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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:09 AM
Post: #21
RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I asked my tired wife also to try to sleep next to the baby. I told her that as she may not get much sleep later that night, due to Jaichand, she should rest now. I told her that I shall look after the baby, while she slept. I took the baby, and went out of the house, leaving my wife and Jaichand asleep in different rooms. My mind was reeling, as I remembered how Jaichand had fingered my wife, licked her vagina and sucked on my wife's nipples! But curiously, instead of feeling anger, I felt excitement and had an erection! I was surprised and shocked! I went to a park close by and sat for the next one to two hours thinking. I knew that this was the only way out. Jaichand would not leave me, if we did not agree to his demands. It was 6.30 in the evening now. I walked with the baby in my arms to a wine shop, purchased a bottle of liquor for Jaichand and went back to the house. I peeked into Jaichand's room. He was still asleep. I peeked into Anupama's room. She was not there. I heard noises in the kitchen. I put the baby into the cradle and went to the kitchen. My lovely wife, Anupama was busy preparing the evening dinner. I went and took her into my arms! She was smelling of sweat! She had not had a bath, since the night before! She once again started sobbing. I asked her, if we should call off the night plan. Once again I offered to go to prison to safeguard her chastity. She controlled herself and said that it was OK. She will go through with it!

Finally, Jaichand got up at around 7.00 p.m. He went for a stroll for about half an hour and returned. He then had a bath. I found that strange. He had his bath, but, he forbade my wife from having her bath - and she had not bathed since almost 48 hours! After his bath, Jaichand wore only his dhoti and came into the room bare bodied. It was a thin cotton dhoti! He was wearing a langoti! I could make out his pendulous huge penis thru' the dhoti! Thankfully it was not erect! His body was huge! It was covered with small short hair all over. He then poured himself a large glass of whisky. He then asked for the news paper and kept drinking the whisky, while reading. Within the next half an hour, he had almost five large pegs. He finished his paper. He asked me where my wife was. I pointed to the kitchen. He walked over. I could see thru' the open door. He walked over to my wife and once again encircled her waist with his huge arms, from behind. He turned her face towards himself and thrust his tongue thru' her soft lips into her mouth. Now his arms came up and cupped her breasts. He started pushing his crotch over her buttocks, thru' her saree. His palms started playing with and fondling her breasts, while he had pulled my wife's tongue into his mouth and was sucking on it. His arms now came down to her buttocks and started caressing her buttocks. He would first squeeze them and then push his crotch into them, thru' her saree! He kept this up for the next two minutes and then once again his arms came up and cupped her breasts. I could see them clearly. Curiously, looking at this old man playing with a woman young enough to be his grand-daughter, I once again got an erection! I could not understand, why, instead of feeling rage, I was getting excited.

Jaichand now pulled off my wife's saree completely and then un-hooked her blouse - leaving her in her white bra and her white petticoat! His arms started roaming all over her body. He lifted her arms. Her arm pits had a thick growth of hair - as, being a village woman, she never shaved her body. More importantly, I had liked her to have hair in her arm pits and over her vagina! Now, I saw that jaichand had similar tastes. The moment he saw my wife's arm pit hair, he gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to them. He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits! I am sure that they were giving out a pungent smell, as she had not washed. But he seemed to relish the smell and get excited by it! He now dragged my wife into the bedroom. He first put my lovely, innocent wife down, sat on the bed and pulled her to sit on his lap. Now he started fondling and caressing my wife's breasts thru' her blouse, while kissing and sucking her tongue. One of his arms then came down and pulled up my beautiful, young wife's petticoat right upto her lovely, smooth, silky thighs. He started rubbing, patting and squeezing her thighs, as well as fondling her tender breasts. Slowly he put my beautiful, young wife down on the bed, face up, unhooked her bra and removed it. He then loosened the knot on the strings of her petticoat and pulled it down - leaving her only in her panty. He now started removing his dhoti. I saw that he had white hair on his arms, legs, chest etc and he was rather big built, though fat and repulsive. The old Jaichand now laid down beside my young wife. Looking at all this happening to my wife, I was having a huge erection! I went and sat on a chair near the bed, to see this!

He began kissing and licking my wife's face, eyes, neck etc. Then as his passion grew, he started biting her neck hard. Anupama started wincing in pain. He then started licking and kissing her armpits! He licked away all the sweat from her arm pit hair. Then he focussed on her round, exciting and full breasts. He started playing with them, touching them, squeezing them, pinching them and biting them. As his passion grew, he started biting my wife's breasts very hard - leaving red marks all over her tender, young flesh! Then he put his mouth on her nipples and started sucking her milk. Our baby's milk! My Anupama's breasts were once again full of milk. As he found milk when he started sucking, he hungrily fixed his mouth and started sucking all her milk into his mouth! After he had sucked off all the milk in both my wife's breasts, he then took her hands and put them on his langoti, over his organ. My wife was shocked! It looked huge!Almost like some small cricket bat! He then started his attention on her navel and thighs - sucking, pinching, licking and biting them. He left black bite marks all over her tender, delicate and exciting thighs! He now removed my wife's panty. Slowly his mouth moved to my young, innocent Anupama's hairy, black and pungent vagina. She had a thick growth of pubic hair. He started licking thru' my wife's pubic hair and affixed his mouth over her vagina. Anupama closed her eyes. Totally revolted. Then he started darting his tongue in and out, round and round my wife's vagina, with lightning thrusts of his tongue once in a while on her bud there. Though my wife felt revolted, his tongue on her vaginal bud sent shivers up her. He then turned her face down on the bed. He then started licking her back, her buttocks, the back of her thighs and her calves. He then laid down beside my wife and pulled her to lie by her side. He laid behind her with both arms around her - one caressing her breast and the other caressing her on her vagina, while he was biting and kissing the back of my wife's neck.

He then asked her, ' Anupama, how many men have fucked you in your anus upto now? '

My helpless Anupama was shocked to hear such words! She said ' Oh No! No one. '

He kept caressing her breasts and vagina and then said, ' So you are a virgin? '

Anupama said ' How can I be a virgin? You know that I am a married woman. You also know that I am a mother! '

He said, ' No! No! I meant virgin in your anus '

She said, ' Yes, Saabji! '

He now said, ' Anupama, ask your husband to get up and get a bottle of oil, which is there on the dressing table, ask him to bring the oil to us here on the bed! '

My helpless wife, asked me to do so. I went to the bed with the bottle of the oil. Jaichand gestured me to sit on the bed.

He then asked me, to pour the oil over my lovely wife's gorgeous and exciting buttocks. She was confused. I could see bite marks all over her buttocks too! I did as asked. Then he asked me to slowly use my finger and carefully pour the oil into my wife's anus! It then struck me on what he was about to do!

My innocent Anupama asked him anyway, ' Jaichandji, what are you going to do? '

His reply sickened me, ' Darling, You said you were a virgin in your anus is it not? I am going to take your virginity! '

My helpless Anupama was shocked and started pleading with him, ' Jaichandji, please Saabji . . . . have sex in my vagina. Not in my anus please. I abhore such things. It repels me. It is sinful. I will give you pleasure thru' my vagina. Please Sethji, I shall get hurt if you do that. Please saabji, you can even put it in my mouth. I shall give you extreme pleasure while sucking! '

I also came to her aid, ' Yes Jaichandji, Please . . . . My wife has never experienced such a thing saabji! She is very delicate. She will be hurt badly! Please take your pleasure from my wife's tight vagina Jaichandji! I can vouch that she has a very lovely cunt which will suck you up like a piston! Please Saabji!

Jaichand said, ' Look both of you. Do not put my mood off. If my mood goes, then I shall leave and you know what will happen! Now Makarand, just shut up and pry your wife's anus open with your fingers and pour the oil into it, so she wont get hurt! Then give me the oil, I will oil my cock too! '

I did as he was told. I then handed the bottle to Jaichand, who gestured to me to keep sitting next to my wife, in her misery! Jaichand, now pulled off his langoti! I was amazed and shocked to see his organ! It was massive! Like a boulder! It was around 8.5 inches in length, 3 inches in thickness and was throbbing like a wild cat! It was totally black and covered with lots of white and grey pubic hair! His balls were baggy and huge and were dangling like rubber balls beneath his massive penis! They seemed to be full of his semen! I cried out, ' Jaichandji, this is too huge, my small little wife will be split open and torn! '

He just laughed and pushed a pillow beneath my wife's tummy and positioned his large bulbous penis head over her anus! My beautiful wife, Anupama looked helplessly at me for some help. I sadly looked back at her. I reached out and patted her. My penis was erect. Anupama, even in her misery noted something strange in her eyes. She glanced down and saw that I had an erection. She was surprised. She gestured to me to remove all my clothes. I did so, while Jaichand was still playing and licking her body all over. She reached out, caught my hands, closed her eyes tightly and waited fearfully for the onslaught of the old beast Jaichand's gigantic organ, into her virgin, tight and unused anus!

Slowly Jaichand's massive organ started inching into my lovely wife's, anus! Within some seconds, I could see her anus stretched completely! Jaichand kept pushing his organ into her virgin hole. It simply would not go inside due to its massive size. He started applying pressure. It started paining her. My beautiful wife, started sweating and bearing the pain. She clung to my hands. Now Jaichand started ferociously pushing his organ with a mighty force into her. I thought that she would be split up. My wife, Anupama started screaming and sobbing loudly. He then started thrusting it more forcefully. She was now totally screaming with pain and crying. She sobbed and again looked at me. I tried to comfort her, but, to no avail. Her anus felt as if some one was splitting it up. Finally Jaichand rammed the balance of his organ into her fully! My wife screamed out loudly for one last time.

I said, ' Darling, he has completely put it in now! The pain will subside in a few minutes! Just relax your buttocks and try to adjust to his organ '! Jaichand kept his organ motionless into her, allowing her body and her anus to adjust to its massive size. I kept wiping her sweat and patting her cheeks. I kept saying. ' Anupama, now your pain is over! He is in you completely now. The pain will go away. Just relax your body to accomodate him better! ' Jaichand was just motionless with his organ embedded in her, while I was comforting her.

The pain slowly seemed to start subsiding after 5 minutes. Slowly Jaichand started moving his organ in and out of my wife's tight, virgin anus now. I could feel that he was getting a great deal of pleasure both physically and psychologically! Just as he had fantasized, he had not only had sex with a married woman in front of her husband but also, taken her anal virginity - which was a bonus in his scheme of things! Now he started moving faster and faster. Now with his passion climbing upto peak levels, he was virtually ramming his organ into my wife's anus . . . . .! Looking at an old man, slamming his rock hard, huge monstrous organ into my small wife's tiny anus, I was excited too much! I could not control myself! I quickly removed my shorts and started masturbating myself, as he rammed forcefully into my wife! Finally after ramming and thrusting into her for almost 10 minutes . . . he shouted, ' Anupama, I am going to fill your anus with my hot juice! '

He screamed, ' Ahhhhh . . . .! ' and started biting her at the back when ejaculating his semen into her. He kept biting and ejaculating for quite some time and then he completely collapsed with his weight over her. Anupama was crushed. But though she was overburdened with his massive weight over her, She did not mind, simply because she was relieved that her anal ordeal was atleast over for the time being! He lay over my wife for almost 5 minutes, before he rolled over! My wife was sweating profusely and turned to look at me! She was shocked to see, that I had removed my penis out and was slowly masturbating seeing Jaichand's semen overflowing from her anus! She must never have imagined that another man having sex with her, would have excited me! She took pity on me and told me, ' Makarandji, come and take me if you want! ' She thought that I will have normal sex with her as usual and tried to turn over.

But in my mad lust, I said, ' No, Anupama, do not turn! I want to put my cock into your anus just like he did. I want to feel his semen in your anus with my cock! '

She was shocked at my words. My tired, sweating and gasping wife, Anupama just lay there, while I climbed over her buttocks, separated them and put in my penis into her anus. It was hot with Jaichand's forceful rammning and slamming! It was messy and gooey with his semen. But it fely heavenly! Within a few seconds I too discharged my semen into her anus and rolled over to the other side. I looked at Jaichand. He was smiling! My tired wife was full of sweat! Her whole body was heaving with gasps. Her breasts, thighs and neck were covered with bite marks, when Jaichand had bit her during the throes of his passion! My wife looked so tired, yet so tender and delicate! Finally she closed her eyes. After some time, she seemed to have fallen asleep!

But within an hour, after relaxing Jaichand pulled my sleepy wife to himself! He again started drinking her milk, from her large black nipples! Her big lovely grey eyes widened. Jaichand now stood up and placed his cock onto her mouth. My wife's eyes were glazed as she took his huge cock deep into her mouth, her red lips stretched wide as she started to suck him uncontrollably. I moved over and started licking her vagina. She squirmed. Grasping her head with both hands, Jaichand grunted with perverse pleasure as he began to deep fuck her beautiful mouth, drawing a few gagging sounds. Jaichand's massive organ completely down her throat, pre-cum building on the cumslit of his penis. Anupama gagged as Jaichand jammed his cock into her warm, wet oral cavity, forcing her to suck on him while he massaged her large black breasts. His cock was monstrous. But my wife seemed to have evolved into an expert cock-sucker and that was simply accentuated by her naturally full-lipped mouth. Jaichand repeatedly thrust the swollen tube of meat into my woman’s wet mouth and took pleasure from Anu's passionate grasp of the thick shaft of his massive penis. As I continued to expertly suck her swollen clitoris, Jaichand began to grunt with perverse pleasure as she sucked his huge length into her mouth, the size stretching her lips wide and tight. I watched as my wife struggled with the thickness of his girth, her natural oral talents and skills on display as she slowly accommodated the width of his iron rod mushroom shaped cock-head. Sucking a hard penis has always been a turn-on for any woman and, with me sucking her beautiful cunt and her mouth full of Jaichand's cock, it wasn’t long before her first climax occurred. It started with her slowly rising moans of pleasure, the large slab of penis in her mouth tasting good to her as Jaichand started to play with her inch long nipples, my buxom wife arching her back to allow him even more access to her large breasts. Jaichand winked at me and twisted her nipples gently, then pinched them. The result was the first scream announcing Anupama's orgasm with the old stud in her mouth. Her body jerked over and over until the first wave of orgasm washed over her writhing body. She jerked violently and started emitting her secretions in spasms from her hairy, wet vagina!

When she had finished her orgasm, he pulled up her thighs wide apart, put them each on either side of his shoulders, positioned his thick bulbous cock head over her labia and started slapping her vagina with it! He would rub the head on the opening for some time and then give her vagina three quick slaps. Again he would rub the head on the opening for some time and then give her vagina three quick slaps. All the while, his hands were squeezing her breasts and his mouth was sucking her nipples like a baby! This went on for a long time. My Anupama was once again getting excited! Finally, she could not bear the pleasure and the anticipation. She started arching her back and pushing up her vagina involuntarily, in the hope that Jaichand would penetrate her vagina. But Jaichand continued what he was doing. Out of sheer frustration she finally blurted out . . .

' Saabji . . . . . . . Please . . . . '

Jaichand asked ' What Anupama? '

She gasped with lust, ' Please Jaichandji, dont torture me. I want you. Come into me! '

I could not believe that I was hearing my chaste, home-loving, caring, tender and such a conservative wife, actually pleading for an old brutal stranger, to put his massive, gigantic organ into her tight and tender hairy vagina!

Jaichand teased her, ' Anupama, you want my cock in your cunt? '

She said, ' Yes, Jaichandji! '

He teased her again, ' Then say it dear! Say those words! '

She said, ' Please Saabji . . . . . Please . . . . . I want your cock in my cunt, please give it to me ! '

Grabbing my wife's inner thighs he spread her legs wide apart and pressed the tip of his cock in her black, hairy, pungent and wet vagina. Slowly he pressed into her a few inches and then almost all the way out before pressing slightly deeper. This slow pumping continued until he was almost fully inside her. The deeper he went the more my wife moaned. Jaichand now slammed his pole with full force into my wife's vagina and imapled his monsterous, organ deep into her womb! The man with the horse sized cock! I watched with depraved awe, as his massive knob slowly stretched her tiny cunt slit and became lodged in the snug mouth of her pussy! Anupama crossed her lovely legs behind his back and their bodies melted together! My little wife's firm thighs grasped Jaichand's pistoning hips! Jaichand started to fuck my wife very hard and fast.

