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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:14 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
The fat cock slid easily in and out of her. She then wanted him to fuck her. She wanted to feel the thick dick push hard and deep inside her. She could milk him even better that way she thought. She climbed off him and lay on her back. Abuelo looked somewhat puzzled.

"Please Abuelo." She whispered as she opened her thighs and spread the lips of her pussy.

He watched as she slowly massaged her slimy clit, then moved her hips up and around in circles to both beg and tempt him. He got the hint quickly. He stood up briefly to remove his pajamas then very quietly he closed and locked the bedroom door. He looked at her hungrily and bent over to slowly lick her clit just once, through his ticklish broom of a mustache. Maricel loved the sensation and prayed that he would continue, but in an instant he was on his knees between her thighs. He brushed her fingers away and carefully placed his fat plum at the door to her pussy. He lifted her hips by wrapping her knees around his elbows then he pushed himself all the way inside her in one firm steady stroke. Maricel was very impressed by the old man's strength.

At first his rhythm was uneven and stuttered as one would expect of a 72 year old, but very soon his thick cock was doing a smooth and graceful, but very mannish dance deep inside of Maricel's grateful pussy. Maricel rolled and pressed her hips to meet him. He was fucking her hard just the way she liked it. She thought HE would cum quickly, but then she felt her own body tense and her pussy violently sucking his dick. She wanted to scream, but remembered her husband sleeping only yards away. She stifled her screams into a low lusty moan. Then swoosh! Her tits showered Abuelo in a spray of her sweet milk. Swoosh! Again more milk. His chest hairs were dripping, and he began to fuck her even harder and deeper at the sight of the spray and the feel of her hot wet pussy furiously sucking him.

Maricel was delirious as her pussy still pulsed, but for the first time she thought about birth control. She had to be careful, but this was indeed a special occasion and she wanted to make sure she blew his mind. She knew without a doubt that she would soon need more of the good juicy dick. So just for insurance, as he was beginning to pant and hiss and bang her unmercifully, very abruptly she stopped winding her hips, untangled her legs and firmly pushed him off her. He looked impatient and puzzled once again but not for long She moved down on the bed got on her knees grabbed his meat and put as much of his big dick in her mouth as she could. She lovingly sucked the plum like it was her favorite hard candy. Then she paid special attention to the ridge underneath. She let her wet tongue slowly lick deep in the crevice while she jerked and squeezed him with one hand and rolled his balls between her fingers with the other. The plum made her gag but she sucked the length of his shaft hard, soon Abuelo began to fuck her face. She pulled him out of her mouth just as he started to cum and placed his fat dick head deep between her tits. She squeezed them tightly around his cock and milked him for every last drop of cum. For the finale she took one last long hard suck on his cock, and then slowly caressed the slit of his plum with one of her long, wet nipples. Back and forth, back and forth she rubbed the hard, wet nipple on his dick head until he was practically whimpering. She got up to press and squeeze each dripping tit into his mouth one more time, and then she hugged him goodnight.

"Hasta mañana Abuelo?" She asked in a whisper.

"Hasta mañana." He sighed.

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11-28-2012, 08:14 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
My name is Ramona and I am thirty-eight year old single mother. My husband had left me soon after our son's birth. Both of us were very young when we got married and we did not plan to have any children, at least not for a few years. But three months into our marriage I became pregnant. I was only eighteen and not ready for motherhood and I desperately needed his love and support. But he took one look at my bulging stomach, packed his bags and left. The divorce was finalized a year or so after. I've been alone with our son, Brian, ever since.

Brian has grown into a real Goliath. He is twenty years of age now and stands well over six feet and is as muscular as an ox. At times his size frightens me although he has never raised his voice at me. He has always been a good boy and helped me keep the house neat and tidy. He's now home from college for the summer break. He hasn't gone out very much and seems to be content to mope about the house. Something has changed in him although I can't put my finger on it. His mind's preoccupied with something but he won't tell me what's troubling him. He no longer entertains the notion of moving out and starting his own life, but lounges lazily about the house and waits for me to come home from work. He doesn't even get up any more to greet me, just mumbles something and follows me about with his eyes.

His eyes bore right into me, studying me from every angle. His eyes are always on me. When I leave the room he reappears at the end of the hall or my bedroom door. When I prepare super he chooses to stand on the opposite side of the counter so that he can see me. His constant stares are giving me the creeps. When I challenge him he defends himself by claiming that I was simply in his line of sight, mumbles something and stalks off to sulk. He is a good-looking guy, tall and muscular, and I'm sure that the girls in college are just nuts about him. He's had girlfriends, but for some odd reason his relationships don't last more than a few weeks. He won't talk to me about his problems. I realize that exams and the constant academic pressure on a kid can be demanding, but this seemed to be more than just stress. He was in a constant daze, his mind miles away. What was going on in his head?

I found out a few days later. I came home late from work that Friday. It had been month end at the firm and I was tired and exhausted. I thought a cool shower before bed would just hit the spot. I was surprised not to find Brian lounging on the living room sofa. He was home for the house was lit. But it was strangely quiet. I tossed my purse on the kitchen table and made my way to my bedroom. I opened the door and there he stood, causally leaning against the spare bathroom door. All he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts.

I'm always surprised when I see him for he hardly resembles his father who had been a slender, academic type. Brian, however, is six-foot-three and he is built like an ox. His tall, well-tanned upper body was bulging with muscles. He had arms the size of tree trunks! "Hello, mom. Long day?"

I was wearing a gray flannel pinstripe blazer with a matching skirt and a shiny, black silk blouse underneath. I saw his eyes widen at the sight of my black, sheer stockings and the high heels but was too tired to think much of it. "What are you doing in here?" I asked sleepily. I removed the blazer and draped it across the back of a nearby chair. I yawned and stretched my arms. His eyes lit up as my full breasts lifted and shook. "You know that you shouldn't be in here. This is my room remember?" I was used to his stupid stares and didn't really notice that his gaze was a little more lingering than usual. I was too tired.

"Goodnight, Brian." I brushed past him and entered the small adjoining washroom. I fluffed-out my dark chestnut hair that I had pinned back and gazed at myself in the mirror. My hair is full and wavy and flows a little past my shoulders in a cascade of thick waves. I have big, dark green eyes and a small, pouting mouth. My skin is fairly smooth and not too wrinkled. I try my best to stay as healthy and fit as possible, eat right and use very little cosmetics. At thirty-eight I have come to the stage in life where I am neither young nor old. I'm sort of in between and try hard to stay in shape before I start to sag all over. So far I've been lucky and have managed to keep my body lean and fit. I am five-foot-five and my 36-25-36 figure weighs-in at only 120lbs.

Admittedly, a lot of that weight can be contributed to my bust. I have a rather big and full one, a hefty 36DD. I am definitely not conceited, but I know that my firm and virtually sag-less breasts are the envy of many younger women. They are not silicone enhanced but they do tend to stick out on an even keel as if they were. My ex-husband and all my previous lovers have all been crazy about them and my luscious, dark mahogany-colored hair. Yet with these two attractive features and all the charm and ex appeal I can muster, I am unable to find a stable companion. Men did not seem to like the fact that I had the 'extra baggage'. As soon as they found out that I had a son they immediately thought that I was looking for a provider. They never called again. Now that Brian is older I am hoping to finally meet a man. I'm starting to dress a little more provocative, wear more mascara, bright lipstick and so on and really lay on the perfume. I thought Brian had left but he was still standing there. He turned and stared at me through the open doorway. I caught his reflection in the mirror and noticed how his eyes were travelling up and down my body. "You look real nice today, mom."

"Thank you." I gave him a little smile. "I'm tired, Brian, and I'm going to bed. Be a good lad and run along. I'll see you in the morning."

He didn't even hear me. "You look real sexy tonight. Very sexy. I like it. I like it a lot!" He slowly lowered his arms and blocked the door with his large body. His eyes were on my blouse now, staring at the bulges of my breasts straining against the thin material. He was almost licking his lips! I get enough of that from the men at work. But from my own son? "Get out of my room, Brian!" I barked at him. I suddenly had enough of his constant leering. It was giving me the creeps! I tried to shoo him out but he wouldn't budge. It was as if trying to push a wall. "You're not supposed to be in here anyway. You know the house rules. My bedroom is out of bounds!"

"No! No more!" He towered above me and I shrank back with sudden fear. "You can't order me about anymore, mom. I'm a grown man. And, if you haven't noticed, I'm the man of the house now. I make the rules and I do the ordering-about here! We're gonna have to do some changes around here." He was rather calm and quiet, yet very direct. He had a real no-nonsense look about him that scared me. He had obviously rehearsed this whole speech numerous times.

I couldn't believe my ears. "You're crazy! Get out of my room this instance!"

"No! I'm not leaving here until you have satisfied my needs. You are going to have to fulfill your womanly duties." He crossed his arms in front of his massive chest and glared at me. "Understand?" He thumbed across his shoulder, indicating the queen-sized bed. "That bed is no longer yours. From now on it will be ours!"

I was flabbergasted. I stumbled back against the little shower stall and clasped a hand against my mouth. "W-what? W-what did you say?"

"You know exactly what I said. Don't stall. I don't want this to be brutal---don't make me come and get you. I intend to have you---any way I can. But I'd prefer that you'd be conscious. Don't make this difficult." "Oh my God!" I was totally shocked. "Have you lost your mind?" He suddenly made an angry face, leaned forward and grabbed me by the right arm. I cried out as he spun me around and slammed me up against the wall. He pushed himself against me and pinned my arms at my sides. I let out a terrified scream. "Brian!" He was as strong as a gorilla! My full, conical and pointed breasts were almost squished flat. That's how roughly he shoved me up against the wall! "Let me go! You're hurting me!"

"Stop struggling, then." But I wouldn't. I was suddenly crazed with fear. Had he snapped? "Have it your way." He immediately cuffed each of my wrists with some kind of Velcro snap. He bound something between my wrists and although I could move my arms freely about behind me I was suddenly not able to bring them forward. He had strapped them together with some kind of belt. "Stop! Stop! You can't do this, Brian! I'm your mother! Think about the consequences. Do you honestly believe that I won't report you? This is incestuous rape!"

"Bah! We'll see about that!" I struggled and fought like a wildcat. I tried everything to get out from under his arms, even tried to climb up the wall and to catapult myself over his shoulders. Yeah---right! Nice try. He just pushed himself against me. I could feel his member ramming against my ass; feel it even through the heavy skirt. He was really turned-on! "Stop struggling, mom," he breathed into my ear. He slammed me once or twice against the wall and my breath was expelled with a loud whoosh. "You know that I'm a thousand times stronger than you. I don't want to hurt you. Just chill. Stay cool."

I couldn't scream or struggle anymore because I ran out of breath. I was gasping and wheezing. He grabbed me by the strap that bound my wrists and paraded me into the bedroom. I was half-limp and groggy and my legs slipped on the wooden floor. Ultra high-heels can be a real nuisance! I fell to my knees with a little shriek, my legs folding under me, crocked and bent like the legs of a newborn foal. "No! No! Let me go!" He slipped his arms under my armpits and lifted me up. My 120lb pound frame was no problem for him and he dragged me quite easily up to my bed. He fell onto the bed, leaned his back up against the brass headboard and drew me on top of him until I was lying across him, my head lolling against his left shoulder. I emitted a scream and tried to get off him but his hands went around me immediately. I kicked at him with my four-inch stiletto heels, trying to ram them into his calves. But he counter-acted quickly by wrapping his strong legs around mine, pinning me down. I struggled and whimpered in his arms. My son wanted to rape me! I was half dazed with fear. "Brian! Please!" He wrapped his arms tighter around me and nuzzled his face in my shoulder.

"Sssh. Don't think of this as rape, mom. Think of this as retribution. Do you want to know why?" He brushed his nose against my hair, guiding it away from my earlobe. He then teasingly pulled at my crystal-teardrop earring with his teeth. "Primarily because you neglected me. Did you hold me against your breast and nurse me? No. Some old hag fed me from a damn bottle. You owe me. I want to taste mother's milk, mom. And I'm prepared to suck on these until I do!" His two large hands suddenly slipped around my breasts. He cupped them and gave them such hefty squeezes that my black silk blouse was nearly pulled out from under the skirt and the buttons threatened to pop off. I struggled and tossed about. But the more I struggled the harder he mashed my breasts. So in the end I gave a sigh and let him fondle me. What could I do? He was a big boy and it was obvious that his mind was made up. There was no way in heaven that I would be able to fight him. My fate was in his hands.

He stopped his assault on my breasts and petted my hair. "That's it. Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. Did I tell you about the second reason? No? Can't you feel it?" I couldn't figure out what he was trying to tell me. My mind was in a whirl. He suddenly thrust his hips against me and I realized with a startled moan what he had meant. His penis was ramming up through my skirt! It had to be uncommonly large and stiff to poke a dent through my skirt like a tent pole. Man, he was raring to go! "Ah! Now you get it," he whispered into my ear. "I got a pretty big penis, mom, so big in fact that girls are really scared of it. As soon as I whip it out the chicks make a wild dash for the door! So you can imagine how horny I am, mom. I've never had it! I desperately need to get laid. I think it's only fitting that you, as a mother, should help me out with this problem."

"Y-You can't do this!" I spluttered. But he laughed and gave my breasts another squeeze. The thin, silky material of the blouse rustled like leaves as he massaged my large, firm breasts back and forth. Tears slowly trickled down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and let him fondle my breasts. His huge hands were amazingly soft and gentle. "Man! You have wonderful breasts!" Brian exclaimed. He squeezed them repeatedly, squishing the thin material of the blouse between his fingers. He then slowly unbuttoned the blouse half way and spread the lapels apart. I was wearing a black bra, one of those thin and seamless ones. "Oh shit, mom!" Brian groaned as his hands slid around the large, smooth cups. "I've always wanted to suck on these! Always!" I gasped as his hands gently slipped into my cleavage. Brian slowly traced he hems with a probing forefinger. He groaned as he teased his fingers under the hem of each cup. His probing fingers found the tips of my nipples and I emitted a startled shriek as he tickled them. "Brian! Please!"

He wrapped his left arm around me and held me tightly against him. His other hand traveled across my tummy. He started to hitch up my gray skirt! He drew it up my thighs until he had it wrapped around my waist. I sensed his body stiffen with pleasure as he exposed my lace garter belt and the black silk panty I was wearing underneath. He slipped his hand between my thighs and placed it gently against my crotch. I drew up my legs with a little moan of protest. It had been a mistake. The view of my sheer stockings with their lace hem and the thin garter straps that stretched across my hips, the shiny black pumps that dug holes in the mattress made him groan. "Oh!" I felt his hand cup my crotch and I shrieked. His hand was as huge as a frying pan. His fingers, each as thick as a sausage, started to dig into my pussy. He started to rub me, slipping the silk panty back and forth across my vagina. I shrieked and begged him to stop. But he wouldn't listen. His huge hand slipped across the silk bikini, sometimes a slow, a soft massage that sent tingles through me, and at other times so rough and fast that the panty was stretched far off my hips, exposing most of my pubic hairs. I struggled but he held me tight, his left arm clutching me right under the breasts.

Brian hugged me and buried his face in the nape of my neck. He began to lick and kiss me there, toyed with my earring and nibbled at my earlobe. Then his huge hand slipped under the panty! I groaned as his fingers brushed across my moist folds. He spent several minutes rubbing and caressing me there, then slipped one of his fat fingers slowly inside me. I moaned and arched my back. Oh! What a sensation! In and out he wormed it while the other fingers brushed against my clit. His huge finger felt like a penis and I almost came right there. But Brian knew just what to do to prolong the ecstasy. He withdrew his finger and started to toy with my exposed clitoris, flipping it back and forth. I moaned deeply and let him touch me wherever he wanted. I could not fight him now. Not that I wanted to! A burning desire shot through my body. Every nerve ending was tingling!

He suddenly let go of me and pushed me away from him. I rolled over with a gasp, my mind overwhelmed with mixed emotions. He slipped off the bed and fell to his knees on the floor, and suddenly his huge hands went around my ankles and he drew my hips level with the edge of the bed. I emitted a shriek. I couldn't move properly with my arms tied to my sides. I had no leverage. All I could do was flop around. He started to kiss my thighs, brushing his lips across the thin stockings. His large hands went around my hips and he started to rub the wet panty across my pussy lips with his huge thumbs while he nibbled on my legs. Then he started to plant wet kisses on the exposed flesh above my black silk stockings, slipping his tongue teasingly under the garter straps. His fat thumbs were moving rapidly across my pussy; kneading and rubbing my moistened lips so roughly that the silk panty was starting to irritate me. It may have been thin and smooth----but now it felt as if I was wearing sandpaper!

