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Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
08-24-2012, 08:32 AM
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Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
When I was married in 1980 with my beautiful wife ramya, she introduced me to all her family members. They are 4 sisters and my wife is the last one. There is no male child for my father in law. My father in law stays in Vizag and I belong to Hyderabad. My wife elder sister also stays in Hyderabad with her two sons and one daughter. Her husband was working with an advertising agency at that time. The daughter name is Kavya . I am a Marketing consultant for a home appliances company and was drawing good salary at that time.

As I don’t have habit of visiting my relatives house, I have not visited my sister in laws house even though I stayed in the same city (Hyderabad) in first 7 years. They used to come to my house along with family once in 3 months or 2 months like that. I used to play with the children of my sister in law like snakes and ladders, business and all children games. I behave like a child when children are around I mingle with them and fight with them and make them happy.

In 1990 I started my own business along with my wife’s cousin brother where we export the readymade garments to foreign countries. I took some bank loan with the help of my sister in law and for that purpose I started visiting their house regularly.

For one of family function, we all gathered at my father in law’s house at Vizag. We spent 3 days there. From my sister in law’s family, my sister in law and her daughter kavya only attended the function. After 3 days when we were ready to leave, my mother in law urged her daughters to stay few more days with her because they(my in laws) are feeling lonely. The sisters discussed some time and decided to stay back for a week more. But I told them, I have to leave because of my urgent works. Kavya also worried about her college because she was studying \. Then my sister in law requested me to take kavya along with me and requested me to drop her in their house. I accepted immediately.

Kavya is in her 19 th year age. She is beautiful girl and developed some breasts for her. From her child hood she used to take care about her beauty and her hair style is short hair she resembles the rasna girl who said I love you Rasna. We can identify her breasts from her school dress or skirt or whatever dress she wears. I used to see the size of her breasts every time whenever I met her in this period.(from 1990 onwards).
So, myself and Kavya started from Vizag in the train. Unfortunately we missed the direct train from Vizag to Hyderabad, then I took the train to Vijayawada. I spent some time chatting with kavya regarding her friends, her habits, her likings and I discussed about movies. This was the first time I got chance of talking to her without our family members around. She also spoke to me and asked me lot of things about my business and about movie stars and all.

At night, 11-30, we reached Vijayawada and went to bus stand directly to Hyderabad. Because of the marriage season, the trains are very full and no birth was available for us and even more, The train rout is 7 hours (Vijaywada to Hyd) and if we go by road, it is five hours. Hence I decided to take a bus and went to bus stand to catch a bus.

I saw the bus stand was with full of rush. People are fighting for the seats. I am little bit worried. If I am alone, I can go in that rush but with this girl, I thought it is impossible. Then I went out of bus stand and looked for some taxi. On those days, the News papers used to use taxis for transportation of their news papers from Hyderabad to nearest places till Vijayawada. To my luck I got a ambassador taxi, where the driver already filled the back seat with 4 persons and he has given one seat in front. When I approached him he has shown the front seat for both of us. I told him ok and my self and kavya boarded the taxi.

Kavya took the seat next to window and I sat next to her. One more is passenger is also there and he sat next to driver and driver started the taxi. I don’t know how we four people adjusted in the front seat. Ofcourse in the back seat there was a family which includes an old man and a couple aged in their 30s and 10 years young boy. When the taxi took the speed of 60 kms per hour, slowly the people in back seat went in to sleep. The man between me and driver also went sleep and I was little bit worried. As far as my knowledge, The person who sits next to driver should not sleep because the driver also may get sleep and it may cause the accident. I enquired same thing with taxi driver and he assured me that there will be no problem for him and he is used to it. He also advised me to sleep and he also told me that with in 4 hours he will take us to Hyderabad. I told him to take care and also advised him not to go with over speed. And I decided not to sleep.

Then Kavya told me that she wanted to sleep and I told her go ahead. I also told her that she can sleep in my lap. She readily accepted and slept on my lap. When she reached my lap, I felt a sudden rise in my cock. The blood circulation in my body went very fast and my heart started beating fast. Her face is on my right thigh and she put her hands below her face like a small pillow. After 15 minutes, her hands slid between my thighs and her face is on my right thigh. I put my hand over her back for holding her. After 15 minutes I felt her hand touching my raising bulge in pants. I thought this might be happened in sleep but I have not tried to remove her hand from my bulge. In fact I was enjoying her touch there. After few minutes, I felt her hand pressing my cock from pant. Unexpectedly I pressed her back slightly. She started pressing my cock like that. I turned my head to see whether my co passenger is still in sleep or awake. To my luck, he was fast in asleep. Then I moved my hand from her back to front and put the hand on her developing breast. I touched it slowly. I don’t have courage to press the boob. At that time also I am not able to believe that she is caressing my cock from my pant. After few minutes, I got courage and I cupped her breast with my left hand. And slowly started pressing her boob. It was very strong. I touched the nipple. I am doing all these from her shirt only. I have not dared to put my hand in her shirt. I am enjoying this a lot. More over I don’t want to show the driver or co passengers, what I am doing. Hence I slowly started pressing her boobs. I moved my right hand on her head to adjust her properly and I kept my right hand fingure on her mouth. I wanted to touch her lips also. Hence I started touching her lips with my right hand. Surprisingly she kissed my fingures. My all doubts are gone. I gone mad with my luck. I started sqeezing boobs little harder and took all precautions for not giving any chance of viewing for driver and co passengers. She took the length of my cock in her hand from pant and started pressing it little stronger. I have not dared to open my pant jip. After some time she went into sleep but my hand still there on her boobs till we reached Hyderabad. When we reached Hyderabad bus stand, the taxi driver left us there and from there we took auto and went to Kavya’s house. She told me to stay in their house only till her mom and my wife comes to Hyderabad and she also told me that she can cook for me along with her brothers and dad and I readily accepted.

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08-24-2012, 08:32 AM
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
After reaching the home, immediately took the brush and went to bathroom to fresh myself. In the bathroom, I cleaned my teeth and went for toilet and prepared myself for bath. In my mind, the reel is going on. Not able to forget the kavya’s touch on my cock and still feeling her touch on my cock. I badly wanted to relieve myself. I removed all my clothes and stood naked infront of mirror in the bathroom and started jerking my cock imagining Kavya sucking my cock and me sucking the nipples of kavya. I want to see her tender tits which are in developing stage (almost developed). I stroked my cock fast and fast within minutes I ejaculated my cum. Then I took the bath and came out. Had the break fast by that time her brothers also ready for college. I told them that I am going to office and I will come for lunch and I also told that I wanted to sleep because I have not had the sleep because of journey. Kavya came from kitchen and told me to have the break fast and I readily agreed. After having the breakfast I headed for the office.

Eventhough I went to office, I was not able to concentrate on my work. Hurriedly I had given some orders to my staff what has to be done on that day. Suddenly my wife’s cousin brother entered my room and started showing the orders which we got from our abroad clients. I was not in a position to avoid him and uninterestingly I listened his saying. Later he told me the requirement of money and immediately I called one financier friend and asked him the requirement. He accepted to give me the money and I told Mr. Rajiv to collect the cheque from financier and bring the papers to sign. He went and came back after one hour and I have signed the papers without seeing much. Then I saw the watch and it was already 1-30pm. Then I told him that I am leaving for the day and will come back tomorrow morning only.

When I reached Kavya’s house, the time was 2-15 and the door was locked. I was in a bit confusion. Then I saw kavya coming to her home with her school uniform. Then I realized that she might have gone to school. Also remembered that her school will be over by 3pm. She hurriedly came and opened the door and apologized me. She told me that she has bunked the last period because I told her in the morning that I will come for lunch.

She gave me her father’s lungi and I removed my dress along with my underwear with a purpose and wore the lungi. Within minutes she arranged the lunch, I had my lunch along with her. After lunch I told her that I want to take some rest and my mind is already working on something. She told me to take the bed in her room and went for cleaning of the kitchen. I wondered how she is managing the kichen at this age itself. She is very obedient and sweet girl, I thought. I took the bed and lay on my back and was in deep thoughts. My cock in lungi is not in a controllable position. In the house no one is there. Her brothers may come at any time after 4pm. Her dad will not come before 9pm. So, I was in deep thinking for how to proceed and how to play with her. Surprisingly, I was not able to get sleep eventhough I was not slept whole night last day.

