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Mr.X and Asin Sex Story
06-28-2012, 06:29 PM
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Mr.X and Asin Sex Story
It was one busy film shooting day in a remote village in Kerala. The hero of Asin's movie Mr.X and Asin struggled hard to get the song scene perfect. The close encounters during the filming process kindled an uncontrollable fire of lust deep inside X. The smiling face of Asin turned him on over and over again and his cock became hard as a rock inside his tight jeans.

During the break he moved over to her and said,

“Asin, I am very horny for you and want to fuck you now”

“What?” Asin asked in surprise.

“Yes my dear, your smile turns me on, can you give me a quick suck at least with your hot mouth?” he asked.

With much persuasion Asin agreed and they both moved to a secluded cabin where they used to change their costumes.

X leaned on the wall and pulled down his pants and released his cock from his underwear. His cock was very hard and throbbed and swayed like a snake. It was tanned dark brown and huge. The cock head was pink and was of the size of a small apple. His crotch was hairy and his tight balls were masked with them.

“Come on Asin…I can’t wait…come and suck my cock as you usually do” he gasped holding his throbbing cock in his hand.

Like every other Indian movie actresses Asin was a fan of big cocks too and she hungrily devoured X’s huge cock with her beautiful eyes. She was wearing a long sleeveless silk gown and her smooth arms and her shaved underarms turned X even more and wild. She moved close to him and knelt before his throbbing cock.

"Give me some good cock sucking, Asin, your lips are so fucking sexy…Suck my cock dry" X said looking at her sexy girl friend.

Asin smiled and held his cock hard with both her hands at its base. She kissed his cock head gently and rolled her tongue over the pink head and soon made it dripping wet with her saliva.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm…Feels so good my dear Asin…suck my cock…Asin…Asin…” X gasped.

Slowly she opened her sexy mouth and pushed his cock into it all the way down to her throat. She held the base of his cock and stuffed it completely inside her mouth. Her sexy cheeks bulged out obscenely and her face contoured as the mammoth cock filled her mouth. X had built up a huge load and his cock oozed its cream every now and then. Holding his cock tight Asin bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock. X floated in a pleasure carpet. He held Asin’s head and guided her on his stiff pole. Her thick lips were stretched around his cock forming a perfect circle. He massaged her cheeks, as the sexy actress was busy nursing her boy friend’s huge cock. She swirled her tongue over his cock head and sucked him faster.

“Asin…that’s lovely…my baby…you know how to suck a cock…” X complimented and gasped.

She slurped on his cock hungrily and shoved his cock all the way up to her throat. X’s cock became even stiffer inside her mouth and doubled their pleasure. Drools of saliva dripped out of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down very fast on his fat cock. Asin’s sexy mouth was stretched beyond limits and her cheeks bulged out as the cock moved in and out of her mouth. X held her head with both his hands and forced his cock all the way to her throat. He was building up a huge load.

“That’s it my Asin…suck my cock…harder and faster…Asin…Asin…Asin…my sexy hot fuck…” X went on grunting her name.

Asin was an expert cocksucker and she was proving that to X. She puckered her cheeks to increase the friction between her lips and his stiff cock. The cock head rubbed over her palette and her gums and her teeth. X loved every move that Asin was making and he just held her head and enjoyed.

“Asin…Asin…suck it hard Asin…suck it faster…Asin…yes…aaaa” X panted.

Asin closed her eyes and sucked his cock madly, taking the whole stiff cock deep inside her mouth and pulling it out to its tip. Her tongue swirled over his cock head lapping up his oozing cream. X clutched Asin’s head very tight and whimpered as he felt the pressure build up in his stiff cock.

“Feels good Asin…keep sucking it…I want to erupt in your sexy mouth…suck it harder my dear Asin…” X grunted and forced his cock deep inside her mouth.

Asin began to suck violently to milk his cock in her mouth. X pulled her face so close to his crotch that his cock went straight to her throat. His stiff cock pulsed and throbbed violently inside her mouth. Asin bobbed her head up and down very violently and X lunged his cock inside her mouth. Asin held the base of his cock and pressed it hard to release his pressure and soon X erupted like a fiery volcano deep inside her mouth. The first spurts of his cock juice went straight to her throat and she gulped it down. His cock spewed its juice in torrents and soon the sexy Asin’s mouth was filled with his cock cream.

