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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-14-2011, 10:40 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Mama-ji: Especially here Bahurani.

Mama-ji’s slap on my bottom was surely not ultra-soft and the flesh of my buttocks wriggled under my sari to this action. At the same time, I could feel Mama-ji deliberately hollowed his palm as he slapped my ass and I could sense a semi-squeeze on my panty-less ass cheek. And finally when he left me I realized my nipples had grown to their full size within my bra in excitement. Mama-ji had delayed his exit so much that I had no other option but to adjust my bra in front of him, as I was feeling outrageously uncomfortable now. I took my both hands to the sides of my breast and pushed my boobs up a little within my bra and then in one swift action I took my right hand under my sari pallu and stretched gently my bra cup so that my taut flesh could accommodate better within my bra.

Mama-ji bid me good-bye saying that he would come over the weekend and I went back to my room with a puzzled mind regarding Mama-ji’s attitude. I was definitely quite sure of his ‘touches’, especially the way he traced my bra strap on my shoulder and patting my ass twice, but still was not able to relate it to this elderly person’s personality. Due to the overdose of sexual activities, was I taking my thoughts just a bit too long? May be. Mama-ji calls me ‘Bahurani,’ and he is almost double my age, how could he lust for my body, but the ‘touches’ - I must be wrong somewhere.

I went to the toilet and had a long bath, as it took significant time to wipe off the oil from my whole body, especially from my back and my butts, as it was difficult for me to reach there. I had my lunch and was about to take a nap, when Sanjeev came and interrupted.

Sanjeev: Madam, sorry to disturb you now, but Guru-ji wants to meet you once now.

I was a bit surprised hearing that as I distinctly remember Guru-ji told me after my exam that he would meet me in the evening.

Me: But Guru-ji said he would let me know of my exam results in the evening.

Sanjeev: Yes Madam, but he needs to go to Mr. Yadav’s house in the town this evening. It is an unscheduled visit. Mrs. Yadav actually wants to perform an urgent ‘yagya’ for her daughter.

Me: O, I see. Does Guru-ji go to others’ houses to perform yagya?

Sanjeev: Not normally, but Mr. Yadav is Guru-ji’s old disciple and unfortunately he is disabled also. So…

Me: Okay, okay I understand.

My thoughts and respect level for Guru-ji appended hearing this.

Me: By the way, what for will Guru-ji perform this yagya?

Sanjeev: Actually Mr. Yadav’s daughter failed in Class XII exam last year and this year also in the school test, she passed by whiskers. So Mrs. Yadav wanted to perform a yagya before her final exams.

Me: Okay, but why in this urgent basis?

Sanjeev: Madam, Mr. Yadav will go for a checkup in Chennai for a fortnight, that’s why Mrs. Yadav wanted to do the yagya on an urgent basis.

Me: O I see.

I did not waste any more time, as I was also anxious to know the exam results also and followed Sanjeev to Guru-ji’s room. Guru-ji as usual was sitting before the image of Linga Maharaj in his usual saffron dress.

Guru-ji: Come Anita, come.

I offered him a ‘pranam’ and took my seat on the floor. Sanjeev kept standing by my side.

Guru-ji: Anita, actually I will be going to town in the evening.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, Sanjeev told me.

Guru-ji: Okay then you know. Actually I will stay tonight in Mr. Yadav’s house for the purpose of this yagya. Sanjeev and Meenakshi will also accompany me.

He paused briefly and continued.

Guru-ji: So I wanted to let you know of your pelvic exam results and my further plans for you.

I looked visibly anxious, as my pelvic examination results were about to be unfolded.

Me: What did you find Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, can you bring my notebook? Anita, it’s not that exciting, but at the same time not a real doom situation also.

My heart started pounding in fear. What was the problem that Guru-ji detected?

Me: Guru-ji…

I could not complete my words and a drop of tear almost rolled from my eyes.

Guru-ji: Anita, this is the problem with you females. You do not listen fully and jump to conclusion.

His words were firm. I controlled myself. Sanjeev handed him the notebook and Guru-ji opened a page and glanced through it and looked up at me.

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12-14-2011, 10:40 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: See Anita, there is some block in your vaginal path and I also noticed a couple of hemorrhoids.

As I had little medical knowledge, I looked at Guru-ji with a confused face and realizing that he explained me.

Guru-ji: Look Anita, your do not have a major physical problem, which could hinder pregnancy. But the smaller obstacles sometimes cause a bigger problem. Maha-yagya will help you get rid of the negative factors in your body, as I told you before also. In fact, Maha-yagya will help you prepare both physically and spiritually for pregnancy and make your vaginal path smooth and cure you of your problems.

A yagya will make my vaginal path smooth? I was a bit puzzled hearing that and wanted to know more.

Me: But Guru-ji how can a yagya cure me?

Guru-ji: Anita my dear, Maha-yagya is not just sitting in front of the fire, chant mantras, and worshipping. It’s much more than that and you have to be fully involved in it. You just keep faith on me and leave the rest to Linga Maharaj.

I was much relieved hearing that.

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: But Guru-ji, you were saying something like ‘hemorrhoids’. What is that Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes, I noted some inflammation of blood vessel in your anus. I will apply herbal cream for that. You don’t worry about that Anita.

I had to lower my eyes hearing the word ‘anus’ and automatically blushed a little. And listening about applying cream there, I blushed further.

Guru-ji: Now go to your room and take rest. I have scheduled Maha-yagya for you tomorrow and the day after. In the meantime, do take the medicines, as I have directed you.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I was almost on my way out of Guru-ji’s room, when he asked me something.

