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Joru ka Ghulam
01-15-2012, 01:51 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Madam do you enjoy sherry…he asked.
Sure but why….
Actually he has just learned to make a cocktail Adonis and want your approval.
Sure sure …and listening to Madam he went to bar.
Thinking that …a man who could not even touch …sure you are the person for women’s club other wise they will make it bahanji ka what they say hann mahila samiti type.
Yes Madam, it was a double joy for me. firstly even if she was thinking about me ….it was perfect victory and if she was so much surprised looking at him drinking wine what will happen in his maiaka and esp. to my nanad
And he came with his favorite, Adonis made from sherry.
He recited the recipe….

2 ounces dry sherry
1 ounce sweet (red) vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters

And as Ms Khanna tasted it…vow…there was delight on her face.
Yes it is perfect…she beamed and his face got lit up like 1000 candles.
This time he sat next to her without me coaxing him.
And again we started chatting without taking cognizance of him, of course he was passing snacks, pouring drink…
“What do you suggest we should do to brighten up our ladies club a bit”…she sipped and asked,
“Madam, I think….can we organize something like full monty…on our ladies exclusive night …or do you think it will be too far….” I suggested playfully.
“Yes yes…you are certainly …we think alike…why not it’s ladies exclusive and when men go out they do watch striptease, cabaret …so yes but how to organize it.”
And this time when she bent to keep glass on table her pallu fell down and one dazzling, full some boob almost bursting out of low cut tight choli could be seen and she did not make any attempt to correct her pallu. Nor did my hubby whose gaze was not so timid this time, as I had instructed him.
“Madam it is very simple, I know persons who can organize this type of event and they are discreet too…and when during board meeting and annual review almost everybody is out we can get it done. And we can get half a dozen real hunks, with all the muscles ripping….”
“ yes yes…”giggling…sipping her third peg, which he had just filled up, she continued,
“ but…make sure that the muscle which, matters most…should be real good.”
“ it will be Madam…” I joined in the laughter. “ I will be very strict in my specs…I know a young boy who was…second runner up in Glad rags Mr. India contest…he can also join… only his fees are slightly stiff as he works as ladies man too…you know”
I blinked.
“ Vow …to saaf saaf ye kyon nahin kahati ki he works as gigolo too,…money no problems…just organize …and may be we can give him some good tips so …”
Yes madam why not and this time I poured a stiff one.
“ gigolos …it was so good in Bombay…we organized so …daring hen parties…ladies will do anything …mind you anything to join them…drinks…smoke…you can not even guess…but Mr. Khanaa, he wanted to be VP and …in this fucking mofussil township…” she was talking dreamily.
“ Madam don’t worry these day …what they say…glocal…think globally act locally…everything we can get with click of a mouse…only thing is logistic costs…and with new flight decaan has started…we can organize parties even hotter than …anywhere”
“Yes…interrupting me she continued dreamily…Last time when we had gone to NY, with Mr. Khanaa, I decided to go to Chippendale…you know that …
I was aware what that place is but kept mum.
“yes…it is famous for full monty…what bodies yaar and you can even touch them, I thrust some dollars in a hunks’ brief and out lined with my fingers …what a size and …what hardness…that silken purple color brief…alas you can not put hands in side brief…”
And I checked with my peripheral vision …her finger were scratching, outlining his bulge as she must have done on that dancer their.
And my hubby caught my gaze.
Please take a shrimp just one …you are not eating anything Madam…and when his came closer this time her palm we right there…covering the bulge.
Yes Madam and a little drink….thoda saa…I too joined him.
“Nice crunchy”
she tasted a shrimp… “ I think all hubbies should be like you.” She complimented.

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01-15-2012, 01:51 AM
Post: #32
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
“Madam don’t you think on this husband’s day…let all hubbies do all the chores which women do and then let them dress like their wives of course ladies can help”…she was in full mood and spirit has raised her spirits.
“Sure Madam…and this time it will not be only one item”…and I looked at him meaningfully. He realized I am referring that he refused to sport even a bindi…for five minutes…so much of pseudo masculinity….
“Madam I was naïve”… he muttered incoherently…but who was listening to him.
“Yes let them first cook then fully dressed …if need be with falsies…and we will check their shringar…hai naa and then they will sing and dance….” She was almost day dreaming.
“Yes Madam brilliant idea…I lauded her and what is so great in wearing feminine dress…look at all our heroes ….everyone of them had wore …remember Vishvajit…kajara mohbaata vaala…he looked so cute and aamir in baaji…every one of them…”
“Yes you are correct and we will make them dance to those tunes…. you are right aamir looked so soft so cutie pie…,”she echoed my idea.
“They all look very soft very cute Madam, but you will have to be a bit harsh…every lady will have to prepare his hubby as…”I added…
“Sure we will call it sissy ball”… and she was fully in the spirit of things.
“But Madam after all that women do one more thing and how can we subject them to…”
“Yes…but it is very easy…may be one of them we will select before hand…and strip him covering his head so other males are not aware…his face and upper part of body will be totally covered …so that no body can recognize him…”
And the way both of us looked at him…he knew mantle is going to fall on him.
“ but Madam, I quizzed, that think how can any male…” but she cut me short.
“ you are real simple yaar… most boys during their school days and some even after words gaand maravate hai ki nahin…and some of them are real pussy boys…so what we can do…we can use our lipstick and sort of make a functional pussy using their rear hole..”
“But Madam …I was nonplussed who will play Men’s role.”
“We will play …who else she felt bad for being interrupted. Have you not seen dildos…’
I had seen them at least on net…and on some adult toy catalogues…but decided to remain silent.
“I had a few strap ons…one is even 8 inches long…so I will try first and then you and may be even some males…” she informed.
He was squirming, feeling very uncomfortable, but we were discussing as if he is not there like elders discussing about traditional marriage of a girl.
“It will be great fun Madam,” I was in supporting role.
“Yes but I think I should move it has become late.”
When she stood up she was feeling a bit tipsy and he supported her. And of course side of her bosom just got rubbed to his hand. She was feeling in ebullient mood.
Hey why don’t you drop Madam I hinted to him.
“Yes no no…it is all right…”she protested but kept on holding him. I can drive myself.
“Yes…Madam but any what he will do here at least now and he will just drop you at him and hey …don’t be naughty with Madam. He will behave Madam I assured her.
I will not mind if he is naughty…she whispered so loudly in my ears that he did listen.
