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Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
05-09-2012, 04:18 AM
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Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
They had their own on-screen ruling days when they changed their course to make only occasional appearances. Now, Raveena Tandon and Tabu will grace the screens again soon and that too together. Raveena and Tabu will be doing a film directed by a Bengali filmmaker Shoumik Sen, titled ‘Gulab Gang’.

The director and producer of Ghulab Gang hosted a party. All the cast and crew members were invited in it. The main purpose of this party is to get to know each other.

It was such a nice party consist of groups of people spread throughout large house.
Male and female alike, they were the type of creative and articulate individuals.

The main character of the film Raveena Tandon and Tabu were also in the party. Raveena was in one small group, and the group was into a discussion between some actors and actress about the importance of enjoying or avoiding loneliness and enjoying the life. Raveena herself caught up as a regular and fluent contributor after being challenged for her initial thoughts, calling on her current and past experiences. She felt pleased when the others around not only listened to her, but built their own ideas on her insights.

It was just after ten. Raveena needed a drink and withdrew from socializing to catch her breath. She found an ideal spot to sit down on an empty two-seater couch in the corner of the living room. This was her first time alone in this party, and she felt pleased that it had nothing to do with feeling left out. She had only just put her glass to her lips and taken her first sip when Tabu who was the other main character of the movie walked over, sat down beside her and re-introduced herself.

Raveena had met Tabu earlier tonight, and they had exchanged greeting smiles across various circles since. Raveena was wearing black Sahree with sleeveless bolus and Tabu was also in black sarhee and sleeveless bolus.
Raveena was struck by how gorgeous Tabu was looking in Black. As tall as her, strong and beautiful woman had loose strands of chin-length honey black hair framing her high cheekbones.
“Bored right now” said Tabu to Raveena. “No just relaxing” replied Raveena. “You are looking amazing tonight” praised by Tabu. “you too” replied Raveena and exchange smile. It is coincidence or what that we both wear same color inquired Tabu. Yeh I don’t have no idea what is it that we both wear same color replied Raveena. Both of them exchanging smiles.

“The concept of the party is right, to know each other before filming. We both are in the same industry for long time and we didn’t know each other well enough” said Tabu to Raveena. “Ooh yes you are right this is the first time that we have to close to each other said Raveena to Tabu. And now I am sure that we will know each other well, said Raveena, yes certainly replied Tabu and smiled. Both of gorgeous ladies chatting and exchanging thoughts with each other.

The warm conversation continued to flow. The longer they spoke, the more Raveena felt flattered by the genuinely warm attention Tabu gave her. They were sharing laughs and mutually pleasant thought, Tabu was lean forward and lightly touch her arm or leg to signal her enjoyment. Raveena too found herself doing the same as she began to hang off every word Tabu said.

Raveena self confidence grew steadily as she talked with Tabu. She found her own part of the conversation becoming more fluent. They compared views and observations across a range of topics, Raveena welcoming Tabu's gentle questioning into her likes and dislikes, surprised that they shared so much in common but they don’t know it before. Their conversation ran smoothly until Raveena asked Tabu what she was least keen about in her life.

"Mainly the loneliness" come the serious revelation. "Being single and alone is starting to get to me. Honestly Raveena, count your blessings being married. You wouldn't have to face being lonely very much I imagine."

When they were exchanging thoughts it feels so good to Raveena and she was listening Tabu with deep interests. The feeling inside her was very strange she could not have any cue what it was?

In chatting Raveena didn’t notice that time passed so fast she suddenly said ohh it is too late for me I have to go now and she stood up immediatly. “Yes it is too late now for you, Last time I remember your home is far away from here” inquired Tabu. “Yes probably 4 hour drive” replied Raveena. “So it is 11:00 pm if you leave right now then you will be at your home at 3:00 am and unfortunately driving at night can involve lots of risk” said Tabu to Raveena. So what you suggest asked Raveena to Tabu.

My home is nearby if you want to spent night at my home and at morning you can go to your place easily, it is simple and we get lots of time together to discus our upcoming project, and I will also sure enjoy your company” explained Tabu to Raveena. Raveena think for a while and then she was going to say no to Tabu but strange thing happen, she said “Aaaaaaa are you sure that it is ok with you that I will stay for a night at your place said Raveena to Tabu. “Yes it is ok with me” replied Tabu and said holding both hands of Raveena in her hands“ Hamiee bhi mehman nawazi ka chance de ker daikhy” said Tabu to Raveena. “Raveena said “since my husband away on vacation to Gova and he took children with him and I am schedule to join him after two days. For next two days I have nothing to do. It is ok with me that I will stay here with you tonight.

"So you're staying here tonight?" Tabu asked. “Yes I am” replied Raveena with cute smile. It is wonderful to have your company for tonight and you can always welcome to my place at any time. said Tabu to Raveena. "Honestly, you have no idea how nice that offer sounds said Raveena, especially compared to being alone for days in a my house with absolutely nobody to relate to," Raveena stated. “But I am just planning to stay more than night with you” said Raveena to Tabu.
"Good. Make sure you do said Tabu looking deep in Raveena’s eyes.

Raveena was becoming more and more intrigued at just how wonderful to has Tabu’s company for next two days. Raveena just seemed to radiate energy through her eyes, her facial expressions and her hand movements. She was staring at Tabu and thinking how gorgeous she was looking at right and she also could easily see how men could worship her. As she was having that thought, Raveena suddenly realized Tabu was also looking all over her in a strange way. Tabu stopped when she became aware of Raveena's questioning eyes.

The party started to break up and Tabu said “Hey, let’s go Raveena to my place.” Raveena smiled and said “ok”. And Tabu took her by the hand and led her outside to her vehicle. Tell your driver to follow us” said Tabu to Raveena. Raveena was feeling giddy and happy and she started to giggle as Tabu opened the door and led Raveena in by the hand. Tabu said “Have a seat after Twenty minutes of driving they arrived at Tabu’s Mansion” you got nice place said Raveena and smiled.
As walked towards the living room Raveena was following the Tabu. She open the door and let her in the bedroom “have a seat anywhere make yourself comfortable just feel like this is your home said Tabu to Raveena” after that Raveena found a place for herself on the sofa and kicked off her shoes as Tabu sat beside her close to Raveena. Raveena was giggling a little from this as she was still feeling a little loopy from the vine which she take in party, as Tabu intense eyes were tracing over the curvature of Raveena’s body. Suddenly Raveena said “ I am tired little bit please show me my room and I want to get some hot shower before sleep. “I have better thing for you” Tabu said and take her hand and lead Raveena to her bath room.

