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Jack meets Tina then her little sister
08-11-2012, 11:14 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
I let Tina relax for a while before asking them where they wanted to go. We quickly decided on a small place not to far away and headed out for dinner. Obviously Tammy drove. We had a quiet dinner and relaxed for a while before getting into the car for the short drive home. When we pulled out of the lot I noted that Tammy had turned the wrong way and was heading away from home. When I questioned her all she said was, "it's a surprise."

She drove us about 3 miles out of town into the country before pulling off on a dirt road and stopping. Although I had never been there before I knew where we were. It was "The Lookout", a place where the local kids went to park and fool around. I looked at her with a puzzled expression and then she said, "We have to christen the car. You can fuck us both here in the car so it gets broken in properly." With that she pulled off her top and exposed her braless tits. Her nipples were standing at attention as she looked at me then at her sister. Tina started to smile and then she also started to undress as Tammy reached over and started to undo my pants. It took her practiced hands no time at all to get my dick out and start massaging it. Then she leaned over and took me in her mouth.

I felt her warm velvety lips slide over the head of my cock as she took all of me in her mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes before sitting up and pulling her panties off from under her skirt. Then she spun around and straddled me as she sank my cock into her dripping pussy. I felt myself slide in and once again for the second time that day reveled in the feelings of her tight teenage twat grip my meat and massage it.

Tina had stripped naked while I started sliding my meat in and out of her sister. She leaned forward from the backseat and whispered in my ear, "See what sluts you've turned us both into. Naked in the car and my pussy is dripping while I watch you fuck my little sister and I can't wait until it's my turn." Then she leaned farther forward and took her sister's nipple into her mouth and began to chew on it. Tammy was so keyed up and horny she came instantly with a ferocious orgasm we all felt. But she didn't stop, she kept riding me into another before she slid off me and crawled into the back seat to allow Tina to come forward and straddle me.

Tina was wet, slippery, dripping wet and as she sat on my dick I immediately slid all the way home. Her cunt was so hot from watching her sister fuck me and sucking her sister's tits I thought she was going to burn my dick off with the heat. She too came within a few strokes but unlike her sister she just sat on top of me for a minute. Then she looked up at me with an evil grin and said, "Fuck me on the hood. Lay me across the hood outside and pound my cunt till you cum."

Tammy heard her sister's request and started jumping around in the backseat. "Yeah do her on the hood I want to see it. I'll lay there and watch." What could I do but shrug and accept the inevitable.

We all climbed out of the car and Tina stretched herself out over the hood, stark naked for the entire world to see. I still had my shirt on but Tammy did not let that last as she immediately peeled it off of me leaving the three of us naked and exposed the to warm fall evening.

It was already dark with a bright nearly full moon, so seeing what was what was not a problem. Nor was seeing Tina's hot wet and waiting snatch. I was a little nervous standing around naked like that but as I moved my cock to Tina's pussy all thoughts of "getting caught" slipped from my mind. I entered her and began to pump on her again. Not really pump as much as slam into her. She was feeling like a slut tonight and wanted to be used. Use her I did. She orgasmed again within a few minutes and I kept going as my own orgasm was near. Before much time passed I shot my seed deep into her womb letting my sperm meet their growing, would be sibling that was already there. I felt drained and spent as I leaned against the car still inside Tina while my cock began to slip out and back down to its flaccid shape. Tammy pulled me from behind and drew me out of her sister then knelt between her legs and ate my cum from her sisters snatch. I watched this by-play with more than a little interest before both girls stood and pushed me down onto the hood of Tammy's new car. Tina knelt between my legs and began working my now soft cock back to hardness and Tammy crawled up on the hood and squatted over my face.

That is how we were when a car suddenly turned onto the dirt road and fully illuminated us in their headlights. Both girls froze and looked into the lights for a few seconds, just like a couple of deer. Then with a shrug returned to what they were doing. The car paused and kept us illuminated for a full minute before shutting their lights off and driving further down the road to park. They did not go far and I knew that the young boy inside would not soon forget what he saw and even if he did not get what he wanted tonight he would have a hell of an image to jerk off to.

It was 3 or 4 minutes later that Tammy came on my face, screaming and grunting for all she was worth. "AHHH I'm coming in your mouth. I love when you eat my cunt. Swallow my cum. Tina make him cum in your mouth so we can share it." This was all for the benefit of our audience. Not that she had not said these things before, but never so loudly and all together. I have to admit that it turned me on and I blew a load into Tina's waiting mouth and the girls did share it with a long deep kiss.

