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Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
01-29-2012, 11:29 AM
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Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
I am a Punjabi Woman of 39 years, with voluptuous body i look younger with fair skin. aim homely female .
my daughter niddhi 20 married a feroz local goon in our area and i was dead against it and humiliated my daughter and his hubby and this is how i was humiliated and turned whore

when my daughter nidhi came home with feroz in wedding dress i was shocked as i never dreamed of this happening.i was shivering with fear that what will people think of us and my other daughter.
i shouted at them and told my daughter not to enter home and go away with this goon,i gave many bad worlds to feroz and his family when nidhi tired to reason i told her you will also become whore like feroz other family females.
this made feroz angry and he shouted back saying that he will show niddhi that her mom is rand and will make me whore he challenged that whole colony will call me item pallavi and not pallavi ji .
soon many people had collected there i closed my door on them and went in i could hear feroz calling me rand and bitch and what not after some i came out and slapped him and my daughter.
this got him angry and her got hold of me from my hair and slapped me and even my daughter nidhi gave me a hard blow on my face i lost my balance and i was very close to feroz literately in arms .he hold my hair and started making me moved here and there i cried for help but even my husband standing was not feroz held my face very close to his i was shivering with fear and could fore see humiliation coming my way, i lost confidence and closed my eyes and left my self at his mercy, but to my surprise he did not kiss me but he threw me on ground and told me"you bitch rand i will fuck you and so will most men in colony but at cost and i will fuck you when you beg me and tell that your whore to be fuck i will make you complete rand."

friends pls tell me should i continue writing

i was very fearing now he once again came near me i was shivring with fear and my husband was also just looking on, he agian strated abusing me:" you rand i will fuck ur sexy body and give you real pleasure you have become so boring of sex i know as your husband cant fuck you nicely let me fuck your daughter for few days then i will fuck you in your bedroom and see that my wife gets brother you rand you will carry my son in you and all will see"

this was shosking for me as never in my wife any male has dared so, though i look sexy with fig of 36-33-42 with hgt of 5.4 completionfair i never allowed any male even to see me closely and even slapped guy in collage as he was looking at me.all my life i have been tradition indian woman.always dominating but.

now i was forced to suffer such humilation in public i was now stading close to him aas he was holding me from hairs he asked me "should i kiss you now for or you will kiss me"i said you bastrad dont dare touch me .
i received a heavy slap on face my first in life ever, tears rolled dont my eyesit was follwed by his hands taking pallu of my saree off it felled on ground and he complmeneted my fig i ran in my room leaving my saree behind i hread him laughing loadely and said will meet you soon.Days passed off and i was back to my daily routine of my job as professar in local collage.
but my hatred for my daughter never ended as i felt she had spoiled my reputation and went with that goon feroz only for lust of sex.i never missed and apportinity to cut and make remarks on my daughter when ever she tired to talk to me i called her whore of the goon and scolded her away,slowly she stiopped talking to me.feroz however use to make dirty comments when ever i use to pass him.
today while passing through market he came close i sillped and was about to fall on ground and from some where i dont know feroz embraced me and saved me i was shocked and did not move .
my still fresh blossom of 36b size were touching his chest his hand were on my bare waist of 33 my saree pallu was off my chest .his lips were on my cheeks and his breath i could feel my face hottly.
i only came to senses when feroz called darling are you enjoying my hugg
i immediately moved away and adjusted my saree,this was first time in life to be such close with some male other then my hubby.
i just said thanks to him and moved away as i could not see in his eyes.
on the way home i was crusing myself to why i allowed him to hold me.

same thing were going through my mind troughout the day
i went to sleep at 10 as usual i suddnely got up at 3 in night due to wold dream . i felt total wetness between my legs oh my god i lady of great character till date.
had a dream in which my most hated man forcefull held me by hair and my lips where on his lips i was stugging to break free but he continously kept sucking my lips his hand were moving on my bare waist and i was still in the kiss on my own self his lips slowly moved to my ears making me erose and now i was completed in his control and mutually enjoying eroz hand were now free moving on my body, i was feeling his body heat and was enjoying his has on my bumps i was in blouse and petticoat,my Saree was lying on bed .
i was enjoying smooch of my life and his putting hand in my blouse made me wake up from dream and find my pussy leaking,i was feeling ashamed of my self to dream so,i was decent female who believed in tradition and always use to cover my face in front of elders and i was dreaming with my enemy, my son in law.i since tried to forget it but it always haunted me.
few days latter my hubby had an severe accident i received call from hospital it was feroz you called me .
i went hurriedly to hospital my hated daughter was also there due to feroz's efforts his life was saved i was obliged as in emergency he gave 2 bottles of his blood to my beloved husband .
our relations improved as i adjusted due to this help but i found my daughter developing hatred for me which she tried to hide also.
my daughter had to stay in our house as my hubby needed care and i had collage work.feroz use to stay over night at our home.
i got up in night at around 12.30 by voices my daughter was making of orgasms,i went in direction of her room and to my surprise her door slide open( which i latter came to know she had done intentional).

i could not hold my self from peeping in her room,this was very against my nature but i could not resist i saw she was on her knees and her mouth was full with feroz's hot and erect huge rod of may be 9-10 inches and 4- inch broad it was like big danda.
her mouth was full of his precum wetness and it was red in colour i was enjoying it and this was making me horny oh hhhhhh

