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Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
01-31-2012, 07:03 AM
Post: #11
RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
Its me beti – sharma Uncle.I was stunned and scared hearing this. Why he must have come, what he wants now, what is he going
do now, etc etc. all such thoughts ran in my mind within seconds. Uncle : beti darwaajaa kholo.Me ; uncleji kyaa kaam
hai.Uncle ; are beti sab tunhaare bare mein puch rahe hai.Me.: uncleji unhe boldo naa mein thodi der mein aa rahi hu.Uncle :
beti jaldi karma.After that there was silence in the room.I thought uncle must have gone. I thought before anybody else comes
I will go and close the door of the room. I came out of the bathroom and went to the door slowly and hiding my self behind my
peticote as there was not towel in the bathroom locked the door and turn towards the bathroom with the sign of relief. And I
stood there in utter shock. I saw Sharma Uncle sitting on the chair and giving me a cunning smile. Me : (in a firm voice)
Uncleji aap - aap gaye nahi.Uncle : beti meine sochaa ki mein thodi der yahaa baith kar jaataa hu. Tumhe apne saath hi le
jaaunga.Me : kyaaaaaaa!Uncle : cholo beti ab kapde pahen kar chalo.Me : uncleji meri saadi sukh rahi hai, woh sukh jaaye fir
mein aati hu. Aap jaoo.Uncle : (looking with lusty eye – xraying my body in only peticote) kyu sukh rahi hai gili ho gayi
kya. Saying that he gave a lust full smile on me and i looked downwards due to shame.Uncle was still staring at me from top
to bottom. My peticote was covering my half boobs and half thighs. It was really a good scene for him.Uncle : beti tumne
jawaab nahi diya.Me. : (colleting my guts) jaise aap ko pataa nahi ki saari kyun gili karni padi, aap ko sharam nahi aayi
mere saath aisa karte hue. Mein aapki beti ki umar ki hu.Uncle : beti shuruaat to tumne hi ki and fir tumne rokaa nahi – kya
tumhe sharam nahi aayi. Jaise tumhe maalum nahi thaa ki tumhaare saath kyaa ho rahaa thaa. Chalo ab jaldi karo.Me : kya jaldi
karu.Uncles : jaldi se yeh peticote bhi utaar do.Me. ; kyaaaa!Uncle : (massaging his dick) chalo bhi.Me : nahi nahi – yeh
kaise – matlab kyu.Uncle : don’t waste time.Me : par – koi – matlab aajaayega – matlab toh mein kyaa .Uncle : don’t worry koi
nahi aayega. Sab log shadi mein busy hai.Me : nahi. Mein yeh nahi kar sakti (collecting my guts I opposed him)By the time I
completed my statement uncle came close to me and without wasting time holded me and hugged me tightly.Me. : chchodo muje
varnaa mein chillaaungi – aap yeh kyaa kar rahe ho.Uncle : daro mat – muje maalum hai – tum nahi chillaogi. Me : kyu.Uncle :
Tum jab Hema se baat kar rahi thi mere lund ke bare mein tab meine sunliyaa tha.Me : kyaa a!Uncle : chalo ab mein tumhe apnaa
lund dikhaa hi detaa hu.Saying that he instantly opened his zip and removed his rock hard dick and holding it he said.Uncle ;
dekho itnaa badaa aur motaa kabhi dekaa hai. Tere pati kaa bhi itnaa nahi hoga.I was shocked seeing his really big fat rock
hard dick and hearing those words from his mouth. But honestly I had never seen such a hudge dick so far in my life.Uncle :
lo chuoo isse aur bataao muje – kya tumne kabhi itnaa badaa dekhaa hai.I was still standing like a statue in shock. I was not
able to collect words to reply or to get out of the situation. Uncle was shagging his dick and looking at me with lusty eyes
and waiting for me to make a move.Uncle : kyaa huaa – jaldi karo.Me : ji un-cl-e mmmmmmmmmein kyaaaa – mat-lab Sundly there
was another knock on the door.I shouted in a scary voiceMe : (shocked and scared) kaauun … haai.The voice replied – bahu mein
hu. Sharma aunty. Andar kyaa kar rahi ho.Me : aunty meri saadi mae daa-ag la-g ga-yaa thaa – toh mein – matlab – voh – sa-af
kar rahi thi.Aunty : tum thik toh honaa. Tumaari aawaaz kyu dari huee si lag rahi hai.Me : k-k-kuch nahi aunty uhi.Aunty :
thik hai – jaldi se aa jaao.Me : aa-abhi aayee aunty..Uncle : (wishpered in my ears) jaldi karo, warna koi aur bhi aa
jaayegaa.As soon as uncle completed his statement my hand went on his dick as I was afraid and did not know what to do.
Suddenly I realized that I m holding his hard dick. And removed my hands of it quickly and ran in the bathroom and closed the
door. Uncle : kyaa huaa, lagtaa hai sharmaa gayee. Me. : (regaining my conscious in a firm voice) ab bahut ho gayaa uncleji,
ab aap baahar jaao.Uncle : (in a cunning voice) beti mein kaise baahar jaau, agar kisi ne muje dekh liyaa toh. Tum ek kaam
karo, pahele tum darwaajaa khol kar dekho ki koi baahar, aas paas mae nahi hai!, Me : kyou?Uncle : beti sab ko malum hai ki
tum is kamare mae ho. Mein andar hu yeh koi nahi jaantaa. Socho agar kisi ne muje baahar jaate hue dekh liyaa toh voh
tumhaare bare mae kyaa kyaa sochenge.I, don’t know, why, but I thought that he was right. And that was the right thing to do.
So I again covered my self with peticote and came out of the bathroom. I saw uncle was still holding and shagging his
dick.Me. : unc-le aap pa-he-le is-sse ma-ta-lab and-ar toh da-aa-lo.Uncle : beti tum darwaaje pe jaaoo tab tak mein ise andar
daal dungaa.I trusted him and started moving towards the door, while I was opening the stopper of the door, uncle came from
behind and hugged me from behind. I screamed aoaaaaouuuuuuch. Uncle : beti dhire chillaaoo koi sun legaa.Me : par aap – mu-je
ch-hoo—doo.Uncle’s hard rod dick was still out of his pants and was thrusting in my ass over the peticote. Uncle was holding
me very tightly.Me: cho—hoo –doo mu-je.Uncle : beti bas thodi der tum chup raho. Tab tak tumhaari saadi sukh jaayegi. Bas tab
tak Me : (trying to get out of his grip) na-hi aa-ap mu-je cho-choodo.Uncle : dekho, naatak mat karo. Chup chaap jo mein
kahetaa hu voh karo varnaa muje aur bhi tarike aate hai.I was stunned and scared, hearing his firm and loud voice. Now I was
the one who was in a vulnerable condition, I did not wanted anybody to get any idea what was goin in here and also I wanted
to get out of this situation as fast as I could. But I was not getting any clue / idea of how could i. In the meantime he was
busy rubbing his huge rock hard dick between my hips and his one hand reached my boobs and was caressing and cupping them as
well. I also started responding to his action now and was getting slowly arouse (to be honest) but there was surely a
conflict between my mind and body. The body wanted to be in his arms and the mind was stopping me. There it gone. I felt my
peticote slipping down my boobs. It was uncle who was now feeling my naked boobs. My nipple were erect and am sure were
giving immense pleasure to him. His dick was between my hips in my ass crack over my peticote. His one hand was busy playing
with my boobs and his other was slowly and gradually dragging down my peticote further and further. My peticote was now below
my neval and was still on its journey downwards. Its then when my mind got victory over my body and I regain my conscious. I
gave a strong push with my hips and simultaneously got his hands apart from my body and ran towards the bathroom. While I was
running my peticote fell down completely. I tried to grab it from front but my naked ass was displayed to him. I did not care
much about it and went inside the bathroom and closed the door. Am sure uncle was taken aback with my move as he was not
aware that I could do this, since my body was responding to his touches but he must have got the ample view of my naked ass
for a while.Unlcle : (knocking the bathroom door) kyaa huaa beti – kyo bhaag gayi.Me : (in a firm voice) uncleji bas bahut ho
gayaa – ab aap baahar jao.Uncle : beti tumhaari saadi sukh gayi kyaa?Me : (again in a firm voice) haa sukh gayi.i put on my
cloths on and came out of the bathroom. I saw uncle was still standing there with his dick in his hands. I rushed towards the
door of the room and placed my hands on the stopper of the room and in firm voice …me : uncle ji, I m opening the door – its
your wish to stand with your organ like that or to put it in.uncleji : (in a surprised tone) kyaa huaa beti achaanak tumko.
Kitnaa mazaa aa rahaa thaa.Me : bahut ho gayaa uncleji, ab aap yeh sab bhul jaao aur mein bhi bhul jaati hu. .Saying that I
opened the stopper and rushed out of the door and slammed the door behind me.I was breathing heavily. To my surprise, I saw
kalu standing right in front of me. I was shocked. i was feeling so shy in front him that I could not even look into his eyes
and slowly moved downstairs with my head down.I went and joined other ladies. Sharma aunty: kyaa huaa. Tum itni sahami sahami
si kyo lag rahi ho.Me : kuch nahi aunty bas yuhi.Sharma aunty : sab thik toh hai naa.Me : ji ---- ji haa Sharma aunty : hum
log tumhaari hi baate kar rahe thae.Me : k---- ky---- kyaa Aunty : yehi ki tumhaari saadi gili hogayi thi aur tum ussae
sukhaa rahi ho.Me : ach----achaa My eyes went on to kalu – he was standing with his friends and was giggeling something to
them pointing towards me. I got afraid that he must have seen uncle in the room and is not telling it all to his friends. My
eyes were filled with shyness and could not concentrate on the ladies talking to me. Baar baar meri nazarein kalu ki taraf
jaati aur voh meri taraf hi dekh rahaa hotaa. Every time i looked at him, he used to give me a wishfull & lusty smile.After
sometime I saw that hema is standing besides him and they are looking at me and giggeling and smiling. Now I thought that I
should go and talk to kalu otherwise he spread it all.
