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Joru ka Ghulam
01-15-2012, 02:00 AM
Post: #61
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
She had lifted her saya well above her knees so his head was now on her bare mansal thighs enjoying that sensuous flashy feeling.
His eyes were closed and only tactile feelings were at extreme. He felt tip of her soft fingers on her feet. As if the entire tiredness and tension was driven away. By tugging she indicated and he reversed and lied down on his tummy. She slowly shifted his lungi up and soon …her touch was so rhythmic and sensitive …she was pressing her thumb in his calf muscles and then moved up…long gliding strokes gave way to deeper ones…it was so relaxing so soothing…as if all aches…his weariness, lack of sleep, restlessness was drained away. Soon her fingers were kneading his buttocks ..she started with brushing the buttocks as if touching accidentally while moving up and down then it became more purpose full, more intense with long languorous touches…Her sari which he was using to cover himself had been made into just a ring around his waist…but he was not minding.
He was lost to the entire world except her nubile touches. Her hands gliding sensuously…and then she left her buttocks and moved to lower back and upper back, shoulders arm blades…when he was thinking it is going to be over she took him away further as her meandering fingers came back to his buttocks and this time she took more oil in her palm, stretched his legs and sat in between. She was kneading with full force and some times her hands will touch his hard on too. Yes he was hard very much aroused but it was squeezed between mat and his thighs. Her thumb was just dancing around his asshole and then very slowly her index finger joined it and they started tapping it. He started arching her lower back, buttocks almost moaning . She was dugging gently into buttocks, applying pressure with her forearm and then first slowly then with almost urgency she spread his asshole. It was tight but her fluid motions made him forget all the fears and she gently pushed tip of one finger and then another…moving clock wise and then anti clock wise. And when he was almost wishing her to finger fuck his gaand…she withdrew but thumb and index finger of her left hand stretched it. Her other hand was on his tummy and made him arch his ass up wards. He was almost on knees and then …she poured …three four drops of oil directly into his asshole.
It was such a strange feeling. It was not only lubricating…the way it was moving down and then as if closing doors of some treasure she closed and started kneading his buttocks hard. His hard erect Lund was now free as his legs were raised but she was not giving it any attention except a few times her palms just brushed it. And then suddenly her oil lubed hands caught it and squeezed it.
He was now moaning freely wishing him to fist him, masturbate him but after few strokes it was tucked under his thighs and he was back again on tummy.
“Tumhe kada laga raha hoga sar pe naa ye laga lo…” after long time he heard her mellifluent voice and she tucked his blouse under his head…it means she is now and proof of it was suddenly felt.
On his back he sensed the touch of his breasts…nay it was …his skin has become so sensitive to her touch…it was her hard nipples brushing, grazing across his back between arm blades and then it was full pressure of her mast Joban…he had not seen them but can feel how juicy they will be …bharae bahare gadaraye…and after some times she was almost lying on him…her body was doing to him what only her fingers were doing a few minutes back, talking, teasing, inviting, arousing …Yes it was only upper part of her body above waist…but that too was too much. Soon her choochis had gone to his buttocks and she was rubbing it, pressing it …jaise choonchis e uski gaand mar rahi ho.
He was feeling so excited so aroused …and she using her both hands on his tummy brought him back …on his back and while doing so she threw the sari away.
And here she was …over him top…topless.
Under pale light of lamp he could see her boobs…just inches away from his face...full, ripe but firm…her teen boobs…full of milk and as he tried to raise his hands she forcefully brought them back on mat.
Naa bahiaya…abhi tum aaraam karo jo kuch kargi ye bahana karegi par pahale batao….kasi lagati hun…
Bhaoot mast mast…
Aur meri ye…Bhiaya….caressing her teen boobs gently pressing them with her palm and then exposing it fully flicking her fully erect nipples with her fingers she asked .
“ bahoot Mast ras se bhari…choonchiya hain teri…”
“Unnh …thoda sa taharo abhi dikatahi hun kiatan ras hai isame Bhaiya…kya maja hai…teri bahan ki choonchi main…bas jara iski bhi to khabar le lun bicara bahoot der se tadap raha hai…jara iski bhi to malish kar dun” saying that she brushed it on his face and moved down to his hard on.
“Kya mast Lund hai bhiaya…kahli Bhabhi ko majaa daite ho aur bichari bahan ko bhooka rakahte ho ….”
First touch his throbbing aching supara received was her erect nipples, pushing rubbing and then naughtily she poked it in his pee hole. And then her hands came into action.
She cupped the balls in one hand and started squeezing it very lightly. Heel of palm of other hand was gliding up and down on the underside of erect cock.
Her touch was so sensuous, so luxurious …and then she started stroking it form top to bottom squeezing it slowly and released it after reaching at the bottom.
She had so many ways….she will caress it very softly for few minutes and then with full force squeeze it and rub it down.. her other hand had moved to place between his cock and ass. And then suddenly shoved one finger in his ass deep.
He just jerked and pushed his back up.
Veins on his cock were visible.
She was looking at him and then went up near his face.
Kyon Bhaiya maja aayaa…and finding he was looking at her saya clad bottom…she said,
“ ohh ye to badi na insafi hai bahiya ko to maine …aur apana chupa ke…chal Bhaiya too hi mera nada khol de naa…Bhai ke haath se nada khulavane se badh ke amja koi nahin hai and she brought his hands to string of her petticoat.
He untied and she pulled it down.
“ accha chalo tumhe ab apan aslai kahajana bhi dikah deti hun …”
She was striding over him and his juicy cunt was almost on his face.
It was breath taking.
Yes there was a little tuft of hair…but it was more an adornment. Pink juicy, succulent labia, luscious…moist…ekdam sanatre kip hank ki tarah…and very tight as if some portals are tightly holding some treasure behind it…

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01-15-2012, 02:00 AM
Post: #62
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Yes there was a little tuft of hair…but it was more an adornment. Pink juicy, succulent labia, luscious…moist…ekdam sanatre kip hank ki tarah…and very tight as if some portals are tightly holding some treasure behind it…
And she came very close to my face…I was raising my face but she pushed me back.
Sirf dekho…kyon bhiaya…kasi hai …
I was salivating, rubbing my wet tongue over my greedy hungry lips…
Bhaoot mast kya ras hai…kya khoshbau and I took a deep whiff….
Her two fingers started rubbing it…two young long slender fingers rubbing on those portals of longings…and then very slowly she parted them…with a bit of force…
And I could …almost…see those …luscious inner walls of desire…that pink tunnel of longing…and her thumb went to her pink…soon it was swollen and hard…and juice was oozing out…almost dripping….those cunt lips were pulsating with joy.
And it became impossible for him to restrain himself.
His lips gripped those lower lips, hugging, squeezing, tasting…enjoying that touch that tang…and my tongue was brushing it, licking from bottom to top, sometimes halting, lingering and sometimes very fast as playing jahlaa on sitar…
“ ohh Han Bhaiya…hann ohh bahoot achaa lag rahaa kya chosaate ho…chaat lo ..Jeebh andar dal ke chato…”
And who was he to refuse her Bahana…my tongue parted and went inside. My lips were still imprisoning, her cunt lips and now started squeezing them sucking them with full gusto.
She was holding head, pulling hairs and pushing her wet mound on his face.
Her clit was very close to nose almost rubbing …and then she slightly shifted and her clit was on lips…
A touch a flick a poke and then tongue passed it to my lips who started licking and sucking it …
She was almost reaching crescendo…but she changed the temp and now my lips were well bellow between her cunt and ass hold…
He was doing the sucking, licking, but she was calling the shot, controlling the strings holding my head pulling my hair and humping her mound against my face.
They had lost sense of time …my cheeks were aching but …I continued relentlessly, enjoying every second of it.
His whole body was writing in passion and cock was almost bursting with arousal.

Juice from her sexy cunt was now dripping faster, his lips, face, tongue was drenched and then suddenly he listened to voice of Manju Bai…

“ kyon akele akele Bhaiya ke saath mauj uda rahi ho” and looking at my hard cock she teased…aree Jhanda to jabardast khada hai.”
“ arre Tum thi nahin aab aa jaao mil jul ke maje date hain Bhaiya ko…” and looking at my erect Lund she added, Dekh kitana Mast Taiyar Khada kiya hai”
Gita left me Manju Bai hugging him said,
“ arre Main apne Munne ke liye….palaang tod paan lane gayi…double joda hai…aur itte der se racha rahi thi much ras main…”
he was not unaware about Palang tod paan…it was a specialty and normally grooms were given on first night…it was said that one joda is good enough for an erection to last entire night and she is saying double joda…and Mukh ras he was just thinking when she kissed me on lips.