His hands closed around the hem of my panty. He was still staring at me. My hips bounced and I emitted a shrill shriek as the black panty was ripped off me. I saw it sail across the room and I froze with shock. And then he buried his face between my legs. I shrieked as his mouth closed over my pussy. He wrapped my legs around his shoulders and licked, kissed and slobbered over my wet folds. Up and down his tongue went. I was almost dizzy with pleasure. It felt so good. The previous orgasm that had slowly subsided was building up again and I could not help but to push my hips against him. And then suddenly he had his whole mouth over my labia. He chewed on it, sucking me deep into his mouth while his upper teeth raked across my swollen clitoris. I screamed and gyrated my hips. I was flopping up and down on the bed like a fish out of water. His gentle touch was suddenly being replaced by a maddening attack on my pussy! He bit, sucked, chewed and probed his tongue deep inside me, and suddenly I arched my back and shrieked repeatedly! Lightening bolts blitzed through my brain and I could hardly breathe. I came then, violently, hot cum soaking his whole face. Oh, thrust his face in there and lapped up every drop! I calmed down a bit and he slowly lifted his head. Long, silvery slivers of goo dangled from his chin and dripped off his forehead. He grinned at me. I threw my head back and started to weep again. This just wasn't happening! I so wished that I could move my arms to wipe away the sweat and tears, but my arms were securely bound to my sides and I couldn't budge them.

Brian rose and bent over me. He rolled me over and unzipped the back of my gray skirt. I struggled and kicked out with my legs, but with one fluid yank he slipped the skirt down my stocking-covered legs. He tossed it aside and rolled me on my back again. I started to plead with him.

"Oh, be quiet." He scooped his huge hands under my armpits and drew me up into a squatting position. "Spread your legs. Kneel." I struggled to get up on my knees; a difficult task without hands. He helped me a bit, slipping his hands under my thighs and spreading them apart until I was kneeling at the edge of the bed. He loomed before like some huge barbarian. Man, that boy was built! He suddenly shot out his arms, sank then into the partially undone blouse and ripped it open. I shrieked and my tits bounced. He pulled the blouse down my shoulders so that it lay wrapped around my waist. It dangled in the crock of my bound arms, the black silky material draping behind me like a veil. My sheer, seamless bra was now fully exposed. My large and forward-thrusting breasts lay cradled in the soft cups like over-ripe fruit. Brian stared at them with mouth agape. "Man! They're definitely big enough to produce gallons of milk! Oh, yeah! They're huge!" He lifted my chin with a finger and glared at me. "I'm gonna really enjoying sucking on those! I'm rather thirsty---I want lots of warm milk. You'd better not disappoint me."

"You know that's impossible," I shook my head. "Be reasonable!" But the boy merely grinned at me. "Then I'll have to stimulate you until it is possible." He pulled down his boxer shorts and exposed himself to me. My eyes widened with shock and I let out a long, drawn-out gasp. His penis was gigantic! It quivered in front of him like a utility pole and seemed already quite stiff and hard. It was the biggest penis I'd ever seen and I was suddenly horribly terrified. It must have been over a foot long and at least three inches in diameter. The massive, purple head was immense! "Oh my God!" I was practically foaming at the mouth, totally terrified. "Please!"

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11-28-2012, 08:15 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
But the boy wasn't going to be persuaded at all. He grinned at me and lifted his huge monster with his right hand and plopped it between my tits. I bent my head and stared cross-eyed at the huge head. He lifted it up until it was level with me face. "Kiss it, mom. Lick it. Suck it. Make it nice and wet. Remember: the wetter it is the easier it will go into your cunt! Now do as you're told!" He rammed the huge head against my lips. I shook my head with horror and made a gasping sound, my mouth opening and closing with shock. Brian was quick on the draw. He took the opportunity and slipped the massive head into my mouth. I gurgled and choked as it thudded into my mouth. I thought that my jaw was going to split! It was as big as an aerosol can! My eyes watered and I was close to gagging. My long, reddish brown hair was billowing around me and he had pushed parts of it into my mouth. Brian pulled his penis out and saliva dribbled down my chin. I coughed and sputtered, eyes wide with horror. He slipped his hands into my thick hair and gathered it up, forming a sloppy bun on top of my head, freeing my face from the dangling strands. He held my hair thus with one hand while he guided his huge penis against my lips again. "Suck it. And suck it good!" I squirmed and made a whimpering sound. But he pushed it hard against my teeth and I inadvertently opened my mouth in protest. In it slipped again. He held onto it with his free hand and guided it in and out of my mouth. He pushed, hard, and I suddenly had at least six inches of his huge penis thudding into my mouth. I gasped and choked! He started to worm it in and out, slowly and gently. Every push made my eyes water and made me choke. The huge head was now ramming against the back of my throat. I hoped to God that he wasn't thinking of ramming all twelve inches of it into my mouth. He would have killed me! But Brian was no fool. He knew just how much I could take before I was close to passing out. He held onto my head, pinning the hair up, and slammed his huge penis back and forth. It was so big that my teeth raked along his shaft with every thrust. But he didn't seem to mind. I couldn't even have chopped down on it in an act of self-defense for I had absolutely no leverage. He filled my mouth completely! He just groaned and shoved my head up and down on it. I couldn't breathe properly and the lack of oxygen was making me see stars.

It went on for nearly twenty minutes. Brian would pull out occasionally to allow me to breathe. Then he'd make me lick and kiss the entire shaft. He especially liked it when I ran my tongue around his huge, purple head. Pre-cum was dripping off of it, my mouth and my chin. Slivers of ooze just about dangled everywhere. And then he'd shove it back in and the torment would continue. And during all this time he never came. He was rock-hard all the time but I never saw him clench his face or make any extra-loud groaning sounds. He just moaned and yanked at my hair, at times so hard that I thought it would come off at the roots!

I was surprised when he pulled out after a while. A good half an hour had passed. He gazed at me for a moment, his hands still in my hair. Then he stepped up close to me and slipped his penis right under the bra, lodging the huge head between my large breasts. The bra almost tore apart as his massive head wormed underneath it. He removed his hands from my hair and cupped my breasts instead. He squeezed my breasts together; slamming them against his huge head, riding it up and down through the deep cavern my cleavage thus presented. My breasts were starting to ache from the constant rubbing sensation. And then he slipped his hands to the front of my breasts and started to tweak my nipples with thumb and forefinger. I groaned. He started to rub his big thumbs across them, continuously slipping the soft and sheer bra cups up and over my nipples. He never once touched my bare breasts----he attacked them through the soft material of the bra cups. He dug his huge fingers into my soft flesh and really pulled at my nipples. He then really pushed my breasts real close together and quickly jerked his swollen head between them while he maddeningly tweaked my nipples through the bra cups. He was giving my conical tits the full workout now and his huge, ovular head almost hit my chin with every push. His eyes never left my hefty breasts. Sweat poured from his forehead. And then he did finally give a groan, a deep-throated animal-like grunt that startled me.

"Aaagh! Oh baby---Yeah!" he exclaimed, his face a mask of ecstasy. Something hot and slippery splashed against the bottom of my chin. And then it hit me again. And again. His hot semen shot out of him as if fired from a cannon. Shot after shot thudded against my throat, chin and lower neck. The velocity of his ejaculations was amazing. Sperm ricocheted off me into all directions, every shot feeling like a bee sting. By the time he was finished I was totally drenched.

Brian pushed me backwards, and with a startled cry I fell back onto the bed. He scooped his discarded boxer shorts off the floor, crawled on top of the bed as well and pulled my bent legs out from under me. Then he straddled me. I eyed him with total shock and awe as his huge penis thudded and bumped against my right thigh as he climbed on top of me. It was immense! He took the shorts and proceeded wordlessly to wipe the goo off me. It took a few minutes, for the shiny goo was all over me.

He bent his head lower, scooped my breasts in his hands again and buried his face right into my cleavage. He was kissing and pecking the warm, conical flesh all over while he pushed and squeezed my breasts from the sides. And then he started to lick along the contours of the each black cup, moving from breast to breast, slipping his tongue under the hem. He kissed my breasts right through the soft, shiny cups, licking and kissing his way around, over and under them from all angles. He did this for awhile, seemingly content and happy to simply lick and kiss my breasts through the thin, black material. It was a gentle, soft and kinky kind of touch and it suddenly made me tingle all over. He removed his hands and slid them slowly under my back and unhooked the bra. He lifted his face off me and I squirmed under his weight and emitted a soft moan of protest when he drew the bra over my breasts. He folded the bra under my chin, exposing my naked breasts.

Then he cupped my naked breasts in his huge hands again, lowered his face and gently kissed the tip of my left breast. Then he gave the other one the same, soft kiss. I moaned and wiggled my fingers. Oooh! He kept kissing them; wet little smooches that made me shiver. I blew a strand of hair away from my left eye and suddenly arched my back and groaned as his tongue flicked across my right nipple. He was now licking and lapping at my nipples, moving slowly from breast to breast. An electric shock ran through my body as his lips touched my sensitive nipples. He jabbed, licked and kissed them and soon they stood stiff and erect.

Brian lifted his head and stared at me. "You know what I want, eh, mom? You better pray that I get it, too!" And then he closed his mouth over my right breast, stuffing the entire conical tip deep into his mouth. And he began to suck. He worked the tips of each breast with his lips, compressing the soft, sensitive flesh of my aureoles and jabbing at my nipples with his tongue. He attacked both my breasts for a good ten minutes each, sucking and chewing on them, drawing them deep into his mouth. I just lay there, moaning softly as he sucked on my breasts. After awhile he removed his face and stared at me with anger. Spittle was dripping from his chin. "Hey! What's the deal? Are you going to let your baby go hungry? What kind of mother are you?"

I spat at him. I was suddenly furious. "I haven't got any, you idiot!"

"'No?" He got off me and slipped between my legs instead. He pushed my thighs apart, threw my legs over his shoulder and slipped his hands under my ass. Before I knew it my buttocks were hoisted up off the bed. It had happened so fast. First I was lying on my back----then I was hanging from his shoulders, my back bent at a crazy angle. Brian thrust his face into my wet vagina again. But this time he was rough, vicious and brutal. He tore open his jaws and closed it over my entire gash. His teeth sank right into the soft, tender flesh. I shrieked! He was chomping and gnawing on me as if he was trying to eat his way through me! He sucked and chewed on it while he relentlessly bombarded my clit with jabs of his tongue. I couldn't help but toss about and shriek as he chewed on my cunt. His broad arms were clenched tightly around my waist, holding me against him. I was jack knifing and jumping about as I screamed and wailed, my wet pussy lips smearing goo all over his face. But he was unshakable. His mouth was clamped onto me like the jaws of an alligator and he wouldn't let go. Oh, he just wouldn't! His frenzied attack went on and on. And then I almost passed out from the stinging pain I suddenly felt. Brian had closed his teeth around my swollen clit and was yanking it back and forth! Not surprisingly, though, I experienced a wicked orgasm at the same time! Amongst my shrieks of pain and my gasping, orgasmic wails I could hear Brian suddenly coughing and sputtering as he choked on my torrent of cum.

Brian removed my thighs from his neck and tossed them back on the bed. He wiped the goo from his mouth, leered at me and positioned himself between my thighs. His huge cock was just dangling there, big and solid like a tree trunk. He placed the tip of his large, avocado-shaped head against my pussy lips. Oh my God! He was going to shove that gigantic thing in me! I nearly fainted at the thought of it. It had been in the back of my mind ever since he had pulled it out. During his attack on me, though, I was too preoccupied to think about it. I groaned with surprise as he slipped the massive head into me with one, quick shove. "Aaagh!"

Thankfully I was extremely wet. His huge, purple head was at least four inches long and three inches in diameter at the base----but it had slipped in without a hitch. It was only a second after, a mere second when a shock wave of tremendous pain hit me. I screamed with agony as I felt my pussy lips being expanded to an unimaginable width! He was splitting me apart! I lifted my head up and stared at the junction between my spread thighs. He only had the bulbous head of his cock in me-----and I felt as if I was being filled to the max already. Yet I could plainly see that a good ten inches of his thickly veined cock was still exposed! It was unbelievable. Surely he couldn't, wouldn't, put more of it in me. He did.

Brian pulled out and I sighed with relief. But before I knew it he had slipped it in again. It went in even easier this time and I emitted another groan as the tapered head spread my labia far apart. Brian leaned over me and started to jab his huge head in and out of me with quick thrusts. I could feel my vaginal sphincter groaning in protest. All my bones were creaking! And with every push he would thrust in another inch or so until he had about half of his huge cock inside me. "Oh, Christ!" the boy moaned. "You're my first woman!" He stared down at me and gave me a wicked grin. "I've never fucked before----I had no idea how wonderful this feels. I've missed out on a lot! Oh---you're gonna pay!"

It's no surprise that the girls he knew were scared of his huge cock. No wonder he was a virgin. No sane woman would willingly want that thing inside her! And now he was going to fuck me----most definitely repeatedly----until his lust and needs was fulfilled! I screamed in horror at the thought. "Stop! Let me go! Stop!"

"Shut up!" Brian pulled back until his head was almost out and thrust himself in again. I shrieked as his massive cock thudded into me. He began to hump me then, thrusting a good eight inches in and out of me with purposeful strokes. I groaned and moaned as every nerve ending was being stimulated simultaneously. His huge, fat cock was rubbing me raw! I tossed my head about and jack knifed my body. The pain was intense. I had never been spread so wide before. Yet at the same time I was experiencing the most exhilarating feeling ever. I now understood what people meant when they said 'it hurt's so good'! And it damn well hurt----it hurt plenty. I screamed in agony as Brian's huge cock suddenly slammed against the deep end of my pussy. No man had ever sunk in so far. And it whacked against me again and again, the bulbous head grinding against my cervix with every thrust. The pain brought tears to my eyes. Brian was grunting and groaning as he shoved his cock in and out of me. The pain was momentarily forgotten as a wicked orgasm swept through my body. It was unreal. I started to wail and to urge him on. I trashed about so madly that my hair was flailing about me, so much so that my normally stiff tits were actually bouncing about. "Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh!"

Brian suddenly stopped. Sweat was pouring from his face. He pushed my thighs apart and crept higher up on me, his knees almost level with my chest. He still had his cock buried in me and it was starting to swell. He was nearing climax and it was growing thicker and thicker! I felt my muscles contract as his huge cock expanded my pussy walls even wider. I groaned and eyed him with horror. And then he pushed slowly into me. I experienced another violent orgasm as his huge head ground against my cervix. Brian grabbed my head in both hands and lowered his face. And then he was kissing me. He crushed his mouth brutally against mine and started to push his immense cock deeper into me. He jabbed and jabbed, our bodies sliding along the bed with every one of his powerful thrusts. My screams died in my throat. He was stretching me wide open and I could actually feel my cervix groaning and creaking as his huge cock spread the muscles apart! And then, with one final thrust, he was through. An amazing orgasm swept through me as his head lodged against the back of my womb. He was stimulating every single nerve ending deep inside me. His cock was brushing against nerve endings I didn't even know I had! Brian pulled out and slid it in again, this time riding all of his gigantic cock in to the hilt. I screamed but his mouth stifled my screams. He began to rock his huge cock in and out of me, slamming through my cervix with every push. Every time his cock thudded into my womb, his large, hairy balls slammed against my crotch. He was in all the way!

Brian lifted his head up and growled like an animal. He cupped my sore breasts in his hands and squeezed and mashed them. And then he really fucked me like I've never been fucked before. He would lift his ass high up off my body and slam down again, his fourteen-inch cock thudding into me like a jackhammer. It went on and on. At first it hurt like hell. Then the most wonderful sensation overtook me. I am not usually all that verbal in bed, but for the first time in my life I squealed and shrieked like a porno queen! "Aieeee! Aieeee! Yes! Yes! Aieeee!" I was enveloped in a continuous orgasmic wave. I was half-delirious! And the Brian screwed his eyes shut. He grunted; a deep animal grunt, and off-loaded his sperm deep inside me. Gallons of his hot spunk erupted inside me, continuously splashing against the back of my womb. Pft! Pft! Pft! It just wouldn't stop. The force of his ejaculations thudding against the most sensitive skin brought me over the edge. I wailed and tossed my head about and thrashed my hips up and down on the bed. My orgasmic convulsions were so violent that my thrashing hips actually lifted his 220lbs body off me! And then Brian withdrew from me, drawing large amounts of sperm and pussy juice out with him. It just sloshed out of me like a waterfall, leaving a tremendous stain on the bed sheet. He got off me and wiped the sweat form his brow. "Man! I'm just crazy about you're body. You may be my mother, but you're also the hottest babe I've ever seen. I've always wanted to do this." He shook his cock and another large amount of sperm was flung across the room. I stared at him for a second, then let out a horrifying wail. But the bastard just stood there, grinning evilly at me. "All this fucking has made me thirsty! I do hope that you've finally produced some milk."