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01-29-2012, 11:29 AM
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RE: Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
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01-29-2012, 11:30 AM
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RE: Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
He had slowly grown to a length which must have been 12 inches! I could hardly believe it could be so large and long. he began to move around on the bed. He adjusted his body until they were in a 69 position and his huge Lund was firmly in her mouth.
when he was licking and sucking her clit. He then asked my daughter if she was ready and she replied, "Of course feroz, please fuck me gently!" This was my hottest moment but I kept control. i was feeling horny for first time in my life for some one else.
feroz was ready to force his giant Lund into her chute,
She returned her face to his and they began kissing deeply. She was holding his Lund in her hand and, with her legs spread apart as far as they would go, she pulled him towards her opening. She used her other hand to help spread he chute lips to help him with his entry. His lund touched her lips and she shuddered with an instant orgasm! She was really turned on. He pushed forward and his lund parted the lips and he began to enter my wife!

She could feel the pressure on her lips because of his size and she then pulled her knees up onto her chest to give him better access to her chute. He obviously knew what he was doing and slowly pushed his lund in further and further until he had most of it embedded in my wifes chute. She struggled bravely to get it all in but had to ask him to slow down and wait a while. He did this willingly and after a short spell he again pushed forward and, to my surprise, he managed to get all of that giant Lund into her chute. She almost screamed when he hit bottom and she came again. He had not even begun to fuck her yet; he had simply inserted his Lund into her body.

my daughter was hanging on to his neck for all she was worth and the expression on her face told me she was enjoying it all. Once he began to fuck her the expression on her face change from excitement to pure lust. She was in raptures and the sensations she must be feeling as his Lund pounded her sweet little hole had her chumming almost constantly! He lasted much much longer than I had possibly think of male lasting

The speed of his fucking became very high, he ejaculated his semen deeply into my daughters chut.
i came to my senses and was shocked to find myself semi nude condition my saree was lying on ground my blouse were open and my hard boobs were hanging out i was playing with them and other hand was in my petticoat.
Before i could come to full senses i was shocked as my daughter niddhi came in sudden speed and darged me in her room, feroz shuttled the door from behind.
this was most humiliating moment of my life i a woman of great character was standing almost topless in front of my hated daughter and goon son in law feroz, i requested my daughter to leave me and asked feroz to open door.
huge slap from my daughter landed on my face i was taken by shock but could not raise my hand as i had to hold to my petticoat as it was open and i was not wearing any thing under it.
My daughter asked me mom u bitch what were u doing in my room door tell me why r u nude what u rand was fantasying tell me u rand tell me this followed with other slap from her i tired to hold her hand and in zerk hold my petticoat in felled on ground feroz quickly handed hix foot on it,
oh my god i was total nude in front of them, my daughter came near me and she asked feroz to put finger in my chut to check how i was feeling seeing them i was frightened as i knew i was fully wet down,
i begged him not to do so i agreed to tell what i was fantasying
my daughter asked me ok rand tell me what u were fantasying,
i justed mu mered
rand tell me in details : my daughter said
i was fantasying as all u were doing i said weakly with great shame.
with whom u rand tell openly or feroz with check ur chut and tell.
i was left with no option but to accept with great shame that i was think of feroz .
on this she had great laugh and said my dear mom i have proved you that u are big whore characterless woman in you but u pretend to be good,now its turn to be open and enjoy like rand i will make you whore now.
no no no niddhi don't do this aim your mother please i begged her,i don't want this in real pls niddhi.
ok mom do you mean it
yes i said
ok let me make it sure i will leave this room and move to balcony leaving you with your fantasy boy for just 15 min and promise he wont fuck you till you beg him like rand, he will just have small play with your body to arouse you, you control your self for 15 min like a sati savitri woman you can walk out or else i will see you become big whore as u called me
i had to agree as she warned me that she will take me out of house in same condition and call pp pl top see me in real condition i also knew i could control my self as i knew niddhi the left the room after putting her latest 5 mega pixel nokia cell on in front of TV in room. She said it has been set for 15 min alarm.
now i was all alone in room in nude condition with a goon i hated for making my daughter marry him and i also knew now that he was capable of turning me on so was very afraid and praying that i could control my passion for 15 minutes of his foreplay which i knew i had to bear as my daughter otherwise will call ppl and i will be face less in nude condition she caught me.
Now feroz was seeing the shape of my breasts, size and the location of the nipples. My eyes were down but I say lust and hunger in his eyes I was sure it was a feast for him'
he came near me i could see his huge open monster gaining size every moment and was growing to 12 inches again i turned toward wall as he came too close to me .
now my back was towards him and i knew i should not stop him in foreplay other wise again 15 min will start.
i could now not feel any touch for few moments and his delay in even touching me which i was anticipating was raising my heart beats even more .
Suddenly i felt his fingers in my hairs i felt relieved and its was better then any were else but it proved wrong latter,
he slowly started moving his finger in my hair like giving a head massage i was feeling relieved of tension
he called me mom don’t worry I wound harm you unless you want to enjoy me don’t worry your my mom in law now,
I thanked him for him kind gesture and felt obliged,
My head massage was more vigorous now and I felt him coming close to me as I felt his huge monster rubbing on ass on back,
I knew I was turning on now and wanted to control my self
His hand were now on my ears and moving behind them to my shoulders I was feeling exited now as he touched my bare shoulders with his solid hands
suddenly he pushed me around and i was now facing him he was very close to me massaging my shoulders I felt shy so i closed my eyes that was only way to hide my expressions from him
i was feeling his hot breathing on my face and knew his lips were very close to mine i was feeling sensation in my body now,
he asked me mom open your eyes, I did not move this angered him and he changed,
He caught hold of my hairs from my back and ordered you rand open your eyes and see you r nude and in my arms,
i had to open eyes i could see passion in his eyes,
he now placed his lips on mine and to my surprised my body which i protected for 40 years ditched me ditched my character and been when I wanted to be always my lips did no listen to me and welcomes feroz lips with vigor, i could not hold my hands any longer and they embraced his hunk body in them .
My god I was enjoying his deep kiss, his hand were now
Touching my breasts in that process. I was wet due the My sweat. He could feel the aroma emanating from me. I Got carried away and I was moving his head more and more into me,
I Was letting him enjoy the most of smooch He was enjoying the softness of my boobs. his hands were moving. Few Minutes later I regained my senses and moved away from him. He could trace the shape of my breasts, size and the location of the nipples. i was sure it was a feast for him, I partly due To my sweat. He could feel the aroma emanating from me. I got carried away and I was moving his head more and more into me,
I was letting his face touch my breasts. It was a see-saw movement, his
face was kissing my breasts, I was literally crushing his face into my
breasts. He must have felt the softness of my boobs. He laid his face
buried in them, almost restless and just my hands were moving. Few
minutes later I regained my senses and moved away from him.
head. . He laid his hands on my stomach, above my hips and
caught me. He was laying both hands on me, taking full support from
his hand grip on my tummy area. . Then he started gripping
one of my breasts with his palm. He began to assess the shape and
size of it. He could feel its softness in his hands. It started to
become stiff and firm. He began to gently squeeze my breast, the way
an auto/bus driver blows the horn. He was Squeezing it much harder.
I moved slightly and a let out a feeble moan but I continued to act
as if I were amidst a deep sleep. Then he located my nipple and
started to draw circles around it, along the aureole. That act was
miraculous, sending shivers throughout my body. He took a nipple
between his thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at
first, later a little harder than earlier. I couldn't hold on any
longer and I had to break free. He moved close to me
almost grinding his groin into my ass. I could feel his erect member
touch my ass. His hand was feeling my tummy and its softness. I
slipped a knowing smile as I was turning away and he couldn't see my
face anyway. He began to feel my soft boobs once again.