But I could not go as he was surrounded with his friends. I thought I better do something and speak to him. So I got up from
there.Aunty : ari komal kahaa jaa rahi ho. Me : a- aunty—ka- hi na-hi - pani pi kar aati hu.Aunty : achchaa ! kalu ko bolnaa
– yahaa sabke liye pani le kar aayee.Me : ji achchaa.I thought this is the golden opportunity for me. I went to kaluKalu :
(in mischievous tone) aaiyee bhabhi jaan – hum aapki hi baat kar rahe thae.Me : (pretending) chchodo bhi mazaak – aunty sab
ke liye pani mangwaa rahi hai. Chalo tum zaraa meri madad kar do sab ke liye pani le jaane mae.Saying that I started walking
towards the corner where water was kept. Kalu followed me. As soon as kalu came there I looked around and made sure that
there was no one.Me : kalu, muje tumse akele mae baat karni hai. Kalu : (again in mischievous tone) bhabhi jaan! Akele mae
kyaa baat karni hai?Me. : yahaa nahi yahaa koi aa jaayegaa.Kalu : bhabhi jaan\ ! oh o ! toh kuch secret baat karne hai
aapko.Me : haKalu : toh thik hai, aunty log ko pani pilaakar aataa hu. Tab tak aap yeh hall ke pichche ke garden mae mera
wait karo.Me : abhi ? nahi nahi abhi nahi – aunty puchchegi toh kya kahungi.Kalu : bhabhi jaan chintaa mat karo aunty ko mein
bol dunga ki aap bhai jaan ke saath khadi ho.Me : ok.Kalu : toh aap jaao mein pani dekar aataa hu.Saying that kalu went
towards aunty and me slowly and hindingly left the hall and went behind the hall into the garden.It was a huge lawn and
surrounded by bushes and trees. The birds were making sweet noice and the sun was proceeding towards his bed. The sky was
orange with some blue and white clouds. I was thinking ari pura din khatam ho gaya. Tab muje mere pati ki baat yaad aayi.
That we have to return before night. Various thought started running my mind, I thought he must be looking for me. But where
is he. I could not see him in the hall. Its then I remembered that he has also came with me in the wedding. Suddenly a hand
came on my shoulder, I was frightened and turned back and saw kalu.Kalu : kya huaa bhabhi jaan – jyaadaa wait toh nahi
karwaayaanaa meine aapko.Me : oh kalu, tumne toh muje daraa hi diyaa. Achchaa yeh bataao vickey kahaa hai? Tumne us kahi
dekhaa hai kyaa ?Kalu : kyaa baat hai bhabhi jaan achaanak vikey bhaiyaa ki yaad kyu aa gayi ? Me : nahi voh bas aise hi.Kalu
: chintaa mat karo vickey bhaiyaa, sharma uncle aur unke dosto ke saath baith kar schotch ke maze le rahe hai.Me :
achchaa.And I started thinking. Toh voh pine mae lage hua hai. Aur yahaa mere saath kyaa kyaa ho rahaa hai. Kalu : bhabhi
jaan! Kyaa huaa kis soch mae pad gayi aap ?Me : oh kuch nahi. Kalu : achchaa yeh bataao – aapko muje se kyaa baat karni
hai.Me : oh haa – kalu tumne – mera matlab ki – mein jab upar waale room se bahar aarahi thi – matlab tum vahaa khade thae –
matlab ki tumneKalu : (interrupted in between) bhabhi jaan mein samaj gayaa aap kya puchchnaa chaahati ho. Chalo ab aap se
kyaa chchupau. Meine sab kuch dekha – apke kamre se baahar aanaa – uncle ka oos kamare mae hona – unkaa voh badaa badaa dhoti
se baahar. Aur toh aur jab shaadi mae aap uncle ke aage jab khadi thi aur voh aapke maze le rahe thae – voh sab meine dekhaa
aur shoot bhi kiyaa.Me : (in an shocking voice) kyaa !?# matlab – tumne shoot kiyaa.Kalu without wasting any time took out
his mobile and showed me the clip. Where uncle was rubbing his dick in my ass in public. I hurriedly deleted the video of his
mobile. Kalu : bhaabhi jaan – aap kis kis mobile se delete karogi. Yeh clip hema ke paas bhi hai aur mere dosto ke paas bhi
hai. Aur yeh dekho mere dusre mobile mae bhi hai. Saying that he took out his another mobile and showed me the clip from
far.I was horrified hearing his voice and seeing the clip again.Me : kalu – tum yeh kyu------ k-aa—rr rahe ho.Kalu : toh mein
kyaa karu bhabhi jaan. Aap hi bataao.I was complete is wordless and standing there. Thoughts started running my mind. That
now this bastard will definitely take advantage of me, etc etc.Kalu : kahaa kho gayi aap bhabhi jaan.Me : ka----- hi
na—hi..Kalu : toh kyaa sochaa bhabhi jaan aapne. ?Me : what!?Kalu : ab aap bholi mat bano – jaise aapko malum nahi ki ab
aapko kyaa karnaa hai.Me : ky----aa ka--- ka --- rna --- hai.Kalu : kuch mat karo – bas chup chap khadi raho – jo karnaa hai
voh toh mein karunga. I was terrified hearing those words from kalu – and was totally blank in my mind this time. Standing
still without and movement. Kalu : toh mein shuru karu bhabhi jaan ?Me : par --- -ko—I aa ---- jaa---- yegaa toh.Kalu : koi
nahi aayegaa jaan, aap ghabraao mat.Suddenly bhabhi word disappeared from kalu’s mouth. Now I was jaan for kalu and not
bhabhi.Kalu : chalo aap kuch jawaab nahi de rahi ho toh mein jaataa hu aur yeh clip baki sab ko bhi dikhaataa hu..Me : nahi -
na--- hi kaa- lu – tum aisaa nahi karsakte.Kalu : mein aisaa hi karungaa.Me : toh tum kyaa chaahate ho.Kalu : mein toh itnaa
hi chaahataa hu ki aap choop chaap khade rahkar muje jo karnaa hai voh karne do.Me : tu---um ky--aa kar---matlab –
karr--oge.Kalu: voh mein karungaa bataaungaa nahi. Bas aap ek baar haa kah do. Aur haa kahene ke baad koi sabd mat bolnaa .
jab tak mein naa kahu tab tak.Me : thi---- k haaaaiKalu : kyaa thik hai jaan – aap ko bolnaa hai – haa! Kalu tum mere saath
jo karnaa chaaho kar sakte ho. Mein kuch nahi bolungi.Me : (feelling very embarrassed) haa! Kalu tum mere saath jo karnaa
chaaho kar sakte ho. Mein kuch nahi bolungi.Kalu came closer to me and slowly he moved around me looking at me from top to
bottom. Measuring my 36-26-38 vital stats by his eyes. Than he stopped behind me and straight away placed his both hands on
my both hips. Kalu : jaan – teri gaand toh mast hai re.I did not responded to him as I was told to stand quietly. But I was
feeling very shameful as standing like a wore there and a guy whome I met just today only is inturn feeling my body.Now kalu
was moving his hands on my hips and feeling every curve and part of it. He was pressing them, cupping them, spanking them, he
was doing every thing possible which could be done with them. He was also forcing his hands in my ass crack at times.I was
standing still after sometime it became darker. The sun went to his bed and the moon was on his duty.

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01-31-2012, 07:04 AM
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
He than slowly moved downwards and reached upto my ankle. He now was sitting on his knees and moving his hands on my ankles.
I was thinking why he is playing with my ankles and no male is interested in that part of the body and even my hubby also
never did that. Aftersome time I felt his face in my ass crack. Now I understood that why he was playing with my ankles he
was literally burying his face in my ass crack and was moving his nose deeper and deeper.Now his hands were again on the
upward journey. But this time my saree and peticote both were accompanying them. While his face continued digging my ass
crack his hands reached their destination and that was upto my waist along with the saree and the the peticote. Now my ass
was exposed to his face. The only thing covering my ass was my panty. He now started licking my ass over my panty. He was
licking every bit of it. He was moving his tongue on each and every curve of my hips while his hands were holding my saree at
my waist. I was really feeling horney and was enjoying the situation as well I was afraid that if any body comes and finds us
in this position its going to ruin my image. But now I had completely surrendered to kalu. There was complete silence in the
atmosphere the only noise I could here was pach pach that too coming from my ass as kalu was licking and sucking it over my
panty. My panty was completely drenched with his saliva. And I was just thinking is he going to **** me or not. Because I was
complete aroused and was ready to be ****ed. Though kalu has not explored my boobs and my virgina yet. But what ever he did
with my hips / ass was really erotic and I had never imagined that any male would be so much fond of that – it has been more
than an hour since he started with my ass.Suddenly the silence broke.Kalu : jaan jaraa apni saree ko pakdo toh mere haath
free ho aur mein kuch aur bhi kar saku.Me : oh ! haa! And I grabbed my saree with both my hands and let kalu’s hands
free.Kalu : jaan, aaj tak meine aisi gaand aur thighs nahi dekhe. Kyaa sexy gaand aur thighs hai tumhaare ki meraa dil
bhartaa hi nahi. Ki kuch aur karu. Bas dil yehi chaahataa hai ki mein teri gaand ke saath kheltaa rahu.Saying that he buried
his face again in my ass and his hands now started moving on my thighs. He was so gently moving his hands that my excitement
raised like anything.His one hand reached my virgina and started caressing it. Me : kalu aa- aaa kalu - pl—ea---se thodaa -
aa – ohh kalu.Hearing my voice he got more enthu and his rhythm increased a bit. He now decided to remove my panty and down
it went at one jerk. And again buried his face in my ass and got back to his work. His one had was exploring my thighs and
other hand on my virgina. He slowly inserted his middle finger in my virgina and started stroking it. He now moved his face
on my hips making way for his thumb to enter my ass hole. He was now stroking both i.e my virgina with his middle finger and
ass hole with his thumb. I cant resist this and started moaning heavily and loudly. Hearing my moans his strokes became
faster and harder and so did my moaning. What was giving me more excitement was that while he was stroking my ass hole and
virgina he was licking, sucking and biting my hips.I was shamelessly moaning heavily like a slut standing half naked in front
of kalu. And kalu was enjoying my bottom part with all the pleasures.After sometime it became difficult for me to hold and I
released my cum with the loudest moan (as good as scream). His hands were full of my cum. he was still stroking my virgina
and ass hole. Now it was impossible for me to let his finger in my virgina.Me : k- aa-ll—uu ……. Pl—eas—e ab - na- --- hi
.Kalu : kyaa huaa jaan. Bas thak gayi.Me : ha—aaaa.(I nearly screamed.)Kalu understood my situation and removed his hands. As
soon as he did that I let gone my saree down. And was took support of the tree and leaned to it. I forgot that my panty is
still down and I need to pull it up. Kalu was giving a lusty smile to me and while doing that he licked his fingers full of
my cum. He than came close to me and hugged me tightly and said Kalu : jaan-e-jaanaa. Abhi toh shuruaat hai. Tum abhi se hi
thak jaaogi toh kaise chalegaa.I kept quite.Kalu : jaan kyaa hua. Lagtaa hai tumhe aaraam ki jaroot hai. Ees haalat toh tum
andar nahi jaa paayogi. Ek kaam karo thodi der yahi grass ke upar ulti let jaao aur thodaa aaraam karlo. Mein tab tak tumhari
gaand ke maze letaa hu. Saying that kalu pulled my saree and peticote with the jerk and they both fell down. I was again half
naked. He than pulled my hands and made to lye down on the ground. Soon I was on ground with my ass facing the sky. I just
responded to all his action as I had no energy left, since I was standing for about almost 2 hours. And was completely
exhausted as kalu was finger ****ing my virgina and ass.Kalu grabbed both my hips with his hands and started caressing. He
was moving his hands very gently on my hips. After 5-10 minutes of caressing my hips he moved downwards caressing my thighs
and till my ankles again. I knew he is upto something as last time when he did that he finger ****ed me. But now what. Will
he again finger **** me or what? Several thoughts were running in my mind. Suddenly I could feel his lips on my ankle. He was
kissing my foots gradually and slowly moving upwards and while he was kissing his hands were playing with my hips, he was
caressing, cupping, pressing, pinching, doing whatever they could do with my hips. His face has now reached my knees and
slowly my thighs. He stayed there for sometime. But this was again exciting me. I had again getting aroused by his moves and
kisses. He now started kissing my hips as well. This was really very arousing. His hands and face both were on my hips
simultaneously doing their work. My hips were again wet with his saliva. He also lied beside me in such a way that his penis
was very close to my mouth while he was busy with my hips.Kalu : jaan, sirf maze hi logi yaa muje bhi thoda mazaa dogi.Me. :
kyaa---- kyaa matlab.Kalu : are yaar ab yeh bhi muje hi bataanaa padegaa.Me : mein samji nahi..Kalu : achchaa chalo ab meri
jeans ka button aur chain kholo. Aur merin jean niche utaaro.I did what he said. Kalu : are yaar meri chaddi bhi to utaaro.Me
: oh! Haa!Kalu : ab mere lund se khelo aur chusso. Kyaa kabhi kiyaa nahi hai kyaa. Yeh bhi bataanaa padegaa.I holded his rock
hard penis in my hand and started caressing it. After sometime I took his in my mouth. Now it was the ultimate situation. He
was kissing, licking, caressing my ass and I was sucking his dick and playing with is testis.