Raveena looked around the very large bathroom with the Jacuzzi tub near the window in the back. “You have Jacuzzi tub in your bathroom it is wonderful” said Raveena in excitement. Raveena take off her cloth quickly with out any shyness in front of Tabu and became fully naked. Rushed toward the Jacuzzi and said come join me in hot and bubbly water” Raveena said in very pleasant mood. Tabu was staring at naked body of Raveena with great interest because Raveena gain some weight over the years and her body becomes sexier then before, Raveena’s cuts and curves were appealing her sexually. Her legs were muscular and where they met was a shaved pussy. Her whole pussy area was milky and stomach was exquisitely toned and her breasts were firm and round, nipples erect and swaying slowly as she moved.
Her breast were 36” size, flat stomach and wide and large ass cheeks she was just like a bottle of vine. These sight was arousing Tabu and she was becoming more hotter and hotter as time passes but she had to hold on because she don’t want to get in to earlier because she don’t known how Raveena will react to find out about her plans.
Tabu led her over to the bubbling Jacuzzi as she took a half liter bottle of vine from nearby and pore two glasses Tabu smiled a seductive smile at Raveena and she reached for her glass of wine. Taking a sip of it letting Tabu enjoy the view a few seconds more she then asked “Wouldn’t you like to join me the water is just right?” Well that’s an invitation only a fool would refuse! Tabu set the timer on the Jacuzzi and stepped into the tub.

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05-09-2012, 04:26 AM
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RE: Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
The hot water was amazing for Raveena and it is more amazing for Tabu that she was with Raveena naked hot body and she can smell the tast of Raveena’s body in water. Both were enjoying and relax. Oohh Tabu this is the life I want more relaxing and having fun. They were sitting face to face in hot bubbly water of Jacuzzi. Tabu taking Raveena by hand and said come sit next to me. Raveena slid more closely to Tabu. After that both of them started to have vine and finished entire bottle.

“Lets play a game” Tabu said holding empty bottle of vine in her hand. What is it asked Raveena by giving smile. AAAA it is called spinning bottle we spin the bottle clock wise and if head of the bottle stop at your side then I will ask anything, act, dare from you but if it will stopped at me then you do the same. “I heard about this game it is very interesting said Raveena in excitement. Are you ready said Tabu holding bottle in her hand Raveena signal yes.
Because Tabu said to play this game, she was the first one allowed to spin the bottle. She spun the bottle and it ended on her. Raveena was going to ask a question. The bottle pointed in Tabu’s direction . ' Truth ', Raveena said . ' Tabu, how many times do you masturbate ? ' Raveena asked with a big smile .
Raveena was laughing when she posed the question but Tabu replied in a calm way. Average? “About one or two times a week if I don’t get sex partner, but sometimes more” replied Tabu. ‘Raveena was cheering while Tabu again turned the bottle. You were lucky because it ended turning around and pointing towards me said Tabu. But again it ended in the direction of Tabu' again Raveena laugh with joy and said Truth ‘: she said and Tabu smile in shyness. How many man have you slept so far? ' Tabu looked Raveena straight into the eyes and said : ' So far, many guys.
“Me and my luck” Tabu said in disappointing attitude and hand over the bottle to Raveena. Now it is your turn to spin the bottle and the coincidence turned out the bottle pointing again in Tabu’s direction and Raveena smiled and said I dare to do something which surprise me lot said Raveena in cheerful mood Tabu remains silent for few seconds and then she suddenly lean forward and hold Raveena from shoulder and put her lips on Raveena’s lips and forces her tongue into Raveena’s mouth. Raveena pushed Tabu away and looked her angrily. “What it didn’t surprise you at all” said Tabu to Raveena. Smile on Raveena’s face were vanished. Raveena didn’t say anything to Tabu and again she spins the bottle in anger. The bottle spin and spin lot and it ended on Raveena’s direction Tabu jump with joy and said “finally I got you, I dare you to do the same thing to me or you don’t have the guts to do it said Tabu to Raveena. After hearing these words Raveena stood up and sit her wide large ass into Tabu’s Lap and started to French kiss her. Raveena was sitting in Tabu’s lap and kissing her, their lips lock and they both started to kiss and suck each other tongue and lips aggressively. The kiss remains for five long minutes. Finally it ended “did it amaze you at all” asked Raveena to Tabu. Ooohhh yes replied Tabu.

Then Tabucarefully started to guiding her hands over Raveena’s hot body who was sitting in her lap, touching feeling her hotness and Raveena could feel the warm air from the Jacuzzi. Tabu started to make love to Raveena. Raveena a little apprehensive grabbed Tabu’s hands and said “I don’t know…” Tabu whispered in her ear “Don’t worry honey, there is nothing to be afraid of here”

Tabu couldn’t take it anymore as she put her arms around the hot MILF and pulled her close to her. Raveena at first was taken aback by Tabu’s action and started to push away but the thought of how good this was feeling for Raveena to have Tabu arms around her holding her close. It has been a long time since anyone has touched her like this and she was enjoying the feeling Tabu was giving her. She stopped pushing as Tabu face was closer.

Suddenly Raveena said “Wait wait we shouldn’t be doing this” Raveena whispered. Tabu replied “Why not?” And Raveena said “This is not…..normal.” Tabu answered “Normal for what, for two women to feel good?” Raveena replied “It’s not natural” Tabu holding her tighter whispered in her ear “But it feels so good, doesn’t it my lovely?” as she slowly started licking Raveena’s ear. Raveena was so confused buy Tabu’s touch felt so good as Tabu continued “I want you so bad, since I first saw you at Bollowood award party” said Tabu. I wanted my hands all over that toned tight wonderful body of yours” as her tongue slowly guided over Raveena’s ear.

