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Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
09-07-2012, 10:25 AM
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Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story

I'm naveed. I'm 27 years old. This is the story of how me, my brother and my sister got into incest. This is a bisexual story so if you guys are offended by it. You should leave now.

We are a family of four siblings. 2 borthers 2 sisters. Naveed, Bilal, Sana and Hina. Sana is the eldest then me, then bilal and then hina. I started when i was 18. I was too much of a porn freak and always wanted to watch porn and jack off. I used to watch magazines. even a girl in a bikini was enough for me to jack off. One day i got a CD from a friend. I came home and PC wasbeing used as usuall. I cursed my life for having so many siblings as to never get any privacy. I hid that CD in my school bag and waited for the night.

At nigh when everyone was asleep i went to the studay room and started watching the movie. It was the usual a group of people fucking and sucking each other. I had no preference. I got my 6.5 inches dick out of my shorts and started strocking it. All of a sudden Bilal who was 16 back then entered the room. i was so busy jacking off and watching movie that i didn't even notcie him until he yelled " Bhai ye kia ho raha hai". I almost died in fear and tried to hide my dick in the shorts. He was smiling at me.
"So you do this too. I thought i was the only one" He said. I was way too confused but i saw that he was kool with it so i embarracely simled and said" Yaar sabhi kartey hain. It's natural". He asked me where did i got this movie as at that time it was quite hard to find this kind of stuff espacially in our area. I said" Yaar naeem se li hai" Naeem was a friend of mine. "Ok let's watch". We watched the whole movie together but couldn't jack off as my brother was still there. And then we moved to our bed rooms for sleep. We decided that whenever eny of us finds a movie we'll watch it together.

This arrangement was working better for us as we had better cover when both of us were watching and our sisters weren't that familiar with computers. The only problme was that we cannot jack off in front of each other. After a few weeks we watched a CD in which bisexual scenes were there. Where a guy was sucking another man. It felt weird as well as arousing a little bit. Bilal asked me "Bhai is main kiaa mazaa aata hain In Logon ko Jab larkian mojod hai to larkey aik doosrey ko kiyun chod rahey hai(Why the hell are they fucking each other when girls are there" .....

I said "pata nahin yaar. I told him i know many gay guys from school who used to fuck each other. As the movie progresses we started like this male-male-femal thing. I saw Bilal he was rubbing his cock over his shorts. I too felt an urge to do mine. So i took a little courage and started jerking off mine quite visibly. Bilal saw that and looked the other way. he didn't say anything. So i kept doing it. he felt a little encourage too so he started jacking offf as well and soon we were both beating our meats quite hard and we both came soon in our shorts. Didn't say anything to each other. I turned off the CD and we went to sleep. Things kept progressing and jacking off became a habit. I also started liking that bisexual stuff too but those CDs were very rare and we were only able to find a few of those. One day we got a CD from a friend which was purely gay porn. all men no women. Were were watching a scene where two cute young guys were sharing a dildo in their asses. I was very horny so while jacking off i took my penis out of the shorts and strart stroking it. Bilal was shocked all of a sudden. He said "Bhai what the hell" i said come on yaar i can't keep wetting all my shorts every night. We both know that we do it. It's been a while now. Go ahead take out yours as well. Fisrt he hesitated and then he took his one out as well. Now all of a sudden the focus shifted from monitor screen to our penises. Bilal's was almot 6 inches while mine was six and a half. His was a little purplish while mine was more of red~black. Bilal said "bhai why are our dicks smaller than thos guys" I said it's quite a normal size. Those guys in pornos are all pro and only thos get the movies who have huges dicks. Just like all heroes in normal movies are strong and build up bodies. You don't see a normal guy being hero in a movie"
So we kept jacking off and were more turned on by seeing another dick in the vicinity. As i was about to come i removed my shorts completely. We usually sleep just wearing shorts. So i grunted and cum started to jump off from my penis and strarted to land on my chest and my stomach. Seeing this bilal came too. After cumming we both cleaned our self with tissues and then went to the bath room to clean up.

from that day it became a habit of ours. We both shared a room so we used to get naked watch prono movies together jack off and then go to sleep. One night while we were watching and jacking off, electricity went out. We were both disappointed. as bilal tried to get up in the dark, his hand suddenly touched my penis and a moan cam out out from my mouth. He said "sorry Bhai". I said it's Ok but i loved someone else's touch on my penis. Now we were both looking for a flash light in the dark and for our shorts as well. As i leaned towards the bed to pick up my short, bilal was already doing the same and my penis touched the back crack of his warm butt. It was like heaven and a sigh also came from his mouth but he didn't say anything and he didn't move. i guess watching a couple of gay porn movies was paying off. I felt the encouragement and hugged him from behind. My dick was in his but crack and from my right hand i held his penis and started to jack him off. He kept breathing heavily and protested for a second "Nahin Bahi aisay na karen" but i said shhhshhh come on it's oK. i started dry humping hime from behind and jacking him off at the same time. He was about to come and so was i .....