She came back to the room after 30 minutes and saw me thinking. She was in a shirt and with skirt. She sat on the bed and asked me what I am thinking. I said “nothing”. Then she went out and locked the front door of the house and came back. She asked me to move on the bed to other side and she also joined me in bed. I was surprised to see this. But felt very happy by seeing her to my next in bed. She started talking to me about the subjects of her class and about her dress sense and about her friends. She also told me that her friends always praise her for her dress sense and behaviour. When she was talking to me, I turned her side and placed my hand on her waist. She was on the bed on her back. Then she started talking about my wife and her dress and she criticized my wife for her bad taste in selecting my dress. She told me that I am handsome personality and with the dress I wear, I can look more handsome. I smiled and grabbed her towards me with a great affection for the affection she is showing on me. She moved completely towards me without changing her position on bed. She is laying on her back and now she is completely closer to me and my full body is touching her. She has not stopped talking and I have not moved my hand which was lying on her stomach. I wanted to have the discussion more, talking more so that I can have the courage to handle her. Even though I took the advantage in the last night, she touched my cock in the journey, I was not able to move further and we have not discussed last night journey at all. So I started discussing on films and she started telling me a film story which I have not seen. I was with only banian and lungi and my cock started raising by her body touch to my body. I was completely touching her. In fact my whole body is touching her body. I placed my leg on her both legs and dragged her further with my hand. When she was talking, I slowly moved my hand with dead slow speed and felt the edges of her boob. I was just posing that I am listening her. My mind is on her boobs and want to have the boobs in my hand. I wanted to do that without anyproblem. I don’t know whether she likes it or not. Eventhough last night, I pressed her boobs and she touched my cock, I was under confusion whether it was accidental or real. Hence I wanted to play the safe game. When my hand reached the edges of her boob, she just moved little but not stopped talking. Then slowly I placed my hand on her full boob. I am touching her right boob and I kept my hand there without moving as if accidentally happened. She has not reacted for that but her talking to me stopped. I know that she is breathing heavily and with my hand on her boob, I know that her heart is beating faster. Even my heart is beating very faster. I started pressing her boob with my palm. Now I got full courage and I knew that she accepted me to play with her body. I wanted to go very slow with her, because she is very young and she needs to taken care in every manner. Then I cupped her tit with my hand and started squeezing her. She has not said single word. Shyly she saw me and closed her eyes, not fully but half eyes were closed. I applied pressure and with more lust I started pressing her boobs. Even in 18 years age, she got 30 size of tits and they are more firm. They are more strong. I am squeezing the tits over her shirt only. Then I moved my hand to other tit and pressed it very hard. While pressing the tit, I also touched the nipple and tickled it. She was completely silent and just enjoying my hand on her boobs. I pressed my cock strongly to her thigh but she has not moved and not uttered a word too. She just feeling the enjoyment. I started pressing the boobs very hard, she just says ahhhhhhhhhh. She has not complained of pain or anything. She is taking the pleasure from pressing her boobs. Then slowly I unbuttoned her shirt and I bent my head over her breast and took one nipple in my mouth.

I saw a jerk in her body when my lips touched her nipple. I just sucked that nipple and took the another breast in my hand started pressing it hard. I started sucking it hurriedly her nipple is not big and not very small. It was fully erect and I can see her body position through her erected nipple. I pulled the nipple with my lips. I also pulled the another nipple with my two fingures. I pulled them hard with lips and two fingures. She has not uttered a word. I feared that she may scream with pain. But she is not caring any thing. She is simply enjoying the sucking of her nipples. I changed my lips to another nipple and sucked it very hard and started kissing her face in between. I wanted to kiss her lips. Moved my lips to her lips. She took my lips with her lips. I caught her lower lip with my two lips and sucked it and then went for upper lip. I played with her lips with my lips and pulled her tounge with my lips and sucked her toung. I sucked her toung juices. Then I came back to nipples and started sucking the nipples very hard. She is not able to control her emotions. Not able to bear the feeling innerside of her body. She moved my side and pressed her cunt against my cock. She pressed it very strongly. Remember, we have not removed our clothes. She put her hand on my back and pressed me very hard. I also pulled her towards me very strongly and hugged her very hard. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Atleast one minute she pressed my cock with her cunt that way and with a big moan she separated from me and got down from bed and went straight away to hall room and she took the diwan there and layed there. I Know that she got a wonderful orgasm and I knew that she needs some rest because she is very young kid. I thought of not troubling her at that time and went for sleep. I know that coming days are more fruitful for me and I have another 2 days to play with her fully.
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08-24-2012, 08:32 AM
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
The next day morning I left early in the morning by 8am, because I had some urgent works at office which I avoided on previous day. Before leaving home, I told Kavya that I will be back for lunch again with a mischeivious smile. She shyly nodded her head and I left.

In the office, I was very busy till 10 am with pending works. After that I called my accountant and asked few reports in connection with last month expenses. He told me that he can provide the entire information by the evening, I said ok. Then tried for Rajiv who is my wife’s cousin, but found that he was not in office. Then I headed for my factory. I spent around 2 hours there very busily with the designing people and selected new designs for our forthcoming models. From the factory I called my office and enquired about Rajiv but I was informed that he has not come to office since morning. I was little bit worried and thought of going to his house and see what happened to him.

I went to Rajiv’s house, I saw that the door was locked. I was surprised and I don’t know what went wrong with Rajiv and I have no clue about him. Rajiv got a beautiful wife and 2 kids. One daughter and one son. Rajiv’s wife name is Pushpa and she is around 24 years age. Theirs is love marriage and they were married 6 years back and blessed with 2 kids. She is very beautiful woman with good looking face and she smiles very lovely. Whenever she smiles, I used to feel that my heart beat is missing. Ok. When I saw their house is locked I started for Kavya’s home.

I straight away went to Kavya’s school and sent message to her through the watchman of the school. She immediately came out with her books and surprisingly asked me why I was this much early and she have to bunk the remaining periods. I told her that I have a small headache (I lied) that’s the reason I came early. We started walking towards her home and with in minutes we were in her house.

After entering into room, I closed the front door and locked it. She said nothing. She opened the almaira, and took out the lungi of her father and handed over it to me. I took it and removed my clothes including underwear and baniyan also and wore that lungi. She was standing there silently and she moved into kitchen when I started removing my pant. After putting the lungi, I went into her room and called her.

She came near to me and enquired how was my head ache. I said, it is better now. She insisted me to take the lunch so that she can do some head massage for me after the lunch. I accepted immediately and took the lunch and moved to Kavya’s room.

She came to room after 15 minutes, ofcourse very quickly. She finished her cleaning etc., very fast and entered the room. She also brought the Amruthanjan balm and wanted to apply on my forehead which I rejected. I said, I cant bear the smell of it. Then she slowly did some massage on my fore head with her fingures and massaged my head. While massaging me she was very close to my face and immediately I kissed her forehead. She said nothing but was concentrated on her massage. I moved my hands over her boobs over her shirt and touched them. She simply looked at me. I can see the mischievious smile in her eyes. I saw a glow in her face. Her face little bit reddened but said nothing. I started pressing her boobs and imitated her massaging my fore head. I also pressed her boobs in the same manner how she is pressing my fore head. But I was not able to imitate her because those boobs need full attention of my hands. I started to unbutton her shirt, she was still silent. What I observed in these 3 days, even though she likes my act on her body, she maintained silence only. Even though she enjoyed my pressing her boobs, she has not said any word either praising or for pain. She simply stares or moans. That’s all.

After unbuttoning the all buttons of her shirt, I removed her shirt through her hands. She was not wearing anything inside her shirt. I surprised but not said anything. I saw her boobs again. Her nipples are already hard and were very stiff. They look like need very good attention. She stopped massaging and sat silently. I took her two boobs in my two hands and pressed them very harsh and with more force. While squeezing her boobs, I made her lay on the bed on her back. I placed myself next to her and my half body is on her half body. With the both hands, I pressed the boobs harder and harder. My cock in my lungi was growing like anything and my lungi looked like a tent pole. She was not seeing anything except my face. I bent my head on her boobs and took the boob in my mouth. I took her small and firm tit in my mouth. Wanted to take entire tit in my mouth but ended with taking only nipple in my mouth. I placed my hand on her other tit and started again pressing it with big force. I was pressing the boobs harder than yesterday. And with my other hand I took her hand placed it on my cock over the lungi. She touched the cock and hold the cock in her hand. I have not forced her to put her hand inside my lungi, she also not tried to put her hand in my lungi. I don’t know whether she wants to see my cock in naked. I don’t want to be hurry. I don’t want to spoil the excellent opportunity because of my unnecessary hurriedness. Hence I kept quite. Even though she hold the cock in her hand with lungi, she has not pressed it and at the same time she is not leaving it. I understand that she doesnot know what to do. Hence I thought, I should take time in handling the things. With sucking the nipple, I moved my hand to on her hand and pressed her hand which is having my cock. She slowly started pressing the cock. I started sucking the nipple harder and bite slightly. She moaned a little bit and spoke first time, it pains her if I bite her nipple. I said don’t worry and sucked the nipple. My one hand is pressing the other boob and I moved my another hand on her cunt. From the skirt, I cupped her pubic mound and pressed it. She moaned very loudly.

I was not in controllable position. My heart beating is very fast and I can guess the same thing from Kavya too. I removed my lungi completely and was made myself stark naked. She immediately told me not to remove the lungi, but I convinced her to accept for it. I asked her to see my cock and told her to put her hand on my naked cock. She shyly approached my cock took the cock. It is not coming to her small hands. I don’t know what happened to her, but she started pressing the cock very hard and without knowing she just moved the skin of my cock and my cock read head appeared. She was seeing it with more affectionately and ofcourse I can see lust in her beautiful face. I removed her school skirt from her body and made her completely naked. I don’t know whether she protested it or not but I was not in a mood to listen any protest or any request.

I started kissing her starting from her fore head. I kissed on her eyes. Kissed on her nose. Kissed on her cheeks. Kissed under the ears and on the ears. Shoved my toung in her ear and licked her ear. I licked her entire face. I made her face with my licking her face. She surely enjoying my licking her face and happy to receive my kisses. When I started pressing my lips on her lips, this time she took my upper lip between her lips and sucked the lips. She shoved her toung in my mouth and made me to suck her toung. She took my toung in her lips and sucked my toung. Within one day I am seeing the change in her and she became expert in lip kissing.

Now I started kissing on her neck and shoulders. I smelled her armpits. I licked there. I kissed the both side armpits. I licked them with more lust. I kissed on her chest and boobs. I sucked the nipples once again and touched the nipples with toung. She has not left my cock from her hand. She continued to press the cock and started moving the skin of my cock up and down. Ofcourse, she is moving the cock skin with faster with more passion. I lay on my back on the bed and made her to sit and told her to jerk the cock more faster.

