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My Sweet Milking Bhabhi – Part II
06-12-2011, 10:57 AM
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My Sweet Milking Bhabhi – Part II
Hi Guys, First of all thank you very much for your overwhelming response to my earlier story My Sweet Milking Bhabhi. I got some very encouraging compliments from various audience including some sweet ladies praising my narration & word by word expression of happenings which I guess have aroused them to the utmost orgasmic feeling. Some of them complimented that seldom people have such qualities to express the happenings / emotions in words & we wonder that if u express emotions such beautifully then how beautifully you might be handling the woman in your hands.

All this made me write the next part of the story. I wish I perfectly entertain you this time as well. Anyways lets come to the point. Hence after the earlier story incident Rupali & me came very close to each other. She found a boyfriend in me & I found my Lady love. This new relationship added sheer enthusiasm & joy in our life and smiles on our face 24×7 was witness of the same. A kind of happiness rolled over in each moment of our lives. Day & Night I was just think only one subject “Rupali”

In Morning after wakeup and before brushing my teeth my mind would be filled in with thousands of erotic thoughts about her. My Goddess, You guys can imagine that she was more to me than just a Girlfriend, reason being there was love and lust both. Very next day was Saturday & I utilize the offs with full laziness & late wake ups, I am working in a MNC so I have 5 days week, whereas Jatin (Rupali’s Husband) has 6 days week schedule. As usual Jatin left for his work at 10 AM. I woke up at 11 AM.

Rupali knows that I am at home on Saturdays. After wake up I generally open the Door of my apartment so that I get some fresh Air in. So around 11.10 AM I was lying lazy on my bed & from my bed outside view is very clear up to the door. I heard some walk down noise on stairs from 1st floor & I adjusted myself to ensure that whosoever walks up to door can see me clearly. As I expected Rupali was coming down. She purportedly walk down slowly nearby the door just to have a look inside my room.

Our eyes said hello to each other and we exchanged smiles. She stood there for a moment & then again climbed stairs. I don’t know perhaps she kind of wanted to check whether I am awake & to invite me she came up to door or may be some other reason. Anyways the Hormones of Lust started their activity inside me & my mind now working just how to go upstairs. I thought why not to go upstairs and ask her for some Sugar / Tea. I immediately picked up a bowl & climbed stairs. Right after reaching stairs I saw Rupali in the Kitchen.

She saw me and said “To uth gaye tum, Good morning, Maje hain tumhare kuch kam nahi Saturday Sunday ko der tak sleep enjoy karo”. I said “Haan yeh to hai life mei freedom hai, Bhabhi thodi si Sugar chahiye thi, Khatam ho gai hai aura abhi mera market jane ka mood nahi”. She said “Are koi bat nahi, Aaccha mere haath mei abhi Aata (Wheat flour) laga hai, so tum please yeh upper wale Rack se nikal lo”. She was standing just in front of the Kitchen slab & the Rack was up 2-3 feet from her shoulders. I moved into the kitchen. And I had to cross her from back to reach the Rack.

I crossed her and saw that she was wearing same nighty of past day with her cleavage button open. Perhaps she had just breastfeed the baby. Due to open button one side of her neck flap had parted on the other side giving a bare partial view of the both fruits and I slowed down activity there just to have a eyeful look there. I could see, two beautiful innocent fruits hanging just touching each other giving just small space for air to flow within each other.

Milkish white color adding more to the beauty of size and shape of fruits. I madly stared on them and went crazy. My heart started beating a bit higher and Immediately I found that my mouth is dry. A clear horny syndrome as I call it. The lusty man inside me asking my mind to anyhow put my finger in between them just to feel the warmth and softness. And I raised my hand just to act on the same. But immediately my mind stopped me saying that this might be too fast.

Rupali was in between busy making the dough unaware of all this. Anyways I thought for a second and looked again an eyeful on her cleavage and then my eyes went upto her neck I found a deep scar of burnt there. “Yeh kya hua bhabhiji” I asked. “Kya” she said. “Are yeh jo aapke gale per nishan hai”. She looked at her neck and took idea of her clothes and bare condition and then looked upon the scar.