I was experiencing the joy of like. I had never been in such a position. I was now getting to know what is sex could be.
Honestly, speaking my hubby never did any of such things with me on bed. Believe me this was the first hand experience of
such a wonderful excitement that too from a stranger whom I have met just today. I was never into a relationship with anybody
else prior to my marriage and vicky (my hubby) never gave me such a pleasure, though we use do a long & prolonged foreplay
before intercourse but was limited to kissing & fondling.I was completely lost in joy and pleasure with kalu. I wished that
he should have been my husband. Suddenly he stopped his moves and I could feel that his body tightened. He was pressing my
hips very tightly. His fingers were holding my hips as if he wants to snatch them apart from my body. And the silence broke
once again.Kalu : aahh - aahhh – haa - aur zor se chusooooooo.And then my mouth got filled with his cum. he released a loads
and loads of cum in my mouth. Half of it I swallowed and half I spitted out. He than loosened his grip on my hips and placed
his head on them.. We lied down there for about 10 minutes in that position. I still had is dick in my mouth but now it was
loosening gradually. It was becoming softer and smaller gradually. But it was still there in my moth.After 10 – 15 minutes he
stood up and said.Kalu : aaaahh haaaaaaaaaaaaa - mazzaaa aagayaa jaanu. Teri gaand jaisi gaan abhi tak meine toh nahi dekhi.
Ji kartaa hai abhi issi waqt khaa jaau. Kaash tu roz muje milpaati.Toh mazaa aa jaataa. Ji toh kartaa hai abhi ke abhi teri
gaand maarlu, lekin ( ) tune itnaa chusa hai ki lund abhi khadaa hone mae time lag jaayege.Me : isssshhhh, kitne gande sabd bol
rahe ho. Kuch toh.He interrupted.Kalu : jaane jaanaaa – pahele tum bhabhi thi ab nahi ho. I kept quite and was also feeling
shy. I suddenly got my conscious back. And was really cursing my self for allowing kalu to do all these with me. I thought
that I have cheated Vicky. Suddenly the patiwrataa naari inside be woke up. Now there was the conflict in my mind. I pushed
kalu away and got up and started looking for my dress. I picked up and wore them and said to kalu.Me : kalu, jo hua bhul
jaao, aur kisi ko mat bataanaa ke apne bich kyaa huaa thaa. Ab iske baad aise behave karnaa jaise kuch huaa nahi thaa aur naa
hi mere paas aane ki koshish karnaa..But kalu had different plans.Kalu : jaannaa! Bilkul tum jaisaa kahogi mein waisaa hi
karungaa, lekinHe paused a bit.Me : lekin kyaa? Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni hai.Mr : kyaa?Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni
hai.Me ; (shocked) kyaa matlab.Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni hai, matlab, muje teri gaand marni hai.Me : (angrily) toh ab tak
kyaa kar rahe thae.Kalu : ab tak ! ab tak toh mein sirf teri gaand ke maze le rahaa thaa.Me.; voh mein nahi jaanti – ab isse
aage kuch nahi karenge. Mein ab tumhe milnaa bhi nahi chaahati.Kalu : thik hai ! toh fir mein sab ko bataa dungaa.Me : kyaa
bataaoge? Koi tumhaari baat kaa vishwaas kyu karegaa. Koi nahi maanegaa ki mein tumhaare saath thi.Kalu : (laughing like
gabbar sing) mein tumhaaraa video dikhaaungaa. Tum bhool gayi ki mere paas tumhaaraa video hai. I suddenly realized that kalu
has shot me with uncle in the marriage when I was measuring the size of uncle’s dick.Me ; (in a loud voice) nahi - tum aisaa
nahi karoge – tumne promise kiyaa thaa. Isliye toh meine yeh sab tumhe karne diyaa..Kalu : ha ha ha ha, meine promise to
kiyaa thaa aur mein oose nibhaaungaa lekin tumhaari gaand marne ke baad hi mein voh video delete karungaa oos se pehele
nahi.I was now cursing myself, why did I do all that with uncle, in the marriage, and so on. I was wordless.
Suddenly I heard some noise in the bushes, I felt that some one was coming. I was standing there not knowing what to do.
Adding to my embarrassment rakesh appeared over there, he found me and kalu in this situation. His was standing there like a
statue with his mouth open, so were we on seeing him. He was holding 2 bottles in his hand one was water and another was of
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
Rakesh came and asked bhabhi aap aur kalu yaahin kya kar reha hain i said woh woh Mujhe ... i could not comlete then raju interferred and said bhabhi ko thodi hawa khani thi to unhone garden mein ghoome ne aagaye, mujhe viky bhaisaab ne unhe dhoond ne ke liye bheja tha.rakesh was not a idiot he knew we were up to something he said sharma aunty ne kahea aapko paani de ne ke liye he gave me water then raju saidLa tu nujhe oil ki bottle de de mein diya mein dal doonga, rakesh gave the oil bottle and then somebody called his name and he went .Now raju said aab saali thel bhi aagaye tere gaand mein lund aasan se gus ja ye ga,Suddenly sharma aunty called raju kahain mar gaya he answered aa raho huin bibiji, My conscious said, yes! This is the right thing to be done to escape. I started moving towards the hall, where the marriage was going on.Kalu : (hold my hand firmly) jaane jaanaa! Mein raat ko tumhaaraa intezaar ees hall ki chat par karungaa. Agar tum nahi aayee toh tumhe maalum hai ki mein kyaa karungaa.Me : (in a low voice) ji.And I ran towards the hall and as I entered there I saw that the pheraa was on and every body was standing there near the lagna mandap. I rushed there and started looking for Vicky.Suddenly some body tapped me from behind. I turned around and saw hema.Hema : bhabhiji, aap kahaa thi.Me : oh! Me-in a --- mein --- upar --- kam—re mae --- thi.Hema : (winkinly) kamre mae kyaa kar rahi thi. Vicky bhaiyaa bhi saath thae kyaa?I was trying to think some reply for her, in the mean time I felt some hand on my hips again. Turning around in a shock I saw kalu was standing behind me. Kalu : (winking at me) kyaa baat hai hemaa – tu bhaabhiji ko kyu pareshaan kar rahi hai.When I was turning back – my eyes went on his other hand and to my surprise it was on hema’a hips. I turned and started looking for Vicky. I needed Vicky desperately. Kalu was busy caressing hema’s and my ass simultaneously
am sure he must be having good time with both the asses. I some how ignored kalu and asked hema.Me : hema! Tumne Vicky ko dekhaa hai kyaa ?Hema : nahi bhaabhi meine unko bhi do-teen ghanto se nahi dekhaa. Muje lagaa aap dono saath mae honge.Me : nahi. Vicky mere saath nahi thae. Hema : are haa ! meine Vicky aur sharma uncle koh unke dosto ke saath upar waale kamre mae jaate huae dekhaa thaa. Shaayad abhi bhi wahaa ho.As if I was waiting for this reply, I got the chance to move away from kalu.Me : oh achchaa, mein abhi jaa kar dekh aati hu.Kalu : bhaabhiji! Aap chintaa kyu karti hai, voh vahi honge, sab baith kar wiskey ke maze le rahe honge. Aap kyu unke rang mae bhang daalne jaa rahi hai. Aa jaayenge. Aap yahaa reh kar dekho fere shuru hone waale hai. His hands were all the time on my hips and I wanted to get my hips away from his hands. I was also thinking that if somebody sees that my image will be spoiled.Me : kalu, mein abhi dekh kar aati hu.Kalu : kyaa zaroorat hai bhabhiji, unke bagair aap ko nahi chaltaa kyaa. Roz toh aap unke saath hoti ho. Aaj humaare saath bhi thodi de reh lo. Vicky Aajaayenge naa.Saying that he piched my hips.I could easily read between his words. He meant that I should stand there and let him enjoy my hips. Such a freak he was. But I had to get my hips away from his hands so…Me : nahi aise baat nahi hai. Mein abhi dekh kar aati hu.Saying that I started moving towards the staircases, without giving kalu or hema a look. As there were many people around kalu also could not do anything and he let me I reached the staircase I breath a sign of relief went upstairs. When I was on the last step I turned around to see what kalu was doing and to my surprise, he was holding hema by her boobs and giving jerks in her ass. I thought what a shameless girl she is and what a freak this guy is. He recently has cumed in my mouth and now again he his busy with this girl.Thinking all these I went towards the room where Vicky and others were enjoying their wiskey. When I reached there I saw there was a group of people in there along with Vicky and sharma uncle there were mr. shachdev Prasad (criminal layer), bheem sing (police inspector) and couple of other guys who seemed to be of the same age of sharma uncle. Only Vicky was the youngest among all. All were like laughing and talking loudly. I stopped at the gate such as no body sees me and started thinking of an idea to call Vicky out of the room. I could even notice Vicky’s voice and could make out of it that he is