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09-07-2012, 10:25 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
He was about to come and so was i ..... I told him to turn around when he is going to cum so that he won't come all over the bed. Meanwhile i was rubbing my dick between the crack of his ass cheeks and it was making me close and close to cumming. After a couple of minutes he turned around facing me and shoot his cum all over my chest. As soon as his cum touched my body i immediately came all over him as well. We stood there in the dark taking deep breathes, feeling a bit ashamed and excited at the same time. Then suddenly electricity came back. Seeing his body covered in my cum and mine in his cum was an arousing sight. He was more nervous than me. I rubbed my hand on his cock and with a smile said to him "Nice work brother. This was fun". He got relieved with this comment and a smile came back on his face as well. We didn't talk about it much. I cleaned up first and left the room and came on the roof. I kept thinking about what just happened. I never considered my self as a homo sexual but i really enjoyed what happened in the bed room. I kept thinking am I? Am I gay???? Then i imagined what will happen if i had the choice of fucking a girl and fucking a boy. immediately my mind told me i was not gay. I would prefer a girl over any boy any time of the day. What i did with my brother was only because we were both at the same place at the same time so why not enjoy together.

That night both of us slept and didn't say anything to each other. Next night we open the same hidden folder in our pc where we kept all the porno movies and started watching an old movie becuase there was no new stuff to watch. This was the bisexual movie. after 10 minutes we were both naked stroking our cocks. We were both a little tense due to what happened yesterday. I was sitting on the right.I was stroking myslef with my right hand and i put my left hand on Bilal's thigh and started moving my hand on this thight towards his penis. he didn't say anything so i felt more encouraged and with that i toched his balls and started softly caressing them. he started moning and his jacking off got more fast. I removed his hand from his cock and started stroking it with my hand and put his hand on my cock. Now we were both jacking off each other. This was very arousing and soon we both came on each other. but didn't leave each others dicks. We kept watching the movie while holding each others cocks. After a few minutes we were both hard again. bilal said to me "Bhai i wanna do to you what you did to me last night". I smiled and said Ok. Now i bent down on the chair and bilal was behind me rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. He started humping me from behind and with his right hand he started stroking my penis. I loved the touck of his dick near my asshole and started pushing my slef back towards his crotch. i looked forward and i could see both of us in the mirror. that was one hell of a sexy image and soon we both came. After that we were both sweating wanted to take shower. So we both junped in the bath room togethere and started showering. he soaped my boday and asked my to soap him. while i was soaping him i soaped his penis from my one hand and rubbed hi asshole from the fingers of my other hand. he was moaning like crazy and soon erupted. This was the third time tonight that he came. After that we were both exhausted. We cam back and went to sleep. .............
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09-07-2012, 10:25 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
Next day i kept thinking about last night. I wanted to do more and have more fun. I discussed it with a closed friend, Naeem who has had some gay encounters with some friends. I didn't tell him that it was my brother. I told him that i had fun with some guy from my neighborhood. He gave me a few tips. he told me to kiss the guys on the lips (french kiss) and suck his dick and have him suck yours. Sucking cocks sounded really gross so immediately said no. About kissing i told hime i have never done it with anyone and i never imagined kissing a boy could be fun. He told me that he can show me and i immediately said no. I didn't want our friendship to go any weirder. He said "Idiot i'm not going to kiss you. I have a mate who is 16 years old. We fuck a lot. I'll ask him to teach you." i hesitantly agreed. He asked me to meet him after schoold as his house around 5~6 pm. So i went to his home. He and his friend were there. That boy was very girlish looking. No Facial hair and he was little heavy in weight. Naeem introduced him as Usman. Usamn was very excited to see me and wad almost ready to jump me. He started removing his clothes and ask me to get naked too. I felt a little conscious and asked nameem to please give us some privacy as i felt awkward in his presence. Naeem started lauging and then left the room. he asked us to keep it quick as his parents returned home at 6.

When Naeem left, i locked the door and removed all my clothes. Usman was naked tooo. I always had a complex that my dick was small (6.5 inches) but his was even smaller (5 inches). He had a very cute and hair less white body. he came close to me and hugged me tightly. And with his hand he was pressing my butt and rubbing my butt crack. i did the same to him. then he brought his face closer to me and kissed my lips. i let him. He asked me to open my mouth. i did and he inserted his tongue inside and asked me to suck it. i was a little confused. He asked me to put my toungue in his mouth. I did and he started sucking my lips and my tongues. That was my first ever french kiss and i was in heaven. for the next 5 minutes we kept kissing. he want to go further but i asked him please keep kissing me. We did it for 7~8 more minutes then he said. we are running out of time. So he asked me what next. I said it's upto you. i was still recovering from my first kissing experience.