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08-11-2012, 11:15 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Since the show was over and we were all feeling a bit naughty the girls started to get dressed again. They of course, took their time and did it all outside the car. Stretching and showing off as much as they could. Once they were done we got back into the car and drove off heading for home. I was tempted to have Tammy pull over so we could sneak back and see if our little show had any effect on the teenagers in the other car but decided against it. I was sated and comfortable from the dinner and the sex. Instead we just headed home, I wondered just who was in the other car, but figured I'd probably never know.

The next day, Sunday was quiet, both girls were working, getting in all the time possible before taking off for our wedding. I just lazed around the apartment catching up on paperwork and watching an old movie. I prepared dinner for the girls before they got home and we just relaxed a while before heading for our usual double fuck at bedtime.

The following week was again hectic, as I needed to get things done before taking off for the wedding and honeymoon. Actually not much of a honeymoon, just a couple of days at home. The girls had decided we could not afford to be wasting money on a trip someplace, not with two babies on the way.

Since we were having civil ceremonies for the weddings we had scheduled them for the coming Tuesday. The girls each were going to be working full weekends and taking off beginning Monday for a few days. For my part I had arranged to take off beginning Friday for10 days. I figured I needed the time to take care of the closing on the farm and besides I had the vacation time coming. As the end of the week drew near I became more excited. I had spoken with Jen again and she had confirmed that she would be arriving Thursday night and staying for the week. So that when Thursday evening arrived I was nearly hopping around with anticipation.

We had dinner as usual, the two girls and I. I did not expect Jen until around 8:00 PM, figuring she had to work till 5:00 then a three-hour drive. She had told me she planned on putting her bags in the car and driving straight from work. Tina and Tammy cleaned up the dishes and were straightening up the kitchen when Jen arrived. She knocked on the door and I sprang up to get answer it. As I opened the door I held my finger to my lips Indicating that she should be quiet and motioned her toward the kitchen. She immediately caught on that I wanted to surprise the girls. I took her bag from her and she quickly moved to the kitchen. The squeals of delight that come from the kitchen told me I was right about how happy Tina and Tammy would be to see Jen. When I walked into the kitchen behind her both of my wives were draped over her smothering the poor girl with hugs. I looked at Jen and saw the tears in her eyes.

"Is everything all right?" I asked her. I was concerned that she was upset.

"Everything is great." She answered. "I am just happy to be so welcome by the three of you." At that I joined in the hug and gently kissed my sister's cheek. The squeals died down and the tears flowed from the three of them and yes from me too, just a little. I was happy to have my sister back.

Shortly we moved into the living room and the girls began to talk as girls do. I just sat and listened. They went on for an hour or so before they decided that it was getting on toward time to get ready for bed. Tina and Tammy moved off for the bathroom and bedroom to get ready to turn in for the evening, leaving Jen and I sitting on the couch. I hugged her to me and whispered into her ear "It's good to have you here."

She smiled at me and answered, "It's good to be here." And she hugged me closer. We sat like that holding each other and gently stroking each other for a few minutes and that is how Tina found us when she came from the bathroom. She walked into the living room wearing nothing but her panties. She stopped at the entrance to the living room and smiled." Are you two coming to bed or are you going to stay up for a while?" she asked. Jen looked up at her and a slight blush covered her cheeks. Even after spending time with us two weeks earlier she still was not quiet used to the way Tina and Tammy walked around the apartment naked or nearly so in front of her.

"Well I am tired after the drive down here." Then she paused and looked down at the floor before continuing. " I also admit that I like being in bed with the three of you."

"Well what are you waiting for then. Come on and get those clothes off and come to bed. We missed you and that bodacious bod of yours too." Tina announced as she turned and headed for the bedroom. I stood and helped Jen up and led her back to the bedroom where we found Tina and Tammy waiting for us on the bed. I helped Jen out of her clothes and then as she stood naked at the foot of the bed, hesitating a little I gently pushed her so she fell onto the bed between my wives. Tina and Tammy enfolded her in their arms and each gave her a kiss on the cheek and then on the lips, taking turns and with each kiss they became more passionate and less sisterly. Until Tina was locked in a tongue-wrestling match with Jen as Tammy began nibbling on her nipples.

