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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:35 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
"Finally," sighed my wife as she sat - more rather, collapsed beside me. "Becky's asleep."

I smiled indulgingly at her. Becky was just four months old, and already, she was turning my wife's black hairs gray. I knew how much my wife loved Becky, and how much the infant adored her grandmother.

Becky's father had been my son.

Had been.

Since the accident that claimed her parents' lives, Becky has been living with us, formally adopted into the family as my daughter's child. I was her other legal guardian - a formality necessitated by the laws of Tokyo that required at least two guardians for an infant. Guardian sounds better than 'grandpa', because at forty-three, I don't think I have climbed into that pedestal just yet.

In the next room, I could still hear Helen, my daughter, singing lullabies to the sleeping child. If it had not been for the accident, she would have been singing lullabies to her child - the fruit of her own womb. She had been seven months into her invitro-induced pregnancy when the accident killed her baby. She had been hysterical at first, but Becky, like the ray of sunshine that she was, brought out the mother in her. Becky needed a mother, and Helen needed a baby. It was the perfect arrangement.

"Hi Dad!" my daughter greeted me as she entered the living room. I looked up at my princess, returning her sweet smile. Blonde hair framing her petite face; a slightly plump frame with the curves returning; pink lips and brown eyes. Her eyes had always made me... feel special - there was compassion in them, mixed with a generous dose of love and intelligence. A soft exterior with an even softer interior, that was my daughter.

"Hi, honey! You look bushed."

"I am."

I took in her attire. She had on a pale pink Kimono, a Japanese robe, that reached down to her knees. What really grabbed my attention, though, was the fact that her breasts were outlined in the material by two dark splotches, causing the robe to hug her mounds. Having recently been suckled, the nipples were still erect, poking against the fabric. The darker shade of her areola was clearly visible through the translucent piece.

Helen noticed my interest in her bosom with an amused expression on her face. I had been staring at the sight for the last few days, and having been caught more than one time too many, I did not have any reservations about the fact that even my wife was aware of it. As she was aware of it now.

I finally dragged my attention away from her breasts. My wife nudged me in my ribs, whispering loudly enough for Helen to hear her words, "Satisfied?"

I smiled sheepishly at her, the outright comment in front of my daughter causing the embarrassment. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my daughter giggling at my predicament. Well, at least she hadn't shouted at me for being so... attentive! I resumed reading the paperback in my hand.

I was conscious of Helen shuffling in her seat, apparently to get into a comfortable position. For an instant, for a brief, tantalizing instant, her nipple peeked out of her dress, but she immediately pulled her robe back over the bud. I went back to the novel.

After some time, Helen stood up, a trace of irritation in her movements. It was obvious that something was troubling her, but before I could ask anything, she went back to her room. Probably had a headache, I told myself.

"Mom!" came the shout, impatient but not desperate. "Can you come here for a moment, please?"

My wife, who had just been about to embark on one of her dreams, woke up with a start. Experience had taught her never to ignore a new mother's call. "Coming, sweetheart."

I watched my wife scurry towards the main bedroom. Our sex life being pleasantly non-existent, we didn't lose much when we moved Helen and Becky into the room. Unlike the guest room, which is where I caught my forty winks, there was plenty of space for the crib and the million other baby stuff. The big bed could comfortably contain two people, and my wife retained her spot in it. As I said, there was no reason to miss anything.

For some time afterward, I could hear sounds coming from the bedroom, words being used for and against some argument, the gist of which I had no idea. 'The Prometheus Deception' of Ludlum was approaching its climax, and like with all other of his books, the suspense was killing me. There is nothing more I hate than being interrupted in the midst of a gripping end to a thrilling novel, and I was fast nearing the end when my wife interrupted my concentration.


"What?" I asked, closing the book in a very eloquent manner. Annie, my wife, winced sarcastically as if I had shouted at her. If it had not been for a sleeping granddaughter, I probably would have...

"Sorry, John. Didn't know Ludlum turned you on so much!"

"What?" I repeated my question more forcefully this time, although a smile was beginning to push through.

"Helen wants a favor."

"Can it wait?"

"'Fraid not."

"Okay." I threw my arms up in resignation. A father's got to do what a father's got to do. "What is it?"

Annie grinned at me. "I knew you wouldn't refuse if it is for Helen."

I grinned back. "At least she doesn't pick on me like my wife."

"I pick on you? My, how you lie - and that too after I let you ogle our daughter's tits!"

"I did not ogle my daughter's... I didn't even get to see them." I wasn't sure if the underlying tone was one of indignation, or one of regret. I suppose it was one of both.

Annie beamed even more at me. The action, I knew from years of living with this loving wife of mine, was the precursor to a punch line. My instincts did not fail me. "Well, here's your chance!"

I blinked at her. Was she serious? Was she offering me, her husband, an opportunity to see my daughter's breasts? Sounded too good to be true, and I told her so.

"John, you doubting Thomas. Hear me out." She paused for emphasis. "Becky is drinking less and less milk these days - no, nothing is wrong with her. She is just growing used to the baby food, that's all. In addition to that, that medicine Dr.Wong gave us is working overtime - as he warned, too much milk, to put it shortly. To top it all, her breast pump stopped working. My guess is it couldn't handle the pressure." Another grin. "So, basically, we need to get her milk out, one way or another, preferably another."


Annie laughed. "You, to be precise."

I pretended not to catch the innuendo in her voice. "Guess Ludlum will have to wait. Okay, so how many breast pumps do you want? Or should I get a water bilge?"

"Don't play dumb with me, husband. I know you too well to fall for that trick."

"I am serious. Honest."

My wife looked at me straight in the eye. "Your mouth, then."

I shook my head. From where I sat, it sure sounded like she had said, to quote, "Your mouth," to me. What a gag! Trying to keep a poker face, I asked her, "Pardon?"

"You heard me - your mouth."

This was not right - I mean, someone gave the wrong script, right? Of all the things to ask me... Milk my daughter, for God's sakes. What a kill!

Annie moved towards me. "I am serious, John. I mean it - you need to help Helen out with this, right now. Her jugs are practically overflowing now, and she is going crazy carrying around all the weight. Besides, you like milk - just think of this as a way of cutting provision costs."

Wait a minute. She WAS serious.

"No way," I protested. "She is my daughter. My flesh and blood. I'm not going to suck on her breasts, no matter how heavy or how saturated they are. It's illegal."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna call the cops when you do it! Be rational, Johnny boy. There is nothing wrong in what you are doing - sheesh, you are acting like I asked you to screw her or something. As if I asked you to make love to our daughter."

I started to shake my head, senses numbing as what she said sunk in. She was deliberately conveying the impression that this was supposed to be more or less permanent. Without waiting for a reply, my wife pulled me up and linked her arm through mine. "No more buts - in fact, I thought I might have to ask you to control yourself when I put forward the idea. What kind of a man are you anyway, that denies such a wonderful opportunity to get the purest milk on the face of the planet?"

I tried to find a suitable comeback, but Annie gave me no time at all, marching me towards what had used to be our bedroom. The momentum carried my feet beyond the door, while Annie tacitly stepped back. Even as I turned around, the door had closed in my face. I heard the distinct click as she locked the door at the other end. "Your daughter needs you," I heard her shout.

Then, her footsteps receded.

"So she talked you into it?" Helen asked.

I whirled around at the sound of her voice - and stopped dead in mid-turn. For she had slid a portion of the robe off a shoulder, revealing an engorged breast, glistening with her milk. Annie hadn't been exaggerating when she said that they were overflowing. I took in a deep breath at the sight of the puffy nipple that graced the top of her tit, the involuntary inhalation not entirely lost on my daughter.

When I finally raised my eyes to her face, she just smiled sweetly at me.

"God," I began to sputter. "What you must think of me... I am sorry it came to this... you must think I am a pervert, or a lecher, or a ... you don't want this, right?"

"Maybe," she said, drawing the words out. "Maybe not."


"I mean, yeah, I know it is wrong, but I can't think of another way. These breasts are killing me. And the damn pump isn't working."

"I offered to get another one."

"I heard you, Dad. That was very sweet of you, but I don't think that is an option. This is the third breast pump I used, and the milk still seems to be flowing in gallons. Besides, I just couldn't bear the thought of sending so much milk - my milk - down the drain."

I had objected when my wife had asked me, but now, in the light of Helen's reasoning, I began to wonder. Why not? Any other guy, paternity notwithstanding, would have jumped up at the first available opportunity. I was helping her, and it would be a lot cheaper than stocking up on breast pumps. Not to mention the fact that I get to have extra nutrition. Altogether, a good bargain.

As if sensing my reluctance, my daughter pulled the parting of her robe back over her breast. "I will understand if you don't want to, though."

Her eyes still pleaded with me.

I made my decision. I believed it came a lot easier than it should have, and I was already nodding my head even before she had finished. I flashed my best smile at her, eliciting a very relieved "Thank you, Daddeee!" from my daughter.

I moved over to the bed and sat down beside her. As soon as I had, her arms encircled me, drawing me into a bear hug. I could feel her damp chest press into mine as she kissed my cheeks, little pecks like the one she had given me when she was young. I was aware that in a few minutes' time, those robes would part, and a whole new world would be opened to me. Absently, I turned my face to tell her something.

Big mistake!

Thousands of volts coursed through my body as soon as our lips made contact. It was just an accident, and would have been had we pulled away immediately. Instead, we just sat there, unmoving, our mouths doing nothing but keeping in touch. Her eyes were wide open but she made no move to remove her soft lips. We were not kissing, yet it hadn't been a very paternal contact either. I guess the right word would be sensuous. Sensuously erotic.

A minute passed. We were still in the same position, looking into the depths of the other's eyes, seeing yet not seeing, the flashes of desire in them. At the same time, neither of us could move, could not afford to. Finally, we pulled apart.



We looked at each other, the embarrassment written in bold across our faces. Then we laughed, the humor clearing some of the embarrassment. It had been nobody's fault, said the unspoken consensus. We left it at that.

Helen dropped her hands to her sides, apparently wanting me to divest her of her robe. I turned her around so that she faced me, as we squatted on the bed. Slowly, as slowly as I could, I brought my hands up to the cleavage of her robe and parted it slightly. My voice caught in my throat as the flushed skin of her breasts came into view, inch by precious inch. I reached the belt of her robe, she having already tied it after seeing my reluctance, and with a little tug, undid the weak knot.





The robe slid apart, opening up her front part for my admiring gaze. Two firm mounds, heavy and creamy pink, topped by a cherry that was just begging to be eaten. I traced the outline of her dress, lightly brushing against the side of her breasts as my hands moved up. The kimono slid off her shoulder with a slight swish, but that was the only other sound in the room, after my heavy breathing. And hers.

I placed my hands on her shoulder, unashamedly gazing on what was to be my imminent meal. Both breasts were glistening, but one appeared slightly more full than the other. I was conscious that my daughter was staring dreamily at me, her father, looking at her so admiringly. So appreciatively. She brought her arms to the sides of my face.

I met her eyes for that one last time of approval; they answered me with a look that was both loving, and desiring. Her right hand squeezed my earlobe slightly, giving me the cue to move forward. As slowly as I had stripped her, I bent my head and moved towards her right breast. At the last moment, though, I stopped.

"Lie down on your back."

Wordlessly, my daughter reclined on the bed, settling her back over her forgotten kimono like some exquisite Goddess. I followed her in perfect synchronization, her hands never had to leave my face at all. Her head rested on her pillow, the golden hair spreading around as if it were the sun's halo. Framed against white and gold, my daughter looked so beautiful I couldn't believe she was, after all, a human - or my offspring, to boot. The beauty looked so... divine.

"Oh, God, Daddy," she started to moan, "Don't try me... I am waiting." And I hadn't even begun, yet.

My mouth enveloped her right breast, and the result was instantly gratifying. Her body started to shudder with wild abandon as my teeth brushed against the top of her nipples. My tongue lolled out, first tracing the outline of her bud and then moving towards the lower regions of her breast. If I thought the sight of my daughter's breasts had been Heaven, the taste was even more heavenly. Indescribably sweet.

A drop of her milk formed at nipple, and the back of my tongue absorbed it at a moment's notice. Helen moaned again, as waves of pleasure shot through her body, as they shot through mine. The flow was increasing, excited by the body's reaction to her father's touch. The white liquid that was the synonym of purity trailed its way down my throat in small quantities, never ceasing to amaze me with their sweetness. Ordinary milk was going to be plain water, after this....

Pretty soon, the milk came in larger spurts, the body having adjusted to the demands of a grown man instead of an infant. Becky was peacefully sleeping in her crib next to the bed, blissfully unaware that her grandfather was dipping into her source of food. Helen pushed her hands against the back of my head, causing me to squeeze her breast harder and faster. Moans escaped from her lips so loud that for a brief second, I figured Annie would come rushing into the room - and then I remembered that this had all been my wife's doing.

I lost all reservation (as if I still had any!) with that thought. My only regret was that my stuffed mouth couldn't express its happiness as readily as its counterpart on Helen was. I tried to open my mouth once, but the milk started to leak out, and I immediately shut it. Her milk was too precious to waste.

In the midst of this, I felt Helen's body jerk spasmodically. I can't define what it was that I felt - relief, excitement, joy, pleasure... My daughter had actually had an orgasm due to my suckling. Within ten minutes. Up until that moment, I had never felt the satisfaction that I felt then. I was satisfied that I was giving back at least a part of what she was giving me.

After around twenty minutes - I guess it was just twenty - I pulled my mouth out, exhausted, and at the same time, refreshed. My jaw muscles hurt like anything, but the feel of her milk - the scent, the taste of it - offset all the other distractions. I laid down beside my daughter, her hand forming a support for my neck. The air was still electric, and I was extremely aware that my erection was causing quite a sizeable tent in my pants. Helen still had her knickers on, soaked to the skin with her own juices. Her other hand found mine, and we held each other for some time. I realized that I still had one more breast to go; and I was already starting to feel like a lovesick puppy.

"Finished, so soon?"

I turned my head to look into my daughter's smiling face. Her eyes still had that wistful look, but her voice was bright and cheerful, reflecting the same intensities that I was feeling. I pulled my arm up, putting it over her head in a protective manner. Helen snuggled to me, her face resting near my armpit.

I smiled back at her. "Just catching a break." I had no intention of finishing anytime soon,

"Good. Because my left breast is the one you really need to empty."

"Why didn't you say so? I figured your right was the one - girl, answer me." I tried to sound indignant, but I guess I was as successful as was Hitler on D-Day. I ended up grinning at her.

She grinned back. "Just some practice."

If it had not been for Becky waking up right then, I am sure things would have progressed even more then. We were definitely heading for a kiss, when the little girl's cries tore us apart. We didn't want to, but we had to. Helen told me Becky was hungry.

"Sorry 'bout it, Dad."

"Don't fret it, darling. I am sure there will be another time." I managed to keep much of the disappointment out of my voice. Since the baby was closer to my side of the bed, I picked her out of the crib and gently placed her on my daughter's lap. At the touch of her mother, she stopped crying, but she licked her lips to convey her hunger just the same. Women! They are born manipulators.

As I drew away from her, Helen caught my hand and pulled me closer. Reaching over, she kissed me near my lips, where a stray drop of her milk was resting. "Hmmm," she said as she got a taste of her own milk, off my face. I kissed her forehead, and went out of the room. I didn't trust myself to look back at her.

Annie opened the door after my second knock, and I instantly knew she had set up camp outside the door. I couldn't be angry with her, though, for she had provided for me one of the most valuable memories in my life. "Spying on your husband and daughter, eh?"

Annie grinned as a confession. Behind me, my granddaughter was suckling quite loudly on her mother's left breast, but it had, to quote Annie, nowhere near the effect mine had on our daughter. I caught just a glimpse of the blush across my half-naked daughter's face before I continued down the corridor.

The book I had been reading was still where I had left it, but it didn't seem so hot now. Not half as interesting as my daughter's breasts. I sat on the couch and went over the recent incidents. Absently, I ran my tongue over my lips.

"Thanks for helping out, John." It was my wife.

"My pleasure."

"I bet! It's all right, I understand. In fact, I must say you handled yourself well back in there."


"Of course. Any other guy would have been humping her by now, incest or not. My father would have; that's a cert."

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11-28-2012, 08:35 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
"Your Pop? I mean, did you two -"

She smiled, with a whimsical note in it. "Did we ever! One entire summer. We did nothing else... It was before I met you, Jack, before I fell in love with you." She winced as she said the words, "Before he died."

I did not know what to say. This was a side of Annie I had never known. A side I had never suspected. At least, it made things clearer - things like her indifference to the potential incest my daughter and I were indulging in. It was a relief knowing that my wife wasn't going to sit in judgment of us.

"Another thing, John. Helen's been cooped up in here lately - why don't you take her out for a movie or something? I can look after Becky while you are gone."

I nodded, for it was a good suggestion. It would also give us some time alone to sort our feelings out. Some privacy to decide where we wanted to take our relationship. A movie sounded good; the darkness would be friendly. Sure.

Half an hour later, I drove Becky to a multiplex on the outskirts. She was having a mini-skirt, a tight t-shirt and high heels that made her almost as tall as me. Her face, on the other hand, was free of any makeup - for the simple reason that it didn't need any. In our hurry, we forgot to check out the posters - we ended up in the backseats of a theater showing a randy Madonna in little more than nothing. I immediately mentioned that it was a good evening for a long ride, but Helen insisted we stay. We did.

Barely five minutes had passed when she whispered hastily to me, "It's leaking again."

I was puzzled. Hadn't Becky finished off her share?

"She didn't have much - just a little, and then she fell asleep again. God, I feel so full."

I knew what she wanted - her father to the rescue. I didn't know if it was safe - we were in a movie hall, and being caught with my head in my daughter's tits didn't seem so enticing. But all it took was one little squeeze, and I reversed my inhibitions.