At that point of time, once again our baby started to cry. My breatless wife, who was jerking up and down violently with Jaichand's thrusts, looked up at me and said,

' Makarandji, the baby needs my milk, please bring him to me! '

Then she told Jaichand, ' Sethji . . . please withdraw your organ and allow me to get up for some time. I shall feed my baby his milk and then come back to you. You can take your pleasure after 15 minutes and I will be with you for the full night, as the baby will go to sleep! '

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11-28-2012, 08:09 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Jaichand, still slamming his organ violently into my wife's tender vagina, replied,

' No! I will not not leave you now until I spill my seed into your womb! You ask your husband to bring the baby to your nipple, when I am thrusting into you! It will be a new experience for me to fuck a mother, when she has her baby on her nipple! '

So saying, he continued his violent thrusts in and out of her vagina. My small petit wife, Anupama looked helplessly at me from under his massive body. I brought the baby to her nipple and caught it carefully, while it started sucking on her nipple, simply because my wife's body was violently heaving up and down due to Jaichand's thrusts into her. When the baby started sucking, Jaichand without stopping his thrusts, put his mouth to her second nipple and started sucking her milk into his mouth. My Anupama, was tired. She had the baby on one of her nipples, Jaichand on another nipple, Jaichand's massive organ thrusting into her hairy vagina, Jaichand almost crushing her body and her body swinging up and down with great speed and violence. After some time the baby seemed to have finished. I removed it, took it to its cradle, put it to sleep and returned back to watch my wife being violently ravished by Jaichand.

Jaichand now lifted her thighs more upwards and more wider, across his shoulders! My wife's knees were almost touching her own shoulders. Her body was curled up, lifting her vagina almost upwards, giving Jaichand a chance to pump her faster! He continued his immencely forceful, massive thrusts. Time after time she took his rock hard penis deep in her womb. The man began to fuck my wife, pumping the full length of his monstrous pole in and out of her grossly distended cunt! He moved his cock back and forward rubbing the lips of her cunt. She began gasping and as he pushed more and more cock into her she began screaming, not so much from pain but from excitement. My wife was moaning and gasping in deep passion. It was obvious that she was about to explode into a massive second orgasm any moment! Jaichand saw this and started slamming his beer can thick massive penis into her wet vagina with full force! The room smelled off sex. My wife's stretched vagina was emitting plopping sounds when Jaichand's pole rammed into it! The pleasure seemed too much for my wife. She thrust her palms into her mouth to keep from screaming. But it was obvious, that she would not be able to control the massive orgasm that was about to tear thru' her vagina! She closed her eyes tighly, lustily focussing on her impending orgasm. She clenched her lips. She started arching her back all the more and appeared to be meeting Jaichand's violent thrusts into her, with her own upwards thrusts of her vagina! She started gasping and screaming,

' Jaichandji . . . dont stop . . . harder . . . faster . . . Oh . . Oh . . . OOOOOOOOOOOOOO '

Jaichand slammed more and more forcefully into her. Finally, her orgasm burst through her and her body started heaving up and down in spasms. She was cumming again for the second time in the night! She kept cumming for almost a minute! Jaichand was also nearing his own orgasm, he slammed more forcefully into her and shouted at last,

' Anupama Beti . . . . Take . . . take my seed into your womb and give me a baby . . . . . Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . '

So saying he shot his seed deep into my wife's womb and filled her vagina with his semen! The feel of his hot semen in her vagina, seemed to have excited my wife all over again! I was shocked to see my wife having an orgasm once again so soon! She was having multiple orgasms! He kept ejaculating his semen into my wife's vagina for almost a minute. After spilling his last drop of sperms into her womb, he collapsed on her. Both of them were dead tired, gasping and sweating profusely. They lay motionless for almost 10 minutes.

I then saw my wife, turn her head and look at Jaichand admiringly! She extended her arm and touched his cheeks. Then she leaned over and kissed him deep on his lips! I was shocked! I began to understand. My wife never had more than one orgasm during a night, when I had sex with her. Now Jaichand had given her three orgasms and even a multiple orgasm within the span of two hours! Obviously, she had been sexually awakened! She hugged him lovingly. Jaichand looked at her and took her lovingly into his arms. They entwined their arms over one another and started kissing. Now my wife pulled Jaichand's face to her breasts. Hungrily his lips went to her nipples. They started resting in that position! I was now getting worried! I seemed to have lost my wife to Jaichand

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11-28-2012, 08:09 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
The first time I saw her breasts was quite by accident. I was only about four or five and had to go to the bathroom real bad. I had one hand on my small weenie as I burst through the bathroom door in my grandaddy's farmhouse in southern Arkansas.

There she stood staring back at me. We were both shocked into human statutehood. She had some funny kind of brassiere on with open flaps. I could see her big, long tit nipples real well. She had a facecloth in one hand and a bar of Ivory soap in the other. I guess she was washing them or something.

My gaze was riveted to her boobs. Somewhere deep inside my dirty little boy soul, something stirred and went right to the weenie in my hand. It jerked slightly. Not so my auntie could see but I was sure surprised at the unexpected surge. And it had nothing to do with my great need to pee. In fact, I had plumb forgotten about nature's call.

Now, in case you hadn't guessed, my mom's youngest sister was and still is a hot babe. She was only about fifteen about that time. Her boyfriend Billy Bob had knocked her up the summer before. Their baby girl was nearly two months old and being breast fed like all the babies in our family.

From time to time, I had caught sight of my various aunts and cousins nursing their babies but never any full frontal nudity like that day. They were beautiful and very full. Full of mother's milk. For my new little cousin Sary Ann.

"Clint! Get outta here. I gotta feed the baby." Brought me right around. I glanced up to look into Aunt Madge's flushed face. Seems like she was as embarrassed as I was about the intimacy of our encounter.

"What is that gol durn thing?" I pointed to her bindings. She glared down at me although she wasn't all that much taller than me. A pretty sprite was what Grandpa always called her. Suddenly, I noticed how pretty she was for the first time. She was always nice to me but I felt something akin to attraction at that moment.

She giggled, "It's my bra, silly boy."

"Why's it got those holes in it?" I inquired.

"'Cause I got to feed Sary Ann." She replied. "And she's squallin' real loud, so git. I gotta wash my titties so she won't get no germs in her little mouth."

She moved forward so that those beautiful, juicy lookin' titties were right above my head. Almost touching my forehead. I had the strangest urge to reach up and put my mouth over one of them. I wanted to be her baby.

She stood there looking down at me. I'm sure she could read my thoughts at that moment.

I looked up at her flushed cheeks and grinned. "You sure got pretty tits, Aunt Madge. That baby is lucky to suck on them."

Aunt Madge did something strange then. She cupped them with her long slender fingers and teased me. "So you want to suck my titties, Clinton Joe."

My eyes were riveted once more. Right on those eraser tips of hers. Slowly, I nodded. It was one of those involuntary moments of capitulation to a higher power.

Once again, we stood in tableau. Small boy and teen girlwoman. Curious as hell. Something sexy was in that bathroom with us. It was exciting and scary and I felt like I wanted to pee my pants. But, of course, my weenie was full of pee restrained.

"Yes." I croaked finally.

She reached behind me and twisted the skeleton key in the lock before whispering. "Go ahead. Suck my titties, Clint. See what my milk tastes like. Billy Bob says it tastes real good and creamy."

My ears began to ring loudly. She wanted me to suck her titties. I was going to put my mouth around that nipple so close to my face. I could hardly wait. What an incredible treat.

"Wait!" she ordered.

My heart sank at her words. She was going to renege on the offer.

She moved backwards toward the toilet seat, pulling me by my left hand.

"I'll sit down so you can stand between my legs. It'll be easier for you to suck 'em."

My weenie was waving to her but she didn't seem to notice. I sure did though. I didn't know what to think about any of this. My weenie wiggling all by itself. My aunt's tits being offered to me. But, nobody ever had to ask me twice to taste life. Or, her tits for that matter.

She beckoned me and I walked right up to stand inside the gully between her sprawled legs.

"Open your mouth and put it all around my titty nipple." She directed.

I moved closer, unsure of exactly how to do it.

"Be careful though, Honey. I'm real full of milk and it'll squirt all over your face if you ain't careful."

My weenie surged once again. Seemed odd that every time she mentioned her titties, my weenie got all excited.

She lifted one breast to my mouth and I opened my lips in welcome. Within seconds, the hard nipple was inside my mouth. Instinctively, I closed my mouth around it and began to suck. Nervously and tentatively at first. The milk began to squirt into my mouth immediately. It was warm and sweet.

"Mmmm... That really feels good, Clinty. Suck harder though. Sary Ann sucks nice and hard."

I sucked harder. Stronger. The milk began to pour out of her full titty. I could hear and feel her excited breathing as she pressed her titty against my lips.

"Oh, Clinty, that feels really good. You're a good sucker, Boy!"

My chest puffed out at her timely praise. I clamped my mouth around her areola and really laid on the sucking. My mouth was filling up with my aunt's baby milk.

"Swallow it, Honey." She murmured quietly.

I gulped the first mouthful, surprised at the volume filling my cheeks. Swallowing caused me to suck harder on her sensitive nipple. I felt her body tense up slightly and I pulled back, forgetting that my mouth was clamped hard around her titty.

"OWWW! Don't pull on it, Clint." She complained. "They're real sensitive."

Quickly I moved back against my aunt's soft, thin body. Grasping her nipple with renewed vigor, I began to earnestly nurse her titty. Within about five minutes, she whispered, "You drained me, Honey. Nothing left for the baby."

I was totally into it. Sucking my aunt's titty of all of her milk.

It was hot. Very, very hot. My whole body was vividly alive. My weenie was hard and poking out through the opening in my pants. Like it wanted to suck too. Or something.

Aunt Madge reached down to hug me close. "Like that, Clinty?" I nodded against her chest. I sure did!

"Put your arms around me, Honey."

I let go of my pants and hugged my pretty aunt.

My pants slid down around my ankles, leaving me in my jockey shorts.

As I reached behind me with my free hand, I ran into her hands. She rubbed my butt cheeks with one hand and began to pull up my pants with the other.

It felt so good to have her hand rubbing my butt like that. Seemed so sexy even though I had no clue of that label then. Just felt real good and very intimate.

Involuntarily, my mouth closed harder around her aroused nipple. No more liquid gushing into my mouth but I liked feeling it as it connected with my hot tongue.

We stayed like that for a good two minutes until someone banged on the door.

"Madge! What on earth are you doing in there? That baby is screaming her lungs out."

From over my head, my cool lying aunt replied. "Just had to take a crap, Momma. My stomach's kinda upset or something."

"Well, hurry on up," Grandma grumbled from outside. "I'll take the baby out on the porch for a couple of minutes.

We both waited for a full, long minute until the coast was clear.

"Honey boy?"

"Yes Ma'am?"

"This better be our little secret or the shit'll hit the fan for sure."

I nodded eagerly, her tit still in my death grip. I wasn't about to tell ANYONE about this encounter.

"I need to feed the baby with my full tit." She whispered. "But I sure do wish I didn't have to."

Reluctantly, I prepared to release my aunt's titty nipple. My jaw muscles ached a little from the unfamiliar sucking activity. I ventured one last big sucking action.

Just about then, my aunt surprised me by poking her forefinger against the side of her now softer breast and pulled up against my mouth, forcing me to release my grip.

We looked at each other for a long moment. Aunt Madge reached down and placed her hands on either side of my mouth. She lowered her soft mouth onto mine. I felt her tongue licking my lips. I parted my lips and in the next instant felt my aunt's hungry tongue searching the inside of my small mouth.

"Mmmm...sweet and yummy, isn't it?" she teased as she licked at my lips.

I nodded eagerly.

She giggled and pushed me playfully away before standing up.

My gaze was drawn to the material flapping underneath her breast. She picked up the facecloth and the bar of soap.

"Now, I REALLY need to wash my titties, you bad little boy. All that sucking makes them dirty for that sweet little baby girl."

I nodded. Like a dutiful little lieutenant in sex and sin.

"Aunt Madge?" I whispered.

"Yes, Honey Boy."

She lathered up the facecloth and began to gently wash the full, untouched breast. Being especially careful with the leaking nipple. Then she moved to mine. The one that I had drained. She was rougher with it.

I was fascinated to see her handling them so casually. I loved it. The shared intimacy of her body. Her tits; our tits. I felt like I had a proprietary interest in their wellbeing now. After all, I had drained one of them totally of its mother's milk.

"Go ahead and pee, Clinty. You don't wanna bust a gusket."

Reaching down to the open flap, I touched my forgotten weenie and stepped forward. Suddenly, peeing was paramount once again. As on cue, my stream began to hit the insides of the toilet bowl.

I finished and wagged off the drops before stowing it safely back into its nest. As I turned toward the sink, I noticed Aunt Madge closing up the bra flap. I felt sadness at those beautiful titties being hidden from my view.

She grinned at me. "Wash you hands. With soap too."

I stepped up to turn on the hot water.

From behind me, I sensed my aunt had once again closed the gap. She cupped me. I nearly croaked. My hot aunt's hands were all over my weenie and balls. Feeling me. Making me feel good all over.

She whispered quietly, "Next time, I wanna suck your weenie too. Okay?"

My ears came to full danger alert.

"Huh?" was my geeky reply. Not "what?" but "huh?" The most dreaded reply to any mother's ears.

"I SAID, next time I wanna suck your weenie, Clinton. Billy Bob says I do it real good. You're gonna like how it makes you feel. I'll make him stand up straight."

My ears turned bright red at her dirty talk. I didn't quite understand it all but my body sure did. My weenie got excited all over again.

"Okay, Aunt Madge."

I stood there facing the sink for another few seconds. Behind me was the sound of the door opening and closing.

Turning around, I saw that I was completely alone. The only sign of her presence was the facecloth draped over the drying rack. I reached out and lifted it to my nose. Breathing in, I imagined that I could smell her perfume. My tongue involuntarily flicked at the rough toweling material. I could taste the Ivory soap but somewhere underneath that cleansing taste, my buds found some traces of her mother's milk.

"Mmmm..." I thought. "Yum..."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I had been waiting in the waiting room until a nurse came to tell me that I could go in now. When I first walked into the hospital room I didn't know if I should go in or not. There was a nurse beside momma's bed where she sat up with the baby, my baby sister, with her hospital gown open. The nurse was holding the back of my sister's (Angie) head with one hand and was holding one of momma's big titties in the other. I could barely hear what they were saying, all I could see was a very large, thick nipple sticking out the end of momma's tit pointing right at Angie's open mouth.

I felt a great pressure building in my jeans that had only recently begun to show itself. From friends and relatives I knew that I shouldn't be staring at my own mother's tits and feeling what my 10 year old cock was feeling right then. My mind went into overload very quickly. As I turned to go back out the door, momma called to me, "Come on over here and meet your sister Angie, she's been waiting very impatiently to meet her brother, come on, it's okay."

The nurse turned to see who momma was talking to, she smiled, then, I guess finishing what she was trying to show momma, walked past me on her way out claiming, "I'll check back on you in a bit, Ms Jones."

"Oh, thanks, nurse, I think I've got it now. Come on Donny, meet Angie, look isn't she a darling? She looks just like you when you were little."

Now I don't know any 10 year old boy, hell, boy! I'm almost 60 and I know that when I am asked to comment on who a baby looks like, forget it, they all look alike to me, red, wrinkled and identical! But, then, to top that off, when you are looking at a baby's face nestled on it's mother's bare breast, baby face is not what I'm looking at. And if, please help me, at any time in my life I see the baby's face before I see the naked tit, please someone have compassion for me and shoot me!

There enough about an old author!

Well, there I was confronted with that treasure of treasure and my mother was asking me about Angie, my newborn sister. Well, what I can tell you is that I saw the most beautiful sight in the world. Let me describe it.

My mother was about 30 something when Angie was born. I don't know who the father is, mom would only just say that she got hooked up with the wrong man. Mom was pretty tall for a lady, about 5' 10", I think. She was quite slim, though not skinny, before she got pregnant, but, of course, gained a bit of weight as her pregnancy progressed. She has very long, beautifully sculpted legs, her calves and thighs have fantastic muscle definition and look outrageous in nylons. She always wore nylons and garters, never pantyhose. She had a very nice shaped butt and loved to show it off in tight jeans, very short shorts, and dresses and skirts. Her tummy was flat, before she got pregnant and she took great pride in keeping it slimed down. I don't think she ever dieted but she did like to work out.

Her most fantastic feature, to me, were her tits. Later in life I was to learn they were 36 D's and stuck straight out from her chest, and what I was now staring at looked like it was twice as big as I remember seeing before she got pregnant. No, I had never seen them naked, but they were well imprinted on my pre-adolescent mind in very low cut blouses/dresses and very skimpy bathing suits and halters. Numerous times I saw them with their nipples poking out the front of her tops. But, the nipples hiding behind her tops did not look as big and thick as what I had seen just before it disappeared into Angie's sucking mouth.