She waited for a second. I think perhaps she kind of got hint of my gaze on her fruits and then she briefly breathed. She took 2-3 seconds to reply “Are yeh to jab gudiya chhoti thi tab ek din sote hue usne mujh per garm press galti se laga di thi”. And she turned her face towards me to make an eye contact. I turned my eyes towards her scar and said “lekin bhabhi yeh to kafi deep hai, kafi pain hua hoga” She said “yeh to chhota nishan hai, aage shoulder per kafi bada scar hai” Now I thought she is perhaps asking me to see it.

I raised my hand to uncover her nighty from her shoulder and then after uncovering I touched the big scar. “Ohh aapko to kafi jalan hui jogi” I said. “Haan”she replied with heavy voice. Perhaps after my touching she kind of aroused and due to increased heart beat she was breathing heavily. I kept touching that area with my hand for next 3-5 seconds. And I realized that today also she isn’t wearing any Bra. This again gave me a high. Her milky white skin all from the shoulder up till the uncovered bear fruit was making me crazy.

I was in jeopardy how to proceed for next. I removed my hand. “Aapki itni fair skin per yeh scar mujhe pasand nahi, lekin ignore bhi nahi kar sakte, fir mai kuch karta hu aapke liye” I said. “Kya” she said. I kissed on the scar. “Ohhhh, kitne sweet ho tum, yeh to jatin ne bhi nahi kiya aaj tak, tumhari wife kafi khush rahegi tumse, tum perfectly jante ho care kise kehte hian.” She replied to this. I got my Green signal to proceed. While I was kissing the shoulder scar. I slipped in my one hand inside her nighty up to her fruits. “

Areeeee Ruko Abhi, Aise mat karo” She stopped me and went a bit away. “Gudiya jag rahi hai abhi, who dekh legi to Jatin se keh degi” She whispered. “Jaldi mat karo, Tumhe jo chahiye mujhe pata hai, lekin thoda wait karo, 12 baje Gudiya aur baby so jayenge. Tumhe abhi kafi kuch seekhna padega, Females se itni jaldi bazi nahi karni chahiye, Jaldi ka kam sirf Sex hota hai aur usme koi enjoyment nahi, Fursat se pyar hota hai aur usme hi ultimate fun hai. Abhi tum jao.”

I took my sugar bowl & immediately came down. Now I prepared my tea and was waiting for the clock to tick 12. around 12.20 Rupali called me from the stairs “Ek minute meri help karoge” I listened her voice and went nearby the stairs. I was standing at ground floor nearby stairs starting & she was on the 1st floor nearby stairs “Thoda sa baby ko pakad lo, Mujhe nahane jana hai”. She said “Aaccha” I replied. I went to my room. Locked it and climbed the stairs thinking with all the enthu that my dreams are about to come true.

While taking baby from her hands I kind of brushed with her fruits. She laughed a little. And handed over baby to me. My mouth was dry and I smiled. “Dekhna abhi soya hai kahi jag na jaye” She said and went to Bath room. She started the shower and I can listen the sound of water. I was in my thoughts that what will happen. Suddenly after 5 mins I heard her voice. “Meri ek blue nighty padi hai almirah mei pls, nikal kar de do”

I went to her almirah and found the nighty right in front, pulled out and went to bathroom with baby in my hands. Suddenly during this due to noise baby cried, Gudiya was sleeping fast. I was cursing baby that why she cried to spoil my show. She hadn’t yet started the bath but I guess she was only in shalwar as I peeped in. She took the towel and wrapped her top in the towel and came out of bathroom. “Ab ise bhookh lagi hai, Mere nahane ke beech mei roz kuch na kuch ho jata hai, chalo pehle ise doodh pila deti hu nahi to tumhe tang karega.”

She came out from bathroom and sat on the Bed. Took the baby from my hands and I sat on the other side of bed. She uncovered her towel wrapping from one fruit and then put her hands around the nipple and then squeezed the nipple a bit a small drop came from the nipple of white milk. She now brought the baby’s mouth towards nipple and put the nipple inside baby mouth and baby start suckling. She closed her eyes for a moment, perhaps to enjoy the suckling of her fruits by baby and then opened yes and saw towards me.