While jerking my cock, she bent her head and kissed on my lips without stopping the movement of her hand on my cock. I can say that she was in trance and completely under the influence of my cock. I told her to put it in her mouth. She was puzzled. She saw me with an innocent look. Then I understand that she is not able to understand what to do and then I stood up on the ground and I made her to sit on the edge of the bed. Now my cock is infront of her mouth. I told her to open her mouth and she readily obeyed my order. I put my cock in her mouth and told her to suck this cock like a lolly pop. I also told her not to touch the cock with her teeth. She wrapped my cock with her lips and started sucking it. I was holding her head and controlling her movements of head. The cock went deep inside her mouth till her throat and she slowly moving her head to entire my cock length. Within moments she caught up with speed and I thought there is no need of educating her for sucking the cock, because she was sucking my cock like a experienced girl. I too started moving my cock in and out of her mouth, like I was fucking her sweet mouth. Within few minutes I ejaculated and my cum started coming in to her mouth. She immediately choked and spilled the cum from her mouth. I saw my cum dripping on her chin and on her lips and on her stomach too. I took her bath room to clean up the mess and I cleaned her entire body with my hands and took her to bed again.

I thought she may run out of the room like yesterday, but she was not. She was staying in the room with me. I started kissing again and now I kissed her tits once again. I moved from her tits to her naval. Her naval was round and deep. I loved the naval. I kissed the naval. When I touched the naval, my cock was in full erection. I took her hand again and I placed it on my cock. Without saying anything or objecting, she took the cock and started pressing my cock. I licked her naval for some time. She loved each and every moment of my sucking her naval. She raised her another hand and placed it on my head and rubbed my hair with lot of affection. Then I moved from her naval to her pubic area. I saw very little pubic hair on her cunt. I kissed her cunt. And licked the outer lips of her pussy. Kissed and licked her inner thighs. I am arousing more by her cunt smell. It felt so good for me. I moved my toung in her cunt and moved my toung in her cunt faster. I moved my toung like a cock and moved very faster. I also inserted one fingure inside her cunt but she told me to remove the fingure, it is hurting her. Then I put my both hands on her legs from down and made them more wider, so that I can lick her pussy without much problem. After few minutes licking, she pressed my head with her both hands, with more strength, and she moaned very loudly. Her cunt started delivering the cunt juices. Eventhough I was not able to take breath, I don’t want to move from her lovely and sweet cunt. I kept sucking her cunt juices. I remember her cumming for atleast two minutes and she pressed me till that whole time. Suddenly I heard some one is knocking the door and she ran away by taking her dress from almaira and told me to act sleep and she told the people who is knocking the door, that she is coming to open the door.
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08-24-2012, 08:32 AM
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
Kavya hurriedly wore the skirt and shirt and opened the door. There was her friend and classmate Kumari standing there. She came inside and kavya bolted the door again. She asked kavya what is she doing and why late for opening the door. Kavya told her that she was changing her dress in the living room that’s why it took some time to open the door. Then kumari straight away walked into kavya’s room and found me laying there. She immediately exclaimed “ oh. Babai is here (babai means uncle). I was acting as I was fast in sleep. Kavya told her that he came for lunch and after having the lunch, he is taking rest. Even though I am acting as in deep sleep, but I am seeing the girls with half closed eyes. Kumari also beautiful girl and she also got very good breasts slightly bigger than Kavya. The breasts are poking out from her shirt. My cock in lungi started raising again by seeing her breasts. I was not in a position to adjust the lungi or to hide my arousal of my cock because I was acting as in sleep. Kumari searched the almaira and took the business game box from it and sat on the floor. Kavya hurriedly told her that we can play next time, not now. But kumari was not in a mood to hear. She told her, why cant we play here? Every time we uses to play here only. More over babai is sleeping and we will not make any disturbance and she pulled kavya to sit on the ground along with her. I observed kumari with my half closed eyes, she was staring at me while talking to Kavya. I did not understand why she staring at me. Then I realized she got the glimpse of my lungi which is there like a tent pole with my cock raise.

Kavya told her to speak at low voice, and not to disturb babai’s sleep. She knew that I was acting and she does not want to give any clue to Kumari about the relation she had with me. They started playing the “business” game.

I understand with their acts and the way of playing, both girls are not in mood to play. Then why the hell they are playing? Why don’t they shut the game and sit beside me. Why don’t they play with my cock? Why don’t they give their cute and lovely tits for me to suck? I just thought like that and smiled a little for my thoughts. Kumari caught my smile and she whispered in Kavya’s ears that I was smiling in sleep. Then I understand even though they are playing they kept an eye on me and wanted to behave myself.
Then Kumari caught the shoulders of Kavya and whispered. See Babai’s lungi. Why it is raising? I know he have his cock there. Why it is raising? Have you played with him before I coming here? She enquired. Kavya hurriedly said, no. no. nothing is like that. I just finished the lunch after babai had the lunch. Then I changed my school dress and you came in. that’s all.

But kumari is not in a position to believe this. She told kavya. Come on Kavya. You know me. I told you my entire episode with my big brother. How he sucked my breasts and how I played with his pennis. I told you the total story and updating every time with you. Today also I came here to update you only. When you are doing some thing, you are hiding it from me, she said it with a complaint tone. Kavya tried to convince her with a very low tone that she has not hide any thing from her. Hearing this conversation, I thought I may hear few more interesting things and it may lead to some interesting act if luck favours me and wanted to convince Kavya also, that I was in sleep. Hence I started little snoring, by hearing that Kavya thought I was in sleep really.

I was hearing their conversation with my eyes closed fully. Kavya lifted her head and saw me in bed with snoring and thought I was in deep sleep.

Then kavya told kumari once again to talk in very low tone and she also advised her to go to next room so that they can chat with more comfort but kumari denied and told her that she wants to sit here only and she boldy said to kavya that she want to enjoy the situation in the room and she can stare at babai lungi. Kavya was speechless when Kumari directly told this to her.

I thought kumari is not going to leave the topic and certainly she wants to play with me, I thought.

Then Kumari told kavya, that she wanted to share the incident what happened between her big brother and her in the last night . Without waiting for Kavya’s acceptance or her answer, she started to narrate the incident. Last night her big brother was slept in her room along with her, as his room was occupied by the relatives. As they already strarted the affair long ago, he has not waited for preliminary action. As soon as Kumari bolted the door, he removed her nightie and her undies. He also made him complete nude and started pressing her boobs. He sucked her nipples and bite the nipples and bite the breasts also which caused the read marks on her boobs. By saying this she removed her two buttons of her shirt top side and shown the tit to Kavya. Kavya saw the red marks on her boob and said ohhhhhhh. She touched the red mark on the boob and enquired whether it is still paining. Kumari told her that it is not paining and also told her that she is treating this as a love mark. Kumari asked Kavya to touch the boob once again and asked her to hold it with her hand. Kavya stunned. This is first time she is hearing that another girl is asking her to hold her boobs. Even though she saw Kumari;s boobs twice or thrice, this was the first time kumari asked her to hold the boobs. Kavya has not moved and she was silent. Then kumari took her arm and placed it on her boob and pressed it. Kumari removed her total shirt now and naked till her waist. I wanted to open my eyes to see Kumari’s boobs, but not dared. If I do it now, they may run away from the room, I thought. So I wanted to take some more time and want to enter in appropriate time and waiting for that time. But I am imagining the things happening between the two girls.

Kavya shyly took the boobs of Kumari and started pressing and squeezing them. She saw me once again and she thought I was in complete sleep. Then Kavya started saying the complete affair between me and her right from the taxi scene to till half hour back episode. She also told her that she enjoyed a lot with me of each and every moment and every act. She told her that she liked the licking of her cunt by me was excellent and she also told her that she lost senses when she jerked my cock till my cum.

When she was saying all the things, she does not know when kumari removed the shirt of kavya and she was fondling Kavya’s breast with her hand. She moved her head towards Kavyas chest and took the nipple of Kavya and started sucking it. Kavya moaned and hugged her tightly. She pressed kumari’s head on her tits. She took the breast in her hand and shoved it to kumari’s mouth as if a mother feeds her child for breast milk. Kavya started sucking those nipples hard and Kavya was enjoying her sucking which I came to know through the moans of Kavya. Kumari asked kavya to press her boobs harder. Then kavya started pressing kumari’s boobs forcefully with more strength. And she removed kumari.s skirt and made her complete nude. Kumari also removed Kavyas skirt and now both the girls are stark naked in my room. I thought, they have forgotten me that I am in the same room where they are naked and playing with each other. Now I am waiting for the time to enter between them.

Suddenly kumari asked Kavya that she wanted to see my cock. Kavya shrugged little bit and said no. Kumari convinced her and told her nothing will happen even babai woke up. After all he will play with us, any way I am ready for that. By saying this kumari took kavya and they both sat on cot. I was lying on my back and my cock is in 90 degrees mode. I am taking deep breath to control myself as if I am doing in sleep. Then kumari moved her hand to my lungi she slid the lungi. She saw my cock and exclaimed. Wow. It is big one and lovely one. It is bigger than her big brother. It is bigger than the maths teacher. Kavya immediately put the question mark face and asked. Maths teacher???? Kumari told her that she will tell her next time how she saw the maths teacher cock and she saw my cock again. She told Kavya, that she wanted to touch the cock, but kavya hesitated and told her, that I may woke up with her hand touch. She took it very lightly and told her nothing will happen. If some thing happens, then we can see it at that time.. By saying that she touched my cock and wrapped it with her fingures. Deliberately I have not moved. The she told Kavya, babai is not moving. I think he is in deep sleep. So don’t worry. Any way he has seen you complete nude and played with you fully. Now he will see me and play with me too. Nothing will happen more than that. She said and bent forward and kissed my cock.