Mom goes to a tanning booth, so she has what appears to be an all over tan, at least I didn't notice any tan lines on what I could see of the tit that was sticking outside her nursing bra. But her skin wasn't burnt tan, it was like an olive complexion, like those you see on some Middle Eastern women, a deep coloring that looks like it goes all the way through. A skin that makes gold look beautiful as it lays against it. I could see the blue veins that coursed across mom's tit. They complimented the beauty of her titty. I tried not to stare, but I believe it would have taken an nuclear explosion to get my eyes off the expanse of titty flesh that was exposed above my nursing sister's mouth.

When I glanced up I saw that mom was watching me the whole time. She just smiled, a knowing smile? I'm not sure. But I do know that my face flushed, turning very hot all of a sudden and I am sure, bright red.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

All I could do was nod my head, not even thinking that mom meant Angie, my sister. All that was burned into my brain was my mother, she looked so beautiful in a black gown, now opened to allow access to her milk filled titties to nourish my sister. Her bra was a nursing bra, I was told all about that later, white with cups that could be unsnapped and let down to accommodate my sister's ever hungry little mouth. I struggled to stop glancing down, as if the sight that I was adoring would soon be taken away from me.

"Here, come sit on the bed beside me," mom commanded as she scooted over a bit to allow space for me to get on the bed beside her, "there, see, there's plenty of room for all three of us, don't want my man to be left out you know?"

I stretched up to get on the hospital bed with my mother, being very careful to not touch any part of her, right then I was afraid that my cock would leap out of my pants if any sort of contact would be made at all. I was trying to stay sort of bent over so that the bulge would not show. Mom gave no indication that anything was amiss as she put her arm around me and pulled me over right next to her. Her hand on my hip as she snuggled me to her.

Now that tit that I had been admiring was like almost touching me. I was close enough that my baby sister's head was over my arm after mom got finished pulling me closer to her. Now when I looked over, and I still tried to avert my eyes, afraid that if mom knew what I was looking at that I would get a scolding, I could see her titty so close up it was like touching my eyes.

"There, now you can see her close up," right, and I'm still not sure to this day, if I could recall what my sister looked like that day, or even what she had on, "isn't she beautiful?"

"Here, touch her, feel how soft and smooth she is?" Geez, if mom kept it up, I knew that I was going to explode a mess all over inside my jeans. "Here, give me your hand."

Mom reached for my hand with her's and laid it on my sister's face, right near where her mouth was connected to mom's nipple. I know I could feel the heat of mom's body even though my hand was not actually in contact with her exposed titty. "Feel it? Isn't she just so soft. I love touching a baby's skin. They are like fine silk, soft, smooth, unsoiled. Doesn't it feel nice?"

Mom was gently rubbing my hand over my sister's face, from her chin to her forehead to the top of her head, where the was just a light covering of very light colored hair. I know that my arm was rigid, trying to make sure that my hand didn't stray to mom's titty. She must have sensed my reluctance and discomfort.

"It's okay, she likes to be touched, relax." I sort of let my arm go more limp, giving more control over to my mother. "There, that's better, see, she likes for her brother to touch her, babies like to be touched, it helps that get used to the world outside a mother's body where they were held on total contact.

She did move her eyes up as I was touching her, looking up to see what was happening to her. I think she smiled, but then, again, her mouth, other than where it was making contact with my mother's titty was not my priority. As I relaxed my arm a little more, mom widened our movement to touch more and more of my sister's head, in one arc she actually slid my hand down enough that I was touching the area where my sister's forehead was against mom's tit. The back of my thumb was actually touching mom's tit! I started to jerk my hand back but mom held firmly. "It's okay, she doesn't bite."

She, which she was she talking about, my sister or her? I felt a lurch in my jeans that was becoming very uncomfortable, right then I wanted to escape to the bathroom to take care of my growing need. As I began to relax a little more, feeling a bit less nervous about my hand actually touching the object of my desire, mom did it again. This time she was more blatant about it. She pulled my hand toward her, to the point that most of the back of my thumb and hand were firmly pressing into the full softness of her titty, just above where my sister's head was. She just held it there for what seemed like an eternity, when I finally looked up from the point of contact into my mother's face, she had a very knowing, motherly, satisfied look on her face. Almost a grin, but more of, well, just knowing, like she knew exactly what I must be feeling at that moment, or maybe she felt the same thing.

"Yes, now we're a family," was all she said, I'm still not sure what that meant, but right then I realized that she wanted me to touch her too. To feel united, the three of us, through her breasts. She pressed my hand in more firmly, holding it right there, then taking her hand away from mine, but not moving my hand away, she reached up to take my head in her hand and press my head down, down far enough that my nose was against the upper part of her titty, just above my hand, and kissed me on the top of my head.

"I love you Donny, and now we have a baby girl to share our love with. I do hope you love her too, just as I love you. You have been everything to me. I know it's not been easy for you with just me at home and no daddy to help you learn stuff. But now I need your help with your sister, you're going to have to be like a daddy to her, you're the only man in our house, think you can handle it?"

All the time she was talking she was holding my head against her titty, I was terrified to move, afraid that I would break the spell. After a short time, to me anyway, I have no idea of how long it really was, she raised my head back up to look into her face, I wasn't sure if I should move my hand or not. I saw tears in her eyes, right then, I didn't know whether to cry or not.

"I'm so happy, you can never know the feeling in a mother's heart when she looks at her children, the children that she gave life to and bore into the world." We sat like that for a time, then mom sort of pushed my head away a bit so she could get her arm out from behind me.

"There, that's better, my arm was going to sleep, no, don't move stay right there, just let me get my hand down between us so that it can breathe again." As she spoke she actually put hand, not just the back of my hand, right smack dab on her titty right above my sister's head. This time there was not pretense, no carefully, slowly sliding my hand around, she just blatantly laid it on her titty, then let go to lay her hand on my thigh. Way up on my thigh, high enough that I could feel her fingers against my cock!

I know my eyes must have about jumped out of my head!

"There, now my hand can breathe, whew, it was going numb on me." I don't know which was having the most effect on me right then, her fingers touching my hard cock or her titty in my hand. But, it was about to be too much for my mind, and my balls, to take. I was afraid that I was going to shoot off right there in my pants. The effects were almost too much. She kept wiggling her fingers, I guess to try to get the blood flowing back in them and to get the tingling to stop that starts up right after your hand goes numb, but, whatever, her fingers were playing a very erotic dance on my cock.

After her fingers stopped wiggling, I guess the feeling had returned to them, she slowly moved her hand until her whole hand was covering my erect cock. I must have been holding my breath or something, because soon I felt my breathing get really fast like I had just run around the world. I know that I was having a very difficult time holding my butt still, it kept hunching up, trying to get a little more pressure, a little more rubbing of my mother's hand on my cock where she had it laying.

She leaned over a bit, so that her mouth was very near my ear, "does that feel good, do you like what I am doing with my hand, touching you, touching your cock? I hope it feels as good as your hand and your sister's mouth feels on my titty. I like to be touched there, and now, I have both of my children touching it. I can feel it all the way down to my pussy, and it feels very, very good!"

I was hunching enough now that I could feel the bed wiggle and I was afraid that I was going to come at any moment. But, mom stopped her hand and pulled it back off my cock. I looked at her in obvious pain. "It's okay, just hang on a second, I'll fix it, I promise, but first, go close and lock that door." Mom was in a private room, so there was no one else in there but the three of us, me, mom and my baby sister.

I slid off the bed to go do what she asked, my cock now very obvious pushing out the front of my pants as I walked. I pushed the door shut and then locked it. When I turned around mom was out of bed, carrying my sister to the little crib beside her bed. Her top was still opened, her one naked titty sticking out, it's nipple still hard from where my sister had been nursing.

After she laid my sister down, she walked back to her bed, her titty still fully exposed. I was mesmerized by it's movement. It sort of jiggled, not really bouncing, it was firm enough that it would sort of roll or wobble as she moved, still sort of stiffly from having given birth that day. When I glanced up, I could see mom looking at me, at my eyes, a rather questioning look on her face.

"Do you like it, seeing me like this?"

My eyes lit up as I vigorously nodded my head up and down. "Uh, huh," I sort of stuttered, just sort of standing there gawking at what I considered, and still do, the most erotically beautiful sight in the world.

She proceeded to her bed and after sitting down on it, swung her legs up, giving me a clear glance way up her nighty, which was not very long, to see the full length of her legs. My cock had not let up one bit from the time I had first entered the room. And I was trying to hide it with my hands, still not so sure that it was okay to feel that way about my mother.

"It's okay to look, I know it excites men," she had just referred to me as a man, right then I could have walked on the ceiling, I was feeling so good, "move you hands for me, I like to see too, please?"

It was almost a pleading, begging me to move my hands so that she could see the front of my jeans, see my cock pressing so hard against them. I slowly moved my hands away, "that's better, thank you, now come on back over here and sit with me."

I sort of hobbled back to her bed, my cock making it very difficult for me to walk normally. I noticed that mom's eyes never left my crotch as I moved back to her bed. I got back up in bed with her. She slid way over to the opposite side, then taking my head in her hands, sort pushed my head down toward her lap. She kept pushing until I was laying across the bed and my head now in her lap. She looked down at me and smiled.

"There, how is that, comfy, like the view from there? It's going to get even better, watch."

She moved her hands up to the titty that was still covered and very slowly, unhooked the tiny hook there and slowly lowered it until it too was sticking out of her bra just like the other one. It's nipple sticking out all engorged and hard, though rubbery looking. There was moisture all around it and almost immediately it began leaking, a whitish looking fluid, sort of like milk in from a container, but not quite as dark.

After opening her bra, she reached in and sort of tugged and pulled at her tit until she had it right where she wanted it, then moved one hand up under my head, to cradle it, then laid the other hand right back on my cock. I laid there and looked up at what was, and still is, the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Two of the most perfect tits in the world. I studied them, realizing that mom had taken them out just so I could to that. To study breasts. They were round, firm, sticking out from her bra just inches from my face. She didn't hurry me, or move at all, other than that slow, soft stroking of her hand over my cock.

When she had waited about as long as she could stand, she started to lean forward, from the position she had my head in, her nipple left nipple was headed right for my forehead and her right one was about under my chin. She kept leaning farther and farther forward until I felt the first contact. One nipple touching my forehead, right above my eyes that the other one below my chin. But still, she did not stop leaning over, she kept pressing until I could feel the weight of both her tits on my face. Her nipples almost making indents into my skin, hot, wet, smooth, silky. Her naked flesh felt so good! She stayed like that for a time, how long, I have no idea, that type of contact sort of stops time, and never seems to be long enough,

She then pulled up a bit, moving my head to face her more and tugging gently to get me to slide up a bit further, the, raising my head and bending over at the same time, she lowered herself until her left nipple was pressing against my lips. I looked up, almost pleading, not knowing for sure what she wanted me to do, after all, I wasn't a baby!

"It's okay, momma wants to feed you too, for you to taste and feel what your sister was just feeling and tasting. I know you aren't a baby anymore, but, momma wants to share all of her with you, please? Open your mouth for momma, taste my milk honey, I want you to, for me?"

Slowly I opened my lips then more fully and finally my mouth, mom leaned over very slowly, letting her nipple slide between my lips then into my mouth. It was hot!

"That's it, now, put your tongue up under my nipple, oh, yes, that's it, that makes momma feel so good, oh, baby, lick it just a bit, there, oh, that feels so good." When my tongue touched her nipple, without even sucking, a spurt of milk almost went down my throat. It was sweet, much sweeter than cow's milk, almost like it had sugar in it. "There, taste it, that's it, oh, more, just lick for a minute, I love that feeling."

And I did, lick it, just like she asked. I was rewarded with spurt after spurt of warm, sweet fluid as it squirted from her nipple, now fully embedded in my mouth. I could feel the weight and warmth of her titty as it pressed against my mouth, nose and chin. Her skin was so soft, like silken honey melding itself against me, almost engulfing me in it's warmth.

I was so engrossed in the feelings that I was experiencing from her titties that I didn't notice that she had unzipped my jeans until I felt her tugging my underwear down. At first I felt a bit of panic, this was my mom lowering my underpants to see my cock, no one had seen it before, what if she didn't like it, what if it squirted and messed up her hand, a lot of what if's. She must have sensed it because she cooed very softly. "It's okay, I want to see it, to feel it, just like you see me, please let me?"

I relaxed some and raised my butt up just enough for her to lower my jeans and underpants to let my cock come out of hiding. The cool room air felt good on it, I was so hot by then. As soon as it, my cock, was out in the open, mom put her hand back on it, now touching my bare cock, the first time that anyone had touched it that I can recall in my life. I started to pull my face back to warn her that if she kept doing that, that she was gonna get a messy hand full of my cock juice. She pushed my mouth back to her titty and again, in that soft cooing voice, "It's okay, I know all about cocks honey, momma loves cock juice, I know if I keep touching it and playing with it, it's gonna shoot all over my hand."

So, I just let it happen, the feelings, the feel of her titty on my face and my chest, the taste of her milk, the feel of her hot hard nipple in my mouth, the feel of her hand on my inflamed cock. Then it happened, I tried to stop it, but mom was having none of that, she just kept her hand on my cock, her palm over the head of my cock, moving in such a way that my cock head felt like it was going to explode, then it did, explode that is. I felt my butt jerk up as my balls tightened up to push their load out the end of my dick into my mother's hand. She just kept her hand right there, letting my cock squirt it's juices all over it. I thought that I was going to explode as all of my juices surged from my balls to my dick. It felt like my ass was going to clam shut forever as it too got involved in the total release you can only feel from a fantastic orgasm.

"Oh, that's my boy, that's right, let momma have it, all of it, yes, shoot it in momma's hand, oh, I love it." Momma kept up this soft, encouraging voice as I experienced the most fantastic orgasm of my life. As I started to settle back down, her hand still holding my now very wet sticky cock, her nipple still fully in my mouth, she just held me.

I can not describe the feeling, physical and emotional, that I felt right then. All I can say is that it was fantastic. A feeling that I wanted to last forever, and mom was doing all she could to make it last for me. She did not let go of my cock for some time, as if she was trying to milk out every tiny little spasm of my orgasm to drag it out to it's ultimate.

When she finally removed her hand, she looked me right in the eye, smiling, raised her hand up to her mouth and started licking her fingers.

"Next time, I want it right in here, right in my mouth, so that I can taste it all fresh and warm. Now finish your dinner, don't waste any."

After finally settling down a little, my heart rate and breathing back to as normal as it was going to get with my mother's tit still in my mouth and the other one trying to burn holes in my chest. I tentatively reached up with my hand to caress her tit, she looked right into my eyes and said, "go ahead, they are all yours, unless you sister is using one of them to fill her tummy, otherwise, you can touch them, lick them, suck them, even fuck them, just gotta leave enough milk for your baby sister."

She took the hand that I had started to raise and laid it on the titty that I was not nursing on. The heat almost burned my hand. Yet, it was so soft, the skin, so smooth, like silk, I couldn't' get enough of lightly stroking it. I lowered my hand to feel her hard, rubbery nipple still sticking out, from my sister having nursed on it and the stimulation she must of been feeling with me nursing on the her other titty and me now feeling this one. She just laid her head back and sort of moaned and sort of rocked her body taking me along with her. I felt so contented right then, touching, sucking, holding these most cherished globes of my mother's breasts. Being able to learn first hand the feel of such a private area of her body. To feel her hand go back to lay over my now wilted cock. Her touch making me feel loved, I mean really loved.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Tim pulled the rental car to the curb in front of his sister's house and parked. Pulling a small duffel bag from the back seat, he started up the walkway to the front porch.

He hadn't seen Cynthia in a little over six months, and the last time he'd seen her, she had looked as though she'd swallowed a basketball. A month later, Cyn had given birth to Lisa, his first niece.

Let's see, he thought, that would make Lisa about five months old, now!

He should have made it back to see his niece earlier, but living on the opposite coast made the trip an expensive one. And he'd used the last of that year's vacation days on his last trip home. Thankfully, the new year had brought a new batch of vacation days, and he'd managed to time this trip to let him kill several birds with one stone: visit with his parents, visit his sister and see his niece for the first time, and also attend his best friend's wedding. A side benefit was that he'd be able to help Cyn paint her husband's den while he was away on a business trip. She was sure that Tom would be surprised by the renovation, when he returned home.

Stepping up to the door, he rang the doorbell and heard Cynthia's voice through the screen door, inviting him to come in.

Pushing the door open, he stepped into the foyer.

