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Sania Mirza Tennis Star Sex Story
06-01-2012, 02:17 PM
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Sania Mirza Tennis Star Sex Story
DATE : 12TH APRIL, 2010



Tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik were going to tie the nuptial knot on Monday (April 12) as the two families had advanced the high-profile marriage by three days after a tumultuous build up to the wedding.

Originally, the marriage was to take place on April 15 although stories on the re-scheduling of the marriage kept coming in the media.

The build up to their marriage had been controversial due to Shoaib's first marriage with local girl Ayesha Siddiqui also referred as Maha Apa.

Ayesha had alleged that Shoaib married her over phone before dumping her without a divorce due to her weight problems.

Shoaib initially denied the allegations and claimed that Ayesha duped him into a phone marriage by sending photographs of a different woman. The all-rounder, however, finally agreed to divorce her after being pressurized by community leaders.

Shoaib wore a black sherwani, designed by Shantanu and Nikhil .

Clad in a red saree, which her mother Nasima wore in her nikah 25 years ago, Sania was going to become the second wife of the Pakistani cricketer .

Sania was quite tense seeing the heavy crowd that was attending the marriage ceremony . The thoughts of how her marriage would turn out were overwhelmed in her mind .

As she sat besides Shoaib and surrounded by close family members and friends, Sania remembered her journey from being a local Hyderabadi Girl to India's tennis sensation .




Sania was in 7th Heaven. She had just won Hyderabad Open by defeating Alyona Badonarenko, the Ukranian star .

She was now the new face (and body) of Indian women’s tennis. And my god what a face it was.

She had every hot-blooded male’s cock standing up to attention during the last fifteen months she had turned professional . Even at the court during the match she had everyone mesmerized by her looks and figure.

Especially the horny male chair umpire beside her, who couldn’t help but catch an eyeful of her incredibly pert, teenage butt, as she sexily bent over to receive every serve, as well as watching her short, flighty skirt fly up over her hips every time she made a stroke, so that every hot-blooded male in the court would see her tight, black undies.

After winning the match Sania got seated and was waiting for the presentation ceremony to begin.

All men would have even died for if they got a chance to be the towel that was resting on her thighs just below her crotch .

Especially the poor teenage ballboys.

This hadn’t escaped her notice either.

Having won the coveted Hyderabad open just before the Australian open, it did immense good for her preparation and confidence just before the Grand Slam in Melbourne, Australia .

Sania Mirza completed the final accompanying activities of the night, and she was finally chauffeur-driven to her Taj Star Hotel suite located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, where her appreciation committee was waiting for her.

There were a good 60-70 people waiting to congratulate, and reward her properly for her effort that night.

These included her current coach, her past coach ; her constantly horny father, her mother and beautiful young sister, her agent, owner of the tennis academy where she had very successfully graduated from; Indian tennis stars Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati ….

But she was most excited to see Mohammad Sorab, her childhood friend with whom she had been In love for quite some time now .

As well as those close to her., there were a myriad of photographers, journalists and publishers, who had taken so many complimentary pictures, and written so many flattering articles of her during her career; advertising moguls; referees and line judges who had ever so discreetly ruled in her favour in the past; as well as various organisers of every tournament they had let her take part in, on the WTA tour.

With all of them having watched the final, discreetly, but unsurprisingly trying to control their hard, incomprehensibly frustrated, cocks the whole time, they knew they had a real winner on their hands …

She was going to be on the front page of all Newspapers by tomorrow morning ..

Sania was busy greeting the people as her lover Sorab made his way to her hotel room . Once he arrived in her room, he immediately stripped off naked, and waited for the gorgeous new Hyderbad Open Champion to arrive.

And right on cue, just ten short minutes later, at approximately 11pm on this wonderful Saturday night, she entered her hotel suite, carrying the Winners Cup in one hand, and her flowers in the other.

Having carefully set her flowers in water and rested her trophy on a chair nearby the huge queen size bed . She didn’t knew that her next trophy ( Sorab’s cock) was waiting for her to arrive .

As she deliberately let her body fall off on to the sofa when she was greeted by the Sight of Sorab making his way out of the bathroom in just an underwear.

“Hey what are you doing “, Sania asked him after being left befuddled .

“I’m just her to spend some alone time with my girlfriend “, he replied back .

“You are always welcomed to do that, but why are you almost naked “, Sania inquired .