She also asked kavya to touch the cock. When Kavya was hesitating she forcibly pulled the kavya’s hand and put it in my cock. As soon as kavya felt my cock in her hand, she took it in her hand and started pressing it with her tiny hands. When kavya holding the cock in her hand, she pulled the cock skin down and told Kumari to suck it the cock head. Without hesitating Kumari bent completely on me and took the cock in her mouth. And started sucking the cock. Kavya is pressing my cock with one hand and she pressed the boobs of kumari with another hand.

Now it is not possible for me to act sleep. I placed my hand on kumari’s head and forced her to deep throat my cock and took one boob in my hand and squeezed it very hard. I pulled Kavya to my other side so that I can press her boobs too. By sitting left to me, Kavya is holding my cock in her hand and by sitting my right, Kumari is sucking my cock. I am holding both girls boobs in my two hands and pressed them hard. Sqeezed them very hard. I pulled the nipples of both girls. I pinched them. I took Kavya’s nipple in my mouth while I was squeezing the kumari nipple with more force. Then I forced Kumari to sit on my mouth by putting her legs sides of my face. She spread her legs and started licking her cunt with more lust and shoved my toung fully inside her pussy. I touched the clit button with my toung and moved my toung in and out of her cunt. She was delighted my thrusts with my toung in her cunt and she started moaning. Kavya took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it faster. I placed my fingures on her cunt and played with the cunt. I was not pushing my fingures in kavyas cunt but rubbed the fingure from out side of her crack, between her pussy lips. I wanted to shove my fingures deep in her cunt, but pushed my fingure to little extent only. Surprisingly, Kavya not made any complaint of pain this time. I moved my fingure faster along with the speed of Kavyas mouth which is sucking my cock and speed of my toung where it is licking and sucking the juices of Kumari. We all came with big moan and at the same time. Kavya took my entire cum in her mouth and she also shared some cum to Kumari. She sqeezed my cock more and took the last drop of my cum from my cock. Then I took them to my both sides and placed my hands on their both cunts and chatted for some time. Both girls placed their hands on my cock while chatting with me. I know that both girls are loving me and love to do whatever I say to them. I don’t want to enter their pussies with my cock at this time because now they are at their 18 th year only. I wanted to wait for 3 more years to enter in their cunts and I took firm decision to not to enter in their cunts with my cock till their 18th birth day. I wanted to play with them and I know that I can make them happy and I can satisfy their lusty desires with all my different games without entering in to their pussy with my cock. Now both girls are in deep love with me. I will narrate the remaining story in coming parts.
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
The next day also I played with these two girls. Kumari and kavya was there sharp at 2-30 and I reached home at 2-45pm. Immediately we had lunch without talking any incident of yesterday. After having the lunch both the girls hurried in cleaning the kitchen and vessels. Kumari helped her in cleaning the kitchen and they come to the room where I sat on the bed. Both came to me and sat the both sides of me. I played with their boobs and I sucked the nipples. I made them to lay on their back and I clubbed their two tits and took their nipples at a time. They started playing with my cock without my saying and without awaiting my instructions. They adjusted themselves in playing with my cock. Kumari asked kavya to suck my cock first and I fingured Kumari while kavya sucked my cock. I licked both the cunts one after another. Kumari also pressed my cock with her cunt and she insisted my cock to put in her cunt with lot of excitement but I have not told anything to her nor tried to put my cock in her cunt. I just rubbed my cock on her cunt and pressed my cock flatly (without inserting into her cunt) and pressed it very stronger and she had cum.

I played with them like this another 4 days in every afternoon and they were habituated to play with my cock. Incidentally they were not talking anything about this play when we are talking or chatting at other times. They act very boldly and very freely when we were on bed and no one around us. Other times they used to be very normal and they have not glanced at me at all when people are around. I wondered about their mature mind at this age. I felt very good by their behaviour and I thought if it is like this I can play with them and I can have them through out my life, I thought.

My wife and my children came from Vizag and Kavya’s mother also came back along with my wife. Hence my play with the girls had not happened for next two months. After two months I got a little opportunity, then I played with Kavya. I played with Kavya more times than kumari. Kumari was occasional visitor for our games now, because she lives at different place and it is not possible to reach kavya’s house whenever opportunity is there.

I met kumari along with Kavya atleast three occasions in one year at Kumari’s house and we played there minimum 2 hours to maximum 4 hours that too in the afternoon time only .

I can say that really I am waiting for their age to turn 18 and really I am counting days every day.

After one and half year, An incident happened in my life. Mr. Rajiv, who is cousin brother of my wife had left for Singapore, where I started branch there. He was sent to Singapore to set office there and to look after the Singapore business. Because it happened in the middle of the educational year, He was not able to shift his family as his son studying in UKG, and the daughter is just 6 months old. The daughter is regularly feeded by her mother. Hence he dropped the family in my house and my wife assured him that she will take care of her sister in law and the baby till March so that he can shift them to Singapore once he settled there.

So Pushpa is living with us now along with their children. She used to sleep in other room along with her children and my children. We arranged 3 cots in the room. One cot for my children, and the second cot for her children and 3 rd one is for herself. She told us that two cots are enough, but I said no and we arranged 3 cots in the room.

Even though Pushpa, was educated girl, she was not doing any job and she was living as house wife only. I suggested Pushpa to work in the place of Rajiv, so that she will not get bore at home and the children will be taken care by my wife. My wife also strongly supported this idea and She advised Rajiv to accept this offer. He immediately accepted this proposal and Pushpa also accepted for it after thorough deliberations with Rajiv and my wife.

Then next day onwards, Pushpa started coming to office along with me. I have handed over Rajiv’s seat and allotted works to her which were previously held by Rajiv. She is very efficient and she understands very quickly whatever the matter is. In two days she was thorough in lot of areas in my business and she was working sincerely her job. I was very much satisfied with her work and then started taking her for all my business meetings.

One day we headed for a business meeting with one client and the meeting took long time. When the meeting was over, I saw the time, then the time was at 7pm almost. We thought of leaving to home directly from my client place. Then my client Asked me to drop him and his partner at hotel which is very near to my house. I accepted and took them to my car. His partner sat in the front seat of the car and my client, me and Pushpa sat in back seat. I sat beside of pushpa and my client sat beside me. This was the first time I am sitting next to pushpa very close to her. Even though we travel regularly in my car from home to office and office to home and for meetings, we used to sit in back seat only but with lot of gap. Now my client who sat next to me was big fat man and he took half of the seat. Myself and pushpa were adjusted in half seat and I was touching her fully. My total body is in contact with her. I was sitting there with little uncomfort (I think I am posing that), but in my heart I am enjoying the situation. I told pushpa in telugu language that I am sorry for this uncomfortable situation, but she said no problem annayya garu. (Annayya garu means big brother). Why I spoke in telugu is because my client does not know telugu and I don’t want to make him know about the discomfort. When we started my self and client were talking few casual things, the driver put a sudden brake. Then I sat in middle I was shaken and jerked to front and back again. When I came to back, my arms were touched Pushpa’s Boobs. Those boobs were very soft and they were big. I think those boobs were 34 size. I have not taken my arm (om fact I can say it is my shoulder) from her boob but looked into her eyes. She smiled but not tried to adjust herself. This has gave me lot of courage.

I tried to talk to my client and started pressing her boob with my arm. She has not made any attempt to move side (ofcourse there is no place to move) or remove my arm from her body. She sat silently. I was enjoying the touch of her boob and I really wanted to take her boobs with my hands and wanted to squeeze them till my lust satisfied. But I was not able to do that because of the situation where I was sitting with my client. Hence I silently started pressing little harder with my arm and tried to concentrate on my client talking to me. I thought or I may be felt that pushpa also pressing her boob to my arm. I was confused. So I stopped pressing, then I realized that pushpa is pushing her boob to my arm. Then I was in seventh heaven. I thought that I can play with pushpa’s beautiful body and I also thought that I can drink milk from her boobs. I also thought that I can not push the things in a hurry and has to wait for suitable time to proceed and I should not give any room for any suspicions to my wife or my staff or anyone. So I thought I should go with little cautious.
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
Now I started pressing Pushpa’s boobs little harder with my arm. I am trying my level best to hide my feelings and my heart beat from other people in the car. As usual my cock is raising in my pant. I wanted to cover the bulge in my pant but not able to do that because I am not finding anything there to put on my lap. In the mean time the car reached the hotel and my clent and partner got down and said bye to me and pushpa. I was still sitting there touching pushpa. But, because of the darkness there, they were not able to see clearly my hand touching the pushpa Boobs. I also told them bye and told driver to go ahead.

When car moved, I thought Now I should move little this side. Otherwise the driver may get the doubt. While thinking that I moved little this side giving space to pushpa for sitting comfortably. But it made me to withdraw my hand from her boobs. Now I cant place my arm over her boobs. Because there was plenty of space in my car. Slowly I slide my hand towards pushpa and took the pushpa hand which she put on her side. I touched her hand just pressed her hand. She immediately put her hand bag on our both hands, so that if driver sees back, he can not find anything. She also pressed my hand in return. When I saw again in her face, she smiled back. I already told you that her smile is killing one and every time I loose my heart whenever she smiles. I pressed her hand once again and started caressing the hand. I clubbed my fingures with her fingures. I pulled her fingures. I cupped her fingures. I love that touch. I can see a glow in her face and I can say that she is enjoying my touch. She took my thumb fingure and caressed it. She ran her fingures on my palm. I think she is loving that play with the fingures. Within 15 minutes we reached our home. I left her hand uninterestingly and unwillingly. But I need to leave that hand now. We entered in our house and she immediately went to the children room and took her small baby who is crying with hungry.