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01-15-2012, 01:52 AM
Post: #33
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
I was thinking strides I made today, sure Ms Khanna was going to be ….and there are now quite a good chance that I will be made secretary, let Anima, Mita and other ladies…I know jal bhun ke kabaab ho jayengi salli…sidhe munh baat nahin karati thi….but I was I two minds, if it was right the way I used him. But what is wrong all males use their wives, in parties they go as consort, decked up suitably, and they must try to mix and mingle and type of roop we had to…if it is family get together, cover your head, don’t laugh loudly and don’t answer directly before elders and with your devars and nandois you have to bear jokes of all sorts even if they are in poor taster…so I felt nothing was wring if I sort of laid a honey trap…and I smiled. Yes it was honey trap…it was not only my hubby…I discussed . I mentioned my nanad Guddi too …and how her eyes lit up …and I had very carefully without mentioning her age had told which class she is in…and her body description….she joked that and what are you going to do with her and I replied in the same vain…what nanad;s borther do with bhabhis that is what bhbahis are supposed to do with naand. But before she could say anything I anticipated and said that Madam, she will be not only my nanad but yours too. I knew her inclinations and esp. proclivities for young girls and that will certainly clinch it. And even with me I could not stop enjoying it…while leaving when she hugged me her pressure on my buttocks was more than…and how her fingers were itching. I too responded to signal by pressing my boobs over her and …she whispered in my ears …imagine what we too can do your young teen Lolita type nanad. Sure Mam I responded and may be we can practice some time before she comes and the way she smiled….
I finished the rest of cherry waiting for him.
And when he came after half an hour, his shirt was almost open, smeared pink lipstick and he was smelling of channel …favorite of Ms K…so it means Madam liked …
I hugged him and kissed him on the lips….smeared with lipstick …and when my tongue traversed….I can taste that special paan….palang tod paan full with aphrodisiacs…and my tongue started thrashing, tasting and took out some back to my mouth. It means Madam had given him from her mouth…
My searching hands went to his jeans…yes bulge was prominent and it started kneading it…slowly …teasingly and then with urgency…and soon I could not restrain myself from unbuckling and opening the strained zip…and gripped it over his panty…lacy pink panty which was no match to pressure being generated within…
Our cloths were strewn all the way to bed room …and just before entering the bed room, tip of my tongue went to his ear and nibbling, teasing whispered huskily,
“ hey you have been a very good boy today ….and you deserve and award, don’t you.
“ yes…yes …please…” he was aroused, excited and waiting.
“ just close your eyes baby and I am going to gift you…your childhood fantasy and enjoy her fully in most unabashed manner…hold her …kiss her and fuck her silly”.
He was a bit confused but nevertheless closed his eyes and my lips just cemented it.
Holding his now fully erect prick I ushered him to bed room and guided him to black satin covered four poster bed.
His eyes were closed and he was dreaming about un seen dreams.
“ meet my sexy slut nanad …your teen fantasy …Guddi and squeeze her teen boobs, fuck her unfucked pussy silly…”
And a minute later I was holding him in my arm rubbing my boobs over his bare chest…
” bhaiya…hold me in your arms… hug me hug me hard…I am waiting ..wet and waiting for you…” and saying that I kissed his lips.
I am a perfect mimic and was just speaking like her teen young voice full of desire.
Yes yes…and he responded. Holding me hard he almost crushed me with a new found strength.
Hi eyes were closed but lips could see my cheeks, lips. His first kiss was tentative but my moans…whispers and he became more demanding. His groping lips came down and in sudden jerk almost pulled my erect nips and bit it…
“Oui …bhaiya lagata hai…na dhire dhire …”
I cried with a voice mix of joy and pain.
And he shifted his attention to my other boob…licking, kissing and sucking it.
We were on the bed and he was over me. But I had to prod him further…
“ bhaiya karo naa …bada man kar raha hai…ohh acha lag raha hai plesaeee….”
And saying that I held his prick. It was iron hard. I squeezed it gently and moaned…
“ do naa bhaiya…ohh…I am…man kar raha hai….”
“ you want it …” he spoke as in trance.
“ Yes….kiite dino se…tum to ishara hi nahin samajahte din jab care….free manaya thaa to…budhu…ab aj j ..ohh “
and saying that I put my slender legs over his shoulders and now my cunt was rubbing with his cock.
I had put myself into role of Guddi completely. It was not only voice but all the mannerisms, the way she used to use her dainty hand, typical lilt of face…everything and my body was behaving with a mix of coy and desire, a teen girl loosing her maidenhead…
I guided his hand to back to my boobs again and he was cupping it pressing it softly like they belong to her mameri bahan’s mammaries….
“Bhaiya…” I teased him…bhbahi ki to badi badi hain…lekin meri to…”
“Han sach meain teri bahbhi ki bahoot mast hain…”
I felt so happy without leaving role of his teen sister.
“Bhaiya chodiya hatiye iska matalab aapko meri ..nahin….” and tried to move his hand away from breasts.
“ no…no…arre…chote chote…” and he stopped uttering those words which I wanted it be part of his daily lexicon. Ohh those vestiges of…samskaar…
“ bhaiyaa…kya chote chote…khool khool ke boliye naa…mujhe acha lagta hai ye sab sunana…bhbahi se to app ekdam khul ke baat karate hain lekin…”
“ tere joban teri ye choti choti adi kadi kasi kasi …”
“ han bahiya boliye naa teri ye choti choti choonchiyan…aapke munh se ye khool ke sunana bada achaa lagata hai..”
And it just goaded him. He started squeezed crushing my boobs
“ ohh Guddi ye teri choti choti choonchiya…kitte dino se mera man kar raha thaa…de naa dabane de aaj kas ke …”
And I was coaxing him guiding him, making him more aroused, but I had also become very wet playing role of my nanad…
“ Ohh bhaiya ab karo na karo ..dal do apana ye…” I pressed holding his now bursting cock.
“ apna kya too bhi to bol” he too joined the banter and rubbing his supara on my clit he teased.
“ apna ye mast mota Lund aaur kya…” I was not to deny and soon he tried to insert it.
But playfully playing a young coy girl I covered my face and I knew enough of those tricks of squeezing vaginal muscles…for him it was as tough as it will be shoving his virgin mameri sister.
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01-15-2012, 01:52 AM
Post: #34
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
But playfully playing a young coy girl I covered my face and I knew enough of those tricks of squeezing vaginal muscles…for him it was as tough as it will be shoving his virgin mameri sister.
