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Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
10-20-2012, 08:07 AM
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Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
i remember when i was 18 boy and i was not into masturbation yet..i lived in very small city and i had this neighbor aunt who i called as ' Kaki'. she is still best women i met in my life. she was close to 40's i guess but she was so beautiful and sexy with not so big but round boobs. i still remember her in black saree and yellow blouse, my dick always gets hard when i see her in that. she was very talkative and very close to my family. she always shared her feelings with my mother. her life was bit of mess as her son was a spoil brat but he was the only son she got so she always get scared of thought he will left the house and that is why most of the time she was letting him do what he wants.

i don't want get mod but i was good in studies (well, at least in school) and
was 5'9 in school so i was tallest guy in my society and in my class and that is may be why she always talk about me with my mother how good i am but i think its a habit of every mother they always look for positive in other boys.

i believe she always looked at me as a son but i never consider her as a mother or at least she is not my real mother. everyday i always go to her house as my mother was strict about watching TV. but that was not my only intention i just wanted to see her and want to hear her and in mean time i liked to stare at her cleavages coming out of her blouse. oh damn that moments were truly exciting. as a teen we don't had subject to talk but she used to talk about her son all time. he was friend of mine but not big time, he was jus coming home for eating and sleeping. but what i feel talking was a medium through which i spent more and more time with her. she also knows that her situation is not going to change but at least she likes to let it out. everyday something happen in her life even if it was short incident like what she was in market, her telephone calls with her relatives anything that happen she shared with me.

i shared a lot too. she always asks me what happen today? and i was jus used to
talk about my school and my strict mother. what she sensed is i also need one person to talk and that's how we made a connection. she tells me if she was my mother she will not strict on me and inside i was just thanking god for not that happen to me.

so it was just a back-story of us so as the days were passing i always look for chance to get to see her. 7pm - 8.30pm was great timing when she cooks.
i used to sit on her L-shaped hall-bed while she cutting the vegetables on floor and all i wanted to see her cleavages and her stomach folds. when she try hard for chopping vegetables her boobs cracks becomes more and more deeper. her mangalsutra gets stuck inside and sometimes bounce on boobs. i just used to hold that thought and my mind just gets numb. several time it happens that she looked at me as i was staring at her boobs and for that moments i used to thought now this end, now she is going to get angry. but she never reacted in such way she just covers her up then but no matter what i get to see what i wanted to see in every visit.

the best part was when she was doing roti ata. damn man she used sit on that wooden block spreading her thighs apart but bad luck i never get a chance to look at her pussy or panty whatever she wearing inside. even when she turns back on me for doing roti her low cut wide open back looks becomes sweaty sometimes and blouse border becomes wet. i dunno but it becomes my routine to see her that way and i never get bored to see her.

she had different collection of blouses. she wears a semi transparent blouses in house or maybe only in front of me coz i seen she always change her cloths before husbands come back or maybe it is because its a night at about 9'o clock he came home and thats not good time to carry herself in saree. and sometimes i gets lucky in that too when her hubby came late.

she wears night gown. a pink one was my special her nipple impression looks awesome and when she wears that she used to open her hairs. oh my god that that literally kills me. at about 8.45 her son came home eats food, he just talks with me a little while eating food. then again leave house. for that 5-10 minutes i just act as i came his home for watching TV and i don't think so he ever suspected on me. he hardly talks to her mother. and also my mother calls me same time for having dinner but i managed her by saying i will eat later but my Kaki never left me without eating anything at least i could get some fruits. fact is that i wanted to see her again and again and not every night her husband comes late

whatever we have we just wanted to take it more further

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10-20-2012, 08:07 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty was one night when her husband is going to come late. after very long talk we were watching TV. at about 9.15 she asked me lets have dinner and i said just ok. she brings all plates and food in the hall and we sited on floor for dinner. our thighs was touching each other even that things gave me sensation. she served me a lots food and i was not used to that. i was just eating slowly- slowly watching movie on Sony television.i remember that was time when not much daily-soap serials. after about 9' clock channel air movies. so it was some rape-revenge movie about how politicians raped a girl and kills her family. it was exiting to watch at that time, we didnt say a word coz kaki and me we are totally getting to liked that movie.