I stood there and watched as my two wives to be, began making love to my sister. My dick was rock hard as I watched the show before me. I started to undress and then as I stood there naked I began to slowly stroke myself. By this time Tammy had moved down and had her face buried between Jens legs while Tina was nibbling and sucking on her tits. I continued to watch and stroke my meat as Jen erupted into her first orgasm. Tammy stopped and looked up at me with her cum covered face and smiled as she watched me stroke myself. She stood and kissed me deeply then whispered to me. "Fuck her. Fuck your sister for us. We talked about it and we want you to fuck her and shoot your cum into her cunt." Then she reached down and removed my hand from my dick, grasping me by my love pole she pulled me toward my waiting sister.

I needed no further prodding as I spread my sister's thighs and felt my rod slip inside her. Once again I marveled at how well I fit into my sister's cunt. We were definitely made for each other or at least made to fit. Blame it on genetics but it was perfect. I began to slide in and out of her, stimulating both of us. Then I leaned forward and laid my lips onto hers and we shared a deep and loving kiss as we made love. We broke the kiss and I lifted myself on my arms, hovering over my sister as my cock pumped in and out of her pussy. She had wrapped her legs around me and had locked them behind me. Seeming to try and drag me into her. I was lost in the sensations and the love flowing through the room. I did not even really notice that the girls had started taking turns either kissing Jen or sucking her tits. Jen came again a few minutes later and I kept sliding in and out of her while she did and began working her to another orgasm. I was in no hurry myself and I wanted to cum in a big way when I did I wanted to shoot as much sperm into my sister as I could so I held my timing at a steady pace while I slid my cock into my beautiful sister.

She laid there almost in a daze as I pumped in and out of her. I would drag myself nearly all the way out then slowly push back in, then out again, then in. It was a magical pace that was not fast enough to get me off quickly and not enough for Jen either. As badly as she wanted to cum again I wasn't giving her enough to allow it and the stimulation Tina and Tammy were giving her tits and mouth was just icing on the cake. Finally after nearly a half hour she opened her eyes and looked at me. "You really are a son of a bitch. Getting me this hot and not letting me cum. Please I need to cum again. I'm so near the edge."

I smiled back and answered "Ok but only because I love you and want you to be happy." With that I sped up my pace and began to slam into her hard. It only took three thrusts like that before she came in an orgasm that rolled her eyes back in her head. It rocketed through her body and down my cock into mine. I could tell by the way they stiffened that the girls felt it too. It was enough for me, the excitement and feeling my sister cum on my cock and feeling her orgasm run through our bodies. I came. No I erupted. Cum blasted from my cock like it never had before and as the gobs of pearly white baby juice slammed into Jen's womb she grunted with each impact. Finally after what had to be ten hard spurts I slowed to a drizzle as the last of my spunk ran from my cock. I was near to passing out and Tammy pushed me aside and nearly off the bed. At first I thought she was just trying to beat Tina to Jen's pussy to lick up my leaking cum. Instead she grabbed Jens thighs and pushed them together and brought Jens knees up over her shoulder, holding her like that. Jen did not seem to mind. I doubt she even really knew what was happening as she was still half out of it from her massive orgasm.

I stared at Tammy and then at Tina as she slipped over and helped Tammy hold Jen's legs in the air. "What is this some kind of new position or something?" I asked.

Tina smiled at me and Tammy looked kind of sheepish. "We want to keep as many of your squigglers in her as long as we can. We want to give them as much chance as possible for them to do their work." Tina answered.

"We want your sister to be as happy as we are with your babies. I heard you two talking about getting her pregnant when she was here last time. Tina and I talked about it. We want her to share everything with us and be pregnant with your baby too." Tammy offered.

I was stunned and a little angry. "Don't you think you should ask Jen about that, it is after all her life."

"They did." Jen interrupted from her position on her back with her legs in the air. "They called me and we talked about it. I want to have your baby. I want to be as happy as they are, and brother of mine, you make me happy. The thought of having your baby makes me want to float I'm so happy."

I looked at her and saw the smile I always loved so much and saw the tears in her eyes and my heart melted. I leaned forward and kissed my two future wives gently on the lips. "Thanks." Was all I could get out as I choked up and the tears started to run from my eyes. I crawled over next to Jen and laid down, took her in my arms and held her while Tina and Tammy held her legs in the air. "So you really want to have my baby huh?" I asked.

"More than I want anything else. I used to fantasize about it when I was a kid, when you were away at school. I would fantasize that you had come home for a holiday and I would sneak into your room at night and seduce you. You know, I would wait till you were asleep and then start by sucking your cock till it got hard, then I would crawl on top of you and fuck you. In the middle of it you would wake up and tell me how much you loved me and then you would cum in me and make me pregnant. It was the daydream I would most likely have when I played with myself." She answered.

