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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:07 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
When Tom and his cousin,Rob entered the room, they saw Mrs.Ruby,Tom’s mother was nursing her little baby. They had come to the back door, and not thinking about it, Ruby had just picked the baby up and carried the baby, still nursing, to answer the door. And there they stood, their eyes got really big, and Rob’s mouth dropped open, and Tom was feeling very horny to see his cousin looking at his mother’s big, heavy and swollen breasts.

Oh, yes, Rob just stood there mouth open, eyes big and wide staring at the baby sucking on Ruby’s titty. Ruby let him look for a while. Finally Rob pulled his head up and looked into Ruby’s eyes and got really red in the face, like a school boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. ‘Oh, gosh aunty,' he stammered, ‘I am so sorry. But Ruby answered, “It’s ok baby. come on.”

They followed Ruby on into the kitchen, again, staring at her bare titty. Ruby decided that the baby had nursed on that one long enough and it was time to change sides, besides, what They both really think she wanted to do was get both of her tits exposed for them. It made Tom feel so wicked! Ruby went over to the table, and sat down, Rob got behind her to pull the chair out and help her get situated, he just sort of stood off to the side a bit, and Ruby laid the baby on the table, holding the baby so that he wouldn't fall, of course, and proceeded to open up the other side and pull down the cup so that her breasts were exposed. Ruby sat there like that for a few minutes, the baby was almost asleep anyway and then invited them to sit down beside her. Rob side-stepped over to a chair, never once taking his eyes off her exposed chest. Tom also sat down a chair.

After Rob took his seat, which was not easy task for him, since he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her tits, Ruby leaned way back, pulling her shoulders back as far as she could, without being overly obvious, putting them both on display for him. She then reached to get the baby to put back in her lap. She was very careful about not obstructing his view of her tits as she did so. Very slowly, and I must say, very provocatively, she laid the baby in her lap, reached up to cup her tit to put it in her baby’s mouth, taking her time, knowing that he was staring at every move her hands were making on her tit, as she held it to the baby’s mouth. She could hear his very sharp intake of breath as the nipple disappeared into the baby’s mouth.

She decided to really play it up for him. ‘There, that's mommy's little man,' she cooed to the baby, keeping her eyes down so that he wouldn't feel self conscious about staring at her, ‘is he still hungry, hm,?' Then she raised her eyes back up to him, slowly so that he would have time to raise his eyes from her chest, ‘Don't you just love babies, I love to watch them eat, their little cheeks sort of hollow in when they suck, see how he does?' Yes, here Ruby had just given him verbal permission to stare. Ruby has always liked for men to look at her body, she is pretty proud of it.

"So, as she finished feeding the baby, she asked Rob questions about him and his parents. Periodically she would reach over with her free hand and sort of caress and stroke her tit, looking down to make sure that his eyes would follow her hand.

Then she put the baby in his crib.

Rob came here to stay in Tom’s home for a week. He came here for his holiday.Ruby made a room ready for him. Rob was 16 at that time. Tom was 15. Ruby gave birth of her second son few months back. These few months Tom saw his mom’s breasts regularly. They were really big,swollen and heavy with milk. She didn’t mind to feed her baby in front of her first son. Tom thought his mom loved to show her breasts . Mr. john, Tom’s father was going to another city for his business. So, Tom wanted to see what coming next??

At night Tom went his room early. But when the baby started crying,Tom came out from his room and saw mom walked back into the lounge room, baby brother cradled in her arms. The baby was mewling, his tiny face puckered and his mouth seeking upwards towards the firm breasts it rested beneath, his tiny hands touching the full mounds and trying to grasp them. Rob watched in anticipation as the neckline of the woman's blouse was pulled awry and the tops of her breasts uncovered by the baby's groupings. Rob was watching TV. Rob stood up as she came towards the lounge.

"Uh...Rob, I am now feed Bent,Do you mind?" Ruby began to say.

"No no aunty,it’s ok." Rob said.

Ruby looked back at Rob. She sat down on the lounge and Rob sat eagerly beside her. Ruby laid Bent in her lap and began unbuttoning her blouse with trembling fingers. This was it! She hadn't bothered to put her bra on, not expecting anyone to come to the house this night.She unbuttoned her blouse all the way down then pulled it back from her breasts.

"Jeeesus!" Rob whispered. "You've got the most beautiful tits, aunty!" he exclaimed. "Oh! I'm sorry!" he burst out, looking immediately contrite. "I didn't mean to say that! Honest,aunty." He looked at the half-nude woman beside him and had a good feeling inside him. She was going to fall for his act.

"Its all right, Rob. I don't mind that word. Some man calls them 'boobs' but I like 'tits' as well," Ruby said, her words coming out without any effort - which surprised her.

"You're leaking already, aunty," Rob said, pointing to her near breast where white droplets of fluid beaded around her large nipple.

"Wow!" again Rob said “your nipples are as beautiful as your tits" he added.

Ruby blushed as she brought Bent up to the breast nearest Rob. She shivered as the baby latched on to her nipple, sucking greedily as her milk flowed. Rob watched, their eyes meeting each other's and giving a sly smile. Her breasts were rounded and firm, jutting out from her chest. There was a tracery of faint bluish veins underneath her smooth skin, leading towards her puffy, large pinkish-brown aureoles with their bright pink nipples. Milk trickled from her un-attended breast and Rob touched it with his finger.

"Rob!" Ruby said, startled at his boldness.He looked at her guiltily and she immediately felt as though she'd been too harsh. After all, it was quite natural for the boy to be curious. She smiled softly. "I'm sorry, hon. Its okay," she said. "You can touch me."

To her surprise, Rob immediately put his hand over the bulge of her breast above Bent's head. The boy looked up at her with such an imploring look that she decided not to react. 'He's only an inquisitive young boy,' she thought, settling back against the sofa and letting him feel her. Bent had ceased his greedy guzzling and was now steadily sucking on her nipple and Ruby felt the familiar stirring of desire from the baby's suckling. The room was quiet except for Rob’s heavy breathing and the occasional snorts from the baby. Ruby relaxed, letting the feelings of love, motherhood and desire flow through her. Rob was lightly rubbing around her now stiffened left nipple, her excess milk dribbling from the rough nub and tickling her as it trickled under her breast. Now Rob was gently caressing over the upper bulge of her right breast, his hand just brushing against Bent's cheek as he came closer and closer to her nipple. His touches were becoming more sexual, she realised and felt her body stirring in response deep inside. Her groin felt moist and hot and she was aware she was getting turned on by Rob. She knew she should stand up now and leave the room and end it; but her body told her to just enjoy it. So, instead of leaving, she transferred Bent to her other breast, exposing her right breast fully to Rob's sight and touch. As though this was her sign of approval, the boy immediately cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over her moist nipple. Milk still seeped from it and the boy seemed fascinated.

"Does it feel nice?" he asked Ruby, his clear blue eyes looking up innocently at her, a slight little smile on his full lips.

"What?" she replied, smiling back at him. "You touching me or Bent’s suckling?"

Rob's smile widened and his eyes lost some of their innocence as he took hold of her nipple between his thumb and finger, a deliberately sexual touch this time, his eyes locked on her's. "I touching you will do," he responded, squeezing her nipple and causing Ruby to draw breath as a tingle rippled down to her groin. "But I meant does it feel nice when your milk comes out?"

Ruby could only nod. Bent was asleep at her breast, his mouth around, but not touching, her nipple. She swallowed nervously. She knew what was going to follow this. She guessed she had realised right from the start. Rob's touch and the look on his faces told her she had let this go too far all ready. But she didn't want to stop it. Not now. That time had passed a minute or two ago.

"Why don't you put Bent back in his cot, aunty," Rob said, his eyes not leaving Ruby's. "I think I can make you feel nice for a while longer without the baby. What do you think, aunty?"

Ruby sat still, her heart fluttering. "I...You...Its not...." she stammered, but her voice was too shaky. She had lost control of this situation and felt like a little girl again. She was mesmerised by Rob and the way he had taken control. She was only dimly aware of Rob taking Bent from her arms . After returned her awareness centred almost fully on the boy beside her fondling and squeezing her naked breast and nipple.

"I thought you might like to let me drink from your tits," Rob said softly . "You're a really gorgeous looking woman, aunty, and I'd like to look at you and who knows....?" He let the sentence hang and Ruby felt her breathing quicken. The boy pushed her blouse back from her shoulder. "Why don't you take it right off?" he asked her. "I'd like you to."

Ruby slowly removed the blouse, letting it drop behind the lounge as she pulled her arm free. She felt as though she was hypnotised, as though she had no will of her own. Her sexuality and her needs had taken control of her under Rob's sensual presence.

"Hmmmmmmm. Very nice," the boy murmurred, his hands stroking both of her breasts now, making no pretense that it was an innocent action. He was very experienced, she realised and wondered fleetingly where he had learned as he teased and kneaded her firm flesh. Tom saw and gaped when he saw his cousin fondling his half-naked mother so brazenly.

"You have gorgeous tits, aunty. It feels good," Rob said, winking at her. Rob heart pounded as he took hold of Ruby's breast. He had done it! He had been right. His aunty was easy to arouse and was going to let him do things with her! He weighed her breast on his hand, her firm roundness heavy and warm. His thumb grazed her nipple and she moaned softly.

"'t...." she said, but made no move to stop the boy. Her breasts still leaked milk and the boy smeared it over them. The more he stimulated her nipples, the more her milk flowed.

Her nipple jutted out stiffly, droplets of milk trickling from it and running under her breast.

"I never tasted milk, aunty?" Rob asked."I reckon I ought to try it, don't I?" Rob uttered. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, aunty?" Before she could answer, the young lad bent his mouth to her breast and took her stiffened nipple into his mouth. She gasped as he began sucking on her like a baby.

Tom watched, seeing Rob kneading his mother's breast as he suckled her, white milk appearing at the edges of his mouth as he drew it from within her spongy breast.

The boy suckled Ruby for several minutes and she was almost overwhelmed by the sensations he created. He was rougher and more forceful than a baby, which was more exciting; and him seemed to instinctively know how to stimulate her beyond just getting her milk to flow. He manipulated her nipples and fondled her breasts in a way that aroused her sexually and her pussy was getting quite wet and heated between her clenched thighs.

"Relax, aunty," Rob said, pulling away from her breast but holding her firmly. "You know you like it. Just let yourself relax. I will make you feel real good. Won't I, aunty?" He squeezed her breast gently and nuzzled his face into the sensitive nape of her neck. Ruby felt goosebumps spring up over her skin. This boy really did know what it was all about, she thought. But Her thoughts were confused and flitted from panic to desire. She wanted the boy!

"Watch this, aunty," Rob said and he took hold of Ruby's nipple and squeezed it. Several thin streams of milk squirted out, going in different directions and leaving a trail of wetness down the woman's skin and over her skirt. "Oh, sorry," the boy apologized as he saw the red material of her skirt darken as it was wetted. He squeezed another burst of milk from her. "I guess you'd better take your skirt off," he said smiling as more streaks appeared on it. His fingers followed a trickle of milk that was running down her skin and making a damp spot on her skirt at her waist. "I don't want to stain it, do I?" He eased his fingers beneath her waist band and began pushing her skirt downwards.

Tom watched in eager fascination. In surprise, he saw his mother starts to help Rob remove her skirt. Wow! Her belly was uncovered and she raised her buttocks to let Rob tug it from beneath her. Tom watched as her panties came into sight. He was stiff beneath his shorts and he adjusted himself, pushing his erection upright beneath his pants. He wasn't wearing underpants. He glanced at Rob's crotch and could plainly see his cousin was also aroused and rampant, his penis pushing up the front of his shorts like a tent pole. His mum must be able to see it, he thought, looking down at himself and seeing his shorts bulging as well. Rob not wore a shirt and his near-naked state was exciting, especially as he was stripping his mother! He turned his attention back to her and Rob.

The boy had eased the tight skirt below Ruby's hips and her belly was fully uncovered, Rob's hand resting on its gentle curve. Her white lace panties were exposed. bulging erotically over her mound, blonde pubic hairs poking through the lace. They were bikini type, covering just her sex and, as Rob eased her skirt down her thighs, she felt very naked, her breasts bare and still leaking, her skin smooth and warm beneath the boy's hand. He pushed the skirt over her knees and it dropped in a circle around her bare feet.

"Open your legs, babe. Let's feel that pussy," Rob said, the authority of his tone and language surprising Ruby so that she did as she was told without resistance. Tom goggled and almost choked as his mother opened her legs and let Rob slide his hands up her thighs and into her crutch. "Mmmmmm. You're all hot and steamy down here, aren't you? His hand was covering his aunty's pubic area and he pressed into its firmness. He slid his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh, his heart pounding heavily and he could feel his aunty trembling under his touch. Her leg opened wider as he came up towards her centre. Her skin was moist as he neared her panties, his skin sticking against her's as he stroked upwards, her heat and moistness clearly discernable as his fingers neared her. Then he felt the rough softness of her lace panties and his hand was on her sex. Tom could hardly breathe for excitement and he stared at his cousin’s hand touching his mother so intimately. Now Rob was touching her there!

Rob was caressing her lower belly and his lips followed the trail of milk dribbling down from her breast upwards, underneath her full mound and up over her nipple again, his mouth sucking her milk strongly as he caressed her, the tips of his fingers slipping beneath her panties and touching her pubic hair. Tom heard his mother cry out and he looked up at her face. Her head was rolling, her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue was wetting her lips and teeth. Her blonde hair stuck in fine waves over her sweat-sheened shoulders and upper arms. She looked like a model in a Playboy magazine with her full breasts bared and thrust forward on her arched chest. He looked at Rob’s hand in her lap. He watched Rob's fingers going further and further underneath his mother's panties, getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Rob drew his head back from Ruby's breast and withdrew his fingers from her panties. "What a look," he said softly, then pulled the crutch of the woman's panties aside, exposing her sex to his gaze.

Ruby cried out and sat up stiffly when she felt herself exposed, but Rob leaned against her breast, holding her from stopping his probing fingers. She felt him pull her labia aside.

"Geeezus!" he exclaimed. "You're as ready as shit!" He looked at his aunty's bared pussy. "You are ready to fuck, aunty. You're as hot as hell! Oh… how wet you are!!!

"You want me to take off your panties, aunty.? You want to be naked?" Tom heard Rob ask. "Maybe you want me to fuck you, hey?" he said to her. Ruby gasped and moaned and Rob chuckled. "I guess that's a 'yes'!" he said. Tom’s cousin was talking real dirty to his mum and she was liking it!!! And Rob said he was going to fuck her!!!!

"You want me to fuck this lovely pussy of yours?" Rob was asking Ruby, his fingers digging in alongside as he spoke. She moaned and grunted. "You better say you do," Rob persisted. "I don't want to be accused of rape or anything. You want me to fuck you? Yes? Or no?"

Ruby stared at him dazedly. "Y..Y...Yes," she blurted out.

"Yes what?" her young tormentor insisted.

"Y..yes. I..I..want you to f..f..fuck me!" she gasped as Rob pressed hard into her.

"You want me to get naked?" he asked her, his head resting on her breast and looking up appealingly at her. Ruby could only nod. Her body felt as though it was on fire and there was only one way to quench that fire. She needed a cock and it didn't matter whose! A niggle in the back of her mind was saying it was wrong - it was her niece - but her body's needs pushed the thought even deeper.

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11-28-2012, 08:07 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Rob kissed her nipple and stood up, Ruby's eyes following him. Tom saw that his cousin's shorts jutted out quite a deal in front. Rob stood for a moment staring at the near-nude woman sprawled before him, then hooked his thumbs under the waist band of his shorts, bent over in one smooth motion and pulled them off. He stood naked and aroused in front of the woman. Ruby gazed at his man-sized erection standing up stiffly from his lower belly. He had a light sprinkling of short, dark hair on his pubic mound, but the rest of him was hairless.

His penis and testes looked huge on his young body and Ruby felt a thrill go through her as she looked at him. He was bigger than her husband! Even his balls were fuller, hanging so heavily from beneath his cock. She licked her suddenly dry mouth and lips, her eyes filled with lust for the boy. She reached out towards him, to draw him to her. But Rob wasn't ready yet.

Tom watched his mother looking at Rob and rarely moving higher than his groins.

"You like what you see?" Rob asked her, taking hold of his penis and pointing it at her. "Why don't I take a look at your pussy?" he said when she nodded, licking her lips. He knelt on the floor and hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties. "Lift up," he instructed and pulled the woman's panties down her legs as she complied. They were all now completely naked. Rob pushed her legs apart. "Thought you were a natural," he commented, his fingers ruffling the small patch of pale blonde pubic hair on her mound.

Rob Pulled her wider and his mother moaned, her hands reaching towards his head. Streaks of her leaking milk trailed down her body and gathered in the folds of her groin. Rob leaned forward and licked one of the tiny pools.

"Mmmmm. Tastes even lovelier down here," he said.

Rob’s mouth sliding over her slick wetness and bare skin. This was that unfamiliar taste, the strong, not unpleasant taste of his aunty's cunt. His tongue instinctively came out and began caressing her inner flesh. Rob could hear his blood pounding in his ears and his aunty's cries of pleasure as he pointed his tongue into her vagina, opening his mouth to cover her and delving deep within her slippery tunnel. He began slurping it in and out of her, feeling her body tensing up as he brought her pleasure. Then Rob push his penis into Ruby's waiting mouth and begin to jerk it in and out of her. Ruby seemed to like what was being done to her as her eyes were closed and she had one hand cupping and fondling Rob's testes.