Maybe it was the vine, or that it has been so long since Raveena felt this way. But having Tabu’s wet tongue and lips in her body was turning her on. And she didn’t want Tabu to stop. As Tabu pushed her wet tongue and mouth in Raveena’s hot body, Raveena’s eyes closed for a sec as she was getting lost in the moment. And she instinctively moved her head backward giving Tabu access to her neck
Tabu could feel Raveena beginning to give herself to her as she slid her tongue and lips over Raveena’s neck as she sucked and teased. Raveena’s arms wrapped around Tabu’s waist as her hands guided over Tabu’s back and waist. Tabu guided her wet lips and tongue over Raveena’s neck and sliding over to the hot woman desires lips. Raveena pulled her in closer as their wet lips locked in a passionate embrace pressing her bodies against one another.

Raveena feeling the passions within her begin to stir with each moist wet kiss, as she could feel warmth and wetness building between her thighs. At that time she became so hot that she never felt so aroused in her life. She started to moan ooohhhh….. Tabassam you are making me hot. Ooohhhh….Raveena I like that you called me Tabassam.

Tabu’s hand sliding over Raveena’s legs feeling the hotness of Raveena, as she guided her hand down between the hot woman’s legs. And her fingers started to explore ( ) the soft warm wetness and Raveena grabbed her hand and pulled it away. Tabu stood up and said wait for few second my sweetheart and she brought another bottle but this time it was not vine it was champagne. As Tabu held the champagne up between their lips both of them drink and kiss at same time. Raveena’s lips feel hotness as she began to drink. Raveena could feel the warmth from the champagne and she was feeling good again. And Tabu started kissing Raveena’s neck, Raveena smiled as she was enjoying these kisses and the tingles she was feeling while Tabu’s hand was closing around her firm playful breast and gently squeezing and feeling the nipple was going to firm. Raveena continued to work on the champagne as she let Tabu continued to lick and suck her neck as she massaged her breast.

The champagne was making her feel good as Tabu’s tongue and lips gently moved over her face lips ear. Raveena closed her eyes from the feeling from Tabu’s kisses. And Tabu’s hand returned to Raveena’s bare thigh and her fingers slowly started exploring the soft warm wetness of Raveeba’s warming pussy. It was a jolt to Raveena feeling that hand between her thighs, with the soft wet kisses that were so wonderful sending tingles through her body making her pussy hot and wet. It was so thrilling to feeling Tabu’s playful fingers exploring her soft swelling wet pussy lips. In her excitement she pressed forward pushing Tabu backward on the soft pressing her body more against Tabu. Tabu reached over and poured more champagne as she held the bottle up to Raveena’s lips and then turned as she pushed Raveena’s back and her hands gently moved over the curves of her body.

Tabu pore half of the bottle into the bubbling water. She turned and faced towards Raveena taking her by the hand and pulling her close as she locked lips with Raveena in a passionate kiss. Tabu’s eyes widened upon seeing the hot MILF nude form. She could feel the excitement building within her as she gazed upon Raveena in all her glory. At first Raveena was a little shy but after few minutes later she responded with boldness. Tabu continued her gaze at Raveena’s marvelous body and Raveena could feel a new found desire for Tabu.

As Tabu stepped behind and moved Raveena’s ass in her lap and wrapped her arms around Raveena’s waist and hold her tightly both of their bodies pressing hard against each other. This was such a thrill for both hot MILFs. Tabu slid her hands over Raveena’s breast and started to massage them, she was gently squeezing them. Her hands slipped down over Raveena’s tummy and grasped the pussy. Tabu thought how this was making her so hot and the anticipation of having Raveena was exciting her as she led Raveena down to the edge of the Jacuzzi. Wrapping her arms around Raveena she eased Raveena onto her back on the tile next to the Jacuzzi as she slipped her body on top of Raveena’s naked and hot body.

She covered entire body of Raveena. Their boobs was rubbing against each other and Lips was jointed with short kisses both women were moaning through kisses and calling each other names and enjoying each other company. Lifting herself off Raveena she knelt between Raveena’s legs and saw the gaze of desire in Raveena’s eyes.

Then she helped Raveena up and guided her down the small steps into the warm bubbles of the Jacuzzi. As Raveena settled herself the feeling of the warmth and the bubbles was fantastic to her suddenly she realizes that she gone too far and there is no turning back right now.

Tabu pressed herself next to Raveena as the two women locked in another passionate embrace as their warm wet lips locked as the warmth of the water and the pressure of the water jets sent tingles over their bodies. Tabu pulled away and took a sponge and started soaping over Raveena’s nude body, those perky breasts and that marvelous toned form. This felt incredible to Raveena the desire from Tabu just turned her on. As the bubbles started to scatter Tabu took the hand shower massage and clean off Raveena’s body as the tub was draining, as Tabu’s hands were exploring Raveena’s body focusing on her full bosom.
Raveena was moaning softly ooohhhh ahhhh uuhhhh Tabu. There was something about those full firm breasts that excited Tabu. Raveena didn’t know that how much Tabu was passionate about her. Tabu led Raveena to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi and she carefully giving the shower massager and the gentle spraying water poured over Raveena’s swollen pussy lips. The sensation was incredible as Raveena closed her eyes from the sensation of that warm water pouring over her hot pussy. And quiet moan escaped her lips “oooohhh, mmmmmm oh oh yes Tabassam.” Instinctively her hand closed around her own perky breast as she teased her own nipple as Tabu kept up with the spray and gently parting the hot woman’s swollen pussy lips.
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05-09-2012, 04:27 AM
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RE: Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
Tabu smiled as she could see the thrill and desire consuming Raveena as she continued the warm spray over the Raveena’s pussy lips. The desire in Raveena for Tabu was beginning to overcome her as she tried to lean forward and lock lips with Tabu, Tabu also feeling her desire put the massager back and locked lips in another passionate kiss. She reached while locked in the passion and wrapped a towel around Raveena and the both women dried themselves off. “Do you want me Tabassam” said Raveena in lustfull tone. Oooh yes honey it is the last thing I desire for the night you in my arms said Tabu to Raveena. “then take me where we could be more comfortable said Raveena in passionate way. “Ok my darling lets go” said Tabu to Raveena and she again lock her lips against Raveena’s lips and led Raveena to her bed blindly.

