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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
12-12-2011, 02:17 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
There was silence for some moments, as Guru-ji closed his eyes and was meditating.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. Look Anita, your pregnancy will come only if you discharge more during intercourse. What I gathered it seems you are not getting aroused enough to get total discharge of your fluids. This often happens to couples, which is not very concerning. But the concerning part can be if even if you are aroused fully, your vaginal discharge is inadequate.

Guru-ji gave a pause as if inviting the natural question from me.

Me: If it’s not adequate, what happens Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Look Anita, if discharge is scanty, the number of ovum produced is also less and the pregnancy chance decreases significantly. But be relaxed my dear, as there are ways to pull out your full vaginal discharge and also herbal medicines to enhance it. But you need to obey my guidelines in toto.

Me: Guru-ji I would do anything to get pregnancy. I am really frustrated now. I will do exactly as you order.

Guru-ji: Good Anita. But remember it’s easier said than done. The first thing I will need is the measure of your vaginal discharge. Do you masturbate?

I was feeling thirsty now. I have never in my life faced such a question and was really feeling very, very embarrassed. I never tried such things. Whatever happened was natural with me. Its not that I didn’t get discharges before marriage, but they were all natural, through dreams mostly, and at times some brushing or groping in trains, buses, etc. and thinking about them later in bed with a pillow may be.

But now I was feeling puzzled how could I get a full vaginal discharge, as for that I need to be aroused fully, only imagination would not lead to that. Most importantly, my husband is not here also.

Me: Yes, Guru-ji, very few times do I masturbate and the discharge also is very less.

Guru-ji: Anita, you need to do exactly as I say. I need the measure of your vaginal discharge and based on that further treatment will be planned.

Me: But Guru-ji, without my husband… I cannot lie down with…

Guru-ji: Anita, what are you thinking I don’t know? Are you expecting that I will ask you to lie down with another man to get your full discharge? I know you are a housewife and your social limits.

I nodded and was somewhat assured now. But still I was not clear how would I get fully aroused if I do not lie down with a male!

Guru-ji: The first part of the treatment is mind control. You have to only respond to actions on your body naturally and wipe out everything else from mind. Do not think who is with you, where you are, but just respond normally to situations that I will give you. Control your mind to the actions only. It will be done so very naturally, just like we are talking now and so don’t worry at all, it’s just a treatment process. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I nodded to Guru-ji though perceived little about what exactly will be the treatment like.

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12-12-2011, 02:17 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Guru-ji: Let me summarize for you what will be the plan. First the medicine part. You will take this herbal drug in the morning after your first urine in empty stomach and at bedtime. The dosage is written on the bottle. Okay?

I nodded taking the medicine bottle from him.

Guru-ji: This is the second herbal extract that you will always take when you will go out of this ashram. And here is an oil with which you need to massage your full body before taking bath in the noon. And every shower you take must be with herbal water as you did during your diksha. I feel you start applying the oils from tomorrow, and not today.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I felt very fresh after the herbal water bath.

Guru-ji: Yes, the herbal extract helps to rejuvenate your organs and energy level. But remember that the oil I just gave you must not be applied on your breasts. For that, this is the oil, which should be used. I hope there will be no confusion if you can remember that the breast massage oil is green in color. Okay?

I nodded like an obedient student. I could realize my nipples jumped up within my bra hearing the words “breast massage” from a male.

Guru-ji: Anita, you will get the guidelines regarding your massage from Rajkamal. You have probably not conversed with him because he remains busy most of the time, as he is the ashram cook.

Me: Yes Guru-ji. I have not talked to him though saw him yesterday when I came here.

Guru-ji: And now for the mind control part. This is very important. You keep this special soaking pad and wear it for the next couple of days whenever you go out of the ashram.

Guru-ji handed me over a small white square shaped cotton pad, which looked like a big handkerchief folded to form a square. I was in a dilemma what to do exactly with it though Guru-ji said to ‘wear it’.