I pulled our seat back to the maximum, and lifted the handrail between the seats. The nearest couple was ten rows away. Helen lifted her t-shirt, and I felt around for her bra. Helen giggled as I touched her bare mounds. "Didn't wear them. Hurry, Dad. Otherwise it will stain my top."

We couldn't have that, could we?

I hefted her onto my lap and stuck the t-shirt into a nearby seat. I went to work right away, suckling on her left breast with all the passion I had felt with her right. The naughtiness of doing it so publicly caused me to give extra emphasis with my squeezes, and Helen helped by grinding against me. After some time, I felt her cum, the liquid dripping onto my pants. Thankfully, the moans on the screen disguised the moans of my daughter.

This time, when we finished, we knew what to do. We wanted each other, and we knew it. But I didn't want my first time with my daughter in a theater - that's even worse than the back of a car. We kissed passionately as she put on her t-shirt, and we practically ran out of the multiplex, not wanting anybody to see the evidences of what had actually happened back inside the hall. I could feel the attendant's eyes leering at us, at what he must have thought 'a really horny couple.'

I knew precisely where I wanted to take her - our old home. I had put it on the market after my son died, but there had been few offers. I knocked the 'For Sale' sign placed on the driveway over as I screeched to a halt. The key was still where I had kept it, below the floor mat, and I opened the door. Before Helen could move, though, I lifted her into my arms and carried her into her childhood home. Everything was as it had been, the furniture and the hearth covered with plastic sheets.

I lost no time in carrying her over to my old bedroom. I kicked the door open, feeling familiar memories of my wedding twenty-six years ago come to the fore. Almost immediately, the present was back in full focus. I felt exhilarated - I was finally going to make love to the loveliest woman on this planet. I was going to make love to my daughter.

I dropped her on the plastic sheets, but she immediately rolled over to the other side and started to pull the sheets off. I followed her cue, tearing the sheets away at my end. The crumpling of the plastic filled the air for a few minutes, and then there was only the sound of springs as we fell into each other's embrace on the bed. The wood creaked in protest as we rolled back and forth, our lips locked tighter than a death-grip.

It struck us both at the same time - the need to get naked. Helen sat on top of me and was about to pull her own t-shirt off when I stopped her. She got the hint, and while I heaved her t-shirt off her body, she started to unbutton my shirt. It was a struggle to manage to concentrate on her skirt, with her watermelons juggling just a few inches above my face, but finally, I got her naked.

Seeing that she was having difficulty removing my jeans, I stood up and removed them myself. The briefs followed them into the darker recesses of the bedroom, but my eyes were riveted on my daughter. Not a word was spoken as we kissed again, deeper and more passionately than ever. We tossed saliva back and forth for some time, after which we just let our tongues dance with each other.

When we parted, Helen looked at me with a dusky look that made me feel so ... seduced. Suddenly, inspiration struck me - I moved back to her breast. Even though I had ferociously drunk milk from them only half an hour ago, they were still full, perhaps due to the effects of the medicine that Dr.Wong had administered. After sucking in a mouthful, I kissed her again, this time feeding her, as birds do, off my mouth. Just the realization that I was kissing my daughter with her own milk nearly sent me over the edge, but for my excited lover, it was enough to set her off. It was a challenge keeping our lips stuck together as she buckled and jerked under me, her love juices staining the bedspread.

We kept up with the 'proxy breast-feeding', until both of us knew we couldn't hold on any more - especially me. I wanted to fill my daughter up with the same stuff that had once created her - the same stuff that had the potential of creating an offspring, my offspring, in her. I knew she wasn't on the pill, and four months should have been enough time for her to resume her periods once again. On retrospect, I must admit that these facts occurred to me after the act, because at that time, our consummation must have been the only thing in my mind.

It was earth shattering - the climax of our coupling as we came together, in each other's hands, as a tribute to the love and the passion that we shared. We could never ever be just father and daughter - we knew, and we accepted that. What we also knew was that we belonged, without a doubt, to each other. I may be married to her mother, but as we lay there, in the afterglow of our lovemaking, I felt like a king - with his queen by his royal side. We felt ourselves merge into one.

Sleep would not come; nor did we want it to. It was just as wonderful to have her nude body beside me, her beautifully sculptured body with the matchless mind, as we stared up at the dark ceiling. The sun had gone down half an hour ago, and even though we knew we should be getting back home, we felt an equal compulsion to savor the moment as much as possible.

She squeezed my palm gently, and I felt my heart soar. For in this short time, that gesture had come to be mean the professing of our endless love for each other. "Happy?" she asked me.

Instead of answering her directly, I brought her hand to my lips and kissed the back of her palm. Lovers have few words for each other - every action speaks volumes on their behalf. I felt my eyes brim with tears as I perceived her own tears trailing down her cheeks. Neither of us spoke again for some time.

"You realize I am not on the pill," she finally said. It was a more of a question than a statement, the last of her lingering doubts.

"I do."

She paused, waiting for me to elaborate. I let the moment pass, deciding to keep mum until she came out with her desire.

"I could have your baby." There was hope in her voice. Hope interfused with love and fear. Fear about a possible refusal from my part.

"Only if you let me sign my name beside yours."

She mulled over my reply for a second, not wanting to misinterpret my words. Her eyes lit up as she realized the full import of what I had said. Not only did I want our baby, I wanted to publicly announce it as mine. Mine and hers.


She rolled on top of me, and we kissed again.


The white walls of the waiting room remind me of another similar room in another hospital in another situation, but the painful memories last only for a second. I fidget uneasily in front of the labor room as I wait for the good news. My wife Annie links her arm through mine, assuring me that everything would be just fine.

Presently, a plump nurse heads in our direction.

"Excuse me, but are you Helen's -?" She leaves the last word unsaid.

I nod.

"Congratulations! Your daughter just delivered a baby girl. Mother and child are doing just fine."

"Can I see her?" I ask eagerly.

"Right after you sign here," the nurse says, handing me the paternity papers. Annie, with Becky by her side, shoots me a proud and loving look. She follows the nurse into the delivery ward, almost running to see her daughter and her newest grandchild - a grandchild born to her husband.
I thank God for his blessings before signing my name.

Right beside the column named, "Father's Name."

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11-28-2012, 08:36 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
"Do you want mommy to help you with that?"

I was mortified, there was my mother standing in the doorway, her blouse unbuttoned, one of her beautiful, alabaster tits sticking though her opened nursing bra and my baby sister's mouth firmly attached to the nipple. Below that her skirt was short enough that the tops of her nylons were almost visible. Mom was a knockout, even at 30 years or age and having two children. Me, and my 2 month old brother.

Ever since mom had brought my baby sister home, I was spending more and more time in my bedroom, doing what she had just caught me doing, stroking my cock. You see, mom decided to breast feed my little brother. Now, you picture a 10 year old boy, with a very hyperactive sex drive that had been shifting into high gear for several months now, and his mother, or any woman, unbuttoning her blouse to hoist out one milk filled tit with it's large brown nipple sticking out like some sort of spigot that just begged to have a mouth wrapped around it, and what do you expect. Instant erection! And I was having more than my share. Every time she got him out of the crib to feed him, I had to head off to the bedroom or bathroom to relieve the pressure building up in my crotch. It was beginning to seem like it was never going to stay down.

I tried to hide myself as mom moved further into my room. "I've noticed that you take off every time I get Susie up to feed her, I was beginning to think that you might be embarrassed."

I was beet red as she approached my bed, me still trying to get my cock back in my pants. Though it had started wilting, it was still to hard to bend down into my underwear.

"Now I see what the problem is."

As she spoke these last words, she sat on the edge of my bed, her butt just touching my legs. She was holding Susie in one arm and reached for my still exposed cock.

"You know your daddy likes the feel of my hands on him, he says they are so soft, what do you think, are they softer than yours?"

Damn, when her hands touched my cock I thought it was going to explode. There I sat, my cock still sticking out of my pants and my mother's hand now gently wrapped around it. Well, not her entire hand, cripes, I was only 10, it wasn't that big, so maybe just a few fingers. Regardless, it felt good! I just laid there, my eyes almost bugging out of my head as I felt her very soft fingers hold me and just gently stroke up and down. I could barely breath or swallow. I felt like I had been holding my breath for an hour when she finally spoke.

"It's okay, you can breath, I won't let go." And she didn't, as I was gasping for breath she just held my cock in her fingers and waited for my brain to catch up.

"You have such a beautiful cock."

Man, talk about stimulus overload, there I was, my mother stroking my cock, looking at her titty almost totally exposed as my sister was nursing on it's nipple, and mom using words that we would have been expelled from school for using. What more could a kid want?

"There, isn't that better? I'm guessing that seeing my bare titty when I feed your sister is sort of getting to you huh? I'm sorry, I didn't think about that when I started feeding her. But, if this is what it causes, we need to find a way to take care of it."

All the time she is talking she's gently stroking my cock sliding up and down the shaft with her silky soft hands. We were both watching the head of my cock appear above her fingers on the down stroke, the pee hole opening as she pulled the skin taught, then the head disappearing in her fingers as she slid back up to the top.

"How about I make you a deal? Instead of you sneaking off to take care of this thing, how about just coming over and sitting, or standing by me, and I'll take care of it? That is unless we have company, then we will have to wait till they leave. Does that sound like a good deal to you?"

You know when adults talk about good deals to kids, it usually means that they want you to work your butt off to learn about what it's like to grow up, right? Right!

"Em, don't worry, I won't ask you to do anything in repayment, I just want my little boy to be happy."

Did I hear right, no task, chore, payment for what she was doing?

"That's my boy, oh, mommy loves his cock. I like playing with all cocks. When your daddy and I were dating, even on our first date, I unzipped his pants as soon as we were in his car alone and played with it. His looks just like yours, except a bit larger of course, but then daddy is a grown up man, huh?"

Wow, my mother was a cock hound! She loved cock! So who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth? If she wanted to stroke my cock for me, I was more than willing to let her. But, I got to admit, it still felt a bit strange to have my mother sitting on the bed stoking my naked cock as she breast fed my little sister. But, it sure felt good. As I began to relax a little, I looked back at my mother's chest, her eyes caught my movement as she looked up from my cock in her hand to my face.

"Hm, do you like that? Do you like seeing momma's naked tit? Well, almost naked, you can't see all of it, can you, Susie's mouth sort of hides my nipple doesn't it? Do you want to see the other one?"

I didn't trust myself to speak, was afraid it would come out as a croak or a squeak, so I just nodded my head yes, never taking my eyes off the exposed portion of the tit that Susie was nursing on.

Mom removed her hand from my cock, my eyes must have told her that I didn't like that at all.

"It's okay, I'll hold it again in just a minute, but I need my hand to open up my bra so you can see my other titty, all naked and sticking out." As she was speaking she undid the catch at the top of her bra and gently lowered that cup. As she did, I could see more and more of her titty as it became exposed to my view. It too looked like it was going to burst. It was so big. I could see the veins, dark blue, spreading like a road map across her tit. Right then it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She kept lowering the cup, slowly, letting my poor brain absorb all that was happening to it. Then her areola came into view, quite dark in contrast to the pale skin on the top part of her titty. Then finally her nipple, large, distended, very dark brown sort of popped up from her bra cup. As I stared at it she continued to lower the cup down to well past her titty so that I would have an unobstructed view.

"Do you like that? Do you like looking at momma's naked titty? See, see my nipple, all big and dark. It gets like that when I'm nursing, I used to nurse you too you know? I loved having you sucking on my titty. You would put your little hand right up here and sort of stroke my titty, way up here at the top. It felt so good."

As she was explaining all about her naked titty, she was running her fingers all over it. I could feel that very strong twitching in my cock as I watched her. She was so beautiful!

"And here, right here, is my nipple, see how it stick way out? If I touch it just a little bit, milk will start to come out of it. Watch," as if I could have taken my eyes off her naked tit right then, "see, when I tease my nipple like this, ooo, there it is, see?" As she gently flicked and touched her nipple, drops of milk were forming at the end of her nipple. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen in my life.

"See it, look how my milk starts to drip, it'll drip enough that it will soak Susie's blanket, I love to watch my milk come out, it's almost like seeing a man come, that juice squirting out the end of his cock."

Wow, another dirty word out of my mother's mouth, she must have seen my reaction as she glanced at my face.

"Do you like to hear momma talk dirty? I like to talk dirty to men, and even boys, I like to talk about sex, cocks, pussies, titties, fucking, ooo, I love it."

She must have been getting pretty excited because I could feel her butt press into my leg a little harder as she wiggled around on the bed. Her butt was soft, but firm, pressing into my leg as she sort of wiggled it from side to side and back and forth. I liked the feeling.

After a time she moved her hand back down to my cock and began stroking again.

"Oh, that feels so good, Jimmy, I love the feel of your cock. I'm so hot that my milk is probably going to start squirting all over the place. I don't think I've ever been this hot, it's got my pussy virtually smoking. Look, see my titty, see the milk, do you like looking at mommy? Do you like what I'm doing for you, stroking your cock? Oh, I can tell your cock likes it, it is so hot, oh, I love looking at it, see your little pee hole open up when I stroke down and feel the soft head in my palm as si stroke up. Baby, you have the most wonderful cock, I love it so."

As she resumed her stroking and soft, naughty words, I couldn't stop staring at her bare titty, well, almost bare, she had just opened up her bra, she didn't take it completely off, but that left most of it right out there naked in the open. As I stared at it, I could see Susie sucking happily away, but her sucking was getting a bit slower, sort of like she was going to sleep. Milk was still coming out of momma's other titty, dripping on Susie's blanket. It really was a very erotic sight.

"Do you want to touch it? My titty, Jimmy, do you want to see what it feels like? I don't mind, you can just reach up and touch it if you want." As she spoke, she again took her hand off my cock to take hold of one of my hands and pull it toward her naked tit. As my hand came into contact I was amazed. It felt hot, and smooth, and soft. The flesh of momma's titty easily gave under my fingers but it was not soft and squishy like, but more firm kinda soft. It felt fantastic. She moved my hand gently over the top of her titty letting me know from her movements that it was okay to touch it anywhere I wanted. When she was sure that I had the idea she let go of my hand to again grasp my cock.

I continued exploring the upper swells of mom's naked titty. I was really enjoying the feel of it's heat, almost burning my hand, yet so soft, so smooth, right then I didn't ever want to let go.

"Go ahead, feel all of it. Feel the nipple too, gently though, yeah, put your fingers right there. Feel how hard my nipple gets. Now move over, touch my milk, it won't bite, there hold your hand under it, let it drip onto your fingers. Feel it? Hot isn't it? Why don't you taste it? Yeah, hey, your sister is drinking it. Go ahead, put your finger in your mouth, see? It's all sweet, not like cow's milk."

And it was, hot, and sweet. I loved it!

Mom started to move, letting go of my cock and pulling herself back away from my hand.

"Hang on a minute, I'm going to put your sister back in her crib, she's asleep, but, I'll be right back."

I watched her get up from my bed and carry my sister out of my room. I reached down to stroke my cock a little while I waited, half afraid that she wouldn't come back. But, soon there she was, coming back in my door, her blouse still unbuttoned, both of her titties exposed, naked, and jiggling as she walked.

"Yes, I left them out just for you, I thought you might enjoy watching them as I walked, just as I like watching you play with your cock. Here, let me lay down on the bed beside you. There, roll up on your side, toward me, that's right, now let me lay down here, that's it."

She laid back down on my bed, this time on her side, facing me. What a sight watching her naked titties as she moved, they sort of rolled down toward the bed as she laid down, settling right in front of my face. Mom put her hands behind my butt and pulled me a little closer to her, not close enough for my cock to touch her, but close enough that I could feel the heat of her skin where her skirt had pulled up.

When she had me where she wanted me, she reached down and pulled up her skirt in front. I could see all of her down there. She didn't have any panties on, but had left her nylons on. She was beautiful.

"See, I took my panties off? I wanted you to be able to see me too, since I can see your cock. That way you can see momma's pussy too, not just her titties. Do you like that, do you like looking at the naughty parts of momma's body? I like showing my body off, I like to flash people when they don't expect it. Especially men and boys. To see the looks on their faces is so precious.

‘Now move your face over here, that's it, take momma's nipple in your mouth, that's my boy, ooo, what a good boy you are." She had begun to talk baby talk to me, right then I didn't mind, usually I would have told her I was grown up and not a baby, but, for some reason, I liked being treated like a baby right then.

She pulled my face forward till her nipple was right in front of my mouth.

"There, open your mouth, that's a good boy," as I opened my mouth I could feel that very hard nipple slide past my lips and was now completely in my mouth, "suck it, that's it, suck momma's titty, oh, yes, baby, drink mommy's milk, that's my good boy."

When I had begun to suck on her titty, mom pulled my head into her titty, pressing more of it's flesh against my face. Man, was it soft, I loved it, I felt I had gone to heaven right then.

I could feel mom's other hand sliding down between our bodies. The back of her hand was against my cock and I could feel her knuckles slide up and down. She was playing with herself right then as I was nursing on her titty. Soon, she let go of my head and slid that hand between our bodies also, then I felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin to slide back and forth, just as she was doing before.

I continued to suck on momma's titty relishing all of the wonderful feelings that were going through my body. I don't know how long we laid there like that, but all too soon, I felt that feeling in my nuts like it was gonna bust open and shoot out all my juices. I tried to pull back but mom wouldn't let go, somehow I wanted to warn her that it was gonna be messy pretty soon. But she didn't let up, instead she pulled her hand out from her own sex and took hold of my butt and pushed me till my cock head was touching the heat and wetness between her legs, then it happened, I jerked my hips and felt my jizz roar out the end of my cock to get momma all wet.

I pulled my head back from her titty and apologized for making a mess.

"Oh, no, baby, don't apologize, that was what I wanted you to do."

She wanted me to squirt that sticky stuff all over her legs and pussy?

"Oh, yes, baby, momma loves it, she loves cum all over her body. I love to stroke men and feel their cocks squirt their juices on me, to rub it in, to feel all nasty and dirty, slutty."