after dinner i helped kaki to take all plates and pots to kitchen she just happy about that and i insisted i could help you to wash plates as well but she said no but i thought she just getting mod and i not listen to her then she giggled and told me " are raja, its ladies work ladies have to do it, you go watch TV, i will be there in 5 minute. while saying that she pinched my chicks and then kiss her fingers" i felt my heart miss the beat. coz she called me raja and i felt that thought how much she adores me too. i just wanted to hug her at that time but i didn't had guts. then she gave me real good smile and i went to hall again. i was waiting for her to come back. i thought she will really come in 5 mins but after 10 mins she was still in kitchen. i went to kitchen again she looked at me smiled again while straightening her tight blouse i think she also expected that i am gonna come back. i acted as i am need of water so i take out glass, she fills the glass with water for that few seconds i stare at her boobs and back to hall again.

while sitting on hall bed i just thought may be i am over doing it, its not like that she didn't realize that i was looking at her asset. she always knows what i was doing but she didn't reply me coz she enjoys my company too. while i was in such thoughts she was cleaning the kitchen for a moment i feel i just go home now but at same moment she bring glass of milk for me and whatever i was thinking is just brushed out from memory she sits next to me feels relived doing her hairs and asked me what happen yet in movie?..i started to tell her story while holding milk glass. suddenly i saw the top hook of her green blouse is missed and its wide open. i saw and feel the softness of her boobs from eyes. her bra straps are clearly visible. it was great moment that i was continuously looking at that while talking. after i finishes milk she take the glass and went to kithen and then to her bedroom i jusat she is going to change that blouse...."FUCK"

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10-20-2012, 08:07 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
she takes 2-3 mins to come back and when she came she was still in saree and same blouse. i feel great again and i figure out that she just take out her mangalasutra then she brings some blankets and two pillows. i was still sitting on that L shaped bed then she bents down and started to spread blankets on floor and now that was a moment i was looking for..a great mountain view under her blouse. she remain in that moment for 2 mins at least and not even for a second i winked my eyes. i was getting a real treat tonight i saw side boob view, her big nipple blouse impression, her stomach folds then she come closer for setting her pillows i think my mind was playing at that time or what but i guess i seen reddish nipple border too..i was too much in excitement and i feel like i am loser that the lady i like most in my life is in front of me we are alone in the house, she is seducing me and i am doing nothing.

after settling down with floor on bed she brings some oil for messaging her hairs and sits next to me. she wanted to give my head massage as well. so i sits on floor between her legs and she sits on bed..i started to feel warm when she was doing my hairs. i hoped this moments will never ends. she gave me massge for 5 mins and then she told me massage u r head everyday its good for getting nice sleep. the movie was still going on and a girl who is been raped she was killing everyone who raped her one by one and there was this old man who was last, she planned to seduce him first then kill him. i know that now there will be some seducing song is going to come next but at that same moment movie gets brake

in meanwhile kaki comes down on floor bed and i gave her pillow she putted on her back. while we surfing channel she started talking about the how woman life is about but today's girl is more free and she can get what she want. kaki was raised in very typical Indian family where woman don't have much of rights to get education she only gets education till 10th and then gets married. today's girl wears jean-t shirt and provoke guys and that is why this all happen. i told her world is changing fast and so the cloths but i really like women in saree its our tradition and women look really nice is saree. she just laughed about that and said i always like to wear saree but sometime its not comfortable to carry too. but how could i tell her she look extremely sexy in the saree?

after the break movie starts again the song was really seducting i just holding my breaths, she was reallly good dancer changing moods of song and coming in different cloths like nighty, saree and then towel. my dick was really harden by seeing that. kaki was really close to me but after the song over after f we heard the knock on door. it was her husband she covers her up and i sitted on bed she open the door, saw i am sitting on bed and asks me howz i am?.. i dont wanted to go at the same moment so i wait till movie gets over. since the husband came back she didn't talk to me and changed her to gown. at about 11.45 i went home

seeing kaki again again is become my addiction now but that night was really good i gain very much confidence. while lying on my bed i was keep getting the visuals of her.