It was so forceful, so insistent, not only lips were captured by her thick juicy lips determinedly, but she bit them too and it made me open my mouth. She was holding my head with her both hands pushing it slightly down and her tongue darted it and with that usake muh ka khaya kuchala munh ke ras se litahda paan…. She kept on passing it form her mouth to mine and then I knew she was chewing it for quite some time and it was palang tod paan ka juice mixed with her mouth…aroma so powerful, taste so rich and erotic, exciting …..
He was chewing enjoying those pieces of pan and she was sucking on my tongue teasing it, flicking her tongue on its tip, as it his my supara…
Gita was enjoying the show sitting next but after some times she taunted,
“ Maan Saare paan ka ras baite ko hi de dogi, bitiya ke liye kuch bacha ke nahin rakha…”
“ Arre badi Bhaiya Bhaiya kar rahi thi naa…le le sidhe bhiya ke goad main aake usake munh se…”
Manju Bai said leaving him.
A drop of beetle juice has slid on his chin.
“ aur kya maire pyare Bhaiya to hai hain…”
thasake se bol ke vo goad main aa aake baith gayi and again holing his chin said,
“ kyon bhiya sahi kaha naa maine… mian insase jo mango de denge…hai naa…”
and saying that she licked drop of beetle juice hanging on his chin and licked it.
Ekdam he said, enjoying her touch and next minute she kissed him on lips.
It was first touch of her juicy lips on his lips and it was so blissful…he himself opened his lips slightly and her bold audacious tongue drove it.
Kissing, sucking, biting, chewing….
Double dose of planag tod paan and now juice of that teenager’s lips…
Her young sexy hard firm breasts were rubbing pressing against his broad chest.
His hand brigands did not loose the chance and from caressing her smooth back they went in and grabbed those pair of doves.
So soft and so hard …so firm and so succulent…he realized joys of a teen boob and the image which flashed in his mind was…Guddi’s boobs must be like this only.
Her tongue had come out and now first licking his cheeks and then suddenly nibbled his ear lobes.
He responded by pinching her erect nipples,
“ Bhaiya…ham dono to …maan poore kapade pahane…chal ham dono milake…theek hai naa…”
she was whispering but was audible to Manju Bai.
“ haan hann…Bhai Bhaan mil ke hamare khilaf kya plan bana rahe ho.”
she said laughingly.
Gita sprang to her feet and in a jerk pulled sari of her mother and she kept on protesting weakly but I too joined her and pulled the nada of her petticoat. Together they disrobed her blouse and she was like them.
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01-15-2012, 02:00 AM
Post: #63
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
“ ab hue naa ham tino barabar…maan bahan aur bhai…kyon bhaiya…” giggling she mocked .
“ ekdam…” he to0 joined the laughter.
“ ekdam nahin…” her mother was protesting.” Toone akakle akele mare munne ka maja le liyaa…
“ aare Man teri jahante kyon sulagati hain…tub hi Bhaiaa ko choosa de…kyon bhiaya taba tak main inkaa mitha ganaa chakahti hun and in one thrust both of them pushed him down back on mat.
By the time he could realize Manju Bai was sitting over him and her wet greedy cunt was rubbing against his face.
Her powerful muscular thighs were gripping him hard.
“ lee choos sale chaat apani bahan ke yaar….”
“ aari maan teri jahante kyon sulagati hain…agar mera bhiaya apani bahan kaa yaar hai…tub hi bana le naa use apana kahsam…bhiaya kas ke choos le maan ki …” Gita taunted her mother.
She was sitting close to his legs and stroking his hard cock with her long braid, she again teased,
‘ Maja aa raha hai maan ke bhosade main munh maarane main…kyon madarcho…maan ke kahsam…”
and tied the base of cock with her braid sitting between his legs.
He was not able to look at her. Only thing he could see was ample boobs of Manju Bai, her tummy and black clump of jhant…around her thick mound…humping her mouth.
He was licking her juicy, flashy, succulent labia like ripe dashari mango pieces. Sucking like a greedy …tongue too was lapping it as if there is no tomorrow. Manju bai too was rubbing her choot with vigour.
But sure he could listen to all the taunts of Gita, feel her sensuous magical touch on his cock….now it was her cheek…her gore gore mulayam gaal…on his stiff Lund…and she shifted from one cheek to another …how much he was wishing her to suck him…but it was not to be. Her one finger was perambulating across ridge joining his supra with shaft and from there it went down…rubbing the tip …to cum sack.
And then squeezing it with her thumb and index finger she started again…
“ are khoob majaa araha hai naa maa ke bhonsade main…abhi to bahan ke bare main bol rahi thi ab bol naa…bahan ke saath jayda achaa laga raha hai yaa…”
and saying that she just touched tip of her exposed hard supara with her tip of tongue…just tip…and it went to titillate his pee hole…lapping it up it came down to rim and like finger it made a circle…went down flicking underside of shaft and then like a hawk suddenly grabbed his hot bulging supara between her teen lips…and before that she said…
“ tere honth maan ke bhosade ka ras lenge aur mere honth is mithe ganne kya mast lichi ki tarah supara hai tera Bhaiya…”And with a soft pressure of just lips sucked it very softly.
But Manju bai was not soft… she was humping him like a man fucking his mouth. He had seen a gay film a man sucking a cock….and it was more like that…but he was enjoying that violence and brutal force, her hard grip on head, that excruciating feeling of heavy thighs clasping, tug on hair, torrent of filthiest abuses…he was enjoying every bit of that feeling of helplessness, and he was doing his best to please her. His thick long tongue was tirelessly licking her big folds of vulva, parting, digging deep inside, his saliva mixed with her dripping juices. Tongue will go deep in her choot…do the fucking motion and then come out and lick her clit, her labia…lips were sucking, squeezing….and his arousal was being worked up further by what Gita was doing to him.
Her tongue, licking around rim of his shaft had gone down making a thin film of saliva on the sides of his raging cock, making his furious arousal even worse and then she very softly grabbed his one ball between her lips and stated sucking softly. And it was joined by other ball…while her lips were engaged in this fashion her naughty hands, tied her thick braid around almost bursting Lund and started moving it up and down. Touch of her silken long tresses was too much…but not for Gita…her long middle finger had located his most sensitive spot between cock and anus and was tapping there…rubbing softly, her nail scratching it…and then moving to his rear hole. This triple assault had made him go almost made.
Gita released her balls for relaxing her aching cheeks and further teased,
“ kyon maan maja aaarha maire bhaiya se apana Bhonsada chatavaane choosavane main…”
“ aare Bhai ki chodi…bhai ki rakahil… teri kyon sulag rahi hai agar meri beti ka bhai hai to mera bhi tokuch lagega ….mera bhi to kuch hak hai…aur too bhi to usaka lund …tatte chat rahi hai ..chinal..mera pyara Muanaa hai sab kuch chatega mera abhi dekhana….kyon munaa” Manju bai retorted adding more vigor to my humping mouth.
He nodded his head in affirmation.
“ aare sulagati kyon hai…mera pyara bhiaya hai…main uskae tatte cahtoongi....gand chatoongi…gaand ke andar ka chatoongi…usase apani gaand chatavaungi…gaand ke andar ka…kyon bhaiya…
And He again nodded his head in affiemation.
And as if to prove her words her tongue started gliding on the place between his balls and asshole.
It was so titillating, so arousing…and soon tongue was kissing, licking around anus…but just avoiding the hole. Her tongue had skills of a t****ze artist, darting nimbly, just touching, flicking, sometimes using only tip and some times licking with whole tongue but dexterously avoiding her smoldering lips touching any part…and he was wanting it….arching raising his buttocks…hungry and greedy and then like an electric rod…her thick tongue lashed against his asshole…it was determined touch and then very fast flicks…his puckered brown hole was twitching, and he was moaning…
Oh meri pyari bahan hann oh …do it do there…choos lo meri gaand…aah…
And answering his entreaties …. She planted a firm gritty kiss and her lips just glued there, kissing…sucking….
He was jerking his ass, wriggling, writhing…but her two strong hands just gripped it firmly and soon he could feel tip of her tongue darting, parting and making its way…inching, crawling very slowly…making him realize so much is joy in hidden their in his anal penetration…and then her thumb of both hands came into play.
