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My Strict Aunty and Mummy
11-17-2012, 09:59 AM
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My Strict Aunty and Mummy
I am now 26. I live alone for the past four years. There's a reason for that.

5 years back in 2005... I had started something unusual any decent family can ever witness.

So, its better I start from the foundation of my becoming a sex addict.

Year 1999

It was when I was in 9th grade that I had started masturbating. My friend Raja, one of the perverts in our school, told me first about what sex is. I was kind of shocked and puked when I first heard him explaining cunts and cocks. I really didn't like the idea to be of something to interest me at first. He used to tell me that, his elder cousin brother who stayed in Kolkatta (Calcutta then) sometimes visited them. He was almost 20 then. And it was him who taught Raja about the human reproductive system, how its done, its benefits, etc. Later he described him that, it was, apart from being a duty for sustaining the human population, its one of those necessities of humans like food, shelter, clothing. He added sex to that.

I remember Raja explaining me what sex is. I was there in his study room after our Maths/Science tuition. Raja, Me and five other friends from our class used to regularly go to his house at 5pm for tuitions by Suresh sir. Among the five, there were 3 girls from our class. And Rosalin was a close friend to me and Raja than the other two. Anyway, back to the point, he explained to me when all had left and we (Raja and Me) were both alone there to do some more sums of trigonometry.

Raja: Well, buddy do you know anything about birds and bees?
He started the sentence as if he was my mother.
Me: No. What do you mean by that?
Raja: Ok. Do you know anything about, like, how children are born? Like, what happens that make women pregnant?
Me: Well, i think, after marriage they take some medicines that make them pregnant. I am not sure, but I think thats what it is.

Raja laughed uncontrollably for the next few minutes. "Dear, you seem to be a whole piece of an innocent child. Hasn't your brother of sister ever tell you anything about that?"
I wondered and thought if they had ever discussed that with me. "No. Tell me if I am wrong."

"Wrong? You are not aware of anything!"
He shifted his position then continued, "Well, have you ever seen a girls vagina?" That question caught me off guard. Yes, I had seen the diagram of human reproductive system in biology book for class IX and the point labelled as vagina. Yet I had never seen it. I didn't actually know how it looked in original flesh. Of course, I knew how it might look like because I had seen many little children. I knew that girls only had a line forming a cleave that started some inches below the belly button and ran until the ass hole. But I never imagined too much about that in the past. Now, when he is asking me, how can i let him know I only have a vague picture of what it might look like?
"Well, yes.. Not clearly enough?" I lied.
"Where and whose?" Raja asked. I was in dilemma. I was about to get caught lying him. Just then, Raja's mother arrived with two plates of cookies. She smiled and asked us to have them while we study and kissed too hard on Raja's cheeks as she left.
"Anyway, the bottom line is that, a man inserts him penis into the vagina of a woman and repeats taking it in and out. With that a white liquid comes out and gets into the woman's vagina. Thats when she conceives and after nine months of pregnancy, she delivers a child. The child too, comes out of the vagina."
As I mentioned earlier, I was about to puke out when I learned it.
"Why do you gag? Its very interesting. It feels good." Raja told me.
"It feels good? We excrete through that way. It too, might smell like hell. How could one enjoy it?" I asked.
"My God, that means you have never masturbated too?" he asked me with jaws open. As if I told him I didn't know addition and subtraction.

"Mater... what?
"Masturbation... M-A-S-T-U-R-B-A-T-I-O-N" He spelled it for me.
I asked him, "whats that?"
With a sigh he told me that when I get home, I should go to the bathroom. Then take my penis in my hand and start rubbing it up and down. Then told me that I should flush away all that comes out carefully, not to be caught by anybody else. He even wanted to masturbate himself and show it to me, for I wanted to know how its done. But I stopped him and went back to home.

After dinner, I went into the bathroom and started to do what Raja had guided me.
chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck.. nothing then again chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck.. nothing then again chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck.. I felt a tingle inside my lower abdomen. Which continued to grow inside me more and more. I had never felt like that before. Oh sorry, I remembered, sometime back I had a similar feeling but could not remember when.
I continued, chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck..chuck.. and finally I moaned silently and heaving like an athlete and I saw gelatinous whitish liquid coming out of the urethra. It was a sense of pleasure I had never ever believed existed on this earth.

And friends, that was the day I started masturbating on almost a daily basis. It became my daily routine while I bathed.

After our final exams for class IX, Raja introduced a new thing in my life. (He is the person, who had actually directed how my sex life should be. Frequently he used to introduce new addictions into me)
He told me that he had got hold of a porno film from his brother. I had masturbated many times thinking about various girls of our class. The pictures were a blur because I actually didn't knew how its done practically. Like I never knew who should start the act. I even wondered with excitement, that my parents too, must have done it time and again to get me and my siblings. I felt shy to imagine them doing it. But I still had no clear picture of how it could look like? I mean their act.
The porno film made me clear on it like nothing else could have done it.
I saw how the foreplay is done. I learned so many new things. Like, vagina is actually termed as pussy generally, penis is called cock, dick etc. and breasts are termed as boobs, tits etc. Last not but the least I leaned what ass and ass hole is. The act itself is called as a fuck. The list was endless, what I learned.