"Cyn?" he called out.

"I'm here, in the living room," she responded loudly.

"Uh, okay," he said walking toward the sound of her voice.

Stepping into the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at his sister sitting on the couch. Sitting on the couch...nursing Lisa. With her blouse completely unbuttoned and both of her huge breasts bared.

Tim's eyes flared open and his chin dropped as he stared at his sister. She had Lisa's mouth pressed against one of her big, beautiful breasts as she sat lovingly looking down at her baby. Little Lisa was holding onto the huge, milk-filled udder with her tiny hands, hungrily sucking away at the nipple as Tim looked on in fascination.

Then, Cynthia looked up and saw him staring at her with a shocked look on his face.

"Oops...sorry...I forgot," she laughed, draping her shirt over her breasts, covering one and partially covering the other, from Tim's peering stare.

"Uh...uh...that's...that's okay," he said, trying to swallow the bale of cotton that had mysteriously appeared in his mouth as he tried to calm the stirring he felt down in his jeans. "I...I just wasn't expecting that. They...They're so big.

"Yeah, that's what happens when you've got a kid to feed," she smiled up at him.

"Really big," he muttered.

"I've got everything set up in the den, if you want to go ahead and start. Let me just finish nursing Lisa, and I'll be in to help you in a few minutes."

"Okay," he said, taking another quick glance at her partially exposed breast as he set his overnighter on the coffee table.

He couldn't believe how big her tits were. The only time he had seen them before was when they were kids. They were tiny, back then.

"Uh, the den," he nodded, finally tearing his eyes away from his sister's breast as he saw a slight blush color her cheeks.

"Sorry," he apologized, blushing himself as he turned and started for the den.

"That's okay," she called after him, "It's my fault, really. I should have nursed her earlier."

Tim had arrived in his painting clothes, so he had finished one wall and was starting on a second before Cynthia came strolling into the room. He looked away from his task to see that she was wearing only an old paint-splattered shirt and panties. The hem of the shirt hung down in the front and back, obscuring most of the view, but the shirt arched up in a curve on the sides, revealing the waistband of her panties where it crossed her rounded hips. The shirt was also thin enough for him to note that she wasn't wearing a bra. Even if the pendulous swing of her breasts wasn't noticeable -- which it definitely was -- her nipples, still erect from the stimulus of nursing, were poking blatantly against the worn fabric.

"Sorry, I took so long, but I wanted to put Lisa to bed so we wouldn't be interrupted," she told him. "You can get to know her tomorrow."

"Yeah, that'd be nice," he smiled, glancing down at the exposed cleavage peeking out from between the edges of her shirt and her thrusting breasts. "I got a lot done anyway."

"Yeah, I see. I'll help you do another wall, then I'll start on the trim," she said, ignoring his prying look as she bent down and picked up her roller and paint tray. "I've ordered a pizza delivery, for dinner."

"You sure look nice, Sis," he told her. "You look a lot different than you did the last time I saw you."

"A half-hour on the treadmill, every day," she said, feigning wiping sweat from her forehead. "It'll keep you fit and trim."

"Well, I must admit, it seems to be working," he smiled.

"Why, thank you," she laughed softly, noting the slight blush coloring her cheeks.

Watching his sister move about with her giant, milk-laden breasts undulating heavily under the shirt soon had Tim in a highly obvious state of arousal. He tried his best to keep it hidden by facing away from her while he painted.

Two hours of steady work had the walls and trim covered in new paint. The pizza arrived and they devoured it quickly. Their intended return to painting was delayed, however, when Lisa awoke from her nap and announced -- with a loud wail -- that she needed some attention.

Motioning for Tim to follow her, Cynthia led the way to the nursery. Lifting her infant daughter from the crib, she placed her in her uncle's unsure arms.

"Relax, honey," she giggled when Tim looked up at her with somewhat terrified eyes. "You can do it; it's instinctive. And it'll be good practice, for when you finally have a wife and baby of your own!"

"Oh -- you mean this look on my face?" Tim shook his head. "It isn't fear. It's more like lack of knowing what to do. I can smell it, even if you can't. I think she needs a change of diapers."

"Then we'll give you a bit more practice," Cyn laughed. "Put her over there, on the bassinette, and I'll get the baby-wipes."

With Cynthia looking on with an amused grin, Tim followed her instructions and handled the diaper-change rather well, all things considered.

Then, of course, he had to endure the sight of her partially-exposed breast, again, as Cynthia nursed Lisa before putting her back to bed for the night.

Shortly, the nursing was finished, and Cynthia buttoned the blouse again, though Tim noticed one less button was fastened than earlier, and they returned to their task of painting. An hour later, they were finally finished and stood looking around at their handiwork.

"Looks great," Cynthia beamed, looking over at him. "We make a great team..."

"Yeah, maybe we ought to set up a business," he laughed. "But first, I think you'd better clean up. You look like you've got green measles."

"Aren't you the pot, to call the kettle black," she laughed back at him, running a fingertip down his paint-splattered cheek.

Impulsively, Tim grabbed her hand and brought her finger to his lips. Holding it gently pressed against them, he gave the tip of her finger a lingering kiss.

Questioningly, she looked into his eyes, her cheeks flushing once again. Then he smiled and let go of her hand.

"Why did you do that?" she asked.

"I don't know," he smiled. "I don't just seemed like the thing to do at the moment. Sorry if it upset you..."

"No, no, it's okay," she said, taking a step back as her big tits swayed ponderously under her shirt. "It just took me by surprise...that's all. It was a sweet thing to do."

"Well, who's first? You or me?" he asked, stepping back over to the paint buckets.

"What do you mean?" she asked, with a puzzled look on her face.

"You or me...the shower?" he said, leaning down and dropping his brush into a bucket of water.

"You, you, I guess. Yeah, you can go first," she said, following him over to the buckets. "I'll clean up this mess while you go clean yourself up."

"Okay," he grinned, standing up and departing toward the bathroom.

Grabbing his overnighter on the way, he hurried down the hall to the bath.

Showering, he was torn between whacking off to get rid of his obvious erection or saving it for later, when he was in bed. Finally, after a few strokes, he decided to do it later, after Cynthia went to bed. With a grimace, he turned on the cold water and stood under it until his cock finally began cooperating and wilted back down to a much more manageable size...

Once he was dried off, he quickly slipped his pajamas and slippers on before heading back out to the living room. Stepping into the living room, he saw that Cynthia was sitting on the couch waiting for him. She had made a fire in the fireplace and had a bottle of wine sitting on the coffee table. Beside the wine sat two glasses. One empty and the other, half full.

"I thought maybe you'd drowned or something," she laughed softly, getting up from the couch.

She had turned the lights down low and the reflection of the flames from the fireplace sparkled off her warm, hazel eyes.

"Sorry," he grinned. "I didn't mean to be gone so long."

"Don't worry about it," she grinned back at him, stepping around him and heading for the bathroom. "I'll be back. Make yourself comfortable and have a glass of wine..."

"Okay," he grunted, watching the sway of her hips under the shirt as she strolled away.

Sitting on the couch, sipping his wine, he watched the flames frolic in the hearth, sending shadows dancing on the walls in the dim light. He was feeling warm and cozy, partially due to the fire's warmth and partially due to the wine. A curious intimacy filled the room, as he sat on the couch while his beautiful sister was down the hallway in the shower.


Not that he had experienced the intimacy of marriage, but this felt a lot like what he imagined life with the right woman would be.

Suddenly, he felt another stirring down in his pajama bottoms. The thought of her standing under the warm water, letting the spray caress her beautiful milk-laden tits, immediately took its toll and his cock was once again fully erect...and ready.

Ready for what, he angrily asked himself. She was his sister, for Christ's sake!

Thinking back, he remembered their closeness as children. What a long time ago that had been. Now she was twenty-one. She was married, and had a baby. He was eighteen, horny all the time and always looking for a piece of pussy no matter the source. He had to admit, he still loved her. And he knew the way he felt toward her. But that platonic love for her could easily cross the line and become something much more.

Much, much more.

Then that day eight long years ago came rushing into his mind...

She had been thirteen and he had been ten. They had been messing around in their Dad's work shed out behind the house doing something. What, he couldn't remember. He had just been entering puberty, and was beginning to notice that girls were different than boys. Different in such a nice way. He had noticed that Cynthia's breasts were starting to stick out against the front of her dress, and he felt a new and curious need to see them.

The memory of that incident played itself out in Technicolor, on the wide-screen of his mind...

"How come your, uh, those are sticking out like that?" he asked her as he pointed at the bodice of her dress.

"Those are my breasts, silly. They're getting bigger," she smiled condescendingly. "I'm growing up."

"Can...can I see 'em?" he hesitantly asked.

"Uh, why? Why do you want to see my breasts?" she asked him.

"I don't know," he grinned. "I just want to see them."

"We're not supposed to do stuff like that," she mumbled, stepping over to the window and nervously looking out towards the house.

"Oh, come on...let me see 'em," he sniggered. "I'll show you my, uh, my penis."

"Why would I want to see your...your penis?" she snickered, turning to face him. "Besides, I've already seen one."

"I don't know," he muttered. "I've never seen a girl's tits, or pussy, either. When, when did you see a guy's...a guy's pecker?"

"A couple of weeks ago. I saw Billy Johnson's," she said. "It was pretty big and it got all hard and stuff when I showed him my tits."

"Well, if you could show Billy Johnson, you could show me, can't you? If I show you my...penis?"

"I don't know," she giggled. "How big is yours?"

"Uh, five...five inches when I make it, you know, hard," he said. "Want to see it?"

"Maybe," she smirked. "But first, I'll show you my titties and maybe that'll make it hard, like Billy's got when I showed my tits to him. Then we can measure it!"

"Uh...okay," he grinned, looking down at her pubescent bosom.

After another quick check out the window, she reached up and began unbuttoning her little spring dress.

"Do you wear a bra...uh, brassiere?" he asked her, awkwardly gawking down as he waited for her to bare her breasts.

", they're not big enough yet," she said, "but they're getting bigger every day."

"Oh," he mumbled, not knowing what to expect.

Finally, with her dress unbuttoned all the way down to her waist, she slowly spread it open to reveal her small, budding breasts.

Even then, he remembered, he had felt a stirring down in his cock. He couldn't explain it. Seeing her budding breasts just made him feel all hot and strange inside, and his cock started to get hard.

Her breasts, if you could call them that, were small, rounded mounds of pink flesh, each tipped with a small, pea-sized nipple that jutted out, hard and swollen.

He hadn't recognized it, back then. Now, eight years later, he understood that it was her own excitement that had aroused those little pebbles...

"Wow," he grunted. "Can I touch one?"

"Just a little," she murmured.

Inquisitively, he reached out and fingered the jutting bud, delicately running his finger over it. She watched his finger trace the outline of her quarter-sized areola and then tickle her jutting nipple again.

"Okay," she mumbled, pushing his hand away and covering herself again as she began buttoning her dress. "That's all you get to do."

"Uh...if I show you my, my dick," he grinned at her. "Will you show me your...your pussy?"

"Maybe," she grinned, coyly, "but show me your cock first."

He couldn't explain why, but his cock was now hard as a rock. This was all so new to him. New emotions...uncharted territory."

"Okay," he said, unsnapping his pants. "How big was Billy's...Billy's peter?"

"I don't know," she giggled, "I didn't have a tape measure with me. But it looked really big. Too big to put it in my little pussy."

"Have you ever had...had a peter in your pussy?"

"No," she said emphatically. "Have you ever put your peter in a girl's pussy?"

"" he said, grinning shyly, pushing his pants down. "Maybe we could, uh, you know, uh do it later."

"I'll have to see it...see how big it is, first," she murmured, staring down at the bulge of his cock jutting out against his white, cotton shorts. "It looks awful big to me. Maybe too big."

"Well?" he grunted, shoving his jockeys down off his stiff prick.

"Wow! It is big...even bigger than Billy's!" she muttered, staring down at his jutting cock. "Can I touch it?"

"Uh, yeah, uh, sure," he said, thrusting his hips forward, bringing it closer to her.

"I...I never saw one as big before," she said, tentatively reaching out and running her fingers down his swollen, five-inch cock. "I don't think it will fit in my pussy."

"Let me see it," he said. "I want to see it. See your pussy and see if my cock will fit in it."

"Wait, wait a minute," she huffed, wrapping her hand around the thick shaft of his oversized cock. "It's so big."

"Come on...come on," he whined. "Let me see. Let me see it."

"Oh all right," she muttered, nervously looking out the window toward their house. "We can't let anybody catch us doing this, though."

"I know...I know," he grunted. "Why don't your pull your panties down while I watch out the window and make sure nobody is coming."

"Okay," she said, pushing her father's tools aside and crawling up onto his worktable. "But keep watching and don't be looking at me until I tell you."

"I will...I will, just hurry up," he muttered, watching the back door of their house.

"Okay...okay, you can look," she finally said.

Tim turned and saw she was lying in the middle of the table with her knees splayed out, and her white, cotton panties wrapped around her ankles. As she did, her pubescent pussy defiantly stared up at him from between her skinny legs. A soft tangle of sparse brown hairs encircled the knife-slit gash that bisected the mound of flesh between her legs as he gazed down at it in wonder and awe.

"Can I touch it?" he breathlessly asked.

"Oh, I guess, but just a little bit," she whined.

"Where's your...your clitoris, your clit?" he asked, gently running his fingertips over the tiny, soft lips surrounding her secret place.

"Here...this, this is it," she mumbled, running two fingers down the slit and peeling the fleshy hood back off her miniature clit.

"Wow," he whispered, fingering it delicately.

"It gets all tingly when you touch it like that," she murmured. "Like it does when I see your big peter."

"Can I see, can I see if peter will fit?" he asked, grabbing her by the thighs and pulling her over to the edge of the table.

"I...I guess. But don't be rough...and stop if I tell you to stop...okay?" she told him.

"TIMMY...CYNTHIA...ARE YOU OUT THERE..." they heard their mother cry out from the back door of the house.

"Crap," Timmy cursed, grabbing his shorts and pants, pulling them up as fast as he could.

"Go...go hide," Cynthia blurted out, jumping down off the table and jerking her panties up." I'll tell her I haven't seen you and you can come in later. Okay."

"Okay...maybe later?" he grinned.

"No, this was too close. Not again...I don't want to get caught."

His eyes were closed, and a soft smile played at the corners of his mouth as the last of the incident played through his mind. He was so caught up in the memory that he failed to hear the sound of his sister's footsteps as she entered the living room.

"What are you so deep in thought about?" he heard Cynthia ask.

Dragging himself back to the present, Tim turned and saw his sister padding across the living room toward him. She had a big, white towel wrapped around her hair and wore a fleecy, white bathrobe wrapped around her body and tied at the waist.

"Uh, oh, nothing," he blushed, eyeing the swell of her breasts under the robe.

"Must have been something," she laughed softly, easing down onto the couch and leaning forward, "I called to you twice, and you didn't answer."

Unwrapping her hair, she began drying it, roughly rubbing it with the towel. As she did, her big, jiggling breasts drooped down, forcing the robe open.

Gawking down at her big breasts, he felt his hard cock twitch. He had never seen such beautiful breasts. Round, melon-sized breasts, that bobbled and danced as she continued to dry her hair. Finally, she tossed the towel on the coffee table and looked down at her exposed breasts.

"Oh...I'm sorry...I didn't know," she blushed, clutching her bathrobe closed. "You must think I'm such a klutz..."

" don't be sorry. I didn't mind at all," he grinned foolishly.

The silence was deafening. There was no sound except for the crackle of the fire as Cynthia, still clutching her robe together, leaned forward and picked up her glass. Then, she turned to face him, curling her leg under her as she stuffed her robe down between her legs and laid her arm on the back of the couch.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Tim didn't know what to say to her...or do. How could he tell her how he really felt about her? How could he tell her that he really loved her like a sister, but that he wanted to love her like a man loves his woman?

"Uh, you remember that day...that day out in Dad's work shed?" he finally asked.

"You mean the day that you asked me to show you my breasts? If you could call them breasts back then...they were so small," she laughed.

"Yeah, that day," he said, gulping.

She remembered, he giddily thought. And she's even joking about it. That's a good sign, isn't it?

"Well, they sure aren't small anymore!" he said, his cheeks reddening slightly.

"And I bet your...your, what did you call it back then? Oh, yeah, your peter...I bet your peter has grown a little, too," she smiled, glancing down at the obvious lump in his pajamas.