It was ( ) thrilling for me to be touched by such hunk person in
that way. I felt strange but I liked it. He moved his face closer to
mine. He was breathing my aroma due to my sweat. Feeling my hair and
seeing the smell of it. Then his nose was touching the bare skin on
my back . He planted a gentle kiss there. His hands now come down feeling
me all the way, actually they moved a lot down now. Almost about to
enter my panty area, no one knows how I feel when someone touches me
in that area below my navel. His hand was trying to enter my pussy hole area. His slipped his hand inside finally and
Viola! He was touching my pubes! I think everyone of us must have
Experienced an electric shock at some point of time in our life. I
was experiencing it then. His touch was like an electric shock to me.
I had to instinctively move my groin backwards, digging my ass much
deeper into his groin.
He must be aware by now that I was responding sand enjoying all his
acts. He continued exploring deeper. He was not be surprised when he felt
me wet there. I was almost giggling now with shivers passing through
my body. He was rubbing my clit and was feeling my wet pussy. He was
Manipulating me well. I was in heaven. He inserted a finger into my
pussy which was fully wet by now. He began to finger fuck me
vigorously. He was literally drilling me. now He was squeezing one and was kissing the other boob of mine. He was trying to suck it too. He was sucking them and kissing them hard. I was moaning loud now. I knew i have surrender to him now
I was encouraging him with my hands pushing his head into my breasts.
He began to kiss me all over my body, my face, we tried the French
kiss, he began to kiss my tummy, my navel, went even lower too. my pussy. He was inserting his tongue into it and was fucking me with
his tongue. I was thumping my hips and banging them up and down on
the bed. I was trembling in lust and pure passion. I never dreamed of
this for years and finally this happened. and my god now I was asking him to fuck
me. He was groaning and obliged my request, took his nude unprotected
dick and placed it on my pussy i was requesting him to put in but he was just playing with my body and making me more hot. I didn't even care about my reputation any more
. I was in lust and total ecstasy. He wasrubbing his cock harder and harder on my pussy area,feroz said to me mom it just a min away from 15 min and if i don’t fuck you will be spared from humiliation and become whore for your daughter i know you nice woman should pretend to play with you and you keep control on self for a min or should i enter and fuck you mom tell me
i was mourning heavily feroz u bastard u fuck me I want to become your rand i and this is sex then i never had sex in life i don’t mind becoming your rand i will please you like my daughter does i will suck your but don’t stop now please enter me he pushed his hard monster in my pussy with huge trust i had a huge cry sound he holed my mouth in time to shuttle voice he was now fucking me vigorously on my bed i was morning loudly under him i could hear alarm bell in back ground but did not care as was enjoying him.
i came to senses when i felt something on my lips
my daughter niddhi had entered room after 15 min and had place her bare pussy on my mouth.
she said feroz stop fucking this rand
i said no let me cum aim Cuming now
she said ok you rand you suck my pussy lips as he fucks you ok and moment you stop he will stop too
i started licking my daughters pussy i was ready to do any thing for this fuck now
my daughter niddhi again reminded me that now always I will be whore and have to suffer humiliations niddhi said you rand bitch now onwards you will be whore for me and all will call you rand in society all goons in street will fuck you after paying I did not mind her comments and was s enjoys in outs of feroz]
I cummed with huge sounds I nearly eated my daughters pussy and she I think intentional pissed when I was having orgasm as she knew I could not stop her my face was full of her sour piss and her cum..
i wanted feroz to stop now as i my pussy was paining so i asked my daughter to get up as my mouth was full of her piss and i was suffocating by her pussy she did not head and finally she made me swallow her urine
she told me now get up and fill your mouth with ferozs cum
now feroz holded me by hair and took placed my mouth on his wet erect monsters
my daughter said you whore suck cock of this goon he is now your master and you are whore, she slapped me as i took time to suck monster i wasted no time and took it in my body was tiring but i had to make him cum.
but feroz was not cumming he told me mom u wanna make me cum early i said yes
feroz ok then you speak dirty of your self i will come early,
my daughter kicked my ass as i slowed in sucking my mouth was paining with cock, i put my hand on cock and did as told by feroz i started talking dirty
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01-29-2012, 11:30 AM
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RE: Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
i said feroz please make me randi of all ur friends iam want cocks my husband is chaka i did not knew imake me nude in frount of all and get me fucked by all men of your choice
my daughetr said whats for me mom
i said niddhi, use me as whore send me to cusomers you select tell all world your mom is whore baby make me whore i will fuck with all my holes
wow she said and feroz again put his cock in my mouth as he was going to cum
niddhi odered rand u now swallow all cum of your son in law
my mouth was full of his cum i swallow as she told me then i cleaned his cock with my touge my whole body was wet with cum and urine
now my daughter told me to walk to my room nude in this condition and change there she kept my cloths filled with cum as in her custody i anyhow

