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Namitha ki College Friend Parul - Ragging
08-26-2012, 10:26 PM
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Namitha ki College Friend Parul - Ragging
First let me describe myself. I am a young girl from Eastern India (Kolkata) aged 19 and full of life and energy. My name is Namita and I am rather tall and strapping, standing at a height of 5’4”. My school education was completed at Kolkata in a leading English Medium School for Girls only. Throughout, I was a bright student, and in my High School exams, I fared out with flying colors in the Science stream. My parents are from a middle class family, and rather conservative in their attitude. Apart from studies and a few games like Table Tennis and Badminton, and a few outings with my friends to see an occasional movie or to dine out, my freedom was rather restricted. Normally, when not in school, I wear loose fitting Salwar Suits and only on special occasions did I also wear Sarees (mainly borrowed from my mom). Jeans; tops or skirts were a strict NO NO for me, and I could never dream of putting on such dresses. Of course, I envied my friends, who preferred to be dressed in skimpy and tight outfits, even though it meant exposing their bodies a bit. It is in this background that my story unfolds itself.

After passing out from School, my interest in Engineering (Electronics) arose and being quite a bright student, I easily gained admission in a good private Engineering Institute near Kolkata. My joys knew no bounds upon my selection for the five year course and I knew that my career was made. As this institute was situated far away, and it was not possible to travel to and fro every day, my father got me enrolled in a hostel situated within walking distance from the college campus. This was a hostel only for women, with the boys’ hostel situated at least two km away. I guess, this was a basic precaution taken by the Institute authorities just to segregate the boys from girls when not attending classes. I was happy and contended and my father was satisfied with these arrangements. I soon moved into the hostel, prepared for some hard and serious studies. Little did I realize how this hostel life would affect me and change my life, perhaps forever.

The room I was allotted was in the first floor of the hostel building, leading out of a long corridor. There were a series of rooms leading out of this corridor, each situated next to the other side by side. Mine was a three bedded room with a small attached Indian type toilet. Apart from three wooden beds along with cotton mattresses and pillows, each girl was given a small steel almirah, to keep their belongings in and a common small dressing table. A few hooks were in the room, perhaps to hang out the daily clothes and towels. There was a canteen situated on the ground floor to meet our requirements for food, snacks and tea all at fixed timings. Food was not allowed in the rooms and even for an early morning cup of tea, girls were required to visit the canteen. However, packet snacks like chips, kurkure, peanuts and biscuits were on sale that could be taken up to the rooms for eating.

I had two room mates who shared our three seated room right away from day 1. One was Nisha, a Punjabi girl and the other was Parul who was also from Kolkata, both of whom were around my age group. Nisha was very fair and of healthy built and with sharp features. Her assets were very much pronounced and she loved to wear Jeans and Tops and occasionally Salwar Suits. Parul was short in height ( I guess she must not be more than 5’), dark and rather thin. She was rather plain looking, but what caught everyone’s eyes was that she had a head full of long and thick hair that reached even below her hip region. The only dress she wore was Sarees and nothing else. The first evening and night we chatted and talked and got to know each other as we had to remain together for the entire length of 5 years that our course would run into. As we chatted, Nisha came out that this institute was a well known centre for Ragging of fresher. She warned us to remain prepared for any eventualities in the next few days but to take everything in our strides, which would be in our interest only.

As the night pulled on, we realized to our horror that it was past 2.00 AM and that it was high time that we got to bed. It was just at this juncture that I got a rude shock. Nisha got up and started to get into her night dress. So far so good, as even I had to change into my nightie. But Nisha came out with an announcement. She told “girls, don’t mind if I take my clothes off and get into my night dress.” Who had reason to mind as this was a routine affair. But not for Nisha. She first took off her tops right in front of us and immediately thereafter, off came her jeans. She stood in front of us clad in only her white nylon brassiere, which could hardly contain her breasts, big that they were. Down below, she was wearing a matching laced panty, which was short and skimpy. Before any of us could react, off came her bra and panty and Nisha stood before us totally nude. It was for the first time that I was watching another naked female at so close quarters and most amazingly, I could not take my eyes off her assets. Her breasts were big and round with two large nipples sitting atop. The nips were deep brown in color and were surrounded by large circular aureoles, also deep brown in color. Her tummy was flat without any trace of flab, punctured by a deep navel. She was totally hairless and I was amazed to see that even around her ample private parts, there was no trace of any hair. Obviously, she had carefully removed her pubic hairs as also her armpit hairs. I saw no reason why she should decide to do this. Her buttocks were round and firm duly slit in two parts by her ass crack. But before we could react, Nisha slipped into a skimpy night dress that barely covered her assets. Evidently, she took this very lightly and in a matter of fact manner.