“Asin…aaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn nnn thevidiyamunda” X gasped as he reached his climax and filled Asin’s mouth with his hot cock cream.

He held her head tight and moved his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was still stiff and Asin kept her lips very tight over the stiff rod. He kept fucking her mouth harder and harder and reached his climax again. Thick fresh cream sprayed out of his cock and he forced that over Asin’s white teeth.

“Asin my love…show me your teeth and open your mouth…yes darling that’s it” he said and rubbed his cock all over her teeth.

Asin stretched her thick lips wide and showed his her fine row of teeth and her rubbed his cum all over it. Her teeth and her gums were covered with his thick cock cream and spilled out of her mouth and wetted her costume gown. He forced his cock again into her mouth and fucked it harder and deeper this time and Asin drank his cum till the last drop. Her sexy thick lips, her gums, her white teeth were all covered with X’s thick cock juice. It was a magnificent sight for him to see and enjoy. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her cheeks and around her lips. Asin still held the base of his cock and squeezed his balls as the cock moved all over her sexy face.

Asin cleaned herself up and they both went to continue with their film shooting schedule. They had to work with other artists in the following scenes and one known personality among them was another actresses Simran. She is a gorgeous babe with a hot body to trot. In the evening X and Asin both went out for shopping and dinner together and returned to their cottage at night. Asin decided to stay with X. X was just waiting for this night and he immediately hugged his girlfriend and kissed her sexy thick lips.

“You are too quick X” Asin responded.

“Asin thanks for that wonderful blow job today” he said and sucked her juicy lips.

Asin was hot with desire too and wanted X’s cock deep inside her horny cunt. She already knew how hard and huge his cock could go. Though they have not fucked many times she wanted it every second. X pulled the saree from Asin’s body and quickly removed her blouse and bra. Her luscious boobs sprang free and her nipples were hard as a stone. He pushed her on the bed and covered her swollen nipples with his hungry mouth. He sucked and nibbled them again and again.


In great lust X pulled down her panties and cupped her cunt as he went on with sucking her juicy boobs. Asin had a shaved cunt. It was smooth with thick pouting lips. Without wasting much time X moved his hungry mouth over her smooth belly and reached her cunt. He spread her cunt with his fingers and clinched her clit between his lips. He was in a great hurry to suck and fuck his girlfriend Asin.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUNNGGGGGGGA SSSHHSSSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Asin grunted and gasped when his tongue circled over her erect clit.

X stabbed his tongue deep inside her cunt and swirled it in circles.

“UUNNGGGUUNGSSHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A” Asin wailed and wailed in pleasure after pleasure.

X kept her cunt spread and tongue fucked her for a long time. The thought of X sucking her cunt was enough to send Asin to a wild orgasm. Her body jerked as she erupted to one of her wild orgasm.

“Want to suck my cock again Asin?” X asked.

Asin just smiled and said,

“Fuck me with that now X…just fuck me really hard and rough”.

Asin was very horny and wanted his cock badly. She raised her legs high above her shoulders and bends them down to her chest. This opened up her horny cunt and her juicy butt splayed open revealing her puckered black anus. Holding her hips X pushed his erect cock into her gooey cunt inch by inch. Her thick cunt walls spread wide to accommodate his huge cock.

“"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH," Asin wailed loudly as the thick cock speared her juicy cunt.

Her thick cunt lips and her warm cunt walls closed around his cock and it inched slowly inside her cunt.

“That’s very big and it makes my cunt very tight” Asin gasped amidst her loud moans.

X supported his whole body on both his hands that he placed on either side of her. He arched his hips and forced his huge cock all the way inside Asin’s horny cunt. Soon he was fully inside and his hairy crotch rubbed over her smooth pubic mound. The feeling was tremendous and Asin held his hips and pulled him further close to her. He hugged her tight and kissed all over her sexy face and sucked her lips. He began to fuck his sexy Asin with long and deep strokes.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” Asin grunted loudly in ecstasy and moved her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

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06-28-2012, 06:30 PM
Post: #2
RE: Mr.X and Asin Sex Story
x was mad with lust for his sexy asin and he began to fuck her harder and harder. He kissed her and licked her teeth and gums as his cock bored in and out of her cunt. asin almost wailed with his powerful thrusts and the tightness of her cunt. Her sexy face was contorted and her mouth was open. x just loved to lick her teeth and gums and suck her juicy lips. Her loud moans indicated that she was about to climax. x nailed his cock deep inside her cunt and remained still until the approached orgasm faded ways. But asin wanted it very badly as much as x wanted it. He kissed her lips and began to fuck her again but this time with hard and violent strokes. The pouting cunt lips quivered and jumped like loose flaps over his erect stiff pole.