For several minutes, the boy worked on Ruby. Ruby's body was a quivering mass of sensation, electric tingles rippling from her groin up through her heavy breasts. Her own mouth filled with the slimy hardness of Rob's penis. His taste permeated every pore and she could smell him, her nose almost hitting his lightly haired pubic mound each time he thrust inwards, his glans slipping down into her throat. He was leaking into her mouth and she felt the slimy essence coating her inner membranes, his salty taste so fresh and exciting. His balls were heavy and slippery in her hand and she jiggled them around erotically, tugging gently on his sac and rolling the eggs within it. She could feel he was near to a climax by the pulsing hardness of his organ and the tenseness of his young body. Then he was suddenly gone, pulling himself away from her. She opened her eyes in surprised disappointment.

"Time for fuck you, aunty," he said to her, holding his engorged penis and slapping her breast with it. Milk still trickled out of her nipples and her breasts felt even harder with her arousal He swirled the slimy glans of his penis around her nipple, then bent down and sucked the hard nub into his mouth.

Rob suckled at her breast, her milk flowing again. As he sucked, he worked himself around until he was kneeling between her legs, her wet pussy opened before him. He brought his hips forward guiding himself into her moist centre. His thick cock slid forcefully into her and Ruby gave a muffled squeal as he began pumping himself in and out of her. His teeth clamped on her nipple and she jerked. Rob pounded himself at her pubes, the slapping sound of his skin hitting her opened sex was loud above their grunts and gasps as they coupled.

When Rob felt her tightening around his shaft, he bit hard on her nipple, squeezing the other tightly with his free hand, and pushed himself up hard inside her, feeling the barrier of her cervix give way under his pressure. He held himself tight and still against her, his jissom pounding upwards through his shaft and squirting into her womb in powerful, hot bursts. She pulsated in rippling waves along his shaft, seeming to be in time with his own throbbing organ as it spurted its seed, again and again, her cervix almost painful in its squeezing of his shaft as he kept his glans pushed within its tight muscles.

They were lost in their orgasms, each experiencing pleasure like none they had had before. Ruby was on fire, her body rocked by the most powerful orgasm created by Rob’s large organ pounding her deep inside. Her breasts were assaulted by the boy's teeth and fingers and she could feel her milk being siphoned out of them by him. Her nude body was sprawled out, the boy using her for his pleasure, his hot bare skin sweaty against her where they touched.

Rob had one hand in her hair, the other was grasping her breast, his fingers kneading the spongy mound and being wet by her still trickling milk. He was all sticky and wet down there and the smell coming from his aunty was strong and erotic.

Finally they were all still, their bodies starting to relax and de-tumesce. Ruby felt Rob pull his thickness out of her.

"Wow, aunty! That was fantastic.You are one hot lady!" Rob said, flopping casually on the lounge beside her.

Tom saw all these behind the window. But he was so turned on seeing them like that. He quickly returened to his room. He took a cold shower to cool himself down, and he masturbated in the shower with his mother's tits in mind. He felt a bit better, and he went to sleep.

Last seven days Tom saw several times Rob fucked his mom. Now his view among his mom was totally changed. He wanted to fuck his mom badly. He really wanted. He lust for her. So, after Rob’s left, he caught his mother.

Ruby was home alone - well, except for Bent, and the baby was only few months old."Hey, mom," Tom said, leaning into the kitchen where she was looking into the freezer trying to decide what to make for dinner, "Does dad come home,today ?"

Ruby jumped; Tom hadn't knocked - which was unusal for Tom - or she hadn't heard him. She'd been breastfeeding Bent only ten minutes before and was wearing nothing but an old robe and a pair of panties. These few days Rob fucked her two even three times a day. So,she was very happy with these fucking.

"No,Tom," she said, "He will come tomorrow.”

Ruby turned around and gave Tom a grin. "Well? What do you want,baby?”

Tom gave her a grin back. "Nah, nah, nothing, mom." He didn’t know what to say.

"Yeah," she said, pushing past him to go back into the living room and check on Bent, in the bassinette.

"Uh, yeah," Tom said, still grinning. "Um, okay, I will. But... um... mom..." He shuffled his feet, and looked embarrassed. "Um... I was wondering, since, you know, it's just me and you here and all, and sometimes, you know, I see you anyway when you're, you know, feeding Bent..."

Ruby felt a stirring of alarm. What the hell was this, now...?

"I just wondered," Tom said, still grinning but looking kind of hangdog, "if you know, if you'd show me your titties." He looked up and saw the expression on his mom's face and hurried on, "Just a quick peek, you know, I won't touch or nothin', I already seen 'em just one at a time and always with the baby in front, but... you know... I think about 'em sometimes, and..."

Ruby felt horribly embarrassed. She'd known it was a bad idea to breastfeed in front of Tom, but she loved to breastfeed in front of people. She knew she should just order Tom out of the room... but... what if she did and he wouldn't go? What if this got more forceful? She had no illusions about her ability to protect herself if her son got angry with her.

"You're crazy," Ruby said. "Look, you get out now and I won't tell your dad about this." She knew as she said it that it wasn't going to work.

"Aw, mom, don't be mean like that, I don't mean nothin', I see Rob fondling your tits." Tom said, edging a little closer. "I like you. I ain't gonna hurt you or do nothin' you don't want me to. I just... you know, I seen 'em and I wanted a little peek at both at the same time. They're real pretty. Sexy. You know, the girls my age ain't got nothin' like that. Come on, please? One little look."

Ruby felt very worried now. The way the kid kept edging closer to her (and there wasn't very much further she could back up) belied the reasonableness of his tone... and underneath, there was the start of a greedy, spoiled, frustrated anger she could clearly hear, too. And if Tom said about Rob to her husband. Like he was really saying 'hey, you showed em to me before and I'm not askin' much, so you better give it to me'. It made her shiver inwardly. "Tom, you promise me, you won't tell anyone, especially your dad," she said, desperately trying to keep the situation under control. "And you said you wouldn't try to touch me or anything."

She knew it was a mistake, that the minute she gave into this entirely inappropriate demand, she'd have lost all control of the encounter and any chance to exert adult authority over him. But did she really have any such authority anyway? Any such control? She was operating on instinct here, and her instinct was screaming to her that one way or another, this kid was going to get what he wanted... so how bad did she want to make it for herself?

"Aw, no, mom, I love you," Tom said, seeming honestly puzzled. "You're cool and everything. I just, you know, want a look. Then I'll go."

Ruby felt her hands quivering as they went to her robe sash. Her heart was beating very fast, and she realized she was terrified. "You promised," she whispered, and with trembling fingers pulled her sash loose and held the robe open.

Tom just at her breasts for several seconds, obviously finding them very exciting. Ruby couldn't help but feel a warm flush at that; her tits were really big and swollen with milk and she couldn't remember the last time her husband had paid much attention to them. These few days Rob played with them and she liked it. But this was horribly wrong, and worse, horribly risky. "Okay," she said, closing her robe again. "There's your look. Now you can't tell anyone..."

Tom said, "Aw, no, mom, I won't tell anyone. It will be our secret. And really, thanks a lot, you're the best, you know?" He came up and put his arms around her and hugged her.

Ruby didn't know what to do, but she hoped... knowing it wasn't, but still kidding herself... that this was just a harmless hug. She hadn't had time to tie her robe again, but his body against hers would hold it closed, so she put her arms around him and hugged him back. "Okay," she said, patting his back briskly in that way that was universal touch language for 'let me go now', "okay, I'm glad you like them but I have a lot of work to do now, and..."

Tom pulled back from her a little bit but didn't let her go, and Ruby realized with a flush that her robe had come open as soon as he had backed off a little, and with her arms around him she couldn't close it again. She looked up to yell at him, and abruptly his mouth was on hers and before she could even switch gears, his tongue was pushing past her lips.

Oh, Jesus! Ruby thought to herself, frozen in terror for a second as her son tongue kissed her. He's gonna rape me, goddam, it's really gonna happen, I'm gonna get raped in my fucking dining room by a 15 year old who's my son, in front of my baby...

Tom's hands came up and found his mom’s titties and grabbed them, squeezing hard. They felt great; soft and fat, kind of, with one nipple sticky from feeding the baby in the center of his palm. She wasn't kissing him back but wasn't resisting, either, she was just kind of frozen.

Ruby didn't try to pull away from him or close her mouth, but she made no move to kiss him back, either. Maybe if she didn't respond he'd just get bored and leave... if he'd just go…..

"Oh, man, mom," Tom said thirty seconds or so later, after he'd taken his tongue out of her mouth, still mauling her tits with his hands, "your titties are the greatest. I got such a hard on. Listen, can I just fuck you real quick? I mean, I won't say nothin' to no one and then I'll go, I promise."

Ruby wanted to scream but didn't dare, that might make him really angry. So far he didn't seem angry, just... aggressively opportunistic. She should have drawn the line with a firm 'no' and made him leave, she saw that now, going along with him at all had been a mistake... but what could she do now?

“Baby," she said, forcing her voice to calmness, "baby, please don't fuck me, I am your mother. It’s not fair. I mean, it's not that I'd mind but I don't have any birth control also, sweetie, and I don't want another baby right now, okay?" If he had a condom on him she was in trouble, she knew, but she didn't figure he was the kind of kid who was that thoughtful, or smart.

"Aw," he said, but it seemed like she'd gotten through to him; he probably didn't want to knock up his mom, either. "Well, are you into anal, we could do anal sex, cuz you can't get knocked up that way, I do that with girls sometimes."

Ruby wanted to shudder. She had done anal sex and she didn't find it bad, in fact, with Rob, it had been pretty good, he'd always played with her clit for her when he took her that way, but the thought of this horny rapist prick of a teenager shoving his dick up her ass and getting off there was unbearable to her. But an idea occurred to her. "Better not, hon," she said, keeping her voice as calm as possible, "I got a little bit of the flu and some diarrhea, it could be messy."

"Ew," Tom said, "well, okay, then let's just fuck, cuz you probably won't get pregnant, hell, I'll even pull out before I cum," which Ruby knew was absolutely a lie, one this kid had probably told a hundred or a thousand times before, and for the first time it really occurred to her that her kid wasn't just a punk, he was actually a worthless, valueless, sociopathic little bastard; he just did whatever he wanted because in his life so far, no one had ever stopped him. And now she wasn't stopping him either, but what could she do?

"Let me blow you," she said, desperately. "I really like to do that."

"Really?" Tom said, bemused by that; most girls his age would go down if you asked them to, or made them do it, but he'd never had one offer to do it before. What girls offered if they didn't want to fuck was a hand job, which always pissed him off; he could give himself a fucking hand job. Having someone offer him a blow job instead was pretty cool. And she liked to do it? "You really like to suck cock?"

"Yeah, sweetie," Ruby said, again forcing herself to sound sincere, "sucking dick is kind of my thing. Ever since I was your age, really. I just really like to do it." Actually, that wasn't a lie, Ruby really did like to suck cock, but she wasn't a slut; she only really enjoyed it with guys she had a thing for. But her kid probably had no staying power and less of an attention span; if she got him off, he'd probably leave now. She'd have offered him a hand job, but some powerful instinct from her own teen years had told her he wouldn't respond well to that.

"Okay, yeah, if you wanna," Tom said, as if he were being magnanimous. "A blow job would be pretty good."

"Okay, baby," Ruby said, and slid down to her knees in front of him. Fuck, she was going to have her mouth raped in her own dining room in front of her sleeping baby, but at this point, if that was all that happened, she'd think she'd gotten away lucky. "And you promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Oh, yeah," Tom agreed glibly, "it'll be our secret, totally."

Ruby unsnapped his baggy jeans and unzipped them, freeing a long but skinny cock that was, as advertised, very hard already. As she took the base of it in her small, soft, chubby hand and leaned forward to slide the narrow head into her mouth, she realized that this wasn't going to stop here. He might leave after the blowjob, but in the future, he was going to expect similar service... and he was going to push it further.

Worry about that later, she told herself, as she started to work the long, slender shaft with her tongue, swirling it up and down.

She hadn't known what to do, and thinking about that now, as she started to bob her head in a short stroke up and down on her boy's cock, swirling her tongue, sucking and slurping, she realized that she had come full circle.

Tom groaned as his mom knelt at his feet and gobbled on his cock. She was bobbing her head up and down smooth and easy, swirling her tongue on his shaft, taking him all the way down to her hand at the base without a problem. It felt great; much smoother and more professional than the way the girls his age and younger reluctantly sucked him off. Mom gave great fucking head. He wondered how she fucked. He knew he was going to find out, if not today, then pretty soon. After this, she'd never say no to him.

Ruby let her instincts and experience take over, keeping her eyes closed, concentrating on pleasing the cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping, bobbing her head up and down in a steady rhythm, just wanting to get the kid off, gulp his load down, and get him out of here. If she'd actually had any sexual feeling for her son, she could have enjoyed what she was doing; he had a nice cock for sucking, and she thought it probably might even feel pretty good up her ass... at least it wasn't fat, and wouldn't hurt shoving up into her. But, he was her own son. So, she just wanted to get rid of him, so she kept her eyes closed and swirled her tongue on him as she took him in and out, keeping her lips tight for him, bobbing up and down, sucking and slurping. It occurred to her she hadn't done this for her husband in quite some time, a month, maybe, they were both just so tired all the time since the baby, and now, whenever she did do it, she was going to think of her son.

Tom groaned and grabbed her head and started to breathe hard and barely three seconds later, spurted a stringy but copious load of adolescent sperm into Ruby's mouth. The taste of his cum was strong and salty and Ruby swallowed and swallowed at it, working hard to keep up with the seemingly endless spurting flow, gulping as she continued to bob her head slowly on him to milk it all out of him and into her mouth. His sperm seemed to fill her mouth over and over again, no matter how much she swallowed of it, until finally, it trickled off and stopped. Taking his cock all the way down slowly one last time, and pulling back off just as slowly, Ruby nursed the last few drops out of Tom's dick carefully by fluttering her tongue under his cock helmet and suckling at the head, then swallowing those last drops down with a sense of accomplishment. Against her will or not, she knew she'd given this piece of shit the best blowjob of his young life, and she felt a twisted pride in that.

Having finished him off, Ruby should have let him slide out of her mouth and stood up again and urged him to the door. She was shocked to find herself still sucking away at his still hard cock, still nursing and suckling at the head, and now, she was even starting to slowly bob her head again, taking the 15 year old cock all the way into her mouth and letting the head slip into the opening of her upper throat, keeping her lips tight, squeezing her lips around the base of his dick above her circling fingers, rubbing the underside with her tongue. It was good. It tasted good, it felt good in her mouth, meaty and smooth and phallic, sliding in and out as she slowly pumped her head up and down, back and forth. This was just pure sex. There was not a mother son relationship; He was just a cock to suck on and she was just a hole for him to fuck. It felt good, satisfying, even the cum spurting into her mouth had felt good; not in its taste or texture, but from the knowledge that she had done a good job and gotten him off fast and well. This wasn't complicated, like being a wife or a mom or even a living human woman in the early 21st Century. This was simple, plain animal sensation; here was a cock, her job was to make it cum, and it was a job she was good at. Suddenly, Ruby understood why women have sex with dogs.

"Damn, mom, you really do like to gobble the ol' root," Tom said admiringly from above her, bringing Ruby back to reality with a sudden snap.

Ruby looked up at him, letting his dick slide out of her mouth, knowing she was blushing, even as she licked around her lips, making sure she'd gotten every drop of his sperm. Then she stood up. "Don't go yet," she said, "wait here." She hurried out of the room.

Tom just stared after her, reaching down to fondle his still hard, now wet and slightly sticky, dick with his hand. She was one fuck of a cocksucker, that was for sure. Way better than the chicks his age. Damn.

When she came back, she'd taken her panties off, although oddly, she still had the open robe on. She was carrying some small foil packets in her hands; Tom realized they were rubbers. "I remembered your dad had some in his dresser," she said, going to her knees again and biting a foil packet open with her teeth. She got the condom out and started rolling it carefully onto his son’s hard cock. She looked up at Tom apprehensively. "You still want to fuck me, right?"

Tom just gaped. All right! "Uh, yeah," he said. "Sure."

She stood and pushed Tom over to a chair by the dining room table, right next to where her baby lay sleeping in his bassinette. "Sit," she said, hoarsely. "I want you to fuck me where the baby can see."

"Shit," Tom said admiringly as he pushed his jeans down to his knees and sat in the chair, "that's pretty twisted."

"You have no fucking idea," Ruby grunted throatily, pushing his legs together and grasping his cock as she straddled his lap and started to lower herself. As she impaled herself on his rubber coated dick, both she and her son moaned in unison. As she settled all the way down, she took Tom's head in her hands and guided his head to the nipple that the baby hadn't just nursed at. "Here, Tom," she said, "You like my tits, suck them for me. They are so full of milk, baby."

As she started to fuck her teenaged boy, and Tom started to nurse at her tit, drinking her breast milk, Ruby moaned.

The End……..