It was then that I learned, watching these movies too are enjoyable. I got a similar feeling of a slight tingle inside my lower abdomen. Like a magic, I remembered when I had got that feeling earlier, before I even knew about all these things. The previous year I was sleeping soundly beside Devi aunty (My father's cousin sister). Generally I went there for vacations. It was Mumbai and thats why I always wanted to go to Devi aunty's house for vacations. I loved Mumbai too much. I slept too heavily so I couldn't know anything. I just woke up from a fantasy dream and sat up on the bed. I was feeling a tingle in my lower abdomen. I looked around, Devi aunty and bubbly, her baby daughter were sleeping soundly. I had put a leg on Devi aunty's thighs in sleep and somehow my sub-conscious state of mind had created a sexual feeling in me. Thats what I understood now. While actually then, I had mumbled something and had gone back to sleep.

Now, while watching a Indian Mallu porn (which was the 2nd movie I was watching in Raja's house), I couldn't imagine anything else but Devi aunty. I couldn't disclose this to Raja. I felt bad because it was my own aunty whom I was fantasizing about.

He put up the question he had asked before when I had tactfully avoided getting caught of lying.
Raja: So buddy, tell me, whose pussy you had seen before.
Now, there was no way I could have avoided the question. So, simply I lied him again. "You know, I had gone to Devi aunty's house last year. We were sleeping together. In the middle of the night, when I had woken up to go to the bathroom, I saw her sleeping soundly, snoring. She had her legs apart. Her right leg was stretched while the other, she had lifted so that her knee was pointing towards the ceiling and her feet was resting just near to her ass. Her saree had got lifted and her vagina, i mean pussy hairs were somewhat visible. When I switched on the light, I could see the vaginal crevice." I said that in one flow and at the same time felt bad for discussing my own aunty in front of my friend so boldly.

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11-17-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
"So, why do you make a face. You told me. Thats good anyway." Raja told me. "You know, I have a blessing from God. I see pussies all around me. You know, my mom goes to most of the parties she is invited to. Many times she comes home drunk. Those are the days, I long for everytime."
"Why so?" I asked.
"Well, you see, don't discuss this with anyone. You are my best friend so I am telling you. When she is drunk, she sleeps too heavily to wake up. So, when my dad is not around, I sleep with her. At night when she starts to snore I wake up and I lift her saree. She never wakes up so I spread her legs and I split her pussy with my fingers and look at them. They are completely pink. I smell them and lick them sometimes too."
I was staring at him, dumbstruck. How can you do this with your own mother, I thought. I was even shocked to feel my cock standing erect in my pants.
He continued, "I once tried to fuck her too. But, its difficult you know. So, I tried to fuck her on her ass hole. She was sleeping on one side so it was easy for me. But I was too dumb to notice that she has never been fucked on her ass hole. I think it hurt her too much to wake up from her deep sleep. She looked too shocked to respond to her son's nakedness and fucking her. She was filled with hangover I guess so just she laid back again to stop her head throbbing. I thought it was a green signal. And started to widen her legs and lick her juicy vagina. She moaned but said nothing. I fucked her throughout that night I guess. And in the morning the other day she behaved completely different. Though she didn't scold me, she didn't put the topic again on me. I was completely blacked out. I felt bad until last month. When she asked me to join her at night to sleep with her. I obeyed but I was not feeling any better and I was quite confused on what would be up against me. But matter was different and she made the first move. Since then, we have been fucking around."
My jaws were wide open. I was fully aroused. What made my feeling worse is that, I was replacing his mother with mine and I was fantacizing while he narrated his story. It was for the first time that I imagined my own mother that way. I began to think, that my mother was too good at looks. She was completely fair and had a marvelous body. It was the first time, I thought how beautiful she actually was. I was feeling bad anyway. But it was too less in comparison to the sexual thrust I was feeling for my mother. Damn! I am day dreaming. As if reading my thoughts, Raja made another change to my sex life.

Raja: Well buddy, don't get me wrong. But how about your Mom. Your dad is always away in Military. She is lonely too. Do you have any fantasies on her too?

couldn't answer. What he said was true. My dad was a frustrating husband to my Mom since I knew him. She was always lonely and loved me too much. She spent her all days and nights to see all my needs are fulfilled. She was lovely but as a mother. And she never got the love of a husband. She deserved it but either my dad was away or he looked at my mother as a maid servant. I knew that. I even knew that she was very very strict of her reputation.

Once, I had overheard her speaking to one of her club mates, "Tell Mr.Mishra that if next time he makes a move to propose me for any useless thing, then I would file a sexual harassment case on him."
Saying that she had hung up. I didn't understand it then. But now? I knew what Mishra uncle might have asked my mother to do.

