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Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
01-14-2011, 01:15 AM
Post: #61
RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
"Most times, yes. Director, or financer or the producer – they are
all one. And with so much of competition in this line, you have no
other go. And what is wrong in it? I would not mind if my boyfriend
sleeps with someone. So why should he mind if I sleep with someone?
Moreover, I sleep with someone not for fun – but for necessity."

"But do you have to do all this? We are quite affluent, and no one
needs your money. Why do you have to sleep with people?" I said with
a bit of protest for her questionable morality.

I want to make it big in this world. And believe me, almost everyone
uses sex as a tool to climb up the ladder. And, do in Rome as the
Romans do. I do the same. And mostly, it is just a quickie with those

Her revelations was again making me horny. To know that she sleeps
around with people, like a wh*** had a telling effect on me, and my
cock was standing up.

I looked at her. Well, she had what you call an hourglass figure. A
perfect 36 breast, a slim waist and wide hips. Who can resist such a
beauty? When I looked at her, I was almost inspecting her from head
to toe. Her proud breasts were firm, and her nipples were faintly
making themselves conspicuous through her top. Her flat belly and her
sexy belly button were left uncovered. There was a small tattoo
around her belly button.

She broke the silence again. "What are you thinking? Does it bother
you when you know that I am sleeping around?"

"Well, I am not sure, but I guess it depends. Not every man can
tolerate if his girl-friend sleeps with others." I replied.

"In which age are you living my dear brother? Do you mean you do not
fool around with your girls? You do not sleep with them? Look, today,
one needs space and one needs independence. One should do what he or
she thinks is right. And I have no guilt feelings that I have slept
with so many people. I would not mind if my husband sleeps with
someone, after I marry; as long as he lets me do what I need to
do." "That is perfect." I agreed with her. "It depends on what kind
of understanding you have with your spouse."

"Actually, once he went with me for a shooting. After the shooting, I
went in to change. When I went into the green room, the producer was
waiting. He started feeling my breasts and promised me that he would
cast me in his next production if I give him a blow job. And I sort
of equated it – a simple blow-job would give me such an opportunity.
I did not resist him and gave him a blow-job there itself. When I
returned, my boyfriend asked me what took me so long. I was very
honest and truthful to him, and confided in him everything. In stead
of appreciating my truthfulness he dumped me. I also told him to fuck
off!!" She was talking quite animatedly.

Hearing all these accounts of her escapades, my cock was stiff. It
was hot like iron and I was shifting my position and trying to push
it down.

Bipasha understood it.

With a naughty smile on her lips she asked, "So I have got you all

I did not say a word, just looked at her and then smiled.

"Are you getting enough here?" she asked.

"What?" I asked as if I did not understand..

"Pussy!" she replied and pointed to her quim.

"Not really. After I returned from the States, I am in a perpetually
excited state. I had plenty there. But here – girls are too cold,
almost frigid and so stupid and conservative. The last tine I got
laid was when I got one escort – a Russian girl, when no one was
home. And she was great, and gave good head and even let me have anal
sex. I tried to contact her later, but understood she had left for
Russia. And never had luck with any one neither in internet nor in
office." I said and got up to the fridge to pick up a drink.

"Shall I get you a drink?" I asked as I took out a pack of six
bacardi breezer. "Oh yes" she consented, "But let me change and come."

I kept the two bottles on the coffee table and was waiting for her.
She came down wearing a pair of white bicycle shorts that looked like
a second skin and a loose short top. She came to the sofa, lurched
and bent down to pick up the bottles. As she did so, she gave me a
lovely view of the fantastic ass she had. I did not see any
pantylines, and was thinking if she was wearing any undergarments at

We started drinking and very soon polished off three bottles each.
Three bottles of Bacardi breezer had taken out some inhibitions from
me. And it must have been the same with her.

"Honestly, had you not been my own elder sister, you would not have
been safe here," I said in mock seriousness.

"Am I still safe?" As she said so, her hand crawled upto my thighs.

I took my arm and placed it on her shoulder and she snuggled close to
me. As she came closer, her breast was placing against my body.
Slowly and tentatively I slipped my hand down until it rested on her
big tit. I was right, she did not have a bra inside her top. I
brushed my hand against her nipple over her top and her nipple
responded by standing up. She turned her face towards me, and as she
looked up at my eyes, I kissed her on her lips.

That kiss spoke a million words. That kiss expressed all the desire,
all the passion and all my love for her. She opened her mouth and our
tongues fought and we did not realize how long we were kissing.

I was in a state of euphoria, and came back to my senses when I found
my zipper was undone and my sister's hand was trying to make my cock
free. I got up and pushed my cargo and underwear down. My cock stood
up. My cock is of average length, but it is thick, really thick. That
is what all my girlfriends had said. Even Sabrina, who was such an
experienced call girl had to lubricate her asshole with anesthetic
spray before she took it in her butthole.

"It is beautiful", My sister said, as she lowered her head to it. She
first kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with her tongue. She
flicked its opening with the tip of her tongue and then slowly and
slowly took it into her mouth.

I caught her head and started giving jerks wanted to push my cock
down her throat. She patted my thigh hinting me to stop, and she
started moving her head up and down. Every time she lifted her head
and brought it down, more of my cock entered her mouth. She was
sucking gently and at times, using her teeth and rubbing her teeth on
my cock taking me to heaven. She alternated between licking and
sucking hard on my d**k. It was just heavenly and I was wondering how
luck all those guys were whom my sister gives head. He took the balls
in her hand and started squeezing it as she applied suction pressure
on my cockhead and her tongue was caressing the tip of my cock. Even
very professional whores I have slept with were not as adept at
giving head as my sister is.