I lay there moaning. He bent over me, scooped me off the bed and crushed me against him. He carried me over to the wooden chair in the corner and plopped me down on it, pinned my arms behind the back of the chair and spread my thighs far apart. My black, sheer silk stockings were blotched with ugly stains. I groaned again as he fell to his knees in front of me. And then his hands and his mouth were on my tits again. In this position my firm breasts were just thrusting forward, the pointed tips with their swollen nipples inches from his face. There was hardly any sag and he did not have to scoop them up or lift them. His mouth closed over the left one and he began to suck. Then he attacked the other one. He sucked and chewed on them for a long time while I wailed and begged him to stop. My poor nipples were extremely sore already and the constant pressure from his mouth and lips was making me dizzy. His sucking was in vain----my tits were naturally dry.

Brian removed himself from me. The tips of my breasts were deep red and covered with teeth marks, the nipples hugely swollen. I cried as I saw them. "You're a horrible mother," Brian exclaimed. "It's no wonder that my father left you. You just don't listen!"

He pulled me off the chair, spun me about and unfastened the Velcro cuffs and the little strap that had bound me. "I'm hungry." He stared at his watch. Already a good three hours had passed since his initial attack on me and it was now almost two in the morning. "Go make us some sandwiches," he ordered. I stood there, shivering and quaking. I could hardly stand let alone walk. I was sore all over. "Oh God," I stammered. I felt as if drugged and all I could think of was a hot shower and much needed sleep. Oh, I could sleep for hours! I hitched the blouse up my shoulders and draped it about me. I stumbled into the kitchen, my mind numb. My actions were purely based on instinct----I knew where everything was and I managed to pull plates out of the cupboard without dropping them although my hands were shaking like leaves. I was in a complete daze.

Brian leaned against the kitchen table. I suddenly had enough and grabbed a pot off the counter and hurled it at him. "Leave me alone, you bastard!" I wasn't thinking properly and it did not occur to me that Brian was able to really hurt me. He ducked, vaulted over the table and launched himself at me. I shrieked and darted to the side. I skidded on my high heels and he grabbed me by the arm and flung me against the table. "I wanted a sandwich!" he hissed at me. "You can't give me any milk and now you refuse to feed me! Man! You're a glutton for punishment!"

He shoved me face down across the kitchen table and slammed my thighs apart. He grabbed me and slipped his hands under the silky blouse. His big hands were clenched tightly around the black and lacy garter belt that hugged my hips. And them he lunged forward, burying his massive cock deep inside me with one, brutal thrust. I screamed in agony as his huge cock thudded through my sore cervix again. My fingernails left a deep gash on the surface of the wooden table, marring the waxy surface. He left most of his long cock inside me and started to jab me, slamming the bulbous head repeatedly past my cervix, driving his balls against me with every thrust. Our bones creaked and the table shook. This wasn't fucking----this was pure torture! It was a wicked, jackhammer pounding that he gave me, banging his balls against me and slamming my head against the table top with every push. He wasn't fucking my pussy----he was fucking my womb! His massive cock was not sliding through my pussy like before. He stood high above me, his chest crushed against my back, pounding his bulbous head continuously through my cervix. I felt absolutely no pleasure from this at all. I just screamed and shrieked like mad. Jab! Jab! Jab! The pain was so intense that I nearly passed out. The back of my womb was being subjected to constant jabs, his huge head slamming deep into me like a sledgehammer. That boy had energy like you wouldn't believe. He sank his hands into my hair and yanked at it brutally, arching me off the table. He yanked at my hair in perfect unison with his jerking hips. It went on and on. A good half an hour of this torture must have passed before he suddenly grunted and shot of another load deep inside me. I already had a fair amount of his voluminous sperm sloshing about inside my womb, and now he added another gallon of it! I felt my stomach swell!
"I said that I wanted a sandwich! Now stop messin' about and do as you're told!" He pulled out his massive cock. Sperm and pussy juice was dripping out of me in large amounts and I could hear it splatter on the floor under my feet. "And clean this goddamn mess up!"

Well, I made him his lousy sandwich. At least it kept him busy for awhile. I stumbled into the bedroom, clawing at the walls for support. My legs were giving out on me and I teetered as if drunk. I was hurting all over. My entire vagina was burning and stinging and my breasts were aching and throbbing. I fell onto the bed and wept. I had almost fallen asleep when Brian crawled on top of me again. He spun me around, tore the silky blouse lapels apart and buried his face in my cleavage. I groaned in agony as his mouth closed over my left breast. He spent a good half an hour sucking, chewing and squeezing them while I lay there, half-comatose. And he really pulled and nibbled on my nipples. They were now at least three quarters of an inch long, thick and fat, sticking out from the center of each aureole like pinkies. They looked like pieces of raw beef; pink and sinewy, soft and juicy. They were throbbing and jerking about as if they were an entity on their own. "You'd better start producing some milk soon," Brian muttered as his mouth moved across my breasts. "I'm dying of thirst."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I groaned. How long was this damn torture going to last? It lasted all of three days. His initial attack had begun on Friday night and it lasted until Monday morning. During those three, long days and nights, Brian hardly got of me. He would suck on my breasts like a man possessed; lick and suck my pussy and fuck me with his immense cock over and over again. I don't know where he got all that energy. And until this day I do not understand how he could have remained so rock–hard all the time and how he could cum repeatedly, and that which such volume. He had a tremendous reservoir of sperm in his balls! Every twenty minutes or so he would mount me and slam that huge thing in and out of me, depositing vast amounts of sperm deep inside me, right in front of my ovaries! Although I knew that by going in so deep he had made me pregnant numerous times over, it felt as if I was with child already! A gallon of his sperm was sloshing about deep inside my womb and my stomach had really swelled. It went on all through the weekend. Both of us did not get any sleep whatsoever. I was totally exhausted. Every time I thought that the ordeal was finally over he would pounce on me again, his cock stiff and raring to go. He fucked me from every position: lying on my back; from behind; me on top of him or me up against the wall etc. etc. And he kept on humping me. I was now in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Wave after wave swept through me until I was on an orgasmic high! I was experiencing a continuous climax that lasted hours! I couldn't breathe and I couldn't think anymore. I was in orgasmic heaven.

And you know what? I had actually started to produce milk in my mammary! The constant fucking, the continuous rubbing of his tremendous cock against the walls of my womb had stimulated some kind of a hormonal response. Early Sunday morning while I lay there, gasping and wheezing, my son Brian half-asleep next to me, his cock wedged against my left thigh, I felt a sudden throbbing in my breasts. I stared down at my sore breasts and realized with a start that they had really swelled in size. My firm, forward-thrusting 36DD breasts had grown into a much fatter and even more conical 38E bosom, the nipples immensely fat and huge. I cupped them slowly and gave a start as something white and sticky started to ooze from both nipples. Milk!

I gave Brian a nudge. His eyes were as huge as pancakes as soon as he caught sight of my swollen breasts. I giggled, suddenly deliriously happy. Brian pounced on me and shoved my tits into his mouth. Oh, he sucked them like he never sucked them before. He was cooing like a baby as he sucked the milk into his hungry mouth. A fantastic orgasm swept through me as he sucked me dry, relieving me of the terrible pressure I had felt in my swollen breasts. It took him nearly an hour to suck me dry, and then we both fell asleep in each other's arms. It was weird, but I was suddenly wonderfully content and permanently on cloud nine. I have never been fucked like this before. What an experience!

Needless to say, I no longer harbor any ill feeling towards my son. We fuck every night and I have to admit that I have grown to adore his huge cock. I have experienced the best sex a woman can imagine. I am now a willing participant! He doesn't have to tie me down anymore. When I come home from work I immediately dash off to the bedroom for our daily exercise. Brian is always ready. He has amazing strength and endurance. He has dropped out of college just to be with me. It is an incestuous match, disgusting and vile, but Brian has finally found a woman that he can be comfortable with. He had trained me well, spreading me wide open for his huge cock. I, on the other hand, can't do anything but be his willing partner for I certainly can not be satisfied by any other man. Not with the loose and stretched pussy I now have! Only his cock will. Brian is mine and I am his!

I have given birth three times since then. It has always been at home, Brian acting as midwife. As soon as I was able to walk again we would bring the child to a hospital or church, always in the dead of night, leaving the baby comfortably wrapped in a blanket inside a crate or a box. Naturally we chose a different hospital every year as to not arouse any suspicions.

I am constantly pregnant. Therefore I have a continuous supply of milk and Brian just loves to milk me dry. The yearly births are no longer painful. The babies just plop out and I hardly experience any pain. It's a yearly nuisance but I have grown to live with it. We are both content.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
My little sister, if you could call a 13 year old girl who wears a C cup bra little, and I were very close. We shared everything. She would tell me about her desires and fantasies and I would tell her mine. We didn't actually have sex back then, not really, I mean I never actually stuck my cock in her pussy, though we did rub them together quite frequently, her pussy and my cock that is. We would masturbate each other or watch each other masturbate as we would relate our fantasies or she would tell me about her experiences with boys.

I never got jealous, she always made sure that I was satisfied, and I her, so we didn't have anything to get jealous about. She told me of the time she let the first boy touch one of her titties, other than me of course, she had shared them with me since before she even developed large nipples. But, it was totally erotic for me to listen to her talk about this boy as she stroked my cock with her smooth little hand.

"He's was so cute. I have had a crush on him forever. I would let him kiss me, sometimes I initiated it, sometimes he would very slowly lean toward me to see if it was okay for him to kiss me. I never refused him. So one day I notice that he is staring at my shirt. I look down to see if I had something spilled on it that he was looking at and I notice that my nipples were sticking out. Well, I had worn that blue bra, the one that is very thin, you can see through it, the one you like, and when my nipples got hard the bra was not thick enough to keep them from pushing out the front of my blouse. At first I was kind of embarrassed and know that I blushed just a little. But then I looked down and saw that his pants were sticking up from the hard-on that he had.

Well, I started feeling a bit sexy, I mean I was already turned on from our kissing, so I sort of wiggled my shoulders back and forth like this and I thought his eyes were gonna pop out. Yes, that's okay, you can unbutton my blouse, yes, and pull down, no, here let me do it, there, now just pull off my bra, that's right. Oh, yes, I love when my nipples get so hard and you touch them. Anyway, where was I, oh, yes, was holding your cock like this and telling you about my date.

Anyway, oh, yes, lick the nipple too, and the other one! So Jim, my date is staring at my nipples as I sway my shoulders back and forth, not very far, just enough to sort of make them jiggle. I didn't have my blouse buttoned all the way to the top. I mean, my titties were not sticking out, but he could see just the tops of them and maybe a little bit down the middle, yeah, my cleavage, since he is a bit taller than I. So I casually reach up with my right hand we were in the car and he was holding my left hand. And I start to unbutton my blouse another button. Well he just sat there and stared at where my hand was and it was like I couldn't stop. I just undid another one then another, keeping my eyes on his while he watched my hand. It was funny ya know, watching his eyes move like there a string attached from my hand to his eyeballs.

So, before I realize it, I had all my blouse totally unbuttoned. I sort of looked down at myself and realized that even though you still couldn't see much, my blouse stayed mostly closed, that there was not much left for him to see these titties. I almost lost my nerve until I looked back a his eyes then down at his crotch, and I figured what the heck, why not, what have I got to lose, he'll either like them or I will get a reputation as a slut.

I pulled the right side of my blouse enough to expose my right tit still encased in the bra. Well, as you saw, and know, this bra does not hid much. So he was getting a pretty good eyeful, that's not what I meant silly, I know they are large for my age, but they're not that big. Oh, keep licking and I'm gonna pull your dick right off. You're gonna pay for teasing me when I'm done with this story! Of course you can take my panties off, geez, it isn't as if you haven't seen all of me before.

So anyway, I pulled my blouse way away so's he had an unobstructed view of my bra encased right titty with it's nipple threatening to bust right out of my bra. Well, he just stared, didn't give me any real indication of whether he liked it or not. Right then I was thinking about us, and knowing how you still react to seeing my titties, I figured, correctly as it turns out, that this was the fist time he had ever seen any and that he was just so totally amazed the he couldn't have talked if he had wanted to.

Oh, yes, keep playing with my pussy and nipple, he got me so hot, and I didn't want to go too far with him all at once so I am about as horny as I've ever been.

Well, I took his hand and placed it over my bra, but I could feel part of his hand on my bare titty that part that sticks up over my bra, and it felt so good. He started kissing me, sort of squeezing my tit, not too hard, but firmly, and it was feeling so good, I just left his hand there and put my arm up and around his neck and held him into our kiss, his tongue searching for mine as he fondled my titty. My poor pussy was getting so hot, I wanted to take my jeans off and get his hand at least down there and get me off. But, I didn't want to scare the poor guy. But I did need a little more stimulation.

When we broke the kiss I moved my hand up under his on my titty, he pulled his hand back like I was pushing him away and pulled my bra down. Now he really did stare, my nipple was sticking out so hard, just like it is right now, yes, suck it, that's what I had him do. I put my hand up on the back of his neck and pulled his head down to my nipple and stuffed it right in his mouth. I don't think he was used to that cause he didn't lick it like you are doing right now, yes, lick it, here I cum, ooo, yes, flick my little clitty at the same time, yes Donny, that's right make me cum!

After letting him suck on my nipple for a little while, I gently pushed his head back up, pulled my bra up, slowly, letting him enjoy the sight of me stuffing that thing back in my bra, then buttoned up my blouse and softly said, 'that's it, show's over for today, besides, I have to get home, I'm gonna be late.'"

When she finished her story, she slid down, dragging those hard nipples that I had been playing with down my chest, my stomach, wiggled them around my cock just a little, and slid on down, plastering those beautiful tits of her on my thigh and engulfed my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked until she got my full load right in her mouth. After she was finished she looked up into my eyes, licked all the jizz off my cock and smiling sweetly at me says, "thanks."

Thanking me, she was thanking me for such a wonderfully erotic story and sucking me off? Wow, don't you wish she was your sister? She non-ceremoniously got up from my bed, still naked and walked down the hall to her room, blowing me a kiss goodnight and a quick, "love ya bro."

I loved it when she shared those moments with me, especially when she was stroking my cock at the same time, a woman can tell me most anything as long as she is stroking, sucking or fucking my cock. She would always take her titties out for me to play with, still does, and we are much older now and usually let me play with her pussy as long as it wasn't "that" time of the month.

The next story I recall was when she was about 14 or so, some time after the story I just related to you. She had come home from a date all flushed, her face almost beet red, rushed into my room, almost ripped off her blouse, her titties had grown to almost a D cup by then, plopped down on my bed, shoved a nipple in my mouth and ordered, "suck and don't stop till I tell you to." As if I ever did, I mean, l love titties, not just like, but love them and my sister's were two of the most fantastic ones ever.

While I was getting settled in on her titty, raising my hand to hold, fondle, stroke and generally play with the offered treat, she got my pants undone, pulled them down to well past my knees and proceeded to stroke my cock with her soft gentle hands.

"Guess what I did tonight, you'll never guess, yes, just keep licking my nipple and playing with my titty, no, not my pussy tonight," as she gently pushed my hand away, "now listen.

I went out for a drive, I really wasn't headed anywhere, just wanted to be out alone. I know, I told mom I had a date, but I didn't want to explain a whole bunch of stuff, so I made up having a date. Well, I was going by the drive in when I saw this guy on a motor cycle, well you know how much I love motor cycles, and this was a neat one, shiny red, candy apple, all shiny with a jet black seat with stripes on it, sort of like a cob web, just really neat. So I pulled in and parked right next to it. Well the guy had just gotten there and not taken off his helmet, or gloves, anything where I could tell what he looked like, except he was big. I mean big, he must have been 6' 6" at least, and built, I could tell that. His chest looked like it was 40" with very slim hips, just the way I like a man to look. As I was admiring his body, he sort of turned his head toward me and looked in the passenger window as he started to remove his helmet like he was eyeballing me too.