But it was becoming difficult for me too and I relaxed a bit, spread my legs over his shoulder and let it slide over and as it invaded I burst out in a scream of joy and anguish.
“ ohh ohh bhiaya…bahoot dard ho raha hai….tomamne phad di meri choot…ohh”
But I had ensured to squeeze his cock also so hard that he will not be able to dislodge it.
Soon he got the tempo and rhythm.
He had learned his lesson well.
He knew his job is to please and getting pleasure is only secondary.
Sometimes he was ferocious some times he was caring.
I had meanwhile blind folded him…and best was when he will utter…
“Guddi…oh ka mast …tight choot hai…u r good…ohh “ and I will also respond…
“Han bhaiya han..oh dal do…oh chodo naa kas ke mujhe….ohhh”
He will kiss suck and bite and I will respond by pressing my long nails in his shoulders.
He will pound hard and I will reciprocate by raising my hips high and entwining my legs over him.
He made me cum twice before he came.
And that night thrice he rode over me or should I say I let him ride over me.
And every time I made him treat me like his young sister…and I also behaved like that in most slutty naughty way.
And every time he made me cum before he discharged inside me. and every time it was more hot, more wild and more vocal I made him utter…
“Han Guddi han bada maja aa raha hai tumjhe chodane main…vah kaya rasili choti choti choonchiyan”
…and I will respond with push of my hips..
“Hann bhaiya han vaise hi hahcak ke chodo naa jaise bahbhi ko chodate ho ohh ahh bahoot maja aa raha hai kite din se meri choot pyasi thi tumahrae is mote Mast Lund k eke liye….ohh ouch lagata hau….please ruko …na na ..oh ruko mat..aur jor se hacak ke chodo…”
My words mimicked exactly in his sister’s style will further spur him and biting my cheeks, boobs he will pull out and pushing in one shove will again say…
“ Haan re haan Guddi le ghont apane bhaiya ka Lund…sach bol tera man kartaa tha pahale se….ohh kitta maja aa raha hai…le …le ghont…aaj teri choot pahd ke rahunga…le le apani choot main mere Lund ka maja le…ghont saali ….aajj tune mujhe bahanchod bana hi diyaa….”
And holding his waist with my slender legs I will shriek with joy and respond excitedly,
“Haan haan are bahan chod ban gaye to ab kas ke chod do na apani bahan ko bol bhaiya bol chodge naa..apani is chinal bahana ko…chod chod ke aaj meri choot ke/…badi chudasi hai ye teri bahana…ohh bhaiya aap kitte achae hao…ohh I amm main main …jhad rahi….ahhhh ahhhh…”
And he will increase his tempo as I will really reach orgasm.
After such a wild night full of fucking when he fucked me thrice my cunt was full of cream…kam se kam aadha kataora to raha hi hoga…poori gadhi malai..safed tahkkedar..
And now I was back in my real form…he was below me and I was riding her, my cunt throbbing which he has fucked treating it as his favorite mamaeri bahan’s choot. I was rubbing my cunt over my cum slut husband who could not some days before even kiss it was licking, sucking greedily my cum filled cunt pushing her tongue into deeper recesses of my love tunnel. And I had all ready cum twice and some time I will just shift and for change if his taste and to give some rest to my aching pussy, will rub my rear hole on his face, nose and lips forcefully…asking him forcefully pulling his hair…
“ kyon salle Guddi chinal ke bhandue, haraman ke…maja raa haa naa gaand chaaatane main…. Cahaat salle chaat ghused de apani juban andar…teri us bahana ki bhi gaand aise hi mast chataane layak hai na…bol chatega naa uski bhi…pahale chtana phir us salli ki gaand bhi marana…badi gaand mataka mataka ke chalati hai…na mere bhaiya vo …mere bhaiya ye…usi bhai se uski gaand na maravai to uski bhabahi nahin…bol salle mast han naa gaan teri bahana ki…”
Poor he, pressed under my heavy chootars…he will only utter some meaningless sounds …gong gon…unhgh …ahng…
I will just shift my chootar…and ask pulling his hair bruatally
“ are bol naa saaf saaf…abhi to sirf gaand chat raha hai tere maunh main to maine kuch diya nahi….”
“ yes…ham uski …gaand badi mast hai…”
“ are kiski gaand naam lene main kya shaaram lagatihai us sllai ki ..sare shara ke aldake uska naam le ke muth maarate hain aur too….bol saaf naam le ke…kya larega uski gaand ka jabmain dilvaungi …boll…” and I will squeeze his head very hard between my pressing thighs…
“ vo vo…hann Guddi ke chote chote chootar bade mast hain …chatungaa…jo aap kahogi sab kuch karunga…” pressure of my thighs will almost crack him to scream and again I will lower my ass on his waiting eager lips and rub it hard nastily .
I looked down at me. Thorough half open window first golden yellow rays of sun were bathing my body which was glistening with sweat, drops of cum and lust. My open braids were partly covering my hard full round boobs, fully aroused …and my gaze moved to my throbbing pussy which still had some cum oozing out of it, labia slightly spread and sure below it his face pressed, squeezed under my thighs…look at myself again aroused me and shifting I brought my cunt lips tantalizingly close to him…
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01-15-2012, 01:52 AM
Post: #35
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Thorough half open window first golden yellow rays of sun were bathing my body which was glistening with sweat, drops of cum and lust. My open braids were partly covering my hard full round boobs, fully aroused …and my gaze moved to my throbbing pussy which still had some cum oozing out of it, labia slightly spread and sure below it his face pressed, squeezed under my thighs…look at myself again aroused me and shifting I brought my cunt lips tantalizingly close to him…
“ yes please hannn haan…ohh ..”
and he pulled out his tongue in desire and who was me to deny him.
With two fingers I slightly parted my cum soaked choot and pressed it between his greedy open salivating lips.
His thick velvety tongue first drew a slight line, just touching it tentatively and that itself brought a wave of pleasure ….but it was only beginning. He was behaving like a well practiced choot chatora…I was thinking what will happen when I will make him use this well learned skill against his mameri bahan Guddi or even…a leer crossed my face and I pressed my cunt more firmly, rubbing it against his lips.