Soon all three of us were deep in our sleep, dreaming of the days that lay ahead of us. Early next morning, I was the first to wake up and I could see that Nisha’s night dress had traveled all the way up and lay gathered around her waist, exposing her shaved private parts. The lips were slightly apart and through them I could spot her brown inner lips and rather large clitoris that were peeing out. I took a glass of water and as per my daily routine; and I entered the toilet to relieve my self. Drawing up my nightie to my waist, and exposing my ass, I slowly squatted on the toilet footrests and started exerting the pressure to lighten my intestines. I was half through when suddenly I heard an urgent thumping on the toilet door. It was Parul’s whose voice I could hear clearly through the closed toilet door. “Namita, you are taking hell of a long time. You forget that there are three of us and all of us are feeling the urge to relieve ourselves. Open up quickly you fool” I heard Parul call out urgently. “You fool” I yelled back, “I am only half through. How can I get out?” Suddenly Parul started banging on the door and she was shouting “Namita, my shit is coming out. I can’t stand a moment more. Open up or I will soil this room”. I had no alternative. Without washing my ass hole, I stood up, letting my nightie down and I opened the door.

Before I could any thing, Parul rushed in and lifting her night dress up to her waist and lowering her panties, she squatted on the toilet seat and let go. With a squeal, her gas escaped from her ass hole and before my horrified, her yellow shit simply poured out, thick and fast. With a sharp hiss, her piss spurted out and for the first time, I saw her pussy, squirting out her load of pee. Her pussy was very hairy, covered with a dense growth pubic hairs, which were rather reddish in color. I was aghast, and for the first time I realized the realities of hostel life. Here there would be no privacy and girls would have to expose themselves in every way before the prying eyes of others. Parul washed her ass with her left hand fingers and stood up, her pee still dripping from her pussy hairs. Her panties were around her ankles, and her dress was drawn up to her waist. I had a clear view of her hair covered pussy, which resembled an upturned triangle between her feet. She washed her hands and simply walked out of the toilet, as if nothing had happened.

Very soon four senior girls came visiting us from adjoining rooms. They introduced themselves as Sneha, Daisy, Rita and Sangeeta. They were all from the fourth year and were our seniors. I braced myself for trouble, the moment I saw them. I was right. Sneha, it was clear, was leading the gang. They came inside our room and made their intentions clear. They wanted us to get acquainted with them and to “please” them in whatever manner they desired. Sneha’s voice boomed loud and clear that any resistance on our part will invite most unpleasant actions and as such we should co-operate. We resigned ourselves to our fate as we knew that “ragging” was very much a way of hostel life and that from next year onwards when we became seniors, we will be the raggers, with the fresher being the ragged. We were ordered to stand in a row side by side and before long there boomed Rita’s voice “now you girls you strip and let us seniors see your assets”. I looked at Nisha and then at Parul wondering what to do. “Come on girls, strip before we ourselves tear all your clothes off you” rang out Daisy’s shrill voice.

First it was Parul. She took off her saree, blouse, and petticoat and stood in her bra and panties. Sangeeta rushed forward and pulled down Parul’s white panties exposing her pussy. Then Parul herself took off her bra and there she stood stark naked. We had no other option but to follow suit and soon all of us three were fully naked standing before the glaring eyes of the four seniors. Sneha exclaimed “By God, what assets do these three have. They should be proud.” Glaring at Nisha, Rita shouted “you bitch, why you had to shave your pussy? Listen it is an unwritten law in this hostel that no girl can shave their pussies and they are to let their pubic hairs grow normally—understood?” Nisha had no answer and she only nodded in assent. Sangeeta came up to me and after tweaking my pink nipples and aureoles, lightly tugged at my ample black pussy hairs. Her fingers separated my pussy lips after parting the hairs and soon she was rubbing my clitty and fat inner lips. I squirmed as my juices began to squirt out and involuntarily, I parted my legs, thus allowing more freedom to Sangeeta’s probing fingers. She felt around my inners and squealed in delight “look she is a virgin and her cherry is yet to be broken.” The others screamed in peals of laughter. Next it was Parul’s turn. She got the same treatment as me but her ample boobs were squeezed hard by Rita’s strong hands.