Guru-ji: By the way, did you like Rajkamal’s body massage?

Sanjeev and Guru-ji were both looking at me and it was so humiliating for me to answer to that question, but I had to reply.

Me: Yes, it was good.

Guru-ji: He has magical fingers. Anyway, remember if you take further massages from him, do not allow him to massage your err … I mean gaand, as I noted inflammation there.

I could not even respond through a nod. Sanjeev now made me totally dumbstruck by his next comment.

Sanjeev: But Guru-ji, I beg to differ. I think Madam can take massage from Rajkamal on her gaand, but she just needs to inform him not to apply oil in her asshole.

Guru-ji: Right, right. Anita, I feel Sanjeev is right. You can actually take an ass massage, but do not allow him to touch your hole.

Guru-ji looked at me with a smiling face and I was as if dying out of shame hearing this piece of conversation between two males about my ass massage. My ears were getting hot and I was completely bowled over.

Sanjeev: Guru-ji, I feel Madam will be safer if she does not pull off her panty during the massage.

Guru-ji and Sanjeev both were looking at me and I desperately wanted to push off from there. I could not meet their eyes. I realized very well that they both knew that I had opened my undergarments in front of Rajkamal. I was feeling awfully abashed.

Guru-ji: Very true Sanjeev. The panty would act as a shield. Anita, this would be a very good safety measure. In any case, you can certainly ask Rajkamal to massage your flesh over your panty. Will that…

I had to cut Guru-ji short. I could not take it any more.

Me: Guru-ji… I understand…

Guru-ji probably realized my condition. Thank God!

Guru-ji: Okay, okay. Now go to your room Anita. I need to brief Meenakshi and Sanjeev regarding my evening visit.

I was more than relieved to get out of that room. I returned to my room with red ears and heavy breathing. It seemed as if Guru-ji and Sanjeev’s little chat was still ringing in my ears. I felt so very humiliated. I rested for a while sitting on my bed and then went for a nap, but several things were clubbing into my mind, especially the maha-yagya topic. Guru-ji told that it was a yagya, which would extend to two days and through it my vaginal block and discharge issues would be solved. But how? What would I have to do for two days? Why did he say it would be ‘strenuous’? There was no answer available with me!
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12-14-2011, 10:40 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
The additional trouble issue in my mind was ‘Mama-ji’, as he said he would come again. To tell the truth, I was unable to form an opinion regarding Mama-ji. I certainly felt his fingers not acting the normal way on my youthful body. Mama-ji never behaved like this before though there was very little chance of me and him getting along ‘alone’. Still I was not convinced to consider such things about this 50+ man. Thinking on all these lines, I did not know when I went into a deep slumber.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Madam! Madam! Please get up”.

I quickly alighted off the bed to this call and was about to approach the door, but noticed that I was not wearing my sari. Actually before I went to bed I opened it to be comfortable on bed. I stopped and quickly wrapped the sari around my upper part of the body and opened the door. I could recognize the voice. It was Nirmal. But why is he shouting?

Me: What has happened?

Nirmal: Madam, Guru-ji is calling you urgent.

Me: Why? Anything serious?

Nirmal: I am not sure, but he asked me to call you.

Me: Okay. I am coming right now, you can go and tell that Guru-ji.

I noticed Nirmal’s eyes fully grazing my petticoat covered lower half of the body, as I was holding my sari with both hands over my breast and abdomen. Nirmal went off and I closed the door and went to toilet to urinate, as I was feeling the pressure, and then wore the sari properly, and combed my hair and went towards Guru-ji’s room again. What could have happened? I was wondering, but not getting a clue.

Me: Guru-ji, were you calling me?

Guru-ji: Yes, yes Anita. I am in a bit of trouble and I need you help.

I was feeling rather uneasy that a man of Guru’s stature is asking for help from me.

Me: Please do not say it like that Guru-ji. Anything for you.

Guru-ji: Anita, as you know, I was scheduled to make a visit to Mr. Yadav’s residence and Sanjeev and Meenakshi were supposed to accompany me, but from the noontime Meenakshi has been running a temperature and now the fever is quite high.

Me: Oh! Really?

Guru-ji: Yes. I have given her medicines, but unfortunately she is not in a state to accompany me. But I need at least one female to act as the medium for Mr. Yadav in the yagya. So, I mean…

Me: Yes Guru-ji?

It was very evident that Guru-ji was hesitating.

Guru-ji: I mean if you could go along with me.

Me: No problems Guru-ji. Why are you so hesitating Guru-ji? It will be my pleasure if I can be of any assistance to you.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. But we will have to stay there tonight, as it would late in the night to complete the yagya.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Sanjeev now added.

Sanjeev: Madam, Mr. Yadav’s apartment is very spacious with lots of rooms and generally we stay in the guest rooms, which are very cozy. You wont have any problem.

Me: I see. Then when do you plan to start Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Now its 5:30. We will start at 7 o’clock. Anita, you do one thing, go to Meenakshi’s room and get a brief idea about how a yagya is arranged, as you will have to help me to set that up at Mr. Yadav’s place.

Me: Right Guru-ji.

I went off from there to Meenakshi’s room. The room was dimly lit and Meenakshi was lying in bed and someone was sitting near his head and applying a balm on her forehead. The illumination was not enough to make out clearly who it was.

Me: How are you now Meenakshi?

Meenakshi: The fever is still there in spite of Guru-ji’s medicines.

As I came near the bed, I saw Rajkamal sitting near her head. I touched her neck and cheeks and they were very warm and surely her temperature was well above 100 degrees.