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
13 years old Chris Mundy watched his mother, Jan, carry Joshua across the lounge room to take the baby into his nursery. It had been a really hot day and she was wearing a bikini, Chris's favourite, one made of a net-like material that allowed her bare flesh beneath to be seen - except right at the tip of her breasts and the V between her legs. Her slim body was still like that of a younger woman in spite of having had two children and two disastrous failed marriages. The first was to Chris's father when she was only seventeen and she was already pregnant when they had had to get married. He turned out to be a drunk and a wife-basher very early in their marriage and she had left him soon after Chris had been born. Her second marriage was just as bad and had ended ten months ago, before she knew she was even pregnant with Joshua. Chris watched the way her almost nude body swayed as she picked her way over the scattered toys on the rug and the way her full breasts swelled around the confines of the tiny cups of her bikini top. Her hips were bare and most of her buttocks, the g-string bottom really only providing a covering for her pubic area. Chris was used to seeing his mother in her lacy underthings and skimpy bikinis and she was proud of her dancer's figure and showed it off whenever she could. Chris was wearing just his brief jockettes. They had been swimming in their pool and, it was so hot, he had slipped just his undies on after changing out of his wet bathers. He had come inside with his mother so he could watch her feed Joshua, a thing which had begun to fascinate Chris.
His mother was still breast feeding and didn't object to her older son watching her feed Joshua. She wasn't shy about exposing her breasts and Chris watched in awe each time she uncovered one of her firm, full tits and Joshua searched with his mouth for her large, dark nipple and fixed onto it hungrily, his little hands grasping at her flesh. He saw the baby sucking, milk showing at the corners of his mouth as he worked away on her. Chris had begun to feel funny while he watched and was curious to know what his mother's milk tasted like. And then he had begun to feel that same funny feeling as he looked at his mother's almost nude body and wondered what she would look like with nothing at all on. He looked at her slightly rounded belly with its deep navel and could see a faint brown line running from it down into the top of her bikini bottoms. Her skin was a golden tan and the line was the only mark on it apart from a sexy looking mole right at the top of her thigh and a butterfly tattoo on her right buttock. His eyes followed the line downwards to the smooth bulge between her legs covered by the tiny triangle of net. He knew she didn't have a penis like him, but he had no idea what she did look like beneath that skimpy covering. He could see a couple of blonde hairs sticking out from beneath her bikini bottom, and this intrigued him; and he had looked at her as she got out of the pool and could see the material had cut into her down there, making a groove between her legs. It was then he had decided to try to satisfy his curiosity.
When his mother came back into the lounge after settling Joshua down, Chris was lying on his belly on the sofa watching television.
"Do you mind if I sit there, honey?" his mother asked, indicating the end of the sofa. Chris wriggled back down a bit and his mother sat down, her hand tousling his blonde hair absently as she settled down to watch the program. Chris rested his head on her thigh. She felt so good. And she had a nice warm smell, a smell that was stronger than the chlorine smell on her skin from the pool. He breathed her in as he watched the television.
It was a midday soapie and Chris soon lost interest, although his mum seemed to be following the story. He rolled onto his back, pulling a cushion he was lying on over with him, pressed against his groin - not for shyness or embarrassment, but because it felt good. He looked up at his mother, his eyes not getting beyond her full breasts held by the tiny cups of net. He could see the crease beneath them where they joined her chest, the bra cup almost an inch away from that join. Her breasts swelled out either side of the triangle of material and Chris felt an urge to hold the rounded globes. He felt his penis stirring in his undies beneath the cushion and it felt good.
He turned his head and body more towards his mother. He was now facing her belly, his face only a couple of inches away from her skin. His mother shifted into a more comfortable position as he moved and her hand absently stroked through his hair and over his shoulders. Her smell wafted up to him, a warm, heady perfume that he sometimes smelled strongly when he crawled into her bed after a bad dream or during thunderstorms. He gazed on her bare belly, his eyes following the faint brown line downwards. He saw a crease at the base of her belly, just above the V of her bikini bottom and he could see a couple of strands of crinkly blonde hair caught beneath the material. His mother had short fine hairs almost invisible except from this close up covering the bulging strip of flesh he could see below the crease of her belly, and a faint line of them running up her belly towards her navel. They were as fine as the hair on his own body and he was surprised to see she had them like him. He looked down into her lap and strained to see into the shadows of her groin, but it was too dark. Her thighs were firm beneath his head.
Chris stayed lying on his side but turned his head, once more looking up under his mother's breasts.
"Do you have to keep wriggling? You're like a little worm," she said looking down at him and she ruffled his hair lovingly. Chris smiled back up at her. One of his arms was folded under him and he put his other along side her thigh, his hand resting on her bare hip. He rubbed it on the smooth expanse of satiny skin and his mother giggled and squirmed, but did not stop him. He did that for several minutes until she became absorbed again in the television show. Chris gradually let his hand stroke further and further around his mother until he was caressing the rounded globe of her buttock, his fingers moving along the edge of her bikini around to the deep crease between her buttocks and back to her hip.
"Chris?" she suddenly said, realising where his hand was touching. "What do you think you are doing, young man?"
He couldn't hear any anger in her voice so he decided to keep on touching her as he asked," What's wrong, mum. Isn't it nice for you? You feel lovely." He looked up at her innocently, feeling himself stiffening beneath the cushion. His heart was beating hard in his chest and it took all his determination to keep a quiver out of his voice.
His mother looked down at him. She said nothing for a moment and Chris could see she had the look on her face that she got when she had to make a difficult decision. " feels nice, honey. But you're getting a little bit personal," she finally said.
"What do you mean?" he asked in his 'little boy puzzled' voice that he knew got to her every time.
Jan Mundy suddenly felt very mean. Chris was only a young boy - her young son. He wouldn't realise the sensations his touch was giving her. But she was starting to feel had been months since she'd felt anyone's hands on her apart from Joshua's. But she shouldn't chastise her son for her problem, she thought. He only wanted to give himself comfort. She sat up a little and rested her hand on his young chest and smiled down at him. "Its okay, sweetheart," she said. "Its just that your mum hasn't had anyone touch her for so long she's a bit nervy," she continued, feeling as though she needed to explain further. "It really does feel nice."
Chris smiled to himself, his hand resuming its caress around her hip and over her buttock while his other hand, the one beneath him, found the inside of her soft thigh, just above her knee. He felt her tense up and take a breath as though she was going to say something, then she relaxed again, not removing his hands. Chris didn't want to ruin anything by being too bold so he made no further advances, just gently stroked the areas he had gained approval for and they both settled back into the comfort zone.
Finally the soapie ended and Jan thought Chris had fallen asleep in the heat. His caressing had gradually slowed to stillness and his hands now were just resting on her. She wondered whether she could get up and go into her bedroom and masturbate without him waking. His touch had really made her realise how sexually starved she had become and she felt quite wet between her legs. She had a need for relief.

Chris's voice starled her, making her jump. She looked down at him. He was looking up at her, a serious look on his quite handsome little face. She brushed a sweaty strand of hair from his forehead. "Yes, honey?" she said gently.
"Can I ask you something?" He had that 'little boy' sound in his voice again and Jan felt her heart fill with love and warmth for him.
"Of course you can, baby. You can always ask me anything," she replied.
He looked at her, suddenly a little hesitant and nervous. He didn't speak.
"Go on, honey," Jan encouraged. "You can ask mum anything...anytime. You don't need permission to ask a question."
"Its...its sort of...personal," he said nervously. "You might get cross."
That gave Jan a moment of uncertainty, but she had always promised to herself that she would be open and honest with her children, not like her parents had been with her; and this seemed as though it would be a good place to start. "Chris, you can always talk to me about anything. Okay? I love you, baby; and that love will always be there. I promise I won't ever get angry about anything you want to ask or talk about with me. Understand and believe me?"
He thought for a moment then nodded. But he was still hesitant and Jan rubbed her hand on his bare chest and urged him on with her expression.
"Well..." Chris began. " does your milk taste like?" he finally blurted out.
It took a moment for his words to sink in, then Jan felt herself blush self-consciously and she laughed softly to cover her fluster. She hadn't expected that question at all. "Is that all you want to know, baby?" she asked to make sure he didn't think she was laughing at his question. "I guess it tastes like cow's milk does," she said, suddenly realising she didn't really know the answer herself.
"You mean you've never tasted it?" Chris asked. His mother shook her head. "Boy!" he said incredulously.
Jan looked at her son, feeling rather ridiculously as though she had suddenly let him down.

"Can I taste it?" he suddenly asked.
A tumble of thoughts raced through Jan's head at his words. It seemed an innocent request. But he was twelve, no longer a little boy. She would have to bare at least one breast deliberately for him. He would look at her breast and nipple. He would suck on her nipple. He would drink her fluid. Her nipples stiffened at the thought of his mouth around them and Jan's stomach churned. What could it hurt? Chris had watched her feeding Joshua. He was probably feeling a little bit left out, she thought, trying to rationalize his request. She suddenly knew she was going to let him.
"Can I, mum?" Chris asked again, his big eyes looking up at her.
Jan swallowed nervously. Her voice was trembling when she replied. "Okay, honey. But you've got to promise me you won't say a word to anyone. That I let you. Okay? Its not accepted by other people. You promise?" Chris nodded. Jan's heart was thumping. She put her hand up to pull the triangle of material away from her breast, her fingers trembling.
"Can you take your top off, mum? All the way off?" her son suddenly asked, shifting slightly in her lap.
"Chris!" she admonished in surprise; and was immediately regretful when she saw the hurt look in his eyes. She softened her voice. "Its not right, honey," she said. "I really shouldn't...."
"But there's only us here, mum. No one else will ever know. I'd really like to see all of your breasts. I only get to see bits when you feed Joshua even though I try to see more."
Jan realised she was holding her breath as Chris spoke, sitting up and turning towards her, the cushion still on his lap. He looked at her earnestly. She gave a deep sigh. She couldn't refuse him anything when he looked at her like that. What harm would it do? she rationalised. He was her son, after all. Surely there was nothing wrong with a son looking at the breasts that suckled him as a baby? She reached around behind her and began to nervously undo the string of her bikini top. "You promise you won't tell anyone about this, baby?" she asked him as the knot came undone. He nodded and his eyes rested on the swell of her breasts as she hesitantly let the bikini top slide from them.
Her breasts came into view and Chris gazed at them. They were smooth mounds jutting out roundly from his mother's chest, their weight causing a crease beneath them. Tiny veins were faintly visible beneath her creamy skin, becoming more visible towards the large brown aureoles with their large pink nipples. He had seen them before, when she fed Joshua, but never as clearly as he could see them now. His mother watched him looking at her and he could see her breasts trembling as she breathed and he knew she was nervous. He could also feel a pleasant sensation beneath the pillow in his lap and realised his penis was getting stiff. He pressed the pillow more firmly against him. He reached his other hand out slowly and softly touched his mother's breast, his fingers pressing into the firm, yet spongy, flesh. His palm grazed her nipple and his mother drew in her breath.
"Chris..." she entreated softly, her voice quavering. "You shouldn't..."
Chris pressed his hand over her breast, gently squeezing it and his mother stopped talking, her eyes dropping to where he was touching her. He saw her tongue lick her lips and he smiled inwardly, somehow instinctively knowing he was going to achieve his goals. He slowly let his hand circle around her breast, her nipple jutting out stiffly from between his thumb and index finger as he cupped her. Even more slowly, he leaned forward, opening his lips as he neared the stiff nipple and gently taking the hard bud between them, his mouth opening wider to cover her aureole.
Jan gasped as her son engulfed her sensitive nipple, tremors of unbidden pleasure running down to her groin at the feel of his moist hot mouth upon her. She could feel herself becoming wet between her thighs and she felt panic as she realised she was being sexually aroused by her own twelve-year-old son!
Chris began sucking on her rubbery nub, his tongue pressing upwards under her teat and helping make her milk start flowing. Jan's sensitive breasts tingled at his manipulations and she felt them swelling as her milk was teased out of her. The boy moaned as he got his first taste of his mother's fluid and it brought back far-distant memories. Her milk was watery but sweet, her body perfume giving it a fuller flavour. She began to flow more readily as he sucked and he filled his mouth with her liquid before swallowing, some of it trickling out of the corners of his mouth. He felt himself now fully hard beneath the cushion and his hand left the breast he was suckling and stroked around her other, her milk already dampening that nipple and trickling down her rounded fullness. He smeared it over her. He could feel his mother breathing in short gasps as he drank from her and realised she was behaving differently with him suckling than she did when Josh was feeding. He moved his mouth to her other breast, her milk flowing freely when he began sucking. Her untended breast leaked its offerings in drips that ran down over her bare belly into her groin. Chris saw it dripping and his hand followed the wet line down her skin, feeling his mother shiver as his fingers trailed over her belly, stopping at the edge of her bikini.
"No, Chris!," she moaned, her hands clutching his hair and pulling him back from her breast, her nipple pulled out of his mouth with a squelching 'pop'. She was panting and her breasts heaved. Her face was flushed and her eyes had a glazed look to them. "You mustn't...we shouldn't..." she said, her voice breaking. The back of Chris's hand was pressed against the V between his mother's thighs by the way she was holding him and he could feel her bulging, hot softness beneath it. He deliberately turned his hand so it cupped the triangle of material and his mother gasped. "Chris!" she cried out, but he felt her clamp her thighs onto his hand trapping it over her and he didn't try to pull it away.
Instead, he let go of the pillow and it fell to the floor, leaving his body covered only by his thin underpants. He saw his mother's eyes glance at the movement, then widen when she saw his aroused state.
She pushed him back up, a look of panic on her face. "Chris! Stop it! We mustn't go on!" she cried, her hands trying to find her bra top, her breasts still leaking her milk.
Chris looked at her dejectedly. "What's the matter, mum?" He looked at his erect penis, clearly outlined and pushing out the thin material of his jockettes and put his hand over himself to hide it. "I didn't think you'd get upset. I couldn't help it. It just got stiff by itself. Honest," he said guiltily. "I was liking to taste you and touch you," he finished off softly, giving her 'that look' again.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Jan stopped and looked at him. She suddenly felt so mean. Of course the boy couldn't help getting aroused. My god! She was almost coming herself! She couldn't let him think she was upset just because he had gotten an erection. He might forever be embarrassed by it and that would destroy his sex life. Surely she, as his mother and a grown-up woman, could deal with this situation more realistically. She was aroused. He was aroused. Surely she could use this situation to teach him; and to relieve herself. Who would ever know? It would just be between Chris and her. Jan was torn between what she wanted to do; and what she knew she should do. Her body needs won out. Slowly she relaxed her thighs and let her bikini top drop to the floor, her hand coming up and resting on his chest. She stroked around his tiny nipple and her eyes glanced at his erection again, then into his eyes.
"Honey, its natural for your penis to get stiff when you play with a wom...a girl. get excited too, it just doesn't show as obviously as that," she said, indicating his erection. Chris looked down at himself and took his hand away. He tried to adjust himself and the tip of his penis poked out of the top of his undies.
"My underpants have gotten too tight," he said. "Can I take them off ... when I'm stiff like this? I won't mind?"
"I guess it doesn't matter now, honey. I can already big it is already. You can take them off." Jan's voice was shaky.
Chris raised himself and slid his underpants down, dropping them on the floor. Then he sat there, blushing a little as his mother looked at him. Jan could see a few blonde hairs at the base of his organ and realised her son was growing up...from the size of his penis when it was stiff, he had already grown up! She hadn't realised before, even though she was used to seeing him naked. She had never realised he was filling out until now, though. Her mouth was dry and her heart pounded. The thought of having that virile hardness inside her was incredibly exciting!
"Are you all right, mum?" he asked her.
Jan ran her fingers onto his firm belly. "I am, baby," she answered softly. "Very." She hesitated. "But this is only between you and me, honey. You have to promise me. You must never say anything to anyone, if you want me to teach you about girls. Okay?" Her voice was a husky whisper and Chris nodded, his hand going back to her breast. His other hand pressed into her groin, his fingers trying to go in under the material of her bikini.
"Take it gently, honey," his mother said softly. "Sit down between my legs and you can take off my bikini bottoms and I'll show you what girls look like." She shifted to allow Chris to slide off the couch and he knelt between her legs, his eyes gazing at her crotch. He could see what appeared to be a wet streak running down an indent in the material over the bulge between her thighs; and he saw several curly hairs sticking out from the sides of the V.
His hands went to the string sides of her bikini and he slowly tugged them down. Jan held her breath in nervous excitement and eased her hips up to let them come below her buttocks - she was incapable of turning back now. Then she felt the cool air wash over her hot wetness as the material pulled away from her sex and knew her son was now gazing into her very core... was now looking at his mother's exposed pussy!
"Wow!" the boy breathed softly, continuing to pull the bikini bottoms down his mother's smooth thighs. She raised a leg to enable him to slide one side over her knee and off her foot. The movement caused her sex to slide slightly apart and she felt herself tingling as her son's eyes widened. He kept his eyes glued to her as he slid the bikini over her other knee and let it drop around her ankle. They were both now naked. Jan felt incredibly daring, now she had given in to her sexual needs; and she began to relax. Chris was going to become her lover, was going to look at her ... touch her ... fuck her. She watched her beautiful son loooking at her, his fingers trembling as they stayed poised at the top of her thighs.
Chris gazed at his mother's cunt. "You're beautiful, mum" he said, his voice breaking with nervousness and excitement. His mother's sex was a moist crimson slit set between dark purplish folds of wrinkled skin. It was shaped like an elongated oval, a knob of dark pink flesh sticking out from a hood of skin at its apex, while its lower part was more rounded and seemed to lead into an almost-concealed opening into her body. Above her sex, his mother had a fleshy mound at the base of her belly and a small patch of blonde hairs in the shape of a love-heart sat on that mound, the bottom of the heart finishing just above the start of her genitals like an arrow directing one's eyes towards it. Above the mound, there was the slightly indented trough curving beneath - and marking the start of - her slightly rounded belly, the faint brown line he had seen earlier running from beneath her pubic hair, over her belly and up to her navel. Her breasts hung full above her belly, her nipples still leaking droplets of milk that ran in two whitish streaks down her belly and down the curve of her groin and in between her legs.
"Can I touch your cunt, mum?" he asked her, his fingers trembling as they neared his mother's most private parts. Jan was also trembling, a mixture of passion, lust and a sense of illicitness heightening her excitement. Chris using the word 'cunt' would normally have provoked chastisement from her, but, instead, it sent shivers of desire into her very centre. Her hands slid down her body and went between her thighs, her own touch causing her to catch her breath as she pulled herself open for her son.
"I...I..." she began, and had to clear her throat before she could continue. "I'd like that, honey," she managed to say, her voice husky. "But I'll show you what we are like and where it feels good, first. Okay? You can touch me then." Her fingers were already stroking herself and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as her lubrication began to flow. Her heart was pounding. She took hold of her labia and pulled them outwards. "These are my labia, honey. My lower lips. They help protect my vagina and are also very sensitive to touch. They swell up when a girl is aroused and help guide the boy's penis into her. See? There are two sets. You can see the smaller ones inside the big ones."
Chris stared as his mother pulled herself wider and the skin stretched even further. He could see the folds inside her sex that she was indicating. He could also see the pink entrance into her vagina that had now been exposed. He could smell his mother's musky odour become stronger as she opened herself. She was glistening wet inside her labia. His eyes followed her fingers up wards and she took hold of the hard nub of flesh that stuck out from beneath a hood of skin at the top of her sex.
"This is my clitoris...or clit," she told him, her voice catching as her fingers touched the stiff bud. She couldn't prevent a moan as she stroked its slick cap. "This is the most sensitive...uhhnn...part of a girl, baby. can make a girl climax just by touching or licking it..." She could feel the sensitive organ sending tingles of pleasure up through her body. "Ohhhh, honey. Mama needs you to touch her!" she gasped, her hands taking her young son's and pulling them in to her.
Without any more encouragement, Chris touched his mother in her most private parts, his fingers taking hold of her labia as she had done. He pulled the elastic skin outwards, folding it back onto her groin and making her clitoris thrust upwards. Jan was stroking the hard bud, her fingers sliding downwards and going into her vagina. Chris could hear her sex squelching as her fingers dove inwards and her scent was almost overpowering. He moved his fingers up and took hold of her clitoris, frisking the rather large organ backwards and forwards. His mother cried out and her hands slid up her body and grasped her breasts, squeezing and kneading them causing her milk to squirt out. Chris's fingers went into his mother's gaping, mushy centre and he pulled them in and out of her as she had been doing. He turned his face towards her breasts as he felt her warm liquid splash on him and he opened his mouth to take the milk into him. His mother had her head back against the couch and he could see her body was tensed, her full breasts thrusting upwards as she squeezed them, her muscles standing out over her belly and legs. Then she squealed and Chris felt her thighs clamp around him and her vagina clenching onto his fingers. He got a shock at her sudden movement then realised his mother was enjoying what was happening - that it was a squeal of pleasure, not pain. He kept his hands and fingers on and in her as she trembled and spasmed, his face rubbing over her milk-drenched belly.
Finally his mother quieted and lay back still. Chris relaxed on her, his face resting on her lower belly, just above her strong-smelling sex, her scent becoming even stronger as he slid his fingers out from inside her. He rested his hands over her upper thighs and felt his mother stroking his hair, her fingers combing gently through his blonde locks. His penis was quivering from its hardness, jutting up from his groin and touching its length along his belly. His testes ached.
"Oh, honey," she murmured, lifting her head to look down at him, her eyes filled with lust. "That was delicious. Come up here, baby, and let mama make you feel good." She reached down, her hands going under his armpits and pulling him up over her. Chris let himself be raised, his sweaty body sliding up between his mother's legs and over her gaping sex, her wetness leaving a wide slick path down his chest and belly. He trembled at the feel of his nudity slipping over her's until he was once more at her firm, rounded breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth again, her milk instantly flowing as he sucked on the thick bud of flesh, filling his mouth again with her sweet fluid.
He felt his mother moving as he settled onto her then gasped in surprise, his mouth coming away from her breast as he felt his penis suddenly being encased within a hot, slick glove. He looked down, then up at his mother in surprise. His penis was entering into her, the knob already out of his sight as it slid between her swollen labia. His mother was looking at him and she smiled seductively, her hands sliding from his armpits down his sides and over his taut buttocks, cupping each hard mound and pressing him into her.
"Its okay, honey," she said softly. "Mama wants you inside her. Mama wants you to make love to her." Chris quivered as he felt himself sliding into the hot wet sheath of his mother's vagina, his penis slipping easily into her moistness. His body was filled with indescribable feelings, his whole being trembling with excitement, his penis throbbing with each powerful thump of his heart. Then his testes were against his mother's perinium, he could feel them rubbing against her smoothness as they dangled between her legs. He groaned with pleasure and his mouth fastened onto his mother's hard nipple again, his hands grasping her fleshy mounds and squeezing her milk from her. She squirmed beneath him and Chris felt his penis being moved inside her, his glans and shaft being rhymically squeezed by the ridged muscles of his mother's vagina. The tingling it created in his organ was overwhelming and he groaned as his body suddenly tightened. He felt as though he was going to burst.
Suddenly he seemed to be on a rollercoaster, losing all control of his self. His body spasmed, his penis began to pulsate from deep within his belly and from his testes, then it began squirting something in hard, rhythmic bursts into his mother, something that felt incredibly sensuous and like nothing he'd ever experienced before. It made him freeze in shock and fear. What was happening to him? But his seizure was only momentary as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure took control of him. He bit onto his mother's nipple, his senses reeling. He heard his mother cry out as if from a long way away, could dimly feel her fingernails digging into the flesh of his bare buttocks as she pulled him hard into her, was super-aware of her sex milking and squeezing his penis of whatever he was discharging. All of his concentration and awareness seemed to be focused in the head of his spurting penis and a spot somewhere deep in his bowels.
Slowly the sensations abated and his awareness returned. He was gasping for breath and his body felt as though it had completed some extreme exercise, his muscles trembling and weak, sweat dripping from him. His testes felt 'different' somehow and his penis was slowly losing its hardness and felt hot and slimy inside his mother's now-relaxed cavity. Her hands were gently rubbing around his buttocks, her fingers trailing up between them causing him to clench and sending goosebumps over his skin each time she touched his anus. He lay exhausted on top of her, his head resting on her soft breasts.
"Mmmmmm, baby...." his mother finally murmurred, her voice deep inside her chest and resonating in his ear as it rested on her. He raised his head sleepily and looked at her. She smiled lazily at him. "You made your mama feel even better, honey. You are one hell of a lover!" She lifted her head and kissed him and looked into his eyes. "You had your first 'cum', sweetheart; and I'm so glad it was with me. I'm just so glad you wanted to taste my milk."
Chris put his head back on her breast and looked up at her. "So am I," he said quietly. "That was fantastic, mum." They lay cuddling for several minutes as their bodies relaxed. Then Chris stirred, raising his head and suddenly lifting himself up on his elbows, a mischievous look in his eyes. He took hold of her breast with one hand and wriggled his semi-hard penis inside her. "I guess now there's no reason why we can't do it more," he said. "I'd like to," he added. "All the time!"
Jan looked at her son, realising that what he said was true. They had 'done it' now. She had had her youngster's penis inside her. They had become lovers. Surprisingly, it didn't feel as 'wrong' as she thought it would have felt. In fact, it felt extremely right! She looked at his eager face and smiled. "I guess we can at that, baby," she said, clenching her thighs and squeezing his manhood, feeling it instantly react. He was becoming hard again and his hips were instinctively starting to grind on her, making himself move within her. Her own tingling began again. Having an eager young lover like this could be very, very good for me, she thought, letting herself become absorbed into her young son's love-making once again. Very good indeed!!


