?

I was getting relived slowly from my tensed condition seeing Mama-ji’s normal conversations. I hoped that he did not know anything about the treatment process of Guru-ji.

Me: Yes Mama-ji, you are right. You have a good memory. Still its two years since I guess.

Mama-ji: Hmm… More than two years. But good to see that your mother-in-law is taking good care of you.
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12-14-2011, 10:39 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
He laughed gently saying the above.

Me: Why do you say that Mama-ji?

I giggled and asked him.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, look at the mirror and you will know that. You have added weight.

Saying that he laughed again and lightly placed his palm on my thighs. I did not mind that and smiled and blushed. I am now almost normal and the fear of him knowing about this ashram disappeared from my mind and was getting engrossed in chatting.

Me: Mama-ji am I looking fat?

Mama-ji looked at me and chuckled, which triggered my natural womanly virtue of nagging.

Me: Tell naa. Mama-ji please. You can actually tell the truth, as you have not seen me for a long time.

I was almost pleading Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: No, no Bahurani, you don’t look fat. But…

Me: Mama-ji, this is not fair. You males are all the same. Rajesh also does like this. Saying half.

Thank god! I still remembered my husband’s name considering my sexual escapades in the last two and half days.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, just stand up once.

I alighted from the sofa and stood in front of him, he was still sitting on the sofa. Mama-ji now directly touched my right ass cheek and commented.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you certainly have added fat here. This certainly looks a bigger circumference than when I last saw you.

I instantly remembered I was not wearing a panty. Rajkamal when handed me my clothes he did not give me the panty and at the moment I was not that conscious about that. I clearly felt Mama-ji’s palm resting on my firm ass cheek and obviously he could feel the roundness of my butts over the sari and petticoat cover.

Me: Yes Mama-ji, I know.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you have developed a small tummy also, which is not a good sign.

I looked down at Mama-ji and looking at his eye level, I instantly realized my pallu had shifted giving him a grand view of my whole belly area and the base of my blouse-covered boobs. More so, as he was sitting on the sofa and I was standing in front of him sideways. I could not shift my position instantly as that might look rude and hence I just reluctantly lowered my sari pallu to cover my bulging boobs fully.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, after childbirth you will obviously gather weight. So you should be careful from now on. What’s Rajesh doing? He should make you exercise …

He put a small break in the sentence and added, almost whispered, “not on bed alone.”

He broke out in laughter and I blushed heavily now. And Mama-ji gently slapped on my sari-covered bottom in one swift action and it looked so normal that I could hardly react. Mama-ji’s palm smacked me just over my ass crack and myself being panty-less, my heart almost stopped for a second getting hit there.

Me: Mama-ji, you are very…

Mama-ji laughed loudly and held my arm and made me sit on the sofa. While holding my elbow region, he felt the oil in his hand. Though I wiped it off by the towel before I got dressed, my skin was still oily.

Mama-ji: Why is your skin so sticky? Have you applied something?

Me: Yes Mama-ji, I have applied oil.

I consciously suppressed telling him about my massage session. But what Mama-ji told in reply was so stunning that I was simply speechless.

Mama-ji: Oh! Guru-ji has not changed his treatment technique it seems in years. He gave some massage oils to my maid also I remember for her to look youthful. Were you taking a massage?

My heart started pounding and I did not know what to say. Since he was such an elderly person I was feeling quite embarrassed to tell her about my massage, more so simply because he was a relative of my husband’s side.

Me: No, err… yes. I mean I was applying the oil myself.

Mama-ji: Strange. I distinctly remember that when my maid came here Guru-ji told to use the oils not for self-massage, and you know Bahurani, one day my maid even asked me to apply the oil to her body, as her sister was away.
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12-14-2011, 10:39 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
He laughed on his own mind and I almost trembled hearing that. I was feeling so anxious that Mama-ji knew about the massage! Simultaneously I was getting curious also out of my womanly virtue to know what Mama-ji did with her maid. Did Mama-ji massage the whole body of the maid? How old was she? Must be above 18, as she was married. What was she wearing when Mama-ji massaged her? Did she become naked in front of Mama-ji, as I did in front of Rajkamal for the sake of massage? Did Mama-ji leave her without fucking? Oh! My god! I was getting increasingly ‘hot’ in my mind thinking in these lines. Its true that I never heard any scandalous incident regarding Mama-ji though he did not marry.