I had to obey her now, so any how i ran in to my room keeping watch on my husband who was sleeping
I ran to the bathroom had a bath as was feeling dirty now of cum and my mouth was smelling bad of niddhi"s piss in it.
I brushed thrice but still felt bad in mouth,i was feeling very bad of myself for giving in to my daughters plan to humilate me,my body was paining, i was wondering now i a woman of great character turned slut for them in 15 min,was a slut buried in me too as its said all womans have slut in them.

I tought i will keep good relation with niddhi and feroz so that they don't make me rand for other people as i wanted to protect my dignity, even though i knew feroz will keep me as his whore but now i wanted it to be at least secret within three of us .i was aver that even if my brain was stopping me my body did enjoy feroz as it was first orgasm i felt in life

I felt sleep within min of going to bed as was tired
i got up and was shock to see it was 10 am, i had missed my collage today
i had a bath and pooja as regular and did not find niddhi and feroz in there room
i was thinking how i will face them how i will look on there eyes,
suddenly bell ranged i opened the door it was feroz on door with niddhi
I could not see in there eyes,they went to there room
niddhi called me to her room and said mom how r u feeling enjoyed your night
i was standing there with my eyes on ground,

she raised her voice and said saali rand bol kall rat ko accha laga yeah nahi,
i could not reply my eyes were filled with tears,feroz came close and hugged me tightly and said mom don't worry tell her she will not harm you dear,
this made my emotions show and i cried at his shoulders tightly hugging him
I knew now my daughter was my master, i weakly said yes i liked feroz but not the humiliation.

she had huge laugh saali now you rand you like to be fucked by this goon even after he is your son in law now do you agree that you r whore a skut female and not me,
i thought i would be better to surrendered in front of her to save self.
i immediately went on knees in front of her and with my head down said
niddhi my sweet daughter i your mother of great character agree that iam character less woman, i slut,whore,rand what ever you can call me i ask for forgiveness for my calling you bad names
she said mom but your agrees hence froth you will do as i say and for a month, i will make use of you as rand then you will be free,I had no option but to agree to her.
she said mom from tomorrow on ward you come with bed tea at 6 in morning to our room, i said ok no problem i will come.
she said wait listen fully
you should be nude while coming in, and you have to lick my ass and feroz cock till he cums in your mouth and this will be your bed tea
ok she asked
I said no i cant do this i don't eat before pooja and bath and this i cant do
ok mom wait she on her cd player and showed me that she had recored all last nights my humiliation i was begging feroz to fuck like chinal,
she told me this cd will be played on local channel if you don't listen to me
my eyes were full of tears for my fall, i had to agree for this
next two days i followed same routine in morning and getting fucked at night i had to take all her humilation as it came,
frankly i started liking feroz as he showed care for me when niddhi not there i did enjoy his huge fucks,