“I am cummming…fuck me harder…yes…ohhh…yes…harder…”asin gasped and arched up.

x increased his pace and rammed his cock very hard deep inside her cunt and asin was struck with a multiple orgasm that came in throes after throes.

“OHHHYYEESSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” asin wailed loudly and hugged his tight and pulled him even closer to her.

x showed no signs of stopping but went on and on with his onslaught. He hugged her tight and fucked her harder and harder. The bed creaked because of his violent pounding. He sucked her sexy lips and within the next few strokes his cock stiffened further deep inside her cunt and he erupted in torrents. He immediately pulled his hard cock that was spitting white cream and shoved it inside asin’s sexy and hungry mouth. He held the base of his cock and rubbed his thick cum all over her fine teeth and her luscious lips. He stroked his cock with his hand and thick spurts of cum sprayed out and fell on asin’s cheeks and nose. He used the tip of his cock and smeared the thick white cum all over asin’s sexy face. Soon asin’s face was covered with his white cum and she smiled and her lovely teeth and her beautiful smile were all masked by the whiteness of his cock cream.

asin got up and went to the washroom to clean her face of the mess. When she came out, x was still lying on the bed and his cock was hard again and stood erect like a flag mast. He was ready to fuck asin in her beautiful and plum butt.

“asin I am going to fuck your big and beautiful butt” he said and stood up with his cock in his hand.

“Your cock is very big and it won’t go into my butt hole” asin gasped.

“Don’t worry my dear I will oil up my cock and it won’t hurt you and you are going to love that” x said and went into the toilet to get some oil to lubricate his cock.

The sexy asin grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips and raised her hips. Her butt was spotless and tanned. It was bulging and it was big. The big rumps were luscious and the crack between those golden rumps was dark. She gripped her round big butt cheeks wide apart and waited for x to fuck her in her anus. x returned with a bottle of oil and was amazed to see the posture of asin. Her dark anus glittered and invited him for a torrid fuck session.

“asin you have a wonderful butt and my cock will love your asshole” he said and gave a strong kiss on asin’s musk smelling anus.

He opened the bottle of oil and liberally applied it all over his throbbing cock. He then with his index finger applied it all over asin’s anus and the butt crack.

“asin spread the butt cheeks even more” he said.

asin willingly spread her big butt cheeks even further and soon her anus was drenched with oil and it dripped down to her pouting cunt lips. The lusty x mounted his sexy girlfriend and placed his throbbing cock at the entrance of her rubbery butt hole. asin almost panted when the oil slick cock touched her anus. Holding her big butt cheeks x slowly pushed his cock into asin’s tight buttery ass hole.

“Come on asin you have to push and breathe out…come on” x said.

“Hmmmmmmmmm…hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” asin breathed out and rocked her butt on his cock.

Her ass hole opened up slowly and his cock moved in slowly. asin buried her face on the pillow and bit her lips as the cock arched inside her ass hole.

“HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” asin gasped at the slight pain.

But x forced his cock inside her ass hole. The rubbery ass hole stuck to his cock very tight and increased the friction. He kept pushing until he had his massive cock deeply buried inside asin’s luscious butt. The pain had vanished and it was all new kind of pleasure for asin and she loved it. She humped and moaned. Her butt was stretched beyond limits and she felt obscenely naked. Holding her butt cheeks x began to fuck her beautiful butt in slow strokes ramming all of his cock deep inside.