Me: How do I wear this Guru-ji?

I probably asked the most silly question of my life!

Guru-ji: Anita, I already told you that I must know how much discharge you are having when aroused and this is a specialized pad with a measuring litmus paper within it, which will enable me to gauge that. You will have to place it within your panty over your pussy hole.

My ears turned red instantly hearing this. I avoided eye contact from Guru-ji out of womanly shyness. Hearing the words “panty” and “pussy” directly from a male made my condition worse, as the nipples grew more and so were my copious upper treasures giving me a tighter sensation, as my blouse was already stretched enough.

Guru-ji: Put it within your panty in such a way Anita so that it does not get shifted. It needs to soak every drop so that I get the correct measure. I hope you can manage that.

I nodded right away looking at the floor and wanted to end this discussion desperately. I felt like if I allowed more on this topic, Guru-ji might ask to lift my sari to my waist and he would actually put his hand within my panty to show me how to wear this pad.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I got your point.

Guru-ji: Fine. Anita, I want you to have at least two orgasms per day for today and tomorrow. Remember, every act that you will face might seem to be highly outrageous, but is actually a part of your treatment. So you must be taking it sportingly and allow for the incidents to happen in its natural path. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj.

Guru-ji: Anita, I also want you to participate in daily chores that we do. If you feel, you can help in the kitchen. Similarly if you feel, you can participate in pastime like yoga, swimming etc. in the afternoon.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I will definitely do that which would suit me.

Guru-ji: You can go now Anita. You will get instructions from me via my disciples what to do, where to go, etc. Have faith in Linga Maharaj.

Me: Thanks Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I went out of his room and went back to my room. I was still tense about the mind control part. As Guru-ji said, I have to ‘take it sportingly’, but obviously being married was pretty much worried to experience two orgasms in a day without my husband. I only had such intense sexual pleasures in the early part of my marriage days. I consoled myself at the same time that there is no other way out, as Guru-ji needs to know if my discharge is normal or not.

At around 10:00 am Nirmal came tapping at my room door. By then I already had a herbal bath. It was so refreshing and bathing in front of the life size mirror in my toilet was as if making me more shameless. The general 10-minute long bath got extended, as I stayed nude there for some more time appreciating my youthful figure in the mirror. Before that I went to the kitchen and got introduced with Rajkamal and helped him with some vegetable cutting also.

Nirmal: Madam, please get ready. Guru-ji said to take you to the tailor as you are having problems with your blouse fitting.

Me: But I did not tell Guru-ji in the morning about this. How did he know?

Nirmal: Meenakshi told Guru-ji.

I thanked in my mind to Meenakshi. She saved me from taking such an intimate issue to Guru-ji. And the way Guru-ji asks direct question would have been another blushing episode for me.

Each time I see this dwarf I feel amused. I noted that his eyes were roaming more on the lower portion of my figure. Realizing that I consciously avoided turning my back to him while talking.

Me: Where is the tailor? Does he stay in the ashram?

Nirmal: No Madam. But not far at all, it’s only five minutes walking from here. Madam, I will not go with you; Uday will come and take you, as he is dedicated for outside visits.

Me: Okay Nirmal. You can send Uday.

Nirmal: Madam, please make sure to take the medicine before going out of the ashram and to wear the pad.

He left the place with a wicked smile. I was again taken aback. This nitwit also knows that I need to wear the pad within my panty!

I closed the door and had the medicine as per dosage and then went to the toilet with the pad. Since I need to place the pad securely, I decided to get out of the sari and petticoat completely. So again I had to strip to an almost bikini posture as I had my bath only sometime ago. I pulled my panty half way down my fair buttocks and placed the pad covering my pussy hole and pulled the panty up again. The touch of a foreign body on my pussy instantly gave me a turn on. But I tried to distract my mind from it and quickly wore my petticoat and sari. My blouse as usual clung to my tight boobs with the upper hooks open, but at least I felt assured that I would get a proper blouse to wear, as I need to stay here for 5-7 days now.