Raveena reached over and grasped Tabu’s hand as she was led into Tabu’s bedroom and lips lock was not broken yet both women moaning between kisses and lick and sucking each other tongues and lips. The bedroom of Tabu consists off some warm soft lights and a large round bed. As Tabu sit on the bed and pulled Raveena in her Lap, then she stared to explore hot body of Raveena with her lips. She explore entire body of Raveena. Raveena was feeling so wonderful when Tabu’s hot and soft lips running on her body.
Then Tabu led Raveena from lap to the bed and sit next to her. She pressed her body against Raveena’s wrapping her arms around Raveena. Raveena eased her back as her head landed on the soft pillows while Tabu slipped her body on top of Raveena’s pressing their bare flesh together as numerous sensations were building in the both women as their bare bodies were pressed against one another. As Tabu came face to face with Raveena she started gently light kisses on Raveena’s lips as her hands slid over the Raveena’s bare body. This completely thrilled Raveena as the excitement continued to build within her from the sensations from Tabu’s hands, her kisses and grinding her nude body against hers. Tabu’s kisses moved from her lips to her neck and this just turned Raveena completely on as she loved to have her neck and ears kissed. Tabu had sex with other women many time but she was never aroused by this before. Raveena was making her mad and Raveena was only few time involve in lesbian sex but this was far better from those.

Tabu continued to grind her nude body against Raveena’s as she could feel Raveena letting herself into the moment. She whispered in Raveena’s ear “you like that huh sweaty, anyone ever make you feel like this honey?” Raveena let out more sighs as her breathing was becoming deeper she moaned in air oooohhhh noo Tabassam this is the best moment of my life. Tabu guided her wet tongue down Raveena’s neck and over her shoulder as her hands gently grasped the young woman’s firm perky breasts and her wet tongue teased over her stiff nipples. Raveena glanced down as she was watching Tabu’s tongue and as it flicked over her stiff nipples, sending a sensation down between her thighs and her own tongue was licking her lips as Tabu’s soft lips closed on her stiffened nipples sucking and flicking sending more sensations between Raveena’s thighs and she was moaning out loudly with joy ooohhhh….aaahhhhh….uuuuhhhhh…..ooohhhyeh Tabassam your tongue is magical.

Raveena breath was becoming increasingly deeper as Tabau continued teasing and sucking Raveena’s breasts and nipples, as she slipped her hand down between Raveena’s thighs and over Raveena’s pussy lips and just a light teasing touch. And another moan escaped Raveena’s lips “oh oh, oooo oh my pussy”. Tabu continued slipping her wet tongue over Raveena’s tummy and into the trimmed strip just above Raveena’s pussy. The anticipation was building in Raveena as she could feel that tongue ever closer to her hot wet moist spot.

As Tabu looked into Raveena’s eyes she could see the desire that Raveena was feeling and no longer denying, this was such a thrill for Tabu to see someone wanting it as bad as she does. Her desire for Raveena was increased and the anticipation just thrilled her as she gazed over Raveena’s body and focused between her thighs. Taby parted her lips and blew warm air over to the wetness. Raveena feeling the slight breath sucked in her own as Tabu spread her thighs and was kneeling between her knees. Raveena’s eyes closed as Tabu lower herself and the anticipation as Tabu’s tongue teased against her swollen pussy lips and a gasp escaped from Raveena’s lips uuuuhhhhh Tabuooooo. Tabu’s tongue explore deeper and parted her hot wet swollen sensitive pussy lips as Raveena’s deeper breathing became shallower and more rapid.

Taking her fingers Tabu carefully spread the young woman’s labia as her tongue entered and increased its licking. Raveena’s eyes rolled back as increased moans came from her parted lips “mmmm ohhhhh mmmm ohhhh, yes”. Tabu increased her licking with Raveena’s moans as Raveena could feel the intense pleasure spring from her hot wet pussy, “ohhhh yes ohhhh mmmm ohhhh mmm oh yes Tabassam uuuuuhhh.” She was biting her lip trying to keep quiet but it felt so good and she couldn’t help it in fact she never experienced such excitement and pleasure before.

Tabu could see that Raveena was trying to hold back. She wet her finger and slowly eased it between Raveena’s swollen pussy lips and Raveena’s moans increased “ohhh mmmmmm.” Tabu said “come on darling, “tum jaintee hoo ke tumhey kita maza aaa raha hain” tell me how much you like this” Raveena replied “ohh mmm mmm OH yes mmm yea oh that feels so good, extraordinary I…….”

Tabu said “what is it darling, do you want it more?” Raveena replied “ohhh darling, that’s great I want more, more, more.” As the pleasure increased and Tabu eased another finger into the young woman’s hot wet soft pussy and her tongue continued its licking. Carefully she wrapped her lips around Raveena’s swollen clit as her tongue as she lightly teased. Raveena’s mind was turning completely to mush all she could think about was Tabu’s tongue, sex and more sex with Tabu’s and she continued snooping of her hot wet pussy. All Raveena could think of was her pussy and how badly she wanted Tabu’s body. Raveena whined “ohhhh that’s great ooo mmmm; I want you so bad mmmm….aaahhhh….aaahhh..aahhhh..ohhhh….ooohhhyeh”

Tabu looked up and saw the hot desire in Raveena’s dark eyes as Raveena leaned forward and locked her lips with Tabu’s, she could taste her own pussy from Tabu’s lips and she liked it very much. Raveena filled with excitement and great desire for Tabu she could not keep her hands off Tabu’s body. Caressing, feeling touching all over Tabu focusing on her breasts. Raveena pushed forward and pressed Tabu onto her back, as Raveena’s soft lips sucked and kissed Tabu’s stiff nipples, closing her hands and squeezing those full breasts and Tabu started to moan oooohhh….ahhh….aaahhh…ahhhh ooohh Raveena. Tabu completely surprised by the total domination of Raveena suddenly. Raveena show so much desire, as the feelings from Raveena’s soft lips sent waves to her already wet pussy. Tabu closed her eyes as she welcomed the excitement from the soft sucking and licking of her breasts by those soft desirable lips. Gently Raveena chew on Tabu’s stiff nipples and a quiet squeal escaped from Tabu “ohhh ooohhh, do that again darling” as Raveena continued her sucking and chewing of Tabu’s stiff nipples as Raveena’s hands caressed those firm full breasts and moved slowly over Tabu’s nude body. Tabu was becoming consumed by Raveena’s sucking and licking and her thighs started to spread, Raveena took the hint and painted a wet line with her tongue from Tabu’s breasts to the smooth spot between.