Though momentarily I was thinking in that way, but I rebuked myself for taking my judgment in such lines about this elderly and respected person.

Mama-ji: Anyway, Bahurani I think you should take a bath, as you have applied oils to your skin before it gets too sticky.

Me: Its okay Mama-ji. You sit naa, we have met after such long time.

Mama-ji got off the sofa and I realized he was about to leave now. I also ascended off the sofa.

Mama-ji: How long you will be here? Did Guru-ji say that?

Me: Yes Mama-ji, seven days, today is the third day.

Mama-ji: Wah! Then I will make another visit so that you also feel good and not feel bored in this ashram environment.

I could not say “No” to that of course and greeted him with a smiling nod.

Mama-ji: Okay Bahurani, its time for me to go.

I went a couple of steps forward and bent in front of him to touch his feet as per custom. When first time I bent down to for his ashirwad, he held me by my arms and lifted me, but this time he held me by my waist, and in fact his fingers were partly grabbing my soft ass cheeks. Getting a touch there, by reflex, I quickly got up from my bent position.

Mama-ji: Be happy my child. Bahurani, I will pray that you and Rajesh get a baby soon.

Saying that he held me close, his hands still in my waist area and I also got a bit emotional and he hugged me. Believe me, it was not the first time an elderly relative hugged me, but I was feeling very uneasy. All females have this sixth sense and we can differentiate between an affectionate hug of a male and a hug with a ‘different’ intention. Mama-ji initially lifted me holding my waist and now as I was almost clinging to his chest, I could feel distinctly his fingers were creeping on my back, inch by inch as they progressed up. I was careful to cover my boobs with my arms so that they do not touch him. He now held my head in both hands and kissed my forehead.

Apparently anyone seeing this would definitely believe in this elderly person’s affection towards me. But I was unable to believe in his touches. After showing the gesture of love and care through the forehead kiss, he should have left me, because there was nothing else to do. He had given his ashirwad and now had kissed my forehead, but to my near disbelief Mama-ji smiled a bit and brought his hands down my head to my shoulder. He brushed his fingers all along my neck.

Mama-ji: Keep faith in yourself and you can overcome your problem.

While saying that, I could clearly sense his right hand thumb was tracing my bra strap over my blouse on my shoulder. And since he was still talking to me holding me close, I had to lower my arms to my sides. Previously I could keep them crossed over my breasts as a protection, as he was hugging me. Now my protruding full boobs were just inches away from his chest.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, don’t worry. If you need anything, do let me know. Still I will give my phone number to the ashram so that if you need anything, they can call me.

While he was saying all this, he pressed my shoulder and gently pulled me towards him such that my pointed boob tips now started brushing his flat chest. It was a very awkward feeling for me, for that matter any woman, to stand like that with the edge of my bulging boobs touching another man’s chest, who is facing me. My boobs were not pressing, but were rather grazing Mama-ji’s chest such was the position. Mama-ji securely held me in that position and conversed.

Mama-ji: I have told your mother-in-law not to worry at all and keep faith on Guru-ji. You know how very anxious she is.

I could realize my nipples getting harder and harder standing in that position. I tried to lean back subtly, so that it did not look indecent, but Mama-ji’s grip on my shoulder did not allow me that. My 28-year-old heaving sari-covered breasts continued to graze and brush my 50-year-old relative’s shirt-covered chest.

Mama-ji: I will call your home tonight and update them that your diksha is complete.

Me: Okay Mama-ji. You also take care.

I tried to finish off the conversation as I was at a height of uneasiness, but Mama-ji seemed uninterested.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, my dear, you also take care.

Saying that he took his right hand off my shoulder and in a playful manner pinched my left cheek flesh softly. I was not at all prepared for such a behavior from him and stood there like a duffer. He was still holding my left shoulder firmly making me touch my boobs to his upper body. Then he took off his hands off my body and just casually patted my pumpkin-like bottoms.
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