She pulled my head back to her titty, so I opened my mouth to take her nipple back in and began sucking again. I was rewarded with a fresh splash of milk.

The next thing I remember was waking up, alone in my bed. I don't know how long I had slept but I could hear sounds in the kitchen, sounds like mom was fixing dinner and I could hear my dad's voice. Wow, how was I going to face dad, after what I did with mom in my bedroom. Would he be mad at me for what I did?

Soon I heard dad coming down the hall to my bedroom I tried to hide in my covers but he came into my bedroom and told me that it was time to get ready for dinner, that mom had fixed a nice meal for us. As I began to get up, Dad said, "I hear your mom helped you feel pretty good today, did you like it?"

Holly cow, mom had told dad? There was sure a lot for me to learn about my folks.

As we entered the kitchen I almost gasped as I saw mom turn toward us from the stove, she had her blouse open and all she had on under it was a very low cut bra that left both of her nipples bare.

"You see son," my dad began, "your mom and I are very open. I like for her to show off and to have sex with other guys. We were going to wait till you were a bit older before we invited you to join us, but your mom says that she found you in your room masturbating, jerking off, so she decided that you must be old enough. What do you say, old chap, did you enjoy it?"

I couldn't think of anything to say. I still marveled at the sight of mom's exposed naked tits and the realization that my own mother had jerked my cock off on her body and, not only was my dad okay with it, but he liked the idea.

"You see son, your mother and I have always had a very open marriage, so open that we're not sure if you or your sister are my children. It doesn't matter, we wanted both of you, we planned it, then decided not to stop our sexual exploits, that we would always assume that you both are our children."

Dang, he might not even be my daddy, or Susie's, that was a bit heavy right now. As mom set the food on the table she would lean over me or dad, dragging her naked tits across our faces or our heads. Sometimes she would purposefully push her tit into our mouths and leave it there for a minute or so, then move on.

"See, your mother loves sex, lots of sex, sometimes more than I can give her, so instead of her cheating behind my back, we decided that she could have sex with whomever she wished, whenever she wished, as long as I get what I need. Sometimes I have even watched her having sex with others, and I do love to watch your mother. And, sometimes she goes out on dates with other men and comes home to tell me all about it as she jacks off my cock, just like she did yours today."

Dad kept talking between bites of his dinner, mom, blushing from time to time as she recalled some particular image of her exploits over the years.

"Tomorrow morning," dad went on, "I have to go out of town on business for a few days, so mom is going to sort of break you in alone. Remember, she has my permission, not that she needs that, no my blessings, in all of her exploits, so enjoy the next few days with your mom."

After dinner, which was pretty late, they, mom and dad, after the kitchen was cleaned up, went off to their bedroom and left me to watch TV and then go on to bed. I could hear a few sounds coming from their bedroom, and once heard Susie cry in the night, but the next thing I remember clearly was my mom coming into my room, her naked tits leading her way, with a try with food on it for me.

"Here, I brought you some breakfast, I thought you might like breakfast in bed, served by your very own topless waitress."

She just stood there for a second or two, her shoulders pulled back blatantly showing off her two gorgeous naked titties. Man, what a way to wake up. She had fixed eggs, pancakes and sausages, the kind I like, those little ones, that look like miniature hotdogs. She then moved to the bed, her naked tits doing that wonderful that very full, firm, titties do. I was almost hypnotized by the movement of her nipples.

Mom pulled down my covers then placed the tray beside me on the bed. When she had it where I could reach it, she laid down on my bed, on her stomach and leaned over me, lowering her head to slowly slide her lips down over my cock. Wow!

If you can remember your first ever blow job, then you know what I experienced. Mom was sliding her mouth down over my cock, letting it slide into her mouth all the way, then, very gently, softly, licking my cock, all over the end, the underside, the shaft, all of it. I was small enough that she could hold all of my cock in her mouth and lick at the same time. I loved it, still wish sometimes that my cock was small enough to have that feeling again. To be totally engulfed in a woman's mouth, licked, stroked, oh, yeah.

While I tried to eat, mom, kept tending to my cock, licking it, sucking gently, stroking up and down, fucking my cock with her lovely warm, wet mouth. I was having some difficulty concentrating on eating, even though I was hungry. Occasionally she would take my cock out of her mouth and rub it all over her face, or her tits, her skin was so soft and smooth, it felt fantastic. Sometimes she would play swords and daggers with her nipples, stroking my hard little cock over her very hard erect nipples, pushing in against them with my cock to make them poke into her tits. She would chuckle to herself, playing her game with my cock, and both of us loving every minute of it.

As we were playing, I heard Susie crying in her crib.

"Oops, just a minute, let me go get your sister and feed her."

While mom was gone I got up and went to the bathroom. While I was gone mom and brought Susie into my room and was laying on her side, totally naked, with Susie, just as naked, laying on her back in front of her sucking away at mom's titty. Mom motioned me over to the other side of the bed to lay down beside Susie facing her and mom.

As I got settled, mom reached over to place her hand around my cock, slowly, gently stroking me.

"There's my two babies. My handsome son and my beautiful daughter, all naked together in bed. Oh, I have dreamed about this day for as long as I can remember, even when I was little and still in school. Here, Jimmy, look at your little naked sister. See, here's her little pussy, I love to play with it while she's eating. Watch, see how she wiggles her little pussy up to me? Trying to get her momma to stick her finger in there, yes, she is, yeah, she wants her momma to stick her finger right up inside her little bare pussy, don't cha? Huh?

‘One day, your big brother is going to take this cock momma is stroking and he's going to put it right up inside your pussy, and momma's gonna watch him fuck you," just then Susie let go of momma's titty and let out a low moan. Mom and I both started laughting

I tentatively reached out my hand toward momma's titty.

"It's okay baby, you can touch momma anywhere you want, as long as we're around people that I tell you it's okay to do in front of them. Go ahead, play with momma's titty, I love to have them played with. You can play with my pussy to, anytime you want, from now on, they are yours anytime you want them, you can lick me, suck me, fuck me, or stick your cock anywhere in or on me that you want."

So I did, I explored. I touched everywhere on momma's body that I could touch in the position that we were in. When I touched her pussy, I was surprised to find it so wet, it was like it was dripping, just like her nipples. Mom would let out a moan every once in a while when I would touch some place that was especially sensitive. Her hips would jerk sometimes, especially when I would touch that hard little place at the very top of momma's pussy.

Oh, Susie, your brother is playing with your momma's pussy, just like she's playing with yours, oh, yeah, he's got his finger stuck right up inside me, and I'm playing with his cock. Ooo, aren't we naughty? And guess what, when you're done eating, your momma's gonna fuck this cock, yeah, momma is gonna shove it right up inside her pussy and fuck it, just like you saw me do to Mr Jones last week."

I could feel my balls tightening up as she spoke. Her words and the stuff she was talking about was making me very horny. Mom must have sensed it too, because she stopped stroking for a moment and just held my cock in her hand, letting it rest there. I continued playing with her tits and pussy, stroking and touching my mother while she finished nursing my little sister.

When my sister finished, mom laid her on the bed in such a way she could not fall off, then she pushed me over on my back, straddled my legs, and as I watched, she lowered her body down to completely engulf my cock inside her pussy. I was fucking my mother! Susie laid there and watched, just like she knew exactly what was going on.

I was so hot by then that it didn't take long, I could feel my cum boiling in my balls, getting ready to shoot up out of my cock into my mothers waiting, willing body, as her pussy walls sucked on me, drawing that moment ever and ever closer, until, blam, it hit like a sledge hammer, right in the pit of my stomach, feeling all of my cum shoot out the end of my dick, right into my mother's womb.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
As you recall from my last writing, mom had just initiated me into sex, a hand job, a blow job and then fucked me with my baby sister, Susie, right there on the bed. Mom was nursing my baby sister, that is what sort of got this all started. I would get so turned on when she would open her blouse to take out one of her large milk filled titties that I would take off to my room or the bathroom to jack off. I was only ten at the time, but was able to cum even at that young age. And I did love to cum.

Mom woke me up for school the next morning, coming into my room wearing very little. She had on a thin, see through blouse with her nursing bra under it, below it looked she had on a pretty tiny skirt, her long, beautiful legs sticking out beneath. She had come over to my bed and bent over to kiss me on the lips as she slid her hand under the covers to grasp my morning hardon. What a way to wake up! She stroked me for a few minutes as she tongue fucked my mouth, slowly, softly, letting me wake up very gradually. Her hand felt great on my cock, but I was afraid that I was gonna pee right there in the bed.

She raised up her head and leaned over to lick my ear and to tell me to come on and get ready for school. That was the last thing on my mind right then, but she straightened back up and turned to walk back out the door, looking over her shoulder to tell me to come on, giving her butt a cute little wiggle.

After I got ready for school, I found mom on the kitchen sitting at the table, her blouse now unbuttoned and Susie nursing on one exposed titty. I looked over mom's shoulder still not quite sure that it was okay to stare at my mom's tits.

"Good morning, baby, did you sleep well?"

"Uh, yeah, mom, is dad gone already?"

"Yes, he left early this morning. Do you like the view?"

I was a bit afraid that I was gonna get yelled at so I started to straighten back up. She must have caught the movement out of the corner of her eye.

"I's okay baby, you can look at my titties, or any other part of my body all you want, here give me your hand a minute. There doesn't that feel good?" She had taken my hand and pulled it over her shoulder to lay it on the upper part of her exposed titty that Susie was nursing on. I still could not get over the feel of her titty, soft, smooth, silky skin, warm, almost hot beneath my hand, and she was letting me, no, encouraging me, to touch it.

"Just for a minute, then you have to get out there so you can catch the bus. I love it when you touch them, they love lots of attention. Don't forget me while you are in school and hurry home, now, get." She pressed my hand firmly into her titty then pulled my hand back up and off to send me on my way. "Aren't you forgetting to give your momma a kiss, what you fuck a girl once and then don't even kiss her goodby?" She had a soft whisper to her voice and a hint of a pouty smile on her face, so I knew she was teasing me. When my lips touched the side of her face, she turned her head, taking hold of mine, and planted a very wet sloppy kiss on my lips.

"Don't forget to kiss your sister too." I moved beside mom and leaned over to kiss my sister on the forehead, mom took hold of my head again, pressing my cheek against her titty and moved my head in such a way that I could kiss my sister on the nose as she continued to suck away at our mother's titty.

"Now, get off to school and hurry home, I have some surprises for you."

I headed out the door wishing the day was already over.

During school I had a very difficult time concentrating on anything but the tits and legs all around me. My favorite teacher was an older lady, I have no idea how old, but I think older than my own mom. She was not beautiful, not in a fashion girl magazine or Playboy type beautiful. She was almost plain, quite large, she was taller than most of the other lady teachers, but not overly tall. She had long hair and, the part that I couldn't take my eyes off, big tits. She sometimes wore low cut blouses or sweaters so that you could see pretty far down inside her blouse and even into her bra. Sometimes she would come up behind me as I was working and lean way over my head or shoulder, so that I could feel her titty against me, pressing into the top of my head or my shoulder. I could scarcely breathe when she did that, I didn't want her to move away, it felt so good.

Today she was wearing a button up blouse, with the top 3 or 4 buttons unbuttoned, far enough that I could see the lacy front of her bra at the open V her blouse made. She had on a wrap around skirt, and nylons. Occasionally she would twirl just right and it would fly open and we could see far enough up her skirt to know that she was wearing black garters and panties. The girls would sort of whoop when she did it and go, "Oh, Ms Geister, ooo, lah, lah." Ms Geister would blush but you could tell by the way she held her head and the expression on her face that she loved the attention. The boys would just stare at her with their mouths hanging open and their eyes about to pop out of their heads. I was in love.

Maybe it was just me, but she seemed to look over in my direction more than usual. I could barely concentrate on one word she said the whole time she was talking. After she was finished she handed out some dittos for us to work on at our seat. I looked at it and could not remember a thing that she had said to do with it. I looked over at the girl next to me to see what she was doing. Just as I turned my head, I felt Ms Geister's titty against my shoulder. I turned to see what was happening and was treated to a view down her blouse like I had never seen before. I swear I could almost see her nipple. I know my eyes must have gotten really big.

She leaned over a bit farther to whisper in my ear, "I think you are having a rough time concentrating today, you need to go over in the corner behind that book case so that you can concentrate a little harder." She was using a lot of breath to say the words which was tickling my ear like I had never felt before. She reached down in front of me, pressing her titty even more into my shoulder, to pick up my paper and pencil, taking my hand to guide me up. She pointed me in the direction of the desk that she had indicated and gave me a gently shove.

"There, now sit down and lets see if you can concentrate a little harder over here." I sat in the chair, which was a bit higher than our regular chairs and then she moved to stand behind me. Without having to lean over very far, the desk was higher too, she had both her titties pressed into the back of my neck. She leaned her head down, closer to my ear, and again in that breathy whisper began, "I think you are not paying much attention to what I am saying today, are you Jimmy? You seem very distracted. Every time I looked at you, I saw you looking down my blouse."

Caught! Man, was I nervous then, I know my face turned bright red and I began to fidget. All the fidgeting got for me was the feel of her titties moving back and forth on my neck which was not helping at all.

"Yes, I saw you looking down my blouse," for emphasis, she pressed her titties even tighter to my neck and shoulders, "I know that boys your age can't resist looking down there, that's why I wear it. But, I do need for you to concentrate a bit more today, this is a lesson that you have to learn quite well. So, now pay attention so that I can explain this paper to you."

She backed up enough so that her titties were not touching me and explained what the paper was all about. She then left me to finish it while she went back to check on the rest of the class. I don't know how long I worked on it, but I heard her tell the class to go ahead and take a break while she checked on me.

She came behind the book case approaching me from the front this time. I barely heard her moving, just that soft swish of her nylon clad legs rubbing together. I looked up just as she leaned way over to look down at my paper. I was looking at one of the most beautiful views known to man. Her bra was loose enough that I could actually see most of her very erect nipples as she leaned farther over. They were beautiful. Her titties were darker than my mom's and the veins were not a prominent as my mother's were. They were large, what cup size I didn't know, but they were probably as large as my mother's if not a bit larger.

I don't know how long I stared, but you know that feeling that someone was looking at you? Well, I could sense that she was looking down at my face, but I was having such a difficult time looking up from the sight before me. Finally, I pulled my eyes up, with all my strength, to look up at Ms Geister's eyes, looking down at me.

"Well, welcome back," I didn't have a clue as to what she meant, but she was smiling, so I knew I wasn't in too much trouble, "I see that you got most of it done, and correct too. You seem to work much better over here by yourself today, huh? But, I am proud that you finished." To emphasize her words, she had taken hold of my hand and pulled it toward her exposed chest. She pushed my hand beneath hers to press it firmly to the upper exposed portion of her titties. Man, were they firm and soft and silky. It would have been very difficult for me to choose between her titties and my mom's

"You did such a good job, I am so glad, I would have hated to call your mother and tell her that you didn't do so well in school today, especially just after she had a baby." All the time she is talking to me, she is pressing my hand into her bosom, moving it just slightly so that I was experiencing such a rush, and my poor cock was poking right up in my pants. She looked directly into my eyes and then pushed my hand down, down inside her blouse so that my fingers were in contact with her nipple.

Just like my mom's titties, hers were hot too. I felt myself start to gasp for air, evidently I had been holding my breath and needed to breath. Ms Geister just stood right there, holding my hand down insider her bra and looking me right in the eyes. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but soon I heard the noises of the other kids coming in the classroom.

"Take your seats I will be right there, let me finish helping Jimmy." As she spoke to them, she pushed my hand even farther into her blouse, never once taking her eyes off mine, until I could feel her whole hot, stiff, nipple in the palm of my hand. She moved around in such a way that it was rubbing my palm, making it sweat like mad and my cock to jump in my pants.

She again leaned way over, keeping my hand down her bra, to whisper in my ear, "there, that is for being so good and getting your work done so well, just wait here for a minute so I can get the other children on their way home." She pushed my hand firmly against her titty then gently, slowly, pulled my hand back up out of her blouse.

I don't even remember the other kids leaving or hear Ms Geister when she returned to my desk behind the book case. "Your mom called and asked if I would mind giving you a ride home, I don't live too far from you, so I told her I'd be glad to. So, come on, get your things together and I'll drive you."

Somehow I got all my stuff gathered up and walked beside Ms Geister as she headed for her car. She was bending way over, probably more than she needed to, to unlock my door and open it for me to get in. She again bent way over to buckle my seatbelt up, something I could have done, but I still could not take my eyes off her chest. As she was sliding the seatbelt around me, I felt first her hand then her arm she scraped over my hard cock in my pants. She gave me a knowing little smile and commented, "don't want you falling out on me now, not after I got you this far."

When she was finished, again, scraping her hand over my cock as she withdrew her hand to close the door and move to the other side of the car. When she got in her skirt pulled way up, I was given a complete view of her black lacy panties. They were so sheer that I was sure that I could see her pussy right through them.

I can't remember a thing we talked about on the way home, all I know is that her blouse seemed to be unbuttoned another button, or more and that her skirt was still way up above her panties. I was finding it difficult to choose one over the other to look at. Then, as if brought out of a daze, I could hear her commenting, "how old is your sister now, two months, isn't she?"

Startled out of my reverie, I nodded my head in ascent.

"I thought so, boy, you are still very distracted, maybe I should go in and talk to your mom for a minute, maybe you aren't getting enough sleep, or something."

She pulled into my driveway, then got out of the car, calling to me, "come on, let's go in and talk to your mother." I was now getting pretty nervous, what if mom got mad at me and wouldn't want to do anything more with me?

Ms Geister rang the doorbell and we waited till mom came to open it.

"Hello, Ms Jones," Ms Geister said, "it's good to see you again."

"And you too Ms Geister, come on in, I have just changed Susie to get her ready to eat."