"I was stunned "I had no idea you felt that way." I said

"How could you, I acted like such a brat." She admitted. "But underneath I really wanted my big brother to smack me into behaving and then make love to me. Now I have my wish. Only you use a whip, even better." She giggled

"Maybe the whip will wait till tomorrow. Will this work?" I motioned toward the girls holding her legs up.
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08-11-2012, 11:17 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"Who knows. My cycle has never been regular, except when I was on the pill. I've been off of it for nearly 9 months now. Sometimes I go 3 weeks between periods sometimes 9 weeks and everything in between. I could be pregnant now for all I know. We'll just have to wait and see." She smiled at me and gave me a kiss. We stayed like that for about 15 minutes then the girls let her legs down. Before we fell asleep I made love to both Tina and Tammy and they each made love to Jen. It was a little crowded in the bed with 4 of us but we all slept soundly hunched against each other.

I woke to the smell of coffee the next morning. It was early, 5:30 and I checked the bed. Tina and Tammy were still asleep so it had to be Jen making coffee. I slipped out of bed to join her, and found her sitting in the kitchen wearing just her panties. She saw me come in and smiled at me. I poured myself a cup of coffee and walked over to the table and gave her a kiss before sitting down across from her.

"What time do we have to be there." She asked.

'We are scheduled to meet the attorney at 1:00 PM. But I want to get there early to show you the place first and it's a half hour from here so if we leave when the girls leave for work at 8:00 it will give us time to poke around." I answered.

"Well I guess I should get a shower before the girls get up and need the bathroom. I have to wash all this dried cum off of me." She said with a smile. Then she hesitated. "Thanks for understanding last night. It really is something I want."

"I could tell, and like I told you before, making the women I love pregnant is something I really like. I really do love you, you know and if you want to have my child I would be proud to give it to you. Now come on, I'll wash your back and you can wash mine."

We showered together and played with each other a bit. I brought her to an orgasm while standing behind her, holding her tits with my left hand, my cock pressed between her cheeks and my right hand playing with her pussy. She returned the favor by giving me a very nice blowjob and swallowing every drop of cum I gave her. When we got out of the shower and dried off we found that Tina and Tammy were still asleep. Jen suggested waking them up by eating their pussies. I was a little shocked. This was coming from my sister who up until two weeks ago had never even touched another woman's sex let alone gone down on one. Once I got over my initial shock it did seem like a good idea. So together we crept between their legs. Jen on Tammy and I on Tina, we slowly began to lick their shaved snatches running our tongues through their slits and teasing their clits and finally as they began to stir and realize what was happening we drove our tongues into their respective holes, licking and sucking, nibbling and pinching until they both came.

Tina came first, but Tammy was not far behind her. I looked over at Jen as both girls came down from their sexual highs and said "I won."

She responded "No fair you've had more practice. Just wait before long I'll be a better cuntlicker than you."

I laughed and had no doubt she was right. Tammy listened to our little conversation and offered her own two cents. "Jen, I have no doubt you are right and your damn near as good as your brother now but he still has one thing you don't. A moustache."

We all laughed at that. "Well don't think I'm growing one just to satisfy you, you little slut. But you're right it does add something to the experience." Jen allowed.

We all cuddled for a few minutes then got out of bed so the girls could get ready for work. While they were dressing Tina began to tease us. "So are you two going to spend the whole day in bed or are you going to get something done."

"I have some errands to run to get ready for the wedding but after that I though I'd take Jen on a sightseeing drive around the area." I answered, totally ignoring the jibe.

"That sounds like fun I wish I didn't have to go to work so I could join you." Tammy pouted.

Jen leaned over and kissed her "Just enjoy work while you can all too soon you'll be stuck at home with a crying baby and wish you could go to work to get away."

"You're probably right.' Tammy laughed.

Jen and I left shortly after the girls did and as we headed toward what would become my new home we began to talk. At first it was about inconsequential things, like work and television shows. Stuff like that. Really we were getting to know one another again. About halfway through the trip the conversation turned a little more serious. Our topics changed to my life with the girls, the children we were expecting and what my hopes and dreams for them might be. It turned out there were two main worries Jen had developed. The first was, how would we handle the public questioning and gossip regarding my having more than one wife. After all it would be obvious to anyone when I was living with two obviously pregnant women and had a third, Stacey, visiting regularly. The second she was less forthcoming with but I knew there was something hanging out in the background. It turned out to be Stacey.