"You are doing it great Bipasha" I said amidst pants,"You are the best.
No one ever gave head like you do. It is incredible. You are

Hearing this, she increased her suction, and was now sucking me hard
as her lips went concave. I tried to reach for the hem of her top and
lifted it over her tits. She raised her head and in one swift
movement took off the top. My cock was glistening from her saliva.
Once she had her top off, her big firm, shapely and large breasts
came into my full view. The nipples were medium-sized and erect. The
areola was of a chocolate color and I could not resist my mouth from
feasting on them. Like a man who has been craving for female flesh
for long, I started squeezing them hard.

"Go slow, my sweet brother," she cooed and I reached for the waist
band of her tight lycra bicycle short. I pushed it down and was
stunned to see the smallest panty ever designed underneath. It was
just a string of cloth around her waist and another string went from
her waist between her ass cheeks, and lost their visibility. A small
almost transparent triangular piece of cloth just covered her pussy.
If it is to be pushed even a millimeter one could see the upper part
of her pussy lips. In any case, the almost transparent pink panties
did not hide her treasure, and I could clearly see her bald pussy.
There was a wet spot in her panties. I got up and got rid of all my
clothes and threw them on the floor over her top and shorts. I bent
sideways and caught her at her waist and lifted her turning around in
such a way that her head was down and her legs were up. As I lifted
her up she wrapped her legs around my neck bringing her cunt right on
my mouth and she pulled me cock to reach it with her mouth. Holding
her, I fell back on the cushioned sofa, and we were in a perfect
sixty nine.

I pushed the panty aside and licked along the length of her cunt. I
licked all around her cunt and then started slow sucking it. I pushed
my tongue into her cunt, which was dripping with her juice.

She started moaning, "Aahhhh… aa hhh …mmm …aaa hhhh.. hhhmmmm…." As
she increased her pressure on my cock. I started reciprocating her
sucking by lifting my pelvis and fucking her mouth. I parted her cunt
with my fingers and reached for her clit, it was already engorged. I
flicked my tongue on it and started lapping it. I aws sucking,
licking and tenderly biting her clit. My hand was roaming on her
lovely butts, and caressing it gently, I started massaging her
asshole. I took the mixture of my saliva and her pussy juice on my
finger and started lubricating her asshole. I was applying my spit,
saliva repeatedly on her asshole till it became slippery and then
slowly and ever so gently pushed my index finger into her asshole.
She was expecting it when I was massaging her asshole, so she relaxed
her sphincter. With her sphincter relaxed I could now fuck her
asshole with my finger quire easily.

I had my finger totally in her asshole, and was sucking her pussy
hard as she started coming. She started pushing her pelvis as hard as
she could on my face and I was sucking her as hard as I could – as if
there would be no tomorrow. Meanwhile she bit me lightly on my cock
and sucking its head, started jerking it from the base with one hand
and with the other started doing what I was doing to her asshole. She
licked her finger and pushed it in. I have never had anything in my
ass, and it was a bit painful. But that state of excitement was too
much to care for this. She started fingering my asshole as I did
hers. But after her finger entered my asshole she found my prostate
and started massaging it from inside my rectum.

Ohh,…. Yeahh,…. Bipasha…. Bipasha…. You are the best…. The best
cocksucker in the world…… oh… Bipasha… yes, I am coming…. I am coming….
Make me cum… Bipasha, my darling Bipasha … my sexy Bipasha …. My lovely Bipasha …
make me cum in your mouth … I want to come in your sexy mouth…….
Bipasha… oh… my Bipasha did…. Suck me … suck me harder my Bipasha……

As my cock spurted out its jism, she started shivering, her thighs
clasping my head tight and her cunt forcing itself on my mouth and I
knew her time has reached too to reach the climax. I increased my
speed of sucking and fingering her ass and continuously flicking her

With my cock still in her mouth, she could not utter a word, but made
throaty noise and her whole body tensed up. I while later she took
her mouth off my cock and got off me and stood near the sofa near my
head as I was on my back – my face inches from her pussy. The panty
was still there, but pushed to a side. There was a look of pure
ex=cstacy on her face.

You are the best Bipasha – I complemented her.

You are great too. – she reciprocated " So far I was giving head to
give people pleasure, but this time, you gave me heavenly joy eating
me. This was the best cunnilingus I ever had. No one made me cum like

She sat by my side and started playfully jerking my limp cock. This
is a beauty. She said. I am sure it will fit me fully and well. She
was chuckling. She bent over again and took my cock in her hungry
mouth and started sucking it. Her nude charm, her uninhibited
sexuality and her open display of her sensuality and sex appeal made
me hard again in no time.

"Let me ride you this time," she said and without waiting for any
response from me, climbed on me, placing her legs on either side of
my waist. She caught my cock in one hand and slowly descended on my
cock, make way into her lovebox by pushing her panty aside. My as she
descended her pelvis – my cock entered the taboo passage, which was
so warm, so slippery and so tight!! I felt as if it is meant for my
cock alone. I screamed with joy as I entered her. "That is it Bipasha,
it feels so good, it feels so nice… I feel so great to be inside you
… inside your warm pussy… your pussy is so tight …" I said as I
started jerking my pelvis and giving strokes from below. She was
riding me with equal speed, and was going up and down with her tits
jiggling and moving. They looked like water-filled balloons, taut and
firm. I reached for them and grabbed them, and she went on slowly
increasing her speed. She undulated her pelvis and I could feel her
cunt muscles contracting and gripping my cock like a viece.