Me: Hmm. It’s quite high still.
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12-14-2011, 10:41 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Rajkamal: Its 102 degrees Madam. I checked it minutes prior.

Meenakshi: Madam, did Guru-ji tell you to go to town with him?

Me: Yes. He told me just now.

Meenakshi: Sorry Madam for this trouble, but I am really helpless.

Me: Its absolutely okay. You just take rest.

When I entered from outside in the room, my eyes took some time to adjust. Now I noticed that Meenakshi was lying on the bed in a very tempting way considering a male is present in the room. I was shocked to see that her pallu had so much shifted off her big round boobs that half of her treasures were clearly visible above her blouse and Rajkamal being seated near her head was getting a majestic view. As I looked more intently, as if a shock wave went passed my spine, as I noticed Meenakshi was lying on bed on doubt, but her head was on not on the pillow, but on Rajkamal’s lap! He was applying balm to her forehead and the way Meenakshi was breathing I smelt a rat.

Meenakshi: Madam, I have been to Mr. Yadav’s place prior also, you won’t have any problem there.

Me: Okay. But what will I have to do in regards to the yagya?

Meenakshi: Madam, there is nothing much to do, but to arrange the yagya materials like the logs, oil, other list of yagya items, flowers, utensils etc., which Sanjeev will guide you and its more or less like the puja you perform at home.

I was much relieved hearing that, as I definitely was a little anxious.

Me: Guru-ji was saying something about ‘medium.’ What is that?

Meenakshi: Madam, in simple words, its like during the yagya a common man needs a medium through which he or she can attain the goods of the yagya and Guru-ji says to get best effects the genders should be different.

Me: ‘Different’ meaning?

Meenakshi: A male should have a female medium and vice versa Madam.

Me: Okay, okay, I got it.

Meenakshi smiled very meaningfully as I said that and I could not comprehend the significance of that smile.

Meenakshi: I am feeling thirsty.

Rajkamal: One sec…

Meenakshi slightly raised her head and Rajkamal got his lap out and alighted from bed and brought a glass of water. Meenakshi tried to get up, but Rajkamal forced her to stay back in her position and helped her to drink water from the glass. As Meenakshi drank, some water dripped down her chin onto her upper chest and Rajkamal openly touched her upper breast area to wipe it. I tried to take it in the normal spirits, but what he did next did not allow me to get convinced.

Rajkamal kept the glass on the adjoining table and got back to his original position and Meenakshi also readily lifted her head to his lap.

Rajkamal: Did water spill to your blouse?

Meenakshi: I don’t know. My body temperature is so high that I cannot feel that.

Rajkamal: Okay I will check, you relax.

Meenakshi: Madam, its better to take one set of clothing with you, as you will have to take a bath after the yagya.

Me: Yes, I also have thought so.

While we conversed, I noticed in the pretext of checking whether water had spilled onto Meenakshi’s blouse, Rajkamal was virtually feeling every part of Meenakshi’s heaving globes. And most surprisingly Meenakshi was so casual about that and did not even bother to cover her breasts with her pallu. My heart almost stopped when I saw he was touching her cleavage, which was exposed over her blouse, with his fingers to see if it was wet!

Rajkamal: Madam, can you get me a cloth from the cupboard?

I was a bit surprised at Rajkamal’s words. Why does he need a cloth?

Me: What for?

Rajkamal: Actually her blouse is wet at parts and I just want to put a cloth inside so that she does not catch a cold over her fever.

He wants to insert a cloth in the blouse of this fully matured 35-year-old plump woman lying on his lap! I got off and got the cloth and tried to save Meenakshi from feeling embarrassed.

Me: Let me put it. Which part is wet Rajkamal?

Meenakshi: Madam, you please do not get worried. Rajkamal will do it.
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12-14-2011, 10:41 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I was spellbound by this lady’s attitude. She wants to have a male hand inside her blouse! I had no other option but to hand the piece of cloth to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

He now shamelessly pulled and lifted Meenakshi’s blouse from the front off her skin and inserted the cloth onto the top of her boobs. I could clearly see this lady’s very attractive sized tits going up and down within her bra. Rajkamal inserted his fingers along with the cloth on her boobs within her blouse and planted the cloth there. I am sure he got enough opportunity to feel and cup her matured boobs while offering this ‘help.’

Then Rajkamal was back with his fundamental job of massaging and I thought there was no point sitting here and watching these shameless acts any more.

Me: Okay Meenakshi, take rest. I will go now.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam.

Rajkamal: Bye Madam.

I went back to my room and started preparing to go to this disabled man, Mr. Yadav’s house with Guru-ji.
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12-14-2011, 10:42 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I went to the toilet once and used the conveniences to be absolutely fresh. Since I had a tight sleep, I thought it would not be a problem for me to keep awake till late night if the yagya takes longer period of time to complete. I took a spare sari, blouse, and petticoat in a bag along with a set of bra and panty. Around 6:30 p.m., Nirmal came to give a reminder to get ready, but I was ready by that time. I locked my room and went with him to Guru-ji’s room. Guru-ji was also ready and Sanjeev and Uday were arranging the yagya materials in one place. Within another 15 minutes off we went from the ashram in a car, which Mr. Yadav had sent.