He strted kiising my chest and biting my nipples. I didn't like it that much. Then he went on my back and started kissing and biting my asscheecks. I loved it. His warm breath near my asshole was making me crazy but he didn't do any thing else. He came to the front side and started kinssing my tighes near the penis. I immediatley remembered the gay porno movies. i knew what was coming next. and penis started jerking in anticipation. He started stroking my penis with his hands. Then he licked the tip of it with the tounge. It felt nice. he kpt kissing the penis but never actually tooke it in mouth. I was getting crezier in antipation. after a couple of minutes i yelled at him come on man do it". He smiled and took the whole thing in his mouth. I was like in 7th heaven. I never though that something that i thought was gross can be this much pleasure. i held his head by hand and started fucking his mouth. he kept making gagging sounds. He asked me to let him know when i'm cumming. In a few secs i was there and i told him. he put the dick out of his mouth and started jerking it off. He licked the index finger of his left hand and started toenter it in my asshole. It hurt a little but he he didn't put the complete finger in. only used the top of the finger to stimulate me and i came hard as i have never been in my life. I almost fainted after this. He smiled at me seeing my condition. I was new at this and it was quite visible. I started to get dresses when he asked"Itni jaldi. abhi to sahi maza aana shuru hoa hai (So quickly, we have just started man"). I asked him what he had in mind. He bend down in doggy style and put a finger up his ass. "I want you to take please of this hole as well". At that point i was up for anything. "But first you'll have to suck me as well". I wasn't so happy about this but i also wanted to fuck his ass. So i sat between his legs and started stroking his penis. Then i licked th tip of his penis. It tasted salty. I felt weird. he said come on if you want to get sucked you'll have to suck one too. It's a too way street. I opened my mouth and took it in. It didn't feel bad neithe was it that good. I kept going up and down on it and sucking it. He started fucking my mouth and his balls were smacking against my chin. After a couple of minutes he said "i'm cumming" I stopped sucking. he took his penis out and came on the floor. Now it was my turn to fuck his ass. I told him that i won't let him fuck mine. he said it's ok. So he bent down in doggy style and sucked on penis again to lubricate it. Than i went behind him. he brught his hands behind to guid my cock on his asshole and asked me to push. With one push almost 4 inches went in. His Asshole was quite streched may be due to all the action that he has been having. In the next push my whole cock went it. It was the third heaven like feeling i had today. First kissing, then having a blow job and now fucking. I was having a great day. I had seen many pornos so i needed no further directions. I kept fucking him for 3~4 minutes. while i was fucking him i heard the door lock opening from outside. I got scared but as soon as the door open i saw Naeem standing naked stroking his cock. I was now beyond all shame. he said that he has watched all the action through the window which he intentionally kept open. His penis was quite imprssive (7.5 inches). He said don't worry. i won't make a move on you. He came in and shoved his cock in Usman's mouth. Now he was faucking his mouth and i was fucking his ass. after a c ouple of minutes we both came. Usman spit out all of naeem's cum while my cum was oozing out of his ass. We all laid there for a couple of minutes. Then Naeem asked me "So maza aayaa". I smiled and said "Haan yaar bohat mazaa aayaa". Then he asked us to get dressed as it was almost 6 pm. We got dressed. I wanted to give Usman a goodbye kiss but seeing him spitting out naeem's cum felt gross and i left without that.
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09-07-2012, 10:25 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
So I came back home. While coming back, Naeem gave me a new CD which he told me was gay and had a lot of cute boys. It was the story a couple of boys having gay encounter for the first time. He winked at me and told me to show this to the boy whom i wanted to fuck (he didn't knew it was my brother). I came back home and told bilal that i have brought a new CD. he got very excited. I rubbed his penis on his trousers and gave him a wink. he smiled. We were both waiting for the night.

At night after dinner, when everyone went to their room. We came back to our room. I locked the door. We both got naked. i squeezed his penis with my hand. then we started to watch the CD. I started with a couple of guys kissing. Bilal looked at me and i looked at him. I asked him "have you ever kissed any body" he said no. I asked him if he wanted to learn. he eagerly said "yes".
He was sitting on the chair. I went close to hime and sit on top of his lap with his erect penis rubbing aginst my ass. I put my lips on his and started sucking his lips and his tounge. he started to do the same and we were in a lip-lock. We both stood up from the chair and went to bed while our lips still in a kiss. He laid on the bed and i laid on top of him kissing him. We kept kissing for 20 minutes then i started to move down. I wanted hime to suck my cock but i knew i had to do it to him first. So i started kissing his chest and his nipples. he kept moaning. Then i moved down towards his crotch. I looked at his face and he was quite surprised. While looking at him i opened my mouth and took his penis in my mouth. Hi sbody almost jumped from the bed. And he moaned very loudly. I signalled him to keep quit and started sucking gently and increasing my pace slowly. His whole body was jerking and he was about to cum. So i stopped sucking. And started jacking him off . i asked him to spread his legs and put my left index finger on his cute little ass. As soon as i entered the finger tip in his ass he cried a little with expressions of pain on his face. but i kept rubbbing his ass slowly and soon he erupted. I went back up and started kissing him again. now as we lay there without my asking he got up and went down on me and to my surprise he started licking my balls and from there came to the shaft and started sucking it as well. All the porn watching had trained him quit well. After sucking my dick he went down and licked my asshole. I almost jumped and asked "hey you don't have to do that" but he kept licking and inserted one fineger in my ass. then he cam back to my dick. He was suck my cock and finger fucking me at the same time. Soon as i was about to come i warned him but he kept going and i came in his mouth. My cum started to flow out of his mouth opening. He spat out all th cum on my belly then he sucked my dick clean again and came towards my face and kissed me. I felt weird as my cum was still on his face but i didn't want to hurt him so i kissed him and it felt weird tasting a little bit of you own cum ............

After kissing for a few minutes i asked him if he was ready for next level. He said whats that. I fast forwarded the CD to a point where one guy was fucking the other in the ass. "This" i told him. He said "it looks painful. I don't think our small holes can take these dicks". I said "it's ok. we'll use lubrication". He was a little confused. I said come on "It's as good as sucking". He said "how do you know". I told him about the after noon i had and i got very aroused. Now i asked him whether he wasnts to go first. he said "You go ahead and show me". so I asked him to bend down on bed with his ass up. i went to the bath room and brought back the hair oil. After that i put some of it on his ass and some on my fingers. Now i started rubbing his ass with my fingers and inserted one finger in. he jumped with pain. I knew that fucking with a penis will be much more difficlut and painful. I had to stretch his ass first b4 fucking him. So i started fucking him with one finger. he was still feeling pain. I had to get hime used to at least 3 fingers before i can fuck him with my penis. So i decided to mix the pain and pleasure.