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10-20-2012, 08:08 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
on next day morning when i get up i feel something is changed in me and it was a great feeling...when i went to school i still had my Kaki's image in mind. i thought i was only guy who hits on mature women and i never told anyone. but in my school everyone was hitting on teachers and telling lies that how they have seen teachers bra and boobs today. when i visit my friends house i saw some of my friends mom was hot too or maybe i was looking my Kaki in every other women. but on other hands i also having thoughts about how women life is all about and one night this incident happen

my summer exam was closer and i always study on terrace under a light bulb and when i get bored i turn off the light and take a small walk on terrace and sometimes i look at next building window which is slightly lower than my building.
there was this aunty whose husband comes late in night, like 11'o clock and she is used to make fresh hot rotis for him. he was complete tharkee that he cant control his feeling until she is making food. he used to grab her from behind and try to molest her Brest. she kinda get frustrated when he reach into her blouse and kisses her from behind. several time she punches him with elbow. i guess
sometimes she likes it and sometimes not.

i imagined if this was happening to my Kaki too? but his husband was real wise man. from her words i realized he was dominant but she always respected him. its not really good to know for me and i was getting jealous when she talks about him. well i always switch the subject when she do that.

it was a Saturday afternoon when my mother told me to give Kaki a pot of sweet dish she just made for lunch. well how could i dare to say no. i knocked the door twice and she opened it, she was in night gown yet and i gave her a pot. i was suppose to leave when i gave that but she also knew that i not just came to say hi then she told me she was heading to take a bath wait till i came back if somebody knocks the door open it. so today first time my ego rise up for her, what i was doorman for her?..i also started to get thoughts if she is using me?...and once she enters the bathroom i knew she is going to take so much time. she puts new cloths on bed and went to bathroom which is in her bedroom. i was alone again and she was bathing inside. i read newspaper for few minutes and then wanted to go to her bedroom. i been in her bedroom several time but this was not good time to enter in her room. but i dared to enter her room. there i saw her saree, blouse on bed it was fresh one that she was going to wear after shower. i sit on bed. i touched her cloths. dared to smell her bra. i feel very much happy doing that but don't wanted get more weird than this so i just come back to hall. i was taking angle from hall to see her coming out of bathroom. but it was really hard. then after 10-15 mins she came out. it was for a moment i saw her in towel covered her top and in petticoat. she yelled from inside you still there? and i replied yes. she wears cloths and came out with towel on her head and asked me that you like anything to eat while pulling the saree pallu up. i said i just finish lunch. so now it looks i was not getting anything today. then she did some god praying and i started to think get out now. i wait till finish that again and i told her i am leaving now but she came out again and asked me to stay for a while.

she asked me to come to her bedroom and i went there. the room was full of her fresh body smell and she was looking at herself in the mirror. she saw me coming and she smiled at me. it was her back view a very big ass in saree and my favourite tight yellow blouse. this was very special moment for me that i stands there for a while and then sits on her bed. she just dressed properly and i was like damn i hope i could at least see her dressing. she started to talk again by asking what i eat for lunch? i replied her but my mind was taking snaps of her body. she then put saree in her teeth and unhooked her blouse for a reason and then again hooked back inside her saree pallu. i was talking to her and she was completely seducing me by doing all that. my anger just melted down maybe that is why she asked to stop. if this kinda treat i will get i will never mind wait for her.

she then opens her hairs and it all fall down to her ass. she then took her wet hair on one side of shoulder and stared doing her hairs. i was staring at side view and she was completely looking at me while talking and what we was talking about is i like her food very much. then she laughs on that and asked me why dont you just come and live with us then? it was figure of speech but i said i would like too...i really too.. she giggled and told me i will talk to u mother on this...and in mind i was completely flattering if that could really happen.

she then completely bents down for soaking her hairs in front of mirror and was completely stunned i didn't said any word and i was just looking at her body. i couldn't see any of boobs as hairs coming in between the mirror. her bangles was making sweet noise while she plays with her hair. i was biting my lips when she doing that and suddenly she rise up and watched in mirror if was watching or not?..and giggled with foxy smile. at that moment i started to feel like she also likes to show me her assets. she turn back on me and looked in mirror. she was keep looking herself in side views.

my eyes caught with a black bra on bed..she suppose to ear it then i looked at her blouse she wasn't wearing anything inside. i felt a current in my body coz it was bit of a transparent blouse and now i just wanted to garb her and kiss her hard. i was feeling so much sensation today. she then puts some make up and bindi. after that she came near me..picked up that bra and put it into drawer.