"What are you talking about? She is very strict. She loves me too much as a son. She might not have had sex in years maybe, but she can noway think of getting indulged in me, her son!" While I said that, I found myself imagining her with circumstance like Raja had. No, she never drinks. She is not a heavy sleeper as well. Oh no! what am I thinking? I was feeling very uneasy.

"Please don't feel bad. Maybe you should go for vacation to your aunt's house." He said to me teasing. I smiled and made up my mind for Devi aunty instead of Mom.

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11-17-2012, 09:59 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
I was standing on the portico ringing the door bell. It's been 15 minutes I was standing there waiting for my Mom to open the door.
Finally the door opened and I saw my Mom in a nightie frowning at me.
"Sorry Siddharth. I was busy in the bathroom. I hope I didn't make you wait for long. This bell is not audible there you know."
"No problem Mom. But why are you frowning. I mean you look stressed."
She looked shocked and then trying to act calmer she said, "Haah, well actually I am a bit tired. You go and change, I will serve the lunch for you."

I looked at my watch. It was 12pm. Not time for any of us to eat. Bhayya and Didi were in Kolkatta studying MBA and CA respectively. They would be coming for their vacations in 2 more days. But I maybe in Devi's aunty's house by then. I thought happily.

"Mom! its only noon now."
"Oh I am sorry, I was unaware of that. You go and change, we will eat at our usual time then." She said and went into the kitchen.
I was feeling uneasy. She was behaving abnormally that day.
I cleared up my thoughts and went into my room. I changed into shorts and went into the bathroom. It looked so dirty.
I came into the living room. "Mom my bathroom is stinking. Ask the maid to clean it today". "Okay I will when she comes in the afternoon. You go and use mine instead." She said and I heard her putting vegetables on pan.

I went upstairs and switched on the light in her room. It was very nicely set with bed, paintings and some pictures of me and her and bhayya and didi in small photo frames along her shelf. Bhayya and Didi have long been studying in Kolkatta and they were seen once in a year. I being a school going boy, was closer to my Mom than them.

I opened her bathroom and stepped inside. It was smelling but differently. Something was out of place. But I couldn't be sure. Then I started peeing. I looked around and I saw her panty hanging near the tap. With an instinct, I moved closer. It was, if not completely new, but was worn not for many times I guessed. I held that in my hands. It felt soft. The panty was an off white colored one. I took a closer look. The area that should cover the crotch was stained with some sticky fluid. I touched them and I began to feel an erection in my pants. I smelled that. It was wonderful. Then without bothering I touched it with the tip of my tongue. It tasted salty. I felt nice. Then, without my knowledge, I was hungrily licking it. Now the sticky substance was gone. What remained there was my saliva on the whole area. My penis was aching. It was hurting me. Then I placed it back, where it was and came out of the bathroom.

At that instant, something caught my mind. What was that panty hanging there for? It seemed like my mother was wearing it this morning. She definitely could not wear it the previous day as she had bathed since early in the morning. Still to be sure, I went to adjoining balcony and saw there my Mom's washed panty hanging there to dry along with a nightie and a bra that she wore the previous day. I was sure that she wore it today. But now, why was she roaming around the house pantyless leaving it hanging there?
I was afraid to think of the truth. Do women masturbate too? Was my Mom masturbating when I came home? Was that the reason she was late to answer the door and was that why, she was perspiring and feeling tired?

The questions were making me afraid, I don't know why but I was getting more and more excited.

I came back to the living room. I switched on the TV. But I was tensed. My Mom was very lonely I knew. So, it makes a point that she too had needs and nothing to do other than masturbating herself. My eyes were on the TV but my mind was roaming elsewhere. I looked towards the window. A beautiful sun shine entered the room through it. I got an idea to be more sure. I called out my Mom.

"Yes son?"
"Mom, this window is left open. I can feel warm breeze flowing through them. Please shut it and turn on the A/C please. I am tired."
She came out of the kitchen and smiled at me. I was now going through her body with a different eye for the first time in my life. She was really a stunning woman. I cannot blame Mishra uncle for trying to propose Mom. She was only 38 as she was married early. While she was walking towards the window, I saw her bums moving and sliding with each other.

"You know, you should do these things yourself. You should not disturb your Mom when she is busy in something else." She said smiling while she was there at the window. She seemed to have come to normal now.

Just as I had imagined, when she came completely to the widow, the blazing sun rays came through her nightie. Her whole interior was exposed to me like an X-Ray image.

She was just 3 feet away from me. She relaxed her one leg and that made a clear way between her legs. It was almost transparent for the moment. I could see the pubic hairs between her thighs. Her legs were slender and for the moment it looked like she was standing there completely naked. My dick was so hard that I could have used it for a cricket bat instead.

My fate was blocked as she closed the window and turned on the A/C. Then long after she was gone into the kitchen, I could no longer control. I ran into the kitchen and hugged my mother from back.

She laughed. "So, you long for your Mama's hugs nowadays." She said casually and went on with her cooking. "I love you" I said. "I Love you too son. What happened, has your exam results back? I think you are buttering me for something." Of course I was. But she took it in the other way. Mother-Son love. I was dying inside."No Mom, I was just not feeling good." Saying that I kissed her and went back to my room.