They stretched with brute force his rear hole, inserting even a part of it…and now almost her entire tongue…
He too had done that last night with mom, when he learnt how to stethoscope…and push it in rear hole…but she was an adept while he was tyro…it has entered into deeper depths…and the oil she has poured earlier, finger massage inside his gaand…they have made it prepare …looking ahead for this assault… ring of his asshole was twitching, gripping her tongue now deep inside roaming freely, touching inner walls
He was wishing that penetration to be deeper, harder, bigger….
And his wished were being answered by Manju Bai…
Humping him strongly with her cunt, rubbing her dripping, sodden juicy pussy on his drenched face and he was sucking it hard with full force, thrusting his tongue deep as Geeta was doing in his gaand he was doing in bhonsada of her mother…
And fucking his mouth, hard, gripping his head between her strong muscular thighs…she was tugging his hair and goading him…
Choos salle kas ke ..jhad de…jahd..bol kaisa lag raha hai Man ka Bhonsada…bhonsadi ke…le le mera Bhonsada…
And her dripping cunt exploded as he shifted his lips to her clit and nibbled it. She kept on coming, as if caught in a seizure her body was moving, rubbing and pouring juices from her choot…which was throbbing, having a lot of spasm…
But he continued sucking, licking enjoying every drop of nectar he was getting, relishing its aroma…
And then there was another orgasm….and another orgasm….
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01-15-2012, 02:01 AM
Post: #64
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
He too was on the verge…Gita’s fingers were playing with his bulbous angry supara…nails rubbing his pee hole, enjoying touch of pre cum coming out and her tongue relentlessly fucking her ass …
And as her mother was Cumming her motions too had reached frenzy…but she stopped just short of…and mother daughter left him together.
He was lying tired …but his passions still unexhausted…
And Gita and Manju Bai were sitting idle. relaxing, recuperating and then Gita teased her,
“ kyon Maan bahoot maja aayaa mare Bhaiya se choosvaane main…”
“ aur chinal …she responded giggling….
tojjhe bhi to maja aayaa mere Bete ka gaanna aur gaand choosane main….”
Gita joined in the giggling and said…
Man tera ras…kitana Bhaiaya ke munhe pe laga hai…jara mujhe bhi to chata de…nahoot dino se teri choot ka ras nahin paiya hai…
“ arre kyon nahin apane bhai ke munhe se chaat leti utaa jayada laga hai…chat ponch ke saaf ke de…badi bahia valli banati hai…”
“ maan ke Bhonsade main bahoot ras hota hai….hai naa…”
and she kissed his lips soaked with choot ras…soon her tongue was inside his mouth moving around, feasting on the juices and when it came out…it almost cleaned his face, licking with gusto.
And his face was now covered with not only juices of Manju Bai but Gita’s saliva too.
“ aare chal bahot choom chat liya mare bate ko…jara apane honth idhar to la dekhun mare bate ke khajane se kya ras nikala hai….”
“ are bahoot rashai maan taire bate ki gaand main …maja aa gaya…”
Offering her lips to her mother Gita quipped.
Manju Bai was sitting close to his Lund looking to his very angry erection and caressing his chootar…patted his gaand and retorted,
“ aare salli chinal najar kyon lagati hai mare bete ki gaand…ko…aare aabad rahe mast rahe…isame khoob darajano mote mote Lund ghunse…and fingering his gaand she further added, meri baat mano ye mera tajuraba hai…beta…jis mote halabi lund ko lane main 4-4 baccho ki maan vale Bhonsade ko pasiana aa jaayegaa naa…usase ye teri mast gaand hansate le le gi…ye Maan kas ashiravad hai…”

And now her lips were grabbing Gita’s lips …first just licking cleaning juices from there and then with firm passion…her hand too had come out form his chootar and was gripping her daughter’s boobs…
“ salli in teri choonchiyon se bahoot doodh chalakata hai naa dekh aaj apane bete se kaisse inse ragadavati maslavati hun…daba ke chooos choose ke vo saara ras nikal lega…”
“ ari Maan sach main bahoot dino se kisi mard ka hath nahi laga hai …tare bate se to aaj dekh kya karavati hun…lekin mera Bhai teri in choonchiyon ka saar ras nichod lega aur uskae pahle uski bahan…”
And then it was a full lez play…both were rubbing squeezing each other’s boobs and then lips moved to each other boobs.
He was looking at them …that frenzied sex which he has seen only in blue films…and it was 100 times more passionate more powerful.
They were hugging each other passionately, enjoying touch of body on body with lip to lips kisses boobs pressing hard on boobs then Gita took the lid and slid down to suck her mom’s kiss…her lips were so expert so daft…they will go on her 38DD boobs from base…kissing right up to her aroused nipples and then …her playful eyes, still chidlinsh face with go up and look at Manju Bai’s eyes who beg for a kiss on nipples… play of eyes was as arousing as nipples grazing…and she will playfully deny…and lips will just circle her tits and then as a hawk she will grab it…but soon Manju Bai pushed her away and made her bend…she came from behind….rubbing her ample boobs on her back and then inserted her hands from behind catching Gita’s teen titties and squeezing them playfully…soon one hand was grabbing her mound…and two fingers inserted in her very wet choot…
He was now sitting, looking at that Sapphic play…Manju Bai’s fingers fucking Gita and after some time Manju Bai looking at him and brought her juice coated fingers to him…
“ le beta…chat apani bahan ki choot ka ras…bahan ki choot ka ras sabse mitha hota hai…”
But it gave Gita some breathing space and table was turned…they were in 69 pose and Gita licking her choot taunted…
“ aur Maan ki choot ka ras….”
“ vo apane Bhai se pooch chaat to raha tha maan ka bhonsada itte der se…”
They were still in 69 pose but now Manju Bai was on top and Gita was down.
He was sitting close to Gita’s face looking at her, holding tight with her hands heavy buttocks of Manju Bai and licking her cunt…
she took a pause and invited…
“chal Bhhiaya mil ke maan ko maja dete hain and brought his fingers to Manju Bai’s cunt.
He was bowled over looking at ample buttocks of Manju Bai. They were so big but perfect, not even an inch of extra flesh…so taut and firm, where her thighs had bloomed into hips…no extra girdle of flesh and …she could have found a place in any of those extreme booties sites ….like a plain giving rise to two heavy hillocks…and those perfect curves were merging…there was brown puckered hole…with crinkles all around.
Fingers of his one hand had gone in Manju Bai’s gaping cunt but other hand was caressing her buttocks with unbridled lust.
Two fingers had vanished in her Jahnt covered tight Bur…where not much time away his tongue was enjoying, licking sucking…
“ Bhaiya dekho…” Gita has paused her licking and with her hangs had forced open…
“ dekh Maan ke Bhonsade ka najara…”
That flesh of inside…coated in juice…
“ hai naa mast…” she quizzed halting her licking of her mother’s clit.
Han ekdam …he concurred.
“ to chodo naa Man ki bur…ungli se kahach kach…itti assani se vo nahinjahadane valli.” And she left stretching her labia.
Yes his fingers were enjoying that sensation. Manju Bai’s cunt…gripping her fingers tightly, like a velvety sheath…squeezing with soft but firm pressure…like somebody holding his finger with full force and squeezing it with a massage…
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01-15-2012, 02:01 AM
Post: #65
RE: Joru ka Ghulam
maaja manaju bai aur gita ke saath
He started fucking her cunt vigorously with his fingers…he was feeling spasm…movement of her muscles…and that excruciating grip…and it was sending joy to his erect hungry cock…which was now almost bursting.
Manju bai was moaning…Bahan chod…haan lagata hai khoob maan bahan ke bur main unglai ki hai…bachapan se ungli karane main expert ho sale bahachod…haan haan aur ohhhh …Gita chaat choos le…”
ari maan man ki bur main hi to ungli kar raha hai…ye mera Bhai…tum meri Maan to Man to hui na iski bhi..chal hupchap apane bete ki ungli ghont …tera beta bahoota chaa hai dekh bina hichcak ke maa ke kahan kayaa karata hai…kyon bhiaya…”“
Haan ekdam dekh abhi mail ke ham dono jad dete hain isko…”
Doubling the speed of finger in her cunt…turning it like a spoon as her knuckles rub against inner walls…thickens increase and …chances of rubbing g point increases…he had increased the tempo. I had taught him well about use of fingers.
Gita was sucking her mother’s labia and clit with full fury.
His fingers were totally drenched with juices.
But his other hand which was roaming on buttock appreciatively has halted near the crack and his two fingers were rubbing hard on the asshole…simulating almost action of fingers in side her choot. His tips were even trying to spread that wrinkled hole.