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10-20-2012, 08:08 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
i became like total animal and felt this was the time when i should not shy about anything. i just wanted to grop her from behind and put my hands down under her saree squeeze her navel and boobs till the juice came out, then put ma tongue inside her mouth fuck her hard while we are still clothed all day long but it was all my fantsay

if i ever could get her i will do the same. but then she started asking me about my study and i told her my exmas are in three weeks and i am ready for any paper any time. she appreciated my confidence but that was not entirely true. i was a big liar when it comes to study because my mother every time nags me about doing study and i always used to give this answer.

after some time i told her i am going now, i have to study. i knew if i didn't use the study word she would stop me for any reason. it was great viewing viewing plesure but i should get back to study now so i left her house at that moment. last time i just checked her out once again and she was not much of a happy
i knew why is that.

i went on terrace for study. while studying i was thinking about her but tried to concentrate on studies more then i studied for like 5 hours and in evening i came down and saw Kaki was at my house, talking with my mother. i get freshen up and sitted with them and stare a look at my Kaki.

my mother asked me to go market for today as she was going out with dad to visit someone. i said i will go and at very next moment Kaki asked me to wait for half hour and then we can go together. it was such a great offer that i cant refuse...

at about 6pm i locked the door of my house and i saw kaki is also ready to go but when i saw her i got completely impressed that she weared a white churidar with white dupatta. it was a sobar dress but was tight enough for her healthy body. mangalsutra was hanging on her boobs and offcourse my eyes stuck on her boobs. it was like big coned shaped mango. i saw she weared a bra this time.
oh damn chudidar was not my in favorite list but i like it on her. a sindur in the scalp, bindi on forehead and red bangels.

she was looking happy and so i do too she groped my hands and we started walking towards market. she told me i look very much dashing today in my denim shirt. i just said oh..thank you. then i get some courage to tell her that
"you are looking very good too, i never saw you like this before."
she laughed on that. then i asked her
"you look very much happy today, is there any special reason?."

and she told me her nephew is getting married this summer. her nephew was very close to Kaki that they always talk to each other on phone. Kaki was sounds really excited about her marrige and then she insisted me about we will go together a week before her marriage. i was not sure about that but i said as " you wish" by looking in her eyes.

she squeezed her lips when i said that and i guess she likes my attitude but she covers up her pallu on breast.

we reached market and she helped me to get vegetables. i feel sensation every time when she touched my hands, i was kinda getting to like that market trip and i was just following her in crowd and checking out her ass when she bents down but when i saw a tharki shop owner was also checking out her too, i lost my temper. i looked at him angrily.

i remain quite for some time while walking, she realized that and asked me the reason for that. i just said that i dont like that shop owner. i guess she understands that why i am angry.

we stands by fruit stall again and she bought grapes. she knows how much i like grapes and i knew she was buying it for me

we starts to walk again inside crowd and she was trying to change make my mood by her talking but she was treating me like i am a baby. i dont know what to do but then she holds my arm from elbow closely. i felt her soft boobs on it and we tighten our fist. this was such a great feeling that maybe this was for we didn't get lost in crowd but i was on 7th heaven and i forgot what happened in market.

i asks her "so, when are you going for marrige shopping?"
she giggled and replied "soon...very soon." (happy to see me back to normal mood i guess). i told her that "i want to come with you when you go for shopping. "
she laughed again and in mean time we reached at our building. she open the door of her house, we put our bags on hall bed. i had enough time till my parents come back and i planned to do rest of the study in night.

she asked me to sit in her room. i felt between us something is changed once again this evening and i expected something special going to get happen. she brings water and grapes for me. she sits on bed facing towards me taking her legs under thighs, leaning slightly towards the wall with support of pillows. she gave me a look but i acted like i didnt get that. then i looked at her while picking up one grape and she looked at me same time. my eyes gets down on her dupatta. she squueze a grape in her mouth and then she tried cover her brest with dupatta first but dont know why she changed mind and threw dupatta away.