Forgetting all about the smell, I masturbated like a maniac. When I came, I was moaning with pleasure.

After lunch, I asked Mom for what I was thinking, "Mom I want to go to Mumbai for a few days."
"Sure! I will book the ticket. Indian Airlines is cheaper. Let me see." She said and went into her room for an afternoon nap.

The other day at the same time I was with Sharma uncle in Indian Airlines flight to Mumbai. Sharma uncle was in some business and frequently went to Mumbai. So, a 14 year old was placed with him for safe reasons. I was dreading with excitement. Devi aunty was only 28 years old. She was a bomb. I was not sure as she was very strict too. I didn't know what to do. As soon as the plane started taking speed I felt drowsy and slept...

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
My flight reached Santa Cruz domestic Airport at 5:30 in the evening.

Devi aunty with the 4 years old Bubbly in her hands was waiting for me outside.
"Oh my son. How was the journey?"
"Oh it was fine. Only two and half hours from Chandigarh. You are looking gorgeous aunty."
It slipped off my tongue even before I could stop it. Not that its a bad thing to say... just the way I said it was awkward.
He eyes widened then came to normal. She smiled and said, "In an year I see you have become too bold. Anyway, you should not speak that way to your aunty."

I was saying nothing.
She smiled again and ran her fingers through my hairs.
"By the ways thanks honey! Its okay I was kidding. Come now lets go."

We got into her Honda City and drove off saying good bye to Sharma uncle.

They were Punjabis too. My uncle, Mr. Parvinder Singh was not around in the house. They had one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom in their flat. In Mumbai its costs a hell to get that much. And my uncle was not too rich to afford a bigger house. In fact, they didn't need it as well. Aunty was busy in her household chores. I was teaching Bubbly the alphabets while she sat on my lap.
"I taught her something. She doesn't look like a too bright child." Aunt said while wiping the TV screen. I was watching MGM. A hot scene of Pam Anderson started playing. Aunt stared at it for a moment and blushed. Then she looked back at where I was sitting. She caught me watching it with jaws wide open. Just in time I looked down at the alphabets Bubbly had written all over my shirt sleeve.
"Oops! Sorry, I will wash them. In fact you give me all that need a wash." She said with a warm smile.
"Ok." I said. I was unable to look at her splendid figure from her rear. She was stunning with a figure which must be 36-30-38 or something like that. He bums were completely round. She didn't mind wearing 3/4th slacks at home. And it all made me worse. The burning agony from inside my pants were hurting me. She must have marked the intentions of my eyes. They were completely different from what they have been till date.
I looked around. I saw the bathroom door. I instantly felt the urge to go and masturbate.
"Well aunty excuse me. I want to use the bathroom." I said and went inside.
All was clean. Cleaner than my bathroom. I looked around to see if Devi aunt too had hung any panty like my Mom did. Thinking about my Mom, I decided to masturbate first and then to decide and plan other things.

I started to think about my Mom when I held my cock in my hand which was like a rod and hot like hell. I could see, the body of Mom clearly naked. Her pussy hairs moving slightly, rhythmically to the force of the ceiling fan. I went and touched them and smelled them. I parted the pussy lips and touched the tip of my tongue to her clit. She moaned and wanted me to get in her. Hysterically, I found myself plunging my organ into her hot hole. I was unable to stand on legs. They were limp with excitement to carry my weight. I caught hold of the door handle in my left hand and started to jerk my cock harder and faster, heaving and moaning all through and at last ejaculated and the moan slipped from my mouth little too loudly. Then I was slowly finishing up when I heard Devi aunt near the bathroom door outside.
"Siddharth? Are you all right sweetie? Whats that sound. Did you slip on the floor."
Recovering from the explosion I said, "Aah, no... aunty... It was just..." I let the sentence trail off in the middle.

I slowly opened the door and found aunty first looking at me and then peered into the bathroom. "Are you all right? Why are your eyes so red? What happened? And what was that sound?"
She looked at me from head to toe again and again. She looked shocked and I found myself getting afraid there. I knew if she ever found out what I was actually doing then she would send me back and hate me. Something, that I can resist.
Slowly her mood seemed to change. She smiled slowly, at least thats what I think. "Well you may as well take a bath. Its 8pm now. And leave all the things on the bathroom floor. I will wash them today before going to bed."
Then after staring at me for a few seconds more, turned and went into the kitchen. She was busy thinking something.

I looked at myself. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a shorts which didn't need to be washed. Then what did she intend me to leave for her to wash? My underwear? Cool, I thought. I never liked to wash it myself anyway.

I bathed and as I was asked, I left my underwear on the bathroom floor and left for dinner.

Dinner was awesome. She had cooked delicious parathas and butter naan. I enjoyed them as the more I thought of her beautiful fingers.

"Where is uncle. I haven't seen him since a year. I think he should be back by now."
Devi Aunty looked up. As soon as I completed the question, her eyes turned red, then moistened. I was looking at her blankly. A drop of tear did shed from one of eyes and then wiped them.