Uday had a charming personality, but with a very well built body. ( ) He told me he teaches yoga here and is very active in sporting events like kho-kho, kabbadi, swimming, etc. Any woman would like his physical structure and honestly I also appreciated in my mind his physique. We went out of ashram and took the way by the big pond just outside the ashram. I noticed there was not much residence, only a few and very scattered.

As I tried to walk swiftly to match Uday’s steps through the grass filed, I began facing my common problem. I clearly felt my panty sliding off my smooth buttocks and getting shifted to a side due to my speedy walk. I know in no time it will roll into my ass crack if I do not walk slowly. Though the pad was secure in the front, I felt very uncomfortable within even though this was nothing new to me, as it’s the same story with almost all panties I wear. I had no other option but to walk a bit slowly and thankfully Uday did not ask me why I decelerated.

Soon we reached the tailor’s place. It was a small hut, so to say. As we knocked an elderly man came out. He must be at least 55-60 years, almost my father’s age. He was wearing thick spectacles and was wearing a lungi. He appeared very feeble.

Uday: Master-ji, our Madam is having some problem with her blouse, can you see if you can correct that.

Master-ji: But I right now I am busy taking measurements. It will take some time.

Uday: Okay Master-ji, she will wait for a while.

The tailor looked at me. His eyesight seemed to be weak, as he looked quite a while at me through his thick glasses. At that time another man came out of the house, he was middle aged, may be around 40, very thin, also wearing a lungi.

Master-ji: Ramlal take Madam inside. I am coming from toilet.

Uday whispered in my ears that Ramlal was Master-ji’s brother, who helped him in his tailoring and that they can stitch a blouse in only a couple of hours. Since it took at least a week to sew a blouse by our town’s ladies tailor, I was quite impressed hearing it.

Uday: Madam, I really have nothing to do here now. I would advise you to get a new blouse stitched by Master-ji. I will go to the village and pick you up from here in an hour.

I nodded knowing nothing what waited for me there and Uday was gone.

Ramlal: Come with me Madam.

His voice was very harsh and he looked rough too. He was ogling like most males at my upright breasts. He led me to a very small room. There was a sewing machine at the right side, a sari hanging diagonally on the left, and a heap of colored clothes. The room was undoubtedly humid, as there was no ventilation except the door. A dim bulb illuminated the room and a table fan was giving air. Since I came from outside, it took some seconds to get accustomed to the light and I noticed a girl was standing there also at one corner.

Ramlal: Sorry for the inconvenience Madam. There is not much space here. Master-ji will finish taking the measurements of this girl and then attend you. You sit on this stool till such time.

I was about to look intently at the girl who was standing at the corner of the room, but saying the above Ramlal forwarded me the stool, but kept on holding to that. I was rather irritated by his act, because if I sit now I will have to put part of my buttocks on his fingers and naturally I reacted heatedly.

Me: What is this? How can I sit if you hold the stool like this?

Ramlal: Madam, don’t get angry please. I am not sure if it can take your weight. Yesterday only one toppled and got hurt.

I understood and smiled on my own seeing the condition of the stool.

Me: Yes, your stool looks like you in health.
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12-12-2011, 02:18 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
The girl who was standing there also laughed at my comment. Ramlal of course smiled big like a rascal showing his teeth, but did not remove his fingers from the stool top and I had to sit on that as he was supporting it. I was conscious enough not to sit on his fingers directly, but the position was such, his fingers got partially pressed between my firm ass cheeks and the wooden tool as I sat. I cannot say about Ramlal’s feeling, but I bet he must have enjoyed the roundness of this 28-year-old housewife, but the very contact of male fingers on my smooth bottom triggered my heartbeat. I promptly compelled him to leave the stool and adjusted on it myself.