I asked him lay on his back. Now i sat in front of him with his cock near my face. I asked him to strech his legs. Now i started fingering him with my index finger and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. Now i was fucking his ass with one finger which was giving him pain and i was sucking his dick which was giving him pleasure. I increased my pace of sucking he was getting more excited so inserted another finger in. He yelled "Nahin Bhai Dard ho raha Hai". I said"Bas thora dard hoga. Phir maza hi maza hai". I took the complete lenght of his cock in my mouth to balance the pain with pleasure. I kept sucking and fingering him. So he was quite comfortable with 2 fingers. He was trying to reach my cock to jack me off. Now i wanted to insert the 3rd finger i knew it would hurt like hell. i was afraid he is going to scream. So i got into 69 position with my cock facing his mouth. He happily took it into his mouth and now were both sucking each others cock and i was fucking his ass with 2 fingers. Now i enetered the third finger in his ass. He tried to scream but his face was stuffed with my cock so his muffled sounds came out. On the other hand i started to suck him harder and harder. Soon he got used to the three fingers while both of us were sucking each other as well. I was about to cum when i felt his penis stretching. i knew he was cumming too. I wanted to stop sucking but then i thought i have already tasted my own cum. I can taste his cum too. in the next minute both of us came in each other's mouth. after cumming we both stood up and started kissing each other with each othetr's cum still in our mouth. This was a reall messy kiss full of cum. After this we both end to showers cleaned up and i asked him if he was ready for the ass fucking. He said yes. So we cam back to the bed .........
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09-07-2012, 10:25 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
So i asked him to bend down with his ass up on the bed. I put the oild on his ass and on my cock. Then i came on his back and asked hime to guid my cock into his ass. He put the tip on his asshole and asked me to push. I gave it a push and the head went in. He screamed slowly "Oyee mar gayaa. Bhai bohat dard ho raha hai. I took my hand on his front and started stroking his cock to give hime some pleasure while doing that i push a little more and almost 4 inches went in. he was yelling in pain and asked me to take it out. I tried to relax him but he kept trying to take it off. I knew it was time time for some tough love. I started jerking off his penis very fast and in a swift move shove my complete penis in his ass. He was physically quite weak so i had to keep him in a fuck lock as he was trying to escape. after a minute he got a little relaxed as my jerking off was making him come to his orgasm too. As is saw him relax is started fucking his ass with more pace. Now it was giving me much more pleasure to worry about his pain. He also got used to it and was enjoying it now. After a couple of minutes i came in his ass while all this jerking has also caused him to come. We both laid there exhuasted. I was the first to speak"Are you Ok. Ziada dard to nahi hoi". He said" Yaar start main to meri jaan he nikal gayi this. Thori der baad aahista aahista sab sahi hogaya aur maza bhi aaney laga". I told him it's quite late we should sleep. He wanted to fuck me too. I told him "Kal saari raat tu mujhey chod lena. Per abhi nahin. I'm really tired". He was tired too. So we both fell asleep ...............

Next morning i wake up with a great feeling. A touch of hot saliva on my penis. I guess My brother really like what we did last night and wanted to say good morning in a special way. I said "Bilal yaar it's sunday. Sone de naa" He said "Come on. everyone will wake up in 2~3 hours. Let's have some fun and then you can sleep the whole day" I pointed towards his penis and said "Give me some of that". he smiled and got into a 69 position. We gave each other a great blow job and shared the cum in a filthy smessy kiss just like last night. He said now it's my turn to fuck you. I said ok. Now i laid on the back in doggy style and he started to lubricate my ass and his dick. I guided his dick on my asshole and asked him to push. In one push he put the complete dick inside. I jumped of the bad. It felt like someone has shoved a burning iron rode inside my ass. I yelled "Bhainchod, kis cheez ki jaldi hai tujhey. Aram se zara" He apologised and said he was just way too excited. I tried to take it but any movement was giveing my much more pain. So i asked to saty in that position. He tood there for a minute then he remembered my technique from last night. he brought his hand from the back to the front and started stroking my cock. After3~4 minutes i started to enjoy it and asked him to start moving but slowly. he slowly started to move hi dick back and forth. If still hurt but not so much. After 4~5 minutes he was pumping my ass with his rod at ful throttle. he was also jacking me off with his right hand so i was having quite fun. After 2 minutes we both came and laid there on the bed. I asked him "happy now. Now that you have fucked me" He nodded his said saying yes. After that we both fell asleep ......

From that day onwards, it became our routine to fuck and suck each other in our rooms. Every one in the family was quite surprised as both of us were getting along very well lately. No fights no issues. My mom kept asking me sisters to be more like us instead of bitching and fighting all the time. We both smiled at this comment.
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09-07-2012, 10:26 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
In the next week, Bilal was in his school's annual darama club function. This was an all boys school. He had to do the role of an female student. So he shaved his face clean and wore a girls outfit with a girlish hair style wig. all his classmates were whistling at him as he really looked quite sexy. He was wearing a stuffed bar which was stuffed more than usual. his falke breasts were looking like a busty porn star's breasts. anyways after the play i asked him to keep some of that stuff with him. he said he can't but i insisted that he should at least keep the wig. The rest of stuff we can find at home. So when he came back home he showed me the wig. I was very happy.