And suddenly he found Gita;s hand had removed her fingers from Maju Bai’s choot and brought them on doors of Manju Bai’s gaand. She was forcing it in and soon it gave in and tip went in. he was enjoying the feel and relentless in my pressure. She was wriggling,
“ ruko mat bhaiya…jabardasti thel do poori ki poori …”
Gita was goading from bellow. Her lips were busy in sucking, eating but she will just say and again go back to eating. However her hands were free and one of them was holding his wrist….pushing it.
Finger was totally soaked with Manju Bai’s choot’s juices so it glided smoothly till sphincter ring of her gaand gripped it.
He kept on rotating, moving it slowly and it was inching in and soon up to two knuckles my fingers were in.
Her hand was still holding my hand nudging it to move in more.
He again bend it slowly and my fingers tips were rubbing inner walls of her gaand which He was admiring so much. It was moving with full speed…one round clock wise and next anti clock wise. That gooey feeling on tips of my fingers…. but Gita’s teasing words aroused me more…
She took a breath and rolling her eyes at me …taunted…
“ kyon Bhiaya…maja aa raaha hai…Man ki Gaand main ungli karane main.”
he had opened mouth to say something but almost simultaneously she pulled out his hand bringing out fingers from her mother’s ample gaand, and shoved it in his mouth.
“ aare Bhaiya….thoda aur thook laga lo…phir poora andar tak ghont legi…ye haan khoob chat lo…”
with full force now she was holding and pushing and two fingers which had just come out form Manju Bai’s gaand…was in mouth and he was sucking it licking it and most important enjoying that strange taste.
This time there was no need of any help from Gita and one hand spread her chootar and those two fingers were back in action, fucking, rolling, circulating and soon more than two knuckles were deep inside.
He was now enjoying that gooey feeling and tips of fingers were rubbing against it.
Gita’s face was lit approvingly and she winked at him.
He brought his fingers almost out and with full force thrust it deep.
“ kyon Maa maja raa hai mare bhaiya se gaand maranae main…”
“ arre Beta gaand nahin maarega to kya terah apane bhai se maravungi…Manju bai teased but changing the tack confronted him…
“ aare MADARCHOD…BAHANCHOD…bachapn ke gaandu…teri gaand naa mari to kahana…. kuhani tak teri gaand main ye haath pel dungi…”
As a response he slowly brought out his fingers rubbing it against walls of her gaand and then with both thumbs stretched her asshole. Fingers had done some spreading and now a gaping small hole was visible …
“ aari bahoot Maal hai man ki gaand main chood lo Bhaiya…”
Gita goaded.
No second suggestion was required and he started licking that hole, eating it wit gusto. Soon tip of his finger had gone in and lips were glued.
Only inches away with same intensity lips of Gita were locked it her cunt lips.
Manju Bai was not sitting idle, her thumb was in Gita’s Gaand and she too was sucking her cunt fervently, fucking her with her thick tongue.
This frenzied sucking, licking eating led to both Manju Bai and Gita reaching orgasm almost together but they kept on biting each others clits, drinking juices and there was another and then another orgasm.
For a few minutes they were just lying on the ground and slowly got up.
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01-15-2012, 02:02 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Gita got up tahaske se and sitting in his lap told her mother,
“ dekh Maan…ham bhai bhan ne mil ke teri kya halat kar di…” and kissed him.
“ aare ye to padaishi bahan chod hai hai…” smiling Manju bai said and cleaned juices from her face.
“ Bahanchod hone main burrai kya hai ghar ka maal ghar main…lekin gaand tumhari chati..choot tumhari chati.. to Madarchod to hoga hi…”
and shifted his hands which were on the base of her boobs to directly over her choonchi.
He was flicking her semi erect nipples, sometimes pushing those rubbery nipples to her slightly bigger than tennis ball size teen boobs…thinking Guddi’s are almost this size only.
Gita was playfully teasing his cock, rubbing it with her chotar, and then softly fisting it started talking…as if addressing his Lund.
“ chaa bechara bhukha hai…maine bhi maja le liya ..Maan neb hi…lekin ye becahra…gusaa naa kar abhithoojeh ehi dilvungi teri maan ka bhonsada….bahoot maja ayega jo usame jaayega and patted it. And then suddenly recalled something,
“ Maan too sirf paan hi lai thi ya Pouch bhi…”
“ aare laai hun laai hun…and smiling she brought out 5-6 pouches full of country liquor.
Munna ne bidesi ka maj to liya hoga lekin jo manja desi main hai…jaa apane sinhasan se uth aur gilaas le aaa phir bhog lagate hain…”She told Gita pointing to her sitting on his Lund.
“ naa Maan main nahi uthungi…is sinhasan se bahoot maja arha hai…phir glass ki kya jarrorat aise hi pi laite hai naa…hamare paas glass ki kya kami hai…saai deh main…”
and she tore out a pouch, poured a quarter of it in her mouth…gulped some of it and then turned and holding his head powerfully with both her hands pushed her lips to his and passed rest of desi daru to his mouth. Her lips were entwined till…it did not go down to his gullet.
Biting his cheeks, she teased…kyon maja aayaa…daru ke saath hontho ke ras ka bhi…ras …and as she left him…Manju Bai grabbed him and passed some more daru from her mouth.
From mouth, from boobs ( and Manu Bai gave some from her choot too….) soon most of the pouches were empty …which must have been more a full bottle of country liquor and good amount has gone down in him.
It was quite a burning feeling and some has gone to his head…Gita had not got up from his lap and she had directed one hand away from her boobs to cunt where he was fingering her choot in a dizzy mood.
“Tu jaanati hai iski ek bahan bhai hai ekdam amst patakaha …kya naam hai us salli kaa…kitti badia hai” Mannju Bai who was in a tipsi mood told.
“ Guddi…17 saal ki hai…” he also told in half drunken tone.
Squeezing his Lund Gita teased again talking to his Lund, “ aare salle….itta mast maal ghar main rakaha hai …usko to khoob ghachagah choda hogaa….”
“ nahin…” he responded.
“ aare Bhaiya…kya…. Kitii badi choonchiyan hain uski….”
“ bas tumase thodi si choti aur aisi hi kadi…”
“ arre to phhir daba daba de ke kas ke chod daalo saali ko..cahllo jara daba ke dikhao meri choonchi jaise usaki choonchi ho…han haan kas ke ke aur kas kee ohh bhiaya…ah..aha”
He was squeezing and imagining as if he is rubbing fondling boobs of her teen maternal sister…both Gita and Manju Bai being expert chudakakar knew it fully but they wanted to pus him further…
“ arre bhiaya…naam lo naa saali chinal kaa…jara choonchi ki tariff to karo…” Gita urged.
“ are Guddi teri …kya mast choonchiya hai…”
“ to dabao naa Bhaiya…main to dene ko taiyar baithi hun…tum hi nahin late…” Gita told with a lot of nakahada….
“ are Kasie bahanchod ho…bahan choonchi de rahi hai …aur asali bahan chod to vo hai jo bahan ka naam bina gaali ke naa le….” Now it was turn of Manju Bai.
“ arre Guddi chinal…tera gaal katun teri choot chodun…dekh abhi teri in choonchiyon kaa kya haal karata haun.”
He was quite smashed furst timed drinking desi daru.
“ daba do naa Bhaiya …tum dabate dabate dabate thak jaoge main mijavate mijavte nahin thakoongi…”
“ le chinal le…pakad mera Lund…” and he pressed her fingers over his Lund.
Gita started fisting furiously.
He was squuezzing her teen booobs with gusto, pinching her now fully erect nipples, pushing it against her choonchi....
“ ab lag raha hai pakaake bahan chod ho…ab apani bahan ko bina chode chodoge nahi hai naa…” Manju bai looked at him admiringly.
“ arre sirf bahanchod hi nahin Madacchod bhi…
and Gita brought his hand on her mother’s ample boobs.

His one hand was pressing Gita’s boobs and other was squeezing Manju Bai’s boobs.
Now both Manju Bai and Gita were pumping his raging Lund.
Chal tumhe ****ati hun doodh duhana…and teasingly Manju Bai took one nipple of Gita and started caressing and then with her thumb and index finger she started milking action. Her other hand was squezzing Gita’s milk filled than.
And a few drops of milk came out from her tit.
Looking at those white drops just dangling at her tit made him so excited…so eager that he tried to bring his hand there but Manju Bai held it back and cleaned it with her finger and gave that drop to his lips.
“ chakh lo apani bahan ki choonchi ka doodh…aur us Guddi salli ko laa ke yahan chod ke gabhin kar do to nau mahine baad us ka bhi doodh chakahana…”
Taste of that drop of millk was so good…he brought his tongue to taste it but Manju Bai was quicker.