Yes, I had my blouse sort of unbuttoned, you know how I like to wear it when I'm out alone, almost half unbuttoned so you can see the top of the center of my bra and my cleavage looks like it goes clear to my belly, anyway, so he was sort of staring at my chest, and yes, I admit, I might have wiggled my shoulders just a bit, sort of like this. Oh, that feels good, my nipple bouncing all over your face. Oh, all right, I'll continue.

Well as he was getting his helmet and face mask pulled up I notice that he is black, not dark brown, I mean full blown ace of spades black! His eyes were huge, they were staring a hole right in the middle of my chest, I sort of looked down, you know that little cutesy look that turns you on, that look that says, 'hey, I've got tits and I can, and will, do anything I want with them,' that look.

Still staring at my titties in my gaping blouse, he walked over, leaned way down and said 'hello little girl.' Ooh that got me, you know how I hate to be called 'little girl.'

'I'm not a little girl,' I responded, 'I'm a full grown up woman, I'll have you know.'

'Oh, yeah, how old are you?"

"I'm old enough to rattle your cage,' boy I was feeling really spunky about then, besides he had my juices flowing, for some reason I was getting really turned on by his look and his size, guess what I was wondering about that time? Yeah, I know, you know me too well, yes, was wondering if his cock fit the rest of him!

His eyes stayed on my chest so I decided to tease him a little. 'See something down there you like?'

'Well, yes, now that you bring it up, but then, from here it's a little difficult to tell, and you are pretty much covered up.'

Covered up? Geez, they were almost hanging out it the open now, the way I was sitting had pulled my blouse a little more open and I'm sure he could see right down inside my bra.

'Whatcha want me to do about it,' now I was stepping in deeper than I might have wanted to.

'Well, you could open that blouse up and show me a little more of what you're hiding.'

'Hiding, I ain't hiding nothing. You can almost see everything that is down there already.'

'Yeah, almost, but what about the parts that aren't showing, hey, maybe there are scars from having some kind of augmentation, ya know?"

Know he had my ire up, augmentation indeed! So now I had to prove that your favorite little babies are totally real, natural, and in need of some further attention.

'Well,' I countered, 'I'll tell you what, take me for a ride on that little bike,' yes, I actually struck his great big ego and called his motorcycle a little bike, 'and maybe you'll see all of them you want to see, unless you're chicken that is, or afraid of a 'little girl.''

That did it.

'Okay, come on out of that tin bucket and lets for a ride.'

I got out, stretched so's it would look like my legs were even longer than they were, and while my back was to him unbuttoned another button on my blouse. I walked around the car and went up to his bike. He was still standing by my car like he was trying to make up his mind or something.

'Well, are you coming or do I have to get back in my car and go home by myself?"

He started toward that bike then, flung his leg over and motioned for me to get on. While I was getting settled, snuggling up to his back, he put his helmet back on, fired that thing up and started backpedaling to get us out of the parking spot.

Oh, the vibration of that bike was hitting right on my clitty, I leaned more into him, trying to get more contact with my clitty on the seat, it felt like a giant vibrator right between my legs. I wanted to feel more skin as he pulled out on the road so I reached up and unsnapped then unzipped is leather jacket. He had nothing on under it, just bare black skin. What a sight we must have made going down the road on that bike. My lily white hands on his bare black chest, right then I didn't care.

I could feel my skirt sliding further up my legs. I could almost feel the eyes of drivers going by looking at me, and I wanted them to see more. For a second I let go of his chest and reached back to unbutton my blouse the rest of the way, when I got it undone I reached down and pulled my skirt up to my ass, the crotch of my white panties showing. Then I reached back around him and put my hands in his lap, searching for his zipper, by then we were going pretty fast down the highway, heading out of town. I found his zipper and pulled it down, snaked my hands inside and was oh, so surprised and pleased. His cock was so nice and big, not quite fully erect, since it was choked all up in his tight pants. But once I had it out in the open, stroking it with my hands, it grew, oh so nicely it grew, how I love that feeling of a cock stiffening in my hand or my mouth knowing I made it all hard and excited.

All of a sudden he slowed down, coming almost to a stop then pulled off the highway onto a back road. The moon was pretty full so I could make out most of the trees lining the side, a pretty road, and you know I love trees. We went for just a few minutes then he pulled over into what looked like a drive way and stopped the bike. There were no houses around anywhere, and for a second I was sort of nervous. But, he soon got me even more excited.

He got off the bike and almost pulled me with him. He stared at my titties, now only by this half bra that I love. He saw my nipples sticking out, beckoning him to come over a little closer and touch them. He just stood there and stared, that gave me a little more courage.

'Well, ya just gonna stare at them, or are ya gonna come over here and play with them. They want ya too ya know? To play with them, they like lots of attention, see how they stick their little noses up to be noticed? Won't you help my little babies, they need a big strong hand to hold them gently, to stroke them, to love them, to tease them, then ya know what their owner will do?'

He moved a little closer, I'm not sure he was ready for a teenage girl to be so naughty and talk so dirty to him.

'What does it make their owner want to do,' he finally got out?

'Well, it makes her want to suck your big old black cock, would you mind? I like cock, see how big it makes my nipples get, all hard, and pointy, and tasty, just to see your cock sticking out of your pants and thinking of sucking it, and, if you're very, very nice to my nipples, I might even put that big old black cock of yours right here in my pussy.'

I had let go of my titties and reached down to pull up my skirt and stuffed my hands down inside my panties to pull them away so's he'd have an unobstructed view of my nicely shaved little white pussy. Oh, yes, Donny, that's it, lick my titty, ooo, move closer, I want your cock right up next to me, here, let me pull up my skirt, there, now I can put your cock against my leg while you play with my titties.

He got pretty excited then, moved right up to in front of me, as he did, I pushed my panties down so my pussy would stay naked and visible. I reached down for his cock just as he reached for my titties, one in each hand, and grabbed his cock and pulled it so that it was just touching my naked pussy. I played with it, stroked it, wishing it was broad daylight so's I could see every detail of his cock and chest. And that he could see all of my naked body. Donny, I was so hot then that I thought my pussy'd melt steel, much less his cock.

'You sure know how to treat a cock, where did you learn so much and be so young?'

'From my brother,' yes, I said that to him, 'he taught me what men like.'

'Well, he sure has taught you well.'

He bent over to lick my nipple, then he put one in his big ole mouth, I swear he could almost swallow my whole titty at one time, it felt so good, he licked the nipple as he sucked and I could feel my pussy just a creaming and I could feel pre-cum leaking out the end of his cock. Oh, Donny, I was getting so hot. All the time his other hand was playing with my other titty.

I kept playing with his cock, rubbing that leaking fluid all over her lips, it felt like velvet by now, his oiled up cock head and my pussy lips, and I would bump it against my clitty sometimes making it feel like sparks just flying everywhere.

I pulled my titties back away from him, he gave me a sort of dirty look, till I started sliding down to my knees, I kept his cock right up against me as I slid down, feeling our mixture of sticky fluids all up my belly, bumped it against the bottoms of my tits, then rubbed it all over my nipples, you know how I love that.

Instead of putting in my mouth right away, I played with it like I do yours sometimes, I rubbed it against my neck, then my chin, all over my face, never once taking my eyes off him.

'You like that, big ole black man, you like to see this black monster on my white skin? Do you want me to be naughty with it? Want me to suck it? Put this nasty thing in my mouth and lick it? Huh? Do you? I will, you know? I like cocks, I like to play with them. Here watch! I'm gonna stick out my tongue and then I'm gonna lick that nasty juice off the end and swallow it, right here in my mouth.'

As I was saying all of this I kept sticking out my tongue, sort of pointy like this, then I would touch it to the end of his cock. Oh, Donny, it was so erotic, can't you just see me, kneeling in front of this very big black man and licking his pee hole? I loved it, I was so fucking horny right then that I would have let a pack of dogs gang fuck me!

Well, I finally gave in and slid as much of that cock in my mouth as I could, and I could not get even half of it in and could still get both of my tiny little hands on it. I licked it, sucked it, slid it in and out of my mouth. He had me drooling. The whole time he was breathing really heavy, so heavy that for a minute I was afraid that he might blow a gasket then I'd have to walk back to my car!

After a bit, my pussy was just too hot to let him cum in my face, maybe another time, but tonight I wanted to see how much of that thing I could get in my pussy and fuck.

I backed off letting his cock flop back down out of my mouth, it hung almost to my titties, and started to get up off my knees. He actually reached down, one hand under each arm and just hauled me up off my knees and pressed me right up smack totally plastered to his body. Oh, that felt good. While he had me up he carried me toward his bike. Still holding me by my arms, he sad down and poised my pussy right over his cock. I reached down to grab hold of it and as he gently and slowly lowered me, I aimed that big old thing right there, right in my pussy hole.

The first contact of that cock on my hole sent jolts through me like the first time we fucked. It felt fantastic. I was gonna live out one of my fantasies, I was gonna fuck a great big old black cock, as strangers at that, I didn't even know his name, and I still don't.

Well, he gently let me slide down that pole a little at a time, I have never before, or since, felt so full of cock. It just kept on coming, felt like I was sliding down a telephone pole, that's what it felt like. A telephone pole going up my poor little pussy. That's why I don't want you to touch it tonight, it's sore, he really reamed me out. But, it felt so good. For a minute I didn't think I could do it, but he waited, stopped right there, let me get used to it, then he continued when I nodded that I was ready.

We finally got all of it in me, Donny, it felt so damn good, I wanted it to last and last, oh, yes, play with my nipples and me remembering, I'm gonna cum again...ohhh, yes that feels good.

He left it in me for a minute, then he started dirty talk to me.

'There little white girl, how's that feel, how's it feel to have a big old black cock stuffed up your little old white pussy? You like that? You like a big old nigger to fuck you, like this,' when he said that, he raised me up just a little then slammed me back down on his hard cock?

Yes, Donny, I liked his cock, and we fucked, it felt like seconds, but I'm sure it was longer than that, and the, I felt it coming, that black baby maker grew some more and then, it started spitting juice up inside me where I'd never felt anything before. It came out in such force that I was afraid that it was gonna come out the top of my head. I started bucking, fucking and writhing on that thing until I felt the most tremendous orgasm in my pussy making it squeeze his cock till he almost yelled. I milked that thing with my cunt muscles until I had every last drop of his ball juice right up inside me, touch me gently, you can still feel how wet my panties are and that was over an hour ago.

Oh, now let me have your juice Donny, I want to rub yours on my titties, let me be slutty tonight, can I? I want to feel your sticky stuff on my face and titties and sleep that way, full of his cum and yours all over the outside. Come on bro, let me have your juice, please, help your little sister out, will you, she likes being your slut and telling about the slutty things she does. Come on, give it to me, empty those balls all over me, please."

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
That baby talk does it every time, yup, I gave it to her, wouldn't you, my cock juice just where she wanted it, guiding my cock to squirt some on her face and all over her titties. When I was done squirting she used my slowly deflating cock to rub it into her skin, "it's good for my skin you know, makes it soft and silky," and she did have soft and silky skin.

"When we finished, I took his cock back in my mouth and cleaned it all up before putting it back in his pants. I did leave my panties on his bike handle bars and my shirt open and flapping in the breeze, my bra still pulled down exposing my titties as we rode his bike back to my car."

Damn, I do love her stories! And what better way to listen to them then with her playing with my cock making me cum at the end.!

My next most memorable encounter with my little sister, yes, encounters are good terms for them. Came some years later, she found a man that could handle her sexuality, her openness and knew that she and I got together periodically and had sex in some fashion. He loved her, was not jealous, 'hell, Donny, I get all the sex I need from her, and maybe more, and she can damn sure tell a story," don't I know it?

Anyway, shortly after she had her first baby she had asked me to come visit and meet my new niece. I agreed, had a little vacation time coming, no, I never married, and took off for their house.

They had a nice house, her husband worked something in electronics and computers, so they had a decent income and she would do books for him occasionally, to supplement her "mad" money.

The baby was about 2 months old when I arrived and looked healthy as a horse. She had the eyes and skin of her mother, with a bit more size like her father, he was a pretty big man, tall, not fat. I got in fairly late in the evening so I went straight off to bed, it was like a 16 hour drive.

The next morning I woke up and wandered off toward the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Sis was there sitting in a chair, her blouse all open and the baby propped up to one of her tits. "Dang sis, you could have warned a guy."

"Oh, get off it, you've seen them a hundred thousand times, they're just tits."

"Just tits, my ass, those things have never been just tits, and now they look twice as big."

"Well, they are full of milk you know, that happens when a woman has a baby and breast feeds, ya know?"

"Now how many times do you think I have been around a married woman who has a kid sucking on her tits?"

"If you got married and had babies you would."

I decided to leave that one alone, she and I have talked about me and marriage and having kids. Ain't that I'm against kids, just don't care to have any of my own, and now that she had one I could always borrow it when I got really bored. Right!

Anyway, I got some coffee and sat beside her watching the baby suck away, that brought back a lot of memories of me sucking the same titties. I could feel myself start to get hard watching them.

"Take it out, I want to see it."

"Huh, take what out, what in heck are you babbling about," I was playing dumb?

"Your cock, silly, take it out for me, my hands are full, please?"

"What would my niece think if I do that?"

"She's a baby, how's she gonna know, fool? Take it out, or do I have to put her down and come over there and do it myself?"
My philosophy is never argue with a woman who has her titties fully exposed, she never just took one of them out at a time, she always opened up both sides of her nursing bra, "helps them breathe," and is telling you to take your cock our for her. So I didn't, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them open enough to get my cock out in the open.

"Now slide over here closer to me, I want to be able to feel that thing." So I did, slide over until our legs were touching. She had on some sort of dress, buttoned up the front, the top unbuttoned to gain access to her mild filled tits for my niece to have breakfast. As I got close enough she reached down into my lap and started to fondle and stroke my cock.

I looked down, watching my niece suck on that titty and seeing just a bit of mild dripping from the other nipple. "It does that when it's either really full of milk or when I get excited, and right now I'm both. Reach over here and wipe it off for me before it gets the baby and me all wet, would you?"

I reached for a napkin and sort of dabbed at her titty watching it leak a little more as she became more excited. As I was doing this there was a knock at the screen door. She looked over and yelled, 'Hi, Billy, come on in."

I reached to hide my cock but she would not let go, we were sort of under the table cloth so I don't think the little kid could see anything anyway, but if felt sort of strange, sitting there with my sister stroking my cock while some little kid, I don't think he was like 9 or 10, is right there.

"Come on over and meet my brother and my daughter, where have you been?"

"I was at my cousins for a while after school let out, I just got home, just now."

Then he spotted it, he had come in from behind my sister and didn't realize that her dress was opened up and two bare titties out, even though my nieces was attached to the other one. I had pulled my hand back and quit dabbing when the kid came in. She looked over and saw the expression on his poor little face.
"What's the matter, you never see a ladies titties before?"

"Uh, ah, no, no, Mam."

"Well come on over a little closer, it's okay, guys gotta learn sometime"

"Ah, what's he, the baby doing?"

"Well, first off, it's a she, remember, a daughter. And she's eating her breakfast."

"She's eating your, ah, brrrrr...."

"It's okay, breast, you can say it, or titty, that's what I prefer, no, she isn't eating my titty, she is sucking the milk out of my titty, when a woman has a baby, her titties produce milk and that is what the baby eats."


Profound, but that one word answer I guess was it. Anyway, about then he looked down to where my sister's hand was and his eyes got even bigger. My sister looked over and saw where his eyes were directed and just as nonchalantly as her explanation about her breast-feeding states, "oh, that, I'm playing with my brother's cock, do you ever play with yours?"

"Ah, yeah, sometimes, but not out in public."

"But we aren't out in public, we are in my kitchen, in my house and that's private. Come on over here, closer, let me see your hand. There, do you want to touch one of my titties?"

He was now standing quite close to my sister on the opposite side from me. He now had an unobstructed view of her bare titty and she had pulled my cock back enough that he had a clear view of what she was doing to it.

"Do you like that, there, it's okay, you can touch it, isn't it soft, and hot, and firm, right now it's full of milk, see how it keeps leaking? That's cause I'm all excited too, excited because I am playing with my brother's cock and you're touching my bare titty. Are you excited?"

She placed her hand right on the little bulge in his pants.

"Oh, please don't do that."

"Why, Billy, don't you want me to play with your cock like I'm playing with my brother's? See he likes it, I bet your cock would like for me to play with it to."

"Uh, I don't know, it's not that big."

"I know that, that's cause you are young yet, when you get older it'll grow too, now come on, take it out, I want to see it, I'm letting you see my titty and touch it to."