What? This is too easy, he told himself. She had joked about her breasts, and now she was telling him that she bet his cock had grown since then. Maybe he ought to show it to her. Show her how much it had grown. What would she think? She had thought that five inches was big, back then. What would she think of the eight inch slab of rock hard meat?

"A little," he grinned. "Too bad Mom broke it up..."

"Yeah," she said, sipping on her wine. "I've always wondered what would have happened, if we'd had another ten or fifteen minutes undisturbed. You know that I was a virgin back then, don't you?"

"That's what you said," he snickered, "but I really didn't believe you. You were so grown up and all, and I was just a bumbling kid. I just thought you were saying that so that I would think you were still a virgin."

"Well, I was," she laughed. "See how close you came to getting your first cherry? Your sister's cherry?"

"Damn," he cursed, smiling, "that would have been something. Getting my sexy, hot sister's cherry! Just thinking about it makes, uh, makes... well, let's say it's just as exciting today as it was back then."

"Yeah," she said, taking another sip of wine. "I can see..."

After refilling his glass, he leaned back and laid his arm on the back of the couch. Now their hands were almost touching. Moving his hand closer, he brushed his fingertips over the back of her hand. As he did, he saw her flinch, pulling her hand away, then looked into his eyes. He didn't move as he gazed into her eyes. Then, to his amazement, she eased her hand back over to his, running her fingertips over the back of his hand.

A fiery jolt of excitement arced through his cock, making it twitch down inside his pajamas. She seemed to notice too, as she glanced down at the bulge of his cock, then back up to his face. As they lovingly stared into each other's eyes, Tim gently took hold of her hand and eased it over onto its back. Then, he delicately ran a fingertip over the soft warmness of her palm. Slowly, he rubbed his finger back and forth across her palm as she gazed into his eyes. Finally, he felt her hand ease out from under his. Looking down at it, he watched it grasp his hand and roll it over. Then he saw -- and felt -- her fingernail tickle across his palm, sending another jolt of electricity arcing through his peter.

The signal couldn't have been more obvious.

"Cynthia..." he murmured, leaning toward her and reaching down to the knotted belt of her bathrobe.

Slowly, gently, almost fearfully, he pulled the knot open as they both looked down at his hands.

With trembling fingers, he spread the ends of the belt apart. Then, with the unraveled belt lying in her lap, he clasped the edges of her robe between his fingers. Looking back up into her warm, hazel eyes, he lightly spread her robe open, letting her mountainous treasures slowly appear once again.

"So beautiful," he softly groaned, feasting his eyes on her full, milk-laden breasts.

He continued to spread her robe open until she shrugged her shoulders and it went slithering down behind her back. As it did, he glanced down to see her pussy come into view.

"Oh, God..." he gasped, seeing that her pussy was clean-shaven...bald...bald as Lisa's little butt. " pretty."

Shrugging her shoulders again, Cynthia let the robe fall away from her body to puddle on the couch behind her. She had been sitting with her legs bent at the knees, curled up under her, but as Tim stared down at her pussy, she unfurled her legs. Easing one leg down behind him, she dropped a foot to the floor and spread her legs apart.

"Does it still look the same," she asked, a coy smile playing on her lips. "I shaved for you, so you'd be able to see all the nooks and crannies..."

"You knew? You knew we would...we would do this?" he groaned, realizing that his sister had planned all this.

" least I hoped we would!"

"God, it's beautiful," he sighed, reaching down and running his fingertips over the soft, resilient smoothness of her fleshy pussy-lips. "It's sexy now. Back then, it, it was just like a hardly had any pussy-lips at all. Now they're big and...and fat. They just look so sexy."

"And these?" she smiled, cupping her giant breasts and lifting them.

"They couldn't be any prettier," he groaned, raising his hand and gently caressing the taut skin of her breasts. "They look so heavy...and full, full of milk."

"They are," she laughed softly, making them jiggle and quiver. "Would you like to have a taste of my mother's milk?"

"Sister's milk," he corrected her, leaning toward her. "My sister's sweet milk..."

"Wait! Wait a moment," she said, slipping her leg out from behind him and standing up.

"What? What?" he asked gorging himself on her beautiful, naked body.

"The the couch," she told him, reaching down and taking his hands.

Pulling him up, she reached back down and flipped a switch and the couch purred, unfolding itself into an already made bed.

"Now," she smiled, crawling up onto it.

As Tim watched on in an euphoric daze, she rolled over onto her back and lay smiling up at him.

"But first," she laughed, running her hand down to her pussy, "I want to see him...I want to see your...your peter. I want to see my brother's big peter."

"Uh, okay," he grinned, reaching down and unsnapping his pajama bottom.

Shyly, he let go of pajamas and felt them go slithering down his legs as his sister, gawked up at his jutting prick.

" has grown," she exclaimed as her widened eyes studied the bobbing monster. "I can't believe I thought five inches was big. And look at it now. It's definitely bigger than Billy Johnson's...and Tom's, too."

"Really?" he proudly asked, unbuttoning his pajama top and stepping out of his bottom.

"Really...lots bigger," she giggled. "My little brother's not so little, any more!"

Dreamily, he climbed up on the couch as she reached up and pulled him to her. Her big, puffy nipples were darker now that she had matured, as they glistened with leaking milk. Lying down beside her, he felt her cup the back of the head, gently guiding his lips down to her bulging nipple. Opening his mouth like a baby about to suckle, he took the nipple between his lips and instinctively began to gently suck on it. Her milk began to flow immediately. Tasting the sweet juice as it gushed out into his mouth, he reached under the heavy udder and cupped it in the palm of his hand. It was heavy...heavy with her milk... mother's milk...sister's milk. Initially, he was surprised at the gush of milk that suddenly filled his mouth. With nothing to compare it to except cow milk, he found her milk to be thinner and sweeter.

Savoring the sweetness of her warm milk, he began to suck harder. As he did, he felt some of the nectar drip down his cheek and dribble down onto the couch. Swallowing faster, he felt more of the sweet juice gush out into his sucking mouth. At first he had closed his eyes as he sucked on the big, rubbery bulb, but he slowly opened them and found himself looking at her other tit. Squashed down onto her chest by its heavy weight, its big, swollen nipple defiantly jutted up into the air. As it did, a small, white stream of her delicious milk oozed out of it, trickling down the curved underside of her breast, then disappeared into the crack form between her breast and her chest.

Milk continued to pour forth from her breast as he sucked harder, tasting and drinking down the sweet milk. Strangely, as he sucked, he could feel the tautness of her breast lessen as if it were shrinking while he sucked its delicious contents into his mouth.

Cynthia lovingly ran her fingers through his hair as he greedily consumed her rich, addictive liquor. As she did, out of the corner of his eye, he could see her legs slowly parting while she continued to touch herself, the tip of her long finger caressing her jutting clit.

As she held his mouth pressed against her quivering breast with one hand, she brought pleasure to herself with the other. Then, Tim lifted his hand up to her belly and eased it down between her legs. Running his fingers over the soft, dew-covered lips of her pussy, he pushed her hand out of the way and searched for opening to her femininity.

"Let me do that for you, Cyn," he murmured.

"Oh, yes, please!" she moaned.

Her legs instinctively parted wider as he finally found the warm wetness of her pussy with his finger. Easing his finger down into the moist, clinging tightness of his sister's hot slit, he felt a jolt of electricity surge through his cock as he held it shoved up against her thigh.

"Nnnnnnnnnn," she murmured out and began to ever so gently thrust herself up against his hand as he slowly worked his finger in and out of her pussy.

He couldn't believe how easily this had all happened. It was as if it had all been foreordained. They had almost fallen into each other's arms. It was like they had both known it would happen. Tonight, they would finish what they had started those many years ago. Or would it really be a finish? Or a renewal? They would finally consummate the incestuous experiment they'd begun in their father's tool shed.

As he sucked, he could feel the gush of milk slow to a trickle, then stop altogether. He had sucked her big tit empty. He had emptied the beautiful vessel of its creamy filling, and now it was his turn to return the favor. Now he would give up his creamy, seed-laden filling to her.

"," she whispered.

Reluctant to release her breast, on the one hand, yet excited, on the other, he lifted his lips up off her puffy nipple as a few final drops of milk oozed out of the tip of the purpled nipple. Grunting, he pushed himself up to his hands and knees beside her. As she looked up at him with lust-glazed eyes, he eased one leg over between her legs and then the other. When he did, she spread her legs wider, opening herself to him completely. Staring down at the beauty that lay spread out below him, he felt another quiver of excitement tickle through his big, bobbing cock.

"Yesss," she softly hissed as he lowered his hips, guiding his cock down to the waiting core of her womanhood. "God, yes! Finish it! Finish what we started, so long ago.

"I need to taste your other sweet nectar, first," he told her, and slipped his mouth down along the curve of her body to lap at her dripping sex.

She allowed it, but only for a moment. Her need to be filled by him seemed to outweigh her desire to be pleasured by his lips and tongue.

"You can eat my pussy later, big little brother," she panted, pulling him back up her body. "I want you inside me, now!"

He felt the rounded tip of his cock-head brush against the fleshy lips guarding her oozing womanhood. Then, he felt her fingertips push his cock down, guiding it down into the waiting wetness below. Easing forward, he pushed his cock down into her and felt her hot pussy wrap itself around it.

"Cynthia," he breathed out, easing his cock down into the clutching cavern of her pussy.

Using her feet, Cynthia thrust herself up against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto hers. Mouths open, they kissed, their tongues sinuating and intertwining. Tim could feel her pussy clutching down around his cock as they devoured each other.

"Fuck," he finally grunted, tearing his mouth away from hers.

"Yes, baby," she nodded, a wicked smile on her lips. "Fuck me. Fuck your big sister!"

Then he began to work his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of her hungry cunt. As he did, she met him on every down stroke with an up stroke of her own.

As his chest rubbed back and forth across her mountainous tits, he could feel her warm milk coating one side of his chest. It was the tit on the other side from the one that he had just sucked dry. Looking down between them, he could see his chest and her wriggling tit were covered with a sheen of sticky, white foam as his cock plowed in and out of his sister's hot, clutching pussy.

"Timmy...Timmy...Timmy," she murmured out, humping herself back up at him.

Then he felt her lift her legs and wrap them around his back, lifting herself to meet his thrusts.

"Oh, Honey, you fill me like no one has ever filled me," she murmured.

"Good," he grunted, lowering his face down to her undulating tits.

Sucking on her hard nipples, he nipped them with his teeth as she moaned and thrust herself up at his pounding attack. Sucking on her nipple, he found his mouth once again full of the sweet nectar that flowed from her.

"No...No, Baby...Lisa's..." she grimaced.

Understanding that she had to save the elixir from that tit, he unwillingly lifted his lips from it.

Tim hammered his cock into her slavering pussy over and over, feeling emotions he had never felt before. He loved his sister, and the passion of their fucking was quickly fueling a cataclysmic eruption.

"Cyn...Cyn...Cyn...gonna...gonna," he panted, ruthlessly working his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of her at a furious pace.

"Me, it," she gasped, working her pussy up against his pistoning prick.

Then, digging her fingernails down into his ass, she let out a long, agonizing grunt as she pulled him down into her pussy.

"Godddd," she gasped, thrusting herself up against him.

Holding him imprisoned in her hot, clutching pussy, she began to shiver and quake. Tim was on the brink of a massive explosion, but held it back as his sister came on his cock. He could feel her hot juices pouring out around the shaft of his buried prick as she came and came. Finally, with a last grunting gasp, she began to melt back down onto the bed as he began to pump his cock in and out of her oozing pussy once again. But this time, knowing she had already finished, it only took a few strokes to bring him the relief he so needed.

"Ohgodd," he groaned out as spurts of hot gooey cum shot from his peter, filling her pussy with its sticky heat. "Cyn...Cyn...Cyn...I love you!"

"Ohyesssss, Timmy, I love you, too. So much," she groaned, hugging him to her and finding his lips with hers.

They kissed, long and passionately, until his peter was finally empty and her insatiable pussy was overflowing with his potent essence.

"I've wanted this so bad for so long," she murmured, when they finally broke for air.

"I never knew," he gasped, trying to catch his breath. "Why didn't you tell knew how I felt toward you."

"I couldn't, I couldn't let myself be that selfish. Not even tonight, until I was sure that you felt toward me the way I felt toward you," she told him, clutching her pussy down around his shrinking penis. "It would have ruined everything. If I had, then you and I would have to live out a lie. Live a secret life, never being able to share our secret with anyone. But we can make it work. I have a husband and daughter to hide behind. Now no one will think anything about my hunky brother hanging out here some of the time. No one will ever need to know about our secret."

"But I want more," he complained. "I want you for myself. I don't want to share you with anyone."

"I know. I know. I feel the same way," she wept, "but it can never be like that. That's just a fairy tale. This is the best we can ever hope to have. We'll just have to take every opportunity we have to be together...alone."

"I'll be aching inside every moment we're not together," he whimpered.

"Me, too," she said, wiping the tears from her cheek. "But it will make every second we spend together that much more precious, each moment a treasure that we can take out and savor any time we want, and no one will one but you and me."

"I still think it would be better if we were together all the time," he fussed, slowly easing his deflating prick out of her cum-filled pussy.

"Please, don't ruin it, Tim," she said, gently cupping her milk laded breast. "Come, drink from my well-spring."

"But, Lisa," he muttered.

"I'll give her a bottle..." she said, smiling at him.

Crawling up beside her, he laid down. As he lowered his mouth down to the big, pouting nipple, pointing up at him, she cradled his head in the crook of her arm. Closing his lips around the purplish-pink knob, he began to suck, gently at first, but harder as he felt the warm nectar begin to flow into his mouth.

He stopped his sucking for a moment, gently running the tip of his tongue around her big, darkened nipple. Then, he sucked the bloated nipple back into his mouth and flicked his tongue back and forth across it as she looked down at him lovingly. Beginning to suck again, he was rewarded with another gush of warm, sweet milk.

Cynthia lay on the bed with her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her lips partly open as Tim continued to pull on the nipple with his lips. Her breathing rate increased, making her breast rise and fall at a faster pace as he sucked and teased her big, rubbery nipple. Running his hand down over her jiggling tummy, he searched for the opening of her pussy. As she felt him running his finger up the juice-coated rift between her fleshy love-lips, she eased her legs wider apart, opening herself for him. Finding the slippery entrance to her pussy, he slowly eased a finger inside. Running his fingertip along the top of the channel of her vagina, he searched for and found her ridged g-spot.

"Oh, I feel like I have to pee," she complained.

But as he began to slowly press against the spot with deep, steady strokes of his finger, she began to gently hump herself up at his hand.

Lifting his mouth from her breast, he saw that she had her head back and her eyes closed.

"Touch yourself," he whispered, working his finger across her g-spot.

"Ummmmmm," she murmured, running her hand down to her over her tummy to her clit. "So good...feels so good."

"Um-huh," he mumbled out, lowering his mouth back down to the oozing nipple and sucking it back into his mouth.

Her milk...her sweet, warm milk began to flow again as he tenderly pulled at the pliant knot of quivering flesh with his lips. He couldn't get enough of the sugary cream flowing from her beautiful breast.

"Oh, Timmy," she gurgled, pressing her pussy up against him harder as she flicked her fingertip back and forth across her jutting clit.

He could feel a frothy coating of her milk covering his lips as he sucked on her compliant breast and nipple. Then, crazily, a picture of a guy with a milk mustache popped into his head from the commercial.

Got Milk. he giddily asked himself?

Suddenly, her breast began to jiggle and shake as her beautiful butt jerked and shook.

"Unh...unh...unh," she grunted out in a long groaning whine as she pressed herself up against his hand.

Her hand flew away from her clit and she grabbed up a fist full of the sheet while she made a grimacing face.

Then all at once, he saw a spurt of juice shoot up from her pussy into the air and splash down onto her heaving belly. Wondering what had happened, he knew that the gush of juice hadn't come from her vagina because his finger was still shoved up inside it, and that left only one other place...her urethra. Was she peeing, he dizzily wondered as a second gush of glistening stuff spurted up, this time landing on his hand and coating it with its sticky warmness. It wasn't pee, he drunkenly thought. It was too thick to be pee. It was juice...pussy juice...or something like it, he told himself, easing his finger out and rubbing some of the stuff between his finger and thumb. His sister was coming...coming and spurting out something that was a lot like cum. This was all just too damned amazing. He had never heard of anything fucking crazy.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Finally, her hips dropped to the bed and she gave out one last shuddering groan. It was difficult keeping his mouth latched down around her spewing nipple with her breast heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

"God, Timmy..." she wheezed, "it never felt like that before. was the best ever..."

Lifting his milk-slathered lips up from her breast, he looked down on her and smiled.