After a couple of days we were both alone at home. I asked him to wear some girlish out fit. We went to our sister's room and started looking for some dresses. After sorting through thier cabinet we found a suit that can fit him and took a bra (don't know whose bra was that but dress was definitely of Sana's). Now we came back to our room i removed my dress and laid on the bed stroking my cock and Bilal went to the bath room to change. I was very excited as i was getting bored of fucking a coy. I wanted a girl and a cross dressed Bilal was nearest to a girl that i could get. He came out saying that he can't fit into this Kameez Shalwar dress. I though and in fact i wanted to see him in a sexy dress. i asked hime bring an old jeans oh his. We cut parts of that jeans to make it look like some sexy shorts that girls wear in movies. On top of that he wore a black bra (heavily stuffed and then a tight white shirt of hina (we borught that shirt later) which mad his fake boobs looks even bigger. Now he went in put some make up and wig and came out. God he was a hottie. I don't know who but he looked really familiar with some girl. He came out trying to walk in a sexy catwalk style. I hugged him and started kissing him like a mad man. After 15 minutes of kiising i started to press his fake boobs but honstely that wasn't much fun. Now we both moved in front of the mirror and he started sucking my dick. i don't know why but looking that thing in mirror mad me more turned on. It looks like in fact some girl was giving me a head. i face fucked him. he asked me to be careful with Hina's shirt as we didn't wanna stain it. Soon i came in his mouth. Now it was time to fuck him and i wanted him to be on top of me. So we laid there in front of the mirror. he opened 2 front buttons of the shirt and the bra was quite visible. We made an additional hole in the jeans so that he won't have to take the dress off while i fuck him. So i sat on my cock and started moving up and down. I asked him to drop the wig hair on his face started jumping up and down. I started pumping hime from beneath and kept looking in the mirror. It was a wonderfull scene and soon i came in his ass. he tried to get up but i was still hard. I asked him to blow me and make me ready again and it only took 5 minutes and after that i fucked him one more time. This was one of our best fucks. He really looked like a girl and then i knew i had to find a girl now as i was getting tired of fucking a guy........
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09-07-2012, 10:26 AM
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
Ok so me and bilal kep fucking and sucking each other for 2~3 months. We tried almost all the positions all the kinkiest things. One night i was feeling very horny so i asked him to wear the girly outfit again. He said that he can't as everyon's home and he can't go to the sister's room and get their dress. I asked him that while having dinner he can take off for a minute and get hina's shirt and sana's bra and that's all we need. So after lunch we went to the room very excited i laid there on the bed naked he went to bath room and came out in sexy girlish outfit. I started kissing him and soon he was in between my legs sucking my cock i was in heaven moaning like crazy. I was about to come and i told Bilal i'm cumming.

Suddenly we heard a voice "Oh my God Yeh Tum Dono Kia Ker Rahe ho (what the hell are u too doing)". I almost shit my pants as i saw Sana standing in the door with her eyes and her jaw wide open. I don't know it was the tension in the enviroement or Bilal's mouth which just left my cock's head than my penis started erupting the white lotion of Bilal's face. I kept moaning in pain, pleasure and guilt as Sana stared at my cock erupting lava from it's tip. After that i sat dwon on bad covering my dick and Bilal did the same but he was more embarrased because he was wearing girl's dress.

"Bilal what the hell are you wearing. Is this hina's shirt? " Sana said as she closed the door on her back. Me and Bilal were both speechless.

"Naveed you should be ashamed of yourself. being the elder brother is this the kind of role model you want to be? Doing Nasty things to your younger brother"

She Kept yelling at us for quite a while. I stood up to get dresses and she yelled "Sit your ass down. ". Now as she move in she had a look at the computer monitor where a porno was already running and a guy was pumping a girl in doggy style.

"What kind of Movies are you guys watching" She said as she went closer to the screen. I could see from her reaction that scene's on the screen were turning her on too. I started wearing my shorts and Bilal ran into the bathroom. I came close to her and said "Sorry sana, we just got excited"
"What do you mean excited? Even if you want to do something like this can't you find a girl? and even if you can't at least do it with a boy who is not your brother" She said.
I had no answers to her questions. She kept talking but she didn't turn off the movie.
"Are you going to tell mom and dad" I asked her with fear.
"I don't know yet. i'm still very angry. Who does thi skind of filthy stuff. You 2 should be ashamed" She was very furious.

She closed the movie on the pc. Looked at the screen (she was checking the path of the hidden folder. "OK i'll decide what i have to do tomorrow. Leave all these files as it is in this computer. I will check in the morning what kind of crap you guys have been watching." She said and started walking towards th bath room where Bilal was hiding. She opened the door and told bilal"You 2 are in some really deep shit now" Bilal almost cried "Sana please don't tell anyone. i'm so sorry. Please" .... Sana stood there for a second and then said"we'll see tomorrow" after that she left the room and both of us were left there worried about what will happen tomorrow.