day 3 was holding something different for me
feroz's father yasim khan came from his native to visit my sick injaured husband, he was man of early sixties, though he was well build up with 6 feet hgt like pathans,
we welcomed him like samdhi me and niddhi cooked for feast for him as was his first time in our house he was nice gentle man, i felt nice for his coming as felt i will get reprieve from niddhi now,
i always went in front of him with pallu on my head,he talked highly of me as her younger son studied in my collage and all respected me, i was feeling uneasy as feroz and niddhi were giving me crooked smile on this
in night after dinner yasim ji was escorted to guest room by me and nidhhi to sleep when we were leaving room yasim said niddhi do you have servant here
nidhi said he is on leave for week what u want papa
he said leave it then,
tell papa what u need
yasim;nothing as you know i like bit of massage on legs and back when i sleep so asked,
niddhiapa don't worry i will call and sent some one or may be our neighbor's old lady servant kanta bhai you just switch off light and sleep

we left him and room niddhi told me to come to her room as i do always in night but she told me to keep wearing my blouse and petticoat. i was happy that since her sasur has come my humiliation of going nude is saved
when i went in her room i found her holding a bottle of oil in her hand feroz was looking in other direction.
she told me mom take this bottle
i took it
she looked at me
mom my sasur needs a massage
i said whom to call at this moment niddhi raju is also not there
she said mom you are there and i think you can give nice massage
i was shocked, no non non non don't do this to me nidhi we share very delicate relation he respects me so much please i begged her
she said he is our guest it our duty to take care of him and lights are off you dont speak he wont know you did it he will think its kanta bhai pressing his feet
Ok now go and do it or wanna all people see your hot movie
i had no option but to leave for yasim ji room

I left my daughters room with bottle in my hand in just my blouse and petticoat i was not even wearing bra and panty under it as ordered by my daughter .
I was feeling shy to enter yasim ji room as so my feet were not moving,my daughter came out of room and saw me she stared at me with her eyes came near me
she said saali rand abb tak yahen kya kar rahi ho, go to his room or i will make you nude and send you there, and listen you bitch i will drop you at his door and will lock his room from out side will open after you give me miss call from your cell take it with you and you should get 300 rupees from him while coming out as charges,rand now he is your first customer.
my eyes were full of tears now, i was to fall so low in life i never dreamed of this day i never allowed male to even look at me and now was suppose to serve for 300 rupees it was my bad destiny she dragged me to his room and pushed me in.

It was bit dark inside slowly my eyes could see a bit he was lying on his back on bed i did not know what to do how to start
I sat near his feet and put liitle oil on his foot and strated massaging it slowly
He felt my hand on his foot and respounded with
he said kanta bhai thoda pressure lago tumera hands bahot najuk hai
I i thought better to be quiet and do job as he will not know me and i increased pressure on it
slowly my eyes got used to darkness i could see him lying nude on his back
after massaging his foot i moved to his legs and he was enjoying my tough and complementing me i was just answering in hoon haaa to hide my identity
Now i was massaging his strong thighs he body was very well build and hard and franking touching him was feeling me horny.
he beign experienced man also came to know from my touch that i was enjoying feeling him, he now talking dirty to me like whether i will enjoy massaiging his manhood i could not open my mouth so he tought i agree so he turned around
he dragged me up wards he was seeing me in little light so face he was not able to recognise .
he made me sit near him and put my hand on his huge erect cock it was huge monster like his sons 12 incher.holding it in my hand made send shivers in my spine i started getting turned on.
he now place his hand on my waist and was moving on it yasim ji was enjoying me i decided to enjoy hi as i knew he was doing me thinking of kanta bhai and also i had to gain 300 rs
i started massing his manhood nicely moving my hands on it and slowly to his testicles and below with oil in my hands he was simply enjoying me his hands had now moved to y boobs under my blouse and were exploring them
he commented kanta you seem quite fit and sexy u seem to be like my sati savitri samdhan's figure damm she is so hot but i cant get her as she different kind
further he asked me kanta will you help me enjoy you while i fantasy of my samdhan tell me kanta i will pay you for it i know you may be needing cash
i just have to say hoon to him
he said tell me what u want i just said your wish changing my voice he got up to get cash i was afraid now as he on the light and i saw him taking 2 nos 500 notes from his pocket, and luckingly before seeing me he switched light off and laid down on my hands he kept the money and said this is for my sexy samdham i will call you by my samdhan's name neeta ok
i just said yes and took my first income as rand and kept it in my cell phone cover,
I started my job as whore now i was massing his hot cock while his hands were foundling my boobs
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01-29-2012, 11:31 AM
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RE: Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
yasim ji was pressing my boobs more vigorously with his rough hands i was enjoying his touch and my hands were feeling his tool(monster) grow more and more as i rubbed my soft hands on it.

now He brought his thick monsters near my face lips and held it there. he asked me to suck it i was reluctant as the monster had lot of hair near his base. It was ugly. suddenly he got angry on this

he told you rand daughter of a whore suck my cock as i tell you or i will make you move nude in streets like bitch it followed with a tight slap on my face my ears were dumb after that and i body was shivering