"I never saw a woman do that before," he grunted, staring down at her glistening belly.

"I've never done it before," she muttered, running her fingertips through the gooey mess covering her belly. "I didn't know that a woman could come like that. But I guess I did."

"You sure did," he laughed.

Lifting her juice-coated fingers to her mouth, she tentatively licked her tongue across them. A smile lit up her face as she dipped her fingers back down into the goo and brought her fingers up to his froth-covered lips.

"It even tastes a little like cum," she said as Timmy ran his tongue across her fingertips.

"Unh-huh," he mumbled, looking down at the whitish froth covering her areola, surrounding the big, purplish nipple poking up out of the center of it, "but your milk is sweeter.

"I guess that's why men like it so much," she laughed softly, cupping her other breast and slowly lifting its nipple up to her mouth.

Timmy watched on in fascination as she bent down and sucked the big, bulging nipple into her mouth. Watching her suckle herself put the finishing touches on his erection as his cock jutted out hard and ripe once again. Slowly lowering her tit back down to her chest, she looked down and saw that his cock was hard again.

"Would you like to fuck them," she asked.

"What?" he muttered, unsure of her intent.

"My tits...would you like to fuck my tits?" she smiled, cupping them in the palms of her hands.

"Yeah...yeah, I'd like to fuck your tits," he grinned, pushing himself up to his hands and knees.

Easing a leg across her, he straddled her goo-covered belly and slowly inched forward until his big, bloated cock was above the valley between her huge breasts. As he did, he felt his big, dangling balls drag through the goo, coating them with a slippery sheen of her essence. Looking down at her smiling face, he lowered his cock down until it touched her hot skin. With his knees splayed out in line with her tits, he watched her clutch her tits and squeeze them down around his cock. Holding his cock trapped between her tits, she grasped her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Then as she toyed with her nipples, Tim saw them begin to dribble out two streams of white milk down onto his cock. The milk provided lubrication for his cock as he began to slowly work it back and forth between her tits. Fucking her monster tits was euphoric in itself, but doing it while his cock was being bathed in her sweet milk was pure ecstasy.

"Cynthia...this is so fucking hot," he muttered out, leaning down over her, resting his weight on his hands and knees as he watched his big, milk-slathered cock sliding in and out between her big tits.

"Wait," she panted, throwing an arm out and grabbing one of the pillows.

She shoved the pillow under her head, bending her head forward and placing her lips right in the path of his thrusting cock-head.

"Oh fuck," he cursed, as he began to rock back and forth again, watching and feeling the head of his cock slide between her lips every time he thrust forward.

In no time, his peter had churned up a milky lather between her breasts as it sloshed in and out between them.

"Milk shake," he snickered, looking back down between her breasts. "We're making a milk shake..."

"Um-humkk," she muttered, just as his cock-head popped back into her mouth.

Tim could feel the fireball down inside his flopping balls begin to gather and form into an impending explosion. As it grew, he worked his hips back and forth faster and faster, making his cock pop in and out of her sucking mouth.

Then at last it came as his dick jerked and spewed out a mammoth gusher of creamy cum onto her pretty face, coating her lips and nose with its sticky heat.

Before he could release another load, Cynthia jerked her hands away from her tits and dug her fingernails into his ass, pulling him forward. His peter slid between her lips, into her mouth and continued, bumping against the opening of her throat just as the second giant load spurted out of the tip of his prick.

Coughing out a little gag, she dug her sharp claws in deeper, pulling him forward until he felt the head of his cock pop into her throat just as it spewed out the third thick gob of cum directly into her throat.

"Godgodgod," he gasped out as his peter erupted a fourth and fifth time before it began to die down inside her hot, sucking mouth.

He was dead from the waist down. He could barely even stand on his hands and knees as his trembling legs turned to rubber.

Pulling back, he eased his dick out of her throat and then her mouth. Rolling over, he flopped down on his back beside her. Trying to catch his breath, he looked over at her and saw her run her little pink tongue over her lips as she smiled at him. Then she wiped the back of her hand across her lips and chin, wiping away the creamy coating that covered them.

"Was it good for you?" she asked, reaching down and fingering his limp prick.

"What do you think?" he groaned, leaning over and giving her big, jutting nipple a kiss.

"I think so," she laughed softly, leaning over and giving him a long, lingering kiss on the lips. "I think so..."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Mom and my new baby brother were due home from the hospital at any minute. I had gone out to play when dad said that he was going to bring them home today. I'm not sure how I feel about all of this.

When mom and dad first announced to the world that "they" were pregnant with another baby, I can remember not thinking much about it. I can recall grandma asking me what I thought about having a baby brother or sister. My response must brought a round of laughter from the guests that night and I'm not sure why, it sounded reasonable to me. I had merely asked if it meant that I was going to have to share my bedroom.

As the days of waiting, for the baby to be born, stretched on. I t felt like he was never gonna get here. I mean at 10, nine months didn't mean a whole lot, I presumed that it, sorry, he, was gonna come walking through the door at any minute now. At first there was lots of talk and bustle about getting the nursery ready, getting baby furniture and all that. But then it sort of tapered off. Mom's tummy started growing, was not sure at that point what that had to do with a brother, and the part that I liked best, her titties started to get bigger. Yeah, even back then, I was a confirmed tit man. It wasn't long after that when mom would hug me that I could feel the difference.

Now, mom always had tits, pretty big ones actually. And I think she really liked to show them off. Her usual attire was either quite low cut or very snug, or both. I liked the very low cut the best. When she would bend over doing tings around the house, I was often treated to a spectacular view. Though big, they had a shape that made them stick out in front of her, almost announcing they were there before she arrived. Anyway, they were large, firm and the parts that were always above her cloths was smooth and soft and almost creamy looking. I loved when she would hug me and press the side of my face against the exposed part. But, right now I was at an age where it was almost embarrassing because I could feel my cock get hard and I was afraid that someone would notice. And the someone that I was most concerned about noticing was momma.

I had started turning just a bit to the side when she hugged me, so my cock would not point directly at me, she would very softly say, "what's the matter, can't hug momma anymore?" She never indicated she wanted an answer and I'm glad, how could you tell your mother that you were afraid to hug her cause you got a hard on hugging her?

Anyway, besides having fantastic tits, my mother was really pretty. She had me kind of young, so that she was now only 27. She had great legs, her calves would really stand out when she had heels on, which was often, momma loved to dress up. She also had very nice thighs, I can remember she used to wear nylons all the time, those kind with the garters and the really fancy tops, all lacy, they made her legs looks shiny, and they felt great when she would hold my head in her lap. Speaking of which, I had to have ear drops pretty frequently. Mom would lay my head in her lap which was really neat, especially when she wore her short skirts. Then she would lean way over to see in my ear to put the drops in. When she did that her tits would press against the back of my head, or press right into my face, depending on which ear she was working on. I loved it when my face would be nestled right in the cleavage of her titties and the soft skin that stuck up over her blouse would be against my skin.

I think she let me lay there longer than was really necessary, in her lap, doing the ear drops, it was supposed to be 5 minutes per ear, but sometimes it seemed much longer than that, not that I ever complained. I would lay there feeling her nyloned legs, or bare legs if she had a pair of short shorts on, and her tits either on the back of my head or my face.

Well I really didn't know what to expect when they arrived, mom and my baby brother. Mom kept telling me I would have to be her big helper when he arrived and that I would have to help show him how things were done. As I started to tell you, first her titties got bigger, that I noticed right off, then her tummy started growing. She tried to explain how the baby gets there, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me. But she told me that he was growing in her tummy and that before long he would be out in the world.

I saw them drive up, mom, dad and what I guessed was my new brother. I sort of walked over to the car, still unsure about what to expect. Dad yelled out the window, come on Timmy, hurry up and come on over here and meet your new brother. I walked over to mom's side of the car just as dad was opening the door for her. Then I saw a blanket all bundled up in mom's lap as she turned to get out of the car. It was difficult to concentrate because mom had on a dress, very low cut, her usual, and it had slid quite a ways up her legs and they were now spread a little because she was reaching out with her right foot and still had her left foot in the car. She was holding my brother up some so I could see pretty far up her skirt. She must have seen me looking because she just sat there for a few seconds without moving. Finally I looked up into her eyes and she was smiling.

I got sort of a sheepish grin on her face and said, ‘like father, like..." but she didn't finish it. Dad sort of choked and when I looked up dad's face was a bit red. Mom then proceeded to get her other leg out of the car and then handed the bundle up to dad. She raised her hand to take mine and then sort of pulled on my hand to help get herself out of the car. When she was out she reached around my neck and shoulder and pulled me into her. Her tits were really big now and hard, it felt different, but great.

"How's my boy, I missed you, you know, seems like it's been forever since I went in the hospital." I t seemed that way to me to and it had only been a few days. She just hung on to me, my head pressed firmly against her as she started to walk toward the house. Dad was behind us carrying the baby.

Once inside, dad and mom unwrapped the baby and showed me my brother for the first time. He sure was little, and red and wrinkled. They laid him in his crib, let me look at him for a little while, then told me to come on out in the other room so he would sleep. They told me that I would have to try to be quiet when he was sleeping that sometimes loud noises would wake him and he needed lots of sleep.

Afer a while dad said that he had to get back to work and that now it was up to me to take care of mom and the baby. That I should be a good helper to mom and a good brother to Tommy, that was the name they gave him, Tommy. I told him I would, he gave me a hug and kissed mom then left for work.

Mom asked me when the last time I had my ear drops and I told her not since she went to the hospital. She said that I needed to have it done, "we don't need you getting an ear infection while I need help with the baby." She sent me off to get the stuff and bring it back to her, that it was a little difficult for her to move right yet. So I went to the bathroom medicine cabinet and got down the bottle of ear drops and a towel and the ear dropper. When I got back to the living room, mom was sitting on the couch and her skirt was pretty far up, even farther up then when she got out of the car. She must have seen me looking.

"Well, you seemed to fascinated with my legs when I got out of the car, I thought maybe you would like to see more of them." I just stood there staring. She moved a little, sort of wiggled, I guess, and her skirt inched up a bit more. I already told you that mom had beautiful legs. Today she had nothing on them, and her skirt was up high enough I could almost see her panty crotch. "Come on, lets get those drops in before you brother wakes up and I have to feed him."

So, somehow, I pulled myself together and walked over to the couch and laid down like I normally did. This time I could feel her bare legs all over the side of my face. She had me lay away from her first, then I felt them, her very hard titties pushing into the back of my ear while she carefully measured out t he correct amount of drops and put them in my ear. She actually pulled my head back farther into those hard titties which caused her skirt to pull up even more. Now I swear I could feel her panties against the side of my face, like right against my ear. She stayed in that position for some time and started talking to me, talking like she had never talked before.

"Did my boy miss me, I miss holding you in my lap like this. We need to make sure that we have some time together and that you don't feel pushed out or neglected because Tommy needs so much attention right now. Momma has some plans on how to do that, I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed making them."

Right then I had no idea what she as talking about, except it felt good, her breath on my face as she spoke softly, almost whispering, was almost hard to hear her because one ear was full of ear drops and the other was pushed into her almost bare crotch. But I could just make out the words as she spoke. She was gently rocking me as she spoke, it would have been so relaxing, except it was having a very pronounced effect on my cock. I had on my shorts and was hoping that mom would not notice, though looking back now, I think she did.

She kept rubbing up and down my chest with the hand that was around me. I could feel her arm and elbow just brush against the front of my pants as she rubbed, that felt good, but, I was a bit afraid that she would notice my hard on and make a comment about how nasty I was. But she never said a word about it directly, she just made comments like, "momma's little man is growing up, it won't be long before he won't want to lay his head in momma's lap anymore." I could never imagine that happening, I loved laying in momma's lap, so I told her so.

"I will always lay my head in your lap, momma, I love you, and I like how you hold me." Just as if finished that she hugged me tighter, pressing her arm right into my very hard cock, it wasn't big, but it sure was hard right now. Then Tommy started crying.

"Oh, I'm sorry, momma will have to feed him so we will have to finish your other ear when she gets done." She pulled me into her even more and as she did it felt like she wiggled her shoulders pressing her big ole hard titties against the back of my head, kissed me on the cheek and sort of hunched up her crotch into the side of my face all at the same time, then gently nudged me to get up so she could check on the baby.

I got up and turned as she was trying to get up off the sofa, she again held out her hand to me to help her. As she did, the front of her dress sort of fell down some giving me an unobstructed view of her now huge titties. Her skirt was still up and I could plainly see her white panties. She let me look for a few extra moments, then tugging on my hand pulled herself up off the couch, pulled my face up against her and told me thanks.

"Come on and give me hand to get ready to feed Tommy." So I followed her into the nursery. I stood on the other side of the crib to give her room, as she bent over to unwrap him and check his diaper, her very low, rather loose dress pulled way down, down far enough that I could see all of her bra. Now this was not a new thing, she did it often, but the bra she had on was not one of her usual ones, I had seen most of them. This one had snaps at the top, covered more of her titty than the other ones do and she sure looked huge!

After she got his diaper changed, got him washed up, and a clean dry one on, with me getting her wipes, a clean diaper, etc, she then told me to get a dry towel and a wash cloth and some ointment she had on his dresser and bring it all into the living room. I collected all the stuff up in my arms, almost overloaded, and headed into the living room. Just as I entered, mom had started to unbutton her dress starting from the top. I just sort of stood there and watched her.

She had Tommy nestled in one arm while her free hand was undoing the buttons, one at a time, when she reached her belly, she pulled open her dress and there were those two cups of her bra struggling to contain her titties. Then she reached up and unsnapped one side and pulled it down. And, there before me was the fist bare titty I had ever seen. Well the full nipple and all anyway. As I said, I had seen down her blouse many times, but had never actually seen her nipple before.

Finally, when she got it opened up, she looked over at me, that knowing smile, and very sweetly said, "come on and bring me that wash cloth, I need to clean myself so Tommy can eat."

I was not sure what was going to happen, I had heard the boys at school talk about breast- feeding, but had never actually seen it before in real life. The sex ed we had sort of talked about body functions, that sort of thing, but nothing had prepared me for what was about to happen.

So I walked over to mom, holding out the wash cloth to her, almost afraid to get too near, "you need to bring it on over here, here, sit right here beside mommy, I won't bite, I promise." She held out her hand to me, which caused her bare titty to move around some, it was huge. It looked very hard right then, you could see big blue veins sticking up, like they were about to pop out of her skin, her skin was very pale there, and the nipple, the nipple stuck out almost as big as my thumb. Somehow I managed to sit down, still holding the stuff I was to get in my hands and arms. "Here, let me have the wash cloth," she said as she reached over to me for it, I had it in the opposite hand so she had to lean pretty far. When she did, her now naked titty brushed against my arm. She held still for a minute, letting it rest right against me, then gently took the wash cloth from my hand and started to wash the end of her titty as I watched. I can not explain what was going through my mind and body as I watched her wash. Her titty moving all about as she wiped under, over and around the whole thing. It would have been easier to concentrate if Tommy wasn't crying for his dinner.

When she finished she handed me the wash cloth, geez, was it hot, and then taking hold of her titty, squeezed it a little and raised Tommy up at the same time till his mouth sort of latched right on her titty.

"Isn't that gonna hurt," I asked?

Mom laughed, the first time she ever laughed at any of my questions. But she laughed, I felt a bit embarrassed, but she quickly regained control, hugged me under her arm, and pulled me right up close.

"No, honey," she very softly explained, rubbing my hair and holding my head to her chest, I could look down and see her bare titty and feel the other one, still encased in her bra against my face. "No, it doesn't hurt, women are made for this, that is why we have breasts, they produce milk to feed our babies, I fed you just like this."

"But, I don't remember it."

"No, you wouldn't, you were too young, you sure liked it though, just like your brother does, look how he sucks on mommy's nipple. Anyway, women's breasts produce milk after they have a baby, that is why my breasts are so much bigger right now, they are full of milk for your brother. When he starts to nurse on them, the milk drops down from the glands that produce it and through a series of tubes sort of like veins, the milk gets to my nipple so Tommy can drink it."

I was totally fascinated, I listened to every word and right about then, I wanted to see what it tasted like, but was a bit bashful to ask.

Afer a little while, she announced that it was time to switch sides. She had pulled Tommy's head back down to her lap, he started crying again, "I know, you're not finished, just hand on till momma gets the other one ready." As she spoke, she had pushed my head up away from her, undone the other snap, and again washed up her breast, just as she had done earlier. Then she turned Tommy around and went through the same procedure as with the other one, squeezed her breast as she pulled Tommy's head up to latch on to her nipple. She would get a very brief very far away look in her eye every time she did that, and sort of let out a moan.