She has taken the baby in her arms and started talking to her. Oh my baby. Your momma got late today. Sorry my baby. I know that you are hungry. Come on baby. Now I will give you milk. Drink my milk happily baby. By saying that she has opened her blouse buttons and and lifted the bra also from one side and took out her one boob and gave it to baby’s hungry mouth. I was still there and I saw her boob. Her boob is glittering in the tube light’s light. My mouth watered. I wanted to take her another boob in my mouth and wanted to suck the milk from her. But I know that I cant do any damn thing that day and I knew every one is at home.

In that night I fucked my wife Ramya at least 4 times in different angles and everytime I fantasized about Pushpa. I felt that I am fucking Pushpa while I am fucking my wife. Finally when I went for sleep, I planned for next day program and I strongly decided to fuck Pushpa in the office tomorrow.

The next day we went to office by 9-30 and we were engaged in our work. I don’t want to show my hurry to pushpa. So I want to take time till lunch time and want to apply my fucking plan in the lunch time.

We used to bring carriage from home for our lunch. At the lunch time as usual I called Pushpa to my room. I called the office boy to put the lunch on the table. My table is a big table and I selected this table with lot of liking. Office boy has arranged the lunch on table and I told the boy to sit out side of my room and also told him not to allow any one in the room till I call. Ofcourse it is a normal practice in my office, no one is dare to open my room and no one is dare to enter my room with out my call. I habituated this to all my staff including Rajiv and including newly joined Pushpa also. So if I bolt the door, no one comes to know. I told pushpa to bolt the door. She had lunch with me previous two days also, but I have not bolted the door. Immediately she knew my game plan. She looked at me and very mischeiviously smiled and said no. I looked her with a question mark. I can see the teasing smile from her lips. She told me I don’t bolt the door. If you want you can bolt. Then I said ok. I went to the door and bolted it and came back to the seat.

I have a sofa in my cabin. That was a huge sofa which matches the table. I sat on the sofa and asked Pushpa to come and join me in sofa. She refused and told me that sitting in the chair opposite to my seat is good for her and told me she is very comfortable sitting there. I know that she is teasing me. I stood there went near to her and took her hand and asked her in a pleasing voice to come to sofa and took her to sofa. She slowly walked along with me to sofa. I sat on sofa and still she was standing there. I pulled her to sit on sofa next to me. On pulling she felt on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her and not allowed her to move. She again smiled very teasingly and said. What is this boss? I said this is my love for you. She said “aha” and smiled again.

I completely lost the control and placed my lips on her smiling lips. Her lips were beautiful. I cant describe how beautiful they were. Many times I envied for Rajiv’s luck to have such a beautiful wife. Now that beauty is in my lap with slightly opened lips. I think those lips were shivering slightly. I took those naughty lips with my lips and started sucking them. I took the lower lip of her between my lips and sucked that. Later I took the upper one and sucked it hard. Then she took my lips and did the same to me. She bite my lips too. She inserted her toung between my lips on her own and made me to suck that toung and The taste of her toung and toung juices were delicious. I thought I am loosing my senses with her beautiful lip kiss. I sucked her juices for some time and she took my toung between her lips and sucked my juices. She melted her toung with my toung and she hugged me very tightly. Her boobs are under my chest and I can feel them with my chest. I put my around her waist and pulled her tightly. My lips were still locked and we were enjoying the juices from our toungs and I am enjoying her boobs are poking into my chest. Slowly I moved my hands to her tits and took one tit in my hand. I pressed that boob very hard. I saw that her blouse is getting wet. I think the milk is coming out from her boob when I pressed her boob very hard.
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
By seeing the wetness on her blouse, I started to remove her blouse buttons for which she has not objected and co operated with me to open her blouse. I removed all her buttons and took out the blouse by lifting her arms up. Then I removed her bra too. First time in my life I was seeing such a lovely tits which are well shaped, round and very firm. It is unbelievable for me for the wonderful boobs of a mother of 2 kids.

Pushpa got a very slim body, slim waist and nice hips. Her legs are little long. She must be around 5ft 4 inches. It is very difficult for a woman to maintain a body such nicely that too after giving berth to two kids, I wondered.

Immediately I took her boobs in my hand and started squeezing them very hard. Her skin is very silky and she have a very fair complex. I am little dark colour and my hands are shining from her body colour. I took one boob in my mouth and started sucking the nipple. Her nipples were very big. I have not seen such big nips in my life time. By seeing those nips, I wanted to bite them and I wanted to chew them. Very badly I wanted to suck those nips till my lust satisfied. I took the one boob in my hand and pressed it very hard and the milk started flow from that boob. The nipple in my mouth is giving me milk already to me and I am eagerly drinking that milk as if I am a little child. Her milk is very sweet. I wanted to drink the whole milk and wanted to empty the boobs. I am in not controllable stage and she was moaning with low voice for my every action on her boobs. I changed the position and I took another boob in my mouth and I hold the another boob in my hand and strated pressing it.

I opened my pant jip and took out my cock and handed over it to her. I told her to handle it with care, teasingly. She took it shyly but firmly. She wrapped her fingures on my cock and pressed it hard. She moved my cock skin back and forth and she was seeing my cock in an amazing manner as if she was not seen a cock in her whole life time. She started playing with my cock.

Then I placed my hands on her both boobs and made them closer until they look as one. Now I made those two nipples to come as much as closer and now the two nipples are side by side. I made those two nipples as one and I put the two nipples in my mouth and sucked them very eagerly. It was strange situation for her. I guessed it with her behaviour. When I took the two nipples at a time in my mouth, she was shivered and put her hand on my head and pushed my head towards her nipples and she started murmering. Annayya garu(big brother), I love this. I never knew that two nipples can be sucked at a time. It is giving me strange pleasure. Drink my milk my baby. I love you annayya garu. Please drink my milk. Pull those nipples. Suck it. These little nips are causing me so much pleasure. I cant hold this pleasure. Ahhhhhh.. Ohhhhhh. Suck my nipples. Ohhh. Your teeth is causing pain for me. Please use the lips. Pull the nipples sir. She is saying lot of things to me. I am enjoying all her murmering. I pulled her nipples with my lips very hard. I pressed the boobs very hard and make them together and I saw that the nipples should be united together. Her hand is fastly stroking my cock. I can see her body shivering with the pleasure. She is enjoying my big cock in her hand. She is feeling the strongness of my cock in her hand.

I was not in a position to stop sucking her nipples. I can say that I have never seen such a beautiful boobs in my life time. It is not that I have not seen large and big boobs. I saw 38 size boobs and 40 size boobs too. But Pushpa’s boobs are different. They look very pretty. They look very firm and very strong. Pushpa reqularly work out and do exercise in the early morning. It might be a reason for her healthy and strong boobs and nice and slim body. I thought I was very lucky to have a such a beautiful woman and wanted to keep the relation forever with her and also I thought I should tell Kavya to exercise regularly and I may depute Pushpa to teach Kavya for regular exercise. I wondered how Kavya came to my mind even in such a lusty environment with a beautiful and nice figured woman around.

Then I removed Pushpa’s saree and langa and made her completely nude. I also hurriedly removed my dress and stood as stark naked. I made her to lay on ground. She is not saying any thing. Moreover she is cooperating with me for my every action. I placed my self on her and inserted my cock in her pussy and started pumping her slowly.

I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt. She moaned loudly and put her arms around my back. I started thrusting my movements in her cunt in a rythemic way. She moved her hands from my back to my chest and placed her one hand on my chest and started tickling my nipple and slide her another hand to my face and ran it on my cheeks. I need to explain about her cunt. Her cunt also superb. I have not seen such a nice cunt. She is totally perfect woman. She got perfect body. She got a very nice fucking behaviour. She knew how to give happiness to her man who fucks her. Her cunt is very tight. Her cunt muscles hold my cock and allowing me hard to enter in her cunt. After few movements of my cock in her cunt, her cunt walls started cooperating with my cock. I made her legs to lift in the air and hold the legs from behind. I completely bent on her holding her legs in air.

I started pushing my cock harder and harder. I bent further down and took her boob in my mouth and sucked the nipples. I put my both hands on her boobs and hold them as a base for me to swing on her. I moved my mouth from her boobs to her mouth and I took her lips in my mouth and kissed her lips.

I started pumping very hard now. I am gulping her toung juices through my mouth and my cock is making and preparing her cunt for juices. Now I am giving very hard strokes with all my strength and faster. She was moaning and biting my lips. I with draw my lips from her lips and concentrated more on pumping my cock in her cunt. She bite her lips and said: Fuck me brother. You are great. I have not seen such a big cock till date. Your cock is very beautiful. The cock was made for me. The god has given the cock to me. I am very greatful to God. He has given you. He has given me a beautiful lover who knows to satisfy the woman. Rajiv is no match for you. I eyed on you since I met you. Fuck me please. Fuck meee. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am not able to bear this pleasure. Tear me brother. Melt me in you. I don’t to be live sepeately or as separate body. I need this cock forever. I want this cock to raid me every moment. Give it to me brother. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She was moaning like mad. I understand her position and started pumping more faster. Her cunt is already wet and her cunt juices are flowing out. My cock is making sound in that wet ness. I loved each and every thrust of my cock in her pussy and I felt her pussy like a magnet who attracted my iron rod and I thought of pumping her like whole day.

The pleasure was building in our both minds and I guessed that I may come at any moment. Pushpa also lifting her ass to meet my cock for each thrust. It looks like she was fucking me from down. She said, Brother don’t stop. I am about to come. Move faster. Please…. More faster. Faster.. I love it. I love it my lovely brother. I need it .. Move faster

In fact I was in Jet speed. I know that she was in verge of cumming. I am also in the climax position. Wanted to climax simultaneously with her. I pumper more faster my cock in her cunt. She hugged me very tight and screamed in my ears. I am cummmmmmingggggggggggg. I too joined with her with a moan. I started cumming in her cunt. I pressed her very hard with my cock. My cum started flowing in her cunt.