I lost my control and told him leve me iam nitu your samdan, he immediately got up and stiwted light on he saw me i was just in my petticoat trying to hide my boobs with bare hands, i tought he would leave me now but i prooved to be wroung
he came near me held me from shoulders he made me sit in his lap lifted my face i could not see in his eyes so closed my eyes
he told open your eyes you whore so you are in my room because your husband cant fuck you i will fuck all your holes i know u females are whores in heart
now since you have taken money from me i will treate you like rand and not my samdhan, come on you bitch suck me like all whores do he forced my lips on his smeely cock
I opened my lips a bit. Each move was torturing me. Suddenly his hands went to my hair and he pulled at my hair and I cried out. His cock was placed between her lips and he tried to push it in. I was in a fix. Probably now my body was revolting against what is happening and my mind was terrified to put up even a notion of struggle. My lips separated a bit more allowing some passage for him. He still held my hair. He was be conveying his intentions through pulling her hair. His grip tightened and my lips opened more. Now he pushed it further. my small mouth was swallowing his huge black monster it was now between them. He pulled me once more and i was was trying to breathe. The monster had lot of hair near his base. It was ugly. He was pushing it inside. my lips were now spread wide. He kept pushing the thing inside and I was choking. Strange gurgling sounds were coming from my mouth. Then he started moving in and out like fucking my mouth his cock was toughing my troth wall but i could not feel my self from him after long time i felt his cock was chumming so tired to move it out of my mouth but he did not allow me he came with huge trust in my mouth i was filled with his jelly cum huge in quantity and had to swallow most of it some was spread on my lips and face, he made me clean his ugly cock with my beautifully lips while he was abusing me as whore

then we slept on bed for 15 minutes he again asked me to start licking his cock as he wanted to get erection and fuck my other holes i obeyed him as true rand as i remember his slap even then, within minute of my lips touching his cock it was back in full size
he made me remove petticoat and i lied on bed for his anslaught in my pussy
he touched his figure there i was totally wet under ther
he said you sati savitri rand your chut is asking for my lund your chinal
i had to listen all
now he placed his huge cock on my pussy door i was afraid it may torn my pussy as double then my hubbies
he applied full force and entered it in a huge jerkl i felt it touched my chest through pussy
he started pumping me heavily i was now enjoying my fuck my chut was wet with my pleasure juices
jasim ji said you bitch rand chinal now i sasur of your daughter aim fucking you for a cost your my rand saaali rand tell me what you all
i was mouring heavily i said yes my jaan iam rand iam your rand your whore iam enjoying fucking you oh sasur of my daughter its our tradition to keep samdhis happy, please use me as rand you have paid me tonight
yasin said, nitu tell me did my son fuck you like abitch
i said yes he has made me whore and he fucks me i enjoy becoming rand for both of you:::::;; oh sasur of my daughter

My cunt had never experienced such a thick, fat prick my outer cunt lips where fully stretched. I was screaming in pain now "OOOHHHH
GAAWD III CAANNNT, PLEEASE NNNNOOOOOO yasim bhai,", I cried. There was cold sweat all over her forehead and face. I was really scared OOOOUUI MMMAAA YOOU Are TEEEAARRINNNGG MEEE AAAIIIEEEEEE".Although i was married 21 yrs I cunt had never been so stretched. I now started begging yasim bhail to please spare me.
yasim bhai said :saali rand your are pretending as aim fucking you a virgin. and yes you are very tight still and This exciting me to fuck you more hard and open up your cunt
Now proud thick prick throbbed even more. He got a fucking in fast rhythm now, I lifted my buttocks to meet his thrusts. my juices were flowing freely and i could feel an orgasm approaching. I like a whore now clawed on yasim bhai's back begging him to go faster. yasim bhai asked me you bitch tell me how are you feeling, I just managed a whimpering sound " OOHH AAARGG HHHEES FFUCKING MEE SOOO
NICCELY, IT FEELSS SSOO GOOD". yasim bhai now started thrusting and
Withdrawing faster and faster pounding my tight cunt. His heavy balls
Were slapping against my raised buttocks THWAP, TWAP, THWAP with each
of yasim bhai's powerful strokes. my body were glistening with sweat and
the only sound in the room as yasim bhai’s increased his thrusts were of my loud moaning and THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP of his ball slapping my
raised buttocks.
I was thrilled at the power of his thrusts and for the second time in life felt fulfilled, literally and mentally. yasim bahi was still going THWAP THWAP
THWAP and i could feel my orgasm imminent. Sensing this he stopped
He stopped and was looking at opened door of my room there my daughter was standing with my husband on wheel chair,
Seeing them yasim bhai again started thrusting hard and since I was on threshold of orgasm In the moment of heat I just wanted his fuck nothing else I moaned OOOOUUI MMMAAA YOOU TEEEAARR MEEE AAAIIIEEEEEE"
yasim bhai increased his speed now and asked me tell now who are you
i said iam your whore fucking you for 1000 bucks and enjoying nice hard fuck after sleeping with my chaka husband for 21 years come on make me whore of town but dont stop samdhiji you and my son in law are so good in fuck i like you both, DONT STTOOP PLEEEASEE
He exploded inside me, filling my cunt with his semen.
He then collapsed on the bed beside me, I was coming to my senses slowly now i remember my daughter with my husband on door seeing me in such dirty act i was feeling shame on my self my image of 21 yrs was ruined in a min

yasim bhai pulled me close by shoulders he brought me near his thick prick and forced my face on it I whispered him my husband and daughter were seeing please leave me now
He loudly said you husband has seem already all your character now you rand suck me as you did before saali bitch and he slapped me hard tears were rolling down my eyes i saw in direction of my daughter she was wickedly smiling for her victory my husband was looking expressionless, he dragged my face on his cock and I took in his prick inch by inch.