i was surprised but i didn't act like one all i could just see the boob crack now and her shape of her body.

we didn't talked for a while and then she bents down for taking grapes i saw the deep valley from that top hole. my eyes feel very much satisfied. i think she did it for intensionally.

i want to start conversation so i asked her u always talk about your nephew but i never saw her. she told me that she was here for 2 days last diwali but dont know how i never saw her.

she then takes out some picture album from cupboard to show me and sits very close to me this time i got very close view of her clevages. she started talking about the pictures and i was just listening to her words. when she turns up pages her boobs get squeezed up and i could get to see the more of her
boobs till her bra cups. her bra was itching on shoulder so she adjusted it by putting thumb inside her top neck and i saw more deeper till her underarms. at that moment i was enjoying the show and my heart was pumping very hard and my dick was playing inside my pant.

sometimes she use to look at me and i just pretends to be as i am totally into knowing her family. by looking at pictures, i pointed out girls and aunties who looks great in marrige especially which are in sarees. i saw her jeolos face but i just wnated to let her know that you look much great in saree.

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10-20-2012, 08:08 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
her boobs was so close that i was thinking about touch it but i don't wanted to ruin anything that going on between us. i know she likes me but i was not really sure about she wanted to do with me or not. i must confess that i was and i am still in love with her. i had 2 relationships but all ends in attitude problem but Kaki was one kinda of lady who raised in Indian family values where man have greater respect than women. she always adore manliness.

we surf all picture albums and finished our grapes. while she was putting albums back in cupboard i took grape plate and glass to the kitchen. she stopped me this time too but i did it. i came back to hall and switched on TV. i just wanted to give her space to change the cloths. i was looking at her closed bedroom and rubbing my dick.

i stopped myself when i heard door opening, she peaked from that door to check out where i was sited and then she came out from her room in t-shirt and jeans. i was surprised once again . she came in front of me and started laughing madly.
but i told her that she looks fine in t-shirt. it was her husbands t-shirt and jeans and cloths were really tight for her. her boobs was like more than my hand grip.

i asked her to turn around and i saw her thighs and ass chicks was popping out of her pant. damn it was like 40 something, really spankable butts. only negative point about saree is that we cant get to see the real shape of ass.
her ass crack was slightly visible and she was trying to cover it with her t-shirt while showing me.

i see she was in really in good mood and she seems happy by every compliment i given to her. well, i just wanted to see her happy.

she was walking around all over the house in that, then she was looking at her bedroom mirror. i followed her once again while she doing that. i stands behind her and was watching her beauty in the mirror. i put my hands on her shoulders and i turned her to show her side view in mirror and said
"kaki it really suits on you".

she feels proud on herself but when she then said she wanted to try my shirt too, i drown into thoughts for a moment.

i wanted the show must go one so i just unbuttoned myself by looking at her image mirror. she acted as she would be confident about seeing me half naked but she cant hide her shyness more than 3 buttons.

she looked down and i gave her my shirt then i took the position on bed. she looked at me with sweet-anger face and throws me out of her bedroom.

after few mins she yelled at me to come inside. when i looked at her i saw
shirt was not made for her size. it was all i can see is her body between the button gaps. when she tried to move her hands, first button popes out. she got scared and i saw her cleavages for a few moments, she puts her hands on it in embarrassment. she saw my raised eyebrows and i laughed on it. she didn't like that.

i came near her and said
" you know what?...that is why saree always suits on women"
she just giggled naughtily

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10-20-2012, 08:09 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
she didn't said anything on that, she just showed me her tongue naughtly. i was flirting with her and she was kinda getting to like that.

and from that day not just in evevning but i always look for a chance to see her in morning too. thanks for the study leave i got from school.

i was very much close to her and her family that they they always treat me like a family member, and i always get the feel its my house too.

i was just 16 and in half kid and half man condition. today i am 26 and i wish i was much more confident that today i am.