He massaged her butt as he fucked her hard. He moved his finger around her fully stretched anus and increased her pleasure. asin shrieked with pleasure and humped her hips as hard as she could. The extreme tightness of her butt milked his cock sooner than he had expected and his hot juice sprayed inside in torrents. asin too climaxed at the same time and x buried his cock until he had emptied all of his cock cream inside asin’s beautiful butt. He pulled the limp cock out of her tight anus and rubbed it all over her sexy lips and her sexy teeth and her gums. He then forced it deep inside her mouth and the sexy asin stripped it clean with her naughty tongue.
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06-28-2012, 06:31 PM
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RE: Mr.X and Asin Sex Story
Moti was employed in Asin’s house as a servant for household works. He was 18 years old. He used to serve Asin morning tea in her room and used to see her in various poses while sleeping. At times he saw her panties and at times got glimpses of the big breasts. The servants from neighboring houses also used to tease him. All of them used to see her sexy photos in the papers and fantasized about her. They used to tell him,
One morning, when he went to serve her bed-tea, he found Asin sprawled on the bed with her legs apart. She was sleeping on her back and the blanket had slipped of her body. Her nightie had risen up and her panties and pubic hair could be clearly seen. Her creamy thighs and the dark curly cunt hair was too much for Moti. He immediately got a massive hard-on and was at his wits end about what to do. He quickly freed his prick from his dhoti and started rubbing it while looking at Asin's dark bush. Suddenly Asin got up. She awoke to a sight of a large pole in Moti's hand instead of the tea-cup. She took some moments to realize that it was a prick. Moti was a hard working servant and so his tool was a massive one due to hard labor.
Moti grew hornier, seeing Asin watching his cock. He didn’t have any other thoughts but to f*** her. He quickly stepped near her. She tried to move away. But he caught her by the hair, pushed her back on the bed and before she could scream, he jumped on her and put his dirty mouth in hers. She couldn’t breath as a result of the dirty smell. He grabbed her boobs from over her nightie and began to squeeze hard. Asin tried to escape. But Moti was strong enough that she couldn’t move an inch. She was lying there helplessly and was feeling violent kisses and boob pressing and kept trying to struggle.

But soon Asin’s hormones started acting-up as a result of the strong boy’s assault. She grew bolder and bolder, now enjoying the play. Slowly she started to co-operate with him. She started to reply to Moti’s kisses and started to moan. Moti understood that Asin was fully under his control now. He made her free and stood beside her. He then caught her hand and placed it on his prick. Asin felt a current shoot-up her body on touching a hot throbbing prick. She was transfixed at holding this amazing cock and heard him saying, "epdi iruku?" She felt her juices flowing and her panties getting wet. Moti grew bolder. He grabbed her hair and brought her face near his prick. He started rubbing his prick on Asin's face. Asin was in a trance, her face was burning, her whole body was burning with desire. Asin didn’t see such a strong prick in her life. Sensing this, Moti brought the head of the prick near her lips and started rubbing the head on her lips. "en poola sappudi thevidiyamunda", said Moti. Asin's mouth opened by itself and she accepted the dirty smelly cock in her mouth. The sticky smell was now very erotic and arousing to her.

Asin started sucking on the head. The famous Tamil actress was sucking a servant’s prick!!! Moti started pushing his prick in further. Asin felt the hot throbbing prick in her mouth, it tasted tangy sour to her. Moti meanwhile pushed further, however the taste and smell was too much for Asin and she started choking. Moti quickly brought his prick out smeared with Asin's saliva, started rubbing on her face. Slowly he brought it to her lips again and again. Asin opened her mouth and the sucking continued. She was burning with desire. Asin was now moaning heavily and was increasing the pace of her sucking. Moti was about to cum. He quickly pulled his prick out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her face. Soon he started to ejaculate all over her face and mouth by holding her hair. The sticky cum from the dirty cock was making her feel more horny than ever.

Even after cumming so much, the servant’s cock doesn’t get limp and still was throbbing and he was ready to f*** this beautiful bitch. Moti now wanted to see her fully naked and ordered her, "ellathayum avuthu podudi pundamavale ". Asin obliged by quickly removing her nighty and was now only in her lace panties. Seeing her big milky globes getting free, Moti immediately grabbed onto them and sucked and bit vigorously. Asin screamed in pain as Moti was too rough kneading and biting her beautiful breasts. Moti roughly slapped her. The beautiful big boobs, which are the dream of all, were being sucked and squeezed by a dirty servant. Moti then proceeded to rip her soaked panties. Roughly pushing her legs apart he sank his mighty prick into her with a strong push. Asin screamed at the assault, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA�. Her cunt was too very small for the massive cock of this servant. Her wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. He was now into a fast tempo, sinking his prick fully in and taking it almost out.