"You not only have a tight pussy, you know how to use it," I said

"Your think cock fits it so well.. It is just right for my pussy. I
hate to have wicks in my pussy. I like to have such thick and hard
cocks always." She said and went humping me.

"Have you ever been gangbanged?" I asked her as she went on fucking
me,"Or have you ever tried threesomes or more?"

"No, never. But would not mind sometimes. I know it would feel great
to have cocks stuffed in all your holes. But shall tell you the
truth, I have not even tried anal sex ever." She said as if she was
giving her teacher her progress report.

"There will be plenty of time and opportunity for that." I said as I
went on increasing my speed. She was now bending forward letting me
play with her mammaries and also rubbing her clit as she bent
forward. We went on like that for quite a while, and as I was
pinching her nipples while shoving my d**k deep into her from below,
she announced she is coming. Her movements became faster and faster
and she started moaning and throwing her head and then collapsed on
me with my rock hard cock still in her pussy as her pussy flooded
again with her nectar.

Beads of sweat was glistening on her forehead. Some streaks of her
hair were plastered on her forehead because of sweat. But there was
look of sheer joy and happiness on her face. Her lovely eyes were
twinkling. I lifted her putting my hands under her ass and then
slowly made her lie on the huge sofa by my side. I made her lie on
her abdomen and went to her feet. I raised her hips and now, she had
her head on the sofa lifting her ass, as she positioned herself o her
shoulder and knees. I made her spread her legs. Her great posterior
was thrust up, and her fantastic ass was facing the ceiling. The
think strong of her panty was peeking out from between her fleshy ass
cheeks. I pulled hard on it as it snapped off. The flimsy thin and
small piece of cloth was torn and gone. I started licking her pussy
kneeling right behind her. I fingered her clit and pushed in three
fingers into her well lubricated pussy, which was gaping open after
our fucking and reached her asshole with my mouth. She never expected
my mouth on her asshole. I started licking and sucking her asshole. I
pushed my tongue into her asshole and made sure it is well oiled for
future action. Making sure her asshole is slippery, I started
fingering her, and then pushed in two fingers. I alternated between
my mouth and fingers on her asshole and after w while it was sopping
wet. Knowing that it is time for me to take her anal cherry, I knelt
right behind her and placed my cockhead on her asshole. I reached for
her clit to excite her further and take her mind off the possibility
of pain as was about to bugger her. While massaging her clit, I
pushed my cock slowly. It felt tremendous resistance. I stopped for w
while, and started fingering her cunt. Then again, slowly and slowly
asking her to relax, pushed my cock.

Aaaa hhhhh… it hurts….. it pains… your cock is…. Too thick….I cannot
take it… my small asshole will be torn … you are tearing me apart….
No…. no… stop…. It….

But before she could finish it, I had my cockhead inside her asshole.
As my cockhead made the most glorious invasion of its lifetime, into
my beautiful elder sister's virgin asshole, I stopped for a while.. I
was feeling grand having been able to bugger my sister, my lovely
Bipasha. I slowly and tenderly massaged her pussy and suddenly felt her
sphincter relax. As it relaxed, I pushed my cock deeper. It was the
tightest hole my cock ever had entered. It caught my cock from all
around and fitted it so very well that the pleasure from the friction
was incredible. I started moving my cock in and out slowly. I took
some of her pussy juice from her dripping pussy and rubbed on my cock
when it came out. I went on applying spit and saliva on it in
between. Now, we have started on a perfect rhythm and started moving
in unison. I gained speed and started fucking her ass.

"It feels like I am in heaven…. " I grunted…." I never could have
imagined fucking your asshole would be so great…. It is the best
piece of ass I have ever experienced. It is just meant for my cock….
Mmm…. Aaa…. Hhhmmm…" I went about fucking her tight asshole and now,
she was cooperating by giving backward thrusts. I knew she was
enjoying it as well. As I f**ked her ass, I reached for her pussy and
started fingering it.

I feel great too… - My sister was uttering," It feels fantastic, I
never knew taking it deep into ass will be so much joy… it feels
different… I feel as if something is filling me completely, totally.
I feel as if everything in my body has been filled up.. it feels out
of the world… it feels sooooo goooooood…… yes, fuck me you fucker…
drive that fat cock into your sisters ass…. Come on… fuck me… fuck me
hard… sticll harder… yes, give it to me… give your cock… bury it deep
in my ass….. do my ass… yes…. Take me… to heaven…..

Her entire body tensed up… I knew she will be coming again. I felt my
balls tightening and I gave one last powerful thrust to bury my cock
right unto its base into my sisters ass. As it started spurting the
hot juice I gave the last strokes. She tightened her rectal muscled
and as I was giving my final strokes, her rectal muscled and anal
sphincter tightened around my cock as tight as a hand can hold. She
milked my cock of the last drops of semen as I came gloriously in my
sister's asshole..

We collapsed on each other, and I took her in my arms as she kept her
head on my broad chest. I held her to me, and she was caressing my
chest with her nimble fingers and sucking on my nipples. With the
other hand, she was caressing my balls and cock.