I looked at the girl now. She was a teenager wearing a ghagra-choli. Clearly she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were quite evident through her thin blouse. I looked at Ramlal’s eyes to see whether he was eyeing them, but was shocked to find he was instead eyeing my cleavage! I instantly adjusted my pallu, which was displaced, to conceal my cleavage and to stop the free show he was getting due to the two open hooks of my blouse. By this time Master-ji was back.

Master-ji: Madam, sorry to keep you waiting. I will finish within five minutes.

Then what happened in the next five minutes was more appalling and I had never seen such offensive thing done in a tailor shop in my life. Master-ji went up to the girl who came for a choli stitching and took all measurements with his hands, I mean stretching his fingers! There was no tape, though there was a measurement string. I was dumbstruck. Master-ji took all measurements starting from her sleeves, her shoulder, her back, her armpits, and obviously her twin cups with his fingers and Ramlal verified that with the measurement string and jotted down in a notebook. I noted that the girl was quite nonchalant in spite of continuous stroking and touching of her youthful boobs by Master-ji. I felt my heart would miss a bit when Master-ji took a measurement with his thumb poking exactly the girls’ upright nipple and his middle finger touching her boob base.

The measurement was over soon and the girl went away. Now I had to ask the obvious to this tailor duo.

Me: Master-ji, why don’t you use the tape for measurement?

Master-ji: Madam, I have more faith in my hands rather than on the tape. I am stitching blouse for 30 years now and there has been little complaint from my customers. Madam, don’t think since I stay here means I stitch only for villagers, my blouse go to the metro cities also. I also stitch undergarments for 10 years Madam, and I had no major complaints on such delicate things also. And all are done based on my finger measurements.

Master-ji seemed determined to convince me about his style of taking measurement.

Master-ji: Madam, look at your side to that heap. All those bra and panty would go to the cities and you would purchase that in attractive packs from shop. If this method was not correct, could I run this business for such a long time Madam?

I looked at the heap of colored clothes, which though I noted entering the room, but due to the dim light was unable to perceive what they were and moreover I came from direct sunlight from outside. Now visibility was clear and I noticed a heap of brassiere and panty of different colors. I really had no idea that these can be stitched as well like the blouse.

Me: I thought Master-ji that the undergarments we buy are machine-made.

Master-ji: No Madam, not all. Some like these are hand-made too and these also are hand measured on different women.

He paused for a second and continued.

Master-ji: Madam since you are from the town, you feel shy seeing me take measurements like this. But believe me Madam, this actually gives a better fit to the blouse. If I give you an example, you might understand, there are so many types of toothbrush in the market, isn’t it? Some with an angled top, some with curvy bristles, etc. etc., but Madam why so many variations? Because the toothbrush is not that flexible moving on our denture unlike our finger, which is so very flexible.

I was listening curiously now, though he was old and feeble, was explaining in a nice way.

Master-ji: Same is the case here Madam, tape is not the best tool to measure female anatomy. Fingers and hand flexibility is a better tool.

I was more or less convinced by Master-ji’s narration and did not want to bother too much on this issue. Afterall, it’s a just five minute measurement session.
Master-ji: Okay Madam. Let us come to your problem now. What is the problem with your blouse? This one also is sewed by me only.

Master-ji had a smile on his face now. Ramlal by this time was busy with the sewing machine stitching some cloth.

Me: Master-ji though it is 32 size as per the ashram, the cups are too small for me.

Master-ji: Ramlal, give Madam a 34 size blouse to try out.

I was surprised that he did not even bother to see my blouse once to look for the problem.

Me: But Master-ji I wear 32 size.

Master-ji: Madam, when you said you are having problem with the cups, first let me fix that, other things can be altered in the machine in a minute, isn’t it?

Ramlal searched from the cupboard and came to me with a red blouse. He stretched the material and saw the blouse cups and looked offensively at my twin peaks and handed me the blouse. This scoundrel’s looks were so dirty!