He finally gave in and unzipped his pants with my sister helping somewhat and got it hauled out in the open.

"There, that's better, now move over here where I can touch it. That's right, right there, oh, that's a nice one."

"Oh, that feels good, it's better then when I touch it, no one has ever touched it before."

"Well, I'm glad that I'm the first, I like to touch cocks, to play with them, to hold them, yes, that's right, you can play with it, put your hand right there, right on my titty, oh that's so nice. You guys are making me feel so good. But, you know what I'd really like? Let's go into the living room where there's more room, come on, hurry."

We moved to the living room, Sis sat on the couch and had little Billy sit right next to her," here sit right here, that's it." She tucked him in under her arm pressing his head up against the non-occupied bare titty and laid her arm down in his lap to again fondle his little cock. "I like little pee pee's, is that what you call it?"

"Yes, that's what my momma calls it when she tells me to clean it all nice and not get sore."

"Ah, that's good, a sore pee pee can be pretty bad. Now, Donny, come on over here in front of me, that's it, yes, stick that big old cock right in front of me. Watch what I'm gonna do, Billy, I'm gonna put his cock in my mouth and suck it."

"Yuck, isn't that dirty?"

"No, that's why a man is supposed to keep it clean, he never knows when a lady like me wants to suck it. There, come on Donny, stick it in my mouth, my hands are full right now, that's it, there, now fuck my face, show Billy what naughty boys do with their big ole hard cocks."

Just as we were getting started there was a knock at the front screen door, dang, Grand Central Station!

"Who is it," yelled sis.

"It's UPS Mam, I have a package for you to sign for."

"Oh, yeah, come on in," that's the package I've been waiting for, I ordered a bunch of toys for me.

I quickly tried to get my cock stuffed back in my pants before the delivery guy would come wondering in. Where we were was pretty close to the door, but due to the arrange and layout of the room he couldn't see us through the screen door. Just as I got zipped up I heard the gasp behind me.

"Oh, uh sorry Mam, I could come back if you like, I ah, didn't know you were busy," he was trying hard to not look as sis' naked tits and at her hand still covering little Billy's cock. He was not succeeding very well. I looked down where sis' eyes were riveted and could see a very prominent bulge beginning to grow at the crotch of his pants.

The UPS guy was a black man, not too big, but looked like he worked out to stay in shape. He had the medium brown uniform shirt and shorts. You could easily make out most of his arm muscles which seemed to want to burst the seams of his short sleeve shirt. His thigh were just as well developed. Right then though, his eyes looked like they were going to jump right out and start fondling my sister's bare tits.

"Okay, you need to sign right here Mam," he was trying to hold the pad out for her to sign and not appear stupefied by the fantastic set of still partially milk filled tits that sis had on full display. By now my niece had pretty much fallen asleep, her little eyes were closed and her head had dropped back leaving the nipple totally bare and exposed where she had been nursing.

"You will need to bring it closer, I can't reach that far and my other hand is occupied, as you can see," she was indicating the arm holding the baby, but the UPS driver was looking at the hand still in Billy's lap. "Here, Donny, take your niece and lay her down for me, would you please?"

I reached to take the baby, and as I did my hand grazed my sisters tit, she just smiled up at me and the poor UPS driver had a look like he wished he had been asked to take the baby.

"There, now put that down here so I can sign, a little closer, there, that's it, here, rest it on my leg, now I can reach it better." As she leaned over to sign the pad she made sure the UPS driver still had an unobstructed view of both naked tits. "Ops, can you hold it still for me, it seems to want to move." Sis was trying to sign the pad with her now unoccupied right hand, her left still in Billy's lap. In order to keep it from moving, the pad that is, the UPS driver had to hold both the top and bottom of the pad which was laying on my sister's leg.

Now in order to sign, sis had to lean over a little further, this was happening just as I returned to the living room. I could just see the look in my sister's eyes as she leaned way over, making sure that one of her bare titties was against the driver's arm as she began to sign. She kept on like she didn't have a clue as to what she was doing, but her signing was a bit exaggerated, making her shoulder move thus causing her tit to move around on his arm. The driver looked like he wanted to pull his hand back but in the position that my sister was in he would have a heck of a time doing it. She literally had his hand trapped between the bare portion of her thigh above her skirt and her bare tit.

He did the only thing he could do at that point, he stayed still. Sis took an inordinate amount of time to sign her name and just as she was finishing up she looked up into his face, his hand still trapped and asked so sweetly, "is that where I needed to sign?"

He leaned over, looked at where her finger was pointing and indicated that that was the correct place. It looked like he was trying to pull the pad back away from her but sis still held it firmly. She reached up with her hand and touched the front of his pants, "oh, my, did I do that?"

The poor man could not move, didn't know what to say, and just sort of stared at her dumbly. "I'm so sorry, I don't think about my state of undress when I'm feeding the baby, she was just nursing on my breast, see," and she actually pulled herself back just enough so he could see her nipple, "she was just feeding on my poor tit, see how red she makes it, by sucking on my nipple? Here, feel how hard it gets and hot, from her nursing."

Before he could get his hand free she had taken hold of his hand and placed it right over her right tit and nipple and held it there. "See, it gets so hot and hard, almost as hard as the bulge that is growing in your pants. I want to see it, please, I was just starting to suck my brother's cock as you knocked and I didn't get to finish, so here, let me take it out, it looks like it wants to get out of there so it can breathe, see, look here, Billy's cock is out." She had raised her hand up to show Bill's little cock, still erect from her ministrations to it. "I want your cock out too, and you too Donny, I have never been in front of three naked cocks all at once."

Now I knew that was a lie. She had told me one of her tales of being with about five guys one time, all of them naked working on her equally naked body. But, what the heck, if she wanted to use that to tease and please us, then let her have her fun.

She had managed to get hold of the driver's zipper on his shorts and had it almost all the way down. He was not able to force himself to take his hand of the titty that he held, so he just let her have her way.

"Oh, my, there it is, ooo, I want it out in the open, here Billy, hold still a minute, I want to get this hand up here to get him undone, then I'll play with your cock some more. And, I'm gonna suck yours to when I get through with these big guy's cocks. So you just sit tight for a minute. There, oh, my, oh, my, look at the size of his cock, and look how dark it is. Wow, I can hardly wait to taste it. I want to put it in my mouth, suck it, lick it, till it squirts all it's nasty juices right in my mouth."

As she was talking she was pulling the driver closer to her, pointing the end of his extremely large cock right at her face. He had to take his hand off her tit as she kept pulling him closer. Before she got it where she wanted it, she looked over at Billy, and taking her right hand, pulled his head around so that his head was right in her lap. She tugged her skirt up a little more so that now the back of his head was on her naked thighs and tightly against her panty covered pussy.

"There, now you have a nice front row seat to see all the action Billy. That's right, now reach up here and play with this titty, yeah, that's the one, now Mr Driver, I'm gonna put this cock in my mouth and suck it for you. Make sure you watch me Billy, I love to suck cock for an audience, oh, yeah, and suck my nipple for me, yes, that's a good boy."

As she finished her litany she stuck out her tongue and made the first contact with that big black cock she was holding in her hands like her life depended on it, there was no way that cock was gonna get away from her until she had drank all of the juices it held. She only licked once or twice then she leaned forward, pushing her titties firmly in Billy's face, pulled that big black cock with her hand and stuck half of it in her mouth, all in one motion. She just sat there like that for a time. Billy's eyes never leaving the junction of my sister's mouth and that black driver's cock.

I have to admit, I was staring too. I had never been around a cock that big and had never seen my sister with a black man before. She had told me about a few, but I had never witnessed it and today was witnessing it. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off her. I reached down to start stroking my own hard cock when she immediately pulled his cock out of her mouth and almost yelled at me, "don't you waste that, I want you load right here, right after I get this beautiful big old cock to spit it's juices right here in my mouth," to emphasize her point, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, then laid that cock right on her tongue and slid it and his cock right back in her mouth.

I took my hand off my cock as per her instructions and patiently waited my turn as I watched her nurse Billy and suck the UPS driver's big cock, which was not gonna take long. The poor driver must not have had any sex for a while or the scene was just too erotic for him, for he soon went into sexual overload. I could see the veins in the side of his neck start to stick out like there were about to burst, he was holding his breath, then all of a sudden he let it all out at once, a loud scream then the look in my sister's eyes as her mouth was bombarded with semen from deep down in his balls.

For a second I thought he was gonna pass out, but his knees straightened back up and he looked down at my sister, right into her upturned face and saw the look of pure lust. How she could smile around the cock that was stretching her mouth so wide was beyond me, but she was, you could really tell at that moment that she loved what she was doing and actually got off on it. Still pressing her tits into Billy's face, she slowly withdrew from the driver's cock, gave it one last lick and actually thanked him for letting her suck his cock.

He gathered up his stuff and like he was almost in a haze, walked toward the door and left.

"Now, brother of mine, it's your turn, that just made me hungry for more, bring that cock over here and let me suck it for you, please?" Now you and I both know she did not even have to add the please at the end,, who in their right mind would turn down a blow job from a woman that was as pretty as my sister? Not me, that's for sure.

As I approached her face, standing in the same place the driver was, she placed her hand back on Billy's cock, looked him in the face, smiled and said, "just hang on little buddy, this cock of yours is in for a special treat when I finish with my brother, you just keep loving up my titties and you will get your reward."

She reached her free hand up, got hold of my cock, leaned in to it as she pulled it toward her mouth, stuck out her tongue, took several swipes at my wide open pee hole then stuck my cock right into her mouth, almost all of it fit in, I am not as big as the black driver was, and started licking, sucking, and gently sliding her head back and forth, fucking her face on my cock. Now you know that after watching her suck that driver, watching Billy at her bared tits and stroking his cock with her hands, that I was not going to last long. And I didn't. Not more than ten minutes passed of her expert cock sucking and I felt my own balls begin their contractions to send their contents out the end of my dick into one of the most cum hungry women I have ever known, my sister.

Just like the driver, I felt my knees start to buckle, there was something about watching that little boy staring at my cock in my sister's mouth, seeing him play with and suck my sisters very large naked titties that gave me an orgasm like I have not hand in years. I left my deposit along with the drivers. Somehow I regained control of my legs and got my knees straightened back up, still feeling residual contractions in my balls and ass and deep within my stomach as sis licked up the last remnants of my orgasm with her pretty pink tongue sticking out of her mouth.

I backed away, looking into her eyes with a love that I will never be able to understand. How she could cum from licking and sucking a man's cock, I will never understand, but she does, and right then had the most contented look on her face that I have ever seen.

When she got herself back under control, she looked down at Billy, still at her breasts and said, "come on big boy, it's your and my turn now, but we're gonna do it in the bedroom, just you and I." As she gently lifted his head up from her lap, the large wet spot clearly showed in her exposed panties. She got up, shook those fantastic tits in my face and said, good night bro, catch you in the morning.

I have no idea where that day went, but I swear it felt like I had just gotten up and had headed out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

She never did tell me what she did to, or for, that boy that night, I know he was gone in the morning when I got up and went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee to find my sister sitting at the table, her dress fully unbuttoned nursing my niece, the unoccupied titty hanging out in the open, just starting to leak a little bit of milk.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I had been looking for a job for almost a year. I was almost finished with my Ph.D., but things didn't look too good. Then out of nowhere I heard about a small college that needed someone just like me. I applied, and they offered me an interview. I had another graduate student cover the class I taught, and I arranged with my professors for notes for the classes I would miss, and off I flew.

I had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend, and I was more than a little pissed off at the opposite sex, The prospect of finding a good job during times when people in my field weren't getting many cheered me up, but only a little. I knew that my department would allow me to delay finishing my degree for another year so that I could keep searching (while they payed me to teach undergraduates), but I hoped it wouldn't come to that.

I had to fly most of the way across the country, and it took most of Tuesday. I had to stay until Saturday morning because the college hadn't been able to set up all the requisite interviews on the same day. I also had to pay my own travel expenses. I'm sure that's partly why John, one of my potential departmental colleagues, invited me to stay in his home in their guest room and eat several meals at their house. This certainly saved me the expense of three nights in a hotel as well as saving me the cost of most meals. I quickly accepted his invitation, even though I had never met John or his wife.

I arrived after 5:00 Tuesday afternoon. John picked me up at the airport, and drove me to his home, located only a couple of blocks from the campus. His wife Laura greeted me at the door, and John mixed us some drinks. Laura declined, stating that she was nursing their six-month-old daughter Lacy, and she didn't want too much alcohol to reach the baby via her milk. I had noticed Laura's large breasts and slightly puffy look, and the recent baby explained everything. Actually, I thought she looked terrific, although a little big in the boobs. Well, that's what nursing often does to a woman!

John explained my interview schedule. The next afternoon I would meet with the department, then meet with some of their student majors, then present a talk to everyone. On Thursday afternoon I would interview with the Dean and President, and then if I hadn't already had one, I'd get a tour of the campus. After staying overnight with John and Laura, Laura would take me to the airport to catch my afternoon flight back to the university where I was completing my degree.

John and I talked about the department and the school for about an hour, then Laura called us to dinner. We shared portions of our life histories. I learned that John and Laura had been high-school sweethearts, and that they had gone steady beginning in tenth grade. They had gone to the same university and majored in the same subject. They did the same thing in graduate school. During their sophomore year they briefly dated others, but quickly got back together, got engaged, and were married when they graduated. They both had graduate degrees. John had been hired two years earlier, and they had decided it was time to start their family.

It sounded like the American dream, but they were so much alike I wondered about them. Three times I heard the phrase "wonderful marriage" used by one or the other, and each time they would look at each other and smile. I gathered they knew each other extremely well, but had never gotten close to anyone else. I found it a little strange, but what the heck? It was their life.

A few minutes later I heard a baby crying, and Laura brought Lacy out to show me. She was a pretty little girl, but she didn't want attention from anyone except Laura. Laura blushed and said that Lacy wanted to nurse. After covering her breasts with a thin towel, Laura discretely unfastened her clothing and I could hear - although not see - Lacy slurping away. It was all very . . . wonderful, just like their marriage..

Lacy feel asleep after about a half hour, and Laura carried her out of the room. She returned a few minutes later, smiling, her cheeks rosy. Motherhood made her really beautiful.

Laura served us a late dessert, and we watched a couple of TV shows, talking during the commercials. I began to yawn. "I'm sorry but those flights really took it out of me!" I explained. "I'll be playing catch-up with my sleep for a week!"

"We understand completely!" Laura said. "You can sleep in tomorrow morning as long as you like. I'll bang on your door if you're not up in time to get ready for your interviews."

"I've got to go in every day by 7:30 and can't leave until 3:30 or so." John added. "Laura's stuck at home with Lacy, and I'm sure she'll enjoy having someone to talk to during the day. But you don't have to get up if you need to rest!"

They were the perfect hosts - almost too perfect. Everything about them seemed to fit into choreographed little niches. My life just wasn't that stable, and I decided that I was feeling sorry for myself because of my recent breakup and that I was jealous of them because of their "wonderful marriage." They showed me to their study where I would sleep, gave me towels, pointed me to the bathroom in the hall, and we said good night. I stripped off my clothes, took a shower and cleaned my teeth, then fell quickly asleep before 9:30.


I heard John moving around at about 6:30 the next morning. My room was too warm, and during the night I had kicked off the top sheet and blanket. I was sleeping nude, as I've always preferred. .

It was about an hour later when I realized I needed to take a leak. I was lying on my back. My penis had its usual "time to take a morning piss" erection, and it was sticking straight up. I reached down and my balls were hanging loosely, so I knew I wasn't sexually aroused. But I was still a little sleepy, and I didn't feel like making the effort to put on some clothes in order to go to the bathroom. I dozed in and out of sleep for a few minutes.

I awoke when I heard Laura close a door somewhere. A few seconds later I heard her coming down the hall toward the room I was in. Her gentle footsteps stopped outside my door. She tapped gently on the door. "Don, are you awake?" She whispered, just loudly enough that I would answer if I were awake, but quiet enough that she would not wake me.

I felt like lying in bed a little longer, so I remained silent. I expected to hear her footsteps going away from the room, but there was complete silence. Then I heard a tiny metallic squeak from the door, and I looked in that direction. Laura was slowly turning the doorknob.

I felt a moment of panic. Should I call out to her? Should I try to grab the sheet to cover myself? Before I could act, I saw the door slowly opening. Ah shit! "I'll just pretend to be sleeping, she'll see me, and since she will think I didn't know she had seen me naked, nobody will be hurt." I thought.