It smelled different now as was full on my cunt juices on it and tasted tangy n salty. yasim bhai meanwhile pushed further, however the taste n smell was too much for me and I she started choking. he quickly brought his prick out smeared with my saliva, started rubbing on her face. Slowly he brought it to my lips again and again I opened her mouth. He kept doing this routine of taking his prick out and then putting it in and
I now and stared sucking him hard so to make him cum
He again asked me my bitch are you enjoying sucking your samdhis cock in front of your daughter and husband
it was in so humiliating but knew I have to say yes so said yes i loving to suck and serve you to the best as whores do to there customers

I felt like he is Cumming so tried to move away but he hold my head hard and I felt his hot semen flowing in my mouth he made me swallow most of it some spread on my face and lips my hairs were full of his sperm
he told out his cock and ordered me to clean it by my tongue i had to do it as i still remember his hard slap
i was feeling humiliated as I could see my husband’s eyes were on the ground but my bitch daughter was sharing joke with feroz who was standing behind.

My daughter’s voice I heard now she said
you rand you are fucking all men even my father in law like a whore and don’t have shame to do same in front of me, my husband and my father
I on behalf of my father you has loved you so much will now take revenge on you and bring humiliations on you and let people know your true character
I saw my husband now holding my daughters hand firmly as if thanking her for support
I had fallen in her dangerous trap I knew

yasim bhai placed a 100 rs note on my hands and said you rand this is tips for good service and pushed me out of his bed like one throws a used condom away

on door my daughter hold me by my shoulder,i was shivering with fear and fear from my own daughter whom i had beaten so many times in life and now she was paying me back but with cruelty
my husband was just watching while feroz was eying my body which was full of his fathers cum i was standing fully nude full of cum on face,boobs,hairs,lips,thighs,and pussy.
my eyes were asking mercy from my little daughter who had turned rebel due to my insulting her in public,
I now feel on her feet with tears flowing throw my eyes and begged her
niddhi please forgive me, lease forgive my deeds since i have got huge punishment and who have made me whore and insulted me like anything plese stop further humiliation i cant take any more
she asked me softy mom when you insulted me called me and feroz sister whore and rand how many people were hearing it
i mu mered it was in public may be most of our neighborhood's few other around 100
yes my daughter said i will forgive you if you can come open in street in condition you are and show all people that i have proven its you my mom who's whore and rand and let people enjoy seeing your cum filled body
no non no no i cried like a baby i cant do that never
she said then enjoy in house mom as i know your enjoying your fucks and you can also see as all your fucks are begin recorded by me even the one you just have to behave like true whore in house and if you fail it will be in public he held my hairs and pushed me to ground
i requested her niddhi i will abide by all your orders within home i promise don't get in out in public iam respected professor of home do as you wish i will be your slave
she ordered : now move to your bed room and don't wear anything till i tell you and morning cum to my room at 6 as usual to drink my peep and feroz cum as usual before bath
i said ok,and rushed to my bed room i was thinking how i will face my husbands eyes what will he say to me
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RE: Meri Beti ne Kaise Mujhe Randi Banaya
I was in dilemma how my husband will react when he finds me alone now in her room and my wait for him ended as my daughter came in pushing his wheel chair with feroz I was sanding in corner full nude dirty with sperms on me. feroz shifted my hubby to bed and left room with my daughter. I now went near my husband towards her feet and holding his feet with tears rolling from my eyes, I was surprise to see a smile on my husbands face and truth behind that smile came out in this way
He said nitu I knew you are a whore inside but you pretended so many years to be sati savitri and even deprived me of sex now I will enjoy seeing you being fucked by all like true whore you always got more respect then me in my family also and you always humiliated me many times as you where better placed then me now you bitch I now like you as I always wanted vulnerable wife but never dared my daughter has done it for me, now ii will enjoy you being used .I have good news for you my slut
I asked what it is
Hubby said my mama ji whom you hold in high respect and who treats you like his bahu respects you highly that fatherly figure is coming tomorrow afternoon to see me.

This was highly freighting for me as he was like my sasur and I had never even shown my face to him always had gunghat in front of him and he was also very nice man always treated me like daughter.
I spelt on ground as order by my hubby who never dared before this to speak to me in high tone but time had changed.
Morning I entered my daughters room I was holding tea tray fully nude, my daughter and son in law were sleeping nude with feroz cock in my daughter’s pussy .
I thought to please my daughter today so she spares me humiliation in front of mamaji.
I came to close to her pussy it was smelling heavily as in night feroz and she did not clean up after sex I was feeling very bad of that pungent smell but I knew I have to please her today so save my self when mamaji comes
I placed my wet lips on her pussy clitoris and kissed them and I started slowly licking her pussy walls all that dried cum and pussy juices were coming in my mouth but I took it I felt her waking up
My daughter mouned ow haaaaaaaa my bitch mom u have really turned whore and true slave now do it rand do it
I sucked with more josh and saw that she enjoyed every moment of it
Her moaning made feroz to wake up he was enjoying seeing me eating my daughters pussy so deliciously he immediately goy hard on and went to my bad and I was feeling his hard cock on my pussy I served them for more than a hour like pure whore and when saw her please begged her for I izzzat for a day as mamaji ji was coming and lucking she being in good mood said ok go take a bath and wear as you want I wound order you till mamaji is here, I thanked her a lot and kissed her wet pussy and licked it clean of her piss drops.