Ramlal: You go to the back of that sari and change Madam.

Me: But I cannot here change like this…

I was not finding the proper words. The sari cover level was only till my bust line and secondly since the room was too small the proximity was too close for a woman to change clothes with males present there.

Master-ji: Madam, have you noticed my spectacles? I cannot even see clearly objects a couple of feet away through these thick glasses. Madam, you are absolutely safe here to change.

Me: No, no, I am not saying that…

Master-ji: Ramlal, bring some tea for us.

That was a masterstroke to convince me. I had little to counter his words now. I did not argue any more and went behind the sari at the corner of the room. I faced the wall deliberately as the place was so very exposed. The sari diagonally tied up to wall hooks was not an adequate cover at all.

Master-ji: Madam, there is a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. It would be better if you do the drop your sari on the floor.

Me: Okay Master-ji.

I said ‘okay’, but found that if I do not drop my pallu on floor, I will have to hold it with one hand, but that way I cannot change my blouse because I need both hands free to open my blouse hooks and to take that off my body. I found that only way is to tuck the pallu in my waist and change.

I opened my blouse completely and was in my bra now. I was feeling very relaxed as that Ramlal was not in the room and took the 34-size blouse off the wall hook and wore it. After putting on all the hooks, I felt the blouse was a bit loose everywhere, on my cups, on my shoulder and at the base of my boobs too and was not fitting me.

Getting me pallu back on my shoulder I went out in front of Master-ji though knowing very well that Master-ji would check my blouse and I will again have to drop the pallu off my upper treasures.

Master-ji: I thought it would have been better if you had taken off the sari completely Madam, as I will have to take check your blouse and you may have to try another one for exact fitting. It will be uncomfortable for you each time…

There was no need to complete the sentence I thought and interupped.

Me: Yes Master-ji. You are right.

Since Ramlal was not there, I took off my sari in front of Master-ji. I got out of it and Master-ji helped me to hold my sari so that it does not reach the dirty floor. I was surprisingly not feeling uncomfortable without a sari in front of an unknown male, especially considering Master-ji’s age and poor eye vision. So now I was more or less in the same state like the teenage girl whom I saw initially in the room. The only difference being I am wearing my inner wears, which the girl was not.

Ramlal just then entered the room with tea.
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12-12-2011, 02:18 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Ramlal: Madam, have this tea, this is a special one with...

He stopped abruptly seeing me in that state. My matured pointed boobs were enough to turn this scoundrel’s head and through my thin petticoat layer he could probably make out my well-formed thighs also. I thought I should not give much attention to his looks.

Ramlal: … with ginger Madam.

Ramlal kept the tray on the dirty floor before I could stop him. The floor was not only dirty, but I noted cockroaches and small rats running around here and there!

Me: Why is the condition of this room such Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, I am sorry for that, but in the initial days I tried to kill these insects etc., but this place seems to be a breeding place of these animals and with time, I am habituated with them.

He smiled though I was not at ease at all in that room with the dirt and the insects.

Master-ji: Have the tea Madam and then I will check your fitting.

Saying that he bent down and picked up a cup and sipped tea. Ramlal was already sipping sitting on the machine. I also took a couple of steps forward and bent down to pick the cup from the tray on the floor. As I bent, I realized my blouse was creating a gap with my boobs and my mangoes almost popped over my bra. I knew the valley between my wheat-colored breasts was getting exposed, but I had to pick up the cup from the floor. So, I tried my best to hide my deep cleavage with my left hand and picked up the cup swiftly. Seeing me do that I saw Ramlal chuckle. The rascal.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, lets check your blouse now.

Saying that he came near to me, within one foot. I was just slightly breathing heavily as a male came so close to me. He was taller than me and as he looked down at my blouse-covered boobs, with each breath, the top of my boobs were getting slightly more visible to him over my blouse. I blushed a little on my own.

Master-ji: It looks far from fitting Madam. Let me check exactly how much loose it is.