She had left the other breast out, the one that Tommy had been eating from, so now I had a full view of it. It looked smaller now, less bloated, the veins were not sticking out as much. I looked at her face and saw that she was looking at me as I stared, I got red pretty quickly.

"It's okay, I don't mind your looking, I know boys are fascinated with women's breasts, or is it titties, which do you call them?"

"Ah, titties," I stammered.

"Okay, titties it is. I know that boys are fascinated with them, first time you've seen this much of them huh, though you have certainly tried." Now I really turned red. "It's okay, guess it's my fault too, the cloths I like to wear gave you every opportunity to look. I like being looked at, it makes me feel desired, that I can attract the attention of males, young or old, but the young ones are so cute. They try not to look get embarrassed when you catch them looking, just like you did right then. But, I like my titties, I think they are very pretty and it makes me feel very feminine to have males looking at them, even my own son. So now you get to do what a lot of boys and men have wanted to do, see them naked. When they first started growing I drove my dad and bother's nuts. I would purposefully run around the house with very little on, and many times, I "accidently" flashed them, all naked and in their glory.

When I was dating, when my folks finally let me, I would often go out on dates without my bra, especially in winter, cause then I could hide them behind a coat, it was pretty obvious when I didn't wear a bra, they do sort of stick out there, don't they? So, I always had dates, the boys in my school all new that they could get a good look at them on a date, especially if we went to a drive-in theater. And they would get to play with them, I liked that, I still like to have them touched, it makes me feel so good, that is part of the reason why I nursed you and now your brother, it gives my titties so much attention."

As she was talking she had again placed her hand behind my head and drew me in to her, this time, my face was smack dab right against her totally bare titty, well bare except for the little bit of her bra that was around the outside of her titty, the part that the flap was attached to. It felt great, I loved it, the skin was so soft, smooth, and hot, man was it hot!

I freaked, what else can I say, I freaked, it was too much for me to take all of a sudden, I jumped up, disentangling myself from my mother's arm and ran to my room and quickly closed the door. I didn't know what to think or do, mostly, I was afraid that mom would notice that I had a hard-on and didn't want her to get mad at me or admit that my mother was my greatest sexual fantasy.

I laid there for some time, then a knock at the door, I knew who it was and was somewhat afraid to say come in.

"I would like to talk to you Timmy, may I come in?"

The door wasn't locked and she could have just come on in, so I figured, what the heck, "yeah, it's open," I said just above a whisper.

The door opened and mom sort of peeked around the edge, "I'd like to talk to you if you don't mind."

"I guess." Mom had her dress buttoned up almost back to the top of the dress, which was really low anyway, so the one button that she had not buttoned left most of the middle of her bra exposed. I sort of wished she still had it undone and her titties out, but this way, I wasn't as apt to get hard again.

‘I'm sorry."

"Huh? Sorry for what mom? I don't understand."

"Sorry that I offended you, that I made you uncomfortable."

"Oh, no, you didn't offend me, I was afraid that I had offended you."

"Offended me for what, you didn't do anything."

"Well, you know...." I almost whined.

"No, Timmy, I don't know, how do you think I offended you, it is I who stepped out of bounds, I shouldn't have done those things."

"Mom, you didn't offend me, I was afraid......."

"Afraid of what, Timmy?"

"Afraid that you'd notice."

"I'm getting lost, notice what?"

"You, know, notice..." I didn't know how to put it, I mean how do you tell your mother that she has given you a hard-on? So, I just sort of looked down at my crotch area, her eyes followed mine then she looked right back up to me and gave me the warmest, sweetest smile I had ever seen.

"Ah, I think I understand. Are you ashamed because you got sort of aroused seeing momma like that?"

"Uh, yeah mom, a guy is not supposed to see his mother that way, or think about her that way."

"Got it! Guess we really need to talk huh? Okay, do you mind if I sit on your bed, right here beside you?"

I scooted over to one edge and mom sat down beside me, I have a twin bed so there is not a whole lot of room, her hip was sort of against my front when she got settled, facing me by twisting her upper body toward me which caused her tits to stick out even farther, if that's possible.

"Okay, well first off, at your age almost anything is stimulating, it's the changes that your body is going through."

Boy was she right there, I mean if I saw any female out that had any amount of skin exposed I got turned on. I would catch myself staring an awful lot even at the mall. Since this was summer the girls and women didn't wear very much. And I'm not complaining.

"So by me exposing myself to feed Tommy gave you a chance to see my bare breasts. Is that the first time you have ever saw naked ones?"

"Yeah mom, where else would I see them, it's not something that most people do you know?"

"Yes, I know, a shame too. Anyway, getting turned on doesn't mean you are being offensive, it just means that you are turned on, it's sort of a compliment you know, women like to know they can turn a guy on."

"But you're my mother."

"I know, but so what? Does your penis know that?"

"No, but I do."

"Does that bother you, that seeing parts of your mother's body turns you on, because it doesn't bother me."

"Well kind of, most guys talk about their mother's like they're all mean and stuff."

"Do you think I'm all mean and stuff?"

"Well, no, I think you're a great mom, and very pretty." She actually blushed a little. Then leaned over to give me a hug.

"Oh, how sweet, thanks you, I think you're a pretty neat son too." As she hugged me I could feel her tits pressing into my chest and then it started to happen again and I sort of wiggled like I was trying to get lose. "It's okay, lay still, enjoy the feel, most guys I know would pay me to be in the position you are right now, so let your pee pee get hard, doesn't it feel good when it gets hard?"


"So let it, if you think others would be offended by what you are feeling right now, don't tell them, it'll be our little secret, how about that?"

"You mean, it's okay, to uh, fell..."

"To feel turned on, hot, sexy? Yeah, it's okay, it does the same thing to me, girl get turned on to ya know, our nipples get hard and other stuff happens too."

"Wow, this turns you on too?"

"Of course, silly, boys don't have a monopoly on getting turned on you know?"

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Well we talked quite a while, as we talked mom would touch me all over, rub my back my chest, she even laid her arm in such a way that her elbow was nudging my cock as she rubbed. That felt good! Now instead of shying away, I just laid there and enjoyed it. Frequently she would press her tits up against me, let me feel their weight, their pressure, their tenderness, their comfort, it felt great.

"Now, that's no so bad is it, is it hard now, your pee pee, is it all hard for mommy," she was now whispering in my ear, her mouth very close to my ear, I could feel her breath, and even the tip of her tongue as she talked, it was going right to my cock! "Do you like how mommy feels up against you? Huh? Can you feel my tits pressing into your chest, like that?" Now she was pressing her titties into my chest with quite a bit of pressure, her hand on my back holding me into her, I thought I was going to go crazy for sure. "Is it hard, can mommy feel it to see, huh?" her hand stared down my side and then wedged in between us, then, there it was, touching my cock through my pants. "Ooo, it's all nice and hard, I like that." I wanted to pull back away, but it felt so good and her other hand was on my butt holding me so I couldn't get away, so what was I to do but enjoy it. And I was letting myself enjoy it.

"Hm, isn't that much better, momma likes to play with boys' pee pee's, they get so nice and hard, stick out, and I like to make them feel good. Your's feels so nice. Do you like mommy touching it? Does it feel as good as earlier when I put your head on my titties? I liked how your head felt there. I wished you hadn't pulled away. Can I do it again? Can mommy take her titties out and put them against you, your chest, your face, maybe even your, pee pee?"

Wow, was she ever getting to me. I felt more turned on then I can ever remember, I never imagined a woman talking like this much less my own mother talking to me like this! It was fantastic and I was struggling to not pull away, I wanted that good feeling to last and not get scared like I did earlier. But now I knew that mom knew I had a hard-on and that it was okay, so that helped a lot.

As she whispered these things in my ear she drew back her chest just a little bit, I could feel her bring her hand up to start unbuttoning her dress, she pulled her head back from my ear and looked down at me.

"Watch me, baby boy, momma is gonna open her dress, see, watch, watch my hand, it's unbuttoning my dress, just like you watched me when I was feeding Tommy, yes I know you were watching, and I wanted you to. See, it's almost unbuttoned to my belly. You can see all of my bra, and my titties sticking up just a little bit, see? Right there." As she spoke her hand came up to press against the exposed parts of her titties sticking up over her bra. She was so pretty, and I was so excited, from her words, her hands and the feeling she had left in my cock while she was touching it. She had pushed her lower body up more into mine when she brought her hand up to unbutton her dress and now I could feel her body pressing up against my cock. She had her back arched, her tits pulled away so I could watch and her crotch was now up against me replacing the missing pressure from her hand.

"Do you like them, momma's titties? Do you think they're pretty, even all bulging out with milk in them? Did you like the feel of your face against them? Do you want mommy to do that again? I will, all you have to do is ask."

Right then I could not speak, all I could do was not my head up and down to let her know that I wanted her to go on. And she did.

"Okay, I will accept that as asking. Watch now, I'm going to undo this cup snap and lower it just like I did for your brother. There, see, it's undone, now I'm going to pull it down, here goes, see, the top of mommy's titty is bare, here comes her areola, yeah, that's what that dark circle is around momma's nipple, mine are really dark, see how dark they are? I think they're sexy don't you? Now watch, here comes the sexy part, my nipple, there it is see it?"

As she talked she very slowly lowered her cup slowly baring her whole titty to me, the nipple was really sticking out, it was all hard looking and dark, very dark compared to the rest of the skin on her titty.

"There, see it all naked now, sticking out from my nursing bra, just for you? Now, watch it closely, I'm gonna put it right in your face."

She put her hand on the back of my head, similar to what she had done to my brother, except she didn't squeeze her titty up like she did before, and pushed my head forward until it was pressed right up against her naked titty. I felt her nipple press against my lips, almost pushing it's way in.

"Open your mouth sweety, let mommy put her nipple in your mouth, I want you to taste my milk, drink it just like your brother does. Please, oh, yes, that's it, let it in, oh, I can feel your hot mouth on my nipple. Reach with your tongue, there, lick the very end of mommy's nipple... that's it, right there." She was leaning over whispering in my ear, her tongue occasionally licking sending shivers from my ear down my spine right into my cock.

"Mommy can feel that right down to her pussy. Oh, yes, that makes mommy's pussy feel good, and having your hard pee pee rubbing against it. Now, suck it, my titty suck it..."

I was really caught off guard by her saying pussy, as she said it, she rubbed it even harder against my cock. I began sucking her nipple as she instructed and was rewarded with a squirt of milk, it surprised me at first, but I liked it. It was warm and sweet, much sweeter than milk from the grocery store.

Pretty soon she again pulled her titty back from my mouth. "Here, hold on a minute, I want to take the other one out too, I want both of them in your mouth, I want to feel your face against my skin, here take off your shirt too, I want to feel you against me baby."

As I watched her undo the other bra cup I pulled my tee shirt up over my head and laid back down. Just as I did she laid almost on top of me and pressed her now nearly naked tits into my chest. Man, that felt good. I didn't want it to end, just wanted to feel my mother's skin against mine. She would slide back and forth a little, raise up just enough that her nipples would rub across my chest. They were so hard and hot, her titties felt like they were on fire. As she was doing that she kept rubbing herself on my leg, up and down, back and forth. She began breathing very hard like she was running or something.

"Oh, baby, you are making mommy feel so good, don't stop, yeah, put your hands up here, it's okay, feel mommy's titties, rub them, press them into your chest. Yes, feel my pussy rubbing on your leg? You are making momma feel very good, very good, oh, momma's gonna cum, she is so naughty, letting her son play with her titties, showing him her titties, yes, baby, like that, oh, here it cums, momma's pussy is flooding."

Now as she talked she pressed herself even harder on my leg, rubbing up and down, then she went rigid, I didn't know what was happening, but she let out a scream, almost woke up Tommy and then just laid against me, letting her titties press into me and just laid there for a long long time. I didn't mind though, I was playing with the sides of her titties, feeling them and enjoying the feel of my mommy laying almost naked on me.

I don't know how long we laid there, momma and I, her naked titties pressed into my chest. She had started earlier, while breast-feeding my little brother, exposing her milk filled titties to me, then pulling my head against them. I had gotten scared, embarrassed because my cock had gotten hard and I was afraid that she was going to be mad at me. I ran to my bedroom. She came in after she finished feeding Tommy and through touching, talking, and exposing herself to me, helped me to understand that my getting hard was okay, it was expected, and I was just responding the way any male would who was experiencing his first exposure to a woman's treasures.

Mom got really excited and hot while doing all of this, rubbing her titties on my chest, then putting a nipple in my mouth so that I too could taste her mother's milk, it was sweet and warm, and I loved it. She started moving on my leg very rapidly and quite hard then had screamed, I wasn't sure what was happening, but then she stopped and just sort of laid half on me and half on the bed. I was touching the sides of her titties and she was just sort of humming and after a time, her breathing sort of slowed down again.

She raised her head up from my neck and shoulders and looked right down into my eyes. "You made mommy feel very good and now she is going to do some very special things for you." As she was talking she began moving her shoulders about which caused her still erect nipples to brush around on my chest, she raised herself up some and did the same thing all over my face. It felt good and I loved the feel of her titties on me, they were still very warm, almost hot to my skin. While she was rubbing her soft titties on me her hand started slowly sliding down my chest and stomach. I could feel this tingling throughout my stomach and right into my cock as balls following her hand on its way down.

I felt myself start to hunch up against her hand, wanting more pressure, for her to hurry up and touch my cock again. "Let me do it, just lay back and let mommy make her little boy feel good. That's it, just like that, relax, see how good it feels, can you feel it right down to your pee pee?"

Could I? Geez, I thought my poor little cock was going to explode. But, somehow I held still. Her big smooth, firm titties making my face and chest feel so good, her skin was so smooth that it felt like silk, or velvet, or anything else you can think of that is soft and smooth, gliding all over my skin. She even put her nipple in my eye and wiggled her shoulders making her nipple dance all over my eyelid. Everything she was doing was just making my cock tingle even more. I could even feel it in my balls, just like there was a short circuit between where her titties touched and my groin.

Eventually her hand reached the snap on my shorts, as she unsnapped it I got just a bit apprehensive, she must have noticed, "it's okay, momma wants to see it, your pee pee, your cock, momma wants to take it out and make it feel as good as you did her pussy. There, now I'm going to pull down your zipper, like that, then I'm going to slide my hand right down your skin, under your underpants, until I hold your cock right in my hand, feel it?"

Could I feel it? Geez, every nerve in my poor body was firing on high speed, I would have to be dead to not feel it, but right then I was more concerned about exploding, it felt like my ears were gonna burst, my head was gonna explode, all the stimulation she was giving was almost too much! But, yes, I could feel her hand as she very carefully slid it up under the waist band of my underpants and then I felt first her finger tips then her very soft gently had slide up over my cock. I just knew I was in heaven then. Somehow she still kept her tits moving around very softly, gently in my face, neck, chest and back and forth, every so slowly as she inserted her hand further into my shorts, now holding on to my bare cock, a cock that can not recall ever having been touched by anything other than my own hand.

Once she had me completely enclosed in her hand, she just held it still, help my cock in her warm, soft hand. The sensation was too much. I had never felt anything so exquisite in my life, and it was a toss up which felt better, her hand on my cock or her tits all over my upper body and face. Then I was about to experience something even better. Somehow, still holding my cock she was able to get my shorts and underpants down and completely off me. I can remember raising up my butt so she could get them out from under me, then as I felt them sliding down my legs, her upper body followed her hands, then I felt her bare titties on my stomach and the, that first initial contact sent waves of pure pleasure coursing though my body, her titty was first just touching the head of my cock then, it was sliding over, to completely cover my cock and then her hard nipple was scraping the underside of my cock.

As she slid my shorts and underpants completely off, her titties kept sliding up and down my cock, like she was jacking off my cock with just the touch of her titties. She kept sliding back and forth, then when she had my shorts and underpants off, now I was completely naked, she looked up into my eyes and pleaded, yes, pleaded, "watch me please, I want you to watch what my titties are doing to your cock, feel it? See, watch what I do with them, are you ready, see, they slide up, and down, and back and forward, ever so lightly, can you feel that in your cock? Does it feel as good to your cock as it does to my titties to have your cock touching them? I can feel it right down to my pussy, it's like electric sparks going all over my crotch, and you are doing it, your naked cock touching my naked titties and it's like I'm on fire."

Boy, was she telling me, she just described exactly what was going on in my groin right now, all through my cock, balls, and even my butt, it was like there was something inside that was gonna spew all over the place. I thought that nothing could be any better than this felt right now, boy was I wrong?