His long thick well practiced tongue was well into deep, looking for every last drop of cum in my pussy and lips were sucking slowly, my pink orange piece like juicy choot lips, sometimes teasing sometime with determination. My long red colored nail were dug deep in his shoulders. And he brought his tongue slowly out and suddenly it was lapping my aroused almost out hard swollen pinky. As it was not enough to make me mad, his lips also changed the target and started sucking my clit bringing me very close to orgasm. I could feel waves building, moving and I was almost loosing my control and he too like a job well done was lapping, licking, kissing, sucking….doing everything in rhythm and almost simultaneously. By now he has almost learnt how to please me…but suddenly another pressure…leapt up. It was morning time, it was time for and …I did drank much yesterday night…
I tried to control but…it was becoming over powering, my muscles…in spite of my regularly doing keggel I was not able to control my muscles…and I tried to wriggle …but his grip had become very strong and like a runner doing his last lap, his tongue was lapping…very hard, lips were squeezing and it was exquisite pleasure…but I had to get up and go to bathroom.
“Hey leave me…I have to go ..chodo…na …”
I told him.
His eyes queried kyon…as his mouth was too busy sucking me of.
“ su su aa rahi hai… bas kar ke aaayi abhi leave m nahin to yahin ho jayegin”
I threatened him.
“To ho jane do naa…”
his lips unclenched for a minute and again gripped my cunt lips…his naughty eyes were smiling, a glimmer dancing…
A thought of dozen of golden shower moves we had watched together crossed our mind …women domineering…. Drops…streams of golden droplets….
“ it will be bed tea for me…” he said mischievously and this time tip of tongue directly located my urethra … a place very few males can locate. It was teasing, urging goading me to cross the threshold…
“ but but…”and I joined the spirit…” bed tea roj pini padegi…”
“ ekdam…” aur jitti bare chho utti bar…nahi pilaogi to main jabardatsi pi lunga and this time his teeth nibbled .
Now I could now stop…I was feeling burning sensation in my urethera…and I decided to not only cross the threshold but further push it….
“ sirf bed tea se hi kaam nahin chalega….breakfast bhi karaungi…”
I said in no uncertain terms.
Sure his eyes said and as if to seal our agreement, his lips sealed my cunt lips to ensure that not even a single droplet escape and as if it was not enough, gently bit my urethra.
I had crossed point of no return and it began…
First … a few droplets and then a steady golden stream….my eyes were closed and I was just feeling a great relief…and soon a great joy knowing that almost ultimate taboo is being breached.
Sure, he ensured that not even a trickle escapes.
And what is more almost in continuation his lips started lapping like waves, my wet still dripping cunt and soon it was suck like suction pump, gentle squeeze, a tug on cunt lips, a gentle soft nibble on pinky…like a young boy trying to please his madam in class or …
It was too good. Waves built and …waves after waves…like a tumultuous tide…I was fainting with joy and it will cease but…sure soon again his tongue and lips will built another tornado….I was exhausted….waves after waves…hitting on beach …
It was the best orgasm I ever got.
And I realized what I ever suspected. Men of the species will have to be forced, made to breach the worst taboos, toughest barriers and they enjoy it most. They will do anything for you…once they realize their untapped potential…
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01-15-2012, 01:53 AM
Post: #36
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
When he was leaving for office, of course clad in my lacy panties which I had worn for last 24 hours, soaked in my all types of juices, silver anklet caressing his dainty leg and making him realize his new status every minute….I kissed him fully on the lips. Yes I had not permitted him to paste or wash his mouth….taste and aroma of my golden juice was still overpowering and quite strong…and that was my aim.
“ so baby liked his bed tea….” I mocked.
“ yes but….breakfast….” he teased flirtatiously, daring me to cross further frontiers.
“ gahabado mat…vo bhi milega and sooner than later .” I pinched his milky cheeks which had a dash of rouge from last night and teased further…
“ aur maja aaya raat main apani bahana ko chodane main….kaie hachak hacak ke naam le le ke chod rahe the salli ko…hai naa…”
He blushed and smiled, but I continued insistently.
“ jab aise chodane main itta maja aaraha tha tumhe…to socho jab sach main milegi…gahbdao mat 10-15 din main jab tere maike challenge naa…bina chode chodana mat salli ko badi phudakati hai naa jab ek baar phuddi main ….apana Lund ghontoge naa..”
And as he turned his back for going to office I made parting remarks…
“ Bahanchod…to bana hi diya hai tujhe…aab…Maddarchod…” tone was slow but surely audible to him.
I could not suppress my smile thinking about all this.
Yes and no…I never wanted to make him neuter …or asexual…my voyage was different from normal fem dom or sisification. I was surfing thorough some routine sisification sinet.
I was…yes…my aim was to him amoral sexually…so that straight jacket upbringing which has been brought up under he should be able to change. I was giving him a new world view jo kahate hain naa…najariya…dekhane ka tarika….the way he should approach….and last night the way jis tarah usane mujhe apni us mameri bahan maan ke ragad ke…sure…there is a sea change …and I could not wait visiting my sassural again …a place I never looked ahead to visit. But this time and more so…to accost my nanad rani …ohh yes and suddenly I recalled my bet…sure it will be so good and so many things I can made her do…and surely I will make him do his favorite bhaiya, who was supposed to be soo sidha…and my thoughts went back to morning…bed tea…yes he said every morning and sure who I am to deny my saajan…he wants it and he will get it.
Yes I was trying to take his sexuality to a new height where he will not make any distinctions…those artificial ones and…surely….he will be …he is my pet. Will dress as I want him to…and the way he is succumbing….
He was back for lunch and sure his lunch was not complete without eating me. and today I had very juicy long mango pieces added….with my choot ras…he kept on sucking, nibbling and many times I will guide his searching exploring tongue to even my rear hole….i was denying myself and making him prolong my misery…and when I came…I kept on rubbing his lips with my cunt brusquely forcefully. After lunch again when he went back …scent of my lower lips were very strong on his upper lips….this was going to be routine.
And before he must have reached the office Mom rang.
She was so happy listening to our morning adventures. Only I got a reprimand….I should have went ahead for giving me“ breakfast” too.
“ sab kuhc amin hi sikkah padha dungi to saas aake kya karnegi” I teased her.
“ are jaise too usake apani naand ke liye taiyar kar rahi hai naa usase jayada dekhana main use teri saas ke liye taiyar kar dungi…” and we both burst into raucous laughter.
“ aur haan ….to too abhi usko breakfat tak nahin pahuncha pyi naa..dekhan main to lunch dinner sab….”
“Ekdam mummy bada aa jaaygea milake uski …abhi ek aur se to kore hi hain…milake nath utaraenge…” I added but vo to meri bhi maan thin….