As Master-ji got closer to me, I could smell the sweat of his body. The smell of male sweat made me took a deep breath. He started to check the sleeves of my blouse first. He started with my left hand and inserted one finger through the sleeve end and touched directly on my arm. He continued this for a while and was slowly rubbing his finger on my left arm while touching the cloth.

Master-ji: Ramlal, sleeves lose by 5 strings. Let me check the back now. Madam, can you turn round and face Ramlal?
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12-12-2011, 02:19 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Ramlal was noting in a notebook behind me. Now I turned my body to him to face him and he openly gazed at my erect breasts. How irritating! The room, being small and congested, was hot also and I was sweating now. My armpits were wet already and I lowered my eyes to note that wet patches in my armpits were evident on the blouse. At that moment, I almost stirred up at Master-ji’s comment. For a while though I noted that Master-ji was not touching the back of my blouse despite the fact that I had turned, but I was more concerned about that Ramlal’s gazes.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t mind but I must say that your panty is more ill fitting than this blouse.

Me: What?

Master-ji: Madam, madam, please do not get angry at my words. As you turned back the light fell in such a way on your back that I can clearly see through your petticoat. If you don’t believe my words, ask Ramlal to come this side and check.

Me: No, no. No need to check anything. I trust your words.

I had to admit that I trust my tailor’s words that he has seen my panty through my petticoat and somehow resisted Ramlal to come to my backside to check that. My hands automatically went on to my ass out of womanly shyness and I stupidly tried to cover my round ass with my palm.

Me: But how do you know…

Master-ji thankfully intercepted in between because I did not know what to ask actually.

Master-ji: Madam, I don’t know where from do you buy these, it has shrunk like a rope.

I thought for a while and concluded that there is no harm telling the truth to this old man and the tailor is the only person who can find a solution for me regarding my panty problem. Thinking on that line, shedding all my shyness, I told Master-ji about it.

Master-ji: This is not a problem Madam at all. Look at that heap. At least 30-40 panties are there and none of them would curl up to the center like your one. Ramlal, bring one from there and I will explain the problem to Madam.

I was somewhat scared now out of natural shyness to talk regarding my panty in front of two males. I quickly tried to shift Master-ji’s focus.

Me: Master-ji, please understand my priority. Please fix my blouse first. I cannot stand like this forever. If you can get this done first…

Master-ji: Right, right Madam, I must finish with your blouse first.
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12-12-2011, 02:19 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
I was breathing quite heavily and automatically standing with my legs spread a little, as I felt wetness slightly building up in my pussy. Master-ji started to stretch the back of my blouse to see how loose it was. In the process, he also was rubbing my smooth back with his fingers. I felt he pulled the back of my blouse and I felt his hot breath on my bare back. Instantaneously his warm touch and breathing made my nipples jump within my bra. I thought Master-ji must have been clearly seeing my bra strap inside, as he has pulled the back of my blouse a fair amount.

I was feeling a bit uneasy and shifted a bit and by doing that I invited more mess, as my round ass globe directly hit Master-ji in his crotch area and I felt his firm lund within his lungi poking its head. He also must have felt the firmness of my full ass. I blushed and giggled on my own thinking the hardness of his lund considering his age.

Master-ji: Madam, it is quite lose at your back too. Ramlal, 7 strings at the back U and 4 strings on the side U.

I nodded in agreement. Master-ji then walked in front of me and he took his face towards my blouse and now being so near could clearly see my mammaries going up and down. He got his face even closer to my mangoes on the pretext of checking the fitting. Master-ji was so near to me now that I could feel his breath bouncing off my boobs. I did not mind anything, as I knew his vision was poor.

Master-ji: Madam, it is lose from the front too.

He said while pulling my blouse a little in the front to see how loose it was from the front. As Master-ji pulled my blouse, I saw that rascal Ramlal’s eyes almost popped out, as the scene was extremely sexy now.