She liked it from his lips with her stretched tongue before and chided…
“na naa tumhe bola tha naa kaya sharat hai…”
And if on cue Gita quipped,
“ maan Bhaiya ko halava khilao naa…”

She laughed with joy and nudged her,
“ arre tumane banaya hai tum khilao naa…aaj bina khiaye ham inhe jaane nahi denge aur bina kahaye ye jayenge bhi nahim….kyon…”
Thinking of what Manju Bai had forwanred him in the afternoon …choot kis sharaab aur gaand….ka…and her reminding of pre conditions….made him shiver with anticipation and apprehension.
He was anticipating….....
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01-15-2012, 02:02 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Aree tu uth khialaa naa….Manju bai again told her.
Naa maan main ise chod ke nahin hatungi..she told with a grin looking at mast hard Lund which had further stiffened after hearing about their conversation. It was gripped beween her young teen chootars.
Ari sisdhe kadahai se garam khila naa…she said …pating her young volputous chootar and moved to him.
He was anticipating…but she moved further and brought besan ka garaam gaarm halava in a katora.
It was besan ka halava…still hot and full of ghee….
But there were no spoons and no plates or katoris to apportion…
And he knew what way it is going to be eaten…soon.
Gita took it using all four fingers, lapped it a bit and then offered it to him.
He not only ate all of it but cleaned her fingers licking them indvidaully sucking them…as if it some long slender Lund.
Manju bai and Gita both looking at him smiled and he knew ..he started sucking it vigorously.
“tera ye Madarchod beta..sirf gandu hi nahi lund chhosane main bhi pakka usad lagata hai…”
Gita teased and he smiled back.
Arre nahin hoga to main ****a dungi naa…phir ham dono mil ke lund choosange…
Manju bai supported him and licked halva which was spread on his cheek.
Tera gaal bhi kaatane main kisi laundiya se kam maja nahi deta and saying that she bit his cheeks.
And then what even was in her mouth she passed it Gita’s mouth who kept on chewing. munching and passed sometime after…to his mouth.
He was not permitted to used his hands which any way were busy….with fondling their boobs one young teen one almost size of her sis and other ample mast joban….
Abhi to kucha kuchaya halava kaha lo phir pacha pachaaya khana…Manju Bai taunted.
Ekdam maan….are jo ham kha rahe hain vo bhi to subaah tak inhi ki pet main hoga …ham haamre pet ke raste…”
Gita too joined teasing him.
Ab to tuhare havaale hain jo chahe karo…he too was enjoying that banter.
Stray clouds hovering in sky had gathered to make night dark and gloomy. A cold breeze too has started. A massive outpour was likely to occur soon.
And suddenly Gita cleaned the katori and in one scoop took all of it and pushed it in his mouth.
It was hot and burnt his cheeks…
Oh paani…pani…he was thirsty and choking with so much Halluva even almost blocking his throat.
Paani chahiaye…with a very naughty face, rolling her large eyes Gita asked. She was still sitting in his lap facing him.
He nodded his head desperately.
She gave a push to his chest and he was lying prone on the mat.
She was now striding over him, thighs on both sides of his chest…and her juicy cunt very close to her face and her strong hands tightly holding his hands away from his body.
She was peeping in his eyes with a devilish grin….and pushed her cunt very close to his face.
Han chahaiye…a smile flashed over his face
Arre pila de naa pyase ko paani…kyon tadapa rahi hai bichare ko…pyase ki pyass bujhane se bada punya milata hai…
it was voice of Manju Bai.
It had become very murky with with dark clouds hovering…
And a flash of lightening illuminated her young teen supple body. It was statuesque. Her dark black tresses were flowing and her firm young mast volptous bossom was so arousing…
And she almost humped his face,with her mound…her cunt was inches away. He could smell that musky smell.
To mango naa mare Bhaiya…her voice was so soft…so tender…
And he begged…please…Pila do na…ek boond bas ek boond…
He knew and she knew and Manju Bai kenw what he was begging far…
To phir mana mat karana jo dungi…
His lips were already open in anticipation…and she sealed it with her lower lips….
Ek boond bhi bahar nikala naa…agara barbad hua…to bahoot marungi …
And he nodded his head vigorously confirming his assent.
Drizzle in angan has started.
Rain drops were pelting roof tops.
Storm has already extinguished …flickering lamp.
It was only touch and feel and anticipation…air was thick with raw animal lust…
First drop…and then second…on his thirsty waiting tongue…and then a steady stream…
Manju bai was caressing his hair in appreciation.
And she did not left with out a kiss on his lips with her tongue darting inside …his mouth which was still full of …only telling him…what is good for him is good for her…
And as she left Manju Bai was waiting for her turn.
She was eager …but he was no less eager.
Outside drizzles had given way to steady outpour. It was like thick sheets.
It was raining cats and dogs.
Manju Bai’s thighs had gripped him very hard.
And when it was over …he could see in the pale light…(Gita had lit a thick candle)
Some drops dangling …from some thick black strands…as water drops keep on dripping after the rain is over.
But rain was not over, it was still pouring and so was the night full of kink and …you name a fetish and they enjoyed it…you name a taboo and it was breached.
He was taken to aangan…inner courtyard…amidst rain and they sandwiched him.
It was heavenly experience.
Madarchod…kya do mard hi ek saath auart ka maaja le sakate hain..
Gita spoke in her ear and pressed her arms under his armpits to hold his chest and…nipples.
Her young soft supple teen boobs were rubbing against his back.
Her one hand was playing, flickng his nipple but other was caressing his buttocks.
And moved to spread his asscheeks.
Maar le sale bahanchod ki gaand…
it was her mother Manju Bai hugging him from front.
Her ample bosom rubbing, pressing against his chest. Left hand on Gita’s back pressing her against him and right hand on his dick rubbing it slowly…her thunder thighs grazing against his inner thighs, pressing…and she kissed him direcly on the lips, holding his lips between her lips sucking slowly.
Gita’s lips from behind were kissing nape of his back…neck, shoulders and then she nibbled his ears. Her tip of tongue went into his ear tickling teasing, with lingering touches and then she softly bit his cheeks as her fingers in front pinched his erect nipps. And to match it…her other fingers teasing his asshole…had entered with brute force deep inside rubbing her resisting sphincter ring.
Manju Bai’ hand was moving slowly, fisting his hard angry cock in circular motion.
Gita’s fingers were moving in circular motion in his gaand, slowly, shoved up to base.
Hard erect teen nips were grazing against his back and mature ample bountiful 38dd joban were grinding against his chest.
Rain was pelting them incessantly.
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01-15-2012, 02:02 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
Rain was pelting them incessantly.
Pressure of two females on him was growing and so was his desire.
His hard cock was yearning for release and was wishing may be fisting fingers of Manju Bai will grant it.
But it was not to be ….
Manju Bai’s hand went down and cupped his aching balls first softly then with full force.
Gita ‘s fingers were fucking his gaand with delight and gusto. Almost entire finger was coming out and going in.
And Manju Bai had spread her thighs so his hungry greedy cock was now directly rubbing against her pussy.
Gita’s fingers flicking, pinching his nipples had now come down to grab his free fully aroused dick and she centered it on her mother’s cunt rubbing supara on labia, she teased,
“ kyon salle Madarchod…maja aa raha hai maan ki choot pe apana Lund ragadane main…”
and with that her third finger penetrated his gaand. His gaand was full stretched but Gita’s fingers were merciless.
“ kya haal hai is gandu bahanchod ki gaand ka…”
Manju bai asked squeezing and turning his aching balls with three hands, her two fingers were cicling around his gaand.
“ aari Maan…is madarchod ka…iski to gaand nahin choot hai hamari tarah…fark sirf itana hai ki aage nahi pciche hai…maar maar ke ham dono iski tere Bhonsade aisi chaudu kar denge…aa aa tu khud daal ke dekh le naa…chilaane de salle Guddi chinar ke yaar ko…”
And sure Manju Bai shoved her two fingers in …he could not belive five fingers…moving together.
Yes he shrieked …violently…but Manju Bai knew how to silent him. Her tongue went in his mouth and lips sealed it.
His Gaand was badly stretched and paining.
But he realized he was enjoying that pain…it was as much enjoyable as ache in his supara.
And as appreciating it, Gita’s hand holding his cock spread labia of her mother and centered …and if on a cue both of them pushed hard together with full force.
Almost half of his erect Lund was in and so were all the five fingers ….up to their base.