There was not much conversation in the way except Guru-ji and Sanjeev telling me not to be anxious, as they would guide me what exactly to do. We reached within an hour to Mr. Yadav’s house. It was already dark as the clock said it was nearly 8. The house was a two-storied building and we went straight upstairs and Mrs. Yadav greeted Guru-ji very warmly. I noticed Mrs. Yadav was a matured lady, probably nearing 40, who had a proportionate figure for her age though slightly on the plump side. She took us to the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was sitting on the sofa. He was also an elderly man, 50+ surely, with specs and a thick beard on his face. He was wearing a white kurta and pajama and his left leg was strapped in a wooden cast. He was holding to a walking stick and was clearly handicapped I noticed, as when he tried to stand up, Mrs. Yadav had to support him.

Mr. Yadav also greeted Guru-ji with a warm welcome, but I could not find the girl for which Guru-ji had come to perform the yagya. Guru-ji was addressing Mrs. Yadav as Nandini and Mr. Yadav as Kumar. After the initial chat, Guru-ji introduced me to both Mr. and Mrs. Yadav and explained that Meenakshi was ill and could not come.

Guru-ji: Nandini, where is Shilpa? I am not seeing her.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, she is taking a bath, as I told her she needs to attain the yagya.

Guru-ji: Fine.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji we both are very concerned about her studies. You know that she failed last year and this year also…

Guru-ji interrupted Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Nandini, have faith on Linga Maharaj. The yagya will take care of your child. Don’t worry.

All along Mrs. Yadav was standing by her husband and it seemed to me he takes a lot of care for her husband. Just then a nice-looking, jolly girl entered the room. I could realize this was Shilpa. She looked quite matured for a class XII girl I noticed, both inn her face and physically also. She was wearing a green top and a black long skirt and with her hair tied up high and a smile on her face, she looked pretty attractive. Everybody’s focus was on her now, obviously.

Shilpa: Pranam Guru-ji.

Shilpa came forward and bent to take ashirwad from Guru-ji. I noticed that her boobs jiggled under her top, as she approached the center of the room towards Guru-ji. She must be wearing a loose bra I thought, which we females do wear sometimes at home. I noticed Sanjeev’s eyes were already fixed on this girl’s very youthful waggling breasts.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beta, what’s happening to your studies?

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am trying my best, but somehow I am unable to produce what I am learning at home.

Guru-ji: Hmm. Concentration problem. Don’t worry Beti, now that I have come, I will take care.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am very anxious. My marks have been very low.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, the yagya will make your mind blossom fully and you will have no problems in concentration there on.

Shilpa along with her parents seemed very pleased with Guru-ji’s words. I could realize all this time while Guru-ji and Shilpa conversed, Mr. Yadav was giving me stares through his specs. Mrs. Yadav was still standing very close to him. Initially I didn’t notice that, but now I am quite sure that he was eyeing me. Out of natural womanly virtue, I adjusted my sari over my boobs and hips though it was perfectly all right. I looked at Mrs. Yadav if she is noticing her husband, but she seemed too engrossed with Guru-ji’s words.
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12-14-2011, 10:42 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: Okay then, Nandini lets move to the ‘puja ghar’.

Guru-ji and Sanjeev followed Mrs. Yadav and I had to trail them and was rather happy to get out of Mr. Yadav’s eyesight. The ‘puja ghar’ seemed at the end of first floor, but I saw there were steps going above. Mrs. Yadav was climbing the steps first followed by Guru-ji, then me, and last was Sanjeev. As I looked up, my eyes automatically focussed on Mrs. Yadav’s huge undulating gaand, as she climbed the steps. Probably a blind man also would not miss that. Mrs. Yadav, though looked nearing 40 age wise, I noticed her bottoms looked quite tight and firm as they swayed behind her sari. Guru-ji was just behind her and his face was nearly touching her swinging gaand as he followed her.

Alarm bells immediately rang in my ears, as I realized my moving ass would also be a feast for Sanjeev’s eyes, as he was just behind me climbing the steps. I had no way to bypass the situation and had to climb the stairs just in front of him. It must have been a grand view for Sanjeev, as by any means my bottom-line was pretty attractive for a woman of 28. Thankfully there were only a handful of steps and we were there at the ‘puja ghar’, which was located at one-and-half floor.

Guru-ji: Nandini, I notice you are panting. But you only climbed a small number of steps?

Mrs. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji, I have developed this problem recently.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, check her pulse once.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji and I walked past them into the puja-ghar, but as I glanced back I saw Sanjeev standing to Mrs. Yadav alarmingly close, which sparked a curiosity in my mind. The puja-ghar was a rather small room with images of gods and goddesses. Guru-ji was busy to unload the yagya items and asked me separate the flowers and garlands, but I was rather interested to see what Sanjeev was doing. So I shifted my position such that I was quite close to the door.

Mrs. Yadav: I do not believe in these allopathy medicines Sanjeev. Dr. had given me some, but am not taking.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, your problem will aggravate if you do not take the pills.

Mrs. Yadav: What more aggravation of problems are you talking about Sanjeev? You know Kumar. He is a drunkard. Moreover, he is now handicapped for the past 5 years. Shilpa failed last year. Sanjeev, which way should I go?

I could not see them directly, but could hear them clearly and was getting an unknown thrill overhearing them like this. I could clearly sense that Sanjeev has a good relation with Mrs. Yadav, as she was quite frank to him.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, you cannot change your destiny. Still I tried to do my best within my limited capacity.

Now I shifted my position more towards the door. I looked from the corner of my eyes at Guru-ji and saw he was quite occupied in arranging for the yagya. The pathway to the puja-ghar was adequately lit up and hence I could clearly see Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev. I noticed there was certainly a changed behavioral pattern in Mrs. Yadav - in front of his husband and now in his absence. Sanjeev to my utter shock was almost hugging Mrs. Yadav!