"What't the matter? What happened aunty?" I asked like a cute innocent child.
"Nothing sweet heart. Forget about him. You won't see him I guess." "What do you mean?" I asked still not sure where this was going to lead.
"You are too small to understand all this. Just forget it dear."
"No please tell me." I demanded.
"Don't say this to your mom. Otherwise gossips will start in our community back there. He is staying somewhere in Dubai with.... with... someone."
"What?" That was a loud cry.
"Yes... he went to Dubai 6 months back. He sometimes calls me. But mostly he doesn't give a damn to us anymore. Just he sends cheques every month. But money is not everything. He is happy there and I am here with Bubbly."
I couldn't make out anything out of that. "But whats wrong. I mean, he has his job to do there. When its finished he will be back."
"Yeah so many jobs he's doing out there. Forget it you wont understand."
There was a finality in her tone. So I stopped asking her further.

That night was uneventful for she was in a very sad mood. And I was afraid to do any non-sense.

The other day, while she had gone to but groceries I was busy with the TV and Bubbly. While she sat there writing the alphabets, I got an idea to go and see some of Devi aunty's panties. I was excited as in the morning when I got up her legs were resting on my thighs.

Slowly I slid into the bedroom and opened her cupboard. There were so many dresses hanging out there. I smelled them. It was wonderful. I found a pile of 6-7 panties. Two of them were in bobby prints like little children wear. It got me more excited. I held them close. Its softness made my dick harder. I smelled them. It smelled of her pussy. A sweet aroma with a tinge of urine. Oh my god I was beyond control. I took them and through the elastic of my shorts, I inserted them into it and rubbed them against my cock. Its smoothness felt wonderful. I took it out and saw some of my sticky warm liquid's stains on that. I smelled them again and kept it back. I even took out some of her bras and smelled them. With a thrill of excitement, I kept them back and locked the cupboard.

When I turned around I saw bubbly watching me with amazement. For an instance I winched. Then I smiled at her and led her into the living room.

It was when I was having lunch with aunty and bubbly that the little girl told in an innocent voice, "Mama, Siddharth bhayya was wiping his face today with your panties." I couldn't stop her from saying the last word.
Aunty looked with a total shock at her and then her gaze turned towards me. I was dumbstruck.

"What..." She still sounded a bit taken back.
"No... Bubbly.... what are you saying. I was placing my clothes there. And so I was making a space by putting your those things aside while one fell on my face." I said that looking away from her.
"You what?" She blushed and then got angry. "You could have placed it somewhere else. I mean, you should not touch those things."
"I am sorry aunty." That was all I could say.
"Ok don't worry. Its okay."

She looked down at the food with shameful eyes. I knew that she was blushing as her nephew had caught her underwear. After the lunch was finished she went into the kitchen and washed the dishes.

I was sleeping on the bed when she came in and looked at me. I had closed my eyes to let her know that I was asleep. Then I saw her turn and go to the cupboard. She saw none of my clothes there. Then again turned to look at me. I closed them again. She seemed to think of something for a few moments and then again she got back into the cupboard. She took one of those bobby print panties and held them in her hand. I saw her running her hands on it and then feeling the sticky substance on her fingers. She again looked at me and again smelled it. Examined it more and then kept it back.

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
When I got up from bed after a sound sleep at 6pm, I straight away went into the living room. My aunt was watching a celebs show. She looked at me and then switched it off.

She asked me to sit. I was hoping to get a blast of course.
She looked straight into my eyes, "So, I didn't find any of your clothes there."
"Well after I found it was too stuffed, I thought not to put anything there. So... I just..."
"I understand very well." Then she looked away from me.
She continued, "Look Sid, you are like a son to me. Your age is too bad. I know the changes you might be feeling now. But remember I am your aunt." She stopped and found difficult the phrase the rest of it.
"Look, I know what you did with my panty. Its so embarrassing. I mean is it there in our bloodline? I thought you would be different but I think you are the same as the others."
I couldn't understand anything she was speaking.
"Well, if we have actually come up to this stage then let me clarrify you with our splendid family details." Her tone was filled with sarcasm.
"When I was around 12, Amit bhayya, your dad, had made those types of moves on me. I was too small to understand them at that time. You know what he did?"
I was getting to relax instead of the hatred through which she was saying those things to me. I found it exciting to hear those discussions from her. I found my dick getting harder. Even at that time I was studying her body. Her splendid and voluptuous body.
"Sorry, but what exactly did he do to my sweet aunt. I am sorry if I am getting too personal. But please tell me. I hate dad too. I want to know what that man did with my aunty?"
I asked so innocently, that she too seemed to get calmer. The simple buttering of letting her know how much I liked her, made her a bit comfortable.
"Well, I don't know.... you are so small... and I dont think I should discuss these things and ruin you." She said much calmly.
"Oh no aunty. Please don't think I am so small. I mean... well.... I have studied in biology a lot of things and I know something. So please take me as your friend for today and say all the things you have kept to yourself all these years. I really want to know. I can be your little friend. I promise not to discuss this with anyone." I said expectantly.