“Girls, you will now meet our demands” ordered Sneha and Daisy together. We stared at them full of apprehension and fear, wondering what will follow next. Before we could react, the four stripped off their dresses and stood totally nude. “Girls, when you have showed us your treasures, there is no reason why we should not reveal ourselves” spoke out Rita. All four had hairy pussies, some with very dense pussy hairs and one with a light furry growth along the length of her pussy lips. Sneha’s boobs were the biggest-at least size 38 and resembling ripe melons with black nipples and aureoles. She had black and curly pubic hairs (like mine) which covered her pubes and ran down the length of her pussy lips reaching her ass. Rita’s boobs were tight and firm with brown nipples sitting on top. Daisy’s boobs were the smallest with pink nips and aureoles. Her pubic hairs were light brown in color and dense and curly. Her brown clitoris was poking it self out of her pussy lips, barely visible from amongst her brown pubic hairs. Sangeeta’s pubic hairs were least dense though black in color and her boobs were perky, shaped like two ripe mangoes sitting on her breast with raisin like nipples brown and large.

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08-26-2012, 10:26 PM
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RE: Namitha ki College Friend Parul - Ragging
One by one we were instructed to feel their nude bodies and even to embrace them. We were told to suck their boobs and pussies, which we had to obey, though at least I did not like the idea. The pussies smelt of stale urine and the juices were salty in taste. My pussy was licked by Sneha with Daisy squeezing my boobs. Sangeeta put her lips to mine and soon her tongue was exploring the insides of my mouth. I responded and soon I tasted the insides of Sangeeta’s mouth. Her saliva tasted sweet and her tongue was soft though hot. We three had our pussies licked one by one and we were forced to taste the ripe pussies of the four senior girls. We took turns in kissing each other and squeezing our boobs and sucking the nipples till they became sore. All of us (7 hot girls) were squealing and grunting “eeeeeeeeeh, ooooooooh, mamamamamama,” with Sneha shouting the loudest. All of a sudden Sneha and Rita rushed towards the toilet, beckoning us to follow. They stood with their feet spread apart and slightly bending forward, began to pee in unison. Out squirted their warm and yellow pee and splattered on the bathroom floor. Sangeeta also started to pee but right on Nisha’s body, drenching her with her urine. This caused a slight problem because Nisha protested loudly, which was immediately dismissed by the others.

After our orgy appeared to end, Sneha and Daisy literally dragged us out of our room, naked even though we were. From the verandah, we were horrified to note that it was full of naked girls fresher as well as seniors. We knew that our fate had befallen the other new girls and that it had to be like that. Suddenly we heard some shouts and before our horrified eyes we saw two young new girls being dragged along by their hair by some senior girls. They were simply refusing to be dominated by the seniors and the end result was this punishment that was being meted out to them. “Tie them up” ordered one senior who appeared to be in control. Immediately the two poor girls were made to stand and soon they were trussed up against one of the verandah pillars. They were crying and sobbing, begging them to be left alone but no one bothered to hear. “Strip them” was the next order and sooner than expected, their jeans were pulled down and their tops forced out. They were stripped of their bra and panties exposing their young boobs and pussies. Like most other girls, their boobs were of average size with brownish nipples and aureoles and dense pubic hairs that almost covered their young pussies. One of them, out of fear, started to urinate then and there letting her piss wet her thighs and legs. But this not appeared to bother the seniors. They squealed and laughed at her plight and one of them screamed “look how she pees—will she now shit?” This poor girl had enough of the torture and simply passed out, her limp form tied up against the pillar.

After some time, we were all ordered to stand in a row before our seniors and then followed the rest of our orders. “Girls, welcome to this hostel. Now that most of you have overcome your shyness, you must follow a few rules.” We wondered what these rules were. Sneha spoke up “from now on wards after 9 PM, no girl here is to wear any clothes but stay completely naked”. Rita spoke next “pissing, shitting and bathing will have to be done in full view of others and bathroom doors are to be always kept open”. Another senior interrupted “only during periods can you wear your panties only and that too only to hold your napkins in place. But after the fifth day, again you have to stay fully naked”. Daisy then spoke “No girl is allowed to shave their pussies; even trimming pussy hairs is not permitted. Arm pit hairs can only be trimmed only to keep out the odor and shaving is not permitted”. “Visits to the common room can only be done fully naked though canteen visits can be clothed”. “Full freedom is to be given to others to play with your bodies including squeezing of boobs, finger fucking of your pussies and ass hole, licking each others’ pussies and ass holes etc”. We were to repeat all that was said under oath and then followed the threat. “In case any of these rules are not observed, the concerned girl will be paraded nude on the streets and in full view of the boys and teachers. No teacher had the courage to object to these rules and even they liked to participate in the punishments as spelled out”.