completely drunked and is out of his senses. Vicky ki zubaan ladkhadaa rahi thi baat karte samay and the rest all were in their sense.Suddenly I felt a hand on my hips. I turned around in a shock and saw kalu standing just behind me and giving me lust smile.Me : (in a shocking tone whispered) kalu ! tum yahaa kyaa kar rahe ho ?Kalu : (whispering) teri gaand ke maze le rahaa hu.I was literally shocked to hear those words from kalu. I had nothing else to say butMe : koi dekh legaa toh. Haath hataao.Saying that I pushed kalu’s hand away. He very calmly placed his hand again on my hips and caressed it while saying…Kalu : koi nahi dekhegaa jaan, sab vahaa shaadi ke phere dekhne mae busy hai. Kisi ko fursat nahi ki voh meraa haat teri gaand par hai yeh dekhe.I again pushed his hands with a jerk and gave him an angry looksMe : (in a firm voice) fir bhi kalu. Yahaa nahiThis time kalu did not placed his hands. It was a sign of relief for me. And I ignored that kalu was standing besides me – I started thinking of how to call Vicky out of the room. But I did not knew what was next from kalu.Kalu moved in front of the door and loudly spoke.Kalu : Vicky bhaiyaa, bhabhiji aap koh bulaa rahi hai zaraa baahar aayenge.Saying that he pulled me in front of the door holding my hand. It was a sudden pull I could not resist and was now facing everybody. As every eye was on me standing at the door.Sharma uncle: are beti baahar kyu khadi ho. Andar aajaao, yahaa sabhi apne hi hai.Me : oh ! nahi! Bas--- inse ---tho---daa kaa—m th---a.Uncle : are aa bhi jaao. Humse kyaa sharmaa naa. Aao mein tumhe baaki logo se introduce kartaa hu. Vicky bolo naa bahu ko aane ke liye.Vicky : areeeeeeee aaaaa bhiiiiiiiiii jaaaaaaaooooooooo …… aaaaaanddddddddaaaa aaaaar.I had no more choice left. I gave kalu a very angry look and he was smiling mischieviously. I went in the room.While I was entering.Sharma uncle : idhar aao mere paas mein tumhe sab se introduce kartaa hu.Saying that he holded my hand and pulled me very hardly towards him. I lost my balance and was about to fall. But uncle grabbed me from my waist and supporting me he commented.Sharma uncle : are pi toh humne rakhi hai bahu. Lagtaa hai tumhe chad gayi hai.Saying that he spancked me. And again moving his hand to my waist. My eyes straight away went on Vicky and notice that he is busy drinking and is not at all interested where is sharma uncle’s hand. uncle started introducing me.Sharma uncle : (pointing towards a guy next to him) yeh mere bahut hi achche dost aur paadosi hai. Yeh hai mr. Verma. ( he was medium sized, fair looking guy. All his hairs were milky white )Me : namaste ji.Mr. verma : namaste bahu.. Sharma uncle : (pointing towards the guy sitting beside mr. verma) yeh hai, kalu ke pitaaji. Dhanjibhai.Me : (looking at dhanjibhai) nameste uncle.Sharma uncle : (moving his hand from my waist to my hips) dhanjibhai, maanaa padegaa, kalu humaari bahu kaa bahut khyaal rakhtaa hai.. Jab se aayi hai tab se kalu bahu ko koi taklif nahi hone derahaa hai. Humeshaa aage pichche ghum taa rahetaa hai.I thought in my mind, taklif nahi hone de rahaa yaa sabse jyaadaa taklif de rahaa hai aura aage pichche ghumtaa hai yaa sirf pichche pichche.Sharma uncle : (pointing towards inspector and lawyer) inset oh tum mil hi chooki ho pahele.Me : (looking at both of them one by one and said) nameste ji.Bheem sing : kaise ho beti. Mazaa aa rahaa hai naa.Before I could speak Kalu : (in a mischievious tone) ji uncle ji inhe bahut mazaa rahaa hai..Sharma uncle : (still caressing my hips) kyu be kalu tu bahu ko pareshaan toh nahi kar rahaa? Bahu agar yeh pareshaan kar rahaa ho to mere paas aa jaanaa.Me : ji uncleji ( had nothing else to say)Kalu: nahi nahi uncleji aisi koi baat nahi hai. Aap bhaabhi ji koh puchch lo naa. Kyo bhaabhiji meine aap ko pareshaan kiyaa hai kyaa.Hearing that questing I was speechless. I just nodded my head in a negative reply.There was silent in the room, sharma uncle was busy caressing my hips and other were busy drinking. I was silent as I did not wanted to create a scene there. As I knew If I protested Sharma Uncle can go to any extend as I had not yet forgot the room incident and what all he did. It seemed that every body just forgot that I m standing there getting my hips caressed by sharma uncle. Sharma uncle was moving his hand on every bit and curve of my ass and kalu was having the good time watching it. It was time for me to make a move. But before I could speak anything else.Sharma uncle : (pressing my hips) are beti tum yahaa Vicky se kuch baat karne aayi thi naa.Me : ji ---- ji – uncleji – vo—h - puch---puchchnaa – thaa.Before I could complete my sentence.Sharma uncle : (pressing my ass cheek) kyaa puchch naa thaa beti.Me : ji --- voh --- ghar kab --- matlab --- kitne --- ba—aje.Sharma uncle :Now fingering my ass hole over my saree are Vicky tumne bahu ko bataayaa nahi kit um aaj raat yehi ruk rahe ho. Ghar shaadi khatam hoke vidaayi ke baad jaanaa hai.Hearing to those words A current of shock flew all over my body, as if there was no blood in body and I had goose bums. I was in utter shock and speechless as well and to my surprise Vicky was not at all bothered, he was busy sipping wiskey from his glass. Vicky was totally out. He could not even sit properly. Voh baithe baithe bhi hil dul rahaa taa.Me : ji -- -na—hi inko kal -- -office…Sharma uncle : (interrupted) koi office voffice nahi. Are shaadi koi roz roz thodi hi hoti hai. Bahu ek kaam karo – voh saamne fridge mae se thodi baraf nikal kar yahaa rakh do, please.Me : ji – achchaa.Saying that I straight away moved towards the fridge as I wanted to get rid of sharma uncle’s hand. The only thought in my mind was that ever since I have come here sharma uncle and kalu are after my ass. Well but it was only me who have encouraged them and so on.I took the ice from the fridge and came to the table and bent to put the ice on it my pallu dropped and before I could re-arrange it, am sure that sharma uncle, mr. verma and dhanjibhai had a quick glimpse of my cleavages. Though it was for few seconds only.Sharma uncle : are bahu, kyaa kar rahi ho. Jaraa apne haatho se sab ke liey ek ek pag banaado naa. Humko aisa maukaa phir kahaa milegaa. Thodi hi tum roz aati ho.I had no choice than to follow his instruction. I was really thinking of how to take Vicky out of this room and leave the place. And while thinking I bent again picked up the bottle and started pouring wiskey in the glass of sharma uncle. I was so involved in the thought that I forgot tuck my pallu to my saree and it went down again. sharma uncle ne tabhi mere bluse ke andar haat dal dia or bheench dia mere siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nkal gayi, vicky pucha kya hua to shrma unckle bole kuch nai katmal ne komal ko kaat liya or hasne laga,After filling sharma uncle’s glass I restore my pallu and tucked it at my waist this time and started pouring to mr. verma’s glass. But before I could do that all the three of them had a good view of my boobs. As the blouse’s pattern was such that it exposed almost half of my boobs. After I finished pouring the wiskey in mr. verma’s glass I moved to dhanjibhai’s glass. While I was pouring the pallu moved a little bit aside and dhanji bhai could get the glimpse of my cleavages. His eyes were stucked there only. I could make out from the corner of my eyes. I re-arranged my pallu after filling the glass and turned towards bheem sing. At this point of time I realized that bheem sing and sachev were enjoying the view of my ass while I was pouring wiskey the other side. I was feeling very embarased at this time because every eye in the room (except of vicky’s) were on my body. This time I thought that its better to sit down and pour wiskey. So I sat down rather bending and started making the glass of mr. bheem sing and mr. shachdev. I was sitting very close to mr. bheem sing as there was not much space between him and table. Bheem sing : (moving his hand on my head in a blessing manner) kitni pyaari bahu hai sharma tumhaari. Aisi bahu humaare liye bhi dhundh de. Vicky sahi mae kismet waalaa hai.I could read between his lines and make out what his real meaning was.As I moved a bit to fill mr. sachdev’s glass. Mr. bheem sing moved his hand from my head to my back. Now he was caressing my back over my blouse and than slowly moved further low and sipping his wiskey. I hurriedly prepared the glass for mr. sachdev and stood up.. As I stood up mr. bheem sings hand automatically went on my hips and then to my thighs. I hurried towards the door as I wanted to get out of the room before anybody else stops me.