I was there in her cunt after cumming also for atleast 2 minutes. My lust satisfied. I took her nipple once again and sucked it. I kissed on her lips. She kissed back. Hey eyes are shining with glow. I can see a strange light in her eyes. I can say that she was in complete satisfaction mood.

I separated from her and sat on the sofa. She was still on the floor on her back. She slowly sat on the floor infront of me. She took my cock in her hand which was fully coated with mixture cream of me and her. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I can say that she is cleaning my cock with her toung. She licked entire cum from my cock. She was smiling while she licks my cum and her cum from my cock. I saw her cunt. She slowly pulled her langa and wiped the juices from her cunt with her langa. Within a minute of she started sucking, my cock was raising in full swing and getting bigger in her mouth. She saw my cock with an excited look and sucked it little faster. But after few minutes suck, she left my cock and told me that we should take our lunch otherwise the people outside of my room get doubt on us. I agreed with her and took my clothes. We dressed ourselves immediately and headed for the lunch.
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
We finished the lunch very fast. I think I had never finished the lunch that much fast. With in 5 minutes I completed the lunch and looked at Pushpa. Surprisingly she also finished the lunch and she is collecting the empty boxes. She quickly arranged all the boxes and closed the carrier. In intercom, I called the office boy for cleaning the table. The office boy came and took the carrier and gone out. I knew that he will come back with some water and cloth to clean the table. So, I sat with discomfort in my chair. He came within two minutes and started cleaning the table. That nasty fellow took 5 minutes to clean my table. In the mean time Pushpa excused me and went to bathroom for wash her hand. I knew why she went to bath room. She has to clean her pussy which was wet with my cum and her own juices. She was sat for lunch without cleaning her pussy. May be she wanted that feeling inside her pussy for some more time, I thought. Then she came back from the attached bathroom in my room and sat in front of my chair. The boy adjusted the material on table and gone out. I told him to sit out side of my room and instructed him to not to allow any one till I say and also instructed him not to disturb me and don’t come inside without my permission. Then I called my operator and told her not to give any phone calls from anyone. She quickly said yes sir. All the time pushpa was silently watching me and smiling at me.

After that, I went to the door and bolted the door again. I asked pushpa, why she is smiling? She started laughing now. She told me that I look like a child and showing my eagerness in my every action. I stood from my chair and went near to her and pulled her hands to make her stand.

I hugged her in standing position. I have given a very tight hug to her. I am not able to forget the enjoyment which she has given half hour back. I enjoyed every moment fucking her. I can say that I adore her beauty and her body. Very perfect body. I hugged her very tight, she also put her arms around me and hugged me with the same tight I am applying on her. Then I made her to sit on the chair again, kept my head on her lap by sitting on my knees on ground. She stroked my hair and said. What bujji? What you want? You need milk my baby? Are you hungry? I think you have not taken the appropriate food to fill your stomach. You might be hungry. Drink my milk baby. By Saying that she opened her blouse buttons and pulled her boobs from her blouse and bra. I took the boob very hungrily, very hurried manner. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking the nipple. The milk started coming through her nipple in my mouth and I am happily drinking that milk from her breast. Drink my milk my dear brother. You are my lovely brother. You are every thing for me. I love you very much my brother. Annayya garu, I want this pleasure forever. Please don’t leave me at any time. Please give me all happiness every time, She said. I lifted my head and saw her. I can see her eyes with little bit wet. I am little bit worried. I asked her immediately. Are you crying? Any problem? Or are you feeling guilty? Why you are crying? With a little confused voice I asked her. She said “ oh no annayya garu. I am not crying at all. Why should I cry. I got the best enjoyment today in my whole life. I know how much you care for me and my family. I know very much of your support to my family. I am enjoying your love and affection. I loved the play very much. My eyes are wet with unexpected pleasure. Ask my body, it will tell you how much happy it is. Every inch in my body is wanting more and more from you. You are the perfect man who can make me satisfy in all grounds. I am really lucky woman. You are god gift for me. I pray god to keep this happiness forever with me. Saying all these things, she started undressing herself and she made herself complete nude and sat on the chair again. I also stood up and started to take my shirt off. She helped me in removing my shirt buttons and removed my shirt. She removed the belt from my pant, and un zipped and removed my pant through my legs. She removed my underwear also. I was standing like a statue, she did all the things to make me naked. Now my cock was pointing at her with full excitement. She took the cock in her hand and stroked it a little. She pulled the skin back and kissed on the cock head. She bent little, and started licking my cock head with her toung. She licked the entire cock head. Slowly she moved further on my cock. She licked entire my cock. She licked my balls. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked them. I was enjoying that like anything. The blood in my body is running very fast. The lick was excellent. I begged her to suck my cock. She slowly put my cock in her mouth and sucked it. She took the cock till her throat. She pushed the cock skin with her lips and pulled back with her lips. Even though she was slow in beginning, she took the speed and sucked my cock very faster. I started pumping my cock like I was fucking her mouth. I knew, If she sucks me that way, I may cum any time. Immediately I pulled my cock from her mouth. She looked at me with disappoint looks. By those looks I can say that, she wanted to suck my cock more. But I have other plans for me to give her more enjoyment.

I sat on ground on my knees infront of her. I pulled her and adjusted her to sit on the edge of chair. I spread her thighs wider. Her pussy was clearly visible for me. Immediately I moved my toung on her clit button and started licking that. She immediately moaned when I touched her clit button with my toung. Unknowingly, her hand raised and placed it on my head she took my hair in her hand. She stroked my hair while I was eating her pussy. I moved my toung from her clit to her cunt hole. I pushed my toung inside. I licked her pussy lips. I kissed those pussy lips. Her taste is very sweet. I cant say that how it tasted. It is unknowing taste and very tasty. I wanted to bury my toung forever there. I pushed my toung little inside and circled my toung in her cunt. I pushed one fingure also along with my toung in her cunt. My fingure is showing the way to my toung where to lick. I am circling the fingure also inside her cunt. She started moaning loudly and started pressing my head towards her cunt. She started talking. I was not able to understand few but few were able to understand. I think she is in heaven and she is enjoying that pleasure of licking her pussy. She started pushing her hips to my toung and wanted my toung deep inside her cunt. She said. Annayyaaaaaaaa. Please lick me there. Push little deeper. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. It felt so good. Mmmmmmmm. I love that Annayyaa. This pussy is yours.. You can have it anytime whenever you want. The total body is yours annayya. I love this feeling. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh My god. What a pleasure it is. I cant hold my brother. I love you my brother. Lick my cunt my brother. What a wonderful art it is. Wonderful toung you have. Your toung and your cock both are amazing. You are showing me the heaven. I love this. I want to stay in this heaven forever. Mmmmmmmmm. Lovely annayya. She was talking like this and I inserted another fingure also in her cunt. Now my two fingures are roaming inside her cunt. My fingures are working down side and my toung is working up side of my fingures. My fingures are touching her cunt walls deep inside her cunt. She is pressing my head very harder to her cunt. Her moanings were loud and she was shivering in pleasure. I started sucking her cunt juices delivered by her cunt with the pressure made by my toung and my fingures. I wanted to fuck her again very badly.

I separated my self from her grip and stood on the ground. I made her to stand from her chair and made her to lay on my table. I pulled her on the table till her hips touched the edge of table. I stand in front of her cunt on the table. I made to her spread her legs wider. Very wider. I hold both the legs in my two hands. I inserted my cock in her pussy and pushed it with very force in her cunt. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhhh. Oh my. She said. I forgot every thing in the world. I am seeing her cunt only. I was thinking her cunt only. Nothing else is coming in my mind. I wanted to fuck her vigorously. Started fucking her like mad. My cock is moving in and out of her cunt and giving her big strokes and hard strokes. I was holding her both legs, so that she can not move on the table to other side with my strokes. She is also pushing her cunt to meet my cock strokes. I am seeing my cock entering her pussy and coming out of that pussy. The scene is mind boggling. I love to fuck her in that way. The table is very convenient for me and it suits my height. So there is no need for me to bend to fuck her. I was standing there very freely and forcing my cock on her pussy. She was enjoying my cock thrust in her cunt. She was begging me to fuck her hard. Oh. Annayya garu, this pussy is yours. Fuck me please. I love that. Oh. Your cock is making me mad. Annayya garu, please. Oh. Ahhhhhhh. What a lovely cock you have. It is driving me mad. I am going crazy. You are making me crazy. Your cock driving me crazy. Fuck me brother. Oh my sweet brother. Rajiv never fucked me like this. He does not know how to fuck at all. He does not know how to give pleasure to his wife. I will be your wife. I will be your slut. I will be your everything. Please don’t leave me anytime. I need this fuck every time. I need this every day. Please give me this pleasure forever. I love this. Oh. Fuck me. Please fuck me. Shhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh. This is the way she was responding to my cock thrusts. I asked her to raise her head and see the cock how it entering in her pussy. She raised her head a little and saw her pussy. She was amazed by the scene there. By seeing my cock entering in her pussy, she started delivering the juices. She caught the edges of table strongly, so that she can not move up with my strokes. I am even holding her legs and made her to lay on as it is position and started pumping harder. She was screaming when she reached climax. Ahhhhhhh. I am coming my love. I am cumming. Not able to bear this pleasure. Tear my pussy. Fuck it . ahhhhhhhh. I am coming my love. I am coming my brother. Ohhhhhhhhh. I was also in my climax position. My balls were in tight condition and I wanted to cum very badly but I wanted to hold it for some more time. But my efforts are in vain. I started cumming in her cunt like a fountain. She already started cumming and I joined her. After cumming also I have not removed my cock from her cunt. I stayed there with my cock in her cunt for a minute. She was laying on the table without any movement and without speech. I can see her body. She is taking long breath. The beautiful smile is on her face with full satisfaction. I love that smile.