I closed my eyes, barely able to see between my eyelashes through narrow slits. I was still lying on my back with my face turned slightly toward the door. I let my mouth fall open, and I began to breathe slowly.

I caught a glimpse of one of her eyes, then the door opened wide enough that her entire face was framed between the door jamb and the open door. The hallway was much darker than the bedroom, and she was standing in a shadow, almost invisible. She was wearing some sort of light blue robe, held closed with a knotted belt at her waist.

Laura just stood motionless in the half-open doorway, staring at me. I could sense that she was trying to decide if I were really asleep. I kept my focus on the knot in her belt so that she wouldn't detect any movement of my pupils through the tiny open slits of my eyes. I forced my breathing to be slow and long, almost snoring as I exhaled. I kept thinking, "Close the door! Close the damned door!"

A couple of minutes passed, and still she stood there. Knowing she was looking at my body aroused me and I could feel my erection beginning to throb and move with my heartbeat. I felt my scrotum pulling my balls tighter. It was increasingly difficult to pretend to be asleep. Laura's eyes were big and dark, and she was standing motionless, staring at my penis.

I saw a brief movement, and then her right hand slipped slowly under the top of her robe, partially opening it. She began to rub her breasts under the robe. She reached down and across, pulling the bottom of her robe open, and slid her hand between her thighs. There was now a gap of several inches where her robe failed to cover her body below the belt, and I could see her pubic hair as she rubbed between her legs.

She opened her mouth and began to make audible gasping breaths. As she rubbed her breasts, the top of her robe gapped wider, and I could see most of her large breasts. Her nursing nipples were long and distended. Her robe opened even more as she continued rubbing her breasts and crotch. Her attention was obviously entirely on me and on her own stimulation.

The knot in the belt gave way, and her robe fell completely open. Laura made no attempt to cover herself. The sight of this nearly naked, aroused woman less than six feet from me defeated my attempt to pretend I was sleeping. I could no longer control my breathing, and I opened my eyes, expecting to embarrass Laura when she realized I was awake.

She was concentrating so intently on my erection that she didn't notice that I was aware of her presence. She was clearly finger-fucking herself with several fingers, and her gasps turned to grunts and drawn-out moans. She was so wet I could smell her.

All at once she closed her eyes and jammed the knuckles of her right hand into her mouth. She began to rub her crotch more vigorously. Her body started to tremble, and I could hear her starting to scream, even though the sound was mostly muffled by her hand. Her movements caused the top of her robe to fall from her shoulders, ending tangled around her elbows, leaving her completely bare from the waist up.

Laura closed her eyes and twisted herself back against the door jamb in the hall, no longer facing into the room. I could see spasms shaking her body, making her large breasts bounce. I heard her make a long moan against her fingers. "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNH!"

Her legs were shaking, and she slid down the wall, ending up in the hall sitting on the floor, with her back against the jamb. Her head slowly fell forward onto her breasts. She took her right hand out of her mouth and began to rub her breasts again. Her left hand remained in her crotch. She was taking fast, deep breaths.

I quickly slipped out the bed and stepped into the hall through the open door. Laura had her eyes closed, and she began rolling her head in slow circles, from down on her breasts to upright to back on her breasts. I squatted down in front of her and I could hear her moans of post-orgasmic pleasure and I could hear her quick short breaths. The smell of her pussy was overwhelmingly powerful.

I leaned forward and gently pulled her face to mine and kissed her on the lips. She immediately responded, kissed me, and said, "OH! John!" I continued kissing her, nibbling on her lips and probing her mouth with my tongue.

Abruptly she realized that she was not kissing her husband. Her eyes popped open and she tried to jerk away from me, striking the back of her head solidly against the jamb. I saw her eyes roll up, then she fell limply to the rug, her torso in my room and the rest of her body in the hall.

Laura lay on her back, her robe completely open and mostly off. I easily pulled her arms free from the sleeves, and she lay at my feet on the floor, completely naked. Her milk-swollen breasts were rising and falling, so I knew she was breathing steadily.

I reached under her and picked her up, then stood up carrying her, one arm under her knees, and one under her shoulders. I felt wetness against my chest, and I realized it was her milk. I carried her to my bed and laid her on top of the sheet. I checked the back of her head, and I could feel a bump forming.

Laura began to revive. I told her (probably pointlessly) that I was going to get some ice for her head. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, and ran back to my room. Laura was just coming around.

I gently lifted Laura's head and had her lie back against the frozen peas. She groaned. Her eyes remained closed, but she asked, "Do I need to go to the hospital? My head hurts!"

"Shhh!" I said. "Let the ice stop the swelling. Keep talking. I want you to stay awake!"

Laura's eyes flicked open, and she groaned and closed them again. "I have a terrible headache." She whispered. "I need to lie here for a few minutes."

I stared at Laura's body. Her breasts were bulging with milk, and I could see that her nipples were really large. There were streaks of drying milk running down her front. She had some obvious stretch marks on her abdomen, and she still had a little pot belly from the pregnancy. She was lying with her knees about two feet apart, and I could see every feature of her vulva. Her pubic thatch was thick and black, but I could see that the hair around her vagina had probably been shaved for the delivery and had not yet grown back fully,

My prick, which had lost its stiffness when Laura hit her head, popped up again. I resisted the overpowering temptation to bury either it or my face in her pussy.

I got my washcloth soaked with cold water, and I laid it gently over her eyes and forehead. Laura thanked me.

After about ten minutes, it was plain that she was going to be OK, so I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. As before, she responded, then realized I wasn't John, and pulled the washcloth off her eyes.

Laura propped herself up on her elbows, and finally realized that she was lying spread-eagled, naked on my bed, and that I was naked and standing next to her with a raging hard-on aimed at her face. "Oh no! This is so wrong! "She whispered. "So very wrong! We shouldn't be here like this!"

"What's so wrong about it?" I asked. "I was just giving you first aid!"

"In your bed . . . Naked . . . And what I did before . . . It's all wrong!" She had been grabbing for the other sheet, and when she didn't find it, she covered her breasts with one hand and covered her crotch with the other.

"And what did you do before, Laura?" I taunted. "Did you enjoy it?"

Laura opened her eyes wide open and stared at me. I saw her wince as her headache pounded. "You were awake!" She said. "You were watching me!"

"Yes, I was!" I replied. "And it made me wonder why a happily-married woman would masturbate in front of a houseguest."

"I didn't know you were awake!" Laura wailed. "And you just don't understand!"

"What don't I understand? That you aren't getting enough at home? That you're so turned on that the sight of a man's penis can cause you to lose control?"

Laura blushed. "It's not like that! I just . . . I felt . . . You don't understand!"

I just looked at her for another few minutes, and Laura turned darker and darker red. Clearly she was feeling better. "How's the head? Can you sit up now?"

I helped Laura sit up on the edge of the bed, and she said it didn't hurt so much. She kept the frozen peas clamped against the back of her head with one hand, and the other was futilely attempting to cover her breasts. She clamped her thighs together to hide her pussy.

I helped her to her feet. "I need my robe!" She said.

"Maybe later! I need to see your skin color to be certain you don't need medical attention." I lied. Would she buy it?

"All right. Please help me walk to the baby's room."

With one of Laura's arms around my waist, and with her other arm holding the frozen peas on her head, I wrapped my arms around her and we waddled together to the nursery at the end of the hall.

I helped her get settled in an armchair next to the crib. "I really don't like the two of us being naked!" She said. She was obviously recovering, and was starting to assert herself.

I stood close to her so that my throbbing erection was practically in her face. I waited. Finally she spoke. "Can't you cover up? You're scaring me!"

"A few minutes ago you masturbated yourself to a powerful orgasm while staring at it. It wasn't scary then! What's wrong with it now?"

"I made a mistake! I shouldn't have done that! I'm sorry! I'm a happily married woman and I shouldn't look at other men's penises!"

"Why not?" I challenged. "What's wrong with mine?"

"It's so much bigger . . ." Laura began, then blushed.

"Bigger than John's?"

Laura nodded, and blushed again. "And so thick!"

I stared at her. When she met my eyes, I asked, "When you fantasized that my penis was in you, how did it feel?"

"How did you . . . You arrogant monster! All I imagined was that I was holding it!" She clumsily lied.

I pulled her hand from her breasts and placed it against my penis. "This is no fantasy! How does it feel?"

Laura pulled her hand away, so I leaned closer and pressed my penis against her breasts. "Does it feel so different from John's?"

Her face got extremely red. "I want you to leave! Now! I want you out of this house! You're no longer welcome here!"

"I don't want to leave! I'm enjoying the view too much!"

Laura sneered at me. "John will throw you out when he gets home! Wait until I tell him what a monster you are! They won't even interview you!"

I stared at Laura's angry face until she averted her eyes. "Right, Laura. Let's begin by telling him how you masturbated while ogling my penis until you had such a hard orgasm you collapsed in the hall! Then let's tell him that we sat around naked for another hour before you told me to leave!"

Laura's defiant face quickly fell apart, and she pulled her legs up onto the chair, wrapped her arms around her knees, and began to cry. "Please don't! You can't tell him that! He'd never understand! This is all my fault!"

"I'm not sure I understand! You're acting like a schoolgirl who's never seen a naked man before, not like a married woman with a baby!"

Laura just clutched herself and continued crying. She turned her face away from me. I sat down on the floor, and stared at her pussy, clearly visible the way she was sitting.

"You have beautiful lips, Laura! I'd love to kiss them, particularly now that they're covered with your nectar!"

Laura turned her face toward mine, looking puzzled. Then she saw where I was staring, and she blushed. "Nobody has ever . . . " And she stopped.

"John hasn't ever kissed your pussy?"

Laura started to cry again and didn't say anything. She moved her hand down to cover her pussy and turned her face away again. I pressed her hand so that it pushed against her clitoris and she jumped. I began to rub her leg from her knee toward her groin. Laura grabbed my hand. I immediately leaned forward and blew gently on her labia.

She stiffened as if I had touched her with an ice cube. In a way I had, since her wet labia must have gotten chilled quickly when I blew. "You act like you haven't had sex for a month!" I said.

Laura shook her head, and said, "You just don't know. You think you're so sexy and in charge! You just don't understand!" I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

When she again averted her eyes, I gently asked, "Doesn't John want to have sex with you, Laura?" Her whole body began to shake with violent sobs.

When she settled back into simple crying, I probed further. "Laura, I know you want to have sex. I saw you. I smelled the aroused scent from your pussy. I can see your juices drying on your legs. You are desperate to have sex. What's going on?"

Laura just sat in her chair, crying. Her arms were folded across her breasts. Her legs were pulled up. I could still see her pussy. I continued to stare at it, feeling my own arousal growing.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
The baby's cry from the crib got both our attentions. Without covering herself, Laura got out of the chair and leaned into the crib. She picked Lacy up and changed her diaper on a nearby table. "I'd like you to leave so that I can nurse now. Please! This has gone on far too long!"

I shook my head. "I want to watch! I think it's about as sexy as it gets, watching a naked woman nurse her child!"

Laura started to argue, but her baby's cries triggered her maternal instincts, and she sat back down in the chair and the baby latched onto her right breast. I watched the little jaws moving, and soon I heard a wet slurping sound as she nursed. "I wasn't kidding, Laura. That's really sexy!"

Laura's eyes were red and full of tears, but she wasn't crying anymore. I stood up and began to gently rub her shoulders with my hands. When I saw that she was looking at my penis again, I asked, "When did you and John last have sex?"

Tears began to run down her face. She just shook her head. "Laura, seeing me naked turned you on. I can smell the fresh juice coming out of your pussy right now, so looking at me now is still turning you on. You're ready to have sex with any man who walks in the door! How long has it been?"

"Four months." She admitted quietly. "We waited two months after the baby to be certain that I was healed, but then . . ."

"What was the problem?" I asked.

Tears were running down her face, down her breasts, and onto Lacy. Laura took a deep breath. In a loud whisper she said, "He told me I didn't feel the same! He said I was too loose! He kept going in and out of me over and over. It felt like an hour. He didn't ever climax. I made him stop because the pounding was starting to make me sore. Then he . . ."

"What did he do, Laura?"

She put her head down and said. "He said the baby had stretched me too much and that I couldn't give him the kind of sex he needs. Then he got up and . . ."

I could tell where this was going. "He masturbated?"

"Yes, damn you! He went into the bathroom and masturbated!" She said this so loudly that the baby broke off nursing and looked up at her.

Laura talked gently to her little girl and switched her to the left breast. I watched as several drops of milk dripped out of her right nipple and ran down her breast. Laura had her eyes closed so I leaned in and began to suck on her right nipple. I got about a teaspoonful of milk in my mouth before Laura jerked in the chair and pushed me away.

Her motion scared the baby, and Laura had to comfort her again for a few seconds. She looked angrily at me. I ran my milky tongue over my lips and smiled. Her anger turned to astonishment when she realized I liked the taste. I pointed to her right nipple and she looked down and we both watched a tiny stream of milk coming out, then slowly change to drips, then stop.

I smacked my lips and Laura grinned, the first time I'd seen a happy look on her face since she climaxed. "Pervert!" She muttered, but she was still smiling.

The baby began to fall asleep. She moved her mouth less and less, and finally stopped completely. Laura gently disengaged her daughter from her nipple, then placed her back in her crib, sound asleep. I came up behind Laura and touched her gently on her shoulders. "That's really beautiful." I whispered.

Laura began to cry again, and I could feel her shuddering as she sobbed. She suddenly turned to face me and I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her hard against me. Her breasts felt wet against my chest. My penis got pressed between us, sticking straight up. Laura held onto me and sobbed.

"John is so jealous of the baby!" She said. "He doesn't like me being so big, and he doesn't want to have sex with me!" We stood there with me cuddling her for another few minutes.

I began to kiss the tears from her cheeks, and she didn't push me away. I kissed her on the lips, and she kissed me back. I pulled and sucked on her lips with mine and I gently pressed my tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth and we explored each other's mouths with our tongues.

We kissed for several minutes. I could feel her nipples getting hard, and my penis was hard as a rock between us. Other than holding her I didn't touch her body, and I was extremely gentle with my kissing. Suddenly she pulled away from me.

"NO! I can't do this just because I'm feeling excited! You shouldn't be here! We shouldn't be doing this!

"Don't you feel sexy, Laura? Look at my penis! See that fluid coming out? There's some on your stomach. If you had rubbed against me, I would probably have ejaculated right up your front. That's how sexy you are to me!"

She shook her head. "No, we can't do this! You took advantage of me! I'm not turned on!"

I pointed between her legs. Laura frowned, then looked down. There was a smear of pussy juice glistening halfway to her knees. "If you're not turned on, you've got a bladder-control problem!" I joked.

Laura tried to look angry, but then she giggled. "Let's get out of here before we wake the baby!" She said.

She pushed past me and headed for the kitchen. I followed, watching her behind as she walked. "I love your perfume, Laura. What's it called again? Eau de pussee?"

Laura gave me a dirty look and took a seat on the far side of the kitchen table. "Don't you have somewhere you have to go to?" She asked.

I checked the time on the wall clock. "Yeah, I'm supposed to meet with the department around one. Guess I've got several hours to kill before I have to get ready. Got any ideas?"

"Now look buster, this has really gone far enough! If you're planning to rape me, just do it and go away. But I don't like the feeling that you're playing some kind of sick game with me! And I don't like having us sit here naked!"

I smiled at her. "I am playing a game, but it's not sick. You have a huge problem with your sex life, but I don't plan to rape you to fix it."

"You conceited bastard! Do you think you can seduce me into voluntarily having sex with you?"

I nodded. "Probably. You are already thinking about it, and this morning you clearly were dreaming about having my penis inside you as you got yourself off."

"You don't know WHAT I was thinking about! You have no RIGHT to presume such a thing! Just because you caught me staring at your penis while I rubbed myself . . . "

"Yeah, I know. It's a real leap to think that the glazed look on your face while you beat off had anything to do with me. Get real!"

"I'll bet you think about all sorts of sick things when you do it!" She hissed.

"Depends on what you call sick." I replied. "But you got off looking at me, which kind of makes me the object of your arousal. Want me to get off looking at you?"

Laura's mouth fell open. She shook her head, then winced. "I've still got a little headache. I need some aspirin or something." She got up, pulled a bottle out of a cabinet, and swallowed a couple of pills with a glass of water. She stood there facing the sink.

"Well, do you?" I repeated.

Laura turned around. "If you need relief, go down the hall to the bathroom and do whatever you do. I don't want to see it."