Asin had never experienced such rapid and thorough fucking before. She lifted her buttocks to meet his strokes when he thrust into her. She was having orgasm after orgasm and was continuously wailing, "Aahh OOOHH UUNNGGHH OOHHHHHHHHHHH". His balls were slapping her butt with each stroke. Moti went on and on. When he was about to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead put his full weight on her and ejaculated deep inside her Ahhhh asin thevidiyamunda kanji varududi vaangiko. She was screaming with the pleasure she was receiving from her nasty servant. He then withdrew his limp prick and immediately put it in her mouth to s*** it. Asin tasted his semen mixed with her juices and started sucking him. She was amazed at the size of his limp prick, bigger than any dick she has ever seen.

Moti became erect again and flipped Asin over. He made her lie on her knees and placed his prick into her now gaping cunt. He proceeded to f*** her from behind, slapping her big buttocks as he went on and on. Asin had never been penetrated doggy style and loved it. The slapping of her buttocks along with being rammed in and out got her another series of orgasms and her knees ( ) became weak. She collapsed on the bed. Her thighs and legs were quivering. Moti made her stand up but she could not do so without his support. Having come so many times Asin felt very weak. Her body was covered with sweat and nasty dirt from the servant’s body. Her knees were weak and shaking. She had received merciless bites all over her breasts and cheeks, her buttocks were red from Moti's spankings.

But Moti was still hard and throbbing. He lifted her and made her lay on her back. He then lifted her legs over his shoulders and positioned his prick at her gaping cunt hole. He grabbed her breasts and with a grunt he pushed his prick deep inside with a hard thrust. "AAARRRGGHH, UUUNNHHGGGHH ", Asin screamed in pain as he began furiously to pump her with his cock and was squeezing her boobs real hard. He was penetrating deep inside her in this position. Her already red buttocks were further getting sore. When he was about to come, he withdrew his prick from her cunt and pulled her face down to ejaculate all over her hair, breasts and her pretty face. Asin was lying there, breathing heavily. She had no strength left.

But Moti didn’t finish yet. He got Asin after a fantasizing a lot and he was not going to let her go so soon. He lifted her by her waist and buttocks and made her sit on his prick. Asin started gurgling as his massive cock stretched and filled her cunt walls again. She could not control her whimpering as Moti was lifting her by her buttocks and slowly fucking her. Moti was feeling excited seeing the dream of all men bouncing up and down on him and the jiggling of those massive boobs. Asin was now being bobbed up and down fast by this young and strong boy and she started wailing, feeling another orgasm approaching. "UUHHHH AAAAHHHH OOOOOOHHHH�, Asin continued wailing as she orgasmed, still being held by the nasty servant and was being fucked hard. Asin pleaded, " enna vitudu en pundai kiliyududa thevidiya payya". Moti laughed at her and increased his pace. The beautiful actress now knew how it felt being raped hard.

He then let go of her and made her lay on the bed. She was happy to get rid of this nasty servant. She was having fun at first. But understood later that she was being raped. Now she was relaxing and breathing heavily. But for her fury, he grabbed her buttocks. Slapping her buttocks as she lay senseless on the bed, he said, "endi pundamavale ippa unnoda kundiya kilikaren parudi mavale". Asin was now very much afraid. She was now like a trapped cat. Saying this, he picked Asin and made her lay down on the bed on her stomach. He made her kneel on the bed with her beautiful wide butt jutting out. Holding her ass cheeks apart he tried to push his prick into her assehole. "AAAARRHHHHHHHHH AAANNN AARRNNNNNNNNNNNNN AARRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN", Asin cried out, as his prickhead penetrated her ass. He withdrew his prick and spat on his finger and pushed it inside her arse. "ahhhhhhhhooooooooffffffff mudiyalada valikudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", Asin beagan crying loudly.

But this dirty sex hungry servant did not hesitate and pushed his prick deep inside her narrow butthole. Asin screamed, "valliiiiiiiiikuduuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa". Moti was too excited at her screaming to stop now. He pounded and buggered her virgin assehole. Asin had tears rolling down her face as she was repeatedly assaulted by this sex hungry beast. Moti soon ejaculated inside her. He had enough and this time his cock went limp. He withdrew his limp prick out. He left her room, leaving the beautiful sexy actress, Asin, bleeding, crying, moaning in pain on the bed.
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