She smiled and said “Hmmmmm kya dekh rahe ho? Man machal raha hai kya tumhara?” I said nothing just smiled. “Jara Dekh kar aana Gudiya theek se so rahi hai dusre room mei?” I went and confirmed her that she is fast asleep. After 2 mins baby was done. She took the baby to other room and kept her beside Gudiya. While going there and coming back milk was dripping from her fruit on all the floor and I was just looking at the milk. She came in and saw me watching the milk. “Kaisa taste laga tumhe doodh ka kal” she asked. “

Sweet” I replied. “Aur pina hai” she asked. “haan” I replied. “ok pehle niche jakar main gate band kar aao” I went and quickly came back.”Bottle mei piyoge” She teased me. “Nahi mujhe to vaha se pina hai” I repied. “kaha se, Choo kar batao” Now I got my way clear. I went upto her and tried to touch her nipple. “Ruko abhi, Tum to Doodh piyoge aur mujhe kya milega” She asked.”Batao kya chahiye” I replied. I went a bit closer to her and started kissing her. The towel dropped and milk was still dripping from there. “Pehle mujhe dudu pina hai” I said.

She sat on the bed with crossed legs and I lied on the bed with my head in her lap. She combed my hair with her fingers and asked “Right piyoge ya left se, dono ka taste different hota hai”. “Jisme se sweet ho usme se pilao” I replied. I kissed on her cleavage. And she relaxed with both of her hands behind her back and both of the fruits hanging freely. Now I started kissing her on her neck area up above the breasts and she was kind of biting her lips with eyes closed. And long breathes. I suddenly pinched on her one of the nipples.

And she opened her eyes “Naughty, Yeh bahut soft hote hain, Aise karoge to naraz ho jayenge, agar inhe khush karma hai to kiss karo, softly massage karo aur nipple per Tongue ghumao”. I followed her instructions. Seems like she was enjoying this very deeply. I was kissing her all over her fruits. She was having very milkfish fruits with pinkish big areolas and Firm erected nipples. A open sight of her fruits would drive any man crazy. I was enjoying the sight eyeful, Kissing passionately as deep as I can and in between this her milk was continuously dripping. I move up to her lips to give her a final French Kiss.

I opened her mouth, pushed my tongue and started sucking her lips. I found she now breathing heavy, her hand immediately reached towards my groin area. I was wearing a short and with my Frenchie. She slipped her hand inside my Shorts while I was kissing her deeply. I noticed her urge and removed my short pant. Now I was only in my frenchie. While this I kept on kissing her. Now she kind of tried to hold my dick. She was putting her hands pressure on my dick and trying to bend it and mould it in several ways just to play with my hardness. On the other side I was done with her lip kiss and now I moved my mouth towards her nipple.

I played with my tongue on her nipple and pressed nipple between my lips this was making her crazy. Guys you cannot imagine the experience of somebody’s tongue on your flesh. If you wish to experiment it then try to suckle your Bicep area by your lips with closed eyes and you can experience how much lucky females are to have such joy. I started suckling her nipple now and warm milk was flowing from her nipple into my mouth.

Kind of butter milk and mild sweet taste it was. You need to develop your taste for it and once you have developed it you will go mad for it. I was suckling hard and she now put her hands inside my frenchie. We spend around 20-30 mins in this position and I enjoyed both of her fruits one by one and had all the milk. Once I was finished with her Right side fruit milk stopped flowing and it was now lump hanging there now I switched to her Left side breast. Initially there was no milk I was suckling hard. “Ruko ek minute” she took the nipple out and squeezed it with her hands. Now a drop came and she again pushed her nipple inside my mouth. I again started my enjoyment.

Suddenly in between she took my one hand towards her cunt. And I felt like she inviting me to put in finger there. While she was already playing with my dick with one hand. I adjusted myself a little bit. “Chalo kuch experiment karte hain” she said. And she went to kitchen to bring a bottle. That was bottle of honey. Now she opened her salwar and asked me to open my frenchie. Bottle was having very small opening tip for honey spread. I opened my frenchie and she also undressed her completely. Now we were all nude.