Then we both went to bathroom, she cleaned me first and cleaned her cunt. We were on our dress and went back to our respective chairs. We chatted at least half hour about various things. She told me about Rajiv and told me that he was no way compare to me. She stood from her chair and came to me and sat on my lap on my chair. She was loving every moment of my love making with her.

That day we had another 2 fucks and after full satisfaction, we left the office around 8-30 pm in the night.

From that day onwards, I fucked Pushpa Every day. Even Sundays we used to come to office for the sake of fuck only in the name of office work. Minimum is one fuck. Maximum is 4. But we never neglected our business and we both made our business in a very profitable way. She denied to go Singapore in the next year. She told Rajiv, She can not take care of children on her own because the baby is very small. She proposed that she will come to Singapore with children next year only and Rajiv immediately accepted.

Even though I was fucking on daily basis, I have not forgotten Kavya. I was visiting her house whenever opportunity is there. She calls me every day and talk to me different things. She love to hear my voice and many times she mentioned that to me. She was madly in love with me. She started taking initiative in undressing me and undressing her and she enjoy the play what ever I play with her.

After two years, Pushpa left to Singapore along with her kids (ofcourse unwillingly). I promised her that I visit Singapore once in 2 months and I instructed Rajiv to send Pushpa to India once in 3 months. That way, whenever I visited Singapore, I used to stay there for a week and I used to keep her 20 days or more when she visits India. Those days I used to enjoy a lot with her.

Now Kavya turned to 18. I will narrate the story in my next part.
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
In the month of February, 1993, Kavya completed 18 years of her age. She was studying Inter II year and her exams were in the month of March. On her birthday myself, my mom and my wife along with my children went to Kavya.s house and spent whole day there. In the evening, there was cake cutting by Kavya. Her lot of friends along with Kumari also present there. I organized the entire birthday party for her. She cut the cake and took the piece of cake and put it in my mouth first. I was surprised. Because her parents were also there. But nobody seemed to be surprised. Every one knows how much care I take for Kavya and they were under the impression that I am treating her as my own child. And they also knew that Kavya loves me very much and she takes my name for every reason and for every cause. But she has given me a big preference and she shared the cake first to me. After that we all had great dinner in her house. I felt very happy on her birthday for the affection and love she shown on me.

I thought of not disturbing her till her exams are over. In the last week of March, she completed her exams. So she is very free now and no work until the colleges re open again. She was a commerce student and hence there is no problem for her to enjoy the holidays. In April month, I planned a tour to Himachal Pradesh. Entire family members of Kavya and my family members enjoyed a lot in that tour. We went to Simla, chandigarh, Kulu manali, Rohtang and many places in Himalayas. We enjoyed a lot in the ice mountains. That was a great trip and we had nice holidays there. Around 20 days we were there and we enjoyed a lot.

Even though, Kavya is with me in the tour, I have not hurried or shown any signs of my love towards her to the team of our family members. Kavya also, as I told you earlier, she was a fully matured girl, she well behaved. But always she used to sit to my side in entire tour and feels my body touch to her body. I knew that she needs my touch and even I want her touch to my body. Every one thinks that because of our great affection we are sitting together always. I love kavya very much more than anything in the world. It is unfortunate that she is daughter of my wife’s sister. I have not had any guilty feeling for loving her. I thought she was my right and I am having right to love her. We are not blood related, then what is the harm in loving her. (I thought this in beginning of our affair and after that I never got such feelings in me).

Now she was grown little bit. Her boobs size reached to 32 nearly and they were very round and very firm. Pushpa taught her lot of exercises and taught her to keep fit her body always. I can say Kavya is stunning beauty even today. She maintains her body perfectly. I think pushpa taught her many things for the body maintenance. Some times (very occasionally) Kavya wears Half saree (which is traditional wear for lot of girls in Costal Andhra) and I will forget to shut the eyes and will see her beauty like that and love to see her beauty always. I can see her round boobs through her blouse from her side angle. My mouth waters immediately after seeing the such lovely breasts. Till May end we used to play in our previous method only. Her college may open in July 3 rd week. In those holidays Kavya regularly (I can say every day) visited my house or office or we used to go to restaurants or movies. When she comes to my office, I have enough time to play with her. In office, during the lunch hour, after having the lunch, I used to strip her and Play with her boobs. I love to suck those lovely nipples and love to squeeze her lovely tits. She was addicted to my cock and she loves to suck my cock whenever opportunity is there and she loves to suck my cum fully. I made her to lay on my table and used to lick her cunt to her satisfaction. Whenever I lick her cunt, she used to press my head very hard towards her cunt. She lifts her hips to meet my mouth and I can say that she loved each moment of my licking her cunt.

In june 2nd week in 1993, I was planning for a 3 days trip for my business to Mumbai. When I announced it to Kavya, she told me that she also accompanies me for this tour and she can stay with me completely for those days without our families around. I loved the idea. Immediately I changed my plan and told her that I need 3 days only for my business and we will stay one week more without any work and also told her that we can enjoy those 10 days and advised her not to tell anyone that I have 3 days work only there. I asked her to take permission from her parents. She immediately took the phone and called her mom and said her that she wants to go to Mumbai alongwith Babai (babai means uncle) i.e., me because she has not seen Mumbai till date and she wants to see the place and also told her that she wanted to do the shopping of modern dresses in Mumbai which is famous for lot of western culture. Her mom told her, Don’t trouble babai. He will be busy in his business affairs, and you will be obstacle for him for doing his business. Kavya convinced her saying that, Babai told me that he will take me to his business meetings and it will be helpful for me to build my carrier after my studies. She also told her mom, that is the reason she took the commerce for her graduation. Somehow her mother is not convinced with Kavya. It is not that she got suspicission or doubt on us. She is under impression that Kavya may behave childish and may be burden for me to take her to my business meetings. Kavya handed over the phone to me and I convinced her. I told her that taking Kavya along with is purely my Idea and I told her that I provoked Kavya to come along with me. Then she convinced and said ok. I can see the happiness in Kavya’s eyes when she got ok signal from her mom. Then I communicated to my wife also that I am going for a business tour to Mumbai for 10days and I also communicated that Kavya also accompanying me. She also wanted to come along with me. I don’t know what to say but I kept quite but waguely said her OK. I don’t know how to avoid her for this trip. If I say no, she may feel bad. Or she may get doubt. Because, I never said no to her till date for anything. I used to take her along with me for vacations or long tours. Now I am in a position, I cant say no to her and at the same time my plans will be failed if she comes along with me. I thought I will wait and look for the opportunity.

Next day, My wife got a call from her parents that her mother and father are coming to city on Sunday. They want to have some medical check up in Appolo Hospital and they need some assistance and they insisted my wife’s presence with them. My tour starts from Monday. Hence her joining in my tour was cancelled. I felt very happy inside but posed a sad face when she announced that she is not coming with me. Immediately I booked the flight tickets for myself and Kavya to Mumbai for Monday. I also booked a room in hotel Taj, near Colaba.

We reached Mumbai on Monday morning. A car was waiting there for us which was booked my Hyderabad office and immediately we reached the hotel and checked in our room. We had our bath at Hyderabad itself and breakfast in the flight, hence we waited till 11 am in the hotel room only. I was busy with making calls to my clients and talking to them. At 11 am we went to Dadar to meet our client. We reached Dadar in 45 minutes and the meeting started immediately. We had the lunch in our clients office only and till evening we were there and we left for our hotel after finishing the meeting.

As soon as we reached hotel, the time was 8pm. Kavya went to bath room and had the shower. After her, I went to bathroom. I also showered and came back. We had order for dinner and we finished the dinner by 9-30pm. I called the house keeping and told them to send the boy for cleaning the room and removing the dinner plates. He came and removed the plates and said good night for us.

I locked the door and my mind is all set for the game.

Kavya was sitting in sofa. I laid on bed and called kavya near to me. She came with a smile to me and laid next to me. I took her into my arms and hugged her very tightly. I planted a kiss on her fore head. She closed her eyes. I kissed on her closed eyes. I kissed on her nose. A great love and great affection is pouring in my heart for Kavya. When ever I think about Kavya or whenever I am with Kavya the same feeling I get every time. I knew that I was madly in love with her. This is may be because of her beauty or may be because of her affection towards me or may be the way she plays with my body or may be the way I play with her body or may be the way she responds to my play. Whatever the reason, I am madly in love with her. I have not counted how many times I might have kissed her till date. I have not counted how many times I played with her lovely body. But, whenever I approach her for love game, I feel that is the first time I am playing with her. I feel I am seeing her newly. I feel her touch is warmth to me and first time I am getting her touch, for every touch I feel that way. I am daring to say that I love my wife, Kavya and Pushpa than anyone. Ofcourse, Kavya is the top for me. I love Kavya with heart and soul.

I started kissing her all over her body. I was in my lungi without underwear. (my usual night dress). My cock was already in full mood and he has no barriers inside. He was in full swing and touching Kavya’s body. By getting the touch of Kavya, he was getting full encouragement and getting bigger than anytime. I removed her nighty. She was on bra and panty now. Her boobs look like small globe for me. I removed her bra also very hungrily. I took her boobs in my hands and pressed it lightly. I kissed them. I have not removed her panty yet. I made her lay on her back on bed. Now I started to kiss her again.
I kissed her cheeks.
I kissed her neck
I kissed her boobs.
I kissed her cleavage.
I kissed her naval.
I kissed on her pubic part
I kissed on her pubic hair.
I kissed on her thighs.
I kissed on her knees.
I kissed on her legs.
I kissed on her feet.
I kissed her toes.