I stood about a foot from her until I saw her eyes glance down to my erection. "Has John ever beaten off in front of you, Laura?"

"NO! That's really sick! We're married! Why would he do that?"

"You tell me. According to you, that's how he's getting his jollies - wacking his wand in the bathroom. Or is he getting some real action somewhere else?"

That set her off. Laura screamed and charged at me, pounding on me with both fists. Well, trying to at least. I stepped to the side, got behind her, and wrapped my arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. I picked her up and carried her into the living room.

She began to curse and kick at me, clearly trying to kick me in the balls. I put her feet back on the floor, let go with one hand, and slapped her hard on the butt. She shrieked, either in pain or fury or both. I picked her up again, this time without all the kicking.

I dumped her on the sofa. "Lie down on your back and pull your knees up. I'm going to show you how much you turn me on!"

Laura looked really scared, but she complied. "You didn't have to hit me!" She wailed.

I spread her legs apart, and got on my knees between her feet. My penis was directly over her pussy, but a foot above it. I began to beat off.

I stared at Laura's breasts, and watched her nipples get hard. I rubbed my penis. I looked down at her pussy, and smiled. Laura began to make funny little sounds in her throat. I stroked my penis and caressed my balls.

The head of my penis got very dark. I could feel myself getting close. Laura was sweating, and I could smell fresh juice from her pussy. I reached down and took hold of her hands. "You rub me too, Laura! Please!"

She reached up and gently began to touch my penis and balls. Ten seconds later I exploded. A long rope of cum landed between her breasts, reaching to her chin. The second and third bursts splattered onto her breasts. Then several squirts came about an inch out of my penis and began to drip down the shaft onto Laura's fingers.

Laura held my penis as it became soft, cum now slowly running down her wrists as it leaked from my penis. There was a look of amazement on her face. And naked lust. I looked down, and her pussy was dripping onto the sofa.

The smell of cum and fresh pussy juice hung in the air. As my breathing began to slow, I said, "Breathe through your nose, Laura! Pull the aroma deep inside!"

Laura began to snort through her nose, and her nipples turned a deep red. Her face and body were covered with sweat. I reached down with two fingers and picked up some of my cum from her breasts. I sucked my fingers, then did it again. I wondered what I could get her to do, now that was so clearly aroused. So I asked, "Want to try it?"

Laura hesitated, then slowly nodded. She was still gently squeezing my sticky penis. I leaned down and got some more cum on my fingers. I put them to her lips and she sucked them clean. Her nostrils twitched at first, and I knew it was the first time she had ever tasted cum. I did the same thing several more times. Her eyes sparkled. She was enjoying this. I decided to get her to experiment further.

I pointed to her hands holding my genitals. "Why don't you lick your hands clean, Laura?" She let go of me with one hand and licked it clean, then took hold of me with that hand and cleaned the other hand. She put both hands back on my penis.

There was a spot of cum just at the top of her pubic hair line. I leaned down and licked it clean. The aroma from her pussy was so arousing that my penis began to stiffen again. Laura felt it growing in her hands and she gasped.

I leaned forward, pressing my penis and her hands against her abdomen, and I began to lick the cum from her breasts. As soon as I had a good mouthful, I leaned forward as far as I could and kissed her, sliding the cum into her mouth with my tongue. My knees were pressing against her thighs, and she spread her legs further apart. She groaned.

I continued licking up and then sharing my cum by kissing her. Laura's kisses became more and more passionate. She was breathing in little grunts.

When the cum was gone, I licked and kissed her breasts and nipples. Laura moved her hips, then I felt her legs wrapping around mine. She pulled my knees against her pussy. She released her grip on my penis and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me against her. My penis was facing up her body, with my balls in her pubic hair.

I slid my hand between our bodies and slipped my fingers between her legs. I began to gently separate her labia, and Laura pulled me harder against her. Her legs began to tremble. Laura made quick little moans as she breathed.

I slid two fingers into her rich, hot, warm vagina. Laura pressed against my hand, spreading herself even more. I moved my fingers in and out, slowly, then gradually faster. I touched her G-spot and she squeezed me hard with her arms. I moistened my thumb in her juices, and I began to move it in circles around her clitoris, gradually getting closer to it.

My fingers were moving in and out fairly fast, and I was rubbing her G-spot each time. I felt her vagina begin to clamp down on my fingers, and I started sliding my thumb back and forth across her clitoris. I moved my fingers a little faster.

I felt pulsing tremors in Laura's vagina. She clawed my back with her fingers and pulled with her legs against my thighs as if she were trying to get my legs inside her. She yelled, "OOOOOOH!" Then paused, then yelled again several times, probably seven or eight times together. I wasn't counting. I was looking at her face as it contorted in each orgasm.

I suddenly felt moisture on my chest, and looked down. With each of her screams there was a stream of milk jetting about four inches out of each of her nipples. The flow of milk would stop as she came down, then resume as she screamed. My fingers were being squeezed by her pulsing vagina, and the pressure was hardest as the screamed. Laura was an incredibly erotic woman, very much in tune with her sexuality, although she had apparently repressed that side of herself until now.

At some point in the middle of her orgasms I had ejaculated. I could feel a sticky pool of my cum between our bodies, just above her navel. Laura slowly came back down, and I gently removed my fingers from her vagina.

Laura was watching me through half-closed eyes. I licked her juices from my fingers and smiled. I raised my eyebrows in a question, and she nodded. I reached down and got my fingers wet inside her. Then she licked and sucked my fingers. She had another, brief orgasm, and she pulled me against her, screaming "OOOOOH!"

When Laura's breathing became more normal, I tongue-cleaned my cum from her stomach, again sharing it with her. I scooped up her juice, and we took turns licking it off my fingers. Her legs dangled over the sides of the narrow bed, leaving her vulva completely open. My thighs pressed against it as I leaned forward to kiss her. Laura was reveling in our post-orgasmic cuddling.

Finally I just held her and kissed her. "There were clearly some things we did that were new for you. Tell me what you feel!"

Laura let out a long breath. "I've never had an orgasm like that before! It felt like my whole body was going to fly apart!" She kissed me and hummed.


"I've never seen a man masturbate before. And I've never held his penis while he did!"

"Taste?" I prompted.

"Of course I've never tasted semen or my own vagina before! Why didn't somebody tell me they both tasted so wonderful? I thought it was supposed to taste bad!"

We kissed and cuddled some more, still tasting our juices in our mouths.

"You saw me masturbate this morning." She said. "But nobody has ever used his fingers to do what you just did!"

She kissed me hard.

"Even though we didn't have intercourse, I know I've just been unfaithful to John." She said. "You know far more about what turns me on and what I really need and want than he does, and he's my husband." Tears began to well up on her eyes. "And I love him!"

"Shhh! Don't cry!" I whispered. I licked up her tears. "You just need to teach him how to make love to you the way you want! Just take it slow, and he'll catch on!"

I heard a clock chime, and I realized we had been making out for nearly two hours. "I've got to get cleaned up to go meet with the department!" I said. "I guess this means I don't get breakfast or lunch, right?"

Laura laughed. We kissed again, and I raised myself off her. Her labia were still spread wide apart, her sex open to my view. As she sat up, I pointed to the couch. "While I'm gone, you may want to work on this big spot here where you dripped pussy juice, and these spots here where your milk ran out!"

Laura blushed. "Go talk a shower and get out of here!" Then she laughed, a wonderful sound to hear after all her crying.

I got cleaned up, and as I left through the front door, I stopped and kissed Laura. She was still naked, but she had a dishtowel wadded up and clutched between her thighs. She had just about finished with the wet spots on the sofa, and she was spraying an air deodorizer.

I kissed her again. "One more thing. Remember where you sat down in the hall after you got off?" She nodded. "Well, the rug is pretty wet there, too! There's another spot in my bed, but you can leave that one so that I can smell it tonight!"

Laura kissed me again, then stuck her tongue out at me and I ran out laughing.

Everything went well that afternoon. I even managed to maintain eye contact when John asked me a couple of questions after my talk. The rental agent picked me up at the department just after 5:00, and she showed me three possibilities, all within walking distance of the campus.

She reminded me of Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate, and I probably could have scored if I had made a pass at her. She certainly gave me a lot of hints, but I just stuck to business. She dropped me off at John and Laura's about 6:30, offering in a husky voice to show me more apartments the next day if I wanted to see something more intimate! I wondered if I were giving off some kind of sexual vibrations!

Laura had been holding supper, and she immediately served it. Except for a slight flush to her face, she seemed to be exactly as she had been the evening before. We talked about the apartments I had seen and discussed their pros and cons. John asked, "Laura, didn't you make an awful lot of peas?"

Laura blushed. The bag must have fallen out of the freezer 'cause the whole thing was thawed. I didn't want to waste them!"

It was fortunate that John didn't look at me, because I felt my face getting hot as she continued to cover up our sexual activity. After we finished dinner, we moved into the living room. I could find no trace of our juices either by looking or smelling. Laura had clearly decided that John was not going to find out anything about our tryst.

"Did you get enough sleep last night? And how did the apartment hunting go?" John asked.

"I though I got enough sleep, but I'm still a little tired." I said. "I got in a little exercise, and that makes me feel better." I could see Laura looking at us from the kitchen, and her face turned bright red and she turned away. I might see some more apartments tomorrow, but a couple of the ones I saw today would work OK."

John reminded me that I had interviews with the Dean and President the following afternoon, beginning at 1:30. "If you get up in time, and if her nursing schedule allows, maybe Laura can drive you around and show you some of the city and campus tomorrow morning." He said.

Laura came out of the kitchen and joined us. "I'd be happy to do that!" And she smiled at me.

"I have to go in early." John said. He spoke to Laura. "Can you be certain that he doesn't miss his appointments?"

"I'll knock on his door and get him up in plenty of time!" Laura proclaimed. Her eyes sparkled, and she seemed to be very pleased with herself. I wondered if she would wake me as soon as John left. Had our interlude this morning been a one-time thing? Had she wisely decided to avoid more intimate contact with me?

We watched TV and chatted until about 9:30, then we all went to bed. I didn't hear any activity from their bedroom, and I certainly would have because I could hear their bed squeak every time one of them rolled over. The house was silent by ten. The aroma from Laura's wet spot in my bed kept me turned on for a long time. I kept remembering the look on her face as she climaxed beneath me, and each time my heart would pound in my chest. I finally calmed down enough to drop off.


I heard people moving around, and checked my watch. Six-thirty. I lay back down and waited to see what would happen. I must have fallen asleep. Laura suddenly jumped on me. She was wearing a black negligee. "Wake up! It's 7:30! We don't have all day!" What a change from the day before!

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
She grabbed my erect penis. "Do you always start the day with it like this?" she asked.

"It's hard because I have to take a piss!" I replied.

"I want to watch!" Laura exclaimed.

I let her hold my penis while I drained my bladder. "Haven't you ever done this with John?" I asked.

She shook her head, making her breasts bounce under the negligee. "No, I've never really held his penis at all. I wonder what he'll think when I do it!"

As the urine continued to splash into the toilet, I tried to imagine having sex with a women for several years and never having had her play with my equipment. There must have been a strange look on my face, because Laura said, "You think I've missed a lot, don't you!"

I crushed her against me. "After yesterday, what do you think?"

She kissed me hard but didn't say anything. I asked, "I've got to take a shower. Care to join me?"

Laura gave me another you've-got-to-be-kidding look and I climbed into the tub. As soon as I turned on the shower, she climbed in with me. "This is something else John and I have never done!" She said.

I felt a little uncomfortable being a "practice toy" for Laura to experiment with so that she could have more pleasure with her husband, but what was I complaining about? That's exactly what I told her she should do! Besides, why not have fun with this wonderful and responsive woman? Why not teach her as many of the joys of sex as I could? Wouldn't we both have fun? What's the harm as long as nobody finds out?

And it truly was a lot of fun introducing Laura to such a simple pleasure as sharing a shower. She yelped when I stuck a soapy finger up her ass, but she showed real promise when she stuck her finger up mine and learned how to gently massage my prostate. I was hard, and I began to grunt and moan until she pulled her finger out. Laura was grinning happily. She clearly liked being able to get me to the point where I almost lost control!

She cooked me a fantastic breakfast. I was naked, and she wore in her black negligee. Her breasts played peek-a-boo behind the cloth, and the effect put iron into my penis. She was staring at the head of my penis, when I asked her, "Laura, what has you so fascinated?"

She blushed. "I can see it get darker and more red when I wiggle my breasts like this!"

She shook her shoulders from side to side, and my penis looked ready to explode. Laura giggled. This intelligent woman had apparently lived such a prudish life that she had never experimented with teasing men. As with nearly all women, she had a natural talent for it! But in Laura's case it had been suppressed - repressed? - most of her life.

She experimented with other breast motions, then finally tried giving me crotch shots through her panties. They worked even better, and Laura grinned. We hadn't touched each other since the shower, but I could see a dark, wet spot spreading through the crotch of her panties. My penis remained at attention.

I was about to suggest something involving more physical contact, when Lacy cried. "Her schedule is never the same from day to day!" Laura complained. "I keep hoping it will settle down! At least she sleeps through the night now."

As Laura got up to attend to her daughter, I caught her by the wrist. I stood up and kissed her on the lips. Then I gently unfastened and removed the top of her negligee. Finally I pulled the sodden panty bottoms down, leaning in to sniff her pussy. Laura pulled my head so that my face was against her pubic hair. "I want . . ." She began.

Lacy cried again, and Laura quickly ran down the hall. Women have that funny run, with their hips swiveling, that is so very feminine. It's even better when the woman is nude! I watched her until she went into Lacy's room, then I finished my orange juice and walked down there myself.

Laura had changed Lacy and was just getting ready to nurse. As soon as Lacy closed her eyes, I began to kiss Laura's face. I moved lower, kissing her arms, then finally her legs. Laura was smiling with her eyes closed as Lacy slurped on her right nipple. I could see moisture between Laura's legs and I could smell her strong scent.

When Laura switched Lacy to her left nipple, I began to kiss and caress her right breast, placing little kisses all over it. Finally I began to suck, and I felt Laura stiffen in the chair and begin to tremble. Milk streamed into my mouth, and I looked over and milk was running out of her little mouth and down her mother. I knew that Laura had experienced a mild orgasm from my nursing.

When the milk stopped streaming into my mouth, I whispered, "Does nursing turn you on?"

Laura blushed. "I didn't really know what it was before yesterday." She said. "Today I just let the feelings build and build and . . ." She trembled again and I could see tremors just under the skin on her abdomen.

"Oh God! I can't believe how excited I feel!

I sat between her legs and just looked at her. I gently rubbed the tops of her thighs. "That feels so nice." Laura said quietly. I kept rubbing.

Lacy nursed for nearly a half-hour, then fell asleep. Laura laid her back in the crib, and headed out into the hall. I pulled her into my room.

"Wouldn't you rather have me in my nightie?" She asked.

"I've already unwrapped you once, and now I want to enjoy what you kept covered!"

We were standing up facing each other. I was holding Laura by both her hands in front of her abdomen. Her face was flushed with excitement.

"Are you going to . . . fuck me?" She asked. She said "fuck" as if were the first time she had ever used it.

"Perhaps!" I answered. "Let's keep that option open! But first I want you to tell me all you know about oral sex."

"Oh, that's really crude! Whores do that for their lowlife customers! That's just really something I don't think I . . we . . ."

"So you've never done it - or had it done to you, right?"

Laura nodded. The look on her face said that she wouldn't even consider doing something that filthy.

"But yesterday you tasted my cum and your own pussy juices. Guess what! You've already begun to enjoy oral sex!"

She blushed but didn't pull away and looked into my eyes for several seconds. Then she nodded. "Show me!" She said in a deep whisper.

I lay back on the bed and had Laura kneel between my legs. I told her how to make love to my penis. She began with little-girl kisses on its head, but soon began to lick and suck and kiss me. I showed her how to play with my balls, how to tell when I was getting ready to cum, where my most sensitive places were, and how to tease me until I couldn't stand any more.

Laura was an intelligent woman, and she learned quickly. She also had every woman's desire to control men with sex, and she soon had me gasping for relief. "If you do that to John tonight, he's going to fill you with so much cum you'll have triplets!" I moaned. I was right at the edge.

Laura laughed while her mouth was still around my penis, and the vibration set me off. The first burst came so quickly it caught her by surprise and she flinched back, cum dripping from her mouth, but she quickly moved back and caught the rest on her tongue. She swallowed most of it, then threw herself across me and kissed me. I licked the cum from her chin and breasts, and we kissed and nuzzled together.