Raveena spread Tabu’s hot swollen pussy lips and Tabu’s breathing became shallower in expectation as Raveena plunged her tongue deep into Tabu’s hot wet pussy. Tabu let out a breath as her pressed her locks into the pillow from that intensity, as Raveena’s tongue slowly licked. Waves of excitement rolled through Tabu’s body as she started to pant and toss her head on the pillow….it was so good. Tabu moaned loudly “ohhhhhhhh…… ooooo……. Ooooohhhh……. uuuhhh….aaahhhhh….ooohhhhyes” as her eyes fluttered closed. Placing two fingers in her mouth Raveena moistened them and slowly eased them into Tabu’s hot wet pussy. Tabu short of breath “ohhhh….. ohhhh ohhh… ooooh…. Mmm…. ohhhh” Raveena’s licking continued as she pushed her fingers deeper into Taby’s pussy.

Between Tabu’s moans she said “ohhh yes…….. mmm……… ohh……. mmmm I want your pussy darling” Raveena hearing Tabu’s request stopped for a second and climbed over Tabu as her bare tummy pressed against Tabu’s firm full breasts, Raveena’s perky breasts were pressed against Tabu’s tummy. While Raveena’s legs were on either side of Tabu’s head with her pussy just above Tabu’s face. And Raveena lowered her head in between Tabu’s thighs and continued her licking and sucking. The two women were locked in a 69 position as the moans of pleasure filled the room as the women sucking, licking, and fingering each others pussies at the same time. And Tabu could feel it building as she said between moans “ohhh ohhhh keep doing that mmmmm ohhhh ohhhhh I’m going cum ohhhhh…..uuuhhhh..”. Her licking and sucking on Raveena increased as she plunged a single finger deep in Raveena’s pussy as she explored and found it, suddenly Raveena cried “ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm ohhhhh mmmmmm yes yes yes, I’m going to cum ooooohhhh aggghhhh…..aaaahhhhh…….aaggggghhhh…” as Tabu found her G-spot. And Raveena shake and howled loudly as she can with the very intense orgasm as she shot all over Tabu’s mouth. Tabu mouth was filled with hot woman cumm. Immediately Raveena turn and she lean forward her mouth to Tabu’s lips and started to lick her cum mixed with Tabu’s saliva from her mouth.

After few sec. both ladies finished entire cum. Then Tabu ordered Raveena “honey please make me cumm” oooohhhh you want it so badly darling then you have to beg me for that” said Raveena to Tabu. My sweet Raveena please make me cumm I am begging you please, please, please, please………….. “ok my lovely I will make you cumm since you have given me a perfect climax” said Raveena to Tabu who was lying next to her.

Raveena immediately goes down to Tabu’s red zone area and started to lick her pussy from where she left. Oohhhhh….. Raveena your tongue ohhhhh… its deep inside ooooohhhhh…….please aaaaggggghhhhhh……. Tabu was shaking and screaming out loudly and calling Raveena’s name. Raveena got some amazing tongue it was in Tabu pussy and making her hard to breath with pleasure. In past many times Tabu pussy licked by both male and female but right now she never feel this pleasure before in her life from pussy licking. It seems that Raveena got some pussy licking experience before because she was licking pussy like a professional and she also known where the weak point of the vagina are. Tabu was top of her moment and she was feeling that she is in seventh heaven moaning and screaming and calling the name of Raveena. Suddenly Tabu flood gate brust and she shout out loudly AAGGGGHhhhh……. And her hot cum spread on Raveena’s pretty face. After shooting cum she became very calm and Raveena collected entire cum from Tabu’s shopping pussy and leaned farword and both ladies tasted and lick the cum. After that both of them resting in each other arm.

“Oohhh Raveena the way you lick my pussy no one ever did this to me before, You lick like that you had done this before” said Tabu to Raveena. “Yes I had few time in past” replied Raveena. “When the first time you lick the pussy” asked Tabu. Aaaa about sixteen or seventeen years ago when Sridevi forces me to do lesbian sex and I had never been in this type of sex before.
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05-09-2012, 04:27 AM
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RE: Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
She forces me, I told her to stop but she didn’t” replied Raveena. “So she rape you” said Tabu to Raveena. Off course not she didn’t rape me when she started to kiss me and touch my body I kind a like her touch and kisses and then I responded her kisses and touch, that how I introduce to lesbianism. After that I had many experiences with my fellow actresses, Rakha, Kirshma, Juhi, Rani, Manisha and Sonali but I had never been bed with you replied Raveena. Tabu was surprise to hear this that Raveena had many lesbian experiences but she didn’t know.

Now you heard my story it is time for your story” said Raveena to Tabu. “I also started it before sixteen or seventeen years ago and had sex with many female specially Shetty’s sister they are truly made for sex. First Slipa came and we both had sex numbers of time but one day she bought her sister Smittha with her. Both sisters got perfect bodies for sex specially their asses.

Both sisters are worshiper of anal sex. Whenever they came I fucked their asses with my strap-on.

”Strap on? Do you have strap-on asked” Raveena in excitement. Yes my darling I had replied Tabu.

Can you show me asked Raveena to Tabu. Ok honey I will show you since you are so desperate to see it. Tabu stood up and went to wooden wardroom nearby and pulled Strap-on from it and show it to Raveena. It was 12inch long dick of light brown color with round tip with four strap were connected on it and it has also two balls at it end. Its its beautiful said Raveena.

Once I had sex with Rekha she used it to fuck me but that was almost 8 or nine inch tall.

Well honey it seems that you like my strap-on very much do you want me to test it on you said Tabu to Raveena. Raveena was confused because she never took hug dick like this before her. The longest dick she taken that was the one of Rekah strap-on and that was 9 inch long this one is 12 inch long and very thick.

Raveena are you afraid of me or you are afraid to the length of this dick said Tabu and smiled. I never been afraid of in my life from any one and I am the bold woman who accepts challenges…………..