In few minutes, my sister's manipulations brought my cock to life.
Her expert hands which had given hand jobs to many people brought
back life into my cock. This time, she lied down on her back, and I
went between her legs in missionary position. We went on fucking each
others brains out till we both climaxed.

A while later, as both were completely spent, we went up, had shower
together as we washed each other. She brought out her clothes to show
me,"Tell me my lover boy, which one do I wear?" I went through all
her clothes, and chose a black net top, which will show her bra and
cleavage to full glory and a ultra small shining latex skirt, which
will show her ass cheeks and panties even if she bends slightly. She
smiled, and picked them up and wore them over a black quarter cup
strapless bra and black semi-transparent g-string.

I wore a pair of chinos and a T shirt and as feeling proud to be
escorting a very sexy and beautiful lady, went with her to the disco

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01-14-2011, 01:17 AM
Post: #62
Deepika Padukone Masturbating (Credit goes to Satellite China)
Deepika Padukone stood in front of the miror in her spacious bedroom, naked as the day she was born.

She had just taken a shower and little drops of moisture still clung to her firm young body. Deepika

examined herself from all angles.She was pretty satisfied with how she looked. Long, gorgeous brown

hair, big brown eyes. A mouth that some considered a little too wide but with luscious red lips. Her

hands roamed over her slender body, caressing her flat tummy before moving upwards to her firm

breasts. She liked her breasts, not too big for her slender frame, yet big enough to attract

immediate attention. Deepika lightly touched her large, brown nipples, moaning softly as she did so.

It had been a while since she had last had sexual gratification and the longer she went without sex,

the more sensitive her nipples got. Her hands moved downwards again, towards the vally between her

long, shapely legs. She lightly stroked the small strip of brown pubic hair that she kept neatly

trimmed. She sat down on the small chair in front of the mirror and slowly spread her legs. Stroking

the inside of her thighs, she carefully examined her womanhood. Thanks to her growing state of

excitement, her pussy lips had parted slightly, giving her a tantalising glimpse of the soft, pink

wetness within. With two fingers, she stroked her pussy lips, sending shivers of pure pleasure up

and down her spine. Briefly, she was tempted to plunge right in, but she resisted despite her

wetness. Deepika brought her fingers to her face. Holding her fingers under her nose, she inhaled

the fragrance of her womanhood. Then, her pink tongue darted from between her ruby lips and lapped

at the feminine juices coating her fingers. She loved how she tasted, tangy and salty. It was a

taste that could quickly grow to an addiction, as one former lover had once stated.

Deepika leaned back in the chair and lifted her leg. Her hands caressed the smooth skin, gently

massaging her shapely calf. She began rubbing her foot, treating herself to a nice massage. Her feet

were probably her favorite part of her body. Long, perfectly smooth, with beautiful arches and

topped off with cute little toes. Deepika would only admit to herself that she had a bit of a foot

fetish. She brought her foot up to her face. The shower had washed away most of the delicious smell

that so turned her on, but if she concentrated, she could still catch a whiff of that delicious

aroma. Closing her eyes, she began gently sucking her big toe, nibbling at the flesh and pushing her

tongue into the gap between her toes. One day, she thought to herself, I'm going to find someone who

appreciates my feet as much as I do.

Deepika reluctantly stopped her worship of her own feet. She stood up and turned around. She placed

one knee on the chair and looked over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes roamed

over the sight of her ass. She reached back and cupped a cheek with each hand, softly kneading the

tender flesh. With a finger she began tracing her crack, lightly scratching at her puckered asshole

with her fingernail. The sensation set off sparks of electricity in her brain.She rubbed the outer

rim of her darkest hole, feeling it relax under her touch, but when she tried to push her finger in,

it still resisted. Slightly bummed, Deepika raised her finger to her mouth and began sucking it.

Lubricated with a fresh coat of saliva, she once again attempted to insert her finger into her dark

temple. This time, her finger slid in with ease, right up to the first knuckle. She held it there

for a moment, enjoying the sensation of her asshole being filled. She began sliding her finger in

and out, in and out, establishing an easy rythym. When she felt comfortable with the violation of

her ass, she added another finger. Deepika closed her eyes, softly moaning as the sensation built.

Her other hand returned to her breast, kneading the firm globe, pinching and twisting her large

brown nipple. She lifted her breast and lowered her face. Her tongue lapped at the top of her

breast, which soon glistened with saliva before sucking in her nipple. She sucked it as she had

earlier sucked her big toe, the hyper-sensitive nipple throbbing in her mouth like a miniature

penis. Meanwhile, her fingers were pumping in and out, in and out. Deepika knew she was close to

orgasm. She pushed the chair out of the way and got down on her knees, never once removing her

fingers from her ass.She spread her knees and rested her face flat on the carpet, beautifully framed

by her thick brown hair. Her nipples brushed the carpet, adding to her excitement. Still pumping her

asshole, Deepika moved her other hand to her tight slit. She rubbed the outer lips that were already

soaked with her juices. Her fingers found their way inside, first one, then a second and finally a

third. She was know pumping both her holes with vigour, shoulders and hips bucking as she came

closer and closer to orgasm. She began stroking her large clit, rubbing an pinching it as her

fingers plunged in an out of her ass faster and faster.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! HHHHHHNNNNNN....AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!"

Her body exploded into orgasm, thick squirts of feminine juices erupting from her tight slit.