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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
My lifelong adoration of the female nipple began at an early age, probably at my mother's breasts as a baby, although my memory defies any exploration before the age of four. I was six when the female nipple came to my conscious attention.

My mother was feeding my new sister that day when abruptly the plump piece of gristle slipped briefly from the tiny girl's suckling mouth. Milk beaded up and dribbled from the tip of the wrinkled bundle of skin. My mouth watered and my little cock (known then to me as a pee-pee) sprung fully erect. I groaned and grabbed my pants. Mother glanced toward me and her eyes widened when she noted my surprised expression and my hard-on clasped in both of my hands.

My sister's searching mouth fumbled around and finally found the nipple again. I watched her tiny jaw ratchet on and off the nipple as she chewed. Her cheeks indented as she suckled, and her tiny hand grasped at the soft, pliable flesh of the breast. She mewled with pleasure.

I groaned again, jealously bloomed, and my face must have scrunched up, angry at my new sister's privilege, a privilege not granted me. I wanted to suckle, play at that nipple. I heard a chuckle, and my eyes moved to Mother's face. Her eyes twinkled mischievously. But the smile from her chuckle slowly dissipated, and then her eyes, at first on mine, moved away without moving. They were open, but her vision glazed, became focused within.

Another soft smile started at her full, vividly red lips, curling first at one corner and spreading until the tips of her teeth flashed white. Her nostrils flared. Still, she wasn't smiling at me. She looked inward, savoring a memory or letting a fantasy trip through her mind. I knew sometimes my vision did that, removed itself from the sights in front of my eyes and gazed inside where memories were stored or my imagination played.

She shook her head and blinked her eyes. Her glorious black mane waved, and her dark eyes met mine. But the sight of me didn't induce the usual sparkle. Her eyes seemed different, strange, void of light - heavy. They weren't smiling eyes; nor were they angry. I couldn't fathom her mood. I had never seen the expression she offered before. Years later, I decided her eyes expressed lust. I didn't know about lust back then.

"Would you like a taste, Tommy?"

Her husky voice startled me. It took a second for her query to register. Yes! I thought - a loud thought. Sometimes thoughts are whispers, sometimes shouts. This thought screeched. I nodded shyly and stood rooted to the floor like a fence post.

I gazed avidly while she fumbled and pulled her dress open, shrugged until the sleeve fell away from her left shoulder. Suddenly her other breast plopped into view, hanging over her brassier. The breast looked heavy, but I knew compared to some of Mother's friends that her breasts were small, perky (a word I learned later). But the nipple wasn't small, an inch long and half that in width, swollen, fat and stiff. My face became hot as I gawked, and I knew I was blushing. The nipple looked hard, purple and wrinkled, like my little cock. I licked my lips and rubbed my throbbing hard-on through my trousers.

"This one is for you, Tommy. You can use it while little Ellen uses the other one. Isn't it convenient I have two of them? When you were your sister's age, you enjoyed my nipples. Even when your belly was full, you wanted to play with them."


She nodded. "Yes, and often, like now, your little pee-pee got hard. Come here. It's all right. If you're not hungry, you can just play with it." She held out her arm, motioning me to her. Her other arm held Ellen to her other breast.

I took one hesitant step with both of my hands still clasped at my hard-on. My eyes fixated on the turgid nipple she offered. The breast as a whole didn't intrigue me, only the areola and the nipple, the caps to the skin-covered fatty, moon-shaped organ. Later in life I learned to appreciate the rest of the breast, but even then, I preferred the sight and touch of the nipple - and the taste. I took another step and her fingers grasped my arm. She pulled me to her, a nurturing embrace, tender but firm.

"Touch it first. Touch the nipple with your fingers. Let go of yourself, let go of you pee-pee, Tommy, and touch it."

I removed one of my hands from my cock, and reached with a finger, first barely brushing the tip of it. Then my finger pushed it and rubbed across its rough surface. It popped out! Plumper! Longer!

"Amazing! Simply Amazing!" I exclaimed. Amazing was my favorite new word at the time.

Mother giggled and squirmed a bit. "I'm happy you approve."

I grabbed the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and milk dribbled. I couldn't resist, dipped my head and licked. Sweet, heavy milk, warm and smooth, gave my taste buds a preview. I opened wide and sucked. Hard! Teeth clamped.

"Ouch! Easy, Tommy. Suck, don't chew. That's better, much better. Yes, just like that." She moaned.

Both of my hands went to her breast, one each side of my mouth as if I were blowing a horn, except I didn't blow. I sucked. I fondled and licked and sucked.

My body froze, stiffened with dread, when I felt Mother's fingers at my hard-on. She had moved her arm from around me until it was between us so she could reach me. I didn't freeze because I didn't want her to touch me. I froze because my hard-on embarrassed me.

"It's okay, Tommy. Your pee-pee is hard. Mother wants to see it."

I relaxed. She wasn't upset that my cock was hard; rather, its hardness pleased her. She unzipped my trousers and reached inside. Carefully maneuvering my hard-on through the zipper area of my trousers, Mother finally sprung it free. It poked straight up, and she clasped it in her fingers and groaned. Next, she tenderly stroked it with her dainty fingers. I moaned with joy into her tit. The feelings her touch stirred up were exquisite.

"Nice," she murmured.

I thought it nice, too. With her fat nipple clamped between my lips, I nodded.

She giggled. "Mommy's nipples made your pee-pee hard, didn't it?"

I nodded again. I believed she asked questions requiring a positive response because she enjoyed the sensations my nodding on her nipple produced.

"You won't understand, but your hard pee-pee made Mother's pee-pee all wet."

I shook my head. I didn't understand, but she groaned with pleasure again. Ah, she likes both nods and shakes, my youthful but lively mind deduced. I sucked hard and moved my head back. Her nipple stretched away from her breast, and then I nodded as if answering a question. She emitted another groan of delight. I performed the same action, but this time with a shake. A gratifying gasp huffed from her mouth. Giving my mother pleasure made me happy, so I sucked and licked and pulled and nodded and shook.

Glancing up at Mother's face without releasing her nipple, I saw black eyes with her lids half-closed, gazing not at me or the room around us, but at memories, her thoughts, perhaps. She released my hard-on. I looked down, dismayed. Had I done something wrong? The loss of the pleasure from her touch, her stroking, seemed like punishment. Did she itch? Maybe she needs to scratch an itch, I thought as her vividly red fingernails slid slowly up her thigh, pushing her skirt up and exposing her pretty legs. She scooted forward on the sofa and spread her legs slightly. Red-tipped fingers rubbed against her pink panties, pushing at them, pushing them into her crack so they nearly disappeared. Then her fingers moved rapidly back and forth. She groaned with frustration, and she spread her legs more as her fingers reached under the leg band of her panties, pushing them from inside her crack. She reached for the itch; it must have been inside. Her hand almost disappeared. Black curly hair peeked at the side of her hand. Her arm flexed and released. Her fingers rubbed vigorously. She groaned, this time with satisfaction.

Yes! She is scratching an itch, I thought. I relaxed. I had done nothing to cause her to remove her fingers from my cock. I concentrated on the nipple again, teased it, sucked and swallowed as the warm milk flowed.

I missed the delightful sensations her hand on my cock gave me, so I moved one of my hands from her soft breast to clasp my hard, little pecker. I stroked it, touched it like she touched me moments before. Light touches with fingers and thumb, stroked rhythmically. The sensations evoked by my efforts were similar to those created by her fingers, so I stroked my cock while I sucked on her nipple, and her hand fluttered under her panties.

A new fragrance struck my nostrils. I savored the scent, sniffed and tried to capture more of the delightful aroma. It seemed to make my little cock harder, longer, like my sucking did to her nipple. The new aroma mixed with the scent of breast milk dripping from the side of my mouth. As the milk dribbled, it rolled down over the lower curve of her breast until it hovered, stuck in the crease where her breast overlapped on her chest.

"You're a clever little sucker," Mother murmured.

My eyes rolled up, without releasing the nipple. Her gaze was at my hand stoking my cock. I stopped, worried I was doing something wrong.

"Don't stop. It's okay. Mommy likes to watch."

She liked to watch, she said, so I turned a sideways a little to give her a better view and pulled the foreskin back all the way back, exposing the head of my cock, and then pulled it up with a full stroke, using the pressure she taught me. I reestablished the rhythm I preferred and a small moan left my lips.

She smiled. "That feels good, doesn't it?"

I nodded on her nipple, and she moaned. She sure did enjoy my nodding.

"I enjoy touching myself, too," he muttered, and sighed.

Her fingers moved faster in her panties, and she started to hitch her hips slightly, pushing up against her fingers, and then sliding back. She moaned, and her face flushed. Suddenly my mother's body stiffened and her face twisted into a grimace. I thought I had hurt her, and quickly moved my mouth from her breast.

"No!" she cried out. "Keep sucking, Tommy! Keep sucking!"

I returned to her nipple and sucked, drank her milk while her body jerked spasmodically for about a minute, maybe less, and she made little sounds, grunts, and huffs. Finally her body relaxed, seemed to collapse back onto the sofa. The grimace left her face and a small smile appeared. I relaxed. Mother was happy again.

The front door banged.

"I'm home," my father shouted.

My mother's eyes snapped open, fearful, and a little wild. She jerked her fingers away from inside her panties, and quickly yanked down her skirt.

"Put you cock in your pants, Tommy! Hurry, son," she whispered as she pulled her brassier up over the breast I had suckled.

I didn't know what a cock was, but the only thing I could put back in my pants was my pee-pee, so I stepped back and quickly pushed my hard-on inside and zipped up my pants.

"Sit, Tommy, so he can't see that you're hard," Mother ordered, still whispering. She grinned at me as she settled her dress in place. My new sister still had a nipple clamped in her mouth, but was not sucking, except for a periodic check to make certain the nipple was available should she want it.

Dad lumbered in, took in the sight, and smiled.

"What's for dinner?" he asked in his booming voice.

"Fried chicken," Mother said. "It will be a while. Ellen demanded her dinner and messed up my schedule."

"That's okay," Dad said. "I had a late lunch, but Tommy here might grumble." He laughed and messed my hair.

"He'll be fine. He just had a snack," Mother said and winked at me.

The End

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I had just finished putting my son, Mark, back in his crib for a nap. He was a good baby, now nearly a year old. I was debating whether to wean him soon. Breast-feeding has a lot of advantages for a stay-at-home mother, and the benefits to my son Mark were obvious. He'd never had a cold or an ear infection. My husband, Bill, had died shortly after Mark was born the victim of a drunk driving accident. Mark had Bill's blue eyes, and I enjoyed looking into them when he nursed.