Mom directed Ms Geister to the couch and told me to sit there by here as she got into one of the recliners to begin to feed Susie. Ms Geister was very attentive as my mom unbuttoned her blouse, then undid one of her bra cups to slowly lower it till her nipple came into view. Mom, looked over at Ms Geister and said, "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't even think, nursing doesn't offend you, does it?"

"Oh, no, Ms Jones, not at all, most natural thing in the world." But I could hear a difference in Ms Geister's voice as mom's titty and hard nipple came into view.

After mom got Susie all settled and her big titty in her mouth, she looked at Ms Geister, "now then, what did you need to talk to me about?"

This seemed to pull her from her trance, and with a little startle, reached her arm behind me and sort of nestled me into her side, "well, Jimmy seemed very distracted today, and I thought it best that I come in and have a word with you to see if maybe he was coming down with something, or not getting enough sleep." As she spoke, she pulled me even tighter into her, I could feel her titty pressing into my shoulder and she sort of pulled my head back to her shoulder.

"Well, no, I don't think he's coming down with anything, and he got plenty of sleep last night, didn't you Jimmy?"

I sort of nodded my head in agreement with my mom, not sure what was going to happen.

"Well, then, are you coming down with something? Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh, no, uh, I mean, yes, mam, I'm feeling fine," my voice came out sort of squeaky as I felt Ms Geister's titty press firmly into my shoulder as she pulled me right up next to her.

I think right then mom caught on to what was bothering me, or getting to me and decided that I could use just a little extra attention.

"Well, I don't know what might be the matter then, Ms Geister, does his forehead feel fevered?"

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Ms Geister reached up her other hand to press it against my forehead and cheek. This had the added effect of pressing her titty even more into my shoulder as she sort of twisted her body more toward me. She rubbed her hand up and down my cheek and the over my forehead, all the time, pressing her titty into my shoulder and arm. She then took my hand in hers and placed it against her cheek, rubbing my hand over her own cheek as my arm was pressed firmly against her titty, rubbing up and down on it as she moved my hand about.

"His head feels fine and his hands are the right temperature," Ms Geister reported. Mom was watching every move she made and I noticed her give a little wink in our direction, I don't know if it was directed to Ms Geister or to me. Ms Geister pulled my hand back down, still holding it in her hand and sort of laid it against her chest, right in the middle, so that the back of my hand was pressed right on to her naked flesh above her blouse. I'm sure now that she had unbuttoned it further than it was in school, cause I could plainly see her bra through the opening. It was all lacy black with a small pink bow in the middle.

"Well, then I have no idea what might be wrong with him, I know that he has been very good while I have had to take care of his little sister. She takes up so much of my time, do you think he might be feeling a bit neglected?"

"That happens sometimes with children his age when their mothers have a new baby." She had released my hand, leaving it lay right there on her chest, she reached down and took hold of my legs and sort of half pulled them over her lap, so that now I was sitting almost sideways, my legs over hers and pressing me back into her. She reached up and pulled my head into her shoulder, right up near her neck. I could smell her perfume and feel her soft skin against my face. She wrapped her arm around my waist and held me like that, almost like a baby. I could feel my cock tenting in my pants as her titty moved from my shoulder to press into my side as she got me adjusted.

"There, Jimmy, let me hold you for a minute, let's see if that helps. He's such a good student you know. He always pays such good attention, does his work in class, and is so helpful. Just last week I was having him help some of the other students that were having some problems with their work. Here, Jimmy, slide right up here, on my lap, that's a good boy, you know, Ms Jones, it's been ages since I've held someone on my lap. I don't have any children of my own, but when I baby sat my nieces and nephews that were his age, they still liked to sit on my lap and be loved." She had pushed against my side with her hand getting me to slide more up on her lap. When she had me where she wanted me, she snuggled me into her. I could feel her titty now firmly in my side, my hand still on her bare skin, in the open portion of her blouse. She reached for my hand and slid it even farther into her shirt, right there in front of my mom.

"Oh, Ms Geister, by the look on his face, I think he's feeling better already," verbally giving Ms Geister permission to continue doing what she started. I could see mom reach up and sort of stroke her titty above Susie's head and a far away look in her eye.

Ms Geister pushed on my arm until I had my hand right back inside her bra, her hot, hard nipple right in the palm of my hand. It felt really good there. She moved my arm a little so that my palm would massage her nipple, getting it to poke even more into her hand. Just like my mom's titties, Ms Geister's titty was so warm, and soft, I loved the feel of it. She took her hand away from my arm when she was satisfied with the position of mine, laying her hand right on my cock. Very gently she moved her hand, letting it softly caress my cock through my pants.

"It looks like you like boys," it was more of an observational statement from mom, not accusatory, just commenting.

"Oh, yes, I love darling young boys, that is one of the reasons I never got married, and you, do you like boys too?"

"I like males, doesn't matter the age to me, I love them all. Why don't you take it out, his cock, I don't mind, I'll bet he'd love for you to hold it, wouldn't you Jimmy? Do you want your teacher to play with your cock?"

My eyes lit up and I nodded yes, very emphatically. Ms Geister reached for the fly on my pants and gently lowered it, then unsnapped my pants to open them up and lower them down, fondling my butt on the way. I raised up just a bit to help her then I was sitting back on her lap, my naked butt feeling the material of her skirt, my cock sticking straight up from my lap. Ms Geister's eyes lit up when she saw it. She just looked at it for a little while, too long for mom.

"Go ahead and touch it, he loves for someone to hold his cock, don't you Jimmy?" Now mom was pulling her blouse all the way open and opening up the other cup on her nursing bra to expose the other milk engorged titty. "Yes, play with his little cock, he loves it, and I love watching."

Ms Geister glanced over at mom, noticing her blouse and bra open to expose the hidden breast. Looking back at my lap, Ms Geister wrapped her very smooth, soft hands on my cock and just held it there. She looked up into my eyes, questioning, "do you like that, do you like me holding your cock, because I love to hold little boys' cocks? Yours is so pretty, so hard and hot and the skin is so soft. Oh, yes, let me hold it, here, I'll open my blouse for you and open my bra, just like your mom is doing, do you want to see my titties too? I don't have any milk like your mom's. I bet you have already tasted it, haven't you? Oh, I would like to see you do that, to nurse on your momma's titty, to suck her milk, just like your little sister is doing right now. There, see, when I open this snap right here on my bra, my tits will be all out in the open, just for you, to play with.

‘I like to have my titties played with, oh, yes Jimmy, touch them, right there, hold the nipple in your fingers, not too hard, oh, just like that, a little bit, there, now sort of roll it around in your fingers. Oh, Jimmy, you are making me feel so good." As I was exploring her titty with my hand, I felt her pull up the side of my shirt that was against her, when she had it up far enough, I could feel her bare titty against my side and chest, it felt so soft and warm laying there against me. She then put her hand back on my cock, gently taking it in her fingers and ever so slowly and softly, raising and lowering her hand to stroke my cock. When I looked toward mom she had a far away look in her own eyes and a smile of approval on her lips.

We sat like that for quite some time, mom massaging her own titty while watching Ms Geister, my teacher, stroke my cock as I fondled her titty the other pressed firmly into my side and chest.

I don't know how long that went on, but I was getting a very good feeling in my cock, when we all heard a door opening, we almost jumped when we heard a voice calling out, "Hello, Ms Jones, where are you?"

It was George, our neighbor, Ms Geister was hastily trying to pull her clothes back together without shoving me off her lap. Mom looked over at us and said, "It's okay, it's just George, our next door neighbor, I forgot that I had invited him over this afternoon. In here George, we're in here, the living room, come on it."

Mom didn't even try to cover herself as we saw George appear around the door frame. He was an older man, 50's maybe, fairly tall, and had a full beard, sort of like Santa Clause. He sort of stopped when he saw the scene in front of him, me on Ms Geister's lap, she had managed to pull her blouse together enough to partially hide her very large full tits, mom, on the other hand, had just left her blouse open and was still fondling her own titty.

"Hello George, this is Ms Geister, Jimmy's teacher and of course you know Jimmy and Susie. We were just starting to have a little fun, want to join me? Here, pull that chair over, sit over here beside me, no on the other side, I want to watch Ms Geister and Jimmy and then you can hold this for me." Mom was pointing to her spare bare titty, the one that Susie was not nursing on, the one mom had been fondling herself.

"Wait George, before you even sit down, unzip your pants, take your cock out, so I will have something to play with too." George did as he was instructed, still surveying the room, looking at Ms Geister's hand trying to conceal the fact that she was still stroking my exposed cock. As she began to relax again, she pulled my hand back to her bare titty, pulling her blouse out of the way, to expose it in all it's glory to George's eyes.

"If you don't mind my saying so mam, that is sure a pretty titty right there."

"Oh, no, George, I don't mind, and thank you, that looks like quite a specimen of a cock that you have also."

"Isn't it though," commented my mother as she reached for the very large cock that was sticking out of George's pants, "I do so love it. I had invited George over to help me put on a show for Jimmy. I wanted him to see how nasty his mother can be, do you mind Ms Geister, if we put on a show for you, I do love to show off, and you can hold Jimmy right there on your lap, play with his cock, it might make our show a bit more exciting."

"Oh, Ms Jones, I think I would love that, would you mind of I took off my skirt and panties first, so I can feel your son's butt and legs on me more?"

"You may do anything with him that he likes. Come a little closer George, help me, take off Susie's diaper, you know what I like, come on help me."

Ms Geister had gently pushed me up off her lap so that she could undo her skirt and then skim her panties off. Her pussy was unshaven, not real hairy, but enough that it sort of hid her lips from plain view. When she was bare from the waist down, she sat back down on the couch pulling me back on her lap. I could feel the soft skin of her legs on the backs of mine and her pussy hair tickled my leg just a bit.

Once were we settled back where we were, me on her lap, her hand back on my cock and me fondling her titty, with both hands sometimes. Though she would take my hand and put it between our legs so that I could feel how wet and hot her pussy was, then have me rub her slick juices on her titty from time to time. When my cock would ooze some juices she would get some on her fingers then put her fingers in her mouth to lick it off.

George was undoing my baby sister's diaper pulling it from between her legs until she lay in my mother's lap totally naked. Mom leaned over to let her titty rub against her little belly and pussy. It looked like mom was trying to get her nipple down between Susie's little legs, leaving a trail of milk from her nipple.. Susie just kept on nursing, as if nothing unusual was happening at all. George was sort of on his knees in front of mom as he got Susie like mom wanted. Then he moved forward, mom took hold of his cock and slid it up between Susie's legs, now slickened by momma's leaking titty. She gently tugged on his cock until it was all the way through, his groin pressing against Susie's butt and mom now leaning over to rub her nipple on his exposed cock head, obscenely sticking up between my sister's legs.

"You do it George, you know what I like." George, as instructed, took hold of momma's titty and with some pressure squeezed it till more milk squirted out, now covering the whole exposed part of his cock and Susie's front. George then began to rub momma's nipple all over his cock, poking her nipple at his piss hole opening, like he was trying to shove it right in there.

Ms Geister was having trouble sitting still, poking mine and her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy and trying to stroke my cock at the same time, taking some of her pussy juice and rubbing it on my dick head. It was all slippery from her juices and mine as we watched mom and George having their fun and watching us.

With all the stimulation going on and the nastiness of the acts, it was not going to be long before somebody started coming. Mom, pushing George back, slid forward on her chair, her skirt coming up to expose her bare pussy to him.

"There, George, do it, put that big cock in my pussy, fuck me before I explode, come on, please, fuck me George, right now."

He slid forward, his cock sticking obscenely out in front of him, and without hesitating for a second, slid his cock right up my mother's very open, wet pussy hole. When he hit bottom, pushing with all his strength and mom shoving her cunt up as high as she could, held it there for a second then both of them began to move, to increase the friction that was pushing them toward their own orgasms.

Ms Geister began to hunch her own pussy up in the air, moving around so much that I was afraid that she was going to throw me off her lap onto the floor. She let out a pretty loud shriek as her over stimulated pussy began to convulse it's orgasm. This had the effect of pushing momma over the edge, when, just as noisily she announced her own pending orgasm. As she began her own pussy spasms you could see George's eyes squint as mom's pulsating pussy muscles milked his cock juices, trigger his orgasm at the same time.

Ms Geister pushed me back on the couch on my back and lowered her head to my cock, and slowly, slid my cock into her wet, hot mouth, sliding her tongue all along the underside as she lowered her head till her nose was buried in my stomach. When I felt her hand searching for my asshole I lost it. I felt the cum boiling in my balls and before I could say a word, I felt it shoot out the end of my dick into her waiting mouth. She noisily swallowed every single drop.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
So now I was in my room all alone with this dumb ol' computer. Big deal! I turned it on and for an hour or so just surfed around. Of course one of the first things I did was search. S-E-X. Wow! All kinds of stuff on sex, but most of those sites you had to have some kind of I.D. That wasn't fair at all.

I tried other words too and then presently I came to a site that had stories on it. Incest stories! A lot of them you had to pay for, but some were free. I got some free ones and started reading.

Mama told me that what we did was incest and that it was wrong to do it. But if it were so wrong how come there were so many stories on this site? Most of them were about little girls, some even younger than me, fucking their dads or brothers n'stuff. A few were about little boys who were doing their mom's and sisters. I wondered if any of them were true. As I read my little dick got really hard again. This was almost as good as watching Mama.

I guess I must have spent a couple of hours reading that stuff when I heard voices downstairs. Then I remembered. Nancy, our next door neighbor, was coming over for a swim. I liked Nancy a lot, even if she was kinda old. She was almost 33 but she still was pretty even though she was heavier than Mama. Actually she was kind of fat . . . no that wasn't really true. She was very fat. I'd seen her in a bathing suit before, but her fat wasn't that jiggley stuff. She was solid and the only thing that jiggled were her tits. Mama said she didn't know how Nancy managed to carry them around, and now they were even bigger since she'd just had her baby a couple months ago. Being blonde and all she had the whitest skin imaginable. She couldn't stay in the sun long either 'cause she burned so bad. She'd used our pool a lot of times before and I sneaked peeks at her too whenever I got the chance. But I never saw her naked.

I searched for FAT GIRLS on the computer just for the heck of it wanting to see some naked tits the size of Nancy's. I guess I WAS nasty like Mama said.

There were a lot of pictures and a few of them were naked. I wondered what it would be like to suck on those huge tits. I tried to picture Nancy's face on some of the women and I got hard again. Mama said I had to stay up here all day so she wouldn't know if I jacked off some.

I heard them talking and laughing downstairs and pretty soon I heard Nancy's heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. I guess she was changing into her bathing suit. I let go of my cock and opened my door just a crack catching a glimpse of her as she walked into the bathroom. Then I heard the back door slam and knew Mama had gone outside to the pool. Creeping down the hall I noticed the bathroom door was open a little and I peered inside. Nancy had taken off her clothes and was bending down to put her swim suit on. I had to giggle to myself because her big fat ass was pointed right at me. And boy was it BIG! I betcha I couldn't even get my arms around it if I tried. She had dimples on her cheeks too, and they looked kinda cool in a way. Mama's ass was round and tight, but Nancy's though, not flabby in any way, was gargantuan. I thought of what Mama and I had done in the kitchen this morning . . . how I had fucked her ass . . . and wondered what it would feel like to do that to Nancy.

Nancy was pulling her top up and turned toward the sink. Holy fuck! Her tits were huge! And what's more they were leaking some clear whitish stuff. That must be her milk.

She took one in her hand and squeezed it and some of the milk sprayed into the sink. She did that several more times then did it to her other one. I guess they must hurt with so much milk in them. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing cause it looked so funny.

I hurried back to my room and softly closed the door. After Nancy had left I walked into the bathroom and looked in the sink. There were still residues of her milk there and I gathered a drop in my finger and tasted it. Then some more. And more still. It tasted wonderfully sweet, almost as good as Mama's pussy juices. I could get to really like it.

I went back to my computer and printed up a couple of the really dirty stories then turned it off and lay down on the bed to read them. I found out that there were people who liked pee too. They called it water sports, or golden showers. Oh, and there were even guys and some girls who were in to mothers milk. I never heard of the word lactation before. I was learning a lot.

But even though the stories were really dirty I must have fallen asleep, cause the next thing I heard was Mama yelling at me to come downstairs and eat my lunch. I looked at the clock on my wall. I must have slept for a couple of hours.

I groggily walked into the kitchen rubbing my eyes.

"Jimmy!" It was Mama. She was making a sandwich and Nancy, still in her swimsuit was sitting at the kitchen table.

"What Mama?"

"I told you we were having company, young man, and you don't even have the decency to put your trousers on when you come downstairs?"

I looked down. Darn. All I had on was my jockey shorts. I looked at Nancy and I know I must have turned several shades of red.

"Oh that's okay, Cheryl, (My mama's name is Cheryl in case you didn't know), I don't mind."

Mama fixed me with a baleful stare. "Well you're down here now and I've made you a sandwich. You may eat at the table then go right back to your room."

Our kitchen table is one of those small picnic tables you see in parks. Mama picked it out because she said the rustic look goes well with the kitchen. So we didn't have regular chairs, just a couple of benches. I was kinda scared to sit next to Mama what with her being mad and all, so I sat next to Nancy. And I sat really close so that our legs were touching. She didn't seem to mind either, in fact she hugged me close to her and I got to look down the front of her suit at those huge tits, and of course my dick got hard again.

"He's being punished, Nancy," Mama said. She took two bottles of beer from the fridge and set them on the table. She gave me a coke.

"Jimmy? Oh I can't believe that. He's such a cute little boy." She looked at me and gave me another squeeze. "What did you do, Jimmy?"

I swallowed the bite of sandwich but before I could reply Mama said it was between her and I but that I was a nasty boy.

"I grew up with two younger brothers, Cheryl. I think they're more curious than anything else."