“I want to make love to you “, Sorab asserted .

“What !!!!, do you mean Sex !!!! “

“Yes my dear “ .

“No way I am going to have sex with you, I ve told you so many times that I am still not ready to lose my virginity “ .

“You have been saying this same thing since we have been in a relationship “ .

“But “ .

“It has been more than a year since we acknowledged our love for each other . Leaving sex aside we have not even seen each other naked till now “ .

“Why don’t you fucking understand me ?, I am not ready for this “ .

“Both of us cant be more ready than right now, I have my certain needs and being my girlfriend you have got to fulfill my desires .”

Sania didn’t knew what to say any further as Sorab sat beside her on the couch .

Sania felt something up her leg …

She coughed a little when she felt his hand on her thigh . She was shocked as his firm hand gave her bare thighs a squeeze.

Sania soon realized his intentions …His hand slid higher up Sania’s thigh.

She looked over at him . She knew that she should clamp her thighs together, but she felt a rush of heat in her pussy. So she spread her legs just enough that her leg pressed against his.

She knew he'd take this as a green light to keep going.

He did. His hand continued under her skirt until he reached her black satin panties.

Sania could feel his palm pressing against her pussy, rubbing up and down on the slippery material. She pressed herself against his palm subtly.

"Uhh," a moan escaped her lips before she could stop it.

Sorab had pushed aside her panties and was now sliding a finger in and out of her.

He slipped a second finger into her and his thumb was now rubbing her clit.

"Mmmm," SHE moaned again ...

All she could focus on were the fingers thrusting in and out of her, in and out. She rocked her hips into the rhythm, as much as she could . He pressed hard against her rigid clit, driving Sania insane.

Sania thought of standing up and running away …But it was too late.

She started cuming hard and fast, right there at the couch. "AHHH!" she was squealing …

She threw her hands up in the air, balled her fingers into tight fists, closed her eyes, and arched her back. "AHHhhhh,"

She opened her eyes. He felt his hand withdraw from her burning cunt.

She looked at him with a both anger and guilt in her eyes ….

Anger because of what he had dared to do to her …. Guilt because inside she knew that she had enjoyed it and her expressions had revealed to Sorab also the pleasure she was experiencing while he was fingering her …

“I think that’s enough“, Sania ordered ..

"I need you." He whispered in a hoarse voice.

"You, what?"

His eyes roamed over her, up to the top of her head down to her bare toes.

"Since we have been together I can't stop thinking about your warm body, or about the way your feel would feel on my cock. It's driving me crazy. I want you badly."

"We cant … I’m not ready ."

He put his hand on her face, caressing her cheek. "You might be able to wait a little more, but I cant .“

"No. You know this."

He smiled at her, and shook his head. "I'm prepared to beg."

Sania started to stand up as he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face him. His eyes flashed as he dropped to his knees.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, as his head disappeared under her skirt.

"I told you I'm prepared to beg." she tried to push his head away, but by doing so she was inadvertently undressing herself.

His hands had found her hips, and pulled down her panties. SHe jumped when his tongue first flicked across the lips of her pussy.

He laughed into her as he noticed she was already wet.

His tongue was glazing over her pussy, slowly working it's way between the labia. Finally he hit the clitoris, and she cried out. He laughed again, and pressed his tongue firmly onto her.

He continued to tease her, but his motions got faster as he moved deeper into her cunt. Soon she was panting, grasping the air and leaning on the couch .

She was ready to fall, when he stood, picked her up, and carried her onto the bed .

Gentle is what he was. He laid her down on the bed so softly she barely felt the drop. His hands ran up her body, over her hips, grazing her breasts. They rested on her shoulders as he leaned over her to plant a kiss on her lips.

His lips pressed into hers, smooth at first, but soon more passionate. His tongue ran across her mouth, feeling its way inside until she couldn't resist and their tongues were roughly discovering each others mouths.

He began to explore her body, his hands kneading her breasts. Part of her was dying to pull him closer, but part of her was screaming no. Twice she tried to tell him to stop, both times he shushed her.

His hot mouth pulled at her, luring her into a state of near bliss.

When he finally stopped kissing her was when he realized she was crying.

"Why are you crying, Sania?" he asked. His face wore concern, but something in his eyes suggested his mind was really elsewhere.

" I don’t know, i dont think it is the right time but deep inside it still feels right. I'm confused and I'm frustrated. I don't think I can do this." Sania was controlling her tears now, only a few actually fell from her eyes.