"You have actually changed a lot man! I noticed it first when you landed here. Then I heard those noises in the bathroom. I have been constantly studying you idiot. You young guys think this is america. I am your aunt, like your mother. I have seen you when you were born. Now you are looking at your aunt with lustful eyes?"

I had no answer to that kind of question. I kept silent.
"So, you are already ruined. I knew it would happen to you one day too. But I never thought at this age." As she was saying her dupatta slipped off and I saw the enormous cleavage.
She picked it up instantly eyeing me.

"Well ok, Amit bhayya, once slept with me on one bed. I was 12 years old then. He opened all my clothes and in the blanket I was naked with him. Of course we didn't do it but it was kind of a very bad experience from your own brother. He did that to me many times until my mother found out and thrashed him."
She again continued, "That was with me and Amit bhayya. And now your elder brother and sister have crossed all the limits."
I interrupted, "What about them. You mean..."
"Yes, your mom told me last year. She caught them red handed when they had come for vacation last year. You were here then."
I was just blinking my eyes. I couldn't imagine my own brother and sister fucking each other.

"Your Mom was like a mad cow. I consoled her and said that you cannot stop this new generation guys. So, stop crying and let them do whatever they like. It was hard but ultimately she got it. Now I have heard that she is letting them do it. She even asked me and them not to anyway tell it to you."

Now this was getting the better off me. Now I understood that its my blood. Thats why I had fantasized about Mom and aunt.

"Now forget about all these. And concentrate on your career."

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
My mind was running like I had got creeps all over my body.

It was really very very hard to convince myself that bro and sis are fucking each other. I was shocked to notice that my dick getting harder imagining them both naked, making love.

Aunty patted on my shoulder and said, "Don't worry, this feeling will wear off. And don't tell this to anyone. Already there are a lot for us to handle. If this thing goes out of your mouth then we will not be able to lift up our heads in our clan. You understand that, don't you?" She told me, gentle in her voice.

"Of course Devi aunty. I will keep my word. And I am sorry about your panty episode. You know, I am fantasizing about you now and then. How shall I stop myself? Please don't feel bad. I am just being frank with you. You are just too sexy for me to stop thinking about you." I said them all in one breath. I was afraid too. I was expectant, that at least once to make me feel nice she will do it with me. After all she is lonely too like my Mom.

I saw her getting a bit shocked with my getting too frank in front of her. "You are are not feeling embarrassed talking to me like this?"
"Aunty, take me as a friend! Why can't we be just friends?"
"Of course we are friends. I would not have told our family details to you otherwise." Anyway go and get refreshed, I have to go to a party tonight. I think you can join me." She said with a wink.
"Sure, I would love to." I said and went to bathroom to have a quick shower.

In the bathroom, I saw a panty of Devi aunty hanging on a rim for towels. Forgetting all the speech of aunty, I grabbed it and smelled it. Though it looked like washed, a faint odor of her pussy was coming. I enjoyed it and had a blastful orgasm. I masturbated vigorously and kind of ate away the pink colored panty. Then I went and got dressed for the party.

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
We were in a Sedan that was presented to aunty by her husband.
She was sitting next to me. Her body was sometimes touching my left hand side. She was wearing a stunning salwar Kamiz like most punjabi's do.

I had begun to feel an erection. A stimulating pleasure in my groins. I, as if unknowingly placed my palm on her thighs. Through the corner of my eye I could see her turn back to me from peering out of the window. She looked at my palm and then at me. She understood it. I was about to remove my hand from there but it could have become more uncomfortable situation. While she sat back and said nothing. I too didn't wince and remove my hand. I felt the warmth of her thighs and let it pass unto my passionate soul. I must have ejaculated I guess there.

The party was a not a normal wedding or birthday one. She never had informed me earlier but it was a kitty party only with some of her women friends. I was awed with the matured beauty of the ladies out there. When we got there, first there was a hiss. They might be talking about, how was I placed there in the first place. Then I saw aunty taking them to a corner and speaking to them with concern.

After a couple of minutes they came back to me and welcomed me well. I could not understand what was going on until I overheard a few of them speaking while playing cards. Aunty was talking to one of them on a sofa at a distance. They seemed to be enjoying some interesting topic while drinking vodka. Must be talking about the Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law TV serials, I thought with a smile.

The aunties behind me were talking slowly while I was playing Super Contra video game. One of them was saying, "Its okay nowadays. Kids are growing up with MTV and Channel V. They are sure to fantasize about women from the age, when we didn't knew what was menstruation or napkins." And they all laughed.

Another said, "Do you really think that cute fellow is fantasizing about Devi?" Then she sighed, "Well, these young guys are too tough to deal with. I wonder if my son is fantasizing me." Again a roar of laughter.
So many ladies laughing, seemed to me like a flock of birds chirping in an annoying tone.

Oh my God, Devi aunty has told all of them about, how big a maniac I am! I could not gaze anywhere else with shame. Then one of them lightened my heart.