Master-ji: Madam, now raise your hands up and be in that position as I take the measurement.

I lifted my hands and naturally my firm boobs exposed more over my blouse due to this stretching and more of my cleavage was on display to these two males. As I was sweating also and with my arms extended, the outline of my bra was more evident from the front also. Master-ji now put his right middle finger to the side of my heaving left breast and the thumb extended on almost my nipple. I clearly shivered by this unique sensual hand measurement. This man was directly touching my boob standing in front of me in the name of measurement and I have to allow that. Thankfully it was a swift process and then Master-ji brought the middle finger at the center of my breast where the thumb was and stretched the middle finger to the hooks.

Master-ji: Ramlal, cup one full H and quarter.

Ramlal noted that and also measured the stretched fingers of master-ji with a string and noted that.
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12-12-2011, 02:19 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Master-ji: Madam, now I need to know how tight you want the blouse to be so that you are comfortable.

I nodded without knowing how he would guess that.

Master-ji: You might feel a bit odd, but that’s my process for first time measurements. Madam, just think as if my palm is your blouse cover. I will press slowly and you have to only signal me when you are most comfortable regarding the tightness on your cups.

Oh! My god! What does this old thug say! He plans to cup my breast openly now! And he feels this is ‘just a bit odd’ for a married woman of 28 years. I would slap any male doing that to me. I had to object to this.

Me: But Master-ji is there no other way to…

Master-ji again tried to convince me.

Master-ji: Madam, you are facing this problem with the 32 size blouse ashram gave you. It was measured on a thinner female than you, so if you do not give the exact size, either it will be lose there or too tight.

Me: Master-ji, actually, I would have been comfortable with a tape. Please.

I said in a pleading voice. I do not know what went through Master-ji’s mind, but he agreed to me!

Master-ji: Okay, okay Madam, if you are not at ease, I will not force you. I will stitch it as per your cup size. It will certainly be slightly lose or tight and you will have to adjust.

I was so much relieved. And just then happened a frightful incident. Ramlal screamed like anything and jumped to my side almost colliding with me. Master-ji also went a couple of steps back and pulling my hand held me back. Initially I did not notice anything, but when I looked at the door, there were a couple of snakes standing there.
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12-12-2011, 02:19 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Ramlal: It’s a cobra Master-ji. Beware.

Master-ji: Yes, I have seen that. No one should move now.

The snakes were almost guarding the doorway and if they proceed towards us there was nowhere to move, as the room was too small. The snakes were quite big and slowly moving their heads and seemed to keep a watch on us. I was very much frightened seeing snakes so close. Ramlal seemed to be also very scared, but Master-ji was relatively cool. Master-ji said he encountered snakes here before, but never in the room like this. For the next few minutes, Master-ji tried many ways like making a move towards them or throwing an article to them and virtually left no stone unturned, but was unsuccessful to turn those snakes away.

I was sweating profusely now, in the heat and also due to fear.

Master-ji: There is only one way we can get rid of these snakes. We need to offer them milk and they might drink and move away, otherwise any moment they can attack us.

I also thought that’s a good idea and probably the only way to get out of this dreadful situation.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, I have to go out to bring milk for snake, but they are on the doorway and surely would bite me if I try doing something silly.

Me: Right Master-ji. No one can go out. Then what to do?

Master-ji thought for a while and then said, “Madam, you can only save us from this situation.”

Me? I was very astonished. How can I help out this situation?

Master-ji: Madam, you have the natural milk. Please get out some milk and feed these snakes, then only the snakes might go.

I was simply dumbstruck!
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12-12-2011, 02:19 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
What does this old ruffian mean? I need to squeeze out milk from my breasts for these snakes! I was getting confused. But due to this awful situation, I could not even work out in my mind of an alternative too. There were droplets of sweat on my exposed breast area and I could realize I was sweating more throughout my body due to this abnormal situation I am in.