To be conti…………………….. on next post
stay tunned for next post in which Tabu will fuck Raveena with strap-on..
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RE: Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
And I never back down from any thing. Well honey “soch loo ye tumhy annund bhi dey suckta hain aur durd bhi dey suckta hain” said Tabu to Raveena. I am not afraid of you and your toy. Go ahead make your self comfortable said Raveena. “Are you challenging me? Raveena. Yes I am challenging you said Raveena to Tabu. You know I will fuck you far better than your impotent husband and Rekha said Tabu to Raveena. Then you have to prove it right now “ke tum mein kitna dum hain” said Raveena with smirk on her face.

After that Tabu started to tie the strap on against her harness and said are you ready my sweat sexy girlfriend.

Ohh yes my love signal Raveena who were on lying straight on the bed. After receiving signal from Raveena Tabu jumped on Raveena and started to kiss her. Raveena closed her eyes and sighed, rolling her head back. She loved it when Tabu kissed her neck. She could feel Tabu's hard nipples and breast pressing into her nipples and breasts, and she was sure hers were doing the same. Her hands stroked up and down Tabu's back as they embraced. Tabu gently pushed her onto her back on the pillows, and lowered herself down on top. Raveena moaned quietly when Tabu began to suck on one of her nipples.

As Tabu's tongue spines around her nipple, her hand drifted down between Raveena's legs and lightly stroked her inner thighs. Her fingers trailed through Raveena's light bush, almost tickling, being careful not to touch her pussy. As Tabu was running her hands on Raveena’s soft teasing her she suddenly said

"Please Tabu stop teasing,"apna dick mairy moo mein dalo mein issey suck kerna chatiee hoon.

After receiving order from Raveena she get on level on her face by getting on her knees and places her both legs left and right side of Raveena’s face and place dick in front of her mouth. Tabu in front of Raveena and she started to suck and lick the dick. She was sucking and lick the dick as she was tasting different types of women from it because it seems that Tabu had fucked many women before by using this strap on. When Raveena was done licking with strap on Tabu moved in, supporting herself just over Raveena’s hot body.

In this position her strapon hung down and rested lightly against Raveena's pussy, making her give a little excited moan. Tabu began to rock back and forth, rubbing it up and down the dick of Raveena’s Vagina. The dick was quickly coated with Raveena slippery juices as it slid up and down between her pussy lips, just scratch her painful opening over and over. Tabu continued to kiss her neck and anywhere her lips could reach.

Raveena moaned quietly through smiling lips. Her arms wrapped around Tabu, stroking her shoulders and back as she moved over her. She felt the wet cock slipping over her clit again and again, and began to grind herself against it. Tabu sensed she was ready. She felt for Raveena's arms, feeling them down to her hands and took hold of them. Their fingers intertwined.

Tabu changed her angle and positioned her tip against Raveena's wet, pink opening. Raveena’s lips pressed softly against Tabu's as she eased forward, pushing just the cockhead inside her. She was extremely tight but her sopping wetness allowed Tabu to penetrate her easily. Raveena moaned into Tabu's mouth as it stretched her, and she tightened her grip a bit. After a moment Tabu pulled back and began to slip slowly in and out, just an inch by inch inside her, massaging her tight opening. When she pushed slightly further she was met with resistance Tabu was doing it softly and easily because she don’t want to hurt Raveena. Raveena notice that Tabu was gently doing and don’t want to hurt her. This increases more respect of Tabu in the eyes of Raveena. Tabu could see the nervousness on her face each time she pressed up against it. Always patient, she kept thrusting slowly and shallowly until she could tell Raveena was relaxed. Her fingers rested loosely in between Tabu's and she wore a small, satisfied smile.

With a swift but gentle thrust Tabu pushed through and sank deeper into Raveena’s open pussy. Raveena murmured, squeezing Tabu's hands tightly.

"Are you all right honey?" Tabu asked, afraid she had hurt her.

Raveena nodded again after a moment no honey just keeps doing it I am feeling very good.

Raveena looked into her eyes and smiled up at her, the sweetest smile ever, that made Tabu heart melt. She leaned in and kissed Raveena's lips. Their soft lips nestled together and they shared a deep, soulful kiss.

Raveena felt the hardness inside her as she kissed Tabu’s lips and began to move her hips on it. Tabu pulled out and slipped in again very carefully into Raveena. Met with a moan of approval, she braced herself and began to thrust slowly but firmly in and out of Raveena's sopping pussy. Raveena's arms wrapped around Tabu once more, holding her close as she moved back and forth. The rigid cock moving inside was stretching her virgin pussy wider than it had ever gone. She had expected it to hurt but each time Tabu filled her, it was the new best moment of Raveena’s life.

"Faster" Raveena murmured “Faster please, mmmmmm…..faster……. uuuhhhhhhh….. deeper..aaahhhhhhh………oooooohhhhhhh.

Tabu picked up speed, pumping Raveena at a healthy pace and eliciting louder moans uuugggghhh….uggghhh…..uggghhhh..ugghhhhh..uugghhhh. She felt Raveena's hips moving in according with her own. Looking down she watched both their breasts jiggling as their bodies moved together rubbing against each other creating heat signals.

Raveena lifted her legs and wrapped them around Tabu's hips, opening herself up even wider. Tabu drove into her even faster now and Raveena was moaning out loudly ever calling Tabu’s name uuuuhhhh……Tabu….i love you…..i love you…..aaaahhhhh……uuuuuhhhh……please don’t leave me…….. I am begging you……..uuuuhhhhh…..oooohhhhh…. I never felt better in my life…….oooooohhhhh……you don’t know how much you mean to me. Tabu hung her head down and watched the cock jutting from between her legs plunge between Raveena's over and over. Almost instantly she rippled in an orgasm, rubbing herself against the base of the shaft. She felt a few drops of hot juice dribble from her skin as she came quietly, never stopping her thrusting Raveena’s pussy. Tabu felt the hot liquid spattering on her skin and dick and watched the ecstasy on Raveena's face as she climaxed, causing her own moans to grow more desperate. Tabu kissed her neck again to spread her pleasure.

Raveena squeezed her legs tightly around Tabu, trying to pull her deeper inside. She was getting close to the edge. Having never cum so wonderfully, she didn't know what to expect. Her breath was panting and Tabu could tell that Raveena was almost there.