Despite having grown considerably in a year, Mark still wasn't able to use all of the milk I was producing, so I pumped out the excess and saved it for an emergency. At 5' 10" tall, my large breasts were producing a river of milk. I'd always heard stories that small-breasted women produce as much milk as large breasted ones. I don't believe it.

Bill had been an executive with a computer company here in Houston. Between his stock and insurance Mark and I were set for life, but no amount of money could make up for the loss of Bill. I had been a registered nurse before quitting when I got pregnant. Perhaps someday I'll go back to work, but not now.

In addition to caring for Mark, I had the issue of Bobby to deal with. He had been orphaned at 16, and Bill had suggested we take him in. He had no close relatives anywhere near Houston. He was a good boy, though sickly with asthma that had gotten worse despite the best of medical care. He was 18 now, but only 5' 6'' tall. Being sick so much had made him introverted, and I wondered how he would fare when he went off to college next fall. I wished that there were something I could do to help him regain his health.

Bobby had been out on a date last night, and I had gone to bed before he arrived home. He was a responsible kid, so I wasn't worried about him. Nevertheless, I was eager to hear how his date went. As I opened the Sunday paper I could here him getting out of bed.

"Good morning, Brenda", he said softly as he walked to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. He wasn't his usual cheerful self. Even though he was shy, he nearly always had an air of optimism surrounding him. My guess was that the date didn't go well. Nothing is more traumatic to an 18-year-old male than a bad date.

"Would you like some eggs?" I asked, not wanting to probe directly. Even though I was 10 years older than he was, I was more like a sister than a parent.

"O.K.", he replied, sadly, not looking me in the eye. He reached for the sports page and sat at the kitchen table as I started to make breakfast. As I scrambled some eggs he pretended to read the paper, but I could see he wasn't really reading it.

"Are you feeling all right", I asked, handing him eggs and some whole-wheat toast. I went to the refrigerator and poured some orange juice. I sat down across from him and began to eat my eggs.

Finally he looked up. "I had an asthma attack on my date with Patti." he said, "It was awful".

"I'm sorry." I replied, "but I'm sure she'll understand that you can't help it."

"I don't think so.," he said softly, 'It's happened before."

His attacks were usually triggered by too much physical exertion, so I was surprised since they had planned on going to a movie. "What happened?" I asked, not thinking.

He blushed. "I don't want to talk about It." he stammered, toying with his now cold eggs. "It's too embarrassing".

Patti was a pretty classmate of his. They had been dating for a couple of months. "Bobby, it's O.K.", I said, "I'm pretty sure I know what happened".

He slumped in his chair. "Oh great." He said sarcastically,

I remembered from my days as a nurse that some asthmatics would have attacks triggered by the exertion and excitement of having sex. It had never occurred to me that this might happen to him so I never discussed the possibility. "You and Patti were having sex when you had an attack before you were finished".

"Worse." he said, looking up at me, "we never really even got started. It was a disaster".

'Bobby, I'm a trained nurse, maybe I can help." Bobby new about my nursing background, but what he didn't know was that I worked my way through UCLA by giving erotic massages out of an apartment in Santa Monica. I had a lot of experience with men's sexual response at a pretty detailed technical level. "Tell me what happened", I said, "Let me help."

"I can't talk about something like this with you", he stammered, blushing yet again. Bobby's parents were strict fundamentalist Christians, so sex was not likely a common topic of discussion. This wasn't going to be easy, but I had to diagnose the severity of the problem.

"Bobby, this is important." I insisted, "It is important to be able to enjoy intimacy. I want you to be successful in this area. It is an important part of being an adult"

He started eating his eggs. I continued eating some toast. I waited. Finally he began to speak.

"After the movie we went over to her house. Her parents were gone to the shore for the weekend. We started making out on the living room couch and one thing led to another." he said, "And I began getting short of breath and coughing bad. We had to stop. When I caught my breath we tried again and the same thing happened, so I left."

"Exactly what were you doing when the symptoms appeared", I asked.

"I can't", he blushed again.

"Yes you can." I said, "If you want me to help."

More silence. Finally he began to speak again, not looking me in the eye. "We were undressed down to our shorts. We were kissing and I was feeling her bare breasts. She said she wasn't ready to do it with me but she'd play with me. She started and that's when the attack started."

"So the excitement of having Patti jerking you off brought on the attack", I said.

"I guess so." he replied sheepishly.

"Is that as far as you've ever gotten with a girl." I asked.

"Yeah, the same thing happened last year with Jamie." he added.

I knew his asthma was bad, but this was really alarming. I had to know more. "Have you ever had an attack while jerking yourself off?" I asked. "And all guys jerk off, so don't tell me you don't!"

He turned red again. "I don't believe I'm telling you this..." he said. "I've never been able to finish before having an attack."

"You mean you've never been able to ejaculate, you know, cum.", I asked.

"No. I gave up trying after awhile. I don't try anymore. Now I don't see any reason to ask anyone out either." he added.

"Bobby, I know it's been hard to talk about this, but now that I know, I want to help. There has got to be a way to get beyond this."

He got up from the table and said, " Well if you think of something let me know. Instead of going to college I may as well enter a monastery."

I had already done a lot of research on asthma, and Bobby was on the latest medication. There must be something else we could try. I could hear Mark crying in the nursery. He was either wet or hungry or both. I changed a dirty diaper and sat down with him in a rocking chair to let him nurse. He looked so content sucking my big tit. I though that this was probably the best breast he'd ever have in his life, and he wouldn't even remember it.

Then it hit me. I remembered from my massage days how excitable my younger customers were. I'd start the massage wearing a bikini with the guy on his stomach. After rubbing his back I'd take my top off and have him role over. I actually had a couple of guys shoot their load just from the anticipation of me jerking them off once they rolled over and saw the prettiest tits they could ever imagine inches from their face. If they became regular clients they'd eventually get used to it and I'd be able to give them a proper hand job before they lose it. Bobby just needed to slowly build up some experience so he wouldn't get so excited. We also needed to boost his immune system to raise the threshold of excitement that would trigger an attack.

I had a lot of breast milk in storage. If it is the best thing for a baby's immune system, it should help an adult, too. We needed to try breast milk therapy right away. We also needed to practice having Bobby being aroused without getting so excited he'd have an attack. I'd need help from his girlfriend on that one. I'd need her to get him aroused a little at a time and maintain it, eventually working him up to an orgasm. With luck and patience he should eventually be able to have normal complete sex with her.

I thought about this plan for nearly a week before suggesting it to Bobby. I wanted to be sure there were no flaws. I was about to wean Mark, so there would be plenty of milk available. I'd just keep using my breast pump and saving the milk for Bobby. Hopefully, by the time school started in the fall his immune system would be strong enough without my contribution.

I waited until Saturday morning to suggest my plan. Once again we were staring at each other over scrambled eggs. "Bobby, I've got some ideas to help with what we discussed last week." I said cheerfully. "Can I tell you?" He looked up. "OK" he said.

"We'll need help from your girlfriend. Do you think Patti will be interested?" I asked.

"We broke up. I don't have a girlfriend. I'll probably never have a girlfriend." he said softly.

"Oh. Well let me think a minute." I said. "Well let's talk about what we need to do first, then we can figure out the rest. First, we need to boost your immune system. I want you to start drinking the frozen breast milk I've saved. It could make a big difference."

"I don't know, it feels funny", he said, "the idea of drinking your milk".

"John D. Rockefeller paid women to produce milk for him which he drank every day as an old man. He lived into his 90's and many think that's why." I said firmly, "Don't be a prude."

"OK, I'll try it. I've got nothing to lose, I guess." said Bobby, 'Just don't tell anyone I'm doing this. O.K.?"

"Of course." I relied, no one will know but us." I had already thawed some milk, so I went to the refrigerator and poured a six-ounce glass of breast milk. I handed it to Bobby. He looked at it for a moment and began to drink it. First just a small amount to gauge the taste, I guess. Finding it not so bad he drank the rest.

"I don't believe I'm doing this." he smiled.

It was the first smile I'd seen from him in days. It was a start. Now we needed to get him to relax in sexual situations. With no girlfriend available, that would be a challenge. It occurred to me that I still had my massage table in storage from when I was in nursing school. Perhaps I could start by getting him comfortable having a woman's hands on his body and go from there.

We finished breakfast. Bobby seemed more cheerful, having found that drinking my milk wasn't so difficult after all. "I need some help", I said. "I need to get something out of storage."

"Sure. Do you want to get it now." he replied.

I nodded and we walked out to the garage, which had a large amount of storage in the loft. "Take it slow", I said, "It's another scorching hot day."

We got the table down and I got some clean rags to wipe it down. In a few minutes it was as good as new. "Let's bring it into the house", I said, "We can put it in the exercise room."

"What is this anyway?" Bobby asked as we each carried an end into the exercise room. The room had a treadmill and some free weights, so there was plenty of room for the table.

"It's a massage table." I said. "Like the kind you see in pro locker rooms. Top athletes get regular massages to relax their muscles before or after a game or workout."

"Do you know how to use it?" he asked innocently, not realizing what I was planning for him.

"I worked my way through nursing school as a masseuse." I replied. "I'll show you after I feed Mark."

I could hear Mark crying in the nursery so I went to take care of him. In an hour he was changed and fed and ensconced in his playpen. I went to my closet and selected a white bikini. Not a real skimpy one, as I didn't want to tip Bobby off before we got started. This one had a top large enough to cover most of my breasts, and the white fabric contrasted nicely with my tan. Bobby had seen me in this suit in our pool on numerous occasions.

I went to the bathroom and got some baby oil. Real massage oil would be better, but this would do for now. I also got a large white towel. I took a deep breath and went to find Bobby. I found in his bedroom working on his computer. His door was open so I poked my head in. "I'd like to try out the massage table." I said, "Will you help?"

"Sure. What do you want?" he asked.

"Get undressed and wrap this towel around your waist. When you are ready meet me in the exercise room." I said. Before he could respond I popped out of his room as quickly as I had entered. I went to the exercise room and weighted, giddy with anticipation.

In a few minutes he appeared, looking a bit suspicious. Even though he was small, he was well proportioned for someone who was not able to be an athlete. "Lie on your stomach." I said, motioning to the table. He complied, moving carefully so as not to lose his towel.

"What do I do." he asked nervously.

"Just relax. I'll do all the work. Don't worry, I've never given anyone a massage that didn't enjoy it." I said. It was true; I never had a dissatisfied customer. I began to rub the oil into his shoulders. He was looking at the floor through the headrest, which was shaped like an oval "O" ring. He could glimpse my bear feet, but that was about all.

"I'd like to get you more relaxed when you are with a woman." I said. "That just takes practice and experience. Once you get comfortable in these situations you won't trigger the asthma attacks. You need to learn to be comfortable being sexually aroused. You don't want to be stressed in a sexual situation. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I asked, calmly.

"Not exactly." he stammered, shifting his body slightly.

"Well, when you were making out with Cathy were you nervous about being naked with her?" I asked, moving down to his feet. I began to rub oil into his left foot, massaging it deeply.

"Yeah, I guess I was pretty nervous. I'm not sure why." He replied.

"It is perfectly normal to be very excited when sex is new to you. Everyone gets through it. In your case it is a problem because your excitement is triggering the asthma attacks. We need to get you comfortable in sexual situations. The first step is to be comfortable being nude in the presence of a woman." I said. I immediately went to his side and deftly removed his towel. He was now completely naked, still looking at the floor.

I began rubbing oil into his butt. H was white there; contrasting with the rest of his body which was quite tanned. The minutes passed as I worked him over. He said nothing. Gradually I could feel him begin to relax.

" How are you doing?" I asked softly, "Do you feel OK?"

"Better." he said, "This just feels a little strange having you do this to me."

"Just relax." I said reassuringly, "People pay good money to get this treatment that you're getting for free!" I teased. I continued with his arms, shoulders and hands, moving around him like the professional I once was. Silently, I removed my Bikini top, exposing the loveliest breasts he might ever encounter. "Roll over onto your back." I instructed matter-of-factly. "I need to do your front".

He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do. "Come on, I need to do your front. It'll be OK." I said reassuringly.

Not realizing that I was now topless, he rolled over. He gasped as my bare breasts came into view inches from his face. He turned bright red.

"It's OK. Just relax." I said. "We've got to get you used to this."

I held his hand. "Breathe deep. Relax", I said, "It's OK.

His cock was already semi hard when he rolled over, and now I could see it getting harder still.

"You need to get used to having a hard-on. Just relax and breathe slowly. It'll be OK."

I stroked his arm gently for a moment. He closed his eyes. I began to rub oil into his chest. I'd avoid his genital area today. This was all he was going to be able to handle for the moment. Gradually he began to breathe more slowly and deeply. I rubbed him for a half-hour more. He remained hard the whole time, but began to breathe much better.

"You're doing great." I said, "We're done for today. Take a shower and get dressed. I know you are aroused, but don't try to jerk off. Just let it get soft and you'll be fine." I said, handing him the towel.

I left to check on Mark in the playpen. It was time to spend some time with my son.

A week later...

Every morning Bobby got six ounces of my milk to start the day. After school he got a one-hour massage. Before bed he drank another six ounces of breast milk. It was Saturday morning once again. I was excited at the progress he was making. He hadn't had a single attack all week, despite the constant arousal I was providing. It was time to increase the sexual tension.

He was eating his eggs and toast with more gusto than normal. His eyes had a bright look about them.

"You've got an appetite today!" I said, "It's great to see you enthusiastic about something."

He looked at the half empty glass of milk on the table. "I think this milk is actually helping me!" he said. "I've been breathing a little better every day. It's amazing."

"Let's not declare victory just yet." I cautioned. "You still haven't had to exert yourself at all. I think you should try spending some time on the treadmill and doing a little lifting with the free weights. Nothing taxing. Let's start easy."

"Good idea." he said enthusiastically.

It was another hot Houston day. It was too hot to be walking outside. The treadmill was ideal. I had on another bikini, slightly more revealing than the white one. Bobby joined me in the exercise room wearing sneakers and shorts.

"Lose the shorts." I said. "There's no one here to see you but me."

He slipped off his shorts and underwear reluctantly and got on the treadmill. We started at 2 miles per hour. I watched him tread for a few minutes, his semi hard cock bouncing with each step. I was starting to get aroused myself, which was not my intent, so I went over to the free weights. I took off my bikini top, then the bottom. I started working out with the free weights while Bobby treaded.

After about 15 minutes I said "That's enough." and he stopped the treadmill. "Start with the 5 pound free weights." I said. His eyes were big as saucers when he realized I was completely naked. He was trying hard not to look at my naturally blonde bush, but he couldn't help himself. He was getting really hard.

I had him work with the weights for about 15 minutes. "OK, that should do it." I said. "Take off your sneakers and get on the table."

I spent about 20 minutes rubbing him as he lay on his stomach. He finally relaxed, so I had him roll over. I started at his feet, watching his cock to get a sense of his arousal level. He was doing fine, just semi-hard and breathing slowly. We were making real progress. It was time to escalate.

I walked around and stood behind his head. I reached out and massaged his chest. Leaning over as my hands extended down to his belly. My breasts were hanging right over his face, giving him a view he wouldn't soon forget. He suddenly got very hard, so I backed off and moved to his side.

I worked on his stomach, continuing to avoid his genital area. "What do you think of them?" I asked.

He looked puzzled. "Think of what?" he stammered.

"These." I said, taking a breast in each hand. "Do you like them?"

He blushed. "They're're beautiful.'' he said, his voice quivering.

"Good." I said, "Because if I don't arouse you this treatment won't have any effect."

I took his right hand and put it on my right breast. He stroked it gently, causing a few drops of milk to appear. "Sorry for the leakage." I said, "I'm pretty full. Mark's eating more solid foods." He continued to gently stroke my full breast and drops of milk trickled down. He was still breathing slowly and deeply. More progress being made.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
"That feels good, will you give me a massage when we're done with you." I asked.

"I'll try if you want." he said, still fondling my large breast.

He was doing so well I had to go for it. I put more oil in my left hand and reached for his cock. I slowly began to stroke it. "Let me know if you want me to stop." I said, "but I think you are ready for this."

I gave him a Very light teasing stroke, my long fingers covering the entire length of his very hard cock. I gently rubbed his sack, feeling his warm balls getting tight in their pouch. I could feel myself getting wet, but I remained focused on his breathing, making sure he could handle the stimulation.

Milk was leaking down his arm as he continued to fondle me, but this was no time to stop for cleanup. I could see the head of his cock getting deep red as I continued playing with him. If he could hang in a little longer I'd be able to make him cum.

"You're doing fine. Keep breathing deep. I'm going to make you cum. Don't fight it just let it out." I said.

The words had no sooner left my lips when a thick white stream shot out of his cock onto his belly and chest. His body tensed as it spurted again.

He let out a sigh as I stopped stroking him. He looked into my eyes with a dreamy smile, not knowing what to say. I reached for the towel and wiped the ejaculate off his body.

"Was that OK?" I teased, "Are you all right?"

"Wow!" he said, "So that's what it feels like."

I let him rest for a minute, watching his chest rise and fall with his breathing. I couldn't suppress a huge grin on my face. I had forgotten how grateful some of my erotic massage customers were when I had successfully relieved them of their semen. Men really do need that release.

In a few minutes he began to become alert. "Ready to do me?" I reminded him.

"Oh sure..." he stammered. I traded places with him, lying naked on my stomach.