Deepika collapsed on the floor. For a while, she just lay there while her body recovered from her

powerful orgasm. Finally, she brought her heand to her face, her fingers sticky from her girly cum.

Once again her tongue darted out, cleaning her fingers from the sticky residue, savouring every last

drop of her own juices. With a wet plop, she removed her fingers from her asshole. Bringing them up

to her nose, she inhaled the earthy, shitty fragrance from her own bowels.She plunged her fingers

into her wide mouth, sucking and licking them clean. At first she gagged a little from the bitter,

shitty taste, but she soon began to appreciate it. While sucking her fingers clean, she idly

wondered what it would be like to lick someone's asshole and tasting it right from the source.

Finally, Deepika got up from the floor, her body glistening wit, girl juice sticking to the inside

of her thighs.

"I guess I'd better take another shower..."
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01-14-2011, 01:20 AM
Post: #63
Bipasha Basu Vs. Katrina Kaif - Lesbian Fight

These two sexy bollywood actresses are regarded as being two of the hottest young things on Indian Cenema.

The fight

When Maxim magazine decided to spread featuring the 12 sexiest women in Bollywood Cinema they realised the size of the ego's would be tantamount to lighting a stick of dynamite. Their solution was to limit the shoot to one or two women a day and keeping actresses from opposing movies apart. This went well until Katrina Kaif couldn't appear at her allotted time and an ignorant assistant re-scheduled her for the same day as Bipasha Basu. Although the two young women only very rarely met and couldn't be described as enemies, they had shared some bitchy words. Katrina Kaif regarded herself as a serious actress marking her time and Bipasha Basu as stupid dark bitch. Bipasha Basu regarded Katrina Kaif as an over paid under talented tramp. This rivalry was upped several notches when they appeared for the photo-shoot. Bipasha Basu was chauffeured to the studio, but Katrina Kaif got the better changing room and the pick of the outfits. Bipasha Basu who was being photographed first insisted on several changes of outfits which kept Miss Kaif waiting.

With only the photographer present this all boiled over into a blazing row with Katrina Kaif accusing Bipasha Basu of spreading her legs wider than the Mersey tunnel. Bipasha Basu responded by describing Katrina Kaif as a stroppy slut who only got her role by sleeping with producers. Katrina Kaif retorted that this was a bit rich coming from a bitch who made Rakhi Savant look like a Nun. At this point there was a slap, followed by a slap in response, at which point the photographer threw them a key to a room down the corridor which was set aside for resolving some matters. They wouldn't be disturbed and could sort out their issues as loudly as they liked. They stomped off Katrina in the lead clad in their outfits. Katrina was wearing black leather hot pants, cream strapless bra which accentuated her cleavage and her light brown shoulder length hair worn naturally. Bipasha was attired in a tight pink cropped vest which showed off her beautiful naval (as well as clearly indicating that she wasn't wearing a bra), high cut denim shorts and her black hair in two pigtails. Had there been any males watching them they would have almost certainly got the wrong idea about what was going to happen.

The entered the neutrally coloured room which contained a large bed and a leather chair in the corner. Katrina allowed Bipasha to enter first and aimed a kick at her butt as she passed, making contact but not causing any pain. Bipasha Basu spun round to see Katrina Kaif's smirking face. This was just to inviting a target and she let fly with a right handed slap that caught the Kat squarely across the cheek. This seemed to stun Katrina who although as much of a bitch as the character she played in Race, hadn't thought Bipasha would actually want to fight. Bipasha had no such qualms, and although this was her first real fight, she had been coached for her role on Dhoom 2. Without further ado the Bips minx leapt forward onto Katrina grabbing her hair on either side of her head and pushing her backwards. Miss Kaif yelped with surprise and pain as she staggered back, but had sufficient wits about her to raise her own hands and take hold of both Bipasha Basu's pig tails. Katrina Kaif continued to be pushed back, shutting the door in the process before being pressed against it by Bips. As their two young, but not innocent, bodies collided Katrina used her hold to pull the Bips head back sharply.

"Let go of me you stupid dark tramp!", screeched the Kat actress, "I'm not into your filthy lezzie games!"

"You started this fight you stupid cow, and I'm going to finish it!" retorted Bipasha who started to shake Katrina 's head from side to side and pressed her body against her opponents. Katrina Kaif could feel Bipasha Basu's already aroused body pressing and sliding up against her own (was it the fight or Bipasha Basu interested in women as well as men?) and it repelled her. She started to use her bare feet to pummel her white opponent's legs, without apparent success as it simply caused Bipasha Basu to press harder. So instead she took a hand from Miss Kaif's long hair and used it grab her exposed neck.

At once Bipasha Basu began to choke and gag for air. She started to try and break away from her opponent but Katrina Kaif wouldn't let go. Bipasha Basu pulled a hand out of Katrina Kaif's hair and tried to prise the fingers away from her throat. The Kat managed to retain her grip until the dark bitch was able to get a grip on two fingers and bend them back, causing the Kat to wail with pain. But no sooner was Bipasha Basu gulping down air with relief than Katrina Kaif snaked a foot round her ankle and pushed forward, causing the two young stars to fall to the floor. Bipasha Basu landed on her back quickly followed by Katrina Kaif who landed on top of her, her breasts pressing down on her opponents. It was fortunate for Miss Basu that Katrina Kaif was as waif like as her else she might have suffered more.