before few days of my exmas i was really pissed off that my mother keep nagging me about going to study and not to waste time on watching TV. i didnt listen to her and i was at Kaki's house one evening . like usual we are all alone and she weared a red saree and red blouse. she was sited on apart bed and i was looking at her stomach folds, we were watching some comedy serial.

a black bra was visible through her blouse and it came down to her shoulders. she was really busy in serial and i felt she didnt realize that i am angry and she needs to talk to me coz she is only one who understands my mood very well. after few mins she looked at me and asked me for tea

i said "no i am fine i just came here to watch Tv."

she felt i sound nervous then she brings the tea cups and putted down on table. when she bents down i got a chance to see her boobs. she adjusted her saree and sitted close to me looking at my face. i was acting as i really not in need of tea but she handover me the cup of tea without even asking to me.

we were holding cups but was not drinking it yet. i looked at her and she looked at me, i dont know what was going on but it was some sorta game, then i looked in her eyes and took the first sip. i tried to control my laugh but her came out in few moments.

she pinched me in chicks and put her hand on my laps. i was in sensation that she was in really good position i could see her her navel spread, a left boob in tight blouse which is not coverd by her pallu and stomach folds below that.

then she holds my hand and told me "you are such a drama king". i strated rubbing my thumb on her fingers and i was totally harden inside
she knews i was getting get naughty with her but she didnt even tried to remove her hand.

my fist was bigger than her fist but her was hard after doing all that household work.

we was holding hands and drniking tea. i started talking about the rings in her hand and she looked at my hand lines. she was predicting future that she thinks she really know. i asked her tell me about my wife, how many will i have?. she slapped on my thigh and told me " you will have 3 kids".

i said " oh..just 3?...i planned to have at least 22 of them. then on every sunday we will go for picnic or will play cricket in two different teams".

she was laughing madly that her boobs was slightly bouncing. she kinda liked me the way i was thinking. she then told me that she always like kids. she hopes she would have at least 2 more kids.

she was playing with her pallu and try not covering her asset from me. i looked at her boobs and she saw me i was looking at it i thought she will get shy this time too but at very next moment she ask me " you like my saree?" and i was shocked that i get blank but i acted like i am busy with drinking tea and then said "yah it is good..color really suits on you skin".

i took a pause for moment and told her that i like her black saree too coz i knew whenver she wear black saree, she wear that yellow blouse too.

she gets my intension why i said that, coz i always liked her in saree and from our conversation she started to think like i really know about women and there appearences.

situation was so heaten up that she didn't feel the guts to take more of that so she took cups to the kitchen and i remain in thoughts that i over did or what but i was happy about the next step we had taken.

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10-20-2012, 08:09 AM
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RE: Kaaki, Neighbour Aunty
she gets busy in kitchen and i was surfing channel once again and looking for some spicy material.

at that time MTV was very much famous for airing seductive english music.(it aint matter that much now but that was a time when i guess everyone like to watch MTV in late night)

then she came back and sits on distance of L shaped bed.

i was waiting for one kinda song that time but there was only hindi movie trailer going on and then this Manisha Koirala song from movie 'Chhupa Rustam'came. it was very seductive with all that boob shaking masala song. i was completely harden, that much lust gets on my mind i feel very much in need of fucking that bitch.

Kaki was sitting in position of facing towards Tv and all i could is see her bare-back and side view, we were not talking at that time and my cock was bouncing inside that i need to gave some space to my dick to bounce

she opened her hairs by at looking TV. she was showing her one boob with nipple impression and stomach hands slowly goes on my dick and i hold my knob and started mastubrating over the pant very gently and remain looking looking at the her blouse shape,
the way her back was moving while doing hairs and folds was moving i think i was quite heaten up that i came in few seconds.

i felt very numb and was remain sited in that position for few min. suddenly i realized what i have done? and my pant was wet inside. i was in complete mess dont know what to do?. so i just went to bathroom and washed my self.

i started to feel very much satisfied when i back to hall again (safely). this was the first time i masturbated on Live images of my Kaki. all i have done before was visualising Kaki's asset during mastubration.

and that was the day i didn't forgot yet. it was really special and the song

Bangla Gaadi Jhumke Kangna - Chuppa Rustam

it is still in my favorite list.

for all my south indian and other friends, check this video if you not aware of it.

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