"Its okay actually. Biologically and simply logically, human body is formed that way. Its okay for young people to fantasize. You see that cute guy. His cock must be not too long and must be so cute and tender. I would love to kiss him." As I begun to replay it in my mind I found myself getting aroused. I was exhilarated. Just wow. Mumbai ladies are awesome. Just for one thing, that my cock was neither small nor tender. I had just recently measured it. It was around 6 inches. And with all these masturbations, it must have increased by some centimeters.

When the party was over and we were leaving, I knew that one among them is sleeping with her driver and another two sleeping with their brother-in-laws and father-in-laws. My aunty was deep in hangover. She talked to me fuzzily. "Hey sweetie, enough playing games. Take me home my friend. Come on, lets move." She ordered than talk to me.

I smiled and got up. I looked at her in amusement as she stepped cautiously and I had the heartwarming opportunity of holding her by one hand while she partially leaned over me. He breasts were touching my arms. They were warm, I can say rather hot. Her mouth smelled of raw alcohol while we entered the Honda City.

She slept on my shoulders while the driver drove us back to the apartment.

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
Sometimes hard feelings are harder to say than perform. Biologically and simply logically as the beautiful driver fucker aunty told like an old prophet, I had removed all the concerns around me, that I was fantasizing my Mom and aunt.

I was now more determined than ever to have them as my companions. But it was too tough. Aunty regardless of being mates with those whores was too strict to adapt herself into their philosophies of life. In plain words, being friends with them, she might have never cheated on her husband. However, asshole her husband might be. Now I was in the living room, watching a late night TV show while aunty slept, snoring in the bedroom with bubbly. A lady I cannot claim as mine. Who is too costly for me to afford.

Then, my friends, as I was watching a sex scene in MGM, Devi aunty came out babbling and stretching but out of hangover.

"Hey baby, you have not slept yet? I am sorry, I got drunk too much. My hands are trembling... so... can you do me a favor? I don't know how to ask you to do such an act, but I have no other way."
"Sure, why not aunty. Just ask me, I am always there to anything you want."
"Well... okay. I mean... forget it.. I will do it myself." As she turned to leave I stood up.
"This is not fair aunty. Tell me naa.. please..." It was a request.

"Okay, I had forgotten it with the effect of alcohol. I think I will completely stop it. It will have a bad effect on Bubbly when she grows up. Anyway, back to the point. I have got a sprain in my thighs. Can you put some MOOV and massage it? My hands are trembling. I should not ask you to do it." As she said, I remember, I had jumped up in excitement. Like I was waiting for an opportunity as such.

"Sure... I mean wow.... oh sorry... I mean is it so bad?" I tried all I could to control myself.
Even in her dizziness she looked at me shocked. Then she made up her mind, "No, not that bad. Its okay forget it."
"Come on aunty. At one time you say, I am your friend and now.... Its not fair."

"Okay then... come."

She handed me the ointment and as soon as she fell on bed she fell fast asleep.
"So, where do you want me to massage them aunty, over the dress? I mocked."
There was no answer.
"Aunty? Hello?"
She had begun to snore by then. She was wearing the same Salwaar Kamiz that she had on while to heading to the party. I thought, what the hell?
Okay let me see where the swelling is, I thought and tried to lift her Salwaar. The ankle bands were too tight to move up beyond her shank. The calf muscles were as much the size of the ankle band so it could not be lifted even up to the knee, reaching thighs were beyond imagination. So, at last I gave up. I thought just to forget about it and sleep.

Just to be more sure, I tried to press her right thigh, she did not wince. Then I started pressing her left thigh at different places over her dress. At one point her body winced. I knew if in sleep she is wincing then the pain must be unbearable and by tomorrow morning she wont be able to get up. So I had no other way.

I loved aunty too much to leave her in pain and sleep, so I lifted her Kameez and then started to work on the string of her salwaar.

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11-17-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
The A/C was on. The atmosphere was cool enough. But I was perspiring. I was not sure if she woke up, she will ever understand that I was doing all these only out of the deep and sweet love I had for her. She was such a nice lady. So caring and loving but strict. Anyway I loved her too much to have left her in pain.

I caught hold of her waist string and loosened it. It was tied in an easy loop so just one pull broke the knot. I slowly pulled her pants down, when I saw the bobby print panty.

I was taken aback for a moment. So, was she wearing the same one, that I had played with? I asked to myself. Even then, I was feeling a stirring and tingle in my lower abdomen. The panty was so nicely fit on her that I just wanted to stare at it forever. It felt warm at touch. I wanted to dig my head into 'Y' that was formed by her thighs and pussy. It looked so wonderful that I was beyond control.

I slowly bent and smelled the 'Y'. It smelled with a tinge of urine and after shave. I was again taken aback. I wondered if she had shaved it the other day.

As I was smelling and quenching my burning desire to could not but put out my tongue and touch her panty. Along with the panty my tongue also touched her thigh. She moved a little and made a choking sound. She coughed. I sat up straight and looked at her. I was frightened like hell. She was sleeping. I was sure that she didn't wake up.