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
As soon as I came out of the room I literally ran downstairs towards the mandap. I went their started looking for sharma aunty. She was standing right in the front row. There were plenty of people whome I’ll have to go through so I starded looking for the area where more ladies were. But all the ladies were in the front and surrounded by all men around. Suddenly hema called my name and came to me.Hema : bhabhi ! dekh aayee bhaiyaa ko.Me : (in sadistic tone) haa dekh aayee. Pee rahe hai sab ke saath. Aaj raat yahi ruknaa padega.Hema : sachi ! chalo achchaa hai – khum baate karenge aur taash : haa ! aur koi chaaraa bhi toh nahi.I was thinking in my mind that I should better get away from hema as soon as possible otherwise kalu will come and I will again end up in some trouble. I was just thinking and the devil appears.. Suddenly there was a hand on my hips. I did not care to turn around. I knew it could be kalu only. I just pushed that hand away and stood there without looking back who was it. That hand came again on my hips. I wanted to speak something but hema was standing just besides me so I thought its better to keep quite and I pushed the hand away with a force this time – indicating that I m angry. And moved a bit away. Hema : kyaa huaa bhaabhi dur kyo chali gayi.Me : oh ! voh yahaa se mandap baraabar dikh rahaa hai, isiliye.Hema also moved towards me. And so did the hand again. I ignored this time and stood there without moving – as I was damn sure that it was kalu only. I thought let him do whatever he wants as I was standing at the last and there was nobody around and moreover, he was standing exactly behind me so noone can notice. I did not protested this time as I was sure even if I did the hands will come back as kalu was die hard crazy about my ass. And than the hand started its work. i.e. moving all over my hips feeling every bit and curve. Even I could feel one finger was tracing my ass crack. Suddenly my eyes were wide open at the sight. I saw kalu was talking to sharma aunty. I was shocked – I thought has sharma uncle left the party and come down following me. "NO" I don’t think so. Than whose hand was it. I turned around and was shocked. all the bloods of my vains stopped flowing for the moment. It was kalu’s father – dhanjibhai.I straight way pushed him strongly and went a side.. My god I have let him feel my ass for about 15 minutes. I started cursing my self that I should have looked behind the very first time when I felt the hand on my hips. How stupid I m and so on.Dhanjibhai: (shamelessly) are bahu kyaa huaa. Dhakkaa kyu maaraa. Mein toh tumhe aur hema ko bulaane aayaa thaa.Me : (shocked) kyaa ! - bulaane! Matlab –Dhamjibhai : are voh sharma ne bhejaa hai. Chalo hema bahu ko lekar upper aajaao sharma koh kuch kaam hai tum dono se.Hema : ji uncleji – abhi aayee.Dhanjibhai : aayee nahi – bahu ko bhi lekar aanaa. Aur jaldi aanaa.Hema : ji achchaa.Saying that he again tapped my hips and went back upstairs.Me : kyaa kaam hogaa een logo ko, hum se.Hema : kyaa pataa, chalo chalte hai.Me : tum jaaonaa dekh kar aao naa kyaa kaam hai. Mein yahaa reheti hu.Hema : naa baa naa. Mein akeli nahi jaaungi. Aap chalo.I thought this she is right. I should not let her go alone. Atleast hum do rahenge to voh log kuch nahi karenge. Me : chalo.We both went to the room upstairs where they all were sitting and drinking.Seeing us Sharma uncle : lo aagayee dono.I was surprised – Vicky was not there. Me : uncleji – yeh kahaa chale gaye.Sharma uncle : usko bahut chad gayi thi isliye meine kalu ke saath usko dusre kamre mae sone keliye bhej diyaa hai.Me : oh! Muje unke paas jaanaa chaahiye.Sharma uncle : bahu koi jaroorat nahi. Kalu se keh diyaa hai – voh uskaa puraa dhyaan rakhegaa.Hema : (interrupted) ji hume kyo bulaayaa hai.Sharma uncle : oh ! bahu ke sawaalo ne toh bhulaa hi diyaa. Humne sunaa aaj tum dono mae dance competion huaa tha subah ko.Hema : (excitingly) haa! Haa! Aur pataa hai uncleji – bhaabhi jeet gayi thi.Sharma uncle : achchaa ! fir toh humaari bahu ko inaam milnaa chaahiye.Me : (sharmaate huae) ji voh toh bas aise hi.Sharma uncle : are aise kaise. Hum sab tumhe inaam denge. Lekin oos se pehele tumhe bhi hume voh dance dikhaanaa padegaa. Kyu ri hema ho jaaye fir se.I was shocked to hear those words. i spoke to my self – saalaa leechched, tharki - humse mujraa karne ko keh rahaa hai aur voh bhi safisticated tarike se.. kaminaa bilkul sharmaataa nahi hai. Bhale hi naam ooskaa sharma hai. Before I could speakHema : kyu nahi uncleji – abhi lo.Me : oh ! voh – mein – nahi – matlab - muje --- sharam --- Sharama uncle : (interrupted) ari ismae kyaa sharmaanaa – hum sab gharke hi log hai.Bheem sing : yaar sharmaa – bahu kaa matlab hai ki voh vikas ke binaa nahi nrutiya karegi.Kaminaa bheem sing to sharma uncle se safisticated shabd mae mujra karne koh keh rahaa hai. I told to my self – komal jaldi kuch kar aur nikal yahaa se.Me : voh – nahi aisi baat nahi hai.Sachdev : lo bahu raazi ho gayi. Ari hema jaldi music on kar bhalaa.I was literally num.. my body was shivering and my skin was cold like ice.I was not able to collect words to escape from this. I was thinking hema is so innocent that she is not getting what these tharki guys are wishing us to do. Hema was busy putting the cassette and forwarding the songs and searching for Dhola Dhola song on which we initially performed.I was so shy that I was not able to look up towards any body. Alas! The song was ready and hema came running towards and getting into the pose. I was standing still like a statue not knowing what to do.The song started and hema started dancing. She was swaying her hips and doing good steps.Sharma uncle : ari bhahu kyaa huaa. Kyo naach nahi rahi ho.I was still standing without moving without saying any words.Sharma uncle : ari kyaa huaa – kuch toh bolo.I was really stunned and shocked. I still was like a statue staring the floor as if my eyes were glued on floor. Suddenly I felt somebody’s hand on my shoulder and the grip was tight. His body was totally touching my body. I turned to see who it was and I saw bheemsing grabbing me from my shoulder and holding me tight. I tried to move out of his grip but my efforts were in vain. Such huge gaint holding me tight it was difficult for me to get out of his grip.Bheemsing : ari bahu, yeh police ki pakkad hai tum nahi bach paaogi.Saying that he brought his glass full of wiskey to my lips and forced it in my mouth. I tried not to open my mouth but suddenly another hand reached my mouth and pressed my both chins firmly and I had to open my mouth out of pain and the wiskey was in. It was sachdev’s hand he too came on the other side of me and helped bheemsing to make me drink wiskey.Shamra uncle : ari bahu pilo pilo. Eeske pine se tumhaari sharam nikal jaayegi aur tum bhi naach paaogi.I managed to spit out as much as I can but I gulped in 3 – 4 sips. Damm I thought it was neet without soda or water. Its not that I had never drank but I never had it neet. My mouth was burning from inside. I was struggling with one hand to keep the glass away from my mouth as one hand was under the grip of bheemsing from shoulder and sachdev was holding my hand tightly from the palm area. Suddenly I felt something odd in my palm which was in hands of sachdev. It then I realized that sachdev was holding my hand on his dick and his dick was not getting erect.this my struggle got more vigerous. Hema was still busy dancng Sensing While I was struggeling some wiskey from the glass was going in my stomach and some was dripping down on my boobs. My saree and blouse on the boobs and neval portion were becoming wet slowly and gradually. After bheemsings glass was emptied on me. He ordered dhanji bhai to bring one more. Dhanjibhai getting the singal very promptly reacted. But he instead of bringing the glass brought the bottle itself which was on 1/3 empty. He handed over the bottle to bheemsing and he took his position behind me. Bheemsing : very cunningly said – vaah yaar dhanji tu toh saalaa bahut hi hosiyaar hai. Bahu ke liye bottle hi uthaa laayaa.Hearing those words of bheemsing every body laughed very loudly in the room as if some decoits were laughing. Bheemsing straight away pushed the bottle in my mouth and turned it upside down. I was still struggling very desperately.Seeing my struggle sharma uncle made his move now.Sharma uncle : ari hema idhar aao.Hema went near to sharma uncle while dancing. As hema reached near sharma uncle, he asked her to drink whisky she took a sip .Sharma Uncle : dekho bahu, hema bhi pi rahi hai. Yeh sab toh aaj kal common hai. Tum bhi piyo.The wiskey dripping down my mouth had now reached the navel area and was still on its way down and down and down and now my saree was wet uptill my thighs. Sharma uncle : are bheem sing bahuko idhar toh dekhne do – tum bottle ulat kar khade ho bahu kaise dekh paayegi ki hema bhi pi rahi hai.Hearing him bheem sing removed the bottle from my mouth and took 2-3 sips directly from the bottle.Then Uncle asked hema
Beti tum jaa raat bahut ho gayi hai so jaayo,Aur mummy ko kaha dene mujhe late ho gi,Hema asked me to also come,But sharma uncle interferred and said komal bahu ko rahene do,bahu bahut aaca naach rahi hai hum sab isko ko chodeinge mere matlab inaam de kar vicky ke paas chod denegein,hema looked at me and went away.Sharma uncles after hema left said bahu tume inaam kaahain per logi,mene kaha Kya matlaab uncle ji angrily, Bahu tum kitne bholi ho tum mard aurat ko kaahain par inaam de ta hai.sali subah to saree ke upar inaam diya tha ab saree ke neeche ke bari hai and all started laughing,Mujhe meri galti ki yaad aagayi aur me apne aap ko kos ne lagi .saali tuje lund napna tha aab to sare lund teri choot ko napenge
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
I realized that today will be the gang bang day of mine. I was scared with that thought strucking my mind. I looked all around with fear in my eyes and saw that all the eyes were full of lust on me. My body started shivering as I was damm sure that there is no escape for me from here. Suddenly I was again in the arms of bheem sing and the bottle was pushed in my mouth.. Now sachdev was rubbing my hand (which he was holding) vigorously on his dick. This time bheem sings hand which was around my shoulders some how reached my boob. I was trying not gulp more wiskey as such I mind was affected by the wiskey and my body was loosing control over my mind slowly and gradually due to wiskey. In the process my saree was getting more and more wet due to wiskey dripping from my mouth. But I was not able to keep all the wiskey out of my mouth and some was going down the throat as well. After emptying one bottle on me bheemsing again signaled and dhanji bhai brought a new one for him. And that also was pushed in my mouth. Now my saree was wet till my lower thighs and skin was clearely visible to them. As my saree was of transparent material and now my peticote & my blouse also were not able to hide. Even my red panty & bra were visible. Sharma uncle : are yaar bheemsing bas bhi karo. Kitnaa pilaaoge bahu ko. Dekho tumne kyaa kar diya hai. Bahu ki puri saree gili kar di. Bheem sing : yaar sharma, iske jitni akad waali meine abhi tak nahi dekhi yaar. Yeh saali piti kam hai aur giraati jyaadaa hai.Now beti and bahu words seems to disappear. Sachdev : haa yaar, is kutiyaa koh samjaa naahien to iski munh mein mera lund dal dunga i was shocked hearing this .Sharma uncle : aisi baat hai. Phir aur ek daaldo uske muh mae.Hearing those words all eyes were on my saree. They were now literally ****ing me through their eyes. Seeing that my panty was visible from front. Dhanji went and brought two bottles of wiskey this time. He handed one to bheem sing which bheem sing further pushed in my mouth and with the other dhanji started pouring it on my hips making my saree entirely wet from behind also. after pouring one he brought another and also emptied it on my hips. Dhanji : lo mein ees randi ko pichche se bhi gilaa kar diya.Saying that he leant on his knees put his arms around me holded me from my navel and started licking wiskey from my hips. Looking at him sachdev joint by sucking and licking wiskey from my boobs.The wiskey was now on my brains I was totally out of control. I was not able to stand properly and my body was now leaning on bheemsings body. My struggle had disappeared. Noticing that bheemsing removed the bottle from my mouth and he left me and went and sat on sofa. I was now leaning on dhanji’s face. Now sachdev’s mouth was on one boob and his hand on another. I was also responding to them now.