He began to rub oil into my back, trying to recreate what I had been doing to him. He wasn't half-bad. After about 20 minutes I rolled over onto my back. "That's good." now do my front." I encouraged.

He was awkward at first, not sure of where he should touch me or where he shouldn't. Gradually he began to figure out that there were no locations that were off limits. He gently kneaded my breasts, causing more milk leakage.

"Don't worry about a little spilt milk." I teased, "I won't run out." He continued his small hands working on my big breasts. My pussy was getting very wet. He gently pulled on my nipples. I couldn't stand any more.

I took his right hand and brought it down to my pussy. I took his index finger and positioned it on my clit. "Rub here, start softly and increase the pressure as I get more excited." I commanded.

His eyes were big as he began masturbating me. It felt so good. "You can do some exploring if you like." I smiled, "This is supposed to be a learning experience."

He slipped a finger into my vagina and probed around a bit. I'd soon teach him how to stroke my g-spot, but not today. Today I'd be happy with a nice clit-based orgasm. He continued stroking my clit and my lips, sometimes darting into the vagina. I was getting really restless. I'd be cumming soon.

"When I cum stop rubbing there for a few minutes. Then start over and do it again." I implored.

"How will I know when you cum?" he asked innocently.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you", I gasped, "I'm getting close."

He took that as a sign to increase the pressure and tempo, and I was soon bouncing up and down on the table until I exploded with pleasure. In my excitement I forgot to tell him I was cumming, but I guess he figured it out. As I was recovering my breath he stood over my head and played with my nipples, getting them incredibly hard. In a few minutes he was back to my clit revving it up for round two. My second orgasm was even more powerful. I almost fell off the narrow table.

Bobby went back to playing with my nipples while waiting for me to recover. A third round would be overkill for today, I thought as I caught my breath. "That's good!" I panted. "That's enough for now."

I sat up on the table and noticed that Bobby was again fully erect. He evidently enjoyed playing with me as much as I enjoyed playing with him. I hopped off the table, my full breasts bouncing to and fro.

"Why don't you lie on your back again. I think you've got more ejaculate that needs to come out." I said helpfully.

Bobby was much more relaxed this time as he lay on the table. He was doing so well I decided to go right to his cock. I put plenty of oil in my hand and began stroking with long moderate tempo motions.

"You're doing great so far!" I said, watching the head of his cock get darker as I worked the oil into it. His breathing was still regular. I was confident I'd soon get him off again without incident. His hand went to my breast without any urging on my part. Drops of milk once again were expressed as he fondled me.

"That feels so good', I cooed, "Would you do me a favor?"

"What?" he asked as I stopped stroking his cock for a moment?

"I'm so full of milk, would you mind taking some?" I implored. I wanted to ratchet up his arousal to another level.

"OK...sure." he said.

I leaned over and offered my right breast to his lips. He gently began sucking the warm milk fresh from my bulging breast. I leaned over even further until my breast was fully resting on his face. I made sure he could breathe as I encouraged him to suckle.

"That's so good! Oh yes..." I said.

I let him suckle for about 5 minutes before I returned to focusing my attention on his cock.

"' I'd really like you to cum again if you don't mind. ", I said, resuming my stroking of his cock while he continued hungrily devouring my breast. The head of his cock was deep purple; looking like it was ready to explode any second. "Let it cum, Bobby, I want your load."

His breathing was still moderate. So I pumped him even faster. His back arched and his muscles tightened.

""Let it cum!" I implored. I wanted him to get off while sucking on my breast. I could see the tip of his cock open up and then his milky load shot out all over his chest and my breast. I could feel his ejaculate beginning to dribble down my left breast as he resumed sucking my right one.

"I think you are done for now!" I laughed, as I toweled off his chest and my left breast. "You did great. I know you'll have much better luck with your next girlfriend. By the time you get to Stanford this fall you'll be ready for anything a coed could want."

"Thanks, Brenda. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you for your help." Bobby said.

'You'll repay me by getting healthy and enjoying a full life." I said, and I meant it.

Another week later...

Bobby's health continued to improve. I gave him a thermos of milk to bring to school every day, so he was getting three meals a day. After school I'd give him fresh milk while working him on the massage table. Still no asthma attacks. To my knowledge this was the longest he'd ever gone without an attack. He was up to 3 miles per hour on the treadmill. It was amazing. The only problem was that I was running low on stored milk, and the pump was starting to irritate my breasts. I decided that when school was out I'd convert him to three meals of fresh milk instead of one.

Another Saturday breakfast, this time pancakes for a change. Regular for me. Pancakes made from my milk for him. I didn't bother to tell him about the unique pancakes, wanting to see if he would notice.

"These are really good, Brenda!" he said. "I'll have plenty of energy today."

"They are pretty good." I said, deciding to keep their origin to myself.

"Feel like learning some new skills today?" I added casually, "you're doing so well."

He blushed. "You're in charge." he said, smiling. "So far everything you've suggested has worked out."

"Now that you can cum without triggering an asthma attack, I'd like you to learn how to control when you are going to cum.", I said. "It is a skill you need to be a good lover for those Stanford coeds."

"What do I need to do?" he said, cautiously.

"Well, have you noticed that just before you ejaculate there is a point in time when you know you are going to cum no matter what, but you haven't let it out yet."

He thought for a few seconds. "Yeah, I think I know what you mean. It usually is just a few seconds before it shoots out." He replied.

Bobby was even getting comfortable talking about sex. Real progress. " Well I want to practice having you recognize when you are close to having that feeling. I want you to tell me to stop before you get to the point of no return. Then we'll practice some tricks you can use to avoid cumming until you want to."

"Why wouldn't I want to?" he asked, puzzled.

"Because you might have a girlfriend who takes longer to cum than you do." I said, "A good lover will get his girlfriend off before he let's himself cum. At least most of the time. Besides, a guy who can cum on command is very impressive to most women. I can teach you how."

"When do you want to teach me?" he said, already surmising the answer. "Let's get started." I said.

He was doing so well that while I still watched his breathing closely, I wasn't too concerned about triggering an attack. He was developing confidence in himself as well, making an attack even less likely. I skipped the massage and went right to his cock. He had a lot to learn, so there was no sense in wasting time. After playing with him for about 10 minutes. He was pretty far along. His cock was rock hard and the head was beet red.

"Now don't wait until it is too late." I said, "Let me know when you are getting close." I continued stroking him pretty vigorously. I withheld my breast so he wouldn't get too distracted.

"Stop!" he blurted.

I immediately squeezed the head of his cock with my fingers. This reduced the sexual tension right away without hurting him. We continued this process again and again for the next half-hour. The intervals were getting shorter as he was getting more and more aroused.

"Brenda, I'd really like to cum.", he implored. This was what I was waiting for. He was now at his maximal state of arousal and his breathing was still good.

"Not quite yet, but soon". I said, "I'll tell you when it is OK. I want you to think of something really disgusting now, really revolting. You don't have to tell me what it is, just do it."

He lay quietly for a moment. "OK." I've thought of something.

"Now focus on that thought while I continue masturbating you." I added. I played with him more slowly now, given that this was just a training exercise. I wanted him to be successful. He stopped me a half dozen more times. He was doing great.

'Please, Brenda, I don't think I can hold it anymore." He said. "Yes you can. I responded. "I'll show you how. When you feel you are getting close bite your cheek with your teeth. Don't draw blood, but bite it hard enough so it hurts."

Amazingly for such an inexperienced guy, he was able to do it He stopped me another half dozen times. I couldn't believe his control for this first exercise. I looked at the clock. He'd been on the edge for an hour. If a coed couldn't come in an hour, she never would, I thought to myself.

"OK, you did fantastic!" I exclaimed, 'Let yourself cum right away. You've more than earned it." I popped my milky breast into his mouth and pumped his cock with my pre cum covered hand. His cock was totally juicy for the first time. This would be an orgasm he'd remember.

His whole body shook as he shot a giant load all over himself and all over me. It was glorious. I milked every drop I could before toweling us off. He was breathing hard but not wheezing. He'd passed another milestone. He deserved a reward.

"Are you OK?" I asked. "I know that wasn't easy but you did great."

"I'm OK" he panted. "It felt like a nuclear blast between my legs." he smiled.

"The only problem is that delaying your orgasm for such a long time creates more tension that it releases, so I want you to cum again as quickly as you can." I urged.

Even with the powerful orgasm he was still rock hard, as I knew he would be. I took his cock in my mouth. He'd earned is first blowjob.

"Now cum as quickly as you want, but tell me when you are going to lose it. It isn't polite to cum in some ones mouth without giving them warning. Now I get to drink your milk!" I teased. As a masseuse I never gave blowjobs, even though a lot of guys wanted them. A hand job was just a technical exercise, but sucking someone's cock was real sex in my book.

It had been a long time since I last did this, but in a couple of minutes I was still able to go all the way down on him. Even though he was a short guy for his age, his cock was pretty substantial. Not huge, certainly, but more than adequate. In another few minutes he was ready.

"I'm going to cum!" he exclaimed. I gave a convincing moan, wanting him to think that having him cum in my mouth was my greatest wish. I was greeted with only a slightly smaller load than the previous one. I swallowed every drop. This time he started to go limp.

"Feel better?" I teased. All he could do was giggle. He was temporarily spent, but my pussy was throbbing with excitement.

"Follow me." I said, pulling him up from the massage table. I took the white towel and led him into my bedroom. I pulled down the bedspread and laid the towel out over the sheet. I lay on my back, with the towel under my butt so my dripping pussy wouldn't soil the bed. I spread my legs wide. Bobby's eyes got big as he took in what was a pretty nice view for an 18-year-old.

"Kneel between my legs." I commanded. He complied. "Now put your index or middle finger of your left hand inside my vagina and press on the upper surface. I'll guide you." I said. I took his hand in mine and we played around until his finger was just where I wanted it. "That's my g-spot. If you get me excited enough it becomes sensitive. You can alternate between playing with my clit and pressing on the g-spot. With practice you can keep a woman in an orgasmic state for as long as you want."

I told him to stimulate my clit until he could feel strong push out contractions in my vagina. He should then press on my g-spot and massage it until the contractions subside. He should then go back to my clit and repeat the process keeping his left hand in my vagina the whole time. He should repeat the entire cycle until he gets bored or I beg him to finish me. He should finish me by continuing to stroke my clit into an explosive orgasm that will almost shoot his left hand out of my vagina from the strong contractions.

Having been suitable briefed, we began. I was already so excited from blowing him that it didn't take long to get the strong contractions going. "That's it! Stop on the clit, stroke the g", I moaned. In a few minutes he was getting the timing pretty good. I was floating in an orgasmic cloud that I wanted to last forever. Unconsciously my hands went to my breasts and I began playing with them, gently pulling on the nipples. My eyes were closed and I could have been anywhere. I didn't care.

"Oh that's so good..." I moaned, "Don't stop." The minutes passed and my body quivered with pleasure as wave after wave of deep vaginal contractions swept over me. This went on and on until I couldn't stand it any more. Milk was seeping all over my chest but I didn't even notice and wouldn't have cared anyway.

"Finish me Bobby, finish me!" I pleaded, expecting instant obedience. Instead he ignored me. At first I thought he wasn't paying attention, so I pleaded some more. Still nothing.

"You can wait a little longer, Brenda," he said, "I'm having too much fun to stop."

My whole body was shaking. "I need to cum.", I pleaded, trying to shout it out but only managing a whisper. Finally he relented and kept stroking my clit until a wave of pleasure swept over me that was so intense that I accidentally squeezed my breasts so hard that to little streams of milk shot about six inches in the air. My whole body contracted in a seizure of pure pleasure that seemed to last for a minute but was probably only several seconds. Thankfully, he took his hands away and wiped them on the towel.

I was in such an erotic frenzy that I couldn't stand it. Watching my little fountains of milk had him rock hard again. I pulled him to me and his cock slipped in like it was custom fitted. Somehow I had enough presence of mind to tell him to breathe and not rush as he began to pump his cock all the way into me. The powerful contractions in my vagina returned with a vengeance. He was so short that his lips only came up to my nipples, so we couldn't kiss. He didn't seem to mind as he lustily sucked the milk from my breast while pumping me hard with his cock. My contractions were so powerful that they just milked him to a powerful orgasm, shaking his whole body. I could feel his warm load shoot into me.

We both giggled as we caught our breath. "I accidentally skipped ahead to next week's lesson", I panted.

"You're a good student."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Ah Bombay. Nothing in the world could ever beat this city. It was dirty, smelly, congested and disorganized but it was my Bombay and I loved it. I had gotten out of college early today and was making my way back home. It was quite the task, I must say. It was very risky to be a pedestrian in Bombay, especially in the poorer areas. Weaving in and out of traffic (vehicles that often included donkey carts pulling massive loads and large diesel spewing buses packed with people that were literally hanging out of the windows and doors!), other pedestrians, scooters, bikes and perhaps other things that western pedestrians had not even imagined encountering on the streets, were all part of the life of the streets. It was really an incredible thing to watch.

I got home approximately an hour after my class had ended. That was pretty good considering my college was well a ways from my home. We lived in a modest house. We weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination but we weren't poor either. We are some of the fortunate ones. In that the area of the city that we live in, it never got crowded or overpopulated with people creating slums. Of course we had poor people in the area but it wasn't a ghetto as some areas in Bombay. Overall it was a life of a modest family. My mom stayed home as a housewife and my dad worked a decent labour job on the very opposite of the city. His schedule was a bit gruelling. He used to leave early in the morning and come home well into the night. This was mainly due to the long commute both to and from work.

Upon hearing the creak of the door as it opened, I heard my mom yell, "Sunny!" My real name was Sunil but like every other Indian boy, I had been given the nickname Sunny.

"Sunny! How come it took you so long to get back home?"

"Mom! You know how it's like in this city. You should be glad that I made it home in such short time."

My mom was the type of person that was never satisfied. She was always in a rush, doing this and that around the house and she was always of the thought that everyone should be the same. I am pretty sure she meant to use her time efficiently but I don't really think she realized that at the end of the day, it didn't matter. Whatever she wanted done was going to get done regardless of whether it was going to get done a bit earlier or later. But that was the type of woman she was. Overall she was a sweet woman and I loved her.

"Wipe that smile off your face," she said while she passed by me with a basket full of dirty clothes, gesturing as if she was going to slap me. That was her way of showing love. "Get ready, you have to go over to your Auntie Geeta's house. She asked you to come and help her out."

Ah yes, Auntie Geeta. We were fortunate enough to have some family living by us in the same neighbourhood. They were all a motorbike ride away. Aunt Geeta was by far my favourite aunt. She was relatively young; about 30 to 35 I would say and had the sweetest personality. She was a very soft person by heart and one was able to notice that in her demeanour. She was also very appealing to the eyes. Her golden brown skin, long luscious black hair, her sweet subtle smile, her height of 5'9, among other things made her sexy in my eyes. Her husband had just recently gotten a job with a huge multinational firm in which he was required to travel a great deal. Auntie Geeta often asked my mom if I was able to come over and assist her with duties around the house, especially after she had a newborn baby 2 months ago. I was always happy to go because after all, what is family for? Her being attractive, in my eyes was just the cherry on top.

I quickly took a shower, ate the lunch my mom had prepared for me and hopped on my bike to her place. Aunt Geeta's house was pretty much the same as ours. It wasn't the greatest house in the world but it wasn't the best either. It was a modest house. I am quite sure that once Uncle was well established in his new company that they would move eventually, but they had no plans as of yet.

I pulled up to her house and parked my bike near the door. I rang the bell. Actually, I wasn't really a bell. It was more like an annoying buzzer that made your bones cringe upon hearing it. A few seconds later, the door opened and I was greeted by Auntie Geeta who happened to be holding a basket of clothes, just like my mom was when I got home.

I smiled and said, "you women and laundry. The world could be ending right before your eyes and you would still be worried about the dirty clothes."

Auntie Geeta crossed her eyebrows, pointed her index finger back and forth to me and said "we wouldn't have to worry about the clothes if the men in this world did they're part and didn't make us do all the work!"

"That's why I am here today, to make sure you won't have to worry about clothes when the world ends!"

"Lo, since when did you become such a comedian!"

Aunt Geeta looked especially radiant today. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail while some of her bangs came undone and hugged her forehead. She looked very cute like that. She was wearing a rose-red coloured sari but without the dupatta.

At this point, I should explain to you what sort of sari this was, because there are a few styles. There are those saris that are pretty much a one piece; a long piece of cloth that covers the entire body. But there are other saris that are two pieces. Auntie was wearing the two-piece. A two-piece sari looks something like this: The top is a half sleeve, typically with a wide and/or low neckline that went down to just about where the breast ended and the stomach started. Basically, the midriff was left bare. The bottom piece consisted with a body-hugging trouser covered by a long piece of cloth or just the cloth itself wrapped around the waist and legs. Some women also wear a two-piece but use a really long piece of cloth to cover their entire body. Auntie Geeta was wearing the two-piece without the cloth on top, just around her legs and waist. It's a south Indian type sari.

"How are you Sunny?" she asked as she caressed my cheeks with her soft hand.

"I am fine auntie, how are you?"

"Oh my God, you know how hard is been ever since Rohan has left. Its hard to be alone while having to take care of the baby and cook, clean and the rest."

"How long has he gone for and when is he coming back?" I asked.

"He has been gone for a month now. He is expected to stay another month." She sighed and continued on. "We will see what will happen then. But thank God I have help like you around!" Upon that compliment, out of the blue she reached over and gave me a tight hug. So tight in fact that I could feel her milk filled breasts press liberally against my chest, even feeling her nipples through her bra. Her hair smelled especially nice, giving off the smell of roses in a garden.

"Come," said Auntie Geeta, "help me knee some of this dough for tonight. You're mom asked me to prepare some for her as well tonight."