Raveena cried and howled out loudly in pleasure uuggggghhhhhhhhhhh…aaaahhhhhh….oooohhhhh, squeezing her eyes shut and clutching as she finally overloaded. The deep, burning pressure inside her finally exploded, sending electricity out to her fingers and toes and back to her core. Her pussy spammed and clenched over and over around the hard shaft buried inside her. She humped against Tabu as she moaned, impaling herself even deeper on the slippery, rigid pole. After the dizzying waves of her orgasm ebbed, her legs unlocked from around Tabu's hips and fell back onto the bed. Her moans grew quieter, turned to sighs, turned to quiet breaths.

Tabu rolled off of her and collapsed at her side. They lay together breathing, holding eachother close.

"I love you so much," Tabu whispered into her hair, and kissed her forehead.

Raveena smiled and snuggled up against her. She touched Tabu's cheek and kissed her, and said that she had extraordinary orgasm and never had this type of pleasure in her life before and if she knew before that tabu loved her so much and take care of her then she did not marry to Anil. And she also thanks Tabu to giving her excellent climax and treated her gently. In reply tubu hugged her and said I love you and her lips sealed around Raveena’s, softly and lovingly. She stroked Raveena's hair and whispered in her ear, “how much do you love me” Raveena said “lot” then can you leave your husband for me. “Yes I can do it for you but right now it is complicated but whenever she leaves him, she will come to her” replied Raveena.

After wonderful night both women were very tired and sleep in each other arms holding each other close.

For next two days Raveena stayed with Tabu and during that period they have sex many times
in the bathroom,, and get better and better each time and never bored or tired from doing it.
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RE: Raveena aur Tabu ki Lesbian Sex Story
After wonderful night both women were very tired and sleep in each other arms holding each other close.
Next morning was very amazing for both of them especially for Raveena because life became very gorgeous for her. They take bath together and had little fun in it after take breakfast and talk about last night how wonderful was it for both of them.

After breakfast they both sat on sofa and started to watch TV and talking to each other. Raveena rest her head in to Tabu’s lap and Tabu started to massage her hair gently. After few moment passed Raveena started rubbing her hand up and down in Tabu’s pussy. Tabu started to love it by closing her eyes and enjoying it. Then Raveena pushed her one finger hard into Tabu’s cunt so slowly, it felt fantastic to Tabu, feeling her finger sliding in inch by inch deeper and deeper inside her hot wet cunt. Raveena insert another two finger into her cunt, Tabu was feeling so good, then she suddenly stopped. Raveena order Tabu to get on her all four that she wanted to eat her pussy from behind. Tabu remove her nighty and get on all fours, Raveena shoving her all three fingers together deep inside in Tabu’s cunt as far as she could, and then she lean her face close to Tabu’s cunt and started to fuck and lick her pussy together. This was so wonder full for Tabu because she never enjoyed sex in her life before getting fingering and lick together. Tabu could not control her and started to moan loudly oooohhhh….aaaaahhhh…..aaahhhhh….uuuuhhhhh…. with one of her hand on her breast she was moaning aaaahhh….uuuhhhhh….. Suddenly pulled her fingers our and insert her tongue deep inside Tabu’s pussy. When Raveena tongue touches Tabu’s G-spot she howled loudly oooohhhh your tongue it deep inside me aaaaahhhhhh…..oooohhhhhh Raveena I cant hold on oooohhhhh…uuhhhh…ooohhhh….ooohhhhh….aaahhhhhh…..oooohhhhh please keep doing it aaaahhhh…. Raveena realizes that Tabu was at her best moment and she is gonna cumm any moment she pulled her tongue out after pulling her tongue out Tabu become calm oooohhhhh that was close why you pull your tongue out Raveena? Asked Tabu. Because I don’t want you to cumm right know. Oh you nasty girl said Tabu to Raveena and both of them lock in serious French kiss.
They were all over each other. Kissing passionately and touching, rubbing and squeezing each other tights. Tabu lay down on sofa, and Raveena knelt between her legs. Tabu was desperate to have her tongue in her pussy. Leaning forward Raveena ran her tongue up and down her pussy, and worked her way down so …….Tabu loves this, the look of pleasure on her face was so nice, and Raveena was more than happy to lick her pussy. I love you Raveena said by pleasing Tabu and she feels the same way, and that’s why their sex life becoming so amazing.

Raveena face was buried in Tabu’s pussy. It felt so good as she licked Tabu swollen clit and darted his tongue in to her cunt. She went from tongue fucking Tabu to sucking and licking her clit, and it wasn't long before she made her cum so hard all over her face it was so sensational for Tabu that she never orgasm like this before by anyone male of female. She lapped her cum from her cunt, then stood up, lifted Tabu’s legs over her shoulders, like she had done the first time they connected.

After that Raveena whispered into Tabu’s ear “now its you turn but I want you with your toy” Tabu stood up and went to her room quickly and get her strap-on when she came back with strap-on hanging with her body. Raveena was not there, there was a note on the sofa “I am at swimming pool, waiting for you my love.

When Tabu reached to the swimming pool she found out that Raveena was swimming nude in the pool. She stood there to watch her. It was liberating to feel her body caressed by the flowing, warm water.

Floating around in the warm water, Tabu was enjoying view. Raveena did not notice Tabu. Gentle waves lapped at her full breasts she was looking so good, and sexy. She stood up and looked down her tits looked so hot. Running her hands over them, she felt how erect her nipples were.

This was so exciting for Tabu. With her legs hooked over the side, the water jets squirted directly into her pussy. The different currents filled her full. Her clitoral hood moved rapidly over the sensitive and growing nub. She was fingering her self. Pull her finger out of her pussy; she let the water stimulate her, while she rubbed on her puckered asshole.

When she about to get out of the pool, she felt an arm encircle her waist another hand cover her tight. Tabu’s body was pressing hard against Raveena’s body “Oh you came at last” ( ) Raveena said in sex tone. What took you so long I waited a lot? “I loved the show you were putting on.” Said Tabu who was hugging tightly Raveena from Behind. Raveena was curving her ass towards Tabu’s lower stomach area and Tabu was pushing her body to Raveena.

Tabu started to kiss her neck, as she kissed down her neck. Nibbling at the tender skin of her neck, she trying to show her how gentle she was.