I put her toe in my mouth and sucked it. I sat between her legs and sucked her leg fingures. She got tickling but I have not left them. I was busy on licking her feet and sucking her toe. Slowly I started licking her legs. Her legs were very strong and pure milky white. I am kissing her leg. I was holding the leg skin between my lips when I am kissing her legs. But not getting skin. I am just trying to hold it with my lips. I kissed and licked entire her right leg. Now I turned to her left leg. I did the same way as I did it to right leg. I kissed on her panty exactly on the cunt location. Then I moved little forward and pulled her panty little down not fully from her cunt. I made her pubic hair visible. There was not much hair but a thin layer of hair spread entire her pubic part. I kissed there. I licked that entire part. I pulled the pubic hair with my lips. I was there atleast for few minutes. I was enjoying licking there. Then I moved little forward then started licking the area below the naval. I licked it as if it was ice cream spread over her body. I am getting lot of pleasure in licking her body. Then I kissed on her naval. Her naval was round and deep. I inserted my toung in her naval and licked it very care fully.

Continueed .....
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RE: Saali ki Beti ki Chudai
I licked it without leaving a millimeter on her naval. It tasted differently. I felt it very lovely. I want to lick that naval more and more. I circled my toung in her naval. I was kissing it and licking it. She got tickling sensation first (it is usual for her every time) and started enjoying later. She strokes my hair and she pulls me and she push me to her naval very hard. She runs her fingures on my hair and my cheek. She caresses my ears when I lick her body. She gets lot of pleasure when I lick her total body. She moans very slightly when I lick her.

After few minutes I lift my head and saw her. She kissed me in air. I love you babai, she said. Then I moved my toung on her body between the boobs and naval area. I licked this side to that side and I reached her boobs. I kissed her both boobs. I licked them. I put my hands on her boobs and started pressing very hard. I think I have never squeezed those boobs like this in the past. I think I am getting crazy today. I cupped her breasts and massaged them. I squeezed them. I pulled the nipples with my two fingures. I licked the nipples.

While pressing her boobs very hard with my both hands, I opened my mouth and took the nipple into my mouth. I started sucking the nipple with my lips. I pulled the nipples with my lips. I put the nipple between my mouth and slightly bite it. She moaned with pain. Again I started pulling the nipple with my lips while pressing the other boob with my strong hand and I am pressing it very hardly. I am cupping the another breast which nipple I am sucking and pressed it too very hard. She started complaining for the first time. Babai, it is paining. You are pressing very hard. Please babai, she was moaning. But I am not hearing anything. My ears are not listening any thing. My mind and soul fully concentrated on her nipples and her boobs fully. I applied more pressure on both boobs and I pressed them together and clubbed them and bend them as much as possible till both nipples come together. Then I took the both nipples at a time in my mouth and started sucking them. I was pulling them with my lips and sucking them. I closed my lips over the two nipples and pulled it with my lips. My lips are fully covering them and sucking them till the end and it is making some strange sound when I am leaving the nipples from my lips grip. Again I am tooking them in my lips and pulling them and leaving. The sound was great when I leave the nipples from my lips. The sound making me excited and Kavya too. Kavya bent little forward and kissed my forehead and kissed my cheeks. Now she is holding the boob placing her hand on my hands and she is pressing my hand. Her excitement took her body shivering. She was moaning some different noises. I am not concentrating what she was moaning. I look like in a trance. Nothing is working in my mind. I don’t think I have concentrated this much on anyone till date including Kavya. This was strange experience for me and Kavya too.

Babai, some thing is happening, I don’t know. Kill me babai, she said.

Oh. Lovely tits. Lovely nipples. I love to eat them forever this way. I love you Kavya. I responded.

I was still between her legs and doing all the things. I released my hand grip from her boobs. But my lips still working on her nipples. Now she is holding both the boobs together and she is trying to make the two nipples stay together so that I can suck both nipples at a time. I moved to her side from between her legs without leaving the nipples from my mouth. My hands reached her panty and pulled the panty. She lifted her hips to remove the panty and I pulled it out through her legs. Now she was completely nude. I removed my lungi also. Again I placed my self between her legs and made my self little bend on her. Please note that I am not moving from her nipples which my lips and my mouth eagerly sucking. I placed my hand on her cunt and cupped it and pressed it hard. She moaned little louder this time. I think I might have pressed it very hard. How I pressed her boobs, the same way I caught her pussy mound and pressed it hard. I circled my fingures on her cunt hair and pulled the hair with my fingures. She was moaning with my acts. I run my fingures on her pussy crack. I touched her clit button with my fingure. I pressed it little with my fingure.

Babai, champestunnavu (Uncle, you are killing me), she said to me.

Then I placed my fingure infront of her cunt hole. I pushed it with little force.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh myyyyyyyyy. She moaned.

I pulled my fingure from her cunt. Not fully. But again forced it to inside her cunt. And started pumping my fingure in and out of her cunt. But I am doing it slowly. I am pushing the fingure and moved my fingures from side to side. I circled my fingure in her cunt. My fingure is roaming in her cunt as if it is searching some thing in her cunt. I am touching her cunt walls through my fingure. I moved another fingure inside and it joined the first mover. Her cunt started delivering the juices. Her cunt was fully wet and I am lubricating it with my two fingures.

Kavya started pressing her own boobs and she is trying hard to keep the both boobs and both nipples together so that I can suck both nipples at a time without any problem. She started moving her hips upwards to meet the rhythm of my fingures in her cunt.

mmmmmmmmmmm. Lovely. Babai, I cant hold this pleasure. Mmmmmmmm. What is this babai. I am in the heaven babai. Please take me babai. She was moaning and her eyes were half closed. Her lips were trembling. Her body is shivering.

I removed my fingures from her cunt. I thought her cunt was lubricated enough. Again I placed my self between her legs. I positioned my cock infront of her cunt and rubbed the cunt with my cock. I ran my cock on her pussy crack. Again I put it infront of her cunt and pushed it hard in her cunt at a stroke.

Ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. She cried with pain.

Babai, You killed me, she said. Not said. She screamed it. I saw tears in her eyes.

Babai, theseseyi babai. (please remove it Uncle) Please remove it. It is paining me. It is hurting me inside. Babai please. She was pleading me
Immediately I took her lips, and started sucking the lips and stopped her talking and begging me to remove my cock from her cunt. At the same time, I started pumping her cunt with slow strokes and hard strokes. I am pulling my cock till end and pushing it back in her cunt with some force. After giving few strokes, she stopped pleading me. The pain might have reduced drastically. She was started moving her hips along with my cock. She started moaning sweetly. I was moving my cock in and out of her cunt. I am not pulling my cock fully from her cunt. I am pulling it till the end of her pussy and again I am pushing it. Now I increased the speed of my cock. I am pumping the cock like a piston and like a machine. I forgot everything. I am getting excellent pleasure from this teenager cunt. Her cunt was superb. This is my first fuck of a teenager cunt. I am getting lot of pleasure. Now she was fully under influence of my cock. She is getting the excellent pleasure.

Ohhhhhhh. What a pleasure it is. Where am I babai? Am I in heaven. Fuck me babai. Oh. Wonderful feeling. I am your wife babai. You are my lovely darling. Fuck me babai.

Now any pain is there? I asked her without stopping my cock pushups in her cunt.

Slight pain is there babai. Ohhhhhhhh. But Pleasure is more. Whether it is pain or pleasure, I am not able to understand babai. She said with moaning. Don’t stop it babai. Fuck me. Please fuck me babai. My cunt is yours. It is always yours. You are the first man of my life and you will be forever mine babai. Your cock is mine. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. It is wonderful babai. She said and started moaning unknowing words with unknowingly.

Her juices from cunt started flowingly. A strange sound is coming with my cock thrusts in her cunt. She hugged me tight. I took her nipples and started sucking without stopping or without reducing the speed of my cock in her cunt.

Babaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Baaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai. Takeeeeeee meeeeeeeee. I know that she was in the verge of cumming. I too got the sensation of cumming. I increased my speed and fucked her very hard with rapid force.

Baabai. Some thing is flowingggggggggggggg babai. Babaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii. Whats happending? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . Loveeeeeeeeeee. Ohhhhhhh. She started cumming.

I increased more speed. I started cumming in her cunt. I have not stopped the pumping even though I am cumming. I keep on pumping her. My legs were wet with the cum juices of Kavya and myself. I was still pumping her. She was motion less. She just moaning. She was murmering. Eventhough I don’t want to stop, but I stopped pumping by seeing her position and laid next to her.

I saw the juices flowing from her cunt. Oh. It’s a small cunt. It can not hold that much juice of mine and her, I thought. I saw little blood also. I can say it is negligible. Her cherry might have gone long before with my fingure fucks to her. That is the reason heavy blood flow is not there, I thought. I laid on my back and started taking long breath and tried to control myself from over excitement.

After 15 minutes, I asked Kavya, how is she feeling?

A little pain is there babai. But it is nothing before the excitement and pleasure I got from you. I love you babai. She said.

Will you clean your pussy? It is better to clean it with hot water, I said.

She stood up from the bed and pulled me also. Then I also stood up from bed and we both went to bath room. She cleaned my cock and my legs and my body first. She wiped all the juices from my body. Then she turned to her cunt started cleaning.

Oh. Babai. The blood is coming out. I think I got periods. But I got the period 15 days back only. How I got the period immediately, she asked me with a confused voice.

Nothing to worry my darling. The blood is not period blood. Because you got the first fuck of your life, your virginity is gone. It is sign of virginity loosing. That’s all. I assured her.

Then she cleaned herself totally, infact she took the shower and bath. And she made me bath too. Then she dried me and her with dry towel. Then I took her in my arms and brought her to the bed and I kept her slowly on bed. She pulled me on top of her with a little laugh.
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