Auntie Geeta's house is quite different from that of a regular western style house. The rooms are located on either side of the building, with a huge open area with no roof in the middle. Off to the sides are the washroom, kitchen and a few other smaller rooms for storage. Our house has the same type of layout with the exception of a few differences. Its quite nice because it is usually hot in Bombay so most of the work can be done outside in the open area.

Auntie Geeta and I chose to sit in the open area out in the sun, since it was a nice sunny day. We sat across from each other on these Indian style stools that were made out of strong, multicoloured wicker that were inches off of the ground. They made work like kneeing dough and scrubbing clothes a lot easier since one didn't have to swat down on the ground. Pouring in the flour and water into our respective containers, we began kneeing the dough. I prepared my dough, which my mom had asked for and she did hers. At first we didn't say much because both of us were focused on mixing the ingredients carefully. With the type of dough we were using and the way we cook the dough, one mistake and it's all ruined. But once we were done that, we began to talk and tell jokes. It was quite distracting though I must say. With the outfit that Aunt Geeta had on, particularly with the low neckline, I could not help but peak at her ample breasts swaying swelling, jiggling and manoeuvring up against each other while she kneed the dough. I could also see parts of her black bra make an appearance outside of her sari. I must admit, I did develop somewhat of an erection but I tried to control it and focus at the task at hand. It was odd at the same time though because I would catch her giving me this smile while she stared deep into my eyes. I think she was aware of the show she was providing for me. It wasn't until then that I realize how beautiful her breasts really were.

As we carried on with the task, our conversation shifted to her baby. And right on cue, her baby woke up and started to cry.

"Aye Hai, I knew this was going to happen. He didn't drink enough milk the last time I fed him. You finish your atta, I'll be in the room feeding him. Come in when you are done, ok?" Aunt Geeta quickly washed her hands and ran into the room.

I made the final preparations for my mom's dough, wrapped it so that the moisture would not escape and put it in the fridge. I then made my way to the baby's room.

It wasn't actually the baby's room. It was the master bedroom where Auntie slept. Because the room wasn't big enough, they had to put the crib in a smaller room that was attached to the master bedroom. Typically that was were all the guests would sit and when they came to visit but since they needed the baby near by the bedroom, they converted one of the other rooms into the guest room and converted the old guest room into a baby nursery. In my opinion, the current set up that they have now is far better than that of the old.

I walked into the master bedroom to find Auntie Geeta sitting on a chair breast feeding the baby. Her left breast was exposed which the baby was feeding off of. She smiled as I walked in. I was a bit taken aback because I am not used to situations like this but since Auntie didn't express any protest, I assumed it was appropriate to be in the same room as my breast-feeding aunt. As hard as it was, I tried not looking at her while she fed the baby. It was especially hard since the dim light in the room gave expressed a golden brown glow to her beautiful complexion. This combined with the subtle glisten of the sweat on her skin made her something that you could not look away from. To distract my mind away from her obvious beauty, I continued on with the conversation I was about to have earlier about the baby. Soon after we had started talking, she finished feeding the baby and moved the baby away from her breast. It was then that I had a clear view of her breast along with her nipple. Her breast was bigger than what I had thought it was. It was a perfect round shape and her golden brown skin topped off with her pinkish-brown nipples made it quite the sight to view. I almost instantly got an erection from looking at her. No sooner had I caught a peak at her, had she slipped her bra and sari down over her bust. Auntie sat up straight, almost in a fully upright position, lifted the baby up onto her shoulder and began rocking back and forth, patting the baby's back ever so lightly so as to encourage the baby to burp and help him fall asleep. I had never seen Auntie's demeanour so soft in my entire life. And this only encouraged my erection. Within a few minutes the baby let out a loud burp and Auntie giggled like a little girl. It was one of the cutest things I had seen.

"What are you laughing about?!" I asked.

"I find it so cute when he burps like that, I can't help but laugh. I think he's finally asleep now." She smiled at me and said, "Would you mind laying him down in his crib?" I hesitated a bit in an attempt to calm my erection. "Oh come on Sunny, its not like you haven't done this before." After a few seconds when I got control of my penis, I got up and took the baby to the crib. I came back to sit down and Aunt Geeta asked me to do the oddest thing.

"Sunny, do you mind helping me clean my milk? My breast squirted some on my stomach by accident." Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I went to go reach for a towel.

"No, no. Not with a towel... with your tongue."

I paused a minute and looked at her. She posed the most sinister smile. "What...?" I responded.

"Come lick the milk off my stomach," she said in a soft, yet seductive manner.

"Auntie...are you sure..."

"Shhhh...not a word. Come lick my stomach." She pointed down to the few drops of milk that were on her golden brown tummy, just above her belly button. At this point, I didn't know what to do. I was so confused. Here is my Aunt asking me to lick her own breast milk off her stomach. I had redeveloped my erection, although I was uncertain about the entire situation. Thinking that I should do what my aunt told me to, I slowly bent down in front of her onto my knees, put both my hands on her thighs and licked the milk off her.

She let out a slight gasp of pleasure as her stomach muscles contracted. I could smell an ever so slight scent coming from her, a mixture of a perfume and her own natural scent.

"How did you like it? Did it taste good?" she asked with the same seductive, sinister smile.

"It tasted sweeter than I had expected." I said nervously.

"That felt really nice. Lick me again." My dick was getting pretty hard. Although in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, there was something inside of me that just could not resist. This time, I gripped her sides, just above her love handles and sucked and licked her stomach. Her hands instantly grabbed the back and side of my head.


As her gasps began to get deeper, the more intensely I began to suck. Her hands began to pull the hair on my head ever so slightly, giving me a more pleasurable experience. Soon after, her hands began to push my head down slowly towards her pussy. I didn't go down there right away, rather I licked the bottom half of her stomach and slowly made my way down, still leaving her sari on. As I began licking and sucking her pussy through her sari, I noticed a distinct scent come out of her. I was old enough to know that it was the smell of her sex. I continued rubbing her sides and teasing the bottom half of her sari with my fingers, running them in and around her waist area. Her breasts heaved up and down as she gasped in and out, letting out a slight moan of pleasure every now and then. It was soon apparent that she wanted direct contact between her pussy and my tongue.

Aunt Geeta took her hands off my head and slipped off her sari exposing her pussy. I had never seen anything like it. It was completely shaved and perfectly shaped. She looked at me and smiled.

"Do you like what you see? Taste it like you tasted my milk."

Upon Geeta sitting back down in her chair, I spread her legs open and began to lick her fruit. I could not help but become intoxicated with her smell. It was unlike anything I had ever smelt in my entire life. My heart began beating so fast that it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I didn't know exactly what I was doing but from what I had learned in biology class, I knew where to direct my tongue. And judging from her moans, I think I was doing an adequate job.

At this point, my cock had become so hard and so big that it was beginning to hurt inside my tight fitting pants.

"Wait, wait. Let me take these off, its beginning to cause pain," I told her.

Catching her breath, she remarked, "Have I had such an effect on you?"

I gave her a lustful smile and dug into her pussy. This time my tongue worked her feverishly. So much so that her legs began to squeeze around my head in an attempt to control the pleasure. With each gasp of breath, I could feel her ample breasts bounce under her sari top, just over my head. I was so turned on that my penis began to drip pre cum. I could feel the coolness of the pre-cum on the head of my penis as well as the sides of my legs when it slapped my thighs. Her body quickly began to sweat. This was not only due to the activity we were currently engaged in but also because of the hot Bombay sun. Her perspiration was to the extent that when I looked up at her while sucking her off, I could see the swells of her breasts glisten and see beads of sweat begin to develop and drip onto her sari top.

Not long after, I pushed away from her pussy, stood up and looked at my aunt. Her whole body was glistening with sweat. Her hair was clearly wet from the perspiration. The contrast between her glistening golden brown sweaty body and her red sari top was fantastic. My dick moved up and down just looking at her wet breasts sticking straight out and her back straight up against the back of the chair.

"Kiss me," Said Geeta as she directed me towards her.

I took off my shirt and straddled up onto her legs, facing her. I moved the wet hair away from her eyes and planted the most impassioned kiss I had ever given anyone. Her tongue quickly entered my mouth and began exploring. A wave of lust came over both of us as we moaned during the kiss. I than broke the kiss off and moved down towards her breasts. I first kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her chest. I looked down to her beasts to see her tits were swollen due to how close my body was to hers. My body had been pressing up against her breasts causing them to life up and swell over the neckline of her top. I dug my head right into her swelled breasts, massaging and squeezing them with my hands. Her head jerked back as she moaned and gasped for breath. She exacerbated the size of her breasts by squeezing them with her arms. Her stomach teased my throbbing penis. Every time my dick would touch her hot perspiring tummy, it would jerk up, causing me to feel pleasure I had never felt before.

Having my body so close to hers, it didn't take long for me to start sweating. I was impatient to see her tits. I quickly undid the front of her Sari top revealing her black bra. Geeta leaned forward, reached back and undid the bra and sipped it off. Her milk filled tits were in perfect view. Her nipples were erect. The amazing thing was that her breasts did not sag. Rather, they were almost perky. I am sure that had she not been nursing, they would be perfectly in place on her body. I began licking and sucking her breasts while she stocked my hard dick back and forth slowly. I noticed that her nipples were very sensitive. Every time I licked them, she would moan. Milk would squirt out of either nipple every now and then but I did not care and neither did she. In fact, every time milk squirted into my chest, she would lick it off. Her breast barely fit into the palm of my hands. We began to kiss each other feverishly. It was as if a wave of lustful passion had enveloped the both of us.

Slowly, my right hand began to make its way down to her pussy while the left hand continued to work her tit. Her pelvis began moving back and forth as my hand worked her wet pussy as my thighs moved frictionless over hers, due to the sweat we were both releasing. Geeta's gasps of pleasure increasingly started to become moans as I kissed her. Her breathing increased in frequency as had mine. After sometime of rubbing her pussy, I finally inserted my two fingers into her. She let out a loud moan. My left hand moved from her breast to the back of her head, pulling her ever so slightly and then back again. Her right hand began stroking my cock faster and faster while her left hand found its way to my naked ass, digging her fingernails into my flesh as the pleasure increased. As my breathing got faster and faster her moans started to get louder and more frequent. I had never heard a girl sound so beautiful until that point.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
My fingers worked vigorously as they moved inside and out. My thumb meanwhile, worked her clit. The chair we were in began to rock back and shift. It even almost fell on a number of occasions. Her right breast began to jiggle as her right hand worked my cock. Finally, Geeta came with a roar. She moaned and then gasped for breath. Her entire body began to shutter with wave after wave of orgasm. Her milk filled breasts thundered up and down while I struggled to keep my fingers inside her drenched orgasming vagina. I quickly wrapped my free hand around her shoulder, holding her hot, sweaty body close to me so that the both of us would not fall off the chair. Her massive tits swelled up to just below her collarbone as the pressed up against my chest. Her moans filled the entire room. I tried kissing her during her orgasm but she experienced so many waves that it was hard for her to maintain the kiss. Instead her hot breath would exhale in my face, increasing the pleasure for me. Finally after her orgasm subsided, I took my drenched fingers out (my entire hand had become wet as a result of her cum), wrapped both my arms around her and kissed her lustfully. During this whole experience, Geeta had kept her eyes closed while mine were open the entire time. She opened her eyes to discover that my whole head was dripping of sweat. Her face was the same way. Sweat was running down from her face to her chest and over her breasts and nipples. After we kissed I continued to lick and massage her tits while she recovered from the intensity she had just experienced.

Aunt Geeta motioned me to get off her so she could stand up. I followed her to her bed, which was a few steps away from the chair we were active on. She threw me onto the bed and got on top of me with her legs straddling me. My dick was drenched with pre cum. Seeing this she guided her massive bust to my throbbing penis, having the two pieces of flesh caress my dick in-between them, seductively smiling as she did. I tilted my head back in pleasure. I didn't know how long I would be able to take much more of this. She then leaned over, spread her thighs over my pelvis and engaged me in a passionate kiss, grinding her pelvis back and forth. Soon we were like animals, lusting at each other's lips, not leaving an inch of the bed untouched as we moved around it.

Geeta knew, judging by the way I was moaning and how my penis would quiver when any part of her touched me that I was not going to last long. She swung my legs over to the edge of the mattress and got on the ground, squatting in front of me with her legs fully spread with both of her knees touching the box spring. She grabbed my cock with her hand and slowly began stroking it back and forth. Her strokes started to get faster and faster. Our breathing began to increase in frequency. Every now and then she would take one her breasts and rub it against my penis, her nipple teasing my shaft and balls, while the other breast bounced around. I came as soon as my moans peaked. I released torrent after torrent of my white sex all over her tits. In the manner and speed that she was jerking me off, some of my cum even landed on her face as well as some on the ground. I had never cum like that ever. My ballsack had never tightened up like that and spewed so much semen out of my dick. Geeta quickly lunged up off the floor and onto me where our lips met once again. This time we kissed more slowly and I took time caressing her curves.

After giving me enough time to recover from my orgasm, Aunt Geeta picked up the two pillows off the ground and put them in their proper spot.

"Come," she said with a smile. "Let us lie here together for a while." I agreed. I crawled up beside her and wrapped my one leg around her. Her body faced me. Naturally, in that position her breasts folded and squeezed together. I caressed my hand up and down her swelled tits, admiring every millimetre. Geeta kissed me softly on my lips and slowly closed her eyes. I felt like I was lying beside a goddess.

I woke up to discover a sheet around my body, my clothes lay perfectly on the bedside but my Aunt Geeta was missing. It felt like I had been asleep for hours but upon looking at the clock, I realized it was only 90 minutes or so. I looked around the room to discover Geeta in the chair with the baby in hand. She was breastfeeding him once again. She saw that I had awakened and smiled at me, though saying nothing. I just laid there watching her nurture her newborn son. Not long after, she slipped her breast under her black bra and sari top, burped the baby (giggling as usual when the baby burped) and sent him back to the crib to sleep. In the meanwhile I sat up on the bed. Geeta closed the door of the Nursery and began walking towards me. Her ample breasts bounced up and down with each step.

"Did you sleep well Sunny?" she asked innocently.

I smiled at her and responded, "I did."

She hopped into bed with me, sitting up against the headboard. Her hands began to travel up and down against my body. Almost instantly, my penis became erect. Her touch was electrifying. I as well, began to kiss her neck and arm, my hand massaging and manoeuvring her breasts and my other hand around her waist, caressing the curves of her sides, which I had quickly come to appreciate. Quickly, our lips locked once again and we engaged in a passionate kiss. I began to breath hard in pleasure as Geeta worked my dick. Knowing what each of us wanted, I removed the sheet that was covering me and we shifted so I would have access to her pussy but at the same time, she could have access to my dick. Upon gaining position I immediately slipped my hand down Geeta's sari and began rubbing her clit. At first I worked it slowly so that her juices could build up. In the mean time, my mouth worked her breasts that were swelled because of her arm that was reached over, jacking off my dick. By this time, I had developed a particular fascination with her bust. Even though she was still wearing her sari top, I kept licking her erect nipples that were clearly showing through the silk.

Our workings of each other soon became rigorous. My two fingers by this time were inside her pussy, moving in and out. The faster Geeta worked my dick, the faster I worked her pussy. Her entire bust was now constantly bouncing. She began to gasp for air in-between our kissing. She had soon quit kissing me due to her constant moaning and need to take in more air. Then she hit orgasm. Her body became to convulse violently. Her legs squeezed my hands which were in between them. Her free hand found its way to her breast, which she squeezed and held. Her moans became higher in pitch in a matter of seconds. Her body had broken out into a sweat with beads running down her chest. Amazingly, she did not let go of my dick. Rather, she continued stroking it through her orgasm. Watching her body behave the way it was during her climax made me all the more excited. Seconds after Geeta's orgasm was over, I turned towards her and came all over her stomach. My moans of pleasure all of a sudden converted to loud and prolonged sighs of pleasure. I released three fairly large torrents of semen on various locations around her stomach. She continued stroking me well after I had the orgasm, making sure every bit of cum had come out.

Geeta finally let go of my dick and I took my drenched hand out of her sari. We sat back against the headboard, recovering from the climax we had just hit. Her breasts heaved up and down as she struggled to catch her breath. Beads of sweat ran down her face and onto her chest, escaping into her cleavage. I as well was covered in sweat and struggling to catch my breath. As I sat back in the bed, I could not help but wonder what had prompted this whole situation to take place. After all, it was her that had initiated the whole escapade of the afternoon by asking me to lick the milk off her stomach. I recalled back to just a few minutes ago, just before she exploded all over my hand, when I was working her way to her orgasm. I recalled the intensity on her face and the lust in her eyes that translated through her actions in the bed with me. It was then that it dawned on me. My poor Auntie Geeta was sexually deprived. She yearned for pleasure. Having her husband gone for a month now was starting to take its toll on her. Having to take care of the house as well as the baby, she had no time for herself. After I realized this, I reached over her, cupped her face with both of my hands and gave her a long sympathetic kiss.

"You are such a sweet boy Sunny," she said in her soft innocent voice as she held me in her bosom.

"I must leave now. My mom might think I went somewhere else. I don't want her to get mad." We cleaned up and got dressed.

Auntie Geeta handed me the dough I had prepared for my mom earlier in the day and walked me to the door.

"I'll come back in a few days, after I am done my exam," I informed her. "Be good ok?" I winked at her and hopped on my bicycle and headed home.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I was in deep trouble. I had taken huge loans from Jaichand, a shrewd money lender in Indore. Jaichand was an old man, but reputed to be extremely crooked and violent. I had not been able to repay him back, despite being warned a lot of times by him. Now he had sent a message that he was coming to meet me in the office that I was working in at Dewas to collect his money. I was panicky! I was frightened that he would shout at me and take me to the police and frame me. I knew that being a government servant, I could not afford to have a criminal offence. I would lose my job and my life would be ruined along with that of my wife and child.