Master-ji: Madam, please think with a cool head. Milk will satisfy these snakes and we might be saved. It will take only some minutes for you to get it from your breasts.

Ramlal: Madam, please. I also have a bowl here for my eating purpose in which you can get out the milk.

I understood the situation, but since I was childless till then, milk formation was not there in my breasts. These two males did not know that. I had no other way but to reveal that to Master-ji.

Me: Master-ji, I mean err… I do not have a child till now. So, you can understand probably that…

Master-ji was witty enough to get what I meant and exclaimed, “Oh! I can understand Madam, but then the only hope is also gone!”

I was so thankful that Master-ji understood me at once, but that rascal Ramlal was after me.

Ramlal: But Madam, I have heard if proper sucking is done on the breasts, unmarried females can also produce milk.

Me: Just shut up! Master-ji, please…

Master-ji: Ramlal, don’t talk rubbish. What do you mean? You will suck Madam’s breast and milk will come out? Milk will only form in Madam’s breasts after she gets pregnant at least once. Didn’t you hear that Madam has not been pregnant till now.

I was feeling very embarrassed, as Master-ji instead of speaking in general terms, told Ramlal using my direct example. Me being a matured married woman could not escape the heat hidden in those words and was feeling the womanly tightness in my boobs. I could not look directly to Master-ji in some shame and had to adjust my bra from the sides to accommodate my heavy breathing.

Simultaneously I was sweating profusely and my white bra was now very clearly visible over my blouse and below also, I began to look indecent, as the thin layer of petticoat was now soaked with drops of sweat on my thighs. I looked down from the corner of my eyes and realized that my petticoat was clinging to my well-formed thighs in a lewd manner. I pulled and jerked the cloth of the petticoat in a reluctant way so that it did not look very obvious to these males.

One thing was puzzling for me that the snakes were not approaching us; they both remained stationed at the doorway only. They were gently swaying their heads standing in an upright position. And due to their strategic position it was impossible for anyone of us getting out of this room without being bitten by them.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, then what to do?

There was silence for a while and then Master-ji came up with an idea, which was the most bizarre and weird I have ever heard.
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12-12-2011, 02:20 PM
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RE: Guruji Ka Sex Treatment
Master-ji: Eureka!

The old man almost jumped and both Ramlal and me were surprised seeing his reaction.

Master-ji: Please listen to me carefully Ramlal. You can save us.

Ramlal looked equally puzzled as me.

Master-ji: Listen to me carefully. I can see only one way of getting the milk and get rid of these snakes. But since Madam does not yet have developed milk in her breasts, I have this plan.

He paused. I wondered what he is up to!

Master-ji: Madam, these snakes will not be able to differentiate between milk and a white liquid. So what I feel is we can fool the snakes with a white liquid, which is not actually milk. Ramlal, you will masturbate here and pour your fluid in the bowl and we will fool the snakes with that white solution.

There was pin drop silence in the room, only the slight hissing of the snakes could be heard. I did not know what to say. Even though I appreciated in my mind the idea, but looking at the practical angle was highly scared. An unknown middle-aged lower class male will masturbate in front of me, a grownup lady of 28; that too married!

I was truly feeling very edgy and uncomfortable now and could not counter also as I do not have any alternative way to get rid of this situation. Giving milk to snake to get rid of them seemed to be the wisest decision to me.

Ramlal: Master-ji, will it work?

Master-ji: Nothing works, Ramlal, till we try. Madam, I know it will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, but as you do not have the milk in your breast, you can also realize…

Me: I can understand Master-ji.

What would I say more? The very thoughts of this idea was giving me a wild turn on and more so as I was not fully dressed also for a long time now.

Master-ji: Ramlal, do not waste time, as anytime the snakes may proceed to us.

Ramlal: Master-ji, how can I do it fast? I need the time. I need to think.

At this comment, I could not stop laughing and Ramlal probably was encouraged seeing me reacting positively to such a ‘hot’ issue.
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