"Be that as it may," Mama replied, "Jimmy has been very nasty and it goes far beyond curiosity."

Nancy's eyebrows arched. "Really? My, this sounds serious."

"Humph," Mama replied, "it's nothing I can't handle."

"Did you like your swim, Nancy?" I said, trying to change the subject.

Nancy adjusted the strap to her suit. She really must have gotten bigger because I could see the indentations those straps made on her shoulder.

"Yes, Jimmy, if I could I'd spend all day in the pool."

"How come?"

Nancy looked at Mama, then back at me. "Well, because the water relieves me of the weight I have to carry around all day."

I looked at her tits. "Are they really heavy?"

Again Nancy looked at Mama. I guess she was trying to gauge how far she could go with this conversation.

"Yes, Jimmy. And sometime they hurt quite a bit?"

"How come?"

"Well, (again that look at Mama), because they're full of milk for little Jennifer. I'm just glad my sister is baby sitting her now so that I could come over and use your pool for awhile."

"But what happens when she . . . uh . . . drinks your milk?" I glanced quickly at Mama. I didn't want to make her mad again. "Does that hurt too?"

Mama seemed totally unconcerned about the conversation. In fact she was eating her sandwich and flipping through the pages of her latest copy of 'Lady's Home Journal'.

"Oh no. As a matter of fact it feels very good. But, unfortunately I have so much milk that she couldn't possibly drink it all."

"So what do you do then?" I asked. Of course I knew right well what she did. She pumped her tits into our sink. But I wasn't going to let on. The conversation was making my dick hard again, especially when I felt Nancy press her big fat thigh close to mine.

"Well, uh, Jimmy, I have a breast pump at home."

"Oh. And so you like, pump it all out, huh?"

"Something like that," she blushed.

Mama looked at me coldly. "See what I mean about his being nasty, Nancy?"

"Oh I don't think he's nasty, Cheryl. He just has the normal curiosity of a ten year old is all. Don't you dear?"

Mama took a swallow of her beer. "If I weren't here right now he'd ask to see your tits, wouldn't you Jimmy."

I blushed. That's exactly what I would have done. Instead I said, "I just wanted to know, Mama."

Nancy squirmed uneasily. "Oh darn. I'm afraid it's starting again."

"What's that?"

She blushed. They're, uh, they're leaking." She turned to Mama. "Can I use your bathroom?"

Mama smiled. "Of course you can, and Jimmy, now that you've finished you may go back to your room. I'll stay here and clean up."

I hadn't finished my dirty stories, so I didn't object much. I followed behind Nancy as she went up the stairs. Man, I wanted to reach out and touch her big ass so bad I could hardly stand it. I'd have to download some fat girl stories on the computer after this.

At the door to my room, Nancy bent down and hugged me. "I'm sorry you have to be punished, Jimmy. I guess your mother doesn't understand about little boys."

Oh fuck! My head was mashed between those huge tits of hers and I could feel the dampness on her suit. It wasn't from the water either.

"It's okay. I'll be fine and I hope you feel better."

"Thank you honey," she replied, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Of course I didn't close my door all the way, just left a crack there so I could see what Nancy was gonna do in the bathroom. This time she didn't even attempt to close the door. My dick was hurting really bad thinking of her ass and her big tits. I just had to have a closer look.

Again she was bent over the sink when I brazenly walked in. I knew I was taking a chance in her telling Mama, but the way she acted downstairs . . . you know . . . like she was on my side, I didn't think she would. She turned around and didn't even seem surprised at me standing there.

"Jimmy," she whispered, "you're supposed to be in your room."

"I know, I just wanted to see what you were doing." My little dick strained to break free of it's confines and I could feel the wetness between my legs and realized if Nancy looked at me down there she could see it too. Her top was off and she stood in front of me with those humongous tits exposed and leaking. Then, I guess she realized how partially naked she was and covered them with her hands as best she could.

She blushed and bit her lip, looking at me as though she was trying to make some kind of momentous decision. Evidently it didn't take her long for she crossed the room and quietly shut the door.

She knelt in front of me looking up into my face, her hands on my hips. "I know you are curious honey, and I don't really mind, but I think your mother does, doesn't she."

"I guess." I also wondered what Nancy would think if I told her everything Mama and I had done in this very room.

"Then perhaps we shouldn't tell her, okay?"

I nodded and licked my lips.

"Okay, then come over her to the sink and stand beside me."

She took one of those huge tits in her hand and began to expel the milk. I stood there watching it spray into the sink and couldn't help but think all that milk was going to waste.

"Um . . . Nancy?"

She stopped, straightened up and looked down at me not bothering to cover herself this time.

"What does it . . . uh . . . taste like?" Of course I knew what it tasted like, I just wanted to get her reaction.

"I . . . well, Jimmy, I guess it tastes sweet." She smiled nervously.

"I bet you'd think I was really nasty if I asked to . . . uh . . . taste it, huh?"

She really blushed then. Maybe I'd gone to far, but still she didn't cover herself, in fact, as I watched, I could barely discern how slightly more erect her nipples had become.

"That's really not something little boys ask, Jimmy," she replied.

"Just a little taste, you know, to see what it's like."

Again she bit her lip nervously, then took her finger and collected a drop from her nipple and held it out for me. "Well . . . okay, just a little taste."

I opened my mouth and licked the tip of her finger. "I can't taste much, Nancy. Could you do it again?"

"Okay, but that's all honey." She collected another drop, only this time instead of licking it from her finger I began sucking it.

"Oh my God!" I heard her exclaim.

I stopped and looked at her sweetly. "What Nancy? Did I do something wrong?"

"No honey. Just for a moment there I thought you were . . . uh . . . pretending to." She stopped in mid sentence.

"Suck your tit?" I finished.

She flushed. "Y-yes."

I pressed on. Even though I was only ten I realized that I was treading on dangerous ground and that perhaps she would agree with Mama and think I WAS nasty afterall.

"Would it feel better if I did . . . you know . . . suck on them . . . I mean would it feel better than when you do it over the sink?"

"That's being nasty, Jimmy," she replied, but there wasn't the derision in her voice like Mama had.

"But would it?"

"Yes, if you must know, it would feel much better." She was really blushing now, and her nipples had grown even longer.

"I could do that if you wanted, Nancy. I wouldn't mind if it made you feel better."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Uh huh! I would," I nodded. "And besides it taste really sweet. I like sweet stuff," I grinned.

"Are you sure that's all?" She looked at me suspiciously, then looked between my legs. The entire front of my jockey's were soaked with precum. I couldn't lie myself out of this one.

"Um . . . well, just looking at you . . . at your, uh, tits . . . makes me feel funny all over. Is that bad?"

Nancy blushed even more if that were possible. "No. It's natural Jimmy. If you didn't get . . . uh . . . excited looking at me, then you wouldn't be normal."

"Whew! I'm sure glad of that," I grinned.

"I suppose if I let you . . . uh . . . nurse on me for just a little bit it would be okay as long as you kept it our secret. You wouldn't tell your mother, would you Jimmy?"

"Uh uh!" I shook my head vigorously. "She already thinks I'm nasty and would really spank me hard if she found out."

Nancy moved over to the toilet and sat down on the closed lid. She glance furtively at the door for just a second, then beckoned me.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
My heart thudded in my chest. I was really going to do it! I knelt in front of her, feeling the coolness of her knees as they brushed up against me. She lifted one of those huge tits to my lips, brushing them with her wet nipple. I opened my mouth and sucked it in and instantly her warm sweet milk gushed into my mouth.

"Oh God!" She sighed, her hand caressing the back of my head, pressing me softly against her. I clasped her free tit in my hand and squeezed as I slowly sucked, my hips moving in and out between her fat thighs.

I couldn't believe how sweet her milk was. And what's more I could feel her nipple harden and elongate even more. We were supposed to be doing this to satisfy my curiosity and, of course to give her some relief, so squeezing her other tit the way I was doing was actually not part of the deal. Yet she didn't seem to mind, and that's what emboldened me to place my hand between her legs.


Her crotch was damp. Sticky damp. And she didn't even attempt to remove my hand, but actually slid further forward.

I moved to her other tit as her hand stroked the back of my head then slid down my back to cup my ass. She was pulling me into her and making strange mewling sounds. Then I felt her hand between my legs . . . right on my hard cock as she squeezed it.

And that's when the door opened and Mama walked in.

"Well I wondered what was taking you so long up here!"

I moved swiftly away from Nancy, cowering next to the edge of the tub. Mama was really upset and poor Nancy was trying unsuccessfully to cover her wet tits. Mama looked first at me, then at Nancy.

"Didn't I tell you he was nasty? Didn't I Nancy?" She strode quickly over to me and grabbed my arm jerking me forward, then sat on the edge of the tub. Quickly she tugged off my jockeys, my hard little dick springing out and pointing up at my chin.

"Just look at that! Look at what a nasty boy he is." She pulled me across her lap, my bare ass naked and vulnerable. She was still in her bathing suit, and even though I was frightened cause I knew what was coming, the feel of her silky legs under me made my dick even harder. Then somehow it slid between her knees and she squeezed it . . . squeezed it hard. I almost came then and I would have too had I not felt the stinging slap of her hand directly on my ass. Mama wasn't messing around this time. She was really mad.

I reached out toward Nancy, supporting myself on her legs as Mama spanked me. Nancy shifted around so that my head was right in her lap, her knees touching Mama's.
I waited for another slap but it never came. Instead, Mama just let her hand lie on my ass.

"Do you see what a nasty boy he is now, Nancy? Is it any wonder that I'm mad?"

"It's my fault," Nancy replied. "I should have known better."

"No. I don't blame you at all. I blame Jimmy! Why you should see the perverted things he does. I thought if I allowed him to experience them once or twice, maybe even three times, that he'd stop thinking that way and get it all out of his system But I can see now that I was wrong. He just wants more. Just like a man! Just like his FATHER!"

To emphasize it she gave me another hard slap. By this time my head was pressed hard into Nancy's crotch and I was torn between the pleasure of my cock between Mama's squeezing knees, the aroma from Nancy's pussy, and the pain of the spanking.

"Why do you know he even licked my pussy right here where you're sitting?"

"Mama, don't tell her," I pleaded.

"And why not, young man?" She gave me another stinging slap. "Are you ashamed of it? Are you ashamed you licked my fucking CUNT?"

Another slap, harder this time. I couldn't believe how hard I was. The pain I felt in my ass didn't have any affect on my cock. As a matter of fact it seemed to make it grow even bigger.

"Oh you just have to be making that up, Cheryl. Why I can't believe Jimmy would even THINK about doing something that dirty. You wouldn't would you Jimmy?"

I looked up at her, but all I could see was her leaking tits and part of her face. God how I wanted to keep sucking on them.

"You want proof, Nancy? I'll give you proof. Take off the rest of your suit."

"But Cheryl . . ."

I guess Nancy was a little intimidated by Mama, for she didn't argue further. Without getting up from the seat, she undid the ties on either side and dropped the small bit of cloth to the floor. Now my head was resting right at the V between her fat thighs. Unlike Mama, Nancy had hair. But it was soft to the touch on my cheek . . .almost wispy actually. And it felt so good.

Mama slapped me again, but not as hard this time, and I sorta felt her hand squeeze the cheek of my ass the same time Nancy spread her legs a little. Mama moved me forward slightly so my mouth was almost on Nancy's cunt.

"And you know what else this nasty boy did?"

Nancy slid down on the seat a bit so that my mouth was pushed right up against her pussy lips. They were wet.

"Wh-what?" Nancy stammered.

I started to lick her outer lips while Mama squeezed my ass with her hand and slowly began to rub my cock between her knees. She tasted wonderful, just like Mama. My arms went around her waist as I struggled to get in even closer. I could even feel those huge tits brush across the back of my head. Since my upper body was lying across her fat thighs it was almost like laying on a soft mattress. My tongue stabbed further into her cunt.

"I don't know if I should tell you this because it is really filthy." Mama again squeezed my ass.

Nancy was gasping as I licked her harder. "Tell me, Cheryl. I guess you were right about him. He IS nasty. Just look at the way he's licking my . . . my cunt!"

"See what I mean?" Mama slapped me again and tightened the pressure of her knees on my cock. "I don't know what to do with him, I can tell you that!"

I reached up and grabbed Nancy's tits and squeezed, feeling the milk dribble out of them. Her hips began to churn slightly and her breathing became harder. Her velvety cunt squished around my tongue and I stuffed it as far inside her as I could.

My cock was dripping all over the inside of Mama's knees which only added to the sensations I was feeling. I started humping on her lap, loving the way she squeezed me. It was almost like I was really fucking her. Wow! What if I could? What if she would really let me? I humped harder at the thought.

"So what else did he do?" Nancy's hand was stroking my back.

"He felt my pussy while I peed, is what he did!"

"Oh my God!"

"Oh but that's not all. He even licked it!"

I felt Nancy's cunt contract on my tongue.

"While you peed?" She asked incredulously .

"Yes! And what's more he even liked it, didn't you Jimmy?" She slapped my ass again, but my mouth was so stuffed with Nancy's cunt that all I could do was nod my head. Mama hadn't told her that it had been HER idea. That SHE was the one who started it.

I felt the goosebumps on Nancy's legs and her pussy was beginning to really froth. I was only ten years old, but I wasn't dumb by a long shot. She was really turned on.

"Oh I can't BELIEVE he would do such a nasty thing as that." She started stroking my head, her hand pressing insistently. If anything her fat cunt was even better than Mama's if that were possible.

I started licking her pee hole, pressing my tongue firmly on it.

"Well there's only one way to convince you isn't there!"

"You mean . . .?"

Mama didn't say anything. I guess she just nodded.

"Oh I couldn't, Cheryl. I just couldn't do that!"

"But you want to, don't you. You really want to see if Jimmy would taste you."

My tongue stopped moving inside her. I pressed it softly on that little pee hole. There was no mistaking now that I wanted her to do it. Then I felt Nancy's pussy kind of tense up. I licked softly somehow sensing that she was trying to let go and not wanting to distract her as much as possible.

Mama kept stroking my ass and squeezing her knees, but then she did something really weird. Her finger started pressing along the crack of my ass, just as Nancy dribbled into my mouth. I was so hot all I could do was fasten my lips tight on to her pussy and suck every bit of the warm liquid into my mouth as I could.

I pumped my hips faster on Mama's lap, loving the way she squeezed my cock with her knees. Mama was squeezing my ass cheeks slowly and Nancy continued to dribble. I reached for her big tits and squeezed them, hearing her sigh. Soon rivulets of milk were rolling down her fat tummy and I opened my mouth for them. Nancy's stream increased, splashing on my neck and chin but I didn't care. Instead, I just buried my face between her wet inner thighs and sucked. This was heaven.

I thrust my cock harder between Mama's knees and I guess she could sense I was ready to cum 'cause she slapped my ass really hard. That's when Nancy grabbed my head and crammed me tight between her fat thighs. Try as I might I couldn't swallow fast enough and soon as I was soaking wet.

I managed to push myself up for air, my hands searching for some kind of purchase on Nancy's wet legs. "Please Mama, stop!" I begged, but she continued to slap me all the while Nancy was pissing. She didn't seem to care that I wasn't licking her anymore, and there was an almost evil looking grin on her face.

That's when Nancy lunged forward and grabbed me, holding me tight. She slid off the toilet on to the floor, taking me with her. The next thing I knew I was lying on top of Nancy and Mama was standing over us, her hands on her hips glaring down at me.

"You're going to fuck her, aren't you, Jimmy."

"But it's not my fault Mama!" And it really wasn't. Nancy had me in a bear hug and I couldn't have gotten off of her even if I wanted too. Mama's face softened a bit.

"Well, maybe THIS time it isn't. At least not all your fault anyway." She walked toward the door.

"Aren't you gonna stay Mama?" I asked. Somehow the thought of my own mother watching her best friend and I fuck was really hot.

"Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you, Jimmy! You'd like that A LOT! And I suppose you'd want me to get naked too wouldn't you?"

I couldn't talk. My mouth was clamped over one of Nancy's tits she had fed me and my hips was thrusting up and down, my cock searching for her pussy.

"I want you stay, Cheryl," Nancy said. "I'd never ask you to leave, but only if you want too. God I'm so fucking hot!"

Mama didn't say anything. She just tugged off her swim suit and for the third time I was seeing her naked. And just then my cock found its target right inside Nancy's wet cunt. It was the first pussy I had ever experienced, and even though I had wished Mama would have been the first, I couldn't help but be thrilled beyond words. My hips started churning but Nancy cupped my ass forcing me to stop.

"Cheryl, your beautiful!" Nancy exclaimed, her eyes fastened between Mama's legs. I couldn't blame her at all.

"And how do I fit into this nasty picture?" Mama asked, ignoring her comment. Then without waiting for a reply, she said, "You want to lick my cunt, don't you Nancy? You actually want to shove your tongue in my pussy, don't you?"

"God yes!"

"And you want to let Jimmy fuck you at the same time, don't you!"

I felt Nancy's cunt muscles contract.

Mama sighed. "Well you ARE our guest. I suppose I should at least honor that, but I just want you to know that I'm doing this as a favor to you. I certainly won't enjoy it. Not one bit!"

It seemed to me I'd heard that somewhere before. But scarcely had I searched my memory for the answer then Mama had straddled Nancy's face, her wonderful shapely ass inches from my own.

And just before Nancy burrowed her face into Mama's pussy, she said, "Do it, Jimmy. Fuck me baby!" Then she wrapped those firm fat thighs around my waist and began hunching her hips. It was almost like in the kitchen when I fucked Mama's ass. But this time I knew I was really in danger of getting bucked off, cause our bodies were slick with milk and piss, and I had to hang on to her tits really tight.

Mama's ass was right in front of my face. I couldn't resist it. I crammed my tongue deep into her hot hole, all the time riding Nancy harder and faster. I scooted up some more feeling her hard nubbin on my cock. I guess she liked it a lot because she started mewling again, though it was somewhat muffled by Mama's pussy.