My name is Makarand Kakkad. I am a poor clerk in a small government office at Dewas. I am a 27 year old man, living in a small one bedrrom, hall, kitchen house with my 24 year old wife Anupama and our two month old baby. My wife Anupama, is a village girl. She is not very educated. But, is very pretty - to a point, that almost all the men in the street, stare whenever she goes to buy vegetables in the market. That is because, she is exciting to look at. She is short - just around 4' 8" in height. But, she is very fair, has very long, black & thick hair which she plaits. It hangs down almost upto her thighs. She is plump and has a gorgeous figure - 38 - 27 - 39! Her breasts are round, firm and shapely. As she had just delivered our baby, her breasts had even grown bigger, as they are full of milk! Her buttocks are big, fleshy, firm and absolutely delightful. They have a natural upward swing when she walks, exciting all the men who stare at them! Anupama has a very beautiful face, lovely big grey eyes and a lovely voice. Her cheeks are plump and her lips are naturally attractive. She always dresses in simple cotton sarees and blouses. Though she would cover her breasts, correctly and tightly with the pallu of her saree, yet, due to their large size and especially as they were full of milk, men could see them protruding and juggling beneath her pallu as she walked. Her breasts drove men crazy! I was proud of her looks. She was my real wealth! Now, I was afraid that I would let her down.

After thinking hard, I decided that I would be extremely polite and apologetic to Jaichand, our money lender, when he visited my office. I thought that the best way to avoid trouble at my office, was to take him home, give him a cup of coffee and request him for some more time, to repay my debts. By that way, I had presumed that even if he started shouting and threatening, no one in my office would know about it. My house would also give me an opportunity to fall at his feet and plead with him to give me more time. Jaichand came to my office, as per plan and seated himself on the chair, opposite mine.

He said, ' So, Makarand, I suppose that you have the money ready for me? '

I replied, ' Jaichandji, Namaste! Since you have come all the way from Indore, why dont we go to my house, have a cup of tea and settle matters there? If you can be kind to give us the pleasure of your company, you can have lunch at our place and even relax for sometime, before you return back in the evening to Indore! '

He agreed. I excused myself at our office for the day, and accompanied Jaichand in his car to our house. Unfortunately, I had not mentioned about the plan to invite Jaichand for lunch, to my wife Anupama. I figured that while, I was pleading and begging for time, with Jaichand, she could use that time to prepare food and serve him. We reached our house in silence and I knocked at our door. My wife, Anupama opened the door. As she was not prepared for any visitors, and had opened the door while she was probably busy washing clothes, her domestic appearance was quite striking. Her hair was slightly dishevelled and tied up in a large knot, behind her head. Her face was full of sweat. She had apparently not yet, had her bath and was still wearing the blue saree and white blouse that she had worn the last night. Like most Indian women at work, she had tucked up a small portion of her saree to her petticoat on her left hip. Her fair, smooth and flat tummy was half visible. As her saree was slightly raised due to the tucking of the saree, her smooth and lovely left leg was visible for almost a feet and her white petticoat was also visible from under her saree near her legs. Her pallu, had gone to one side and her lovely large right breast in the white bra, was protruding out under her white blouse! Her mangalsutra was dangling over her blouse. Her arms and tummy too were covered in small beads of sweat.

I introduced my lovely wife to Jaichand, ' Jaichandji, this is my wife Anupama. Anu, this is our dear and kind hearted money lender, Jaichand Sethji! We are going to discuss some business, can you make us a cup of tea? And later, maybe if Jaichandji is kind enough, he may even stay for lunch! '

My wife said in her lovely voice, ' Jaichandji, Namaste! You are most welcome to our humble house. I am very sorry, that it is in a mess. I was not expecting guests. But, please come in and make yourself comfortable, I shall have everything in order and also get you drinking water and a cup of tea in five minutes! And please do stay for lunch, it would be a honour to us, if you have lunch at our house! '

I turned towards Jaichand. His eyes were almost popping out, at the sight of my gorgeous and buxom wife! He was staring at her lovely breast and her flat tummy, which was visible as her saree was tucked up and dishevelled. My wife became concious of his staring. She quickly covered her breasts properly with her pallu and adjusted her saree to be proper. With the end of her pallu, she wiped the sweat of her face. We were standing at the door. Jaichand had still not replied and was simply still staring at her! She looked at me. He then got back his senses and said,

' Anupamaji, Shukriya! Since you have so nicely invited me, I am definitely going to have lunch, prepared by you ! '

We went inside. Anupama quickly tidied up the house, prepared tea and served it to us. She then asked Jaichand, ' Sethji, do you have any special preference for lunch? I shall be very happy to do whatever you like! '

Jaichand replied smilingly, ' Really Anupamaji? Will you really do whatever I like? '

Looking at me with confusion in her lovely eyes, my wife replied, ' Yes, Jaichandji, I shall be happy to serve you whatever you like! I shall quickly have my bath and start preparing lunch! '

Jaichand replied, ' No, my dear! I am hungry. Please do not take your bath now. You prepare lunch as you are. You look beautiful and nice, as it is! '

Again looking at me with confusion in her eyes, my wife replied, ' Yes, Jaichandji, I shall do as you say! Lunch will be ready in just half an hour! '

So saying, she went into the kitchen and began cooking. I started explaining my situation to Jaichand. I explained to him that I needed some more time to pay off his Rs. Two Lakh loan to me. He looked shocked and started shouting as expected. I pleaded with him. He refused. I begged him. He refused. He said, that if I did not pay up immediately, he will get up and walk straight to the police station. He told me that as he knew the police inspectors there very well, he will arrange for them to frame me, not only for the two lakh rupees loan, but also for various crimes, that I did not commit! He told me that he will make sure that my life will be ruined and my wife will be on the streets. I started weeping, pleading and begging him to spare me. He kept on refusing. I told him that I really did not have any money and if I had, I would certainly have paid him to avoid all this trouble. He kept silent for a moment and then said,

' Makarand, you certainly have more than two lakhs in this house! '

I said, ' No, Sethji, I am a poor government clerk. I certainly dont have any such money. From where can I get so much money? '

He said again, ' Makarand, think carefully! You certainly have more than two lakhs in this house! I have already seen with my own eyes, that you have a lot, lot, more than two lakhs in this house! And if you wish, you can pay me! '

I was confused now. Where in hell, had he seen money in our house? Certainly not! We did not have more than two hundred rupees in the house! Why was he saying that he saw more than two lakhs in the house? I was totally confused.

I asked him, ' Jaichandji, I am confused now. Where did you see more than two lakhs in our house. You tell me and I shall be very happy to give it to you! '

Jaichand, silently said, ' Makarand, I meant your lovely wife Anupama. She is certainly worth much, much more than two lakhs! All I am saying is, I have a proposal. I am willing to drop my plans of returning back to Indore tonight. I want to stay tonight at your place. You go and explain the situation to your wife. Convince her, to let me spend the night in her bed and tell her to do all that I ask her, to give me pleasure. Tell her, that I want to have my fill, of her gorgeous body and if she does what I ask of her, and gives me and my body absolute pleasure, then, I will simply give you one more year to arrange for the payment. If not, I am not going to have even lunch at your place, but am going straight to the police and will have you arrested within the next hour. And anyway, once you are in Jail, I shall guide things in such a way, that your lovely wife, will have no recourse, but to submit her buxom body to me, for my pleasure! Think about it without getting emotional or excited!

I was shocked! I started weeping! I said, ' No! No, Jaichand Seth, No! I may be a poor government clerk. I may not have money. But, I am a decent man from a good decent family. My wife is a decent woman, from a good decent family. I am not a pimp. Though she is such a buxom and exciting woman, she is not a prostitute. She is a nice, caring housewife. She is my wife! She is a very chaste woman, who believes in the sanctity of our marriage. More importantly, she has just given birth to our baby two months ago. She is a mother now. The only thing that we have is our self respect. Please dont ask me to do such a thing! Please be kind to us. Please dont be so cruel! '

Jaichand, silently replied, ' Makarand, dont waste my time. As it is, you have cheated me by not paying since the last two years. Now, there is no question of giving time. I am too excited by your wife's fantastic body. I want it. My body wants it. Though I am 63 years old, I still have my needs. I simply want your wife. And dont worry, even if I spend the night in your wife's bed, I shall quietly go away in the morning. No one will know, except the three of us. Your self respect will remain intact. But if I go to the police station now, your self respect will be torn to shreds within the next one hour! So dont waste time and talk to her now! Now! '

While wiping my eyes, I turned back and saw that my wife was standing at the door! While we were arguing, my wife had apparently come into our room to serve some water. Seeing the loud arguments, she had stopped and stood at the door. She had listened to each and everyword of our conversation! Looking at me, and understanding Jaichand's threats, she ran into the kitchen, weeping. I ran behind her to the kitchen. She came into my arms and started sobbing un-controllably. I told her not to worry. I told her that I shall gladly go to prison to save her chastity. She kept sobbing. I kept reassuring her, that she need not worry. I asked her to take care of our baby, when I was in prison. I told her, that maybe she could get a job as a housemaid, or as a babysitter, to enable her and my child to live atleast on basics of life! She finally wiped her tears and said,

' No! Makarandji! I will not allow you to go to prison! I am your wife! Your welfare is my duty! I will die if you go to prison! It is alright. You go and tell that scoundrel that he can have my body, for his pleasure, if thats what will satisfy him! Tell the rascal that I will do whatever he says to give pleasure to his body! Go and tell him that, Makarndji! '

I was more shocked now! I too started weeping! I said, ' No! No, Anupama. No! I may be a poor government clerk. I may not have money. But, I am your husband. I love you. You are not a prostitute! I cant allow another man to ravage your body! '

She replied, ' No! Makarandji! Under no condition, will I allow you to go to prison! I am your wife! It is alright. It is just one night afterall! As it is, no one will know if he spends the night with me, on my bed! So tomorrow morning everything will be OK! Please do, what I say! Go! '

I quietly went to Jaichand and told him that my young, lovely, loving, 24 year old wife had agreed to let him, a lowly third rate, 63 year old man ravage her body through out the night, in our own marital bed! He was happy. I could see the lust in his eyes. He told me to tell Anupama, not to have her bath and to remain, as she was, in the same saree and underclothes through out, until the night. He claimed that he wanted her ' Naturally '! I told my wife. She agreed. I was extremely worried. My wife Anupama, was so small in height. And here was Jaichand. Though he was 63 years old, he was built like a bull! He was tall - almost 6' 4 ", dark, with a beard and a mustache, Broad shoulders and strong hairy and muscular forearms. I shuddered to think, how he would be endowed sexually. I was almost sure that he would be huge! My own penis was rather average in size. Just 5 inches, when erect. That itself, my wife accomodated in her vagina with a bit of difficulty, as she had a rather very narrow and small vaginal opening. I was frightened that this beast Jaichand would tear her vagina apart, with his brute strength. Later, as he had asked her not to take a bath, my dishevelled wife served us lunch. We ate silently. I noted that Jaichand could not remove his eyes off my wife's breasts and midriff. His eyes were glazed with sheer lust. Finally, he finished his lunch and got up to wash his hands. I was shocked to see a tent formed on the front of his dhoti! He was having a massive erection, which even his dhoti could not hide! My heart started pumping faster, wondering what his organ would do to my wife!

Jaichand came back, sat in the room and started smoking a cigarette. My wife, went to wash vessels. I started getting all vessels from the room to the kitchen washing area, knowing that she will not get any rest at night. My wife once again tucked up a portion of her saree, to her petticoat on the left side, stood at the basin on the side of the kitchen platform and started washing the vessels. She had also tucked in the end of her pallu to the petticoat on her hips. Her fair and smooth midriff was now clearly visible and once again her left breast in her bra, could be seen through her blouse, which was peeping out from under her pallu. Her lovely, fair and smooth, left leg was visisble upto a feet, due to the tucking of her saree. Her Mangalsutra was hanging from her neck over her breasts. She looked so lovely, so innocent and so tender! Within a few minutes, I turned to see, Jaichand, standing at the door of the kitchen watching my lovely wife working. Her back was facing him and he was staring at her big, round buttocks thru' her saree and petticoat. Anupama was not aware of his presence. She silently kept washing the vessels. He once again seemed to have an erection, as I could see the tent back on the front of his dhoti. I was arranging some other things in the kitchen and pretended that I was not observing the old Jaichand staring at my young wife!

After observing my wife for a few minutes, Jaichand slowly walked upto her and stood close to her back, his erection thru' his dhoti, almost touching Anupama's buttocks! She turned and saw him so close to her. But, without saying anything, she continued washing the vessels. Jaichand now extended his arms slowly and touched her midriff! Anupama, almost jerked up at his touch. She closed her eyes for a moment, opened them again and without a sound, continued washing the vessels. Jaichand, now started caressing my wife's smooth and fair midriff with his palms. He encircled her midriffs with his arms on either side of her body and pressed himself into her! Obviously, she could feel his massive erection, on her buttocks, through her saree. She fell back slightly upon him. Jaichand's massive hairy arms had encircled her small body completely from both sides now! I tried my level best not to stare at this 63 year old lecher, feeling up my 24 year old lovely wife. Slowly Jaichand took his palms up and cupped both of her large, round, firm and full breasts! He just kept his palms cupped over them, without fondling them - obviously, he was relishing their feel! Slowly he brought his arms behind and started caressing my wife's big, exciting buttocks! She did not stop him. He then started rubbing his erection into her buttocks, thru' her saree! Then, holding and caressing her midriff with his left hand, he bent and put his right hand under her saree. Jaichand now started to feel my lovely young wife's, silky smooth legs. The saree and petticoat kept on getting got pulled up as his hand moved further and further, up her legs. His hand now reached her lovely, large thighs. Jaichand kept his erection pressed into my wife's buttocks while he was feeling her thighs. I could see my wife's Saree and petticoat all bunched up on Jaichand's arms, as his hand kept travelling yet further upwards, on my wife's thighs. His hand now reached her white cotton panty. My wife now closed her eyes. He hooked his finger into the side of her panty and started touching her hairy vagina. My wife has a very thick growth of pubic hair all over her vagina. Being a small built woman, she has a very small, but beautiful and protruding black vagina, with a rather large half an inch clitoris! Her vaginal opening is almost tiny! I could see that he started playing with her pubic hair. My wife kept her eyes closed. Jaichand now slid one finger into her vagina and started rubbing it over her clitoris. My wife started squirming. He then inserted his second finger into her vagina and started moving both his fingers in and out of her vagina. My wife began to squirm all the more. I could see that her vagina was getting wet and it was emitting a pungent smell - as she had not bathed that day! Jaichand then released her and bent down. He put his face under her petticoat and started smelling her, sweaty, pungent smelling, hairy vagina ! He started licking her pubic hair. He started licking the sweat off her vagina. He then thrust his tongue into her hole and started tickling her clitoris with his tongue! While standing, my wife had spread her thighs to give herself balance and also to give Jaichand some more room to sit properly under her petticoat, with his tongue into her vagina! Jaichand now turned her. He started licking all over her sweaty buttocks and the crack between her two buttocks! He slowly inserted his tongue into her rectum!

At that point of time, our baby started crying in th bedroom. Without looking at my wife, encircled by the huge Jaichand, I said that I will pick up the baby.

My wife, Anupama, with Jaichand's head thrust between her legs, said, ' Makarandji, it is feeding time for our baby now. He needs my milk. You please go and pick him up from the cradle. I shall wash my hands and come to feed him '

Then she said to Jaichand, who was still cupping her breasts, ' Saabji, please . . . . please . . . . let me go for 15 - 20 minutes. My baby is crying and I have to feed him my milk! Once, I finish, you can do what you wish again! '

Jaichand said, ' Makarand, you go and pick up the kid. I shall bring
Anupama for feeding him, as soon as she washes her hands! '

I went into the room and picked up my baby. Within two minutes, Anupama came into the room with Jaichand. He was still cupping her breasts from behind. He allowed her to sit on the bed. I gave her the baby. She turned away to feed him. But Jaichand asked her to face us. He said that he will prepare her to feed the baby. He said that he wished to see her feeding her breast milk to our baby! He himself, went to her, and sat next to her. Then slowly, he pulled away her pallu, un-hooked her blouse, and slid her white bra upwards, so as to expose both her breasts. Her large, lovely, firm, round breasts plopped out! Her big black nipples were erect to release her milk. Her areolae were almost standing! Her nipples looked so enticing! Jaichand took one nipple to the baby's mouth and inserted it into it. He started playing with the other nipple, swirling it in his rough, crude large fingers. Then he focussed on my wife's breast. He started playing with them, touching them, squeezing them, pinching them and biting them. Then he put his mouth on my wife's other large nipple and started sucking. As my wife used to breast feed our baby, her breasts were full of milk. When Jaichand found milk shooting from my wife's breast into his mouth, he started sucking, he hungrily fixed his mouth on her nipple and started sucking all her milk into his mouth! My wife tried to tell him, that our baby needed that milk for the evening. But he was in no mood to listen. He kept sucking hungrily on her nipple, while our baby drank from her other nipple. My wife Anupama looked at me helplessly. I was watching Jaichand, suck her nipple, with some sense of fascination, which I was confused about. After he had sucked off all the milk in that breast, he triumphantly looked up at me and giggled satisfactorily! He went back to the other room, after telling me to get him a bottle of liquor for the evening and also reminding my wife, not to wash and went to sleep!

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