Bilal asked me "Bhai aapi ne ammi abu to bata dia to? (if sis told mom and dad then what?)". I had no answer to his question. i went to bed and laid there worrying about tomorrow myself
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
So the next morning came. Both Me and bilal didn't have nay morning action.We were just worried about last night. Sana didn't went to college and faked a headache. I knew she was going to check our files on the computer. I was worried but a little aroused as well thinking that she'll be watching all kinds of porn and what would that do to her. Bilal on the other end was scared to death. He kept asking me what's gonna happen and i had to answer to that question ....

I was too worried about what Sana might be doing so i bunked the school to come home to check on Sana. I quitely open the gate as i know only Sana and mom were at home and i didn't wanna alert sana. I came to the kitchen> Mom was surprised and worried "Beta khair hai itni Jaldi". I told her that i wasn't feeling well so i took the leave from school. I asked "Mom where is Sana".
"She is in your room working on the computer."
The though of Sana watching porn on my computer cause my dick to jump up. I slowly walked on the stairs. The door to my room was closed. I wanted to caught here by surprise but the window was on the opposite side. So i went into Sana's room, climbed out of the window on the ledge and then slowly went to my room' window which was half open.

Sana's back was towards window. What i saw inside got my cock hard like a rock. Sana was sitting on the chair and computer monirot was in front on her. key board was on her lap.On the screen there was a hot threesome scene. With her right hand she contolling the key board and with her left hand she was rubbing her cunt. I couldn't see her expressions but i could feel that she was turned on. She was still wearing all her clothes though which was kind of disappointing. I started stroking my cock as i was watching my sister rubbing her pussy. Then the scene on the screen changed and now it was a bisexual scene where a guy was on top of a girl fucking her pussy while another guy was pumping that guys ass. Sana seemed to like that one as she put the key board on the table and stared pinching her breast with her right hand. It was too much for me. i took out my cock and started jerking very fast. within seconds i came and a grunt came out of my mouth. Sana jumped from here seat when she heard the voice and started to proper up her dress and turned off th monitor. She kept looking around until she saw me in the window. She could only see my face. With anger in her eyes she came and opened the window

"You asshole. You really are proving yourself to be a giant asshole. Fucking your brother and peeping on your sis......" Suddenly she saw that my dick was hard and it's tip and my hand was covered in cum.
"You wanker. You really have no shame do you? What if someone saw you"

I jumped inside the room. She got confused "hey what the hell are you doing ..."
"Just like you said being careful so that no one can see" I chuckled
"At least cover your self up and clean your filthy hands" she pointed towards my cum filled hands
"Come on you have seen me in worse positions. Btw are you sure don't wanna taste my love juices" I winked at her.
"Shut up Ok. Don't try to act like a smart ass" She got furious
I took off my pants and started walking around with my dick hard again and storking it. Her eyes were glued to my cock.
"so sis i think you don't have to act like a saint now. we are even. You were pleasuring yourslef too while watching porn" I said

"no we are so not even. it's one thing to watch porn. It's another thing to fuck someone else and that too being your brother and come on put some clothes on. i'm you sister for god sake" She replied

"Well bilal was my brother too. So don't give me this sibling lecture. You can join us you know if you want too" i winked at her again

"In your dreams jerk off. I'll call mom and she will see to it that you behave" She said

I immediately took my shorts and started wearing them.

"So what have you decided. Are you going to tell on me and bilal or what"

"Well you guys are just my bitches now aren't you. Well i'll see what i have to do. For now you have to keep all this porn and all the new stuff that you get in this same folder. I will keep checking it regularly."

"Hmmmm so you got hooked on porn tooo. See it's just human." I smiled

She started to leave the room. My dick was really hard during this conversation. As soon as she left the room i turned on some porn, removed my shorts and started jerking off. . suddenly i noticed that her pink bra was still there. She might have removed it while watching porn. I picked it up and started smelling it. It was a wonderful sensation thinking of sana, smelling here bra, jerking off my cock and watching porn. Suddenly the door open

"Hey i think i left my bra in her......" suddenly she noticed what was happening in the room and kept standing in the door like she was frozen. I had nothing to lose now. I kept jacking off.

"You are a sick pervert you know that. Give me back my bra" She yelled

"Come here and take it. I'm busy as you can see." I said very casually.

Her face turned red. I can feel that she was a little turned on. She came close to me and tried to take her bra out of my hand. She also took a long hard look on my cock. I was about to come and i wanted her to see that so i dodged here hands a couple of time and just as i was about to come i kept the bra near my dick. She took that bra and at the same time i came and erupted my lava. a couple of drops landed on her arm

"ewwww You piece of shit what the hell did you do yo creep" she rubbed her hand clean with my shirt and ran out out of the door.
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
When Bilal came came back to school i told him all the details. He was a little afraid. "Bhai Aapi ko iss tarah tang karo ge to ghussay main ammi ko bata de gi (if you kept bugging her she will tell mom)" I said "Come one. She won't tell. If she wanted to she would have done it by now". Anyway we kept busy in our daily routines .... At night when both me and bilal were sitting in out room watchi some hot movies when suddenly the door opened and Sana came in "My God you guys don't waste any time don't you"

Bilal was immediately scared. and turned off the movie.

Bilal "So aapi are you going to tell mom and dad"

Sana: "I don't know. But if you guys obey me and don't act like an asshole, just like naveed did this afternoon, i might forgive you"

I knew if I bugged her more she might eventually tell my parents so i asked her "Ok so what do you want"

Sana smiled "well let me think ........ hmmmmmmm .... i don't know how about do what i tell you guys to do"

"Like what" I was suspicious .......