Manju Bai had freed his lips and was kissing, licking his cheeks drenching with her saliva. Soon her tongue was flicking around…his nipples and her cunt was squezzing very hard on his cock.
He was trying to push more but he knew that unless they want he waill have to remain still and no more will go in.
Supara was having strong pulsating feeling…a spasm was going thorugh his cock.
Khabardar jo jahade to…Gita warned from behind…her three fingers stlled deep in his gaand were moving along its inner wall…rubbing that gooey…coating it on her fingers while Manju Bai’s two thick fingers were moving in and out with full speed fucking his gaand.
His lips were free and he was moaning with joy…and suddenly Manju Bai….bit his nipples with full force and he cried again.
This time it was Geeta as if she was ready and pounced on the chance.
Her three fingers …out from his gaand …coated…directly went into his mouth almost up to gullet.
“ Chat salle madarchod…” it was Gita commanding him and almost simultaneously, Manju Bai pushed her hips and most of cock was in her pussy, and she squeezed. With the same thrust she added two more of her fingers in his gaand.
Yes they did not let him….there were more things…more kinky acts…and he was made to abuse…do things….
Clouds kept on outpouring entire night and they too were emptying passion….
With the first ray of dawn he was back.
Exhausted and elated.
He did came …twice …almost at the end of night long bout and …when he came it was…so he was ecstatic.
And more important…Gita did let him drink milk directly from her tits…and she even squeezed some in her palm and massaged his cock just before he left and she assured him it will make it so stiff…so rigid…only thing she will have to do it twice more and he was willing to join them…he was already feeling that impact…even when limp it was semi erect…and it was a reward…they way he licked her …only his lips were touching his body and it was more a massage …using his lisp as he has been taught to please…starting from arches of feet…calf inner thighs…back and then when he pounced on her labia…it was soft almost tenuous touch, like a butterfly…and no part of his body coming in contact with her…even when she was coming he kept on squeezing her throbbing labia between his lips without nay urgeny….
But reaching the home he realized the chore awaiting him.
Manju Bai was not going to come. He knew where she was almost as much exhausted as he was and sleeping embracing her daughter.
He started dusting, cleaning, washing utensils, and lastly when he was finishing toilets…he realized they may be coming any minute.
But he was last in thoughts of last night …a night which went on and on…joys he never knew existed…tastes which he never savored before…
Twice they had let her cum…and both times…pahali baar to addhi katori gadhi maalai aur doosari baar almost ek katori…koob gadhi…he had never cum so thick…so much…
And they let him in all their holes, and they shared it from there …when he came in the ass of Manju Bai…she used her three fingers as scoop and brought out and he…lapped it up and from his mouth Gita…and next time..
Images were so strong…he was lying on his back and Manju Bai was sitting over his face just inches away…he could see the gaping hole of her gaand, which she had stretched with both thumbs….he was keeping his lips tightly closed as he knew…and suddenly he found…her nostril pinched…it was Gita…he was becoming breathless, his lips were still clenched but they knew it is only matter of time…Gita was sitting with full pressure on his arms…yes they did not tie him as Manju Bai had threatened…but may be he himself was willing …and slowly he opened his lips …gasping just to take a breath and …Manju Bai sat…sticking her hole of gaand directly on his open lips…
“ chaat sale madarchod…Gita said in her silken voice and when his tongue went up…Manju bai was still spreading her ample chootar with both hands…she left smiling and soon he felt pressure of her cunt first time on his Lund which was erect almost throughout the night, gliding softly with difficulty….yes her cunt was very tight…and she was squeezing it on his supara, throbbing and pulsating….and Gita thrust two of her fingers in his gaand as her choot touched the base…and Manju Bai at the same time….he can still recall her saying…le munna…”
And then bells rang….it was persistent.
He ran and opened the door.
House was clean not a speck of dirt, preparation for breakfast was already made, and mom felt so happy that she kissed him and ordered bed tea.
Tea, washing, lunch…all the chores he did but today Mom not even for a second broached issue of sexual nature.
What he made him do was to first dress completely ….sari blouse saya and even bra and panty…throughout the day with full makeup then started teaching ‘him’ or should I say her as she was using her ‘girly’ name Mita.
“ see…any body can dress as female…and even put two plastic balls or lemons up there…but that does not make you a women…at best you can act like a eunuch. But here we are not making you that …you should come as much close to a women as possible and of you must learn how to dress but more important is how to act, how to behave…see this,” and she switched on a video.
It was of Begum Nawazish ali, aka Ali Salim. We were transfixed…” Darling You are so naughty….purrs a sari clad woman…glowing out…flirting and skirting her way…it was so good.
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01-15-2012, 02:03 AM
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
It was of Begum Nawazish ali, aka Ali Salim. We were transfixed…” Darling You are so naughty….purrs a sari clad woman…glowing out…flirting and skirting her way…it was so good. “ Look BBC has said…woman in every sense except biological one…” Mummy was had goggled Begum meanwhile and was reading from an article from BBC News. He was watching very closely every move, every flick of fingers, gestures, postures… “ See it is not copy…it had come from heart…and same article says …Begum has admitted ‘ as long as I can remember I wanted to be a woman…’ so here lied the key. You must want it and…learn …work hard… And then his next step of training started. Mom told ‘him’ how to use fingers, hands suggestively. She told look at all the CDs even You tube and learn…and then gesticulation…actually eye movement comes first and hands should follow… He was practicing tirelessly. I knew he will do every thing to please Mom and he was a quick learner. When he had watched them 2-3 times Mummy asked him and she seemed to be satisfied. Then began another session of explaining…. “ see…what make a women a women is grace…ada… what you remember about a girl…how she had adjusted her duppata and innocently …showed a half glimpse of her boobs…how she had adjusted a curl from her face…recall bobby…first seen…she with her both hands smeared with besan…most erotic scene of hindi movies …” “ Mugale..-Azam…he blurted. “ yes…but Madhu balla was not semi clad…she was fully clad but those heaving bosoms… touch of feather and Bade Gulam Ali Sahab crooning in background…so it is entire setting…which makes a thing erotic and people long for that…when it looks natural…” “ yes I got your point…” he agreed. And started working on exercises which Mom gave to him. And it was followed by another session on lingo. She used many home video starting from our own marriage… “ see look at how women are speaking when they are alone…teasing…jolly tone…and now only words they use …how they use …construction…and accent…most important is that where they are giving emphasis…idioms they use…watch them and watch as many females as you can and learn these things…” Yes he was all attention. Mummy most of the time he was watching only boobs …yes there was a scene even I had noticed from my wedding video…it was and he and his that sister…Guddi…when she was not looking at him he gazed at her young growing boobs…must have been 30 b only…but she turned back and in her eyes was...coyness…complaint and jot of being recognized as a young female… Yes Mom said. That also you must learn when some body looks at your boobs how you have to react …but first learn this…language…how to express. And he was doing that even while serving lunch. Post lunch mom organized…some role plays…some situations…I was acting like a lothario teasing ‘her’ and ‘she ‘ had to respond. Then it was a Sas Bahu…of course mom was acting like sas…and she corrected him, don’t learn from serials…their actions are exaggerated…learn from life. And then it was my turn and I became Bhabhi and he nanad… ‘he’ was almost perfect. Answering to my teasing ..blushing, being angry and enjoying at the same time…and then Manju Bai came. Mummy invited her to join and she played role of naand and it was real trial for him. Of course Mom excused him from household chores and by the evening he was almost perfect. But mom was not leaving him… “ it is almost like method acting.” “ it is …’ she concurred. You have to act like a women…and at best it can be very good act…you have not been gifted of being born as a woman so next best things is ….you can act like a woman as closely as possible but it will remain an act…a very enjoyable act.’ Even post dinner …mom made him sit before dressing table and he learned fine art of face makeup and did ‘her’ makeup herself. And then job of choosing wardrobe. Till that time …I was selecting her bra panty blouse everything…but now he had to decide which type of bra will be good with choli type blouse…and pleats of sari…ornaments…mom did not permit anything artificial so it was heavily padded…and hair he used as bun…with net… By the time he ‘finished’ it was almost mid night. Mom had already bid good night. After being awake for two nights for revelry…he must be looking ahead for sleep. And a day long training session… Mom had already bid us good night. But as mid night struck and ‘he’ was doing last round of catwalk with stiletto heels, 3.5 inches high… Mom came back…and both of us pounced upon him. ‘ He’ was at our mercy and soon …his night with Manju Bai and Gita paled into insignificance…a mere child’s play. A night long bawdy boisterous fun…we did not use any toys or tools. Our fingers, palms and hands were enough. And when did it was mostly home made things…an oversized carrot…some strings to tie ball and cock, a piece of rope tied snuggly on his asshole…and he was not left ‘hungry’ either. Next day again there was no mention of things in the night…and his rigorous training session was on. Mom taught her not only tricks of trade, how to slide one’s duppta or anachal or how to swing hips erotically, but also tools of trade…how to use makeup how to push boobs… But he was save from preparing lunch as we had planned to go to sale …in a nearby hotel He too had to go out for some time and we permitted him to go but with the condition that he should be home before we are there. It was a huge sale with a hefty discount. And not only saris and suits but even most western dresses, tank tops, low cut jeans…and when I was hovering around there…I saw …you guess who...Sophie…that girl we met at parlor and who was specializing in transformation….she was looking very cute in a spandex top and long skirt with stockings and flat shoes. And closely following her was another girl…green eyes, beautiful eye lashes and mascara coated with a top and low cut jeans and heels. She was looking almost Manchester …but when she came closer…her small boobies were looking quite nice on her slender frame. Hi we said to each other and she introduced her friend…Ms Sinha…we shook hands…and Sophie told me about I was looking for…some classy foot wear…and we three left there. I told mom who was busy in selecting some gorgeous chiffons. There were mojaris and I got one for me and then one far corner…were some real high heel, and I was shocked there were stilettos with even 5-6 inch heels…I picked a 5 inch red high heel and Sophie giggled …you want it for him and I said joining in giggles with her…sure but will it not be extreme …meanwhile her friend showed another one and Sophie agreed I think this will be better for ‘her’ and I had to agree. It had a spike and it can be used for ‘other’ purposes too. We did purchase many kinky things, stockings and then again her friend was a great help with suggestion. I even purchased some leather lingerie …peek a boo bra…g string…not only for me of course for ‘her’ also. And then there was special + ..queen size offer and Sophie suggested we can get something for mom too. Her friend was taking the lead in suggesting some leather and vinyl. There were thongs with studs and leather skirts…it was a treasure trove and I could not say how much Mom will be happy to look at it esp. when she has got a ‘slave’. When we came back, Mom had finished her shopping and was waiting for us in coffee shop. I introduced Sophie’s friend to her and with a lot of respect she kissed mom’s hand. It was afternoon so not much rush was there and we were sitting leisurely. And when we told her about our literally robbing that shop about some real sexy dresses…she could not stop from looking at our shopping. She was looking for such things for long time but…there were no shops and …shopping by mail or a click takes away half of the fun. And then her friend showed us two gift wrapped packages…it was big and she passed it to Mom, who could not suppress her desire and tore a bit. I could see just words cock rings and she closed it saying Milane do us sale ko…I could not understand why a smile crossed across Sophie’s friends face. After finishing coffee, when we were leaving, Sophie and her friend…bid us by and then suddenly her friend stopped and said my name is Ms Sinha….Mita Sinha. I could remember I had heard that name but…why she is introducing herself again, but when Sophie started laughing …I realized and Mummy too and we all burst into laughing… Staring at ‘her’ tennis balls size boobs …Mummy quizzed, “ is it real or one of yours…” “Ekdam Real… and nothing underneath.” Sophie giggled and ‘she’ herself revealed the secret, under wired heavily padded bra….and green contact lens with false eye lashes did the trick. Of course, training given by Mummy was absolute necessity. But acid test came next day. We took him ( I think I should use ‘her’ when he was totally dressed and made to behave …don’t you agree) ok….so … ‘her’…to our women’s club gathering. And ‘she’ was dressed as my newly married Bhabhi, wife of a cousin mine who had come to visit me for a day…. And of course ‘she’ was equipped well by Sophie….first time it was false boobs 34 CC and they had naturally looking tinted nipples too, and on ‘her’ rear there were back pads…with ‘her’ slender frame it was looking a very curvaceous voluptuous body and dressed in a chunari, choli and rajastani lahanga….and tattoos on navel…that day there was a cookery competition, and I told my bhabhi will take part from my side and ‘she’ made such nice besan ka halva and mutton biryani…got first prizes in both category. ‘she’ being my bhbahi it was natural that everybody will tease her but I had told everybody that she had sore throat so she can not speak much, to avoid being caught. Sujata joked, aaj raat ko bhaiya kaa choos choos ke cream nikal lena aur sisdhe gale main shartiya ilaaj…’’ she’ blushed like a new bride….but fearing that more stay will create problem…I dispatched her home saying that my bother must be waiting … “ arre saaf saf kyon nahin kahati ki bahootchudavasi ho rahi hai hai…jayada pays lagi ho to ham to hayi hain teri Nandain…” Mrs Khanaa teased. And nobody could guess. Mom was so happy…that as soon as we came back she hugged ‘her’ and told that ‘she’ will get her reward that night. She remained in the same dress and we went to market and for eating out and in the night when we all came back award was waiting for ‘her’. Gita and Manju Bai joined us that night.
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RE: Joru ka Ghulam
She remained in the same dress and we went to market and for eating out and in the night when we all came back award was waiting for ‘her’. Gita and Manju Bai joined us that night. And what a night that was. Everything else paled into insignificance. And that night ‘she’ had to be tied. Mom began by shoving her lacy juice soaked panty, ( which she was wearing for more than two days purposely…) in open mouth and then she removed her 38dd Bra, dangled it, caressing ‘her’ face and then striding on ‘her’ back tied it over the panty effectively gagged . Petticoat along with lehnaga was lifted as ‘she ( or I think I should use he now she has been disrobed) was lying tummy down and both hands and legs were stretched and tied as X. exposed hips were looking very feminine and very alluring and ‘he’ had to be spanked. And it brought an erection….and mom opened those gift boxes…which we got along with our sexy leather/vinyl dresses. First time I saw a cock ring and there were 3 of them.. Manju Bai came to join…and she put the leather one on his semi erect cock…and it covered his balls. Mom was first to manao ‘suhagaraat’ but one thing I forbid was use of a strap on with a big dildo and super dildo was certainly no.( yes there were three of them in gift shop …one was normal…may be 5-6 inches and thin…only later mom told me it was anal dildo or was used for initiation, second one was red and almost 8 inch in size and pretty thick, with a strap on which I had request mom to not to use…and when I whispered my reason mom concurred and preferred to use anal one...giant on almost 10 inches…I was saving for my nanad after I will get her deflowered by her sidhe sadhe bhaiya and mare saiyan and also…on him to when may be after two three days…he is fucking her and I can fuck him) After Mummy it was Manju bai who prefer to use her fingers which were no less touch…she used almost all four and most of time three fingers were there up to base and she even told him…salle bhonsadi ke madarchod….dekh abhi to ye shuru aat ek baar teri is mast kasmsin gaand ne Lund ka maja chakah liya naa topoori ki poori muthi dlaungi issame aur raat bhaar nahin niklaungi….teri is phuddi ko madarchod…bhonsada bana ke chodungi. And I was surprised that these things only made his erection go worse. And it was only beginning…entire night…and most enjoyable part was … “he’ was blushing, feeling coy, apprehensive and sometimes crying like a new bride who discovers on her first night that her hubby is real hung and amongst all the emotions which are ’right’ she actually enjoys every minute of it. Next day he has to relax for a few hours…only then he could start doing house chores. Mummy had not only made ‘him’ a full female…she was making ‘him’ a more male too. Because of his stilted upbringing, he will not eve look at a girl and most of time what ever he may try he could not even talk…but all that was cured. Right in front of our house there was a girls school and mom will taunt him, ask him to describe…boobs of girls…and when he say ye to choti hai she will make him realize …hidden sexuality…are buds to dekh …ye budding choonchiya…badi ho ke mast maal banegi…acaha bol kite din main chudvanae layak ho jayegi. And he after some time started talking on the same track. And everytime talk will turn to his sister Guddi…there were gilrls of class 9 and Mom will ask …bol Guddi jab 9 ven main thi to kiiti badi thin uski…and if he answers I will pounce..accha meri naand ke yaar 14 saal ki thi tabase tum usake maame takte the. “ Tum bekar main mare damad ko dosh deti ho…ye behcara to sidha sadha hai…hai naa and caressing his cheeks she teased, arre teri nannd saali chinal hi chudah saal se chudavasi ho gayi thi …kyon munna..”