“ are haan mujhe maaloom hai vo maire pichavde ka divana hai to main bhi use badale main uske pichvade kaa bhi to…” and we again were giggling.
And then I told him not only his daamad…but all the readers are eagerly awaiting her homecoming and some even suggested that she should have hairy arm pits…
She did not respond for a minute and then enthusiastically,
“ yesss I have opened your thread…he…yess ……I am reading it ...some suggestion. ….I am waiting for your mom to come. Let your mom have lots of curly bush in her armpits and let her make your hubby sniff and lick all that armpits sweat, please…I agree it is such a nice suggestion and in time…I was going to shave my arm pits today evening only…as I thought I will be wearing some sleeveless tight white blouses…but yes it will be very good idea and I could use it on your hubby…does he love to lick sweaty arm pits…”
I confessed I have no idea, I have not yet tried that.
“ yes and do you recall…teri saas …meri samdhan ki bhi badi rasili kanakhe hain…jaroor abcahpan main isane tank jahan ki hogi…. Maja to tab hai jab teri saas kaa naam laine se hi uska tan tanaane lage….”
“ Ekdam mummy mujhe mallom hai ki ek baar aap ka hath lag gaya naa to ba vo becahar kya ho jayegaa use khood bhi nahin mallom…”
“ aur usake pahane vahanane ka dhang…” she interrupted and I explained to him his latest dressing habits. We kept on exchanging notes and she told me some ideas, gave some instruction, and with assurance that with two three days she will be with hung the phone but now without parting remark… “ it is becoming hard for her to keep her hands of him.
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
I went for shopping but not before giving some instructions.. to Ms DeMello, his secretary, telling very clearly that these instructions were to be given 15 minutes before he leaves from office.
And sure, she barged into his office with a catalogue of feminine dresses and showed,
“ Madam rang up and asked me to show these dresses to you. You will have to select one of them and I will ring up Bobby Tailor….that famous ladies tailor…yes and you will have to drop at the shop and give measures. “
Discomfiture was writ large on his face but that was what I wanted to shatter his authority figure…even in office, esp. before his lady secretary to whom he was in habit of bossing around before….
She turned the knife further …
“ Sir and if You permit…I think this one will suit perfectly on you….”
It was a green garrara.
He took it looked at it liking it but pretending to be busy on a phone.
As if this was not enough, she did not stop and added further,
“ Sir and one more thing she said…and it was probably from your mother in law…she had enjoyed a story very much one net …something about Maan bete ki…it was on fsi she even mentioned page and gave me thread too….if you are busy Sir…I will open it…she had told that you better read it before going to home and that tailor is very particular about time Sir so…” and she moved to internet.
“No no …yes I will …open it …and yes you are correct and keep this catalogue here”
Half sweating, half mumbling…. he babbled.
“ And should I …Ms DeMello was not buzzing. Looking at him trying to open the net…but waiting for her to go.
“ yes Ms DeMello…you can tell Bobby Tailor that I will be there in time. And leave the catalogue with me.

And when he came back he was half puffing and I knew it. He would not like his secretary to be part of…and I knew it. I quizzed, with slightly stern tone.
“ Did you gave measurement ….
“ yes …I was there in time.” H was shifting to accha bacaha mode.
“ good and …I had given that tailor some cloths for new choli cut blouse too…Mom told me that you should get measured exactly and not andaz se …you know…”
“Yes that …was also …taken…and that cloth is very nice…’ now he was trying to please me and in this he even did not notice my reference to mom.
“ OK …and now ….I am waiting….for tea for you, change and….yes make some pakaodis too…I am waiting…” I gave him a smile.
And he beamed…bas abhi laya and rushed to kitchen.
These men they have to be kept on a tight leash…I grinned. One must know when to give reward and when to…
But today I wanted to tight screws further…and wanted to catch him…even a slightest mistake will do….
And I caught him in kitchen.
He was wearing his frilly pink flowery apron which he got as an award in Ms Taneja’s class as best student ….he could not have dreamt…even touching with a barge pole…in his previous avatar.
But pants….it was strictly office dress….he was not supposed to wear pant at home. Only one person can do that and that was me.
I just stared at his pants and he realized…
“ sorry main…jaldi….i thought you are hungry…” his hands were coated with besan and tea was whistling ….
I just stormed out from kitchen. He should realize that it is bellow my dignity to utter a single word….
And soon he came with tea and pakoda properly in tray…and attired in petticoat and in apron…dress for kitchen…and red sindoor in his mang…exactly as he should be in home. But there was another negative mark and …no apron outside kitchen…and he realized that.
I wanted him to be on tenterhooks…permanently.
And when he came …minus apron…I asked him to sit down but in a soft tone.
And even offered him a pkaoda.
He was too glad. And now when I told him that dress idea was exactly mom’s he felt so happy. And said…
“ hey but when she is coming…”
“Why don’t you phone her and don’t forget to thank her…but finish your nashta first …you will also be hungry.” I encouraged him.
He just gobbled it and was in a tearing rush to phone.
The way he was blushing, thanking smiling and color was changing on his face, I knew Mom is making mincemeat of him.
I switched on speaker phone and mom’ voice teasing voice came,
“ are Haramajaade….randi ke poot…chinal ke jane…ab tak to main samjahati thi ki sirf tere mama se chudava ke ….lekin kya us muhalle ka naam hain naa tere sahar main…”
Mom was targeting my sass…knowingly.
“ kalin gunj mummy ….” Maine tukada lagaya ( it was name of very famous red light are of my sasuaraal).
“ han jahan vo teri bahan…part time har sham ko ja ke khadi rahati hai…” she further continued.
“ Mummy…mujhe to lagata hai us ke andar bhi vahan ke bhanduon ka …”
“ are teri saare sausraal vale aise hi hain…she told me and again asked him” acha bol vo jo kahani boli thi fsi valli padhi ki nahin…”
“ han padhi…”
“ dekh man...baite kaise maja larate hai na....yahi sahcca prem...padh ke kuch kuch hua ki nahin....are taire pass bhi to Maan hain...”
she kept on mocking.
But I could see although he was blushing but enjoying my surprise I could discern a distinct bulge....beginning of a tent pole.
And mom rubbed further....
“Aur meri samdahn kisi se kam thode hi joban gdaaryi jawani ekdam gadagadova...abhi bhi chootar`matak a ke jab chalati hai....bol kahada hota hai naa soch scoh ke ...”