Thus started my hostel life with a bang. Though at first, I disliked the way things were beginning to shape; as the days passed I developed a keen interest in the “lesbianism” with which all of us were living. Then one day a girl named Nandini befriended me and she showed me whole lot of sex books containing photographs of naked men and women all engaged in various sex acts. I developed kind of craze for such books and started to insist Nandini that she showed more. One of these days Nandini spoke to me, “listen Namita, are you interested in the real stuff instead of just photographs?” I was scared not daring to even think of what she meant. Nandini continued “I have a boy friend from whom I get these books. He has fucked me a number of times and my word, I enjoyed every moment. I can take you to his place if you are interested.” I was shocked. Nandini continued “Namita, come you too will enjoy” said she stroking my pubic hairs and sticking her fingers in my pussy. “Look, you need not have sex but you can merely watch me and Rahul fucking. But you will have to stay naked for Rahul to see your treasures.” I told Nandini that I needed some time to think as this concept was not appealing to me. Nandini kept on reminding me at least three to four times daily and in fact started to goad and encourage me to say yes. Ultimately I consented but full of apprehensions.

Two days later after our classes, we left the college campus telling our room mates that we had to go to the city to buy some books. We took an auto and within 15 minutes we reached a house situated in what appeared to be posh locality. Soon we were in one of these houses and a young man was sitting with us. I guessed rightly that he was Rahul with whom Nandini had enjoyed so much. “Rahul she is Namita, my friend and she has come to meet you” was how Nandini started. Soon we were chatting and within a few minutes Rahul produced a bottle of Scotch whisky and three glasses. “Come on Namita,” he told me, “taste this stuff and you will like it”. Obviously I refused as I had never tasted such things, but Nandini and Rahul coaxed and cajoled me to concede. “Ok, just a sip and nothing more” was what I could say. When I tasted my first hard drink, I felt like vomiting – the taste was bitter and awful. But gradually, I was convinced to drink one full peg with soda. My head was swimming and I felt like crying. “Rahul, look what you have done to me?” I squealed. “Don’t bother darling, just take your clothes off and let’s see your treasure trove” was what Rahul had to say. Nandini, in the meantime, had taken off all her clothes and she sat nude, her black haired pussy quite open. Rahul also stripped and I gasped to have a first look at a male organ. He was hairy indeed with black dense hairs covering his chest, pubes, and balls (as how they were called by Nandini) and his muscular hands, legs and buttocks. His organ (penis) was indeed big—at least six inches long and hard and stiff. The foreskin covering his tool head had slid back revealing his bright red colored head with a drop of liquid around the slit.

Nandini started to suck Rahul’s cock hard and he started to moan ‘ahhhhhhh, more dear more”. Then he had Nandini on her back and he fastened his mouth on her hairy pussy. Nandini was squeezing my boobs hard and my nipples stood erect. I could feel wetness between my legs and before I realized it, my sex desires shot up. I grasped Rahul’s dick and as if involuntarily and started to pump it up and down. I understood why girls and boys indulged in sex and sooner or later much against my wishes, I was longing to have Rahul’s organ within me. Nandini parted my pussy lips and she was rubbing my clitoris hard and poking into my love hole with her fingers. Rahul planted his hot mouth on mine and within minutes we were engrossed in deep kissing. My pussy juices were pouring out fast and a moan escaped from me. Rahul understood and he readied himself to enter me. I was more than willing and I was ready for whatever would happen to me. His dick head was positioned over my pussy (I was lying on my back; legs parted exposing my gaping pussy hole and puckered ass hole). He lay on top of me, resting his body on his knees and hands and gave a push.

With a “phonk” his dick partially entered me but was stopped by my hymen (cherry). Before I could react, he thrust his dick hard in to me and immediately an intense pain engulfed me. I realized that I had lost my so long preserved virginity to Rahul. ”Ahhhhhhhh, eeehhhhhhh, maaaaaaa, I screamed in agony” but Rahul went on pumping me relentlessly. Very soon my pain gave way to intense pleasure as Rahul started to bang me hard and my love juices were pouring out with my flow of blood from my torn hymen. I was enjoying every stroke of Rahul and soon was imploring him to fuck me harder, even harder. Suddenly it was all over. Rahul pulled out his cock at the very last moment and out gushed a stream of his white thick cum which poured out on my naked tummy. Nandini fastened her mouth on his organ and sucked out the last drop of semen. His tool had become limp and my orgasm collapsed. “Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm” I moaned longing for more.
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