I could not believe my eyes and my eyes almost popped out seeing this scene. Sanjeev’s one hand was roaming around Mrs. Yadav’s waist and buttocks and she was also leaning on to Sanjeev in a way, which was very indicative. I noticed she stood as if with a broken waist and her buttocks were looking very provocative, protruding outside, and boobs were thrusting forward towards Sanjeev. As a woman I could readily understand Mrs. Yadav’s intention seeing her pose.

Mrs. Yadav: I do not blame you Sanjeev, it’s my destiny. I have been suffering for 5 years.

Sanjeev remained silent. I could well understand that there was a relation among them, most likely physical, because no married woman would allow another male to touch her the way Sanjeev was holding her. With a handicapped husband, I could clearly see the missing desired sex life in Mrs. Yadav.

I could clearly see that Sanjeev’s right hand was now very evidently feeling Mrs. Yadav’s flesh of her wide ass cheeks over her sari and she was also inclining more and more towards Sanjeev. I couldn’t see Sanjeev’s left hand from my position. Was it on her boobs? I guess so because the way Mrs. Yadav is subtly moving her heavy ass in the standing position, it was very suggestive. I was deriving immense pleasure, I don’t know why, overseeing them in that compromising position.

Sanjeev: Nandini Madam lets go inside, otherwise Guru-ji might.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, yes. Kumar can also silently come down the hallway here.

I realized they were parting and I pretended to be engaged in my work with flowers. Sanjeev came inside, followed by Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, did you find a faster pulse in Nandini?

Sanjeev: No Guru-ji, its normal.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, when shall I ask Shilpa to come here?

Guru-ji: I will need all three of you in the beginning. I will send Sanjeev to call you. Still it will at least take half an hour to arrange everything.
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12-14-2011, 10:42 AM
Post: #78
RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: As you know, in the yagya, all should sit in clean white clothes.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji, I remember that.

Then within half-an-hour all was ready for the yagya. The fire was created at the center of the room with the image of Linga Maharaj just behind that. There were so many items neatly arranged by Guru-ji, me, and Sanjeev that I appreciated the arrangement in my mind. Sanjeev closed the door and Guru-ji started the yagya. It started at 9:00 p.m. With the fire flame, the scent of sandal incense sticks, and Guru-ji chanting mantras loudly the atmosphere within the room instantly changed. Guru-ji sat in front of the fire and Sanjeev to his left and myself to his right. Sanjeev had already called the Yadav family.

Mr. Yadav was wearing the white kurta and pajama, as he was wearing earlier when I met him in the drawing room. As he came I noticed he was leaning on to his wife and trembling. What a change in Mrs. Yadav! She seemed to be so devoted to her husband now, as I saw her bringing him to the puja-ghar. She has changed her sari and was wearing a white cotton sari along with a white blouse, which was extremely transparent, I must quote. Anyone and everyone could clearly see the position of her white bra inside and her fair skin through the transparent material. Shilpa was wearing a nice tight-fitting embroidered white salwar suit and looked quite appealing, as she was not using a chunri. They all sat opposite us in front of the fire.

Initial mantras and worship went on for around 20 minutes. I really had nothing much to do once the yagya started. The atmosphere in the room was getting stuffy with the smoke and the heat of the yagya fire, more so as the room was pretty small and there was no ventilation. I realized since I was sitting close to the fire, I was sweating and my armpits and lower back were already wet.

Guru-ji: Now, I will do the individual ritual for Shilpa. Each of the parents must participate in it. Though the main yagya will be involving Shilpa Beti alone, but this is also mandatory.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, if you start with me it would be of help as…

Guru-ji: Yes Kumar, absolutely. I do not want to strain you unnecessarily. I will start with you and then release you. You can take rest.

Mr. Yadav: Thanks Guru-ji.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, please call me when you are done with Kumar.

Guru-ji nodded and Mrs. Yadav and her daughter went off and Sanjeev again closed the door.

Mr. Yadav was again giving stares at me, but I was more concerned about sweating. My blouse was getting wet already. I wiped of some of the sweat from my back and neck with my pallu. Just then Mr. Yadav talked to me for the first time.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, Anita is feeling hot I guess, can we not keep the door open?

I was shocked to see he was addressing me by my name straightway. I was quite irritated understanding that he was watching me closely.

Guru-ji: No Kumar. That would deviate concentration.

Mr. Yadav: Right, right.

Guru-ji: Anita, you will now act as Kumar’s medium in this part of the yagya.

I looked dumb, as I was still not sure what exactly I have to do to be the ‘medium.’

Guru-ji: Kumar and Anita, come to my left side. Sanjeev you start preparing the ‘bhog.’

Sanjeev already was preparing for the ‘bhog’ I noticed sometime back and now I realized that there was no other option but to go and help Mr. Yadav to stand. I had to do that. I alighted from my sitting position and had to wriggle my ass a little in front of these three males as my petticoat and sari were sticking to my ass. I then went to the opposite end to Mr. Yadav.

Me: Can you stand up alone Mr. Yadav?

Mr. Yadav: No Anita. I need your help.

I was getting increasingly irritated each time he was taking my name, but was helpless due to Guru-ji’s presence. Before I could offer an assist, he grabbed my hand and with the other hand put pressure on his walking cane to stand up. In turn, I held his hand and shoulder and helped him. He was very shaky as he walked and I felt bad for the disabled condition of this man. I offered to hold my shoulder, as I saw Mrs. Yadav was doing, and he walked better clinging to my blouse-covered shoulder.