And I pressed at his bulge ...yes it was reacting very hard.
He also realized it was becoming too hot and tried to change the topic.
“ mummy aap kab tak aaiyegaa....”
“ bas jald hi....lekin bata mere swagat main kya kya karoge....”
“ aap jp bhi khiayga....vo sab kuch....”
“ sab kuch bol piche to nhain hatoge....” mom teased.
“ Are nahin mummy bas bolke dekhiye....”
he was going overboard to please her.
“ acha to meri samdahan ke kahana mere eklaute damaad ka dil khush kar den ...manjoor” and started giggling and added, “ are tere gahr main do do mast maal ....ek kachi kasi choot aur dossara rasili bhonsadi....phir bhi nath tumhari meri beti ne uteri...aaur vo salliyan poore shahar` main banatai phir rahi thin...”
He was blushing and enjoying but Mom change the track....
“ Achaa chal bol main tere liye kya kya laun....”
“Bas aap aa jaaiye...aur khoob jaldi....” he asked in groveling tone.
“ acaah bolo mera tumhe kya kya achaa lagta hai jo itte besare ho rahe ho”
“ sab kuch ...chehara....
“ Are khul ke bol naa....kya abhi bhi laundiya ki tarah sharma raha hai...”
she challenged.
“ bol naa”
I too goaded and whispered Mummy ko aapake munh se tariff sun ke achaa lagega.”
“ apake”
hesitatingly he confessed.
“ haa ye hui naa bat....her joy was clealrly eident...acha bol kya cha lagata hai uname aur`kya karga....“
Itte bade bade aur phir bhi ittte sakaht aur`rasile.....”
“ chal eluata dmaada hai de dungi lekin pahale ek baat bata sach sach...meri samdahn ka bhi to bada bada hai hai naa....
“ han...hai...” he admitted haltingly.
“ to kbhi use dekh ke soch ke tera khada hua hau.....muth mari thi...kabi to bathroom main ....toilet main...are ismae bura kuch nahi sab ladake karate hain...”she encouraged
“ nahin...han...bas ek baar do bar...”
I was stunned I could not believe my ears and mom to ...waited.
“ I must have been day mom caught me trying her bra on me ...and she not only scolded but thrashed me very hard. And later she realized that she has been too harsh so she hugged me and my face, my...mouth. was exactly between her ....her bosom ....and I got erect. And that day toilet i...did...and one time her.
It was too much I could never even had dreamt....mera sidha sadha but mom was expert in prizing open the most inconvenient truth.....
“Aur vo soch ke tera kya haal rahaa hai...”
.she quizzed and I striped his cock.
It was in the hardest stage exactly 90 degree.
“ are Mummy ekdam tanatana gaya hai aapaki smadahn ke bare main soch ke ...”
I informed her giggling, but she responded to him....
“ are to der kis baat ko meri samdahn k mast mammon aur chootaron ke bare main soch ke saraka maron....aur kal main batungi kab aungi”.
As if to fulfill mom’s command, I bought his hand to his dick and he dutifully held it.
“ acah ye bata to main aunga to do cup bed tea pina padega hai manjoor” laughing she asked.
“ han ekdam”
he answered in the same spirit and mom hung the phone.
That night we again had the fantastic sex. Of course today I was on top and continuously. teasing him abusing his all female relatives.
“ kyon ....meri sass ke mamme yaad aa rahe hain ....kya’
“ han aise hi ...aise hi poori takat se meri us chinal nanad ko ....Guddi sallli ko bhi chodana”
“ are bahan chod....sara nikal de apane tatton ka....han aise hi us saali randi bandua chodi ke liye bhi....”

Of course he had ‘bed tea’ in the morning.
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
the news he was so eagerly waiting for came in lunch.
He was eating his ‘muffins’ ( I mean my muff) post lunch when Mom rang. I put the speaker phone on.
“Yes I can listen to that noise, she told. Tell that madarchod...main do din main aa rahi hun....bata dene us haram jade, randi ke jane chinar ke poot ko....he should be ready in all respects....agar maine kuch bhi gadabad payaa na to maar maar ke chootar laal kar dungi”When I asked her would she like to talk to him she giggled,
“ no no I know right know he is busy and he must have listened to every word....just only tell that read more stories of the type ...the one I had mentioned before.....and think about....I have to rush to my kitty. And she hung up.
And at the same time I squeezed his head kas ke ...I was on the verge and checked his bulge with my feet....yes he was hard. My’s words about his mom ...those gallis had strong effect on him.
And when he came up....he could not restrain his enthusiasm....on how to welcome mom...unhe kya acha lagata hai...what should he do to please her.
Yes that was what I wanted and I pushed him further.
“Do you recall had date for trial today with Bobby tailor...”
“Yes yes ...I know they are very punctual ....I will be there.”
Typical habits of males, they will prejudge everything as if they have repository of all the knowledge. But I let it pass this time.
“ listen ...learn to know I had given choli and blouses too...last time I got some made for you but that was ....just you know...andaz se....and mom is very punctilious about perfect fit. So every choli and blouse has to be ...trial should be done with matching bra....and Mom will judge you by that too....your selection of proper lingerie with dress...”
He was in rapt attention.
“ but the problem is ...your size is what they say queen size....+ size....and the shop I shop does not have that type of size as normally younger females go there.”
“ So ...what to do....” he too was perplexed.
“ I don’t is something you can not just check from yellow pages and ...normally only a lady who is confidante will share such tidbits. And if I had time may be I could ...but I had to go to Mrs know....only koi auart who is ...richly know what I mean...”
I let the pause hang for a few minutes and then...handed him the solution for which I had created this problem.
“ there is an option. No ...but it will not will not be able to do have not yet reached that level...but I can not see any other and I should have been with Ms Khanna 5 minutes ago.”
“ tell problem....I will do it.” He was too eager to please Mom.
“ Ms De Mello, see she had ample bosom and ...she always wears perfect matches...what should be her size...arre tumhe apane secretary ki size nahin mallom...use dekh ke mukhe apani sass ki yaad aati hai....”
“ yes she is richly endowed ....but can se help.”
“ you know there is not much work load...middle of week and all her in your cabin, give her bosom some appreciative glances ...ask her ...over the coffee....and she will tell you from where she shops for her undergarments.”
She dropped me at Ms Khanna where there was some discussion about next women’s club elections.
Of course I had briefed Ms De Mello before hand.