"Get off me you white slag!" snarled Bipasha Basu as she reached up and grabbed hold of Katrina Kaif's hair. But the Basu was quite happy where she was and returned the hair pulling, intent on destroying the Kat's pigtails. At the same time she pressed and ground her body down against Kaif's causing her to groan in a not entirely unpleasurable way. But before Katrina Kaif could get comfortable in her new position, Bipasha Basu had managed to roll the pair of them over so that she was now on top. The two young stars continued to pull hair feverishly groaning with pain and effort. Katrina Kaif tried to roll them over but Bipasha Basu was able to counter this.

Becoming frustrated Katrina Kaif stopped pulling at Bips hair with her right hand and instead used to land blows on the dark star's back and head. Although these caused the Basu to wince slightly, they did nothing to stop her trying to rip the hair out of her opponents head. Now becoming more vocal in her expressions of pain, Katrina Kaif took hold of the back of Bipasha Basu's top and started to pull. The thin material stretched taut across Bipasha Basu's breasts emphasising her stiffening nipples.

"Leggo my top you stupid cow!" howled the Basu, to no effect followed by the first sound of ripping material. Frustrated and angry at her inability to stop her opponent, Bipasha Basu took her right hand away from Katrina Kaif's long hair and grabbed her right breast, encased as it was in the cream bra top. At first this had no noticeable reaction, but when her fingers dug into the exposed flesh, the Kaif seemed to Blanche.

"Lezzie slut!" whispered Katrina Kaif, unable to quite comprehend that another woman might attack her in such a manner, "Get off my tits will you!" Katrina began to buck and struggle in an effort to throw the Bips off of her. When these had only limited success, she ceased trying to rip away the top and used the hand to defend herself. She managed to quite easily move aside Bip's hand, although finger prints in her flesh remained. The two young stars continued to struggle for supremacy from the tips of their toes to their scalps.

Katrina Kaif broke the deadlock by using her free hand to avoid Bipasha Basu's and secure a neck lock. Before the dark actress could free herself, Katrina Kaif had used the hold to roll the pair of them over. Bipasha Basu's reaction was to break off her hair pulling and use both hands to try and free her self. But although she managed to scratch Miss Kaif's bare arm this did nothing to help her. Indeed it enabled Katrina Kaif to move her body and sit astride her opponents waist (anyway as much as her tight hot pants would allow). In doing so she broke off her neck lock, to Miss Basu's relief, and instead concentrated on pinning her. The two women traded slaps and grabs, although neither could gain a decisive advantage it was Katrina who came off the best by landing a couple of open handed slaps on Bipasha's still hidden breasts which caused her to yelp with pain. They paused for a moment to catch their breath, before Kat reached forward with both hands and grabbed Bipasha's breasts. Through the thin material she could feel their firmness which only encouraged her to squeeze harder.

"Lets see how you having your tits squeezed slag!" cackled Katrina Kaif as she saw the discomfort writ large on her opponents face.

"Get off me!" wailed Bipasha as she bucked and struggled to be free. She tried to defend herself, but she could only momentarily breaks Katrina's hold. So instead she gritted her teeth and reached up and grabbed the Kat’s strapless bra. She was able to hook her fingers over the bra cup and pull the article away from Katrina's body, in the process the elastic bit into her skin.

"Rip my bra off slut and I'll rip yours off too!" snarled Katrina as she turned her attention from hurting Bipasha to ripping off her skimpy top. Although her top as less substantial, Bipasha Basu had a head start and her pulling on Miss Kaif's bra soon caused both breasts to pop into view. This didn't stop Katrina from ripping aside Bipasha's sweaty top as if she were opening packet of crisps to reveal two equally pert breasts topped with a stiff nipple. There was a momentary pause whilst both women eyed each others orbs, before launching a two handed breast grab. This was a new experience for both women and it took a few squeeze's and tweaks before they determined how to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Katrina Kaif's breasts were marginally larger and Bipasha Basu spread her fingers wide to grab as much flesh as she could. Bipasha Basu, on the other hand, had more prominent nipples and it was these that Katrina Kaif concentrated on. They gritted their teeth and writhed in discomfort rather than cry out and show weakness.

"Dirty cow!" wailed Katrina.

"Filthy slut!" retorted Bipasha as she put her body weight into freeing herself. This took Katrina by surprise, as she had been concentrating on hurting her opponent. She fell forward and to her right, landing next to her opponent. In the process both women broke their hold on the others breasts, but it allowed Bipasha to twist her body so that she could get up onto her knees. Whilst she did so, and Katrina struggled to fight back, Bipasha reached out with her right hand and took hold of Miss Kaif's long hair. Having gotten the Kats attention she then used her spare hand to launch an open handed slap across her hot pants clad bum. The resultant thwack caused Bipasha to smile and Katrina to yelp.

Before Bipasha could repeat this satisfying attack, Katrina managed to twist her own body round and slapped the dark beauty across the cheek with her own right hand. Bipasha let go of Katrina as she recoiled at this assault which allowed the older her opponent scramble forward and away from her opponent. Having recovered from the slap, Bipasha rose to her feet and discarded the sorry remnant of her pink top. Katrina had also gotten to her feet and undone her bra top which fell to the carpeted floor. They eyed each other evilly and began to circle hands outstretched, but just out of reach. As they did so Bipasha unconsciously stepped forward because the bed got in the way. This brought both women into range and they began to lash out and slap, slowly closing the gap between them further.