As I squeezed Nancy's tits, milk sprayed all over us. I even aimed her tit right at Mama's hole and squeezed. Now her ass was coated with it and I grabbed mama around the waist and stuffed my tongue once again up her ass.

"Oh you nasty fucking boy!" I heard Mama gasp. But nevertheless she lunged backward on to my tongue, then forward, scraping her cunt over Nancy's face.

"Fuck me . . . .fuck meeeeee!" Nancy moaned, nearly unintelligibly. Then I felt her cunt squeeze my cock, and as I pounded into her I could even hear the soft sucking sounds we made together. If she kept this up I knew I'd have to cum. Then she let out a long moan into Mama's pussy, and I felt her cunt juices dribbling down my balls. I fucked her harder and faster, wanting and needing to cum so bad. All the while Mom's pussy was churning into Nancy's face.

I grabbed a tit with both hands, Mama's ass forgotten for the moment, and stuffed as much of the wet flesh as I could get into my mouth. I sucked hard, the milk gushing down my throat. That's when Nancy's bladder just let go entirely, flooding hot piss over my thrusting cock and balls.

"Ooooh fuck yesssssssssssss!" I clamped my lips hard on her tit as she pissed all over my cock. I know I must have screamed out, but it was like I had a gag in my mouth, and now I was cumming, shooting my ten year old jism deep into her pissing cunt. But I kept on fucking, not wanting to miss a beat, the whole time pumping my thick cum inside her. Her massive wet thighs clutched me so hard it almost took my breath away, but I didn't care. My hips ground harder into hers wanting to force every bit of cum I could into her hot steamy cunt.

And I guess that's when I blacked out cause the next thing I remember was lying on my back flat on the wet floor. Mama and Nancy were in the shower together, laughing and giggling like a couple of school girls. I groggily sat up and listened. I guess Mama wasn't mad at me anymore.

I crawled over to the tub and pushed aside the curtain. Mama looked down at me and smiled. I couldn't believe it! She actually smiled. Then she and Nancy lifted me under both arms and put me between them.

I stared up at Naomi's tits, then wrapped my arms around both of them and hugged them as tight as I could. They crouched down, Nancy in front, Mama in the back and began to gently was me with their soapy hands.

I didn't know at the time, of course, but this was only the beginning.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
This story happened to me around 12 years back, when I was 18 years old. My name is X and lived in my village at that time. I am the last son in my family. My parents were farmers. I had 2 elder brothers and 2 elder sisters. All were settled and married by the time the story had happened.

I was doing +2 in my village. My village was located near Kerala and Tamilnadu border. An aunty by name Ponnammal lived near to my home. She was around 35 years, dark-skinned, plumpy and had voluptuous structure. For sure, her breast size would be 40 DD. She never used to wear bra (as this was the typical way for village woman). Most of the times, one of her breast (with blouse) and cleavages will be fully visible and she was very less bothered about her saree pallu position. She had broad hips, thighs and multiple folds around her stomach.

She lived with her husband named Rasu. Her husband was around 45 years, very lean figured guy, who was wearing banian and lungi most of the times. Ponnamma used to prepare lot of home-made food items and her husband will take it out to nearby villages or towns and sell them. Normally, he will be out of town for two days in a week. They moved to our neighbourhood around 10 years back as newly married. Ponnammal used to conceive the child regularly (of course, once in a year), but had never seen any children in their home. What I heard from my parents was, she gave birth to around 8 children, but none of them survived. My parents used to call her as ill-lucky person to have a child (later on, I came to know that she was secreting breast milk for these continuous ten years).

As I was the last child and was born after 10 year gap next to my elder brother, my parents don't care me much. Sometimes, I used to play in Ponnamma's house. She used to care me a lot. She always welcomes me her home with great smile, will give me some edibles, asks about school happenings etc. As I was very innocent at those times, I did not have that intent of seeing her from sex point of view. Her husband also treated me as his friend and cracks jokes with me.

When I was 18 years, my parents met with an accident and they both died. After their death, my elder brothers and sisters were very particular in selling the properties (land, house etc) and take away their shares. No one showed any interest on me and my career. They gave me around two thousand rupees (as my share) and asked me to vacate that house. I did not know what to do and all of the sudden my world got totally changed and I was into the streets. When this fight was happening, Ponnamma and her husband came to my house, blasted my brothers and asked them that they will take me along with them. My brothers and sisters happily agreed for this move and washed their hands on me.

I took all my belongings and moved to Ponnamma's house with sad hearts. I was crying all the day. Ponnamma and Rasu consoled me and assured that they will provide the necessary financial support to continue my education. Ponnamma's house is comparably small, having one hall, one bed room and kitchen. Toilets are placed outside the house. Hall, bedroom and kitchen are very close and you could clearly see anyone standing in these places and hear their voices. They gave me their bed room as my living room (and no cots were there) and arranged all my things in that room. Since I was almost crying for the entire day, I felt very tired and went to sleep earlier.

Around 11PM, I suddenly got awake and could see Ponnamma and Rasu are in the kitchen and could overhear their speech. Ponnammal was expressing her pity on me and Rasu was also acknowledging it. There was a pause for around one minute in their speech. Then, Rasu was telling "Let us leave that issue, Ponnammal. Now, X is on the good hands on you. He will definitely shine better. Let us change this topic now ". He was scratching his head and winked "It's a very long time we had sex, Ponnamma. How about having a fuck tonight? I am in great mood tonight and look at my erections". Ponnammal got little angry. "Yoove (in villages, wives used to call their husbands with little respect by using this word), don’t be silly. X is very sad and not yet comfortable. Our house is a small one and everything could be seen from anywhere. If he gets up from sleep during our sex, it will not be that good. So, let us not do any dirty things, which will make him feel not comfortable in living here


Rasu was again and again requesting her to agree for sex that night and Ponnamma was strongly refusing. Then, Rasu told "Okay, Ponnamma. Got one last idea. How about having him as your second husband? Let us have kandarva marriage tonight with you and him. If he likes to have sex with you, we both will fuck you together tonight as this is his first night. Let him live with us as your second husband for five years. After that, it's up to him to continue the relationship with us or not. I am totally okay for this second marriage. This marriage relationship could be kept within ourselves and not to reveal to anyone in this village. So far, I had fucked you since our marriage and unfortunately no child survived. Sometime, having the second husband could get you a healthy baby. What do you think on this?"

Ponnamma was smiling and said "See, I have no objections in living as wife to you and X and giving birth to a baby. Current situation is not the right time to take up these things to him. He may get more shocked. One thing for sure is, I don't want him to be upset and will do anything to make him comfortable".

So far, I did not have any sex intent with Ponnamma. The moment I heard these words from her mouth, my hearts started pounding and my penis started to erect. I could see her right breast uncovered in saree pallu, which also ignited something within me. Rasu told "Why should we debate like this? I will wake him up and get his opinion as well". He was moving out of kitchen. On hearing this, I got shocked and don't know what to do. I pretend to act as asleep. Rasu came to the bedroom, switched on the light and called me. I was acting as if I am getting away from the sleep and asked "What?"

I could see Rasu was inside the bedroom and Ponnamma was on the entrance of the bedroom and trying to catch him from speaking further. On seeing me awake, Ponnamma became silent. Rasu told, "X, we had discussed about your future" and started explaining all those things about kandarva marriage between me and Ponnamma and Rasu as first husband. I do not want to express my desire very openly. I acted as if I am agreeing because of the situational dependency with them. I asked "If I agree for this marriage, Will you provide financial support for my education?” Rasu agreed. Then, I also agreed for the marriage.

Ponnamma became very happy. She came near me and gave me a kiss (on my cheek) and hugged me. I could feel her large breasts on my chest. Rasu brought grass-made mangalsuthra and asked me to tie on Ponnamma and I did the same. My marriage happened strangely on the late night.

After the marriage, Ponnamma took me to the kitchen to serve some sweets that she had. Rasu joined and asked "Ponnamma, We are now two husbands to you. Let us celebrate this with both of us having sex with you tonight. X, what do you think on this?” I do not know what to say. Rasu was continuing, "I will take this silence as the acceptance. Let us start with kissing Ponnamma. You take up her right side of the body and I will take her left side. As you're the young guy, you fuck her first and I will follow you next". I looked at Ponnamma's eyes. She padded my cheek and said, "I am totally okay with this arrangement. In fact, if X wants to fuck me 3-4 times, I will let him enjoy first, followed by Rasu taking the last shot". She turned and showed her right side towards me.

I kissed her right cheek. Rasu kissed her left cheek. Rasu was telling "Ponnamma, remove the saree pallu. X would be more interested to see your big melons. X, do you know one thing? Ponnamma's breast was continuing to secret breast milk for the last ten years since she conceived the first baby. Because of her continuous pregnancy and child delivery, her breast never stopped the breast milk secretion. I used to empty her breast milk for the last ten years. Recently, I was diagnosed with blood sugar and have stopped eating all the sweet items, including her breast milk. You should taste her breast milk. It'd be so sweet. Try that. You also take her left breast as well for that milk. Let me kiss and lick her hip, stomach and navel portion for some time". On hearing this, my already erected penis got tempered. Ponnamma started removing her saree.

Rasu was keeping his hand on her left breast and started to horn her boobs. On seeing this, I also put my right hand on her right boobs (still, she was wearing the blouse) and started to honk. It's such a big breast. I was not able to hold it with my one hand. I applied both my hands to hold one breast and started pressing and massaging. I circled her full breast, pressed, squeezed and circled the nipple. I could see some wetness in my hand. It's her breast milk, which started oozing because my presses. After removing the saree, with her right hand, Ponnamma started to comb my head. She laughed and told "Yoove, X is pressing very hard and made to wet the blouse". Rasu was telling "Yes, Ponnamma. I could see his speed and action. Remove your blouse, so that, he will suck your milk".

Along with pressing her right boob, I started kissing her right breast (along with blouse). I kissed her breast all along. I could smell her breast milk. I moved my cheek all along her breast. I could feel the softness of her breast. It was very soft. Ponnamma started removed her blouse hooks. I could see there are four blouse hooks. While I was kissing and massaging her right breast, she unhooked the first hook. This made some amount of her cleavage to get widened.

When she unhooks the second and third hooks, I could see almost all of her right breast. I moved my cheek into the cleavage and started kissing her bare breast. She was trying to remove the last and fourth hook. Because of her big breast size, she was not able to unhook it easily. She lifted her entire breasts with her hands and trying to unhook. While doing this, my face also lifted along with her breast. Finally, she unhooked the last one and opened the blouse. My heart has almost stopped beating. Her breasts are like big melons. It was sagging little bit because of the weight. Her nipple was of one rupee coin size. I could see her nipple folded inside and surrounding surface of the nipple was shining.

I cupped her breast and started to move my lips over the breast. I was kissing her breast, nipple and areola areas. I made my lip little wet and started to give wet kisses on her right breast. I was squeezing the tits and moved my mouth on her nipples. I opened my mouth wide and tried to swallow the entire nipple and areola, but I was able to cover only three-fourth of her areola. I could feel her nipple touching my upper jaw inside the mouth. My mouth is completely closed with her tits. I slowly started sucking her nipple. I do not get any milk from her nipple. I moved my tongue over her nipple, as if trying to remove something that has blocked the flow of milk. Still milk did not start flowing into my mouth. Ponnamma was laughing by my act and said "X, either you suck my nipple harder or press my nipple harder on the sideways. Then only, milk will start flowing into your mouth". On hearing this, I could see Rasu lifted his head from sucking her navel and told "Ponnamma, you
should apply honey on your nipples. This will make him to suck harder to taste the honey and will get the free flow of milk. Honey bottle is on your left side. Please take and apply it on your nipples" and continued sucking her navel.

I do not think about anything else. I sucked harder and at the same time, squeezed her right breast. I could feel the squirt of milk flowing into my mouth. I moved my tongue to feel the taste of milk, but not able to get the taste. I continuously started sucking and squeezing her breast, milk started to flow continuously into my mouth. Sometimes, I could feel, milk was squirting within my mouth in 2-3 directions. After few minutes, I could feel the taste of breast milk. It was having average sweet, but felt like watery. I gulped the milk and started sucking fast now. Milk was continuously jetting into my mouth. At the same time, Ponnamma was applying honey on her left nipple. When I was continuously sucking her nipple for 30 minutes, I could see the speed of milk flow has started decreasing. My penis was heavily erected and looking for its place to explore and explode. For these 30 minutes, my both hands are completely holding her right breast, massaging and squeezing the sam


I lifted my head from her right breast. I could see Ponnamma is really enjoying my sucking act. I do not see Rasu near us. He brought one stool inside the kitchen. He asked me "How long you will stand and suck Ponnamma's breasts? For sure, they will be having a lot of milk. I have never emptied them so far in these 10 years. You sit on this stool and enjoy sucking her boobs. Normally, Ponnamma used to stand for long hours in the kitchen. So, she will not need any stool for her to sit. Okay, Ponnamma?” Ponnamma was telling "No problem. Let X sits on the stool and enjoys sucking my breasts. I think he sucked half of my milk in the right breast. He seems to be the milk lover. I think I need to take some garlic masalas from tomorrow, as garlic will make to secret more milk for him". Rasu was removing her pavada as well and made Ponnamma to stand nude now in front of us.

I sit on the stool and cupped her left breast now. I could see some liquid on her left boobs. I moved my mouth on her left breast and started sucking it. It was very tasty, because of (applied) honey on the nipple. With my left hand, I was massaging her right boobs and started sucking her left breast, with honey soaked. Milk was flowing like water jet into my mouth. Since the left breast was little further from where I sit, sometimes, between the sucking movements of my mouth, the breast will leave my mouth. On seeing this, Ponnamma held her left breast with her left arm and helped squeezing me. Now, I started getting continuous flow of milk. I was sucking milk from her left breast for 10 minutes with my other hand playing on her right breast. Rasu was watching my sucking moves and told "Come on, X, sex does not end with milk sucking. There are other organs as well. I was waiting for you to start your next acts, but it seems you are still not convinced on leaving the breast s


Ponnamma was telling "Yoove, leave him like this. This is the first time he's fucking a lady. He is amazed by the beauty of my body. Let him enjoy till the extreme he wants. He's also my husband and I have to satisfy him fully. I think X will need another 3-4 hours to fuck me fully and leave me for you. So, better you can take sleep for next 3 hours and come back. If he's done, then come and fuck me as the last shot for the night". Rasu was telling "No Ponnamma, I will direct him and help him to get maximum pleasure out of you. As I am experienced on your body, I think, I deserve for this". I heard all these conversations. I did not take my head from Ponnamma's left breast. I continued sucking the milk from her left breast. During my continuous squeeze of her right breast, milk had spilled out from that breast. When I was sucking her left breast, I was squeezing her right breast and see the squirt of milk jet flowing 2-3 directions. I did not take my head or did not stop suck
ing milk from her left breast. I was continuing my play on her right breast as well. Lots of milk has started jetting out from her right breast. Ponnamma was telling "X, Don't waste the milk. You could press my right breast gently to avoid milk leakage and continue your play. If Rasu is healthy enough, he definitely would have joined you in drinking this milk jugs."

Rasu told "Ponnamma, Don't be harsh on him. He's after all a young guy, who is having his first night with you. Let me do a trick to make this night even more interesting. I will apply honey on your right breast (which I missed last time), stomach and vagina. When X is ready for the show, it will welcome him to come and taste them". On saying this, Rasu started applying honey on her stomach (including navel, folds etc) and vagina. Ponnamma's words triggered me to some extent. I do not want to stop jetting out the milk from her right breast (at the same time, sucking milk from her left breast). I continued that play of wasting the milk. Ponnamma was silent this time. Once Rasu applied the honey on her stomach and vagina, took the honey bottle to her right breast and started applying honey. I also soaked my hands into the honey bottle and started applying the honey on both her breasts. During all these acts, I am still sucking the breast milk from her left breast.

While playing with her breasts, I was feeling like some liquid is dripping from my penis. I got shocked and took my head from her breasts and started seeing my pants (till now, I did not remove my pants and Rasu either). Ponnamma asked me "What happened?” I told "Akka (I used to call her like this), I felt like some liquid dripped from my penis". Rasu was laughing heavily that "See, Ponnamma. This guy has ejaculated his load in his pants". Ponnamma yelled on him "Stop this, yar. First, let us see what has happened to him. It might be the early ejaculation or may be the penis liquid to prepare for the fuck". I removed my shirt, pant and underwear. My penis was still at erected position and could see one or two drops of liquid oozed from my penis head. Ponnamma took that liquid in her hands and tried to see how viscous it's. Then she told "X, it's not ejaculation. It's the pre-preparation liquid for the fuck. Don't worry. Continue your play. If you feel you want to try someth
ing different than the boobs, then play with my stomach and navel. And, see my vagina. If you insert your penis into my vagina, you will feel like entered into heaven. You could give some strokes, by inserting and taking out your penis into my vagina. During this act, you could play with my breast as well. For fucking, it's better to go to bed (rather than standing position), as my cunt is still not very loose enough to hold your penis in standing position. It's your choice".

I felt, I could play with her boobs at any instant. So I moved forward to try with her other areas. I made Ponnamma to lie down in the kitchen itself. I kissed and licked her stomach, navel and hip folds. I bite on her stomach and soft muscles above her navel. Ponnamma was telling "Aah", but did not stop me from doing this. I smooched her stomach for 5 minutes and moved down to her vagina. I loved the smell of vagina. I touched both the lips of vagina. I inserted my finger between the lips and could feel the wetness and watery. I inserted my penis into the vagina. Oh, God!!! It's really the heaven. I could feel the warmthness of her cunt. I slowly started to give strokes on her vagina. I felt it's giving more and more pleasure, when the stroke speed increases.