And it was a tough threshold to cross for hi.
First time he looked at ample boobs of Ms De Mello as a male should look ar ..drooling with appreciative glances.
And it was Ms DeMello who had to take intaitive,
“Sir you wanted to ask something.”
“Yes yes.”..he was heittaing...”I hope ….will not mind...and please don’t call me Sir when we are wear very nice fitting garments.”
“ thanks Sir” and she just pushed her bountiful boobs a bit more.
“actually I was looking for you know, some....good shop...some...where they sell ...ok under a gift” he blurted with difficulty.
“ I know but Madam’s size is different and mine is ..what they call + size...and there are very few shops which keep for whom you want to shop Sir...and any way I know them...if you want to...”
“ no ...yes not for is between you and me...can you tell me location...I will be very thankful.”
He was almost unctuous.
“ no problem Sir...” and now she stood behind him...her ample bosom from her dress almost touching cape of his neck...and gave him address.
And this time when she left his cabin ...first time he stood up and thanked her profusely, a task he should have done every time when he met a female accepting their normal superiority.
We met at the shop. It was well stocked. ( he though afternoon time will be less crowded but he was wrong as usual, most women do such sopping at this time only and was well populated with mostly 30 + ... ladies and some even younger once)
I selected number of them, some will go well with blouse some with noodle strap choli and a few padded ones....
But when I told him to take trial room and check...he was flabbergasted. But I almost shooed him....
When he came out ...all ladies were looking at him... a man coming out after checking the bras...
And I rubbed further...theek thi naa...all of them… and he nodded his head, with a long face.
Arre smile yaar and holding his hand I said to no one in particular,
“ actually they are a surprise gift for his know he likes her....and their sizes are so similar...janu it will be perfect and she will be so happy.”

At home he had taken the responsibility of cleaning and preparing Mom’s room.
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01-15-2012, 01:53 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
I had to go out for a card party, so I gave him instructions for raat ka khana and other chores. And apart from card party their was going to be some discussion about 31st December and Ms Khanaa has taken a decision that this time all the arrangements will be done by ladies, party games, drinks, dances, dinner everything and amongst lady who was made in charge to coordinate, who else me. and of course it was approved by Mr. Khanaa, who being VP was also club president. I knew this was going to be my first step towards secretary ship of ladies club.
She felt and we all supported that most of the time games are very dull, dreary and repetitive. And year after year we listen to same members trying to sing, most of the males spend half the time in drinking and then ritualistic tambola and some insipid dinner.
We started with spiriting up games and I gave some real hot ideas. We will start with some icebreakers.
Although our group was only 20-25 couples, but normally males and females sat separately in their groups so their was not much of mixing except initial, namaste bhabhi ji, how are you and bas.
So icebreakers were required and some males were really shy. So for males we decided, they will have to accost a female ask, yes number of their bra, and on a form write it against her name and get her signature, which will be a mark of lips coated with lipstick. For ladies, they too will be given similar form and, it was more audacious, ask for size of their prick, and get their names. Within 15 minutes, male and female who will come first get some real good awards, like some sexy lingerie for ladies and a bottle of whisky and phoren Viagra, some imported condoms for male. Some body suggested that their may be some kill joys who may like to go slow knowingly to avoid hesitation. Yes Ms Khanaa advised that their should be some penalty for them. My chum friend Sujata, Patel, a young lass from Baroda, who was married only a few month before and very adventurous, spoke,
“ yes Madam, let the devil take the hind most” and what she suggested ham sab hansate hassnate lot pot ho gaye. And Ms Khanaa accepted it immediately. It was for last two males and females, they will be taken to a room and ask to expose their bums by lifting saris and pushing down pants by winners, before that they will be blind folded and hands will be tied and of course winner females will do it for looser males and winner males will do it for looser females, and they will right something with indelible pens on their posterior. During middle of party they will be asked as a wild dare to expose their bums. And sure after that no body will dare to go slow. And then their will be more icebreakers, after that to make everybody go into festive spirit. Some we included were,

• Get 5 people to sign on any exposed part of your body – for ladies.

• …Ask 5 females date of suhagraat, and how many times they did it.
• Look at nail polish of 5 females, with name beginning from letters K-S note down colors
• Note down color of belt of 5 males and open and re buckle it.
Of course, during this period to make people in party mood their will be ex bar maids from Mumbai…who will not only serve drinks but much more…. and of course their will be bar men too to serve us dressed in tights and translucent t shirts.
And then there will be many rounds and sitting arrangements will be fixed. Yes no gender segregation, so to make it fair, one barmaid will carry slip of names of females in her bra and panty and males will get their choice. After getting the slip, he will have to approach that lady ( of course no spouses were permitted and if such slip comes out he will get another chance), and on bend knees, request her to spend some time of the evening and kiss on her hand. And once everybody is paired and take their sit, real program and games will begin. We will get some real good pole dancers ( of course we will have to look into male interests and lower their inhibitions) but most of the dances will be in pair, where striping will be done by male dancer. And it will be interspersed with games
There were to be some real exciting games for males…not the stuff who had worn red tie or mismatched socks…one was to check their abilities…both physical and mental…their will be a blowing up competition…but it will not be balloons but condoms. And then they will be pricked by ladies, and we decided to use a popular adult web game where they will have to arouse anais a software girl using mouse only thing is she should cum before they and time will be five minutes…I know many of them play such games in office time but here they will have to do it in front of all us and on LCD projector…even for ladies…earlier we used to attach a tail to cat and last year some body tried it to make more realistic and made it some bindi on bipasha basu and some mustache on SRK…this time it was going to be …yes you guessed it…a dick to a hunk …and boobs …which male will put. Even awards were more funny. For a lady who succeeded in putting dick at right place it was going to be dildo. And dances will be in groups,
and their will be some more tests for males we will juggle sandals of their wives and who will recognize sandals fastest will get awards…as night will progress these games will be raunchier.
By the time all the dancers and barmaids will move away. For kids anyways we had planned some cartoon films and ayas for night. So for next round it will be only and then it will become real wild.
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01-15-2012, 01:54 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
By the time all the dancers and barmaids will move away. For kids anyways we had planned some cartoon films and ayas for night. So for next round it will be only and then it will become real wild.