Guru-ji: Anita, now hold this ‘thali’ and offer it to Agnidev first. Kumar, you hold her from behind and whisper mantra in her ears, which I tell. And Anita as the medium you will utter that loudly to Agnidev. Okay?

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

I took the thali from Guru-ji and stood in front of the fire. Now I was directly in front of Guru-ji, the yagya fire separating us. I noticed Mr. Yadav slowly came and stood behind me with his walking stick.

Guru-ji: Leave the stick Kumar and hold this book in one hand.

As Mr. Yadav kept his stick aside, I instantly felt warm male fingers on my waist, partly above my sari cover and partly on my bare abdomen. I understood being disabled and off of his walking stick, he had to hold on to something support, but my whole body shivered at his warm touches. I was looking hopeless I knew, as my nipples started to grow hard, and I looked questionably at Guru-ji. Thankfully Guru-ji understood what I meant to say.

Guru-ji: Kumar, hold Anita’s shoulder and start whispering the mantra from the book. It’s marked there.

Mr. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji.

He removed his hand off my waistline and held me by my shoulder like an obedient boy.

Guru-ji: Anita, you offer the mantra loudly to Agnidev and I will repeat that to Linga Maharaj. Both of you close your eyes. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I closed my eyes and felt Mr. Yadav’s hot breaths on my shoulder. He was so close to me. He started whispering mantras in my ears, which I uttered loudly and Guru-ji repeated that in turn very loudly. The first few minutes were okay and then slowly I realized as Mr. Yadav was whispering he was moving closer. I ignored that thinking of his disability. I felt his knees touching my thighs first over my sari and in no time his crotch was pushing me subtly on my ass cheeks. I shifted a bit as I uttered the mantras, but that was not helping me, as being more close to the fire was making me sweat profusely. Gradually I felt very deliberate efforts from Mr. Yadav to push his crotch into my firm ass.

I cursed myself that moments ago I was showering sympathy in my mind for this disabled man and now I could clearly feel his erect lund poking my butts. I was thinking what to do. Should I slap him and teach a lesson? But I did not want to create a scene here. It’s a matter of prestige for Guru-ji also and hence I remained quiet and tried to concentrate on the yagya. But that handicapped rascal did not stop. He was now touching my ears through his lips while whispering mantras. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable and getting excited now with Mr. Yadav’s hard dick poking my pumpkin-ass constantly and his lips grazing my ears. Naturally, heat started generating in my body and the heat of the fire in front of me was making things literally ‘hot’ for me.

Luckily in a few more minutes the mantra chanting part was over. I was relieved. Very temporarily though only to find myself more entangled with Mr. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You did a nice job. Give the thali to me. Now hold this bowl and pour the oil very slowly on the fire. Very slowly. Kumar you also hold the bowl.

Momentarily I forgot that Mr. Yadav was still holding onto my shoulder for support and bent forward to take the bowl from Guru-ji. His hand slipped off my shoulder and he partially lost balance.

Guru-ji: Anita, Anita. Hold him.
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12-14-2011, 10:43 AM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji almost shouted. I instantly turned back and realized my mistake. But before I could completely turn back and seize him, he almost fell over my back. Though I managed the situation, but I realized I should have been more careful as I previously did notice him to be trembling when he stood up or walked. Mr. Yadav stooped over my youthful body and his face fell flat on my neck area, but he was quick enough to search for a support and almost hugged me from my back.

Me: Ouch!

Automatically it came out of my mouth as Mr. Yadav fell on my back for an assist. Though apparently it looked like he fell down and in the process held me from my back, but I could feel the actuals. I was already by then pretty much aware of his stares and touches, but this time he crossed all limits. I could feel his nose poking my back and his hot tongue and lips on the upper portion of my back, just above the U-cut of my blouse. He grabbed me for support and embraced me, his right hand holding my hand, but his left hand grabbed me in my pelvic area directly touching my pussy area over my sari. Though I recovered in a few seconds, but I felt his hand pressure on my panty over my sari and his tongue licking my bare skin over my blouse.

Mr. Yadav: Sorry Anita. You suddenly bent and I lost balance.

I had to be apologetic though was quite irritated by his behavior. He is such an elderly person, moreover disabled, what sort of behavior is this? I could not say anything due to Guru-ji’s presence otherwise certainly would have slapped this pervert.

Guru-ji: Kumar, are you okay?

Mr. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji. I caught Anita in time.

Guru-ji: Okay, now lets settle down and Anita offer the oil as I narrate the mantra. The custom is to first worship Agnidev and then we will worship Linga Maharaj for Shilpa’s academic future.

We nodded and again Mr. Yadav came very close to me and held the bowl from behind me. This time I felt his whole body pressure was on me and his fingers touching my fingers too. Guru-ji started pronouncing the mantra very clearly and loudly and I was pouring the oil slowly on the yagya fire. I could well realize that Mr. Yadav was feeling every part of my body from the back without any hindrance now. I even felt he was gyrating his pelvis faintly onto my firm buttocks. Frankly I was getting a bit excited now by all these acts of Mr. Yadav.

As I poured the oil, the yagya fire was gaining proportion and I had to shift a little backwards due to the intense heat. I jolly well understood Mr. Yadav liked my approach, as my firm sari-covered ass pressed more into his crotch and I felt his lund, which was hard enough to excite me, probing my posterior globes. He was also pressing me from the sides with his elbows and I was almost cramped within his arms holding the bowl. This session seemed to be a long one, as Guru-ji continued chanting mantras and I was pouring the oil very slowly on the yagya fire.