"You can do this. You want to, I know you do." he was stoking her cheek now, his eyes burning into her’s. He reached up and kissed her, on the cheek. He nuzzled her, and laughed.

" Its not that is we are strangers, its time to take our relationship to the next level." He said, his eyes twinkling. She wiggled her body underneath him. He grinned, and took the hint. His hand went from the side of her face to under her top, and suddenly he was pulling it over her head.

"Black? That's my favourite. Pretty sexy ." he cupped her breast as he complimented the bra she was wearing.

He kissed the swell above the lacy fabric, making her sigh. With a grin, he pushed aside the cup and took a nipple into his mouth.

He alternated between sucking the nipple and brushing the top of his tongue roughly over the peak.

Sania was panting …. Soon he was unhooking her bra and releasing her 36D breasts from their binding.

Sorab just stopped there and didn’t say anything for the next thirty seconds .

“What happened ? “, Sania asked him .

“I am cursing myself for not seeing these wonderful breasts of yours long time back .”

“Are they really that great “ .

"Gorgeous tits ... such gorgeous tits," he muttered, his eyes widening with excitement.

His fingers kneaded and stroked the throbbing tit-flesh as Sania writhed and moaned beneath her boyfriend's touch. Her nipple fattened under the Sorab's exploring fingertips.

Her tits felt swollen and big, at least twice their normal size. She glanced down and moaned again, the sight of her boyfriend squeezing her tits arousing her almost as much as his expert touches. Sorab leaned over and lightly kissed the rubbery bud of one of her nips.

"Ohhhhh,, " she moaned.

Then his lips closed around her nipple. His tongue flicked out and twirled around the stiffened bud. He groaned with pleasure relishing the aroma of his girlfriend's tits. Hot flames of lust shot through her body from her tits to her pussy as Sorab continued to suck her tits, moving his hot, wet mouth from one tit to the other.

"Ohhhhh, that feels sooo good, !" Sania groaned, reaching behind his head and pulling him down, forcing him to accept even more of her tit-flesh into his mouth.

He responded willingly and hungrily, gobbling up as much of the tasty tit-flesh as possible. At the same time, his hands moved down her sides. His finger slipped under and she lifted her hips a bit, helping him slide them the skirt. Now she was completely naked.

He released her tits from his mouth moments later and pulled back slightly from her to get a good look at her gorgeous body. His eyes drifted over her full-size tits to the unshaven pussy. She grinned up at him and spread her thighs lewdly, allowing her boyfriend a full view of her cunt.

She watched him with glee as he squeezed, caressed, even spanked her attention starved boobs.

Her pussy was tingling . Her hips bucked into him involuntarily, and his hands met the challenge.

He grabbed her inner thigh and squeezed. He teased her by running his fingers softly around the skin just beside her pussy.

His mouth tugged suddenly on her nipple, she cried out and bucked. This caused his hand to land squarely over the mounds of her cunt. He began to press his fingers into her, feeling the wetness that had been building.

He worked into her vagina, one finger, then two, then three. In and out they went, until he was consumed in a passionate fever.

Sania couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. She lay there on her bed, naked and he reached up to kiss her. Not a kiss on the lips, or the cheek. He planted one kiss on each eyelid.

She was so surprised.

With his fingers still working in her vagina, he laid gentle kisses up and down her neck and along her collarbone. His tongue darted out occasionally, leaving wet spots to cool sensually all over. He returned his attention to one of her nipples, making her sob with pleasure. Then, everything stopped. She didn't dare open her eyes.

She felt his weight lifting from the bed, and heard nothing but quiet. She waited and waited, but nothing happened.Thinking he had left, she opened her eyes and looked around. She found him kneeling on the floor, his head between her legs.

Grinning devilishly he asked, "Want it?"

She nodded eagerly, like a child being offered their favorite ice cream. He used his hands to divide the lips of her pussy, and then he was there, breathing her in. His tongue began to lap at her wildly. She was so wet.

The sensations coming from her pussy were amazing, she wanted it to go on forever, but the faster he licked her the closer she came to orgasm.

Suddenly, waves of orgasm rushed over her, again and again her body tightened and released until she was crying with the joy of it. He reached up to hold her until her sobbing stopped.

Grateful, she looked for a way to repay him. Reading her mind, he pulled down his underwear.