Jen had gotten along well with Tina and Tammy. Actually better than I had hoped. They were fast becoming best of friends and at times acting like three sisters instead of two and a sister-in-law. But from conversations with Tina and Tammy she got a sense of how important Stacey was to us all and she was worried about meeting her. Once I realized what she was concerned about it became crystal clear.

Under the surface she was afraid that Stacey would reject her as part of the group, that a fight for dominance might occur and she might end up on the outside. Or that Stacey would reject our incestuous relationship and things would start to fall apart and it would be her fault. All of these fears were hiding beneath her cool exterior and now that we were alone she was willing to let them peek out in the hope that big brother could fix it and make it better. I also knew that no amount of protestation of reassurance from me would "make it go away". All I could do was to tell her that her fears were groundless and Stacey and Amy and she would get along fine. I also knew that it would be more my attitude and demeanor than any words I spoke that would calm her nerves. So I did just that, brushed off her fears with casual reassurances and changed the subject. But I kept it in the back of my mind. This was something we would have to work on, although I had no doubt that they would all get along fine. I knew that Tina and Tammy had shared their thoughts about Jen with Stacey and Amy and since I knew how well they liked her I was certain that Stacey would be excited to meet Jen.

Just about that time I pulled into the driveway of the house, or estate if you would rather, that I was buying. Jen started looking at the grounds with her critical eye and as I pulled up to the front of the house she looked it up and down before turning to me and saying, "I hope to hell you are going to get this place cleaned up and fixed up before you try to move the girls into it."

I smiled and with my best innocent little boy face said, "Why, don't you like it? I thought it was fine."

Jen stared at me for a few seconds before answering me. "You jerk. This place is a dump. It needs to get cleaned up and I bet the water runs brown from the tap, that is if it even has running water."

At that I let a grin spread across my poker face and she stopped in mid rant. "You have some kind of plan don't you. I can tell by that shit eating grin your wearing, you've got something up your sleeve."

"Come on in for the tour and I'll tell you all about it." I answered still grinning from ear to ear. I walked her around the house and in each room explained my plans, showing her the notes and drawings I had made from memory since I had last been here. By the time we finished the first floor and moved up to the second, my enthusiasm was contagious and Jen was at least as excited as I was.

I saved the master bedroom till last and as I described how I intended to have one of the smaller rooms next to it converted to a large double bath and the one on the other side into a nursery, which eventually would be the girls sitting room. When I stopped, I looked at her and asked "from a woman's viewpoint, did I forget anything or should I do it different?" Jen just stood there and shook her head.

"No they will love it, I know I would. It almost makes me want to quit my job and move in with the three of you."

I looked at her for a second and took her into my arms and hugged her close. "You know that you are welcome to do that anytime you want." I said.

"Thanks." was all she answered and as I released her I saw the tears on her cheeks and the smile on her lips.

"Come on," I said, "help me explore the barn and the grounds. I haven't seen them yet."

"You idiot! You bought this place without looking everything over."

I just shrugged "It seemed like a good idea at the time." I answered with a smile.

I led her down the steps and out the back door. Our first stop was the old carriage house or garage, depending on what era you were from. Inside we found all kinds of treasure, translate it to junk according to my sister. The most interesting thing was an actual old horse drawn carriage. It was all the way in the back and covered with a tarp. It was in surprisingly good condition for the half century or more it sat there. The leather seats were cracked and dried out and some of the wood was rotted but it still seemed sturdy and just in need of some TLC.
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08-11-2012, 11:18 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
Next we went to the barn and it was, well it was a barn. Big and old and with hay in it but the structure was sound and the stalls still in place. We climbed up to the hayloft and opened the door in the back. You know the ones you see in pictures, at the top were they bring the hay into it from. I was taken with the view. In front of me was the rest of the property, a large meadow, a little overgrown. A pond sparkled in the autumn morning sun, about 50 yards away and beyond it a stream flowed across the meadow and then a wooded area. Finally the reality of my purchase struck me. I stood there and stared. Finally without looking away I said, "It will be a good place to raise kids."

"Yes it will." Jen answered, "Just get the house fixed up like you said and it will be a wonderful place to raise kids."

We sat down with our legs dangling out of the door and looked out over the field. We both sat there for a while lost in our thoughts and I felt Jen grasp my hand and squeeze. "You did good, brother of mine, you did good." And she rested her head against my shoulder.