Another round of pairing will start and this time all ladies will put their bra in a big heap And males will be asked …to recognize bra…sure that was the best way to make them bra less before mid night dance…and with bra he will have to locate female and at the same time ladies will have to catch hold of males with their bra and then they will sit together. And then we had planned truth and dare…as the game will move forward they will become raunchier. Some of the truths we suggested for females were,
• Spit or swallow
• Which person in the room would you least want to have with you on a deserted island and
• Do you own a thong? Are you wearing it now?
• Tell us any fantasies with sex in cars, planes, or trains.
• Tell us about any fantasies with a threesome.
• Tell us about any fantasies about food and sex.
• You’re “playing” with someone in this room who would you want it to be (why)?
• Date of last period
• Describe when masturbated last time or first time
• What she says during sex ( and if answer is nothing she will have to do some wild dares which will including to sit in the lap of his partner for 5 minutes and take his hand on his blouse for 2 minutes, kiss 3 times man sitting left to him, first time on lips and two time where he demands or remove a piece of clothing), and many more
Truth for men will be…
• Describe 3 masturbation techniques they have used..
• Last time when any female rode over him
• First time they made pass
• Tell us about your fantasies about anal play.
• Any gay experience ( and of course for males too anybody who answered in negative there were strict dares)
And of course between truth there were dares and their was no second dare, some of the dares were,
• … Girls: Kiss the first guy you see with a moustache
• … Kiss the first girl you see nail varnish on. For gents.
• … Take any object- lamp, pencil, etc.- French kiss it passionately.
do it in your underwear or naked.
- hump it.
• Demonstrate how you masturbate.
• Explain to someone of the opposite sex that you want to play "Dr." with them. Offer to be their patient and let your imaginations run wild.

• Females- will have to bend, flash their cleavage, and nipple decoration, gents – will flash their muscles of upper body

• … Remove an article of clothing
• Lick the bellybutton of the player to your left

Their were some traditional games too, like musical chair but the difference was chair were much fewer and women could sit on the lap of male subject to, they had to permit males to paw them, as long as they sit.
So by that time there will be hardly any lady left who would not have been kissed by 7-8 males and vice versa. And one very wild idea was to make ladies get sign on the exposed part of boobs or any part bellow neck and above knees. Who will get max will become queen of night.
Their were dances with lights dimming and in first dance light will go out for 5 minutes.
… at mid night…lights will go out for full 12 minutes ….times which felt was sufficient for more adventurous and …light out will keep on increasing …dance will be over by 1.30 and after that their will be camp fire and we will play more games which can include strip poker, only wild dares. Some of the wild dare included,
• Strip somebody else only using your teeth.
• get peanut butter or jelly or anything and put it on your dick or pussy and clean it with fingers and then lick those fingers appreciating it.
• Go to a public place wearing a strap on under your skirt or pants
• Do 50 crunches and 50 push ups for each you don't complete you must take a pen wrapped in plastic wrap and leave it in your ass for one min for each one not complete
Ms Khanaa was so happy and when I cam back I too was in joyous mood…I was thinking about truth we played…Ms Khanna was in a hot mood and she teased,
“ arre chinalon…program to bana liya cha lab main tum sab se poochti hun…kal raat kiiti ek baar chudi they will be out and almost 60% were out and then she asked accaha bina mard ke kaam nahin bol kiiti do baar chudin and 4 raised their hands. Now only me and Sujata were left. She rolled her eyes and asked wondering,
“ arre saaliyon ittani auraton main kya tumhi dono nahin chudi”
“ Nahin, ham 3 baar chude…” we said almost in unison looking at each other.
“ but don’t you think” the current secretary asked …kill joy that she is,
“ from where money will come, women ’s club will have to shell out huge money and club to itaa support kar nahin skata.”
She was correct as usual but sab chup.
“ are nahin kuch ho jayega…” I said weekly, kyon Sujata, who was keeping her hand on my shoulders.
“ yes and she got a brain wave. Her hubby, Ketan was GM HR, and she started,
“ why not it can be billed to …as a workshop for improving inter personal communication and group building .” Phir to I got a clue and supported,
“ why not it will improve understanding, we can call some group games as team building exercises and those dances and bar maids, we can sort of call them …instructors for workshop…” and the sort of delivering a power point presentation, we together made such an impact that we could have got even a loan sanctioned from a miserly financial institution what to say of approval.
“ Brilliant…excellent …I am sure Mr Khnaa will so happy and approve”
Ms Khanna’s face was so lit up. And Sujata, added, those wild dares during camp fire, they will be called, risk taking ability, new initiative, out of box thinking…and doing it with colleagues wives will be a bold effort of corporate living…spirit of accommodation, tolerance and mutual give and take.
“ Sure…sure and Mr. Khanaa will take note of during annual performance review, he can put some points for that. She was beaming with enthusiasm.
“ but Madam…” current secretary who was soon going to be ex…tried to hold a loosing battle.
“ kya Madam..” now Nehal, whose hubby was in marketing took the cudgel from our behalf. “ do you know what happens …in marketing meet…why they are kept in Singapore and Thigh land…it is actually thigh land…they see all sorts of dances…strip …lap…I always keep condom in his purse when he go out…even in India it is Goa…a lot of booze and…so when we women wann some fun…some creative accounting…”
I showed all of them site of this year’s new year eve, of Entre Nous Erotic New Year's Eve Ball and when those pictures started coming everybody was gawking. DC's hottest upscale night for Stunning and Sexy Couples and Single Women in the "lifestyle"! Banner said
And we were all looking at conditions of pictures of beautiful semi clad ladies, drinking of champagne …and I suggested yes we must have dress codes too, males must be dressed in formals, with or without ties and for ladies it can be sari or evening gown, only condition it must be very sexy showing of their cleavage and when they bend almost entire upper part of boobs should be seen. Of course with sari ( which most of women will wear) blouse should be very tight, low cut and backless, most of midriff and navel should be clearly seen in case of top and skirt and it should be tank top and low skirts…with high visibility some body added.
“ and we can add extra awards for nipples decorations and navel paintings and….tattoos…below neck and above knees…” Sujata added.
“ yes and it will be given by a panel of 5 male members …who must have seen them clearly …but no body will know who are those 5 judges…” Nehal quipped.
“ so it is pukka this year we will have hottest, most happening and erotic new year eve,” I looked all around.
“ Sure …you are brilliant …Ms Khanaa repeated, looking at me.
and program of our new year eve was certain and I was sure that all the males will luv it too and…sure now no body can stop me from riding social ladder…and becoming secretary of women’s club.
.let us welcome new year with a lot of joy and enthusiasm...
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