At noon 2.30 there was bell at the door I opened it up mamaji stood there I touched his feet as I usually do with my head he placed his ashrivad on my head I was in my gunghat as usual he directly went to my hubby and inquired of his well being spend some time discussing his heath.i served lunch to him, when he saw my daughter niddhi with feroz in my home he got angery and said bahu how you allowed this gone in your home you told me you served all your relation with niddhi for marrying this class and he is in your home and gave and bad words to feroz class
yasim bhai was also listing to it he took offensive to it and war of worlds began in them in fit of anger yasim bhai told you people are sex slaves for us and your baho beti like to be our whores and even you bahu is whore for me she is slut and you are her badva I tired to make matters cool so took yasim bhai away in other room and closed the door I knew any further tiff yasim bhai will say all my deeds.
in room I tried to cool yasim bhai
I said yasim bhai I agree aim your whore aim rand for you and will sleep with any one you order me for but please don’t talk to mamaji his is old man of useless ethic I know now I enjoy sucking your hot cock and just to change his mood I was moving my hand on his manhood over his lungi his was not wearing any thing under it his cock was now growing and he now made it come out and pressed my face towards it I was toward door to be sure no one was there as it was just closed and not locked
I began sucking him with full pleasure to make him cool I had nice suck then he fucked my ass hole nicely for pleasure of 20 minutes and when I was shouting with orgasm I saw mamaji peeping in through sliding door my eyes meet his eyes I knew I was ruined now and mamji ji with break all relations with us henceforth but I clould not stop yasim bhai as was cumming I was just sying fuck me yasim bhai fuck me hard ohhhhhhhh.
I adjusted my drees as I nearly ran to my bathroom I cleaned and changed my dress and I thought I will tell mamaji that this people are blackmailing us so I did.
I went to room where mamji was there I was shivering with fear with gunghat on my face I was standing in front of mamaji
He said nitu what is this hell going on you have made your home randikhana and spoiled family name
I said no
He said take out this ghunghat and talk openly I now don’t treat you like daughter your whore I saw
He made me remove it first time in life he saw my face he kept looking for moment and said you will be punished as you spoiled our name
I said mamaji you forgive me I promise in name of my husband that I will accept all punishment you give me e said ok
He now told me drop your pallu and tell me how it happened as I want to feel does one change character when turned on
I did so hesitantly did so and told her full happenings in details tears were running down in my eyes as I narrated him all.
He called me near him and embraced me I started weeping heavily in his arms as feeling him like father
I felt him rubbing my open back his other hand was exploring my boob in bra less blouse
He placed my hand on his cock oh it was fully erect I got shock I said leave me mamaji I your bahu
He said you told me you will do as I say I agree you are my bahu so always treated you so but its also true now you’re a whore so let me also have pleasure as aman and I will pay u the best as I always like you but hold my feeling as I felt you very satisavitri and now seeing you enjoying yasim bahis cock can only think of you as whore so come fuck with mw as you did fro him and he took out hid hard cock out for my lips

He reached forward and pressed my boobs. I pleaded –mamaji, I am your bahu. Please leave me alone. But my pleadings had no affect on him. Now, in desperation, I pushed him and tried to run towards the door. He immediately caught me by my hair, pulled me back and SLAPPED me hard on my face a couple of times. He said –‘Randi, agar jyaada naatak karegi to sab ko baata donga. His eyes were blazing and I knew he meant what he said. Like a cornered rat, I squirmed, scratched back and fought a losing battle. mamaji pulled me up by my hair and I was on my knees. He pulled my face on his crotch and asked me to suck his lund. When I tried to avoid, he hit my head repeatedly. I realized, I had no choice but to accept. I took his semi erect cock in my mouth. It had a pungent smell and I fell like puking. He was pushing my face more onto his lund and I could feel it growing in my mouth. He made me lick, suck and use my hands on his lund, till he came with a big spurt. I gaggled and finally was able to swallow his whole cum. Then he raised me and started feeling my boobs. I gave in. I knew I had no choice. He loosened my blouse and started fondling my breast. His mouth was on my tits as I stood there stunned, tears streaming down my eyes. I felt used, dirty. Finally I could see that his cock was again hard. He pulled me on bed and then laying me on the bed, rolled my sari and petticoat up, he removed my panties and then lay on top of me inserted his lund. By now, I was practiced enough to realize how to take a lund all in. I spread my leg and he started pumping me, now my pussy juice where flowing as I was turned on pacch paccch sound was coming for his stokes I was closing on a huge orgasm I cried out mamaji fuck your bahu hard iam whore mamaji iam whore fuck me as hard as you cam mamaji ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and same time his sperms also exploded on my proud pussy.
I served him and he placed 5 notes of 500 rupess in my hand gave me a nice good bye kiss I took my cloths in hand and came nude to my room did not care of others seeing me as was very tired of two continuous fucks I slept in same condition and was awaken but our servant raju who,had come back at 9 pm in night knew .i covered my self with blanket lying there immediately and asked him why he came in
He said my daughter told him to bring me to dining table to serve all
I told him to go as I will change and come
He said mam niddhi didi told to get you nude and explained me that you have become a whore now
I had no choice but to remove blanket in front of raju our servant a boy of 20 yrs who was with me since ten yrs like son it was huge humiliation my daughter was bringing me
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