"You know I meant it." I said, "You are welcome here anytime, short visit or permanent stay. I would love your company and I know Tina and Tammy feel the same way."

She turned her head and looked at me then leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. "Thanks." Was all she said as she let her lips meet mine again. This time her tongue slipped out from between her lips and between mine. I felt her tongue darting around inside my mouth as my own rose to meet it. The passion grew quickly and before long I had my hand on the buttons of her blouse and was working to expose her breasts. I so wanted to lock my lips onto one of her luscious tits and draw it into my mouth. To feel her nipple stiffen against my tongue and taste her skin.

At the same time I felt her hands undoing my jeans and grabbing my cock with both hands as she stroked me. I finally got her blouse open and pushed her bra up out of the way and was able to suck her tit into my mouth. My tongue rolled around the areola and danced over her nipple and I did feel it stiffen against my tongue. At that point the lust was too great to stop and my hands moved down to her jeans and I had them open and off of her in seconds, exposing her pink wet pussy there in the hayloft of the barn.

She pushed me away and I was almost overcome with panic until I heard her say, "Hurry up and get your damn clothes off and fuck me before I go crazy." She said this while pulling off her blouse and bra. I needed no more instruction and stripped off my clothes to join my naked sister in the old hay there in that loft.

I positioned myself between her legs and let my cock slide into her slowly. Savoring the feel of her wet, hot pussy engulfing my member and squeezing it, pulling it deeper inside her until I was buried to the hilt. It was a glorious feeling to once again be inside my sister. I began to draw out and slide in again. It took no time at all before I found our rhythm and the bliss approached. I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly while we made love, as I felt my member slide through her satin curtains and the wetness build around me. Soon she shuddered in her orgasm and her eyes rolled back. The sensation was more than I could take and I came inside her, erupting like a geyser. I collapsed on top of her spent and happy. As I lay there my cock still hard she whispered in my ear. "I love you."

Somehow it didn't sound the way it always had. It sounded more special, deeper. I raised my head and looked into her eyes. The ice blue color of them was different, not the cold ice I usually saw but warmth. Warm ice, what an oxy-moron but it is still the best words I can use to describe what I saw. Then as I looked into her eyes she spoke again. "I mean it, I really love you. More than as my brother, no man has ever made me feel this way. I love you.'

I was stunned but I realized that I loved her also as more than my sister. Suddenly I understood and I smiled. "I know," I said, "I understand, I love you too." And at that we laid together in the hay naked, sated and in love. I was still hard and as we laid together I would move a little from time to time, just to feel her around me and every time I did she would let out a little moan. This wasn't sex this as love. Making her happy with my body, sharing ourselves with each other.

I'm not sure how long we laid there, 5 minutes or 50 minutes. But I heard a sound that broke me from my stupor. I heard car tires on the gravel in the driveway. Jen heard and recognized the sound at the same time I did and we both grabbed for our clothes. I had no idea who it was but I had no desire to be caught naked with my sister by some local busybody or cop checking out a report of trespassers. Even though I was buying the property I was still not yet the owner. We both hastily dressed and straightened out our hair and clothing then climbed out of the loft. Just about the time we hit the bottom of the ladder we heard a shout from near the house, "Mr. Simmons, ya'll around somewhere 'bouts?"

The voice was familiar but I could not place it, and whomever it was they knew my name. Jen and I exited the barn through the tack room door at the side of the barn toward the meadow, away from the house and walked around the barn. "Over here." I answered. Then looking toward the house I watched as a man made his way toward us. As he got closer I recognized him as one of the county commissioners I had met with the previous week.

"There ya'll are. I hoped I'd find you here." He greeted

"Good morning Mr. Commissioner. How did you know to look for me here."

"Well, your attorney mentioned you'd be in town today and I took a chance on finding you here. I thought we might talk a bit, and who is this lovely young lady, your missus maybe?"

"I'm sorry. No this is my sister Jennifer. I wanted to show her the property. I'm afraid that my wife was not able to make this trip today. Also I will admit that this property is a surprise for her, kind of a surprise present."

"Well Missy it is a pleasure to meet you."

Jen stared at him with her cold blue eyes. You may address me as Miss Simmons but I do not appreciate being addressed as Missy." She told him in her best Ice Queen voice.

He was visibly taken back by her reproof. "I apologize Ma'mn, Miss Simmons. I meant no disrespect."