The wiskey was now on my brains I was totally out of control. Lekine mai bahut dari hui thi ki agar mai yaha samarpan kar diya to mera kitna bura haal hoga. Isliye me har nahi maan rahi thi itne me bheemsingh ne mujhe aur jor se pakad liya aur Dhanji bhai ne mujh par wishky daalna suru kar diya. Ab mere blouse ka hona aur naa hona kaa koi matlab nahi tha. Sub mujhe aise dekh rahe the jaise ki abhi khaajayenge. Sharma uncle ne ek bottel lekar mere muh me daalna suru kar di.Ek to wishkey kaa nasha aur upar se ushki baash ne mera bura haal kar diya tha, mujhe aisha lagne laga ki mujhe ulti hone waali hai, maine koshish ki, ki ab wishkey naa piyu par sharma uncle ne bottle mere muh me andar tak ghusha rakhi thi, itne mai Sharma (not uncle I hate him): "Saali ne wishkey pina band kar diya hai, gale mai utaar hi nahi rahi hai".Ab sachdev jo dur khade khade mujhe najro se c***d raha tha paash aakar mere left boobs pe kashke chikoti kaati jishase mujhe naa chahate hue bhi wishky pina padi.Sharma: " Haa yaar, yah tarkib acchi hai. Kab tak nahi piyegi randi"Ab bheemsingh ne mujhe sofe par patak diya mujh se samla nahi gaya aur me sofe par gir gayi, ab tak dhanji ne mujhe pur bhigo diya tha. Mujhe samajh me nahi aa raha tha ki kya karoo, maine uthne ki koshish ki to sharma ne mujhe dhakka dekar phir sofe par gira diya. Mai ashaay ho kar sabko dekh rahi thi. maine uthkar bhaagne ki koshish ki lekine chakrane ke karan wapas sofe par gir gayi, .Dhansingh: "Randi mai kitna dam hai, abhi bhi bhaagne ki koshish kar rahi hai."Sharma: " Are dhansingh agar ye uhi pat jaati to aaj hume itne maje nahi aate jitne aane waale hai, kyoki ye randi sabke saath soti to aaj iska badan itna garam nahi hota, aur tujhe to pata hai ki kish ma***Ch**d ko itna garam badan ke maje nahi aayenge. Ishka pati bhi ishke kitne maje leta hoga ishke, sahi mai badaa bhagywaan hai, saala "Sachdev (Angry): "Yaar tune bhi kis ki yaad dila di, saara nasha hi chala gaya, abey ek raat to maje lene dey kal ki kal dekhi jaayegi."Sachdev tin aur bottle utha ke lekar aa gaya ek khud ne muh par laga li ek sharma ko aur dushri sachdev ko dekar kaha ki "Randi ko thoda nahla to do".sab mujhe par whicky dalrahe the aur mere baadan se khel rahe the tabhi sachdev ne kaha sali ki saari bahut tang kar rahi hai". Sharma ne Kaha apni bahu he hamse kya sharam mein bahu kyon bahu nikal du sari aur mein kuch jawab dene ke pehle hi jhatpat meri saari kichne laga lekine mai ushe esha karne se rook rahi thi to sachdev ne aakar mujhe pakad kar khada kiya aur puri saari uttar di ab mai blouse mai peticoat mai hi rah gayi. Kyoki blouse mujhe tight tha ishliye maine bra bhi nahi pahan rakhi thi kyoki bra pahanti to voh picche se puri tarah dikh jaati. Bra nahi none ke karan mere boobs ke nipple sabko dikh rahe the. Bheemsingh ne kaha bahu ki bluouse bahut tight lagti hai bahu ki kabootar ko bahut kaast ho raha ho ga bahu blouse bhi nikal do kya? naahien mene kya par usne haarami ne mere blouse picche se kholene laga maine rokne ki koshish ki lekine sharma aur sachdev ne aakar mere haath pakad liye. Ab me puri tarah ashay ho gayi thi. Sharma : "kya yaar khol kyo raha hai kich kar phad kyo nahi deta phaltu mai time barbaad kar raha hai"Bheemsingh : "abe kuch to dimaag se kaam le nahi to kal sabko pata lag jaayega ki ishke saath kya hua, aur iska pati hamari maar dega" aur hashne lagaaSharma : "haa yaar, yah to maine socha hi nahi tha"Ab bheemsingh ne peeche se pura blouse khol diya tha aur hema ko bola " Ab bhabhi ka blouse to kholo". tab sharma uncle ne dhanji uncle go nase me dhut te unko utane ki koshish kiya par who naahein uthi mene bhagwan ka sukhriya kiya yek admi to kam ho sachdev ne aakar mere blouse ko aage se kich kar uttar diya aur upar se puri tarah nangi ho gayi, aur sabh mujhe dekhkar apni jibh hootho par pherne lage aur kaha bahu ke pahad to itne bade hain sab ko bahut doodh milega, ye sun ke mene jaat se apne haton se apne boobs cover kar liya to sab hasne lage Lagta he bahu aaj sab ko aapne dhood pilane ke liye hi aayi thi isliye to usne bra bhi naheein pehne hai dekho, mujhe dood pilayo na bahu said sharma acting like a kid and all started laughing, sharam ke mare mein mar rahi thi tabhi bheemsingh ne mere haat booobs se nikal diya aur boobs ko dabana aur chooshnaa suru kar diya. Mujhe lagne laga ki mere hosh khone lage hai, ab mere paas koi tarika bhi nahi tha ki is sabh se bach saku. Ab sachdev aur sharma ne mujhe jhod diya aur mere peticoat ko kholne lage lekine maine haatho se unhe rokne lagi. Yah dekhkar bheemsingh ne mere right boobs par joor se kaat khaya, mai chikne lagi lekine ushne mujhe kaatna chalu rakha, aur mujhe majbooran peticoat ko chodkar bheemsingh ko hataane lagi. Mere boobs mai bahut dard ho raha tha, ishliye mai ushe sahalaane lagi, aur sabh bhool gayi, jab mera dard kuch kam huaa to mera dhyaa sab par gaya jo sabh mujhe dekh rahe the,sharma aur sachdev ne bahut koshish ki lekin meri petticoat itne tight the ki mere gaand me aatk gayi.phir sab ruk gaye aur soochen lage ki meri petticoat kese nikhlalengi, mere sofe per pet ke bal leti hui thi apne gaand upar kar ke,phir bheem singh ne bola sali ki petticoat kaat dalo, sharma uncle bole lekhin kal subha kya hoga,tu bhem singh bola kal ki baath kal ko dekhenge phir sachdev ne ek scissor laya aur aaram se mere soft petitcoat ko kaat dala
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
ab mere sirf choti panties, mangalsuta, choodiyan hi rah gayi mein thi,mene apne haatho se apne boobs ko chupa rakha tha, tabhi sharma ne bheem se kaha dekho sali aaj red colour ki panties pehne ke aaiye hai isiliya sab saand iske peecha aaj diwane ho ja rahe he,Hearing this all started laughing .Aaj raat is gowmata se hum saand itna doodhi nikalenga aur chodenge sali kal chal he naahien payegi to ghar jayegi kaise.Then their was a knock on the door and kalu came, he saw me in this state surrounded by these wolves and was shockeed and staggered saying uncleji vicky bhai saahab so gaye,Then sharma uncle said ache thik he le bahu ki sari blouse, petticoat le ke sukha de geeli ho gayi he isliya bahu ne utar di hai.kalu started picking up my clothes and said uncleji bhabhi ji ki chaddi bhi bahut gheeli ho gayi kyun na use bhi sukha de, i was shocked to hear this from kalu and angrily said naahein mere panties gheeli naahein hai leekien sach mein wo bahut gheeli ho gayi thi sab ke ched chad mein.Sharma uncles said bahu jhoot kyon bol rahi ho kalu tumhare bhale ke liye hi kaha raha he chalo apni panties utar do nahein to tumhe sardi ho gayi to hum vickt ko kya jaabab denge bahu kya hamne esa khayal rakha hai.saying this he came and lifted me up mein unse kahe naahien uncle please mujhe chod mein thik huin per wo nahein mane phir kalu ne ek hi jhatke mein mere panties neechi ghira di,Sab meri saaf or tight choot dekh kar achambye raha gaye,sab ki haat apne aap apne apne lund ke upar chali gayi aur saab pant ke upar se hi massal ne lage, mene jhat se apne ek haat se apni choot ko choopa liya,sharma rubbing his lund Kya makmali choot hai aur itni tight aur phooli hui hai hai lagta hai jaise iske bhondu pati ka lund nahein bache ka lulli hai tab itne tight choot hai aaj to tera choot ka bhosda bana denge ham,Aaj to hum dhanaya ho gaye is choot ke darshan dhanji bhi ut gaye the aur meri taraf dekh rahe the bhooki najaro se,mein sharm ke mare mar rahe thi tabhi kalu ko sharma uncle ne kaha kalu ja sooka de kapde hum bahu ki khayal rakhenge aur tujhe bhi mooka denge and laughed.kalu went and closed the door, all of them now started pulling there pants and chaddis down, dhanji just pulled his dhoti down and all laughed seeing he was not even wearing a under wear.aacha hui dhanaji tu uth gaye naahien to is pari ka bhog miss kar jata.i pleaded to them please bhagwan ke liye mujhe chood do to dhanji replied bhagwan to aaj kaam per naahein aaya to which all burst in to laughter, aab sab apne lund ko haat me le kar khel rahe the baacho ke thara,mere haath abhi mere geeli choot ka rakhsa kar rahe thi,muje dhanji aur sachdev pakad ne ke liye aae par mein unko chakma de gayi or bhagi darwaja ke aur tabhi sharma uncle ne kahe dekho bahu tumhare paas ek cockroach hai to mein ghabra gaye aur sharma uncle ke paas aa kar chipk gayi mujhe cockroach se bahut ghabrahat thi ti .

sharma ji
purane khiladi the aurat ki kamjori jaante the.pir unhone kaha ghabrao naahien bahu mein hu na tum mere lund ke saat khelo mein cockroach ko marta huin, me ghabrahat mein unki lund se khelne lagi, he told bheem singh cockroach ku maro mere pyari bahu ko harami dara raha hai.mujhe bhi itne baade lund se khelne ke icha tha aur bahut majaa aa raha tha,sachdev ji moka pa kar mere pussy ko chat ne lage aur mere munh se siiiiiiiii siiiiiiiiiii ki awaj nikhale ne lagi mere hos thikna per aagayi mein kaha naahien please mujhe chodo per mujhe sharma ne khas ker pakad liyaaur kiss karne laga, phir dhannji aakar mere choociyain dabane laga,mein un sabke pakad se bahar hone ki koshish kar rahi thi.tabhi bheem singh ek cockroach le kar aaya aur kaha bahu le meine police ka kaam kar diya chor to pakad liya sab hasne lage pehla chor iski carreer me pakda hai isne.mene dekha jab cockroach milgaya hai mein lund se khele na bund kar diya to sharma uncles ne kaha layo mujhe cockroach do phir unhone ne mere upar cokcroach liya aur bole bahu tum hum jo kahenge karo naahien to is cockroach to tumhare choot mein dal denge,bholo hamara LUND choot mein logi ya COCKROACH,unhone cokcroach ko mere choot ke dwar per le aaya aur bole dekho cockroach bhi iski choot ko chodna chahta hai aur hasne lage mein ghabra gayi aur boli mein aap ka ooh lungi,

Sharma uncle bahu: kya logi mene sharma ke kaha woh apka bada, kya mera bahu me sharma ke boli woh apka saap jo apke haat me hain aur saab has pade,phir unhone cockroach ko dur karo aur saant phad gayi lund se khelne lagi,sab hasne lage aur tabhi bheem singh meri choot mein ungli kar raha tha aur sachdev or dhanji ek ek chooci se dhood pe rahe the.phir sab ne bari bari kar ke mere munh be lund dalwaya or munh ko choda sharma ji la lund to meri gale ke undar chala gaya or sharmaji ne kaha saali kya choosti hai aur dhake marnne lage meri munh pe me mazee se choos ne lagi phir unhone saara pani choda meri munh me,mene kuch veerya pe le aur kuch thook diya swad namkeen tha veerya ka.tu amrit kaise laga aab teri choot ko hum amar karenge haaaaaaaaaahaaaaa.