His cock was swollen, harder than what she had thought of … She knew he needed release, so she pulled herself out from under him and stood beside the bed.

She commanded him to lay down, then settled her self between his legs. He started to laugh, looking at her with affection and anticipation.

Sania wrapped her lips around his dick, pulling it into her eager mouth, savoring the droplet of pre-cum that had formed on the tip.

She took her time wetting his penis with her saliva, and when it was soaked to her satisfaction she withdrew. Taking in a deep breath, she formed her lips into a tight O and began to blow on his cock.

She blew until it was dry, all the while hearing his pants of pleasure, but never looking at him. Once his dick was completely dry, she lowered her mouth over it again. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then took his entire length into her mouth and down the throat.

"Can i ask you one thing ", Sorab interrupted .

"Yes ", Sania answered as she released his cock from her mouth .

"Is it really your first time ? " .

"Yes, i told you earlier also . But why ? did i do something wrong ? "

"No, its just that you are sucking my cock like a professional . I doubt that even a prostitute could give such a great blowjob .

Sania just laughed off as she continued what she had left behind .

His hands grabbed the back of her head, holding her over him with his cock touching her throat. Soon she was gagging, her spit running down all over his balls.

Then he pulled Sania back by her hair and stared in the eyes. "I need to fuck you, baby. I need to feel you holding me inside you. Let me in, Sania."

Sania just nodded, laid herself out over the bed and spread her legs. He wasted no time, grabbing her by the ankles and pulling her to the edge of the bed. Her feet were dangling, almost touching the floor, until he lifted her legs and put her feet on his shoulders.

By this time Sania had let all her taboos and inhibitions fall off . She was ready for the fucking of a lifetime .

His cock-head was level with her vagina, and for a second he paused, as if thinking over the best way to enter Sania's pussy . Then suddenly he rammed into her, fast and hard.

She felt herself splitting, his cock was so very large, larger than she had thought of, but the pain lasted only moments. Then he was squealing at every thrust, and panting in between.

His thrusts got harder and faster, until he was grunting his release.

Sania felt his cum spewing into her as he pushed in deep on his final thrust.

Sania’s pussy was throbbing, her mind was racing, hoping for more.

Sorab picked her up so that he could cum on her face right there on that very moment .

The load finally boiled over. His balls tightened and electricity shot from his pelvis through his cock, as a massive first volley of cum exploded from the end of his cock.

Flying through the air and landing on her forehead and in her hair.

"Oooowwww!" she shrieked.

The vision of the first shot just made him want to cum even harder, and the second launched so hard it buckled his legs, depositing itself right between her eyes, splashing onto her forehead and little on her right eye, shutting it.

"Mmmmm, Yes! Cum all over me!" she shrieked again.

The third came right away, as he could barely stand, erupting from his throbbing cock and coating her cheeks. She smiled and giggled as his warm essence coated her a little more with each shot.

She continued jerking his cock as he pumped seemingly endless stream of cum over her gorgeous face, her mouth open now, tongue wagging looking for a taste of his sweet seed. She was rewarded as he continued to spray countless times, coating her face, and filling her mouth.

She kept looking at him with her left eye, her right pinched closed covered in warm cum, and stroking him slower now, milking the last of his load out.

She extended her tongue, lapping at the head now just oozing, no longer blasting her, savoring the taste he watched her roll his cum around in her mouth before swallowing.

"Mmmm, that was a little weird but i enjoyed it thourougly!' she moaned loudly.

Sania then took his breath away, taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat, her tongue lapped at his balls.

She pulled off and repeated her actions. Fully cleaning every drop of cum that she might have spread along the shaft, and making sure his balls were empty of her sweet treat.

She then removed his cock and began wiping her face off with her index finger, scooping his hot cum off her pretty face into her mouth, sucking her finger clean each time.

Sorab was spent now. He laid back down on the bed and pulled her to him …

“So How was your first time, Sania !! “ …

“Great, I had never thought that I would be loosing my virginity to you like this “ …

“Mmmmm ... I think you should leave now … You must be tired now after the match and the fucking and should have some rest “…

“Ya fine … Thanks for giving me this wonderful chance “, she replied back as he kissed Sania on the forehead and started to dress up …

"You might not be the No.1 in tennis ranking right now, but you will always be the champion for my cock and my heart ", Sorab answered as he walked outside the room .

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