She was hitting every single sensitive spot on her neck. And it was arousing the hell of her and she started to moan in her mouth. The soft moan that escaped from her mouth and relaxing of her body told her that it would be alright.

Tabu skinned hand ran down her body to her bobbing breast. Tugging at her nipple, she pulled the brown nub out and let it bounce back in place. Raveena gasped, arching back against Tabu’s body. It was then she realized that she was as nude as she.

her floating cock was rubbing it up and down her ass crack, she nestled it into place. It felt so good to feel the stiff piece of rubber and silicon poking her.

“You like it rough, don't you,” Tabu rasped.

Slapping at her tits, Tabu chuckled at her response. With every strike, she moaned and rubbed her ass in circles against Tabu’s dick. She was getting harder.

Oohhhh Tabu it is feeling so good, as Tabu roughly shoved two large fingers inside Raveena’s pussy. She moan, as the penetration felt so incredible to her. Tabu worked her cunt by twisting and rotating her fingers. Usually the water washed away her slickness, but in this case, her pussy was flooding it's own lube.

She felt her lift her up. Her upper body rested on the pavement, with her bare ass and pussy out of the water. The only thing left dangling in the water was her long legs.

“Ooohhhh Raveena darling tumhari Gaand ki tu kia baat hain, bohot sexy hain” You have a great ass, . I just want to eat it up,” Tabu soft voice sounded. She pushed open her legs and then spread her toned ass cheeks. Her puckered, brown hole winked, as a warm breeze gently glided over it. The dark, pink skin of her pussy was slick with pool water and her special juice.

She felt her wet tongue glide from her clit, where it lingered a moment at the tight hole of her slit. Probing, his tongue briefly fucked her, as well as a cock. Groaning and sighing aaahhh ooohhh…..uuuuuhhhhh ooohhhh..Tabu.

Feeling so dirty, Raveena imagined herself as a horny slut, spread eagled on the pavement, letting her new lover,eat her pussy. That thought only helped to make her even wetter. Rotating her hips, she ground her hot cunt into his face.

“Like that, do ya? I bet you will love this, then,” another whisper from her passionate lover.

Pulling her ass open as wide as it would go, Tabu’s squirmy tongue worked itself inside her ass. She cried out. Loving when her lovers played with her asshole, she nearly came from the sensation.

“Fuck! Yes. Tongue my ass. Ooooh, God!” Tabu, she said, in a rough voice.

“You like it in the ass?” Tabu roar.

“Yes...Yes!” came Raveena’s reply.

She felt Tabu push one finger inside. Her tight sphincter protesting the invasion. But with gentle persistence, she bottomed that finger inside her. It burned. Oh how it burned. She wiggled, trying to relieve the pressure.

Tabu worked her finger, gently, as she let her grow accustomed to the penetration. When she felt that ring of muscle relax, the second finger was inserted, and the burning started a further. Raveena was loving every minute of this. Oohhh uuuugggghhh……oooggghhhh Tabu.

Tabu Scissoring her fingers, she tickled the walls of Raveena’s rectum. The sounds of her cries and grunts were getting to her. Tabu had never been this hard. Rubbing her artificial hard cock against the smooth wall of the pool
What an erotic sight it was to see a beautiful woman on her belly, with her ass hole spread wide open by two big fingers.

Time to add the third was the foremost thought in Tabu’s mind. She shoved a finger into her overflowing cunt. As much as she was aroused by fingering her ass dry, she didn't want to hurt her because she love her. A little lube would benefit bothe of them.

She pushed the well lubed digit into her ass and heard her squeal. That abused hole was protesting her fingers. She was open wide enough for her cock. At that time Raveena was fully enjoying fingering in her ass from Tabu.

Pulling her hand free of from Raveena’s ass, she was satisfied with the gaping hole. She was loose enough that she could see the pink flesh inside. Pulling her down in the water, she was stabbed on her long, thick cock.

The water was perfect for fucking her ass. No gravity meant easier positions. Holding her large and wider hips, they floated to the middle of the pool. All the while, her hips piston in and out. It was hard work, but Tabu was so worked up.
Her ass was clamped around Tabu artificial cock so tightly, almost sucking her. With every thrust, some water rushed around her shaft, stroking it as she pumped her cock into her. Tabu felt her artificial cock tightening and hardened even more. At that time Raveena was bearing the pain and pleasure her breath becoming harder and harder.
Tabu started to storks slowly while holding Raveena from hips. It was an amazing experience for Tabu because she wanted to fuck more and more Raveena’s ass with her artificial dick. And she didn’t has any cue why she was enjoying it. Raveena moaning became out of control with pain and pleasure and she started to moan loudly aaggghhhhh…..ooogggghhhh….oieeee……ooohhhh…..”Tabu Mujhy bohot derd bhi ho raha hain aur saath saath ananund bhi mil raha hain(I am feeling pain and pleasure both together)” please increase the pace ooohhhhh fuck me ooooogggghhhh harder ooggggghhhh “sukhi lagoo fuck me harder and deeper. Tabu increased her pace and started to fuck Raveena large and wide ass with healthy pace.
Raveena pussy was rippling. She needed to cum. Her ass was fucked very hard, and the burning pressure was overwhelming. She pushed her two fingers inside her pussy, she could feel Tabu in her ass, as she finger fucked herself, wildly.

With her other hand, she frigged her huge clit. Rapidly working that throbbing nub against her pubic bone, she let the waves, that triggered her orgasm, wash over her.

Tabu felt the pulsing ripples from her pussy through the wall of her ass. It was enough to push Raveena over. With a loud shout, aagggghhhhhhhh…….Tabu…….Raveena felt jets of hot cum spurt out of her cuny and flood her.

She felt a wet warmness in her ass, as she came harder that ever.

She rested on the warm concrete, as her cum and pool water ran out of her gaping asshole and down her thighs. What a feeling that was. Her ass was so sore. She turned around and kissed Tabu and thanks her for such a wonderful adventure. Raveena enjoyed anal sex very much that she decided to have anal sex regularly.
It is one of the most erotic things that I ever done in my life and I am also glad it was you which whom I done with said Raveena to Tabu.
I also enjoyed fucking you with artificial dick.

After that they become together and anal sex has become a regular part of Raveena’s sex life.
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