Miss Basu was able to secure a hair pull first and used it to pull Katrina closer to her. Whilst Miss Kaif was able to grab hold of bitchy hair, she couldn't stop Bipasha Basu putting an arm round her neck and pull her down. Katrina struggled to break free, with little success as the bips kept shuffling around, but manage to hand onto a pig tail with her left hand.

"So come on then you country skank, admit that I much better than you!" demanded Bipasha Basu despite the pair in her scalp and to emphasise her point used her spare hand to pull the hair on the top of Katrina's head. The Kats reply was muffled but defiant and supported by a defiant hair tug that pulled Bipasha's head back. As they struggled Bipasha Basu moved round so that she was facing the bed. At which point Katrina moved her spare hand from trying to free herself from the neck lock she was in to clawing at Bipasha's thighs. Although her nails were quite short they caused damage to the soft flesh, but Bipasha Basu bit her lip rather than cry out. In fact Bipasha was more worried about Katrina Kaif trying to grab her crotch (she had heard rumours that the White actress was partial to women), so flung her opponent forward onto the bed. Miss Kaif landed face down on the mattress, her legs dangling back over the edge thrashing about. Bipasha Basu stepped back to avoid being kicked and looked down at her now less than perfect thighs; no appearing in mini-skirts for the next couple of weeks. The squeal of shock and outrage alerted Katrina Kaif that her opponent was out for blood, so she rolled over onto her back ready to receive the next attack. But instead the Bips who had leapt forward landed on the mattress where she had been. Katrina Kaif needed no second invitation and rolled back so that she was on Bip's back before straddling her blonde opponent and taking a two handed grip of her hair. Bipasha Basu howled with pain as her head was pulled up off the mattress and began to struggle to through the younger woman off of her. In an effort to subdue the struggling woman beneath her, Katrina Kaif raised her butt and brought it down on Bipasha Basu's spine, resulting in the loudest shriek of pain in the fight so far.

Pleased at the reaction to this assault, Katrina Kaif raises herself for a repeat attack, but is taken by surprise when Bipasha pushes up on her knees raising her own lower body up into the air. This takes the Katrina by surprise and instead of hurting her sexy opponent she slides off to her right landing on her side still on the bed. Although Katrina Kaif kept her hold on Bipasha Basu's dark hair she concentrated on trying to trap the Dhoom 2 actress between her legs by pushing her left leg under her opponent. This allowed Bipasha Basu to twist her body so that she could face her now rapidly hated opponent and she was able to grab hold of Miss Kaif's hair to remind her that the fight was not yet over. Both women screeched with pain and frustration, hurling insults that would not be allowed on Bollywood.
"Stop trying to get your leg over me you filthy cow!" hissed Bipasha Basu whose fear of losing was causing her imagination to run riot. Katrina now reached down with her right hand and took hold of Bipasha 's left breast in an effort to distract her enough so that she could trap her in a scissors. Secretly though, Katrina Kaif liked the idea of shocking and hurting her opponent and was not prepared to do anything to win this fight. Indeed she was already considering asking the producers of her show if she could have a catfight scene in a forthcoming movie. But these thoughts were dismissed when Bipasha matched Katrina’s breast attack, this time concentrating on her nipple.
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
"You dirty fucking cow!" howled Katrina who in response dug her finger's harder into Bipasha's breast and tugged on the sorry remnant of a pony tail. Bipasha Basu responded with a mouthful of expletives and vitriol about what she'd like to do to Katrina Kaif with a farm implement! This only caused Katrina to try hard to scissors her opponent,and as their long legs battled she thought she hand an opening. But Bipasha Basu was alert to this and as Katrina Kaif was able to twist her body so that all that happened was that Katrina Kaif was now on the right of her opponent, still facing her but closer to the edge than she had been. Frustrated that this attack had failed and more determined than ever to win, Katrina Kaif let go of Bipasha Basu's hair and instead used the hand to grab the zip on the front of her denim shorts. Bipasha Basu reacted by letting go of Katrina Kaif's hair and moved the hand to defend herself, as she had been pondering the same move, Miss Kaif had just beaten her to it. As their two sweaty bodies writhed, a hand clamped on the others breast, neither woman took theirs eyes of the other, unwilling to show any sign of weakness.

"Showing what a true lezzie slut you are!" snarled Bipasha Basu through teeth clenched with pain and effort. Katrina Kaif smirked, as much as she could given the pain she was under and whispered, "Give you a nipple twister deary!" and with that turned Bipasha's nipple like a radio dial. Miss Basu just screamed with pain and brought both hands to bear to pull the offending hand away from her breast. Although this brought an end to the attack, at also allowed Katrina Kaif to pull down the zip on the denim shorts. As Katrina Kaif began to tentatively push a hand inside the newly opened gap Bipasha Basu reached down, with a haste borne of desperation and pulled the buttons holding together the front of the Katrina's hot pants. This only convinced Katrina Kaif to take the plunge and she pulled aside Bips's damp thong and took a firm hold of the unseen short curly hair.