Sana: "Bilal close the door" Bilal went on and closed the door. "Lock It too" Bilal did ...

I was getting anxious" What are you doing Sana"

"Well i really liked a couple of movies on your computer today. I thought i might wanna see the real action too. Come one start what you guys were going to start anyway in my absence"

"no way" Bilal yelled "How can you. You are our sister".

Sana: "well well well.Who is being a saint now. You sure didn't worried about that last night when you were sucking your brother"

I on the other hand found it much more arousing. "come on bilal. what's the worst than can happen. She knows about us already"

My dick was already hard so i started removing my clothes. Sana's eyes were glued to my dick. She sat on the chair next to the computer where a porno was already running.

Bilal was still hesitant. Iwent towards him and started to kiss him on the lips. I kept my one eye on Sana all the time. I wanted to see her reaction. With my one hand i pushed Bilal's shorts down and his dick popped out. It was in semi-hard state. I guess he was started to like this audience thing too. I broked the kiss and removed his shirt and shorts. Now we were both naked we both turned towards Sana who face was getting red and eyes wide open.
"So sis how you like your brother's dick and the sex show. Enjoying it much ???"

"Shut up and get to work. Don't infuriate me OK" she replied.

I started kissing Bilal again. I turned hime so his back was towards Sana and with my one hand i started to caress his butt cheeks. I made sure that sana had a full view. then i entered on finger in his ass. He cried a little but i kept kissing him. my finger was moving up and down his ass. Then i started to go down and on the wasy i kissed his neck and sucked his nipples. and then went down to his cock. I took a glance at Sana and she seemed much excited at the thought of what was coming next. I started to suck Bilal's cock and in one swift move took all lenght of it towards my throat. i kept sucking on it hard and fast. Sana was changing positions in her seat. I knew that she wanted to touch herself but was controlling her urges. Now after sucking bilal for a few minutes i asked him to return the favour. He started sucking my cock and then moved down and took my balls in his mouth. wow that was awesome. then he moved behind and started to lick my ass. Sana had a surprising look on her face

"ewwww Bilal you are so filthy" She said

Bilal wanted to reply but i pushed his face back down on my ass. I started pumping my cock. I was directly looking in Sana's eyes, smiling and pumping my hard cock. She looked at me for few seconds and then looked away. Now i turned back and started to kiss Bilal. Now we were both looking away from her. From the corner of my eyes i saw that she moved one hand between here legs and started rubbing her pussy. This scene made my cock jump more. As we moved towards her she removed her hand from here legs. Now i bent down in doggy style and bilal rode on my back. He put some oil on his cock. My face was towards Sana and i can tell she was enjoying every second of this. Bilal started to pound me hard from behind and i started to make sounds both real and fake" Yeah bilal fuck me fuck me hard. Chod de apne bhai ki gaand aur zor se". These words were making Sana crazy and involunteerly her hand moved to her pussy a couple of times but she removed it.

This was bugging. I wanted here to touch herself. So i asked bilal to change positions so that i can see her reflection in the side mirror. Now both our backs were towards her. Bilal was on top of me so her cock and my ass were in clear view of Sana and both of our faces were away from her. This was a perfect view for her. She started rubbing her pussy very hard not knowing that we can see her reflection in the mirror. Seeing her do that really tunrned me on. i whispered in bilal's ear and guided his eyes towards the mirror. As soon as he saw that i felt his dick moving faster and faster in my ass. Within a few minutes he cam in my ass. I spoke loudly "my turn now". Sana stopped rubbing here pussy. We changed positions. Now i was on top of hime fucking his ass. I could still feel Bilal's juices in my ass but i was trying to keep them in. I started pumping his ass and in the mirror i could see that Sana was back on rubbing her pussy. Now while fucking Bilal i loosened up my butt hole a little and Bilal's thick white cum slowly strated to leak out from my ass to my balls to my dick and on bilal's ass. That was a reall hot scene and as i could see in the mirror with here other hand Sana started to pinch here nipple i kept fucking Bilal hard and fast and Sana's moves on here cunt and her boobs were getting fast. Withing a couple of minutes I can see that Sana was almost about to come as she entered her righ hand in her shalwar now still unaware that we were watching her from the mirror. Seeing that i started to cum i took my dick out started erupting my lava on bilal's white ass. This was too much for Sana and she started to cum. I could see that she was out of this world now. So both me and Bilal tuned around. Her boday was shaking like she got an electric shock. She was shiveing, her eyes were closed one hand in shalwar (trousers) rubbing the pussy other pinching the nipples of left boob. It took her a few seconds to get her breath together then she saw both of us looking at her, smiling and stroking our cocks. She took a look at herself and saw that she was rubbing her pussy and her boobs in front of her brothers. She immediatley started to proper up her dress..

I started clapping " Bravo Big sis. Great show. I thought you wanted to see us in action but you gave us a live show of yours as well. Thanks for returning the favour"

Her Face turned red with embarrasment. I added "don't worry we didn't watch just the ending. We caught the whole show on mirror" I pointed towards the mirror from where her reflection was quite clear.

She was sooo humiliated. I felt pity for her "It's ok sis. It's a natural reaction to such a sexy show"

"You know you can join this fun too "I started to move towards her.