She asked me to switch off the lights. I said “why”, “I am a bit shy as I m first time nude with somebody other than Jatin” She said. “But I enjoy the watching of your fruits then I will not be able to do so” I replied. “Ok”. Now she lied me on the bed and she also lied on the bed. She poured a spread of honey on my already hard on dick and asked me to pour some honey on her Cunt. My God such a nice pinkish pussy cleanly shaven it was first real sight for me of pussy. I immediately proceeded as per her instructions.

Once honey was spread now she came upward me and positioned her cunt towards my mouth and her mouth towards my dick (69 position as we know). Now she was sucking my dick very hard and I was sucking her pussy. Her love juices were flowing in full flow. I was sucking her labia, pussy lips and with my tongue going in and out of her love hole. She was giving me a tough tongue treat on my penis tip and making me feel the euphoria. “

Yaha nahi, jaha lips ke beech mei ek chhota sa mount hai vaha per suck karo, lady ko sabse jyada sensation yehi se hota hai. I am going to give you some tips today which not any lady would give you and which will help you keeping any lady happy, Long foreplays, Deep kissing and long caressing is what a woman loves. Kabhi bhi jaldi mat karma hamesha aaccha time nikal kar pure passion se love karma tabhi tum enjoy kar paoge aur who tumhe full freedom degi. Start with slow motion and then proceed to wild this is what makes women crazy,

Whole world & specially India is full of unsatisfied ladies and with some tips you can enjoy life with them” she taught me. Then she kept on sucking me hard and harder until my tool grew to its full length of 6.5”. I was madly sucking her Clitoris (which she told me) and she was giving loud moans now “Ahhhhhhhh” she moaned. “Jatin ke saath bhi aap itna hi enjoy karte ho” I asked. “nahi, Wo mere husband hai jab tak wo na initiate kare mai kuch experiment nahi kar sakti nahi to wo kuch aur sochega isliye mujhe koi partner chahiye tha jiske saath mai aur enjoy kar saku. Jatin to bus 5 minutes quick noodles ki tarah hai, noodles aur full meal mei difference hota hai.”

Now we were done with oral. She sat on my tool and guided it to her love hole and she sounded “hmmm” with biting her lips as like enjoying the penetration. Now she was riding my cock slowly slowly. It was amazing experience for me as compared to masturbation. A warm grip on my full dick was making it grow like anything and I was feeling the sensation in my whole body. She ride me for a while and now she asked me to change the position. Suddenly she look towards clock and said “Jaldi karte hain Jatin aane wala hai,

I will teach you some more later on” Now she was lying on the bed and I came on top of her and started stroking her “Now fuck me hard” she said. I increased my speed. I was sweating and her fruits were making merry-go-round and it was amazing sight for me with some milk coming out of them. I increased my speed to fast “I will teach you how to control and make your session later on, aaj nahi” now I was now stroking her as fast as I can. She raised her legs in air making way for me to enter her with full force.

Within minutes she came. “aaahhhhhhh ummm ughrrrrrrrr” she screamed and scratched my back with her nails. I guess she got a very hard orgasm “Marriage ke baad pehli bar mujhe itna aaccha experience hua hai” she said. I was about to cum and I said that to her. She said not take your tool out. I want to taste your cum. I was standing on the bed while she was sitting she started giving me blow job and her hands caressing my balls. Within minutes I came in her mouth and she was happy for that. She made Even me taste my cum that day.

And to my surprise it was amazing. We lied there in same position for around 10 minutes. “You know woman loves a man inside her even 10 minutes after intercourse, but man is always in hurry and doesn’t cares for woman once he is done”. Now she once again looked towards the clock and asked me that Jatin is about to come in 1 hour so better we arrange things in order. I dressed myself and she went to bathroom for cleaning & bath.

Guys I had several lessons from this lady in my following intercourses with her and each one was amazing which gave me deeper understanding of sex and how to enjoy it very well. She taught me how to control the session for 30 minutes to 2 hours with some breathing regime. Past 6 months ago they have left from that building and I m passionately searching for my new partner. Hungry unsatisfied women, mature ladies can contact me I would love to make them happy and satisfy mine and their needs

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