Bipasha tried not to scream at the burning sensation that was wracking her body and instead concentrated on doing the same to Katrina. She pulled hard on Miss Kaif's hot pants which peeled open like a banana to reveal the top of a cream thong before plunging the hand down into the unknown. Suffering as she was Bipasha pushed aside all doubts about this form of attack and pushed aside Katrina Kaif's damp thong and started to pull at her pussy. Katrina jumped with shock at the first tug, but realised it was a bit late to have doubts and used her free hand to re-grab Bipasha's breast. Both women thrashed and struggled as if being electrocuted as they inflicted untold pain on one another in a way that viewers of their movies could not have imagined possible. This was followed by cries of anguish mixed with harsh insults, often of a crudely sexual nature while tears welled up in their eyes. Bipasha used her free hand to reach and pull on Katrina's hair, using the grip to start shaking her head.

"Leggo my cunt your dirty slut!" wailed the Bips. There was no meaningful response from Kat, so in a fit of screamed rage Bipasha pushed her hand further down the hot actresses crotch. She was surprised by what she found.

"You filthy cow, you're enjoying this!" shrieked Bipasha who now wanted to get her opponent as far away from her as possible. This only prompted Katrina to push her own hand further into Bipasha's snatch.

"So are you cheap slut!" wailed Katrina as she made a similar discovery. It was just was they both contemplated attacking the most intimate part of the others womanhood, that Katrina Kaif fell off the bed. She had been perched on the edge for some time and the desire to make it as difficult for Bipasha to hurt her that she ran out of room. With almost painful slowness she slide off the bed, letting go of Bip's breast and pulling the hand out from the Bip's shorts, her fingers covered in short, damp, curly hair. Miss Basu was forced to release Katrina Kaif's hair and let go of her minge as well, but not before inflicting one last tug that elicited a scream of pain.

Katrina Kaif hit the floor, her body wracked with pain and she lay there catching her breath and praying that the pain would subside. Bipasha Basu rolled in the other direction towards the far edge of the bed in an equally shocked and pained state. Neither woman had ever been hurt this badly before and however much they now wanted to give up, as they checked themselves for damage both wanted nothing more than revenge.

Katrina Kaif slowly pulled herself up, which caused her hot- pants to slip down, so she removed them and her thong to reveal her ravaged but still subtly pink pussy. Bipasha had swung herself off the bed and dropped her shorts. When she saw the state of her once immaculate pink minge, she span round to confront her opponent. Seeing Katrina Kaif naked she ripped off her thong, which wasn't difficult, and moved back towards the space in front of the bed.

"You'll fucking pay for this bitch!" snarled Bipasha with a lot more confidence and nastiness than she felt.

"Don't make me laugh. When I've finished with you cow there will be more hair under your arms than your overused cunt, and we'll know who the biggest bitch in bollywood is!" snapped back Katrina Kaif giving Bips the come on with her hands.

The two battered, sweaty and naked actress began to circle wearily. Neither was in any condition to do any acting for several days now, but they didn't care.

Bipasha Basu leapt forward first and used both hands to pull hard on the Kat's hair. Katrina retaliated by using her right hand to return the hair pulling and used her right to squeeze the left breast of her opponent. Aware that her breast had already taken a mauling Bipasha Basu pushed Katrina Kaif away sufficiently for them to break contact. But Katrina Kaif was having none of this and threw herself at Miss Basu so that their breasts collided and were pushed back into their rib cages. They both howled with the pain as their already bruised and sensitive breasts received further punishment. But this didn't stop the two young actresses resuming their two handed hair pulling, trying to pull or drag one another around. As their bodies parted and then came together again their breasts slapped against one another. As their bodies became entwined in a hateful embrace they fell to the floor and started to roll around screaming insults. Katrina Kaif tried to clamp Bip's left leg between her own to protect her pussy, but couldn't maintain the grip. They rolled back and forth some more, doing nothing but use up precious energy.

When Bipasha Basu next rolled round to being on top she managed to spread her legs to maintain her dominant position. Then, and despite the fierce hair pulling that she was suffering, she pulled herself up so that she was sat astride Katrina Kaif's waist. Miss Kaif tried to roll and throw Bipasha from this position but could do nothing. She was also suffering from a fierce hair pulling and was finding it harder and harder not to cry. In desperation she let go of Bipasha Basu's hair and reached up to clamp both hands over the dark's breasts. Bipasha Basu pushed her crotch down into Katrina Kaif's stomach as she suffered and transferred her own hands from hair to the opponents breasts. As her fingers squeezed hard Katrina Kaif's reserves of will power finally deserted her and she began to cry.

But Bipasha Basu was in no mood to let her of lightly and she dragged herself up Miss Kaif's stomach, making it harder for Katrina Kaif to maintain her grip, which was anyway getting weaker. Miss Basu then raised her butt, which caused Katrina Kaif's hands to fall away, and brought herself down on Katrina Kaif's breasts. Katrina Kaif reacted as if she had been connected to the national grid and her sobs turned into a gasped mixture of crying and screams of agony. Slowly these gave way to whimpers and it became clear to Bipasha Basu that she had won, but she continued to press down on Miss Kaif's chest until she was absolutely certain that the fight was over. She drank in the feelings of triumph, dominance and superiority that swept through her body.

As Katrina Kaif lay there crying, Bipasha Basu very shakily stood up and collected all the tattered pieces of clothing. Katrina Kaif had no idea of how long she lay there, but when she opened her eyes she saw Bipasha Basu's foot descend on her mouth and pin her head to the carpet. As fresh waves of tears began to flood down her cheeks she heard Bipasha Basu call out in a weary but mocking tone, "So whose the baddest bitch in bollywood now!"
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
gr8 Stories
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RE: Bollywood Sex Stories starring Bollywood Actresses
Great Collection :)
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