Laura giggled. "I can't get pregnant no matter how much John puts in me!" She declared. "Nursing Lacy has prevented my periods from beginning again!" She kissed me hard, using a lot of cum-tasting tongue.

Women are sometimes subtle about things like this, and they are often indirect. She had just informed me that we could have unprotected sex without fear of pregnancy. Which of us is seducing the other now, I wondered.

"We don't have all day!" I told her. I picked her up and plopped her down on her back with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. I put my pillow under her head. I spread her legs apart, opening her pussy to me. Her hips were supported by the mattress, and her feet were on the floor. Her eyes were wide open, but excited, not frightened.

I kissed her and said, "You just gave me a blow-job. When I kiss your pussy, do you know what it's called?"

"Blow-job? But I was kissing and sucking, not blowing!"

"Don't forget licking! But that's still what it's called. Do you know what I'm going to do to you?"

Laura shook her head. Her eyes were really wide open now and sparkling with excitement. "Muff diving. Going down on you. Eating you out. Among other things." I said.

Laura laughed so hard her feet came off the floor. "Muff diving!" she repeated and laughed again.

I leaned down and kissed her labia, and she stopped laughing and loudly cried, "OH!"

I had plenty of time to do it right, so I licked and kissed everywhere except her vulva. I did her feet, her calves, the backs of her knees, the insides of her thighs. I kissed her fresh, white episiotemy scar between her vagina and her anus and Laura let out a little gasp and a moan. Finally I began to pay attention to her pussy.

The relatively short hair around her vaginal opening made things easy for me. I used a finger to spread her outer labia, and then licked and sucked on them. I could hear her moaning and the insides of her thighs were beginning to tremble.

I licked from her anus to her clitoris, and she groaned. I used my thumbs to push the hood back from her clitoris, and I blew gently on her little button.

"Oh God! Oh God! That feels so good!" She cried, and she lifted her legs from the floor and wrapped them around my upper body.

I pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could. I began to move my index finger slowly in and out of her vagina. Her vagina began to clamp down on it. I kissed her clitoris and sucked gently on it and Laura thrust her pussy against my face and began to tremble in a strong orgasm. "God! OH! OOOOOOOOOH!" She screamed.

Her pussy was wet and twitching. I could feel contractions on the finger I had inside her. I moved further in and found her little G-spot. I rubbed it, and she screamed again. Soon Laura got into that incredible zone where even a few touches can build to a climax. She had another loud orgasm every three or four minutes. No matter what I did, she got off. In spite of her limited experience, she was allowing herself to be completely relaxed, and the result was overwhelming passion and sexual response.

Sweet, milky fluid was coming out of her. I lapped it up, but there was too much for me, seemingly coming from everywhere at once. .I remembered to look up her body, and each orgasm was accompanied by a geyser of milk from each breast. A pool of her milk had filled her navel and overflowed.

I kept stimulating Laura until I could feel she was almost too tired to climax. I slowly decreased my pace, then stopped. I got up and looked down at her.

Laura was lying with her legs wide apart at the base of my bed. Her arms hung down beside the bed. Her mouth was hanging open. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were half-open, watching me, staring at my erect penis. I could smell her milk and her pussy. Her vagina was making wet smacking sounds as it continued to open and close.

She was mine to take. Laura rocked her hips so that her pussy was even more exposed. Her tongue ran around her lips. She wanted me to take her. She slowly reached up and took hold of my penis with both hands. Her arms were shaking. She began to pull my penis down toward her pussy. I felt an incredible heat in my penis and balls. I leaned forward and began to lower myself. The head of my penis touched the opening to her vagina. Laura hissed, "Yesss! I want you inside me!" I began to slowly enter her.

Lacy began to cry. Laura had been holding her breath and she let it out all at once. "Oh no! God, not now!" She cried.

I pulled back and stood up, and Laura moved into a sitting position. She stood up, but her legs were trembling and she quickly fell back down on the bed. Lacy cried again.

I picked Laura up and carried her to the baby's room and placed her in the chair. Then I picked up Lacy and handed her to Laura. "If she needs to be changed, that's your department!" I said. "I've never done that!"

Lacy's eyes kept looking at me as she began to latch onto Laura's breast. Laura smiled ruefully as she looked at my penis, and I looked down. The entire head was glistening with her juices. Then Lacy closed her little eyes and settled into the wet sucking.

I leaned down and kissed Laura on the lips. "I'll go clean up. I probably shouldn't have your vaginal juices on my face when I talk to the Dean and President!"

Laura giggled and smiled. She waved me away with one hand, then closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. I just stood and stared at the two of them. I saw a naked woman, giving off an incredible aroma of arousal, sweaty and exhausted from making love for over an hour, nursing her baby. Could there ever be an image more erotic? I don't know how to express in words my feelings as I looked at them.

I took another shower, and made myself presentable for my remaining interviews. I found a pad and pencil in the kitchen. I wrote Laura a brief note, being carful not to leave its impression on the pad below: "Laura. I think you need to change my bed and wash the sheets. If you don't the smell will arouse every man in the neighborhood and they'll be banging on your door."

I looked in on Laura, and she had switched Lacy to her left breast. Both appeared to be sleeping. I looked at them for a few minutes. Then I left in plenty of time to get to my interviews.

I had good exchanges with both the Dean and the President. As I shook hands with the President and left his office, John and two of his colleagues, one a woman, offered to give me a tour of the campus and the town. "Or did Laura already do that?" John asked.

"No, Laura got busy with your baby, and I spent a lot of time in bed." I answered truthfully. "Let's see what this campus looks like!"

We walked around the campus for over an hour. They pointed out the various buildings and landmarks. When we were done, I shook hands with John's colleagues, and then John took me for a short drive around the town.

We got back to his house a little after five, and I was afraid that John might walk in and be overwhelmed by the odor of sex! I need not have worried.

Laura was cooking in the kitchen, fully-dressed, looking wonderful. I could see that special just-fucked look on her face that women get when they've had a couple of good orgasms, but John obviously wasn't aware of it. Any woman who had seen Laura at that moment would have known! We could hear the dryer making noises in the laundry room right next to the kitchen. Before John could ask, Laura said, "Don's room got really hot, and I thought he'd appreciate clean sheets for his last night with us."

John opened a couple of beers, and I covered my relief by quickly downing half a can. When John wasn't looking, Laura grinned at me and rolled her eyes.

Dinner was delayed by Lacy nursing again, and this time she stayed awake for about an hour afterwards. John and I played with her on the floor. I'd never spent time with a baby before, and I was intrigued by the way she reacted to us. Lacy looked a lot like Laura. It was hard to imagine that little thing writhing in the throes of orgasm in a few short years!

As Lacy crawled around, I had another uncomfortable thought. If she hadn't cried out when she did, I would have fucked her mother and made a complete total cuckold out of her father. What would happen if I got another chance? Would I fuck Laura and possibly change all three of their lives forever? Could I do that?

We had a late dinner after Lacy conked out, and John opened a bottle of wine. Laura only had one glass, again saying that she didn't want to drug Lacy with alcohol in her milk. After his second glass, I could see that John was starting to become more aware of Laura's sensuality. He was looking at her more as a women than at any time since I had arrived. Did he sense something at a subconscious level? Was there a lingering scent in the air that alerted him to another male trying to mate with his wife? Or was the mild buzz of the alcohol affecting him?

We hit the sack just after ten. My bed was clean and fresh, and I collapsed into it and slept as if I didn't have a care in the world. The next day I would head back to my world.


I awoke to a sudden weight on my stomach. I opened my eyes, and all I saw was a naked Laura! She had straddled my waist, with her pussy smashed against my navel, and she leaned down and kissed me. I rubbed her breasts and she moaned.

When she broke the kiss, I said, "Sit on my face!"

Laura looked really puzzled, so I said it again. "Slide forward and sit with your pussy against my face!"

Laura got a devilish look on her face, then quickly rose up off me. I slid down the bed and she slid up, ending up with her pussy right over my mouth. I began to blow on it, and I stuck my tongue out and barely touched her. She was already wet and aroused.

Laura began to rub her pussy up and down my face. My nose spread her labia apart and my tongue went in and out of her as she moved. She was rocking her hips forward and back, humping my face. She came quickly, and her juice ran down my cheeks. I licked and kissed her, and she screamed as she had the day before. "OOOOOOOOOH!"

She had several more orgasms as she pressed herself against my face. I reached up and felt the milk coming out of her nipples each time she screamed. What a way to tell if a woman is having a climax! That would be pretty darned hard to fake, even for a woman!

After a while she sat back, breathing heavily. I suggested that maybe we ought to get up and have breakfast. "Not until I'm done with you!" Laura proclaimed, and she leaned back into me and began to move again.

She finally climbed off me when I said I REALLY had to take a leak. She followed me into the bathroom and held my penis again. She amused herself by pointing the stream of urine around to different places in the bowl. Then she climbed into the shower and invited me to join her! We scrubbed each other. She paid particular attention to my penis. Her touching almost caused me to ejaculate, and she knew it! Her grin was that of every knowing woman who realizes how much she can control a man with sex! She already could control me, and two days before she had no idea how this was done.

Before we ate, Laura gave me another incredible blow-job. "This is fun!" She said. "I wish I'd started doing this years ago!" I couldn't tell if she liked being in charge, the taste of my cum, or just the incredible intimacy. I didn't care!

Laura fed me a quick breakfast. Then she took me by the hand and led me back into my bedroom. "I've already been unfaithful to John with you." She said. "I'm going to have to hide what I've done from him. I'm going to feel guilty about it for a long, long time. I might as well feel guilty because I've had a real affair. I want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me" She reached down and began to caress my penis.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hard. We stood in the doorway to my room, kissing and caressing each other. I slid my hand down between her legs, and I could feel her getting wet. She moaned as we kissed, clearly signally me just how aroused she felt.

I spread her legs apart by pushing with my feet, then crouched down and slid the shaft of my penis back and forth along her slit. My penis was soon coated with her slime. Her hips were beginning to rock forward and back, already starting the right motion, even though we were standing.

I reached around her buttocks and hoisted Laura up my body. My wet penis stood straight up, and the head easily slipped into her. Laura rocked her hips, and with everything lined up, I lowered her onto my erection. I felt her vagina clamp hard on my penis as our crotches came together. Laura gasped, then kissed me hard.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Still holding her on her bottom, I carried her over to my bed, then laid her down with me on top, still inside her. I began to move slowly in and out of her. Her vagina was a little loose, but as she became aroused, it began to grip my penis more firmly. I moved faster, and when I could feel her getting close, I leaned down and sucked hard on her left nipple.

Laura exploded into orgasm, flopping around on the bed and screaming "OOH!" over and over. Her milk spurted all over me. As soon as she calmed down, I started pumping again, and in just a few minutes she had another intense orgasm.

Laura was so incredibly alive, so obviously female, so intensely erotic that I couldn't hold back for long. Each of her orgasms brought me closer to a pressure I couldn't resist, and finally as she was again bucking and screaming under me, I screamed and ejaculated into her. Laura wrapped her legs around me, squeezed her breasts against me with her arms, and shook and trembled with me. It felt as if I ejaculated continuously rather than in spurts.

It took a long time for us to calm down. When we were finally able to talk, I moved down her and scooped up a mixture of my cum and her juices with both my hands. Then I licked her pussy, smearing our juices over my face. I moved back up and kissed her, then smeared our juices over her breasts and face. Then I licked and kissed her everywhere she was wet.

The smells aroused her again, and I reached down and finger-fucked her to another bed-shaking orgasm. Then we lay still in each others arms.

It was 11:15 when we made it back into the shower. We didn't finish until after Noon. We got dressed together, stopping for frequent kisses, and I loaded my suitcase into her car. Laura nursed Lacy for about a half-hour, then dressed Lacy to go into the car. I kissed Laura. "We can't kiss again at the airport, Laura. This will have to be our goodbye."

Laura kissed me hard, then she broke away and put Lacy in her car seat next to her. I climbed into the back, and Laura began driving to the airport.

"I think I'm going to be offered the job." I said. "But I'm not going to take it."

Laura almost turned around in the seat to look at me. "Why? Isn't it exactly what you want?" I could her a catch in her voice and she began to cry. "It's because of me, isn't it!" she sobbed.

"Yes." I answered. "And Lacy and John. If I move here, I won't be able to leave you alone. It'll destroy your marriage and your family. They'll never give me tenure, and I'll be gone in a year. None of us needs that."

I could see Laura's shoulders shaking as she cried. She grabbed some tissues from her bag and wiped the tears from her face as she drove.

"But John doesn't know how to . . . to . . . to . . . to do what you do to me! How will I be able to live with him, knowing I need more than he can give me? You've ALREADY ruined my marriage!"

I was silent for a few moments. "Teach him, Laura. Talk to him. Show him how to give you pleasure. Show him how you can excite him. He loves you. Teach him how to make love to you. He's only known you. He's as inexperienced with women as you are with men. You now know new ways to enjoy your body and his. Teach them to John!"

Now Laura was silent. "But won't he figure out that I've been having an affair?"

"Laura, buy a sex book and read it with him! Then try out the stuff in it! You already know what works! Show him!"

"But he said I was too loose for him!" She wailed. "You're bigger, and that's the difference. It'll never work with him!"

"Laura, as soon as you got excited, your vagina clamped down on me. Each time it was stronger. As you teach him to arouse you, the muscles in your vagina will learn how to hold him tightly. I had one skinny finger in you, and you grabbed it so hard I had trouble pulling it out! Don't tell me he's that small!"

"No, he's only a little smaller than you!" She said. Then after a pause, "We don't really have any choice, do we?"

A few minutes later we arrived at the terminal. I got out with my suitcase. "I'll be fine from here. Thanks for the hospitality and the ride, Laura!" I said loudly for everyone within earshot. "And thank John for me again!"

Then without moving my lips more than was necessary I whispered, "I'm starting to fall in love with you, Laura. If you didn't have Lacy, I'd run away with you and to hell with what anyone else said. John's a lucky, lucky man. Teach him to make love to you the way you deserve."

Then I picked up my bag and walked into the terminal. When I hadn't heard her drive away, I looked back and Laura was fighting back her tears, looking at me. She mouthed, "I love you!" then finally began to drive away. I felt my stomach grow tight as I watched her car move slowly away. If it stopped, I was going to run out to it, jump in, and take her somewhere where we could make love. Fuck the consequences! I watched until her car drove out of sight.

I went through security then sat waiting for almost an hour. Why are the best ones already taken? The image of Laura nursing Lacy the day before flashed in front of my eyes. I felt the tears welling up. I began to sniffle, and people looked at me. "Allergies or something." I muttered.

The flights back were nightmares. I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't sit still. What made me decide to become a damned marriage and sex counselor? I knew the right thing was to keep away from Laura, but why did I feel so bad after deciding to do that? How did Laura feel? Could she ever be satisfied with John? Had I ruined a basically happy marriage by fucking Laura? Is that why I felt so bad? Guilt? Had I been thinking with my prick? Again?

I unpacked my bag late Friday night when I got back. Right at the bottom I found an envelope with this written on it: "Don't forget me!" I felt my stomach grow tight again. I tore open the envelope, and found a sealed plastic bag containing the black bikini bottoms from Laura's negligee. My stomach was suddenly so tight that it hurt, and I bent over because of the pain. The panties seemed to be stuck to the plastic bag, so I unsealed it and I was immediately overwhelmed by the scent of Laura's pussy. I pulled the panties out of the bag. Laura had soaked them in her juices for me. I fell down and threw up, again and again, until nothing more came up.

What the hell was my problem? Laura wasn't the love of my life! She was just a convenient piece of ass, right?

I put the panties back in the bag and resealed it. Then I scrubbed every trace of Laura's pussy juice off my fingers. Tears were streaming down my face. I took the bag and envelope outside and threw both in the trash dumpster. When I returned to my room, Laura's smell lingered in the air. I lay on the floor, sobbing like a baby. That's where I woke up the next morning.

On Monday I was offered the job and I turned it down. I told the department chairman that the position with them just didn't fit into my plans. He didn't understand, but wished me well. A year later I found a similar position, far away from John and Laura. I got married a year after that, and I have two children of my own. Life goes on and we gradually forget our mistakes. Sure we do.

Over the intervening years I've often run into John at the meetings of our professional society. I learned from him that he and Laura now have three children. At the meetings last year, he told me that Laura had accompanied him, and he invited me to join them for dinner. I turned him down, and as soon as I was able to pack, I got to the airport and fled. I was afraid. I really didn't know what I would do if I saw Laura again.

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