I was increasing the stroke speed. Ponnamma told "X, Don't hurry. You first insert your penis into my vagina and feel its whole depth. Then, pull out your penis to a reasonable distance and push it inside again and ensure that your penis head hits into my vagina end. If you just insert and take out without going depth, it will not give you much pleasure. If you want, I could be on you and you could be under me. By this, while I was giving you the stroke, you could play with my breasts as well".

This sounded a better idea to me. I laid down and Ponnamma came on top of me. She cuffed her hairs to the back, so that, it will not fall down during our action. Ponnamma sit on top of me and holding my penis on her left hand. She was trying to exactly position my penis into her vagina. I see the milk pots are hanging and nipples are again bent inside (while I was sucking the nipples, it was protruded and erected like a small finger). I held her tits on my hands and started to pinch her nipples. Now the nipples slowly started to erect. And, at the same time, Ponnamma exactly inserted her vagina into my penis. She was jumping up and down with my penis going inside and outside her vagina. I was playing with her one breast and nipple and sucking milk from another breast.
Her boobs were dangling up and down heavily. I could not either continuous hold her breast or continuously take her milk. I applied pressure and hold the breasts tightly. Milk was jetting on my face. But still I could not hold her breasts in one place.

And, I also don't feel much pleasure in keeping Ponnamma up on me. I suddenly pushed her down and climbed up on her and started stroking on her vagina (like the way she told earlier). I slowly increase my stroke speed and pushed my penis till her vagina end. I could feel a lot of pleasure in this; I keep doing this fucking for five minutes. I could hear the moan of Ponnamma. She was moaning "Come on X, Keep going. Don't stop". I started sweating heavily. I keep increasing the stroke speed and thrust pressure. Ponnamma was lifting her back and giving it for my comfortable hit. She also gently locked her thighs; so that, I need to apply more pressure to reach the vagina dip. I started to apply more pressure and keep fucking her hard. I was stroking her vagina for 10 more minutes like this. I felt more joy in doing this act and I felt some liquid could leak out at any moment from my penis. At that instant, death of my parents came to my mind. This incident recall made my pleasur
e to come down (like air drain from the balloon). I was slowing the stoke speed.

Ponnamma was moaning till then, stopped her moan and asked me "What X, Why do you slow down? Keep going. Within a minute or two, you will explode with your load into me". I was telling her, "Akka, suddenly my parents’ death came to my mind and that slowed my performance". She told "Don't worry. I will take care of you. Keep fucking me now and come to an end on this. During fuck, play with my tits as well to have more fun". I tend to forget the sad incident in my life. I started playing with her breasts, bite her nipple, suck the milk and give harder strokes into her vagina. I increased the stroke speed. I was fucking her for another 15 minutes. I was having heavy pleasure on my penis and suddenly ejaculated the load of sperms into her vagina. Because of the peak pleasure, even after ejaculation, I still stroked her vagina and continued fucking for around 1 minute.

I stopped my hip movement and took my penis out of her vagina. Ponnamma was very happy and told "This was the first time in my life to have a great and good fuck for a longer duration. If you want, take a break. I will some snack items. Once you're energized, fuck me one more time, if you wish". She told and got up to look out for snacks. My erected penis slowly came to normal size. I took a towel and wiped off my penis.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
2:00 p.m December 18th 2009

"You're staring at me again." But there's no real complaint in my sister's voice as she utters the words. In fact, her eyes show a mischievous delight.

"So do you want me to go?" I challenge as I take a few shuffling steps back towards the open den door. I'd just finished my last day of high school before the start of the Christmas holidays but I hadn't hung around long at the class party. I hadn't wanted to be late.

Emily quickly nods no and as she does my three week old niece's lips slip off the teat they'd been sucking on. My eyes immediately lurch downward to the drop of milk that suddenly appears at the end of her suddenly freed nipple. I lick my lips.

"She's hungry today," my sister says as she shifts her daughter to her other fat nipple. When I move my eyes upward to catch hers I can't miss the satisfaction that glows from them -- she's again caught me staring and admiring her breasts!

I groan inwardly as I watch little Abby's mouth latch on and then start to nurse. Seconds later I'm sitting next to my sister on the couch. I try to hide my erection!

If you'd told me three months ago that I'd be spending ninety per cent of my waking hours thinking about my sister's tits I'd have called you crazy. Laughed at you.

"Yeah sure," I would have scoffed. Emily? She's like five years older than me I'd have argued. She's married. My sister for crying out loud.

She and her new husband Gavin had moved in with us after they'd both graduated from College last May. Due to the economy and to Emily's surprise, very unplanned, pregnancy. They'd got married during their Spring Break last February and somehow, either because of too much to drink or too much sun, Emily had returned home from her Caribbean honeymoon with a daughter growing deep inside her.

She hadn't got an abortion although I know there had been some talk of it at the time. So two months later, with degrees in hand, they settled in with us, with my parents, my sister Gretchen and yours truly. One big happy family!

We were. Seriously! We had lots of room in our house and although Dad grumbled a bit about having paid for Emily's education only to be saddled with supporting the married couple, the truth was that he and mom were delighted at the thought of a granddaughter in the house.

And me? I quickly found out I was too. Eighteen year old high school male seniors don't usually think about pregnancy a lot. Instead we spend most of our time thinking about pussy. And how to get some. I know I had. And not only my girlfriend's.

But something had happened to me last summer. The pregnancy had fascinated me. Watching the metamorphosis of Emily's body had been almost stupefying to me. And of course she'd noticed. And perhaps because her husband hadn't shown the same interest she'd turned to me for support and maybe even something else.

She'd let me touch her stomach as it grew. Later I'd put my lips on her soft skin and whispered to her unborn child. Her breasts grew -- I noticed. An intimacy grew between us. Not quite sexual at first but...

I dreamt of my sister. And as the months passed something unthinkable and unplanned happened. SEX! The thought of sex with my sister interfered. I whacked off to thoughts of my sister. My married sister. And even when I was making love to my girlfriend I found myself thinking of Emily. Of her growing tits.

How sick was that?

But I'd figured that it would pass. Emily would become too big. Or once she'd had the child my fantasy would pass.

But then she had Abby and it got worse. After watching just one milking I was hooked. And I'd almost immediately known I was going to drink from my sister's breasts. It had slowly become an obsession over the past weeks.

So here I am, on a Friday afternoon, watching my big sister getting milked by my niece. And I wanted my share! And Emily, against all odds, liked me being there.

"So does Gavin?"

"Does Gavin what?" she asks as she takes her eyes off her daughter for a second to look up at me.

"Drink from you," I say softly, still trying to hide my desire. I still haven't figured out why she not only tolerates my presence at these sessions but actually encourages it. "When you're alone I mean," I clarify.

"My milk? From my breast?" she asks and I can't help but hear the amusement my sister finds at my suggestion. I nod yes. She laughs and then adds, "He thinks it's yucky, that I shouldn't even be breastfeeding her. He thinks I should wean her asap."

"Whaaaat! Is he crazy?" How dumb is my brother-in-law I wonder as I look adoringly into my big sister's eyes.

"He's afraid they won't be as nice later on. Daddy doesn't like watching it either. You're the only one who seems to like it, to like them. To like my breasts." It's the first time she's complained about her husband in front of me.

"Gretchen likes watching too," I argue.

"Maybe," Emily concedes but then adds enigmatically, "or maybe she's just trying to figure out what her favourite brother is up to."

"I'm up to nothing," I protest as my cheeks start to burn. "I'm just interested. I've never--" But I didn't get to finish my half formed thought -- Emily interrupts me.

"I don't mind ... I'm glad you're here," she admits softly.

"You are?" She nods her head yes. Suddenly brave I blurt out, "I don't know what he's worried about anyway. They're beautiful. They always will be."

She can't hide her happiness at my words, in fact her mouth breaks into a wide smile as she asks, "Really? You like them?"

"Uh huh," I answer as I watch her lift Abby from her chest and offer her to me.

"Burp her?" she asks as I gently take my niece from my sister and start to pat her back. But she doesn't immediately cover herself and as I minister to my niece my eyes continually flick back and forth from Abby to the beautiful, full, milk laden breasts that stand so proudly just inches away.

"They're too big," Emily complains as she cups her hands under her breasts and lifts them. There's no shyness in her movements, in fact it's more an offering than anything else. She's displaying herself to me. We both know it.

"I love them ... love you," I say softly.

"You're crazy," she says with a giggling laugh but still makes no move to cover them. Instead I watch as she squeezes them and seconds later drops of creamy milk appear at the end of each nipple. She's playing me. I still haven't figured out why.

I know she loves me looking at them. Was it possible that she'd like to feed me? That she wants my lips at her nipples as badly as I want them there?

A couple of minutes later we both leave the room... the shows over for the day.

3:30 a.m December 21st 2009

We'd slowly slipped into a routine in the weeks since Abby's birth. Breastfeeding. What the heck, what's so special about it? But I'd been captivated by the spectacle from the first second I'd seen Abby suckling at Emily's tits. And Emily knew it!

She'd recognized my interest immediately and had encouraged it. Whenever she'd been breastfeeding around the house in those first few weeks she'd done it as modestly as possible. Hiding her feeding child under strategically placed pieces of cloth. That is unless it was just she and I in the room. Then the show would start.

I learned her schedule and outside of school hours I magically appeared at exactly the right time. She'd teased me at first but always in a way that let me know she liked me being there.

But it was the night time feedings that had become the special ones. The ones where we knew we wouldn't be disturbed. The ones where there was no shyness between us. The ones where she displayed her breasts proudly to her horny younger brother.

I invariably woke up whenever I heard Abby's plaintive night time cries for food and would immediately rise from my bed and join them. But tonight I'd been out with my girlfriend and had only just got home in time.

"Are you just getting home now?" I can hear the hint of complaint, even some jealousy in my sister's voice.

"I was afraid I'd be late," I answer as I cross the room and then sit next to Emily and put my arm around her. We all know our places now. I'm still panting from having run the last two blocks.

"She waited for you," sis answers as she cradles her daughter's head to her breast. I watch the babies lips hungrily latch on to her nipple.

"Thanks for waiting sweetie," I say as I move my other hand so that my fingers are able to gently caress the top of my niece's head. For seconds neither of us say anything, instead we're content to simply watch the feeding. I watch almost breathlessly as I slowly start to slide the back of my hand down across Abby's cheek.

And when it accidently slides off her cheek and onto the side of Emily's breast I can't help but feel the tremors that spiral upward through her body. They match the excited jerk of my penis. She's as excited as I am!

But she ignores my touch and asks, "So where did you and Jenny go tonight anyway?" Sis's question is delivered in a tremulous quaver. There are goose bumps on her arm.

"A movie," I stammer, my nervousness obvious as I watch my finger hovering centimetres away from where Abby's lips are working feverishly.

"Til now? It's almost three thirty." Another complaint. She adjusts her daughter and in doing so her breast accidently comes back in contact with my fingers. Or is it an accident?

"We're not old folks like you married guys," I tease then add, "We went back to her place." My focus is so intense on the milk filled tit that I'm hardly aware of our words. Again my finger lightly brushes across her breast.

"Did you guys make out?"As she asks the question she shifts Abby to her other nipple.

"Some," I answer as I watch a drop form on the abandoned teat. My hand, hanging in the air is suddenly trembling.

"Do you sleep with her?" There's an excited curiosity in Emily's voice.

"Uh huh," I answer and then the middle finger on my left hand decides to act on its own and swoops down and captures the drop of milk just as it's about to fall.

"Don't," she says as I push the milk laden tip of my finger between my lips. She's too late! She watches as I lick my finger.

"It's good!"

"You shouldn't have!" But she can't keep her excitement from her eyes.

"Why not?"

"It's Abby's. We can't waste any."

"You have lots," I answer. "In fact I've been studying it. I went on line today and read all about lactation."

"What'd you read?"

"It said that the more milk a baby takes, the more you make. It's good for you. And the baby. And whoever else."

"Whoever else?"

"Whoever else you choose to feed."

"I only feed little Abby."

"You're lucky I'm not your husband."


"Because you'd have two mouths to feed."

"Well you're not. And you can't have any more."

As she talks I know I'm going to have more, that there is no way I'll be able to control my need. But it's time to change the subject.

"Her breasts aren't as nice as yours."

"Whose aren't?"


"She lets you see them?"

"I tried to milk her tonight."


"She didn't have any milk."

"She let you--"

"Touch them, suck them?" I finish for her.

"You two are too young to be doing stuff like that," she admonishes even though I know she wants to hear every detail.

"We had already fucked," I answer, using the 'f' word to shock her.

"You shouldn't use that word, its ugly."

"Three times."

"Three times what?" I don't answer. "You made love three times? Tonight? With Jenny?"

"Uh huh. Then I tried to milk her."

"She's on the pill isn't she? You use protection?" I nod yes to both her questions. "You're too young."

"There are other ways to get milk you know. You can induce lactation. I read all about it."

"You're crazy." Emily smiles as she says the words and then lifts her sated daughter off her breast and hands her to me. "Be careful," she instructs as I start to pat my nieces back.

"Jenny thought I was crazy too," I answer with a laugh. And my girlfriend had laughed when I'd told her it was possible for a girl to lactate even if she hadn't been pregnant and had a child.

"I explained 'induced lactation' to her."

"I'll bet she loved that," Ems says with a smile. For seconds we just look into each other's smiling eyes without saying anything.

"I guess I better get back," she finally offers. But I know she really doesn't want to go. I could stay here all night!

"Yeah," I agree reluctantly as I uncoil my six foot two inch tall body from the couch and slowly stand. But before leaving I bend down and lightly brush my sister's lips with mine. "I love you," I whisper, then turn to go.

"Why are my breasts nicer than Jenny's?" I hear whispered from behind just as I'm about to slip out the door. I turn back. She's still uncovered, bare from the waist up. I look my sister directly in the eyes, then slowly move mine lower to the full, round mountains that have dominated every waking thought I've had for the last three weeks.

I lick my lips. "They just are," I say, then turn and flee. I'd made love with my girlfriend three times earlier tonight and yet my cock is huge in my pants. I know Emily noticed.

I wanted her to. And as I lie naked in my bed minutes later, stroking my cock, I realise it's never been just about her milk...

Afternoon December 22nd 2009 - Gretchen

"You're a real perv," I hear whispered in my ear. Then my sister giggles when I jump about six inches up out of my chair.

"You're supposed to knock," I instruct my little sister for the thousandth time.

As usual she ignores me as she leans over my shoulder and peers at my computer screen. "Breasts! That's all boys ever think about," she complains as she looks at the video playing on the screen. It shows a young Japanese girl being milked by her lover.

"You'll grow some someday," I answer even though I can feel her firm, young, teenage breast bumping against my shoulder.

"You're soooooo funny," she replies as she stands up straight and pulls her shoulders back in a pose that extenuates everything she's got. She looks down into my eyes and challenges me to look. I do. Slowly. I caress her curves with my eyes before finally venturing a, "In another two or years when you grow up...."

She punches my shoulder. Of course I knew she would. We know each other too well. And Gretchen, a veteran of these sibling wars, quickly goes back to the attack.

"You want to milk Emily don't you?" she asks, then adds in a tone only a teenage girl can manage, "and she's your oooown sister for crying out loud."

"I'm interested in the process, the--"

"Oh sure, Doctor Timmy," she scoffs. But she's smiling.

My sister and I are best friends. Always have been. At a just turned eighteen she's only eleven months younger than I am. Siblings like us, born so close together, invariably either become enemies or friends. We'd been lucky.

Actually it'd been Emily who'd never really fit in. She had been the odd fifth wheel between the duo of mom and dad, and Gretch and I. With her being almost five years older than me I'd never really got to know her growing up.

She babysat Gretch and I but really hadn't played with us.

She'd been off and away to college before I'd gone through puberty so I'd never really noticed her sexual attractiveness until she arrived home married and pregnant.

I suddenly realise as I talk to Gretchen that she's as baffled as I am about the whole milky Emily fixation I've been showing. And I know I'll never be able to fool her...

Late at Night, December 23rd 2009

Both my sister and her baby smile at me as I come through the den door. "You shouldn't keep getting up like this," Emily complains but we both knew she'd have been disappointed if I hadn't come. Our routine has become fixed.

"What's that?" she asks even though she can't help but recognise the photo album and the saucer I'm holding in my hand for exactly what they are.

"Have you ever seen this album before?" I ask as I sit down next to her and open the album on my knee.

"I don't know. Who's in it?" she asks as she looks. "Oh my gawd," she gasps as I turn the page and reveal pictures of our mom she'd never seen before.

"Is that me?" I watch as her eyes dart around the two pages, trying to see everything at once. Pictures of her mother, topless and sitting on the edge of her bed, feeding her newborn.

"Yes," I answer as I put my arm around my sister. Abby, happy at her mother's breast, notices nothing except the teat in her mouth.

"Where'd you find it?"

"By accident. A couple of weeks ago. I was looking for something in the attic."


"It wasn't exactly hidden but--"

"Daddy must have taken them," she says as she slowly fingers each photo. I know she must be thinking the same thoughts as I had when I'd opened it for the first time.

I turn the page. The next pictures are from another day but the subject is the same -- mother and daughter. This time both were naked as our mother suckled her newborn. I watch as Emily takes in mom's tangled triangle of pubic hair.

"It's weird ... daddy and mommy doing that."

"I know."

"We shouldn't look at them, they're private," sis exclaims but makes no effort to close the book. I simply turn the page in answer. More of mom and Emily. Then, as I continue to turn the pages, other pictures, pictures of mom and dad, pictures I quickly skim through. Private pictures. Pictures children shouldn't see of their parents.

Emily gasps out, "Daddy's penis," as we flip by one particularly revealing shot. Then pictures of me appear. It was my turn to get photographed at my mother's breast.

"These are the ones I really wanted you to see," I say as I flip the page again. There are four pictures, two on each facing page. I'm being held in my four and a half year old sister's arms. Mom, topless, and obviously just having finished feeding me, has a broad grin on her face as she watches her little girl trying to imitate her.