Seeing the opportunity probably Mr. Yadav now held my fingers on the bowl so firmly that I had to give him a stare turning my head. He smiled wickedly and I was even more irritated by this though his ‘male touch’ was giving me a pleasant arousal. I looked up at Guru-ji, but he was chanting the mantras while closing his eyes and Sanjeev had already started cooking and none of them were noticing us. As I was looking around, I did not realize that Mr. Yadav was also looking for further chances. Suddenly I felt a whisper in my ears.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, I am removing one hand from the bowl. I am having an itching.

I reluctantly gave a nod not understanding where he was having the itch. And believe me, that shameless old fox was having an itch in his penis, which he referred to me! Guru-ji did not notice anything, as his eyes were closed, and Mr. Yadav took his right hand off my fingers from the bowl and put it right away in his crotch and started scratching. I did not have to turn back to see that, as I felt his hand between his pelvic area and my buttocks. He continued it for some moments and just prior to taking it off from there, he started feeling and cupping my right ass cheek.

My nipples immediately responded to Mr. Yadav’s squeezing my firm ass flesh and I felt my nipples becoming hard and started pressing my bra cups. I felt a tightness in my blouse and with my both hands engaged with the bowl of oil, I had to turn back to stop this lewd act. He immediately behaved himself getting his hands back on the bowl. Within a minute or two, the oil-pouring episode ended. Now I was sweating very profusely, not only from the heat of the yagya fire, but also from the subtle physical advancements from Mr. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Now that offering and worship to Agnidev is complete, we will satisfy Linga Maharaj. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Mr. Yadav and myself both said “Jai Linga Maharaj!” in chorus. Guru-ji started throwing all sorts of yagya items into the fire chanting new mantras, which went on for another 5 minutes. Sanjeev was still busy with the cooking and a nice scent was filling the room as he was preparing the ‘bhog.’

Guru-ji: Anita, I know this part would be a bit odd for you, but a medium has to take this pain. You have to worship for Kumar now to Linga Maharaj.

Apparently I did not find anything “odd” in what Guru-ji stated and I looked dubiously to him as why did he mention the word “pain?”

Guru-ji: As the medium, you will carry Kumar and offer a pranam to Linga Maharaj stretching yourself on the floor. Your navel and knees should touch the floor Anita.

I nodded, still not understanding what it actually meant. I gave the walking stick to Mr. Yadav and helped him to stand on his own. Guru-ji offered ‘Ganga jal’ to me to clean my hands and after that showed me the position from where to offer the pranam. I went there and sat on my knees first on the floor and then stretched my body completely on the floor with my macro-sized buttocks facing the roof.

Guru-ji: Stretch your hands forward for pranam. Is your navel touching the ground? Let me see.

Guru-ji did not give me an opportunity to react and he himself removed the sari off my abdomen and inserted his finger below to see if my navel was touching the floor. I had to lift my bottoms up a bit so that he could check and it was such a ticklish sensation as his middle finger touched my navel that I almost laughed, but controlled myself.

Guru-ji: Fine.

Saying that he took off his hand from below my belly and patted on my sari-covered ass cheek to get it down. I obeyed Guru-ji and also extended my arms above my head. It was so very clumsy to be lying on the floor upside down in front of two males. I noticed Guru-ji now helped Mr. Yadav to come near me.

Guru-ji: Anita now you will carry the worship of Kumar to Linga Maharaj.

Me: How Guru-ji?

I had to ask now, as I was still not sure what exactly I needed to do. I saw Guru-ji helping Mr. Yadav to sit beside me.

Guru-ji: I told you Anita. You will carry Kumar.

Guru-ji seemed a bit irritated having to say that again, but I was really puzzled now. What does he mean by “carry”? Does he mean…. Oh No! That can’t be.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you stretch yourself on Anita’s back and whisper the mantras from this book, which are marked.

Mr. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji.

I had to say something now. Guru-ji was telling this man to lie on my back and whisper mantra in my ears! It was like I was lying in bed with my bottoms facing the roof and my husband on top of me enjoying me!

Me: Guru-ji, but this…

Guru-ji: Anita, this is the custom of this yagya and the medium must abide to that.

Me: But Guru-ji, he is an unknown male…

Guru-ji: Anita. Do as I say.
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I noticed an instant change in Guru-ji’s voice. It was an order and he sounded louder than normal and his voice was cold as steel. I did not have the courage to utter another word and I silently allowed what was to happen.

Guru-ji: Kumar, what are you waiting for? Time is precious. Auspicious time for Shilpa ends at midnight.

I felt Mr. Yadav was riding on my back. I was feeling so very embarrassed. Guru-ji helped him to stretch his body on my youthful body. What an embarrassment for me I thought. If my husband saw this scene, he must have fainted. I clearly felt Mr. Yadav adjusting his penis to exactly fit in my ass crack. I felt his hands holding my shoulder and his whole body weight was on my body. It must have been a grand feeling for him to ride like this on a married woman.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! You can start Kumar. Anita you concentrate on the mantras and offer that loudly to Linga Maharaj.

I could see Guru-ji from my lying position. He closed his eyes and Mr. Yadav started whispering the mantras in my ears. I really was unable to concentrate. Can any woman concentrate in this position with a man lying on her back? Mr. Yadav was no fool and began to take full advantage of my compromised state. He was now thrusting more pressure on my soft buttocks and pressing his lund more into my crack. Thank god! I was wearing a panty today, which was actually hindering his penis to probe deep in my ass crack.