"Jen, The gentleman was just being friendly. Things are a bit less formal around here than we are used to." I chided her, hoping to get the Ice Queen to leave again and let my sister come back.

She glanced at me and her faced softened a bit. "Ok, I accept your apology Sir, and please accept mine for my harshness." And she smiled at him.

"No need to apologize. I should not have assumed the familiarity. Please consider me at your service. I had hoped to discuss some business with your brother but I don't want to intrude. Perhaps another time."

"No, that's fine Commissioner. Jen was going to attend a meeting with my attorney and myself. I doubt she would mind us discussing a little business." I offered.

He looked at both of us, it was apparent he was a tad uncomfortable. "Well my fellow commissioners and I thought you might be interested in maybe looking at some investment properties here'bouts, and we wanted to talk to you before any of the overpriced real-estate people grabbed you. Please call me Jim, by the way."

I smiled my best predatory grin and glanced at Jen whose smile also bore more than a passing resemblance to a shark's "Well Jim. You got a taste of how I do business last week. Are you sure you want to go through that again?"

He chuckled. "Well, I'll admit that we flipped a coin to see who got to come out here and meet you and I will say that I did not win, but now that I have met your sister I will say that it was worth the time just to meet a lovely young lady like her."

God he was laying it on thick. Although, she was a lovely woman she had every bit of the killer business instinct that I did and we both smelled blood in the water with this guy wanting to show us property. Tie that together with the knowledge that the county had a bunch of properties they had taken for taxes and their budget shortfall. Oh this could turn into a profitable trip.
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08-11-2012, 11:19 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
We agreed to look at a couple of properties, "just because we were curious you see". Jim walked with us back to our cars and drew out a stack of papers from his. "I brought copies of the tax records so ya'll could see what these here pieces of land had on them."

I started going through the stack and looking at each one then passing them to Jen. She looked at them and after a few minutes turned to Jim and asked, "Do you have a map of the area so we could mark it to see where these are?"

He looked surprised at her question but answered. "I certainly do young lady, um Miss Simmons." Then from his car he pulled out a rolled up map and stretched it out on the hood of his car. "Actually I marked the properties on the map with their tax number incase you wanted to see where they are."

We scanned the map and picked a couple of items from the stack of descriptions, actually, about 10 of them, we marked them on the map and handed it back to him. "Let's start with these,' I said, "Them we can go from there."

His eyes went round and big and he was visibly excited. We agreed to follow him in my car and stop to look at the pieces in question. The next couple of hours were spent on a tour of the county. We looked at the properties in question and found them interesting. There were four farms adjacent to each other that total over 2000 acres close to the interstate and with a rail line running through them as well as a couple of others at the other end of the county with limited access and some Victorian style homes located in town. All the houses were old and in disrepair. The last stop we made was not on the map or lists Jim had given us. It was an old brick building outside of town that looked to have been a factory of some sort at one time.

Jim got out of his car and waited for us. Jen and I were talking and the beginnings of an idea was forming for each of us but neither was yet willing to share it. We exited the car and joined Jim. "This one doesn't seem to be in the paperwork." I said.

"No, it isn't." He answered, "This one is more personal. I own this place. Until a few years ago it was a furniture factory, family business, since the 1890's but it wasn't making any money, so we closed it up. Kinda sad. I just thought I'd show it to you and see if you might have any ideas for it. We still have all the equipment inside. I would be willing to sell it lock stock and barrel or empty it out or whatever. As it is it's just costing me taxes every year."

We agreed to take a quick look around but warned him that it really did not fit into my plans. As we entered the offices I noticed that all the furniture and file cabinets were still in place and all the woodworking machinery in the plant was still there also. Jen was studying the furniture in the various offices. "This is really nice furniture. Was it made here?" She asked him.

"Oh yeah. Every stick built in this plant. Most of it isn't even 10 years old. We used to make things for the offices when things got slow. It was a good way to show off to our clients." He answered.

"I expect most of the workers left the area already," she said

"Nope, mostly still around. All local boys, hard workers, good men. I felt bad about closing up and laying them off. I tried to get as many county jobs as I could or find them something else, but they aren't none of them happy. They want to build furniture. They were craftsman and proud of their work."

I saw the gleam in her eye and knew her well enough to know she had something cooking in her beautiful head. " Tell me what would it cost to produce something like this desk and bookcase." She asked gesturing to an office we were standing outside of."

He glanced in and answered, " About $800 to $1000 for the set, maybe a bit more."