"You see, you wanted to feed me eighteen years ago," I say triumphantly.

"I did not," she answers as she examines the pictures.

"You know Emily, your breasts are even nicer than moms were back then," I compliment.

"You shouldn't say things like that." But she's beaming.

In answer I lift the shallow saucer from where I'd dropped it on the couch and offer it to her.

"What's that for?" But of course she knows. I wait. "We can't, it would be wrong," she finally offers. There's an excited blush on her cheek.

"I want to taste you."

"You can't."

"Do you want me to do it then?" I ask as I move my hand towards her breasts.

"NO! Stop that," she almost shouts as she pulls her body back from me.

"Then you do it," I insist. Emily slowly moves her hand under and then cups her left breast. I watch spellbound as she caresses and squeezes streams of milk from first one, then her other teat. Her cream splashes into the saucer. I wait.

And then I lap her mother's milk from the saucer when she finally offers it to me. "More," I insist when I've licked every drop from the saucer.

"I don't have anymore."

"Your brother's hungry."

"He's a bad little boy," Ems answers but she takes the saucer from my hand.

"He loves his sister's breasts," I answer reverentially.

"He shouldn't," she answers as a stream of milk suddenly spurts from her nipple and arches between the gap between us and then splashes against my cheek.

I know as I lap up the second saucer full that for my next feeding I won't need to bring the saucer...

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Christmas Eve

It's late on Christmas Eve but, unlike in the famous Christmas story, there is a creature stirring. Three of them in fact. Sis, Abby and Uncle Timothy.

"Merry Christmas Abby," I coo in my niece's ear as I lift her from her basinet. She immediately stops her crying and smiles up at me. "Mommy will be here soon honey," I promise as I offer her my finger. She's just realizing there's no milk in it when her mother comes through the door.

"And Merry Christmas to you too," I say as I pass my niece over to her mom.

There's no shyness in her movements as she quickly lets her negligee slip off her shoulders. No artful adjustment of her clothes as she brings her hungry child to her chest. "None for you tonight," she promises me but I can see she's happy I'm there. Happy that I'm looking at, and admiring, her body.

"No time anyway," I answer as I pull my digital camera out of the pocket of p.j.'s.

"No way, don't you dare," she says the second I aim the camera at her. Abby, her face buried in her mother's bosom, ignores the flash.


Ignoring her I walk over to the light switch and flick on the overhead lights. Then I turn on each of the three reading lamps in the room. "We won't need the flash now," I tell my sister as I start to photograph her.

"Don't. Pleeeease Timmy," she says as she attempts to cover the breast Abby isn't feeding on.

"Smile," I order as I lift her hand away from her body. I continue to snap pictures.

"What if someone comes?"

"They're all asleep," I answer.

"We shouldn't," she says but she belies her words by arching her back while cupping her breast.

"Christmas milk ... Christmas breasts ... Christmas baby," I say reverentially as I continue to shoot. "We'll make our own Abby and Emily album."

"No one can ever see them," she orders as I, finally finished shooting, put the camera back in my p'j.'s pocket. It bumps against my raging cock.

"Except us."

"Don't even let Gretchen see them." We both know that request is an impossibility to meet given our sister's curiosity and her mastery of computers.

"I'll take some more, next week, during the day," I promise.

"It's wrong," Ems insists but we both know we're going to do it. Neither of us has done anything near as exciting in our whole lives. And as I stand I know she can't help but see my erection poking straight out. The thin cotton cloth of my p.j.'s can't hide its need.

I stand still in front of her and wait until her eyes zero in on my rearing mast. Finally she tears her eyes away and looks up into mine. "Merry Christmas," I whisper as I bend down and kiss her. A quick kiss, but not a brother's kiss. A wet kiss.

"Merry Christmas," she whispers back when our lips break apart.

"And you do know what I want you to give me for Christmas don't you?" I ask as I back towards the door.

"I caaaan't. You know I can't," she pleads to my back as I disappear.

Christmas 2009

I bought Emily a sweater for Christmas. A cashmere sweater. A vee necked, ivory colored pullover that the second I it saw on the mannequin in the store I knew would be beautiful on her. A sweater that I knew would highlight her breasts perfectly. Her milky breasts.

Of course its choice presented me with some problems. Like how could I give my sister a two hundred dollar gift without doing the same for Gretchen. And mom. And especially for my girlfriend Jenny. So I ended up spending just about every cent I'd saved from my summer job. It was worth it just to see Emily's breasts encased in cashmere.

Fortunately Gretchen was delighted by her gift, a dark red silk, sleeveless top that I knew would be perfect for her to go out nightclubbing in. It was an adult top, a sexy top. A top a girl wouldn't wear a bra under. She smiled when she unwrapped it.

So I got points from everyone.

Christmas Night, 2:30 a.m, December 26th 2009

Emily's waiting, sitting on the couch, when I slip into the den just after two thirty in the morning. She's wearing a negligee I've never seen before, a shimmering, almost translucent, pink, spaghetti strapped, piece of silk that hangs like gossamer over her full, round breasts. It hides nothing!

Abby's lying silent in her bassinet on the floor.

"She's still sleeping ... I fed her at midnight ... I may not have to feed her til morning," Emily whispers as I walk across the room. All I'm wearing is a pair of white boxers.

"More for me then," I answer.

"It's wrong Timmy. We really shouldn't ... what would people say," she stammers out as I sit beside her on the couch.

"It's perfectly natural. You're just feeding your poor hungry brother," I say as I slip one of her negligee's straps off her shoulder.

"Did you bring a saucer?" She knows I didn't. And I know she didn't want me to bring one. She's decided. I slip the other strap down. For a second the soft cloth continues to cover her, held in place by the two erect nubs that are straining outward from her aureole. Then it falls, dislodged by a quick sidewise jerk of her body.

She lets out a low moan the second my two hands cup the still jiggling breasts.

A groaning, needy, "Timmeeeeeee, " follows as I start to caress her heavy, milk laden orbs. Within seconds droplets of my sister's rich milk have formed at the end of each of her thick nipples. I dip my head! Lick first one, then the second. Then I open my lips and welcome her thick nipple into my mouth. Suck. Swallow. My sister groans again as she puts a hand around my head and pulls me even tighter against her.

My cock is huge!

"It's different, so different," I hear Emily say when I finally release her nipple.

"What's different?" I ask as I move my lips to her other one. Her milk flows easily into my mouth.

"It feels different when you do it. Compared to Abby," she adds. Of course it does! And it's got everything to do with the erect cock that's angrily trying to poke through my shorts.

"I'm hungrier," I mumble through her milk filled tit.

"You suck harder ... it's more like ... you're bad, so bad," she complains but her voice is a satisfied purr. I suddenly feel her free hand, a hand that had been resting innocently on my hip slide downwards. 'Touch it' I scream inwardly as I clamp my lips down and suck at her nipple with a new intensity. My hand squeezes and forces a thick stream to splash deep into my throat.

"Timmeeeeeeeeee!" And as she cries out her pleasure I feel her small hand tentatively touch the tip of my penis through my shorts. I continue to suck. To milk. Emily's hand slowly explores me, tracing every inch of my straining length.

And so my sister feeds me while stroking me. But we don't go any farther that night...

Afternoon, December 28th 2009

"She let you didn't she?" my little sister demands. She's again burst into my room without knocking. I'm watching another lactation video. How does she know I wonder to myself as my suddenly blushing cheeks give me away.

Gretchen has just got home. If she'd been a half an hour earlier she'd have caught me photographing Emily. We'd actually taken the pictures in Gretchen's room due to the sunlight that floods into her south facing room in the afternoon.

On Gretchen's bed. Emily, naked, feeding her daughter. Then, with the camera mounted on a bedside tripod we'd taken pictures of me drinking from my sister's breasts. And then a video.

"Let me what?" I try to ask innocently.

"Milk her."

"I didn't."

"Hah! Liar."

"Even if I did it was just so I'd know what it's all about. For when I'm a doctor."

"Yeah right. And I saw your pictures mister smarty."

I'd known she would. Gretchen was our family's computer genius. Whenever anyone of us had a computer problem she fixed it. She knew our passwords. And Gretch was nosy. Over the years I'd come to accept that anything I did on the computer would be eventually be discovered by her.

So why had I downloaded the breastfeeding pictures from the other night to my computer?

"You did, didn't you," she asks insistently. I nod yes. "Perv," she accuses. I smile and wait. "What did it taste like?" she finally asks.

I ignore her question. "Will you let me when you're a mom?" I ask instead.

"Let you what?" Of course she knows.

"When you grow up. Marry. When you're a woman."

"I'm already a woman. And why would I let you?"

"You know why," I answer.

"If I did it would only because you gave me such a nice Christmas present." There's a promise behind her words, a promise we both know will be eventually delivered on.

"When they grow big that is," I add.

"They're already as big as the girl on your screen," she answers as we both turn to watch the milking taking place on my computer. Seconds later she's gone.

I start to download today's pictures. Gretch will discover them within days...

Late at night, December 29th 2009

"We shouldn't do it every night. Besides, you had some yesterday afternoon too," Emily mock complains the second I sit down next to her on the couch. One of my hands has immediately moved to caress her long, flowing hair while the other seeks out the breast my niece isn't feeding at.

"You're beautiful," I answer as I lean over and find her lips with mine.

"You can't have any til Abby finishes," she orders when our lips separate.

"Yes mommy," I answer.

"And don't get an erection this time."

I don't address the erection question, instead I say, "Gretchen saw the pictures."

"What!" A shriek. I kiss my sister again. And the second she's got a sated Abby settled in her basinet I position myself on my back in my sister's lap. I lift my head and reach for the closest nipple.

"Not too much Timmy," she cautions the second I capture one between my lips. Her arm snakes under my head and supports me as I start to milk. My cock is harder than it's ever been and suddenly pops out through the slit in my boxers.

"Bad little baby boy," she says the second she sees it waving in the air. But almost immediately her warm palm closes around it.

"It's your turn to milk me," I say as her hand starts to slide up and down my glistening shaft.

This time she finishes what she starts. And by the time my cock starts jerking out my creamy sperm I've finished milking Em. My head is lying back in her lap, her breasts hanging ponderously above, and I'm groaning as I watch each strand of cum hurtle upward from the end of my prick. Then splatter down, most on my chest and stomach although one arches through the air and lands on Emily's cheek. She shrieks.

"Your turn," I finally say when the last drop of cum has been drawn from my penis.

"My turn what?" She knows! I wait. Finally one of her fingers dip into the pool that has formed around my navel. Slowly she moves the cream laden tip of her finger to her mouth. I watch as she tastes me. Watch when she looks up at me and smiles.

"It's good. Much better than--" But she stops before she mentions her husband's name. Then she lowers her head and trails her tongue down across my nipple and then starts to lap up my sperm.

I've never been as excited in my life...

2:30 a.m. January 1st 2010

"Are you awake?"

"Uh huh," I answer from my bed.

"He passed out." In the moonlit room I can barely see Emily standing in my bedroom doorway. I lean over and flick on my bedside lamp.

"Mom and dad were wrecked too, it's lucky you weren't drinking," I answer. My parents and Emily and Gavin had arrived home a half hour earlier from their New Years Eve party. Emily, due to her still feeding her daughter, hadn't had any alcohol and hence had been the designated driver. Yours truly, dateless since Jenny had gone to Florida with her parents for a ten day vacation the day after Christmas, had been left in charge of Abby.

"Is Gretchen home?"

"Yeah, she got in just before you, I think she'd been drinking too."

"What? She's too young," Emily protests but without much conviction.

"Shut the door," I instruct as I thrown my sheet back and roll out of bed.

"You're naked."

"Your babysitter's hungry," I say as I walk across the room toward her.

"You're always hungry. And you've got an erection too," my sister answers. "A big one." But she doesn't move away as I walk up to her nor does she say a word as I slip her straps off her shoulder.

"Mommy's so beautiful," I compliment as I let my eyes wander downward to the neat triangle of hair growing between her legs.

"I'm not your mother," she complains as I take my sisters hand in mine and lead her to the couch.

"Milking only tonight," she tries to insist as I sit down on the couch. My cock, huge and upright against my stomach, tells her otherwise.

"Sit on me ... straddle me," I instruct.

"Like this?" she asks as she climbs up onto the couch and onto my lap. She rests her knees, spread widely apart, on the couch cushion on each side of my thighs. I feel her bum settling down onto my thighs as I pull her head towards me.

"Yes, just like that," I say before capturing her lips. And as we sit necking, hungrily kissing, I can feel the milky dampness of her breasts as they push into my chest. And feel her moistness down below as my rearing penis is captured between our stomachs.

"We shouldn't, it's wrong. Against the law ... the Bible," she protests even as her hand snakes between our bodies. My hands find and caress her bum.

"It's so big." As she says the words she runs my penis, the penis she's captured in her hand, slowly up and down her slit. Her wet and ready sex. Then adjusts her body so that my cockhead slowly levers her open.

And then the head of my penis is inside her. Emily groans as she lowers herself. "It's too big," she complains but her smile belies her words. And then she starts to move up and down.

I come almost immediately, embarrassingly quickly except for the fact that Emily's insides are pulsing around my penis in her own orgasm.

Was it different from doing it with Jenny or anyone else? Better? It shouldn't have been, it was just a cock going into a cunt. The incredible release of ejaculation came just as it always did. So why were tears falling down both our cheeks, mingling, just as our sexual juices were down below, as we held each other in a post orgasmic embrace?

"Timmy--," Emily finally whispers but can't articulate her thought and leaves the word hanging. Our lips tenderly brush away each other's tears.

I've fucked my sister! My married sister. And she's welcomed her little brother's cock into her cunt.

And my penis, which should have been sapped by its ejaculation, is still rock hard and completely ensheathed in my sister's sticky grotto.

"You were so tight ... I didn't think after the baby --"

"It's because you're so big." A loving smile on Em's lips.

"It was better than--"

"Than Jenny?"

"Than anyone. Than anything I'd ever dreamed."

"You're bigger than Gavin."

"Am I?"

"It's never been like this," my sister adds. The words really aren't necessary, we both knew seconds into our lovemaking that we'd never experienced anything like it before.

"Then we better do it again," I say as I stand, supporting her rear end as I do so, not allowing my penis to slip out.

"It's late, I should probably get back." But she locks her legs around my back as she utters the words.

It's harder, more physical the second time. She's on her back on the bed, her legs spread and lifted high in the air. Deep, hard penetrations. Noisy penetrations. On both our parts. For a second I wonder if Gretchen is listening through the wall but the thought is lost as Emily's fingernails rake across my back.

I hook her raised ankles over my shoulders. Ram into her welcoming center. Pull out. Then in. Deeper. Harder.

It seems to last forever. Takes us to a place neither of us had ever been. I sucking her mother's milk when my cum starts to burst up my shaft.

And then we lay in each other's arms. Peering into each other's eyes. Silently promising the other the future.

"You're beautiful," she finally ventures.

"So are you."

"I'm fat."

"You're so beautiful."


"C'mon, I'll walk you home," I answer, then reach out for her arm and pull her up from the bed.

"Someone might see." Neither of us really care. Emily picks her nightgown up off the floor where it had fallen but doesn't put it on.

We walk slowly down the upstairs hallway, naked, and first past Gretchen's room and then our bathroom before we turn the corner and head to the suite that Emily and Gavin occupy. She turns and melts into my arms when we reach her door. Our lips collide. Mash moistly and hungrily together. As we kiss, our bodies are plastered together from thigh to groin to stomach to chest, I reach around her and push open the door.

"Go," she finally whispers.

"Don't you want me to tuck you in?" I ask as I back her in through the door.

"He might wake up." Hearing my brother-in-laws drunken snore I know there's not a chance in a million that he'll wake.

"Timmy," she pleads as I pull her against me again.

"You've given me another hard on," I accuse.

"You have too many hard-ons ... we can't do it here."

"Kiss it goodnight then," I say. For seconds she looks up into my eyes before I see the slight lowering of them that signals her capitulation. Then, after a quick glance over at her sleeping husband, she slides down my body to her knees. Her moist lips circle my hardness. I watch my brother-in-law snoring on the bed.

A final kiss to its tip and then she rises and delivers one last kiss to my lips. "I love you," she promises.

"I love you," I answer. We both know that it's just started. That there'll be a hundred more nights like the one we've just spent. She slips from my arms and then down onto the bed. She'll sleep with her snoring husband tonight. But with my cum leaking out from between her legs.

I reach down in the semi dark and find her sex and gather up a finger tip full of our joint sexual emissions and then quickly dab the orgasmic emulsion on my brother-in-law. On his neck, on his cheek, on his nose, on his lips.

"Don't," Emily gasps out but I'm already finished. I've marked my territory.

I turn towards the back of the house and my bedroom. My cock, even after its ejaculations, feels heavy as it swings between my legs. It's still sticky with Emily's juices.

I'm a step beyond Gretchen's bedroom door when I pull myself to a stop. Was her door open before I ask myself as I turn back. It is now. A gap of six to eight inches. Even as I try to remember I know that it was shut completely when I'd escorted Ems down the hall just minutes earlier.

For silent seconds I peer into her room, watching the form under the sheet on her bed.

I know she's awake. And also know that she's aware of what just happened between her sister and brother.

I finally tear my eyes away from her bed and hurry back to my room.

It's sitting on my bed, held up by my pillow. A card. Centered in the circle of light that emanates from my bedside reading lamp. A lamp I hadn't left on.

A Happy New Year card. "I love you too" is the unsigned message I find inside. And as I contemplate it my computer suddenly announces that I have mail.

'I thought you'd like to see your Xmas present being used -- and stretched (even if I don't stretch it as much as so and so...) can you guess what I want to give you for your birthday? remember it's only a month from now ... lol...' the email announces. I click open the attachments. Gretchen's beautiful in red silk. I scroll down.

Other pictures follow... nothing is hidden ... everything is promised...


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