Mr. Yadav’s voice was trembling as he narrated the mantras as I could pretty well realize he was slowly thumping my gaand, as if he was fucking me. I tried to keep my voice as much steady as possible as I was chanting the Sanskrit words aloud. Guru-ji had his eyes closed and Sanjeev’s back was towards us and so it was a free ride for this disabled man. I could feel his wooden casted leg over my sari on my legs, but apart from that he seemed quite able in this age too! His thumping speed was increasing and his hardness too.

Now I could clearly feel he was also tasting my ears and cheeks with his lips and tongue in between the pauses of uttering the mantras. I knew I should not allow this, but the way Guru-ji reacted previously, I did not have the courage to interrupt things interim. I was breathing heavily now and I could realize Mr. Yadav was panting almost. It was ‘some’ pleasure surely for him at this age. Just at that juncture, he did something, which made my heart miss a beat.

I was in a pranam posture, though lying on floor, with both my arms extended forward above my head. My blouse-covered boobs pressed against the floor and were open from the sides. The rascal did not miss to spot that, and seeing Guru-ji still had his eyes closed, he took off his hand off my shoulder and also kept the book from his hand on the floor. Then he kept both his hands to my sides to support his body. I was a bit relieved in fact, as previously the whole of his body pressure was on my back, but it was only momentarily. The next moment, he shifted his hands to my sides and gently touched boobs over my blouse.

I closed my eyes in shame, anger, and excitement, but I could not explode thinking of Guru-ji’s presence. Simultaneously since I was constantly being enticed by this man, I also by that time got a good arousal. Hence I did not react to this outrageous act of Mr. Yadav and pretended I was engrossed in chanting the mantras. I could feel initially he was only gently touching and pressing my breasts and now seeing I was still chanting the mantras loudly what he whispered, he gained in confidence, which was natural also. Somewhere down my mind I wanted that probably, as I was feeling horny.

Mr. Yadav now increased the pressure with both hands on my breasts, which were already smashed to the floor due to his body weight on me. I realized he eased off his body pressure off my back a bit and the moment I also loosened my body, he grabbed my ripe mangoes with both hands and felt the firmness and roundness of them. I really at that moment was feeling that my husband was on top of me and squashing my youthful boobs. In fact at home Rajesh often did that to me and I also enjoyed this sort of lovemaking. My husband used to insert both his hands completely below my body and then grip both my boobs and playfully searched the nipples and twisted them constantly till I was fully wet down my pussy.

Thankfully Mr. Yadav was not that courageous and showed some decency, probably myself being someone’s wife. But he made sure that he got full pleasure cupping each of my boobs from the sides. Ow even my voice was thoroughly trembling and I did not know what I was chanting.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji as if was awake from his slumber and Mr. Yadav was quick enough to remove his hands off my boobs. His hot breaths were falling on my neck, shoulder and ears and making me feel more horny. I realized that Mr. Yadav was complete with his mantras.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you be in that position and tell what you want for Shilpa in one sentence nine times in the ears of Anita.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji I just want her to pass this Class XII exam.

Guru-ji: Okay. Whisper that five times in her ears and Anita you rely the same to Linga Maharaj. After each vocal pray, I will also pray for Shilpa and you wait till I finish and then narrate your next prayer. Clear?

Myself and Mr. Yadav both agreed to him.

Guru-ji: Everybody close your eyes and do the prayer.

I closed my eyes and before that noticed Guru-ji closed his.

Mr. Yadav: I just want my daughter to pass the Class XII exam Linga Maharaj.

He whispered in my ears ensuring that his lips touch my ears and neck and his pelvis exerting more pressure on my soft and rotund buttocks, which was suggestive of he wanted something more. I very well knew what that ‘more’ was – he wanted to have my boobs. I was enough heated by that time and retracted my extended arms for pranam and exerting a bit of pressure with my elbows created a little gap below my armpit so that Mr. Yadav could easily put his hands there to grip my blouse covered treasures. I was loudly saying Mr. Yadav’s desire for his daughter to Linga Maharaj and Guru-ji was adding mantras in Sanskrit.

I had my eyes closed, but could very well realize Mr. Yadav now headed for my succulent boobs and as he squeezed both with both his hands, he was breathing quite heavily and was gyrating his pelvis as if he was fucking me. I was getting thoroughly wet within my panty with each thump of his on my flaring ass. And I noticed Mr. Yadav was most active with his hands on my sweaty blouse when Guru-ji was narrating mantras and we both were silent. I also was responding to his touches and squeezes and moved my hips gently to feel his piston more on my sari-covered ass cheeks.

I was soon over with my five times narration of Mr. Yadav’s message for Shilpa to Linga Maharaj and was honestly wondering what next!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Mr. Yadav stopped fucking my ass and rested quietly just beside my body. I was feeling his prick very evidently on my ass and in fact wanted to remove my panty now as I was not getting full enjoyment as it was obstructing his tool onto my ass crack.

Guru-ji: Okay, now a little break and then the last part, which is meditation for Shilpa Beti.

Now I had to adjust my bra and blouse a little as Mr. Yadav had pressed and squeezed my boobs in such a manner that I was feeling awful tight within my clothes. At the same time, I now desperately wanted to get out of my panty to feel Mr. Yadav’s hard lund completely on my ass. Moreover, I wanted to urinate also to feel comfortable. I instantly thought of a way out.

Me: Guru-ji, can I go to the toilet once?

Guru-ji smiled and nodded. The smile made me as if so exposed in front of these males. Everybody as if knew why I was going to the toilet. I lowered my eyes and went out of the room, but I realized I did not know where the toilet was.
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