"This carving on the desk who did that and was it a standard design."

"No, not standard. I had a couple of guys who were real good at that kind of work. They could do anything, reproduce a picture in a carving and do it real quick, didn't add much to the cost but it looked nice." He answered with obvious pride.

"What are you looking to get for the place?" she asked him.

He hesitated before answering, "Well Miss Simmons I already went through one round of negotiations with your brother and, no offense meant, but you seem to be too much alike for me to try that road again. So how about you just tell me how bad your gonna skin me and we'll go from there."

Jen looked at me and smiled, "Worked them over pretty good did you?"

I just shrugged and smiled. Then she turned to Jim. "Well let me think about it and talk to my brother here but any offer we would make would be based on the availability of skilled labor. So why don't you get a list of people together and have them contact our lawyer with resumes or at least to let us know if they might be interested in coming back."

At this point I spoke up, "We, our lawyer? Do you have a mouse in your pocket Sis?"

"Be quiet Jack and get into the car we will discuss it later. Jim, as for the rest of the properties let us discuss it and we will get back to you. Other than that I believe my brother has a closing scheduled with you for next week. I'll be there also and maybe we will have an answer for you then. Thank you for your time."

I did shut up and get into the car, when she joined me I asked, "What was that all about?"

"About 6 months ago I got stuck trying to find office furniture for the CEO of my company. The officious prick wanted something unique and special to show off and brag about. It took me nearly two months but I found a company that does nothing but custom furniture for big shots. Do you have any idea what they charged for a setup like we saw in that office, and it wasn't even as well made. Forty Thousand Dollars! Oh it was custom made and they delivered it and set it up and everything but consider the profit that they made. I've been getting tired of my job anyway and working for assholes so maybe I can be the boss and try something new. But I need your help. I don't know diddly about woods and tools and stuff and I am lousy with people, but I do have a lot of contacts and just maybe enough to sell this stuff as really high end."

She looked into my eyes and there was almost a pleading look to them. "What do you think about the properties I asked."

She smiled her shark's smile and answered me, "I think we can make a lot of money developing land here. The four farms by the interstate are perfect for an industrial park and the ones on the other side of the county would do well as housing, upscale developments for the Washington DC crowd and the old places in town would make great offices. The first one for Simmons Associates."

I stared at her for a second. "I was thinking the same thing about the land but are you telling me you want to move down here and go into business with me?"
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08-11-2012, 11:20 PM
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RE: Jack meets Tina then her little sister
"The only way I would do it is with you! The only reason I am interested at all is to be with my big brother all the time again, to move in with you and the girls. And if we find out that I can't get along with your harem then I will get a place of my own, but I want us to be a family again at least. But let's start small. You get your place livable and move the girls in and I will start setting things up for the furniture business before I turn in my notice. That will give us some time to see if I can really get along with all of your wives without jeopardizing your happiness and theirs."

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the attorney. First going over the sale papers for my place, then having him draw up incorporation papers for Simmons Associates and lastly putting together an offer to the county for the properties we looked at and a couple of others our attorney knew about that they had "failed to mention" They were the really prime ones. We figured out a reasonable offer for the properties the county was willing to sell and put together the offer, but as an option to purchase over 10 years. That way we only had to put up 10% until we decided to take passion of each property. That would still give a large chunk of cash to dangle in front of them next week, enough to make up their budget shortfall and then some. I had him draw up the offer but leave the amounts blank until next Friday, let them sweat a little. Jen and I decided what we were willing to pay now we would see how little they would take.

As we drove out of town that afternoon Jen slid over next to me and wrapped her hands around my arm while I drove and rested her head on my shoulder. That was when it hit me. I was getting married in a few days to two beautiful sisters and being joined in the marriage by two other beautiful women and now it looked like my sister was going to end up joining us. Five women to keep happy and all of them loved me deeply. I realized how lucky I was and started to cry.

I was so happy and looking forward to Stacey and Amy coming up on Monday and meeting Jen. I knew they would all get along. It was amazing in a way. Jealousy was something that never came up amongst them. Only when they thought an outsider was trying to move in did their claws come out. I knew Stacey and Amy would not be a problem. Tina and Tammy had already talked to them and if there had been a hint of jealousy from them over Jen they would not have been so accepting of Jen the previous night. They would have been more reserved or a little apprehensive at least. I took all this as a sign that women had talked and already accepted Jen as one of them.

The wedding was only a few days away.

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