sharma ji ne to mere mangalsutra par paani chod diya aur hasne lage lo teri magalsutra bhi pavitra ho gaya, sab ek ek kar ke meri choot chat rahe the kuttu ki tarha or mein apne choot ka pani bheem singh ke munh mein chood diya, mere choociyan se dhanji or sachdev dhood pe rahe the bachoo ke tarah.phir sharma uncle clock per nazar gayi aur raat ke 2 baj chuke the to unhone kaha time kum hai chalo salli ko chodte hain aur apne bachee ka maa bante hain, bheem singh mere choot chate hui kahe lekin bistar kahaein hain i rooom mein,sharma uncle ne kaha is room me to naahien hai aur mere room mein meri bwii hogi chalo guest roo me ishe chodenge,me puri thare unki kabu mein achuki thi aur shiiiiiiiii shiiiiiiiiiiiii kar rahi thi unki chedkani se.unhone mujhe uta liya aur guest room me le haye raat mein kisne naahiejn dekha, jab mere aakhe kholi mein shock ho gayi vicky usi room me so raha tha,mene uncle se kaha please mujhe kisi aur room me le chalo per unhone mere ek baat naahein sune aur mujhe doosre bed per laita diya aur hasne lage saali aaj tera suhagraat teri pati ke samne hum kaarenge,mujhe mere nanand ki baat yaad aagayi.tu chupchap chudagi to tera pati ko kuch naahien pata chalega naahein to me ushe bol dunga subah tune kya kiya mera saat woh to tujhe talaak de dega mein boli theek hai mujhe chodo aur shaant pad gayi .phir unhone decide kiya ki pehle gis ka lund chota hoga woh pehle mujhe chode ga dhanji ka lund sab se chota that to unhone aakar meri kamar pakde gaand upar kiya,mein unse boli please mujhe chod do aapki bahu jaise huin to sab hasne lage aur kaha isiliye to hum tumhara khayal rakh rahein tumhari choot gheeli ho gayi aur vicky so raha hai tumari pyar choot ko lund is jaruruat hai aur hasne lage,phir ek jhatake mein usne apna lund mere choot min dal diya lund chota jarror tha per bahut mota tha meri choot itne mota lund kabhi naahein kahi thi aur mein chilane lagi oiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mar dal la zalim ne mein phat jaaoungi mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauiiiiiiiiimm​mmmma are jaalim kya ker kerraha hai thoda dheere se kar,tab sharma ji mere choociyan daba rahe the aur bheemsingh or sachdev lund hila rahe the aur bola dekh randi kaise mazee lut rahi hai subah sati savitri ban rahi thi .dhanji budha tha lekin dhake pe dhake mar raha tha karib 15 minute baad woh bola mein jhad ne bala huin mein boli please mere choot mein veerya mat dalo mere koi protection nahein hai par buddha mere hi choot mein jhad gayameri choot mein aur apni veerya peri choot mein chod gaya,me bistar per ghir gayi sharma uncle bole vicky kahe raha tha tum dono bachee ke planning kar rahe ho, lo hum tume bachee denge vicky ko kuch karna hi naheein padega aur hasne lage, phir dhanaji apne kapde utha ne ke liya gayamein vicky ke tarf dekh rahe thi ki woh ab bhi so raha tha, phir sachdev ne aakar meri dono tangen phela di or ek hi jhatke mein apne lund ghoosa diya aur dhake marne laga mujhe is bar kam dard hua par usne dhake marne ki speed bada di mano wo mujhe dard dena chahta tha,mein chilane lagi oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha dheeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please dheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeee meinm ar joongi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii choc chooooooooooooooooooooodooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mujhe choooooooooooooooddooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
woh mere chuchiya bhi masal raha tha,sharam ji,aur bheem singh chair per bhat ke maje le rahe the.30 minute tak mere chudai chali aur sachdev bhi mere ander jaad gaya aur ohir use ne muje kiss kiya aur chale gaye.mere choot mein abh veerya ke tanki bhaya rahi thi.vicky ab tak so raha tha aab bheen singh ke bari thi woh kaala mota tha aur uska lund bhi bada or kala tha usne pehle mujhe apne ghod me utaya aur kaya bahu aaj mein tumhe ek dika du ki asli mard kese chood ta hai aur usne mere choot ko apni lund ke upar rakaha ur upar niche mujhe karn ne lagi mujhe is tar kabhi naahien choda gaya tha mujhe bahut dard ho raha that aur majhe bhi aa raha that mein chilangi lagi chooooooooooooooooodddddddddddooooooooooooooooooooooo mujhe jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aur jhor se choddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooooooooo hai raza aur jor se maro meri chut, hai bada maza aa raha hai, aaahhhhhhhaaaaaa bas aise hi karte raho aahhhhaaaaa oucccccccchhhhhhh aur jor se pelo mere raza, phad do meri bur ko aaahhhhaaaaaa, per yeh kya meri choochiyon se kya dushmani hai, inhe ukhad dene ka irada hai kya, hai jara pyar se dabao meri choochiyon ko.bheem singh naahein mujhe 1 ghante tak choda phir mere chuciya se dhood pe ne laga, dhod pe ne baad phir bole saali teri pati aasa choda hai bol mujse chudbai gi roj maine boli hain aur wo has ke chala gaya.ab subhe ke char bhajne ko the aur vicky ab tak so raha tha per mein that chuki thi mene kaha uncle please ab subhe hone ko hai mujhe jaane do, vicky jaag jaega,tu sharmiji kahe to kya hui hum bole denge ki ek kutta room me gus gaya tha aur bahu nangi so rahi thi isliye wo kutta bahu ki choot mein lund ghus ke use apabitra kar deta aur mein apna lund dal kar use bacha liya,ye sun akr mein hasne lagi aur unhone mujhe kuttia bane ko kaha aur doggystyle mujhe chode lage mere bhi icha thi itne bade lund mere chot mein lene ko aur me enjoy karne lagi, meine itna mota lund kabhi neaahien liya tha mein dard se mar rahi thi tab uncleji ne dakhe lagane shuru kiya mein apne gaand uchalki unki dakhe le rahe thi, tera ghode jaisa lund dal meri choot mein phad de meri choot oooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raja choco mujhe ghor de choodo mein tumhari bahhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee ki maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa banungi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,aaaaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj​jjjjj hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,oooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooo​ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
meri pati ki samne chooooooooooooooooooooooodooooooooooooooooooooooo bahu majaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa raha he naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha uncleji choooooooooooooooccccccccccccccooooooooooodooooooooooIs tarah se woh chodne lage aur sath-sath mere mamme bhi pumping ker raha tha, aur kabhi mere galon per batka bhar leta tha tau kabhi mere nipple apne danton se kat khata tha.Per jab woh mere honto ko choosta tau mein behal ho jaati thi aur mujhe bhi khoob maza aata tha.saare body per unhone lovemarks de diyaMain maze mein badbada rahi thi - hai mere razaaaaaaa maza aa raha hai, aur jor se chodo aur bana do meri chut ka bhosda..............