“ we were going somewhere in car and it was crowded, it was dark and she was sitting almost on my lap …she was in 9th then…my hand slid up….there was some push ..she got shifted and came on my lap fully…and I was holding…her there with both hands and suddenly I found her hand over my hand…and she pulled it up right there…I could feel it…and she pressed my hands softly…first time I felt budding boobies…and I realized ki vo ab bachii nahi hai…for more than two hours…almost entire duration of journey we were sitting like that. She did not say a word to me…but when we met alone I could see her looking towards her those just budding boobies, very soft…and me…as if playing a prank and there was something in her eye…that day I realized she is not so young and she was not older than 14 by more than a day….” “ tabhi to maine kaha ladkaiya ki jaise hi choochiyan aane lagati hain, mahavarai shuru hoti hai unki choot main kida katane lagata hai….” ] Mom said grinning. I was surfing the net and had opened latest episode of Champa in FSI and I pointed to a para, ““Vinod, Champa theek hi kahti thee, tu bahut bada chudakkar hai…” Usne pheer puchha “sach bata, tu apni maa aur didi ko bhee chudai kadta hai.” “Haa Rani” Vinod ne chuchio ko masalte huey kaha “ Mai dono mother aur didi ko last one year se chod raha hun…wo bhee Champa ke karan hi…” “kabhee mere saamne chodega unhe…” bahu asked . “jub bolo ..” Vinod replied “ abhee tum mere ghar chalo to un dono ko tere saamne chodunga.. “ aree mera munna Vinod se kam nahin hain abhi tum isko, isake makae le jaaro ho naa….” She looked at me but her hands were busy massaging his bulk over his shorts. “ just after two days…apake jaane ke bas agale din….” “ phir kya…and now his erect cock was out from shorts and in Mummy’s hands, with angry bulbous supara fully exposed ( after Mom’s instruction not to pull his foreskin back…it was always exposed, rubbing it…keeping him aroused and desensitizing it too). Fisting it fully she teased, kyon munaa to phir chodega naa apani saari maiakevalion ko..chinaal sare mauhaale main banati hai aur mere munne ko bhokka rakahati hain…” Looking at his face it was clear that he is lost thinking, imagining. Mom’s red painted nails were teasing his peephole. “ arre Mummy aapki koi baat talli hai inhone…” I also goaded him. Her fingers were now rubbing very fast at his pee hole. “ haan bolo naa…” I further encouraged. Han he blurted and as if feeling embarrassed of admission of his inner feeling, he pointed to a teenager coming out of that schools, ( she must be in 11th or 12 as white shalwar kurta was uniform in that class), bend to pick up some thing, her duppata fell and her tennis balls size boobs could be seen clearly. “ itte bade hain ekdam aise hi usake…” he said. “ are kisake naam le ke to bata…” I teased . “ Guddi ke…” and now he was like us only talking about females esp. her younger sis. “ dekh kite mast dabane layak hai…chosane katae main bhi bahoot maja ayegaa …hai naa…” Mummy prodded. “ haan mummy ..he confessed, his eyes riveted on those teen boobs.” And mummy’s pranks were mot limited to house. Even in crowded markets, sale, in a party mom will quiz him, “ bata ismae se kisake chootar mare samdhahan aisse hain…” And he will locate and point at some watermelon size ass to Mom…and mom will further describe kya mast chotar..pakadane main dabane main…choosane main gaand maraane main kittaa maaj ayaeaga hai naa.” And as for as young girls and females were involved, he will keep on grazing, looking at their boobs…and himself will tell mom, Muumy iskae ussase thode bade hain…and mom will comfort him, are eek baar tum apani bahan ke dabane lagoge naa to usake bhi aise mast ho jaayenge. Change was not only in his gesture and language but attitude and one day I was surprised…when I caught him…it was a very crowded lane, afternoon time when mostly ladies are shopping and it was a young girl hardly over 17...and he was moving with hands on his chest…and I could not believe it…he not only brushed her…but in a sly manner his palm cupped her young teen breast. I thought there will be a scene, she will shout or slap. But she passed unperturbed and paused, looked back at him, who was also looking back and when their eyes met, with a smile on her face and eyes she pouted her lips almost in kissing manner and he too gave a half flying kiss and move ahead, his hands back in the same position. I looked at mummy who was almost smiling victoriously. And I knew immediately that she had taught him that trick. And it was not only one, many times I found him cupping even elderly women’s buttocks, pawing them, pinching them...and 9 out of 10 will only gave a pleasant glance or inviting smile. 10th will paw his bulge back as most of the time he will wear skin tight jeans without any brief or male thongs which will not hide anything. And apart from that when he will pass on drink, his fingers will just graze and his talks will be so seducing...very fast coming to double meaning without being indelicate. Most of the time girls he will be targeting will be teens or middle aged ladies more of mummy’s age. And I knew why...those teenagers ...may be reminding him of his cousin and elderly ladies ....he looked so young ...wanted to cuddle him, may be feed him and certainly dominate and crush him. One day we and Mom were holding some tete-a tete and I asked about new him. He was busy surfing some sites mom had told him. See it is like ...i don’t know how to explain it ...Mummy started telling me. “..lekin usake poore man main ganthe hi ganhte thin ....he had so many knots....and most of the time ladies of his family are responsible. Don’t do this...dont do that....good boy don’t read such stuff...looking at girls are bad ...even thinking about ...focus on better...and raising the bar...enjoying is sin. You know in their morality sex is bad is bad till you are if you have told something is bad all your life suddenly it can be many men how do they behave they almost attack their wives on first night....but they don’t know how to enjoy....and soon it becomes only a duty....and that is why he was interested in his cousin but could not move beyond platonic....but now we have untied most of the know knots one after another and with passage of time....they get jammed so sometimes one has to be rough, use force and sometimes very carefully open them one after another..." “Yes but Mummy talking about his cousin...Guddi...i knew they used to write even some silly notes....but may be he had guilt after marriage and pendulum has swung....and he has not even talked to her for ages..” .I confided with mom. Yes you are right must do something about it. I knew she remains alone from 3to 5 and I persuaded him to ring her up. We left him alone but of course our ears were glued on extension, She picked up the phone...Hello Hello...he could not start conversation. She must have recognized the voice but was teasing. Hello kaun....she quizzed. He remained silent..... Are bhai naam to batao...she crooned. Pahchan kaun...he was coming in his colors. Unhh...muhe kya mallom...ok ...kuch to bolo.... Naa pahle tum...kuch to pahchano...he was also teasing. Ok Tall handsome....fair....Bhaiya.....and conversation started flowing. After sometimes he said....Mujhe mallom tha kit um is samay akeli hoti ho... Achaa to akeli jaan ke...she teased giggling. Kyon dar rahi ho ki akeli samajh ke phayada utha lunga...he too was laughing. Aree pahale jab phayada nahin utahaya to ab kya uthaoge.. she had become informal and challenging. Koi jarrori nahin kam pahale nahin kiaya vo ab naa karun.... Ekdam jaroori nahin....she was trying to be bold in her answers To tum bura to nahin manogi....he was becoming almost direct. Tumhari kaun si baat ka pahale bura mana hai jo ab manungi....han now she had come to tum from app And both doves cooed for more than 15 minutes. I must say mera Daamad vasatav main bahoot buddhu hai varana aisa invitation..kaun mard ....Mummy passed the judgment. Next day again I goaded him and he rang again exactly at 3. She was almost ready. Time ke bade pakke ho...aur koi kaam vaam nahin hai kya aajkal. Arre kaam hi to kar raha hun....tumase baat karana bhi to kaam hai. Accha kaam thode hi hua....her young teen voice was ringing. Accha to kaun saa kaam...ok I understand you mean kaam as in Kamsutra Dhat now she blushed. Kyon but he persisted ....vo bhi to kaam hota hai sabse jarrori kaam..aur sabase maje vaala kaam.... To karo na main kaun saa mana kar rahi hun...her breath was labored. Par phone pe kaise pe to sirf bat kar sakata hun vo kar raha hun. Dhat.... I thought she will drop the phone but after a few minutes of silence her voice came,... jao na uske saath karo naa ....jisake saath roj karate ho..... Kyan karata hun....he was teasing her fully. Dhat tum bahot besharma ho gaye ho ...she was blushing but talking softly. OK to tumharae saath....karun.... You ...marungi....maine aisa to nahin kaha tha....she protested. Are vo to koi ladkai nahin kahati...suna hai na..agar koi ladkai nahi kahe to shayad aur shayad kahe to han.... Shayad ......suna hai ...and she lost into giggle. Which girl could have given more direct signals. Tumane shayad bol diya...he said in a conquering tone. Shayad ..shayad ...bolane se kya hota hai.It was a game both were enjoying and that day they burnt lines for almost half an hour. And as clock will strike 3 he will be at phone.
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