"hey stay back Ok. Don't come any closer. I still own both of your asses. Now i have to leave. i'll see you guys tomorrow night"

She left the room leaving both of us standing their naked with our hard dicks in our hand.

Bilal spoke first "Bhai I loved watching sis rubbing herself"
"don't worry brother. Let me take care of this and you'll see much more than that" i said with an evil smile
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RE: Me, My Brother And My Siters Incest Story
Next night when Sana came to our room we were both ready. She took the usual position and asked us to start. She was wearing trouser and a T shirt. I could see by the movements of her big boobs that she was was not wearing a bra. "No braa today sis... Niceee ........" i winked at her with a smile

"Shut up u perv" She said "Get to work"

Both me and Bilal started our routine. Got naked. After we kissing we decided to change the mode a little. Bilal laid down on the bed with his neck outside the bed. He bent his neck back and i shoved my cock in his mouth. Then i laid on top of him and started to suck his cock. We were in a 69 position.

"Nice position" Sana chuckled. I looked towards her and she removed her hand from her pussy. Her nipples were poking hard on her shirt as she wasn't wearing a bra....

"Come on Sana. If you wanna pleasure yourself at least do it freely and let us watch. For God sake both of us are naked sucking each other. The least you can do is give us a little show for encouragement" I asked her

Sana remained quite for a few seconds then she moved her hand back between here legs and start rubbing

"Happy now?" She asked

"yes sis. You look so hot." and she did indeed in her white lose trousers and pnk T-shirt rubbing here cunt she looked like and angel (a perverted angel though ). We kept sucking each other and she kept rubbing herself.... Now i asked bilal to lay straight on his back. I entered my dick in his ass and moved my face to his face and started kissing his mouth and pumping his ass. It was really nice. His warm ass and his sweet young lips were giving my chills. Sana really like this view and she she started pinching here breasts too. i can clearly see her nipple as she was bra-less. It was turning both me and Bilal we kept fucking and she kept rubbing and pinching herslef. We both ended up coming in each other's asses and Sana came too a couple of time. She used to get very wild and while cumming she started to make smalle moans and noises which were really great......

Things remained quite uneventful for the next couple of nights. Sana used to cum and sit in her usual spot and watch us fuck. i was getting bored of this so the next night when she came i refused to start the show

"Nop i'm getting tired of this now" I said
Sana: "what do you mean"
Me: "come on sis. Same thing everynight. we need something more"
Sana: "what do you have in mind"
"How about you joining In" I winked at her
"In your dreams perv. Don't even think about it" Sana yelled
"So forget about the show. Nothing in this life comes free" I replied
Sana: " i still own you guys. I can tell mom and dad"
Bilal got scared immediately and asked me to start
I calmed him down "Go ahead. I know you enjoy this show as much as we do. You won't tell mom and dad"
Sana got a little confused and remained quite"

I asked: "How about a compromise then"
Sana: "What kind of compromise"
Me: Don't join us. Just take off your clothes"

Bilal got very excited on this suggestion " Haan aapi. Hum logon ko to aap ney naked daikh liaa hai. Hamara bhi kuch khayal karo"

Sana's face turned red" Shut up. I'm not doing any such thing. If you guys don't wanna do it it's fine. I can live without it"

Both me and bilal were confused now

Bilal tried to persuade her: "come on aapi. i have never seen a real girl naked. Seeing will be even better as you are the hottest girl i know. Everyone says so. Ask Naveed Bhai"

"He is right sana. Come on. throw us a bone here. We love you being here. It turns us on more having our sis here but please we need something too. We are not actually gay you know. It just that we needed someone to screw with. Couldn't find a girl and started with each other" I argued "Ok how about just losing the t-shirt. Come one you can do that please please ... pretty please"

Both me and bilal started begging. Sana's face was red like a tomattow.

After a couple of minutes she said hesitantly "OK but only looking no touching"

"Yessssssss" both me and bilal yelled .... "Good Job bhai" bilal winked at me and whispered

Now for the first time in the past couple of weeks now Sana was the main star of this fuck fest. She stood up and started lifting her shirt. First her beautiful while belly with the cutest belly-button came in view. Shirt went further up and till her breast. Both me and Bilal were breathless, speechless, senseless... fucking a boy is one thing but seeing a girl naked even half of her tops anything (no offence to any gay guys ) the shirt was stuck on her boobs.. we can see small portions of the lower side of the breat

"I don't know if i should do it " She said with a smile definitely to tease us

"Please please pyari behen nahin hamari " I yelled
Bilal cried as well '' Please aapi dikhao naaa. meri achhi wali aapi please ....."

Sana smiled and took it off in a move

wow.... this was the most beautiful sight i had ever seen in my life till that date .... Her creamy, flashy white boobs with cute pink nipples ...... I don't know what size were day 30,32, or 34 but they were perfect sized .... i don't know what shape it was A,B,C,D but the perfect shape. We both started to walk towards her to get a better view

"What the hell you guys are doing. I said no touching" She yelled

"We are just taking a better look. Come on sis. It's the first time we have seen boobs on a real girl. Give us a break.." i replied

Bilal was mesmarized "Aapi they are the best. Of all the movies i have seen i have never seen such beautiful boobs. You are so gorgeous and hot"

Sana blushed hearing those comments.

"Ok now you too get back to work and take a pity on this two" she pointed towards our dicks which were rock hard for i don't know how long
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