aur sath hi maine bhi apni taraf se dhakee marne shuroo kar diya, aur jab uska lund pura meri bur ke ander hota tha tau mein bur ko aur kas leti thi, jab lund baher aata tha tau bur ko dhela chhod deti thi.woh kuchh ruk-ruk ker mujhe chod raha the.2 ghante tak chudne ke baad unhone saara veerya meri choot mein chod diya or hum do ghir pade phir bistar pe,saali mazaa aaya subah bahut nakhre kar rahi thi ab bol mazzaaa aaya aur legi mein sirf kaha ji mazaaa aaya. tabhi bheemsingh phir aagaya aur kaha saali do milke chod te hain aur usen apna lund mere mouth mein ghusa diya mere throat tak chaligayi aur usne mujhe kaha chal sali choos mein choos ne lagi tabhi sharma uncles bhi form me agaye aur mere gaand mein lund dal diya mein chillane lagi ppppppppppppplllllllleaseeeeeeeeeeeee naheeiin gaand me nahiennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa harami apni bahu k o choda hai apni bete k ga kar chod aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uncle ab jhor se dhake dene lage aur choot mein ungli kar ne lage mere chudai band hone ka naam naahien le rahe thi darwaje per knock hua mere to jaan hi nikal gayi aur darwaja khula to kalu aayatha, usne kaha uncleji jaldi gao bheem singh ne ghabra ke apna paani mere munh mein chod diya or sharma ne meri gaand mein dono ghabra ke chale gaye mein bistar per ghir gayi mere choot bahut dukh rahi thi or saare ched choot, gaand, munh se veerya nihkal rahi thi aur mera pati baache ke tarha so raha tha jab meri chudai ho rahi mein man hi man haspadi main nangi hi sogayi,

subah darwaja per knock aaya to mein jagi, beti mein sharma aunty huin tum or vicky jaag agye kya tea kalu ke haat bhij ba do,vicky ab tak so raha that mere sar or choot dono dokh rahe the chudai or whiscky ke karan,mein kaha hain aunty ji,me jaad =g gayi huin vivkyn so raha he,mene utha to apni kaapde naahien paye to mein ghabra gayi aur ek towel leptliya, kalu tab tea le kar aaya aur mujhe dekh kar smile kiya aur bola bhabhi kaise rahi raat apki,mere sharam se kuch naahien kaha or bola mere kapde kaahian hain woh bola woh sukh gaye hain mein la raha huin, woh gaye aur kuch der baad laya sirf meri saree or blouse,maine pucha mere panty kaahian hai to woh bola aap to kal raat busy thi to maine usi se khel raha that aur woh phat gayi and showed me the torn panty.i looked at him angrily and said get out but he stayed and said salli achi tarh baat kar char char budhe lundo se chudati ai aur nakhre dikhati hai yaad rakh mere paas abhi bhi clip hai.dekha du teri pati ko tera tallak to paka hai,chal bathroom me chal mein bhi tujhe doonga, mei kaha kya sali to kya leti hai lund or kya, meine kaha yahan naahien please vicky jaag jaega, woh bola teri pati ki dring mein sleeping pills milaye hue thi kal woh naahien jagega,now i understood why sharma and gang were so sure that viky naahien jage ga.when i was thinking he got a oppurtunity and lifted my towel and put his lund in to my small ass hole, i was shocked by his sudden action aur mein vicky ke pas gir padi,phir kalu ne mujhe uta ke bathroom mein le gaya aur bathroom ka door band kar diya aur mujhe ghodi bana ke gaand me chode laga mein chupchap chood rahe thi kyon ki mein jaanti thi vicky kabhi bhi jag jaega or woh he hua vicky jag kar bathroom ka door kat katne laga aur puchna darling tum ho kya,kalu aab mere gaand aur jhor se maarne laga aur me ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii karne lagi,ooooiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haain mein huin vickkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy,vicky said are okay i said hain me tttttttttttkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhh huin,vicky tum ghum ke aao mein nahi tiiiiiiiiiiiiii huin,he said okay and went out, kalu aab meri choot chod raha tha aur dhake 100 km/h ki speed se mar raha tha ab to mera choot bosda ban chuka tha sab ki pyar se,mein chilayi ooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaa zalinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn choooooooooooooooooooooodoooooooooooooooooooo mujhe sale jaise hemmmmmmmmmmmm to chod tha haiiiiiiiiii aur usne 10 min bad mere under veerya chood di aur ghir gaya mein ghodi bani hui thi phir i got the oppurtunity aand got out of batroom and locked him there and wore my saree and then released kalu and told angrily get out bastard .he went out with out question,but i had lovemarks all over my neck and some on face whic i hide with makeup but my thighs and ass were shoowing in the saree without petticoat, vicky came and i told him we have to go home,but he told me sharma aunty has redied breakfast and has asked for me, went to sharma aunty covering my thigh and ass with my pallu,i was to not able to walk properly due to all fucking and most guys were smilling seeing my state and ass thorugh transparent saree and pallu sab ke haat apne apne lund per thi, even sharma aunty smiled and told me kal raat vicky kuch jaada hi mood mein that kya,me sharam se aake jukhliya aur socha vicky naahhien apke pati bade mood me the and smiled inside.aunty aapka koi panty or petticoat hoga mere gheeli ho gaayi ha kal raat aur naahien sukhi woh booli kis se aur hasne lagi meine socha salli tere pati ke veerya se.woh phir bholi theek hai jao upar meri kamre ke paas mein ati huin
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01-31-2012, 07:06 AM
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RE: Komal Sharma ki Galti ki Saza
rakesh ne hamari baatein sunli thi,aur woh mere phice aane laga,woh meri gaand se nazar hata he naahien pa raha tha,mein dhyan naahien diya aur upar chalne lagi phir piche se usne meri saree under haat dal diya aur gaand mein ungli karne kaga mein chaunk gai aur siiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss karne lagi phir hos pa kar ek chaata jamma diya aur woh hasne laga saali tu kiya samjiti hai me naahien janta kal kitne lund tune khaya hai aur teri mms mere pas bhi hai kalu ne diya hai and showed me mms, chal apni sari utha mere teri loonga mein kaha please koi aajaayega lekin woh nahi maana ab meri kher naahien phir usne apne hatyiyar nikala or seedhi par hi chudai suru kardi bena kis he fikar ke,mei kaha jaldi karo aur mujhe jaane do ab me yahein se jaldi ghar jaane chatithi, usne mere blouse ke upar se hi maslne laga aur dhake pe dhake marne lage meiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiplease chooooodooooooooooooooooooo kooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaatooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooimmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aur uski ek haat meri blouse kholne laga aur munh se meri right boob se dhood pe raha tha karne lagi tabhi ek bacha aaya aur woh bola aunty aap kya kar rahe ho rakesh ne bola mein aunty se dhood pe raha huin tum jaaker dhood peo strong banoge, bachaa meri choot ke tarf dekh kar pucha uncle aunty ke pao ke bich aapka nunni kya kar rahe to rakesh ne kahai mein aunty ka ched band kar raha huin nahi to koi saitan aunty ki ched me ghus gayega tum gao khelo yeh sunte hi meine sharam se shadi ghira di and bacha dar ke chala gaya again rakesh boli chal jaldi se apni saree upar kar naahien to aur koi aajaega aur mein ne apne saree gand tak uta liye aur rakesh phir se chudai karne laga mein oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaa jaLDI karooooooooooooooooooooo rakeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chila rahi thiiiiiii aaaaaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tab kiseke aane ke awaj aai par is bar rakesh naahien rooka aur mene bhi socha bacha hoga per woh aunty ji thi woh mujhe is halat mein dekh shock ho gayi or chila padi rakesh ne jat se apna lund meri choot se nikal diya aur veerya meri choot mein chod diya mein ghabra ke apni saree thik kar liya, sharma aunty ne rajesh ko angrily kaha neeche mein unse kuch kahe naahien pa rahi thi tu unhone kaha koi baat naahein bahu ghabra maat teri umar main saab shadi shuda aurat ke to sab lete hain aur shadi ka mahol bi hai .kitne ko shadi mein de chuki hai mai man hi man soch rahi thi sali teri pati ko aur pucha kya tera protection hai na,kisko protection bena maat dena i was shocked and did not answer she then gave me her underwear and petticoat and told me to wash the veerya and come to breakfast and told she will not tell vicky, i was so ashamed i would not look in to her eyes,

at the breakfast sharma uncle was sitting oppsoite me and bheem singh near me, he whispered in my ears bachee ka kya naam rakhogi mein bola kaun si,wo bola saali kal jo chudai ki thi uski aur kaunse teri choot mein itna veerya dala ki tu maa jaroor banegi meri bache to kala ho ga meri tara naam bheem rakhna, mein sharma ke boli acha thik hai, sab mujhe ko ghoor ker dekh rahe the mano abhi phir se mujhe chod denge,tabhi bheem singh ne mere choociya dhaba di meri munh se siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nikal gayi to sab ka attention mere taraf aa gaya vikvy pucha kya hue mene boli mirchi hai, tab table ke under se hi sharma uncle ne apne pher meri choot par rakh diya aur bolne lage kitne komal hai meri bahu and allstarted laughing and he started playing with my choot,bahu kal raat tum achi tarh se soi ki naahein tum thaki hui lag rahe ho bheemsingh ne jaanbuj kar pucha maine jawab dei hain uncleji man mein socha sala raat bar chodata raaha aur ab sadhu ban raha hai,kalu came and said khela kaise laga bhabhiji aur chaiye kya, i knew what he meant and said naahie chaiye.before going we went o see the dulhan,there hema meet me and asked kal raat kitne baaje tum aaye maine nakhre karte hua kahe mein puri raat unke saat thi, kya matkab?wohi jo to soch rahi hai and giggled she also giggled.coming down vicky was playing with tat kid who saw me with rakesh, mujhko dekh kar wo bola aunty saitan apke ched me ghuse ki nahein me sharma ki bholi hain ghus gaya vicky bola kaunsa saitanaur ched mein boli kuch nai aur sharma gayi. when going i went down to touch sharma uncles feet he this time took me up holding by chooci even vicky saw this but did not say anything, shama ji said bahu aate rahne ham tume aur inaam denge tha,innam kiya inaam viky pucha,sharmaji laughed and said woh to bahu hi bolegi, me sharam ke mare aakhi neechi karliya,vicky aur mein scooter be baithe toh kalu aakar peche se mere gaand pe hath laga ke chala gaya aur sab admi aapne apne lund masal rahe the mano salami de raho ho meri choot ko.aur pir hum ghar ke liye nikhal gaye, vicky ke man pe sakh ho gaya tha aur usne raste mein mujhe pucha kal raat kya hua tha tum mere pyaas aiye thi aur uski yaad aagaya usne kya kiya tha aur woh bola sorry maine tum se daru serve kar bayi, meine kaha koi baat naahien woh mere dad ke saman hei and smiled inside pati i mean,woh pucha sharma uncle aur unke dost kaise lage tumko unhone tumhe unhone parishan to naaahein kiya na,mein ne bola naahien to woh sab bahut aache hain meri bahut khayal rakha aur meri choot ka bhi khayal rakha mam he man me ne socha. then he asked what innam they were talking about i said kuch nahi mene dance me hema ko haraya that to unhone mujhe kuch bahut bada mota inaam diya hai,kya?wo secret hai hamri bheech me.we reached home and i got out scooter but i was unable to walk properly vicky again asked what happened, i said inaam itna bhada aur mota tha ki usko ander le ker oops aane utaha ker meri pyer mein moch aagaye,

when we reached home archana came to greet me seeing my condition she understood what happened and giigled bhabhi maaza aaya.mein sharma ke boli hain aur hum do andar gaye osne puche bhabhi aap thik se chal kyun naahein rahe meine nakhre se bola jab kise ne mujhe inaam diya woh bahut mota aani bhari tha woh boli mota inaam ya aur kuch aur hasne lagi me boli chup saitan, mein kapde utar ne lagi aur unsne jhat se pucha aap ne to red colur ki petticoat pehne thi ye colour kese change ho gaya,mein nakhre kar ke bholi woh to sharmaji ooops aani vicky ko puch,she caught me and asked sharmaji to to,bhabhi aapke inaam sharmaji ne diya hai ya apne sharma ji ko diya and giggled i also giggled,naahein sirf shrma ji nahien matlab koi naahien,pyari bhabhi kitno ke sat shuhagraat maane ke aayi ho shadi mein jaane se bade nakhre se bol rahi thi saali teri shaadi naahein hain and giggled.mein bhi khul gayi aur bholi saali teri sari pehne ke gayi thi isliye sub lund mere piche bhaag rahe the aur teri bhondu bhaya to so gaye phir sare raaat saand ek ek kar ke teri pyari bahbhi ke choot ke saat shuhag raat kiya,teri bhondo bhai ke samne mera liya admi ne, kya bhaiye ke samen hain woh so rahe the, bhabhi sorry kya condom pehna tha,chup condom pehna ke koi rape karta hai kya,sara veerya choot me gaya kitne baache honge mallum naahien itna veerya under liya hai.woh kya handsome the jisne aapko chooda naahein salli kale the or buddhe the per kya mote tazee lund sock ekr hi munh mein paani aa gaya hai, saali satisavitri bana raahein thi etni dino se, teri randipan bahar aahi gaya bol kaise chudi detail me ya bhaiya ko bolu, chup kar details baad me batungi pehle apni choot aur badan to saaf kar lu na jaane kis kis harami ka veerye iski under hain, tab ek cockroach aaya aur komal started laughing and said bas isne teri bahbhi ki choot ko nahein choda aur hum duno hasne lage.
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