"Are you still watching, watch what momma is going to do with her mouth, are you ready, watch."

Right then nothing could have taken my eyes away from what she was doing to me. She started kissing down my stomach, lower and lower, as she slid her head down, her titties moved down to my thighs, still sending shivers throughout my body, then she was low enough, her face, that her cheek touched the end of my dick! Man, and I thought her titties felt good there, then she stroked the end of my cock with her face, back and forth, yeah, all those moves she had done with her titties, under her chin, even bumping it with her nose!

"Em, I do love to play with a cock, do you like it, do you like what mommy is doing to your cock, rubbing my nasty face all over it? Look, it's leaking a little, momma is going to rub that all over her skin, watch, see, my cheek, my neck, my nose, even on my eye lids, but I don't want to waste all of it, guess what momma is going to do now?"

I didn't have a clue and would not have guessed in a million years, but for a few seconds she slid back up my body, very lightly, barely touching my skin, dragging her tits back over my cock then up my stomach then her mouth back near my ear. She sort of rested her titties on my chest as she whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to do something very, very naughty, daddy doesn't like for me to do it, so I am hoping you do, cause it's something that mommy likes, are you ready, momma is going to take your cock, this one right in my hand, and I'm going to put it right here in my mouth, feel this tongue in your ear, it's going to lick your cock, while it's in my mouth."

I just knew I was going to pass out, I had never thought for one moment that my cock would ever be in anyone's mouth, us guys had talked about cock suckers in school but it was a bad name that we called guys we didn't like. But, if it felt anything like momma's tongue in my ear, it was going to feel great. Then she started sliding down my body again, her titties rubbing their way down my stomach, down to my cock then wiggling all over my cock as she moved her shoulders about, making her titties bounce on me, then sliding down my thighs till her mouth was right over my cock. I was staring at her open mouth as it hovered right over my very erect cock.

"Now watch, baby boy, this tongue," and she touched her tongue to my cock, I couldn't help myself, my cock leaped up in the air, "this tongue is going to slide right down the underside of your cock as I slide your cock into my very wet, hot mouth." As she said the last words, her mouth slowly, agonizingly slowly, started to slide over my cock, closing her lips, gently sucking, her tongue gliding down that very sensitive underside of my cock until her nose was against my groin, her tits pressing into my thighs, and my cock fully embedded in that wondrous cavern. Then she just held it there for what seemed like hours. I have no idea how long she held it there, I just know it felt fantastic. Every once in a while she would lick up and down, take a very gently suck, then slide just a little bit up and down with her whole mouth, wriggle her shoulders causing her titties to bounce on my legs, everything possible she could do to heighten the feelings I was experiencing.

I wanted it to go on forever, never ending, that sensation I was feeling, not just in my cock, or where her titties were moving about, but completely throughout my body. Once in a while she would reach up with one hand and stroke my chest, toy with one of my nipples, and even reach between my legs and tickle my ass. All the time, looking up into my eyes making sure that I was watching all the nasty things a woman could do for a man to make him feel good. Right then I was wondering about her comment, why would dad not enjoy this? But that was okay, right then I was willing to take all of his share and mine!

I felt a great surge in my balls, like they were tightening up, something I had never felt before, then I felt this rumbling in my balls, the lower part of my stomach and it just kept doing that. I was too young yet to ejaculate, but I guess my muscles didn't know that, cause they responded the same way as if I had cum. I was hooked, for life, on having orgasms, even if nothing came out the end of my cock, it still felt good. Mom just kept her mouth over my cock, rubbed my lower stomach and did all possible to make it last. But, even with her help, all too soon, it stopped, mom must have sensed it because she stopped all her movements and then just let my cock nestle in her mouth till it started to go down. The she just slid straight up my body until her head was sort of on my chest, laid her head down and nestled her titties right over my cock.

We must have lain there for some time, for the next thing I remember was my little brother, Tommy, crying and mom getting up from me, rubbing herself over me, sort of holding her dress top as she got up to go tend to his needs.

A little while later she came into back into my room, Tommy in her arms, her dress top sort of tied around her waist, her bra completely removed, her bare titties jiggling as she walked, came over to my bed and laid down beside me, on her side, sort of facing me. She laid Tommy down on his back and proceeded to place her nipple in his mouth so he could eat and began talking to me.

"Did you like that, what mommy did for you, putting your cock in her mouth, sucking you, did it feel good, you don't hate mommy do you, oh, please say you don't hate mommy."

"No, mom, geez, how could I hate you, you made me feel so good, I didn't know all those things would feel so good."

"Oh, I'm so glad, as I said your daddy doesn't let me suck his cock, he says it's nasty, do you think I'm nasty?"

"Gosh, no mom, I told you it felt good, I have never even imagined that anything would make me feel so good."

"Oh, Timmy, you make me feel so good, I liked doing it for you, would you like for me to do it again?"

"Right now?"

"No, silly, not right now, it will take a little while for your cock to get hard again and I have to feed your little brother, but, whenever you want, you just ask momma, okay? Momma will be your own little cock sucker, do you mind?"

"No mom, but I thought cock sucker was something nasty."

"Depends on how you see it, you guys say that to each other because you think homosexuals are nasty to suck each other's cocks, so you think if anyone does it's nasty. Did it feel nasty to you, or did it feel good?"

"It felt great mom!"

"See, so if a person enjoys making someone else feel good, is that nasty?"

"No, but, geez, mom, I pee there."

"I know, and that leaves sort of a salty taste, but I like salty, so I think it tastes good, and being a little nasty is kind of exciting, isn't it?

"Well, yeah, it was exciting."

"So then for me to suck your cock is not a bad thing, except your dad would not approve, he just wants to fuck, I like to play around, do all sorts of nasty things. Do you want mommy to do nasty things for her little boy, to make him feel good? Look at Tommy, he is watching us like he understands what were are talking about as he sucks on momma's big ole titty. Yeah, him thinks he understands what it means to suck on Timmy's cock, for momma to be nasty with his big brother, don't cha? Well, maybe one day momma will suck your cock too. What would you think about that Timmy, if I sucked Timmy's, or someone else's cock?"

"I don't know, does that mean you would stop sucking mine?"

"Oh, no, silly boy, I already told you I would suck yours anytime you want me to, but would it excite you to watch me suck someone else? Would you like to watch mommy be nasty with others?"

"Yeah, if you still sucked mine, I would like to watch you, I see how the guy next door stares at your titties whenever you bend over around him, or when dad plays with your butt when he doesn't think I'm listening, I always wanted to do it to touch you."

"Well, now you can, her put your arm around me and touch me, there, on my butt, wait, here, let me pull my skirt up a little so you can feel it all bare, just be careful, after having a baby a woman is a little bit tender for a while, so don't squeeze down too low for a little while, okay? But then you can touch me all over, even my pussy, and you've already touched, and sucked, my titties, so you know that is okay."

As she was talking, and placing my hands right on her bare butt, I could feel my cock starting to get hard again, she must have noticed, because she reached down with her hand and took hold of it.

"Em, I like hard cocks, love to play with them, but I said that before huh? Go ahead, touch mommy, yeah, my ass, I think I have a nice ass, and my titties, go ahead, play with mommy, I like to be touched, just be careful and don't do it around daddy, okay? Otherwise, you can touch me all you want."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I did as she instructed, I explored moms' body. I touched her ass, the skin was very soft and smooth, all of momma's skin was soft, she admitted to using baby oil on it right after her shower which made her skin sort of slickery. I played with her titty, the one that Tommy was not sucking on, touched the nipple, pushed on it, pulled on it, and squeezed it just tenderly, all the time she was telling me what made her feel good. I even put her free titty in my mouth while Tommy was eating, mom wanted to know what it felt like to have two people sucking on her at the same time, she said that she had never felt that before.

All the time she was gently holding my cock, occasionally stroking it very slowly, erotically in her soft hand. We talked for quite a while changing places one time so she could put Tommy on her other breast. She told me about her first time having sex, she was only 12, but wanted to have sex to see what it felt like. She said that she was hooked right then, the first time and loved it, how her mother put her on the pill early so that she did not have any unwanted pregnancies. Aids was not as common then so mom did not worry about it, but is much more cautious now. She told me about teasing her daddy, who is now dead, exposing her titties to him as she was growing up, always some pretense, telling him she had a pain here, or a lump there, pushing her titties into his hand as he tried to feel where she thought there was a lump, a bump, anything just to get him to see her naked titties and feel them. She admitted that one day, a short time before he died, that she had gotten up enough courage to actually initiate sucking his cock.

She said that he had been in the hospital for a time. Had some kind of illness that was taking hold of him and she knew that it wouldn't be long. She felt sorry for him because he had told her that he and her mom didn't have sex anymore that she didn't enjoy it, but that sometimes he still got the urges, though not as often as when he was younger. She said that she had asked him if he had one of those urges right then and that he had sort of sheepishly replied that he did. So she gave him a big surprise, got up, locked the door, pulled open her blouse and bra showing him her naked titties, now fully grown and sticking way out, I think she said they were now D cups, whatever that means, I just know they look fantastic, and then she pulled down his covers and his pajamas, place his hands on her titties and proceeded to suck him off.

She told me that he thanked her like she had just given him the gift of eternal life and then he died a few days later. She said she was never sorry that she had done that for him and doing that for him she knew that some guys enjoyed it and didn't think it was nasty.

I could feel my own cock getting harder as she told me this story, remembering just a little while ago when she had my cock in her mouth, how good it had felt and how anyone would not enjoy it, and I told her so. She hugged me and pulled my head down to her titty and whispered in my ear, "when I finish feeding your brother, I'm going t do it again, I'm gonna suck this cock in my mouth and make it feel good again, is that okay?"

Okay? Ya gotta be kidding, right!

As we finished talking, Tommy fell asleep, mom got up and gently picked him up, her titties still bared and dangling in front of my face as she got him and herself up and took him to his room. I heard her in her bathroom, the water running and then the toilette flushing, then a little while later she came walking back into my room. I was totally absorbed in watching her, she had removed her dress completely and had on only a pair of pretty brief panties. Her stomach stuck out a little, after all she just had a baby, and her titties, still totally bare jiggled as she walked, almost slithered toward the bed.

"Are you ready, ready for that blow job that I promised? Momma wants to suck that cock again, to put it right here in her mouth, to feel you touching my titties, my ass, all of me, except right here, till it heals, is yours."

As she finished her talking she was again kneeling on my bed, had me roll over on my stomach and then proceeded to give me a breast massage from head to toe along my back. When her nipples struck my butt I thought I was gonna explode again. She rubbed all over, letting her very hard nipples just scrape as she drug her titties up and down my body, trying to stick a nipple up my butt as she spread my legs apart, actually licking me there, at first I thought it was disgusting, but it sure felt good, then lowering her body to drag her nipples over my legs and sticking my foot right up against her titty. Everything she did felt fantastic. When she was through, she had me turn over and then she started all over again. From my head, my face to my feet, dragging those huge titties with their hard nipples up and down, over my cock, my chest my legs then back to my face, sticking first one nipple then the other in my mouth, engulfing my cock in between them, then moving up and down in a fucking motion, letting me see my little cock sticking up between her titties, then bending over to lick the head with her tongue, all the time her eyes on mine, making sure that I was watching. Where else would I be watching?

When she figured that I had had enough, she squatted down off the end of the bed, took my legs and drug me to her, placing a leg under each arm, bent forward and took my cock back into her heavenly mouth and proceeded to suck me till I had another of those trembling responses, then she raised up her head, smiling, said, "when you can cum it will feel even better."

I didn't see how anything could be even better. She put my cock back in her mouth for a bit, till I got completely soft, then helped me slide up the bed, pulled the covers over me, pressed her titty to my cheek and whispered/kissed my ear good night.

It felt like I had just gotten to sleep and there was mom at my door, her titties bared again, telling me to come on and get up, it was time for breakfast.

"Breakfast, what happened to dinner, what time is it?"

"It's morning, silly, it's time to get up for breakfast, you've been sleeping for 14 hours. Come on, I need you, my titties are getting lonely, they want you, Tommy has already eaten his breakfast and my poor titties were feeling very neglected, can I rub them on you while you eat? But first a bath, you stink, come on, I have your tub run, get in."

As I entered the bathroom the morning piss need cranked in, I tried to turn myself away from mom to pee, but she stopped me. "What's the matter bashful this morning, remember, I had that thing in my mouth twice yesterday, do you think I would be offended by watching you pee?"

Made sense to me, so I stood where she had a clear view of my cock and pissed. When I was finished she shoved me into the tub and took the soap in her hands then proceeded to give me a complete bath, all over, with her hands all soapy. When I was sufficiently clean to please her, or my cock was as hard as she wanted it from all the touching, she had me stand up and dry off, then directed me to the kitchen to eat. I was gonna put on some shorts, after all this nudity thing in front of mom was pretty new, but she stopped me.

"I want to see you all naked, okay, I'll leave my titties out all naked for you to touch, play with, suck, and fuck, if you will stay naked for me, deal?"

Who was I to argue with that, after all, my cock was already getting hard and was looking forward to being back in her warm wet mouth, wouldn't yours?

So, I went to the kitchen, sat down in my chair, she had made me pancakes, eggs, sausage, all of my favorites. "There, you are gonna need your strength young man, so eat up."

As I sat there eating, mom stood beside me, sort of back a little bit, and rubbed her titties on my face, hugged my head to her chest, and put those hard nipples all over, even up and down my back as I ate. She was getting me pretty hot when I heard a voice at the kitchen door.

"Wow, that looks good, got enough to share?"

It was the guy from next door, and here I was naked, mom had her titties out and I about freaked out.

"Sure," mom says, "come on in and get some, thought I don't think that Timmy is gonna leave any to share, and" she actually squeezed her bare titties right there in front of him, "Tommy didn't leave anything in here, so what do you want to eat?"

I was freaked!

The guy just casually opens the door and walks in, like he's seen mom's naked tits all the time. Well, I was about to find out that he has been.

"Maybe I need to explain," mom starts out, "you remember I told you that I love hard cocks that I love to suck cock but your dad doesn't like it? Well, Mr Jones has been kind enough to help me out. His wife hates the thought of putting his cock in her anywhere and he gets pretty needy, so one day, while he was trying to stare down my shirt, I asked him if he saw something he liked, he just kind of him/hawed around so I got really brave and told him if he came in the house he could see more of them to make up his mind. Well, he did, and I did, he came right here in the kitchen and I unbuttoned my blouse, opened my bra and let him look. Took him a while to get his voice back, so I asked him again, ‘see anything you like?"'

But of course, who would say no? At least that was the way mom put it. By now, Mr Jones was standing behind mom with his hands up underneath both of her titties, fondling, squeezing, molding them as he responded.

"I've missed these you know, are you sure this is okay with your son?"

"Oh, yes, they have missed you too, and I've missed this," somehow mom had gotten her had between them, unzipped his fly, and hauled out the biggest cock I had ever seen and was stroking it, "I already discussed with Timmy about letting him watch me suck other people's cocks and that he would get all the cock sucking wanted, all he had to do was ask, so, get over here, so he can see, and let me have that big old nasty cock in my mouth."

He did, who wouldn't. I sat there aghast as mom proceeded to love up his cock just as she had mine, he played with her titties, never once reaching for her crotch, she told me later that that was there agreement, she'd suck his cock when ever they had a chance, but he could have her pussy, and he agreed, again, who wouldn't?

I was so fascinated watching them, that I forgot to eat, just enthralled by how much mom seemed to enjoy sucking dick. And maybe it was just for show, for my first time or she did it when she felt like it, but when he started to cum, she took his dick out of her mouth, held it in front of her and says, "oh, yeah, what a nice big ole cock, squirt for me, let the guys see what a naughty slut I can be, yeah, squirt that cock juice right here in my mouth, come on, Mr Cock, give me your cum, I want it, I want all of it, bring it from way down in your balls and squirt me, look, I'll wiggle my titties, watch them, think you can hit them too, squirt that nasty stuff all over, make me sticky, all slutty, yeah, I want to be these guys' slut, sucking their cocks, letting each other watch, heck, I'll even let them bring their friends in and suck them, bare these ole milk filled titties for them all, let them play, and suck them in front of everyone."

Evidently that was too much for "Mr Cock" because he squirted such a huge load all over, it was like a cum shower for mom, and the whole time she was smiling and chanting to that huge cock, "yeah, that's it, squirt me, you must have been saving up a whole long time to have that big of a load...."

After he left, mom took me back to my bed, stripped off her pants, just leaving her panties on and gave me a repeat loving that she had done yesterday, dang, life and Summer break was great...

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