Then, forgetting about the desire I pulled it further down. It was stuck with her weight on the pants at her bums. I had to lift her to bring the Salwaar further down. So, I did but too slowly and cautiously. Finally, when her waist band was at her knee, I checked with little pressure on different areas on her thighs. It felt welcoming. Too warm to touch. There were small, tiny hairs on her thighs. I moved my palm across her thighs. They were so smooth, and tender. I wondered how can a man leave a beauty pageant like this and felt sorry for her husband. My dick was so hard, I thought it would break inside my underwear as it was not getting enough space to stand on its own length.

She moved a little but still I was sure she was in deep sleep. I started massaging the swollen area with MOOV. Her thighs were so fair that the area which was swollen appeared bright red. I massaged it gently and listened to her moan in sleep. I was afraid first but then as she seemed to enjoy in sleep I was more aroused and continued massaging with little more pressure and then more and more. I was kissing, licking and massaging her thighs, all at a time. Time seemed to fly away so quickly that when looked at the wall clock, it was already 4am. I had already enjoyed the foreplay and aunty too. But the matter of regret is that she enjoyed it in the sleep and never had a chance to know how excellent I was in massaging her. Even more regrettable was that, she could never know, how she herself enjoyed it.

I went into the bathroom and for the second time masturbated (thinking my hand is the only companion I have in real life) and went back to sleep with a grim on my face.

The other day I woke up at 12 Noon.

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11-17-2012, 10:01 AM
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RE: My Strict Aunty and Mummy
I came out of the bedroom stretching my arms. I rubbed my eyes and went to the sink to wash my face.
Bubbly was making a dinosaur in her drawing copy.
I went into the kitchen. Aunty was clad in a shawl. I was surprised. Shawl in such a hot weather?
"You woke up sweetie. My god this cold!" She exclaimed.
"What happened, why are you in a shawl. Are you fine?"
"First, my dear boy, thank you so much. I dont feel any pain in my thighs at all! What did you do by the way." She asked me with a big grin. "I mean its completely gone."
"Oh nothing, just I massaged it. I am happy that its not bothering you anymore. I can do anything to see you happy."
"Really?" She stretched the word. And gave me a cup of tea.
"So, untill when did you massage. You never wake up this late? And Mr.Siddharth Singh, I excuse you to open my clothes just because it took away all my pain." Now she was sounding serious. I could not understand first then I thought, Oh Shit, I had forgotten to tie up her pants after giving all the massage!
"I am so sorry aunty, you were in too much pain. As soon as you led me into the bedroom, you fell asleep. I couldn't do anything but open your..." I let the sentence incomplete.
"Ok boy I am shivering here. Lets go there and have tea. I woke up just sometime back. And I was happy to see Bubbly already sitting with her drawing book. I felt like I am a bad mother. She was without food the whole morning! And I am sorry for the vodka issue. I will never drink again."
"Its okay aunty, I enjoy... sorry... I mean its okay." I stopped what I was about to say.

I said after we finished the tea, "Whatever, first tell me why are you clad in a shawl?"
"Yeah, I have got cold fever. I am shivering now." She sneezed, "Well, the massaging was great, but why did you massage the whole thigh. I mean, you naughty fellow, you massaged without shame right from my groin till my knee." She tried to recollect something and then said, "Oh God, sorry, I never told you where the pain was."
"Yes exactly" I said, smiling that she didn't know that I exactly knew where the pain was. It was out of excitement that unknowingly I had played across her sexy and beautiful thigh.

"I don't know, I must have enjoyed it though."
I was taken aback. "How can you say that. You were in a heavy sleep."
"Yeah and you took the advantage of it?"
"Sorry, I didn't get you."
"You exactly know what I am saying" she gave me a knowing smile and nodded her head, "Human body is made that way. It doesn't matter if one is conscious or not, the mind knows whats happening to the body all the times."
Still not sure what she was trying to say, I kept quiet and let her speak.
"I don't know, how to say it but anyway we are friends so let me tell you something. Today when I woke up I had a feeling that I was sexually excited at night yesterday. I mean I never had a dream like that, that means, my body reacted to what you might have done. And whatever it is, it was not Just a massage. It was something more than that isn't it?" She was asking me directly looking at my eye. I didn't know how I should have reacted.

"Well, I did nothing... I ... I promise. I am sorry. But how can you know."
"Really? Well to be very bold and frank, I had wet my panties when I woke up. If you didn't act like a nerd, then how did I get excited?" She stopped to look at me. I was silent.
"Anyway, sweet heart, don't worry. Your hands might be good. Its okay, forget it. I am feeling really bad. I have completed cooking. Its only Rotis and Tadka masala. I am very sick to do more. Sorry dear. I will make better lunch tomorrow when I feel better. Now I must be in bed."

"Oh Please aunty, don't be so formal with your sweet friend. I love you so much. I can bear a whole day without food. You please have your lunch now. I am going to get some Crocin tablets for you." I said and left to the nearest medicine store.

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